Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies Part 2

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blueblackdye Tue 21-May-13 21:08:55

Our 2nd thread is full but it won't prevent us from laughing, moaning, keeping on supporting each other, sharing and chatting over our new life with 1 or 2, even 5 children !
Here you go, fantastic 40+ Mums, a brand new thread for all of us, old friends from the pregnancy thread or new joiners

scarecrow22 Tue 21-May-13 21:11:45

thanks BBD x

blueblackdye Tue 21-May-13 21:14:52

Introducing the grads:

in 2012
Zombtee, 43, DS 3yo
Catdoctor, 44, DS 2yo
10000Fireflies, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Goatbongosanonymous, 43, DS Kid, 18 July 2012, EMCS
Hpbp (now Blueblackdye), 42, DS1 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, DD1, 25th/26th September, EMCS (six weeks early)
Firstbubba, DS Jamie born 2 Oct, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October EMCS
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3 Oct, EMCS
Midget 41, DD 5yo, DS 16 Oct VB, but EMCS for placenta
Mrs”Oldandcobwebby”45, DD1, ELCS 19/10
Exexe, DC3, due for ELCS 17/10?
ValiumQueen 43, DD1 6yo, DD2 2yo DS2 Jacob 25/10/12 ELCS
Knottyhair DC2 Rosa b 17/12 ELCS 8lb 1oz

in 2013
Crazyforbaby, 44, DC6 due early Jan ?
ClickingTock, 40, DC2 due early Jan, sex a surprise ?
Eagleray, 41, DD1 28/1/13 Girl
Damash12, 41, DC2, due 29 Jan ELCS booked 17/1/13
Riversidelibrary, 42, DC1 25/1/13, Boy Samuel
Swanlike, 41, 31/1/13 ?
Nananaps, 42, due Feb?
Spiderbabymum, 40, due Feb?
TheNoodles, 41, DC1 due 14/3 (AWOL?)
ChairmanWow, 40, DS 2yo, DC2 b 28/3/13 by EMCS - clever little girl
Knickyknocks, 40, DC2 21/3/13
MrsWooster, 46, DC2 girl b 23/3/13
scarecrow22 DC2 boy T b 9/4/13, also DD 2y 4m when T born
Somewherebecomingrain, DS 4.5yo, DD 6/4/13 weighing 10lbs!
Cyclecamper DS April 2013 ?

Hooray, found you! Thanks, bbd

eagleray Tue 21-May-13 21:36:02

Yoohoo! Thanks BBD for new thread.

Jabs today. Meltdown has started..

scarecrow22 Tue 21-May-13 22:15:20

just expressing for first time. T is 6 weeks so approx how much milk can I expect him to drink/want in a bottle?? Thanks

lotsofcheese Wed 22-May-13 05:03:05

Marking place! Could someone kindly add me to the list? Am on phone & can't do it.

I'm lotsofcheese, 41 have DS age 4 & had DD Babybel by emcs at 36 weeks in April after a nerve-wracking high-risk pregnancy - no more for me!!!

Scarecrow; I guess 100-150mls might be a starting point? Just see how much you get from expressing 10-15 mins each side. Some people seem to do well with expressing, others don't - good luck!!

ChairmanWow Wed 22-May-13 07:26:18

Shiny new thread! Thanks bbd.

scarecrow your children are beautiful. That top photo of the two of them together is gorgeous. Hope your expressing is plentiful.

Time for the morning rush then a reward - my weekly massage. Can't wait!

littleredmonkey Wed 22-May-13 09:11:57

New thread so we need a new snug. Shall we have aromatic theme. Everyone can have their own scent. Mine is warm donuts this morning.
Eagle. Hugs for jabs. It will over quick then cuddles.
Scarecrow. Hope expressing goes well. Secret is the more u do the more u get. So keep on pumping girl

scarecrow22 Wed 22-May-13 09:32:26

hope babyEagle okay this morning. Do we have hot waiters in the grads snug? if so Eagle gets first pick today x

knickyknocks Wed 22-May-13 10:31:47

Thanks bbd for the new thread.

scarecrow baby KK at 6 weeks had about 90-120 every 3 hours. Now nearing 9 weeks it's increased ti 120-150 every 3ish hours.
eagle hope the jabs go ok. A necessary evil. I'll be glad to get the 12 and 16 week jabs done and dusted.

chairman that massage sounds divine!!! I'd love a good neck, back and shoulder massage - enjoy it's much well deserved.

lrm warm doughnuts?? Mmmmm.....my absolute downfall when we go to Brighton pier......Can I have a fresh bread aroma please with a hint of fresh filter coffee all served up by Richard Gere (in his officer and gentleman days......although the chances of him picking me up and carrying me off into the sunset aka debra winger style are sadly unlikely...I suspect he'd try and then promptly put me down again saying I can walk the rest....bloody pregnancy weight....grin}

Well, DHs employers really have taken the biscuit for being utter pricks. as most of you will know, he's a police officer. and works on a response team. About 18 months ago , after a 10 month wait for an answer, it was agreed to let him work compressed hours so he could look after DD on a Friday. He was told that he would need to re-apply for compressed hours on an annual basis. He found out yesterday that the majority of compressed hour requests for this year have now been rejected with very little reason given. Thankfully as I'm on mat leave this is not a disaster. But when I return to work, it will be.

There's just no way we can afford 2 in nursery 4 days a week. Have no idea what we're going to do. He's talking about a career break or leaving the job. We simply can't afford the childcare and don't have family help nearby. I feel so pissed off when I see on the police website that they are committed to family friendly policies for their employees when clearly it's the opposite.

Rant over. All else going OK. DD is srll having tantrums but becoming marginally less in time. DS is currently fast asleep in my arms as I type. I may be biased but he's gorgeous.

Talking of gorgeous - scarecrow that photo was adorable. Just beautiful smile.

eagleray Wed 22-May-13 18:28:16

Thanks folks - we are in post-jab hell here at the mo! She had them yesterday, and was pretty much fine at the time, but since then has been pooey/pukey (yesterday) and hot/pukey/irritable (today). The only reason I'm able to type anything at the mo is because she's watching something on YouTube for a couple of mins

Your DP's employers sound awful Knicky especially when they advertise themselves as family friendly. And the cost of childcare is just shocking shock

Ooh - love the smell of warm doughnuts! Not that I'm eating any at the mo as trying to be v strict with eating. Lost about 4kg in the last 6/7 weeks but it's hard! Even sticking to the weightwatchers regime and BF, it's not dropping off easily (no loss at all the last few days) but I have to do it!

Hope the expressing/bottle feeding going ok Scarecrow - have you got an electric pump? I've never managed to get vast quantities out, but by doing a few mins several times a day I was able to get a bottleful, and over time it's improved a bit.

Oh blimey, the air has just gone toxic - I think the excitement of watching a Youtube animation has caused Baby Eagleray to poo at last (been lacking on that front the last 24 hours...)

ChairmanWow Wed 22-May-13 22:36:21

knicky good to hear from you, but sorry that DH's employers are being shitty. Is there a Police Federation rep he can speak to? Sounds like advice and support are needed. Totally with you on child care costs and in fact am hoping to compress my hours into 4 days when I return to work too.

eagle hope there is no longer a sea of vomit. Jabs are horrible. Totally the right thing to do but horrible.

Re smells, anything is better than the dominant aroma chez Wow this evening - pooey nappy. Both kids have diarrhoea, baby W worse than DS. I think we're in for a rough night. Baby-wise I'm thinking we won't trouble the doctor unless she becomes dehydrated, gets a temperature or it persists for longer than 48 hours. Whaddya reckon? She seems fine in herself.

I'm another one for the doughnut smell, or anything bready really. I'd also like to bottle DD's baby smell and keep it.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 23-May-13 07:36:26

Marking place. Sorry been completely buried in the co sleeping safety debate thread.

Hugs to all x

littleredmonkey Thu 23-May-13 09:23:09

Chair. Hope both little ones ok this morning. Sending dognuts your way

Eagle how's baby e day. Hope the vomits have gone

Kicky. Sorry to hear about dp work. Echo talking to a rep for support and advise. Sucks and u all dont need the stress. Make sure u enjoy the weekend to take your mind off it even for a minute. I have a large pot of coffee and Richard gere in the snug waiting! !!

Also on the weight fight. Lost 55lbs since January 1st. Hard work doing exercises and diet and baby but I kept chipping away. Goal is another 8 lbs. So total 4.5 stone. My belly and ass r like jelly on a plate sorry platter it's a big ass.

Bbh hope u r not working too hard

Midget. What ya been cooking lately?

Scarecrow. How's the expressing going? I might try baby m with a bottle at night. He wakes and daddy gets but he wants me well my boobs he has a tiny feed then sucks for quite a while for comfort. Dp is upset he can't settle him so might try a bottle ? Thoughts ladies

blueblackdye Thu 23-May-13 12:22:18

Chairman, how are the children doing ? Has it improved a little bit ? Dehydratation is the worst thing in that case, but you are right, as long as baby W is himself, no fever, I guess it is ok to wait 48h.
Knicky, what a shame! You must be so angry and disappointed. You will get advice and find a way to work this out. My Dad, very wise Cantonese, used to say not to look at the door that just shut on you but at those that are now wide opened.
Eagleray, how is baby E today ?
Have to go now, be back, wave to Scarecrow, SOmewhere and LRM and every one else. Xxxxx

ChairmanWow Thu 23-May-13 19:59:46

Phew, well, DS is fine and only had one more runny episode in the evening. DD is still not good. I took her to the GP this morning in the end because it was so frequent and her bottom is in a terrible state. Prescribed some cream, and while I was there they did her 8 week check and jabs sad. Check went fine - she smiled at the doctor the whole time, such a happy baby. Jabs were of course heartbreaking. She's sleeping it all off now, and the diarrhoea seems to have lessened a little.

DH is kindly letting me sleep in the spare room tonight because I'm a wreck today and am driving us to visit mil 3 hours away tomorrow (if DD has stopped pooing). Can't wait for a night's undisturbed sleep. Feels like such a luxury!

blueblackdye Thu 23-May-13 20:58:25

Oh Chairman, it is very kind of DH, enjoy this peaceful night. I sometimes envy FF mums re sleep ! smile
LRM, I have the same issue, when night waking, A wants only me to stop crying, sometimes I can put her back down without feeding her, but most of the time 5 min on the boob and she is fast asleep again. Sleep training worked well for naps, I can't do it at night because I m too tired and scared she would wake DS, if I go cold turkey. Another project for the summer, I guess. So no advice here, but I m with you at every waking !
I love too the smell of fresh bread, I miss so much my baguette. A fresh baguette with salted butter and a piece of dark chocolate, yum yum. And the cherry on the cake would be George Clooney bringing me a Nespresso...
A is feeding atm and I have a big file to work on... Can't do it when DH is not around, really need to focus and not be disturbed by crying or incessant chatting (DS is a proper chatterbox).

scarecrow22 Thu 23-May-13 21:45:00

chair so pleased for the health improvement - and what a gorgeous DD you have. Bless her for being so good.
Eagle hope the eyrie is returning to health.

Am slightly unbalanced by the thought of a full night's sleep. I dream... It is totally possible in theory now as T loved his bottle last night. I actually live bottle feeding - I adore how they nestle in your arm and you can gaze at each other. Thanks for advice - stupidly forgot to show baby and the ungrateful tyke only took half the 125ml/4+ oz I'd lovingly collected for him. I had to Throw Away Expressed Milk. is this not yet a crime? Yet more proof it's a man's world.

talking of ungrateful rules, T also started smiling. Two definite smiles,so far: both entirely for daddy. Harrumph!

had T's six week weigh today - he has gained 1.5kg and grown 5.5cm. I thought thiscwad amazing but the health visitor did not give me a medal or call me up in assembly, so I guess it's not that soecual statistically speaking...
she did though refer us for a special massage session as still taking one hour plus to wind after feeds - boring for DD in day and super tiring at night.

Knicky, so sorry about childcare woes. Really help you can get advice and that DP perhaps helps you by being proactive and strong for you.

BBD - the origin of your sagacity is (ay least half) revealed smile

Seaside, Somewhere, Wooster, FG, VQ, LRM, Midget and all, waves and happy weekends.

littleredmonkey Fri 24-May-13 08:56:06

Bbh. Baby m woke twice last night poor daddy tried but he won't have it only boobs will do. So much more peaceful then baby upset. Dp said this morning about letting him cry ahhhhhhh! I can't do it. Useless I know he is so little still. So glad you do the same I know he only wants a cuddle and some comfort. He can settle to sleep by himself at a point when he wakes but if he wakes too much no chance
Well ladies shite weather and two pram walks to do today. Never mind. If my bloody scales dont say I have lost a pound this week I will throw them under a train.
Goat how's m sleeping at night honey? Hoping for more zzzzz
Bythesea. You ok?
Valium & ff. Hugs to u two
Scarecrow. Hope for smiles for you today

littleredmonkey Fri 24-May-13 08:58:13

Chair. Hope u had a peaceful sleep last night x

eagleray Fri 24-May-13 10:10:17

Morning all

Baby E is better now thanks - she did have a couple of days of feeling v 'off' though. Had to go and visit DM yesterday - she was supposed to visit me but somehow this never seems to happen and so off up the motorway we went. DM came out with another cracker of a comment re my appearance (as some of you may know, she's in the habit of doing this). She wanted to take a photo of me when we were out on a walk and I said 'oh, I'm feeling a bit down about having pics taken of me at the moment'. Her reply? 'never mind - your face still looks ok' confused

LRM you have been awesome with your weight loss!!! I've joined your wibbly tummies thread now

Chairman poor little DD - hope she is recovering ok now from jabs and diarrhoea. Hope your journey goes ok today - did you get your night of blissful sleep?

Scarecrow nothing worse than throwing away expressed milk - horrid isn't it! And am throwing a gold medal your way for the impressive growth!

BBD am with you on the baguette/butter/choc - that's what my holiday diet seems to have consisted of but miraculously still lost a bit of weight!

uh-oh - screeching can be heard from the jumperoo - my time is up...

blueblackdye Fri 24-May-13 11:40:30

Scarecrow, those smiles are the nicest things in the world, aren't they ? One little smile and Mums forget about sleepless nights and continuous crying.... Keep on pumping, I can't remember exactly but I think expresed milk can be re-used, or am I being silly ? Have no brain today. A did not really sleep last night !
Eagle, don't pay attention to your DM, to baby E, you are the most beautiful person in the whole universe. My DS keeps telling me that I m beautiful, his way of wishing me good night and saying I love you, Mum !

Nursery has dressing up day today. I have been checking on the webcam, and can spot him straight away, he has 2 big green ears and a monk white robe and a light saber ! So funny ! Can you guess who he is ? Yoda, of course ! Can't believe he still has it on since 8am ! I must have passed on my obsession of Star wars....
Oh, Accident Yoda had last night ! 1am, I was changing his bedsheets.... From 2 to 4am, dealing with crying A. I m knackered today. And we of course have visitors....

Have a lovely week end every one

eagleray Fri 24-May-13 11:58:08

Wow BBD I've got a lot to learn about nurseries etc! That's lovely that you can see him from home

For those of you with toddlers (Scarecrow - you come to mind as you often post conversations you've had with DD) you have to watch this

ChairmanWow Fri 24-May-13 13:19:23

Accident Yoda had last night - genius BBD. Had me chuckling.

I slept for the whole night last night. Oh. My. God. I feel like a new person! So sorry for lrm and bbd and your lack of sleep. Breast feeders - get those boobs milked and hand your OH a bottle if your little ones will take it. Have a break. I can't believe the difference.

That said DH had a pretty easy night of it. DD slept through til 4, had a bottle then straight back down. Her bottom is a bit better but she's still had a couple of episodes today. I think we're over the worst now.

eagle mums can be so tactless can't they. I'm sure you look great. My mum's recent one was 'well I'm sure if you try you can lose it all.'. She's hardly sylph-like herself so it's a bit rich!

Talking of weight, where are the fellow wibbly tummies? Linky please. I have a wobbly everything.

Have a good weekend all. I heard a rumour that it may even be less Siberian this weekend.

blueblackdye Fri 24-May-13 14:02:31

Chairman ! Yeah ! Very glad you had some rest ! Hope DD will be less poo productive today.
EAgle, I will watch that as soon as I have finished ths post.

Our Mums feel they can say anything and everything to us, but we do have feelings too !

So wet outside, can't believe how awful this spring has been. Question is, will we have a summer ? Or go straight back to autumn, which we never left tbh.

blueblackdye Fri 24-May-13 14:45:11

Omg, DS has put his Yoda outfit on after his nap ! I have been checking and was glad hetook off his ears for lunch, then for 30min after waking up he played without the outfit and now he has it back on... Star wars virus must be genetic ! DH is too young to be infected when the very first episode was released. smile

somewherebecomingrain Fri 24-May-13 17:23:14


knicky that is a tough one. i would expect more from the public sector. Where do employers get off not supporting families. I hope there are remedies - keep us posted. Baby k is totally gorgeous!

scare baby s smiled at my mil first- she always smiles at those shes not seen so much - more interesting. Smiles are coming for me though. Your babes are gorgeous - I love how dd is looking at ds. Well done on the expressing. I swore I wouldn't express as its the most pointless indignity but now wondering if it'll all be different this time - I'll gush, baby s will accept bottle.

chair glad your two are better and that dp gave you a richly deserved night off. Dd is a big smiler!smileshe sounds lovely.

eagle that is soooo funny. (The link) Love it re your mum. Mine is so tactful it is hard to workout what she thinks about anything. My weightless is stalling - planning a one day 5:2 style fast. Glad eaglet got through jabs - it's truly heartbreaking.

lrm need to join you on the wobble board. Is 4.5 not enough? I've stalked at 3 stone and would love to lose another stone and a half.

Baby s crying her intermediate pissed off cry. Ok on boob now.

bbd the yoda story is gorgeous! He was parted from his ears- wow. Your dads saying about doors is one of my favourites - it has been with me through all my tough times though its the bob marley version - when one door is closed another one opens. Maybe he first heard it from your dad? Good counsel for knicky.

AFM peeved that may have to get a new roof for our property that we rent out. Will it stop leaking or not if we patch it? Roofers hard to interpret. Etc. Intimidating perturbing figure of 7k looms -we haven't got it.

Baby s so gorgeous and fat I'm beside myself with delight at her. On which note must leave screen for girl.


somewherebecomingrain Fri 24-May-13 18:21:42

Just picked my ds up from nursery. He'd baked the most enormous biscuit which for some unknown reason the key worker unwrapped and gave to him there and then. What was I going to do? Boundaries and all that! I did protest weakly but didn't really have the strength to see it through, It was a stable door bolted horse situation - no getting it back.

I was also ravenous and the biscuit looked bloody delicious, buttery crumbliness, lightly browned on the base. I asked to try some ... And the little bugger refused! He ate the whole thing, I just had to suck it up as I was coming from too childish a place myself to make a stand. My thought process was 'gimme the biscuit! Gimme the biscuit!"

Hello everyone. Lovely posts. I will rejoin properly soon I hope after marking is done. My word count tells me I have so far written 15,534 words on report forms. Am about one third done. See you all after 45,000. hmm

Midgetm Sat 25-May-13 09:21:35

Flying in to mark place on new thread. Like so many of the older babies we seem to have sleep regression and I am knackered all over again - catching up always seems challenging. Love the Yoda outfit - want pictures. Baby crying, better go. Oh and I am doing 5 2 too. Does seem to be working. LRM - last night I baked bread and butter pudding with rum soaked fruit. I virtually am dishing you out some.

scarecrow22 Sat 25-May-13 17:22:46

T up since 5, DD since 5.30, being disciplined by 6am, screeched and woke T from his nap when finally got him to nap, and then we'd run out of milk for coffee. It has been a loooong day shock Early bedtime at Scarecrow Towers

<considers white wine vinager>

scarecrow22 Sat 25-May-13 18:59:36

one in bed, one being read to by daddy (who arrived home just in time), house tidyish, wine poured. sighhhhhh

blueblackdye Sat 25-May-13 19:15:47

Hope you all have a chilled out evening and lovely long week end !
In a very bad mood today. Tomorrow will be better. Hugs to all

littleredmonkey Sat 25-May-13 19:53:36

Somewhere. 4,5 stone would be pre pregnancy weight. I am 5foot 11 so tall. Was 16stone 7lbs now 12 stone 5 this morning. New aim 11 stone 13. Not a good start today had cake crisps and bread. Never mind.
Midget. Thanks for the virtual pud it was yummy!

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 09:07:06

Already! lrm. I had crisps and jam on toast for dinner,

I'm 5'6'' and was 15 st before birth, 13st pre preg. Now 12 st and feeling slim but I used to be 10 st. Target - 11 st. Method 5:2 lite.


ChairmanWow Sun 26-May-13 09:50:03

Hi all. V quick post from mother in law land for advice. DD still has diarrhoea 5 days on. I'm wondering about lactose intolerance given she is formula fed. Anyone got any experience? She seems fine apart from her bum - feeding well, lots of wet nappies, fine in herself. We're doing at least 10 pooey nappies a day.

Weight-wise: 5'2", 12st. Was 10st 7-ish pre pregnancy, but was 9st 7 before DS. Want to get down to 9 stone. Exercise is the key, but still thinking about diet. Bit scared of 5:2.

See you all later

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 13:22:46

Yes chair baby s pooed every nappy at first and had seemingly incurable nappy rash. Health visitor said cut out cows milk - it could be milk protein or lactose. It did the trick - now it's one lake of poo every two days or so and nothing at all the rest of the time, and nappy rash gone.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 13:24:35

HV said they can be sensitive to it even in breast milk from mums diet. So perhaps the 'wrong' formula can trigger it.

bytheseaside Sun 26-May-13 15:23:22

soooo ... after jumperooing about until 11.30pm last night, baby seaside finally crashed and slept until 11am!!! (with a few dream feeds as usual) and is now napping again, so I finally managed to catch up with all that's been going on with you chatters. Sorry scarecrowprobably not what you need to hear. I think I may be boasting.

goat keep up that marking!! I'd like to send you a big box of chocolate and vat of coffee to help keep you going.

chairman I know I bang on about it, but osteopath made baby s go from 6-8 poos a day to one every couple of days after 1 session - was amazing. I did try to reduce lactose, brassicas, baked beans, OJ, chocolate too for a while (ok, I failed with the choc) as HV said could contribute to colic/reflux/upset tummy via breast milk, but other things I read said made no difference. I didn't know what to think really. My cousin's baby had bad intolerances / allergies to stuff the mum ate via breast milk. BTW how are things with DH? glad you managed to discuss it calmly, you sound like you have good peace-making skills

eagle excuse me, but your mums an idiot (sorry if thats rude) - you look great! my dad tends to say tactless stuff like that. I'm doing my best to ignore. DP luckily never would, and doesn't seem to mind what I look like, lovely lovely man. Of course we don't look exactly like we did before we had a baby. That's because we've had a baby - hurray!!

bbd aah, your cute ds! when do they get into dressing up do you think? I have to admit I put baby s in her funniest clothes sometimes to give me and family a laugh, but she's obviously oblivious!

scarecrowloved that website you posted link to. I'm getting so cross at reading flimsy yet bossy stuff by 'experts' on baby-raising, it was breath of fresh air! somewhere I did a lot of searching for research on bed sharing with a prem baby, couldn't find any proper research on the dangers - it might be out there, but I couldn't find it, yet again and again was told it was dangerous for prems / teenies. Well, I did it anyway because I had to, and have mainly really loved it, and it really helped with bf and putting weight on for us.

cycle how are you and baby cycle doing?

midget what are you cooking this weekend? actually, don't tell me. All the chat about weight has made me realise I think I need wibbly tummies link too though - 8 months post-birth, time to get out of the pregnancy leggings no? LRM I'm utterly in awe - you have been so dedicated and disciplined.

Baby s just entrances me every day, I can't express how happy she has made me smile I don't even really mind the bad stuff like nappies and sleep most of the time. The fly in the ointment is my utter dread of going back to work. I seriously can't really think about it without going hot and cold, imagining her feeling abandoned (whilst I realise she will prob be fine) and me feeling utterly bereft. Those with older ones, did you feel like this, and if so did it get better? How did you cope? Due to my job circs its unfortunately all or nothing for me - (very) full time or not at all, can't really take career break either, as if I'm out for a bit that's kind of it for me and this career. Its taken me a long time and a slog to get where I am, part of me wouldn't care as I'm so happy on mat leave, but suspect I would like it less long term, and am worried about financial security - DPs job not immensely secure. But I literally don't know if I can leave her. I don't disapprove of childcare or anything dim like that, its just this very over-emotional reaction to thinking about doing it myself. Suspect I may just need to pull myself together and get on with doing what millions of other mums have to do too. knicky feel for your situation too - that's just rubbish - you must feel like publicly shaming his employers.

waves to everyone I haven't name checked - I've still read your news, just run out of writing time, need to have coffee and choco leibnitz in this sleep window - no wonder diet is going nowhere

scarecrow22 Sun 26-May-13 21:10:22

Lots of lovely updates.

Seaside you can say anything for the joy of reading your name smile More seriously, I don't compare (well except the hallucinatory quality of Chairman's Whole Night's Sleep). Indeed one of my thoughts about places like Mumsnet is they are distorted by the tendency to focus on the negatives - it is more useful/necessary and less boastful to post about bad nights' sleep, weaning problems and tantrums than all the opposites.

Chair, you might well be right about DD's lactose intolerance. Definitely worth pursuing. I'm not a big one for rushing to GP, but might it be worth going - partly to discuss ideas, and just in case there are any less obvious impacts like salts or mineral losses? Hope you find some answers soon.

Interested in diet chat. Was a bit hmm this morning that still resolutely 12st after two weeks of trying to cut sugar - probably because I have not been super good at it, and eaten loads of nuts (?), and working my way through a bottle of wine. Compared to an adult near universal 10-10.7 st. Anyway, among many good things about DH is he is so supportive and encouraging, reminding me that I lost the weight slowly and steadily last time, and last bit only when stopped bf-ing, and that this is perhaps why T so content and growing so well. Also swam with DD yesterday and hit a tennis ball today and both felt great, so confident can start upping walking again and I start a core and pelvic floor class next Monday, after which I will slowly pick up some running.

I'm fascinated by height/weight stats: somehow had Chair as taller and LRM as more petite...

Goat, feel for you on marking. DH also in marking purgatory. He is amazingly sane about it but it must be a bit soul destroying some days. Are you at 30k yet?! What subjects/ages do you teach? Assuming you are happy to say...

BBD, hope you are feeling better today. I can't bear to think of you grumpy: you give so much warmth and light and calm to the rest of us, I feel somebody should be there to shine some back. Just loved description of DS as Yoda. I too adored those films (the original ones).

Just watched v v g documentary about Bowie on iPlayer - called Five Days. Highly recommend if you are even half a fan. Funnily only film I've stayed awake through recently is Iron Lady, which also highly rated. Glad to see on TV though - seemed more suited to small screen, plus as that is how we usually see outer politics maybe more natural too.

Seaside - poor you: going back to work ghastly. So many odd feelings it throws up. I tried to separate the childcare and the leaving her in childcare. I was and still am totally thrilled with our CM: she is all I dreamed and hoped for. That way when I hated leaving DD I didn't add any worry about what she was doing to that. I found keeping in touch days helped: they were more doable as one offs, and when I enjoyed seeing colleagues and using my skills, I could also think about the positives, and focus on taking it one day at a time. As posted here I still got home and sobbed for missing DD some eves, so it is never going to be easy: it does though get eas^^ier^^. Special hugs for this.

AFM, T smiled at me smilegrinsmilegrinDD is a munchkin still and DH is being massively better (though still monstrously presumptuous : yesterday he spent whole day from 6-6 out at a motor racing event and then breezily told me he was going to bar to watch Grand Prix today...). Still, a lot better, and a happier home. And T smiled, in case I haven't mentioned it for a while grin

Cycle - thinking of you every day xx

scarecrow22 Sun 26-May-13 21:16:29

Forgot to say: am ridiculously thrilled that a thread I started in chat about words that DC mis-pronounce which are too cute to correct has had loads of replies and somebody even suggested it for MN Classics! How my sense of self worth is changing...

ChairmanWow Sun 26-May-13 22:52:13

Thanks for replies everyone. If we're still in a world of poo towards the end of this week I'll take DD to the GP.

scarecrow, how wonderful to be getting smiles. It feels amazing doesn't it. The first real piece of interaction, and lovely to see the contentment. Hope he gives you lots! Also congrats on a successful thread. I love it! My DS calls pineapple 'pappapple' and when we saw some peacocks today he called them 'peapots''. Gorgeous. Though peapots makes me think of plastic containers for urine samples. Hmmm.

Off to bed now. Night all.

cyclecamper Sun 26-May-13 22:58:40

We've escaped! Babycamper gained the whole 10g required for them to let us go! The house is chaos, with laundry, post and baby clothes everywhere, but it's great to be home. Tomorrow I can choose my own clothes, instead of just wearing what my husband brings me!grin. (Isn't it strange what you miss?)

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 22:58:58

Where is chat? I can never find it

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 23:15:38

My little darling has settled in the Moses basket All By Herself. Extraordinary. I had to turn her slightly on her side though which is against the advice. She doesn't like to be swaddled now it appears. God it changes so fast.

My ds until v recently said 'private seat' for privacy and 'crunchyside' for countryside. I like 'pappapple'.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 26-May-13 23:16:41

cycle crossed posts. Hooray!!!!thanksthanksthanksbrewbiscuitxxxx

ChairmanWow Mon 27-May-13 07:34:23

Yay, yay, yay cycle. It must feel so wonderful to be home. And brilliant weight gain too. What a relief.

scarecrow22 Mon 27-May-13 08:43:20

oh cycle so pleased for you and all the family. Ignore jobs and rest. x

somewherebecomingrain Mon 27-May-13 09:00:08

scarecrow crossed posts.

How fabulous that T is smiling. grinNothing like it.

I've also been thinking that we - or I - get a bit negative on here. I'd never dump on my mates the way I do on here. I'd also balance things a bit more in the way I told it.

Compare issue s important- it's the old balance again, we don't want to be boastful Facebook style narcissists nut we could perhaps share a bit more of the good stuff.

seaside I have been on a journey into the co sleeping research and have emerged resolved that you do it deliberately and carefully, with every precaution.

Re work I've not had to go back to work full time until dp was three. I feel for you and I believe dropping out of work a bit eg to go part time can open new possibilities. Equally I believe good quality child care can nurture babies fine and women should be free to do whatever they want - esp if they have a great job.

I was told A childminder is good for those early years - up to three - as you want one unchanging person the bubba can attach to. Attachment is all. This raises jealousy feelings - did for me with my superb CM - but is best for the LO so ultimately I felt better.

scarecrow22 Mon 27-May-13 13:27:58

somewhere chat is under Fun and Games (last listed).

not complaining about people being negative, far from it. Just observing that I would not post the good stuff like both kids almost always in bed and asleep or quiet by 7.30 and T usually only doing two feeds before 6-7pm. DD started coming in before six but DH gets up with her as I do feeds, and T was taking over hour to wind each feed. So.some good, some not so good. But usually would only post the latter, "bad" stuff so.as not to.sound complacent or boastful. But now I've gone and done it shock

somewherebecomingrain Mon 27-May-13 19:12:33

Oh god yes I was just talking about myself haven't noticed anyone else being negative. poss we are shy to trumpet the good stuff. X

somewherebecomingrain Mon 27-May-13 19:57:10

Talking of dumping, I have just found out my mum is being genetically tested for BRCA mutations - the thing that made angelina jolie have a mastectomy.

I have gone on a journey of three stops.

I don't want to lose my boobs and womb.
I don't want to die.
Please take out my boobs and womb.

To give balance, if we have got it its thought to be a version that gives milder more treatable big C.


littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 20:16:19

Scarecrow nearly peed my pants petite. Made me laugh like hell. Made my day! !!!
Littleredmonkey does give the impression of small lady ginger hair. Ginger yes small working on it height stuck as a tall bird dont own a pair of heels! !!

bytheseaside Mon 27-May-13 20:18:00

somewhere so sorry that sounds very frightening. I know in theory knowledge is power, but you must feel hit by a brick. will keep fingers crossed for you and your mum - how long will she need to wait for results? hope you can hold dcs close and push to back of your mind as often as possible for now.

cycle so glad to hear you are home and babycycle out of danger, you have both done so well - take time to breathe, messy house can wait a bit longer i am sure

back soon

scarecrow22 Mon 27-May-13 20:44:46

Crumbs Somewhere, that sounds tough for you all. Hope the results or prognosis good. Thinking of you all.

Conversation with DD this morning in the car:

DD: "Wooow: that is biiiiig cock"
Me (pauses for shock and to regain control, sees what she is looking at): "oh yes, that big cLock on the tower"
DD: "I think it is for the ^princess^"
Me: "Lucky princess"

After I recovered I was frankly dismayed by the princess thing more than anything wink

More seriously, am a bit (even very) hmm at DD's continuing jealousy/attention seeking and so pulling at/yanking/hitting T's face and head, and other parts less so, especially when he is feeding. I have tried the naughty step a couple of times, but feel it might be feeding the attention seeking element. I feel it needs something more than "talking through" etc as really very deliberately aimed at hurting (or at least clearly defying boundaries I have tried to set). I don't want to use food or her bedroom for discipline. Maybe TV?? Any other ideas. I am so sad inside that my beloved daughter can do this. I really feel it does not reflect her character. And I feel like every incident forces me to chose one child over the other. Plus, obviously, because this seems a mother's lot, I worry about where I have gone wrong. I even fear my anger and upset with DH and his parents in early weeks, including a couple of violent (in tone) outbursts have contributed, though this has hugely changed now. Or have I got the balance of attention all wrong?

somewherebecomingrain Mon 27-May-13 20:47:21

Just read lots of reassuring stuff in mums net. It's not the really bad gene otherwise I'd be expecting it because there would have been so much cancer in the family. In fact there hasn't been as much as others describe, the cancers have responded well to modern treatment, not particularly early onset and no one has died for a couple of generations. Could be coincidence. My mum is now in remission and in the best position she could be short of not having had it in the first place, say docs.

If we do have some mutation Then It's that damn Ashkenazi Jew heritage but apparently I can also possibly thank that for my late in life fertility smile.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 27-May-13 22:37:36

No scare not her character her age. It's classic. Having tussled with boundaries myself I'm thinking about this progression. It's harder when they are younger - it appears to me that you have to manage them rather than discipline them as they may not understand or be mature enough to achieve certain types of self control no matter what sanctions you use. My ds is much more responsive to sanctions than he was. Our mistake was to let the nursery prompt us to act on that. Re sibling, there is a heartbreaking resignation in his attitude. The envy is there but he doesnt act on it so much. But toddlers are relatively amoral and act on impulse. I know most people know this!

God I love my son.

Goodnight all.

bytheseaside Tue 28-May-13 00:31:22

scarecrow thanks for liking my name smile nearly lost it today when namechanged and couldn't change back, was aware you would be gutted! Hate to spoil it for you but no longer live by the sea, planning to return one day. Feel sure somewhere is right about your dd.

Thanks for wise advice re work. i need to do much more soul searching, avoiding going round in circles. all views welcome. somewhere my heart was in mouth when you said about your ds bonding with cm. think i need to develop more generous spirit where baby seaside is concerned. Im sure its linked to being in nicu at the start. Truth is id love to leave work for a couple more years (or forever) but should really think of the future. will keep doing lottery

blueblackdye Tue 28-May-13 11:23:58

Hello Ladies and Babies, I have a quick question: when do we start cutting our babies hair ? A always had hair, culturally, I should have shaved her head when she reached 1 month but I didn't. She is now 10 months tomorrow, it is going all over the place, of course she is cute the way she is but it would not harm her, would it ? Have to go now but will be back soon to read properly.

Hello all, quick drop in while waiting for some second marking that is currently going on...
somewhere that's scary for you. Hope everything is becoming clearer and more manageable.
scarecrow absolutely not character for your DD. I don't have a very old child yet, but have taught in nursery... It's just a way of communication for someone who isn't old enough yet actually to understand properly that she's really hurting someone else. Even adults who are in deep pain can lash out not to hurt, but in the hope that someone will understand what they are trying to communicate. Sorry I don't know how to deal with sibling rivalry, just wanted to say that I don't think it is about inflicting injury really.
seaside I am sorry that I can't be very helpful on the going back to work front - I am in such a different boat. I love my job and I work with fabulous people day-to-day. I get to listen to amazing musicians and talk about/make music at such a fulfilling level. Am sitting in my office listening to someone playing Chopin rather fabulously down the hallway! (Scarecrow I teach music at post-graduate level).
bbd also no help on hair cutting front. Matthew still has none to speak of, bar a lovely mohawk!
Oh and hooray for cycle getting home. Congratulations!
Hello to everyone else, must go and do some more marking...

somewherebecomingrain Tue 28-May-13 17:11:59

scarecrow how about sticker charts - they really work. Seven stickers for seven days without hitting/smacking baby and she gets a lovely, even princessy, present at the end. You can draw pictures on the chart to represent the behaviour and the present. I did this for my ds for potty training and much later getting dressed in the morning. The behaviour persists once the chart/reward is done. It avoids any bad feeling.

goat that sounds lovely, just lovely (Chopin drifting down the corridor).

bytheseaside you are by the seaside in yourself, iykwim.

bbd isn't it beautiful the way their hair gets nuts? I had to cut ds's gorgeous thick tresses cause it got in his eyes and you can't tie boys hair back but I'm looking forward to never cutting dd's if I can help it.

AFM have talked to parents about this gene. Quite a lot of cancer in our family, much more than i realised. BUT its always been very mild - no one died of it in modern times which is why i didnt really know, and why it's all come as such a surprise. I think on balance this is lucky and I'm now feeling thankful. My mum is getting tested for the gene mutation and if she has it, which seems likely, I need to be vigilant about breast cancer from now on really.

We've booked our holiday in Cornwall and I'm very excited. Eden project, sandy beaches etc etc.

Baby somewhere is fatter than ever - she has this big chunky torso and little monkey legs like a miniature gorilla. When she smiles she wriggles her shoulders - like her face can't contain her joy.


littleredmonkey Tue 28-May-13 19:57:34

Goat. What amazing job. Classic gm on the radio daily for me. Baby m & I have breakfast and lunch to it daily.
Hugs to all feel like crap achy all over and knackered. Friend told me babies do sleep through! ! When is this miracle going to occur I said '!! Shattered signing off need ZzZzz

littleredmonkey Tue 28-May-13 19:58:31

Fm not gm. Bloody phone and poor previewing by me

MrsWooster Tue 28-May-13 21:25:03

flying in... still lost in thrush and retained placenta fun but keeping an eye on everyone! Chair let us know what happens with BabyChair's loose bottom - BabyWooster has been explosive ever since jabs last weds - sample off to docs tomorrow but I keep thinking about lactose intolerance...

I got told by BG's paediatrician that temporary lactose intolerance is really common in babies after a tummy bug. Certainly was worst in BG after the first really bad bug, then had a second, not so bad. Still is intolerant but is a little better (can take a teaspoon of yoghurt every so often without the after effects). Has taken months though and we are still not there. But good thing is he will prob grow out of it... (Hope so so I can share my cheese obsession!)

blueblackdye Wed 29-May-13 16:01:51

Cycle ! Welcome home ! Chores can wait. Very glad aby Cycle did not need transfusion. Take care.
Scarecrow, reassurance, repeat again and again to L that you love her but as Goat said, I don't think she hits to hurt, she probably does not know how strong she is compared to a baby like T.
Somewhere, glad you are not over reacting.
MrsW, sorry to hear thrush and placenta not sorted yet.
LRM, D and A definitively talk to each other re waking up Mummy at night.
Wave to all. Hectic here. Not a sec to myself! smile

Midgetm Wed 29-May-13 21:43:28

I actually hate this site - just did a long considered post and it has buggered off. And I was on a proper computer. And I am too bastard tired to do it again. AAAAAAAARH.

eagleray Wed 29-May-13 21:47:27

Argh - hate it when that happens. As insurance when I write a long post (or any post at all on mobile) I select the text and copy it so if it doesn't post it's been retained on the clipboard and you can just paste the whole thing again.

Waves to all - being held hostage by grumpy baby all day

Last night I SLEPT.
Perhaps more to the point, BG slept. Still woke for a feed, but was brilliant and went straight down again. Until 6.

I must have had 8 hours for the first time since the beginning of pregnancy! I could get used to this.

Sorry for waxing so boastful...

blueblackdye Thu 30-May-13 09:13:29

Yeah ! Baby Goat, you are a star ! There is hope, LRM ! Lets hope this miracle will happen soon in our households too !

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 09:34:45

It's a chrismas miracle. Baby m slept from 7:30 till 3:45 and then till 7. Only one feed. !!!! Yeh dont feel as shite
Yeh also baby g for sleeps. Sending sleeping fairy to baby a

ChairmanWow Thu 30-May-13 09:57:20

somewhere I hope you're getting your head around this genetic issue. It sounds like you are dealing with it really well.

mrsw great to see you, but I'm so sorry your woes continue. DD still has a runny bottom. It's not full-blown diarrhoea any more. A friend who is a GP said lactose intolerance is uncommon and not likely to be the cause. She advised us to wait and see. I'll take her in next week if it continues. I really hope it isn't because as a formula-fed baby this will be problematic. The non cowsmilk formulas aren't as close to breast milk. Let's see. I hope baby w is over it soon and you finally get sorted out. It must be really wearing you down.

scarecrow sorry to hear of bonding woes. Hope you're reassured by now that it's not something in her personality. It's so hard for toddlers to communicate about their emotions, or indeed to understand them. In time she will come to love him and value having him around. At the moment he's just a little blob who is attached to her mummy.

goat, yay to a sleepy baby goat. Long may it continue. I also love the sound of your job. I used to house share with a classical pianist and loved hearing Chopin drifting up the stairs.

I'm afraid I've got my comeuppance for boasting of my sleep last week. Firstly a tiring and rather stressful weekend at MIL followed by the unwelcome return of my old friend insomnia (I've had bouts since I was a teenager), on Tuesday I experienced chest pains and was advised to go to A&E. So I did and was kept in overnight for observation and tests. What a scary experience that was. All I could think about was the kids. My mum has a heart condition so I felt pretty grim. However all came back normal and it was put down to stress. A combination of the house move and the huge amount of work that needs doing to the house and of course new baby.

I think I've been trying to avoid facing the fact I'm stressed and perhaps a bit low. Time to work it through I think. Last time I ignored my feelings I ended up depressed with time off work, Prozac and 18 months before I was back to normal. I'm going to tell friends and talk it through. I'm not ready for the doctor because the first few weeks of taking Prozac are hideous - more insomnia and anxiety. Will try to manage myself. Time to eat well, exercise and be nice to myself.

And on top of this DD's sleep is terrible! I shall never be complacent again.

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 12:46:58

Chair. Honey sending hugs. Sounds like you are having a hard time. Your right talk to others but see your gp even to get further advise. Be kind to yourself. Let others help. Get out with the pram daily gets you out fresh air. Thinking time while baby sleeps and exercise. Have you joined any groups. Talk it through with dh especially the stress. What can he do to help you both. I have set u up a big pillow in the snug to relax on. You have worked so hard moving and with a little one that's a big achievement. Sit back and give yourself some space and take your time. Xx

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 12:49:23

Hugs to Mrs w as well xx

bytheseaside Thu 30-May-13 14:13:55

superb work babies goat and monkey!! Baby s now definitely responding to her name last week or so (real name - obviously she has no idea who 'baby seaside' is)

Oh chair and Mrs W take care of yourselves, you've been through the mill. Small kindnesses to oneself and cutting your self and everyone lots of slackan help I think. chair after massive initial stress, I have accepted you can't move house effectively with a newborn (or when heavily pregnant - not to self for future) We still have an entire bedroom out of action as full to brim of full packing boxes and junk 8 months on, and millions of related jobs undone. BUT the house is livable, warm and gets hoovered now and again.

mil coming to stay again - yay! She's very, very nice actually, but drives us both a bit bonkers as is obligatory. We are going to have lots of activities and be out a lot I think. I'm meant to be tidying up while DP drives baby s to get her to have loooong nap, as I'm not allowed to do anything when baby's here unless it takes 5-7 minutes and I can sing nursery rhymes cheerfully while I do it.

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 15:51:09

Haha. Baby seaside. Make a good story book. I too am victim to the small job of 5 mins or I get in baby m speak mummy mummy mummy I am bored do something with me now now now hello I am down here hello

somewherebecomingrain Fri 31-May-13 07:56:16


Well done babies goat and monkey! That is fab news. How has it gone subsequently?

chair so sorry you are feeling low. We are all here for you. It seems to correlate with baby chairs sleep - surprise surprise- and that can only get better. But you need tlc in the meantime - give it to yourself and take it from others where you can ( I know it's scarce)

Re sleep are you getting as much food into her in the day as poss?


littleredmonkey Fri 31-May-13 08:46:32

The Christmas miracle was a one off. Never mind I blame teeth and wants mummy cuddles. Mummy tired hello to all.

bytheseaside Fri 31-May-13 08:59:50

Am still tucked up in bed feeding baby s (who is being a little jewel smile ) giving myself a stiff talking to to go downstairs and be NICE + PATIENT with mil all day ... feel a bit tired and cranky though. had to give baby s a calming bath at midnight as she was still mad with excitement at having visitors bless her

Good luck with MIL seaside. LRM and BBD I will get BG to do an intervention. He woke up at 7:45 this morning. shock OK, he was awake for an hour at 5, but still. I went back to bed too and was late for work. smile
Both DH and I went in to make sure he was still breathing, we couldn't believe it!!
Not expecting it to last...
Chair and Mrsw hope you are being looked after as you deserve.

ChairmanWow Fri 31-May-13 14:38:42

Thanks everyone. I had my weekly massage yesterday and told my friend all my woes. She gave me an amazing full body massage and I slept much better last night. I also started my period today - god that's something I haven't missed! Wondering if on top of residual stress some nasty PMT pushed me over the edge. Anyway, DH being v good in a blokey sort of way.

Re sleep, DD has been going down at 7pm for the last week. I think the extra night waking is connected though dream feeding makes no difference. I've upped her feed size and will keep offering her milk from late afternoon so she can cluster feed.

LRM hope MIL is not too hellish. Is it possible for women to have a straightforwardly positive relationship with their MIL I wonder. Not stereotyping, I just haven't heard of one yet!

Amen to small jobs. And abandoning jobs halfway through. I find random cleaning items scattered around where I've had to leave them, or half-brewed cups of tea. Hey ho.

littleredmonkey Fri 31-May-13 15:24:24

Amen sister can't beat a half done job or sucking on the bag your tea is so stewed. Have moved to coffee as ok cold

Cold tea is ok without milk.

I actually get on very very well with my mil! my FIL is another matter

bytheseaside Fri 31-May-13 19:17:44

just need to run in and say AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! now back to mil.

scarecrow22 Fri 31-May-13 22:00:23

Gosh, a lot to catch up on and had a glass of rosé, so excuse omissions...

Somewhere, wondering whether your mum's test results are back yet. Thinking of you all. Thank you too for advice on DD: you made me realise that I do not what not want to meet a form of anger with anger so decided to reply with clear boundaries but framed with understanding and love. Since then we have had no incidents. Perhaps we were anyway passing out of the phase, or my tone and body language changed. I've also taken stock and am trying to not say "just wait until..." so often, especially for tidying/cleaning up etc..

Chair, you are so right to take his seriously and talk to friends in RL, but I am really sorry you have to go through it. Hopefully the talking, realisation, sunshine and maybe some more sleep will also help. If you get a chance to go to GP maybe visit and perhaps lay down a marker at least, even if you are clear you are not ready for medication (though if you need it do take it: they might even find one more suited to you). Whatever happens, we are here for you. How is DD sleeping? Our DCs are very similar ages/gaps so I can relate. Is she waking often, or taking too long to settle?

BBD, hope you are feeling less frustrated, and find your lovely equilibrium again soon. You come across as somebody who absorbs a lot of other people's stress and problems so hope there are people to support you too.

Goat, music - wonderful. Coincidentally I saw your post just after I'd tried to listen to a R3 recording of Halle playing Chopin's 2nd piano concerto, though rubbishy winter net connection.

Falling asleep over keyboard, so briefly, DD much better and had divine day with them both in the sun. Also did 20mins on a friend's' turbo trainer and feel sooo amazing for having done good physical (sweaty!) exercise. T had six week (7w2d) check yesterday: he does have a serious tongue tie so he's been referred for it to be cut; also a somethingICantRemember which means tight muscles on one side of the neck so he always looks one way and is getting a flat head. The colic/reflux is ongoing. Not every feed - probably half of them? He doesn't cry much but is obviously uncomfortable and understandably can fuss and then cry if particularly bad.

Seaside- HUGE MiL sympathy. I'm very much not in a position to advise given my own mil disaster weekend...but here to listen

Waves to rest xx

scarecrow22 Sat 01-Jun-13 06:26:34

am very taken with turbo trainer (been thinking about it for an age) so can you Moe experienced ladies remind me what make and model you recommend.
Some of my happiest memories in life are cycle trips and holidays with DH. Would live to be fit enough to head off to the downs with him the odd time, let alone with two DC on back of our bikes smile

ChairmanWow Sat 01-Jun-13 22:16:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scarecrow22 Sat 01-Jun-13 23:10:07

gosh, Chair, that is tough. Will consider further overnight, but initial thoughts:
firstly it must be true because if not only a seriously messed up person would invent something like that - which in itself must warrant some outside attention;
And did she say or do you know if having DP there counts as not being alone, in this context?
As far as sunburn is concerned, I guess SS will see it tomorrow if they are in daily?
Longer term maybe contact social services, explain what you know, and ask if there is a number to contact if you are worried about the little boy (child)? I would usually shy from interfering but such a young child is defenceless. Will have a further think, and also look forward to wiser heads to come along.

thanks for tip, am very tempted by the Tacx. Do you just do longer and or more resistance or are there training "rides" etc you can follow?

eagleray Sat 01-Jun-13 23:12:08

We've got same Tacx model but I don't have much to say about it as I don't ever seem to get the chance to use it. Well, I could be on it now I guess but we are on v frequent wakings and long feeds at night so my energy isn't what it should be!

Scarecrow I'm looking forward to getting back in the saddle too (only managed one bike ride since DD was born). I'm sure you'll soon get your fitness back and hopefully you'll manage to get some lovely rides in this summer.

V tricky situation Chairman - definitely sounds like something that needs reporting, esp with the sunburn. Probably best to not assume that SS are already in full possession of the facts, although not easy picking up the phone. Glad to hear you're feeling a little bit better.

Not that I can talk - been a lousy parent today and had a terrible accident with the nail clippers and DD. Can still barely think about it, although have been assured it's a common type of accident. Sought medical help (although think it was me that needed help more than her as the bleeding had stopped by then) and she doesn't seem at all bothered by it; in fact, she seems to enjoy my company more than ever as won't let me out of her sight today (making me feel even more rubbish)

Seaside hope you are coping with MIL this weekend. I don't have a MIL as she sadly died many years ago but have my own dear DM to keep me on my toes with her strange comments confused

somewherebecomingrain Sun 02-Jun-13 08:36:10

chair I will ask my sister who is a social worker, my gut says yes.


somewherebecomingrain Sun 02-Jun-13 08:37:20

seaside my commiserations re nail clipper - been there with a burn I still shudder to think about xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sun 02-Jun-13 15:52:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleredmonkey Sun 02-Jun-13 16:17:15

Echo somewhere. Ring nspcc. Defenseless child needs care if patent is failing also guidance for her. I would ring no hesitation hate to think of him suffering. Mum may have major issues.
Hugs and waves to all nice to see the sunshine. Bike ride sounds lovely. Out with the pram and little man. Daddy putting up stair gates. Getting him to do all the jobs he will fill our holiday with out the way. Dylan can't
Even crawl yet. But as baby goat knows it comes very quick

ChairmanWow Sun 02-Jun-13 22:48:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChairmanWow Sun 02-Jun-13 22:53:35

God that sounded really smug didn't it? Apols - I find my little moments of happiness where I can. I missed out the shitty argument with DH, blubbing because I lost my phone and having the period from hell. Happy days!

littleredmonkey Mon 03-Jun-13 09:35:22

Chair. U be as smug as you want. we all do when we can. I love when baby m wakes and gives me a lovely smile. Legs kicking in excitement. Had a early night teething drama last night work every hour uptown 1 when I gave him some calpol. Settled till 7 so not to bad. He has two popping out the same time. I am such a dumb ass I thought one at a time. Silly mummy

somewherebecomingrain Mon 03-Jun-13 10:25:08

chair didn't sound smug at all xxx. I want to wallow in the cuteness and all those anecdotes help - more the merrier.

I'm doing my first 5:2 fast today so going a bit doollally. Can feel myself getting a bit high already. It's fun because its a goal. Doing it with my mil and she has got a massive twinkle in her eye - she is 76 and I think dieting is making her feel 40 again. She used to do a lot of it. Sorry for me me me, am just concentrating on not eating.


blueblackdye Mon 03-Jun-13 11:10:44

Somewhere, good luck with non food thoughts. With this beautiful sunshine, I can't bear to be in the kitchen to cook, so will prepare a huge salad for me, ratatouille for A and fruits to take out to the park.
Chairman, these little joys are the most important treasures. I would also certainly call SS even if it is none of my business, really hope the Mum gets help and proper care so that her baby is well looked after too. A baby is such a miracle, so precious !
Seaside, hang on, MIL won't stay forever.
Eagleray, I was stupid enough to cut A's nails a few days after birth, hum hum, got told off by MW although I knew I did something stupid as her fingers were all red and bloody....
LRM, teething... Not looking forward to it. Hope baby M will be less cranky today, poor little boy.

A bite me twice and I m not getting anywhere with bottle feeding, she rejects the bottle whether it s expressed milk or formula. Any advice ?

Had heart attack yesterday and weed in my pants while chasing DS on his scooter in Regents Park. He got carried away with his friend, they just ran away on their scooter so far from us. I guess the whole park knew my DS's name and his friend's. my friend Mum was crying of stress. They never left our sight but if anything happened we would have not been close enough to be of any help. First time really in almost 5 years that he scared me so much. This episode raised 2 issues: how much can I count on a 4.5yo sensibility ? Am I completely unrealistic ? How can I teach him to be careful without freaking him out ? and second big issue: pelvic floor seems much weaker than I thought.

Oups, have to run. Enjoy the sunshine every one, stock as much Vit D !

ChairmanWow Mon 03-Jun-13 13:03:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWooster Mon 03-Jun-13 19:18:05

hello all. well done on the call chair - it must have been very difficult.
Having a bit of a tough time here; DD is still wracked with wind/colic tho mercifully / weirdly only during the day. Doc has started drops - retnadine or something - so maybe she will be able to be awake and content or even sleep during the day as opposed to either feeding or in awful distress. I am exhausted and miserable and feel like I am short changing both DC. My head knows it will pass, rest of me is lost down the rabbit hole...

Oldandcobwebby Mon 03-Jun-13 19:29:06

Just found this thread. My wife and I graduated last October. Great to be amongst "old" friends again!

We are celebrating here - yesterday was the very first time Mrs O and I have been out without baby O. We have effectively no support mechanism here, but that means that we also have nobody to criticise us, so it's all relative!

Can't wait to have time to read all this thread to catch up with you all.

blueblackdye Mon 03-Jun-13 20:05:32

MrsW, sorry to hear baby W is in pain. I know I m repeating myself but have you tried osteopathy, it worked really well for A and after only 1 session. I have aired the cushions in the snug, put them out in the sun, booked massages for all of us, tea and cakes are on their way, for all of us, Midget, LRM, Seaside, Eagleray, Somewhere, Goat, FF as we are so sleep deprived and especially for you, Chairman and Scarecrow.
Welcome back Oldandcobwebby, it is great to see you again. Let us know how you and family are when you are ready.

bytheseaside Mon 03-Jun-13 22:59:00

MrsW sorry, that must be tough - like BBD osteopathy got us through this, bloody miracle! Was it you asking about reflux the other week? I think someone mentioned infacol, thought I should say it seemed to make things worse for us, apparently for some babies the orange oil further inflames the already tender reflux oesophagus sad just a thought

Hi old! Tell us how it's been

chairman fwiw I think you did the right thing - i would have done the same (and would also have felt conflicted about it ...)

bbd shared your panic at the great regents park escape story - and laughed a bit at pelvic floor woes. anyone else only do the excercises when they read of someone else's pelvic floor incidents?

More for everyone else in a bit, just reeling from the passive aggressive fest that was the mil visit - some absolute corkers!! still stuck in work dilemma. would like to post more detail and get your sage advice, but it would out me, so can't. Perhaps I should start an email list for sorting out my problems, given that i have lost my decision making faculty

ChairmanWow Tue 04-Jun-13 06:55:25

mrsw, so sorry you're having such a miserable time. Ranitidine is for reflux, I sometimes take the adult version and works well. DS had reflux and was prescribed infant Gaviscon which also seemed to help. I hope baby W is better soon and this stressful phase passes. It's good that you're reminding yourself that it will. Sometimes it can feel like the bad times last forever.

seaside glad your ordeal is over. My mum knows a thing or two about passive aggression. It's maddening.

bbd the one good thing about having had a caesarian is that my pelvic floor is much stronger. I remember fear of sneezing after DS, and an embarrassing incident during buggy fit when we were doing star jumps. Thanks for cake and massages. I'll enjoy them later on after I've spent the day working on the garden.

Hello oldandcobwebby, nice to meet you. I love your name.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 04-Jun-13 08:46:57

Morning. Well done chair. It's tough because you might see her in the street after, but I doubt she was ever going to talk to you again anyway. Very courageous.

mrsw sorry baby Wooster is having such a tough time, it's really upsetting. I hope you are having some nice snugly times as well. I've got some rich choc cake with less flour in relation to the choc, butter, sugar and eggs than a normal cake, which is for those amongst us feeling beaten down.

bbd Rofl lmao re pelvic floor. At 4.5 my ds is running off less - but TAAD (They Are All Different).

Welcome back oldandcobwebby how fab to have a dad amongst us.

AFM I did the fast, it was fine, I felt quite wierd but I think that's cause I watched breaking dawn 1&2 to pass the time - omg what a teenage girl fantasy-fest that was, Oedipal-tastic. No wonder i felt dizzy. Next time I will try to function through the day rather than seek refuge in twilight.

So I recommend 5:2 even to breast feeders. As predicted, I didn't feel all that hungry when I woke up this am,

littleredmonkey Tue 04-Jun-13 09:06:32

Mmorning all
Mrs w. Sorry to hear about dd. I wish I had some advise but lacking info for ya. Sending hugs and a spot in the snug for you to relax in and hope it all passes soon
Mr and Mrs cob. So glad to see you again. Look forward to hearing all the news
Bbh. How's a sleeping? D was shocking last night 5 feeds yes 5. His teeth upsetting him. Worse still I had to cough while I was feeding made him jump oh he cried then I cried. Silly mummy. Dp jumped as a cough turned into Hiroshima! !!
Bythesea. Feel your work woes in the same boat honey. Also tales of mil you must share. Mine put on d cardigan the other day and he cried as she was a tad rough saying I have had three boys so stop fussing. I took him off her and said but he's not your boy and we dont cry when we put on clothes normally. Silly women other daughter in law dont say anything to her but she knows I will.
Chair. You did the right thing. Very brave of you and you helped that child hopefully.
Scarecrow. I would be bloody starving honey. Let us know how you get on

Baby d is 8 months today. Time flys! !!

blueblackdye Tue 04-Jun-13 13:16:34

LRM, A is still on her 3 to 4 hour feeds, I don't know what I m doing wrong. But you know, I will just take it easy as you do with baby M, after all, I work from home so can rest a bit during the day...
Seaside, can you negotiate parttime or some days from home in your field of activity ? Or flexible hours ? I found it very hard with DS to leave him full days at nursery. I cried a few times at the beginning after drop off. As they grow older, it gets easier though.
Somewhere, DS is usually good at listening, he stops and waits for me to cross the street, he holds my hand when we walk on the pavements and when the crowd is dense. I don't know what happened on Sunday, I suspect they were racing maybe, I was coming out from the boating house when they went pass from the playground near the Mosque and they eventually stopped almost at the bridge. And DH was pushing slowly A with no reaction at all ! I think I need to teach DS not to be influenced too much and always remember what Mum said about staying within sight and danger.

With this beautiful weather, Ladies, shall we try to meet one of these days in a park (I won't have DS with me, I promise) ? I will be away again fron 22nd June for 2 months. Hope to be able to meet before I go if not all, some of the babies and their Mums. Goat, you choose a date as you are the one working outside the house. Paddington Square Gardens in Marylebone has a lovely playground which is less crowded than Regents Park.

knickyknocks Tue 04-Jun-13 14:33:47

Hello all!

Fecking blackberry is useless so haven't been able to have been able to keep up with you all but not add any messages. Today though I'm on a real computer grin.

Chair sounds like you've been having a tough time but are being brilliant by recognising any downward trends and doing your damndest to get help if needs be. Honestly think you're doing a fab job. Moving house, new baby, young child is not for the faint hearted and it's no wonder you've been knackered from it all. Just remember things will get easier in time - and that bath with the two of them sounds like one of those moments when you remember why we put ourselves through it all again!!

Hi old I remember you! Yes, an update if you can please!

MrsW flaming heck, it just sounds awful. Retained placenta, reflux - yuck. Those days sound long - as you say weird it's not an evening thing though? Must be hellish though. Really hope the meds the doc have given sort the problem. As you say, it will pass, and usually, suddenly. I hear 3 months mooted as the time it usually recedes? You're near that now?

bytheseaside work dilemmas? I have the same - and if I really went into detail, suspect it would out me too. Thoroughly enjoying mat leave, and when I popped into the office recently, I felt sick sad. Don't want to return at all. Thankfully have a while yet.

I've completely missed out on this 5:2 diet! No idea what it is - am off to google in a sec. I've still got about a stone to go. Currently 11st 2lb, 5'5" and have a saggy tummy which I literally scoop into my trousers each day (sorry for the hideous image.....) I was going to start running again but fear my relaxed pelvic floor muscles may give way even before I get to the end of the road. chair you mentioned in a post back and said exercise is the key and I think you're right - as soon as I upped my exercise weight did drop off. Going to attempt buggy fit or something soon - must do something.....

Just googled....and it works?? I did weightwatchers about 10 years ago and lost 3 and a bit stone with them. I know what I have to do (err eat less cakes, biscuits, crisps etc.....) but it's the doing it which seems to be the hard part for me!!

Baby KK doing well. 11 weeks this week. He's sleeping from 6.30 till about 3am, then gets up at 5.15ish. I've tried to introduce a dream feed but doesn't seem to work. Other than that, he's a far easier baby than DD was. Very smiley. I'm enjoying cuddling every second as I know he's our second and last. I just have this overwhelming love for him. DD tantrums have marginally improved, though are still challenging around bed and bathtime. Sweets, stickers, chocolate are all still being used as bargaining chips. What would supernanny say?! grin

PS Looks like DH's compressed hours have finally been accepted (though he's had to use annual leave and we've had to negotiate MIL to help out every month or so on a number of weeks). Thanks all for your kind words up thread about this. Still think his employers are idiots, but for now things have abated.

Waves to all. So sorry to so sporadic in my postings.....am hoping to change my phone soon, have to get one which is MN friendly!!

MrsWooster Tue 04-Jun-13 21:07:56

Thanks, folks
one day into the ranitidine and she played cheerfully in her seat for half an hour this morning, batting her dangly toys; slept from 12 to 4.30 with just a short feed when I woke her up accidentally putting her in bed for a nap with me, and has been asleep snce 7pm. Only the briefest screaming abdab now and again, which passed with a triumphant fart. Better living through chemistry...
Fingers crossed - though she may be awake all night or explode or something now I have written this.

littleredmonkey Wed 05-Jun-13 09:12:33

Mrs w. Can't beat a triumphant fart. Nice having a bed snuggle. I have my little fella sleeping on me. Mummy morning naps are my favourite. Only woke at 1 and 5 last night so I dont feel like a zombie today soooo over did it yesterday. Friend came in the morning so cleaned up. Baby group at prior to an hours walk. Left group and had 2 hours walk. Got home dp arrived so I mowed and weeded front garden. Shovelling tea in my gob. Rushed did dishes tidied up dp and baby toy explosion quick shower and sat in bed with boobs out waiting to put little one to sleep. Knackered or what. I should be a size 10 but alas no! !
How is everyone today? Midget you have been quiet you ok twinkle?

somewherebecomingrain Wed 05-Jun-13 10:05:08

knicky congratulations on the compressed hours! (Now there's a a phrase that tells the story of our lives).

mrsw just lovely. Please keep us updated on every fart and abdab.

lrm so pleased you got some sleep. Alleluyah.


ChairmanWow Wed 05-Jun-13 11:18:48

knicky ditto congrats on compressed hours. What a relief that must be

mrsW can't beat a good old fart. Glad baby is feeling better

lrm get you! Have a rest today, sounds like you need one!

I have had the two posts re advice deleted as there is identifying info in there and I'm not comfortable about the info being out there. Hadn't thought that the person concerned may be a MNer. Best get rid as could be insensitive.

littleredmonkey Wed 05-Jun-13 12:26:16

Chair. Good thinking about deleting u never know nothing queer then folk.
Where has the sun gone?

Knicky. So glad hubby hours sorted. I am still waiting for the go ahead doing 3 days rather then 5. So much stress

littleredmonkey Wed 05-Jun-13 12:28:11

May go swimming with little fella this weekend first time any top tips
Just thought will have to tend to my lady garden may need the strimmer out the shed could be a tough job! !

MrsWooster Wed 05-Jun-13 19:34:12

lrm enjoy swimming! We took DS from about 4 months
and he loves it. Once he was a bit bigger, we were advised to avoid the float jacket we'd bought and alsorubber rings etc and stick him in the biggest arm bands that didn't fall off as these help him find the correct swim position. Also ride him on your back ASAP and by thing else that helps. Get that flatter position in the water. Also ducking, looking in his eyes as you go down with him. We hated the classes tbh, so went on our own quite early on so never fit the lovely underwater pics! Sorry for ililiterate post-one handed while feeding.

blueblackdye Wed 05-Jun-13 23:46:20

Just applied for a part time job, pfff, but somehow I feel I am ready although love the time I spent with DCs.

littleredmonkey Thu 06-Jun-13 09:18:20

Mrs w. Thanks for the tips very helpful. I should have gone sooner but he ho time flys. Hoping he enjoys it. Will keep going even if he is not a happy camper at first. More likely to be bothered by changing room noises. Terrified of hand dries and hair driers bless him. Dp got him Spiderman swimmers. I thought dp to swim last year so I think he is nervous too. I have a siting float for him to start with then take your advise in a few weeks with water wings.
Bbh. Hope you get the job honey. I am still waiting to hear about my job share if no one applies I have to lose my manager role and my wages half which f@&@# sucks. We live so far out dont think it will tempt many people. I fear a plot against me as I am expensive as I have done 20 years service a trainee would be cheaper
How is everyone today. I woke in a horrible mood today. Baby m woke loads and annoyed I can't do CIO to help him settle. Ok about it now. Dp kept coughing and waking me and the cat was snoring so moody ma today. A good walk should sort me out.

scarecrow22 Thu 06-Jun-13 21:37:39

At last...a keyboard and a quiet six minutes.

Knicky, much sympathy with Blackberry woes - I hated mine. Reminds me HTC not soooo bad. Glad DH got hours he wanted, and great he'll do a whole day of childcare - I do think it is great when men can and do understand what it is like. Plus an unmissable chance for quality time most dads miss out on.

MrsW, also so sorry you having such a tough time of it. It is ironic that all my tough times, I say "This too will pass" and think of you. I hope you really can believe it too a little. Totally understand why you not posting lots, but we really are all here when you need us. My DS also got colic and or reflux or something, and even though sounds easier for me I have found it increasingly upsetting - both physically and emotionally.

BBD, you poor thing with DS - my heart stopped just reading it. Also re pelvic woes. I started on Monday a six week course under guise of a new campaign under banner Foo Foo Fun Box, which I highly recommend checking out (will do a link next post if remember): all about educating and encouraging women to do pelvic floor and core stability work- apparently even if you think you've "got away with it" problems can be latent and materialise later in life. Exercises much more varied than simple kegels, and course also focuses on posture and diet, also intimately related.
Love idea too of picnic in park - we go away Monday July 8 for 2 weeks or more (depending on how easy it is camping with two DC in one van...)

Seaside, great sympathy for work dilemmas - very happy to be an ear if needed.

LRM, sleep seems up and down so hope up again. Re swimming, we didn't do lessons, but a friend who did gave me some tips I liked: enter water holding LO close to your body so he gets your warmth as gets used to being in the water temp; then start by doing circles away from your body and back again, I think to a nursery rhyme, but forget which one (sure you can improvise!); do splashing games to songs etc so he learns to enjoy getting his face wet; spend bits of time in every swim teaching them to hang on to the edge by themselves, initially holding their hands on and gradually over swims disengaging until he can do it alone; to go underwater prepare him by saying something he will learn as a trigger, counting to three, dunking/jumping him off side or whatever, and when you bring him up again holding him away from you in a way that if he does swallow a bit of water it's easy to snort or spit it out (also not close to you or hugging him to you in a comforting way as it sends signal that underwater is somehow a bad thing);...er, that's all I can remember. Oh, and enjoy smile Feel free to ignore any or all of that, but it helped me and DD enjoy it.

Chair, hope your DD sleeping better and you also having more good days. I loved your description of the good times. I love hearing all the happy DC moments so never ever feel smug. My goodness, it is a lovely thing you are generous spirited enough to enjoy and share them when you are also struggling.

Waves to Eagle, Goat, Somewhere...and specially re-welcome to Mr&MrsOldAndCobwebby.

AFUs, T still being fab, and more or less slept through his first jabs today, bless his brave little socks (though I want him to know its okay for boys to cry too). DD still being occasionally challenging with T, and defiant and Whitney at times. I think I have been letting her watch too much TV so we have gone cold turkey - which was much easier than I thought today. Instead I picked her up early from childminder and we took a picnic tea to the nearby cemetery/park to look for Fireman Sam wink We didn't find him (despite calling for him and chasing mummy around a bush giggling) so we "wrote" him a letter and posted it in an empty vase asking him to visit our house. (Any good suggestions for extracting myself from this?!)... I asked her what she would like to do tomorrow and her dream is to "go to Pontypandy and blow bubbles". Sweet girl (mostly)

littleredmonkey Fri 07-Jun-13 09:59:20

Scarecrow. Love dd story made me smile. Thanks. Need it shocking and I mean shocking nights sleep. Super ginger zombie from hell! !! Woke lord knows how many times. Dp was fab and got up at 4 where he fell asleep on his chest. He is knackered also but thought it was lovely as he hasn't done that since he was 3 months old
Hugs to all
Bhb. Sorry forgot to say what a worry n in the park but glad he is safe and sound.
Goat. How is M doing sleep wise
Scarecrow. Thanks for swimming tips very helpful xxx
Keep playing your key board.
Chair and knicky. Hope you are ok?

blueblackdye Fri 07-Jun-13 10:27:00

Good morning all ! Hope you are all well. Have been on my own with the kids for the past 3 days and honestly I feel so knackered. DS is usually good but last night he decided he wanted to make my life hell, calling me as soon as his sister was settled so he woke her up, it took me 4 hours to get both of them to sleep. But lets see the bright side, DH is back tonight and it is the week end ! Yeah !
LRM, how are you today ? I always think about you when I am up at night, do you still put cream on your face and brush your hair at night ? When will you get areply for the part time ? This is stressful.
Knicky, very glad DH found a solution with his employer.
Scarecrow, it is nice isn't it to have surprise activities with our eldest one ? I try to go to nursey outings with him and he loves it. But he still hates if I pick him up early, he has too much fun with his friends, dear, nrsery staff must think I am a boring Mum, so boring that DS does not want to go home ! Oh well! We will always be judged by our kids' behaviour now, won't we ?
Scarecrow and MrsW, very interesting tips about swimming with baby. Will try them when in Portugal at the end of the month.
Downstairs neighbour is selling her flat, hope will have a nice, deaf or very absent neighbour moving in. With 2 kids, it will be hard to keep them quiet and not drop toys on the wooden floor.
Off to shops, have visitors on Sun, need to prepare a 5 course meal....

bytheseaside Fri 07-Jun-13 10:34:57

Morning! Lrm not a great night for me either, baby s being dreamfeeding on and off since early hours. grrrr. still sleeping though so at least one of us will be cheery today ... Bet my hair is worse than yours

scarecrow i need that course. Im in pelvic floor denial. laughed at your dd being 'Whitney' Im guessing whiney but maybe not!

Oops she's awake. time for some inane stories about little animals then on.with the day!

scarecrow22 Fri 07-Jun-13 12:14:56

I meant to say whiney but actually a diva sadly a better description as disobedient, whiney and imperious this morning.... I have banned tv for entire weekend (she was so much better but infuriating dh pit tv on this morn and we were back to square one). I've just managed two days on my own this week with no tv last day and he can do two flipping hours. plus he undermined my decision. grrrr angry
on plus side just had wonderful happy swim with dd and we plan go to open farm Sunday this weekend poss camp up on Sat night nearby....and am going to buy my turbo trainer on Sat.
DH away for a week on Monday so making most of his nappy changes quality family time

Sorry for all the sleep woes. Are lots of you co sleeping? are LOs in your rooms? T is in a crib in our room.

scarecrow22 Fri 07-Jun-13 14:19:57

I'm feeling a bit unfair to my lovely girl, on reflection. I should say the bad behaviour was an hour max, it's just I am very intolerant of whining and the disobedience has tipped from cheek to naughty and I'm not in the mood today after v difficult day yesterday with other stuff. Deep breath! She is, for the record, mostly sweet and kind and good... She even waved and said "goodbye childrens, have a good lesson" when we got out of the toddler pool this morning.

littleredmonkey Fri 07-Jun-13 15:33:25

Sscarecrow. You alway remain positive and see the best in situations. Lovely to read. Ps slap dh naughty boy xx
Bythesea. Made me laugh out loud my hair worse then yours mine has been shocking for weeks. Needs cutting. It is nearly at my waist. Sending big hugs to you and e.
Bhb. Oh my you have the best memory very impressive. Yes to moisturize but no to hair well I re tie it sometimes. I also think if you are awake too. Took him out in the pram for a nap too hot would not sleep so both on my bed cooler sleeping peacefully after a feed so much cooler pram was like an oven.

Mum and dad come to help after night from hell. Decided to mow the garden. Silly mummy knackered.
Bhb. Hope you have a better night. 4 hours that is soooo stressful especially on your own. Hope you haves a lovely weekend and enjoy your company. I lived in a flat in Hong Kong and remember my mum telling me to be quiet for the people downstairs.

ChairmanWow Fri 07-Jun-13 20:09:30

So many posts and so little time.

Will just say to all those experiencing sleep troubles I feel your pain. DD is still waking every 3 hours and sometimes is impossiblr to settle. What happened to the baby who obly had one night feed? Bring her back! Trying to get a baby to sleep is the most frustrating and boring task, isn't it? Having to stay calm when inside you're screaming obscenities. How about reading them this? Hope all are sleeping beautifully soon.

scarecrow I'm equally intolerant of whining and naughtiness. I love Whitney as a description! It's fine to have a moan about it. They test our patience and it's important to have an outlet for our frustration. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty too though. Today we had a full day out and DS missed his nap. It was boiling hot and he had a meltdown, unusually. I think I was too hard on him given he was exhausted and unable to control himself. Lots of hugs when we got home. I guess we don't always call it right.

I'm still keeping afloat. Trying to achieve something every day so the house doesn't get me down and so that I can stay focused. This week I've been gardening like a mofo, and pleasantly surprised at my ability to shift large quantities of earth. Have decided to start Buggyfit again next week as I think I'm finally ready. I will stay positive!

Sun and fun to all.

MrsWooster Fri 07-Jun-13 20:31:21

Scarecrow thanks for post above - it's reminded me that DS playing up is only a tiny part of him and I feel exactly the same about him. Everything else o/t/o/h is abjectly shite. DD still wracked, tried Cranial Ost and it worked at the time but she's been just as bad today. Osteopath was lovely tho and felt v strongly that dairy might be the prob. Oh fucking marvellous: my already absurdly restricted diet has further narrowed altho she said if it IS dairy, I should be able to tell within a couple of days. Only 24 hours in but I can confirm that rice milk and oat milk are misnomers and taste like liquidised rice and porridge respectively.
Can't decide if I hope it's dairy intolerance or not... I want anything that will stop dd hurting so much but could weep at prospect of her not being able to gallop up to the icecream van like her big bro can. It won't even bloody pass this time.
Forgive the me me me posts recently - I really do appreciate your support everyone.

bytheseaside Sat 08-Jun-13 01:48:59

Mrs w that sounds so tough. i gave up dairy for a bit and found kara coconut milk much better then oat / rice - yuk! Not like the tinned stuff, comes in carton. Have breast milk in coffee maybe? I dare you!

chairman grin at book. Im also trying to give buggyfit a go. really not my cup of tea,.but i must do something about tummy

Lrm no i def have worse hair. i look like an elderly sheep today

somewhere all ok? Have been thinking about your cancer gene situation. That's so hard.

Must sleep now before next blasted feed ...

scarecrow22 Sat 08-Jun-13 07:26:56

MrsW, can you not use soya milk? Sorry if I missed post where you said why... I've been using since my 20s - except in coffee but only have 1-2 a day. I love it: weaned myself via the sweetened one (only one sweetened with apple juice), after a few months preferred unsweetened. Buying tip is fewer ingredients better: Alpro most reliable though some supermarket own brands (not value) are too, including Tesco's Organic.

Wish there was something we could all do to help. Is there somebody else who can help hold her and or give you a breaking RL? Does she like a sling or wrap, or does it not make a difference?

Also I know you have talked only/mostly of colic, but a website recommended by a fellow mum to me might be helpful to you given many of the symptoms/effects are similar. Among other things I noticed when just checking now for you were specialised kit, recommended health professionals and also a feature on intolerance/allergies. It is <holds breath to prepare for another link fail>:


If you work out how a special wedge is better than propping crib with my (clearly needed) copy of Toddler Taming, I want to know!

How old is your DS? Sorry, I forget. Also, have they at least sorted out your retained placenta.

I have T propped on my chest with left hand, and holding right hand out in friendship...

scarecrow22 Sat 08-Jun-13 07:38:17

Sorry, one last thing. It might not work for everyone, because I have thighs which are, er, more sprinter than long distance (think Mark Cav without muscle tone blush), but at his most uncomfortable/painful, I pull my ( left) leg up as if to sit cross legged, foot pressed on inside of opposite thigh, and lie T over, head just supported by outside edge of thigh(so he is head above tummy and tummy gently pressed on leg), and gently pat or rub his back. The pressure, close comfort and rhythmical patting seem to sooth him more quickly (on his worst day it was the only way I got him to sleep). And I find it a lot less tiring or awkward than holding him so much, so to speak.

When things do improve, as they will, make sure you get help with baby massage too: it's two or three simple moves. The benefits are supposed to be cumulative rather than immediate. Ime impractical until your LO has longer periods of relaxation/pin free.

bytheseaside Sun 09-Jun-13 18:58:20

Scarecrow and Mrs w i think we frightened the thread with our talk of unpleasant milk substitutes...
Re osteopathy, we def saw some changes in digestion and colic straight away, but were starting from a bad place! Took 6 or so weekly /fortnightly sessions to really say goodbye to the fretfulness. i know this can be expensive.

what a lovely weekend! We've been picnicing

scarecrow22 Sun 09-Jun-13 20:15:30

We've had a lovely weekend too <eradicates memory of both DC crying at same time this morning after a 4.30am start>...T's been much more fretful than usual and v sicky with tummy but improved a lot this afternoon and we took them to a farm near High Wycombe where met friends with a toddler and had great few hours for Open Farm Sunday. DD was delighted with cows, sheep, chickens, horse and the tractors. She loves tractors. We had to say goodbye to the cows. And she complained about the chickens "They not talking me" Bless. Was really good family day. We have too few but am very encouraged to plan more. DH away at 8am tomorrow morning for a week. <takes deep breath to hold off rising panic>

scarecrow22 Sun 09-Jun-13 20:18:08

Seaside, might have been description of my thigh which put them off blush

blueblackdye Sun 09-Jun-13 21:45:52

Scarecrow, we then are on the same boat, single mums with 2 DCs this week too. DH working long hours this week. Meaning no extra pair of hands but still need to cook dinner for him wink but hey, I must admit he is good at not complaining about my very bland food, don't have time to cook for A different food to what we have so no salt anywhere, lots of other spices though !!!
Still reading, no time to post but still here

ChairmanWow Sun 09-Jun-13 22:35:59

Blimey, I checked the last message on the thread first and in my tired state thought for a second scare and bbd had actually become single mums. The perils of skim reading. Anyhoo, hope this week isn't too much of a killer for you both.

scare Cav's thighs are nothing compared to Chris Hoy's, and mine are like his if he'd really let himself go to seed. First Buggyfit tomorrow. I expect pain followed by stiffness but am hoping virtuous feelings will override this, leaving me feeling motivated enough to continue for the remaining 8 months of my leave. Might try 5:2 this week as well.

knickyknocks Mon 10-Jun-13 08:19:21

bbd and scarecrow - lone parenting is so hard and tiring. Thinking of you both. I'll be doing the same too later this week when DH is on lates. Thankfully DD will be in pre-school for a couple of the days, but there's still bath and bed time to contend with! bbd still getting the evening meal aswell?? Microwave meals for DH springs to mind!

scarecrow we've been having early starts here too. DS doing well at night, he sleeps 7 till 3, but last night DD had nightmares so I was up at 2 and 4, then DS woke at 4.30am. Exhausted. Two cups of extra strong coffee just kicking in! I'm coping by going to bed by 8 - then at least there's a block of sleep (which I'm thankful for!) before these early starts. I never thought that 6am would become a lie in!! grin
chairman hope buggyfit goes well. Let us know how it is. I'm hoping to do something similar in the next couple of weeks. Am just worried my pelvic floors won't, ahem, hold up as it were....

Me and DH have hardly spent any time together recently. Feel like we need a 'date night' soon before we forget who we were before the kids came along. I don't feel like I've sat down and had any type of meaningful conversation with him in some time. Our communication at the moment is solely about kids and housework, hardly scintillating stuff. Must organise something soon. We're both getting far too snappy with each other.

Hope everyone else is doing OK somewhere, bytheseaside, midget,*lrm*, mrsW and anyone else I've forgotten!

knickyknocks Mon 10-Jun-13 08:19:21

bbd and scarecrow - lone parenting is so hard and tiring. Thinking of you both. I'll be doing the same too later this week when DH is on lates. Thankfully DD will be in pre-school for a couple of the days, but there's still bath and bed time to contend with! bbd still getting the evening meal aswell?? Microwave meals for DH springs to mind!

scarecrow we've been having early starts here too. DS doing well at night, he sleeps 7 till 3, but last night DD had nightmares so I was up at 2 and 4, then DS woke at 4.30am. Exhausted. Two cups of extra strong coffee just kicking in! I'm coping by going to bed by 8 - then at least there's a block of sleep (which I'm thankful for!) before these early starts. I never thought that 6am would become a lie in!! grin
chairman hope buggyfit goes well. Let us know how it is. I'm hoping to do something similar in the next couple of weeks. Am just worried my pelvic floors won't, ahem, hold up as it were....

Me and DH have hardly spent any time together recently. Feel like we need a 'date night' soon before we forget who we were before the kids came along. I don't feel like I've sat down and had any type of meaningful conversation with him in some time. Our communication at the moment is solely about kids and housework, hardly scintillating stuff. Must organise something soon. We're both getting far too snappy with each other.

Hope everyone else is doing OK somewhere, bytheseaside, midget,*lrm*, mrsW and anyone else I've forgotten!

somewherebecomingrain Mon 10-Jun-13 10:27:38

Hi mrsw sorry baby w's still suffering. Was it dairy in the end?

knicky what a fab routine! Date night is possible then. I can't even think of date night as baby s's bedtime so all over the place.

chair how was buggy fit? I'm going on fri.

AFM I did second fast. I felt the breast milk going out of me like the life force. It was fine till the next day when I boomeranged in the most ridiculous fashion and ate extraordinary amounts eg two sains profiterole deserts circa 400 cals each back to back.

BUT I do have more energy. Doing a fast today and its feeling quite easy. I'm hanging in there for the health benefits if nothing else.

Btw seaside thanks for asking about the gene thing. We will find out soon. Weirdly I feel lucky as although there's been a lot of Cancer it's been mild and curable which is why the whole thing is such a surprise. I am surprised to find myself feeling thankful about the whole thing.


bytheseaside Mon 10-Jun-13 13:03:19

mmmm profiteroles ...

ChairmanWow Mon 10-Jun-13 13:23:51

Don't mention profiteroles! I'm being a good girl now. Buggy fit was great! I feel really energised and surprised myself with how much I was able to do. A very friendly bunch of women as well. I will go twice weekly now, and have found out a local gym does mum classes you can bring baby to. 3 classes a week in total plus some time on the turbo trainer and I'll be back in shape eventually!

knicky I hope you survive today and get a lovely long chunk of sleep tonight. Me and DH are in the same boat relationship-wise - child care and decorating dominate at the moment and there is much irritation with each other. We have an offer of babysitting and need to take it up.

somewhere your attitude to the genetic testing is brilliantly pragmatic. I hope it's good news for you.

Well, after 2 weeks of feeds every 3 hours in the night DD went 6 hours last night. She had a similar day last week, so it might be a fluke, but I've moved her onto the next sized teat as she was feeding less so I hope this sorts it out. Please!

Right, DD asleep so yet more decorating for me. Deep joy.

blueblackdye Mon 10-Jun-13 19:22:05

Chairman, well done ! You will be as fit as busy, exercise is so good for endorphines, it will certainly help for your mental strength too.
LRM, so so glad you and baby M enjoyed the swimming.
Knicky, Scarecrow, one kid is feeding/sleeping, the other one is lying next to me, patiently waiting for his bedtime story, bless him, such a good boy. Hope you are doing weell too.
Somewhere, you are extraordinarily calm in these circumstances, very impressive
Xxxx to all

cyclecamper Mon 10-Jun-13 22:12:43

It sounds as though you are all being very healthy! I have gone from barely eating during pregnancy to barely stopping! Although I blame baby camper who keeps having mammoth feeding sessions - 2 hours at a time or more. shock He's got a bit of a cold now so this morning he was struggling to eat. I got some nose drops from the Dr and this afternoon he seems to be catching up: 6pm - 9.15pm bar 20 minutes when I was eating dinner.

scarecrow22 Tue 11-Jun-13 17:12:20

I joined fab 40s Buggy Fit club this morning. with 30-40 min walk each way, mostly through park, was glorious. but boy do I hurt. survived first day and A half of single parenting....
waves all x

Eagleray Wed 12-Jun-13 17:16:49

Hello all - feels like months since I posted here.

So glad you are getting on with life at home Cyclecamper - hope Baby C's cold is getting better now.

BBD and Scarecrow you are halfway through your week as single parents - hope it's going ok and you are both coping. Knicky hope things are going ok for you too as guess you are being left to your own devices round about now? Hope you get the chance to spend some quality time with DH soon - but it is so easy to fall into this habit. Our house feels like a relay race at times.

Well done on your buggy fit attendance Chairman - I was planning to go about 2 months ago, then was ill and then couldn't be arsed. You might just inspire me to drag myself along before summer ends.

Somewhere wow at your fasting! I just couldn't do it, and if I did, I dread to think what I would be like the next day. It must be really hard at night? I go just about insane if I go to bed hungry and usually end up back in the kitchen...

MrsW sorry you're still being plagued by diet restrictions. Have you made any progress with the dairy thing yet? I can recall similar being suggested to me at some point when baby E was younger and I kind of closed my ears to it as couldn't bear to think about restricting food.

LRM envious at you managing to grow your hair! I reckon about two thirds of mine has fallen out in the last few weeks. Got a straggly little ponytail left - bah! How did the swimming go, by the way? I keep forgetting to go.

Seaside glad you were able to make use of the lovely weather and go on picnics - hopefully the sun will be back soon

Baby Eagleray is getting big - keep telling people she's 3 months old but got the calendar out the other day and realised she is actually closer to 5... No let-up in night wakings - she will outgrow her bedside cot soon, but it doesn't really matter as she sleeps with me most of the time.

Life has kind of ground to a halt with us as DP is very ill - it's an incredibly worrying time and makes you wonder what the future holds. He's at home although we're spending half the time going up and down the motorway to hospital. I think this summer is going to be a write-off in terms of happy memories, although because he's not working we do at least get to spend a little bit more time together as a family.

I'm trying to busy myself painting DD's bedroom this week as ran out of time when I was pregnant and didn't like dragging my vast bulk up and down ladders. It's a nice time to do it though as she will be making more and more use of it soon, and it's also nice to decorate/furnish the room with her in mind, rather than an unborn baby. Next week I will start sanding and repainting furniture if the weather holds out!

Hello everyone! Just getting in a preliminary post as tomorrow... Drum roll...
I will finish my marking!!!!

And then I will return to the thread properly and be sociable again. smile

Have been industriously lurking so I promise to enter the conversation - I am looking forward to talking to other humans again!

PS and also enter the hair competition. Having it done but in meantime is grey broom upside down with bristles falling out everywhere...

scarecrow22 Wed 12-Jun-13 20:43:00

eagle, thanks. - nearly half way and actually going okay.
much more importantly what is wrong with DH? And if you prefer not to say, at very least I hope treatment is going well. Very much a hand here to hold if you need it. You sound very strong but hope you are coping really okay.

Nearly half way to my DH return. Kids both asleep or quiet by ten to 8 tonight so making progress (was after 8 last night). crucially have been happy evenings, greatly helped by DD being really sweet and grown up. Tonight she offered for T to join us in her bedroom for the final story and songs which given my default is to leave him in my room so she has special mummy time was very kind spirited. it was a really happy time and I felt very proud of her.

Goat - hurrah. We should have a party for you in the snug...all be online together for an hour or something! DH finished his marking on Friday and now in Malta on fieldwork so will generate heaps more. boo! (He also uni lecturer but on geography.and environmental.science).

So sorry eagle I didn't read your post properly andissed about your DH being ill. How worrying for you. Hand holding, hugs and listening ears available here if you should like them.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 13-Jun-13 07:04:00

Hello all

I've just realised the mums net app is rubbish cause you can't scroll and remind yourself what everyone has said.

eagle likewise very sorry to hear about Dh - i really hope it isnt too serious. Am also here to listen. Am sending positive thoughts your way.

Ok baby s in meltdown gotta go

somewherebecomingrain Thu 13-Jun-13 07:57:55

I have scrolled down now eagle - my heart goes out to you. I hope you are getting lots of support and are able to rest. I'm glad you are getting family time at least. Wishing recovery to Dh. Virtual hand holding. Xx

scare well done on solo parenting and it gives me strength to hear that you are coping. My dp is intoning doomily how I mustn't expect any help from him once MIL is gone, making me fear it more than I would. I bet it will be ok. Glad to hear your dd w'as so grown up and lovely - so she is coming through it, it sounds like.

goat well done on getting through your teacherly-muso mounds of work. Hope that Chopin was drifting down the corridor through the whole thing - and that you are now nice and relaxed,

I have nothing to say for myself other than my daughter is so damn cute I can hardly bear it.


littleredmonkey Thu 13-Jun-13 14:28:04

Eagle. Sending summer warm hugs and always got your girls on here who are all happy to support. You know where we all are xxxxxxxx
Right ladies hair competition is it. Mine is a right state. Grey bits sticking out. It is far to long. Have no clue about a re style. Goat mine is a scabby mop after being dragged through a bush! !!
D has decided not to nap in his pram and crys and crys. Not sure if he wants to lose one. Sleep is shocking feel like a have permanent jet lag. Only plus is lost 61 lbs so working towards 5 stone. In a size 12 but somedays I could eat my body weight in biscuits

MrsWooster Thu 13-Jun-13 20:10:10

sorry, Eagle... it puts transient troubles with DC in perspective.
Looks like immature gut here, so colief for lactose, dairy free for protein thing and renatidine for reflux. More or less by definition tho it's something that'll pass and meds etc have already left her much less wracked so much more positive. If she can learn to sleep in the day now it'll be a breeze...
As for hair, I am a devotee of the mumsnet haircut, so shaggy, 1970s looking mop with some greys creeping into the fringe.

blueblackdye Fri 14-Jun-13 08:35:42

Eagle, I m so sorry to hear that DH is ill. Hope he gets better soon. Thinking of you.
Cycle, great to hear from you !
MrsW, really really hope drugs will help DD settle a bit, how are you feeling ?
Scarecrow, Chairman, Somewhere, LRM, well done on the buggy fit enrollment, diet/fast and weight loss.
Goat, are you now breathing with marking behind you ? How s baby G ?
I can't keep up, busy as ever but have this feeling that nothing gets done though. But I m here, reading if not posting.
Wave to all, Knicky, Midget, Seaside and every one else

littleredmonkey Fri 14-Jun-13 08:44:03

Mrs w. Sorry to hear you are having it rough but you are so positive about it and yes it shall pass. Baby has woken so many times last couple of weeks. So shattered. I know you had this baby goat so how is he mummy g now?
Bhb. How's a doing with her sleeping? I fed twice last night and dp cuddled twice. I am hoping by. 11 months he is better or I will be knackered. Decided to go back part time. Dp has been great about it all. So little fella in nursery all day Monday and 2 other half days. I have had to step down as a manager but my choice and be glad of less stress to be honest. I will be a team coordinator so still got responsibility. But can walk away less stressy.

blueblackdye Fri 14-Jun-13 08:45:22

DS is off to Kew today with his nursery's friends. Hope it won't rain.

scarecrow22 Fri 14-Jun-13 08:49:48

bbd I'm off to Kew today with T and DD. I also hope won't rain!!

blueblackdye Fri 14-Jun-13 08:50:28

Well done on making up your mind LRM. Quality of life and well balanced family/work life is so important. You will enjoy. And D will too. You worked hard to get to management level, you will get back to it later if you feel like it. AFM, my first main job is looking after DCs, earning my living comes after but I realise I m very lucky to have a supporting DH.

blueblackdye Fri 14-Jun-13 08:59:12

Scarecrow, I'll PM you

ChairmanWow Fri 14-Jun-13 12:48:21

mrsw glad you have a diagnosis and that treatment is helping. What a relief for you both. I hope he's napping soon and giving you some time to yourself. You deserve cake and chillage!

lrm it's good to sort a work/life balance. Job stress is doable if batteries can be recharged at home. Hopefully baby monkey will start sleeping through one he has some time at nursery. It certainly helped DS on his way towards sleeping through.

eagle it sounds like you're going through a worrying time. I hope you're getting lots of RL support as well as all of us in the snug sending hugs and emergency cake. Also sending you a virtual massage.

Well, I've been to buggy fit twice this week and decorated every spare minute. Also not touched any cake or biscuits all week. Feeling motivated to really get back into shape. I met a lovely woman at buggy fit who is a fellow shorty and has a similar amount of weight to lose and we've promised to spur each other on.

Other than that I'm feeling a bit odd this week - I ovulated and it's slightly freaked me out. I've always been able to feel it, which has really helped with ttc, but it was very painful this time and it just seemed so pointless. I feel quite strange about the fact I won't ever get pregnant again. Time to go back on the pill and get over it!

Loving the random hair comments. Mine is the only bit of me I've been consistently happy with. I felt too sick to have it cut during pregnancy (couldn't cope with it being touched), so it's long at the mo and I really like it. Greys are marching ever onward though, and very visible as hair is dark. To dye or not to dye?

MrsWooster Fri 14-Jun-13 14:15:10

We're too young to dye! Mwahaha.

blueblackdye Fri 14-Jun-13 14:28:42

DS asked : Mummy, why did you paint some of your hair in white ? Then paused and added: Grandma has a white wig on top of her black hair !
I dyed my hair 6 months ago for the first time hence MN name ! And had a very short cut. Now it has grown down to the shoulders. I look like a mess.
Will get all that sorted in a month time, my hairdresser is a gem but she is in Paris.... Hum a bit expensive to go for a haircut ! smile
Can't believe Scarecrow's DD was on the same slide as DS in KEw Gardens this morning ! The World is small.

scarecrow22 Fri 14-Jun-13 15:21:27

Was amazing. So have met BBD's DS, but not her. She sent a description and pic,mtjen I saw the zillion children on school trips and sort of put it out of my mind. Then DD was coming to the end of the rope net walkway on a climbing frame type thing, going the wrong way as she'd got a bit scared...as she was about to clamber off a couple of children stood back to let her before they got on. I looked up and one perfectly matched the description and pic! I asked nursery teacher by me "is that X" and he - somewhat suspiciously - said yes! I moved away as she looked a bit spooked, muttering something about knowing his mum....I didn't try to explain we were pseudononymous friends on the Internet and I was Scarecrow22 grin

Key learning here is BBD's DS is a beautifully brought up, kind and polite boy. As well as being totally beautiful to look at.

scarecrow22 Fri 14-Jun-13 15:25:27

I am slightly famous for my grey hair - got strong grey swish at front at age 30 - then mostly stopped going more grey. Never dyed as too lazy and mean busy to stop roots growing. Also my mum keeps saying "if you want your hair done nicely I'd happily pay..." Which childishly makes me determined not to. Be grey, be proud, I say.

cyclecamper Fri 14-Jun-13 18:10:27

I used to dye mine but decided in the last couple of years that it wasn't worth the money - 2 boxes cost about £14! The last time I went to the hairdresser was over 6 years ago. It's basically waist length with quite a lot of silver in the straw.

My Husband is off sick again - as the gp pointed out, he is taking oral steroids for his asthma which are an immunosuppressant so it isn't surprising that he is catching everything.

Baby camper has been a bit off-colour, but not as bad. He is generally very good at night - feeds and goes straight back to sleep, which is nice - I hope he keeps it up.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 14-Jun-13 20:05:15

Wow bbd ds meets scare n dd. Lovely.

Mrs w pleased its improving and dd suffering less - and you are cracking out the one liners (I love it).

Camper good that baby c sleeping well. Maybe you've got a sleeper - it does happen.

Chairman well done on the discipline and exercise and decorating. I see you as a very energetic person and this reinforces that. I did buggy fit today - it's really sociable and you can decide how hard you want it to be. I'm going to sign up for some more.

Lrm I'm with you on allowing baby to affect work choices. I found it opened up new things - any change does - so work still developed. Good that its all settled.

AFM I'm fasting. I'm not hungry but I'm a bit impaired!. I don't like the way I'm always thinking about food and slenderness. There are more important things. It's making me all self involved (more so than usual!). It will need to get easier if I'm to do it long term.

Having said that I have lost some weightsmile

Re the cancer gene I'm not brave I don't think - if hereditary cancer is not going to kill me it's a different beast iyswim. I am partly fasting cause of this, however.


somewherebecomingrain Fri 14-Jun-13 20:07:34

Oh yes hair. I've got about ten or twenty grey hairs and growing. My hair s not frizzy purely thanks to Tigi ego boost. I recommend it strongly.

scarecrow22 Fri 14-Jun-13 23:02:42

LRM - when ibwas 15 I set my heart on a very specific job. last year I got it...and now I'm giving it up to go part time. I don't have a flicker of doubt it's the right choice, though I would bw lying I'd I didn't admit that it would have been nice to do both. This last week looking after both alone has possibly been the hardest task of my life but definitely rewarding beyond belief.

scarecrow22 Sat 15-Jun-13 19:05:12

there is a great swap thread running in Chat.

littleredmonkey Sat 15-Jun-13 20:05:54

Thanks scarecrow. I know I am sacrificing a job I have done for 17 years but what better reason then for baby Dylan

scarecrow22 Sat 15-Jun-13 21:03:42

LRM - my sister always says nobody died wishing they'd spent more time at work. The pedant in me thinks it's a bit simplistic, but I think it's a good maxim for most of us. We are the lucky ones smile

Eagleray Sat 15-Jun-13 23:34:16

Thanks for all the kind messages and support - DP doing ok and should make a recovery after lengthy treatment, but he was misdiagnosed and the delay in treatment will cause long-term problems. Funnily enough, I thought it would be easier having him around full time for a while, but in some ways it's harder as my weekday routine is out of the window. Also not getting much respite from DD as she keeps her beady eye on me and DP is getting periods of fatigue where he can't do anything.

Scarecrow/LRM - that saying about nobody dying wishing they had worked more is one of my favourites (the other being 'shrouds don't have pockets'). It's such a hard choice, especially when you've worked so hard to get to where you are. I'm trying to be optimistic about the chances of someone wanting to employ me, and my being able to get childcare sorted out too (will need to have money coming in by the end of the year). On the other hand, it feels like an impossible leap as Baby E is always by my side and cannot imagine her being cared for by anyone else.

LRM I think you should do fitness training as a sideline smile

That's an incredible story about Kew Scarecrow - and what a credit DS is to BBD!

Somewhere well done on the weight loss. Totally understand how health concerns can give you different outlook on what/how you eat. You make me feel even more guilty now about not bothering to go to buggy fit classes. Hmm maybe next week I'll give it a go...

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend despite the shite weather!

littleredmonkey Sun 16-Jun-13 11:09:31

Morning ladies.
Sat in front room after manic 2 hours dusting vac washing and other domestic goodness! !! All sparkling. Baby with dp and the house is so quiet. Coffee in hand hair straightened. Clothes have no trace of baby food or dribble. Padded bra on to maintain some what normal look rather then spaniels ears which they have now turned into.
Eagle. Oh personal trainer that would be good making someone else do exercises. I have been a tad off my game this last week since losing the weight. Will refocus next week.
Loved hearing bbh story of Kew gardens. Small world. Would be lovely to meet up all one day.

nananaps Sun 16-Jun-13 11:18:00

Good morning! Just popping in, not been on here before..i think! I have a very poor memory these days. grin

Im 43 next month, have a nearly 10 year old and a 5 month old baby.

Doing ok, glad to see this thread, going to have a wee read as i dont know anyone in RL who has had a baby at my age. Will be nice to have people to relate to.

bytheseaside Sun 16-Jun-13 12:34:24

Happy fathers day all 40s dads! (thought id disapprove of all such card manufacturers nonsense, but turns out i don't smile )
as usual no time to write much, supposed to be having a shower, but big welcome nananaps do stay! Hugs to all ill/tired/fed up ones. we're going to have picnic in the rain. More soon

Eagleray Sun 16-Jun-13 12:45:01

Ha ha Seaside re card manufacturers! We have a very cynical DP here, but he walked into the bedroom this morning to find Baby E holding an envelope for him and smiling, and I swear his heart melted. She had also managed to go out shopping and buy a bag full of foodie treats, magazines etc for him - aren't babies clever? Boo to more rain.

Hi Nana great to see you here! We had babies around the same time and went through amnio agony around the same time too. How are things with you? Please take a seat in the 40+ snug and tuck into a cake.

Blimey LRM awesome work this morning. You are indeed a domestic goddess!

Hope everyone having a lovely Father's Day with DPs

scarecrow22 Sun 16-Jun-13 14:14:31

DH is still away but home tonight!! After bedtime, which somewhat defeats point of coming home tonight winkbut still lovely. Maybe I can stop having to tell DD 36 times a day where he is.

We had a glorious morning - happy children and went for ingredients to bake daddy a cake and a coffee while T slept, then my dad came over and we four went o a newly re-opened miniature steam railway nearby. DD was just a picturebook epitome of young delight - at everything. Grandad came in our car! We saw a train! She got a ticket which she held onto tightly for half an hour! Her Bunny got a sticker! The man punched a hole in her ticket! We went for a Ride On The Train!! We saw horses! We went for "more ride train"! We saw "big blowy thing" (dandelions, or more accurately the steam)! The horses did "big stinky poo poo".... Okay, that was less idyllic, but she loved it....

Also had a wonderful moment last night. Possibly two. Was going to bed and decided T is the most perfect creature ever (I will concede you have all thought same, but give me my moment)..then after his night feed I put him in crib, on his side facing the wall: he then turned his face up to me and gave the most gorgeous happy grin smile

Sorry me, me. Skip post if need be, just wanted to share happy end to a shattering but deeply happy week.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 16-Jun-13 17:48:19

scarecrow just lovely

lrm rofl re spaniels ears.

eagle so pleased the outlook is good for dp


littleredmonkey Sun 16-Jun-13 19:09:52

Scarecrow. You shine a lovely light on your little ones. The train day sounds lovely horse poo and all. And to end the day with a smile magical! !!
Welcome nana. Lovely to meet u. A bit about me for you. 44. Ds 8.5 months old. Emcs after 18 hours of pain sickness and people looking up my muff. He is perfect. Silly things that drive us all nutty butty. Won't nap in his crib in the day requires walks or boob. Crib at night and wakes every 4 hours for feed/cuddle. Got two teeth and has the best laugh and smile melts my heart every time. He is my first. Live up north and work in retail. Welcome to our gang. We laugh cry moan support share couldn't ask for a better group of ladies.

Hello everyone, guess what?
I've finished my marking! A bit late because had to pick up BG on Thursday afternoon due to him vomiting spectacularly over her cot, therefore was home on Friday. And have done last four night duties as when he was ill only mum seems to do... But all done today so I plan to spend a lovely hour tonight catching up on this thread and posting properly. Watch this space...

That's the childminder's cot. BG is still a boy...

blueblackdye Mon 17-Jun-13 19:36:10

Welcome Nananaps, this thread gathers a really nice bunch of ladies, we have lots of fun on here and get loads of advice and support !
All is well on my side. A is still not sleeping more than 4h so I m still up twice a night ! She is now down to 1 nap, after lunch for 1/1.5 hour. But she is healthy, moving around a lot, pulling on wires, exploring the fireplaces and leaving her fingerprints on white furniture everywhere when not on her face ! Her nickname is Cinderella now. Her second tooth is making its appearance slowly. She loves melon and strawberries !
Her brother is cuter everyday, being very nice to her, came to me tonight saying Mummy, do you know how much I love A ? I can hear him reading books to her, mainly the 3 little pigs, he is the big bad wolf !
Busy with work and packing for hols. DH will stay here for work and the rest of the family goes to Paris after 10 days in Portugal.

Okaaayyyyyy... Here I am!
<dives into corner of snuggly sofa in snug, hitches up feet under her, accepts g&t off dishy waiter>
I have been industriously lurking and enjoying all the lovely posts. I am so behind that I think I will just have to start from here in keeping up with all your news. scarecrow I loved your description of your family day.. and meeting bbd's DS! I can imagine with such a lovely mum that he is a delight. mrsw cycle eagle bbd lrm somewhere seaside midget and anyone I have forgotten/lurkers hello and thank you for sharing your new mum life here with the ups and downs and making me feel normal!

AFU we are doing well. BG has decided that sleep is actually quite cool, and now sleeps from 6/7 pm until 5:30/6 with one or two wakings for feeds, but goes straight back down. I am not too bothered at the moment about taking the night feeds out - he still feeds a bit prem-like i.e. doesn't take much at one feed so can't have enough during the day; also we are off to NZ in just under six weeks, which I assume is going to play havoc with his sleep patterns, so no point getting too het up about routines until we are back. In the end we did a lite version of CIO as he was only sleeping about 5-6 hours a night, resulting in him being do tired during the day that he couldn't keep balance sitting, and just wasn't trying to stand up any more. When it started interfering with development we thought dire measures were in order. Actually the longest he ever cried for - with us going instead five minute intervals - was 20 minutes so I think we got off lightly. He still yells for about five mins but it is outraged rather than distressed and he waked up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and happy to see us.
I am loving being a mum and I miss BG dreadfully when I am at work. Who'da thought... I am known as the hardheaded career girl! I love how he laughs on the in breath as well as the out, as if he has too much laugh in him only to do it 50% of the time. I love that when he picks something up he does it with a flourish, as if everything is so wonderful it deserves extra special treatment. I love how determined and stubborn and excited and cute he is... Can you tell I'm a bit in love?!
I would love to give BG a sibling. I worry that he is born into an aging family, that by the time he is 10 he will have no grandparents, that his dad is an only and his mum has two sisters, one drifting round the world, the other who actively wishes he had never been born sad . And no cousins... I had such a hard year last year with my family so far away and most of them seemingly indifferent to the new member, and I don't want him ever to have to go through that. But DH seems intent that we will not have another, I think under pressure from his dad, who cornered me on my first day back from hospital after having BG and tried to force me to say we would not try for another hmm . I am not convinced DH really does only want one! So all of you who had to persuade OHs to try again, please give me your tips!
Ooh sorry for the me me me post and the ups and downs therein. I think I am done now!
Oh not quite. bbd I know you are leaving this weekend. I am so sorry I won't get to see you. BG has medical appointments this week... I hope you will still be here on the thread though. I hope lots of us get to meet up soon too!!

blueblackdye Tue 18-Jun-13 09:27:37

Goat, it is nice to have you back. Hope baby G's vomiting was not too serious. Shame we won't meet before we head abroad but definitively keep in touch on MN.
Sorry to hear about sibling or not sibling. DH's dad should not have any saying in this decision. Why would he not want a second grandchild ? Is he involved anyhow in baby G's daily care ? How strange. But Goat, whatever he says, you and DH are the decision makers.
We were very happy with DS. But being an only child to me was unnatural. Certainly because I have a lot of brothers and sisters. Playing, sharing and arguing are part of the game. But mainly I did not want DS to be on his own when we are gone, fingers crossed that DS and A will get on well and can be strong and reliable support for each other. And second reason was I could see how spoiled he started to be, from us, from his grand parents, from his uncles/aunties... DH is an only child and he is rather egocentric and introvert. Above all, the key was that DS was so cute, lovable, wonderful, lovely, funny, handsome etc.... That we could not just stop with/after him !!! We are so blessed to have A as well now and even if it is tiring, we do not regret one second. She is just as wonderful as her brother. I am sometimes sad thinking I will not have a third baby.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 18-Jun-13 11:27:21

Hey goat lovely post.

Love your description of baby goat! I like the way we are all stopping being so polite and just going for it about how wonderful our babies are!

I think a single child is ok actually. I agree with everything bbd says, however the only children I've known have grown up very confident and successful human beings. But if goat wants one go for it - nothing to do with anyone bar your dp.

But goat what's the story with your sister? My middle sis doesn't speak to me or my older sis since we had kids so am intrigued that you've experienced a similarly extreme reaction....


knickyknocks Tue 18-Jun-13 14:26:13

goat and scarecrow the way you described your love for your LOs gave me goosebumps! So gorgeously lovely,

Goat I'm with somewhere regarding the confident only children I've known in my life. That said, I know what it's like to hanker over having a second child. When my DD was first born, I couldn't imagine having a second that I would love so much, plus I wasn't absolutely sure I wanted a second. I have a fairly awful relationship with my brother, but my DH had a wonderful relationship with his sister (sadly she died 12 years ago - but he still thinks she was one of the best friend he's ever had). Things got easier as DD got older (and started to sleep better - she was a dreadful sleeper), and my DH convinced me that not all sibling relationships are like me and my brother. I felt I didn't have much time to dither around for a decision, so we just went for it again. 18 months later we became pregnant with our DS, and you know - maybe it's a confidence thing - but things do feel so much easier the second time round. I'm head over heels with DS. If you feel even a slight hankering for a second, I definitely think it's worth having a serious conversation with Mr Goat telling him how much it means to you. That said, if it's not meant to be for whatever reason, you sound absolutely blessed with Baby G.

I took baby KK to the health visitor today, apparently he's dropped down the weight chart, he was on the 50yh percentile, now he's just above the 25th - I was asked the usual questions do I breastfeed (no), does he finish his bottles (not always no). Why is it though you always remember something when you leave.....I forgot to mention that his 8 and 12 week jabs hit him for six and put him right off his food. Anyway, I now have to return in 2 weeks time to make sure he's putting the weight back on.

Other than that, me and DH are still struggling with each other sad. He can be such a thoughtless selfish bugger at times. He's got 4 days off and apparently it didn't cross his mind that at some point I'd like a lie in too hmm. Plus, we just seem to be ships in the night, not talking much beyond kids and housework. I really do feel we need to start paying attention to our relationship soon otherwise it may be costly. I have also no desire to start being intimate yet - tiredness number one factor, but number two I tend to think us ladies need to feel loved and attractive and I'm feeling neither at the moment.

Sorry a bit of a me post. On the upside, I managed to go for my first post baby run today - albeit interspersed with brief walks. But my pelvic floor muscles held up! grin. Will go again tomorrow as have to try and attempt to get back in my old clothes at some point. Can't afford a whole new wardrobe!

scarecrow22 Tue 18-Jun-13 16:20:15

Some lovely long posts: great to have you back Goat, and the rather elusive Knicky too smile

Goat, I'm with the others on some happy older children, but strongly wanted a second. DH was deeply resistant: I tried to keep low pressure, open communications, etc, but twice he walked in on me crying over the issue. Despite my rather wept pregnancy, I'm actually not really a crier by nature so I think he was quite shocked by it. Eventually I wrote him a letter explaining that I didn't just want a child, I wanted his child; and in fact more than anything I wanted him to want a child. I said I understood this was an even bigger ask, but it was about the importance of feeling we had the same priorities: family and love, rather than spare money and time for exotic travel or more possessions (his chief objections being that kind of coping). I also blithely promised I would cope, he could go motor racing, and goodness know what other idiocy. In the end he said he was persuaded by seeing DD's love of other children and wanting her to have the companion. Later when he panicked he said he was angry I had pushed him into it, he'd felt emotionally blackmailed. I had never threatened to leave, but he rightly intuited that was only because of DD. our problems over this are documented in part on this thread, but he now seems utterly delighted with T and I have promised to never ever even whisper the word "another?!"
What am I trying to say? You know your relationship, but despite all that happened I am glad I insisted, and I actually think one day DH will say he is glad he reconsidered. It's not for everyone, but it's too important to drop without at least keeping open lines of communication. Can you find any "solutions" to his concerns?
It is of course absolutely nothing to do with your FiL...

Thanks too for evokative description of BG smile

Knicky - sorry about DP. A friend swears a second baby is the biggest test ever of a relationship and separation/ divorce should be outlawed before their 5th birthday. You are right to try to pre empt things getting worse. Also maybe take time to consider which aggravations are most important, and which are perhaps secondariesgrinnly annoying because you are irritated. That might help focus any discussion you have. Also I have fund being more specific helps: I got annoyed DH gave DD bowl of cereal in front of telly and didn't notice she hardly ate it. So eventually I simply explained how important it was to me that she ate her meals at the table with his attention, and why (but left off the rant about untidiness and washing up --for now anywaywink--) Am as confused as anybody it needed to be said, but problem mostly solved.

Still shattered by last week so forgive me not name checking more. Somewhere, wondering if your mum yet has results? Seaside, have you had more job thoughts? BBD have you heard about your job application? Eagle, hope DP's treatment going okay still. Chairman, hope you are having a good week. MrsW, hope colic subsiding with treatment and you coping okay. LRM, agree you should consider post partum fitness training. Midget, you okay? Waves to NotSoOld.

I leave you, with your indulgence, with a last story: last night DD was going around with a white colander on her head because she was a "Scary Alien"...to encourage her upstairs for a bath I suggested she go and scare daddy. "Don't panic, mummy," she replied, "it's only 'tend." grin

bytheseaside Wed 19-Jun-13 16:26:35

Im enjoying these baby-love stories too smile Baby seaside has discovered the joys of throwing things on the floor for us to pick up (and then throwing again, and again, and again) big time this week, not playing with them a bit first, just straight on the floor, looking us rather challengingly in the eye, and indicating clearly that we should get on with picking up asap. Its very funny, and like fools, DP and I keep this up for some time.

I would love another child, DP more cautious, but I think he would too. I worry about miscarrying and serious birth defects though, and just don't know whether our bodies could make another one, we needed ivf before, I don't think we could find / borrow the money again. I have very happy memories as a child and adult with my siblings, and feel so sad I most likely will not be able to give that to baby seaside. I worry about her being alone / lonely when she's older, but of course I may just be projecting: I have no knowledge of what it would be like for her, or how it would have been for me as an only. And she does have cousins close in age - I must make sure she sees loads of them. Dp and I are getting on OK mostly, some big spats though, several stupid ones about different ideas about proper way of doing baby-related stuff (proper way vs slapdash way ;) ). On the whole I know I've been lucky to avoid too much man-child stuff, he shares the work/responsibility when he's around. Weaning has been a godsend in loosening the exclusivity of mum/baby bond and letting him in, so he can now occupy her happily for a couple of hours here and there, for the first time really. They have their own stuff that they do: stories, silly games - I love to eaves drop, but mainly just dash round trying to get stuff done!

I have lots of work to do, came downstairs to an accidentally defrosted freezer this morning, red juice from the frozen raspberries running down fridge and puddling on the floor, rather macabre ... I need to properly defrost all the half-frozen food and cook it up, we need to eat like kings for a few days, don't usually have a very meat/fish centric diet, so might be fun. Unfortunately I had alreadycooked a massive vat of bolognaise last night filling the fridge, going to be meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this rate.

blueblackdye Thu 20-Jun-13 21:55:49

Hello Ladies, Ii wish I had more time and energy to post. I also wish I could get my brain to work a little bit. Thoughts come and go. I feel like everything just slides down, nothing makes me react one way or another. Am I too tired and just function as a machine ?

Reading the last posts about siblings actually made me sad.
I did not realise how difficult it could be to get pregnant, going through IVF is such a journey, Seaside, hats off, not only you managed to have this little girl but also she is healthy and cute and perfect.
I did not realise sibling relationships could be so hard, harder than friendship by the sound of it. I am closer to my sisters than my brothers but we are always here for each other. We can be mad at each other but if there is a serious crisis, we forget about details and just gather. I am very naive about blood ties, aren't I ?
I did not realise either that having a second child or the thought/desire of a second child could endanger the couple as an entity so much.
I feel sad I think because the project of having a child and actually having a child tolook after should be surrounded and filled with joy and light, not worries nor arguments.
Maybe I just feel sad because Scarecrow put words on my fears !

Time to cheer up. I have great news ! First one is We are off for a family holidays for 2 weeks on Sunday, Portugal is the destination. 2nd great news, DS got a place in a great school, he will learn French and Mandarin from year 1 ! 3rd, I met a lovely Mum today whose baby is an angel, sleeping through the night at 3 months, chilled out and very cute. She once said her motto was Happy Mum, Happy Baby, I think she is right.
4th, A started playing peek a boo.... And said Papa a few days ago, although I m not convinced she connects the sound and the meaning, but DH was thrilled.

Oh, tomorrow is DS' last day at nursery, it feels like the end of an era. A new chapter starts, my little baby boy is no more as little as he will always be in my heart. Somewhere, time flies and today I wish I could stop it because he is just so perfect. "O Temps, suspends ton vol et vous, heures propices, suspendez votre cours, laissez nous savourer les rapides delices, des plus beaux de nos jours..." A de lamartime.
And the chocolate cake I made for his leaving party tomorrow is properly cooked this time. Yeah !!!

blueblackdye Fri 21-Jun-13 09:09:50

Forgot to say that last Monday I met another lovely Mum. At 5 weeks, her little boy looked so tiny and fragile next to my almost 11 month daughter. I had the chance to hold him and it felt like I had feather in my arms, warm and light. My friend Mum was so impressive, she was so calm and serene even when her LO was a bit unsettled. And he looked exactly like his Mum.
All right, today's mission: finish packing. But for now, a bit of work !
Will be back soon

bbd congratulations on getting DS into the school! I too wish I had more time and energy to post. I have meant to post the last couple of nights but ended up falling asleep as soon as I climbed into my lovely comfy bed. Not that I spent much time in it in the end last night, as the hot weather has made poor BG's eczema flare up and the poor thing spent the night in considerable discomfort, no matter what I tried.
Thank you to all the answers about having a second. I absolutely agree that being an only is not a terrible thing - I am married to one and he is a lovely and functional human being grin - it's more that BG is an only in a full generation - DH at 39 is the next youngest in the immediate family! Also I guess I never saw myself as mother to one, I thought I would have more. Though I do realise that there is no guarantee that siblings will get on! My sisters and I got on really really well growing up. I remember the wonderful games we used to play, making up extremely complicated plots and acting them out. It was only later when things turned really abusive that the 'divide and rule' mentality won out sad . I think this is why my sister hates the fact that BG exists - she had such an awful time that she honestly wants the family to die out. Up until his arrival, I was the only one in the family she still talked to. Hasn't talked to our mum for over a decade, or my other sister for a couple of years now. Families, huh?!
scarecrow I love the stories about your DD! What a fabulous creative mind to have living with you.
knicky so sorry to hear you have difficulties with DH at the moment. Having a baby really turns everything upside down. I hope you can work it out together.
seaside amazing that you have come through the incredibly difficult journey of ivf. Lovely to hear of the burgeoning relationship between baby seaside and her dad!
Right. Am at work, so do you think I should actually do some work?!...
(Just want to go home and be with BG...)

blueblackdye Fri 21-Jun-13 10:24:21

Oh oh oh Ladies, one of the babies on this thread turns 1 today if I m not mistaking. Happy birthday to baby FF ! Wherever you are, I wish you a wonderful
Celebration on the longest day of the year ! Be a good boy to your Mum today. FF, hope the holiday house sale goes well. Xxxxxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 22-Jun-13 07:58:30

knicky well done on run!. Sorry dp being crap. I'm afraid I've found only the nuclear option of therapy has taught my dp to see beyond his own nose and employ basic fairness principles around things like lie ins. It's funny I remember ds being knocked for 6 by jabs but dd has sailed through. Is it evidence that boys are more sensitive ultimately? Are they hassling you about his weight now?

scare I haven't heard about the gene yet. But I'm sure my mum has it. I will fast and symptom check and I will survive - I'm confident. Reiterate loving your stories about your kids.

bbd well done on school! Mine has his place too and I'm so excited. My sister said it was the most exciting thing since birth. We are going to his schools fair today. Your words about ds growing up have really got to me of which more later. Lovely re Portugal - have a superb time.

goat your sister issues sound more complex and embedded in bad things that have gone on than mine. My middle sister has borderline personality disorder/narcissistic personality disorder, possibly (she wont engage with mental health services). Shes in constant emotional torment and abusive and violent and pretty scary. There was years of denial from my parents but essentially she is just bad luck - something awry in the chromosones. That why she won't speak to us - and why thats fine by me. I've been thinking about her a lot recently and how unlucky she is and how lucky I am. Suppose I'm always interested in a sibling story, I hope you can get through yours as your sis is basically normal?

AFM (disingenuous I know as I've been banging on about myself all post) don't you think babies are like the Tower of Babel? Dd goes allaaaaah (Muslim) and ngugi (like Kenyan writer Ngugi wa thiongo).

Also feeling sad about ds growing up. I'm sort of having the opposite of scares prob. I still love ds but I feel I've sort of de bonded with him. I wanted a girl so much and I love my girl so much. She gives me the elaborate connected conversation I like while ds just answers in monosyllables or not at all. bbds comments got to me - its as if I can't see the gorgeousness I saw before in my ds. I can see it but not as much, it's sort of been eclipsed by dd. he's growing up - I miss him even when he's right in front of me. Mil has been doing a lot and that is great but takes us further apart.

I said I'd never express but now think I must to give me some time alone with ds.


somewherebecomingrain Sun 23-Jun-13 11:50:07

All v quiet here. Hope everyone having a lovely weekend / I am.

Think my ds is either realising baby s won't go back or tired or growing or something. It's just a phase. I just hate it when he won't talk to me as I am a big talker.

Where is chairman wow?


knickyknocks Sun 23-Jun-13 20:25:03

Oh just too annoying - typed a long post and it went to the page which told me mumsnet site was offline so lost it all!!

somewhere agree re de-bonding with the older child. I don't feel half as close to DD as I did pre DS. It doesn't help that she has become a bit of a tantrum-y child at the moment and that DH is looking after DD in the main whilst I deal with DS. I feel so sad that our close bond has gone. I'm hoping as DS becomes less dependant on me, then I can start to work on building the close bond again.
Yes, HVs are hassling me re the weight - due to see them a week on Tuesday. He doesn't look remotely underweight to me - he has very pudgy michelin style arms FFS! They did say it's probably because he's dropped a feed at night as he's going 6pm till 3am without a feed. When I suggested whether I should be waking to feed him, the HV told me not to, so I have no idea what they will suggest next if he hasn't put on the correct amount of weight - I can't ram milk down him if he doesn't want it!

somewhere and scarecrow thank you for the advice re DH. Interesting about the therapy and that second babies are the biggest test of a relationship. There are times he's lovely and there are other times that he's an utter a***hole. Yesterday, I hadn't managed to put away DD's biscuits as I'd been too busy. I left them in front of the microwave. When he went in the kitchen to use the microwave, he threw the biscuits on the floor in a strop (he couldn't have cared less if he had broken them) and told me I should have put them away. It just made me cry as this behaviour is not infrequent and is so far removed from the man I married.

bbd hope you have a wonderful holiday - looks like you picked the right time to go, where has the british summer gone??

Yes, wonder where chairmanwow is? Hope you're doing OK if lurking smile

scarecrow22 Tue 25-Jun-13 12:58:52

Hello all
On my weekly trek to E London. Almost my favourite trip of week to see my sister as get an hour on Tube each way when can't feel guilty about being on iPad!
BBD, hope holiday in Portugal is or was lovely and good luck with settling in to home life in France. As promised will text or post if we pass close to Paris. I might need tranquillisers after two to four weeks couped up in a tin box with three, er two, children ;)
Knicky, hope things calmed down at home. How are bed times going. Mine are sometimes. Dream of happy family, sometimes ghastly. At the weekend I stomped into DD's room when she was still playing up at nearly 8pm and told her in no uncertain terms I'd had enough of looking after other people and wanted some time to myself. Amazingly it worked!
Echo wondering where Chair has gone. And MrsW. And Cycle. Hope you and babies are all okay. Thinking of you lots.
Somewhere, love your infectious adoration of DD. Re bonding, my thoughts evolve all the time: partly I think it is just an emotionally shattering time on my levels (guilt, for ex, was not a memorable emotion with only one); partly adjusting to different relationships re age and place in family, and gender: given time I sincerely believe these and all the other changes will settle down. I know my bond with T is growing deeply and beautifully, it is just different.
Seaside, have you thought more about work? When are you thinking you might have to return?
Eagle, thinking of you and DH often, and hoping you can enjoy his extra time with the family at least.
Midget (I think) did you ever take DS swimming? Hope he liked water. I can't wait I take T.
Goat - am v curious what your instrument is? (Is voice an instrument?) Do you compose too?

Have last couple of days childcare for a long while as CM on holiday next week (expect no posts or counsel to despair!), then we head off to France..DH wants to go away for seven weeks, I want to go for two. As ever I agreed to four if not a disaster and now he is pushing for more again. It frustrates me that it has to be all or nothing: working all hours or being on holiday: I'd prefer him around at home more over time.
Tomorrow take DD to the Montessori nursery she starts at in September. They will be “observing” her - am partly amused, partly worried I’ll be made to see I indulge her. Am also a teeny bit sad as feel it’s the first baby step to her leaving home! On Thurs T has his tongue tie cut. They tell me it won't hurt but still slightly dread it. My head though says it is the right thing to do.

Hope you all have lovely sunshine. Waves, Scarecrowx

bytheseaside Tue 25-Jun-13 14:45:54

Hello mums smile
blissful few minutes while baby seaside sleeps beside me - oh she's lovely. But rather clingy today! Haven't been able to get breakfast yet today, just choc biscuits blush Actually, I should prob try and sneak away and make sandwich now rather than typing with you lot.
1st post-birth period started yesterday nine months on - yay! I think 'yay' as it means another baby is a theoretical possibility (very theoretical in view of cosleeping, velcro baby and dp taking a battering in recent illness) Hope it doesn't mean I've cut back on bf too much since starting weaning - not sure how to tell if I'm getting it right.

scare I love the sound of montessori nursery, I would love to do that for baby s when she's older. we will hand-hold on thursday for tongue-tie-cut.

oops, and shes awake ...

scarecrow22 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:18:11
blueblackdye Tue 25-Jun-13 21:21:36

Hourah ! Internet is on, I will catch up in a sec. Xxxx

EagleRay Wed 26-Jun-13 14:46:48

Hi everyone

BBD - hope you're having a lovely time in sunny Portugal

Seaside - what a strange coincidence - guess who else has had their periods return in the last few days?! I was really shocked actually - firstly, given the amount of BF I'm doing, and secondly I wasn't supposed to have periods return without medical intervention. I'm not sure if that necessarily means my fertility has returned too - I guess we shall see in time (although a couple of weeks ago I did wonder what was going on with my body as it seemed a bit mid-cycleish...)

On the subject of 40+ conception, I do have an amazing story to tell - I doubt anyone will remember but around my due date a friend of mine who's 43 had a MMC after several rounds of ivf. Once she had recovered a bit, she decided she did want to try again, and I mentioned to her about doing ivf via egg donor overseas and she thought it was probably worth looking into. Fast forward a few months and they've signed up and are ready to start, and are just waiting for her period to start, and it doesn't... Somehow, incredibly she has conceived naturally! Very early days of course, but today she is pregnant smile

Scarecrow your trip sounds sooo exciting! Regarding your tin box, I am guessing you have got some sort of campervan - I used to have a very old one (only a couple of years younger than myself) which was regarded as very cute by friends, but the bloody thing was always breaking down in awkward places. Was actually relieved when I got rid of it and still shudder a bit when I see people driving similar! A nice modern one would be nice though...

And regarding the number of weeks to spend away, my teacher neighbours have similar differences in opinion - he wants to be away somewhere for every day of the holidays, whereas she wants to spend a bit of time just at home catching up, pottering and enjoying the garden etc.

I sent you a PM a while back to explain about DP's illness as you did ask what was wrong and I didn't really want to say in public - not sure if you saw the message? Bizarrely, since then, they have actually diagnosed him with something else again and switched his treatment. He is back at work now, feeling better and this time next year he should be off the drugs and we are hoping he will be cured. How did the nursery session go by the way?

Oh and good luck for the tongue tie cut! DD had this done at a week old and was fine afterwards, and it healed totally in a few days. Was it diagnosed only recently?

Eek out of time as Baby E shouting from her hammock - waves to Somewhere, Knicky, Goat, LRM, Cycle, Chairman, Nana, MrsW, FF

ChairmanWow Wed 26-Jun-13 17:57:41

I'm here, do not fear. Just very busy, exercising followed by poorly toddler and baby, lots of long posts on here and not the time to respond.

In fact DS is shouting 'Muuuuummmy!' now so I have to run. Eeek! Back soon friends x

We are sitting out in the garden with a ridiculous number of toys, enjoying the sunshine, having home to the park this morning. I'm hoping all the fresh air will wear BG out! We went to the playground this morning. It was lovely, though I looked at the 18-20 month olds careering round and thought 'blimey, these kids are the same school year as BG!!' shock

somewhere so sorry to hear about your sister. So tough to live with and to keep your own life whole and healthy. Not sure I would describe my own sister as normal... She has had mh problems in the past and is still dry tinder - we really have to tiptoe around her and still get it wrong. I really want to see her when I go home though, so hope she will agree to meet up.

knicky I get so annoyed about hvs and the weight obsession - no wonder we have weight issues in this country when it starts from birth! Do what you feel is right... You know his feeding patterns better than anyone.

scarecrow good luck with tongue tie snip. And the caravanning!

seaside choc biscuits are a balanced diet, as long as you have one in each hand wink

eagle that's great news about your DP. You must be so relieved.

Hope you are having a lovely holiday bbd . Hello to all lurkers (and welcome back chairman w) All newbies and new babies, hope you are all well!

Ps in case anyone thought I keep BG up until all hours... It took four hours to finish the post!!!!

ChairmanWow Wed 26-Jun-13 19:23:10

Kids in bed, wine in fridge and Chairman too tired to respond to all the many long posts so this will be a bit stream of consciousness.

Sorry to all with loved ones going through MH issues. A close friend really is in the thick of it at the moment. Voices, paranoia and regular suicide attempts. A bright, tough and capable woman. I fear for her. To have a sibling going through it...I can only imagine.

Partners reluctant to have a DC2 - I get the impression there are an increasing number of onlies out there and as with others have met happy, confident and successful onlies. Friends take the place of siblings. But I understand the longing to have a second child and had to convince a reluctant DH. Friends with more than one were hugely helpful in relaying all the positive aspects. I was also v determined. He has no regrets now and as the kids bond more and more is really touched by their growing relationship.

As for me, I've lost 17lbs in 6 weeks! Woo hoo! No diets as such just sensible eating and exercise 5 times a week. Really pleased to be a third of the way there. Bit of a setback this week with 2 poorly kids and a poorly me. Totally shattered by night wakings and having to get in with a v distressed DS who can't keep still. Loved snuggling up with him though and kind of loved him needing constant mummy cuddles. Pathetic and needy woman!

Still keeping the blues away and finding a balance in our new family.

Will try and keep up more. Sorry for any randomness. Wine time now. See you soon!

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:07:01

DH took DS to watch a show in our hols resort, I m deeding A. And using iPhone to read and post. Apologies in advance for typo if not nonsense!
Very glad to hear from Eagle, Goat, Chairman and Knicky as you have been quiet. Glad DP is feeling better Eagle. V glad Chairman you lost so much weight with balance diet et exercise. Goat, love your style re balance diet smile Knicky, when will HV leave you and baby alone ?

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:19:05

Oups A made me post early !
Seaside, Eagle, mine came back almost exactly when A reached 6 months, I was shocked as I was still BF roughly as much as before, then 2 months later I skipped one cycle and they came back again... Not too scared about being pg though as sex life is a bit on hold, still on hold, I should say. Yes Knicky I m too struggling a bit with DH. The relationship is tense, I can't stand the tone he uses sometime but he seems not to take notice. I m v sorry yours made you cry. Virtual hugs to you.

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:32:53

Somewhere, DS will get used to have his sister around but it is a good idea to have time only for him with your full attention. I still feel guilty when mine has to spend an hour playing by himself while I bathe and feed A. But boredom leads to creativity and I love to hear him talking to himself when he is not aware that I can smile funnily, he plays in English most of the time.
Scarecrow, how was Montessori assessment for L today ? I really like the philosophy behind it. I wanted to send DS from 3 to 5 to a Montessori school but the headteacher sadly passed away. So I dropped the idea. I liked her v much and her personality had a strong impact on the pupils. Really hope T's surgery won't have any side effect. Holding your hand.

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:47:22

Portugal is fab. DH is off most mornings for his tennis and ocean swim. DS and I enjoy the pool while A patiently watches from her pushchair. Then she has her swim with us too before falling asleep on the breast under the pine trees in front of the orange cliff and blue ocean. DS has a little rest too reading stories or practicing his writing. He has discovered Domino and asks to play all the time, which is easy to do while BF! I m more than happy to oblige. For once it is a quiet game.... After lunch, it is nap time for all of us. 4pm, we all go to the beach, DS runs after the waves! With screams of true delight. A seems scared by the sound of the ocean, she would curl against me, circling my neck with her arms and resting her head against my chest as if my heartbeat reassures her. 7pm DS is mesmerised by the live singer/band. 7.30pm dinner is served. 9pm A is in bed and I am too....

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:50:00

No wonder why I look like pg again.... I barely do anything else than eat and sleep! One more week to go! Yeah !

blueblackdye Wed 26-Jun-13 22:52:11

Wave to every one, Cheese, Nananaps, LRM, FF, Midget, VQ....

somewherebecomingrain Thu 27-Jun-13 09:16:56

Urrrrrrgh bbd drooling! Sounds so lovely. Beautifully described. Sorry not been on here my app suggested no one was posting! Too much to catch up on to post at length now.

chair glad your back.

Re my sis don't think it's the worst thing - worse to have a crazy parent - but given the denial I'm still making sense of it in my 40s. Could be a crazy sister bore if I don't check myself.

Have given up 5:2 as became a raging vortex of hunger. But there's a whole spectrum if fasting which I shall bore you with (fasting bore) when I have time.

Oh yes ds has come back to me! He is talking to me, as if he realises the 'remote' expression of love that is conversation will have to take te place of the physical while dd is babe in arms.

littleredmonkey Thu 27-Jun-13 09:55:58

Bbh. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. Close my eyes and I am there. Sarong tied around my neck to hide the wobbly body
Somewhere so could not fast would make me very cranky. How do u manage it?
Sending hugs to all. Those of you thinking of baby two extra hugs. D will be an only. If I was younger I may have thought about it but happy with him. Someways wish I have the maternal instinct early to be honest never thought about kids till dp mentioned it in Canada took two years of me going back and forth do I dont I. So to those that do I send hugs and well wishes.
Chair good to see ya well done on the weight lose! !! Impressive you can exercise so often wish I could. I seem to have slowed down with my lose aim is 70 lbs at 62. Happy I can get in my old clothes but I think my toning is going to be awful to do. I was size 24 then a 12 then pregnant then 22 now a 12/14. All in two years my skin is saying no way man! !

somewherebecomingrain Thu 27-Jun-13 10:55:29

Hello back again on the web version rather than app so can check others posts.

goat thought sis must be mad to wish Bg had not been born. Interested that you really want to see her. She must be in a grey area unlike my sister which means you prob won't want to talk about it on here. I know what you mean by dry tinder.

scare hello. The holiday dilemma sounds like a first world problem - I had one with my 'too good school with too many children of chief executives and too much on the wall about leadership' which ds is now going to. But I appreciate its the usual dp male bossiness and therefore annoying. Seven weeks would be de trop.

Good luck with tongue tie. I now live near montessoris and wanted to send ds but it was too late as hed have to go fullish time which I couldnt afford. I might be able to send dd but then I'd feel guilty! Dunno.

knicky I wonder what is going on with your dp? He sounds like he is regressing. Cross with him for making you cry. It's hard work isn't it. Thanks for your words re dd and bond. It is really painful isn't it, the fact they have to share. I mean, bit of a first world prob but at the same time it's in the bible it's one of the oldest themes in the world sibling rivalry and there's no dodging the fact that it actually hurts and is a loss and something is gone that can never come back. But you kind of have to go there to go to the next place which is accepting it and enjoying the new things it brings with it. Probably many times cyclically.

Ds crying! Gotta go xx

scarecrow22 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:29:05

Hello folks.

T had his tongue snip: he was good as gold, one little whimper and a confused look... It was odd to see blood in his mouth but he fed well and has been himself tonight so no drama. It's probably the tiredness and possibility that a lot of the long nights and colicky days could have been avoided, but doctor said tongue tie could nt have been worse and would likely have affected speech, even if there had been no feeding problems, so I'm oddly angry/upset that doctor in hospital - who was otherwise so kind and solicitous - was so dismissive when I asked about it. I realise it's an over reaction and fruitless anger but just saying how I feel. Partly in hope admitting it helps it pass.

LRM and Chair, your weight loss very impressive. Can you tell/ remind me what your sensible eating plan was? Haven't worried about losing weight for so long but have spent nearly two months rooted at exactly 12 st when was 10-10st 7 for my whole adult life before and am getting pi**ed off! Have just finished week one of the Couch to 5k programme and very impressed by it and enjoying it.

Midgetm Thu 27-Jun-13 20:16:50

I lost you all but now you are found. Waves to mums and babies, slaps to dh's being knobs and a big wistful sigh to Bdb and her Portugal holiday - sounds divine.

blueblackdye Thu 27-Jun-13 22:17:54

Hey Midget, nice to have you back, you are as sharp as ever. How is Master Midge ? And his spirited sis ?
Scarecrow, glad T has not suffered at all.
Somewhere, a friend of mine sent his second child to Montessori but his first went to a non Montessori nursery, his decision was based on their character and h
He does not feel guilty. But I know the feeling, because DS will go to a private school I feel I will need to send A to one too.
Just had a choc tart with peanuts, outrageously delicious, just like a snickers bar with fresh dark choc. So glad had to share with DH and DS, a small bite for the taste was just perfect, otherwise I would need a new wardrobe.
A had her swim again today. She really enjoys being in the pool. Thank you, LRM and MrsW for the tips. I will take her to swimming when back in London.

blueblackdye Fri 28-Jun-13 02:59:03

Is anyone up? I had 2 naps today so not very sleepy anymore. Gosh, it will be a long day ! smile

blueblackdye Fri 28-Jun-13 03:14:40

Watching A sleep, she is the most beautiful baby of course of the world ever ever.... I am happy, v happy for all of us. Onlies or siblings, they are our treasures, these babies.

littleredmonkey Fri 28-Jun-13 09:20:29

Scarecrow. Diet is extremely low carbs. Breakfast poached eggs and yogurt. Lunch salad with egg or ham or tuna. Tea steamed veg with chicken pork or fish. Pudding is nuts and dried fruit. Will have chilli and sgag bol but with brown rice. Very naughty at the weekends have sandwiches crisps and cake. I dont snack or have any sugar. Boring but I am so not a cook. If you cook then go nuts with any combo of fruit veg and protein. Watch the sauces loaded with sugars. Took 5 months to lose 4 stone. Just wish I had the energy to exercise more. Oh we'll will do 2 hours of walking today at least and carrying around a 25 lb baby also counts
Bbh. I will agree with u A is gorgeous. Also watching D sleep little curls on the side of his head.

littleredmonkey Fri 28-Jun-13 09:21:02

Midget. Good to see ya. How's master m?

scarecrow22 Fri 28-Jun-13 12:32:47

another night of five hours broken sleep (dd running temp for three nights in a row) and now a pounding headache....but such sweet delight watching DD busy cleaning entire playground with T's muslin. she is determined to dry all the apparatus for the childrens (sic) but it is still raining. bless

scarecrow22 Fri 28-Jun-13 12:35:30

thanks LRM. can't give up breakfast cereal but will try and cut snacks and rescue carbs. I'm not cut out for dieting but would.like to gradually shed at least. stone before stop BF. Remind me why men.can't be pregnant and spare us all this post pg cr@p

WiltshireMummy2013 Fri 28-Jun-13 13:00:06

Can I join the crew?

I'm 43 years old.
DS1 almost 4 years old.
DS2 16 months old.

I would also like to find other older moms in Wiltshire or surrounding areas.

scarecrow22 Fri 28-Jun-13 13:31:57

Wilts welcome, it would be great to have you join us... Oldest recent DC on her just turned one, and youngest is about 7 weeks (Cycle?). I think Eagle and Seaside live out west so hopefully they'll check in soon. I'm at the less pretty end of the M4/M3!

There is a list of us near the beginning of the thread...or the lovely bbd will update you after her hols.

I am 42, have a dd of 2.5 with golden curls, honey brown eyes and a lot of cheek, and DS of 11.5 weeks with black hair, blue eyes and the sweetest temperament. We all have the most gorgeous DC on the planet and are not afraid to tell each other gringringrin

ChairmanWow Fri 28-Jun-13 13:38:35

Nice to meet you wiltshire. I'm oop north, not sure if there are any other SW mummys here but the virtual company on here is lovely.

scarecrow, I've missed a post somewhere - I didn't realise DS had tongue tie. My DS had it too, also extremely bad (right at the front of the tongue). He struggled to feed and had it cut when he was admitted to hospital with weight loss. I still feel angry to this day that a baby who had difficulty feeding was discharged, and that the referral would have taken weeks, especially when I saw what a simple procedure it was. Glad your DS has been feeding well and the snip has been done. I think it should be hospital policy for tongue tie to be fixed prior to discharge, and during my last pregnancy my plan was to refuse to leave if DD had it as well until it was fixed. Rant over! On a more positive note, DS's speech seems normal so far and his tongue looks completely normal.

Re eating plan, no plan as such. I hate diets - they make me obsess about food. I've just cut out cakes, biscuits and chips. I'm allowing myself one treat a week. Also the only snacks I'm having are fruit. I have bought some smaller plates and am eating smaller portions. I'm rarely hungry between meals. Exercise- wise, two Buggyfit classes a week, 3 sessions of at least half an hour on the turbo trainer. Walking as much as poss. It's felt quite easy really, and I'm enjoying getting some fitness and energy back.

Sorry for all those with disturbed sleep. It's the pits. Wishing you all a restful weekend, and DPs giving you lie-ins and generally being kind.

ChairmanWow Fri 28-Jun-13 13:54:21

How rude of me - I didn't really jntroduce myself. Half asleep!

I'm 40 and have a gorgeous, cuddly DS of 2.3. Also a little blondie with brown eyes. My DD is 3 months old today and she has lovely blue eyes, a tiny bit of brown hair and a big smile. So far the pair of them have bonded brilliantly. Long may it last!

littleredmonkey Fri 28-Jun-13 19:31:43

Welcome wilts. I am up north too.
Ds 9 months. Blue eyed brown haired little sweetie. Every thing he does it wonderful and everything new he does is the best thing since sliced bread. I am 44 and have settled nicely into my maternity time boo it ends soon. Welcome to the gang x

littleredmonkey Fri 28-Jun-13 19:35:13

Scarecrow. Had long day so just polished off a bowl of cereal. Thought of you while I shovelling in the lovely flakes. Also had toast with jam on whoops. I fear weigh day may not go so well in the morning.

littleredmonkey Fri 28-Jun-13 19:36:51

Please all wish my little fella lovely sleeps tonight. Last night he went down at 7 woke at 10. 2 3 and 5

scarecrow22 Fri 28-Jun-13 20:12:16

LRM I'd eat cereal three meals a day if I didn't restrain myself!

Gave DD Piriton tonight in desperate bid for sleep (in my defence she has been complaining of being itchy quite a lot...blush). Now DH using POWER TOOLS outside her window and she is stirring. Give Me Fecking Strength.

<breathes deeply>

LRM hope baby sleep dust wafts over your house on the cooling breeze...

blueblackdye Fri 28-Jun-13 22:11:03

Sending over Mr Sandman to all of us.
Welcome to Wilts. I am 42, London based, DS is 4.8 yo and DD will be 11 months tomorrow ! They are the reason of my life, I m so glad, blessed and grateful to have these little cheeky cuties.

scarecrow22 Fri 28-Jun-13 22:33:43

Got to spend day with in laws tomorrow. First time since their disastrous trip and our row in May. I feel so blank in my heart towards them all: I want to be bigger than that (and outwardly am...have made fairy cakes, got T's footprint done on a mug to match one from DD etc) but feel hollow at having to make polite family talk with somebody who can understand me so little she thinks I don't care enough about my children and feels sorry for my husband. Any sage advice (or @ss kicking) welcome!

Right am stupid to be up so late, night all

MrsWooster Sat 29-Jun-13 13:43:25

Hello everyone - brief respite in the mania... Baby W is MUCH calmer and not in pain any more, it seems. Her immature gut is being tended to - I'm dairy free (and am the worlds least likely vegan, so it's not easy...) and she has prescription formula for her top up bottle, colief for the lactose and lansoprozole for the reflux. I HATE being the sort of person who knows the names of medications; my mum can reel off all her 1000s of different tablets etc and I do NOT want to be her... Also HATE giving medicine to BabyW - she's so tiny and cute and trusting and should just be having boob, bottle and sucking her bunny's ears.
It really has been a hellish few months but hopefully on the sunny side now. Rant over.
DS's birthday yesterday - three! Imagine! Went on a steam train and I haven't seen such pure joy in my life. It's his party tomorrow so I am melting into a puddle of stress, as his fire engine cake sags mournfully in the cupboard. Off to make magnetic fish game for kids to whack each other about the head with tomorrow. Sorry to post and run but Craft We Must for a |Better Britain.

littleredmonkey Sat 29-Jun-13 18:59:57

Scarecrow. Wow your dust worked only woke once in 12 hours! !! Send me some more please. Better still he woke and went back to sleep all on his own x

somewherebecomingrain Sat 29-Jun-13 19:32:49

scare prob too late but my tactic with people who deeply pain me is to examine what I need from them and try not to need it. Combined with compassion but that's really hard.

mrsw glad baby w is feeling better and ds is being cute. Good luck with the party - it will be fine.

lrm baby monkey pulled it off! I'm praying for a repeat performance!

AFM tensions beginning re mil. She doesn't seem to want to leave ....


blueblackdye Sun 30-Jun-13 16:08:25

Scarecrow, hope you survived the day with in laws. I m very lucky mine are quite ok. I quite like Somewhere's advice. I tend to play the Asian card: put on a smile, nod to everything, bite my tongue and do what I feel right for me. Ignore them, you are a great Mum, L is lovely and T v chilled, it shows how much they are confident, thanks to your relationship with them, at this age they feel our mood and they react the way we do. As you said before, happy mum, happy child.
Somewhere, hum mil wants to stick around, can DH suggest something to her ? Like "should I drive you home Tomorrow morning or after lunch?"
MrsW, hope the 3 yo party goes well today
LRM, I need D to share a bit of the dust from Scarecrow with A, please. She now wakes up every 4 hours.

We have the hottest day of our trip, 30 C, atm hiding in our room, nap time anyway for the 2 kids, I have spa appointment in 10 min and another one tomorrow. A tasted sand yesterday, hope she understood it is not eatable, will see tomorrow if she repeats her mistake or not.

Wave to all from Algarve

blueblackdye Sun 30-Jun-13 16:10:27

A celebrated her 11 months yesterday btw!!! Can't believe a year ago I was packing to go back to my Mum's to give birth

blueblackdye Sun 30-Jun-13 16:11:19

Ps: I seem to be as big as a year ago though sad

littleredmonkey Sun 30-Jun-13 18:13:28

Bbh. Sending sleeping dust by way of carrier pigeon! !!

Oh oh, I am falling behind again. Welcome, wilts, and lovely to see knicky and chairman and eagle and midget and everyone else!

scarecrow I am a pianist and I work a lot with singers. My specialism is music by women - will never take part in a concert unless there is at least one piece by a woman. My first degree is in composition! I wrote two songs for DH as my wedding present to him and haven't really written since. I miss it... Must start again. Ps hope your in laws were ok. And that your serenity is intact.

bbd I am envy at your wonderful sounding holiday. I hope it is wonderful family time too.

We went for a walk by the river today, then had lunch at our favourite country pub before coming home and spending time in the garden and with the new tunnel we bought BG. He was thrilled and spent ages dashing in and out. He mostly wants to practise walking though - still holding onto our hands, but the seven-league steps are getting more manageable!
Sleep is utterly dreadful though. The last two nights he has screamed almost nonstop. He is asleep and picking him up does nothing, he just thrashes and goes on yelling as though he is in pain. We wake him to break the cycle but the minute he is back asleep, it all starts again. He sounds in pain. sad I am going to ring the paediatrician tomorrow, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Sorry, I am very bad at replying to posts. I love reading everybody, you help keep me sane!

somewherebecomingrain Sun 30-Jun-13 21:44:23

Hello all

Bit of a crap day today. My dear sis who is a single mum, she has 2 kids, 3yo niece is lovely but 5yo nephew is a bit of a bully. He made my ds cry today in what felt to me like a really horrible way, and my ds seemed shocked and momentarily deeply upset. There's a history of this (i once posted on AIBU about it and got flamed by some quite horrible people) and I am always hoping it'll go away as my sis is my best friend and its so great to hang out together. Nephew seems to get better but then backslides. Ds seems very resilient but I can't really tell. I suppose it could be worse but it has cast a pall over the day.

scarecrow22 Mon 01-Jul-13 05:53:52

somewhere, really feel for you: can imagine how difficult that must be. Is it something your sister is aware of?

Somewhere, that's a tough one to deal with. Had the same question as scarecrow, does your DSis understand that there is an issue?

Have to write a paper today. Am already procrastinating...

somewherebecomingrain Mon 01-Jul-13 11:54:12

Just lost my post! Grrrr

Yes she does know. Without wanting to be disloyal her life is pretty stressful and she didn't choose a great dad. I don't think there is much she can/will do beyond what she's already doing - send to room, discuss rights and wrongs. Nephew is an odd cove - very bright, often charming, very moody, precocious and a bit evil (that was what got me slated in my previous thread!) but he throws sand in people's faces and pushes over little girls at the soft play venue.

The occasion this weekend was my dear niece's birthday party.

There was a piñata and all the kids hit it fairly hard except ds, who said it would hurt the donkey if he hit it. Maybe I just have to accept this is his character - a softer kind of boy - and the swings and roundabouts that come with that.

Maybe I got too upset - maybe this is all about my issues?

Nonetheless I'm sick of nephew. My sis threw two consecutive parties for neice, on sat for grandparents and on sun for kids. There were incidents on Saturday too. Altogether too much time in nephews company for me and for ds.

Sorry for me me me post.

ChairmanWow Mon 01-Jul-13 19:40:30

So sorry for the hard times being had.

goat, the sleep/screaming thing sounds just awful. Could it be night terrors? Does he scream when awake at all? I hope the paediatrician is useful.

somewhere, that sounds really difficult. What a terrible situation for you and your sis. I guess she knows that people get fed up spending time with her boy. But at the same time once you have kids of your own it's difficult to spend time with other children who upset them.

Actually that brings me on to a good friend whose daughter is close in age to DS. She is terrible at setting boundaries and caves in to every tantrum. The dad is the same. Consequently they have the toddler from hell and they want to come round tomorrow and trash our house (again). I'm trying to put them off and feel really negatively towards them. Her mum even told her to start getting on top of her DS's behaviour and she feebly said she'd try. I'm biting my tongue too much. Don't want to lose a friend by upsetting her, but don't want to lose a friend by avoiding her. Aaaaargh!

Anyway, food to eat and TDF highlights to watch grin.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 01-Jul-13 21:01:07

I'm going to take my own medicine. What I need from nephew is ability to hang out harmoniously all day, as its amazingly restful to kick back with family/oldest friend for company while the kids play. Well I will just have to nor have it, or have less, and see other friends more. Whilst remaining compassionate towards nephew - he's only a child and has had a tough time - and sis.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 01-Jul-13 21:02:32

Chair sorry for me me. Fasting today. Your dilemma is v similar. Will be intersted to know how you solve it. Xx

scarecrow22 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:51:37

Somewhere, thought you'd stopped fasting? Or did I mis-read? Curious if it affects bf after a while: I guess not as long as you drink plenty of water?
Re sister, tbh none of my sisters' children have noteworthy behaviour but young children make. It hard to enjoy hanging out with friends/family, if not impossible. I have just sort of half given up trying recently, instead try and have odd kid free time, or more precisely toddler-free time. However thinking as I write your DS and so I think DN too is/are older, so that should be easier....if it was not for the bullying. I think if your sister is aware there is little you can do beyond supporting her, though for DS's sake you are right about letting go of hopes of a sisterly catch up. Really feel for you on this...

Chair, I your friend aware/struggling, or does she just have a different approach to parenting? I have read a few MN threads on similar situations and the awareness of parent seems make quite a difference.

Goat: the piano. And voice. Wow. I have a (now not so) secret hankering to take up the piano, but as I barely have time to think one times will stick with listening for now. I had hope to renew my love of classical music in maternity leave but now we've taken computer/TV away we've also got rid of CD player too (ie was all in one). I love that you perform too. Am in awe, and feel a certain peace thinking of your gift. DH plays self-taught guitar to dd lots, and lets her puff away with harmonica - which she "gets" so much better than I ever have/would. She also sings to herself quite a bit, all of which I love.

T's colic much improved by Infacol in double dose. Reflux seems in someways worse, or maybe I'm noticing it more. As we are off on holiday week today I'm going to try to get "emergency" GP appt tomorrow. Had him weighed today and he's gone back to 25th centime (was born c 25th, was nearly 50th at 6 weeks and is 12 weeks tomorrow): I'm not worried as such, but with reflux symptoms thought I should get it checked. The HVs were so nice and reassuring and un-worried about centile drop, telling me he was gaining weight well and not to worry etc: it made me reflect how unnecessarily Knicky and some others among you (Eagle?) have been given a hard time.

Meant to say Goat, DD has also been waking a lot at night: not as bad, but screaming/crying, sometimes almost as if still in a sleep state as in hard to connect to to calm her down...sometimes several times a night, probably at least two. I have put it down to her virus last week, including a temperature of over 40 for brief times... She is still just recovering I'd say, but nearly there. What did doctor say? Do hope you got reassurance and or some answers...?

blueblackdye Mon 01-Jul-13 21:52:03

Oh dear, this situation is tricky. Somewhere, have you noticed what triggers the bullying? Is it when nephew starts being tired ? Can you talk calmly about it with your sister? Chairman, same as for Somewhere, do you think you would upset your friend if you just talk about facts ? I have never experienced that and I m interested in your solving options. DS had one friend who was hyper energetic, I must say I was relieved he wanted DS to come to his house rather than coming to ours and during the nice season we usually meet them outside. But my issue is slightly different as he was not a threat to DS physically, he was just the kind of kid who likes tearing things apart, breaking stuff and kicking a lot throwing massive tantrums until he got what he wanted. At some point, I put a bit of distance because I fid mot want DS to copy the same behaviour.
Sorry I have no advice but I do share your pain

ChairmanWow Mon 01-Jul-13 23:04:40

somewhere I guess balance is what's needed (and sanity sometimes). It's absolutely essential for us to spend some catch-up time with people we feel relaxed with and for our older ones to have safe, enjoyable play. We want to steer them to become friends with our friends' kids, no? Building up enough resilience to cope with your neph's behaviour is vital. It's sad that this means less time with your sis. This will pass though. I'm convinced that excepting serious issues positive parenting wins through.

Interesting re illness and distress in the night. DS had a bad cold last week and had a temperature at times. I slept with him for a couple of nights because he woke up wailing. He's sleeping through again now.

So, my friend. I'm afraid it is about her and her DP. I've tried to structure stuff with her DD when they've been here. Last time she started throwing DS's toys around and I told her gently that if she carried on I'd have to take the toys away in case she broke them. The throwing stopped. I also persuaded her to participate in our tidying up 'game'. Friend said DD never tidies, it turns out she's never asked her to help. They're scared of upsetting her so tiptoe around her. Her diet is awful too - lots of cake and crisps because that's what she asks for. It saddens me. Bright and funny toddler who is becoming more and more brattish. I think I might try to broach it. Need to figure out how.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 02-Jul-13 11:54:59

Hi there

scare fast bore warning. I've found the full 5:2 fast sent me into a vortex where I craved spoons of cream and whole bars of choc on non fast days (NFDs). This isn't supposed to happen. There is a whole spectrum of techniques however from 4 day 'zero' fasts to just skipping one meal at random. There is something called 16:8 where you only eat during an 8 hour window giving yourself a 16 hour fast. Last week I did that. There is something that feels so good about fasting. So much so that I craved a tougher fast yesterday and did it. I'm listening to my body though - if you wake up on a fast day feeling like a ravening vortex you've prob overdone it.

chair I like your point About resilience a lot. I think I felt really crushed by it and made it worse for ds - they take their cues from us. I felt so spooked - ghosts from my past- but am working hard to keep that at bay as its the last thing ds needs - he needs guidance from me. Nephew and his crew are a by comparison quite a street bunch and I guess ds is learning what works and what doesn't in different milieus - better now than in teenage when its so much worse. Still working it out in my head.

Baby crying got to go

somewherebecomingrain Tue 02-Jul-13 16:23:06

Good news - I've organised so many play dates I won't have to see my sis for at least a fortnight. ( we usually hang out once a week - it's too much).

My son is actually fairly in demand by the softer more retiring boys and the younger boys with the summer birthdays. 'Are you telling me he's king of the nerds?' says my DP.

chair how do you build resilience to bullying-type unpleasantness - any tips?

Ps scare if anything my milk supply got greater when I fasted. I can see you are intrigued - I think it might be up your alley.

scarecrow22 Tue 02-Jul-13 19:12:49

somewhere when you talk about your ds it reminds me a little of The Lion Who Wanted to he Loved smile

chair and goat sorry if I mixed youup in previous post about friends and their mis?-behaving dc. Need sleep!

Has anybody found a cure for whining. I am ready to screech at DD like a rabid banshee. Block your ears <AAAARRRRRFGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>

somewherebecomingrain Tue 02-Jul-13 20:42:58

Soz for me me me -ness of late.Hugs to all and support and advice much appreciated.


somewhere it sounds like your DS has that rarest of characteristics, compassion... I hope society doesn't try and erase it from him because it's not considered manly enough! And sounds like maybe your DSis needs some outside help beyond what you can give her - no one would blink an eye if her son was, say, diabetic, she would be expected to go to the experts - but if a child needs behavioural help, it's seen as a stigma. But your responsibility is to your DS so it sounds like taking a step back at the moment is a good plan, although sad to lose a little bit of closeness.

scarecrow I looked at the toddlers on Facebook... Made me laugh! Especially the entry about all women being called mummy. And it's never too late to learn the piano smile my oldest student was 64 when she started, her goal was to get to grade 8. She did it at 75! So don't give up... Wonderful news that the colic is better. More restful for you as well as T. I think babies often go up and down the centiles, no? Certainly BG dropped quite a bit when he became really mobile - actually lost weight - but has made up for it again. Lordy, those legs are sprouting!

Re the sleep. Suddenly massively improved for two wonderful nights; on Monday night he even technically slept through (12-5) for the first time EVER. But then he got a horrible cold, and last night was Not Fun (Trademark). Spent an awful lot of time standing up in his cot bellowing about how bad he felt, no he didn't want water, didn't want milk, or to be picked up, no actually he did want to be picked up, why did you pick me up mummy I didn't want you to, want milk, want Ewan, turn Ewan off mummy, give me water, no I don't want water... hmm
You get the drift. Let's see what happens tonight. There might be an advertisement tomorrow on the circus Wanted/Offered website, for the Super Non-Sleeping Baby.

PS chairman don't think it was night terror, he's had those and they were different. Hopefully it was just a bug or something.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 03-Jul-13 13:41:29

Hi ds eating ice cream and baby somewhere asleep. A moment's peace.

goat I hope baby goat gets better. Your description of him is rofl. I'm sure there is a bit of gritted teeth with the humour! Your job sounds ace. How are you coping with the sleep deprivation?

scare hope you managed to get through whingy dd trials. I don't totally understand the fuss about percentiles as it is normal for weight to fluctuate. How were your in laws?

chair I don't think you have to choose between friendship or peace in your house. Even with my evil nephew it is massively easier if we see him less often and for shorter times. The recent crisis was exacerbated by overexposure. If your friend doesn't get the message just apply the breaks and see them less often - she probably won't notice.

AFM talked to a friend today about nephew situation - she didn't think it was a big deal and told her own stories of her daughter who is v sensitive. I still think there is a depth of nastiness in nephew that has to be seen to be believed (although he can be great) but clearly everyone has got a story. I need to get my hard hat on.

Yes goat my sis does need some outside help but she's a rationaliser and a denial- type. I've challenged her a few times quite hard but it's very tricky. I'm hoping I've left a few seeds in her mind.

My kids are being sooo lovely. I'm loving this summer with my baby girl and my boy.


somewherebecomingrain Wed 03-Jul-13 13:44:59

Ps goat I love the way you write about your son - there's a music in it! Xx

littleredmonkey Wed 03-Jul-13 18:51:16

Goat. Pop him on ebay!! He'll sell he's a cutie! !

Lrm his photo would certainly lull any buyer into a false sense of security!

Somewhere funny you should say that, I often hear a soundtrack of violins when BG is around!!

scarecrow22 Wed 03-Jul-13 20:12:11

hello all. Too tired to do much (having tea before bedtime!!) but loving reading posts.

Goat, you really hear music? That is magical

Somewhere, afraid not at all tempted by fasting as a way of life. I don't manage blood sugar that well. more importantly I thi.k I would get a bit obsessive about body and diet, something I have happily avoided for much of my adult life. My mum and her mum borderline eating disorders and it is a major priority for me to avoid bringing up DD with ant hint of an issue from me. I can't order her whole universe, but I think home influence when v young so important. Am living loving the Couch to 5k running programme though - it has awakened my live of running. if any of you are tempted there is a great support thread here on MN.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 04-Jul-13 08:55:28

goat Yes it's like a musical motif, the tossing and turning of baby goat's thoughts!

scare gotcha. Nobody has had a hint of an eating disorder in my family - I can see that fasting would be dangerous if there was.

Loving exercise - buggy fit is a buzz. Planning a run in the woods with pram and ds today. Couch to 5k sounds interesting but poss a bit too structured for attachment parenting old me.

Where is everyone else? I've been thread hogging after my nephew anxiety.


EagleRay Thu 04-Jul-13 23:04:44

Hi - having trouble keeping up recently as had DM to stay this week. It went quite well but wasn't the welcome break from looking after DD on my own that I thought it would be as having guests to stay is hard work in itself!

Some minor drama tonight as put her on train earlier (direct train, and being met by stepdad the other end). Then I get a phonecall to say she never turned up so had to get on the phone to British Transport Police and while they are giving me information about the train, Baby Eagleray (sat on my lap) does the longest, stinkiest phrrrrrrpppptttt ever and unfortunately by the time I got off the phone it had leaked through all her layers and soaked into my skirt. Shortly afterwards, DM turns up at destination, having had to change trains mid-journey and get a later one!

Somewhere really sympathise re your nephew as I have some issues with two of mine and find their annual visit quite stressful (frequently have to say to DSis "please could you ask them not to do x and y") How did your run go? Would love to try some small runs but can never seem to find the time when DP is around to look after DD. Have got the F-cup running bra though, which I use when I do the Shred...

Since I last posted, I have taken Baby E to London for the day! We took the train there, then I navigated by bus, using a fab transport app which worked brilliantly. We covered a lot of ground (gallery visit, then headed south to visit a friend) and hope to go again soon.

Am having to start making enquiries about childcare if I am to get back to work before the end of the year. DD has just turned 5 months and am really struggling to see at the moment how I could leave her for the day anytime soon. Seems such a massive leap to go from BF every 2.5 hours and barely out of her sight to being left with someone for 10 hours a day!

I hear crying - have to go. Not sure what is wrong tonight but she's not at all happy. Waves to all.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 05-Jul-13 09:33:11

Hey eagle hope dp is better. Omg mil's. one day we will be mil's.i take it she had no mobile phone... We at least will have mobiles when our time comes. Sorry eaglet is unsettled- she of the legendary poos - I remember each and every anecdote. We should get her and baby somewhere together to chat BMs.

Update from me.

In effort to make ds a bit more cool I got him a haircut - his hair had grown out into a terrible mullet. Took him to a new barber shop and turns out the guy cuts hair for film and celebs. I thought ooh you are smarmy but actually he was a bit of a genius. I fumbled around trying to explain what I had in mind and he said 'oh like George clooney?' So ds has ended up with a really nice subtle manly haircut.

Also spoke to sis. V painful as there are underlying choices about life that she has made and not faced up to really and by standing my ground that Something Happened I'm sort of forcing her to look at it which is a scary business in any relationship.

At the same time she didn't bawl me out for maligning her darling boy. She was very pro my ds and in favour of managing the problem.

My dp thinks I overreacted and so do I - it made a bad situation worse. I flaked.

At same time my sis asked me if I was free fri or sun and I said no to both. Trying to set a boundary - now it's up to dear sis and nephew what they do with it.

scarecrow22 Fri 05-Jul-13 19:47:13

both kids asleep by half 7. a first on my own. oddly getting to be easier alone than not, but guess I'd be less cocky if I had to do it on my own every time.

DH took pity after I balled out FD twice this week and slammed myself in the bathroom and gave me three hours off this afternoon before heading to the pub hmm It was a riot of chocolate, no veg, T in a 4 hour old nappy and DD having peed on the sofa and eating supper watching YouTube while I spent the time writing our desperately overdue last thank you letters for baby presents....but at least I could hear the tennis. Do I sound less than hugely grateful? AIBU?!

somewhere your sister sounds like she handled it pretty amazingly well. Very few people could be so positive about criticism of their dc, surely? Good luck for finding the right balance between supporting her and establishing the right boundaries for you and Young George Clooney.

Eagle, have blush belatedly PMd you.

right need to finish thank yous and some important letters and then pack for sister having both kids tomorrow when we go to see the Stones. Don't suppose any of you lot going? Can hardly bear to think of leaving T for ten hours it hurts so much (not to mention the aching breasts I'll have!)

scarecrow22 Fri 05-Jul-13 21:49:02

as I prepare to leave T, questions for those of you who use bottles: how much doe LOs take at c 12 weeks between 5-7/8 pm? I usually cluster feed 2-4 times.
Also what number teats do you use?? We are still on 2 but earlier with DH he only took 2oz or so this afternoon and wondered if DH des him when not hungry (v poss) or if he frustrated with teat....

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 17:02:03

on way to Stones and excited bit also feel sick in my heart and soul at leaving T. Guess the bonding has progressed smile

Also wanted to record that DD seems to have turned a huge corner in her sibling acceptance: she insists that T shares everything: sees pictures in books, gets goodbye kiss or shout out, has an ice lolly hmm and so on. She really does seem very protective. I'm sure time and her inate sweetness mostly behind this, I also feel that talking to her a lot more about when she was a baby and how she had my milk, went to the doctor for "medicine in her leg" and so on has helped a lot. I have even shown her photos of her in the car seat and so on. At the same time I have been firm in sometimes saying it is T's turn - you've had games/food/sleep/whatever, now give over. All in all a lovely place ro be before our holiday begins at 5.30 on Monday!

lost connection. Now here queuing for beers and Pimms! wow grin

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 18:40:12

in loos pumping milk ... rock 'n' roll grin grin

somewherebecomingrain Sat 06-Jul-13 22:00:54

Hey scarecrow hope you're having a ball at the stones. We were in Hyde Park today and I thought of you. Well done for getting out, though leaving T must've been hard - was all his milk for ten hours ebf (wow if so - you must have super tits). How have you managed to get him to take a bottle?

Lovely to hear about your girl warming up to her bro.

Yes my sister is an amazing person. She's a very whole person apart from denying herself the love of a good man. We have the best conversations - endless inconsequential revelations, jokes, constantly interrupting each other, yet also scope for ten minute soliloquys as required. Our relationship is v strong. I really hope we can find a way through.

We went out as a family and had an amazing day - leisurely breakfast in the local park, walk in hyde park, ice cream at harrods ice cream parlour, ds in the fountain on the south bank, baking sunshine.

scarecrow22 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:42:20

it was absolutely incredible. What a performance. I totally get the RS now. They have to be live. I'm so glad I saw it, even if I'm 50 years too late!!

cyclecamper Sun 07-Jul-13 16:30:30

scarecrow, that sounds brill!

I've been spaced for the last few weeks, so haven't looked in here for ages. Babycamper is now 7lb 7oz and growing into the newborn clothes - at eight weeks! grin We got a bike trailer so we are beginning to get out and about finally. He isn't a very jolly baby - if we aren't moving he only tolerates it for a couple of minutes at most before he starts grizzling, which is tiring!

I'm glad I'm not the only one with overdue thank you letters to write.

blueblackdye Sun 07-Jul-13 18:37:49

Scarecrow, Somewhere sounds like you had great time in the parks !
Cycle, welcome back. Eagleray, omg, BTP and missing DM and legendary baby poo, you had lots on your plate, but glad all was ok in the end.

In Paris since yesterday, hot weather, cherry tree is full of fruits, new Portuguese neighbours f#%*+ loud, and DM is just the same as usual, if she seems happy to have us, she sometimes complains that A is too heavy for her to hold ! Another 6 months and she won't need to anymore. A is very very very mobile and loves her stairs with red thick burgundy carpet so as soon as she is on the floor, she heads staight to them to climb as quick as she can !

Wave to all, enjoy the heat wave in London.

ChairmanWow Mon 08-Jul-13 07:21:48

Oh poo, I've missed loads. Been on the TDF thread in Chat/actually watching le tour and playing a game of spit the motorbike with DS so he'll sit still and watch it (DD is transfixed)/the usual crap. Sorry!

scarecow, the thought of you pumping milk in the loos of the Stones gig is hilarious! Hope they were mind blowing.

goat, how is DS doing? This heat can't be helping. They really struggle don't they. I'm afraid I'm quite hardcore (once past 6 months) and ignore unless genuinely distressed or ill. It's got us through some difficult times and earned us some sleep I think.

somewhere, it sounds like you've made some progress with your sister.

Things are not good with my friend. We met up and her DD spent the whole afternoon - 3 hours! - either whining and making demands (which were all met, including buying her toys), or having full-blown screaming tantrums. I tried to advise my friend and talk her through some stuff. When we parted she looked furious with me. She thinks my DS is a little angel and I have things easy. But that's through hard work! I was left feeling annoyed and very negative. I don't want to feel that way so I think I'm going to back away for a time and see what happens.

As for the rest, DD's sleep is terrible! She's on 3-hourly feeds and is trying to roll over already so driving herself mad doing that. We're taking it in turns to do chunks with her so we can both get some sleep. But she is so gorgeously smiley during the day. And DS seems to really love her now. He was in his room repeatedly saying her name as he went to sleep last night. Gorgeous!

scarecrow22 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:52:23

<logs in on ferry to catch up>

<disappears to find TdF thread>

Back soon, but now we are on our way and Murray has fulfilled my dreams (been watching Wimbledon since 9yo!), am getting more and more into Tour. Chair we'll see the Mont St Michel tt and poss another stage or two in north/Tours area before head south east smile

Special wave to Cycle for having a tricky time. Have you looked into cranial osteopathy for N? Are you using slings? I find it tiring enough having to hold baby for up to hour after feeds so my heart goes out to you coping with the need to move and be held constantly. Glad you have help. And remember it will pass.

scarecrow22 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:53:19

chair story about your DS made me a bit peppery eyed. Bless him

ChairmanWow Mon 08-Jul-13 12:10:55

scarecrow, MASSIVE TDF envy envy envy envy Have an amazing time! We're planning ourYorkshire camping trip with friends for next year and am excited already!

I'll stop TDF'ing now. See you on the other thread!

EagleRay Mon 08-Jul-13 12:54:34

Wow Scarecrow - holidays!!! DP would be so jealous of your trip. Hope you have a fantastic time. Have you negotiated a suitable duration with DH or are you going to see how things pan out? Glad you had a great time at the Stones gig.

We are actually supposed to be on the other side of the world at the mo - DP had a business trip and we were going to go as a family but then the kaibosh was put on it when we all realised how ill he was. Slightly gutting but am quite glad not to be missing out on this lovely weather. Just as well I had the heebie-jeebies about the whole thing and hadn't actually bought my flight as we would have been stuffed...

That sounds v awkward re your friend Chairman - I have a similar one and used to feel a bit hmm when sat there watching her terribly behaved DD dominate proceedings. But then I didn't have any children back then so kept my mouth shut. And now I still think she is badly behaved and really hope I don't end up with similar issues! Well done to you for putting the hard work in! and just hope I'm not eating my words 2 years down the line

Welcome back to Paris BBD - love the image of A clambering up her fluffy burgundy mountain

Great to hear that baby C is fitting into the newborn outfits at last Cyclecamper - am slightly jealous of your bike trailer as really wanted to get Baby E on wheels this summer. Been looking at tons of trailers and wanted to get one with a baby sling but now keep being told you can't use them for cycling, only for when using the trailer as a pram! Presumably you have managed fine so far with C, and sounds like he really enjoys the motion.

Somewhere glad you are sorting things out with your sister - sounds like you have a very strong bond.

I'm starting to reflect a bit on some of the, er, habits we have with Baby Eagleray's routine. I don't think too much these days about how we do things (I suppose a bit like when you learn to drive a car and get to a point where you no longer have to concentrate on which pedal is which) but here's some of the areas we might be struggling with:

- cannot get her to sleep before 10pm! The naps go quite well during the day, but then early eve onwards she is awake. Even if I managed to feed her to sleep at, say, 7pm, she will ping awake shortly afterwards and still can't get her to sleep properly til after 10 (or 9.30 if I'm really lucky). Then it's 3/4 hourly wakings usually throughout the night (we cosleep and I feed her pretty much in my sleep so that's fairly manageable). Anything I'm doing wrong? I know that sleep begets sleep, and so maybe it's the lack of later nap that's causing it, ie overtiredness.

- she has now become a bottle refuser! After being bottle fed around the clock in the early days, she now really struggles if I try to give her EBM. Tried a couple of days ago - she got really annoyed and was chewing the teat, but if I took the bottle away, she angrily snatched it back! She did eventually down a couple of ounces. Is it worth persevering with that one? I should probably look into getting her some more grown up feeding equipt as she is probably on a too young teat now.

- weaning is now looming in the next 2/3 weeks. Feel a bit irritated by the labelling of it, eg BLW etc. Would it be ok to mix it up? I quite like the idea of making little purees for her to try, but also like the idea of her joining in with our meals. I'm sure I'm overthinking it, but the HV presented it as method x or method y. Anyway, I've got an Annabel Karmel book arrived in the post just this morning, so I will make a start using this book...

if anyone has any advice/opinions re the above, please do share!

Oh, and we took her swimming for the first time yesterday. Felt like a bit of a momentous occasion as DP is a very, very keen swimmer and so he's hoping she will be the same. We took her to a lido and she was decked out in a garish pink outfit from a car boot sale of froufrou mini costume, swim/sun hat plus neoprene jacket. She took it all very seriously and just bobbed around looking serene with occasional look of shock when her face touched the water. Then DP did a water monster impression and surfaced growling and trying to eat her feet and the laughter started.

DP is doing ok - we are now nearly at the bottom of his health problems. Basically, it looks like years of asthma have damaged his lungs and he has ended up with an extremely rare infection which has actually destroyed them in parts (initial x-ray showed dark patches which was terrifying as at that point we didn't know what was wrong, just that he was losing weight and coughing like crazy). He is on a heavy-duty antibiotic regime until well into next year and we are hoping this will clear the infection (but it can relapse). DP devastated as his sports activities mean so much to him and we are not sure if he will have full fitness again.

Better dash - 3 loads of washing to put away before baby E wakes up! Waves to all

Hellooo everyone, back again after the last bit of marking for the year. Yay! Only two and a bit weeks before we are on the plane to NZ.

Lots going on here as usual. scarecrow the Stones concert sounds fab, and I laughed too at the thought of you expressing in the loos. How our lives change... Sorry too that I didn't get around to offering any thoughts on bottle amounts etc, but BG wasn't really typical at that age, so probably no use anyway.
cycle I remember the growing into newborn clothes moment - congratulations! I have to admit to going slightly nuts at suddenly having All That Choice about what I could dress BG in blush Hmm, and I was wondering where my SMP went??
bbd ah, the climbing stairs excitement. Have been teaching BG to come down backwards. He's quite good at it now, but does need reminding. Loved your description of Paris.
chairman that kind of story makes me so sad. I have taught in so many schools where behaviour is a real issue and I hate that it's the kids who eventually pay for parenting choices inflicted on them. Hope you are getting some sleep, though perhaps not very likely in this heat?! BG had a temp of 39.5 last night, took ages to get it down. That's really high for him, as his normal core temp is 35.6. Otherwise sleep is getting better, last night hopefully the exception!
eagle the weaning might help with the bottle refusing. It certainly did for BG, who an I've mentioned, had a suck/swallow reflex difficulty. Just couldn't get the hang of either bfing or bottles and it was taking an hour and a half to get 30 ml into him. Then we started weaning, slightly early on the recommendation of Bliss, and suddenly it all seemed to fall into place and he is now the most efficient feeder possible. And a dustbin when it comes to food! Oh, and we have done a combination of both methods from the beginning, blithely ignoring the HV - when we weaned, BG wasn't even 4 months adjusted age, so he was hardly going to take to BLW swimmingly! There is a good book by Rana Conway that talks about combining the 'methods' - I had a quick look, decided that she was saying that what I was doing was ok, and cheerfully ignored all books and advice from then on... Last week BG stole my chicken drumstick and chomped it happily, after wolfing down a samosa and some cucumber and tomato. He has also started trying to feed himself with a spoon. I am looking into buying myself a suit of armour for mealtimes - a quick wipe over with a cloth and I will be clean again.
Oh, and on the sleeping. BG has reverted to a late bedtime. I think it's the heat and lightness so am going with the flow a bit. He is being Mediterranean and sleeping for 2 and a half hours in the early afternoon, so I don't think he is getting less sleep on the whole. Maybe just let Babyeagle do her thing while it's so hot?

No call from the childminder to say that BG has relapsed so hopefully he is ok now.

ChairmanWow Tue 09-Jul-13 13:50:19

goat yay for no more marking. School hols round the corner as well. Hope we keep the sunshine. Great point re kids paying for parenting choices. I worry for my friend's DD in a school environment where the world doesn't revolve round her, she will have to co-operate and listen to teaching staff.

eagle we also ignored the HV. I don't hold a lot of sway in what they say anyway. There is no evidence that BLW is any better in terms of long-term outcomes for kids' eating anyway. DS weaned at 4 months because it was very clear he was ready. Fed him purées a la Karmel until he was ready to finger feed then did a mix of the 2. He is a brilliant eater now.

Bit of advice re babies and sun. We're going to Wales on Friday and it looks like there will be lots more sunshine. So it's plenty of beach time. We've got a sun tent but DS hated it when he was a baby. What have you used for shade and would you allow a 15 week old in direct sunlight with sun cream on? I'm in a bit of a quandary really.

cyclecamper Tue 09-Jul-13 17:53:18

eagleray We have a second hand chariot trailer with a car seat in it. We got a weber sling but it moved too much to use it cycling.
Your DP sounds to be in as bad state as mine - it might be re-assuring that my husband has one lung that is almost non working and one that is pretty rubbish and still manages to cycle a 24mile commute.

Babycamper wouldn't have anything to do with a bottle when we offered it.

It would be nice if he were happy and awake a bit more often! He just doesn't seem to relax unless he's being fed.

Good news today is that Stepson 1 got a 2.1 at university smile. I'm really proud of him, he's worked really hard. He's lived with us since he was 17 (he's now 22) after having some troubled times and issues with his mother and her partner. He got a part time job as soon as he moved in and set about getting his A levels.

Good luck with the weaning everyone!

somewherebecomingrain Tue 09-Jul-13 20:41:39

Hello all

cyclecamper great news about baby camper growing into newborn clothes. Also great about your stepson and his 2:1. V enterprising re the cycle car even if there are teething problems - eventually baby cycle will be riding along looking at the world. I always wanted one of those as they look so cute.

chair your friend may well need some time to process the information. But she is lucky she got it from you in a friendly way - I hope she takes it on board. It's a tricky one! So sweet about your ds saying dd's name.

goat baby goat ate what? A samosa? I tell you he leaps from the web page this boy - he's so vivid. Sorry he's had a temperature and I am praying for your sleep.

eagle that must have been absolutely terrifying re dp. I hope that like camper's dp it's amazing what you can do without a full set of lungs. Hope he is mending well.
Re weaning I need to revisit it. All I can say is with ds I did only purees for the difficult foods like vegetable and he really won't eat them now. Not sure if he wasn't always fussy and that's why I only did purees, rather than the purees causing the problem. I always gave him toast and fruit as finger food. Annabel karmel is really good - he never refused her recipes.

bbd summer in Paris - bet its hot and loud! I lived there once and i remember it being sulphurous! Hope mil isn't being too annoying.

AFM baby somewhere latched on to my cleavage the other day, whilst in the sling, and gave me a love bite! I was thinking ahhh that's cute ... Ow damn that hurts! It was momentarily nipple shaped and a bit David cronenberg when I pulled her off!

Oh yes and her nappy got stuck up her bum and she did a poo straight on to my leg and the floor - a jet.

And I love her.

Having a bit of a battle with coffee intake and naps etc. want my coffe but think it does disrupt her sleep.


blueblackdye Tue 09-Jul-13 21:30:08

Ladies, reading quickly your posts and as usual, they brought a big smile on my face. Have not got a lot of time to reply to everyone as I m utterly knackered with this heat, I can't sleep well with AC but I need to have it on for the kids ! If it were me only, I would sleep in the garden on a hammoc under the trees....

I will be back soon. I just wanted to say to Eagleray that I agree with you all, no need to listen to HV or particular weaning method, I used to puree food at the beginning and when babies wanted to hold something, I would give a penne pasta or spaghetti for them to chew on while I spoonfed, gradually move the finger food to something less soft. Just make sure it is just long enough for them to hold and not too hard/soft. Banana for example when not too ripe is good. Or beetroot a bit later. Mango is great but tricky to hold, too slippery. Expect food on the floor, on the highchair and on you ! A moved very quickly from puree to lumpy food and I started weaning at 5 1/2 months. Remember that milk remains the main provider of nutrients until 7 months so don't panic if the solid intake seems very little. Keeping an eye on weight gain is a good indicator on how much baby is taking in. Also, poo will show you that more food actually gets in than you think !

Somewhere, I got bitten a few times too and like you, still love her more and more.

Scarecrow, re cuteness from our bigger babies: DS said to me "Mummy, d'you know that putting a baby to sleep is actually work too?" I love him more and more each day, feeling guilty to have a second and having to share my attention.

Oups A is screaming. Have to go. Her sleep has been better lately. LRM, I found a way to get her to sleep by herself, will share this later with you on MN.

Xxxxx from Paris

EagleRay Tue 09-Jul-13 21:30:13

oh slightly jealous of your chariot Cyclecamper - been trying to track down either one of those or a Croozer second hand but they go for so much money. Car seat is a great idea. I remember you saying before about your poor DH and his asthma - that's good that he's still able to do a fair distance. DP races occasionally and is in a cycle club that do fairly hardcore routes, which is how he originally discovered something was up - he was being left behind and initially put it down to being over 40, but then the awful coughing/weight loss started and I started to fear the worst. Great news re your stepson - a 2.1 is a huge achievement, especially after a turbulent time in his teens.

Chairman - mixing the weaning options sounds like the most sensible thing. I think the HV has to aim for the lowest common denominator when presenting information - I just need the confidence to ignore it! As for the sun, Baby E was about the same age when took her to Greece - took some Bepanthen suncream but to be honest, we only used it once! What we did was cart her around in a cheap lightweight pushchair with a big folding sunshade over the top (big black hoop-like thing) then pegged a big muslim over the gap so she was effectively sealed in. Then on the beach she generally stayed in either that or was under a brolly (we took a tiny black folding brolly and lay her under that when on hikes etc. Also, we hired a Connecta carrier made of uv-resistant material and then she had a teeny tiny trekking hat from H&M. And early/late in the day, we let her go in the sun where there was minimal risk of burning. Hope this helps and enjoy Wales!

Somewhere yikes re the nappy up bum/poo incident! Interesting re coffee - hadn't considered this before. Must admit I slightly do as I please re food/drink choices (2 instant coffees a day plus the occasional evening drink) and should probably put more thought into this.

Goat glad to hear weaning resolved a lot of BG's feeding issues - he sounds like a very enthusiastic eater! Initially I felt like it had come round too soon, but now frankly I can't bloody wait. I will look up the Rana Conway book. I definitely think laminated clothes are the way forward - would be great not to have to change endless tops smile

Another shit night for settling to sleep this eve. Have tried feeding, baby bouncer, feeding in bed, and currently she's lying under a mobile in her grown-up cot allowing me 5 mins of hands-free time. Last attempt to feed ended with her doing feed/cry/feed/cry/feed/cry on a 5 second loop - not sure if she has wind or something? I do get a bit narked about the evening stuff at times as most weekday eves I'm on my own and would just like an hour or two to get stuff done or to just bloody well sit on the sofa!

EagleRay Tue 09-Jul-13 21:33:48

Thanks for the weaning/feeding info BBD - we've actually spent the afternoon in the hammock which was lovely but not terribly relaxing as DD likes it to be swung vigorously or to lie facing me kicking me in the face. How cute is DS! Hope A stops screaming quickly

somewherebecomingrain Wed 10-Jul-13 08:56:55

aww bbd you are bringing up a feminist!

eagle they take up to 5 days to metabolise caffeine when newborn. Something like 14 hours when three months. Then eventually 7 hours like an adult. I think it can build up in their system.

Baby s has v sticky crusty eyes. I've tried breast milk, boiled water with baby shampoo and antibiotic eye drops. The drops cleared it while I used them but as soon as I stopped it was back. The non crusty one has crusted up. anyone else having this problem? could it be Hay fever?

MrsWooster Wed 10-Jul-13 20:14:04

Hi somewhere babyW had crusty eye from the off and doc said it was a blocked duct and not to worry it would clear by a year, whereupon it promptly cleared up! Just keep clean with bm or water and it will go.

EagleRay Wed 10-Jul-13 20:29:18

We did our first food today! Exotic recipe called Boobie Banana (can you guess what was in it?) Did the feeding in the garden with the highchair and there was so much mess I had to go and get her bath and dunk her before she was allowed back in the house.

DP is here this eve and we've decided to beat stressy crying evening stuff and go out for a meal with the pushchair.

I have a feeling BadMissM is having a section today!! And virtually everyone else on the thread seems to be due very soon - I have a vision of little newborns galloping over the horizon towards us, mummies in tow...

blueblackdye Wed 10-Jul-13 21:06:01

Eagleray, you are right re BadMissM, her Csection was today. Hope all went well and she will join us soon. Hope you have a less stressful evening. i'm off to bed, A was awake from 12.30 to 2am last night and Ai could nt catch up with sleep at naptime as DS wanted to pick some berries in the garden.....

somewherebecomingrain Wed 10-Jul-13 21:59:19

She got her c- section! That's fantastic smile

Oh yes, was thinking of Badmissm earlier in the week then forgot the dye. Hope to see her here soon as a grad with her little boy!
Off work today as poor BG has an ear infection. Sitting outside under a tree with him asleep in pram. I'm really really sorry he isn't feeling well but this sure beats sitting at a desk sorting exam results for the Board tomorrow!

The dye???? Try the date...

somewherebecomingrain Thu 11-Jul-13 18:28:36


Thanks so much mrsw. The Gp told me to try boiled water with a squirt of baby shampoo in it which I think was terrible advice as it got much worse, I had to go to my sons school last night with baby s with two horrible yellow-crusty eyes. Anyway this morning I tried saline and that has set it back to square one - mild Crustiness in one eye. And now just going to clean with boiled water and wait.

Goat sorry your boy has an ear infection.

My son is currently wearing a lacy bra as fairy wings.

cyclecamper Fri 12-Jul-13 10:13:28

Somewhere - I've used boiled water and cold tea on crusty eyes with some effect.

We're off on baby camper's first camping trip today. I'm slightly nervous that I'm going to forget something vital!

EagleRay Fri 12-Jul-13 11:40:11

Happy camping trip Cyclecamper! We're off on our first camping trip tomorrow hopefully if everything fits in the car

EagleRay Sat 13-Jul-13 13:52:33

We are on the road! Car loaded to the roof. Sorry for another poo story but we had only got 10 metres down the road when baby E finally managed to eliminate 2 days worth of sweet potato purée.

Was so busy packing I forgot to work out where we are actually going! Hah - we will head south and formulate a plan along the way..

Have a lovely sunny weekend everyone

somewherebecomingrain Sat 13-Jul-13 21:17:32

eagle I've now put baby s in mother ease nappy covers - they are for washable nappies but contain even liquid poo so solve the prob.

BadMissM Sat 13-Jul-13 21:59:18

I finally made it over to the Grads thread, ladies!!!!

OK, for those of you that missed it, I was admitted to hospital early, on Sunday the 7th..then spent two days on a steroid/glucose/insulin drip.. in the sauna of a delivery suite. Had quite eventful elective caesarean on the 10th (apparently I have extra blood vessels!).... lost quite a bit of blood, then all the canulars fell out (long story) . Finally, my son Caspian Albert Sebastian Alexander was born at 2.34pm, by ELCS under general, on 10 July. He weighed 7 lbs or so (3kg 400). He is gorgeous.... photos to follow!

I've had no internet/clever phone for a week.... still a bit sore from everything, but was finally allowed home this afternoon....

blueblackdye Sun 14-Jul-13 09:16:53

BadMissM, welcome on this side ! Welcome to Caspian. Very very glad you and little Caspian are now home. Enjoy these first days. Waves to your DH and DD.
BBQ day today, so have to run, 30 guests, need to start cooking.

somewherebecomingrain Sun 14-Jul-13 09:58:26

badmissm congrats!!!!!!gringringringrin Well done and welcome caspian. So pleased you are here.

bbd 30 guest Blimey good luck xxx

Hooray that badmissm has made it to the grad thread! Congratulations to you and the little and lovely Caspian. All the best for your first days together.

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:13:40

Congratulations badness. Welcome to the world little Caspian! !! X

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:15:04

Cyclecamper and eagle. How's carry on camping going. You have certainly got the weather for it

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:18:38

Bbd. 30 people holy crap I can't be arsed doing a BBQ for me and dp. I have lost a gold star for being a crap domestic godess. However earned man stars for doing hedges and all garden crap. Drilling and diy stuff. Ps not sexist be arsed. Haha

littleredmonkey Sun 14-Jul-13 20:27:06

Cyclecamper and eagle. How's carry on camping going. You have certainly got the weather for it

EagleRay Mon 15-Jul-13 07:39:52

Reporting from hot sweaty tent. Hoping tent neighbours don't think it's me doing all the farting. All ok so far - had trip to the beach yesterday but it was scorchio. May go again today but not til after 4pm.

Weaning continuing - all ok until the avocado yesterday - more of an avoca-don't as forcefully shoved spoon away and an angry face.

Congratulations badmiss so glad you and baby are ok. Have some hand-picked wild flowers , nicked from the hedgerow first thing this morning

somewherebecomingrain Mon 15-Jul-13 09:58:49

Omg eagle proper hilarious carry on camping reportage xxx

Had a lovely weekend in my parents country paradise - most uncomfortable shabbily furnished cottage you've ever stayed in but the garden is lovely - my dad has built a massive climbing frame aged 78. My mum looks either like a New York feminist intellectual with her post chemo crop or like baby s. it's so perfect this whorl of snow white hair I couldn't stop touching it.

WiltshireMummy2013 Mon 15-Jul-13 17:53:14

Any older mummies around Wiltshire?

ChairmanWow Mon 15-Jul-13 19:46:45

Avoca-don't - love it eagle. Try mashing a bit of banana in it. Sounds disgusting but it's actually quite nice and DS used to lap it up. Quite handy when you're out and about as well. You can just mash 'n' go.

badmissm how lovely to see you here. Sorry for your woes re the birth, but you made it! Get your feet up if poss, don't skimp on the painkillers and get some iron tablets down you. Hope you're enjoying little Caspian thanks

And hello from sun-kissed Anglesey. Having lots of beach fun with a delighted DS and slightly cranky DD. The beaches are stunning and the cottage we're in is gorgeous with a friendly menagerie of animals including a peacock who calls round every lunchtime. The only downside is that my tinnitus, which has been very quiet this last year has gone crazy. I think it's because I've gone back on the pill - its very susceptible to hormones. Hopefully all will be calm again in a few days as it drives me bonkers sad. Had to get sleeping pills from the GP sad.

cyclecamper Mon 15-Jul-13 21:26:49

Congratulations BadMissM! Welcome to Caspian.

We had a lovely weekend camping. Babycamper was actually quite relaxed for him. A few times he lay on the ground or sleeping mats and calmly looked around, it was really nice. We got diverted on the way there (we had a rental car) so ended up stopping at the Ace Cafe to eat and feed. It was brill, even though they were having a fairly dull motorbike meet, not one of the vintage get togethers. I do like that place! (and nobody batted an eye at me feeding.) We were camping at one of our favourite sites: Watlington in Oxfordshire. We went camping there for our wedding 3 years ago so it was nice that it was there that babycamper had his first camping trip. Because it was good weather and we had the car, we took my favourite tent - a Blacks Good Companion that is about 40 years old so it was a really special weekend all round grin

Lovely to read about all the holidays and wonderful weekends! Enjoyment by proxy...

EagleRay Wed 17-Jul-13 23:36:03

Evening all - finally home late last night from camping trip. House is a shit tip and unlikely to change in the near future as I just don't have the energy or time to sort it out!

I have a very exciting avocado update for you - as you will recall, Baby E turned her nose up at the avocado/milk concoction but the following evening we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at a nice seaside tapas cafe and I had ordered some guacamole. Before I could finish it, a pair of tiny grubby hands dived into the bowl and she polished off what was left. Every time I tried to take it away she screeched and so I gave up. And she slept all night too!

And there was an interesting poo incident - when we went to the beach she managed to faceplant herself on the shingle (pea-sized stones) and was absolutely coated in them. I hastily brushed them off and forgot all about the incident until 30 hours later when we changed her nappy and lo and behold it was full of stones. Somebody please tell me why I am feeing this child puree?

Your holiday sounds lovely Chairman - are you managing ok with the sun? Hope your tinnitus calms down soon - it sounds horrible.

Cyclecamper - I think BabyCamper was just waiting to go camping, hence his good mood! I have such vivd memories of camping as a child, so it's nice to be able to pass the experience on.

Somewhere - love the description of your mum - is she doing ok with the chemo?

Goat - aren't you leaving on a jet plane soon?

blueblackdye Thu 18-Jul-13 07:41:39

A very very quick one to say Happy Birthday to baby Goat ! I can't believe you are one, little Goat. Have a great party and be good with your Mum.

ChairmanWow Thu 18-Jul-13 20:13:24

Happy birthday baby goat! Hope you do something lovely.

Our last night on Anglesey bathed in sunlight. Sad to be leaving this beautiful place. And rather cutely DS keeps shouting 'mindwills!' whenever we go past wind turbines. All in all a fab week. Tinnitus still poo but I'm getting used to it. Right, beer to drink. Have lots of sunny fun everyone.

Thank you for birthday wishes. We had a lovely day. Had a little party on Sunday so today was Big Goat and Babygoat day - not least cause on the very first birthday we only got to spend about 30 seconds together. smile
We went to a prem group where BG showed off outrageously - look! I can walk/crawl/make lots of noise with musical instruments/destroy the bubble machine/climb the settees/clear a shelf with one sweep of an arm/smile disarmingly cutely when pulled up on anything - then came home and spent lots of time in and out of water. Lots of fun and mess was had. Also had wonderful time shredding wrapping paper from presents... Am cheating and taking another day off work tomorrow and we have a picnic lined up.
Chairman the tinnitus is a bummer. Hope it improves.

somewherebecomingrain Fri 19-Jul-13 13:53:27

Hi happy birthday baby goat! What a great time if year for a birthday - many balmy summer birthday dos await!

chair Anglesey sounds lovely. Nothing like sundrenched uk landscapes - they've got the scarcity value. Sorry about tinnitus, hope it is a comes and goes kind of thing - and goes.

AFM enjoying nap success! Baby S has just slept for an hour and a half in our room and is still sleeping! After 40 mins I had to go in three times, flop down next to her, flop out my boob, and let her feed back to sleep. But that didn't take long and essentially I've had an hour and a half to myself.

This is the first time she's done this - previously only half an hour at a time.

scarecrow22 Sat 20-Jul-13 14:53:15

Bonjour mes amies!
France stifling but by goodness it is a wonderful country. Only just got Internet connection, will reply later but before I return to map reading/singing toddler songs/ stressing about T over heating (old VW Mark 2 with no cooling and 30C) a very special re-hello and welcome to Caspian and the wonderful BadMiss smile
A bientot xxx

somewherebecomingrain Sat 20-Jul-13 16:41:44

Salut scarecrow it's quiet without you

EagleRay Sat 20-Jul-13 23:33:17

Many happy returns to Baby Goat! Glad the party went well.

Bonjour Scarecrow! Your holiday sounds great, apart from the VW <shudder> I had one of these for many years and am still traumatised by the random breakdowns, engine blowing up, hands freezing solid on the steering wheel in winter, the massive garage bills... Need I go on? Lady, you are nuts smile

scarecrow22 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:24:54

So, not sure if I will recall all news from my lovely catch up yesterday, but let me trey...

Happy birthday BabyGoat, an inspiration to all mummies and the Bain of other babies (showing them up wink). I do hope his ear infection has cleared up. When DD had earache was most miserable I have ever known her, but she was a year older and at least could explain. V much feel for little chap. ( Though good timing re exam boards... They sound super tedious, from DH's description.)

Somewhere, description of your mum sounds fab. Does she enjoy pulling off the 1920s boho scarf look? Sounds like a great excuse to be eccentric. Hope it has worked and she is not too knocked out by it. Fab about nap too. If she can do it three days in a row you've basically cracked it.

Eagle and Cycle, you sound equally mad re camping in this heat ( from what I hear uk in heat wave, or was). Cycle, love the description of returning to such a special place with your favourite tent! I have a few dreams to share with DC and one is to take them back to campsite in Lakes we were staying at near Old Dungeon Gill (sp?) when we got engaged - even to the top of HellVellyn if I can drag them up there as DH got down on knee on top and produced my beautiful ring grin I was in the middle of berating him for dropping the water bottle down the mountain (nerves!) ...at least it was a more realistic experience of domestic life.
Glad top BabyCycle seemed to give it his seal of approval. I remember DD wanting to be held every minute after a cold when she was 5/6 weeks old and feeling a bit shattered by it; and even find need hold T so much for reflux draining so very much feel for you.
Eagle, adore sound of Boobie Banana and Avocadon't grin. Please keep up stories of weaning to inspire me. I didn't enjoy last time but am more interested this time, partly in hope will help T, and also because bf less of a blissful experience with a toddler around. What food will you try next?

BBD, hope you all okay in Paris in this heat. Sadly we will not pass as doing long drive from near Troyes to Calais in day/eve tomorrow. Hoping fact you in a house helps. Will you go into Paris tonight for end of TdF? Sounds spectacular under floodlights.

Chair, so so feel for you about tinnitus. Do hope hormones settle soon. At least you know a way to control it if necessary. I had for a couple of years once and absolutely hated it. Had to listen to audio book every night to sleep. In retrospect think was stress, so keep that in mind for return. Do talk about it if helps, but will try not to ask in case it reminds you (?)

We head home tomorrow late at night. Decided just too hot to enjoy lazing about campsites as had hoped. Sort of a shame as predictably now I'm here very reluctant to go bak to life with more than a plastic trug, single gas ring and saucepan, small bag of clothes each and a gym bag for the toys and books. Currently camping by lakes near Troyes: both DC napping in shade with electric fan on. Might join them before a run and swim later. DD now able swim across a pool alone with her armbands and we went wild swimming last week in a random lake we stopped at for supper. Magical memories.

Waves to LRM, Midget, MrsW, and Knicky (where art thou?!) Hope all well.

littleredmonkey Sun 21-Jul-13 15:58:44

Hi. I'm here keeping popping back but not had time to post. Waves and hugs to all. Dont know where the time goes. Only 9 weeks left of my maternity leave and making the most of my time with the little fella. He is 10 months next Sunday. Doesnt seem five mins since I was waddling down to the shops for a snickers worrying about giving birth breastfeeding.

littleredmonkey Sun 21-Jul-13 16:01:29

I am lucky I can go part time but still finding it hard I won't be with my little fella all day. He will enjoy nursery lots to see and do I bet
Ps work sucks

blueblackdye Sun 21-Jul-13 20:54:38

Sorry I have been quiet lately. First week with my Mum was hectic as I had to deal with DS and A on my own and preparing a summer party for 30 guests. Second week my brother dropped his 2 sons at my Mum's as well, 11 and 9 yo. Although they are great playing with DS, the 3 of them are hard work all together ! Hopefully this commencing 3rd week will be easier as the 2 cousins are leaving on Wed but 2 other are on their way, an 11 yo boy and an 8 yo girl from Friday for 10 days !

Scarecrow, I won't be on the Champs Elysees tonight for the final of TdF, this heat is too much for me to drive 30 min in a very old car with no air con. I am sorry we did not meet here on the continent but will have other opportunities when back in London. So glad you survived the trip and L and T enjoyed it.

Eagleray, looks like your little girl is ready to move onto lumpy food. Loved the stone episode ! Well done on the camping, to you and Cyclecamper, you chose the right week smile

Somewhere, your Mum sounds terrific, keeping my fingers crossed that chemo side effects won't be too hard on her. My Mum managed to get over it physically quite quickly but it took her a longer time to get her mind healed.

Chairman, has the tinnitus gone now ?

Goat, are you busy packing ?

LRM, omg, 9weeks left ? Already ? I guess the separation is even harder for us Mums than for our LO. Take advantage of the remaining weeks. Don't think about work. not now. Yes, work sucks.
I promised I would share the putting to sleep without CC: I roughly know when A is ready for a nap or sleep, I take her upstairs gently, singing and playing with her, change her, tell her it is time for her nap, kiss her a lot, put her down, she often resists, crying a bit, but I would insist, staying next to her with my hand on her back as she now sleeps on her tummy, whispering that all is well, time to sleep, 1st times it took me 45 min, then 20, now it is almost instant after 2 weeks. If she screams too much, I pick her up and hold her until she calms down, put her down again when she is calm, I must admit during the first trials, I did more than 20 times pick up/put down.
Tonight she played in her cot for 25 min, pressing her face on the bars so that I could kiss her through them ! So cute. And eventually she kneeled down and fell asleep.
But she still wakes up twice a night for a feed, approx every 3 or 4 hours.... I m too knackered to try CC, mentally I don't have the energy anymore. It will pass.

Wave to all, off to bed now.

scarecrow22 Sun 21-Jul-13 21:56:28

PS for Chairman... Thought of you daily in Alps as we could see from our gite across to Alpe d'Huez. Thought the views would be good for mental healing, and wanted to write "WOW" on the road in case you saw it, but then worried that was a bit presumptuous (er, plus I had no whitewash!) Will go better prepared next year....

ChairmanWow Sun 21-Jul-13 22:51:43

scare that is so lovely. Thank you! Hope it was amazing. So jealous, and full of admiration at you going with your two in searing heat, mad crowds etc. It's been an amazing tour this year. Only sad Cav didn't pull it off tonight. Looking into Yorkshire next year - will try and stay near Skipton and cycle to the two stages with the DCs on the back of our bikes.

My tinnitus never goes completely, it just doesn't bother me, which I guess is the same thing really. I stopped taking the pill last week and it's been a bit better though is raging tonight because I'm tired. Having my ears syringed tomorrow so I've been using drops which have made everything rather muffled. Hopefully the combo of no pill and clear ears will calm it down. I expect to have it for life now and just try and get on with things rather than waiting for a miracle cure! Glad yours went scare.

lrm enjoy these weeks with your DS. I found returning to work much less stressful than I had expected - little bonuses like eating and going to the loo undisturbed! My DS has benefitted loads from nursery and is a sociable little chap. He loves it too. It's a wrench at first but within weeks you'll both be in your new routine.

rosiedays Mon 22-Jul-13 07:43:54

Just wanted to pop in and say hello smile can't believe i made it to the grads thread. I lurked for a long time before posting on the pg thread and your stories and support for each other were invaluable. Thank you.
Rose petal arrived on the 16 th July and i can't take my eyes off her. She's amazing. Feeding wonderfully and sleeping well. A very chilled baby. I agreed to be induced due to reduced movement and some worrying heart traces at 39 weeks. Induction then delayed for 2 days due to lack of beds. Anti natal ward was horrendous. Ward full. Only 2 midwives on duty, baby's being born on ward as no beds in delivery
(One in the car park! !) Pessary did its job but as still no beds they wouldn't break my waters. Waters went at 4am ( still no beds) so prepared myself to deliver on anti natal ward. Was so glad I'd invested the time in hypnobirthing as was able to focus on labour and egnore chaos around. got to 7cm all very calm and lovely. ( dh buddy breathtaking on g&a ) when they came to say that they had found me a bed on delivery. By this point I did not want to go anywhere! !! Refused to get off the bed so they wheeled me round . lol. Arrived at delivery had to be examined etc and contractions stopped. It was like my birth bubble had been popped. sad baby was showing increased signs of distress and dr was called. They started drip and to begin with it was ok. They then decided they needed a blood sample from her head to check o2. OMG!! THE PAIN. felt like the midwives were panicking. Dh was beside himself as no one would make a decision and i was starting to loose the plot. Then all of a sudden an egyptain Dr arrived ( my dh is egyptain) dh was instantly calm again and they spoke in Arabic ( which I understand) made a plan. Arranged epidural ( which took forever and didn't work very well) I had huge urges to push but mw kept saying no pushing. Que return of egyptain Dr. .. stirrups up and 3 very determined pushes later she arrived. 5lb 9 and perfect. Lots of skin to skin. No stitches ( heaven)
Managed to get them to agree to a 6 hour discharge. just wanted to get the hell out of there. Faulty equipment, lost notes, lost tto's and fire alarm rounded things of! ! God bless the NHS.
First day on my own with her today. Dh has gone to London to register her with egyptain embassy. ( i hate london. ) Passport papers sent and looking at flights.

Wow that was longer than planned! ! Will catch up on all your news soon.

BIG Waves to cycle and baby cycle. Xxx

blueblackdye Mon 22-Jul-13 09:58:36

Hello Rosiedays, welcome to the grad thread, and welcome baby Rose, very glad you arrive safely and your Mum had a sort of ok labour although the idea of blood sample taken from baby's head would have made me jump and baby would have been pushed out... Enjoy

somewherebecomingrain Mon 22-Jul-13 10:53:23

Welcome rosie and rose petal! thanksthanksthanks

Well done on natural birth and no stitches. The Egyptian doctor must have been so soothing - what a stroke of luck.

Hey bbd you are in extended family madness. How did it go for the 30 guest? What did you make food wise? Love your description of soothing A - how to get a monkey to nap!

chair hope the tinnitus is fading. Can you sort of tune it out because you get so used to it?

scare lovely to hear from you. It sounds amazing. Am inspired- really want to get family abroad but cause we don't fly we end up in uk. Maybe camper van way to go - its also how my parents did it - we went several times thought the alps in an old green vw during my childhood.

eagle glad the avoca-don't has been rehabilitated. Have you thought more about nappy wraps?

lrm I feel I shared your last months of pregnancy and then haven't heard much from you and now you are going back to work already! I agree with chair work isn't so bad - it makes life truly complete as it somehow is the vanguard for getting the 'old you' back. You have your LO and you have your old life.

Have I missed anyone? Where is knicky?

AFM thanks so much for asking yes my mum is is doing well, I think her memory is a bit knocked by the chemo but she's as over it as it is possible to be, she feels quite normal now physically and mentally.

watching my parents age - they are late 70s now - i see how old age is very much a state of mind linked to physical health. My dad dislocates his hip, is in pain and can't walk, gets a replacement, is all doddery after the general anaesthetic. Then gets over it, regains his function and is Mr remarkable-for-his-age. My mum gets cancer and they are old. My mum gets over cancer and they are young. My dad in particular is going through an internal springtime that is lovely to see, cooking the most incredible food and making huge climbing frames for his grandchildren etc.

My mil is fasting away on the 5:2 and I really hope she gets slimmer and fitter - shese obese and arthritic-y - and is 'younger' as a result.

Welcome to Rosie and rose petal. Congratulations on the birth and yur wonderful way of telling the story.
Somewhere your parents sound amazing and resilient. My MiL has cancer and has defied the odds so many times. She too seems to get younger!
Eagle your weaning stories make me laugh. You are obviously cultivating a gourmand. I can see her sorting out school dinners in years to come.
Lrm enjoy your last days of mat leave. It's just a new beginning though and the time with LOs is all the sweeter. Even when they have hissy fits about going to bed not looking at you in particular BG oh no And chairman is right. You get to eat and go to the loo! Amazing.
Bbd your cooking heroism is inspiring. Especially as I chewed last Sunday and made my guests bring the food!
Scarecrow your holiday sounds idyllic. A lovely memory to have.
AFU we are running round like mad hens trying to second-guess everything we will need for a month in the winterness of NZ, and the 24 hour flight to get there. I spent a happy hour trailing round the shops today buying silly toys for BG for the plane. Hope they work a bit! I am probably packing far too much for him. Ewan is coming with us. Sheep don't need a passport for NZ, they are welcomed in with open arms. How odd that we will leave in baking temperatures and arrive in about 10deg.

EagleRay Mon 22-Jul-13 23:02:32

Scarecrow - hope you have a good journey home today (just in time for rain?) - sounds like it was a really successful holiday. It must have been really hard in the heat - it wasn't too bad where we were - luckily there was a nice patch of shade outside the tent until lunchtime and in the evenings it was just amazing to be sat outside and feeling warm and not to have damp cold grass underfoot!

LRM - wow only 9 weeks left! Just keep reminding yourself that you will still have plenty of time to spend with Baby Monkey even when you're back at work (I have to keep doing this as hoping to just go back 3 days a week and will probably return to work around the same time as you. The diet thread is v quiet at the mo, but my weight is still dropping slowly - 16lb since easter now. How are you getting on with your fitness etc?

BBD - I will have to find your postings about weaning as was dead impressed at the variety of foods you made for A. Sounds like you've been super busy over in Paris - hope more restful times are on their way. By the way, there's a v interesting thread on getting babies to sleep through the night here - I'm reading with interest as we're still on 1 or 2 hourly feeds at night and can't see it getting any better any time soon. Plus she doesn't go down til 10pm and so I have no time to get stuff done!

Chairman - nice to hear positive words about returning to work. Eating and going to the loo sound appealing although not sure there's room in my brain any more for the sort of work I used to do - hopefully it will all come back to me. How did the syringing go?

Rosie - Congratulations!!! So glad all is well, especially after your horrendous experience in hospital, but how fab for you and DP that the hero Egyptian doctor turned up. Lovely for you too that you didn't need stitches as I found that aspect of the birth quite bothersome (and still feel a bit odd down there frankly). I hope your first day on your own with her has been ok?

Somewhere - thanks for reminding me about the nappy covers - totally forgot after all camping palaver. We've since had another couple of leaks, although she now hasn't gone since Saturday and so we are due another big one! Was actually meaning to start getting her into washables but just never seem to get round to it. I think I've got a couple of covers lurking upstairs somewhere so I will give them a try.

I know what you mean re ageing parents and state of mind. DP's dad and my stepdad are similar ages (mid 70s) and in similar health - few ailments here and there. Whereas stepdad sits most of the day, is waited on and has given up on most aspects of life, DP's dad is on his own, independent and tenacious. Spends his days doing DIY and hillwalking! He had a major op on his ankle/foot just over a year ago and we winced as we watched him growl at offers of help and practically crawl home on one leg smile and now back to days spent DIYing and walking for miles. Will be interested to see how MIL gets on with fasting as wondered if similar may work for my DM - a life spent bloody dieting and she never loses weight and projects her issues onto me

Goat - wow your big trip is nearly here! There was an interesting thread a couple of weeks ago about someone with a DS of possibly similar age doing long haul and she was talking about drugging as was so scared of enduring the flight. In the end, everything was ok and all the other passengers were really kind. I'm sure he'll be happy with new toys appearing every few hours, when he's not charming the crew/passengers. One thing I've learned from the various trips away we've had so far is that she doesn't need that many clothes because if she poos/voms over anything I try to wash straight away so that it doesn't stain. My most useful weird items so far for trips have been a ziploc bag containing tube of travel laundry detergent, bar of Vanish and a couple of clothes pegs, plus inflatable duck bath - doubling as bath and playpen! We've also made loads of use of the mattress part of the Littlelife travel cot (but not used the cot part). I'm sure Ewan will love his holiday too!

More weaning fun today - took Baby E to a friend's house (she's got a 1yo) and I borrowed the high chair to feed her some carrot puree. All going well until suddenly bloodcurdling screams like I've never heard before - it was quite unnerving. Then I discovered the cause - 1yo sat at base of high chair sinking his teeth into her foot! Poor little thing - it made me realise what a cheery little baby she is as she rarely cries, and certainly not like that. Back home, I tried to feed her some pureed mango/stewed apple and she was a bit indifferent to it. Also got really fed up with it going everywhere so, seeing as she was being fed in her chair in the garden, I just handed her the bowl to see what she would do with it. 5 mins later, she'd tipped the contents out and coated her head and the high chair with it. She was then quarrantined in the garden until I found a plastic container, filled it with water, stripped her and plonked her in.

Waiting for thunderstorms to start and think I just heard the first rumble of thunder - anyone got rain yet??

Thank you eagle some brilliant advice there! Had completely forgotten travel detergent so am off to supermarket...

And am definitely planning to rely heavily on BG's ability to flirt outrageously and charm the pants off the most unlikely people.

somewherebecomingrain Tue 23-Jul-13 09:09:00

Yes good advice there eagle I shall take it for my intrepid trip to the wilds of Cornwall.

Re the nappy wraps if your baby is one of those liquid poo babies, and if there is one too many orange stains on the bedlinen/your clothes/your fave baby romper/the curtains and wall, it does solve the problem. They also look cute, kind of old fashioned. Not great in the heat of course.

Your dad sounds excellent.

By the way just after speculating yesterday about my mil, she has just experienced a Christmas miracle (tm midget or lrm) in that her dodgy knee went snap and suddenly wasn't dodgy any more. She's lost lots of weight on the fasting regime (although she is still huge) and also perhaps her body has gone into the fabled 'repair mode' that fasting is supposed to produce.

Wow goat New Zealand!!!!! One of my dreams. Is it just to go there or do you have relatives out there?


scarecrow22 Tue 23-Jul-13 14:15:29

goat - have you rung airline and made sure you are allocated a bulkhead seat with cot or bouncy chair contraption in front? or at worst the extra lwf room? in my experience it is not obvious to the computer so you need to ring and make sure/insist.
DD always slept welll long haul as long as not over excited. The thrum of the engines maybe? Toys good for stop overs though.
biggest mistake we made in Australia (DD 7 mo) and US (nearly 2) was to not insist on usual sleep routines and a bit of tough love about resetting in first 2-3 night's, by which time job seemed harder because she had got used to being fed or cuddled to sleep several tunes a night. In retrospect not taking the easy option the first few days would have made rest of holidays much easier. As always,with small people there are no short cuts

Cycle - DH's favourite place is Ace Cafe. It used to be an irregular date/day out treat pre dc. Taken DD but not yet taken T. You sound like his perfect girl (I do cycling with coffee and beer), camping between Easter and my birthday in Sept only ( and increasingly with dodgy hip only on a mattresses!) and motoring not at all if I can help it

somewherebecomingrain Tue 23-Jul-13 20:51:13

Baby some has just given herself a love bite on her forearm.

scarecrow22 Tue 23-Jul-13 22:46:06

awww bless babySome. I just love the way your love for her blooms in your posts

knottyhair Wed 24-Jul-13 06:38:07

Hi everyone! Can I rejoin the thread (if anyone remembers me from the pregnancy one)? I'm 45 now, and Rosa is now 7 months. I also have DS aged 9. She is a gorgeous girl, very happy but a real chunker, 23lbs when she was weighed last week (same as DS was at that age, and he's now a streak of the proverbial so I'm not worried, despite the HV looking aghast and asking me what she eats). Will try to catch up properly when Rosa goes down at lunchtime, but hope you're all well and enjoying these babies!

blueblackdye Wed 24-Jul-13 09:27:23

Hello Knotty, welcome back amongst old friends, of course I remember you, Rosa seems to be perfectly healthy ! How is DS reacting ? Has he been jealous as you feared ?
Eagleray, thank you for the link re sleep, I will watch it too and might apply some of these tactics.
Somewhere, yes, my extended family is a bit of a madness thing, 20 nieces and nephews, all first degree, between 28 and 7 yo. What else can I expect with 9 siblings smile The bbq went well, we had chipolatas and merguez, cotes de boeuf, greek chicken on brown rice, fennel salad, greek salad, lamb meat balls on couscous, chocolate cake, carrot cake and fruit salad, on top freshly picked cherries from the tree ! It was nice seeing family and friends but time flew quickly and I have not had a chance to sit down and talk properly to all of them.
Scarecrow, are you now back home ?
Goat, when are you flying out ? Hope your family will welcome you properly and you have a great time.

AFM, it is hectic over here but ok on average. The temperature has gone down a bit today so I might get a chance to send kids out in the garden, they have been hiding in the shade, shame ! A sometimes forgets to hold on furniture and throws herself forwards, she has a few bumps and bruises on the forehead but nothing serious although I will take her to see the osteopath in 10 days. She pushes her playpen around the living and dining room, I will need to revarnish the woodfloor before I go back to London ! She likes to clap and does it on demand, how funny. We took her to the swimming pool and she laughed of delight when going down the slide. She will be 1 yo next Monday, I can't believe it.

Xxxx to all, LRM, FF, Midget, Cheese, MrsW, chairman, Rosie, cyclecamper and every one else.

Scarecrow the Singapore Airlines bassinets are 768 mm long. BG is 770 heel to crown! So too long for the cots which are apparently also v narrow so putting him on the diagonal not an option either. I have tried the Moby wrap again and he is very comfy and actually sleeps on me, so hoping that will suffice confused
Somewhere, BG has done that too and lo

Argh! Phone.
...and looked very bemused.
Knotty lovely to see you again! Welcome back!
Bbd what a feast. Between you and midget my fantasy eating life is gourmet. Btw we fly out on Sunday.
I have stupid amounts of stuff ready to pack. The question is, will we use it all?...

knottyhair Wed 24-Jul-13 12:59:17

Thanks BBD, nice to be back amongst you all. Your list of food for the bbq has made me hungry again and I've only just finished my lunch! DS has been amazing with Rosa, he's very protective and has to be the one to get her out of the cot in the mornings. No jealousy at all, mainly due to the large age gap I guess. I'm very grateful of the chance to see him be such an amazing brother, given that our original "plan" was for him to be an only. Your description of Anastasia is gorgeous! Rosa is on the point of crawling I think, she keeps sitting forward and rocking but hasn't really discovered her knees yet! She loves her food and has yet to refuse anything (although I know that won't last!) but does delight in blowing raspberries when she has a mouthful of hummus. Her sleeping is pretty good and she slept through from 7pm until 7am at 14 weeks which I couldn't quite believe. But she's recently started waking at 5.30 and having a little chat to herself, but I think that might be the heat.

Rosie I don't know you but congratulations on your beautiful girl smile.

Hi to anyone else who remembers me, and I'll try to keep up with the thread and also attempt to put an up to date picture of Rosa on my profile if I can remember how to do it.

knottyhair Wed 24-Jul-13 13:17:20

Cross-posted Goat! Have a fab time in NZ not jealous at all and am perfectly happy with planned week away in Cornwall... in November.

scarecrow22 Wed 24-Jul-13 15:23:20

Another one here that remembers you well Knotty. So glad you and Rosa are thriving. You should write the weaning bible. And indeed the parenting one, given how lovely your DS sounds. Please do stay now smile

BBD your feast sounds amazing. Domestic Goddess (or the French equivalent). I would be proud to make one of those dishes. Our raspberries about to fruit - have you a good tart type recipe. Oddly I'm not a fan of cake, but love pastry/biscuit type stuff. As is obvious when you see me!

We are back from holiday. We have some lovely memories, but to be honest it was tough with heat and travelling and lack of routine - I would love to be a free spirit but like me my son does love a routine, and the resulting sleep deprivation was almost at torture levels. Plus DD was too excited to sleep before 9-10pm so lost all my me time/headspace. I'm not good with loss of either one; the combination was not great. I had my first episode of proper depression for about two years. It only lasted about 24 hours, possibly less, and I dealt with it well, but was a bit shocked and it knocked my confidence a bit. Worth it though for memories of wild swimming with DD, of her saying WOW THE STARS when she was looking at the inside of a window shutter grin, of all that quality family time, and runnning (a small amount!) in the mountains. I love mountains.

I really got to observe T even more too, and he has changed a lot. He's grinning loads, chatting away with coos and gurgles all the time (he is quite a charmer really, I like to think in the BG mode though clearly I might be taking liberties there!), and he is grasping things but at that cute stage where not quite sure how to let go! He has rolled from front to back and back to front once, but think they were accidents. Having a lot of good sleeping on front, usually for naps or in the nearly-morning hours, though does also sleep on back.

knickyknocks Wed 24-Jul-13 15:37:38

Helloooo! I'm so sorry for my rather lengthy absence - and this post will have to be kept short as baby KK is having a snooze and will no doubt be up very soon.

Hoping to get a new phone in the next couple of weeks which will mean I'll be get into MNing again - I've missed catching up with you all. My blasted phone doesn't even seem to like me lurking - crashing all the time and being generally useless

Congratulations thanks to rosiedays and bbm - just wonderful news!

scarecrow your holiday sounds amazing! And I'm full of admiration for camping with 2 young children - you make it sound very easy and something I'd be able to give a go.
knotty I remember you from the pregnancy thread - you were one of the names further up the list than me! Lovely to see you on here!
goat have a wonderful time in NZ - another amazing holiday - ooh and packing cases - not my specialty - always always manage to take a ridiculous amount of clothing - I'm one of those 'just in case' it snows/monsoons/high temps sort of packers, leading to nearly everyone who picks up a case I've packed to say 'flipping heck what the hell have you packed - have you left anything behind???'
somewhere just love your posts - particularly when you talk about baby S. A lovebite on her own arm - just too cute....
eagle aahh...the weaning world. It's due to start for us in about 8 weeks, off to a health visitor chat about it tomorrow. I suspect it'll all be about BLW. Knowing me, I'll try and do a bit of both - BLW and purees.
chairman tinnitus is just dreadful, you poor thing. So disorientating. I hope that it's fading away now.
bbm a first birthday already?? Where has the time gone? What have you got planned?

Speaking of which are there any BLW gurus on here? I'm sure I'll find out more about it tomorrow - but apart from bananas, breadsticks and broccoli, I'm not sure which other foods to try first.....I'm anxious about the choking side of it, but people have reassured me that that is unlikely - just far more that he will gag.

AFM, we're all doing fine, me and DH are getting on much better, baby KK is up a couple of times a night but it feels fine as he seems to eat and then goes straight back down. He is an early morning waker - around 5am is the norm, but know in time this will probably change so just going with the flow this time.

Best go, baby KK is starting to stir, then need to collect DD from nursery - life feels like it's in fast forward mode sometimes!

knottyhair Wed 24-Jul-13 22:06:41

I know what you mean about FF mode knicky. It's nice not to have to do the school run for a few weeks.
I think I've managed to put an up to date photo of Rosa on my profile smile.

EagleRay Wed 24-Jul-13 23:29:34

Hello Knotty and welcome back!! I remember you very well, and in fact was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are. (Have to confess to feeling quite sad when people disappear and spend relatively silly amounts of time trying to imagine how they are doing now). (also think about Riversidelibrary often and wonder how she is as she had her little boy about a week before DD)

Little Rosa is absolutely gorgeous! Very cute pic of her with photo of big brother smile

Great to hear from you too Knicky and pleased to hear that you and DH are doing better these days. I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you with BLW - I'm just making things up as I go along as got a bit annoyed with the way weaning is defined as method x or y. In fact, although I'm doing purees at the mo, it would appear to be baby led as Baby Eagleray insists on feeding herself. I load the spoon while she waits with her left arm outstretched. Then she swings it round, swipes the spoon and stuffs it into her mouth. And sometimes she remembers to open her mouth while she rams the spoon in too! Some days I let her get on with it, and other days I heavily supervise and wrestle the spoon back off her, depending on how much cleaning up/changing/bathing I can be bothered to cope with.

We do have a major constipation problem at the moment though, so am probably going to ease off the food until it's better. Poo is MIA since Saturday, apart from a couple of fairly firmly-formed lumps. She's getting pretty miserable now so might take her to baby clinic tomorrow to get advice.

Gosh Scarecrow so sorry you got depressed while you were away. Think you did an amazing job coping with life on the road though. I've found our trips away quite stressful at times and certainly never restful, but at the same time it's not been as difficult as people warned! BiL has slightly older children and now says he wishes they were more adventurous when the children were younger as he thinks we've made it look relatively easy! And lovely moments you had with DD doing wild swimming! Baby T sounds adorable too - and nice to spend quality time with him in a different environment.

Goat feeling anxious for you and your packing! Remember to leave an extra day to pack, then unpack and remove all the stuff you don't really need then pack it all again (we didn't do this for our trip abroad and looked quite foolish at the airport) - in fact there's a photo of DD sat in her car seat at the airport in Greece, presiding over a mountain of luggage and bits and bobs - have no idea how we managed. Moby is a great idea - sling, plus blanket or anything else you need a length of fabric for. I took the Hana (similar to Moby but a bit thinner) on holiday and put her in it once we were through security and she went batshit crazy (as she sometimes does when put in a sling) - we were definitely the people you look at as you board a plane and pray you aren't sat next to them...

BBD - can't believe that A is going to be 1 already. Funnily enough, Baby E is 6 months old on the same day! BBQ sounds incredible - an absolute banquet.

Somewhere - not sure if I mentioned before, but Cornwall is where we've just returned from! It was lovely, although always a bit of an epic trip to get down there. Are you camping?

This coming weekend is going to be a bit of a stresser for me - in order to make some money, I'm hosting a person from overseas for a few weeks. I was only allocated the person a couple of weeks ago so feeling under pressure to get the house shipshape and to be prepared to provide 3 meals a day! And on top of that, DSis is coming to stay for a few days too, bringing one of her boys with her (and arriving at roughly the same time as overseas guest). Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Hah! I'm putting together a shortlist of easy recipes and will just have to live by a timetable for a while until I feel a bit more confident juggling it all. On top of this, DN is a horrendously fussy eater so think I will tell DSis that if he won't eat what I've cooked, then she will have to cook for him. Was hoping to move the dining table out into the garden to allow more space but think the sudden onset of rain has put paid to that...

Also must remember not to swear, nor to wander around house with boob out.

knottyhair Thu 25-Jul-13 06:30:57

Thanks Eagle smile! Really hope your baby's constipation gets better soon and that the clinic can help you. And good luck with your visitors! Whereabouts is your overseas person from? Hope you remember to put your "girls" away, and if you do swear, just think of it as broadening their English vocabulary grin. Knicky, can't really help on the BLW front either. I sort of do a mixture with DD I suppose. I spoonfeed her some pureed stuff, but also try to include some finger food at every meal, although she does like to try and stuff the whole thing in at once and then sit there staring at me with it all hanging out of her mouth. Did amuse myself yesterday watching her chase a piece of slippery avocado round her highchair tray grin.
Not a terribly exciting day planned - I'll do a Jillian Michaels DVD whilst DD is napping this morning and sweat a ridiculous amount, then off to Argos to collect a feeding booster seat to leave at my mum's so she can look after DD sometimes. Boring jobs in the house and spend some time with DS whilst DD has her lunchtime nap, then popping up to my friends for an hour this afternoon so DS can see his best mate as well. God that sounds even more boring now I've typed it out blush. Hope your days are more exciting.

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:46:04

ds got up this morning not wanting to wear nappy. You wear a nappy or sit on loo I said. So she removed nappy, put trainer seat on loo, climbed up and did a wee. I have siezed the moment as she is supposed to be potty trained by time starts at Montessori in September, bit consequently quiet day sorting holiday chaos and cooking up meat from our inadvertently defrosted freezer now being spent chasing an increasingly reluctant toddler around persuading her to drink more and sit on the loo or potty....or washing pillow cushions (don't ask, imagine). She is napping in a nappy.and am tempted not to wake her as is a blessed relief for an hour or more! T almost totally ignored poor lamb. DH is impressively oblivious to it all and cleaning car parts in his shed and grumbling if kids go too close and asking for cupsbof tea (wtf). Because that was what he had PLANNED to do. biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit biscuit

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:47:34

DD is (not) potty training, not my 15 week old DS smile

knottyhair Thu 25-Jul-13 14:42:34

I hear you scarecrow, my DP does that as well. Last Sunday he said "I've emptied the dishwasher for you" in a very proud voice, and couldn't understand why I asked why it was "for me". Whilst he was doing that, I'd been sat on my backside watching TV. Oh no, wait a minute, I was hanging out laundry, putting another load on, supervising DS doing homework and changing/dressing DD hmm.

EagleRay Thu 25-Jul-13 15:44:25

Oh dear Knotty I'm familiar with that 'did it for you' phrase - DP puts the recyling/rubbish out 'for me' even though at least half of it is his rubbish...

Lovely story Scarecrow re your DD although have a funny picture in my head of your tiny DS announcing to you he was going to go without nappy... How lovely your DP is able to get on with what he planned to do regardless of whatever else is happening. I asked my DP to take DD out last weekend so that I could get on with some chores/paperwork interrupted. Instead he sat in the same room with her as me looking at stuff on his laptop and I couldn't concentrate at all, yet am supposed to be grateful...

Constipation update... went to see HV this morning and she suggested prunes and also whispered about some brown sugar in some water as not supposed to recommend it so went off to the supermarket then made up a concoction of purred prune mixed with some plain yoghurt and also put some brown sugar/water in a bottle for her to play with. A quick nappy check just now has revealed something small and solid in there so at least it's started coming out smile

All I've done this week is tidy, tidy, tidy and house is still a shit tip plus have had workmen in getting all sorts of repair jobs done (including having all of my bannisters replaced as they were too wide for a crawling baby).

Knicky the visitor is Japanese - hope my house isn't too much of a culture shock for her... So you are doing the Shred? I've lapsed of late but hope to get back to it soon (without scaring my house guest)

Right - upstairs now to investigate nappy...

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 16:20:00

Oh yes, the old babysitting computer app: know it well! When I'm not around DH amazing - hardly on computer/phone, plays games, reads books... When I'm here he's a lazy so-and-so! I actually said something and he's taken dd swimming (in a nappy!) and Tom and I are sorting laundry and about to make up mince and fish pie...after a quick check of MN! Okay, better at least chop an onion...

knottyhair Thu 25-Jul-13 18:15:53

Glad things are starting to "happen" EagleRay! It was me that mentioned Jillian Michaels - I do all of her DVDs on rotation basically. I started with the Shred a couple of years ago and got a bit obsessed blush. Managed to lose 2.5 stone but then Rosa decided to put an end to that! I've got just under a stone to lose to be back to where I was before the pregnancy and it is proving tough to shift! I use MFP to track what I'm eating and try to do a Jillian DVD 6 days out of 7.

EagleRay Thu 25-Jul-13 19:30:33

Sorry Knicky and knotty - I'm terrible for mixing up similar sounding names blush

Currently in ikea cafe eating things I shouldn't while BF and trying to stop baby E from tank

EagleRay Thu 25-Jul-13 19:31:30

Sorry Knicky and knotty - I'm terrible for mixing up similar sounding names blush

Currently in ikea cafe eating things I shouldn't while BF and trying to stop baby E from yanking my top above my head...

somewherebecomingrain Thu 25-Jul-13 21:23:32

Hello knotty yes I absolutely remember you - I was sorry not to see you on this board when I got here!

scarecrow so sorry things got on top of you during the holiday - you are such a fab, lovely, high achieving person on all fronts, you should always feel great about yourself, sadly I know it doesn't work like that. Yay to self-potty training. Ime it's a two steps forward ones step back thing and a lot is to do with their nerves developing to do the job of telling them its time to go. In boys this takes aaaages. Ime.

eagle knotty what's this shred business? knotty I've been doing the 5:2 diet, sort of. Instead of fasting all day on 500 cals two days a week sometimes I just eat in a six hour window 12-6pm. I have lost 9lb - can't believe it.

Hey knicky glad you are back - it all sounds like its going well. Can't believe baby k only wakes 2 times a night. I'm thinking of weaning baby s early -like next week - cause she is so huge so v interested in your thoughts. Also interested in blw.

AFM I got baby s some extraordinary satin harem pants from the charity shop for 75p. She looks so cute in them, like a baby clown. They make me so happy.

My sis dropped round today - called up and said she was outside the door. Really good to see her and dear niece but nephew, who had allegedly been longing to see ds, promptly hit ds and dear sis did nada. .

blueblackdye Thu 25-Jul-13 22:13:23

Omg Somewhere, this is horrible, poor DS. Would your nephew and sister understand if you frankly and abruptly threaten not to see them anymore if he does not change his behaviour ?
Eagleray, hope the constipation will ease quickly, water helps too on top of plums, how ironic, baby Eagle is famous for her massive poos smile
Scarecrow, you are fantastic, don't let anyone or anything put you down.
Wonder how Seaside is doing. Have not heard from her for ages. Hope all is well. Same with VQ. Bet Midget is busy cooking.
Re weaning, I have been giving finger food and spoonfeeding at the same time. Green beans, cauliflower, peppers, brocoli, watermelon, tomato slices, avocado, mango, mushrooms, raspberries, small blueberries slightly squeezed in your fingers, baguette, A is happy with all of these. I am not ready yet to let her touch porridge or rice or couscous. But sometimes she is very quick and dips her hand in yogurt ! I often have to wipe her hair as well as face and hands, not to mention floor and highchair ! Usually In the evening, bath follows dinner, not the other way round anymore.
Tried a macaroon recipe today, raspberry macaroon filled with passion fruit creme chantilly surrounded by raspberries. Beautiful to look at but tricky to eat. DS claimed he prefered chocolate brownies.... Pfffff, kids !
Off to bed now.

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:53:09

grin at BBD's DS. reminds me was trying to inspire DD about Alpine scenery or Ronan history of Autun but really all she wanted to know at every stop.was "can we go swingsslide?"

a,few weaning memories returning: for weaning and teething frozen buts of soft fruit - watermelon especially good. Good for adults too <greedy emoticon>. Also breakfast before dressing, and I wore a cooking apron for meals. One day skirt wad downstairs so went down in too and tights: put apron on and forgot...as I went out front door for drop off and work felt bit breezy down below and realised still in apron with no skirt blush
DD rubbish at eating veg when weanibg; now pretty good frankly. Dont panic!
Finally I have found making her try stuff even if she has only two mouthfuls has often led to acceptance after a few goes. And never ever replacing rejected meal with a more popular alternative; instead I would bulk up "pudding" surreptitiously (eg doing custard with fruit or adding some carbs to a snack pot with fruit and a sweet treat) and aim to do our banker meal - pasta with pesto - for lunch or supper if was trying new food so knew she was having one good meal a day.
finally, ime snacks do great date to meals. I only allow occasionally by 10am

MrsWooster Fri 26-Jul-13 11:10:36

Weaning here too - alas not BLW, which went brilliantly with DS from just about 6 months - roast parsnips were and are a fave but literally just gave him everything we ate and he gummed away enthusiastically. He's been a fantastic eater until he has now hit a combination of belated terrible twos and realisation that DD is a fixture...
She is having to start on purees, which I don't want to do and is a MASSIVE PITA after the BLW, as only just 4 months and can't sit up or feed self but it's been recommended for helping reflux and general lack of sleep etc.
Sorry not to do a detailed name chack etc - I am shite at that at best of times but things are still pretty hard here and I'm grabbing 5 mins before she wakes from nap or I fall asleep. Wakes on cue.
ps try Rapley blw book. is v good but mainly just go for it.

knottyhair Fri 26-Jul-13 13:03:55

Somewhere, the Shred is a Jillian Michaels DVD - only 20 mins long but hard! 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min abs, repeated 3 times. I've got slightly obsessed with Jillian (can you tell? grin) and have all her DVDs now. Congrats on the amazing weight loss! My Dsis is doing well on that too. I just don't think I'd cope with it, I'm too much of a pig picker. Those satin harem pants sound gorgeous smile.
BBD, my mouth is literally watering at the sound of those macaroons.
Scarecrow, grin at leaving the house in your tights & apron. DP did something similar a few years ago when he went to work in his boxers but no proper shorts. Thankfully he was working on his own (he's a carpenter) but realised when he needed to nip out to Wickes and couldn't find his wallet grin!
MrsWooster, sorry you can't wean your DD the way you'd like to - really hope it helps with reflux and sleeping.
Weaning with DD has been a dream so far (as it was with DS thankfully). If I'm spoon feeding her I just make sure she's got some finger food for practice and to keep her amused. E.g last night she had spinach dahl & sweet potato, and she had some strips of pitta with it. Similarly pud was Greek yoghurt and she fed herself the raspberries. I did the same with DS and he's now 9 and will literally eat anything, except mushrooms, even the smell of which makes him gag. So fingers crossed..... Just need to stop DD blowing raspberries when she eats - doesn't help that DP and DS think it's hilarious so she gets lots of attention when she does it!

blueblackdye Fri 26-Jul-13 19:09:56

Scarecrow, I remember this story of the missing skirt ! How hilarious ! But Knotty's DH has the palm here as he did leave without shorts !!! And he can't really say it is because of baby brain smile thank you to both for this laugh. I have left once with 2 different ballerinas, one brown and one black, but realised after only 2metres out of the house, not a big deal !

Knotty, I tend to wean the way you do, spoon feeding but finger food to keep A busy and it works.

The other day, I made some spinach and salmon pie as DS loves it and A quite enjoyed it too, Popeye helped a little bit with DS but A just opened her mouth wide and gobbled all up, I just haveto make sure I use chopped spinach.
Atm, they both enjoy Vietnamese food prepared wih love by my Mum. And I do too, I miss it so much when in London, proper homemade traditional Vietnamese meals, yum !

We are invited to a bbq tomorrow at my sister's inlaws. I m bringing some blueberries muffins. It is very trendy in Paris to present British food, interesting, isn't it ? So tomorrow morning, baking and baking for me.

Today DS and I went shopping. A new pair of trainers for him, a back pack with A's name embroided on it with a cute female goblin in the forest in the background as a birthday gift, and I m making a raspberry mango cake for A's party on Monday. Nothing big, us and only my siblings and their kids and my Mum. A has received tons of presents already, I will give her progressively her toys otherwise she will get bored of all of them too soon. Oh, I also found a beautiful beige wool and merinos knitted cardigan with fleece lining and hood, with 40% discount.

EagleRay Fri 26-Jul-13 19:43:56

We have poo success here at last - I noticed this morning that she was red-eyed and looking a bit teary and wondered what was wrong. It was only after I had prepared another batch of prune/yoghurt gloop that I smelt something funny and realised that the watery eyes had been her straining! I think it's all out now (2 nappies full) confused

Gosh Knotty - you are a Jillian devotee - she would be very proud of you! I've lapsed with the shred recently but it's a great workout to do every day (I plan to carry on doing it longer term, rather than just for 30 days). I am now 2kg off my pre-preg weight, but I was overweight then, so next step will be to ditch another 10kg. Tall order, but it has to be done, and am finding that the weight is coming off fairly easily now, despite forgetting to do weightwatchers plan.

Somewhere - the harem pants sound adorable! Baby Eagleray had some raspberry pink Polarn ones which I just loved, but they had to go into the 'too small' storage bag yesterday <sob> Sorry you're still having the same problems with nephew - how depressing. I always wonder when parents ignore stuff what is going on in their heads? My nephew displayed some very odd behaviour when he was younger which my sister seemed oblivious to (and none of us dared say). Sadly she got a big shock when he started nursery and concerns were immediately highlighted and he finally got a diagnosis of ASD. Now I have Baby E, I can see how scary and heartbreaking it must be when your child is showing signs of having problems, but I hope I would be very conscious of things such as hitting other children. Hope your DS is ok.

BBD - I'm trying to train Baby E to take water from a bottle - currently no joy with doidy or sippy cup, and she became a bottle refuser after weaning from FF. I will persevere though as don't want another week without poo... I love the description of A's party as 'nothing big' but you have 9 siblings!! It will be a lovely family occasion, and the raspberry mango cake sounds lovely.

Scarecrow - love the apron story! Wearing an apron is a great idea - I've got a lovely black linen one which I think makes me look like a great cook when I wear it - must get it out. With skirt of course...

Great to hear from you MrsW - hope things get easier for you soon.

So many interesting comments about weaning, especially the puree vs baby led. I've found it much easier to not think about whether it's one or the other and just give Baby E what I think she will like! She is currently going nuts for roast sweet potato mashed with milk, goat's cheese and quinoa. She doesn't allow any to spill so can safely say she loves it. Tonight is apple with a bit of cinnammon (it's a bit monotonous at the moment as have frozen some little cubes) but will think up some new things soon.

There's a very interesting AIBU thread about weaning here where a lot of posters have said pretty much the same thing - I think the misconception that you must do one or the other causes extra stress. Also, I'm finding I absolutely LOATHE the mess from food being thrown around and absolutely reserve the right on some days to shovel the food in rather than let DD express herself and chuck it around smile

EagleRay Fri 26-Jul-13 20:39:02

Btw have posted a pic of weaning in action...

ChairmanWow Fri 26-Jul-13 21:26:00

Hello all. I've missed so much and have only the time to skim-read.

mrsw great to see you back. Hope the weaning is going well.

scare I hope you're not too shaken by your episode. Good that it was short-lived and no doubt a result of holiday stresses. Holidays are a much less relaxing affair with kids but so worth it for all the new things they experience. I send you hugs as someone who has suffered the big D in the past.

AFM the tinnitus has faded back to the background hiss I was used to and will hopefully stay that way. I'll steer clear of the pill I think. If our sex life ever returns DS will have to go under the knife grin. Kids are great, and DD already rolling over - and needing to be flipped over in the night. What joys! She's also on the 95th centile, the big lummox!

Will catch up soon, but in the meantime hello to knotty and a wave to somewhere, bbd, lrm, badmissm and everyone else. Time to crash. Night all.

blueblackdye Fri 26-Jul-13 21:30:03

Knotty, Rosa is so smiley! I love the cheekyness of them.
Chairman, I guess you mean DH will have to go under the knife smile

Waiting for mine to get out from the Eurostar, 1 hour delay so far due to thunderstorms in France. It is not an early night tonight for me

knottyhair Sat 27-Jul-13 13:11:14

BBD, I'd love a Vietnamese meal, sounds amazing. Hope the weather is OK for the BBQ. Eagle, baby Eagle is so gorgeous smile, and glad she's had a couple of good evacuations. And it's the same here as far as working out goes, I had finally got my head around it being a part of my life before I got pregnant and was exercising most mornings. Plan to carry on when I'm maintaining assuming I lose this last stone. Totally agree with your views on weaning, I think people get so stressed about doing one or the other, as you say, just give them what you think they'll like! ChairmanWow, tinnitus must be horrible, glad yours is getting a bit better. Like you, I've persuaded DP to have the snip but he didn't ring back in time to confirm the July appt he was offered so he's got to wait until September now.
Took DS & DD to the library this morning (1st time for DD) and she shouted at the books very loudly grin!

Just a quicko from Singapore Airport to wish Anastasia a very happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy lots of presents!
BG was a star on first leg. Slept seven hours. We ended up with a bassinet after all but he wouldn't sleep in it so we were the beds. No problems on take off or landing thanks to large bottles, and much outrageous flirting was done! The other passengers were lovely and despite a couple of screamy episodes they assured us at the end that he had been very good and they hasn't noticed.
Btw love the photos. Blimey but us oldies make cute babies!!
Right. Another 12 hours on a plane to go...

littleredmonkey Mon 29-Jul-13 12:05:46

Anastasia happy birthday. Xxx

knottyhair Mon 29-Jul-13 16:07:00

Happy Birthday Anastasia! xx
Goat, your baby sounds like a star. Hope the final leg of your journey goes well.

scarecrow22 Mon 29-Jul-13 19:01:07

happy birthday sweet Anastasia. And well done to her lovely mummy thanks thanks

blueblackdye Mon 29-Jul-13 20:06:45

Hello ! Thank you for your posts. Anastasia had a lovely day, tons of presents and lots of kisses from her Mum today. Sadly DH was in London but I got to kiss A for him... As if I needed a reason to kiss her ! Lol. Yep, 1 year already and I can't stop kissing her. She has been standing on her own and clapping a lot these last days or waving in the air as if she was going to take off ! The stair climbing has not stopped. Although she knows now how to get down the sofa or bed, I m not sure she would be able to do so with the stairs so I am still very careful. No more bumps lately but it will come soon because now she has a good balance next step will be putting one foot in front of the other, she has actually managed 1 or 2 steps, but nothing really steady yet.

Happy 6 months to baby Eagle !

Goat, baby G deserves a golden star. Hope the last bit will be as smooth as the beginning.

LRM, did D finish his first proper tea ? That was quite a plate ! What did he like most ?


EagleRay Mon 29-Jul-13 23:37:07

Happy first birthday Anastasia! And wow at her walking already! Glad you had a lovely day with her.

Hope the rest of the journey went ok Goat - and have a wonderful time in NZ

Baby Eagleray celebrated her half year by visiting a portrait exhibiton with mummy and trying to touch the noses on each exhibit. For dinner, she's had roast butternut squash with quinoa and a dash of cheese followed by stewed pear with cinnamon and yoghurt. And then she nicked some garlic bread this eve. It might be mostly mushy, but it's all cooked with love and it's still baby led as she wields the spoon and tells me what she thinks of everything, mostly by singing to herself as she eats smile

Things are v hectic here - overseas guest is here, plus twice as many family members as originally planned. Weather is atrocious so can't really go out and do anything. And barely any sleep last night. I have bought a box of wine for the fridge, that's all I have to say...

knottyhair Tue 30-Jul-13 06:32:05

BBD, sounds like a lovely day - very exciting that she's walking already smile.
Eagle, happy half birthday to Baby Eagle for yesterday! Hope you enjoyed your wine. Can I ask, does she get the food in OK if she's holding the spoon? My DD loves to hold a spoon but just tends to turn it round the wrong way and chew on the handle! So I tend to give her one to play with whilst I spoon feed her.
Had a lovely day yesterday out with friends at the local outdoor museum. DS ran riot with his friends and DD had her first go in soft play, which she loved! She also looked aghast at the alpacas - couldn't work them out at all! She had one of her favourite teas last night - corn chowder with little cheese sandwiches and raspberry rice pudding afterwards. Quieter day today after 2 full-on days. Hope everyone is well xx

somewherebecomingrain Tue 30-Jul-13 08:45:00

Happy belated birthday Anastasia xxx

littleredmonkey Tue 30-Jul-13 09:59:28

Bhb. He liked abit of everything. Pork and carrot top of the list followed by fruit and custard. Need to advance with him using the spoon. Just started nibbling sucking and throwing toast.
Happy 6 months baby E

somewherebecomingrain Tue 30-Jul-13 11:22:03

And happy six months eaglet. Xxx

blueblackdye Tue 30-Jul-13 19:44:11

So we went to see the osteopath today. Looks like A's fall from my bed a few months ago created some pressures in the back area and that might explain why her sleep is soooooo bad. She said it is a good idea to have a check up at birth, then when babies start walking and falling. It was A's second appointment and for the second time, she had a massive poo, wonder if osteo has an immediate effect on digestive system grin

EagleRay Wed 31-Jul-13 00:13:38

Oh dear I've just totally lost the plot with visitors but more on that later...

Knotty the spoon feeding seems to have happened by accident. She figured out pretty quickly how to hold the spoon and shove the food in her mouth, but at most feeding sessions it's just not practical to deal with big amounts of mess and spillages so I put some food on the spoon then hold it so that she can grab it with one hand (whilst gently keeping her other hand away, and also not letting her grabbing hand slide too far down the spoon). Then most of the time she opens her mouth wide enough to shove the food in, although sometimes she doesn't open it and the food ends up all over her face. Every day she gets a little bit better at it though, and if it's something she really likes, then very little gets wasted... not at all greedy like mummy, oh no I find I have to be really on the ball as she gets very grabby and enthusiastic. I did manage to feed her in a cafe today, which felt like a minor triumph as it was the first time she's been big enough to go in any old highchair, plus managed to pack food, get it warmed by the cafe, then feed her without destroying the furniture, and keep her reasonably quiet so she didn't annoy other customers (she can get very shouty/singy when eating).

I'm with your DD on the alpacas Knotty - feel like I should like them, but find them spitty and weird.

Great to hear from you LRM - sounds like Baby Monkey is eating well!

BBD that's funny re osteo and poo - there has to be some sort of connection, but no idea what they do to make that happen?

So just gone proper batshit crazy at my family who are staying. DSis and her DH and two DS are all here (was supposed to be just DSis and one DS with the others camping but they got rained off so ended up all being here with no advance warning). I have slightly less tolerance than usual down to a) I have a paying guest in the house (who incidentally is really lovely and helpful and a delight to have around) and b) I have a small baby therefore I'm knackered and don't want the baby woken up.

At 11.30pm this eve, homestay guest was asleep, as was DD, and the kids are still refusing to go to bed, thumping up and down the stairs, squabbling etc, with DBiL shouting up stairs at them. I just lost it and asked DSis to get them to shut the fuck up as I didn't want guest or DD woken up. Then I went to the loo and found the toilet showered in pee - they've been doing it every time they go and when I raised it earlier today I was told by DSis they were too lazy to do as they're told and lift the seat so there wasn't much point in telling them again. I said absolutely they could be told again as it just wasn't on (I refer again to paying guest in house). So I find loo covered in pee again so just told DSis to clean the fucking loo too angry

So I have now flounced off to bed and left them to it - I'm not usually mean but I've fucking had it! I've made space for them all at short notice, cooked meals for everyone each eve, driven them places and tried to keep everyone happy but I am beyond tired now and felt like passing out when we were out and about earlier.

Anyway, they leave tomorrow so I will regain a little bit of sanity then smile

EagleRay Wed 31-Jul-13 00:15:50

Sorry that was very sweary - not very grown up nor necessary blush

DD is waking 3/4 times in the night at the mo so I'm running on empty

blueblackdye Wed 31-Jul-13 00:28:24

Eagleray, I would have lost it too. Actually, I find it really difficult to have people around with a baby. I had nieces and nephews for the past 3 weeks and I have never been as mean as this, telling them to behave every second although I know they are kids, but still, on one hand a baby who doesn't sleep, I am hence exhausted, on the other hands, screaming teens, arrrrrgghhh ! Holding your hands, you have been very kind with your DSis and family. Wish you a peaceful night

knottyhair Wed 31-Jul-13 06:32:39

BBD, hope the osteopath helps Anastasia. We took DS when he was a newborn with colic and would scream every evening for hours! After just one visit, he conked out immediately, and after a couple more, the colic was gone. The osteopath we saw said that any baby delivered vaginally should be seen as everything gets squished on the way out! Good luck with it.
Eagle, thanks for the tips re: self feeding. I will try when I have the patience, and hopefully she'll get better at it and stop poking herself in the eye grin. Congrats on a successful cafe lunch! And I would have totally lost it also! When you have a baby, sleeping is like the holy grail, but also all that mess on the loo, and then saying there was no point trying to do anything about it! If my DS was doing that I'd be mortified, and in someone else's house! Really hope you get some peace after they've gone.
Leaving DD with my parents today for a few hours whilst I take DS and his friend to the cinema. She loves it over there and gets plenty of cuddles smile.

EagleRay Wed 31-Jul-13 11:15:28

Thank you for the support - have to confess that a bit of a rant did help!

Today has been interesting - DSis barely speaking to me this morning - rather frosty atmosphere. I said sorry but I was really on the edge with tiredness last night and got 'don't worry - we're leaving today' as a reply!

Anyway, just got Baby E off to sleep for her morning nap and DN1 was asked to get dressed - cue shouting/stomping/slamming of doors and so Baby E awake again! I do feel sorry for DSis and her husband - v family orientated, conservative people but their kids are quite challenging.

The kids are now moaning about the day's activities on offer (they complain a LOT) and it's just started raining and so I think today is going to be tricky...

somewherebecomingrain Wed 31-Jul-13 14:05:43

Eagle my every sympathy. I think that when sisters have kids things realign quite profoundly. Sisters can skirt round the rivalry and tension endemic in sibling relationships very effectively with their co-operative female tendencies, but once you've got kids its a lot more complicated and those tensions surface. That's my experience anyway!

bbd just wanted to say nine siblings???? Wowed. No wonder your so wise about family! Also that list of food was incredible.


littleredmonkey Wed 31-Jul-13 20:50:48

Eagle. One word for you next time. ... Hotel. . I would have swore as well. Good rant honey xxx

littleredmonkey Wed 31-Jul-13 20:53:53

Baby monkey trying to crawl. Painful watching him shuffle from side to side. He has decided this week if I take things off him he protests. personality is coming on in waves. Food wise had spag bol and sweet corn. Loves fruit cocktail and custard

knottyhair Wed 31-Jul-13 21:17:49

LRM, he sounds so adorable! DD also protests very loudly if things are removed from her. DP has started "brushing" her tooth at bathtime, and she hates it when he's finished and takes the toothbrush away. She also had spag bol tonight, with cheese, raspberry rice pudding and blueberries for pud.

EagleRay Wed 31-Jul-13 22:58:15

Hurrah - peace at last as they've left! Spent day in a small town nearby - all activities v child-focused until last few minutes of trip where we visit a couple of shops. Kids start acting up and then fighting, resulting in their dad getting shouty and physical - I was mortified as all went on in front of a cafe with seating outside and everyone stood open-mouthed. I stormed off and went home by myself.

As for hotel LRM - they can't afford one! Also suspect they would get asked to leave even if they could...

Love the menu ideas Knotty/LRM. I'm sure Baby Monkey will soon be zooming around - slightly dreading this phase myself due to all the childproofing...

ozmum23 Thu 01-Aug-13 02:45:07

Hi all
I am 47 and have two DS. One is 9 and one is 4.
I would love to join this thread please! Is this ok even
though my youngest is already 4?

scarecrow22 Thu 01-Aug-13 03:27:49

hello ozmum, and yes, of course! people on thread have kids of similar ages ( I think exactly same ) as well as their babies, and even those are growing fast!

I'm one of the newer grads: DD is 2y 7m and DS ("T") is 16 weeks (hence silly o'clock posting).

knottyhair Thu 01-Aug-13 06:04:51

Hi ozmum! I also have a DS aged 9, and DD is 7 months, a surprise pregnancy discovered days before my 44th birthday! Does your name give a clue to where in the world you are??

rosiedays Thu 01-Aug-13 08:35:12

Morning all. Wow where do baby days go!!! Can't believe rose petal is 16 days old, she growing so fast and changed so much in such a short time. She's already grown out of some of her tiny baby clothes and into 0-3! !
Reading all your weaning stories with interest and storing advice. I remember it being a very messy time.
We had a house full at the weekend. We had a traditional Muslim baby party on Friday which was 'interesting' I spent months explaining to dh ( and mil) that you can't kill a sheep in the back garden in England! ! I also have no idea how to butcher a whole sheep. traditionally 1/3 is given to the poor. ... Mmm visions of walking round the city trying to give bags of meat to homeless. in the end we found out how much a whole sheep would cost and gave 1/3 of that to a charity that feeds homeless people and spent rest on halal lamb meat
Dh then cooked kofta, kabab and chops on bbq with babaganok mashie and other yummy egyptain food.
Dd was star attention of course especially with the office girls from dh work ( all 20 somethings )

rosiedays Thu 01-Aug-13 09:02:08

Oh some advice please. . Little rose is ebf on demand. Basically if she opens her mouth the boob goes in and she seems to be feeding well but she gets hiccups every feed and had a lot of bottom wind. She does make a tut tut sound when feeding but laches on so tight no way can i pull nipple out (or is there a knack to doing this) we're going to bf group next week ( confused) but thought I'd ask. Thanks

rosiedays Thu 01-Aug-13 09:07:27

Oh some advice please. . Little rose is ebf on demand. Basically if she opens her mouth the boob goes in and she seems to be feeding well but she gets hiccups every feed and had a lot of bottom wind. She does make a tut tut sound when feeding but laches on so tight no way can i pull nipple out (or is there a knack to doing this) we're going to bf group next week ( confused) but thought I'd ask. Thanks

EagleRay Thu 01-Aug-13 10:24:11

Hi Rosie - lovely to hear from you and baby R sounds a delight. grin at MIL and sheep slaughter - would make a great AIBU story ("AIBU to stop my MIL slaughtering a sheep in my back garden?") It's great that you managed to find a meaningful alternative with the poor benefiting too.

As for feeding issues - I'm no expert, but I've found a page on the brilliant Kellymom website that may help as it does mention a clicking noise while feeding and gasiness here

And removing baby from boob is quite simple - just slide a finger into the corner of their mouth until this releases the vacuum and then you can retrieve boob...

Welcome to the thread Ozmum! I'm nearly 42 and have 6mo DD

scarecrow22 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:51:44

Rosie- what a fantastic story smile And a lovely ending. What a lovely family you seem to have joined.

Eagle- so sorry about your house guest woes. Don't mean to be insensitive but to balance my terrible handling of PiL visit in May my sister in law and her DH, dnephew 15 (6') and DNiece (nearly 10) were staying from Sunday til this morning and though house was comically crowded and spent half my days tidying, they were fabulous guests, really helpful with kids and around house, and we had some great quality time. I feel v blessed in SiL and BiL and I'd be v proud if their kids were mine. As well as keeping up my Couch to 5k running programme (finished week 5) I also managed a swim by myself yesterday and felt ached all over but really good for it today.

Off to seaside to visit friends tomorrow, then home to spend weekend trying to salvage to so far not v successful potty training.

Have good weekends x

scarecrow22 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:52:19

Btw, as well as the usual suspects, has anybody heard from Seaside? Do hope she's okay as not heard in ages....

scarecrow22 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:54:24

Sorry to thread hog: Eagle your link has been a revelation: I think there is a high probability that over-supply is T's problem, rather than reflux, or at least a part of it. Symptoms amazingly alike. Plan to introduce some recommended solutions soon. A sincere and big thanks for posting the link.

EagleRay Fri 02-Aug-13 00:08:25

Not insensitive at all Scarecrow! So glad you had a nice time with your relatives, especially after the traumatic PiL incident. And to be fair, my lot weren't truly awful - it's just that they arrived at the same time as other guest, and they did put upon me quite a bit (it was never the plan to have them all here). And DSis did help with DD when she could (when she wasn't breaking up fights between her DS x 2...)

Bloody well done on the the running and swimming! I keep meaning to get back to exercise but busy-ness, weather etc always seem to get in the way. Weight is still dropping now, even on weeks such as this one where I know I have eaten loads!

I've heard from Seaside briefly - must drop her a line tomorrow as haven't had time to get back to her yet.

oh and glad you like the article - Kellymom is a goldmine of info!

rosiedays Fri 02-Aug-13 08:05:54

Thanks scarecrow my egyptain family are great and mil makes her comments with all good intentions and does not get upset if I laugh. ( like i need to bind my stomach for 40 days)

Eagle ray you have revolutionised feeding in our house too with the link and how to detach baby from boob. (I knew as soon as i read it but had totally forgotten) babyrose hhowever is less impressed that she is now being removed and reminded me of a snapping turtle the first time i tool boob away. Little mouth opening and closing and confused eyes saying ' where did that go.i hadn't finished. Lol

Heading back to my home town today. 5/6 hour drive! ! With out feeding stops and traffic problems. Currently heading back in wrong direction as dh forgot to change the tax disc. It is dd 1 25 birthday next week and dgd will be 2. They haven't met baby yet either so should be a fun weekend. The only downside is my new tenants have decided now to be available for house inspection and also decided not to pay rent. I honestly don't understand how some people think

rosiedays Fri 02-Aug-13 08:08:28

Not available not now available! !! On phone in car so sorry for typos

blueblackdye Fri 02-Aug-13 10:45:06

Welcome Ozmum to our gang. DS is 4.8 yo and DD just turned 1. And I am 43 ! We are in Paris for the summer at my Mum's.
Rosie, When I gave birth, my Mum wanted me to stay in bed for 40 days, I guess the are reasons to these traditions but somehow we lost them because of the modern life and lack of extended family around.
Knotty, the osteo session has worked wonder, 3 days after, A woke up just once last night, she slept from 7.30 to 00.30, woke up for a feed and slept again until 6.30, woke up, fed and slept again until 9 ! I have not had that since she was 4 mo, I feel like a new person, have put 2 washes on the line, took cot mattress out, took my summer duvet out too, love the smell of sunshine on bedlinen. Except DS had fever last evening so he slept with me and woke me a bit around 3am but he is now fine. Still hot but behaving as usual, I guess the 34C we have had the past few days plays its part in the fever.
Eagle, Scarecrow, it is nice to have family around although it does add a bit of work. I m glad all my nieces and nephews have left, it is only me, DCs and my Mum this week, DH will join us tonight for the week end.

littleredmonkey Fri 02-Aug-13 20:23:56

Hi ozmum. I am 44 ds is 10 months and my first.

knottyhair Fri 02-Aug-13 21:11:01

Rosie, your baby party sounds amazing.
BBD, glad the osteopath has done some good! Glad the fever has gone down.
Went to town today with DS & DD and bought them both outfits for DD's naming ceremony in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to it - we keeping it all very personal - we've hired an old village hall in the local outdoor museum, I've written the script for the ceremony and my sister has agreed to conduct it. Lovely friends as mentors for her, and afternoon tea & fizz catered by the museum.
DD loved her tea tonight - sounds awful though - chicken livers pureed with garlic, onion & apple, with mashed sweet potato, and fresh cherries for pud. She ended up looking like a serial killer though after she mushed & sucked the life out of the cherries! She's having a day with my parents tomorrow and we're taking DS to Borough Market and then on the London Cable Car (both his choices, bless him, thought he would choose Legoland!). Hope everyone is having a nice weekend x

somewherebecomingrain Sat 03-Aug-13 09:49:39

Hello ozmum every MN thread needs someone Australian on it!

I'm 41 and have 2 dcs, ds 4 and dd 4 months.

rosie your Egyptian mil is hilarious and interesting! I think there is something in belly binding - not sure about slaughtering lambs. Good ingenious alternative. What a rich inheritance for baby rose.

knotty sounds like weaning is going a treat - she loves her food! Love the image of the serial killer/cherry eater! Bless ds for his intelligent choice of day out.

scarecrow glad you had a good time with your ils. Family can be superb.

AFM went to the paddling pool with ds and his little polish best friend on crazy hot Thursday and it was all it should be. Water pistol fights, ice cream, etc etc. they have a rigmarole of hysterical crying about whatever the other has and they don't - forgotten as soon as the other doesn't have it so it gets quite dizzying trying to sort out turns on the scooter and then suddenly it's the batman figurine that's the centre of emotional heat. Anyway this rigmarole is just part of their friendship as far as I can tell.

Wedding yesterday - I love weddings.

Hello again everyone from the other side of the world!
As always lots going on while I have been away. Hello ozmum and welcome. I am down in your neck of the woods at the moment... Well, next door anyway. rosie you have such lovely stories, what a wonderful start to baby Rosie's life!
Have been reading everyone's lovely and warm posts, will respond properly soon. All is quite on the go at the moment. Not least because we had the 12 month jabs just before we left (12 days ago) and sure enough BG has a mild case of measles. He is not a happy bunny. Still, he was thrilled by his first beach experience this morning - much sand was consumed - and the little train ride through the NZ bush this afternoon also went down well. Scarecrow thanks for the advice on the sleeping, we have tried to be as much to routine as possible and it has been fairly ok. Except for last night, when there was a power cut and BG woke up. You can imagine just how pitch black a rural, bush-clad countryside is without any lights on a cloudy night... The poor thing freaked a little, but hooray for Ewan and his red tummy. Also of course the hardy NZers don't believe in central heating so it got pretty cold.
Tomorrow we are off to Hot Water Beach. This is a military operation to get there for the right time for hot water pools in the sand.

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 06:57:00

morning all smile

quick question, wattage or stage can you put kids in jumperoo? never used one for dd as she hated that kind of thing, but ds is just that sort of kid. Plus will help with eternal task of keeping him upright some days!

I feel so weary, much more than I'd expect. Not sure if cumulative broken.sleep on holiday and guests or just having two kids in 40s. I hesitate to admit this but I long for child-free time... what were those supplements, Somewhere?

EagleRay Sun 04-Aug-13 08:34:58

scarecrow I bought Jumperoo mid may when dd about 3.5 mo and she used it straight away, altho still building up bounce/speed in it now! Friend's dd of same age already outgrown hers (much more physical baby I think). Btw she's selling hers and lives in SW london if any use to you? Sorry re weariness - have no idea how I would be with 2 DC - one is hard enough

Great to hear from you goat - first beach trip is so special. Hope bg is better soon.

Hiding in loo on phone after wakeful time since 5am

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 08:45:46

x post Goat: so glad you having a lovely time, though so sorry BG is poorly. He sounds a trooper though.! Lots more tales from below, please, so we can live vicariously

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:15:34

Eagle - I am def interested. Do you want to pm me with any info? I'll pm my email.

I put on a light dressing gown with Chinese embroidery this morning and DD thought it was my princess dress to wear to work (she has seen a photo of where I work and it is quite an ornate building so she decided I work in a princess palace)... so basically she thinks my job is being a princess grin grin (plus I wear jeans every day of life si clearly never otherwise look like a princess smile )

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:16:24

I should add that I am the least princessy person I know!

littleredmonkey Sun 04-Aug-13 09:23:35

Goat. Glad all arrived safe and sound. Hope m measles clear up quickly. Dylan went to the beach to last week. Can't beat a spot of sand good fibre.
I get the worst mum award today he got hold of the tv remote and pulled off a bit and dp had to fish it out his mouth I couldn't find it. It's been me telling him dont let him have that remote the small front easily pops off and while he sat on my knee I let him have it. He is fine I am upset but lesson learnt
Bbh. Glad a sleep is better we are worse hete up 5 times last night. What did the specialist suggest you did differently?

ozmum23 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:04:41

Thank you for all the warm welcome smile
yes i am from down under and it is winter here right now. i have got this cold for a few weeks now.
just wanted to say hi and now i am going to try catch up on all your recent posts smile

blueblackdye Sun 04-Aug-13 12:05:58

Goat, so glad you made it to NZ.
Scarecrow, I don't like too much this thing, if T is not ready to stand and is put in it, he might tiptoe and that is not good for the feet development, or so I was told. It is better to have a playpen to let him hold it if he wants to stand, A has done so and started walking pushing it here and there.
DS has left this morning with DH to visit DH's parents for 2 weeks, I m going to miss him.

ozmum23 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:33:07

goat hope the measles clears up soon! the black out sounds scary! i would have been scared too! and no central heating shock brrr

scarecrow my DS1 used to have one of those bouncers that u attach to the doorframe. he loved it! he was around 5 months at the time. how quickly time passes!

rosie i love your stories smile

ozmum23 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:37:34

eagle i totally sympathise with you! when my two were little, i would put a note on front door for DH to be sshhh when he comes through the door after work! and i would insist he tiptoe around the house when baby is sleeping lol

ozmum23 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:39:39

question please ladies smile

has anyone done the 5:2 dieting? have read good things about it and just want to know if anyone has done it?

knottyhair Sun 04-Aug-13 14:13:50

Goat, hope BG is feeling better. Hot Water Beach sounds rather nice!
Scarecrow, we haven't got a jumperoo but this which is similar, and DD has really enjoyed it since she could support her head properly. BBD makes a good point about tiptoes but in this, DD's feet are flat on the floor and she loves it, as she loves to be standing. She also liked her door bouncer from about 4 months but she's already exceeded the maximum weight for that! grin about your royal job!
LRM, don't beat yourself up, we've all done stuff like that. I surrounded DD with cushions when she first started sitting up but there was a gap and I told myself she'd be fine whilst I fetched another cushion, and of course she toppled over and hit her head on a book shelf blush. She was fine but I wasn't.
BBD I'd really miss my DS as well if he went off, will you be able to speak to him regularly?
Ozmum, I haven't done 5:2 I'm afraid, I'm too much of a pig picker, but my sister does it and has lost weight. I think if you can handle the hunger, it does apparently get better. She has days at work where she's so busy, she doesn't get any lunch so it suits her lifestyle, whereas I'm at home and the fridge/biscuit tin/crisp cupboard regularly call my name. I prefer to workout every morning whilst DD is asleep. I've got another 7lbs to go though before I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
Had a lovely day in London yesterday, ate a bacon sandwich the size of my head in Borough Market, and a chinese takeaway when we got home. Missed Rosa like mad, but she had a lovely day with my parents. I'm cooking for the freezer for her today - have made chicken in tomato sauce with cumin & coriander so far, and am about to make another chicken one, with butter beans, herbs & creme fraiche. It's a tad warm in the kitchen though. Hope you're all having nice days x

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 14:15:03

ozmum SomewhereBecomingRain will be along sometime (soon probably) and she is our 5:2 (and other ratios) guru. I'm the C25k monitor smile

scarecrow22 Sun 04-Aug-13 14:18:42

knotty wow and yum at chicken with butterbeans.... <wonders away to Google recipe>

knottyhair Sun 04-Aug-13 14:25:58

Ooh does that make me Jillian Michaels monitor?? {jumps up and down with hand in the air}.
Scarecrow, here's the recipe (from a booklet I got with a baby mag I think). Chicken & cannellini bean stew (I happen to have a tin of butter beans in the cupboard though). Heat 1 tbsp oil in a casserole dish and fry 1 chopped onion for 2-3 mins. Add 4 halved skinless boneless chicken thighs (I'm using breasts though) and 2 chopped cloves of garlic and stir until the chicken is browned. Add 150ml of no-salt chicken stock or water, 8 halved cherry toms, 100g broccoli, juice of half a lemon, and a drained tin of beans. Bring to boil then cover & simmer on a low heat for 20 mins until the chicken is cooked. Add some chopped parsley or whatever herbs you've got, and 2 tbsp creme fraiche. Heat through, then blend to whatever consistency you need for your baby.
Hope it's OK!

littleredmonkey Sun 04-Aug-13 19:52:19

Ozmum. 5:2 diet ok if not breastfeeding very few calories. I could not do it need calories to get through the day. If it helps I have 3 very low carbs calories meals a day no snacks or crap. I have lost 5 stone since new years day. It's one of those diets you do for a few weeks and the hunger gets too much. I lovey food too much. My friend tried it and was tired and crabby most days very little energy.

blueblackdye Sun 04-Aug-13 20:02:41

LRM, so sorry baby monkey is so hard at night, the osteo I saw did not give any advice but she could feel that around 7 months, something happened to A that created some pressures in her back. These pressures were uncomfortable so at night she would wake up trying to find a more comfortable sleep position. We wrongly thought she was hungry so fed her and now she has taken the bad habit of being fed at night. Also the feeding position relieved her back and she would fall asleep. This is quite consistent when I think back, A had a fall from my bed around 7 months and she started waking up randomly at night, I could not see a pattern, I thought the schedule with DS and hers were wrong, I changed that a bit, I thought weaning was also involved.... Since I have seen the ostopath, she has managed to sleep almost through a few nights waking up only once instead of 2 or up to 5/6 times. Coincidence or not, I don't know but I might try again some gentle sleep training if she keeps on sleeping and waking up only once a night.
I m quite happy with this osteopath but unfortunately she is in France and was recommended by my MW. Not very practical though as I usually live in London ! Can anyone recommend a good baby/toddler friendly osteopath in NW or Central London ?
First time I saw her was a few weeks after birth, A then took ages to burp, one session and she was burping almost immediately once she was put upright. She advised me to come back when A would start to be mobile. Once a year for a check up is enough according to her to realign things unless big falls happen. I will try to see her again in Dec though.
Another friend of mine is seeing someone to help with sleep for her 2yo DD. But I don't know if it has shown some results.
She also mentioned not to try to help babies with walking by leading them with your fingers as long as they have not by themselves started to cruise with one hand on furniture. This movement means that their hips and ligaments in this area are ready to support front walking movements (as opposed to crab/side walking, if that makes sense). Trying to teach them early might induce incorrect position of feet and walking with feet inwards later on. so no rush, our babies will walk when they are ready
Sorry for long explanation but I m trying to think in English when being fully immersed in French for the past 5 weeks...

Scarecrow, I know what you mean by child free/me time. I have hardly had that luxury since DS was born except when I was back at work ! But if that was child free time, it wasn't Me Time. it is very hard to deal with a toddler and a baby, I feel I m constatntly rushing from one to the other and not have quality time with neither of them, not to mention enjoying the time I spend with them. I feel that I care for their basic needs but I don't nurture them. I wish I could have 1 hour a day per child when I could only play on the floor, crawling with A, rolling a ball or racing cars, building Lego with DS or reading something to both of them instead of trying to answer to DS' non stop questioning about the world while preparing tea or bathing A.
But tonight DS is away and A is asleep, the house i