Our new place to chat about our beautiful toddlers! Where have our babies gone???

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KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:12:11

Another thread girls, can't believe we're here already!

lizandlulu Mon 11-Feb-13 17:05:15

Already???? Wow me must talk some shit!!L smile

How have you all been today?
Loving with iwish?? I have had that Monday feeling today. I don't usually take no notice of Monday blues and all that, but today has been rubbish for no particular reason!

lizandlulu Mon 11-Feb-13 17:05:33

I ment loving work iwish!!

KLou111 Mon 11-Feb-13 17:46:01

Well, it has been almost a year! I think we did well!

Sorry you're feeling crap today. I'm not feeling too bad since I had a better sleep, but could do with Euan not waking tonight.
His new bed is coming tomorrow eek. May have to strap the cot sides to it though lol!

Had quite an easy afternoon as friend came and her daughter loved playing with Euan and vice versa, so all were happy! Gave us a few hours off! Was great to see her smile

Iwish Mon 11-Feb-13 20:43:57

Oh yeh loving work lol. Sorry you have had a rubbish day liz did your match sticks hold?

Glad you had a good day klou. Best days are those with friends.

I'm hopefully going to be asleep early tonight, just feel knackered. Might go to that play centre again tomorrow if I can be bothered so Joshua can have a proper play because it was so busy yesterday.

lizandlulu Tue 12-Feb-13 17:20:05

No my matchsticks didn't hold!!! I must have looked a Right Mardy cow cause a couple of people asked if I was ok ad what was wrong!!

Let's hope we all get bit more sleep this week!

Lulu was in my bed at half 4 this morning. Last night she decided to sleep under her bed, strange child, and woke at half 4 and couldn't find her teddy, so she ame crying to me, then she got tooth ache, then belly ache, then she wanted to get up so I sent her to her own room to watch telly at 6. Bloody kids, if it's not one it's the other. Billet slept all night from 6.30 to 7

I must start thinking about packing! I'm usually sorted by now, or st least have my stuff out on the spare bed ready to pack. I have just been too busy

lizandlulu Wed 13-Feb-13 08:10:14

And another crap night!! Lulu again, having bad dreams and crying in her sleep. So brought her into my bed, Chris was still out shooting so he got relegated to the spare bed yet again, where she took up more room than ten octopuses, and fell out!
I so do need a full night sleep

KLou111 Wed 13-Feb-13 15:09:34

Omg we had 4.30am too!! Bloody kids sort yourselves out!!
Managed to get Euan to sleep yesterday, but woke after 40 mins so I knew he'd wake early this morning, but not that early!!!

He's at my mum and dads today as we're over in coventry, and she just text me 20 mins ago saying he'd been asleep for an hour and should she wake him so I said no!!! Give him up to 2, then won't be so overtired tonight.
Didn't get his bed, driver had a blow out so it's coming sat sad

Our hol stuff has been on the spare bed for 2 weeks lol!! All done here, just going to m&s on way home to order him some new trousers for hol, then think that's it bar a box of milk. Can't wait, so drilling cold here bloody snow!!!!!

KLou111 Wed 13-Feb-13 15:10:10

*frikkin not drilling ffs!!!

KLou111 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:21:59

Well turns out Euan had 1.5 hrs nap, so here's hoping (again).
Also, I have read that magnesium helps them sleep. There is a supplement but I'm not too keen on that, however I've read that it's in bananas (which he won't eat) and honey (which he will). So, tonight for dessert he had a whole mashed banana with a spoon of honey mixed in with some milk, and he ate it hurrah!
Another night of fingers crossed!

Iwish Wed 13-Feb-13 19:48:05

Oh you poor pair! Bet you are both knackered.

Bloody OH kept me awake last night coughing so am knackered again. And since he's got man flu I've done everything on my own so could do with sleep right now.

Would love Joshua to have a lie in tomorrow.

KLou111 Thu 14-Feb-13 09:02:37

5.15 arrrrrrgh!!!

Iwish Thu 14-Feb-13 10:47:13

Stupid oh kept me awake again then Joshua woke at 6:00, 6:20 and then up for the day at 7:00.
I'm tired from oh waking me at 3:00 and keeping me awake. Need to do something with the day but cba.

Booo 5:15 klou. Why do you think he's doing it?

KLou111 Thu 14-Feb-13 10:52:36

Not sure. I've been reading about 18 month sleep regression, maybe that. Hoping holiday sorts him out as he'll be sleeping in the same room. Bloody knackered though!

Sounds like we're all having shite nights!

lizandlulu Thu 14-Feb-13 12:28:17

Mine was good last night, sorry.

KLou111 Thu 14-Feb-13 13:05:46

Pffffft liz!

Iwish Thu 14-Feb-13 17:18:16

Hope it's just a v short phase klou nothing worse than crap sleep, we've had it for ages lol.

Bloody man flu has well and truly hit this house. Oh been in bed wed and today and will prob be tomorrow too. Luckily I will be at work lol. Joshua has started getting mardy and has slept for almost 3 hours today which in unheard of and usually means he's getting poorly. Great stuff sad

How has both your days been?

KLou111 Thu 14-Feb-13 17:30:17

Oh no! Bloody man flu ugh!! Hope your Dh doesn't have you running around too much!

Took Euey to the park earlier, then he came home and fell asleep around 1 for 1 hour 20, then I did his lunch, but gave him what he'd normally have for tea, chicken and veg pie with new pots (homemade inc pastry, get me!!), he's having a cheese omelette now.
I read sometimes they can get belly ache if they have their main meal at the end of the day rather than lunch as they haven't got time to burn it off. He's been eating his main at tea time since about 9 months so cant see that being the issue, but I'll try anything!!!!h

Do yous do Valentine? we don't bother with it tbh. Having a curry and a bottle if prosecco tonight though smile

lizandlulu Thu 14-Feb-13 17:46:24

I got him a card, but that's it. Apparently we know we love each other so no need to buy anything. Meanie.

I took Luke to the dentist yesterday, she woke up with a swollen face. Doesn't Hirt tho, so I don't know if it's an abcess or not. the dentist never said, just that the medicine will take the swelling down. She's got to have some back teeth out sad sad sad
Not sure when, got to take her back at end of feb for a referral to the hospital to get them took out. I feel awful.

lizandlulu Thu 14-Feb-13 17:48:05

Oh and it's some game getting her to have her medicine, 2 spoons. Three times a day.

She's so scared of it, she gets the shakes and baulks and screams pleading not to have to have it. She's never Ill so never had medicine before. Violet just looks at her with her mouth open as if to say, if she don't want it I do.

Iwish Thu 14-Feb-13 20:19:23

We do cards normally klou but OH bloody forgot sad. Enjoy your curry and prosecco smile
Hope Euan sleeps better tonight. do you think he could be cold? I've put socks on Joshua a few times recently at night.

Aww poor lulu liz hope she feels better soon.

I had a little kip when Joshua slept earlier. Hope I actually sleep tonight!

KLou111 Thu 14-Feb-13 20:54:39

You old romantics you!

Poor Lulu liz! Hope she's ok in herself. Know how she feels with the medicine, I was like that when I bought that foul covonia stuff, I was actually shaking!

Funny you say about the cold iwish, I don't think he is as I have had the heater on on some nights, I bought him a onsie instead of using his sleeping bag, with a long sleeve vest, pjs and socks under, but still wakes. So tonight I've binned the socks, still got the rest on including the onsie, and put him back in his sleeping bag, so we'll see.

If nothing works I'm thinking about buying a Gro clock
Looks good, and worth spending the money if it works, but still worth it if it doesn't, we're knackered!

lizandlulu Thu 14-Feb-13 21:01:47

Wow that first review is good!!! Yes it looks like a good idea. Ha a clever boy, he should get the gist of what he's ment to do.

Have you had a nice evening?

Chris has had a different pick up and it's just come back from the garage, so he's gone out playing in that. Who said romance is dead?

KLou111 Fri 15-Feb-13 07:23:55

Never thought I'd say this but 6.15 woohoo! Lol!
Could do with at least 7 though......not to sound ungrateful!!

KLou111 Fri 15-Feb-13 09:41:05

Have ordered the gro clock, will be here Monday, going to take it on holiday seeing as we're all in the same room, then can show Euan how it works. Don't actually feel too bad today though.

Meeting a friend at soft play at the local brewers fayre this morning about 10.30 which will be nice.
Steak night tonight as we're at some friends tomorrow night for dinner down the road. They literally live next door but 1 from my mum and dad so be nice to have a lie in sunday in our bed smile

KLou111 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:49:53


Just been to the soft play up the road, and loads of kids there this morning (20+) normally just the 4 of us.

Anyway, Euan had been playing for about 1.5 hours, and got to lunch time so was only Euan and a lovely little 3 year old.

My friends little girl is a week younger than Euan but not walking yet so she put her in the soft play as all the other kids had gone to eat, and we went and sat watching them inside the play bit.
Anyway, this other lad came in, pushed my friends little girl, to which my friend told him off, then he poked Euan in the eye and Euan cried, so I told him not to be mean.
Then another little girl about 4 came in and I was chatting with her, and the original lovely little lad came over to me and said the other one had tried to push him over.
Then Euan came down the slide and the bully lad was pulling at his clothes, so his mum came in and told him off.

About 2 mins later, the little girl is with Euan on the top level as he is crying his head off and the bully lad had him in the corner (not touching him, just blocking him), so I went over and got him and the little fucker had bitten Euan on the cheek so fucking hard he had blue, yes a fucking blue complete set of teeth marks on his cheek!!! Well, I went off my fucking tits!!! My friend was below us and said is everything ok and I said no, that little shit has bitten Euan.

I was shaking I was so angry!

I went over to his mum and showed her and told her and she went and got her son while I took Euan to the bar to get some ice with my friend.
Thankfully he hadn't broken the skin, and the teeth marks have gone, but he does have a round bruise now.
I obviously couldn't go too mad at the mum as it might've been the other way round, and you can't watch them ALL the time, but I was so angry.
Just got home and rob not happy, and said I should've perhaps said something when he was pushing them around the first time, but to be fair the mum told him.

So angry!!

Little fella is now fast asleep, looked so painful hmm

lizandlulu Fri 15-Feb-13 17:27:47

Just seen the pics on Facebook, my god whatever bit him? Looks like a massive size mouth! And how hard must it have been for the kid to actually get all euans cheek in his mouth and bite! Poor poor little lad. I'm all for kids learning what not to do, and an tolerate pushing and bickering, but that's gone way too far! What did the mother have to say? I would be totally mortified. More than mortified. Words can't explain how awful it must have been for him, nd you

lizandlulu Fri 15-Feb-13 17:30:13

Sorry, your above post wasn't there when I started writing. No I know what you mean bout not going off too much at the mother, I don't think I would, but my god, if the kids doing that he needs to be watched sbit more closely

KLou111 Sun 17-Feb-13 13:05:35

Hello ladies, well Euans face looking a lot better, and not bothering him which is good. Still annoyed, but what do you do except give lots of cuddles!!
Well, he's just gone down in his new bed for a nap OMG! He's not had a nap in anything other than the car or on the sofa for over a week so am chuffed! I had to stay for a bit til he fell asleep like a few weeks ago, but at least he's gone off smile
Fingers crossed it's as easy at bedtime!

Is it tomorrow you go on your jollies Liz? Have a fantastic time!! Bet you can't wait to get some sun! Sunny here but very cold.

Off to see some friends this afternoon for a cuppa. Not sure if the right time will arise, but we want to ask them if they will be 'God parents'.
We obviously didn't have him christened, or have a naming ceremony, and we had to go and update our wills on Tuesday, and one of the questions was where he would go if we died. We'd not thought about it tbh, so bar Robs brother and wife, these are the only other 2 we trust, and would bring Euan up similar to how we would.
Problem is with robs brother is that his wife is Thai and they want to retire there, so we don't want to restrict them if they want to go sooner. By the time they retire, Euan will be of age to cope by himself. We really didn't like to talk about it, but we need to sort something. Actually am very nervous, it's quite a big thing isn't it?

What you guys up to?

lizandlulu Sun 17-Feb-13 15:13:31

Ys it is a bit decision. It's awful to think about. What happens to kids who's parents die, they have willing family to take them, but no plans put in place previously? Do they go into care even if say, grandparents want to have them?

Violet and lulu have god parents, but I would expect my mum and dad to bring both of them up if something ever happened to both of us.

Yes holiday tomorrow, still not packed properly, but not leaving my house till 10.30 in the morning to got plenty of time, I have tackled my mountain of ironing, so at least all my clothes are ready to be packed.

Must remember to paint my toe nails.

I'm glad his face is looking better. It's still looks sore tho. Bless him, I can't stop thinking about it!

KLou111 Sun 17-Feb-13 17:04:34

I think they go to the grandparents if nothing is in place Liz.

They said yes smile Not straight away as we didn't want them to answer straight away, we wanted them to talk about it. But we were in the car home no longer than 5 grinmins and they told us they would and would do us proud should anything happen. So happy, they are so lovely with him. We turned up and they'd bought him a lovely little pair of jammies for his holibobs bless them. Little shortie ones smile

Hope having plenty of time in the morning doesn't come and bite you on the ass Liz ha ha!

Well, sleep went great. I usually go into Euans room (when he was last sleeping in there for lunch time nap) and he'd wake as soon as I went in. Went in today, putting his clothes away, he stirred, looked at me and turned over and went back to sleep. Thing is, I was actually trying to wake him as we were going out!
Then he wasn't happy with me, he wanted to stay in bed!
Fingers crossed for tonight smile

KLou111 Sun 17-Feb-13 19:15:03

Straight to sleep....fingers crossed......

lizandlulu Sun 17-Feb-13 21:34:09

I know klou, I will think I have got loads of time, hen end up running about like a headless chicken!!

BLess him, did you have to stay ith him while he fel asleep?

How long till you go? How warm is it going to be? Every forecast I look at says a different thing. Some say rain and 13 degrees.some say sunny and 19. Won't know till we get there.

KLou111 Mon 18-Feb-13 10:02:05

We go Thursday smile Meant to be anything between 25-30 in the day, 15-20 at night!

All I know is liz, we'll all ne warmer than here! Have a fab time!!

All good here, bar a little waking blip at 12.30am as Euan had found the gap in between the side rail and foot of the bed and kept getting out (I moved the siderail to meet the foot and he didn't click there was then a space at the head as I moved the chair there), we got 6.15 then back off til 6.45 smile So we're getting there!

Very chatty this morning, just on way to drop him at robs parents and he's very happy today, so that's good.
His face looking a lot better too. Hope it's gone by holiday, don't want that on his photos!!

KLou111 Tue 19-Feb-13 14:08:36

Anyone out there........???

Well a second successful night, not a peep from Euan til 6am, but that was hit for the day hmm

Fast asleep in bed now, been that way since 1. Am still having to lie with him for 10 mins til he nods off, but would rather that than an overtired grumpy soul!

Had a nice walk in the sun earlier, were almost home, walked past the park, and 2 mins later Euan wanted out of hum buggy (we thought to walk) and he ran, yes ran, back to the park lol!! He was on the swing for about 15 mins and didn't want to get off!

Just been packing, not got as much as u thought which is

KLou111 Tue 19-Feb-13 14:11:20

Bloody phone.

.....which is good. Still got robs case to pack and only have half a pack if nappies, the smellies and his clothes to put in, and have 10kg for Euan we could use, so may shove some toys in.

Euans face looking a lot better, just a pale red ring with slight bruising.

How's everything Xxx

Iwish Thu 21-Feb-13 12:46:14

Hope you both enjoy your holidays!! (Not jealous at all envy )

lizandlulu Fri 22-Feb-13 19:18:48

Hiya, I'm back. I know your on holiday klou, but just thought I would let you know I find it dead odd to think that you was in he same airport as me just a few days after!!!

Hope your having a good time, 25-30 sounds bloody warm!

And I hope the plane trip goes ok.

We had a good time, she cried a tiny bit on the plane out, played abit then went to sleep for a hour.

On the way back today tho, she screamed for a good 20 mins cause she didn't want the belt on. Made herself nearly sick, got me and her all hot and sweaty. Then went to sleep for an hour.

All in all, not too bad!

How are you iwish? Is Joshua sleeping better?

lizandlulu Tue 26-Feb-13 08:06:51

Morning all, it took me ages to find this thread cause it went out of my 'ones I'm on'. Are mumsnet keeping it somewhere new? I found the old full thread and he to to click on that and find this from there.

How are you iwish?

Iwish Tue 26-Feb-13 09:21:39

Welcome back liz! Glad you had a good holiday. Was it warm?
Did violet get back into her usual routine when you got back?

Yeh he's getting to sleep ok now but still waking in the night crying. He goes quiet after a few seconds so I don't have to get out of bed but he still bloody wakes me lol. Wish I knew what he was crying for tho.

I'm off to see my cousin today, she's ttc so wondering if she has some exciting news for me lol.
What you up to?

lizandlulu Tue 26-Feb-13 18:09:34

Did she have any news today?? Would it beer first?

Re the hol, yes it was fairly warm, rain on tues, but warm enough for just t shirts in the daytime. Yes she got back into her routine, she didn't go far out of it really,be was in the rooms from about 9 pm, so 8 pm here. She's started to go to bed slightly later anyway, it's getting on for. 7 more and more. Right now she's in the bath so will be 7 tonight too.

I wonder why he's crying too, teeth? Hot cold, the usual suspects? Or maybe it's now just his habit to wake for a few secs? If you put him to bed later, does he still wake? Like if you've been out for a mel or something and he doesn't go to bed till 9, would he still wake?

Iwish Tue 26-Feb-13 20:38:43

Noooo she had no news sad. But she did tell me that her sister is ttc too smile
Had a fab day with her and Joshua, we used to hang out all the time and I miss it.

Wow 7pm, Joshua is in bed 7:30 usually but today it was 7:45.

No matter when he goes to bed he still cries. If he goes too late or doesn't sleep in the day he's a nightmare and is up even more in the night and gets up earlier in the morning.

lizandlulu Wed 27-Feb-13 13:14:13

Violet is like that, the later she goes, the worse she settles. Usually anyway.

Oh it would be nice for them to have babies together, my sil had a baby girl yesterday, Elsie. I am slightly jealous as she has an elder son who's 3 and now a newborn girl. It's what I wanted sad what did I do to deserve 2 girls!!!!

Iwish Wed 27-Feb-13 19:55:23

It would be v nice if they had them close. We are ttc in may (mad people i know haha) so would be quite close in age smile

I would like a girl next but I think we will have another boy. Nick had 6 brothers....

One of my friends at work gave me a little kitchen for Joshua today, he LOVES it.

What does violet like to play with?

lizandlulu Wed 27-Feb-13 21:33:50

I don't think it matters wheat other people had, I had a brother, Chris has a brother, my 2 aunts both have 2 boys each, and I get 2 girls!

Violet loves to play ith kitchen stuff!! That is about all she does play with. She would rather stick CDs in to the printer, or climb the sofa, or pull all the magazines out from under the table, or empty my cupboards than play with toys. She doesnt have any on her pushchair like lulu did, it just doesn't interest her.

Iwish Thu 28-Feb-13 09:28:08

We will have to wait and see then, would love one of each. grin

Joshua has pots and pans and kettles with tea cups lol. He alo has a Hoover and a cleaning trolley haha.

We are thinking about a few days away in centre parks. Don't fancy going abroad this year. Fancy a little log cabin. Have you been?

lizandlulu Thu 28-Feb-13 14:01:39

Yes went when I was expecting violet. The accommodation was brilliant, really modern and new looking. It was really good, the only downside was having to book everything if you want to do the extra activities. It takes abit of organising. But lovely if you want to go and just chill out in the pool. Which one was you thinking?

I know it can be expensive tho, try and go in term time, it's cheaper. When I was looking for breaks away earlier in the year I priced it up there and it was. Over £400 for 3 nights.

Iwish Thu 28-Feb-13 20:27:15

I was thinking about going the the one at the Lake District. It's only about 1 hour and a half away.
I just fancy somewhere that's away from home where we can do some nice walks, bike rides and swimming. 3 or 4 days in about may or June I think. smile

How has your day been? We have been to the park today and to see my mum and dad. Had a lovely time and a bit of sunshine grin

lizandlulu Thu 28-Feb-13 21:13:35

Been fine today, apart form violet seems to think she is a 5 year old. I caught her earlier climbing out of her highchair onto one of the bar stools we have at the breakfast bar, she wants to sit on one of those all the time now and cries when I take her off.

Went into town this morning, costa as usual, supermarket, a friends house, same old. Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow, the weeks are just flying by.

Iwish Sun 03-Mar-13 16:29:00

Been to eureka this morning and Joshua loved it! He was into everything this time. He did get knocked over by an older boy tho, Joshua was stood there eating his biscuit and this boy was running really really fast and just run strait into him and knocked him strait on his back. Poor little poppet was crying his little heart out, he's never that upset bless him.

Went shopping at the Trafford centre yesterday with mum and Joshua to get a few things too.

What you been up to this weekend liz?

When's klou back?

lizandlulu Sun 03-Mar-13 16:39:19

Went out with mum yesterday and been to Halifax for see my sis in law and bro in law and their new baby. That's it.

Oh went out last night for a friends birthday and had to come home early cause violets chest was quite bad and she wouldn't settle for mum and dad. Actually she did settle just before I come home but it was dad who settled her! She didn't want mum! So I was home for half 11.

lizandlulu Sun 03-Mar-13 16:40:29

Oh I'm not sure when klous back, I don't know if she went for a week or longer. I hope she's loving the swim up room! I also do hope there was a different door, otherwise they would all get wet everytime theyl go out smile

Iwish Sun 03-Mar-13 20:25:39

Eureka is in Halifax where we went this morning. Did the new baby make you want another or put you off?

I would love a swim up room! Well I'd just love a holiday tbh lol.

Back to work tomorrow, why does the weekend go so quick?!

lizandlulu Mon 04-Mar-13 09:17:20

Ha ha so we was in the same town!! Is it good there? Was there much for Joshua to do or is it more for older kids?

I think time in general is flying by, it doesn't seem like 5 mins and another week has gone. Have you got any plans for mothers day?

Iwish Mon 04-Mar-13 10:29:38

Lol yeh we were! How strange. His far away from Halifax are you? It takes us 40 mins by car.
It's a fab place but is day best for kids a little older. Joshua still loved it tho and will defo take him again. £10 and you can go as many times as you want in 12 months! The cafe is v expensive tho - £27 for 3 of us shock

No not got plans yet, going to see my mum on the Saturday but that's it. Have you got plans?

Iwish Mon 04-Mar-13 10:40:26

Oolong I need your help. My friend leaves work on wed to have her baby. It's her second. I want to get her a gift but I'm stuck. So far I've got her some bath stuff from lush, some choccies and toffee. I want to get her something else but I'm not sure what. I've got the baby something seperate. Any ideas? Not expensive and something I can pick up from
A shop tomorrow.

lizandlulu Mon 04-Mar-13 17:03:52

Sounds like you've already got her the best stuff. Lush stuff is lovely, plus chops and toffee aswell! Sounds enough to me. I can only think of flowers, or a plant? Or wine to have after?

Halifax is 85 miles from us, takes about hour and half in the car, we only ever go to see in law and that's hardly ever, on special occasions!!

Iwish Mon 04-Mar-13 18:52:17

I think I might get some wine for her. I think mummies are often forgot about and the baby gets the prezzies so thought I'd spoil her a bit.

Yey that's a bit far just to pop round lol! We used to go to fils in Wales once or twice a year before Joshua but its a bit far now. That's 1.5 hours.

Going swimming tomorrow with my friend and her LO. Should be nice 😄

Iwish Tue 05-Mar-13 16:15:53

Joshua didn't have any boobie this morning! Lets see if he can go without at bedtime.....

lizandlulu Tue 05-Mar-13 18:10:45

I think any where in a car over an hour needs military planning!!! Violet quite good, she doesn't go to sleep unless she is really tired, but it's hard work keeping both of mine entertained. They do start to get restless.

Yes mummies do get forgotten. When I went to sis in laws at the weekend, I took presents for he baby and her brother. But nothing for the mum. Then one of her friends came rouns and brought presents for the whole family, plus flowers, plus homemade lasagne chips and sale. Made me feel like a proper let down!!!

Are you trying to cut down on the boobie? Violet has no milk at all now, she didnt hardly drink any out a cup so gave up giving her it, but she does eat a lot of yoghurts

Iwish Tue 05-Mar-13 19:48:06

Joshua gets restless in the car too and just whinges lol.

Aww I'm sure they appreciated what you had bought.

He just seems less interested in boob for the last few days so I thought if just roll with it and not offer it to him. He hasn't had any all day. Just have him warm cows milk in a soppy cup before bed tonight. He had a bit if a cry when I put him to bed but I think it was because he was overtired.
I feel a bit saf really but I may as well do it now rather than do it when he is still interested if that makes sense.

lizandlulu Tue 05-Mar-13 20:14:07

Yes, may as well be guided by him, I hope he's ok for you!

I have got to go on a sodding first aid course on Thursday. Got to put violet in nursery for extra day, and got to be half an hour away at 9am! I will take violet to nursery for 7.45, then drop lulu off at a friends for 8, then pick a work colleague up and get there. Not looking forward to it

Iwish Tue 05-Mar-13 21:35:21

That sounds like a right pain in the arse. Shame you couldn't have done it the day she's at nursery anyway!

Joshua is still in bed asleep. He whinged a few mins ago but it was because he banged his head bless him.

Iwish Wed 06-Mar-13 19:41:41

Day 2 of no boob.
Morning went totally fine as expected but bedtime slightly harder. He was happy with the cup instead of boob but even though he wasn't drinking any more of the milk and his eyes were closing he wouldn't let go of the cup!! Had to take the cup off him and he cried his little eyes out. Put him in bed and he cried for a few mins then fell asleep.
I felt like an awful mummy

lizandlulu Thu 07-Mar-13 17:40:39

Can't you put it in a non leak cup and leave it with him? But then I spose it's bad for his teeth And your just prolonging taking it off him anyway. It's another one of them hard decisions to make.

It's so good tho that he's not wanting any boobie. Especially if it's there staring him in the face.

Well, this morning went ok, got lulu up dressed and breakfast first, then got violet up, dressed and out the door! Nursery gave her breakfast. Only just picked her up tho so it's been a loooong day for her.

Iwish Fri 08-Mar-13 13:22:36

I didn't want to give him the cup in bed like you said it's just another thing to take off him He threw the cup just before I took him to bed last night and he went down fine. No crying at all smile

Glad your day went ok. Was violet knackered when you picked her up?

All on my lonesome tonight, nick is at his friends and my friend has kicked me to the kerb again. Like she has done for about 2 months.

KLou111 Fri 08-Mar-13 18:25:26


So have you missed me? 

Will catch up in a bit. Had a fabulous holiday, except Euan was a bit sick for a couple of days and would not stop bloody crying so we were ready to come home at that point poor fella! All good after that though, so didn't want to come home 

Just going to sort him for bed and will be back........xxx

Iwish Fri 08-Mar-13 19:53:49

Welcome back klou! Glad you had a good time.
Hope euey is feeling better now.

Still no boob for Joshua and its getting easier now smile

Plans for the weekend ladies?

KLou111 Fri 08-Mar-13 20:35:28

Hello girls,
Glad you've managed to get Joshua off the boob iwish, that sounds like it was a bit easier than anticipated.

How strange you were both in Halifax at the same time!

Think we may be in for a long night.
Euan has been in the same room a us (in the hallway) on holiday. He was therefore getting up in the night and jumping in with us. We had a massive bed, like 2 singles pushed together size, so we didn't mind.
We got back at 12.30 last night, and he wouldn't go to bed, so he had last night in our bed.
Have put him to bed at 7 and he's awake arrgh. The gro clock is on so it's like a nightlight, so if he gets out of bed, he can see his way back.
Anyway, he got up, and came out of his room 8 times, so rob brought me the broom and I wedged the door. He got up again and went straight back to bed. That lasted about 5 mins, now he's up and crying again. He must be knackered! Can hear him stomping around his room, will give him 10 mins.

Had a fabulous hols, so hot, but not too hot that you couldn't sit in it, after 3 days I stopped wearing lotion and I went black, rob said I was like made from benidorm lol.
Room was great, wouldn't have anything other than a swim up now if the hotel offers it. And yes we had 2 doors lol liz!
We had to get the cleaners out as Euan was sick, he'd been playing with a balloon one of the staff gave him, and had the blow up bit in his mouth, literally an hour later he was sick, so wondered if it had been that. That was the Tuesday night, and he wouldn't let us eat or anything, was just crying all the time for about 2 days, we couldn't go anywhere and it was driving us insane!
Anyway, he got back to normal, but wouldn't eat properly, all he'd eat was croissants and Danish pastries! So I had to nick some from breaky for all day! He drank loads though, and a couple gave us some ginger biscuits as they were leaving, and he loved them.

He's eaten normal today, so maybe he just didn't like the food.
Will go self catering next time, as it was really difficult trying to sort Euan for set meal times as they didn't open dinner til 6.30 and he was starved when we first got there by then.
Also we lost out on crucial drinking time lol!

Going to check on him........

KLou111 Fri 08-Mar-13 20:45:15

Well, just put him back to bed 3 times, now alls quiet. Hope it stays like that, for half hour at least, robs getting our curry ha ha.

lizandlulu Fri 08-Mar-13 21:56:51

Ah I hope he's settled for the night now!

It's always a worry when they are Ill away from home, and they always seem to be ill away from home!!!! I always panic more on holiday cause it's not just like ringing the doctors is it. I think just upset in their routine and normal surroundings can make them sick. Plus different air, water and foods plays them up. Fr some reason my kids always get conjunctivitis on holiday! Right from the first day, they get all gloppy and gooey.

Did you spend a lot of time in the pool?

Have you both seen that thing on Facebook about the babies who can survive in water? I will see if I can find it and tag you. It's amazing.

Can't believe you stopped wearing cream!!!! That's dangerous young lady!

I know what you mean about the food times, in benidorm alot of the hotels don't start evening meal till 7, which is too late for kids, but what can you do! I just let them snack more than usual.

Yes iwish, violet was tired when I picked her up, and today as well. Bless her, but she always cries when I have to take her home!!! I wish they did overnights smile

She's got to go to hospital too. She's got a lump in her boobie, I don't know if I told you months go, but took her to the docs then and he said its prob a swollen gland and nothing to worry shout but come back if it doesn't go down. Well it's not gone down so went back Wednesday. He said it should have gone own by now and she's got to get it looked at. I'm not orris,d I'm sure it will just be something to do with glands, but just need to make sure.

It's amazing iwish about how well you and Joshua are doing with no boob. How are your boobs feeling?

Iwish Sat 09-Mar-13 19:57:50

Yeh boobs are ok, not been sore at all. I think it's because he was only having 2 feeds a day and they weren't particularly big feeds.

Yeh u remember you telling us Liz. I'm sure it'll be just a gland like you said. What day is her appt at the hospital?

Did Euan sleep ok last night klou? And omg at you not wearing cream! I burn with cream on!!

Been doing the burning food shop today then met my friend after lunch for a couple of hours. What have you both been doing?

KLou111 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:00:06

Oh no liz with the lump, you must be beside yourself! Does it hurt her? Poor thing.
That video was absolutely amazing! It doesn't look real does it?!
I'm so sorry, I didn't ask about your holiday, selfish cow. Did you have a good time?

Well last night after the second time I went up, Euan didn't wake til 3.45, we left him and he was crying til 4.10, then he woke at 5.10 and stood crying til I went in an hour later.
His gro clock was set for 6, so I wasn't going in before as I wanted him to associate me going in with the 'sun coming up'.
I've been having to stay until he falls asleep still, but tonight I left him, he cried for 3 mins or so, didn't get out of bed though and went off. That was 7.30, bit later as we went out today shopping in Solihull so he slept in the car til 4 for about an hour as I went into tesco while he was asleep as we've had no shopping since back! My mum and dad got us some milk and bread and stuff bless them so we've made do with that and freezer stuff lol.

What's everyone up to tomorrow then, are we being pampered?
Nothing really here, I just want a day doing nothing! Veging in front on the tv!

KLou111 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:02:41

X post iwish.
Glad your boobs ok, mine went solid when I stopped Euan, but that was feeding all day to cold turkey, so painful!

Yes I know I'm very naughty not wearing lotion. We lived in the Caribbean for 2 years 2000-2002 and never wore it then, so I think our skin got used to it.
I'll be a shrivelled prune like madge from benidorm one day shock

lizandlulu Sat 09-Mar-13 20:44:49

You lived in the Caribbean???? How have you not told us that one before! It's like you have had 5 lives smile

I'm not very worried shout this lump, I do think it's only a glad as its not growing or anything like that. I have got to wait for the hospital to contact me, but if it's any longer than 2 weeks I will be contacting our health insurance to see what I can do about it. afar as I know it doesn't hurt her, she doesn't take any notice of it and didn't complain when the doctor was poking it.

Tomorrow is chris's birthday, yes I know how inconsiderate! And on my birthday it's fathers day! Would you believe it, so bloody unfair.
We are going to a spring fair tomorrow at Lincoln show ground, it's a travellers fair but all baby, children and women's stuff. Going with some friends, then on to pizza hut for dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

KLou111 Sat 09-Mar-13 21:08:23

Have I not? We are both diving instructors. We lived in the British Virgin Islands where Branson owns Necker Island.
Was fabulous, we lived on an island called Tortola, worked on Peter Island, look it up, bloody beautiful. We wanted to get married there but had a big do here instead. We wanted to go for robs 40th next year, but don't think I could leave Euan tbh, it's child free under a certain age. Was 10 when we were there.
All the stars go there, we rubbed shoulders with the likes of Goldie Hawn, Kurt Douglas, Michael j Fox, Peter stringfellow, Ricky Latino bloke can't remember his surname etc etc.
There's a floating boat bar called the Willy T, and we missed the early boat over one evening, but our friend got it (one of our bridesmaids, American), anyway, we were stood waiting for the next speedboat, and were told after an hour one wasn't coming as Branson turned up and 'bought the boat' for the night and whoever was there already could stay and have a free night on him......GUTTED did not come close!

Was fun, but came home due to sept 11th as it just became a ghost place and were laid of in the following January. We left within a week, looking back now we are gutted we didn't stay for a month or so and do the touristy stuff we never got to do as it costs a fortune to go now. One day perhaps.....

You're not doing well on the birthdays this year then liz! Glad the lump isn't growing, that's a good sign. I'd contact them too if you don't hear soon.
Have fun at the fair!

lizandlulu Sat 09-Mar-13 21:44:20

Child free? Sounds like heaven ;)
Seriously tho, why is it child free? Do people not actually live there? Like, is there houses on there? What happens if you get pregnant? Do you get kicked off the island? :D

Ricky Martin?

KLou111 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:26:14

Sorry, no it's a private island purely a holiday resort. Ricky Martin that's him!
Cheapest room when we were there was $650 per night. They have private villas up on the hills, and one of those was $50,000 per week and had a moat all around it!

lizandlulu Sun 10-Mar-13 18:19:37

Yes, doh, I started to think about it and thought it must just be a holiday island. Wow, 50 grand a week!!! Does sound amazing tho.

Have you both had nice a nice day?

KLou111 Sun 10-Mar-13 18:58:04

Yes had a nice day, how was the fair? Did you buy anything?
Just done nothing. Was going to go and see my mum this morning, but my dick of a brother was there for breakfast, not cooking it, eating it! He really pisses me off the lazy twat! And my other brother went over this afternoon and took my mum and dad out for lunch so I didn't go down. They're looking after Euey tomorrow for the day so will give her her cards and chocs then.

Well, hoping we have another good night tonight. Euan has started to grasp the gro clock thing. He went down with a little cry last night for a couple if mins, didn't hear from him all night, then he started crying at 5.15. I know it sounds bad, but I put my ear plugs in. I told rob his clock was set to 6.15, so just ignore him. He was crying off and on, but rob said he really went for it bang on 6.15, so obviously clicked as that's when rob went in. I got a lovely 'lie in' til 7.30!
Anyway, have put him to bed 10 mins early, and no tears! But at lunch I still have to settle him to sleep before I leave, most strange.
Fingers crossed.

KLou111 Sun 10-Mar-13 19:03:02

Oooo, and having roast beef in a min.......

lizandlulu Sun 10-Mar-13 20:21:59

No didn't buy anything, it was sbit rubbish.

Haxha lie in till 7.30, bless ya!! I got up at 8 and had breakfast and coffee before the kids even got up!

The baby's been sbit u
Set yesterday afternoon and today, I'm thinking it's her side teeth coming through, the cheeks are really red and she's just more whingy than normal. Calpol is god!! Especially using the syringe. How come it's took me over. Year to use one? I have spilt loads on her carpet and it's left marks, why oh why didn't I use it before!!!

KLou111 Sun 10-Mar-13 20:35:32

Aww bless her. Them bloody teeth! Eueys got one bottom canine to go, then it's just his rear molars. His nose started running today so am thinking the last molar is coming!

KLou111 Sun 10-Mar-13 20:36:49

An the syringes are fab, I used to use the nurofen one with the carpol before they started doing it, so much easier

KLou111 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:47:52

Well, slightly better this morning, if you can call it that. Woke at 3.45, so I went in as wasn't sure if he was cold. I put the heater on and that was it til 6. Not sure if it was the heat or the noise though that sent him off. We've got an old radio somewhere, so might be worth finding it and detuning it for the white noise. So tired!!!!

lizandlulu Mon 11-Mar-13 17:02:58

So you was up at 6am? Ouch!

Violets been waking in the night for the last 3 nights. Just shouting for me, around 2 am ish. I have not been sure if it is her teeth or not, but have given her calpol and she's gone off straight away again.

I need a full night!

KLou111 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:40:12

Me too! This has been going on since the end of jan!!

Hope she's ok. Euey had a new shiney canine this morning as predicted smile
Just the 4 back molars and that's it.

Have bought a timer today for his heater in the morning, can't find a sodding radio!

lizandlulu Tue 12-Mar-13 21:41:43

Well she went to bed at 6.50 and settled straight away, then woke about 8.30 and been unsettled since. So just give her calpol again. Am I doing the right thing? Can they get addicted to it? Is she crying till she gets it? Or is she crying in pain and so needs it? I have had to give her it nearly every day for about 5 days!!

Don't you have any musical toys klou? That play a tune for 10-15 mins? Would something like hat settle him?

Or go on one of them Facebook for sale sites and say you need a radio cheap?

KLou111 Wed 13-Mar-13 07:06:51

Im not sure if they can get addicted tbh Liz. I gave it Euan for about a week once, max dose per day. I took him to the docs after 3 days though and they said carry on. It does taste nice though smile

I found an old phone with a radio so I put that on last night. It was run out this morning though when he woke at 6, so may put it in his room when we go to bed tonight.
Only had about 10 mins sleep yesterday, in the car home from soft play about 12.15. Wouldn't go off after that. We had swimming at 4.45 too so he had a busy day.
Got toddlers this morning.

I read on another forum after doing a search yesterday that you can try and alter their cardalic rhythm or something like that. It said take them out for a walk just before their bath. Might try that tonight. Didn't last night as he'd had a busy day and was practically asking for bed at 6.30.
I was expecting him to wake from overtiredness last night but he didn't.

Met a girl at swimming who had a 15 month old who has 18 teeth! She's got her back molars (the bastard ones we're waiting for) before her canines! She had her 1st tooth at 13 weeks!

lizandlulu Wed 13-Mar-13 13:51:53

These sodding kids are driving me crayzeeee.

I had about 2 hours sleep last night, she went to bed st ten to 7. Settled straight away, then woke at 8.30 and would not settle back down. Kept shouting for me and crying, so kept going into her and sitting her on my knee. After 2 hours and she wasn't settling, I felt proper shitty. Chris went into the spare room cause he had to be at work dead early, so thought I'd bring her into my bed which I never do. I reasoned that if she wants me so much, she should go back to sleep, but nooooo, why do that when you can sit on mummy's head.

I'm sure there is something upsetting her, but can't place it. She kept pulling at hEr nappy and writhing about as if she was in pain between her legs, so I changed her nappy, thinking it might be uncomfy, but she carried on doing it. I'm thinking she might have a water infection? But mum said she would be a lot more unhappy if she did have one. So maybe she just didn't want her nappy on? I don't think she's weeing as usual, but she is drinking normal.

Doctors are bloody useless so haven't even tried them, they will only say keep an eye on her. Am going to google it

KLou111 Wed 13-Mar-13 15:07:34

Oh no liz!!! Proper shite! Poor you and poor girlie.
I wonder what it is?

Euan always pulls at his nappy, especially when he has just done something in it. I just put it down to him being aware he's doing something. But worth checking out if she's upset.

He's had another haircut this morning at toddler group, theres a woman who comes round every 6 weeks, but i missed her last time. Just sat there good as gold this time. Made faces when she sprayed water, but just sat there, looks a lot better, had a right mop on him!!

lizandlulu Wed 13-Mar-13 16:44:29

Bless him, he's such a good boy!!!

I'm taking Her swimming tomorrow was long as she's ok, she's been slightly Mardy today but not as bad as she was. She had a two hour nap this aft so I'm hoping she sleeps well tonight too.

KLou111 Thu 14-Mar-13 06:46:23

Morning. Well, took Euey out for a walk with Bella at 6.15 set night and we got an extra 10 mins lol! So 6.10 this morning. Hope he starts dragging it out more! We've actually got used to getting up at this time now, but I fall asleep at 9pm, so that's not good cos I only get a couple of hours with Rob and an hour of that we're doing dinner and eating!

KLou111 Thu 14-Mar-13 06:47:33

Sorry, pressed button accidentally on my phone!

How's little violet, did she have a better night? Is she having calpol still?

KLou111 Thu 14-Mar-13 13:59:10

Well, I have some news. After sitting down with Rob and having a not as long as I thought chat, I have told him that I am becoming really broody and want another child.
He did make me laugh and said, I'm sure there's a shop that sells them (the goon). But I said I was serious and I am now ready to have a child for us, not just for Euan.
He said he knew this was coming and he knew I always wanted another child, but it's just timing.
With Euan I fell pregnant really quick, (off the pill end of August, pregnant beginning November, found out December) so he's panicking that that would happen again.
We're planning to travel to south Spain next January/February by car for 6 weeks to escape the cold, as Euan will be going to nursery from next September, then school year after, so even though we've got a while, obviously I don't want to be going there maybe heavily pregnant!
So, question is, what do you think is the ideal age gap?
Do we wait for a year and hope I get preggars straight away? Or start now just in case it takes a year plus? Really struggling with this. Rob is 40 next may too, and I was planning to take us somewhere on our own for a few days or a week, so not great timing there either. Really stumped.

Also, ideally we'd like to have a baby the same time as someone else we know, but the one couple who we know are trying, have been for over 2 years and its not happening despite nothing being wrong. Doesn't help the fact she's 36, and drinks like a fish though!!
We have other friends who will have kids eventually, but none have said they're trying, the same way we didn't. The 2 we'd love to have a baby with are the couple who are Euans 'god parents', who we are seeing this Saturday, but I think it'd be rude to ask!!

Oh, and I'd like the next one at home!!

Iwish Thu 14-Mar-13 18:39:58

Sorry not been on ladies. Joshua been waking in the night again with another bloody cough. Eczema spread onto his cheeks, chin and under his nose. Also he's being a bit if a shit, not listening to me and laughing when I tell him off. Lovely

Mmm klou that's a hard one. We are ttc in May as we don't want a big age gap and I'm so broody it's unreal lol.
Maybe you could try a few months before you go and if it happens quickly then you will only be a few weeks/months pregnant rather than trying now and having a newborn/ being heavily pregnant.

How are you liz

lizandlulu Thu 14-Mar-13 21:03:44

I think iwish has the best idea, try just before you go. Or wait till after. I. Wouldn't try expecting it to take ages cause sods law, if you want it to take ages you will fall straight away.

But then ŷou have the added stress of being pregnant in strange surroundings. I spose you would just have to be really confident in knowing how to get help if you needed it.

It sounds like you don't want to wait till you get back, it does seem ages away.

Iwish, poor Joshua! Do you put cream on it? Violet sometimes has a rough rash on her cheeks, I just put her usual cream on it and it clears up. It's all to do with this bloody weather. About time spring sprung.

Yes she was up in the night last night from 1.30 to about 4. Gave her calpol in the end and she went straight off.

We have been swimming today with a friend. I am really really impressed with how much she liked it. I even dunked her a couple of times and I wouldn't say she loved that, but she didn't cry. Had to leave when she stared to go blue tho! It wasn't cold, but she's so pale! My friend compared her to Casper the ghost!

lizandlulu Thu 14-Mar-13 21:17:50

Also, there are pros and cons for all age gaps. Close together and you are under a lot of stress. Or I imagine you would be, depends on your personality I spose. Which is why I waited! But if you have them clos,e they can go to school together and play together quicker, also, you get your life back quicker!

Long gap like mine, the older one can almost look after them selves, and help out ieth the baby, but it's like starting all over again with the nappies and bottles nd pushchairs.

KLou111 Fri 15-Mar-13 10:08:27

Well I mentioned last night about trying when Euan is 2, and I think rob was a bit shocked lol. Ideally I would like Euan out of nappies, but obviously I can't predict when that's going to happen, but I'd also like him at nursery too. Not just because I get time with baby on my/our own, but so he doesn't feel left out. So I think when he's 3 is the best time, so maybe will start towards the end of the year.

We got a kind of lie in the morning. Euan woke at 5.10 and I kept saying calmly, back to bed, which he did, but every time I closed the door he was up. So I left him a few mins, did it again etc. then from 5.30 I left him til 5.45, then til 6.15. He wasn't going to go back to bed, but he was sitting behind the door making the odd whimper. At 6.15 he started going for it again, so I gave in and brought him in with us, and he slept til 8, when the dog barked!! Bastard dog! But I feel so much better even if he was in with us!
We're buying a new bed soon, the same size as holiday, super king I think it's called, we bloody need it at this rate!

Sorry violet up liz, poor little lamb. Have you taken her to the docs?
Bet you're knackered!

What's caused the eczema iwish? Is the cream doing anything.
Must be the time of year as I always get it on my hands this time of year sad

Iwish Sat 16-Mar-13 13:53:06

Yeh I put a mild steroid cream on when it gets really bad but the docs have just given me some epaderm to put on it and its made a ton of difference. So much better now.

Aww poor Violet, wonder why she keeps waking. Second the trip to the docs. How did she sleep last night?

How did Euan sleep klou? 3 is a good age too. Like you said Euan won't feel left out abs he can go to nursery.

My cousin is pregnant!! I'm so excited for her, they were trying 5 months and its finally happened. Her sister is trying too to fx it will be her turn soon.
IM SO FLIPPING BROODY lol!! Can't wait to start ttc.

KLou111 Sat 16-Mar-13 16:02:26

5.45 ugh! Didn't cry this morning though, just heard a thud as he jumped out of bed but he wouldn't sleep with us this morning, he wanted to get up. My mum and dad picked him up at 10, we're off to some friends at 6, pub at 5 beforehand smile

Are you off the pill now iwish?
Bet your cousin is over the moon!

lizandlulu Sat 16-Mar-13 17:50:11

Evening all.

No I haven't sken her to the docs, she's fine in the daytime, no sign of being poorly, and no nappy pulling since that night. It's just the night waking and crying, which to me sounds forced.

I went outfor a meal ith my friend last night, back at 11, she woke at half 1 and half 2. Both times just cried for sbit, I went in and shushed her, that's about it. So al least she's not staying awake too long no more!

So you two are planning to send yourselves completely crazy like me? Good for you!!! Do you both just want one more. Or are ŷou planning on just two? I remember ŷou klou said bout just having one more didn't you?

Ay plans for this weekend?

This weather just ruins everything. It's rained all day here. I took mum to downtown this morning, came home and made marble cake with lulu which I am trying my hardest not to eat any more! Just bathing the baby, then ironing and twilight part 2 for me smile

Going swimming tomorrow, lulu wants to. Going to a place with a few slides so that will keep her happy for a hours or so

Iwish Sun 17-Mar-13 20:45:35

Yeh she's over the moon klou. They love Joshua so much and are so good with him, they will be fab parents.
I had my inplant taken out 2nd November so not been on BC since then.
How did you enjoy your night last night?

Yep just one more for us liz if money was no object and I had a big house is like 3.
How was swimming? And did Violet sleep ok last night?

We went to our local lake today and let Joshua feed the ducks then went for pub lunch after, had a lovely day. smile

lizandlulu Sun 17-Mar-13 21:01:50

Yey swimming was lovely, both kids loved it, violet just doesn't care!

If you've not been on birth control iwish, what have you been doing?

Last night she woke crying, I shushed her for less than a min, put her back nd she went back to sleep. Looks like we're out of the phase, Yey!!!!!!!

Glad you had a nice day iwish.

KLou111 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:12:18

Just 1 more here! Couldn't handle more than that, and we always said we'd have an even number (although we have non identical twins/triplets BOTH sides!) Robs cousin had a baby girl last year and she was one of a twin, but the other one died early on in pregnancy sad

Had a fab night last night, surprised I didn't start flaking til after 1am when I went to bed. Lovely lie in til 9.15 smile Although mum and dad wanted us back for 10 as they were off to London this morning (told me when they picked Euan up, think the disappointment in my face was very clear as I got a text 5 mins after they left and said they'd drop him off at 11!).
That's my brothers fault. Jeez, he has only just moved out in jan after living back with them since Euey was born, and they still run around after him. Dread to think how many times they've been down there in the last couple of months!
Anyway, had a bit of a bad head this morning but fab night. Missed our little man so much, and have has a lovely afternoon with him. He was up at 6am, and I think mum and dad noticed a huge change since the last time they had him overnight a few weeks ago.

It snowed here this morning, doing my frikkin nut in this weather!

He's just got up out of bed...........

KLou111 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:15:40

No he hasn't, almighty bang was his head on the wall :-/ have put a stuffed toy there, poor fella

KLou111 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:17:47

X post liz. So glad they love swimming! Think it's great for them.
And yey for being out of that waking phase.......send some luck here!!

Iwish Sun 17-Mar-13 21:29:00

Erm been using the withdrawal method around OV blush. But it's worked so far lol.
Woohoo bet you feel human today then liz! Hope her sleep gets even better.
Do you put armbands on Violet or do you just hold her?

Glad you had a good night klou and a good lie in too. Eek about the twins! And sad about robs cousin.

MIL sees a psychic and she told her that she would have 7 grandchildren. She currently has 4. So she is due to have 3 more. 3 of her current grandchildren are adopted/fostered by SIL and her DH and BIL and his OH. Psychic said that I would have a baby/babies this year. And out of the 3 grandchildren to come there will be a set of twins.
MIL informs us that there's twins in their family and my mum says there's twins in our family. Cue me shitting myself lol.

Bought Joshua a pillow today for his cot. Put his head on it tonight and when I went up to check on him earlier and he's not even on it lol

KLou111 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:47:27

<<<slaps iwish on the wrist>>>

You're mental lol!
Omg for the twins! I read its only non identical that can be hereditory so that's why we're a bit hmm

Lol about the pillow. Tbh Euan falls asleep on it and if he wakes in the night, he finds his way back up to it, but is currently lying across his bed face down lol

Iwish Mon 18-Mar-13 18:24:53

Lol I know, very naughty we are. And I've just found out 2 people I k ow got pregnant using the withdrawal method! shock.

I don't think he slept on his pillow at all last night. But when I went to him this morning he had got out if his sleeping bag??!!

How was both your days? I was at work, whoop Di doo lol

lizandlulu Mon 18-Mar-13 18:55:33

Work for me too, such fun. We have been abit stressed at work, we have had abit of trouble with health and safety, we have been trying to get the yard up to scratch with it and it's been abit of a long slog, plus we had a vosa man there this morning all morning checking over things, but everything now seems to be in place and we can all breathe a sigh of relief! It's been stressing me out!!

Glad you had a good night klou, where did you go? Your mum and dad are so good having him over night!

And yes iwish, you're slightly mental!! I do know a friend of mine does that spans she's fine with it. I don't think it's that much of a worry tho cause if you want more kids anyway it wouldn't be the end of the world if you did get caught. It's not like me where I don't want no more, ever. smile

I have booked today to take the kids to see Justin and friends at Sheffield. The mil is coming with us too. Lulu used to love mr tumble, not so much now, but she still does like some stuff that justing is in, and I think it will be young enough for the baby to like it. I'm looking forward to it.

KLou111 Mon 18-Mar-13 19:23:45

Good day here despite being woken at 5.45 again! Took euan upstairs at 6 tonight to start settling him down a bit earlier, and he jumped into bed! Was flaking when I was reading to him, I left at 6.40. He slept 12.20-2 today too! I think the back molar bastards are coming as his nose has literally not stopped running for 2 days, thankfully he can now blow it!

Glad all good now liz, you must have been shitting yourselves for a bit. H&s people can be such wankers, too many bloody rules.
Justin sounds fun, I personally can't stand the bloke lol, but Euey seems to enjoy him smile

Yes mum and dad are very good having Euey. We're going to see priscilla Queen of the Desert on Saturday in Birmingham for the 2pm show. Robs sis in law was meant to be looking after Euey for the day at our house, with robs brother too. Anyway, his brother has been called away with work for a month this week, so called her today to check if still ok and she knew nothing about it!! Fucking men! Anyway, she has a p/t job in a restaurant (doesn't do anything else), and she may be working. This has been booked for months as far as we were concerned. I've text mum today, and not heard back, so not sure what to do! Robs mum and dad aren't here, also the dogs need sorting, hence Euey was being looked after here. I'll text again tomorrow just in case she didn't get my message, or I haven't got hers. It's my dads birthday today so don't want to disturb them tonight as they're out.

Just went to some friends house on saturday, was a great night.

Iwish, a couple we know used the withdrawal, thankfully she's never caught. They are in the process of splitting up and they haven't apparently slept together for over a year. They've got a nearly 8 year old so they were lucky, but yes I don't suppose it matters too much now if you did! I hope you catch quick!

lizandlulu Mon 18-Mar-13 20:33:21

Ahh klou what a bugger!!! Wat a dick, get onto it ASAP!!!! Wouldn't he stay with a friend? Do you have any friends who would have him?

I know what you mean about Justin, I used to like him, about 7years ago when he first came about, now I have had my fill!! He must be raking it in tho! Have you seen how many programmes he's in! Starring writing appearing in!

lizandlulu Mon 18-Mar-13 21:14:35

Iwish, the last two times we have been I have just held her. Last year we tried one of them sit in rings which she hated, and I think she's too small for arm bands just yet. So just hold her and bounce and swish and dunk :D I am going to try the sit in ring again next time tho, now she's abit older and seems to like it in the water whereas last year she didn't like it one bit.

KLou111 Tue 19-Mar-13 09:15:41

4.15!!!!!!!!! We're getting worse arrrrrgh!! Although he woke coughing and decided to get up. It's that dark in his room he couldn't find the door so I got up as he was banging around, then wouldn't go back off!!
He's got a cold on his chest it now sounds.
When is this going to end, I neeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeep!!!

Think i'm going to try cutting his day sleep down, as it worked after 7-10 days when I cut his morning nap out but have got to persist with it.
Problem with me is I just expect miracles overnight lol.
Anythings worth a try!!!

KLou111 Tue 19-Mar-13 19:32:58

Having to sell our tickets, so fucked off right now, won't be asking robs fucking brother or sil again!! Have asked round some odour friends and they're either away, out that afternoon, or out that evening/having people round so can't. So annoyed!!

KLou111 Tue 19-Mar-13 19:33:22

*of our not odour!

lizandlulu Tue 19-Mar-13 19:34:54

Wat a shame. I bet you are so fucked off. I wish I lived closer and I would have him!!!

I can't understand people who don't follow through

KLou111 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:06:34

We've got s sitter woohoo!

We've got some friends who live in the Isle of Man, and the wife is over this week til Monday, going to a show at the nec Friday, out for dinner with friends, and has asked if she can stay here Friday night, then be here for Euan and we can go earlier if we want. :-) so happy!!
Obviously not ideal, and have warned her about the early wake up maybe, and could have done without her really not staying, but hey ho. She's not staying Sat night as she will go see her parents when we get home.
So flaming happy!! Could've done with going out for something to eat after like we were planning originally, but anything will do!

Euey woke at 4.40 this morning, so tired.
Have given him 40 mins nap today, then 6.30 bedtime.
Been to docs just in case, couldn't see anything wrong so have got to take him to have some bloods, and take a urine sample, that'll be fun! Hope there's nothing wrong with our baby :-(

How's you both x

KLou111 Thu 21-Mar-13 07:03:29

Omg I am so sick of this waking now. 3.25 this morning!!
We are all knackered, and I don't know what to do!
I've read give them less sleep, so I do and he's so shattered by bedtime he wakes early!
I put my earplugs in and he was crying for 2 hours! (I could till hear him just not as loud!)
Went in at 5.30, he jumped into bed and went off for an hour.
I just can't function. I've got a pounding head, I just don't know what to do!?!?!
I'm tempted to put him back in his cot just so he can't get up, but I don't think that'll stop him waking.
I just feel ill! Taking him to hospital today. Robs mum and dad meant to be having him, but I know he'll sleep in the car too much with them so he's not going.

lizandlulu Thu 21-Mar-13 13:41:54

Why are you going to hospital? For his blood tests?

If I was you, I would just leave him to cry it out. I know you said he cried for 2 hours, but if you keep going into him every 15-20 mins, just to reassure him, he might calm it down the next morning. It can't get no worse can it!!!

So glad you Re able to go to he show tho

KLou111 Thu 21-Mar-13 14:39:01

Yes bloods at hospital, was very brave and very proud of him, just a bit of a scream. I got his urine too. Lots of little puddles, but when he finally did wee, I had a mug on hand and he found it very amusing filling a cup with wee (think it was the noise lol).

I only gave him 30 mins today, 1-1.30. I've read today to try and feed him some milk as soon as he wakes as apparently it's easier to crack them waking for food then waking early through habit of just waking. But I gave him milk at 6.30 and he wasn't interested. Worth a try though at 3.30 in the morning! Even if I have to sleep on his floor for a week like I did in 'the early days' lol.

Some mornings I've gone in and shushed him every 10/15 mins or so, but it hasn't worked, he just gets up and screams hmm

lizandlulu Thu 21-Mar-13 21:02:21

You got to just persevere with it, he will learn. Is his clock not working any more?

Lulu went through this although she was about 3-4 ish, she would wake at. 4.30 ready for the day nd we used to let her stay in our bed seeing as she was already there, then put the telly on for her, really quiet.

Remember everything is just a phase.

And good job catching the wee!!!!! Well done!i. Would have never been able to do that!!

KLou111 Fri 22-Mar-13 11:23:58

Hiya, no his clock is having no effect, i think he's a bit young to understand totally tbh.
I read on one of the other threads about feeding back to sleep (haven't fed in the night since 4 months old, so a bit bizarre feeding at 19 month old for me!)

Anyway, though worth a try when the little fella woke at 4 this morning!!

He did take some (in the pitch dark-I had to feel for his mouth lol!), but it was more about me being there.

He woke and cried, so I ran straight downstairs, heated some milk and was with him within 1.5 mins.
Anyway, put him to bed at 4.10 as had enough milk and he put his dummy back in.
Due to it being so dark, I couldn't see if he was awake or not, but he does not stop moving his hands or feet when he's awake so I could hear the rustling. I also put him back in his sleeping bag last night.
He stopped moving around 4.20, snuck out, straight up, damn!
After that he wouldn't lie down, so I lay with him. I tried to leave at 5, got up.
I thought that was it he was up. I must admit at this point I had a little cry, i am so exhausted!
Anyway, he lay back down (he heard me cry I think!), snuggled up with me, and by 5.30 was FAST asleep. He was motionless and his breathing changed, so I seized my opportunity and left.
Anyway, went back to bed and didn't hear from him again til 7.25!! And he woke happy; instead of crying, he was singing.

So, will try and push his nap to 1.30 from 1, now he's caught up a bit. In theory he only lost an hour last night (11 instead of the ideal 12), just need him to go all the way through!

I gave him less sleep yesterday (30 mins) as not sure if he's having too much in the day? He still needs something as he's knackered. We'll just have to see.

How's you both?

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersFiancee Fri 22-Mar-13 17:31:28

Hello all, sorry not been back for a while, I got suspended off MN for 3 weeks blush and I've been really busy with RL.

What a day I'm having! The washing machine has been going since about 1pm, Poppy keeps being sick confused no idea why. I've never had to deal with this before either, this is the first time she's ever been sick since she was about a week or so old!! She got a Funpod yesterday, my sister gave us it. Can't wait to use it!

Blimey Klou sounds like you're having a nightmare with Euan at the minute, you must be knackered! It's odd considering how well trained he was with his sleep.

lizandlulu Fri 22-Mar-13 18:09:39

A freind of mine slept on the bedroom floor for about a week, just to knock them out the habit of waking, might be worth a try? She put a mattress on the floor so it was fairly comfy and it just soothed her boy cause he knew his mummy was there.

I do hope it sorts itself out soon, it's awful not getting enough sleep.

Mel, whatever did you get banned for!!! I didn't know they even did that!

I got an appointment today for taking violet to have her lump looked at. Got to take her to kingsmill on the 15 th April.

Any nice plans for the weekend?

I'm going to meadowhall Sunday with my mate. No kids!!!, just think of the luxury of eating with two hands, and while it's hot, and not have to Shar it, and not tell people off for kicking the table, or climbing out he highchair!! Or spilling anything!!! Bliss

KLou111 Fri 22-Mar-13 18:30:27

Yes it is odd Mel, and frankly had enough, but one of those things.
Banned, jeez you must've said something really bad!!
Well, we're off to priscilla tomorrow, show at 2.30, so planning to give Euey lunch then go.
Our friend is stopping tonight so she told us to go earlier and have a bite to eat, so may do if she's happy to feed him.

I really hope he does better tonight, if not, it's futon on the floor tomorrow for when (or if!) he wakes.

Bet you can't wait for sunday Liz!! Sounds bliss!! envy

KLou111 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:46:43

So our friend was meant to be here 9 latest, got text saying no later than 10 at about 9.30. Do you think it would be rude to go to bed just after she arrives lol! Am about done in!

Just watching the multiple birth thing on bbc3, 2 words FUCK THAT! Lol, looks very hard work!

lizandlulu Fri 22-Mar-13 22:15:01

No you got to stay up with her for an hour minimum!!! Is she a very good friend?

KLou111 Sat 23-Mar-13 06:47:14

Morning. Well ended up in bed at 12.30, I was knackered when she arrived at 10, but don't see her often and felt bad going to bed, but I don't want to fall asleep at the show!! In the end I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so we had to go.
Euan woke at 5.40 and am currently lying in his bed while he watches the tv (just put it on). Wouldn't go back to sleep, but at least we're moving back in the right direction waking wise. A lot better than 4!
He woke about 2.30 and had a couple of seconds of calling out , I just thought oh god this is getting worse ad worse!! I went to get up, so went to the loo first and he shut up. Great!
Hopefully at least 6 tomorrow smile

Iwish Sat 23-Mar-13 19:54:45

Hey lovelies!

Getting later klou! Hope he sleeps past 6 tomorrow for you.
I saw that multiple thing too, I couldn't cope!! DH said he would just die haha!
How was your day?

What have you done today liz? Bet you are looking forward to tomorrow.

Wow melly what on earth did you do??

Today we didn't do much. Did the boring food shop then we played in the snow. And Joshua slept from 12:55-3:55!! And he's in bed asleep already. Love it.

lizandlulu Sat 23-Mar-13 20:17:17

Hope you get abit of a lie in tomorrow morning!!!

Did he have a nice time with your friend? You are so lucky that he will stay with different people. Unless its my mum, dad or mil, violet has a fit if I leave her!

And did you have a nice time?

lizandlulu Sat 23-Mar-13 20:20:59

Sorry iwish, I missed your post.

Yes bloody snow! I hate it, it keeps trying here, we had a smattering, but nothing much. It's just all slushy and wet.

Today we braved the blizzard wet stuff and went up town! I thought only mental people like us would be out and about, but town was really busy and costa was packed!

Then this afternoon we went to a Easter craft thing at the library. Lulu had been invited to a Party, but said she would rather go to that, so went threre then to a fiends for a hour, then home.

KLou111 Sun 24-Mar-13 06:36:58

We got 6am woohoo! Never thought is say that lol! Had a tiny cry at 1.50 which made my heart sink, but literally went wahwahmamagaga and that was it. So frikin happy, hopefully we've found a 'cure'!
Rob suggested we cut all drinks except water and milk, so not sure if that's having an effect too smile He's only probably drinking 1.5 drinks a day vs about 4 or 5.

Josh looks so cute in his suit iwish!
I put Euey in one as he kept getting up and couldn't climb back into bed with his bag on. He's been back in it for 3 nights though as wasn't sure if it was contributing to him getting up early because it was easier to get up lol! They look so cosy though. Will put him back in it once this sleeping is sorted!
Glad you had fun in the snow, we've had a few inches, paths sloppy as anything through Birmingham, we were walking on the road! Didn't stop snowing til last night.
And wow on the sleep!!! Only 30 mins to cram everything in here now lol!!

You and your Costa Liz you do make me smile!! Do you have shares?? Does lulu not enjoy parties? Easter thing sounds fun though.

Yes Euey had fun yesterday. Went to bed fine for our friend at 1.30, she said he tried to be grumpy when she woke him but she wasn't having it lol. She said he didnt really notice we'd gone!!
She's got 28 year old twins so been a long time for her with a baby, but she's so good with him.
Did make us laugh getting him undressed for his bath though as his nappy was on backwards smile
The show was fantastic! Such fun to watch, totally recommend!

We got a Chinese last night as we were meant to be going to China town after originally, but didn't get a chance.
I ordered chicken sweetcorn soup, duck pancake things, beef and mushroom, chicken and cashews, 2 fried rices. Because it was over £20 we got free spring rolls and chicken wings. We didn't even eat the mains, we were stuffed!!! That's todays tea sorted!! Haven't had a proper Chinese for ages!
Was a fab day smile

lizandlulu Sun 24-Mar-13 08:04:22

Ha ha nappy on backwards!! Bless her, at least she gave it her best shot!

And no ,don't have shares in costa, but bloody wish I did!! I daren't add up how much we spend in there, although me and mum take it in turns to pay.

No she doesn't really enjoy parties, by the time she's relaxed enough to go enjoy herself, it's time to leave. I know exactly what she's going to do at parties, so that's why I didn't really push her into going. Plus I didn't have to sort a present smile

Yay meadowhall today!!! Kids been up since 7, so just had breakfast nd sat watching nick jnr on the sofa while kids play with their babies.

Life is defiantly getting easier now violet can say yes. She's been saying no for ages, but only mastered yes in the last couple of weeks. Stuck is also one of her favourites. She will get her babies in a pram, then moan they're stuck, but now I can ask her, do &#375;ou want that baby out? And she can reply without getting stressed out!

KLou111 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:11:44

Hope you enjoyed your day off Liz! And how cute violet saying yes smile Euan just nods or shakes his head, he's still not really saying anything properly but totally understands everything we say.

Well I got 8am in my own bed smile Granted, Euan woke at 5, I jumped in and he showed no signs of going to sleep as he was sat up for an hour. So I cuddled him, rocked him and by 6.25 he was asleep so I lay him down and left. Dog barked at 7.30 but he didn't get up til 8 smile So total of 11.5 hours. Just need this in between awake time to bugger off lol!

KLou111 Mon 25-Mar-13 16:17:34

I am seriously panicking here.

I've had the blood results over the phone this morning when I rang, and the receptionist told me he needed another full blood count in 3 months time.
On asking why, she said his lymphocytes were low. They are meant to be 352.11, his are 331. On asking what this meant she said she didn't know!
Anyway, about 2 hours later I had a call from the surgery from someone else, who said euans blood results were in and one was fine but the other they wanted him back in 3 months. On challenging her why, she just said, one was slightly abnormal, nothing to worry about. Again I asked her what was the problem, and she wouldn't let on.
I assume that the receptionist shouldn't have really told me the full result perhaps?

Anyway, on looking this up, one thing keeps coming up, leukaemia. I am distraught and honestly don't think I can wait 3 months. I feel so shitty and the thought of something happening to my beautiful boy just fills me with absolute dread and fear.
Rob has calmed me and said that is the absolute worst thing, but chances are he'll be fine, but I just can't stop thinking about it.

KLou111 Mon 25-Mar-13 16:53:41

On searching and searching, I've come across an article about test being done on sleep deprived rats and mice, and that caused their lyphocytes to show lower than normal. I'm wondering if maybe this is Euans case?

Iwish Mon 25-Mar-13 20:03:33

Oh klou huni big hugs!! I'm sure there is nothing to worry about as they say but maybe they just need to check again as it is on the lower end if normal. Could very well be because of the sleep thing tho. But if you aren't happy you have the right to request more information, this is concerning your child and they should give you all the info you need.

lizandlulu Tue 26-Mar-13 08:18:18

Don't panic!!! It does sound like its something to do with being sleep deprived if that's what the article said, it would explain the count being low.

But seriously if I were you, and you are really worried, I would phone the docs and say how worried you are and want to get him seen privately. Then you will be seen within a couple of weeks and set your mind at rest. Even if it's only to do the test again and get more of a proper explanation. I wouldn't want to wait 3 months to find out if he is back to normal or not. If its a case of just waiting for 3 months to re do the test, ring the docs again and insist on an appointment to discuss the results. They can't just fob you off that something probably isn't wrong. It might be, but it might not. It's not good enough!

KLou111 Tue 26-Mar-13 18:55:09

Well, I've been reassured that if it was anything really bad, they would have him back straight away. It's only as it was low they want to check again.
Got my smear tomorrow, delightful, so will ask then.
Still niggling in my mind though.
God I love my boy so much!

lizandlulu Tue 26-Mar-13 20:55:46

Yes I agree, if they thought it might be anything bad, there would be other tests they could do to find out, they wouldn't leave him for 3 months.

Have fun at your smear test!! Not fun but necessary!

KLou111 Wed 27-Mar-13 11:49:36

Hi both
Spoke to the nurse this morning re Euans results. She brought them up on the computer, and the notes said suspected low iron levels, and something about hemoglibinology or something.
His readings are 3.31, norm is 3.50-11 for lymphocytes. Stupid receptionist read it wrong!
His eosinophils are 0.4, recommended level is 0.10.
She said try not to worry, another test is taken due to those tests being low, but make an appt with the doc if I would like it all explaining.

lizandlulu Thu 28-Mar-13 20:15:26

It's still not crystal clear is it, but I really don't think you have anything to worry about. Is he still sleeping well?

Any plans for the long weekend? At least the weather is picking up, it's still freezing here, but dry and planning to stay that way I think.

My mil is here as me and Chris are going racing tomorrow, I'm racing for the first time in bout. 3 years! I didn't want to take the baby cause of the weather, but was going to take lulu, but lulu wants to stay with her grandma, so child free day!

KLou111 Thu 28-Mar-13 20:38:46

No, not totally clear. I don't think they ever are! I think they should just tell you in laymans terms!

Sounds fun! Another child free day, aren't you lucky!!

Well, we were meant to be having robs bro and sil here sat, and his parents here for dinner Sunday. Anyway, he was trying to talk his brother into coming Sunday, but he said he'd just come Saturday and not stay for dinner Sunday (not quite what we meant! Meant getting everyone together so we didn't have 2 days of running around lol!)
Anyway, my fil rang me yesterday and said that robs nan (fil mum) was on her own as he thought robs aunty was back from holiday and going over, but turns out she's not back til Tuesday. Anyway, did we mind her coming for dinner too. Of course bloody not lol!
Anyway, as she's coming, rob phoned his brother today to see if he wanted to come now his nan was coming, and they're coming Sunday in the day instead.
I know it sounds bad, but I'm relieved as it's not easy what with Euan still waking around 6, then having to keep him quiet until a 'reasonable' hour. And robs bro has been away with work for 3 weeks and only back for 3 nights from tomorrow so I'd feel bad waking him early on Sunday etc.
Anyway, it's sorted smile

Re Euan sleeping, he's not cried out overnight for 3 nights I think. This morning woke 6, yesterday 5.50. Only had 20 min nap yesterday and today, so am hoping it's pushing him later.
Have totally blacked out his room tonight too. Even though it was blacked out, there was a slight bit of light coming around the blackouts.
And we have the clocks Sunday, so in theory he'll be sleeping til 7 lol!

Iwish Fri 29-Mar-13 20:15:10

Hey both. How are you?

How did your kiddies sleep last night?

I bought myself a onesie lol!! Felt the need when I went into tesco and its actually pretty comfy so got it on for bed tonight grin

KLou111 Fri 29-Mar-13 20:29:12

I think I would sweat all night lol! They do look comfy though.....is it a cars one too smile

Shite night, Euan up at 5, wouldn't go back off. Doing the wake to sleep method tonight, fingers crossed! You rouse them an hour before usual waking to try and wake them from a deep sleep, and go back to sleep. You're meant to do it for 3-5 nights so it resets them. Anything is worth a try, we're knackered! Alarm set for 4.30!! I might aswell, I'm bloody awake anyway waiting for him to wake!

Iwish Fri 29-Mar-13 21:04:32

It's just a cotton one so its not too hot.

Omg 5am!! Have you tried the sleep breeds sleep? Joshua normally has an hour in the day and wakes at 7 ish but he's been having 2-3 hours during the day but not getting up till 7:30-8:00 recently.

Been to pizza hut tonight, Joshua had pizza and even had his first try of icecream. It was hilarious watching eat it, he didn't quite know how to eat it lol.

Iwish Sat 30-Mar-13 07:58:54

spoke so soon, 6:50 this morning! hmm

KLou111 Sat 30-Mar-13 08:08:20

That's a lie in for us! will look that up, sounds interesting.
Glad you like you onesie smile
6.15 here. I think I woke him too much lol. I went in at 4.25, and roused him, I went to put his dummy in and clamped his mouth shut, so was waking. Finally got it in but I thought maybe I hadn't woke him enough so I undid his bag and tickled his feet. Anyway, I had my phone with me for light and he completely opened his eyes and closed them straight away. As I left he went waaaaaaa, so I went back.
He went off about 5.10, but i didn't leave until 5.25. He didnt cry after the first wail, just kept sitting up.
Not sure if the first night was a 'success' BUT he didn't wake crying, just army shuffled across his room, landing, into our room smiling and giggling, which is not normal in the mornings!

KLou111 Sat 30-Mar-13 08:11:37

Oh, ice cream is a funny thing with them isnt it!
Euan had some last March ?!?! For the first time, he did find it odd! He loves the frube yogurts after I've frozen them smile

lizandlulu Sat 30-Mar-13 08:36:59

My nursery told me about the wake to sleep method the other week when she was waking in the night for hours. They said put her to bed as normal, then wephen I go to bed, just wake her gently then shush her back to sleep. I only did it the once but it did work for hat night.

Any plans for the weekend?

I was racing yesterday, not raced for 3 years but haven't lost my knack! I didn't do very well tho, didn't have any luck and kept getting caught up with other cars and just generally had no luck at all. Team came second out of 40 tho.

Not slot today, coffee up town, then supermarket this afternoon, going out ith friends tomorrow and kelmarsh show Monday.

KLou111 Sun 31-Mar-13 08:55:11

Happy Easter ladies thanks xxx

Glad you did well liz, good on you!! What a laugh!!
Have fun today with friends.

We've got the whole of robs family round for dinner.

Well, last night was either a complete success.........or a complete failure.

I set my phone alarm for 4.30, straight into Euan. He was upside down, so I turned the phone screen off (which I used for light), felt for him and flipped him right way up. Couldn't get his dummy in, but he moaned, turned over and went straight off hurrah!!

He woke, I looked at my phone and it was 6.38!!!!! The LATEST FOR 8 WEEKS!!!

Anyway, I just so happened to look at my watch, and it was 5.38!
My fecking phone had pushed itself on a hour!! So therefore, I woke him at 3.30! Am totally gutted, so I don't know if it would've worked or not. What a waste of a night, arrrrgh!!

lizandlulu Sun 31-Mar-13 22:14:20

Ha ha, smart phones getting too smart for us!!!!

We ended up st twycross zoo today, we got up and sun was shining brightly, my friend text me and said shall we go to the zoo instead, so we did.

I didn't take the pushchair in as I thought it would be muddy and didn't want to get it ruined, plus there was 5 kids to run about with, so I thought she would want to be out all the time anyway. Silly mistake! I spent most of the time carrying her!

Had a good day tho, although they don't have lions, tigers or giraffes anymore. I was so looking forward to the giraffes too. Oh and when we got there there was protestors at the gate!

KLou111 Mon 01-Apr-13 07:32:27

Ah, wish I'd known you were going, we live about 30 mins from twycross! We'll have to all meet up one day smile
They had giraffes last year, when we went for eueys birthday, strange. It's a shame about the cats, but they're meant to be opening a big cat bit. It's more monkeys than anything.

We got 6.15 all the way through, hurrah! Bed at new 7pm too grin

KLou111 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:42:25

Just booked In The Night Garden live for Eueys birthday grin
Well, it's on the 8th August, so 5 days early, but that's the latest they'll be in Birmingham smile

lizandlulu Mon 01-Apr-13 20:21:12

Is twycross far for you iwish? It would be lovely if we all did!!

What you all done today? We went to kelmarsh show, but it was bitterly cold nd muddy, it really ruined it.

Violet started with her bad chest again, started as a cough last night. She was in bed late as we was at friends, so went to bed at 8, she woke at 10.30 till 2.30 just coughing nd being generally upset, then 4.30 to 6, then up for the day at half 7. I'm knackered!!

I made sure she was well wrapped up today. She wore her all in one suit yesterday at the zoo and she was warm all day, but she must have needed a scarf or something more on her chest.

lizandlulu Mon 01-Apr-13 20:22:57

Sorry klou, didn't see that last post. Does he like in the night garden? Doh, he must do if you've booked it!!!

We've got Justin and friends on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to it as long as violets ok.

Iwish Mon 01-Apr-13 21:00:09

2 hours 15 mins apparently liz. The closest to me are Blackpool zoo and Chester zoo which are both 1 hour 10 mins away. Can't wait to take him smile

Nick wants to take Joshua to that Justin thing when he's a tad bigger. I think the fella is a tit but he's obviously entertaining grin
Poor Violet again!! Hope she feels better soon. Joshua seems to be getting snotty all the time, driving me mad.

Glad you got a better sleep klou hope he's keeps getting better. Apparently there is a regression around 18 months.

In the night garden sounds good too.

Iwish Tue 02-Apr-13 17:53:04

Aww I love my boy. He's been so good today.
Up at 7:55, went to the sure start at 9:45 and left at 11:45. Had some lunch at asda and got a few bits then got home at 12:55. He slept 1:30-3:00 and we have played till now. Been outside too. He's just been so pleasant. <3 him.

How's your days been? Xxx

KLou111 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:37:00

Had a day off, but went to the houses, blergh!!
Tbh he's been good as gold for nanny and grandad as he's been outside most of the day, how much easier are children when the sun is shining?!?!

Glad Joshua has been a lovely little fella today smile

Well, bit of an unsettled night here. Gave Euan 45 mins nap yesterday, god did that bite us in the ass! He would settle til 7.40, I've left him awake for weeks! Then he woke at 12.15, took rob half hour to get him off. Then I roused him at 4.45, he woke at 5, I couldn't leave him til 6.15, back off til 7.30.
Fingers crossed he goes off ok tonight!

How nice is it being light too, roll on the sun grin

KLou111 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:39:16

Oh forgot to say, in laws having some decorating done, and some used gloss was outside and Euan found it! He stinks of white spirit, coat was covered in white lol!

Iwish Tue 02-Apr-13 19:42:06

I can't believe just how lovely he's been. He's been quite naughty over the weekend. Don't know if its because DH has been off work.

Hope you get a better night tonight, sounds like he's slowly getting better tho.

I love being out in the garden/park when it's sunny, you feel so much happier and kiddies love being outside. I can't wait till summer (if we get one lol). Can get the paddling pool out, slide and sand box grin. He's also got a tent type thing. It's 2 tents with a tunnel between them, my nan bought it for him for his birthday I think.

Omg 1 more cycle then we are ttc!! I went to our sure start centre and there was a tiny few day old baby. I was sooooo broody.

lizandlulu Wed 03-Apr-13 11:47:48

Ahh it's lovely when they are good! I keep saying to Chris, if violet had been my first, I might have had more sooner!

Me and lulu have been poorly sick sad she started at 4 am and was sick a few times till about 8. Chris got up and felt I'll, but went to ork so I got him to take violet to nursery out the way! Plus don't want her to catch it. Then I was sick this morning.

We both had a nap on the sofa and both woke up feeling abit better. Today we're going to see Justin and friends at Sheffield, I thought we wouldn't be going this morning, so put them up for sale on Facebook, but no one wanted them. So anyway we have decided to go. Going to pick violet up at 2.

lizandlulu Wed 03-Apr-13 11:48:25

And omg iwish!!!! How exciting!!!! You will be nesting before you know it!

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 13:39:19

Hope you enjoy Justin liz and hope you feel 100% after your nap.
I saw you had put them up for sale, bet you are glad they didn't sell since you are feeling better.

Am at work today but am shattered. Had a crap sleep for no reason. Could have been the coffee I had at tea time - never again!

I can't wait to try again. The last few months I've just got more broody. Just trying to fix my body tho as my LP is only 8 days which is crap so am taking some vitamin b complex in hope it helps.

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:28:59

Oh no Liz, hope you're feeling better and managed to enjoy Justin.

Eek iwish super exciting times!!! How long did it take with Joshua? I have totally forgotten about the ovulation stuff tbh!

I've calmed down a bit broody wise for the mo, just need to sort Euey out,
knackered still. The thought of a baby at the moment would terrify me!
He's started waking in the night for the last 2, around 12/1am, takes about an hour to get him off. Also, he won't go to sleep on his own at bedtime, I have to stay til he's gone, takes about 20/30 mins. Waking around 6 now, we put his tv on in his room and we get another 45 mins or so smile
Didn't do wake to sleep last night. He's only had 10 mins max sleep in the car today too, so will see how tonight goes.......

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:33:17

Oh, and Euan said shoes today!! His first 'proper' word.
I was putting his shoes on to go to my mum and dads this morning, Rob was there too.
I said shall we put on your shoes? And he pointed to them and said shoes! Said it 4 or 5 times, so frikkin cute!!

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 19:25:12

It took 6 months with Joshua so it will probably be the same or longer. Not banking on it being quick. Would love if it was tho. I just feel ready to have one more to complete our family.

Aww did he! So cute when they say a proper word. Joshua's first proper word was 'more'. He says it clear as day when he wants more food lol.

He only had 50 mins sleep at nursery today so is being a little sh*t tonight. Put him to bed at 7:15 and he's still whining.

He didn't get up till 8:05 this morning, was bliss getting ready for work on my own lol.

KLou111 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:07:56

Oh no, what a pain! How come he didn't sleep much today?

Thankfully, Euan fell asleep before I was even halfway through his story smile so a 6.55-er tonight!

Hopefully you'll be quicker this time around with ttc, you never know, because you've been off contraception for quite some tie, it may even happen first time!

Re word, I meant other than the dada, mare (me, great thanks for that!), baa (no), gone (when no more food) etc. it was nice to hear a 'proper' word iykwim smile

Iwish Wed 03-Apr-13 20:57:13

Wish Joshua would fall asleep during a story, no chance! I hope he sleeps better tonight.
Lol at Mare!! Where did he get that from?

Bloody friend has let me down again tomorrow!! She said she can't afford to go to a play centre! It's £4.50. She's let me down the last few weeks. Pffft.

Watching OBEM in a minute. Actually makes DH broody lol.

What's your plans for tomorrow? Might just take Joshua to the sure start.

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 08:02:57

Oh no iwish, it really pisses me off when people let you down all the time. We've got friends like that, we don't contact them anymore, we gave up, so we wait for them!

Well, we were all set to have our first post 6.15 lie in this morning. Not heard from Euan all night, but the fucking neighbour was jump starting his car, and woke US ALL up at 6. 3rd time this fucking week. Sick of it. He borrowed jump leads off Rob before Xmas, and it's STILL not fixed! Going to another neighbours party on Saturday as their sons 1st birthday today, and Rob said he's going to say something.
We get on with them, I went to high school with her sister, but seriously tskng

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 08:04:38

taking the piss now.
He opens and slams the car doors about 20 times, then he slams both car bonnets, which this morning woke us all again.
Then he revs the car out of the street to keep it going. Dick!

Iwish Thu 04-Apr-13 09:31:32

What an arsehole!! Id be leaning out if the window telling him to shut up!! Maybe when Euey wakes early in a weekend you should make loads of noise and see how he likes it.
Did you get him back to sleep or was he up for the day?

I have 2 close friends and both of them let me down. Bugs me! When I make plans with my cousins they never let me down!! Shake they work mon-fri.

Think I'm going to the Trafford centre today. Need a dress for my night out next month.
What you up 2?

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 10:28:23

Wouldn't go back to sleep sad Thing is, it's a long enough day as it is when he wakes early on his own, esp not having sleep in the day, but even longer when you're woken earlier!

Are you still going to sure start?
Was planning on a walk to Tesco about a mile away, but it's sleety here, so scrapped that.
Not sure what to do. Robs our so he has the car.
Might get Euans paints out.

Euey just came over pulling his nappy, so I said are you having a weewee? Shall we get the potty? We both went to the loo to get it and he sat straight on it again lol. Well, that's this summers task I guess smile

lizandlulu Thu 04-Apr-13 19:33:47

Evening ladies, have you had good days? Did you get a dress iwish?

Did you get covered in pain klou??!!

Bless him ith the shoes! It's so so cute when they start to talk, it's hard to imagine what their voices will sound like when they are 4-5.

I've just been doing some long needed dusting. The sun was shining through the windows and showing it all up! Anyway, just had to look and think really hard abut which child of mine this picture was!!! Decided it must be violet, but honestly can't remember, or tell! They are like peas in a pod!

Feel better today, not 100%. I've hardly ate anything, I just not got no appetite, but lulus back to normal.

Violets been to nursery today, I've been off work, but had it planned for weeks that I was going to take lulu and her friend out for the day. Was ment to be going swimming this morning, but I didn't have the energy, so went up town, did all the things I needed to do that I didn't yesterday. Then went to the cinema this aft to see the croods. It wasn't brilliant. Ok, but wouldn't rush to see it again. I usually love films like that.

KLou111 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:16:03

Glad you're a lot better liz, I hate being ill. Must be awful when you've a little one ill too.
Naughty mummy not being able to tell your girls apart smile
Haven't been to the cinema for years! The last thing was avatar, and before that was the first remake Star Wars!!

Didn't do painting. Went to tesco just after my post. Euan was screaming at the door banging on it, so we got all dressed up and went. Except halfway the little bugger fell asleep! I literally could not wake him for about half an hour!! I was shoving sweets in his mouth at one point and still nada!!
Had to get the neighbours son a card and pressie for his birthday. Just got him a little short sleeved shirt.
The neighbour who woke us has a little one too, and it's his 1st birthday party next weekend, so got him a little shirt too, not the same.
Also got Euan a electric toothbrush as he's always nicking ours. He bloody loves it, and I had to take it off him kicking and screaming in the end!
Fell asleep to his story again tonight, lets see if we get woken again!
Then this afternoon we had a little play, watched Tom and jerry for half hour, and made some jam fairy cakes with blue icing smile
Been a good day.

lizandlulu Thu 04-Apr-13 21:48:09

Ohh nice, I love cakes!!! I wish I was skinny, cause I love to bake, and it usually all turns out ok, my cooking can leave a lot to be desired!, but I don't bake slot cause I only eat it all smile I do bake sbit with lulu, but never with violet, not yet.

Fancy him falling asleep like that! Must have been knackered tho to not wake up!

Yes It was pretty grim yesterday morning, poor lulus on the sofa at 7.30 looking green, hike violets got her water and giving it to lulu, ramming it at her 'cup lulu, lulu cup'. Er no violet she doesn't want you crawling all over her today! And when she was sick, with violet looking that close she's nearly got her head in it, I knew she had to be out the way!! I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Lulu wanted me to hold her hand and wipe her mouth but I had to keep violet out the way! What do you do!

KLou111 Fri 05-Apr-13 07:49:47

Oh no Liz, that must've been really hard. Did violet understand when lulu was sick that she couldn't play?
Poor lulu sad

I've eaten enough chocolate and cake for 2 this week lol! Surprised I'm not the size of a house. Must go on a diet again, but I love my food too much smile

Well, Euan woke at 6.10 bright as, no crying. Rob changed the water to come on earlier a few weeks ago, and it comes on just after 6, so I wondered if that may be disturbing him.
He crawled into his bathroom which was odd, pointed at the loo, then his belly, and his nappy had leaked up his front! Clever boy smile
The neighbour didn't jump his car til 7.20 :-/

Eueys at my mum and dads today til tomorrow. They wanted to give us a break, so fingers crossed for a nice lie in tomorrow! Bet he sleeps later at theirs!!
Hoping to go to wagamamas at lunch then out for a few drinks in town early.

Any plans this weekend?

lizandlulu Fri 05-Apr-13 16:16:52

God there is some numptys about, I have got a pushchair on eBay, £60 or best offer. Someone offered £40, so I declined and said I would accept £50, they said ok if I could deliver it to Gainsborough. I said ok, cause I can go to Gainsborough tomorrow. Then they sent a message saying £30 is the most they can go and can I deliver it tomorrow night. Er how about no you div!!!!

Nice of you're um and dad to offer to have Euan!! It's sods law they always sleep different when they're away from home. When lulu was younger, and she used to wake every night, she didn't do it at grandmas house! Little buggers.

And clever boy for showing you his nappy!!!

Violet keeps wanting to sit on the toilet. She nearly says toilet, but it sounds a lot like yoghurt! (we don't want to be getting those mixed up smile ) I sit her on the toilet and she sits there and wipes. But doesn't actually do anything!

No no plans this weekend, Chris going racing tomorrow afternoon, so just got my ironing to look forward to.

KLou111 Fri 05-Apr-13 17:14:59

Just a quick one, on the loo in wetherspoons!
What a twat Liz!! Thick woman!!

Didn't go to wagas, going next weekend in cardiff, out now, then take away smile

Yoghurt ha ha!!

Iwish Sat 06-Apr-13 13:31:01

Lol what absolute muppets liz!! Did you sell it in the end? How's Lulu?

Haha at you talking to us on the loo klou!! How was your day without Euey? Did you have a good sleep? And did he sleep for your mum and dad?

We have been looking for some tiles for the kitchen, how hard is it to find a latte coloured brick shaped tile that isn't shiny?? Turns out its impossible FFS!!

Iwish Sat 06-Apr-13 17:14:20


lizandlulu Sat 06-Apr-13 19:14:33

Aaarrrgggghhhhh!! Poor Joshua!! How's he coping with it?

Good night klou?

Yes did sell the pushchair, someone is coming for it on Tuesday, apparently!

Latte coloured tiles sound really nice! Hope you find some

Iwish Sat 06-Apr-13 19:50:54

He's doing ok liz. It doesn't seem to be bothering him at the moment. Just put him to bed and he's just talking to himself.

Didn't find any tiles. We have seen some we like but they are £80 a sq metre so looking for something cheaper.

Which pushchair have you sold? I'm selling my highchair on eBay at the moment. It ends tomorrow. It has about 13 watchers but its only at 99p atm.

What have you both been up to today?

lizandlulu Sat 06-Apr-13 21:14:29

Its a maxi cosi noa, lovely pink frame, I used it for holiday, but just don't need it, I only bought it on a whim. I've got to stop that. Besides the fact I can't afford it, I have no where to it them!!! I've still got my Luna that I always use, maclaren that Chris likes, petit star zia that I love the spotty liner but rarely use and one with big wheels that was dead cheap snd good for mud.

Not done a lot today, went to sainsburys st Lincoln, then to the park this afternoon, that's it.

Iwish Sun 07-Apr-13 10:40:37

Feel like death sad. Woke up at 3:20 with tummy ache and feeling sick and didn't get back to sleep till about 7:00. DH took Joshua downstairs at 7:50 when he woke and I stayed in bed till 10:00. I still feel like crap and am knackered too.

Joshua slept all the way thro and I bloody wake up!!

You have got a lot of pushchairs liz! I have the Luna and LOVE IT! Ours is black with a stripey liner and a blue or green hood.

KLou111 Sun 07-Apr-13 17:25:18

Oh no iwish! How's Joshua??? Poor little fella sad Hope he's over it ASAP. It is meant to be better having it younger, I've heard of some people having chicken pox parties for their kids!!!
And can't believe you're poorly too. It's not......you know wink......is it???

You and your pushchairs Liz!

All good here. Went next door yesterday for a 1st birthday party 2-6.15, was really good, and Euan did not sit down! Our neighbour opposite has a 5 year old who Euan was playing in the garden with as the sun was out all day. They've got a party next Saturday for their nearly 1 year old too! Busy busy! Euan has a better social life than us!!

Looking forward to their 1 year olds being like Euan as they are both boys, but only just crawling so still very much 'babies', will be nice when they can all play.

Nice day today too, Euan woke at 6 but was flaking by 10ish, I've given in keeping him up, it's not working, so I put him to bed at 10.30. I had to wake him at 12, lazy thing! Then he's been out all day in the garden with Bella, his football, trampoline, ball pit and sand pit. So much easier!! He's happier being out, and means we haven't got to entertain him so much.
We had our first bbq, now have cars 2 on before he goes up for his bath. Such an easy weekend!!!!

lizandlulu Sun 07-Apr-13 18:17:15

Oh no iwish, are you feeling any better now? Have you been sick? I'm sorry, I didn't send you my germs did I?!!!

I love my Luna too, the only thing I can think of that annoys me is the apron being put in the floor when you fold it up, I try nd lift the whole pushchair together rather than fold it down. Not so bad in better weather tho.

We have been home all day. And out in the garden most of the afternoon!!! First time this year violet has been out just for fun! I went and got some bulbs and planted them, weeded, swept up and generally tidied the yard. Chris been pottering about and doing odd jobs outside. Mostly to do with his lorries, bangers and dogs, but hey Ho!!

Wat you been doing?

lizandlulu Sun 07-Apr-13 18:17:27

Apart from being sick!!!!

KLou111 Mon 08-Apr-13 07:02:01

WE GOT 6.45!!!!!
I heard him coughing at 5, I thought oh no, that sleep 10.30-12 yesterday is coming to haunt us.
Anyway, he got to his door (no crying either), so I got him. Then he started heaving, and a tiny bit of yellow stuff came up sad Looked at his bed and there's a bit there too. That must've been the coughing at 5. Not sure what that's about.

KLou111 Mon 08-Apr-13 08:55:06

Well, Euan had his milk around 7.45, and the lot has just come up all curdled sad

Seems to be a sickness week on this thread!

lizandlulu Mon 08-Apr-13 18:14:17

Oh no poor poppet, is he any better?

Are you iwish?

Iwish Mon 08-Apr-13 20:11:45

Awww poor Euey klou. Has he been poorly all day?
Good that he slept till 6:45 tho, bet it felt like Christmas!

Yeh that annoys me about the Luna too liz. Still love it tho.

Did Violet enjoy going out in the garden? She looked so cute on your pics.

I'm feeling better but still been feeling a little sicky on an off all day. Can't wait to feel better!!
Joshua is ok, absolutely covered in spots now tho. They don't seem to be bothering him tho.

lizandlulu Mon 08-Apr-13 20:57:47

Good, glad they're not bothering him. Are they big spots? Glad that your feeling abit better too.

Yes she liked the garden, being free to run about.

I am totally peed off. Had the electric bill today, it's for 3 months, £911!!!! It must be the lights outside, with it being winter and they've been on slot while it's dark, plus the builders round the back who are building mum and dads hous,e they have a tea hut with a heater on all day so going to see about getting hem to chip in!
It must be right cause I have one of them smart meters, it can't be wrong. I am just going to ring them in the morning and see if I can change to a better tariff.

I am also looking into solar panels. I need to speak to someone impartial tho. I think if I do have them, I need to buy them outright to benefit, which is between 7-10 grand. But if I m going to get the money back over time, plus save money in the meantime, I am willing to do it. I think!

KLou111 Mon 08-Apr-13 21:55:21

We looked into solar panels in Wales liz. Thing was, by the time you started getting your money back, it was about 15 years, and they were only guaranteed for that, so if they malfunctioned after that, it was a waste of money.
The best way we saw was you get the companies to pay for it, and you pay a reduced rate for a guaranteed amount of time. But then were planning on moving, and they upped the reduced rate last April anyway.
If you're using that amount though, I'd say for you it's worth it. Our gas and electric since July when we moved in, is and average of £95 per month combined.

Been meaning to ask you for ages, did you ever sort that massive bill you had from that guy in the caravan??

Hope Joshua ok iwish. Glad his spots aren't bothering him. Hopefully they'll start disappearing soon.

Just watching 16 kids and counting.......seriously considering having an 'only' again!!

KLou111 Mon 08-Apr-13 21:57:33

I'd try uswitch for your tariff change too. Mostly the best ones are online. But would definitely charge the builders! They should have their own generator, not using your electric! It's part of their cost to build, cheeky buggers!,

KLou111 Tue 09-Apr-13 10:19:44

8am in my own bed......lovely! Woke at 5.45 though, little bugger smile but soon got him back off.
Off to soft play today, then swimming later on.

lizandlulu Tue 09-Apr-13 17:18:07

Yes we did sort the bill, well we paid it!! We had no choice, the meters were right, I got them changed twice. Eon did reduce it by £1500 out of good will, but we had to pay the rest. Never got a penny off the bloke in his caravan, he moved out and that was that!

I rang eon this morning and have changed to a new tarrif that's cheaper at night, the lady was really helpful, I should save over £200 a year. I did ring up last year to see if I was on the best. This must be a new thing, or they mis advised me last year.

Hope Joshua's spots are ok iwish.

Did you have a good time swimming klou?

Iwish Tue 09-Apr-13 19:44:53

Bloody hell that's a big bill liz!!! How long is that for? Glad they have sorted something out for you now tho.
How's Violet? Has her chest been ok?

Woohoo to 8am klou!! How did you manage that? Did you have a nice time today?

Joshua is ok, got even more spots tho. Even got them all over his willy etc, looks really sore! He still isn't too bothered tho.
Needed to get some bits from asda so dad came to watch Joshua fir half a hour. He looked really nervous bless him. He got me to put Joshua's shoes and coat on to play outside because he hasn't done it since me and my brother were little lol. He coped for half a hour tho grin

lizandlulu Tue 09-Apr-13 21:10:34

Ahh bless him!! Spots on his willy!!! Wow that's extreme!! Poor little fella, at least they aren't bothering him.

My bill is for 3 months, works out to £75 a week!!!!!

Violets still chesty form when she got it Easter Sunday, but not been half as bad as she has been before. Maybe this is a sign of her growing out of it!!
I got her a climbing cube off Facebook. That and one of those mini trampolines was £20, I am so happy ith it! She can climb up and on it herself it's the exact violet size!

lizandlulu Fri 12-Apr-13 18:20:23

How is everyone?

How's the spots iwish?

How's the early mornings klou?

Well I'm sat here, Chris has took lulu swimming, they do a family session at the gym he's just joined, and violets in the bath drinking water out of an old shampoo bottle. happy days ;)

Iwish Sat 13-Apr-13 14:23:26

Hey all!

What's a climbing cube liz? How was your evening yesterday?

How are you klou? What time was Euey up this morning?

I got up at 8:05 this morn and Joshua got up about 5 mins later. Happy days smile
His spots have all scabbed over now so they look way better. Just a scabby boy now lol.

lizandlulu Sat 13-Apr-13 17:50:27

Its just a small plastic cube with steps on one side and a slide on the other. There is a couple of pics on my Facebook, shame weathers been crap today. I also got her a pink rocking horse thing for outside, plasticine. She loves it!

Been swimming again today, it's so nice to go and not worry too much about them catching colds, especially with violets chest. Violet honestly has no fear of he water! She jumps off the side, not really bothered if im there to catch her! It's abit heart in mouth the whole time were there, I hardly let go of her but she's squirming to make le let go all the time.

Iwish Sun 14-Apr-13 15:35:40

Oooh the cube sounds interesting liz. Might check some out on eBay.
It's good that violet isn't scared in the pool, Joshua is a right wuss and just sticks to me lol.
Weather is crap here today. Been raining most of the day. Was nice yesterday am but rained from lunchtime.
Roll on summertime!

Iwish Tue 16-Apr-13 21:04:44

Joshua has been lovely today. Up at 8:20, brekkie at 9:30 then out by 9:50! Went to the sure start centre till 12:00, had a bit if lunch at asda then he had a nap for a hour and we played in the garden. Nipped to m&s and got him a cardi and vests too.
M&s vests are really good. 5 for £5 and the are lovely and soft. Think asda is more expensive and not as good quality.

If I invited you round for a play date today with Joshua would you still come knowing Joshua had chicken pox last week but they have either scabbed over or completely gone?

KLou111 Wed 17-Apr-13 14:13:19

Hiya girls!

He shouldn't be contagious once the spots are out iwish, so I would have no problem Euan playing with Joshua.
Glad he's finally on the mend poor fella.

How's violet liz after her lump being checked? Did they have to do a biopsy?

Them cubes look great, but our tenants in Wales had one we saw at the weekend, and I think it's too small for Euan sad

Rob was meant to have his wisdom teeth out today, psyched himself up and everything. We got up at 6 to leave at 7 (and had to wake Euan at 6.50, he was in our bed from 1), and 10 mins after I left they told him he couldn't have it as he'd eaten. The bloody instructions are wrong. They said do not eat or drink any milk based products instead of do not eat, or drink and milk based products after 2.30. Rebooked for 30th April.
Waste of a morning!

lizandlulu Wed 17-Apr-13 17:39:21

Ha ha, I saw that on Facebook klou!! Has he got to re book? I bet he was disappointed!!, did you enjoy your time baby free?

Iwish, is he getting better? Nearly all gone?

To be honest, I don't know if I would come for a play date if it was me. I always err on the side of caution and it would be sods law my child would catch it. Why has someone peed you off by cancelling?

All the doctor did on Monday was poke her, feel her lump, poke her armpits and belly, that was it. I was fully expecting some kind of scan, but no, just poked her. Said it was just breast tissue, it's quite common and to go back in 6 months just to check on it.

Blimey it's been windy here!! Nearly knocks &#375;ou off your feet!!

KLou111 Wed 17-Apr-13 19:45:54

Bloody windy here too, our gates are making a hell of a noise, I hope they don't wake Euan!!! I think his bottom back molars are on the way. He keeps biting his fingers at the back and he's git red cheeks. Have doses him up on calpol, teetha and nasal spray smile
Yes very much enjoyed our time off, although we both totally missed our little man!

They rebooked him for 30th April if they don't cancel on him.

Glad violet all good, she looks mega cute in her car!!

lizandlulu Thu 18-Apr-13 18:06:13

Got it off the tip! For nowt! A friend went to the tip and saw it for sale, we know who runs it and lives down our lane so git him to bring it home with him!!

Poor rob! Was he all psyched up for having it done?

Asdas got a sale on, did you both know?

KLou111 Fri 19-Apr-13 16:04:11

Yes knew about the sale, they don't stop emailing me lol!

just ordered this for Euan went to order it the other day, glad I waited, it's on sale today grin

lizandlulu Fri 19-Apr-13 19:02:21

Ahh that's cute, proper little mans jacket!

Any plans for the weekend?

Lulus having her teeth out tomorrow, appointments at 8.30 am, so mums coming to look after violet first thing. I'm dreading it. Feel awful. But got to be done now.

KLou111 Sat 20-Apr-13 10:41:00

Oh no, why is she having them out, have I missed that??
Poor little thing, dentists terrify me, I hope she's ok x x

No real plan this weekend. We'd planned to see some friends we've not had a night with since being back but due to robs teeth we cancelled them and my mum and dad babysitting, hence we went away last weekend. Going to have a BBQ I think as it's nice here today.

Euan is driving us insane. For that last 2 nights, he hasn't settled til after 9, yesterday he got up at 5.30, but came into us and was asleep until 7.25ish when he fell out shock
This morning, he woke at 5 and that was that. I did put him in his cot last night when he fell asleep tbh to see if he'd go back to sleep when he woke this morning, but if anything it wound him right up. Won't be doing that again!!
His teeth are definitely coming through and really playing him up, but aren't the back molars meant to be the worst?
Poor thing, he keeps crying for ages none stop (1.5 hours yesterday afternoon, drove us loopy!), and this morning when he came into our bed he cried for over an hour. It gives me an awful headache as its a really whiney awful cry hmm also he's very clingy to me.

He got his first proper war wound earlier. Was playing in the garden and my bike was out for some reason. Anyway I didn't know, next thing it's on top of him with blood in his hair! Was only a tiny 'puncture' wound but with his blonde hair it looked like a massacre. Well, maybe not that bad, but it was to me! Poor thing.

lizandlulu Sat 20-Apr-13 12:30:37

Shes had them out cause they have got holes in them, and if they are left in they would go bad and cause pain so dentist reccomended getting them out. She's had it done and is absolutely fine. It was awful getting her to put the mask on tho so she could be put to sleep, her eyes were rolling and her touché was sticking out really unnaturally. We had talked about it and what was going to happen, but she was so scared she just cried and cried. Less than 15 mins tho and she was back awake and it was over.

Hr teeth have always been a struggle, she's only just this last year let me do them withouta having to pin her down. I have got to got to make a better job of it tho. sad

Ahh poor Euan!! Was he more shocked than hurt? Bless him, it's awful when they hurt themselves. I do hope he wars himself out today!!!

I don't know about the teeth, lulu was so Mardy all the time I could never tell if she was teething or not, and violets so far have come through with no problems, totally opposite children!

Hello ladies, it's me in disguise smile

How's lulu today Liz?

All good here except someone trying to jump into bed with us at 3.15am! Didn't work, back to bed, but woke us for the day at 6.30!! Sleeeeeeepy........

lizandlulu Mon 22-Apr-13 18:19:18

I can hazard a guess at who it is!! smile

She's totally fine, you wouldn't even know shed had it done!

Iwish Mon 22-Apr-13 20:10:45

Hey ladies!

Why are you in disguise erm choccy lol?!! Bless him does he just walk into your room?

Glad lulu is ok liz

How are you both?

We went to a farm on Saturday. LOVED IT!! The baby goats were so cute and Nick held a little chick.

My friend is coming tomorrow and she is going to cut my hair, can't wait lol! Joshua is going to have his cut too, it's so long he's been mistaken for a girl twice in a week lol. They said his face is too pretty to be a boy too haha!!

I never get that phrase iwish......well, I do, but I don't iykwim? People say it about Euan quite often, and I just think, what, a boy can't be pretty? My boy a frikkin gorgeous!! I know some effing ugly girls!! Imagine saying she's so ugly she could be a boy ha ha!

Just fancied a change of name smile

I wouldn't say he just walks in our room iwish. He makes a bloody entrance!! Opens his door, STOMPS across the landing, opens our door and slams it into our ensuite door (which was open the other day and he chipped it quite bad as it opens out.....bad design!) and proceeds to climb on the edge of our bed as it is quite low, and has a 4 inch ledge all the way round, and jump on me! Snuggles up to me and goes to sleep, by that time we are wide awake!

Nick looked very comfortable handling the chicks lol. Glad you had fun. How did joshie get on? Mum and dad went to take Euan the other day and it was closed, was a shame for them.

Glad lulu ok Liz smile

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 12:52:13


Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 12:52:21


Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 12:53:52


lizandlulu Wed 24-Apr-13 13:03:15

OH MYGOD!!!!!!L I didn't realise you'd started!!!!

How quick was that!!!!!

How do you feel? Have you booked In at docs? When did you find out? Oh my god!L!!!!!!

Congratulations also :D


Massive massive massive MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Over the moon for you all girlie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

When did you find out?? And I didn't think you were trying yet, obviously withdrawal didn't work ha ha ha!!
What's nick say???

Omg I'm beaming xxxxxxxx

Love the face on FB btw x

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 13:07:01

We aren't trying yet lol!! I found out this morning. Done 3 tests already haha.

We were starting next month and were kinda avoiding this month as DD will be 3rd Jan and if its early like Joshua could be near Xmas.
So I wasn't Oving till cd26 so we thought we were ok on cd17 (the only time we had sex) and I ovd on cd19 lol!!


Well, I'm sure we are both honoured you told us first smile

Seriously, I am so over the moon for you!! not envy at all humph wink

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 13:18:05

I won't lie, I'm totally shitting myself lol! Seriously dtd 1 time and last time it took 6 months.

I'll let you know what nick says.

Your turn next choccy grin

Awwww, meant to be iwish smile I think you should film nicks reaction lol! Good luck. What you going to say? How? When?

Robs gone off having another one again hmm I give up!

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:44

I have no idea what I'm going to say. Was going to present him with the test and say 'you know that one time we had sex the other week' didn't think it sounded great tho.

I've planned how I will tell our parents tho haha. I'm going to get Joshua a tshirt that says 'I'm going to be a big brother'

Urgh tell rob you would rather have one now rather than later. Nick was like that but told him 'I wanted to get it out of the way early' he liked that idea x

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 14:26:25

How is it possible that I feel sick??
Can you feel sick from nerves?

lizandlulu Wed 24-Apr-13 14:30:39

Ahh the big brother t shirt is a brill idea!!!!

Ha ha yes nerves will do ll sorts of funny things!!

Fancy telling us first!!! I feel honoured smile))))))))

Are you telling nick later? Ahve you irked out your edd yet? smile

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 14:36:38

Yeh I will tell nick when he gets home. I didn't want to call him and tell him so will wait till he's home at 5pm. He went to work at 6:30am bless him.

If I just put my last period in one of them calculators it says 3rd Jan 2014. Joshua was born at 37+6 so could be earlier.

Joshua is at nursery today and I'm home alone so I'm just chilling out grin

At least you've had the day on your own for it to sink in smile

Tshirt a fab idea! I'd say you're sick with nerves! Are you going to find sex out this time? You did with Joshua didn't you?

A Christmas baby grin that'll be lovely. They'll be a lovely age between new baby and Joshua x

So how far are you?

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 14:48:55

I think only about 4 weeks. Will prob tell our parents in a couple of weeks
I only wanted 2-3 years between kiddies and there will be 2 years 2 months! Hope it's a good age.

I saw the tshirt on eBay and thought it would be a good idea.

What you both been up 2 today?

There's 2 years 3.5 months between rob and his bro (rob being the youngest), and they are the best of friends smile I keep trying to sell that concept to rob, but he's not biting to it lol.

Been to toddlers this morning, then to my mum and dads for an hour, just in lounge with the little man now playing.

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 17:42:25

Well nick still isn't home, I'm going to burst!!!

How's Eueys sleeping been?

lizandlulu Wed 24-Apr-13 17:49:28

Ohh let us know what he says!! I'm so excited for you!!! I know a few friends who have got kids with 2 years apart and they mostly say that it's hard work at first but once they get older, thy get on well, play together and so on. It will be lovely!!!

Been up town this morning, then mostly cleaning this aft, nothing exciting.

Have you told him yet woman???

Euey been up in the night last few nights. Up 11-2am on Monday night in our bed, wouldn't sleep. Finally asleep so put him back in his bed and up about 7. Last night he went through but didn't settle til 7.45. In with us at 5.30, but went off til 7, I don't mind that as long as he goes back to sleep and not up for the day at 5.30!!

Bursting here lol!!

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 19:31:47

Yeh I've told him! He was v happy. He was so shocked bless him, I thought he would be really freaked out but he wasn't.

Happy lady now grin

At least he's sleeping a bit later klou. Maybe he's going through this sleep regression that I keep hearing about.

At least you have been out and about today liz. I've lazed about like a lazy cow


I know I don't know you in real life iwish (I wish I did know you and liz) but I am frikkin buzzing for you. So over the moon xxxxxx

Iwish Wed 24-Apr-13 21:00:23

Aww really klou that's so lovely of you! It's a shame we are all so far away. Would be good if we could have all got together.

I don't think it's set in yet.

How you feeling today o preggo one smile

Keep meaning to ask. What made you do a test?

Iwish Thu 25-Apr-13 16:27:33

I feel like crap lol!! How's it even possible? I'm only 11dpo. I feel sick and quite tired.

I tested because my LP has only been 8 days since November and I was 10dpo so thought I should test lol.

How are you? Xx

lizandlulu Thu 25-Apr-13 20:45:07

Yey so so glad you've told him!!!! You won't stop posting on here will you sad

Poor you feeling I'll! It might be your hormones and everything changing making you feel like it, was &#375;ou I'll you Joshua?

Iwish Thu 25-Apr-13 21:03:19

I felt a bit naseous with Joshua but only for a couple of weeks around 6 weeks. I think I felt sick because I was hungry because I was ok after tea.

Nooooo will I heck stop posting on here. Might bore you with pregnancy stuff tho grin

Was dying to tell my m today but we aren't telling then till next weekend.

How has your day been? I've been shopping with mum. Got a nice top for Saturday, meeting up with some friends for lunch without children yey!

lizandlulu Thu 25-Apr-13 21:37:07

What's it like? The top?

You must be busting to tell your mum!! I couldn't not tell, I am terrible like that!

I've been shopping today! Picked a friend and her daughter up at 9, by the time we got to Lincoln and parked up it was 9.45, did debenhms and primark, dinner, then drove to asda living, t k maxx, the to Matalan. I have bought frikkin loads!!!!!

Poor violet managed to cut her finger in Matalan. I left her in her pushchair next to a mirror as I usually do cause it keeps her quiet, she wa bashing it abit, then screamed, I went to her and she must have cut it in a rough bit of steel on the side. She was wiping blood all over!! Would have a plaster on it, wouldn't let me old a tissue on it. Eventually I did and kept it there till it stopped bleeding. It's not a deep cut, but is quite big for her tiny finger. She's rock hard tho :D not bothered about it since we've been home.

Iwish Fri 26-Apr-13 21:59:25

It's kind of a floaty top. It's navy with light blue spots on. It's got sleeves in my they are really thin. I don't describe it but it lovely. Goes really nice with my jeans and heels. (I don't do heels tho lol)

Aww poor violet. Good it didn't bother her tho, she could be a wuss like Joshua grin
Did you buy stuff for yourself?

Yeh am dying to tell my mum. Prob tell them next weekend I think. Would tell them Saturday but nick is out so will do it on Sunday.

What you up to this weekend?

lizandlulu Sat 27-Apr-13 21:23:47

I've been to Doncaster today. Just for a look round the shops with my mate and mum, and kids of course. Didn't buy anything today.

On Thursday I got a couple of tops for me from asda, mostly for the kids, oh and got a bikini from Matalan. I've not been there for aaaaggges and there was loads of nice stuff in there.

lizandlulu Sat 27-Apr-13 21:24:05

How are you feeling today? Still sicky?

Iwish Sun 28-Apr-13 02:15:11

Heh still feeling a bit sicky today. Was worse tonight jus before I went to bed, sat in the loo for a bit just in case lol.

Glad you at least managed to get a few things for yourself, I'm always guilty of never buying for myself.

Well I'm awake at this stupid hour because my idiot of a husband woke me up snoring and I can't get back to sleep!!! Not happy at all .(

lizandlulu Sun 28-Apr-13 10:02:47

Did you get a lie in tho? Chris has gone racing so is just me and the kids today. Mum and dad just come, thy wanted to take us to the farm park, but lulu doesn't want to go cause she wants to go swimming this afternoon.

I was always worse in the evenings with violet. It was early evening sickness!!!

Iwish Sun 28-Apr-13 13:28:29

I got up at 7:30 if that's a lie-in lol. I was awake from about 1:00-2:30 them up for the day at 7:30. And Joshua was in bed till 8:15!

Told our parents today! Joshua had his little tshirt on and looked so cute. Our parents were v happy for us all.

I remover feeling a bit sicky most of the day with Joshua but it didn't start till about 6 weeks. I reckon we will have another boy.

Aww so will you just get your mum and dad to come swimming?

Hello ladies
Sorry you're feeling a bit sicky iwish hmm I'm sure it'll settle soon. Are you having heartburn etc too?
I didn't get sick, just used to get burning in my throat. Hated gaviscon though ugh!

Yey for telling your parents!! Bet Joshua looked great in his tshirt......that's how you should announce it on FB! Did they click when they saw the shirt? What did they say? Have you been to the docs yet?
Oooooo exciting times. Just been looking at eueys photos from when he was born and first few months, miss my likkle baby hmm but love love my likkle man wink

Did you go swimming Liz?

Had a good few days. Euan was at mum and dads Friday for the day, then they offered to have him for the night so we went out early into town for a few drinks, take away on way home, back by 8.30.
Then Saturday we had a lovely time at a small holding like what you went to iwish. They had baby bunnies, lambs, ducks, chicks, and a teeny tiny calf the size of bella! So cute!!

Euan just LOVED the goats, it was hilarious watching him run around after them! I thought he may be a bit scared of things he'd not seen before, but he had such a good time.
Then last night we had some friends over for dinner, and just before they left around 11.30, Euan woke and wouldn't settle, fabulous!
We were about done in, so put Cars on for him and me and rob fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up about 1 and Euan was wide awake still watching the tv! Finally managed to get him to settle about 2! Then woke at 8. Was hoping for a sleep through!

Not done too much today, robs bro and sil nipped round, he's gone out for a beer with his bro. Then tomorrow is my mums birthday, so taking her out for lunch, then Tuesday is wisdom teeth part deux..........confused

lizandlulu Sun 28-Apr-13 20:31:10

Oh good!!!! Have you told his parents too? Have you got pics of the t shirt? Bet he looked so cute!

My mum and dad swimming???? Nooooooooooo.
They just went out for he day, I went into town, costa, of course, asda, the home, dinner and swimming. Lulu can swim now and she's getting confident in the water, even swimming under the water which is a huge thing for her!

Wat have you all been up to?

Iwish Tue 30-Apr-13 08:58:41

Hey ladies! Yeh I have a couple of pics of his tshirt but they are a bit blurry. Not been to the docs yet. Will phone the midwife next week I think. Need to get my thyroid looked at.

We went round to both parents house, took Joshua coat off and said 'go and show nana/grandad your tshirt'. Nicks mum said omg are you?? And my mum and dad were saying no way lol! All on a good way tho. They were all v happy for us.

Dud you take your mum out klou? And good luck to rob having his tooth out grin

Bless lulu and her swimming liz! It's good that she's doing so well. I can't really swim blush you love costa don't you lol. Nick loves it too.

We are going to the sure start this morning for a few hours and need to nip to asda later. Feeling shattered today tho

How are you both? O

Awwwwww I bet they were super surprised iwish! Great way of telling them smile

Costa Liz? Really? Lol!

Currently sitting in the hospital cafe. Good job I don't work here, id be massive! Fry up for £2.50!!! That's for 5 items, but I got 2 bits of Bacon stuck together smile
Robs just gone in, shouldn't be too long.

Stayed at the inlaws last night. They were meant to be coming to us. They haven't had euan overnight since his early wakings so they were a bit worried having him on their own as scared JD doesn't know their house upstairs. Anyway I said to Rob, he never will unless he stays, so we went there instead and guess what? He slept all the way through til 6.30!! Omg!! He can go there more often lol!! Still earlier than what we were used to, but robs alarm went off so not sure if he heard it in the next room as seconds later JD was up.
He's been up for a couple of hours the last few nights around 10/11 so last.night was fab!

Iwish Tue 30-Apr-13 16:52:50

Wow £2.50 is v cheap!! Think they are about a fiver in asda cafe!
Abyway how's Rob now?
And yey go Euey sleeping till 6:30!! Bet it felt lovely not waking in the night.

My cousin had her scan today. She's having a little boy. So pleased for her.

This sounds gross but I made some tuna mayo earlier to put on sandwiches and I had some left over. Well I just saw it in the fridge and I've just eaten it on its own. Is was delish!!!

lizandlulu Tue 30-Apr-13 19:30:00

Ha ha cravings already iwish!!!!

Lovely that your cousin is having an boy, Joshua and him with be best of friends!! Do they live in the same town as you?

How's robs mouth klou?

It's sods law they always sleep different at other places. Lulu used to wake every night when she was smaller, yet slept through at in laws. Not fair.

Iwish Tue 30-Apr-13 20:06:50

I love tuna! I would eat it every day if I could. Tuna mayo sandwiches with cucumber or red onion mmmm

Yeh she lives about 15 mins drive from me. Her sister is ttc too but I don't think she's pg yet.

I'm knackered, would love to go to bed but think its a tad early haha!

Iwish Wed 01-May-13 19:39:14

I need tuna!

You should be called ifish ha ha ha!!

No I don't think that's gross, rob quite often does that if he can't be bothered to make a sandwich smile.

Lovely for your cousin to be having a boy to play with Joshua. If you have a girl, she could have his clothes smile

All good here. Euan been at my mum and dads today after toddlers this morning and his haircut there. Rob was sick this afternoon and has been on the sofa with Euans duvet most of the afternoon, so Euan is staying with them. Poor bloke. He was ok yesterday, and this morning. He was eating soup and smoothies, and this morning porridge and tea. Had some soup at lunch and he's been shitty ever since hmm Face not too swollen which is good, hopefully he's s bit better tomorrow.

lizandlulu Wed 01-May-13 22:26:20

Is it a reaction to the anesthetic or a bug? I have sympathy, there's nowt worse! Just thought, so your star sign snippet is right!!!! OOMG

Iwish Sat 04-May-13 20:29:23

So pissed off. Been walking round Manchester 10am-4:30pm to get a dress for a party in 2 weeks and I can't find anything. I look fat and awful in everything. Depressed.com sad

There's some lovely tents in Go outdoors grin

How are we both?
Sorry pressed post by accident.

All good here. Weaning Euey off his dummy, so far so good. Must admit he was a bit loud in the car today and tempted to shove it in, but I resisted. He woke briefly around 2am, in our bed dead on 6, back off til 7.40 grin Have given up the fighting to come in our bed in the morning now, I'd rather that and he went back to sleep! Anyway, glad his dummy isn't being missed. It's lovely hearing his little voice chatter without the dummy in the way. He so smiley too without it.

Rob good, although may be taking him to the dr on Tuesday as one side looks a bit infected and is hurting him. The other is fine, you wouldn't think he'd had anything done. The tooth was infected on the side that is giving him problems, so wondering if its to do with that. He had a blister on his cheek forming last night where the swelling was rubbing on his back teeth, so that was hurting him. He put toothpaste on it before bed and that seemed to help!
May need to get some anti bs from the dr, strange he wasn't given any.

How are you feeling then iwish? Any more feeling sick? Have you told anyone else?

And how's Lizzie? smile

lizandlulu Mon 06-May-13 20:57:20

Evening all, sorry I've not been on, I have been away from Friday to today in
The caravan. had no wifi and couldn't get on!!! Shocking in today's society :D

Had a lovely time, the kids have loved every second. We went with my cousin and his kids who has a daughter lulus age. And another family with kids and they all play together so well. They have been swimming, on the bed, in the amusements, bbqd, all sorts. Only slight fly in the ointment is that today we walked down the front in Filey and we have all caught the sun. I took sun cream but stupidly left it in the caravan. Every other day it's been chilly and overcast so I thought today would turn out to be the same. So me, lulu and the baby have all got pink arms. Our faces aren't tho!

What sort of dress are you after iwish? Debenhms has some lovely ones in, also Matalan! Oh and new look.

What you been up to choice? How's robs mouth?

Iwish Fri 10-May-13 13:36:48

Hey ladies!

How are you both?

Well ended up getting a bloody maternity maxi dress as I looked like a fat mess in everything else. Can't tell it's a maternity dress tho.

Iwish Fri 10-May-13 19:44:30

Bump for liz xxz

lizandlulu Fri 10-May-13 19:50:49

Why thank you, I still couldn't find it even after you bumped it up, had to click on the link. Odd.

So how are you feeling? Have you told both parents now?

Did you have a nice time when you went out?

How are you and Euan, and rob of course, choccy?

Any plans for the weekend?

Ours all depends on the weather. It's the county show this weekend and I love it and always go, but it's given out rain and really don't want to be pushing a buggy round in the wet! I just hope it's showers like its been for the last few days. Chris has gone to butlins for the weekend with some mates for an 80' s weekend and not back till Sunday evening so it's just us girlies.

Hello ladies,

Sounds fun Liz, hope the weather stays good, the forecast here is shite until weds.

How are you feeling oh fat one wink

Robs birthday on Thursday, want to hire a narrow boat for the day, but can't really do it until I know the weather. Was going to take Euey and bella too, but tbh I won't relax at all with Euan there (given the pond incident), and bella will be a pain in the arse.
I asked robs brother and wife, but he's away with work, he said that cherry was around and she'd love to come though, er think not love. Three's company and all that! Want to take a posh picnic, then take him out for dinner.

All good here, Euan still all over with sleep. Jumped in with us at 4 this morning and I couldn't be bothered to take him back to bed.

Oh, you're gonna laugh at this, we had our house valued today smile not even been here a year and already thinking of moving ha ha! Love the house to bits, but we would love to live back in our old village tbh and one has come up but a bit out of our price, unless we could get them down a bit. It's the frikkin 3% stamp duty shite that would kill us, plus up until the 31st August, we've got to pay almost £5k to get out of our mortgage. So out of interest, not thinking it would have gone up much, we got it valued. Almost fell off the chair when she said it had gone up at least £40k!! grin Still a bit less than the new one we'd like, but more than we thought!
Going to view a different one in another village tomorrow afternoon which we like the look of and it's cheaper than the other one.
Just got to work out figures etc to see if it's worth it.

lizandlulu Fri 10-May-13 22:27:40

Wow choccy that's a big hike!!! It as on the news that house prices are going to go up by 30% in the next few months. Mum and dads is still for sale. They was told about 8 years ago when they had it valued, just out of interest, that it was worth around 1 million pounds. It's a grade 2 listed building. Then last year they converted a coach house that was at the bottom of the garden into a 3 bed house. So when they put it on he market in dec, they was hoping to get just over the 1 mil mark, but had it valued again, and they said it was only worth 595k!!! So they built the house for nothing, and it's still not sold!! Had a couple of people interested, but both got to also sell houses, so no ones come up with the money yet. Meanwhile their new bungalow next to me is quickly running out of funds!! So if your looking to buy in my area choccy, I would personally reccomend theirs ;)

Bloody hell Liz, what a drop!! Was the agent over valuing it in the first place or has it just dropped? That's a fair wack! Such a shame it hasn't sold hmm bit out of our price range I'm afraid! I bet it's beautiful though.

this is the one we're going to see today

this is the one in our old village that we like, but you get less for your money

Iwish Sat 11-May-13 17:36:38


Oooh I like the second house on the first post choc! It's bloody huge compared to my house lol!
Boo about Euey still having rubbish sleep. Is he better at all? Still waking in the night and up early?
What you been up to today?

Have you been out liz? Is the show today or tomorrow? How's Violet and Lulu? Wow all that work and it didn't sell??

Well still feel quite sick here and I'm so tired its unreal. I fell asleep about 10:30 lady night, up at 6:00 for a wee then back to sleep till 8:30 and I could have a few hours on the sofa if I didn't have Joshua here lol. My body just feels tired and my eyes are tired. Mints are my savious for nausea but I've had that many that they are starting to make me feel ill haha! I'm 6 weeks and 1 day today.
Saw a midwife on Tuesday and my BP was a bit high. She she said ill need extra appts for my thyroid, extra for my BP be aide it was high at the end of my last pregnancy and an extra appt to discuss the birth as I had a tear and traumatic birth with Joshua.
So smooth sailing then haha grin

lizandlulu Sat 11-May-13 17:52:26

At least they are looking after you iwish!! 6weeks, bless ya, you got a long way to go yet! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Went to the show today, just got back to the car just in time before is peed down, relly heavy.

I really like both houses choccy, the first one seems more of a grown up house tho ifyswim? I can see Euan playing in the second house better! I know what I mean anyway. Both very nice tho, just the kind of thing I like.

Iwish Sat 11-May-13 18:06:28

I'm sure I will. I only felt sick for 2-3 weeks with Joshua so poss only another week to go till I feel better hehe.
Forgot to say Joshua's favourite word is 'no' at the moment. Everything I ask him is no. Lets take your coat off - no!

What's at the show liz?

lizandlulu Sat 11-May-13 19:55:12

Its just animals, farm stuff, crafty arty stuff, that kind of thing, violet loved all the animals.

Violets favourite word his last couple of days is mummy! I'm sure she's saying it out of habit! It's driving me mad. She's getting loads better at speaking now, lots of words that she can't say properly but I know what she means, goat-coat, loilet -toilet, teetee- sweetie... Allsorts

Back on later, madkatz is pg!!!!!

Hope you sickness settles quickly iwish. I hate feeling sick! Hope your Bp too, take it easy smile
No is a firm favourite here too lol. We're trying to teach yes but it's not happening ha ha!

Sounds fun Liz, glad you missed the rain!

Well was up more or less every hour between 10 and 5 putting Euey back to bed. He went straight away and back off to sleep, but when he woke, he got up again! He's still a bit poorly, snotty, eyes watering, slight cough etc, so it's not helping that he can't breathe through his nose when he wakes up hmm

Went to see house. Mixed feeling really. I didn't get that I love it feeling when we walked in. Beautiful and very quirky house with rooms everywhere, and I could very easily lose Euan in it! But, it just felt dark. It's 300 years old, so it's proper old, beamed ceilings everywhere etc and I loved the lounge which is at the very end of the long bit so totally away from the bedrooms in the main part, but the kitchen I didn't like as it wasn't really a kitchen and practically no work top which was odd. That could be easily sorted though. But the clincher was when we walked outside. It's next to quite a busy 40mph road, and amplified by the fact it was raining. Thing is, we love gardens, as soon as its sunny, we're outside, as is Euan. It was great for him too, as it had a cottage garden bit, then around the corner was another garden, which would be Euans area.
There were pro and cons, but we came home and it's so light and our house is quite big with lots of rooms, but obviously it's modern so it's going to be light.
It's up for £25k more than ours is apparently worth, so rob said if it was the same price, he'd be more interested as equity wise ours won't really go up much more, whereas one in a village will.
We also know the neighbour at this one smile

We didn't really want to move til next year anyway, but if our house has gone up this year and not really going to go much more, is a house in a village next year going to go up a lot more, then we've priced ourselves out iykwim? So confusing!

Iwish Sun 12-May-13 17:13:42

Hmmm if you didn't fall in love with it choc maybe it's not meant to be. You need to love the house. And if it were me I'd be put off by the main road too. We live in a cul de sac so away from the main road. It's lovely and very quiet. But it's a new ish house so very small.
Maybe if you hold off the perfect house will show up soon.

The sickness is worth it and reassuring that all is ok if I've still got symptoms. Making me feel shit but in a good way lol. The mw told me to try and rest re my BP but you can't really rest with a toddler can you.

Is Violet brave with the animals liz? Joshua runs away from animals. If they are far away he's ok but when they get close he freaks out.
Lol at mummy! Joshua only says mama when he knows something is mine. Like if I have a can of coke he says mamas but that's it really.

Been to a play centre today and just relaxing at home this afternoon. Having a beef dinner soon yum

lizandlulu Sun 12-May-13 20:16:32

I agree with iwish, if you don't love it, then maybe it's not for you?

Been to a farm park toay ith a friend and her 4 kids, 2 adults and 6kids is mayhem!!!

Violet fine with animals, there were a couple of loose goats and she wasn't bothered when they tried to eat her coat. Both kids got to bottle feed lambs, hold chicks, rabbits and ginea pigs, saw loads of baby animals, it was uite good. Then cause of usual British crap weather, it started to rain and thats that! It had an indoor play area tho so spent abit of time in there.

Overall a good weekend, Chris is back from his jaunt to butlins.

Iwish Sun 12-May-13 20:21:57

Sounds like you did have a lovely weekend liz. Don't envy you being with 6 kids tho! That must have been a nightmare. How old we're they all?

Joshua screamed and wanted picking up when a goat came near him and nick had to hold a chick because Joshua wouldn't lol.

Did I tell you Joshua didn't get up till 9am yesterday and 8:35 today??!! He's making a habit of it and I love it lol.

lizandlulu Mon 13-May-13 08:08:34

Jammy sod!! Thats a lovely lie in!

He kids were mine, violet and lulu, then 4 others 8,7,5,2

Sod off with the sleep! Euan is ill and sleep even worse!
I let him have a long nap yesterday (almost 3 hours!) and it bit me in the arse last night when he wouldn't go til 9. Then he came into us at 5 and wouldn't go back off. I was in bits as he wouldn't stop crying, I even shouted at him at one point I was so shattered and felt so bad as I know he's ill so not his fault but I've really had enough now.

Good god, he's just been screaming for 45 mins 10.15-11, I kept putting him back to bed in the dark. As soon as I put the nightlight on, he went to sleep. Ffs!

lizandlulu Tue 14-May-13 22:17:58

Ahh poorly baba. Is he still poorly? Or just temper? Did you not have a better night last night? I feel for you I really do sad

Don't feel bad about shouting, we all do it.

How are you iwish?

Not meaning to wind you all up, but 6 weeks today till I go to benidorm child free!!!!! Not that I'm counting. Not at all. I don't have a post it note on my kitchen door counting down he weeks.

Ha ha ha Liz, very envy of you!! Me and rob were looking through our honeymoon photos last night and said how nice it would be to have a week somewhere on our own. Love Euan to bits obviously, but how nice it would be smile

Well, had a good night last night. Put Euan to bed at 6.30 for stories etc (swimming yesterday so I 'bath' him there), then light out at 7. Wouldn't settle argh! Anyway, been looking on the supernanny site, and if they keep jumping out, you sit on their floor so they can see you profile but you've got you're head down and not looking at them. Then every time they get out of bed, you just put them back not saying anything. Anyway, took 30 mins of screaming and crying and got out about 5 times, but in the end he went off and I didn't hear a peep all night!

I also put some of that magic blackout on OUR bedroom windows as our room has blackout curtains, but due to them being on a pole, the light comes in all around, so I was thinking maybe because Euans room is pitch black, when he comes to us he thinks it's later than it is iykwim?
Anyway, on cue he was in at 5.30, then didn't get up til 8!!!!!!! Over the moon. Rob left me to have a lie in yesterday when Euan was up at 7, so I woke about 8.45, so it's been a lovely couple of days grin

He's napping now too, so fingers crossed we might be getting somewhere (I've just jinxed it haven't i?)

lizandlulu Wed 15-May-13 18:14:40

Yes don't say it's all good!!!

I am so so so looking forward to going away, according to my mum I shouldn't have had kids if I don't want to look after them, anyone would thinki. Leave them all the time!! But I rarely go anywhere without the kids! And ever rarer for me to ask her to babysit, so it's no skin off her nose if I do go away! Was sat in a cafe this afternoon and violets crawling all over me, wiping her fingers all down my white t shirt, standing on my legs with her wellie,s dunking her biscuit in my coffee, stirring it as fast as she can ith a spoon, coming ith me to the toilet. Generally just making her presence known to the whole place. I just can't wait to eat with 2 hands and to actually eat and drink hot food!!

6.45!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!

Still early compared to before, but omfg how great!! Jumped in with us then til he was up at 7.30.

He woke briefly at midnight and jumped out of bed, but his room is so dark I had to go in to put him back, straight back off! He was coughing all night but he never got out of bed.
We changed his routine last night so instead of bath and straight to bed, we did dinner, bath, back downstairs for a bit if tv, then bed. We thought it may trick him into thinking he was up extra time so when he went to bed he settled, and he did!
Hopefully this is the start of things changing.

Omg Liz that's so funny! I bet you can't wait to eat with 2 hands lol!! How long do you go for? Lol what your mum said, you never leave them!

Robs birthday today, haven't booked boat as it said it was meant to be showery, and Rob said he'd rather go when its def sun. Also he's on the phone to a tenant as they have a leak under the kitchen sink, fucking fantastic!

lizandlulu Thu 16-May-13 18:07:50

Oops, the joys of owning 100000s of houses!!!!

I go from Tuesday to Saturday. Can't frisking wait!! Oh and today, me being the neglectful mother that I am, went for a massage and facial! Mum had violet for2 whole hours!! Longest ever I think! While it's been daytime anyway. It was lovely! And booked into have 2 spray tans before I go on holiday, one to see if it turns out ok, then another just before I go.

2 whole hours lmao Liz!! I love massages! Not had one for aaaaaages. Never had a spray tan, would love one though.

Well, had a nice day yesterday in the end. Didn't do a lot, but had a lovely evening last night and a great meal.
Spoke to mum this morning to see if they'd keep euan today as got a few things to do today to help rob with the houses (viewings, leaky tap etc) as he was a bit 'can't be arsed to go' this morning, so thought I'd go too to help. He's going out with his bro tonight too and said he couldn't be bothered after being out all day, so he will go now.
They're going to give him dinner, and bath him, so when we get him he's all done smile

Anyway, mum and dad got 7.50 this morning grin
Euey woke at 5 and they brought him in with them and he was coughing and fidgety, so mum got him some milk and medicine, then dad put him back to his bed and he went to sleep til 7.50.
Over the frikkin moon!!

Iwish Sat 18-May-13 14:50:14

What kind of sleep did you get last night choc?
Did you sort the leak out?

Lol liz you awful parent for leaving your child for 2 whole hours! Seriously you are with the kids all the time, go for it if you can have some me time.

I'm so happy. My friend who was ttc at the same time last time who has a daughter 3 months older than Joshua is pregnant too!! She's only 3 weeks behind me. V happy xx

Omg that's fab news iwish!!

Got some friends over for the night in a min who's daughter is exactly a week younger than Euan.

We got 8.15 grin this morning!
Up at 4, in our bed tossing and turning for an hour, rob got him some milk, Euan drank the lot and straight back off. I knew he'd be up early in with us as he had no sleep yesterday, but we don't mind him coming in smile

lizandlulu Sat 18-May-13 18:58:53

What a coencidence iwish! That's going to be lovely having kids the same age.

Have you both had good Saturday's? I went out today and forgot to take my handbag!!! Got to Mansfield and out the car before I realised. Had to lend some money off mum!

Iwish Sat 18-May-13 19:41:14

I'm really happy for her and so happy for me tha I have someone going through it at the same time as me. If that makes sense.

Are your friends staying over choc? And yey to 8:15!! Do you feel human lol?

Oh no I can't believe you forgot your bag! At least you went with your mum tho, imagine if you went on your own and had no bag.

Had an ok Saturday. Nick went out at 10:30 and still isn't back. Me and Joshua went to my mum n dads. Went shopping then just played at home this afternoon. I'm so tired and sick I think I'll be in bed by 8:30.

lizandlulu Sat 18-May-13 21:52:50

Ah bless you. I do hope it calms down soon. sad

Iwish Sun 19-May-13 10:20:07

I'm sure it will calm down. It's only been 3 1/2 weeks lol. It's nice to have symptoms but I feel sorry for myself!

What you up to today?

lizandlulu Sun 19-May-13 18:01:53

Been to woodhall spa show, it's a really nice small country show, loads of sheep, cows old stuff. Few stalls, really nice. Chris has gone racing and I went with mum and dad. Violets such a grandads girl she spent slot of time with him, carrying her, following her about, it was nice cause it took a lot of pressure off me! Usually she won't let anyone but me push the pushchair, even if she's not in it! Mum sometimes pushes but violet shouts no. All the time!! Even if mum just puts a hand on the handle she shouts at her! Yet grandad can push her all the time! Odd how they decide these things, even tho she spends more time with my mum

Lol with the pushchair Liz! Glad you had a good day, hope the sun was shining too, been baking here finally!
You are such a wally leaving your purse! Good job you had your mum!!

Sorry you're still feeling crap iwish, you poor thing sad
How's little Joshua been?

Well feck me! Euan has just self settled himself to sleep for the first time in MONTHS!!!
As a desperate measure on Tuesday after our last early morning, I bought the Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber off ebay, it arrived yesterday.
Anyway, having a quick flick through the relevant bits to me, and self settling was the thing I wanted to know as Euan has become reliant on one of us with him when he goes to sleep at naps and bedtime.
Anyway, thought I'd try it not expecting it to work, and it bloody did, and within 15 mins he was sorted!!! Bloody hell!
Basically you just keep putting him back to bed, walk straight out, then shut the door for 1 min when he gets up, putting him back, then 2 mins etc up to 5 mins at a time. Eventually he just stayed, turned over and went to sleep!!

Had friends over last night and stayed. Euan was all worked up so took me 30 mins to settle, he wasn't crying just wide awake.
Then at 11 he just wouldn't settle after waking, so he came down for half hour as we were going to bed anyway. In with us and we all fell asleep so I moved him at 2ish, then woke at 7 looking for our friends do I knew he wouldn't go back off.
They were up at 6.15 (their little girl has never really gone past 6.30 except the odd time they may get 7/7.30, hell!!)
Was a good night.

Iwish Sun 19-May-13 21:27:06

Salt and vinegar crisps in bed. Omfg mmmmm

Iwish Sun 19-May-13 21:33:29

Lol @ Violet liz. She's funny isn't she.
You go to some lovely sounding places by the way!

Choc Is Euan still asleep now?? Will you try the sand approach if he wakes in the night? Suppose you have to be consistant.

Yeh Joshua is good. He's being his usual cheeky self. Bless him tho he was just lay on the sofa just before bedtime with his feet up watching videos of himself on my phone. He's so funny.

Going working at my new office tomorrow. Only for one day tho, the big move is in June.

Mmmmm loooooove s n v crisps!!
Are they your craving??
Bless Joshie watching himself, Euan loves watching too, I think its because there's someone talking their language ha ha!

Great night here. Didn't hear a peep from Euan til 4.25, then I put him back to bed, he got up and tried the door and shouted as I was holding the handle, 20 arcs later he climbed back into bed and woke at 6.30. I let him in then as I knew it'd prob wind him up as he was more or less up for the day. He dosed til about 7, then up smile

Nap time not going so well.........

Well nap time I gave in after 45 mins of screaming and banging at the door! I sat by him for a minute and he went to sleep!! I don't mind the day really it's the night I want sorted.
So, tonight he jumped into bed and lay down, and I tucked him in.
I sat on the chair next to him to read, read the first line and he kept pushing me away as if to say can you go?? Then he shut my book! I got up to leave and he followed me to the door slightly upset that I was actually going, but relieved I was, I shut the door, he jumped back into bed then shouted for me. I went back in, tucked him back in and he went to sleep. Voila!

lizandlulu Mon 20-May-13 20:47:56

Oh my god is this book amazing or what? Why have I not heard of it!!!

There was a explosion in my town yesterday, blew ups whole house and parts of the 2 neighbours! It was right round the corner from lulus school. 2 people have been killed nd the whole street evacuated. The reports are mixed, some say gas leak, other news reports say unconfirmed, and there's rumers going about that there was a vodka making thing in the cellar which is where the man who died was. Time will tell I spose. It's odd to see all the police and fire engines so close to the school. I don't know why, but just doesn't feel right, obviously, it's necessary, but feels odd leaving lulu at school ith all that about

Omfg Liz!!! Was lulu at school at the time? Jesus Christ that's some scary shit!! Hope she's ok xxx

lizandlulu Mon 20-May-13 21:25:10

It happened yesterday about 5 ish tea time. I thought school would be closed as its that close to the street, but all open as usual.

lizandlulu Mon 20-May-13 21:25:39

Is been on the main news and everything!

Iwish Tue 21-May-13 20:45:06

Right fuck off nausea you are getting right on my tits!!!

Omg liz that's bad! V scary stuff.

How did tonight's bedtime go choc?

Oh no iwish, sorry you're still not good! Not nice feeling sick esp with a toddler.

grin Bedtime good, same as last night.
He was up at 5.30 this morning however, and I knew it was borderline whether I put him back to bed and chance winding him up and waking him completely, or just bring him in with us. The first one won after 20 mins hmm I put the tv on in his room and he was playing in his room til 7.45 so as long as he was happy, I was happy.
He's been to the ILs today, and had a nap later than normal, so am hoping he sleeps a bit later tomorrow. Have started the gro clock again tonight too as have been leaving a nightlight from the monitor on in case he gets out of bed, so he can get back in, so I thought would put that on instead. It's set for the 'sun to come up' at 6.40 so we'll see.......

Well bedtime not as good tonight, but that was my fault. He had a nap 1.15-2.10 when he woke up, then he cuddled up to me downstairs asleep til 2.45 and I left him. I thought maybe he'd just lie down tonight awake for a bit, but it took over half hour with 3 visits from me, and in the end he stomped back to his bed, proper stomped too! Just been in to tuck him in and he's fast asleep bless him.
I hate leaving him to cry, but it's for his own good really as he hasn't woke in the night since, so obviously that's better for him sleep wise as if he wakes he goes back to sleep himself.

He was in with us at 5.30 this morning, not a peep all night, then woke at 7.25. I like our little snuggles in the morning so not too fussed about him coming in, but it would be nice if he stayed put another hour or so lol smile

How's everyone been?

Starting my fitness plan again tomorrow, got my first class, I weigh more now than after I had Euey! Got a hen do in July and the theme is French (she's marrying a frog, so it's French maids, moulin rouge etc), so I don't want to look a Heffer! Also my clothes are feeling tight and I refuse to buy a bigger size!

lizandlulu Thu 23-May-13 08:17:49

Wat classes are you doing choccy? I'm doing aqua aerobics tonight then swimming after. Apparently last night at slimming world I lost 10 pound in one week. The scales must have been weighing light as everyone had lost more than they expected. I know I've been on it all week but Blimey, never lost that much in one go!! As long as we don't all put on next week! There will be uproar.

Good on you for keeping to your guns about the sleeping. I'm dreading putting violet into a bed, all that running about after them putting them bak. Sooooooo not looking forward to it,

How's you iwish?

Hello ladies smile
Well I'm very surprised I'm to aching today! Went to military fitness last night which is circuit training, was shaking when I got in the car lol!

How was your aqua aerobics Liz?

Well, I felt like absolute shite yesterday as I reversed the car and bumped it. Absolutely gutted hmm Rob's selling it in a couple of months and it is absolutely mint condition and I was so scared of saying something so I made out someone else did it at first. Anyway, Rob was going off his tits (obviously) and scared the shit out of me telling him it was me. Anyway, I went out and came back and told him once he'd calmed down.
Anyway, he gave me a hug and said he thought I'd done it, and he was less mad that I'd done it over someone else doing it.
I've never hit anything so am really pissed off with myself, especially as its probably going to cost a load of money as I've hit above the frikkin bumper and dinked the back of the wing and the paint has flaked off. I've never lied to rob so I think I felt more worse for that than hitting the car!

Oh bed good last night, Euan slept til 6.25 smile

lizandlulu Sat 25-May-13 22:54:55

Oops!!! I did the exact same thing shout 4 weeks ago. The windows were all frosted up so I didn't really look as I was reversing, and Chris had parked his pick up not far behind, not in it's usual place, so I just reversed expecting it to be clear, and i reversed straight into the rear corner of his pick up!! It's steel bodied so didn't do any damage at all to that, just put a kind of puncture wound in the bumper they're only plastic so just kind of peeled it open! We was going to get all the stone chips fixed on it, so got it all done at the same time. Cost £500 sad although it is like brand new again now !!smile

Yey for Euans sleeping!!its hard to believe they're al nearly 2. We've been to a party tonight and violt has spent nearly all the time dancing and waving her arms about. She's so funny. They had a old fashioned sweet cart there and she kept going back to it for the jelly cherries. She loves chewy sweets, except fruit salad sweets.

Any plans for this weekend? I've been to London today, then this party, going to burghley show tomorrow, not sure about Monday, depends on weather.

Oh, I only did aqua fit the week, then swimming straight after. I'm not a fan of the dry classes, I'm not very fit and the water makes it easy! I did try squash for a couple of weeks, but didn't really like it, would prefer badminton.

Iwish Mon 27-May-13 20:09:13

Hey ladies.

How have your weekends been?

Has Euey slept ok choc

How's Violet been liz?


lizandlulu Mon 27-May-13 22:08:48

Quite boring really. Not done much.

Violets got a cough. Suprise suprise. I have not been wrapping her up obviously as its been so warm this last few days, so how the hell does she get a cough!!! I really hope she grows out of it pretty sharpish. She didn't sleep very well last night cause of it.

Back to work tomorrow

Iwish Tue 28-May-13 16:18:25

Poor Violet. She does get a lot of coughs poor thing. Hope it goes soon.

Joshua has just slept 1:45-3:45. I feel like a new woman because I slept too. (Kept waking up tho). He's in a happy mood now and we have just eaten apples and biscuits together. Today is good because I don't feel AS sick. I was actually sick a few times end of last week.

Been for my booking appt today. BP was a bit high and I had protein and white blood cells in my urine sample. Great!
Got my scan booked for 25th June, its a Tuesday so will be bringing Joshua with us.

Oh no Liz, poor violet, her and her chest hmm hope she's feeling better soon and you get a better night tonight.

Glad you're feeling a lot better iwish, and you're getting we'll rested.
Bet you can't wait to see your bubba! Are you going to tell everyone after that?
Can't remember if I asked or not, but will you eventually find out the sex?

Well, all ok here, did jack shit this weekend as WE didn't organise anything, our friends are so shite! If we'd organised something, we would have all got together, instead all of us did bugger all. At least the weather was nice though.
Euan been good sleeping wise. Still getting in with us early and waking around 7.30, except this morning he decided to wake at 5.15 and not go back to sleep! Knackered! He's been at the in laws today and had a lovely day. We were out and only got home at 7ish, so he's still up and just watching in the night garden that I recorded, the bed. You never know we might get a lie in on our own! Yeah right! grin

Iwish Tue 28-May-13 20:13:15

Thanks choc. Yeh we will find out, I just can't wait till the birth haha!! Will tell everyone after the scan, don't want to tell before. I am really excited. I do panic sometimes about having 2 tho. Joshua will only be 2 years 3 months ish!

Ouch at getting up at 5:15! One day you will get a lie in I'm sure.
Friends are crap sometimes aren't they. Our friends are the same. We had a BBQ on Saturday and invited our friends but we wouldn't have heard from then for another month if we hadn't called them.

lizandlulu Tue 28-May-13 21:12:26

Evening all, she's not coughing so much this evening, I've just put her to bed and usually she starts straight away, but ok so far. I even bought an anti allergy pillow to see if that helped. I can't be sure yet!

Poor you iwish!!! Actually being sick, bless you, I hope it soon fades. I'm sure you will be fine having 2! You will be permanently knackered for the first year but think how well they will grow up together and play together, go through school together. All good things.

Unlike you to do nothing choccy!didnt you go anywhere?

Well, me being the crazy person I am, is having a sleepover tonight for lull and her best friend. They are in bed now, in the spare bedroom which they have transformed into a huge mess with all their crap! How could I possibly expect them to get to sleep without 20 nail polishes on the bedside table???

lizandlulu Fri 31-May-13 18:17:23

Well what a difference in the weather from yesterday!! We went to the farm park yesterday with mil and one of lulus friends, it was dull, chilly nd threatening rain all day it didn't rain till we was on the way home, then rod hot sun today!!

What you both doing st the weekend? Chris is going racing tomorrow night and I don't know if I can be arsed to go ith him. I haven't this year yet, with the kids and it's such a big deal to get everything ready and go I don't know if it's all too much trouble!

Then going to Peterborough Sunday.

Hello ladies,
The weather was gorge yesterday wasn't it?
Nice today too. Got to go into the houses and paint a couple of rooms as got people moving in today and tomorrow. Only going to be a couple of hours though so not too bad. Have to take Euan as robs parents are having a new carpet fitted so furniture is everywhere, my mum and dad are away for the weekend and robs bro has been away working and is his day off today, so he said no.
Oh well, he should be ok, as long as he's got food and the ipad, he'll be happy! Annoying though as would love to leave him in the garden, but tenants will be there so don't want to disturb them.

Will have BBQ I think later. Nothing booked tomorrow.

Just to let you know aswell, I've come off FB for a bit, spending far too much time on it!

Forgot to say, mum and dad had Euan Thursday and night, they took him to soft play and he had a ball. Some lad about 3 tried to take it off him (his dad was there) and Euan wouldn't let go, so the little lad grabbed either side of eueys face and scratched him hmm he's got 2 scratches either side of his eyes down to his cheeks. Mum said it looked worse the day before as you could see all the fingers, but only 2 broke the skin. Mum said she didn't tell me as I'd be worried. My poor baby.
Mum said the dad was great and told the little lad off. Euan was upset for a bit, but then went to play again.
What is it with those places?!?!

lizandlulu Sun 02-Jun-13 18:40:05

He always seems to get into scrapes at them places doesn't he! Poor little lad.

Yes nice weather here too.

Violet is turning into a little shit! Into everything, won't do as she's told, won't stand /still, running off. I'm losing my patience with her too easily!
3 weeks to benidorm, I can't bloody wait. I soooooo need the break.

How are you Iwish?

Ditto to not listening Liz!
Yesterday we nipped into one house, Euan was in the garden, me by the back door, all of a sudden he bolted down the side entrance to the front which is a main road and would not stop. He thought it was hilarious, I just thought run fucking faster choc! A true heartin mouth moment! I got him obviously.

Bet you can't wait for your hols, so bloody jealous!

Well, we've had our 3 things happen this week now. The scratching incident, today Euan smacked his head as he fell backwards onto a piece of furniture playing peekaboo and slit the back of his head, which now has a massive lump too. It was dripping blood down his back and wouldn't let us look so didn't know how bad it was. Turns out it looked worse than it was, still have been watching out for concussion though. Then we went to in laws for a cuppa this afternoon, he chased after the dog (Bali), pushed him with his foot, Bali got his nail caught in Euans shoes thus tripping Euan over and he smacked the top left of his forehead on a plant pot. Another big lump!
Seriously I swear we'll be down a&e with a broken something before he's 2!! Just like his dad!

lizandlulu Tue 04-Jun-13 19:07:56

It awful when they're near roads, obviously I don't let her free when we are near Roads but in town, cars sometimes drive down the pedestrian area and it can be dangerous even there.

Are you having a nice week. I'm liking this weather, not too hot, just right.

Iwish Wed 05-Jun-13 20:37:27

Hi girlies. I'm still here just knackered. It's bad that I'm too tired to type on MN lol. Still feeling sick too

Hope you are both enjoying the weather. I'm loving it, burnt myself yesterday tho..

Aww poor Euey! He always gets hurt in those places doesn't he.

Bet you are so excited for benidorm liz!

lizandlulu Wed 05-Jun-13 21:01:15

Bless you iwish!!!! I do hope it stops soon! I know I've said that, but I really really do! Are you staring to show? Have you told everyone yet?

Iwish Thu 06-Jun-13 09:24:22

I'm sort of glad of the symptoms but also fed up with feeling sick constantly. It is getting a little better so I reckon it will stop in a couple of weeks.
I've got a bit of a belly but I'm not thin anyway. A friend who knows said she can tell now but only because she knows if that makes sense.
I haven't told people yet just a few close friends. Scan is in just under 3 weeks grin

Is it hot in your neck of the woods? It was hot here on Tuesday, bloody burnt myself!!

lizandlulu Thu 06-Jun-13 14:08:42

Yes it's been quite warm, well a mixed bag really, one day it's red hot, the next cloudy with rain, but yes warm at the minute.

Me and vilet are sat in the garden at the min, she'slaying on her slide and Im sitting on the swing.

Iwish Thu 06-Jun-13 19:57:52

Omfg!!! We put Joshua to bed at 7:30. 7:35 the door goes so I answer it and talk to my neighbour for a minute then shut the door.
Locked the door and turned around to find Joshua stood on the stairs!!!!!!
He had climbed out of his cot, opened his door and started to walk down the stairs!! Fuck!

lizandlulu Thu 06-Jun-13 22:07:06

Bloody hell!!! How's he managed that!! Good lad tho for not falling!

Violet started to try nd get her leg oer the top. But she ant quite reach...yet! I dead the day she does. I was only thinking he other night, I ought to look out or a cheap stair gate for her room.

Now you're screwed iwish!!! I bought a portable gate for euans room the other day, a mesh one lindale I think, its that or the broom under his handle!! Welcome to my world! smile
Hope you're feeling better, eek 3 weeks exciting stuff!!!

Lovely and sunny here too. Euan at in laws til 4, just running around collecting rent, last one then home for 1.30 hopefully.

Hope all ok Liz and you're enjoying the weather. Not long til your hol.

I'm going to a hen do in July, can't remember if I said. Anyway, we're all dressing up in French stuff, I've got a nice moulin rouge dress with fishnets smile
Anyway, we've been invited to the wedding too smile so excited. It's in Dinard in France, going the Thursday after eueys birthday 15th Aug til the sunday but will get Euan Monday. He was invited, but going to leave him so we can (ahem) enjoy ourselves a bit. 5 days, 4 nights away from our boy! How am I going to cope? ;)
It's a 2 day thing on the Friday and Saturday, all free as they pay for everything at wedding in France apparently. Be nice to have some time to ourselves and have a good knees up!

Iwish Fri 07-Jun-13 18:49:04

I don't know how he got out! Absolutely shit myself tho. He could have fallen down the stairs and really hurt himself, he's crap at getting down the stairs normally holding my hand! We have lowered the cot and will be keeping the gate at the top of the stairs locked from now on.

Think we got our stair gates from asda, they might have been on offer for £15 at the time.

What have you done today liz?

Did you do all your errands choc? Bet you are exited for your few days away but bet you will miss Euey.

God is it 7:30 yet?? Nick has been home from work about 6:30 all week and has gone to h

Iwish Fri 07-Jun-13 18:49:33

His friends tonight so I've been left to do everything all day and n

Iwish Fri 07-Jun-13 18:51:25

Aaaaargh!!!!! Stupid fat fingers

All day and night. This bloody child is tiring me out and has had some right paddies recently. Terrible 2s here I come lol.
Bed for him at 7:30 then I'm ordering take away grin

Lol fat fingers!
That's why I taught Euan at 10 months to go up and down the stairs. Mum said my eldest brother climbed over and fell down the stairs over the stair gate and she never had them after that. We haven't got them on the stairs as I'm scared he'll climb over them and fall. The temporary one says not to put it on the stairs. I think it's because if he pulls hard enough it may come off, even though he's not succeeded so far smile

Have fun tonight with him!

All good, back by 2 in the end, but had to go pick up the dog food we'd order and totally forgot about, so back at 2.30. Just had a lovely BBQ, got some loooooovely lamb steak from the butcher marinaded in mint sauce, was gorge!
Euey just in the bath, will let him up a bit later tonight as he's been out all day.
Just had a lovely couple of hours in the garden playing football, he's such a boy now and so funny. Where's my baby boy gone? Can't believe I'm thinking of his 2nd birthday already!

Oh did I mention he poo-ed in the bath this week? Omg, I was in his room over the hall and he shouted at me, I though to get out of the bath. Anyway, I came and he was shouting cos he's poo-ed! Never ever has he ever done that in the bath or at swimming! Very odd, must've been dying poor thing!

Morning, you're both probably still in bed, but I am so happy that we're finally getting somewhere with Euans sleep.
I started using the gro clock again last Saturday as even though we didn't mind him coming in at 5.30 and going back to sleep, some mornings he wanted to get up! So I said that's it, I'm trying the clock again.
He's become such a pleasure to put to bed awake since using that ferber book, then sleeps all through.

So last Saturday out came the clock. Sunday morning woke at 4.25 and I kept going in every 15 mins until 6am, showing him the clock that it was still sleep time etc, but he still kept getting up and crying (in went the earplugs!), but he couldn't get out of his room as I bought the gate that day.
At 6 I made a huge fuss of how he could now come into us, showed him the sunshine on the clock etc.
Monday morning woke at 5, did the same.
Tuesday morning woke at 5.25, same
Wednesday morning got up bang on 6!!!!!
That night he stayed at my mum and dads and didn't use it, and dad jumped in with him, which we've not done for weeks, but as long as they got some sleep, I didn't really mind, he woke at 7.45 there when dad did that smile
Friday morning he woke again at 5.25, so did the normal back to bed. That night I changed it to 6.10am to see if he'd go.
Yesterday morning he got up at 6.15!! But didn't go to bed til 8 so thought it was that.
Then this morning he got up at 6.40!!!! grin Was in bed for 7.30.
Going to set it to 6.30 for tomorrow to see if I can start to push to 7, goal is 7.30, but I'm over the moon with 6.40 in his own bed!

Tbh once he's up, he's up so earlier mornings again, but I'd prefer him to get up later in his bed as I don't really sleep well when he comes into us anyway.

lizandlulu Sun 09-Jun-13 20:51:21

That sounds brilliant choccy, ha ha on the pooing thing!!! Lulu only ever did that one, the one time I bathed her at a friends house too! Very embarrassing!!

Is been lovely weather! I have been to Appleby horse fair, just me and the kids, went friday after work, it's a 2 and a half hour drive if there no traffic nd took us 3 hours! It's a long story but Chris was ment to be going and we was ment to be going Saturday,but anyway, just me and kids went.

Lulu and violet both paddled in the river, lulu went open a friends horse in the river, she was dead brave!

On a pooh related subject, violet poohed when we was next to the river! She needed changing so I took her nappy off nd let her wander about for ten mins nappy free, next thing I could smell something, nd she had poohed, trod in it, tried to pick it up and still got some half hanging out!! We all shouted at the same time which made her cry! It was not good!!

Both kids were flat out in bed by half 7!

That made me smile with the poo Liz!
Very brave of lulu too, big girl! Hope you had fun.

Didn't do a lot here as usual as we didn't pan anything. Fucking 'friends' are useless!

Another good night. I put Euan to bed at 7.10, woke at 5, but I put him straight back to bed and all was good, but at 6.10 he woke again and rob went in and the poor little fella was soaked through! Rob said his nappy was full to bursting, and his bed was wet too, so if it hadn't been for that, I think we would have made 6.30. Getting there hopefully.........

Omg, had Eueys feet measured today and he's a huge 7f! A whole size bigger than his last fitting (it was the beginning of feb and felt awful he's been in small shoes!!)
Anyway, not a lot to chose from tbh ended up buying these as thought they were super bright and very cute as they have little lights but I wanted to get him some shoes too, but there's not a lot to choose from, so a bit stumped.

lizandlulu Mon 10-Jun-13 17:59:14

Well at least they were cheap! Have you looked at primigi shoes? You'd have to get him measured for primigi as I think their sizing is different, but they do lovely shoes although are more expensive than clarks. We used to have a independent shoe shop selling them but it's not there now. There's start right too but I've always been abit dubious of theirs as they always seemed abit hard although they are supposed to be as good as clarks.

Never heard of those Liz, heard of start rite ones.
Just watching some new ones on eBay (old styles), he can't wear red with everything lol!
But yes, fab they were cheap smile

Well, I went into coventry shopping today while rob went to sort one of the houses and got Euey some shoes smile Nothing in the sale as they were all wide fittings, gutted. Anyway saw some nice brown soft leather ones but there was only one shoe in the box. The lady said the was a bag a couple of floors up that had odd shoes in and she would go and have a look.
Anyway she came back and couldn't find it, but found a pair of the same shoes in blue
She didn't have the box, so I said that's ok I'll have them half price (joking), she rang them up of the til and they were half price grin £16!
So got 2 pairs of shoes for £29!

lizandlulu Tue 11-Jun-13 18:43:11

Ohh yes abit like school shoes

Iwish Wed 12-Jun-13 20:16:51

Mmmm lemons!!! I'm sat here eating a fresh sliced lemon and god it's good!!

Love that second pair of shoes you got for euan choc! I went round 4 clarks shops looking for them but couldn't get them sad

How are you liz?

Started in my new office on Monday. It's a trek to get there, have to set off at 8am to get there for 9am.

Love lemons iwish! My friends and family think I'm odd, although I couldn't eat a whole one lol! Is that your craving?
How're you feeling? Has the sickness gone?
That's a bit of a trek for you now. Still, not too long before you'll be off grin how long are you having off?

Iwish Wed 12-Jun-13 20:36:30

I normally hate lemons lol. I had one in a drink the other week and now I can't stop thinking about them haha!! Have just eaten a few slices but they are helping with the nausea. I still feel sick all day but I think it's not as bad, not a strong/intense.
I think I have hay fever. I've had a snotty bunged up nose for about 4 weeks and have been going through at least box of tissues a day blowing my nose.
Only 1 week 6 days till the scan eek!!
Yeh very true, will probably have 10 months off again.

How are you today? Have you done anything nice?

Not a lot done today. We're house hunting so drove over to see a house to check out the area etc as even though it's the next town, it's not really one we visit. And we're concerned how busy the road it was on too. Turns out it's bloody lovely! Everything is there and within a 5 min walk. Leisure centre, kids playground, all the schools (primary, secondary and college!) morrisons, waitrose, loads of pubs, etc. it's perfect.
Going to look inside tomorrow, can't wait smile
Ours has been valued by 2 agents, 2 more coming in the morning so we may be on the market next week if we like this one tomorrow. Eek!
it'll be the garden that sells it to me grin

Need work btw. The owners have died so very old fashioned.

Iwish Thu 13-Jun-13 19:54:35

That looks nice! Bloody huge and over twice the price of my house lol!! Would look fab with some decorating. Will you go for it?

Been out with my friend and her daughter today. We went swimming and had a fab time. Joshua had his float suit on and arm bands so he just floated around and kicked his legs to move. He did so well. Then when they were going home at tea time they gave each other a kiss and then went back for 4 more lol!!

Aww clever boy Joshua!! It's all about the kissing smile

Went to see house, loved it, got that ah, thus is home feeling. We'd not seen upstairs yet and the agent opened the door to the garden and we went out there and Rob said so what do you think so far, and I said I love it. He smiled and said I knew you would.
The bedrooms are a nice size, my only concern is the rooms downstairs aren't very big. The kitchen is tiny, but would knock though to the dining room.
We'd already said about a conservatory, and next door had an orangery we could just see and it was beautiful.
The hall way is quite big, and even has a chimney! Theyve put a radiator over it, so we would prob reinstate it.
Still a little concerned about the road, but we went at 5.30 rush hour and it was busy for about 20 mins and that was it, so think we could handle that.

Prob is, ours has been valued, but because of the stamp duty threshold, its holding ours back, even though its worth 25-30k over, the agents said people won't pay it. We said we would pay half as it would pay us to do that than drop that much, but he said people tend to just look at prices and be put off.
Also a couple of agents said about 3 storey houses are becoming less popular, and people are going back to 2, which we totally understand.
There are ways around the stamp duty thing ie paying for 'fixtures and fittings' and estate agents fees to bump the price up so stamp duty doesn't kick in.
Thing is if we want this house, we're not really willing to wait to see if we get a higher price and then drop it, we'd need it sold asap. Arrrrrrrgghhh!!!!

Offer in eek!

Well, heard back from the agent about 2.30. Sounded positive. She said because it's in probate, the vendor said for us to represent our offer when we have sold ours and they will put forward our offer to the executors. She said she didn't want to put the offer forward, get everyone in agreement for us to then not sell which is fair enough.
The agent said that was really positive as they've never said that before, they've just said no.

Ours is having it's piccies done tomorrow morning. Not the best as we wanted to put a few plants and flowers in the garden as it's just grass, but the quicker we get it on the better. We can always get the photos changed smile

lizandlulu Fri 14-Jun-13 20:46:42

God all sounds complicated and hard work! But wow, that garden
Looks amazing!!! You could grow your own veg! Althought you can see it needs modernising, you can also see the potential it has! It would make a lovely home.

Mum and dad have sold their subject to contract. A gay couplefrom London have made an offer, even though they're not in a chain and have the money, the estate agents still say it will be 8-12 weeks which I think is ridiculous!! Their bungalow will be finished in 6-8 weeks tho so spose it will all work out in the end.

Any plans this weekend?

I have had a spray tan today after work, as a tester for next week, I'm having another next Friday and just wanted to see how it looked. Also having my lashes tinted!

Got no real plans for the weekend, it's my birthday Sunday, but Chris is going racing all weekend, so just me and kids, there is a carnival on in town so might take the kids to see that, stalls nd bit of a fair and that.

Iwish, lemons is quite a common craving isn't it! Nice and refreshing in this boiling weather were having, not!

Glad they've finally sold Liz! Bet they're over the moon!
12 weeks is the absolute max these days, 8 weeks is nearer the norm, but if there's no chain I'd say 4-6 realistically. It's only really the searches that take the time. I've known friends to complete in 2 weeks, could have been quicker!

Going to some friends tomorrow (Eueys 'godparents') as they are meant to be having a BBQ as her sister is over from the states (Florida, lucky cow!) and having a bit of a party. It's an afternoon thing, but they've asked us to stay which will be good. Euan will be in with us though so we can't get too drunk! Looking forward to it, first thing we've done really for weeks!
Sunday, nothing really planned for Father's Day. I'll nip into see my dad tomorrow I think as then we're not in a rush or anything to get back Sunday. Might take my baby daddy out lol smile

lizandlulu Fri 14-Jun-13 21:16:33

Yes I know they have got to do surveys or whatever it is, but god, that's just stupid!

Have a nice time, I hope the westher is ok for you, it's given out showers all weekend here, it's been like April showers today

lizandlulu Mon 17-Jun-13 21:08:56

Bugger bugger bigger, violet keeps pulling her nappy off at night time. For a few weeks she's been taking her jams bottoms off, now she's decided to keep taking her nappy off. Luckily no accidents so far but npdont want to carry on like that. I might put her in pull ups at night. Make it more difficult to get off.
For weeks she's been talking about toilets and wanting to go and sit on them, but never actually doing anything.
Contrary child

Oh no Liz! Thank goodness she hasn't had an accident!
Euan pulls at his, but can't get it off yet. We keep taking him to the loo with us, and thinks it's hilarious when he goes with rob lol.

Are you going to start potty training soon do you think? Dreading that! Although went to a party Saturday and another couple had a 3 year old (just last week) there, and he was done in 3 days! He was 2 1/2 though, so a bit older.

Well, our house was supposedly put on the market online yesterday, we can't find it! I know it takes a couple of days to upload to right move, but it isn't on the agents site either. FFS!
Been busy tidying things up ie edging the garden, hanging baskets, jet washing the balcony decking and stones (they were black, now a nice cream!) painted the 'pink bedroom' magnolia and put in a double bed and got rid of all the boxes that we just left in there from when we moved in! Got a bit of filling and finishing off to do today and lay some turf at the front and that's it. Won't want to move!

lizandlulu Tue 18-Jun-13 19:10:37

Wow you have been busy!!

I'm not sure about potty training. She's not ready, she walks about with no nappy on, sits on the potty. Then wees on the floor! I was hoping maybe this summer, but I can't see it now.

Liz, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot, I hope you had a happy birthday at the weekend!!
What did you do in the end?
Lol at weeing on the floor smile

Where's that iwish gone? When's her scan?

Getting frustrated here. For sale board up yesterday, but STILL not on the internet! I emailed them last night asking what's going on, they took the piccies Saturday! They know we want a quick sale!

lizandlulu Wed 19-Jun-13 21:55:02

I think iwishs scan is any day now isn't it? Come on iwish, tell us!!

My birthday was boring with a capital b. walked into town with the kids, there was a carnival and fair on. Chris was racing all weekend, staying out, so just me and kids. But going to a spa with my friend on Sunday.

Is your house on the website yet? They take the piss and don't bloody hurry for no man!

Iwish Thu 20-Jun-13 18:03:59

Hey ladies. I'm here honest. I keep reading just haven't posted.

How are you both?

liz are you looking forward to your spa? Poor you having a rubbish birthday, hopefully the spa will make up for it.

klou have they put your house up?? Surely it's not that hard for them to put it up if they can get a bloody sign outside your house!!

Scan is on Tuesday. Can't bloody wait now. I'm dying to tell everyone. And you can tell now. People who know keep telling me I won't hide it much longer. Eek!

lizandlulu Thu 20-Jun-13 21:11:24

Ahh iwish we need some pics! We need to see! Put some on fb when you can?

WHat time of day is it on Tuesday? I am only going to be able to get on till Tuesday dinner time, then on off till late Saturday night

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 10:36:28

9:45am liz! I'm all excited. I won't put on FB till Wednesday so ill send you and choc and PM with a pic.

12 weeks today!!

lizandlulu Fri 21-Jun-13 18:41:52

Ohh yes please do. I'm so excited for you! 12 weeks has flown by, do you think it has? Are you feeling better?

I have a spa ay on Sunday. Then benidorm on Tuesday, god aren't I a terrible mother! According to my mum and dad I am. Chris has taken both kids to the super,pmarket and it's bliss to sit and have time to write this without kids climbing on me!

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 18:51:22

Yeh I'm feeling a bit better. The sick feeling isn't as intense now but still there. Can't wait to feel normal again hehe.

I would love to go to benidorm and a spa you naughty mummy!

Our friends are coming round soon but I'm bloody knackered lol!

Eek not long iwish!!
I'll come back on FB when you have your scan. Soon excited for you!

Glad you've got some time out Liz, bet you can't wait til Tuesday!

Have just had some more fabulous news in the last hour. Some friends down the road have been trying for a baby since January 2011 and nada. Nothing wrong with either of them. She finished some fertility drugs in December and they were going to start ivf in may or this month. Anyway, she is pregnant!! Found out april the day after they'd been here for dinner and we'd had a couple of bottles of wine! They've just been round to tell us as they've just had their scan. And guess what?........IT'S TWINS!!! So over the moon for them both!! They're going to find out what they're having for practicality reasons really, and they'll find out at the next scan if they're identical or not. They were still in shock I think when they were here!
It's certainly baby year! She's due 30th December, but I thought twins normally were delivered at 37 weeks or around there?

Making me sooooooo frikkin broody!! Need to get this bloody house sold, as I'm sure once we're in a 'home for life' kind of place, we'll think about trying. Rob said the other day, you know if we move, we won't be able to afford another baby don't you (with a wicked glint in his eye!). I've not mentioned anything for weeks, so god knows where that came from, so he's obviously thinking about it lol.

All good here, finally house went on Wednesday afternoon, no phone calls though, gutted.

Euan ok, loads of words are coming, the 'ch' words are a fave (chav this morning!) Not liking the fact that I'm no longer mum though, I am now Kate!

lizandlulu Fri 21-Jun-13 19:27:51

Oh no! Does it upset you him calling you Kate. I think it would me. I know a couple of people who call their mums and dads by their first name and I find it odd that they do!

Wow twins is really good news! I agree ith finding out he sex in those circumstances, twins is shock enough!

No, I am not impressed with him using my name! Robs cousins used to call their mum and dad by their names til they were about 12ish, very strange!

Forgot to say, I had to take Euans trike back today, its the same one iwish has for josh. The wheels are plastic and the middles of the wheels are rubber, and the one came away from the wheel. I emailed them (elc) the other day asking if they did spares or what warranty came with it etc. They replied saying a year, so I could take it back for exchange or refund. I bought it in July last year for Euans birthday, and today I got a full refund! The woman in the shop said her granddaughters did the same and her husband glued hers, but I just wanted a refund.
Tbh, he uses it all the time now, rarely in his pushchair as he's too big for it! The big buggy keeps locking on the back brake, and rob keeps fixing it, but they've told him to try something else but never bothered as its not used.
I've been trying to find one that has air tyres and I've found this one His was the same price, so think I may order it.

Iwish Fri 21-Jun-13 22:10:48

Awww that's fab news for your friends choc bet they are over the moon!
Aaah it'll be your turn for no2 soon. Robs obviously thinking about the next baby by those comments hehe.
Not good him calling you Kate lol!
That trike looks good! Ours is ok at the moment but we don't use it much. If we go to the park or similar he walks but if we go clothes shopping etc or put for the day we take the pram so he can nap in it.

Someone at work actually asked me if I was pregnant today shock. Of course I lied and said no. Bloody good job I don't need to hide it much longer!

I'd have slapped them iwish! Cheeky beggars wink

Well, we have got a panic on today. Spoke to my mum earlier and she saw in the free paper (that we don't get!) that the house we like had an open house today! Absolutely gutted, so rob rang the agent selling it. Turns out it was booked weeks ago, but after our offer, they've stalled the vendors grin She told them the garden needs a good sorting out for an open house (it doesn't), and she's bought us at least 2 weeks. She is so lovely bless her! She said i shouldn't have told you that, but I know how much you want the house and if I can sell it to you I will smile
Plus I suppose if they can get out of manning an open house when they've already potentially sold the house, they will!
So we got straight on to our agent and have dropped ours in price slightly to get more interest. He said give it a week, but we don't have a week! The agent can't understand why we haven't had any viewings booked for this weekend as it's so bloody cheap for what you get. We said we just want to get people through the door and start getting feedback at least.
Fingers tightly crossed. (And the quicker we move, the quicker baby number 2 may be more of a reality grin)

lizandlulu Sat 22-Jun-13 21:31:41

Ahh i really hope you get it and it all falls into place for you.

When are you telling work iwish?

Iwish Sun 23-Jun-13 10:00:45

I hope you get it too choc fingers crossed!

Will tell them on Wednesday liz. My scan is on a Tuesday and I don't work Tuesdays. I work 25 miles from
Home now so no chance I'm going there to tell them on Tuesday hehe. Will just tell family and close friends on Tuesday. Work on Wednesday then put it on FB on Wednesday night.

What you both up to today?

Eek all getting real now iwish! When you see that beautiful bubba on the screen it'll be very real! How are you going to announce it on FB? Put your scan up? Or josh in his tshirt? (Am so nicking that idea if we ever have another!)

only started buying it as some guys in their early 20s were in there a couple of years ago buying it in crates of 6! Found this dress for the wedding in France in August, what do you think?

Iwish Sun 23-Jun-13 18:29:49

I think I will put it on FB on Wednesday when my work friends know. Will put him in his tshirt and get him to hold the scan pic or put in in front of him. I'm getting so excited now! 2 more sleeps! Feel free to nick the idea grin

Love the dress choc it's gorgeous! You will look lovely in it.

What have you done today?

lizandlulu Sun 23-Jun-13 20:54:25

Yes that dress is lovely. Very summery. I love lemon.

Cue idea iwish.

That's a lovely idea iwish. Can't wait to see the picture!! So exciting smile

Well, Euan in with us at 4.45 and fannying around for what seemed like hours at that time! Anyway, he woke at 8.50!!! How looooooovely, just like the good old days hmm

Mumma2cutiepie Mon 24-Jun-13 12:06:10

My son is 2 today, I'm 25 today, time certainly does fly by, he growing up so fast... He will always be my baby though smile))....

Who's that?

Sorry, didn't mean to sound so abrupt. I meant is that someone who's changed their name?
Happy birthday both smile

lizandlulu Mon 24-Jun-13 21:31:56

Woooohooooo benidorm tomorrow!!!!!!!

Sorry first things first ;)

Well we are having issues with nappies. Every night she is pulling her nappy off, Saturday night she was crying like she was in pain, and pulling at her nappy. She asked to go to the toilet but didn't do anything,and she ended up without a nappy on, with a towel under her. She was wet Sunday morning but not massively so. Last night she undid her nappy but it stayed in place cause of her Jamas. Tonight, she's fine, so far!

I'm not going to be on now till maybe Sunday morning, so all have good weeks, I will think of you while I'm laid on the beach ;)))))))

Have a bloody fantastic time Liz!!!

Oooooo violet may be nappyless by the time you return!
Euan keeps prodding his willy and pulling his nappy every time he wees now, almost as if he's uncomfy in his nappy when he wees. This afternoon I took his nappy off, then he cried for it to be put back on. Very confusing!!

Thinking of you iwish xxxxxxxxxxx

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 13:55:31

All went well ladies!! Dated me at 13+1 with a new EDD of 30th December eek!!

Will send you a private message on FB with a pic because I don't want everyone seeing it yet xx

Enjoy benidorm liz you lucky bugger!!

choc Joshua has just started saying poo and laying down on the floor wanting me to change him haha.

Eeeeeek iwish!! That's the exact date my friends are due with the twins!
I'll come back on FB so I can have a peek. All so real now!!

Lol at josh saying poo! Ha ha.

Been thinking about you all day x

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 21:14:08

Aaah have you? You are so nice. grin.

Just to make you laugh - I was up most of the night and part of the n

Iwish Tue 25-Jun-13 21:17:42

Aaah have you? You are so nice. grin.

Just to make you laugh - I was up most of the night and part of the night I was up with horrible trapped wind. I tried all sorts to get rid if it, rocking on all 4s with my arse in the air, on my back cycling my legs, rubbing my tummy, drinking fizzy drinks to try and burp it out, tried gaviscon and nothing worked. I was so worried that I would go for the scan and the sonogropher would press so hard that eventually I would just let out a huge fart blush. I didn't thank god but trapped wind is still there.

Oh yeh I forgot about it being that date! Glad it's not twins tho haha.
How are you?

Ha ha that's hilarious!! Is it still trapped? Hate trapped wind, bloody awful and so uncomfy. Feel for you.

All ok here. Had 2 viewing tonight grin both really keen. The first one was at 5.45 and the agent showed them. They said they loved the house and will be putting in an offer tomorrow if the fung shui is right with regards our garden! It's got the corner chopped off, so it's not square, so they're checking that tonight.

Other one we showed at 6.15, nice family, seemed really keen (they were here almost an hour!). She's got 4 kids, and she brought 2 with her (14 and 16). She said she really liked it and would like to bring her other kids who are older to have a look. Fingers crossed smile

Good luck telling work today iwish x

Iwish Wed 26-Jun-13 16:30:42

Yeh still got the bloody trapped wind choc!! I swear I haven't farted for 3 days lol!!

Sounds promising with your house! Keeping my fingers crossed they put an offer in!
What have you done today?

Will put something on FB in a couple of hours grin

Great piccy iwish! Joshua is so cute, and so good at photos! Euan never keeps still.
Bet it's nice to know everything ok in there and to be able to tell everyone.
My friend announced here yesterday too smile

Well, just had a second viewing from the lady who came with her kids the other day. Her son was ready to move in ha ha! Fingers crossed........

Keep forgetting to ask, is Joshua still getting out of his cot?

Iwish Thu 27-Jun-13 21:19:12

Nope he hasn't climbed out since, we lowered it a tiny bit more that night and he can't get out (I don't think)

He is good at pictures usually. If you tell him to smile he does a big cheesy grin. We did have to bribe him with a biscuit yesterday tho because he kept trying to close the scan pic lol.

Aww bless her son! Do you think they will put an offer in then? I hope so.

I'm so tired today. Feeling crap this evening so am in bed already haha x

So fucked off right now. Still haven't heard off viewers, spoken to agent about 7 or 8 times today, but they just can't get her. She's a Dr and her phone is off sad
And just to rub salt in the wound, we had a call Ron the agent selling the other house saying they showed someone this morning and they put in an offer!! About an hour ago they phoned back and said they've accepted and she wasn't supposed to say, but it was the same amount we offered!!!!! Gutted. Totally and utterly fucking gutted sad
The vendor has said she still wants to hear from us though if we sell this next week as they know how much we want the house but they're getting desperate to sell. Agent said we're in a better position due to chain length of the ones who've had the offer accepted.
If it's meant to be and all that.......
How are you feeling today x

lizandlulu Sun 30-Jun-13 19:41:35

Evening ladies, love the scan pic iwish! And Joshua's pics on fb are so so cute. I was chuckling to myself for ages about that one ith the glasses on, his expression is spot on.

Still got trapped wind?

Have you heard anything about th house choccy? I know if it's ment to be it will, but still doesn't stop you feeling pissed off at the same time does it.

Well was a success. lots of dancing, abit of drinking, hardly any sleeping. We didn't get in till 5 am on 2 nights! So totally unlike me but thought it won't kill me. I didn't get drunk, I just can't when I'm away from home, I mean, I don't try to. I would rather just have a few and stop. I would be so mad at myself if I was ill the next day.

lizandlulu Sun 30-Jun-13 19:43:14

Oh and the kids were fine with my mil. I think she found it hard work.

I am really surprised about how well violet is talking, she is saying about 7 more words since I have been away! She can now say cuddle, and has been asking for them all day, but kept calling me mam-ma (grandma) at first.

Iwish Sun 30-Jun-13 19:54:47

Oh no choc!!! I'd be really fucked off too!! Have you heard any more?
How's Euan?

Welcome back liz! Sounds like you had a fab time! Wow 5am! I only see that time when I'm getting up for a wee lol! Usually asleep by 10pm haha.
Glad violet is saying more. It's nice when they start saying stuff. Joshua is saying all sorts but the words are always correct. Usually missing letters but it sounds like the word if that makes sense.

Feeling ok today, only felt sick once today.
Went shopping g for clothes to the Trafford centre yesterday. I got 4 dresses (3 of them are for work) pair of tights, 2 pairs of leggings, swimsuit and shoes. All maternity clothes.
And bought a new pram too!!

lizandlulu Mon 01-Jul-13 18:19:51

Ohh what pram have you got?

Hello ladies,

Glad you had a fab time Liz!! Hope you're nice and bronzed smile OMG to 5am, we're getting woken before that lol!
Well done violet at the new words! Wow!

Ooooo shaping already iwish, how exciting! Yes, what pram do you have?

All ok here.
No further house wise, given up. If it sells, it sells. I refuse to go and see any more to lose them again.

Euan went to my mum and dads Saturday night and he slept in til 8.07!!!!! Wtf? No fair!
We've put the futon on the floor beside me now, so when he wakes up, he just climbs on that instead of me or rob! Not waking til after 8am that way which is fab so I don't care anymore!

He started having terrible 2s fits on the floor recently, but now he puts his face in his hands and says oh no and starts crying, so we just laugh at him and he starts giggling. Bloody wally!
Keep forgetting to mention, I taught him forward rolls a few weeks ago, tonight he had it down to a t grin

lizandlulu Mon 01-Jul-13 19:51:27

Does he think it's funny to roll? Bless him, they are such funny things aren't they! Violet scares me with the things she tries to do, lulu does lot of rolling about, she's been learning at school ,and violet tries to copy her all he time, I'm scared for her neck! But I thought if it hurt, she wouldn't do it surely?

It's always the case when they stay elsewhere, they always sleep in. No its not fair! Althought violet doesn't sleep out yet, it was always the same when lulu was this age.

Iwish Mon 01-Jul-13 20:02:31

I got the mamas and papas Sola with the Aton car seat. I've already got the Luna and love it so went for the Sola so I could put car seat on. Will have it delivered nearer my due date.
Yeh starting to show a bit now but I think a lot of is is fat haha. MIL told me how huge I am this morning, great thanks sad

Terrible 2s are great aren't they choc! Joshua doesn't laugh tho. If he's really annoyed he bangs his head on the floor shock. Bless Euan doing rolls! So clever!

I bet she picks all sorts up of lulu does she liz? Do you think she learns quicker than lulu at that did because she's learning off lulu?

lizandlulu Mon 01-Jul-13 20:25:33

Yes she copies everything lulu does, and is copying things I say now, so got to watch he swearing, she nearly said fuck the other day. Which is not good!

Nice of your mil! I do hope she had abit of tact about it, and didn't make you feel like shit!

Lol liz!!

Euan said oh shit the other week ha ha!! We were at my in laws, he threw his ball in the house (not allowed!) and it hit the sideboard and said oh shit! Well, it sounded like it. We were in bits, trying not to laugh was so hard. We've totally stopped swearing in front of him now.

Glad you like your new pram iwish.
I was looking to get a baby (city?) jogger mini as Euan is 15kg shock now, so I struggle if I need to put him in the small buggy we have for hols. The jogger is up to 18kg, but tbh he's always on his trike! Love the new one, so quiet because of the tyres, but he's not strapped in so has fallen off a couple of times poor little man sad

Iwish Mon 01-Jul-13 21:26:00

Oh no not good at all!! My friends little boy said fucks sake once after hearing his daddy say it lol!

I wouldn't say tact was used lol. She kept going on about it, even tho I said I'm considerably fatter than before i was pg with Joshua. Nick had to tell her to shut up.

Seeing my friend tomorrow, can't wait cos ice not seen her for a couple of weeks. She's 10 weeks pregnant and has a daughter who was 2 on Friday smile

Iwish Tue 02-Jul-13 15:55:27

In the friggin night garden!!!


Sorry pressed post!

What? Is Joshua watching reruns?
Euan loves it, going to see them in August smile

What nappies do you use? I've been using little angels comfort dry, but Euan is in 5+ and they've started to make his legs red where the elastic is. I bought the active fit ones, and they leak constantly!
Have just bought some pampers for the first time ever today as I figured if I change his less often, the cost works out the same. They're on offer in tesco at the moment £7.99 instead of £11.99) til the end of july so if he gets on ok, I'll stock up lol!

Iwish Tue 02-Jul-13 20:52:45

He's driving me insane with it lol!! I've watched it 6 times today lol! He gives me the remote and says 'garden' a million times.

I use Asdas too. I use the purple ones. (Are they active fit?) size 5 and have never had a leak. If we use pampers we have to use 5+. He often leaks with pampers.

lizandlulu Tue 02-Jul-13 21:15:12

I swap and change between aldi ones and asda ones, morrisons are ok too. I refuse to buy Huggies or pampers, they a so expensive compared to own brands. I find all supermarket ones are just as good. Violets in 4 plus at he min.

Ha ha iwish, Euan loves it. We have to record it when he has his bath so he can watch it before bed grin
Yes purple ones are the active ones, they just don't hold his wee! He's been to the in laws today and she's religiously changed him every 2 hours as I said how rubbish they were compared to the other ones. She still went through 2 pairs of trousers soaked!
Isn't it weird how some kids are ok and some leak?

I usually buy supermarket ones Liz. I started on aldi, but they went like cardboard and started leaking so changed to asda, but they don't go up to 6 in the normal ones.

I'm only trying pampers as they're on offer and if they're better i'll get a load more. Can't believe how much more expensive they are at the usually price!
They're stopping huggies in the uk soon. I tried them the very first time I used disposables and they stank!!

lizandlulu Tue 02-Jul-13 21:49:19

Wy are they stopping huggies?

I don't let violet choose what we're watching, I watch enough kids crap with Lou, so if it's just me and violet, I put on what I want and she just plays. Otherwise she watches what lulu wants on. She does sit and watch some things, but nothing I can pin point.
Did you see that natures newborns tonight on telly, we watched that and she really did love that, thought it was very funny!

No clue why they're stopping huggies, think it's just the nappies, not the wipes etc.
Jeez, if we change the channel and Euan goes nuts! Tbf he one watches it when he has his breakfast, then just before bed so we don't mind too much
No, didn't watch that, what was it?

Oh, found this today how gooooooorgeous?!?!

lizandlulu Wed 03-Jul-13 14:55:03

Wow massive house!!!! I couldn't live there without modernising it tho, but imagine how stunning it would be if you did! Huge grounds, a lot of bloody gardening!!!

Natures newborns was jus a programme about baby animals, abit pointless really, but cute!

Ah, that sounds a cute programme smile

Oh, no, def needs modernising! Right on a main road so a big no from us, but still lovely smile
You seem to get a lot for your money round there.

lizandlulu Wed 03-Jul-13 18:24:25

It doesn't look like it would be easy for a toddler to escape tho, if the gate was childproof. Yes it's not dear is it! Probably because of the modernisation needed, people like it to be done for them nowadays.

check this one out
Do tell me if I'm boring you lol!

Keep forgetting to mention btw, Euan had his repeat bloods done 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I phoned on the Monday for the results and they were in but not read by the dr yet so I couldn't be told the results. Phoned back on the Wednesday, same. Phoned back on the Friday, and the same!! I requested the dr phone me back that day as I was panicking as I'd already waited 3 bloody months!
Anyway, she phoned, and asked why I was panicking. I said because you lot sent him for repeat tests and I've spent 3 months worrying and you'd not even bothered to open his results. He's a child, it should've been a priority!
Anyway, she said she wouldn't have sent him for repeat bloods as they're only slightly out (norm 3.5-5, his 3.3).
Anyway, no change and all ok grin

lizandlulu Wed 03-Jul-13 21:48:59

Oh my god that one is amazing!!!!! Like something out of a magazine!! Totally totally amazing!!!!

But I wouldn't live there with a child under the age of 5-6, old enough to know not to climb and fall in the water! I would constantly be on edge and have to watch them every second. It's bad enough having the river down the bottom of the field here where I am, never mind about it being right on your doorstep.

Love it tho, can &#375;ou tell???

I have come to the conclusion that majority of doctors are fuckwits who don't give a shit.

Lol Liz, gorgeous isn't it, Rob wants to take a drive there tomorrow and have a nosey, but we've not had any more calls or anything about ours so I don't want to fall in love with yet another house!!
He said he'd put a taller fence up, in keeping obviously.
But I'm like you, I'd constantly be on edge esp if Euans ball got kicked over or something!
Thing is aswell, it got sold in Sept 2010, and these people bought it last august, so what's wrong with it?
Not sure if the first people may have done it up as they bought it at auction for 240k (guide 200) then these bought it for 290k so its gone up shitloads!
Not that I've researched it or anything ;)

And yes, agreed, drs are just twats!

lizandlulu Thu 04-Jul-13 14:29:45

Maybe the people whove got it just can't afford it? You don't know people's circumstances, it might just be theyve lost their job or something as simple asthst, or might just bee too big for them? How know,s you need to go and enquire!!

I'm far too cynical lol smile

lizandlulu Thu 04-Jul-13 16:59:16

Bugger, just remembered I'm going to aqua aerobics tonight and I haven't shaved my legs since my hol, and I put mascara on this morning. ( in an attempt to look nicer) fuck sake

Ha ha that just made me smile lol! Have fun bear girl smile

So what are we all up to this weekend, its gonna be beauuuuuutiful smile

We've got some friends coming for a bbq. We only sorted it Tuesday as we saw the weather. Thankfully all those coming were free so why the fuck did they not organise it then???
They'll be 9 of us, so a nice number. Been looking in our bbq book what we're going to cook, so all sorted now.
Nibbled have got some crisps, dips, going to make some hummous with carrots, jap rice crackers, nuts etc
Doing burgers first to keep us going.
Then sit down we're doing pork marinated in cider, then on skewers with apple, also spicy chicken with pita wraps.
Baked potatoes, mozzarella rocket and tomato salad, coleslaw, sil bringing spicy thai potato salad.

Euan going to my mum and dads for the night.
Just made a white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, jeez it looks good!! I just suddenly thought though, can you eat cream cheese when preg as friend with twins cooking is coming, all good, phew!
Amazing what you forget!

Starving now!

Sorry if tmi, but Euan just did a poo on his potty!!!!! smile
Had him in the nude all day in the garden with the potty, but he's just been weeing in the garden. Anyway, just saw him stop and concentration came on his face so I sat him on the potty and he was fine with it and pooed!!!
We were both there and he stood up, came over to us and showed us what he'd done!
Proud mamma grin

lizandlulu Fri 05-Jul-13 21:14:17

Well firstly the food sounds amazing, wish I lived closer! I would be there like a shot and don't usually like BBQ food as a rule, but that all sounds amazing!!

And well done Euan!! Good boy!!!!! ANd good observation choccy!

My god, it's baking already!!
How're you feeling in the heat iwish? Have your feet blown up like last time?

Welcome anytime Liz smile and you iwish!

lizandlulu Sun 07-Jul-13 20:33:22

Evening all, how hot it is! I don't like it, yes I am a Mardy git, but still don't like it! Why can't we have a happy medium, not too hot, or too cold. Just 22 degrees would be fine!

The kids have been naked most of the weekend, we have been out in he day times, but as soon as we've come home they've got in he pool and spent all evening naked.

We had a BBQ last night!! First ever! Was really nice. We had fiends over who have 4 kids and they did run abit riot, but all enjoyed it.

Violet still isn't getting his toilet thing. All evening she's just been weeing when she fancies, outside so no problem, but then she poohed in the kitchen. Partly my fault as I wasnt watching her, I was sorting lulus clothes in her room, and Chris was outside with her, I think she was coming to tell me, but she just did it on he floor and lulu come and got me.

Oh, when to gainsborough yesterday. The kids played in he water fountains, lulu loved it, violet was sbit more cautious, the fountains were just her height so right in her face, but she was just happy pottering about the sides.

How have you both been?

Morning both,

All good here, Euan in currently in pants running round the garden!
First day having a go a potty training seeing as the weather is so nice and we've nothing planned this week.
We've had 1 wee this morning in his pants, so I sat him on the potty and he carried on with his wee in his pants so he's getting used to what it's for.
He'll be in nappies for sleep times though.

Glad you've had a great weekend Liz, sounds a busy one but fab! Well done on the BBQ!!
Awe, bless violet weeing and pooing ha ha. They love being naked don't they! Wish I could've run through fountains this weekend, it was boiling!

BBQ with our friends was great, everyone left around 11pm, and it was hot until then, no breeze so it was great we could all be outside.

How's you iwish??

So far so good.......
Had an accident 45 mins after the first one with his pants on the potty. I nipped inside so quickly, turned around and he was looking down and his pants were dripping, so that was my fault.
2 hours later he still hadn't weed and he was sat eating his lunch on his new deck hair I got him this morning (thought it'd be easy to clean up accidents!) Anyway, I could see a small wet patch, but he'd held it, so I pulled his pants off (he doesn't like them down, it's either on or off), started to wee again and held it until he was on the potty and then he let go grin grin grin grin grin Did his first proper full wee on the potty.
Proud mummy and daddy!

Currently in bed in a nappy, then will see if he's weed again when he gets up.

lizandlulu Mon 08-Jul-13 21:48:03

Wow he really is coming on in leaps and bounds isn't he! How did the rest of the day go?

Violets coming down with a bad hpchest again, she's slightly wheezing tonight and had to have her inhaler. Must have caught a chil at some point over the weekend while she was naked in the boiling hot westher!!

Got the health visitor coming on the 30th, I think it's then, for her 2 to 2 1/2 year check. Mum says I should tidy up abit before she comes. Cheers mum :/

It's violet birthday next weekend. Going to take her out for the day to a small people theme park, it's got loads for he under 5's and shes not been before, so think she will like it, no idea or a present tho. She only really plays with dolls and pushchairs and she already has several of both. I might get her a dolls highchair and feeding set, something like that. God knows,

Oh no poor violet hmm she's always suffered hasn't she poor little mite. Hope she feels better for her birthday. How scary they are nearly 2!!!
Sounds like fun what you're doing.
We were thinking of going to gullivers in Milton Keynes or to the beach for the day, then gullivers when the kids go back,
Not heard from our hv, I didn't realise they had a visit soon.

All going great today potty wise.
Yesterday had loads of accidents in his pants in the afternoon, and as soon as I pulled them down he held the wee in, just as we were getting somewhere. Then around 4ish he was getting better again.
(He's currently doing the treefootom moves, hilarious!)

Sorry, anyway, this morning he was the same, clamming up when his pants were off, so I just sat him in the potty in his pants and he was fine. So this afternoon after his nap (no wee in nappy yesterday or today) I decided to leave his pants off, and OMG what a difference!! He's done 5 wees since and ALL in the potty!!
A couple he started dribbling, so I put him on the potty and he finished proper wees, then one he was slightly dripping so I said do you need the potty and he walked over to it, sat down and weed himself! Over the moon.
Have just sat him down for dinner, I saw him look down and there was the tiniest dribble, so I got him down onto his potty and he weed! Feel like we're getting somewhere, but will have to tackle the pants bit once he's got this bit grin

lizandlulu Tue 09-Jul-13 20:20:57

Violet doesn't like pants. I dug some of lulus old ones out and put them on her last week, but she just looked bewildered and wanted them off.

Is alright for you, if he starts to wee you can see it coming out the end!!

No I didn't know they came out to see you again, not heard anything for ages, then the letter comes out the blue. I spose it's good we don't hear from them! If we did see them more, there might be cause for concern!

lizandlulu Sun 14-Jul-13 18:08:40

Has everyone had a nice weekend?

Iwish Sun 14-Jul-13 19:48:50

Hey ladies. I'm baaaack!

We had a lovely time and Joshua loved it! He loved the beach and loved the caravan lol. He even slept really well. The sun must be wiping him out cos he's not been getting up till 9-10am!!

How are you both? Are you enjoying the sunshine?

lizandlulu Sun 14-Jul-13 21:39:47

9-10!!! Oh my god!!!

No I don't like the sun! Things still have to be done, jobs, work etc. plus the kids burn at the drop of a hat so any tiny area I miss with the cream gets burnt! I want it cooler please.

I'm one of them typical English people, moan when it's cold and wet and moan when it's too hot. Actually I don't moan when it's cold cause I don't mind the cold, unless it's minus 5 or something ridiculous like that.

How are you feeling in this heat? It's good timing tho that as you et bigger it's going to be getting cooler.

How are you choccy???

Sod off iwish, don't like you wink
9-10!! Bloody hell! I wish we could get to sodding 10PM at the moment, never mind frikkin am!!
Glad you had a great holiday, looked lovely.
How's your bump coming along? Like liz said, at least it'll be cool for you when you're bigger.

So bloody hot in Euans bedroom it's ridiculous! He just doesn't want to be in there which I don't blame him! He's currently sitting on my lap and his body is on fire! I've checked his temp, it's 38, so ok, but he is literally like a little hot water bottle, so I'm not sure what wrong. He's not ill or anything.

So potty training has been going well, but tbh, I've put him back in nappies this morning as I don't think he's ready. I wasn't really doing it to get him out of nappies, I just thought I'd try seeing as the weather was nice and we were free last week. He's done really well weeing in the potty etc, but only because I was prompting him, he wasn't asking himself. I think I'll try again when he's drinking less. He's grasped what it's for, so that's good.

How's violets chest liz? I must admit, it is bloody hot, but I like it hot, can't stand the cold.

just bought Eueys birthday pressie don't know who's more excited. He keeps seeing it on the ipad saying car car car!! Ordered the black one. Found them elsewhere online, but this place gives a 24 month warranty whereas everywhere else is 30 days! I'm gutted as 1 week ago they were £20 less and I didn't bloody order it! Twat. Got him a number plate for it too grin
Also getting him one of these

Someone can get him a kids Henry Hoover, play doh, jcb toy and something musical like a keyboard or something. Think that's enough!

lizandlulu Mon 15-Jul-13 20:18:51

Snap!!!! We (well by we I mean Chris) has got violet a ride in car, but it's remote control rather than controlling it herself. It looks like brum. He got it a couple of weeks ago and got it all out the box, put it on the conservatory on a chair and it's been sat there ever since!

I am going to toys r us Thursday evening to get her a couple of actual presents to open. I'm thinking about a dolls highchair, dolls nappies, dolls car seat, things like that, she only plays with dolls and pushchairs.

Violets chest is about cleared up now, shes still sbit ruttly, but not as bad as she was.

Iwish Mon 15-Jul-13 20:22:20

I couldn't believe it when I woke up and it was like 9:20!

Lol liz at typical English person! I'm liking it weather cos it's not raining but it has been v v warm. I'm trying my hardest not to whinge too much.

Have you put him back in nappies or are you using pull ups? Love Eueys prezzies! Really want to get Joshua a scooter, he had a go of my friends Los scooter and he knew what do do strait away!

16 week check with the midwife tomorrow. Hopefully will get to hear the baby's heartbeat. Think I've been feeling the baby move too. Just little fluttery wriggles.

Ooooo exciting stuff iwish!
I didn't want to get a micro scooter if he didn't like it, so thought would get him the ozbozz for now.
Just using nappies again, not pulls up, apparently they confused them or something?
Bought pampers on sale in tesco, my god they are fab, they actually fit him properly so am going to get some more!

This car is parent remote too liz, don't think Euey would be able to do it himself yet, but he can control it when he knows how. Also does up to 8kmph so he's be off!
You can off road it too lol!
Glad violets chest is getting better. Are the dolls for her or really you wink

Euan has been burning hot all day and has had a lazy day snuggled upto me watching the tv poor thing. He's had a cool bath and his skin rapidly dropped in temp, wish I'd done it this afternoon! I've left him with us downstairs and he's just gone off. Good timing as robs just left to get a curry grin

lizandlulu Mon 15-Jul-13 21:01:50

Ohh ment to tell you both, someone who comes into my work was telling me about these vouchers you can get off eBay, all sorts, nestle, Palmolive, and huggies. He's bought loads, got £100 vouchers for nappies for £9.

Wow thanks for that liz. I always look for vouchers online when I buy something (free delivery from sainsburys etc) but didn't think about eBay!
Have just bought 10 x £5 vouchers for £6!! I could've got them cheaper, but didn't know how long delivery would be. So if they work I can get a pack of 48 pampers for £2.99!!!!! They are already 1/3 off! If they come quick enough and they work i'll order some more while the nappies are still on sale smile
Probably have to get 2 packs at a time or something though.

Oh, and iwish, we got 9.40 this morning gringringrin

lizandlulu Tue 16-Jul-13 20:50:14

Let me know if you use the vouchers even with the 1/3 off. Honestly he was raving about them!

How's Euan today? I've just put violet to bed and the heat coming off her head is shocking! She's not overly hot everywhere else, just her head! I put the fan on her last night as it was so hot and she wouldn't settle. which is why I put her to bed sbit later tonight, try and wear her out sbit.

lizandlulu Tue 16-Jul-13 20:50:40

Oh and 9.40!!!!! You jammy jammy buggers

Omg, poor violet. This weather is just awful for them isn't it!
Euan is a lot better today thanks, his temp back down to 35.6 this morning and his body a lot cooler. We think he may have had heat stroke or something.

Tbh, he only slept that late because he was fast asleep on the sofa til we went to bed, then straight in with us on his futon. He jumped in my side around 8 and I thought he was getting up and he went back to sleep! We only got up because rob was meeting a tenant at 11 so had to sort stuff out otherwise god knows how long he would've slept. Bloody lovely though!

He was up til about 8.15 tonight downstairs, but wouldn't sleep so I took him up and he was gone within 10 mins. Have left his windows and door open.

lizandlulu Tue 16-Jul-13 22:30:24

I don't know how late she would sleep if I let her cause we always have to be up for school in the week, at the weekend I let them sleep as long as they like, but think she is in the habit now of waking for 7.30. I don't get past 8 unless they have had a really really late night.

Like Chris took violet racing sat night and didn't get back till 1, she slept on the way home, but then didn't wake till 9.30 Sunday morning. But that was exception to the rule

Eueys car came today grin
Not put it together yet.

My god that child has some willpower, took an hour for him to go off, he was shouting and screaming and didn't sleep at lunch either! I've even put a fan in his room!

Rob had to sleep with him last night, he didn't want to be in our room, he wanted to be in his, so rob jumped in with him, I can't sleep in his bed with him fidgeting about.

lizandlulu Thu 18-Jul-13 21:33:23

I can't sleep properly with lulu in, it's rare she comes in ,but if she does she's like a starfish!! And even rarer if I bring violet in, I have literally got to be at the end of my tether to consider putting her in my bed, and of I do, she thinks it's such a novelty, she instantly perks up and wants to play.

I have been to toys r us tonight for birthday presents. I got her a lovely silver cross dolls highchair, feeding set, nappies, outfit for doll, and a pretend smart phone. My god toys are expensive!!! There was a toddlers handbag ith pretend gadgets to go inside it, but it was all box, I think she would have liked it, but I just refuse to buy it!! It was just plastic crap. It was £17, I might see if I can get it online cheaper, but cut it too fine now to get it for Sunday.

Oooooooo they sounds lovely liz! Wish I was little again, I wasn't into dolls etc as I had 2 older brothers, I was a bit of a tomboy! But wish I had been smile
I know what you mean about the price of things, I just sit on the Internet looking for things!
We saw my in laws yesterday as they had Euan for the day and the they said they'd ordered Euans pressie. He used to work for Massey ferguson tractors (his whole life bar 2 years!) and he's ordered it from work. Hmmmmmm, wonder what it is.......wink

lizandlulu Mon 22-Jul-13 20:48:04

Did you all have a nice weekend? Violet birthday was sbit boring really. I had planned to take her to that kids theme park, but Chris went on a last minute stag doo to Newcastle, plus thought it was going to be red hot and sun, so I didn't end up going. Didn't fancy juggling 2 kids, pushchair and bags on my own. Anyway, he was back for 12 so we went to he wacky warehouse for early tea at 3 nd she enjoyed running riot.

So the princess has had a apbaby boy. I'm happy for them, glad everything's ok, but my god, the media turn it into the only baby ever to be born! 'there was even talk of William driving Kate to the hospital this morning ' shock horror!!

What Do you think theyll call it? I think William after his dad

I think Phillip Charles, or George William smile
I bet violet enjoyed it regardless liz! Did she like all her pressies? And yes it has been so bloody hot hasnt it!

All ok here, went to hen do Saturday night, didn't get home til just after 3.30am! Really really really enjoyed it, did me the world of good! And I wasn't drunk so that was good as my head wasn't spinning in the cab on my own on the way home. The others coming back to where I live left at midnight. I was fuming as i thought I had to leave too as the cab was going to be £££ on my own, but we sorted it.
Basically the bride to be got the other girls to pay towards it so I got back from Birmingham (an hour away) for £11!!

Euans sleep still been shite.
Took him to the dr on Friday to see if he had an ear infection or something as he's been taking up to 2 hours to settle by screaming, crying and getting out of bed etc.
Anyway he prescribed him 5ml of Phenergan before bed. Not the ideal thing, but this sleep shite has been going on for 6 months!
Anyway, it made him a lot calmer before bed, no crying etc, but he still didn't want me to leave, and Sunday night I was with him over 1.5 hours and he just lay there wide awake!

So called them yesterday and he said up the dose to 7.5-10ml. I also didn't give him a nap yesterday and he was fine not sleeping, and he was asleep by 6.50, within 5 mins!
I walked downstairs and rob said oh my god you are joking he's not gone off? And he had. Lit the BBQ and at 7.30 he started crying. I put him back to bed and left his door wide open and he went straight to sleep.
Woke again at 1am when we went to bed, again straight off, then came into us at 4 and again straight off!! He came in at 6.45! Omfg!
Obviously he won't have it long term, just trying to reset him ifkwim? We're getting another house Thursday so mum and dad are having him overnight and prob won't give it to him, so will see if these 3 nights work........

lizandlulu Tue 23-Jul-13 09:42:03

I wonder if he's just ready to drop his daytime nap? I know violet will not go to bed before 8 ish if she's had s sleep. If I put her to bed much before 8 she just lays there kicking her legs, or shouting me. ISPs she hasn't had a sleep, she's out like a light by 7. No moaning or nothing, just head hit pillow, sleep. Usually.

What is phenergan?

It's meant for allergies and hay fever etc. But it has a sedative effect too. He's not slept again today and he's been fine so I don't think he needs a nap either. I tried dropping it a couple of months back and he was like a zombie all afternoon. Hopefully we'll get him back on track over the next week or so.

lizandlulu Tue 23-Jul-13 21:25:36

How's tonight gone?

There's been a storm here, half of the town is flooded cause the rain came down that hard and fast. The wind has actually blown lulus massive trampoline over!cand broke the parasol that was on the garden table. Bugger.

Well got up this morning, violet got up about half 8, went to her and she'd been sick all over. Mostly cherries that she'd been eating, but she are them Saturday! Why are they still in her belly! Had to strip and wash all the bedding. I still took her to nursery tho as she was perfectly fine, not poorly at all, happy as lorry nd are all her breakfast and drank the milk out of the bowl!

Omg isn't that strange liz! I'd bloody love half 8!! Hope she's ok.
Sounds awful with the flooding. We had loads of rain here Monday night and thunder and lightening. Euan slept through it though even with the windows open!

Well last night I put him to bed and he was off again with 5/10 mins just after 7. Woke in the night around 2.30 and I couldn't get him to stay in bed so just put him on the futon and he slept til 7.30 til the bastard dog next door woke him up barking (all the windows open).
Fucking thing doesn't shut up, was on and off barking till 11pm too, then it barks throughout the day. They know it barks, so don't fucking let it out alone you knobs! Typical old people who've bought a puppy and not trained the bloody thing!

lizandlulu Thu 25-Jul-13 20:29:21

How's was wednesday night choccy?

I got a lay in till 8.20 this morning!! Lulu slept at my mums house, violet had. Late night, she woke at 7.30, but went back to sleep till 8.20! Which is what I did too!!

Tuesday night lulu had a friend over to sleep, not the first time and one of her Brest grinds who'd been here loads of times to play. Anyway, they didn't got to sleep till 11.30 cause they was talking, 12.30 I woke up cause the little girl was crying, so went to her and she felt sick, tried to comfort her, got her a drink, calpol and bucket but she just sat there whimpering, wanting to go home. So had to ring her mum to see if they was up. She was so went to open the gates, couldn't find the key. Had to wake Chris who said he'd left the key in a van which he'd lent to someone!ended up having to get the security people to come and let me out!!! Finally got her home at 1.30, by then I couldn't go back to sleep when I got in bed! Needless to say, Wednesday I Was Mardy and ratty!!!

lizandlulu Sat 27-Jul-13 22:22:36

How's both of you?

That sleepover sounds a nightmare liz!
Glad you got it sorted in the end.

All good here. Been a busy few days as we got another house, but can't do much now til in the week as 2 girls have moved in so we've left them today and yesterday.
Had a bit of a nightmare with one of them as she wanted to 'road test' every fucking room, as the one she had paid a deposit on (the biggest room) has proper sanded beauuuuuutiful floorboards and she wanted carpet.
Another girl had taken the second biggest room so we asked her if she'd swap and didn't want to, fair enough. Then she wanted the third biggest and moved her stuff all in, stayed the night etc, we'd re rented the biggest one, and after the night in there she told us she wanted the bigger one after all. Told her she couldn't as we'd re rented it and she'd have to stay put and she started going on saying she'd said she wanted that room first blah blah, so we said you gave it up the moment you moved in the other one. She's been a bloody PITA! Tempted to give her her bloody notice already!

On a lighter note, collected Euey at 2 yesterday, god I missed him so much! Had a lovely afternoon, and he slept from 7.30pm (windows open, door open, thunder, rain etc, didn't wake him!) woke briefly at 2.45am, put him back to bed and covered him up, stayed 5 mins and he went back off until he came in with us at 6.45 hurrah!!

What you been up to?

lizandlulu Sun 28-Jul-13 19:22:05

10houses!!!! You must be minted!!! ;)

Yes she does sound like a twat! You must have the patience of a saint!!

How long was Euan away for?

I have been to heckington show today with kids and mum and dad, Chris racing today. We're not speaking yet again but that's a whole other story, it's been quite windy and warm but not red hot. Anyway. I creamed the kids first thing like normal, and took the cream with me, then didn't do me, now I'm sodding burnt!! I even have a strap mark across my chest where my bag has been

Oh no what are you like!! I guess you didn't expect to burn in that weather though!
You know what I ALMOST asked earlier how you and chris were at the moment, how scary is that? All good here on that front, lots better. Hope you'll be ok, hugs x

Not quite minted lol, not bad off and for the sake of a few hard days, things will be easier now. Once a house is up and running it kind of runs itself. Got another one going through at the moment, should complete end of august, must be mad!
Euan was picked up 10am Thursday and I collected him 2pm Saturday. Am now dreading this wedding in a few weeks hmm

lizandlulu Mon 29-Jul-13 09:08:08

You will be fine!! How long are you going for? When I went to benidorm last month, 4 night was enough and I was ready to come home nd see the kids, but 10 mins after you've been back, you wish &#375;ou was back again! Or is it just me!