Back in the zoo where old friends welcome new arrivals

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There ya go.

Not a very carefully thought out title but 999 posts calls for action!

BuddhaBelly Wed 29-May-13 22:33:21

Found you grin

gomurray Wed 29-May-13 23:02:51

Great title, lovely shiny new thread filled with luck and positivity !


What's your EDD Murray?

We've had a very lazy start to the day. Still sitting here in pjs! Back to work tomorrow.

BuddhaBelly Thu 30-May-13 10:34:01

You do realise as there's only 4 of us on here now it's going to take us years to fill this one grin
Murray Come on give us some bump details smile
Marbles You ok?
Moomin Lazy arse wink

wibblyjelly Thu 30-May-13 11:08:26

Hi, may I join in? grin

Found you!grin

Murraygringringrin excellent scan news! gringrin So details then!

Buddha sorry AF arrivedsad mine too at the weekend! But winehere's to another cycle for SWIsmile hope you are oksmile

Moomin poo about your car! Hope it gets fixed very soon!

Looks like it is chicken pox season Murray! DD has them now and her best friend had them last week so it is definitely doing the rounds here!

gomurray Thu 30-May-13 13:24:20

Hey ladies ! EDD is 09/12 so if I am sectioned a week early it will be E's birthday ! Nothing much to report, just getting very fat but that is mainly to do with the fact that I am eating like a horse blush. Have felt a few pops which are very similar to movement but too early, must be wind !
Marbles, the pox was doing the rounds here before we went on holiday so I was not surprised when E got it - glad it is out of the way before he starts school.
welcome wibbly - what's your story ?

wibblyjelly Thu 30-May-13 13:27:57

Well, I'm currently on maternity leave with 8 month old ds. I'm going back at the start of July, full time, so will be a but of a change for the both of us. Married to DH for 11 months smile

You know they'll end up with the same birthday, Murray! When do you think you'll tell E?

Poor S, Marbles. I haven't seen any here but J still hasn't had them. They hopefully won't make an appearance in Florida.

Thanks for putting up with my moaning tonight Bhudda!

Welcome Wibbly!

Back to work for me tomorrow. I'm tired and my dizziness has returned again. C will be back in 24 hours. So looking forward to a quiet weekend.

BuddhaBelly Fri 31-May-13 18:30:20

Moomin Anytime my lovely grin
Murray I agree with Moomin definitely same birthdays! shock getting fat for that reason is perfectly acceptable wink
Wibbly Hello, going back to work the first time is quite daunting isn't it?

Well I think I'm ov-ing but haven't tested (check out my chilledness grin) off on our holidays Monday, so hoping this nice weather continues smile Today has been crazy at work, the freaks sure co e out on Fridays. Had to call the police twice shock

wibblyjelly Fri 31-May-13 19:01:16

Buddha, you sound like you've had an interesting day smile
Yes, a bit daunting to go back to work, but it has to be done sad

Thumbtack Sun 02-Jun-13 09:26:28

Can I join in? What's it all about? I have a nearly 8 mo ds, if that helps? confused

How's the ovulating going Bhudda? Did you temp? Or do an opk? All ready for tomorrow? Hope E's cough improves.

Welcome Thumb. We were (and a few others) TTC together back in 2007. We've stayed in touch since.

Always daunting to return to work, Wibbly. But it's nice to have a lunch hour grin

I can't go into work tomorrow. I've cricked my neck and look ridiculous. You should see me trying to wash my face! Back to the osteopath tomorrow to try and get it fixed.

So lovely to have some sunshine! grin

BuddhaBelly Sun 02-Jun-13 21:29:16

No OPK no temps Moomin just chilled out ttc for once wink
What did you do to your neck? Or shouldn't I ask, especially as C was down this weekend grinwink

Hi Thumbtack, as Moomin said we all got together quite a while ago now whilst ttc, we've had some ups and downs and some have gone their own way but they are amazing ladies grin

Wibbly Definitely "one of those days" confused but the sun made up for it!

Off on my holidays tomorrow so depends what the signal is like Exmouth way as to the regularity of my posts. Will think of you all whilst chillaxing with my kindle watching Dh run around with E wink

gomurray Sun 02-Jun-13 21:42:38

Loving the chilled out approach Buddha - probably the most effective fertility booster there is wink

Moomin - ouch, hope you get your crookedness sorted lovely lady wink

All is fine here - queasiness is easing - 13 weeks tomorrow !!!

Hi ladiessmile

Welcome to our newcomers! its lovely here! smile

Buddha have a FAB holiday! smile

Murray YAY for the 13 week mark! im so excited for you!! smile

Moomin ouch at the sore neck! hope the osteopath helps fix it! smile

no news here as usual! S is alot better after her pox attack! she is just itchy now rather than itchy and ill so she will be back at school tomorrow. another of my SILs is now preg! very early but she has told the world and his wife (1st pregnancy and very excited) they have been TTC for about 3 years so im very happy for them! we are fast approaching the 6 year TTC mark (can you believe we have "known" each other for 6 years soon!!) and to be honest i really feel like it will happen soon...(head in sand) im 1lb away from the magic 3 stone point since this time last year! 2st 9lb of that since november 2012! i am now the weight i was when i found out i was preg with DD in 2005 so if it is the weight affecting fertility and i dont get a sticky preg soon then that blows the Consultants theory out of the water! anywho...i have been ever so hormonal the last week or so so poor DH has got it in the neck and then been told its sexy timewink hopefully this month will be THE month but if not then cest la

BuddhaBelly Fri 07-Jun-13 16:01:51

I go away for a week and you've all disappeared. Did you miss me too much to post winkgrin

gomurray Fri 07-Jun-13 22:38:52

Yes Buddha, we couldn't bear to post without you being around, thank goodness you are back. FB pics of hol looked fab - did you have great time ? Hope you are all relaxed and getting lots of BDing/practise in wink oh and Happy Birthday xx

BuddhaBelly Sat 08-Jun-13 08:11:16

Murray We did have an amazing time, lots of relaxed bding DH is convinced we've caught the egg on hols but I don't think so, definitely getting more resigned to it not happening but not in a a negative way iykwim smile Are you showing yet?
Marbles Think I had my lightbulb moment whilst I was away, really wanted to join in the swimming fun on hols plus some other stuff too and just couldn't due to size/confidence so after the wedding we're going too today diet starts! You have done so well and loving the positivity it has brought to your ttc, I don't know how you've managed to keep smiling after so long shock
Moomin How's the neck?

Mummylimited Sun 09-Jun-13 15:34:01

Hello my lovelies

Sorry for the long absence. Been in a very bad ttc obsessing bubble. We went camping with friends on the bank holiday and that was the start of my period, so by the time we got back I had started thinking about OV'ing. It feels like I'm either trying to spot OV, AF is here or I'm on the 2WW. It's too much for my brain and I need to sort it out.

Had a horrendous 2WW last month. Was convinced I was pg and tested FOUR times in the week leading up to due date. What an idiot, but we've all done it (Please tell me we all have!)

I should have come here earlier as Marbles and Bhudda you are both being so sensible and chilled, it would have really help. I am in awe ladies.

Cannot tell you how grin I am to here that things are progressing well Murray. It is really fantastic. The scan must have really helped. I am going to be checking in to see how it's going much more regularly x

Moomin I know I probably missed it, but can't find the other thread, how did the job application go?

Ooh, I cuddled a newborn on the day I started OV this month. I am hoping that's a good omen, but I will NOT be getting hopes up this month. Need to ladies to keep me in check please wink

Yey! Posters! I've given up obsessively checking.

I'm the only one not TTC <stamps feet>. Doctor changed my pill last week. Will live vicariously.

Didn't get the job but know the girl who did.

C gone back and is seeing Uni mates in Brighton next weekend which means I won't see him till weekend after. Tried not to be stroppy even though I'm BU but couldn't help it. I love him seeing mates but not if it means I'm without him for a weekend.

gomurray Mon 10-Jun-13 20:45:45

Ladies ! so much chat - hurray smile

Mummy - how lovely to hear from you again. It is sooo difficult not to get hopes up and obsess and then it is such a crash when AF arrives - so sorry to hear you have been torturing yourself. Stick with us and keep us updated and we will help you remain grounded and sensible... well we will try ! Where are you on 2ww ? Cuddling a newborn is a great trick - I had loads of newborn cuddles the month I conceived so it is clearly a fact not just an old wives tale wink... so much for keeping you calm !!!!

Buddha - yay for lightbulb moment grin How is the diet going ? Start as you mean to go on - my top tip is that if you do have a bad day just forget about it and get straight back on the diet wagon the following day - don't beat yourself up. Bad days will always happen, just make sure they are few and far between - loads of luck !

Moomin - is C not tempted to TTC ?... wink maybe a bit too early for that !!! Just enjoy the practise wink

News from here is that I am getting very 'rotund' - not exactly 'showing', just have a flabby belly. probably down to my crisps and chips craving (it is the salt and vinegar !) I don't really care though, love feeling podgy this time around, just praying it means baby growing ok - am quite paranoid.

Hi Ladies grin

Mummy hi!! good to see you smile hope that you are ok and TTC is not being too hard on you smile i love seeing your FB updates! your boys are just lovely!! smile
Murray yay for rotund tummy! you need to do a photo diary on your profile for us to nose atgrin when is your next scan appointment?
Buddha dont worry about bad days etc! we all have them. just try and make the next day a good one smile
Moomin do i hear the TTC waggon circling for you and C or is it a little soon for that yet? wink

so news from me...nothing exciting actuallygrin i have had some excellent job newsgrin so things are great at the mo on that front...

Poor DH has had a little word with me about my stroppiness recentlyblush and i am convinced it is entirely hormonal as i feel very teenager-y sometimes and have more spots than usual... turn up for the books if that is the case! im up to 3st loss now! im hoping that with me being less than the weight i was when i found out i was having DD and i am super-hormonal then all the impromptu tearing off DHs clothes (another not altogether unwelcome hormonal side-effectwink)will have excellent repercussionswink watch this spacegrin

Stop trying to put ideas in my head you lot! I can't have #3 and be on my own mon-fri. I'm constantly shattered a it is. J has taken to wandering into my bed in the early hours just as I thought I cracked it. I don't have the energy to return him <and I don't really like sleeping alone>

Who is next to ovulated?

BuddhaBelly Thu 13-Jun-13 09:43:45

Sorry ladies been feeling rough this week, couldn't shake a headache all week. AF arrived two days early again angry did think at one point this week I'd got some symptoms but thankfully didnt convince myself too much so not as disappointed as I could have been smile

Back for personals later

Afternoon ladiessmile

buddha so sorry AF arrived for you! angry good luck this cycle! hope your head gets better!

Hi everyone elsesmile

Im on CD 22 ish i think (not been keeping track) but i think AF is on her merry way as i have been having cramps the last couple of days...we have been giving it good welly on and off this cycle but im not getting my hopes up for anything

Is headache hormone related Bhudda? Sorry AF got you. This new confidence will help.

Fingers crossed marbles. You don't usually cramp all week do you?

Feel like I can't catch my tail. Need to sllooowww ddoowwn! There always seems like there's too much to do.
Going on a hen in the rain tomorrow. Wellies it is grin


BuddhaBelly Sun 16-Jun-13 06:52:54

Marbles Any news?
Mummy Perfectly understandable getting ttc obsessed, I know I went and still going through it. You also set those dates in your head that you'll be pg by like birthday, Christmas, edd etc Its crap and the only thing I can say to help is we've all been there sad
Moomin How was the hen night?
Murray How's bump? Have you told E about his impending big brother status yet? smile

Not much to report here, just busy busy busy, had newborn cuddles with my cousins 2 week old baby yesterday <desperate for good luck> Managed not to kidnap him wink

It was a laugh but quite sober, luckily.

I suck at betting. Lost £25. Watching madness was fun though.

Shit day today. Feel really run down. Tomorrow has to be better.

Afternoon ladiessmile

No news here really...some symptoms thoughgrin I could eat a scabby donkey today and yesterday but feel shattered constantly and i have had the most severe back ache the last few days... i havent tested and im not planning on testing until next week...

hope evreyone is ok today (and Moomin feel better very soon smile)

What's the goss today?

Nowt from heregrin same old same old! Still starving! Achey baps today too haha but I reckon AF will be 'round the corner!

How is everyone else getting on?

Moomin how do you feel today? Any better?

Just POAS woman!

Where are you all hiding?

BuddhaBelly Thu 20-Jun-13 10:21:12

Boo grin

Lurker! Stop spying!

afternoon smile

CD29 here and no very tired today! i went to bed at 9pm last night and slept 'til 6:30 which is unusual for me...still havent POAS...i will buy one over the weekend if no sign by then smile

How is everyone? where are you all? smile

Can't believe you're keeping us hanging!

Best friend texted today to say she is pregnant. Really pleased but also a bit sad. Don't know why I should be. I was pg with mc, then she became pg easily and had a dd and then I had J. It happens so easily for some (which of course is lovely) but there's still that part of you that wonders why others have it so difficult. I know you ladies get it.

Hi ladiessmile

We're are you all? I'm bored grin

No news as I haven't POAS I'm a day late according to my most recent cycles but due on Sunday according to the average on FF... I'm still tired, still starving but I'm expecting a big fall so not getting my hopes up sort ofwink

Oh and is ok to feel sad for the ease some have with TTC/preg while others have it so hardsad I know the feeling well sadly {{{{hug}}}}

BuddhaBelly Sat 22-Jun-13 09:46:45

Marbles I admire your restraint as I'd have poas by now smile Keeping everything crossed for you, symptoms sound good <whispers hopefully>
Moomin Yep unfortunately we do understand those feelings hmm Still think subconsciously your broody for no 3 wink
Murray How are you doing? Feeling ok?

Been an odd week, not felt right all week kind of cold and hayfever with earache thrown in confused But feeling better even though I have a snot factory up my nose grin Think I'm due to ov at some point but still strangely laid back about it. Best start bding wink

Mummylimited Sun 23-Jun-13 14:03:29

OMG buddha would you poas already! Am I right ladies? I can't stand the suspense. It's sounding so good.

I definitely think you're broody for No3 Moomin

It's so exciting to hear talk of a bump in here Murray Are you getting quite a bump now?

AF due tomorrow. Am totally expecting it. Have kept the crazy away this month and have no symptoms, although I've tried not to spot them. I am stupidly tired, but then i am always stupidly tired. I have purposely gone running twice this week to stop that waiting in case I am pg thing. Feels good

Mummylimited Sun 23-Jun-13 14:04:44

god, I am SUCH an idiot. It's Marbles who needs to POAS, sorry Moomin

I can't even use MN anymore. Must be losing it ;)

BuddhaBelly Sun 23-Jun-13 16:14:09

MummyLtd Wish it was me POAS, haven't even needed to do that with af arriving early every month <sigh> Read your blog hmm You've put into words how we have all felt or are feeling at the moment, it was weird reading my own thoughts but written by someone else shock Hope the distraction techniques work this cycle smile

Anyone else lurking?

gomurray Sun 23-Jun-13 19:02:43

Evening ladies, apologies for absence, been trying to distract myself as freaking out a bit. Am 16 weeks tomorrow so entering the exact stage where I lost the baby at end 2011. I felt some movement last weekend and during the week but have felt nothing now for 3 days - arrghhh. Keep telling myself that it is still early for movement so no need to worry, but worrying nonetheless.

Marbles, so sorry AF arrived but I guess it was good that you didn't have the agony of POAS and watching no line appear. How is your weight loss going ? Hope you are feeling ok in yourself about AF xx

MummyLtd, I really must read your blog - have been meaning to for ages - will do it right after this. Good job with distracting yourself from symptom spotting, it is so difficult though isn't it ? Fingers crossed for you - any idea when you plan to test if no AF ? Crossing everything for you xx

Buddha - have you started your weight loss campaign ? Sounds like you are taking a very healthy, chilled out approach to TTC - so pleased to hear it. As always I have absolutely everything crossed for you, hopefully you will feel the benefits of my lucky vitamins soon. Hugs and sh!tloads of luck xx

Moomin - we all understand how you feel about friend being PG. It is so tricky as you feel happy for them but feel so mean for having even the tiniest negative thought - it is such an emotional minefield. I was very conscious of telling SIL our news as I suspect it may have been tricky for them - I don't even know for sure that they are TTC, but strongly suspect they have been for a long time. Thankfully they were on holiday when we told family so we told them over the phone - easier for them than face to face. Schools here finish this Friday - how long do you have until holidays in England ?

You're all crazy. No more babies for me. Not for a few years anyway wink
I do have a gynae appointment next month to follow up my ultrasound and investigate my low ferritin. It's always strange being scanned when there is no baby.

Pma Murray. It is still early to be feeling movement and baby has a lot of room to move around so has most likely just changed position. Could you get a reassurance scan? Would it reassure you until the next one?

So we potentially have two POAS-ers this week. Good luck Marbles and Mummylimited!

I loved the video of the future GB today Bhudda. He looks so grown up!

Had a bad Friday but a better Saturday and Sunday. We had some noises underneath the house a few weeks ago. I called pest control and they put some poison in the drains. It killed something which stank for ages. Then I came home on Friday to a fly infestation. Think it's over now but D couldn't help- he was in the pub!! He'll see kids Weds for first time in a week.

Lovely weekend with C. He is going to book us a holiday for July 18th. Need the relaxation before holiday with D.

Evening ladiessmile

No AF for me yet... I haven't POAS either as I'm waiting to save the disappointment of a BFN... I have had enough of those in the last 6 years to last me a lifetime so I want to wait until either AF arrives ( I usually start in the morning so if she hasn't arrived by tomorrow morn I'm FF late so I will pop to boots and purchase a wee-stick to pee on on Tuesday morningsmile sorry for the tortuous wait for infogrin

MummyLtd. I will cross my fingers AF stays away for yousmile

Murray. It's very early for movements yet so you will feel them sporadically. The little'un has tonnes of space in there to flip about so if he/she has turned to face your back then you will feel the kicks less than forward facing smile

Moomin. Hope your tests come back with good news and they can sort out whatever has been causing all the crappy health stuff for yousmile

Buddha. Love the laid back attitudegrin E is looking so big and grown up on the FB picssmile

Mummylimited Mon 24-Jun-13 11:45:10

I completely get not testing Marbles. Will still be awaiting news tomorrow. My cycle isn't definite, so I probably won't test until later in the week. That's if AF doesn't arrive.

murray 16wks is very early to feel it. Last pregnancy I popped into the MN thread for that month and people were saying they could feel it moving at 10wks! Made me so cross. So much pressure for us all to feel movement early. Won't be long for you, I'm sure.

Buddha Am so chuffed the blog resonated with you. It's always weird when RL people read it, but good weird. Feels lovely that people who know me take the time to look at it. Posting that one has really helped me this month.

moomin (weird, nearly typed sparkly then. You'll always be Sparkly to me!) urgh rats. Urgh flies. I'm not convinced your baby days are done and you and C would make pretty babies wink

So, AF due today.....maybe. Grrrr. Thank goodness I have a friend over when E naps. Keep me occupied.

gomurray Mon 24-Jun-13 18:58:24

Jeez sorry Marbles - I read Buddha's post about AF always arriving early as you telling us that AF had arrived - I'm blaming baby brain which must mean all ok wink. Still not felt any definite movement, lots of 'pops' which I suspect is wind !! Am feeling calmer about it though so trying to maintain PMA smile

MummyLtd - I read your blog and the entry about TTC was so well put. I love the honesty but most of all the positivity and action taken to beat the obsession - I am sure you struck a chord with a lot of ladies. I love your pics too smile. Oh and get that Etsy shop filled up, I was so looking forward to a browse and barely anything left ! I would like to pre-order some of your fab crocheted holly and misteltoe decorations for Xmas - love them !

So.... anyone POAS yet ?... So excited to find out who may be joining me in getting fat wink


AF arrived this morninghmm hey ho! Back on the wagon this cycle again... Cycle 1 million...

Good luck MummyLtd smile

BuddhaBelly Mon 24-Jun-13 22:11:28

Marbles hmm Sorry the evil witch got you. How's the weight loss going?
Murray Pops are good, next it will be he full on Mexican wave (that's the one bit of pg I do misswink) how you coping with being at 16 weeks? When is your 20 week scan? You are bound to wobble over the next few weeks, remember we're here smile
Mummy I will have to check out etsy now too wink Have you decided wether to poas tomorrow or not?
Moomin Have you started your blog yet? How are the flies? All gone now? <shiver>

Mummylimited Mon 24-Jun-13 22:12:01

sad marbles

Mummylimited Wed 26-Jun-13 10:01:16

BFP - eek. Now a whole new type of crazy begins.

BuddhaBelly Wed 26-Jun-13 12:21:17

Congratulations grin


Congratulations mummyLtd grin

gomurray Wed 26-Jun-13 21:35:25

awww Mummy what fabulous news - so, so pleased for you grin and yes indeed, let the madness commence !

How are we all ladies?

gomurray Fri 28-Jun-13 17:09:16

Hi Ladies ! I'm just dropping by for a 'me' post. Had 16 week check today and heartbeat was found really quickly grin It was such a relief that I was in floods of tears ! The lovely MW obviously realised how nervous I am so offered another check at 18 weeks and every 2 weeks thereafter smile. I told her that once I have regular movement I won't need the added reassurance but it will be lovely to hear the HB every 2 weeks until that point. She was so lovely, was holding my hand while doing the doppler thingy and kept hugging me afterwards - such a lovely lady, had contact with her during E's birth and also after our loss so she understands our situation. DP was with me and I think he was also surprised when I broke down - I had prob been even more nervous than I had realised myself !

Lovely Murray grin

And fantastic that you have such an understanding mw. Do you feel reassured?

Mummylimited Fri 28-Jun-13 19:04:02

Awwww Murray that is such a great support for you and fantastic that you will get that reassurance, at least until those kicks really start making their mark. It's great to hear the positive MW stories.

Thanks, as well, for your lovely comments about the blog and the Etsy shop. I have let that slip a lot, but am mainly going to concentrate on Christmas stuff this year and poppies again. If you do want anything, just drop me a message on fb and I can get it made for you.

Come on then moomin where is this blog?

Sorry, I kind of dropped my news and ran the other day. Been trying to get my head around it, while at the same time try to carry on as normal. Not many pg symptoms yet except the crushing tiredness. I am sure the next few weeks are going to drag terribly.

How is everyone else? Where are we all on cycles and stuff?

BuddhaBelly Fri 28-Jun-13 21:04:25

Murray Yey for lovely midwife, yey for heartbeat. I'm not surprised you reacted as you did, it's a huge hurdle to get over. You probably won't relax until your holding your lo in your arms but at least until the movements really "kick" in you've got that reassurance.
Mummy Head in the sand is a brilliant coping mechanism and highly recommended grin
Moomin Have a brilliant flue free weekend grin
Marbles How you doing? Has Dh realised your trying a new technique this cycle? wink

I decided to do OPKs again this cycle (starting to feel a little desperate obsessive again) got a +ve yesterday so at it like bunnies, thank god it's the weekend grin

gomurray Sun 30-Jun-13 21:18:13

Buddha - hope you've had a 'busy' weekend mrs wink. I am sooo hoping this is THE cycle for you xx. You are so right that I won't properly relax until I ave my baby in my arms, but I'm sure that is true for a lot of ladies who have had MCs. For me the big milestone will be 20 week scan as that is where it all went wrong before. Also, 18 week HB check will be significant as it was estimated that although we found out our baby had died at 20 weeks, he had died at approx 17 weeks. Had a LOAD of EWCM this morning so all reassurance went out of the window sad, trying so hard to be sensible and retain PMA ! Feeling ok about it now, but was very negative this morning arghhh !

Mummy - I'll message you in a few months and place an order for some decorations. Too early now as I'll only lose them ! That said, I don't want to leave it too late as will hopefully be busy with pre-baby stuff in Nov grin

Moomin - how many days/weeks until summer holidays for you ? Schools here are off - E has finished pre-school and is all set for school n 6 weeks - WTF !!! When you off to Florida ?

In other news, we decided that to celebrate all being well on Fri we would book a holiday just before E starts school,so we are off to Gran Canaria for 10 days in August - only 5 weeks to go ! Woohoooooo grin

BuddhaBelly Tue 02-Jul-13 11:07:25

Murray Have you got a date for the 20 week scan yet? Or have I missed that somewhere? Recovering from my "busy" weekend wink so look out for obsessive symptom spotting!
Marbles Quiet? You ok?
Moomin Did you have a lovely break with C?
Mummy How are you? Suffering or not too bad?

Hay fever is driving me crazy at the moment confused anyone else suffering? Felt like ripping my face off at the weekend. Bit extreme I know but rraaagghhh!

gomurray Tue 02-Jul-13 20:34:03

Buddha, no face ripping off when your have EWCM !!! Must be on form for TTC wink, do you think you've ov'd now ?

I have 20 week scan on 26th July - will be 20+4 smile

where is everyone ?

Hay fever driving me crazy too.

Am currently sat in gynae waiting room. They initially put me in oncology but then realised I was in the wrong area <phew>

I have a very nervous tummy blush

gomurray Wed 03-Jul-13 18:45:00

How did it go Moomin ?

Fine. She had a poke and a look at my cervix. No abnormality. No need for laparoscopy at this time. She wants me to take a combined pill but can't prescribe it because I have an oestrogen allergy. Coil has been suggested

How are you all?

BuddhaBelly Thu 04-Jul-13 06:28:40

Moomin Good news that all is ok grin hopefully after the coil no more knees bent, legs apart and relax wink How are the flies?
Murray Not too long to wait for the scan, are you feeling movements yet?

Where's everyone else? Deserted us? I've had an awful couple of days, stupidly I missed 2 days of happy pills and boy did I know about it. Headaches and dizziness Tuesday so much so had to come home from work, yesterday emotional mess crying and not coping with some RL shit that grown at us. Lets good today is better as ads kick back in. Now I realise how much I need them which makes me a little hmm but at least they're doing their job well smile What a muppet won't be forgetting again!
I'm going to be covering a new job when my colleagues on holidays and managing 11 staff so I need my wits about me shockgrin

The flies have gone(touch wood). Have the men coming tomorrow to possibly take up my lovely Victorian mosaic hallway tiles and fix the water pipe sad

Woke today with the sorest throat

I have a sore throat and I can't sleep.
Where did you all go?

BuddhaBelly Sat 06-Jul-13 17:33:55

I'm here! How are the large holes repairs coming along?
How's the throat?

Im here! smile

My brother got married on saturday so DH and i have had a very busy weekend what with DD as bridesmaid etc smile she looked beautiful! and a lovely day was had by all! we have been at it with gusto this month too so i have had barely a second to think wink

How are our resident preggos?grin

Buddha how are you getting on? in 2WW now? i have all bar my knees crossed for you wink

Moomin how did the pipe fixing go? is that beautiful floor of yours all better now?

BuddhaBelly Mon 08-Jul-13 18:27:01

Marbles Saw the FB pictures of S she looked gorgeous. So did you come to think of it, very skinny grin
I shall relieve you of all your crossing AF arrived 4 days early hmm My last 4 cycles have been 25 days in lengthconfused It's all too frustrating angry Where are you now?

Sorry Bhudda. Can you see GP and mention shorter cycles? Is LP short or are you ov early? Are you doing OPKs? There will be a solution.

The pics were lovely, Marbles. Bet you were so proud! What CD are you? Good luck!

I've been hibernating. So poorly. Bloody sore throat, cold- bleugh. Just rubbish. Hopefully clearing now.

Last day in work tomorrow...! grin

Where are the pregnant ones? How are you feeling Murray and Mummy?

Afternoon grin

Im just on my lunch and thought i would pop in smile

Lucky you Moomin! what date are you back? we dont finish until 24th July for summer! not that i have much time off though... too much summer school work to be getting on with so not much rest for me...hmm hope you feel better soon!smile

Buddha so sorry AF arrivedsad maybe your Ov date has changed if she is arriving long is your LP usually? i have been getting AF on CD 31 ish for the last couple of months and i have started to count back 2 weeks and getting cracking around then (except this month we have started as soon as AF buggered offwink) im on about CD 15 at the mo (havent checked) so we still have a good week ahead of BDingwink

hope everyone else is doing wellsmile

Not until the start of September. 9 days until Spain and 34 under Florida. Think I'm going to need another few weeks off to recover from those!

Is the sunshine keeping you all away?

<sends out a search party>

BuddhaBelly Mon 15-Jul-13 10:05:35

Morning! grin


What's the goss?

BuddhaBelly Mon 15-Jul-13 21:31:23

None from me smile I'm too busy melting wink

Stop your moaning grin

BuddhaBelly Mon 15-Jul-13 22:55:42

I hate this weather, I don't care, I'm gonna moan winkgrin

I love it!

Not so keen on the boy trying to keep me awake though (note the time).

He's hot, sick, ear hurts, needs calpol, needs water, needs to lie on me, has lost his teddy.

BuddhaBelly Tue 16-Jul-13 07:03:07

Aawww poor J hmm Hope he's feeling better this morning?

He's still asleep. We had a baby seagull stuck on the roof at 5. The noise was crazy. Will have to wake them both shortly. L has school

BuddhaBelly Tue 16-Jul-13 13:06:22

We've got a baby seagull that's living in the carpark at work, it fell out of the nest weeks ago and can't fly yet, the noise it makes is horrendous! For small things they make so much racket! I have to say that we're all pretty impressed with the care and attention the Mum and Dad have taken protecting him though, fab parents but they sh*t on us when we leave the building!! shock

How's J now? Did L get off to school?

Where's everyone else this week? hmm

Mummylimited Tue 16-Jul-13 19:18:25

Hey all pokes head in shamefaced I've been terribly neglectful. Am now one of those annoying people who turns up and monopolies the news for a few days, then burgers off again.

How ARE you all?

marbles Can I say how gorgeous you looked I the wedding photos. You really have lost loads of weight.

buddha How are you feeling? Last time I caught up, you were feeling the effects of no pills. I really hope you're back on an even keel now.

murray I assume all going well? Any baby feels yet?

I am not even seeing mw until next week. Aaaaaaaargh. It's taking forever. Still only 7 weeks. Feeling very sick most of the day though, which is tough, but reassuring. Am eating my way through it. Shall be enormous soon.

Catch up soon xxxxxx

gomurray Wed 17-Jul-13 19:40:31

Hello ladies !! Apologies for absence, been busy celebrating Murray's win (hence the name !!!) he comes from round here so it was a big day ! That aside all going well, had another hb check last week and feeling some faint movement some days, not enough to fully reassure me but I will just have to be patient. 20wk scan on Monday, almost halfway !!!!!

Buddha, so sorry that AF arrived and that cycles seem short. Did you temp ? Short cycles are not a problem as long as LP is at least 10 days long. If you ov on day 14 or earlier prob not an issue. However acupuncture is supposed to be very good at lengthening LP, are you still going ? How are you mood wise ? Hope you are bearing up my lovely xx

Marbles, looking gorge you slim Jim grin ! Still at it like rabbits ?

Mummy, great to gear from you. The first few weeks do drag horribly and with the pukiness it makes it tough (not that we would ever complain - we are the lucky ones). I are my way through the first 16 weeks, only starting to get back to normalise eating patterns now !

Moomin, how are holidays going ? Not long until your trips, lucky you !!! We are off to gran canaria on 3 weeks for a last minute sneaky holiday before DS starts school.

Promise to be more present ladies xx

I'm supposed to be packing- we are off to Spain tomorrow.

Staying in Biomar hotel in Majorca. Looks amazing!

Am such a nervous flier so am leaving everything until tomorrow to keep myself busy. wink

BuddhaBelly Thu 18-Jul-13 08:16:28

Thank goodness more people have popped in or I'll be talking to myself with Moomin in Spain! shock
Moomin Have a fantastic time away smile
Murray Thought you might be celebrating grin Not long until scan, how you feeling? Sh*ting it I expect, I have an excellent hand to hold, come and voice your worries here if you need to. I haven't been temping but when cycle is short I seem to ov earlier thankfully. My acupuncturist is off for the summer holidays she has for a locum but I'm waiting until she's back.
Mummy Yuck to m/s definitely do not envy you that especially in this heat too hmm Will you be having an early scan?
Meds all ok and back on even keel now but have felt low this week. My friend who started ttc after me has been talking about her return to work in November so felt really despondent that she got pg, had the baby and had a year off work and we're still trying hmm angryhmm
But hey ho that's life I suppose!
Marbles How you doing? Have you worn Dh out yet? wink

Argh! Boarding time. Crap at flying. See you on t'other side my beauts

I'll still talk to you Moomin

Flight was fine. Being with C helped. Kids were brill. Beautiful hotel. Lovely food. Rooms amazing. Kids currently doing crafts in kids club so have had nearly two hours peace.

Buddha!!! Lol grin

BuddhaBelly Fri 19-Jul-13 20:02:58

Hurray for the World Wide Web Moomin wink
Pictures look fabulous, not jealous at all b*tch envyenvy

It's lovely here. Kids are sun worshipers like me- good job because it's around 35 degrees.
Went to the beach this morning and my hate for sand grows.

gomurray Sun 21-Jul-13 22:22:36

Evening ladies !

Indeed piccs do look fab Moomin -lucky you smile. why am I not surprised that you do not like sand ! I am not a big fan myself actually.

Buddha, good to hear your update. If ov earlier then no need to worry about luteal phase, maybe worth temping for a month to confirm.. you may ov later than you suspect and therefore miss the boat ?... Just taking a belts and braces approach as I'm sure you know your body - maybe worth a try this month ?...

As you suspected Buddha I am crapping it about tomorrow. DS decided to body slam me on Fri - he landed full force directly on my stomach as I lay on the grass in the sun - I had excruciating pain but it passed. Decided not to panic and am pretty sure I have felt movement since. However, this has not helped my frame of mind over the weekend and my fears about something going wrong. I just pray if all ok tomorrow that I can finally relax, otherwise it will be a long 20 weeks ahead ! Have been feeling some faint and low down movement - I'm almost certain that the placenta is at the front which is why I feel very little and only very low down when I do feel anything. I just want tomorrow to be over, keep having horrible flashbacks to last time - logic is not prevailing, even when I feel movement I doubt myself and fear the worst - arrghhhh !!!! somebody slap me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will pop by tomorrow with update xx

BuddhaBelly Mon 22-Jul-13 06:47:04

Murray Everything crossed for today my lovely. What time is the scan? Will look forward to a grin update x

Good luck darl. Deep breathing. All will be fine. Are you going to find out??

I'm constantly checking for royal and Murray news grin

Afternoon ladies! smile

Murray Good luck for today! i have been lurking but not had time to post recently...i have my fingers crossed for you for an excellent scan and im looking forward to your update smile

Moomin envy of your lovely holiday! it looks lovely! we have been camping in the Cotswolds this weekend gone and that was nice but not a patch on yours from your pictureswinkgrin

Buddha how are you? where in your cycle are you at the mo? hope you are doing well smile

AF arrived 8 days early for me on saturday afternoon! a bit of a shock there but hey ho im onto cycle 1 million and 1 now thenhmm

BuddhaBelly Mon 22-Jul-13 19:16:40

Lurkety lurk

I thought it would be a girl.

Where's Murray hiding?

<sends out search party>

BuddhaBelly Mon 22-Jul-13 22:22:06

I thought she'd posted but it was just you Moomin grin

Sorry to disappoint. grin

gomurray Tue 23-Jul-13 10:45:05

Ladies, so sorry for lack of post yesterday. By the time I got home in the evening we had no power as some idiot had cut a main power cable in the street so we were in darkness and sans-internet until 2am !

Anyway - all is well. Healthy baby wriggling away. Placenta is at the back but baby is breech which explains why I'm only feeling kicks really low down. Consultant could not get baby to move into correct potision for one of the spine shots so have to go back next week. She said the spine looked fine she just needed to check from another angle so nothing to worry about, just a chance for an extra look at baby grin.
Told DS last night so he is over the moon - skipped into nursery with a copy of the scan pic as proud as punch grin
I'm feeling relieved but still apprehensive, I'm hoping as time ticks by I lose this negativity as I really just want to enjoy it !

How is everyone doing ?

Wooohooooo lady. You'll feel better when you start getting regular movement. Lovely that you'll get another look at baby next week.
You tempted to find out the sex?

BuddhaBelly Tue 23-Jul-13 12:46:29

Hurray. You had us worried grin grin so pleased all was well. And an extra scan, lucky you smile

BuddhaBelly Fri 26-Jul-13 18:37:29

Tumbleweed . . . . . .


BuddhaBelly Sat 27-Jul-13 10:47:14

That took me a few minutes to work out gringringrinshockgrin


BuddhaBelly Sat 27-Jul-13 15:08:38

So have you adjusted to being home now? Good holiday? looked it from the pictures smile

I'm sat here wondering how and why my spd is back confused last couple of days it's been horrendous. Very odd hmm

Not really. It was so lovely. None of us wanted to leave. Just what we needed.

Have you been busy (wink)? Sure that will aggravate the spd

BuddhaBelly Mon 29-Jul-13 19:13:55

I know I'm just setting myself up for an epic fail but this is the first time in months that I've actually considered I might be pg <sigh> I'm sure it will go wrong but spd is better than it was bit still getting twinges (could be hormones, not uncommon this early) my (.)(.) are incredibly ouchy. Nauseous on a number of occasions. Probably all adds up to a big fat zilch but had to put it out there as its going around and around in my head confused

gomurray Mon 29-Jul-13 21:50:33

oooh Buddha it all sounds very promising missus - I cannot tell you how much I want it to be the case that you are indeed growing a tiny bean... Have you been back to acupuncture ? Exciting prospect ... when do you think you ov'd ? When would AF be due (IF she were to come) ? Everything crossed my lovely lady.

Scan tomorrow - taking DS - sooo hope we don't regret it like last time confused. It is not so much that we want to take him but it would be a PITA to leave him at nursery, drive to hospital (which is where we live) then all the way back to nursery to get him. So it is more a case of practicalities. He seems quite excited by the prospect though smile. Moomin, no we won't be finding out the sex. You are not allowed to ask here but I guess if I wanted ot know I'd go for a private scan but I really want another surprise ! All part of the fun IMO grin

BuddhaBelly Mon 29-Jul-13 22:17:01

Good luck for tomorrow, how lovely for E to see his baby brother/sister, I'm sure you won't regret it, it will be a memory maker for you all smile
Forgot to add bloated and sore to my list of fake symptoms wink AF is due Saturday but if it comes early like the last two cycles then its Wednesday. I'm cd23 today

Good luck to you both.

I keep getting hot flushes. blush
Hopefully all to do with this clammy weather and not early menopause! Two 50 year old females lol at my flush today. It's physically obvious.

How was today Murray?

gomurray Tue 30-Jul-13 22:11:49

Oooh Buddha I am getting so excited for you, trying to stay calm though xx

Scan went brilliantly - so much better than last week as the sonographer was lovely and chatted away describing what she was doing and told DS that baby was waving at him which delighted him. She also gave us 9 pics (only supposed to give 1) and gave DS his own special pic with a wee folder grin. Such a lovely experience.

Moomin - WTF with the hot flushes confused

BuddhaBelly Wed 31-Jul-13 06:20:24

Murray Told you it would be a memory maker experience grin So chuffed it all went well, absolutely brilliant grin
Moomin Bit young for flushes?

Well not so excited anymore, spd seems to have disappeared as quickly as it came and (.)(.) not as sore. Still feeling nauseous first thing but I bet that's just in my head hmm
E is misbehaving hugely at the moment at home and nursery, we seem to have gone backwards and we're back to spitting again. Yesterday morning though he did say I don't want to be left behind when everyone else goes to school, I want to go to school. So myself and nursery think he's reacting to the changes ahead hmm Poor guy just doesn't understand why he can't go with his friends hmm

BuddhaBelly Thu 01-Aug-13 07:49:12

I caved BFN on cd26 <sigh> what a mind f**k my body has been this cycle I give up sad

sad Could it be too early?

gomurray Thu 01-Aug-13 22:12:45

Buddha could def be too early - the fact that you have no AF is the only thing that matters... step away from those sticks until the weekend xx

BuddhaBelly Fri 02-Aug-13 15:11:42

Af has arrived sad Really thinking I need to consider stopping for my own sanity. There seem to be more reasons to stop than to continue, but it breaks my heart to consider it sad

gomurray Mon 05-Aug-13 13:17:43

Aww Buddha I am so, so sorry to hear that AF arrived. It is so difficult at moments like these to want to continue sad. I was talking to one of DS's friend's mums the other day and she told me that they had tried for 13 years to conceieve their son ! She was 40 when she eventually fell PG and her husband didn't believe the tests as they had pretty much given up hope. She said that for the final 2 years they did nothing special other than not use contraception - previously they had done superfoods, supplements temping etc... she reckons the only difference was that they had pretty much forgotten about it (easier said than done - I KNOW !) and just got lucky. Sending you big virtual hugs xx

BuddhaBelly Tue 06-Aug-13 10:28:57

Murray I just feel like I'm running out of timesad I'm 41 now, and I feel like my clock is ticking very loudly. All 4 pg have not been easy for me with really bad sickness, spd, God I'm being so whingysad

Afternoon ladiessmile

Buddha. So sorry AF arrived again for you sad it is shit. i have been there with the giving up thoughts and unfortunately...i cant stop. despite DH and I "agreeing" to stop at the 6 year point (october this year) i would feel in myself like it was "my fault" for stopping and thats why we only have 1 DC...not the pain and heartache of 6 years fruitless TTC and MCs aplenty hmm i feel like i sort of owe it to myself, DH, DD and our hypothetical other DC (s) to keep on keeping on IYSWIM but yes it is shit all the same... FX this cycle is YOUR cycle... im here if you need a rant {{{{hugs}}}}

How is everyone else? smile

BuddhaBelly Fri 09-Aug-13 10:37:06

Sorry if I've scared everyone away with my moaning.
Marbles I don't know how you keep on as positive as you are, you're an inspiration smile
I promise to shut up now, if you'll all come back? wink

I'm heresmile

I'm off work today as my hips and back have been so painful the last couple of days...sort of like sciatic pain...which I last had when preg with DD so I'm trying not to read too much into that...confused AF is due anytime from next mon/tue onwards I think but who knowshmm

I'm here too. Holiday planning is keeping me busy- as are the kids.

How are we all?

Flying to Florida tomorrow. Will need you guys to keep me sane and entertained - two weeks with D to look fwd to hmm


<stamps feet>

Hi moomin!grin How's Florida been? smile

AF arrived for me I've got a throat infection ant he flu! sad Feel like death warmed up!

Florida good so far. Boiling and busy. Lost my rag with Dai loads but trying to not let him get to me.

Sorry AF got you. Feel better soon

BuddhaBelly Thu 22-Aug-13 06:45:54

Hi peeps grin

Where've you been?

Hi Buddha!! where have you been hiding? smile

hope everyone is ok! smile

gomurray Thu 22-Aug-13 18:32:09

Evening ladies ! How are we all ?

I had a fabulous holiday in Gran Canaria. E started school yesterday so it has been a busy few days. He is loving it which is good - a bit wobbly (me more than him !) today when he had to line up and go in on his own today but he seems to be fine with it. Also had to visit after school club which he starts on Mon sad, I feel like t is a lot for him all at once, however I have no family close by and I work so no option sad. Other than that, I am getting BIG ! Bump appeared just before holiday and is now officially massive !!! I measured 24-25 weeks at 22 weeks and bump has exploded in size since then ! Had a scan on Tuesday and all is well, despite my size baby is right size for my dates. Baby is very active so loads of kicks and movement which really helps me remain calm smile

Moomin your holiday looks fab - hope you are all having a ball (although must be tricky with your ex).

Buddha, how are things with you ? Sounds as if you are feeling good ?...

Marbles - you any better mrs ? xx

Mummy - how are you doing - are you past 12 week stage yet ?

Yey for E's school start being so smooth and for big bump Murray. Pics please!

BuddhaBelly Thu 29-Aug-13 08:01:27

Murray Can't believe E has started school! He looked adorable in his uniform, made me dread next year hmm
Moomin Come tell us about your holiday, did D survive the flight? Unpacked the plastic? Washed and ironed? I hate all the post hols crap shockconfused

All done Bhudda!

Felt hideous yesterday but back to normal today.

D still alive. It was okay most of the time. All that time separated that we lived together probably helped. Feel relieved to have my space now grin

Hi allsmile

Moomin glad you survived Florida grin

Buddha any news from you? smile

Murray any big bump pics? wink

MummyLtd how's things with you and bump?smile

No news from here. I'm off work this week on annual leave so I'm enjoying spending some time with DD smile plus I have discovered my new fave craft- crochet smile not just reserved for old ladiesgrin I am working on a load of Christmas star decorations and a patch square blanket smile very relaxing grin

anyone out there?... smile

BuddhaBelly Thu 05-Sep-13 20:14:26

Have you had a nice week off? I'm with you on the crafty front, I've taken up knitting blush grin
Was S glad to be back at school?

How are our lovely pregnant ladies?

It's been very quiet in here lately?

BuddhaBelly Sun 08-Sep-13 12:56:28

Tumbleweed . . . . .

gomurray Sun 08-Sep-13 20:39:24

Hi ladies,

apologies for absence, been busy with work, school and being fat wink. All going well here, lots of activity from baby (still breech as all kicks are low down), am 27 weeks tomorrow and really starting to believe it might just be ok.

How are you all ?

Buddha, where are you in your cycle ? How are you feeling about things at the moment ?

Marbles, what you up to my dear ?

Moomin, back to school last week ? How are you doing ? Still loved up with C ?

Mummy - where are you hiding, how far on are you now ?

You'd all fallen off the 'threads I'm on'.

So glad all is going well Murray. Was E breech? I can't remember..

I need to do something crafty. Maybe you can give me some ideas. I need a hobby to occupy my lonely weekday evenings.

Was back at work last Monday. L is now in the juniors- can't believe it! She is enjoying it so far.

gomurray Mon 09-Sep-13 20:56:55

Hi Moomnin, yes E was transverse (across the way) for most of my PG, he turned a few weeks from the end. This one is determined to stay breech, s/he has a we flip sometimes during the night and kicks up high but as soon as I stand up s/he goes back to breech and kicks my poor bladder ! Not complaining though - loving it !
I am a bit of a crafter too - just mess about on my sewing machine making wee silly things for kids, nothing fancy ! I am not naturally artistic which is frustrating but I like to create nonetheless smile
where is everyone ?

I'm not very creative either but I like the idea of doing something. Thinking of getting L a little sewing machine for bday/Xmas. She's obsessed with bear factory clothes and they cost a fortune. Hoping she'll have a go at making her own (and teach me something).

Baby has a long time to go head down (J didn't engage until I was on labour). Probably just wants to keep you on your toes grin

Do you have a gut feeling about sex? Are you carrying the same as you did with E? Have you thought of names?

gomurray Tue 10-Sep-13 20:39:50

Hi Moomin. On the subject of sewing machines, you can get miniature ones for kids but my friend got one for her daughter and said it is pretty rubbish. You are actually just as well getting a basic cheap full sized one and you can use it too (or when she is in bed !). Mine is just a basic machine from HobbyCraft which cost about £75 and does everything I could ever need and more (for my very basic projects !) I love making wee Xmas decos, Halloween bits and bobs etc... When the evenings start getting darker it is the perfect time to start up again - thinking I'll dust of my machine in the next week or so grin

I have a strong gut feeling this baby is a boy - we refer to him and 'him' and 'he' all the time ! It will be a genuine shock if it is a girl ! I am carrying similarly to last time - football shaped bump with a bit if extra belly thrown in for good measure (thanks to chips and crisps craving earlier on !) I have a shortlist of names but still have to discuss properly with DP - he keeps suggesting stupid names and not really taking it seriously - I told him that if he didn't make a valid contribution soon then I'd decide and that would be final so he has agreed to start thinking soon ! I have a few girls names I like (Lara is on there !!) but struggling for a boy's name I love - have a few I like but that is all - Help ! Looking for a Scottish/Welsh name ideally, nothing too outlandish or fancy. Just a good 'proper' name wink

Is that the cheap JL one? I found her a fab Cath Kidston book today which has a sew your own doll and clothes. Haven't bought machine yet. The basic JL one doesn't do zips and button holes. Does yours? Maybe I should get her a more advanced one- though not because of my skill.

I carried exactly the same on L&J. Funny that you have E which is J's middle name. I love L as a name. So glad we found and chose it. Her middle name is Ffion. We also had Lucie on the list. I'm rubbish with boy names but Gethin was a contender for J.

Has anyone been to Bruges? C taking me for my bday.

Also off to Centre Parcs in Oct. C was supposed to be seeing Uni mates but L told him he'd be 'out of the circle of trust' if he did. That solved it.

gomurray Wed 11-Sep-13 20:56:11

I think the mini one my friend got was a kid's one - really wee, smaller than the one I just saw on JL website. Mine does button holes and I'm sure it does zips too - not that I'd know as I am not a very advanced or adventurous sewer ! I have some lovely sewing books and great magazines, there are loads of really good ones out there that have patterns and easy to follow instructions for craft projects - they will be full of Halloween stuff at the moment as they are always a couple of months ahead - happy crafting/sewing !

We must have very similar taste in names ! I emailed the 'shortlist' to DP today and told him to get on with thinking about it wink

where are you ladies ?...<echo>, <echo>....

Bought it today and sewing box. Her birthday isn't until the end of October though. Plenty of time to do some reading blush

BuddhaBelly Sun 15-Sep-13 21:59:41

Sorry for sporadic messages, RL getting in the way.
E started a new pre-school for one day a week last week, still at old nursery for 3 mornings but really enjoyed the new place. Thought the challenge would do him good as 90% of his friends have started school this month.

Sorry for lack of personals but I'm on phone and trying to pack for our hols tomorrow and iron grin

Promise to post more on my return my lovelies xgrin

BuddhaBelly Sun 15-Sep-13 22:00:29

Oh and Moomin what are you getting J this year, stuck for boy ideas or all ok this year?

hi ladies smile

how is everyone? smile

nowt to report here except busy busy busy at work...

I have to work FT for five weeks. It's going to kill me along with L&J's activities that go like this...
Mon: Spanish and gym
Tues: French
Weds: Skating
Thursday: chess
Friday: flute
Saturday: gym and swimming
Sunday: skating and piano.

Tell me I'm stupid to be doing all that on top of work and single motherhood...

Have a great hol Bhudda. Think we'll do Star Wars and playmobil this year. He could do with bigger micro scooter too. What does E want?

These new user names get me everytime...

MARBLES!! Got it.

How are you and how is S?

gomurray Tue 17-Sep-13 21:03:04

Hi ladies !

Moomin - are you doing some sneaky sewing before the bday wink. I am all sorted for E's xmas and bday already blush, just have to pray he doesn't change his mind ! I figured that I could have baby any time from Nov realistically so Xmas has to be sorted by end Oct - just have other relatives to buy for and I'm done - lots of vouchers this year I suspect wink

Buddha - happy holidays !

Marbles, good to hear from you mrs, what you been up to other than working hard ?

Bump getting massive here - feeling quite heavy and tight at times. baby moving about HEAPS ! No idea what position he is in now, pretty sure not breech any more, but somersaulting all the time so who knows ! I have a scan on Friday so I guess I'll find out then smile

That's amazing! How organised are you?? Sewing machine is still in my boot. Too scared to try it out.

I haven't had a period for over 7 weeks... My pill is finally working- have waited two years for this.

BuddhaBelly Tue 01-Oct-13 07:20:44

Hello lovelies smile
Had a lovely holiday, well until the last full day when C tried to kill us in the car!! God his driving makes me grey grin Other than that life is good, happy pills working a treat but still struggling to get motivated to lose weight hmm
C is going up the attic this week to get down ds's baby clothes so I can give them to a good friend. Felt like a huge decision hmm but it's done now.
Murray Is E excited about being a big brother? Are you believing yet? Or waiting until your lo is in your arms?
Moomin I've been following the Christmas bargain thread on here and got super organised, we're having our first christmas at home this year (not gone down well with my parents shock) Have you got the kids?
Marbles How's life with you? How'sgrin S been getting on?

Looks like MummyLtd has abandoned us again now things are going well. Good luck if you're lurking smile

Yey; finally!

I wondered why you'd returned home early! Has he passed his test yet?

I think I'll have the kids every Christmas just like the other 320 days a yeargrin
I love Christmas!!

Has anyone been stalking fruity? I've set her up with a celeb wink

gomurray Tue 01-Oct-13 20:40:00

Evening ladies !

Buddha, glad holiday went well. Big decision indeed giving away baby clothes. Does this mean you are stopping TTC or just accepting that it may not happen ? Either way - big hugs and well done, not easy I'm sure. Glad pills making you feel better, now you just have to cut back pre-Xmas in time to put all the weight back on again !

Moomin, who is Fruity ? the name rings a bell... I'm terrible ! Did she come back on here a few months back with a totally different name ? she has 2 sons and lives in London ?... I'm going to blame baby brain ! who is the celeb ?... spill !!!!

MummyLtd has been a busy bee by the looks of it as she is revamping her craft website. I'm going on to see if she has any of those fab crocheted Xmas decos available grin. If you are lurking Mummy, please pop in and let us know how you are doing.

Marbles - where are you missus ?

All good here - baby an active wee monkey. Can be sore at times when I get a limb in the ribs or an 'alien' moment, but it is all very reassuring for me smile. Have a few minor ailments - heartburn, insomnia (on and off), leg cramps and tiredness, all to be expected at my age I guess wink, however otherwise I am tippity top, feel pretty good most of the time - still walking loads and doing my preg exercise DVD 2-3 times a week smile. Loving being pregnant actually which I NEVER thought I'd say ! I have my moments where I worry about baby getting out safely and am completely convinced it will be very early... hmm no idea why !

gomurray Fri 11-Oct-13 23:17:37

Errr ... Was it something I said ?...

BuddhaBelly Wed 16-Oct-13 07:14:03

Back later with a post blush
Sorry Murray x

Hi ladiesgrin

Sorry for the absence! How is everyone doing?

No news here except AF is nowhere to be seen hmm it's cycle 72 this month since we started this nightmare journey so I doubt my missing AF is anything to get excited over...

How's the bumps doing?

Buddha how are you getting on lovelysmile

Moomin how's things with you? Still matchmaking?grin

<waves> too tired to post but I'll come back tomorrow x

Noone around? smile

BuddhaBelly Sat 19-Oct-13 09:02:10

Oops blush Didn't come back!

Massive apologies for my sporadic postings but I'm only really going on MN for the bargain christmas thread at the moment. I think I'm putting my head in the sand re ttc. Just over two years of trying but unlike the lovely Marbles I can't keep on trying, partly age, partly sanity but I can't quite say "that's it" officially yet hence the avoidance blush

Murray please remind me of due date? My memory is worse than a goldfish! Believing yet? What does E think of it all?

Marbles Are you managing to maintain your weight loss slim Jim?

Moomin How's life treating you? Is C with you for Christmas?

gomurray Sat 19-Oct-13 23:04:26

Hey ladies !

Buddha, lovely to 'see' you mrs. You sound like you are taking a sensible approach as being on here can be a bad thing if it makes you obsess. Could you post a link to the bargain Xmas thread please ? Mind you I have pretty much competed xmas shopping... just in case baby arrives in Nov !

Marbles I see S is poorly today - hope you are all doing ok, sounds grim. What cycle day are you on ?

Moomin - you away on holiday for half term ? I have been off all week with E - back on Monday - boo

Mummy - thank you so much for the xmas decos - they are gorgeous, I am so pleased with them grin How are you getting on ? How far along are you now ?

I am booked in for section for 4th Dec (E's bday is 3rd !) as have placenta praevia and baby is breech. All going well though. Starting to feel massive and cumbersome and struggling to get comfy standing/sitting/lying. Getting a bit nervous now as it is so close and I am so worried that something will go wrong now that I am starting to believe and have really bonded with baby (which didn't happen last time). Been nesting big time - loads of clearing out and cleaning going on - feels great ! Maybe that is why my back aches so much ! Anyway, all going well, just have to get through the next six weeks then get the wee bubba out safely... fingers crossed for me ladies xx

I didn't come back either.

Have two poorly children and have pulled my neck hmm

All fine though. L's 8th birthday is on Saturday and we're off to centre parcs on 1st for a long weekend.


Helloooo right back at you smile

Happy Halloween thlgrin

And to you!

Where are you all hiding?

We're off to a very wet Centre Parcs this weekend

gomurray Fri 01-Nov-13 21:18:30

Hello ladies ! I am just counting down the weeks - less than 5 to go now grin. Getting excited and more anxious as DD approaches.

Hope you are all well and had a spooky Haloween xx

BuddhaBelly Sun 03-Nov-13 17:11:21

Murray Wow 5 wks left grin Any thoughts on the flavour? Names? Share please smile
Moomin Good time away?
Marbles How are you poorly lady?

gomurray Mon 04-Nov-13 22:17:58

Hi Buddha !

4 weeks now eekkk ! I am convinced it is another DS - have been for quite some time. We have a boy's name but not made much headway with girls names - so if this is a girl we will get a massive shock and she will have no name !!! Had a moment of clarity this morning in the shower where I suddenly realised that baby will be here in 4 WEEKS and that is not a long time !!!!! Nesting has been in full swing but may need to step up gear to ensure we are baby ready very soon... just in case baby makes early arrival. Starting to pack hospital bag too which makes it all very real.

Is it three weeks now? What is the date?

I will have a four year old tomorrow. shock

BuddhaBelly Tue 12-Nov-13 22:54:10

Murray Hospital bag done yet?
Marbles How are you feeling? All better now?
Moomin 4 shock 4 shock Where does the time go? Looked like Joe had an amazing partysmile

gomurray Wed 13-Nov-13 07:01:00

Moomin, I also cannot believe J is 4 ! What a fab cake you made, mega impressed !

Buddha, how are you doing mrs ? Your boy is such a wee character, love FB pics.

Marbles, did AF turn up missy ? What is going on with you ? How is DHs new job going ?

3 weeks today is the section date ! Last day of work today - woohooo !! It is going to be a busy day but filled with cakes and sweets so I think I'll cope ! Hospital bag has everything in it, just need to iron and pack contents properly and leave it at the door, just in case....

Are we at two weeks? I have no idea what the day is <though I do have a birthday this week so I should check>

BuddhaBelly Wed 20-Nov-13 08:05:40

Could be any time!! We might have to make Murray do daily updates!!smilesmile

Come on Murray....

gomurray Fri 22-Nov-13 07:22:51

Sorry ladies, nothing to report !! Just been busy getting through my "nesting" list. Have signed consent forms for c-section so no going back now ! Less than 2 weeks to go, could be any time. I regularly think it is going to drop out (I wish !!) due to incredible pressure and bump has def dropped now. I'll keep you posted. Buddha I have your mobile number so I'll add you to text group for announcement and you could perhaps let the ladies know on here, reception at hospital but great so prob won't get online. I'll let you know if any developments !

BuddhaBelly Fri 22-Nov-13 17:02:28

I feel honoured smile
Come on baby Murray get a wriggle on grin

Marking my place to wait for news!

How are you feeling Murray?

Did E have a good bday, Bhudda?

Anyone else lurking?

BuddhaBelly Wed 27-Nov-13 22:01:12

He did thanks Moomin grin now he can't wait for christmas!
Murray How you doing? Still pg? grinwink
Marbles Quiet? Hope you're ok?

gomurray Fri 29-Nov-13 22:23:47

hey ladies, still here. Had cramps all night on Tue night so thought it was all kicking off but it stopped when I got up - frustrating ! However, MW said today that head engaged and I can barely walk this evening so who knows what will happen over the weekend ! It is E's bday party on Sunday so I'd rather not miss that and it is his bday on Tue so really don't want to miss that - best that baby stays put until section on Weds.... I'll keep you posted xx

BuddhaBelly Sat 30-Nov-13 08:10:44

Murray Legs
Crossed until Wednesday then wink

How exciting!! They'll be as close as L&J!

BuddhaBelly Sun 01-Dec-13 13:30:16

It's December!! Only 24 sleeps to go gringrin
Still in one piece Murray?
Moomin How are you? Is C coming for christmas?

Yes! Though he's in NY for a couple of weeks. First class, nice hotel....
Just a little green with envy.
It's nearly baby girl time.

What's happening Murray?

gomurray Mon 02-Dec-13 20:53:25

Hi Ladies ! No news from here I'm afraid, still hanging on. It is E's birthday tomorrow so praying it stays put for another 24 hours at least. Section on Weds so nearly there....
Had pre-op today so it is all feeling VERY real now !
I'll be in touch when there is news smile

Happy birthday E and an early happy birthday to baby Murray.

Girl, 8lb 6. <sweep stake>

Today's the day!!

BuddhaBelly Wed 04-Dec-13 14:30:44

Hope E had a fantastic birthday.
Wonder if your Mummy to two yet? smile
I say boy 7lbs 9

BuddhaBelly Wed 04-Dec-13 19:39:49

Congratulations Murray, A looks gorgeous so very envyenvyenvyenvy

Moomin what so I win for getting g the flavour right? Hope L is well and home soon

Marbles How's your recovery going? thanks

How are things Murray?

BuddhaBelly Sat 14-Dec-13 11:54:40

Is E loving being a big brother?

<pokes head in> smile hello smile

<runs away>wink

BuddhaBelly Sun 22-Dec-13 07:44:19

Marbles grin How are you? Still recovering from op? Come back and chat, that's an order wink
Moomin All ready for christmas?
Murray Enjoying all those newborn snuggles?

I had a meeting with the new senco at nursery last week as I wanted advice re Es anger issues, he seems to think it would be worth getting him an assessment in the new year as he feels that he may have some autistic tendencies. shock Might explain a few things but then again there may be nothing and he is just a little bugger wink
I thought I'd got my head around the probability that we won't get pg again but an announcement from a work colleague who literally said I'm going to get pg next month and did shook me a bit. Also the 3 friends who have been on mat leave start back at work in January and all I can think is that they all started ttc after me, got pg, had a baby and had a year off work and I'm still at square one sadenvysad
But on a happier note Happy Christmas to you all, thanks for being there and listening to my woes, offering support and posting!! gringrin

Hi buddhasmile

I'm recovering slowly thankssmile still tired out very easily and the wound in my belly button is refusing to heal properly but otherwise I'm okgrin

So sorry you have had the announcement from your work colleague to deal withsad I know the feeling of still being at square one very well sadly sad I'm here on the first square if u need to vent {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Hi to everyone elsesmile

gomurray Sun 22-Dec-13 19:04:47

Hello ladies. All going well here. A is a wee darling, sleeps well, feeds well and is really contented... so far ! E adores his wee brother - always up for a cuddle and helping out.

Buddha, so sorry to hear that announcements are bringing your situation to the fore and bringing you down. You know we are here to listen any time. Good luck with assessment of E. We had some worries about E just before A was born - acting really strangely - signs of childhood OCD (not in a cleaning hands way). He seems to be better now but I am keeping a close eye as it seems he is more affected emotionally by things than I'd realised. It is such a worry, these kids !

Marbles, I seem to have missed that you had an op - glad you are on the mend, when you back to work ? At least it is the festive season so lots of relaxing to help you heal.

Are we all set fro Xmas ? I have been for weeks which no doubt means I'll remember something I've completely forgotten in the next day and be in major panic mode ! Just enjoying my boys and looking forward to a happy Christmas this year grin

BuddhaBelly Wed 25-Dec-13 16:52:02

Happy christmas lovely ladies gringrin

gomurray Fri 27-Dec-13 17:19:50

Merry Christmas to you all xxxx

BuddhaBelly Wed 01-Jan-14 09:08:08

Happy new year ladies grin

BuddhaBelly Wed 01-Jan-14 09:09:35

Murray How was A's first christmas? More importantly what's it like being a mother of two?

Looks like this thread is slowly disappearing sad

BuddhaBelly Tue 07-Jan-14 20:31:18

Tumbleweed .........

Just spied you in active convos. I'm lurking!
What's the goss?

BuddhaBelly Tue 07-Jan-14 20:57:55

None really, just thought I'd see who was out there!
I started my school visits this week prior to putting my choices in, seems weird E starting school. God knows how he's going to cope! shock
How are you?

I've only applied for one school for J. He's been on the independent school list for a while now (for nursery) but still hasn't been offered a place. Really hoping he'll get a place in one school or the other- hopefully the state one.

He had an appointment today. Update on FB. Feels like progress.

D hardly seen them over Xmas. At the end of my tether and getting angry with him lots. He regularly says he'll have them that day- no you won't, we have plans. He needs to pull his finger out.

Christmas and NY lovely. Had a nice break too. All back to normal now!

BuddhaBelly Fri 10-Jan-14 09:15:45

Moomin Fingers crossed for Js place, and looks like things are moving forward with his appointments too. Such a shame D is being a nightmare, I just don't get mens ability to take or leave parenthood. My mum and dad split when I was 2 and he had nothing to do with me, I always wondered how he could just walk away after being a "dad" for two years but unfortunately it seems quite common. I couldn't imagine leaving E, I know you feel the same shockangry

Hi Ladies smile

hope everyone is doing well smile

Im the same as always but healthier now minus a gall bladder!wink

no progress on the TTC front as usual but DH and i are giving it good welly this cycle!

im going to make a concerted effort to pop in more often as i have neglected you guys a bit and slept too much! blush

but for now here is some cake and brew smile

gomurray Fri 17-Jan-14 22:50:48

Hello ladies ! Apologies for absence. I rarely get onto the laptop now as A tends to cluster feed in the evenings from 5/6-11pm so I am rarely off the sofa and cannot do both at once ! He is in bed now, so I'd better follow soon to maximise my sleep. Anyway, all going really well, he is still only up once through the night from 11pm-8am. BF going really well too which is such a relief after E (BF was horrendous). Have been at baby classes or out walking all day (only housework to come home to and I am not on mat leave to do that !!!!)

So, sounds as if we have 2 wee boys off to school this year - arrghh ! I have to say I was dreading it but E adores it and I got used to the "time off" very quickly wink. Buddha I know that your E is very clever so will probably thrive at school with more challenge, that said it may all be a bit easy for him as my E is finding P1 very easy, but loving it all the same. Moomin, I'm sure wee J is a bright button too and will love it. Are they excited about starting school ?

Marbles, how is S doing ? How is her weight loss (and yours ?..) Hope all well with you all xx

Saw pics of Mummy on FB - her bump looks fab. where are you Mummy ??...

So sorry I haven't been posting or lurking. Life is so busy with work, the kids, the kids' activities etc. And it just got busier with the new pup. Like I needed more to do grin

All fine here. Went to see a solicitor re divorce. Hoping it's straightforward and doesn't take too long.

J having lots of tests next Thursday. His tummy is so unhappy.

So pleased to hear bf is going well Murray. And wow! What a sleeper he is! Long may is last.

How is S's health Marbles? Have you recovered fully from op? Your new DN looks adorable. Bet S is made up.

Where are you hiding Bhudda? You've been very quiet!!

I think Mummy is off having a nice break (have a peek at her FB or twitter)

BuddhaBelly Tue 04-Feb-14 16:35:02

Moomin Good luck with divorce. How did J's tests go? Any results yet?

Murray Loving the photos on FB of A. How's being a mother of two suiting you? grin

Marbles Are you feeling better after your op? How's S?

I've been struggling for the last couple of weeks, my scoliosis is causing me hip pain which means limited mobility and sleep hmm Fallout with my parents re disciplining E and also nursery have raised flags that E may have autistic tendencies. So it's been a stressful start to the year, but still smiling gringrin

gomurray Wed 12-Feb-14 22:32:40

Hey ladies - how are you all ?

Buddha, hope things are looking up for you mrs, sounds like you are having a rough ride at the moment. What is going on with E and flags raised by nursery ?

Moomin - how is wee J doing ? Is divorce complete ? Love FB pics of your pup - CUTE !

Marbles - how are you doing my dear ? How is S doing with her weight loss How is her health at the moment ?

Mummy - you had a baby yet ? Anyone heard ?...

All good here - A is super vomiting baby. He is gaining weight quickly and not distressed so not a big worry, just a total pain when he pukes everywhere. I have been off dairy and it has helped heaps, however yesterday started on soya yoghurt and today has been AWFUL - he has been projectiling all over the place - now suspect he also has a reaction of some sort to soya - argrghh ! Just done 4 loads of washing and still have bedclothes incl duvet to do sad. Other than that he is a wee charmer and doing really well smile. I am loving being mum of 2 - E adores his wee brother which is just lovely.

BuddhaBelly Sat 15-Feb-14 08:50:44

Murray I've been meeting with their new Senco re Ewan's behaviour and he says that he thinks he could possibly be on the autistic spectrum. He said he's not there to diagnose but he ticks a number of boxes regarding it. They won't get an assessment done between now and school which he starts in September apparently due to time?? Not sure whether to go through gp or wait to see if school picks anything up. I have to say I wasn't surprised when he said as I've had my suspicions but with no one to compare too I didn't know what was just 'E' or something else.
Glad to hear E is enjoying his big brother role grin We need some new pics on FB please smile

Where's everyone else?

Mummylimited Sun 16-Feb-14 14:37:33

Hello ladies

I haven't even been lurking for ages. Busy, addicted to Twitter etc wink
I have just downloaded the MN app. Lets see if it's any good!

Due date on the 25th. Currently nesting like mad and trying to rest. Thank goodness it's half term this week and D is home. There were some questions over position of baby and the growth, so had a scan a couple of weeks ago. All fine, so still hoping for a home birth. Hence the mad cleaning and nesting.

Buddha sorry you're struggling with E. I have to say, even though I don't think N is on the spectrum, he is a big challenge. Totally different to his brother. My gut would be to try and get him assessed before school. If he is on the spectrum, then you'll already be geared up to see the SENCO and work with his teachers. Have you read The Incredible Years? I found it really useful and dip into it quite often. I don't use all the advice, for instance we don't do Time out, but I find it really good for how I react to him, which helps loads.

murray YES, we need more photos please. Your boys are gorgeous and glad it's going well. Cluster feeding is a bit exhausting though. I'm thinking 2 weeks of early nights will set me up, yes? wink

I promise to be back a bit sooner this time and to catch up on what's going on with all of you xxx

I haven't been lurking either, sorry!

Murray- you know j is dairy/soya free? He had constant sickness and diarrhoea as a baby but his allergy wasn't diagnosed for a while. Let me know if I can help.

Bhudda- havent heard from you in ages. Sorry you're having a difficult time. I'm not a specialist but my gut instinct is that it's better to have an idea of what's going on so that you can put the right steps into place. Is there a transition from his nursery to school?

Mummy-Edd is almost here. Try and put your feet up this week.

J's tests showed inflammation in his bowel. Thyroid still dodgy plus he's anaemic. Still has dairy allergy but no coeliac. Next step is likely to be a totally free from diet and then begin to add food groups in. Dreading it.

gomurray Tue 04-Mar-14 21:04:24

Woohooo massive congratulations Mummy grin. I hope you are enjoying these first precious days with your gorgeous wee girl smile. I love that you are staying in bed and just staring at her - why not ?! best thing to do. Keep the FB pics coming xx



BuddhaBelly Sun 27-Apr-14 07:43:12

Helllooooo grin Thought I'd add one for April grin

How are we all?
My back is crap again (2nd time this year) so I've got time on my hands for a change wink Can't even craft at the moment.

Anyone got anything to share? Wanna chat?

Hi Bhudda smile

Sorry you are suffering with your back again! hope it feels better soon x

Nowt new here except S has his perm contract in work which means pay rise and paid holidays!! yay!! other than that...same old same old!

How is everyone else getting on?

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