Daughter cut head in Nursery

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MetMum Mon 09-Dec-13 17:54:35

I am furious my 3yr old little girl has just come home from school with a golf ball size bump on her head with is also cut she tripped over a ball in nursery they didn't ring me to inform me my neighbour (who's Daughter is in the same room we take turns taking or collecting the girls) signed the incident report sheet they didn't give her a copy my Daughter says she fell over the ball them was brought in to have it cleaned then watched a DVD my neighbour was told it just happened moments before she was collected advice for when I go the Nursery tomorrow please

MarianneEnjolras Mon 09-Dec-13 17:59:17

I don't understand what you are angry about? Could you break it down please?

SoupDragon Mon 09-Dec-13 18:01:16

I'm sorry your DD was injured but I'm failing to see what the problem is here.

girliefriend Mon 09-Dec-13 18:03:03

Are you cross they didn't ring you? confused

Things like bumped heads happen all the time at nursery and school, normally they should ring to inform you but I suppose if it happened just before pick up there wasn't time.

EdithWeston Mon 09-Dec-13 18:04:32

I don't see a problem here, unless you think there is something shonky about the nursery's account of events. Do you have reason to be mistrustful?

LIZS Mon 09-Dec-13 18:04:58

Presumably it was an accident . Ask to see the record in the accident book . They verbally told your neighbour and she signed on your behalf. What else do you think should happened ? If she fell near home time then it is perfectly possible your dd was put in front of dvd to sit still while it was examined and cleaned up and so they could keep an eye on her.

MetMum Mon 09-Dec-13 18:05:50

I'm angery that they didn't ring me I'm aware bumps happen all the time she has a golf ball size bump which is also cut and still oozing blood they told the neighbour it just happened she says she watched a DVD afterwards

I can't count the amount of times that I've had to sign an accident sheet cos ds has bumped his head at nursery. Accidents happen and so long as its not serious they won't ring you to say. Obviously if it required medical intervention they would have let you know.

girliefriend Mon 09-Dec-13 18:07:56

I would go in and double check exactly what happened, does she seem well in herself? No sign of concussion?

Will she let you put something cold on it?

MetMum Mon 09-Dec-13 18:10:07

No she won't allow us near it will have to go to A&E if the bleeding doesn't stop

MPB Mon 09-Dec-13 18:10:40

Maybe it was 10/15 minutes before pick up giving her time to to watch part of a DVD.

They told the person who was picking up. I'm a CM and get bump notes for my mindee, and even get called to pick them up sometimes.

I just don't understand what more you want. Your friend told you didn't she? Where the harm in that?

SoupDragon Mon 09-Dec-13 18:11:11

"I watched a DVD after" can mean anything from watching the start of a Peppa pig episode to watching the entire Disney back catalogue.

I have never been phoned if the child did not require picking up immediately. I don't think I've ever had a copy of an accident report either.

I think y need to take a deep breath, calm down and think rationally about what you want to ask the nursery abut the timing.

Hulababy Mon 09-Dec-13 18:19:22

I work in an infant school.

In September this year we were told we would need to call parents after every head injury. After this first half term this advise stopped for us - request from parents and just not needed in 99% of cases.

Now we treat the child and get them to return to class/activities as and when they are able. We only call if a child needs further treatment, or if they are unwell with it, and need to leave school.

A bump will get an ice pack. Cuts will get cleaned up and a dressing applied if required. It is recorded in the accident book. The child gets a head bumo sticker on their clothes and a head injury slip in their bag. Parents/carer told on pick up.

This is in line with general guidance from LEA etc.

Smartiepants79 Mon 09-Dec-13 18:21:43

We'll first advice is to try and be as calm as possible when you speak to them. Going in ranting is no going to get you vey far. There seems to be no question that it was an accident so your problem is merely with the procedure that was or wasn't followed. Ask them exactly what happened and when. Say that there seems to be a discrepancy with the time frames. What are the usual procedures for dealing with an injury of this kind? If you don't pick up and always want a phone call for this kind of thing, tell them.
Personally I'm not sure they've done that much wrong. If it did happen close to pickup time then a phone call perhaps seems like a waste of time. I think you should have had an accident form tho.

Moreisnnogedag Mon 09-Dec-13 18:23:01

I also can't see what the problem is. They recorded it, informed whoever was picking her up and looked after her. Why did you want calling?

Hulababy Mon 09-Dec-13 18:23:24

"they told the neighbour it just happened she says she watched a DVD afterwards"

By the time they called you and you got there, then it'd be the same tme surely? She probably seemed fine in herself and was happy sat quiet watching a DVD. They will have at least one qualified first ider who will assess the situation and make a judgement based on what is happening at the time.

Like someone already said - a DVD could be anything from 2 minutes onwards. Time means very little to a young child.

I am sure if you speak to them tomorrow the could tell you more - the time will be recorded in their accident book, along with any treatment given.

HavantGuard Mon 09-Dec-13 18:23:39

Heads bleed a lot and as a general rule 'better out than in' when it comes to swelling from bumps on the head. Give her a tea towel to press on it with a cool pack inside it.

Floggingmolly Mon 09-Dec-13 18:25:40

If it was still bleeding when she was picked up it's very obvious it happened quite close to home time.

Dwinhofficoffi Mon 09-Dec-13 19:16:41

I don't get your problem OP sorry. Accidents happen. The staff told the person picking your LO up. What more do you want?

LIZS Mon 09-Dec-13 19:19:58

The accident book should record the time it happened and treatment given. She had a bump, you had a shock. Hopefully it will stop oozing in time but if not Minor Injuries will have a look.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 19:23:39

imo they should have phoned you. its a head injury ffs!

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 09-Dec-13 19:25:01

I don't understand the problem. Incident was logged and if still bleeding it must have not long happened and the designated responsible adult for pick up was informed.

Just what would you have done of they had called? Do you not trust them to check her over and administer medical help if needed. It's on the consent form isn't it? A box you ici giving permission for treatment?

If they called every time a child was bleeding they'd be on phone all day.

Sirzy Mon 09-Dec-13 19:28:17

Like others I can't see a problem.

If it is 10-15 minutes before pick up time there is no point in calling someone because they wouldn't get there any quicker anyway.

The recorded it, they informed the person who was picking her up. Nothing wrong with that.

DS has asthma, Pre-school normally phone me if he has an attack, today he had one at 11.30 he finishes at 11.50 so they didn't phone me just told me when I got there.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 09-Dec-13 19:33:14

Oh for goodness sake OP, stop making a drama out of an accident. Sit DD down with a nice pack on the swelling, give her some Calpol, and some chocolate if she's feeling sorry for herself and leave it at that. You don't need to take her to A&E.

lilyaldrin Mon 09-Dec-13 19:38:49

If it happened just before pick-up and they informed the person you have authorised to collect your child, then not sure why they'd need to call you to give you the same information?

If you want a more detailed chat about it, ask her keyworker tomorrow.

MetMum Mon 09-Dec-13 20:27:22

Thanks for all the rude ignorant replies she had her wound glued and is in hospital for observation with concussion after a sizeure.

And this is supposed to be a place of support.

Sirzy Mon 09-Dec-13 20:29:09

awful that she is in hospital and I hope she is better soon BUT I still don't see what the nursery did wrong.

TurnOffTheTv Mon 09-Dec-13 20:34:11

Bloody hell that was a quick trip to A&E. You only posted 17 mins ago saying you might have to go to the hospital.

TurnOffTheTv Mon 09-Dec-13 20:34:56

Jesus Christ ignore me! Totally wrong time grin

BadgerBumBag Mon 09-Dec-13 20:37:51

Hope dd gets better soon. You need to figure out exactly what you are angry about and ask what their procedure is first. They will have a folder with it in and you can get a copy as far as I am aware.

Your dd is suffering in a way that 99% of children with bumped heads in nursery don't, so this is not something the nursery would have expected and was still an accident

scaevola Mon 09-Dec-13 20:39:22

The nursery did right.

At the time (and at the start of this thread) the poor DC had a large lump and oozing cut - both really common and typical symptoms of glancing blow. The person collecting was (correctly) informed of injury.

Now, some hours after departure from the nursery, ere has been a seizure and suspected concussion. I am so sorry, OP, it must be really terrifying for you - but it doesn't mean that the nursery did anything wrong.

Before the worrying symptoms, you'd have been turned away from A&E without treatment, and told to bring back if anything changed. There were no worrying symptoms in the nursery, and they did the right thing in following minor injury procedure, but telling you (via person collecting) tha ther head been blow to head and to be alert.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 20:40:27

So sorry to hear that OP, hope she feels better.

And I hope those condemning you for worrying earlier are eating their words.

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Mon 09-Dec-13 20:44:04

And I hope those condemning you for worrying earlier are eating their words.

I'm not. Actually, no one condemned the OP for worrying because she wasn't - she was angry at the nursery. At no point did she express worry or ask what she should do abut the head injury.

OP I hope your DD is better soon. My three have had their fair share of similar head injuries with no ill effects.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 20:44:41

my little brother had an angry bubble on his head when he was a toddler, and when my mum was in bits, the nurse told her to 'stop being so melodramatic, there's nothing wrong with him.'

Turns out he had a fractured skull. Head injuries are serious and should be checked out right away- you never know what the internal damage is.

Pooka Mon 09-Dec-13 20:48:47

It horrible when it happens, but I'm afraid I don't see what the nursery have done wrong.

Scary for you, but what would you have liked them to do differently?

If she tripped within the 15mins - 30mins before the end of the session, what difference would them calling you have made in terms of her treatment? When you posted earlier you were still at home and apart from the egg/cut, she wasn't then displaying other symptoms (otherwise you'd have been at A&E already).

Kids do fall. Sometimes they require treatment. Sometimes they don't. Hope she's better soon.

Dwinhofficoffi Mon 09-Dec-13 20:49:47

I hope you DD is ok and I know its hard when your little one has an accident but I don't see what the nursery did wrong.
I don't think anybody has been rude to you OP.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 09-Dec-13 20:53:03

Why would we be eating our words?

Even if she had gone straight to a&e they may or may not have glued the wound but they would hae discharged her with a check list of what to look out for.

Symptoms aren't always present straight away and all you can do is watch.

I hope the dd recovers quick but I don't see what nursery did wrong.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 20:57:37

Doesntleftoverturkey people were condemning her, saying stuff like 'stop making a drama out of an accident.'

The OP should have been called - she needed to be given the choice of whether to take her DD to A and E right away. Doesn't matter if it is 30 mins before the end of the session or 4 hours. It is not really their call on whether she was fine or not- they are not health professionals- this isn't a scraped knee ffs, this was a head injury. Of course I'm going to get called dramatic but I've been attacked in the street, with no visible bump but was left with vomitting and dizziness 20 mins later. Had to get seen to at hospital.

Sirzy Mon 09-Dec-13 21:00:27

Tracy - if nurserys called parents every time a child bumped their heads they would never be off the phone.

And even if they did phone just before home time what exactlywould it change? Nobody would get there any sooner, the symptoms at the time would be exactly the same - ie showing no signs for concern at that point. They informed the person who picked the child up and recorded it in nursery - they did everything right.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 09-Dec-13 21:03:05

I don't even get told with my dds school. She comes home with a sticker and a check list.

lilyaldrin Mon 09-Dec-13 21:03:07

Nurseries can't call parents for every bump on the head if there are no other symptoms - obviously if a child loses consciousness, is dizzy or vomits then they would. Just before pick-up it is perfectly normal for a nursery to hand the child over to the person collecting and verbally tell them about the accident.

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Mon 09-Dec-13 21:04:29

tracypenisbeaker where did the OP post any concern about her DDs health? She was being criticised for being angry at the nursery, which is all she has posted about.

Moreisnnogedag Mon 09-Dec-13 21:05:14

You are being dramatic. At the time she had no symptoms and was already home.

DS smacked his head at his CM's and began vomiting 20 mins later. I would have been nightly pissed off if they hadn't called me then. But I hardly expect to be called for everything.

And by the way, a head injury does not need to be seen in A&E all the time. Pretty much everyone gets a HI advice booklet and told to come back if there's a prob.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 21:07:35

Meh, sorry if I come across as over-cautious or batty, but the fact the bump was described like a 'golf ball' just reminded me of my brother- it just doesn't sound like a bog-standard injury to me (and it obviously wasn't- if the girl was having a seizure). A bump near that size would have been caused by quite an impact. If the injury happened literally just before pick-up time, I could understand them not phoning. But if it happened longer than that, I don't get why the OP wasn't phoned.

Floggingmolly Mon 09-Dec-13 21:08:54

God, op, your initial post just had your dd coming home with the wound still "oozing blood". Now you're pissed off at posters not being divinely inspired with the information that she's had a seizure and is in hospital for observation.
Two very different scenarios; which obviously elicit very different replies...

Pooka Mon 09-Dec-13 21:09:42

But the op posted at just before 6pm asking what to say at nursery tomorrow.

If the accident happened just before pick up, and is a school nursery (which was suggested in the OP), then the neighbour could have as designated picker-upper called the OP, taken the dd straight to A&E or taken her home. If its a school nursery, then the OP was itself a couple of hours after pick-up. If not, and a nursery with later hours, then the fact that the nursery didn't call the OP is only a problem if the injury happened long before the OP's daughter was released to the neighbour.

The OP seems to think that this is the case on the basis of her dd saying she watched a dvd after the injury. As previous posters have suggested, this might not have been a delay, but have been for 15mins for example between injury and pick up.

Of course the OP can query this with the nursery if she is concerned. But on the face of what the nursery have reported i.e. injury happened not long before they would have expected the OP or responsible adult to collect, in noting the incident and getting neighbour to sign accident book the nursery seems to have followed correct procedure.

I certainly know how horrible it is when dcs are injured. Have had some heart in mouth moments when they've been in my care and also when at school/preschool. It's horrid. But there doesn't necessarily have to be a fault or someone to blame. Accidents happen and of course the OP can clarify with the nursery the timings if she feels they are in dispute.

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Mon 09-Dec-13 21:09:43

I've been attacked in the street, with no visible bump but was left with vomitting and dizziness 20 mins later. Had to get seen to at hospital

Yes, you were seen at hospital because you showed signs of concussion. Not sure how that is relevant.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 21:10:31

I guess I see things differently as my brother was hospitalised for ages and because that nurse had said 'Stop being dramatic there's nothing wrong with him' (she was actually struck off for that but that is a whole other story)

audreyandrustygriswold Mon 09-Dec-13 21:10:55

At DDs nursery they always call the parent to inform you there has been a head injury, just so you know. Obviously if they thought they needed to be taken home or to A & E they would tell you that too. I can understand why they do, so you don't get a shock when you turn up and they have a big bump on their head.

So, I can get why you were annoyed they didn't tell you. I would want to know as I may decide to take DD home.

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Mon 09-Dec-13 21:11:46

But that isn't the same scenario at all, Tracy confused

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 21:11:56

Doesntleftover I mentioned that because I had no visible sign of being attacked, yet felt the after affects. This child had a 'golf ball' sized bump on her head.

Pooka Mon 09-Dec-13 21:11:58

DS2 had eggs on his head that looked like horns after falling down our stairs. I took him to A&E because I couldn't believe he hadn't been terribly injured internally (it happened on my watch, too). They kept an eye on him for about 45 mins and then we went home with a HI leaflet.

lilyaldrin Mon 09-Dec-13 21:17:21

Big bumps really aren't that unusual when children smack their heads.

ICameOnTheJitney Mon 09-Dec-13 21:18:26

OP you're upset that she was hurt that's all. she's ok though and they do fall and things when you're not around. It's part of growing up into a bigger kid.

tracypenisbeaker Mon 09-Dec-13 21:18:27

Tbh, I wish I hadn't commented now. I understand that my experiences have shaped my view on this sort of thing, so perhaps I'm not the most rational then, especially seeing as the majority of posters disagree with me.

I can see why the poster is upset, even if it is misplaced anger... Her little girl is hurt. I hope she feels better soon, and when she is tell her that a Christmas Robin was naughty and left its egg on her head wink

Pooka Mon 09-Dec-13 21:22:00

A&E told me there are masses of blood vessels under the skin and that when these are knocked they can cause what looks like hideous swelling.

What's important is to closely observe the child for a couple of hours after the injury to ensure that they don't suffer any of a range of symptoms that could indicate internal injury (and then keep observing at intervals for about 24 hours after, i.e. was once told by NHSdirect to check on one of my other children every 2-4 hours in the night).

Clearly in the OP's case, her dd has shown other symptoms and she's in the right place.

That doesn't mean though that the nursery failed in their duty of care/injury protocols. The responsible adult was (according to them) told shortly after the incident. Telephoning the OP would not necessarily have resulted in a speedier trip to A&E.

MarthasHarbour Mon 09-Dec-13 21:25:14

The Nursery did everything right. DS used to come home from nursery with an egg on his head occasionally. I signed an accident form, done. At his school in YR they dont even have an accident form (hasnt happened to me but did happen to my friends DS - the teacher didnt even mention it)

I am sorry that things have moved on but from your original OP i would say that you have no reason to be angry. The fact that your DD has had a seizure is more to do with DD's physical reaction to falling over a ball. Are they doing any kind of neurological tests? as this is a worrying reaction to what seems to be a regular toddler style fall.

Hope she is ok

Pooka Mon 09-Dec-13 21:27:31

At our school in reception, if they've banged their head thy cone out wearing a sticker on their jumper. The school will phone if is in middle of day. If nearer pick up, the teacher will grab the parent (the stickers are backup).

Hulababy Mon 09-Dec-13 21:37:46

I am sorry to hear that your DD has taken a nasty turn following her bump.

I don't think most (any?) people are being rude and ignorant. They just are stating that it does sound like the nursery followed correct procedures.

Head bumps are incredibly common at nursery/school, especially with little children. And head bumps at this age are often really big and nasty looking even when they are not serious or unduely worrying. Likewise a cut on the head will bleed - a lot!

Concussion does not always present immediately - that is why a parent is informed at pick up either verbally or via a head bump note. So that parents can watch the child and act accordingly should concussion begin to present later on.

And the nursery did say that it had only just occured. Presumably within the final half hour or so - which is why they probably didn't call you, as youd be there soon after anyway (or a nominated carer.) I very much doubt a phone call to you would have changed the course of events ths evening.

You have had a scare. It is nasty having your little one hurt, even accidently. Ad even more unpleasant when they end up at hospital. I assume you are there with her still now - I hope you both get some sleep and rest tonight and that she will be home early tomorrow.

BunnyMama Mon 09-Dec-13 22:56:31

Golf ball bumps are not the same as a small bump that doesn't swell or leave a mark of any sort. I think the OP was right to be annoyed at not being called asap (even if it coincided with the neighbour collecting the child, the OP should have been informed personally IMO).

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