Further freakingly fantabulous adventures of the 40+ Mummies

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10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 20:13:44

For gorgeous, frolicking and fabulous 40-somethings to share the joys of becoming a Mummy, just a little bit later than most!! grin. Park your zimmer-frame next to your baby buggy, put your feet up, and come and join us in the snug.

ValiumQueen Thu 17-Jan-13 22:14:44

Nice one!

bytheseaside Thu 17-Jan-13 23:03:07

ooh , lovely. will be back for chat soon smile

monsterchild Thu 17-Jan-13 23:07:04

I'd like to join. Ds1 is 3 weeks and I am 42

lia66 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:10:23

I keep joining but can never keep up with you lot

46, owner of 6 dc's, ranging from 18 in a few weeks to 21 mths x

10000Fireflies Thu 17-Jan-13 23:16:11

Monster and Lia you are both very welcome to join. How are you doing Monster? You are the same age as I was when I welcomed DS1 into the world last June. It's quite a special time.

And Lia 6 DCs... wow! You're giving me hope I can manage another - I'll be 44 this year.

Quite frankly, I am struggling to keep up with everyone too. Just one of the problems of being so ancient!! grin. Feel free to dip in and out as you like. The other thread is just about to fill up so there will be more chat on here v soon.

monsterchild Thu 17-Jan-13 23:19:44

10000, we're doing ok. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the amount of time I waste spend just doing nothing with Yunior! He' fun to watch even if he does mostly just sleep.

I do have to go back to work soon (sadly not in the UK) but Yunior gets to go with me! I think that will work out...

lia66 Thu 17-Jan-13 23:56:57

Fireflies I remember yOu from previous threads. I was 44 she my youngest was born, no giving up yet x

bytheseaside Fri 18-Jan-13 01:42:00

welcome monsterchild and lia66. monster thats very tough going back to work so soon. can baby literally go to work with you though? nice job! lia I'm a 1st time mum at 40, all advice very, very welcome!
anyone else up late feeding? my fault as I've made the mistake of trying to 'tidy up' this evening. I should know by now not to attempt anything beyond eating, sleeping and laundry...

monsterchild Fri 18-Jan-13 09:09:22

Bythesea, yes it is tough going back so soon, but yes yunior will be at the office with me! Hopefully he will learn some good skills!

eagleray Fri 18-Jan-13 11:49:11

Marking my place, stranded at home alone in the snow, hoping baby doesn't appear today (emergency services and hospital are stretched and loads of roads closed)

Mr Heartburn is currently keeping me company - probably not a good day to run out of Gaviscon!

Hello to all the newcomers - hope to join you all properly soon.

bytheseaside Fri 18-Jan-13 13:02:04

oh eagle hope you can relax and put all thoughts of ambulance rides out of your mind , it won't come to that!. nows the time for calm yoga breathing and stuff to distract you from worrying - film watching is ideal. is dp at home? if not do you have neighbours you can ask to look out for you?

bytheseaside Fri 18-Jan-13 13:05:16

just saw from other thread that he's away. it will be a romantic dash through the snow then! a tale to tell your LO in the future...

eagleray Fri 18-Jan-13 13:28:54

DP here now thanks! Even managed to walk down the hill, help him find somewhere safe to dump the car and then carry some of his bags back up the hill to the house. (so had my exercise today)

Nice to have him here but feel slightly like my peace has been disrupted hmm too used to being on my own...

bytheseaside Fri 18-Jan-13 14:09:03

put those bags down, feet up and breske open the chocolate!!

eagleray Fri 18-Jan-13 14:26:44

He's passed out on sofa now thank god so having nice peaceful time with cup of tea and cake smile

Have you had any snow yet seaside? Hope you and Baby S are somewhere warm and staring out of the window at it, if you have any!

blueblackdye Fri 18-Jan-13 16:35:02

Will be back with you in the snug later as soon as DS has had his tea.

ValiumQueen Fri 18-Jan-13 19:14:04

J had an ok night after the horrendous screaming. Had he not just had his jags I would have been thinking about calling an ambulance as he just does not make such noises usually. He seems fine today, so hope that is as exciting as it gets.

I am guessing the meet-up did not happen due to snow?

blueblackdye Fri 18-Jan-13 20:28:57

Hey VQ we made it to the meet up, Midget Goat and myself. Goat texted me saying she got home safely, hope Midget did too, my trains were delayed but managed to squeeze the pram to get on the first train and was home not too late... Even decided to pick up DS early from nursery.
We had a nice lunch, massive sofa to sit on and put babies down, babies behaved themselves, we arrived at 11 and left at 2.45, hum hum.... But it was baby Goat's half birthday today so we couldnt do less than that !
Welcome, Lia Monster, 6 DCs, you have my profound respect, Lia. And Monster, you have a great job indeed, being able to take baby with you, I'd love that [sigh and another sigh as I will be officially unemployed when mat leave finished in March]

Whew, couldn't find you all for a bit there, and was about to throw a tantrum! Fortunately I can now save my energy.

No, we did meet up! A lovely time had by all, bar perhaps Babygoat for a while, as he threw a screaming fit which meant I had to go out and trot up and down the concourse for a bit until he deigned to quieten down. Maybe next time others can venture forth too, weather, LOs and general life permitting?!

Babygoat continued to throw a screaming fit when we returned home - we have not had anything like it before. However he is now sound asleep in his cot and hasn't moved for about an hour, unusually (should be turned 90 degrees and halfway up the cot by now) so perhaps he was entirely shattered. Will he - dare I say it?- sleep through
Ahahahahahaha! Back on planet earth now. That was a nice little fantasy moment...

seaside my DH pointed out that once we hit toddlerdom, all thoughts of a tidy house will go out the window anyway, so why not start early!

Glad your DP made it home, eagleray !

And welcome, monster and lia

blueblackdye Fri 18-Jan-13 20:33:13

seaside I am so sorry, I forgot to take pics to email them to you, I was too busy eating and talking... But Goat has some lovely ones of Baby Goat sleeping on her

blueblackdye Fri 18-Jan-13 20:36:14

Oh FF thank you for setting up this new Grads thread ! Hope you feel less tired today.

ValiumQueen Fri 18-Jan-13 21:16:56

So glad you met up. Bit far to come from Scotland unfortunately. I met a girl from the Nov thread this week. It was really nice, as we kinda knew each other already. My baby is twice the size of hers though, and only 2 weeks older. We plan to have a meet-up in Edinburgh with a few more from the thread.

Any oldies in Scotland? My poor old brain cannot remember.

scarecrow22 Fri 18-Jan-13 22:41:24

Just checking out the snug so I can come back in April.. Only 9 more weeks at work so becoming a bit (argh!) real...

Also want advice. DD was calmest least movey baby in utero and then super calm textbook baby when born. This LO is the squigglyest, kickiest, most impatient little thing: does this mean I will have a hyperactive, unsleeping terror baby, or might s/he still be calm?! Need reassurance there is nooooo connection. Whatsoever!

Good sleeps all x

scarecrow22 Fri 18-Jan-13 22:49:23

PS I'm enjoying idea of joining a bunch if "frolicking" mummies over 40!! Great intro FF, esp if you are sleep deprived.

ValiumQueen Sat 19-Jan-13 08:40:44

scarecrow no idea sorry. My first two were angelic but my youngest does not sleep. No pattern correlation with womb activity that I can identify. I think with subsequent babies you feel more movements as things get slack, and you are more aware of what movements are. Your baby will be wonderful regardless, but your older child may well grow horns! Hope all goes well, and see you april time. Lovely time to have a baby.

Midgetm Sat 19-Jan-13 14:24:28

eagle sending thawing thoughts your way. Welcome new old people, good to have you with us - there are a lot of us about it seems. grin

scarecrow midge was a thrashing loon before he broke out and is pretty much an angel now, so don't panic unnecessarily.

I made it home in record time and managed to stay away from the wine till gone 7. Happy half birthday baby goat. Lovely to see you both yesterday x

BadMissM Sat 19-Jan-13 14:50:44

VQ Not quite in Scotland, but most of the way there...Edinburgh closer to me than London!

Scarecrow DD was wiggly baby from hell, and is now laziest adolescent in the world immovable teenager!

New lesson learned today.
Do not wear white top when feeding baby orange sweet potato.

bytheseaside Sun 20-Jan-13 02:10:10

goat grin

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 07:54:39

Any news from eagle? Lots of snow here, hope it's thawed elsewhere.

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 08:37:02

Hi - still no baby (surprise surprise) but a fair bit of snow. Did 4 mile hike thru snow yesterday, brought on some encouraging pains (doubled over as it hurt so much) but now they've gone.

<waves to everyone with miserable face>

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 09:46:50

flowers for eagle, and de icer.

eagleray Mon 21-Jan-13 10:05:14

Thanks Midget smile

Just had the hospital on the phone regarding today's induction and told them I was staying in bed.

The only reason I would get out of bed this morning would be to collect another almond croissant from the kitchen or if the very hot postman knocks on the door

BadMissM Mon 21-Jan-13 10:30:22

eagle Sending thanks and brew...Hang on in there....

Brrrrr. Coldest day of year and landlord has decided to change boiler today. So, no heat or water. NOW it has chosen to snow....

blueblackdye Mon 21-Jan-13 10:59:16

Eagle, good choice, BadMiss should do the same ! Our boiler lost its pressure over the week end, managed to make it work again, hope it wont break down now... Staying in bed too with Anastasia! GP has cancelled jabs, nurse could not get to surgery.

Midgetm Mon 21-Jan-13 13:43:18

Just been for BCG. Feel like intrepid explorer. Got public transport as my road is treacherous and scared to move car. I live near council buildings. Funnily enough roads and pavements near these are ice free hmm. Jabs not too bad. Fed him straight afterwards and he is very calm now. Hope it lasts. And hope baby eagle stays put until eagle finishes all the croissants grin

scarecrow22 Mon 21-Jan-13 14:19:44

Ah-ha, this is where Eagle has landed up wink
Eagle - understand induction not a nice idea, but please don't delay too long. There is a good reason they induce us old birds. And even if risk is v small, still a risk. Hugs

riversidelibrary Mon 21-Jan-13 18:59:24

Hello there, just want to mark my place on the grad thread. I'm 39 weeks today and have fingers tightly crossed that DC1 will arrive soon. Seeing my consultant on Wednesday to begin considering induction procedures if he doesn't.

Waves to eagleray sorry your LO is still cozy and holding tight inside, I was hoping your absence on the "to be" thread was an indication things were in progress!

blueblackdye Mon 21-Jan-13 20:26:40

Eagle, Riverside, we have kept your sofa very warm in our Morrocan style lounge. We have good food, Midget brought sherry and port, our angel babies sleep soundly on the clouds, all is good, we are thinking of you, ournet Grads !
FF are you getting more rest ? Any luck with LO sleep pattern ?
Midget, how is Master Midge this afternoon after his BCG ?
Goat, actually, I think babies and mothers should wear bibs when it comes to weaning ! Anastasia accepted a little bit more of my carrot puree but had to wash her, her cloth, and myself afterwards! It is so funny to grab the spoon, bring it to the mouth and blow ! So glad I have wooden floor and easy clean paint on the walls, although lime / aqua like green doesn't conceal any stain.

10000Fireflies Mon 21-Jan-13 23:49:42

Evening all

I am having a lovely time here on the sofa watching 'One Born'. Making me feel v nostalgic 7 months on!! Anyone else going to join me in the snug? I've got jumbo choc-chip cookies and real lemonade.

I had to check out the BCG as it sounds so horrible and found it's not given everywhere, so we have no more jabs now until the MMR.

Eagle and riverside hope you like the extra-comfy spots we have made for all 'to be' grads and their lovely newborns. Can't wait for you to join us.

Well done to those of you who made it to St Pancras Friday. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next time? We could end up with quite a gaggle with so many newbies about to join.

Oh, VQ - you're in Scotland. I miss it there. Lived there for a couple of years. Is where I met DH.

Hi Scarecrow and welcome. I have come across your question re baby in utero activity vs outside. Don't think they are connected. DS hardly ever moved while I was preggers, but is a wriggly 7 month old now.

Goat suggest you bulk buy a stain remover!! I have the new aerial one and it does seem pretty good.

Eagle If your postman is that hot, have you been doing lots of online shopping.... At the risk of being a bore, going to second what scarecrow says. But do have a few more almond croissants first grin

Great idea BBD to stay in bed most of the day.

DS sleep pattern totally up the creek. He woke 1am both Sat and Sun and stayed awake for 2.5 hours Sat and then 4.5 hours Sun. Thank goodness DH was around today. He looked after DS from 8am-10am while I had a lie in. Took DS to music class, then did a bit of a walk and then play on swings. Then he had meltdown so got him home. He had a bit of a snooze and then I put him back to bed at 10pm (deliberately late). Feeling a bit apprehensive about tonight as last night was awful. I will try and work out a plan of action to sort this out tomorrow. Has been a v strange 10 days or so with DS. I looked at 'The Wonder Weeks', but this doesn't fit that pattern. Wonder if it's digestion issues from solids and maybe teething again.

Gotta go. Can barely think straight. Love to all. FF xx

blueblackdye Tue 22-Jan-13 07:57:12

Good morning !
I am bringing in hot fresh tea and brioche as I am starving, literally since 5am. Anastasia defo needs to go on solids, she woke up for a feed at 5! The carrot puree went down well yesterday, will keep on with it today. Looks like it is icy outside now, could hear crissing noises, brrrr must be so cold!
FF, BCG is not a standard injection, it is recommended if there is a higher risk of tuberculosis, this depends on the childcare you choose, the people baby FF is in contact with....
Back to bed

Midgetm Tue 22-Jan-13 08:00:30

Morning all. The snug is nice and cosy. Eagle, hood you can make it into the hospital today. We want to meet that baby.

Midge fine after BCG. Didn't like the jab itself as it was slow going in but once I Breastfed him he was fine. Most Londoners need it as high risk area - most other areas in the UK it is not advised until later. I am not looking forward to his scabby arm but so far do good. Off to baby cinema today if I can move the car. This mat leave business is all go!

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 14:08:10

afternoon! we're still in bed brrrr need to venture out for food, tea and brioche sounds just the thing.
dropped phone on baby seasides head this morning shock feel dreadful although she seems ok

ValiumQueen Tue 22-Jan-13 14:24:23

Not caught up, but just wanted to drop off the sheisha pipe if you have not got one already. <<collapses in corner and is asleep in seconds>>

BadMissM Tue 22-Jan-13 14:45:23

I have my own hot postman...every day! (DH a postman...). In France DD had BCG at a couple of weeks old, before she went to creche...

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 15:25:19

bbm and vq grin

baby seaside has just fallen asleep in her swing - this is unheard of !!!!! the cheap nasty plastic is forgiven for spoiling our living room - hurray!

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 18:20:09

and again - 2nd nap in swing!! perhaps the phone-on-head was a good idea afterall

grin seaside. Anyway, I win the bad mummy award by discovering just how mobile BG is the hard way. Left him on his back in the middle of the king size bed while I went to get his milk. Next thing I hear a thud, a pause then an experimental wail... Rushed upstairs to find him on the floor. sad seems fine though!
I have some extra soft blankets for the snug, especially to make nests for the new arrivals as well as for us in this icy weather.

blueblackdye Tue 22-Jan-13 19:53:25

Goat, I did the same years ago but not because I went for milk, I fell asleep while DS was playing on the bed ! As we said, as long as they scream, they are fine grin
Anastasia seems to enjoy bread crust and orange, I guess I have to go down the finger food path...
Midget, how was the movie ?
VQ, like your contribution, never tried in RL though !

blueblackdye Tue 22-Jan-13 22:45:35

Just finished baking honey amd pistacchio sponge for DH. Unfortunately, I asked him to dry the pans while he was waiting for me to finish the cake, I mean, he was standing in the kitchen staring at me, he might as well help, right ? His answer was that I was b*%#$ bossy and unpleasant ! I don't think I will ever bake at 9pm again. Moan over. Thank you for reading.
Good night all.

bytheseaside Tue 22-Jan-13 23:19:37

bbd shock have you read 'the little red hen'? there's a relevant moral to that story!

BadMissM Wed 23-Jan-13 19:26:43

bbd Shoot him? Cake mix over the head? smile

blueblackdye Wed 23-Jan-13 20:06:35

Thanks Seaside, BadMiss, I could hardly swallow the cake today. He has tried today to make peace by behaving as if nothing happened. I am not sure I want to ! Very stubborn I am. Especially when I don't think I am wrong.
Our relationship is a bit weird atm. He comes back home, doesn't talk very much, bathes DS, puts him to bed while I feed Anastasia, watches movies or reads the FT and sleeps. I feel a little bit part of the decor. I have not got lots to say as I am house-bound and seeing only 2 or 3 mums a week (thanks God, I have them and also you, Ladies, I don't know how I would cope otherwise). When I try to say that I feel not ok about this lack of communication, he doesn't react or snores in return. sad and I resent him for doing that. We have been together for 12 years, married for 7, Is it just a cycle in a couple's life ? Is it the arrival of the second baby that turns our life upside down ? I don't feel I exist as a person, I am only his DCs mum... Sad, no ?
BadMiss, how did your appointment go?

BadMissM Wed 23-Jan-13 21:51:35

bbd Think it may well be a part of the cycle of relationships... or he might feel displaced by the second baby? When was with ex, at one point I felt like the wallpaper, that noticeable sad. I think some men feel you are subsumed by baby-things until the LO is a little bit older. I spent a year at home doing my CAPES when DD was about 2, and felt the same. It's hard when you are at home all day to feel you have anything new to bring to the conversation... I have never not worked for so long in my life.

As I'm not working, I don't see anyone really...less and less people still want to talk to me, small town and with the Employment Tribunal and what my ex-employers have said, no-one wants to talk to me. Lovely 40+ mummies keeping me sane(ish) too.

They have decided I have gestational diabetes already...so diet advice and medication. They have also finally referred me to the physio (yay), but that was after they put me in a room and forgot about me for an hour and a half, and had nearly all gone home when they remembered, so they felt a bit guilty, I think smile

Midgetm Wed 23-Jan-13 22:56:47

bbd I am afraid often men are a bit stupid. They need it speed out how you feel and what you want them to do about it for them to get it sometimes. Of course then we Are annoyed with them that we had to tell them and don't want them to do it in the first place. we are all as bonkers as each other, no wonder they get confused, bless. Sorry he is being a nobber. I think it is a normal fluctuation in a relationship though, hope soon it will pass.

I am also in a baking frenzy, DD and I make stuff together and this week she chose a Sachertorte. Very classy for a 5 year old! Of course I now have to eat it. Any news on Eagle?

Midgetm Wed 23-Jan-13 22:57:55

Spelled it speed..... Damn you autocorrect

bytheseaside Thu 24-Jan-13 01:08:28

bmm what is CAPES? sounds
like you have been having sh** time sad

bbm sounds like a chat is in order. i don't think dads get just quite how restricted and small our lives have to become for a while, but doesn't mean we have nothing to say. funny thoughtful chat on here is testament to that.just feels like dp is my link to outside world sometimes: like you i need him to talk to me when he gets home! he tells me about work, i tell him about what baby s has been up to and discuss baby clothes at some length ...

midget mmm id like to come round for sachertorte

Midgetm Thu 24-Jan-13 08:46:23

We are having a wonder week here. Not that wonderful, just a pain in the arse.

blueblackdye Thu 24-Jan-13 11:33:03

Thank you all, I might be overreacting, boredom, lonelyness...
BadMissM, what CAPES did you prepare for ? Seaside, I think CAPES is a diploma which leads to teaching secondary students. Glad the diabetic consultant was more helpful, although GD is not excatly great, but at least, someone heard you. You are so brave BadMissM, really like your sense of humour against all.
OMG Midget this sachertorte looks so delicious. I am hungry now.
Anastasia seems to have changed her pattern, waking up at 5am for the past week for a feed and sleeping again. This morning was 4am, sleep again, until 8 for another feed, sleep again until 11am. My day is a bit screwed !!! Had time to have a long shower, dry my hair, laundry done and on the radiators... Hope she will leave me time to cook this afternoon although I planned to go shopping for her brother, he needs track suits and trainers for his tennis lessons next week in Marrakesh, pffff It seems that we will have to go shopping over the week end, yeah !

BadMissM Thu 24-Jan-13 12:30:12

bytheseaside CAPES is the certificate you take to teach in secondary school in France. At the time they didn't accept British teaching qualifications...

Midget Sachertorte sounds wonderful but won't be allowed to eat it now. My life has just been on some sort of lunatic hold while this stupid thing at work and tribunal went on and on and on....five years now. Theoretically, will be finished in 2 weeks....maybe. If my ex-employers don't waste all the court time with their expensive barrister like they did last time.... Has been in court for 2 years now... Might be easier if my union had backed me, or if I could afford a solicitor, but just me and DH... On the up side, is the thing that brought me and DH together! smile

bbd Secondary, did the first part but before could finish the practical year, left my husband and came back to UK... Is not bravery, just madness complete idiocy and not having a choice to do anything else!
You are not over-reacting, it's not easy being isolated, especially when you are not used to it. I had some practice in France as ex-husband was horribly jealous so I had few friends....hmm

Have also been given a sheet to get meds for the diabetes, but have to see how long my GP takes to actually do the prescription....

Tonight, options evening for the GCSE/EBacc for DD. Hours of standing around waiting to talk to the poular teachers...when she already knows what she wants to do.... But also working out what she needs to do to go on to the International Baccalaureate- her school is an international one and they do that...

blueblackdye Thu 24-Jan-13 13:27:34

BadMissM, international baccalaureat ! Not many school prepare for that, well done to your DD.

Fishandjam Thu 24-Jan-13 13:30:29

Can I join? I'm not 40+ but don't fit anywhere else (have DS3 and DD0.7, I'm 39).

blueblackdye Thu 24-Jan-13 14:24:22

Welcome Fishandjam, of course you can join,and be the youngest ! smile how are you finding the second baby 's arrival ? Another tsunami ?

BadMissM Thu 24-Jan-13 15:02:51

Want to cry now. Just got a letter (less than 2 weeks before the event) that the Buggering tribunal is to be postponed AGAIN. Judge apparently needed for something more important than me. Just wanted it resolved before was too pregnant to deal with it. Now to be heard from March-July (whenever they feel like....). Was hoping to actually have a settlement before LO arrived.... really want to cry now...

blueblackdye Thu 24-Jan-13 15:22:05

Oh BadMiss, I am so sorry. Have a tea, sit down and cry, let it go. I understand the waiting game is nerve breaking but try to enjoy pg instead and forget the employment tribunal for a few months, there is nothing you can do. Hugs

BadMissM Thu 24-Jan-13 15:31:53

Was kind of hoping for the £50,000 plus they owe me, even without settlement, to be able to buy things for LO... Also, struggle sitting in court all day even with medication. 6+ months pregnant with no painkillers will be nigh-on impossible. Rang court and they don't give a damn that I'm pg. Even insisting I give 'exact date' for birth so can't attend 'on that day'. Attempted to explain to idiot that babies come when they want, to no avail....

Luckily we hadn't yet booked hotel, or would have lost that too....

bytheseaside Thu 24-Jan-13 16:52:03

bbm I'm so sorry. thats really awful - can you find a way of mentally taking yourself away from it all, perhaps for now your dh can be the one who badgers the court (what an idiot shock ), finds our their policy on pregnant women, and gets your obs to write a letter explaining about childbirth ... sounds like none of it is in your control, which is probably partly why it is so stressful. do as much as you can to be kind to yourself.

BadMissM Thu 24-Jan-13 20:06:44

bytheseaside Just terrified they'll throw the case out if I can't be there....ex-employers have tried everything to get it thrown out from beginning, and I can't go through this hell for nothing...

bytheseaside Thu 24-Jan-13 20:35:02

hmm. worth posting in legal for advice on getting reasonable court date when heavily pg? i really get why you are so stressed. sounds like they have being bullying you to make you back down, hell for you, easy for them.

bmm what a truly horrible time you are having. I hope you have some support as well, and can take time to do some nice things for yourself. I think you deserve the best spot on the sofa at the moment. If you are ever in London again do come and see us all!

bbd confused about your DH. Think I agree that men can find this baby lark harder than we do - we might over analyse and wallow, but we are pretty good at finding support networks, while they manfully struggle along get short tempered and narky the cake sounded great.

Welcome fish ! Please join us and bring snacks!

seaside you could decorate the nasty cheap swing?... We just bought BG a jumperoo which he absolutely adores, but the living room is now tastefully decorated with a cartoon rainforest theme, what with the play mat and bouncy chair hmm the purpose of the jumperoo is to tire him out so that he sleeps at night. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, am a bit delirious after last night. Didn't settle until 9:15, up at 12, 12:30, 1:30, then 2:30 for good. I gave up and took him intoned where he thrashed around until 7 this morning, while I snatched a couple of dozes in between all the shushing and patting.

midget is that sachertorte out of the oven yet? for when shall I time my arrival? wink

Ok, now off to a music class. What's the betting BG will fall asleep? closely followed by mum

BadMissM Fri 25-Jan-13 12:33:37

Bytheseaside Not helping that have no legal representation but me.... Will have to get Obs someohow to write letter explaining high risk etc. Court also 70+ miles form home, so if go into labour there, would be complicated.... Court Clerk seemed to think date of birth was an exact art!

Easy for them, large employer with 42,000 employees, legal dept and still they have an expensive employment barrister (looked him up, £5,000 or so a day). They are just bullies who think the law doesn't apply to them.

bbd DH and I had a row over this yesterday, with me crying, him saying 'well, what can I do?', and me saying 'Wel, who the hell else can I talk to?' It's the whole isolation thing....and what goat said, they don't go and find support, just get narky....

Goat I'll be back in London...was hoping sooner rather than later when win ridiculous amount form tribunal tribunal is over. Just try keeping me away! Was hoping if tribunal finished could go away for half-term before go too pg to fly...not going to happen now!

bytheseaside Fri 25-Jan-13 16:04:13

bbm wish i was a hotshot lawyer - id come and represent you - this makes me so cross - so exploitative and damn discriminatory just in terms of the court appearance stuff - a man would not be disadvantaged like this re court appearance sad re your dh - i think men often want to fix stuff and get frustrated when (not surprisingly) they can't do much about sleepless nights, legal battles etc. i'm always telling dp what i really need from him is a hug and a cup of tea. hope your obs can help you. could lawyer free half hour be enough to advise you on fighting the court date issue? must surely be a straightforward health / equal opps court policy in case of illness / pg you may just need access to info to put the jobsworth right. talking out my bottom though - have no knowledge of this, sorry - just fired up and cross you have to worry about this when pg.

BadMissM Fri 25-Jan-13 18:04:31

bytheseaside I know... it's just so damned unfair.... DH does just want to make everything OK, and gets frustrated if he can't. Might try the free lawyer re court date. Anything worth a try....!

blueblackdye Fri 25-Jan-13 20:20:02

Bmm, agree with seaside, maybe a slicitor could help you write a letter to get a court date asap ? So sorry this happening in general, going to employment tribunal is not easy, and during pg, it is even worse. I was announced I would be made redundant when I was 24 week pg, it was hard to fight back but eventually it took 3 months to agree on a compromise, I can feel a little bit of what youare going through, I chose to let go even if I knew the employer took advantage of the pg as my mind was set elsewhere, but it wasn't the same kind of money so it was less difficult to make the choice. I can tell you I still sometime feel hatred. Take care of yourself and the LO.

blueblackdye Fri 25-Jan-13 20:24:45

Goat, jumperoo ! Hope it works ! Anastasia has been waking up at night too. Last night was 2 am for a feed, then slept until 7.30. Wonder if it is a growth spurt...
LRM, you havebeen quiet, is everything ok ?

scarecrow22 Fri 25-Jan-13 20:54:38

BadMiss, reading more suggestions about tribunal, have you contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau about it? They should defo help, no?

BBM, sorry about DP. Sure he is not always difficult, but I have found in the past that being married at a difficult time can be one of the loneliest feelings, especially as perhaps like me you worry about explaining things to family and close friends for fear of turning them against him? I know this can be hard, esp when you are lonely and tired at times, but I really found a combination of being much firmer/stronger but also reassuring was needed. I found as maternity leave wore on though DH was brilliant with DD, he got more and more disinterested in me or what I had to say (sadly not entirely ever that interested in me, tbh, but we have a good relationship in other ways) and very lazy around house: I made a point of saying that I understood he was working hard but I was too, however the key point was that as soon as I went back to work I expected him to take on half of all domestic work (it took a while and some further 'chats' but we kind of got there); and also that the reason I regretted him not making time to spend with me etc was because though I loved Lucy I still loved him and enjoyed adult company in the evening, etc.. It's a bit like having another child, the cliche is true, but worth a try? Forgive me if you know all this- you are also experienced - but DH and I went through a much much more terrible patch before I was pg and what I learned from that, and the fact I survived it at all, made me wiser and also determined to make all that effort/hurt worthwhile for the longterm. Anyway, if nothing else, I feel for you, but cannot believe somebody as warm, interesting and witty as you will not hold huge appeal to DP deep down - which is why I wonder about his own insecurities etc.? Fatherhood can be very scary for me viz responsiblity, losing partner, trappedness.... I even wonder if your stay in Paris made him lonely or something? I'll shut up now, but big hugs (and frankly any man who does not fall at your feet for pistachio and honey cake needs his head seen to ;)) )

Goat, hope you get good sleep soon. What systems have you read up on/tried with BG? Has he always been thus? Having had DD regress to two to four waking a night over Christmas/new year (about a month plus sad ) I now remember just who totally awful and truly torturing it can be. Do ask for help if you need it - nobody can cope with that kind of sleep loss, esp if you are doing any BF.

scarecrow22 Fri 25-Jan-13 20:56:52

oops. I guess one day I was going to forget to write DD. Ah well, no harm done. It is the 8th most popular name smile

bytheseaside Fri 25-Jan-13 21:05:08

goat poor thing. hopefully you are in bed already? we are also rocking a rainforest theme with babygym - which slightly freaks her out! the looming giraffe slightly freaks me out too on a bad day ... we should have prob gone for consistent theme rather than a jumble of different plastic colours for each outlandishly large baby item. thank goodness for tasteful 'walnut' baby bouncer

scarecrow hi whens due date now? have fallen so behind with other thread

blueblackdye Fri 25-Jan-13 23:26:37

Ladies, we need to cheer us up (she says while BF for 2 hours now....) you have to watch this video on YouTube, can't make link, search "Thalasso bain Bebe sonia rochel"
Hope Eagle is cuddling her baby now. Have not heard from her but I can feel that her absence is good news.
Scarecrow, thank you so much for sharing, you made me think, will work on it, we are off next week in a childfriendly resort, it will give us a chance to chat.
Night night

Kathy420 Fri 25-Jan-13 23:29:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

blueblackdye Fri 25-Jan-13 23:42:07

Riverside has wonderful news ! I leave it to her to relate her journey when she is ready. But could not resist ....
Kathy, excuse me ? is this the British sense of humour ? You could have saved yourself some precious time by not reading this thread.

scarecrow22 Sat 26-Jan-13 08:28:19

Can't help but be curious: what did Kathy say?! In summary. Obvs not pleasant. I feel sorry for people who can't join in the spirit of such threads: life must be lonely.
Happy (sleep-full) weekends x
PS Seaside am 28 wks on Mon, prob CS c 15/4

I'll pm you scarecrow, don't want to give him publicity...

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 08:55:25

Hi gang.
Sorry missing in action again. Been a bit lazy. Have read up to date.
Goat. How you doing. Hope u r still in bed
Bythesea. Wink wink waitrose haha
Bhb. Hubby naughty but good mummy. My partner use to drive me nuts when we first lived together he was so messy. One day off from work I tidied the flat so spotless then went to work Saturday and returned to a bomb site. Well I was pissed so I tidied all my side of the bedroom. Made my side of the bed. Vac my side of the bedroom. When he came home he clearly saw the point I was making. Harder then you think to make half a bed.

Badmiss so sorry to hear what's happening echo others citizens advice and solicitor need to get ass into gear. Try and relax honey easier said then done I can imagine. Thinking of you

What did this Kathy say by the way. So not allowed into our snug
Been a good girl and lost 15 lbs since new years day. Every evening 5-6 exercises. Bloody knackered. I sooooo want a biscuit oh and choc and ice cream oh and what the hell big Mac chips and mcflurry. Ladies any one else.
Bbh. Holiday soon. How exciting. Sunshine here you come.

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 09:01:10

Badmiss. I think we need a new look snug and I vote your choice what it should look like. ....... Go nuts. Looking forward to joining you all.

Good morning everyone! I feel so much more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning as we had a much better night, waking up eventually at 8:15. A coffee later and I can face the day! DH is away this weekend, so food is going to be an orgy of olives and tomatoes (he hates olives and is allergic to tomatoes). BG is in his jumperoo looking like all his Christmases have come at once and my back rejoices!
scarecrow re sleep, thing is, we have never had to have a system yet. Until Christmas he was waking 3-4 times to feed, which he needed to do, as his prem tummy couldn't cope with a big enough feed to go longer. Then over New Year he had a massive growth spurt which saw him taking full feeds for the first time, and now he can go 6-7 hours at night. (Still needs one feed in the middle) So I think we are both getting used to his not having to wake so often. He is really doing pretty well on the whole, with the occasional horrendous night, but those are probably to be expected, given the enormous sea change in his development that has happened in the past couple of weeks. He is in his own room at night, weaning, rolling over, nearly crawling, developing much better hand-eye coordination so he can now play with toys a bit... That brain is working so hard that a bit of sleep disturbance is probably not to be wondered at! Plus he went from being a five month old that got the "oh - are you sure?" comment when I said how old he was hmm to being the size of a small six month old.
Sorry, that was a bit of a mummy rant! It's just nice to feel more positive this early in the morning!

bmm hope you are feeling ok this weekend.

bbd not long to that lovely holiday! Hope it helps you all as a family as well as being fun and relaxing.

seaside hope the sleep progress is continuing!

lrm vq ff hello if you are all lurking. Thinking of you all.

X post with you lrm lovely to see you!

Ps lrm you are doing so much better than I am, only 9 lb lost and a bit of backsliding in last week. Not a help that buggy fit was cancelled because of freezing temps - couldn't take BG out for an hour in that, given his lung problems. Oh we'll hopefully this week.

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 14:11:26

Just had carrot cake and two crusty rolls. Naughty naughty. Carbs are lovely. Only once a week. Chilli for tea and some rice. 3 stone wont fall off on its own.
Goat. So exciting to hear baby goats progress. Dylan is four months soon. Does it all come thick and fast nearer 6 months?

lrm I just had turkey and tamarind curry and garlic naan. Curry good naan not. Remember that BG is prem so doesn't follow any developmental milestones at all. Does his own thing. He is 4 months adjusted, supposedly this developmentally. no one told him. In some things he is catching up on stuff that he should have been doing at 3 months, some stuff he is doing that he shouldn't be able to do until seven months. Go figure. Completely mystified as to where he gets his contrariness from!!

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 16:25:21

Goat. Bless him either way he is blossoming. Love to hear what baby's r up to.
So ladies whats new that your little. One has starting doing new and exciting these last few weeks. Dylan has found his voice when excited squealing with joy and also grumbling when fed up and the deepest sign when bored to tears.
Saturday is daddy day care day mummy has a bit of a rest. Lazy lunch 45 mins on x trainer and some weights and at this moment sat in a lovely hot badedas bath thinking a toffee crisps would be nice nah what am I saying a giant toblelrone thats more like it. Even shaved my legs best hide the razor dont want him thinking he is in luck later haha. Sorry so vulgar.

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 16:27:25

Last set of jabs week Tuesday. Is it three lots of needles? He was fine after last two lots anything I should be aware of after these lot

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 16:28:34

Oh has anyone got the shred it DVD exercise programme at home?
Sorry lots of questions. Still sat in the bath

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 16:31:44

Goat. Well done on 9lbs. Hard work this exercise stuff. Roll on warner weather. Dp has gym in the garage. Balls to going in there till it's warmer. I had to train in the hall the other night. Garage freezing and baby in front room.

Yes three lots of jabs, two in one leg, one inthe other. BG did find these ones a bit tough, have calpol at the ready... And BG straight after is good too if you can. BG slept well afterwards though!

Am determined to be svelte and thin when family see me...

bytheseaside Sat 26-Jan-13 20:04:15

hello ladies smile mmm curry - did you make it goat? I'm still thinking about Midget 's sachertorte. todays bad food includes cheese on toast, choc cake and toasted hot cross bun. And lots of toast and jam. I think I'm still gaining not losing ... went out for a walk though - and baby seaside mainly slept in pram. No sign of svelte and thin in our house. Even baby seaside is getting chubby cheeks and knees at last, they do look lovely smile
aah baby goat, growing up fast! I also have no idea about what baby s should be doing and when - just try to keep her stimulated with new stuff and assume it will be OK. I haven't really been one much for baby books after I read the baby whisperer which was so annoying and felt all wrong for us so I gave up, so I don't really know what I should be looking for. I think I'm one of those rubbish case study mummies the baby whisperer / supernanny etc etc are sent in to have a jolly good talking to ... I'm the only mum I know who doesn't even try to have a routine with the baby - seems utterly beyond me, so I just go with the flow as much as poss, and don't care if we sleep at all the wrong times. It's sleep! As long as the feeding is going ok, I'm happy - and I also like dressing her up - what a lot of fun.
lrm we have 3rd lot of jabs this week too - but are going to do them singly hopefully spread over a few weeks as she has reacted so badly to the last lots. sounds like Dylan copes a lot better what a clever boy!
Hi to everyone else. VQ and FF - all ok?

blueblackdye Sat 26-Jan-13 20:15:46

Well LRM, Anastasia has been waking up randomly during the night, asking for feed, that isnot progress but I hope it won't last and just means that she needs lots of energy for a big big coming step like sitting on her own or rolling back to her original position instead of screaming of frustration smile
She can sit aided by cushions, grabs and puts everything in her mouth, smiles, laughes outloud, talks to herself a lot, rolls over from back to tummy but not the other way round, plays with her feet in her cot, still sucks now and then her fingers or fist but recently, she seems to have a preference for her left big toe !
I am planning to perform on her once a day massage and take my elimination communication to a further stage. Hum hum....

blueblackdye Sat 26-Jan-13 20:20:36

And forgot tosay, I will be stuffing myself next week, not good,not good... All the more as made a chocolate cake today (nothing as sumptuousas Midgets sachertorte though) and ate half of it. Naughty me. I am not doing anything to lose weight so I should be careful not to put on too much.

Midgetm Sat 26-Jan-13 20:31:56

Just been to a great British bake off cake sale. Baked biscuits for it all day (polenta and orange.) may be sick on my shoes.

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 21:05:19

Omg you are all very wicked. All this baking you do I am crap and go to marks & spencers for cakes. Home made chocolate cake yummy nearly slipped on the on my drool.

littleredmonkey Sat 26-Jan-13 21:06:16

Sorry slipped on my wood floor drooling.

scarecrow22 Sat 26-Jan-13 21:21:42

Bbd, have to ask: what is "elimination communication"? Curious...

Ahh massage, I need one of those. But DH-less for a fortnight so not a single day moment to myself. Good plan to book one for his return. Thanks for inspiration smile

bytheseaside Sat 26-Jan-13 21:41:28

mmmmm midget

this week baby seaside new thing is exclaiming very funny
and loud. last weeks was sitting/standing on mummies knee lots and lots of times every morning, a bit tiring tbh prefer the shouting!

blueblackdye Sat 26-Jan-13 23:15:57

Scarecrow, Elimination Communication is allowing your baby to eliminate when in appropriate place and go nappy free ! ( It is slightly different to potty training) the idea is finding when your baby needs to pass urine or poo by reading its body language, offering him potty or squat position, helping him to associate sign language or sound to the fact itself. Obviously it is time consuming and baby has to be out of nappy and bottom less for a few days, so I guess being in Marrakesh would help, weather warm enough to let her be half naked and somewhere I can get someone to clean the floor every hour ! A week would allow me just enough time to learn her pattern and start association of sound and act, so I hope !!! Ideally, I'd like to be able to catch as many Number Two as possible, if after that, I can catch wees, that would be the cherry on the cake ! A friend of mine started when her son was 8 months, by 10 months, she only had to deal with wet cloth nappies until he was potty trained (dry during the day when 2.5 and at night 3 months later with odd accidents until he turned 4) This can be done FT, PT or occasionally. In South East Asia and India, countries where disposable nappies are luxury when one can find some, it is very common. AFM, the aim is 1/ better hygiene and hopefully no nappy rash 2/cut down the nappy costs and 3/ eco friendly (no nappy in landfill and no cloth nappy washing). Have been doing that for a few weeks, occasionally and managed to catch wees and poos ! Anastasia tends to delatch and relatch when she is about to go. And if she goes quiet in the middle of her activity, stretches her legs, I can see on her face that she is very focused, I am sure she is eliminating. I roughly know her timings and signals, I need to work on the association so that she can tell me before things happen, that is my project during my hols ! I know, I am mad.... But see it this way: I will have no floor cleaning and no laundry, Anastasia will be more aware of her body, experiencing cause and effect !

Meh, I should maybe not have said anything about my diet having fallen off the rails (is that a mixed metaphor?) as I woke this morning to a delightful tummy bug. Hmm. Glad it is Sunday so DH can take BG for a bit, as I couldn't even lift him this morning. hmm think BG might have it a bit too as has screamed blue murder half the morning, very unusual. Oh well. Think how svelte I will be after this!
Hope the turkey curry isn't to blame... confused

blueblackdye Sun 27-Jan-13 13:43:57

Goat, 2 or 3 days with tummy bug and I would fit in size 4 ! Hope you will recover soon and BG won't have it.
Busy packing, so much stuff to take when travelling with babies....

scarecrow22 Sun 27-Jan-13 14:04:22

BBD, really interested in communication elimination. Never knew that was what it was called, or so much about it. Do give an update when back from holiday. Funnily have just started phase 1 potty training with DD (2y 1m). Has taken a month or so or unsustained effort to find a way to get her to sit on potty for more than 4 secs, but Peppa Pig has done trick. Whatever, first two nights say down, did a wee and just got on with life. Am delighted though is just a journey in dark. Books say don't Potty Train too close to baby due so if goes well will mabe take couple if days off soon and have a go, or leave til summer unless she asks. Did you do EC with DC1? I fear I do not have patience to watch DC that closely as baby, though can almost guarantee when DD do no 2 now. How undignified for them, poor mites.
Look forward to hearing more.
Have a wonderful hols, and really hope you enjoy quality time with DP, and lots of vit D. X

BadMissM Sun 27-Jan-13 18:46:11

With DD in the summer (but in France with easily cleaned floors and warmer), just took her nappy off. She only wee'd on herself once, she didn't like it trickling down her legs... in 2 weeks, no nappy in the daytime, and about a month later, not at night either...

Midgetm Mon 28-Jan-13 14:49:33

Any news from eagle? Master midge been asleep on my chest for an hour and a half. So lovely. Snuffling his little ginger head. Happy days.

Midgetm Mon 28-Jan-13 14:50:04

Deleted post person - what they banging on about?

littleredmonkey Mon 28-Jan-13 15:25:49

Baby Dylan weigh day today. 15lbs 12oz
My weight loss since new years 15lbs! !!

How random is that! !

littleredmonkey Mon 28-Jan-13 15:32:34

Bhb. Enjoy your holiday and bring back some sunshine please. May Anastasia pee freely! !! Thanks for the pictures she is beautiful

blueblackdye Mon 28-Jan-13 17:04:20

Midget, I will PM you.
LRM, well done Dylan for being so heathly, and you for the work out !
Anastasia is 7.3kg at 26 weeks, healthy too !
Will post as soon as I am back...

blueblackdye Mon 28-Jan-13 17:35:54

LRM, have not had Dylan's pics yet !!!

bytheseaside Mon 28-Jan-13 18:08:11

bbd ooh can we swap photos too? do you have my email?
thought we had jabs tomorrow but have an extra week to worry about it
watched 2 films today windy rainy day here am envious of bbds holiday envy

eagleray Mon 28-Jan-13 19:07:18

Precious little Baby Eagle is here! Weighs 8lb 12oz and is currently tucked into my nightie refusing to feed!

Will post more soon xxx

littleredmonkey Mon 28-Jan-13 19:16:20

Go baby eagle. Well done honey. Welcome. And hugs xxxx

blueblackdye Mon 28-Jan-13 19:21:38

Eagle, oh so happy to hear your LO has arrived ! Welcome baby Eagle.

blueblackdye Mon 28-Jan-13 20:16:18

Seaside, I have your phone but not your email. Do you want to PM me ?
Luggage packed, emptying the fridge now.

bytheseaside Mon 28-Jan-13 23:11:13

Ah, Eagle - that's lovely! those lovely first snuggles - enjoy thanks many many congratulations smile

blueblack I've pmed you

Hooray for Eagle and Babyeagle! Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world, Babyeagle!

Midgetm Tue 29-Jan-13 08:22:15

Feathering out the snog so fit for an eagle. Congratulations and enjoy every last second of newborn snuggling

10000Fireflies Tue 29-Jan-13 08:36:57

Welcome babyeagle and congrats to Mummy.

Liking the sound of the feathered snog, Midget. :-)

littleredmonkey Tue 29-Jan-13 09:10:52

I need the snug this morning. Been up since three feel like super zombie from hell. I look like a bag lady. Smell ok!! Dream feeds at night have gone tits up. He seems to have taken to not liking his bottle. Any tips oh wise group of ladies

blueblackdye Tue 29-Jan-13 09:46:14

Sorry LRM no advice here as Anastasia still refuses the bOttle... But wanted to tell you I share your pain, I went to bed myself at midnight and DS woke up at 5.30, we are now on our way to gatwick

BadMissM Tue 29-Jan-13 11:13:53

bbd Have a great time....!

Midget Feathered snog sounds ace!

Eagle Congratulations to Mummy and Baby Eagle xxx thanks

scarecrow22 Tue 29-Jan-13 13:40:52

LRM, forgive me if you know all this... Re bottle. Does baby Monkey see you before - ideally he Shd not. Is it expressed milk or formula? Some babies prefer familiar - some easier with a diff milk ( assoc with mummy too strong/distracting) so maybe try to swap? Some jut prefer diff teats, though I'm inclined to beware buying lots as more likely solved a diff way... Also do you wake to dream feed? If you do maybe try asleep?

Rather basic advice, but worth checking before I suggest the feeding threads.

Hugs xx

Midgetm Tue 29-Jan-13 16:14:50

blush I'll get my coat

bytheseaside Tue 29-Jan-13 17:16:40

midget heehee i needed a laugh!

lrm cant help either - our 'dream feed' is going awry too for diff reasons - she bf in her sleep, but now sucks a good hour or two, mainly using me as dummy, but wakes and cries if i gently take her off ... will only sleep with a hand on me soi can no longer creep to the loo - what a pickle!

littleredmonkey Tue 29-Jan-13 19:31:06

Hey gang
Scarecrow. Mainly bf but formula in the bottle. I express during the day but dont always get chance. Taken your advise and have expressed and will do again at 8. Dp is going to have both ready. Try boob milk first. I dont stay in the room when he feeds. We did change over sizes from flow

1 to 2. Must admit we do keep swapping them back and forth will stick with two. Thanks for tips honey xx

Midget. Damn right to have got on your coat. Good laugh good girl xxx

Bythesea. Oh honey. We both need operation cot asap. Starting on Friday basket in the cot for a few hours. That should be ok it's the naps thats making me sweat. How was the cheesecake by the way?

littleredmonkey Tue 29-Jan-13 19:33:17

Bythesea. Have u tried a dummy with her at night for the sucking to help sooth her rather then you?

Where did I miss cheesecake?????

Latest Good Food mag has Rhubarb and ginger cheesecake. Too much off my diet, or one of five a day?...

midget you gave me a good laugh too. is your coat feathery

lrm sorry can't be helpful on bottles. Kid took a bloody age to take to one, but had sucking reflex problems for months anyway. Used to take us 90 mins to feed 30mls. Now is entirely unfussy.

Kid is still awake! He has NEVER taken this long to go to sleep. Four transfer fails, a feed and pingy wide-awake eyes since 6:45. What is happening?? He is now lying here on the bed kicking away happily while exhausted mummy silently begs him to get sleepy. He obviously thought his sleep at 6 o'clock was just a nap... two nights ago it was bedtime. And he didn't even nap properly today, after my boast about his great patterns! Meh. They know, don't they...

Have buggyfit tomorrow. Does it count as exercise if I fall asleep on the aerobics step? Not fussy about pillows right now.

10000Fireflies Tue 29-Jan-13 23:24:16

Goat sounds rather similar to baby FF. Bedtime tonight was 9.30pm. I have given up currently trying to get him to sleep earlier. Going to work way backwards from that time and try and make it earlier each night. Yes, I think they do know!! They wait until you think you have it all sussed and then mix things up for the fun of it. BFF often referred to as 'The Master'...

BBD have a lovely holiday and good luck with the elimination training. Sounds v interesting. I might consider giving it a go in the summer.

Cheesecake? I had a massive slice of choc fudge cake 's'after with a decaff coffee (though I feel strangely wide awake, so not so sure it was decaff...). Then I had 4 super duper quadruple choc biccies.. before dinner....

Night night all. Happy sleeps. FF xx

bytheseaside Wed 30-Jan-13 02:27:10

had another grizzly sofa-slave day so Mr seaside came home with gu choc cheesecake he is lovely. watched Lewis all pm

lrm baby s scorns the dummy ... she is sooo strict with us!

...mmm, Gu. They deserve canonisation.

ff we call BG Lord BG.

bbd have a lovely holiday and don't forget to come back and give us a blow by blow account of the food!

And now, full scale nappy alert. Cover me, I'm going in confused

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 03:16:24

Ahhhhhhh I want some sleep. Baby monkey is been up crying at 9:30 after an hours sleep. Won't keep still in his basket. Bloody river dance in my bedroom this evening. Back on the boob arms all over like a ribbon twirler at the Olympic

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 08:52:04

Morning my lovelys
Baby 1 mummy 0
Bloody knackered. Been up since 4 ish. He wont even settle for his morning nap. May be teething. His hand is so far in his mouth he may swallow it. I have tried s teething ring but not keen. Hand seems nicer.

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 08:56:08

May pop baby in shed for a bit! !

scarecrow22 Wed 30-Jan-13 09:26:52

Oh LRM sorry about last night. Takes me back to putting on clothes and coat and walking DD around in buggy at 3am one night in desperation - it worked, though glad wasn't too often! I also noted (ahem) that DH merrily let us go and then in the morning critically demanded to know if it was safe for DD???! An his wife??? Cheeky so and so

Dare I ask how DF went? Prob with feeding is there are so many diff variations of problems that only BabiesNet can poss cover them all. DD happily took expressed milk from DH but never me. After adoringly BF her for 10 months (with weaning, obvs!) within a week of introducing formula she was totally uninterested in me and only wanted formula hmm Little heart-breakers!

Wish I could offer more help. <hugs>

scarecrow22 Wed 30-Jan-13 09:28:17

PS just to say cheesecake is the food of the Gods and definitely one (two?) of five a day, plus vital calcium. Has to be NY baked style though.

<wondering if a health 2nd breakfast>

scarecrow22 Wed 30-Jan-13 09:31:32

PPS my mum came around one day and merrily told all my NCT friends that when I cried she'd leave me in pram in garden, and if I still cried she just pushed me further down the garden (they lived in rural Derbyshire so more plausible than in SW London) hmmm

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 12:10:03

Scarecrow. Hi honey. Df did not happen. First time we put him to sleep he woke so early I put him on boob. He slept till 3 ish then went pear shaped. He shuffled the rest of the night. Just been for a walk for some fresh air.
It's a shame as he spends all day yawning. He spent the last few weeks sleeping through oh well baby will do what he wants bless him. At least he is napping ok in his swing

bytheseaside Wed 30-Jan-13 15:00:31

oh lrm not another bad night shock how are you managing?

scarecrow haha i think my mum did the same re buggy in garden

ps have more cheesecake in fridge for later in case i need it (OF COURSE ILLNEED IT)

blueblackdye Wed 30-Jan-13 19:31:21

Access to Internet ! Yeah ! I missed you all smile
Sorry to hear babies are not behaving. Hope you will all have a better night tonight.

AFM all is good, except the main swimming pool, it is under maintenance, so we can't use it, too bad for our 4* resort. But they have a 5* resort inside the 4* one so we have a special pass to go and use the 5* resort swimming pool ! We do not complain anymore smile
Weather is just brilliant, sunny, dry, the air is fresh, a bit cold before 10am and then 28C. Just what I need. DS has been busy playing with his new friends at kids club, trampoline, mini tennis, flying trapeze while DH played tennis and Mum stuffed herself ! Anastasia had her 3 hours nappy free session on the grass.

We had a wonderful couscous for lunch. I promised myself to have only one main per meal and not too much pastries. Inch Allah !

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 19:38:59

Sounds bliss. Make room for me by the pool. Enjoy every ray of sunshine

Bythesea. Crap night mate. Usually express boob at five but left them full for feed doing at the moment. Put away all tops for bottles size 1. Only use size 2. Gave him a bottle at lunch took it from me no problem. Dp gave him bottle at five only had 3 ounce. So fingers crossed tonight

littleredmonkey Wed 30-Jan-13 19:41:54

Bythesea I am on my way to your house for cheese cake honey

BadMissM Wed 30-Jan-13 20:27:39

bbd Amusez-vous bien...and eats lots of couscous, tagines and lovely honey pastries for me, Inch'Allah!

scarecrow Am constantly surprised my mother never left me on a bus...she was a fan of the 'hand-off' and everything else off school of parenting!

scarecrow22 Wed 30-Jan-13 22:05:10

LRM see you at Seaside's with the cheesecake plate ;)

bytheseaside Wed 30-Jan-13 22:51:10

smile plenty of cheesecake for everyone! tonight i'm craving a home-made fresh tasting apple and lime cheesecake made with cream cheese cut with quark and ginger biscuit base .... mmmmmm

[bbd] sounds completely fantastic. think we also need a holiday

baby seaside fell asleep for nap on her own today - another miraculous first! full of chattiness and excited shrieks today as well - shes so delicious

ok, so does any one have a really effective 15-20 minutes of music'n'movement lasting cot mobile they would recommend? i have cheapo wind-up one which lasts a couple of mins, so not quite enough for running to loo / getting dressed, but excellent while it lasts. I'm beyond caring about garish plastic, just want something that either distracts or soothes or both. anyone have one?

we are doing tax returns. i usually do this, but as hands tied this year, dp giving it a go and being so idiotic about paperwork i was about to pack up and leave until i remembered pudding procurement skills and loveliness with baby seaside. god, i have a short fuse. too much sugar maybe?

littleredmonkey Thu 31-Jan-13 03:01:38

I want some sugar. Only sugar I got yesterday was 5 yes I said 5 tick tacks. Bloody extremely low carb diet. Doing exercises every day is killing me with little sleep. Bugger I really want cheese cake now.

bytheseaside Thu 31-Jan-13 08:05:43

oh lrm you are being so hard on yourself! don't want to be devil in your ear but could you let yourself go a little slower? hv told me to have mainly carbs when bf, but think this was because of colic/ reflux and she prob meant brown rice not hobnobs ... no idea how you are managing to diet, im sooo hungry, especially on the tired days, and craving exclusively high fat/carbs/sugar foods.

bytheseaside Thu 31-Jan-13 08:06:45

sorry, will cut back on cheesecake chat, must be torment!

eagleray Thu 31-Jan-13 08:15:35

Morning - quick hello from me - promise to try and catch up soon. - we got from hosp yesterday pm after hideous feeding probs. baby Eagleray then proceeded to act like she knew how to do it all along and now won't stop.

She also says she would like to stay but can I bloody hurry up and give her a name. Have uploaded a pic for you

Waves to all - will speak to you all properly soon xx

littleredmonkey Thu 31-Jan-13 09:02:49

Bythesea. I am my worst enemy. I do have carbs. Brown rice and sweet potatoes. Not hob bobs. I have nothing in the house so no temptations in any form. I want to ne slimmer and fitter for my little fella so I can run around with him. Plus I was so fat two years ago size 22 after stopping smoking and was very disappointed I got back to that size. I am having more carbs then before as bf and I need to be sure Dylan is getting everything he needs. Ps thanks for caring

bytheseaside Thu 31-Jan-13 17:10:06

eagle superb work with the feeding!! it does often seem to take a while, then you're off! clever baby eagle. how do we get to your photo?

lrm blush sorry was interfering. am in awe of your Will power. am sitting in cafe and won't even tell you what i have just eaten ... brisk walk home for me!

eagleray Thu 31-Jan-13 17:19:28

Sorry - photo now available (really)

Also spoke too soon with the feeding - she has struggled again today and just discovered she has lost 12% of her body weight and possibly has tongue tie. We are now on emergency measures to stop having to be readmitted and I feel like the pits as too sore, sick and tired to do much. Trying to be philosophical about everything that's happened since last saturday but am pretty upset really.

No name for baby yet - thank god we have a good few weeks yet to sort it out as feel too sad/tired to do it.

Baby eagle is gorgeous! A little philosopher with beautiful dark hair.
Sorry to hear about feeding difficulties. You have my absolute sympathy - lots of hugs and virtual handholding.

bytheseaside Thu 31-Jan-13 18:32:11

aaah gorgeous baby eagle! hugs for mum. you are prob getting everyone showering you with advise about feeding im no expert but had lots of excellent help myself so know where to find it if you are stuck.

we took ages to chose name, don't let anyone rush you - baby doesn't care!

littleredmonkey Thu 31-Jan-13 19:17:57

Baby eagle is a cutie. Bless her and mummy eagle. Dont you worry honey everything will be fine. Ask the midwifes for all the help you need. Take your time. I stayed in hospital a couple of days extra so I got the help Dylan and I needed. I did not want to be re admitted same as you. There is no rush to go home till you are all happy she is absolutely beautiful. Xxxxxxxx

Bythesea. Oh you are so not interfering honey. I value what you think. Also now dont you dare hold back on what u had to eat honey. I so want to know. I took the evening off exercising. I did have an hours walk earlier. I felt like I needed a break today. .

littleredmonkey Thu 31-Jan-13 19:21:12

Oh went nuts today and had no tick tacks. Friend came over and we went for a walk ended up in village cafe and she had chocolate cake and I was good and had some air oh and a cup of tea. My issue is if I have a little I have a lot so I have nothing till Saturday is cheat night. Domino pizza and muffin. Can't wait

Midgetm Thu 31-Jan-13 22:35:10

Just a quick one for Eagle. Master midge dropped over 10% and all the HCP's with their scales and charts freaked. Anyways, he started to put it on in his own sweet time and is now almost chubby. Try not to Let the scale police get to you. X

10000Fireflies Fri 01-Feb-13 09:24:49

Eagle she is gorgeous. I want a little pink one like her too!! Good luck with the feeding. I am sure you will get it sorted soon enough. We has similar issues with BFF (he dropped 9%) and it really pissed me off that they were so hung up on it when I was ready to go home and he was clearly feeding ok.

I am sure you will get it sorted. If it is a tongue-tie then they are not as awful to deal with as you would imagine. Baby in my nct group had it. Was sorted at home. Baby barely noticed. Mummy was way more upset!

Good luck. Big hugs and a lovely gentle one for baby Eagle. xx

10000Fireflies Fri 01-Feb-13 09:33:56

Aquilina - Russian from the Latin Aquila meaning "eagle". Just in case you're really stuck. grin

blueblackdye Fri 01-Feb-13 09:52:16

Eagle, I was told that BF babies take more time to put on weight, don't worry too much, you will get there. If tongue tie, well, just need it to be fixed. Try to enjoy baby Eagle, the first days are endlessly long, I remember the second I got home I called HV to know what I should do !!! Felt so illiterate re baby care. But I miss the days, strangely enough when newborn is against you, sleeping in your arms.
She is beautiful, Eagle. And this shadow of a smile on her face, so cheeky already...
Anastasia is back on her normal sleep pattern after a few days. I managed to get breakfast thismorning with DH and DS, not that I needed it. Ate so much yesterday, really thought I would explode, had to walk around the village a few times to feel comfy. I just love dried fruits here, raisins, figues. Oranges and clementines are sweet and juicy. Baklawa are not as good as Lebanese ones, thanks God ! weather is still fantastic, dry sunny bright with a lttle refreshing wind from time to time. The resort is 10% full, bliss ! We had the swimming pool for us only for 3 hours yesterday....
Have to leave, cooking lessons in 10 minutes !

BadMissM Fri 01-Feb-13 16:30:48

Eagle Baby Eagle lovely!!! DD was a breastfed baby, and she lost weight at first too. She is now humungous pretty big! I knew nothing when DD was born, and my mother was useless and in another country, MIl was a cow unhelpful...

bbd Sound like you are having a brilliant time in Marrakech!

littleredmonkey Sun 03-Feb-13 16:45:20

Eagle. How are you and baby eagle? Thinking of you. Baby monkey lost 10% body weight then two days later lost again. Thinking about it now. I had a c section my body was not ready to produce milk yet and not bottle feeding it was a no brainer. The midwifes were great and I stayed in 8 days. He is a busting 16lbs now so all will be well with baby eagle xxx

Bhb how's the sunshine in Marrakech? Thought of you today while lifting weights sweating thinking I what a holiday and why did I let myself get so fat. Lost 17 lbs so far. 49lbs more to go. It's going to be a long spring and summer of grueling exercise and salad and me saying oh I would love a biscuit but I am being good

littleredmonkey Sun 03-Feb-13 16:47:10

Ladies question.
Dylan naps every two hours are your little ones the. Same. He is 17 weeks. He drops off lovely after a minute cuddle and sleeps 30-45 mins.

Midgetm Sun 03-Feb-13 19:49:58

BBD I am so green with envy. I know you deserve it and all but I am so bloody envious. A very ugly emotion buy I really am. Oh for a bit of sun. A little bit of sunshine goes a long way

LRM midge is also on the same
Kind of schedule. Often doesnt even make it to 2 hours awake. He is basically in the eat, awake, sleep schedule which takes about 3 hours all in. Think that is pretty normal at their age. He can stay awake longer but just leads to grumpiness. Although I an also on a diet I have just eaten the most enormous roast dinner (slow roasted pork and crackling - lots of crackling, ouch on the scales). Also just about to dish up homemade tarte au citron. I am shit at dieting and breastfeeding. How you getting on Eagle?

eagleray Sun 03-Feb-13 23:16:34

Hello - finally managed to get 5 minutes to use the laptop (being held hostage by Baby Eagle tonight)

These last few days have been really hard, but think we are turning a bit of a corner now. We were given a relentless feeding regime to get her weight back up - BF, then expressing, then formula top-up, every 3 hours (I don't need to explain to anyone how long this takes to do do I!). But it did pay off, and her weight has increased more than enough to appease MWs, docs etc.

On Friday she had her tongue tie cut - it was found to be quite severe so rather curious as to how this was missed given there was about 500 people in the hospital offering their differing advice on how to feed her (and making me feel increasingly wretched). Things have improved since then, but still having to express, FF etc for the time being. Will be really glad to ditch this off as will cut in half the amount of time it takes to feed her!

We have probably had too many visitors, but didn't see how we could get out of it (and had 8 today, in 3 batches) but really hope we have some quiet time this coming week as even if people visit for an hour, it has a huge disruptive impact on feeding regime.

I don't feel as depressed now, thank goodness, although last night was awful as I was in so much pain and also too tired to wake the baby properly to be fed. She also has an alarming tendency to roll out of her cot (Baby Bay) and I nearly had a heart attack the night before last when I woke to an empty cot, then after frantic searching I found her lying next to me...

She is an utter joy though, and am finding the time to actually laugh at her now, her silly noises, the different facial expressions, and the invisible clarinet playing thing she does with her hands.

Thanks to all of you for your support and sympathy, and also for admiring her! I hope to be back in the land of the living soon, and to catch up on all your posts x

PS today have bought one of those ugly baby feeding rocking chairs off Ebay, after vowing I would never have anything like that in the house. That was before someone cut my bottom off and stitched it back on again and now I am just obsessed with anything that will ease my pain.

littleredmonkey Mon 04-Feb-13 08:51:55

Eagle. Sounds like you are positive and ready for everything baby eagle is going well. I know how you feel I had the same routine of feeding. Look after yourself and your precious cargo. Haha. Dont lose her! !! Hugs to all. I banded visitors except a few as exhausting with feeding. When are you going home?

littleredmonkey Mon 04-Feb-13 08:54:45

Midget. Thanks honey. Does baby m need rocking to sleep for day naps? We tried him in his crib in Moses basket last two nights. Also dropped dream feed as he was protesting about being woken last two weeks. He slept from 7:30 till 3:40. Had a fed and slept till 6:30. What are you doing night feeds?

blueblackdye Mon 04-Feb-13 09:57:03

Ladies, a very quick post to say I have not forgotten you, sent some sunshine back to London but not sure if the postal services are quick enough !
The main swimming pool is still being filled, it has been 2 days now so we are still using the 5* one ! Every one knows Anastasia as she is the only one to go in with her Dad !
My stomach hurts. Cramps, too many lamb chops, I presume, hum hum
Eagle, can you ask DP to tell diplomatically visitors that you need to rest ? Surely, they would understand.
LRM, yes Anastasia still needs a nap every 1h30, later leads to crankiness. I put her down 10 minutes before in her cot, she plays, chats and falls asleep on her own.
Off to watch DS on the flying trapeze, will be back later
Sending lots of warm hugs to all

eagleray Mon 04-Feb-13 10:16:55

Survived another night! Managed to be up, showered and dressed and first load of washing on by 9am this morning. Think the nice thing about washing and dressing is that it marks the end of the night, when everything is dark and scary and goes on forever. Have also managed to stick the Moby sling on (tied in a rather crappy fashion) and Baby Eagle is currently perched in there like a little monkey.

LRM - I have actually been out of hospital since 48 hours after the birth - discharged myself as couldn't stand it any longer. Although it has been hard at home, I am really glad I did as I have had much more consistent support within the community.

BBD - your holiday sounds lovely! So glad you are having some nice time relaxing in the sun. There are no visitors today, which is a bit of a relief! Got to keep on top of the feeds and also find time to rest. I've got a couple of neighbours who are very good friends and they each left gifts of home-cooked pizza and cakes at my door yesterday, which was just amazing. DP wanted to share them which really infuriated me as he hasn't been that brilliant at making sure there is food in the house - I'm such a meanie...

littleredmonkey Mon 04-Feb-13 12:00:53

Eagle. Sounds like you have fab friends so glad you are home x

Bhb. How did you get Anastasia to self settle. He will do it at night after a feed but I have to rock him to sleep in the day. Any tips you Sun kissed goddess! !

BadMissM Mon 04-Feb-13 13:49:45

eagle Glad things going better xxx There were many things which I vowed never to have in the house, over which I eventually relented!

bbd sunds like you are having fun!

littleredmonkey Tue 05-Feb-13 07:32:41

Well it's Arrived ---- jab day. Soooo not looking forward to this one. Three needles my poor liittle man. He doesn't know why we are doing it. Took me all my strength to not cry last time. I my best cuddling arms ready for him.

littleredmonkey Tue 05-Feb-13 07:44:58

Been up since 5:39. Could do with the following things
McDonald's hash browns x6
Monster mug of tea
Chocooate muffin large
Fluffy socks
Empty sink
Some fairy dust to sprinkle on messy house
Less wrinkles

bytheseaside Tue 05-Feb-13 13:50:12

lrm me too and also:
- aromatherapy hand massage for poor cracked hands
- coffee machine and nice smell of coffee in house to cover up nappy pong (and resident barrista)
- empty laundry basket(s), all ironed and folded in the right drawers
- more nursing bras - always running out and doing emergency laundry

eagle- these first days are so awful and wonderful aren't they - baby wonderful, the rest of it a bit crap sad next time someone I know has a baby I will wait until they are 6 months before visiting, and only then if pressed! ask your dp firmly to protect you from all the visitors and other stuff that's stressing you - I had a talk with mine about this, that's one of the main daddy jobs in early jobs - mine's not a natural bouncer, but was quite good. Their other main job is to keep fridge stocked with the stuff you like to eat that doesn't need much cooking (and that visitors aren't allowed to eat!) - just write a quicklist on a postit and stick to fridge. I needed a permanent supply of innocent banana smoothie, nice sausage rolls, ready-made sandwiches and fruit salads, lots and lots and lots of chocolate biscuits and maltesers, and permanent cup of hot decaf tea and cool water at my side. Hope you can put upset to one side and snuggle up with your very gorgeous baby. Well done for sorting the tongue tie - I found the feeding got easier every day once the teeny poppet figurde out what she was doing, sometimes so subtle I didn't notice until a couple of weeks had gone by and realised she was no longer flailing and wailing about my boobs for hours on end night and day ... and I wasn't crying so much!

Midget I love the sound of everything that gets cooked in your house smile

bbd your holiday sounds so lovely - has it helped to have some chill out time with DH? Makes me think I need to get swimsuit for baby seaside - her daddy is desperate to take her swimming

goat ff vq fjord bmm scarecrow and all other old ladies, hope you are having ok day. We've had jabs - ok at first, then a massive supermarket cry - was an idiot to think the initial conking out for deep sleep would last till the checkout! Home for cuddles now

eagleray Tue 05-Feb-13 16:29:33

Seaside - yes, the visits got totally out of hand, and just when I said no more, DP pointed out that I had been unfair as had had lots of my family and friends visit and not his, so on Sunday most of his family turned up! I think we have one visit this week planned so far, and that is probably enough!

The food supplies are a bit of a sore point... Last week I discovered that DP was planning to feed me a 3 days out-of-date ready meal he had bought for 25p in the bargain bin at the supermarket. I was absolutely livid, and ended up dragging myself off to the deli in town and stocking up on nice food there. I go there every 2/3 days now to get new supplies and have told DP I am not sharing my nice food with him.

Mostly he is quite good at doing his bit, but every so often he seems to lapse into selfish arse mode - has just complained that he hasn't been able to go out on a bike ride today! Have told him that if he wants bloody exercise he can do some housework (things are pretty desperate in that department)

I think we have had an easier feeding day today - finding I can just shove a boob in her mouth without thinking about it at some feeds, although the night ones are hell on earth still. I think what I need to do is get out of bed and find somewhere comfortable to feed her, rather than try and do it in the bed. The ugly rocking chair is in situ now, and think that will be a godsend.

LRM McDonalds hash browns are the food of the gods - I had them (and egg mcmuffins) brought to me when I was in hospital

Midget - yum at tarte au citron. cannot even begin to contemplate a diet, but finding food has kind of lost its appeal as there is just no time for it. Have dropped about 8kg in the last 8 days, but there is so, so much more to go!

littleredmonkey Wed 06-Feb-13 07:21:22

Eagle. Naughty hubby giving you out of date food. You keep your lovely food all for you. Glad you have limited visitors. Took me weeks before I went out with Dylan to my work place so was not having them all plodding through my house. Some were moody they had not seen him. I was like HELLO. Bloody knackered with out entertainment for them with only two hours sleep. Four months down the line still dont let anyone disturb nap time. We all know a un napped baby is a moody baby. He had his last jabs yesterday all well and blew my mind with sleeps last night. We have dropped the dream feed at 11. He kept waking and not having any of it so dp said let's leave him to wake on his own. Well he went from 7:30 till 2 first night then 3 and 4 and last night 7:30 till 5. I woke at 4 and checked on him as we have put the Moses basket in the crib so he gets use to the room. Monitor on and he put himself back to sleep twice. I am so proud of him. Just the day naps to work on. But he ho Rome wasn't built in a day
Been up since 5. So again the following things would be nice
Size 8 bum and thighs
Chocolate milkshake
Hash browns again oh about 6
Lemon cheese cake
Selection of biscuits
No grey hair
Warm sunshine
Lottery win
Writing letter to work saying I ain't comingback because you all suck! !!

bytheseaside Wed 06-Feb-13 11:01:43

good work baby monkey!! bet you are tired though with all these early starts ... i was up all night kind of expecting it after jabs. constant feeding 1-6 my boobs are going to fall off!
trying to get up and out now in search of coffee and sugar, and lots of it

bytheseaside Wed 06-Feb-13 11:04:38

ps adding to your list:
my clothes all laid out for me to put on, and baby's
lovely lunch all on plate on fridge for later
discovery that alcohol and caffeine can't get into break milk

eagleray Wed 06-Feb-13 20:23:25

2 things I acquired today

- Ewan the sheep
- an infection

DP doing his best - brought me nice food in bed and brings baby for boob visits!

On antibiotics and hoping they kick in before things take a proper hold

Just need to work out how to sleep when I get the opportunity - hard even when wrecked

Got no appetite - anyone else get this? Feel better when I eat but got no hunger really

littleredmonkey Thu 07-Feb-13 14:47:02

Hey eagle. Big hug from me. Hope it clears up quickly. Good hubby helping you. Gold star for him. How's baby eagle doing? And may ewan basker her in his red glow and zzzzz follow.

Midgetm Thu 07-Feb-13 14:48:04

Alcohol gets into breast milk? shock I abstained with DC1. Drink normal amounts with poor DS. Don't get drunk but drink regularly. Bad bother emoticon. I read as long as you are ok to drive it won't affect them. and I refuse to believe anything to the contrary more bad mummy emoticon.

Throws head back and laughs manically at eagles question about eating less. Currently sat watching 2012 stuffing face with freshly. Ales biscuits. I think it is your infection eagle. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Midgetm Thu 07-Feb-13 14:48:28

Ales? Baked even...

eagleray Thu 07-Feb-13 17:55:35

Slightly better day today - the antibiotics knocked me out last night, and had a very long night in bed, with a few feeds throughout the night. The baby smells very weird when she poos - can only think that the antibiotics have made their way into her system.

Had MW and Health Visitor back to back this morning - cried with relief when they left as was exhausted from talking about the same stupid things over and over again (neither of them had seen me before).

Baby Eagle taking longer and longer feeds now - 2.5 hours on the boob between 1 and 5pm today, plus a formula top-up!

Talking of alcohol, have noticed that DP is being a teeny bit sneaky - he pours me a massive glass of wine with my dinner, when he knows full well I couldn't/wouldn't drink anything like that much. I take a couple of mouthfuls then hand it back, and he then finishes it. Of course I can't have a go at him for drinking too much as he is only ensuring it doesn't go to waste!

No idea what is happening regarding appetite - it really isn't like me! But given that I have 25kg more to lose, I really mustn't complain...

blueblackdye Thu 07-Feb-13 21:42:46

Back from sunny Marrakech. A lot to read on here ! Will catch up soon.
Just wanted to say hello. Night night every one.

Midgetm Fri 08-Feb-13 07:02:55

Welcome back BBD and glad you are starting to feel better Eagle. Hv are sent to make a new born mother tired and irritable. It is their purpose in life.

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Feb-13 07:40:06

Welcome back bbd. Looking forward to hearing your adventures.
Happiness is a 18 week old baby sleeping from 7:30 to 5:00 waking twice and putting himself back to sleep. Extra happiness is mummy in bed a sleep 8;00 till 5:00. Not one night feed. Bless him as mummy is knackered after trying to get him to nap in the day.
Today's adventure is a trip to the physio to have a look at my back. When I fed little fella feels like a lead pipe is sticking in my back. Bloody epidural and my right thigh is still numb after 4 months. It's like alien leg

Anyway whats everyone up to this weekend? Dp is working so lots of walks for me.

bbd welcome back, sounds like you had a great time. Glad there is a little sunshine at least for your return.
eagle sounds like you are doing so well with the bfing. Such a slog in the beginning. Keep eating nice things even if you don't feel like it so much. How is the naming going?
Hello everyone else. Sorry majorly sleep deprived at the mo narrows eyes at BG will catch up properly in a bit. Horrible week. Glad it is over. Can climb back into something approaching normality I hope now.

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Feb-13 08:09:09

Good to see ya goat. Xxx

eagleray Sat 09-Feb-13 09:56:16

Well I think that's the last time I post anything positive as things went pear shaped again...

Baby Eagle weighed again yesterday by visiting MW and she has managed to lose more weight (after an initial small gain last week). So yet another feeding plan drawn up, and this one is less frequent (4 hourly) with more formula and less BF (on the basis that she seems to be using up too much energy trying to BF). I got really upset at this as seems she will be on formula forever as the volumes are being ramped up and up and I have no idea whether my supply will increase enough. But it was this or hospital admission so we have tried to get on with it.

On top of this, she is now a bit ill from the antibiotics I'm taking - started off with percolating stomach and more poo, and this morning she has projectile-vomited her entire 6am feed over clothes, bedding, floor etc.

So depressing as she is being weighed again tomorrow and it is very unlikely to show any gain and have no idea what the next step will be.

On the plus side, she has finally agreed to sleep in her cot! No idea if it is because of the Presence Of Ewan or a new-found sense of responsibility for the mental welfare of her parents.

LRM - that is very worrying about your after-effects of the epidural. I had terrible back pain in the area where they inserted the needle for a few days. I think I made it worse in the early days by BF in a very stilted position. It does seem that a fair amount of people have problems with epidurals longer term - hmm don't remember this being discussed when I requested it!

Midget - grin at your take on HVs. Frankly the thought of having any health care professional in my house now makes me quake. MW was here for 2 hours yesterday and for half of it DP and I sat there sullen like chastised children while Baby Eagle glared and vomited

10000Fireflies Sat 09-Feb-13 11:46:44

Big hug for Eagle and baby Eagle. Hugs. xxx Just passing. Love to all. xx

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 13:10:37

Hello Ladies. Life is so hectic atm. Trying to deal with 4 things at the same time, although I am wonder and multitask woman smile I sometimes just can't !
LRM sorry to hear about epidural side effects, I had some pain in the neck 5/6 weeks after birth but it went away on its own after a few days, but it wasn't constant, on and off, and not everyday. Well done baby Monkey for sleeping so well, your Mum must be so proud and relieved.
Will be back later, Anastasia just woke up

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Feb-13 14:23:03

Eagle sending you s massive monkey hug from me and baby monkey xx

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 14:50:59

Eagle HV and MW might have lots of experience of babies but they don't know everything, you are the Mum and nobody knows better your child than you, follow your instincts, listen to their advice, take whatever you feel comfortable with and leave the rest. When I gave birth, the obstetrician was telling me to block my breathing and push, I was doing a more relaxed breathing as if my blowing would gently accompany my baby out, like taking a cake out of its silicon mould, which I ave learnt with my MW, my husband was mad, but on the second tentative, Anastasia came out with no forceps nor tear. It requires a lot of confidence to go against the professionals but you are an educated Mum, you have read books and heard advice, you can make up your own mind and do what is good for you and baby. And something might work today but won't tomorrow, it does not mean you are wrong, babies just change vety quickly.
Re BF, don't worry too much. If baby has formula today to help her gain weight and you still keep on putting her on the breast and expressing, you will have enough milk for her when she is strong enough to EBF. See the pumping thing as an order that you place to your brain, it tells your body that your baby needs a certain amount of milk, within 3 days, your breast will be so full that it may hurt... And there is no shame in FF nor pride in BF, what matters is how you feel whatever you do. I did mix feeding with DS because I did not know BF very well and have not had adequate support, he is a big lively caring little 4 yo now. Anastasia is EBF and refuses the bottle and as lively and round as her brother at the same age.
You are doing well, Eagle. Don't let anyone say you are not a good Mum.
Hello to Goat Seaside Midget FF VQ Knotty

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 15:23:06

Has anyone got a sheepskin rug ? What are your advice/thoughts on having one ? I am trying to make up my mind, the woodfloor is hard and cold so maybe Anastasia would love one. It is also a quite nice piece of soft furniture. I can't decide on the size, the lining (cotton or fleece ?), natural or black or mouse light grey (the living room has 1 or 2 metallic grey walls, the blinds have grey and light creamy tones with Japanese like drawings of red peonies)....
Tried to buy one in Marrakesh but it was too bulky and heavy to bring back. Also saw beautiful lamb leather outfit. Wish did not still have floppy belly otherwise would have broken money box to buy leather dress or trousers...

These holidays were brilliant. Weather was perfect, did not realise have got suntan until I came back, my forehead is peeling a bit. Had a spa, facial and body scrub after hammam, that was bliss. Almot fell asleep during facial ! Would have put on weight if did not have to stop eating on the last 2 days, too many lamb chops, my stomach and intestines did not cope, had a transit jam in there ! Resort was almost empty so we had plenty of space, quietness and full care from staff. Tagines, couscous, dried fruits, freshly squeezed orange/pineapple juice everyday, running honey with yougurt.... Oh my, really enjoyed this winter sunny break.
DS was very well looked after too. There were 4 kids at the kids club and at least 6 carers.... Lots of sports, mini tennis, trampoline, flying trapeze, swimming in heated pool, poney riding, ice creams everyday... He said he did not want to go home but stay at kids club ! Tell me about gratitude !
DH played tennis all mornings then relaxed by the pool, happy to find Pernod Ricard anis star drink, stuffed himself too. Complained that 2hours of flying trapeze left a massive blister on his hand ! Did not like golf too much. What a hard life...

Yes, we will definitively do it again. Low season, cheap holidays ! I like it

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Feb-13 16:48:23

Bbd sounds fab honey. Everyone had a good time which is what it's about. Sun pool and pork chops haha.

Eagle agree with bbd. You do your thing with baby eagle mum knows best. Formula dont worry. Bf will come. It took me a while to get there and I did your reward is a happy baby. Dont feel crap about formula baby monkey had it at first and I was no o dont want him to have it but now looking back his weight gained giving me less worry so I could breastfeed. As the midwife to stay with you while you do a bf ask for advise. She should help you if not ask for another. I got a specialist in from nct to do a home visit. Bloody brillant. They want to help you feed your little one. I know how you feel it's soul destroying but you are getting there. I felt the same. Poo wise antibiotics do not harm them just makes for drippy poo. I was on them the pediatrician said no problems. Only lasts a few days after you finish your tablets then nice yellow baby poo for you to admire and text dp about.

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Feb-13 16:48:58

Bbd sorry lamb chops

blueblackdye Sat 09-Feb-13 17:20:49

Midget re alcohol and BF, I know why master Midge was sleeping so much now !!! You are a brilliant and so funny Mum !
Wonder how Fjord is doing. Has anyone heard from Exexe ?

eagle sorry it's tough at the mo but sounds like you are doing great in the face of the barmy army of hcps at your door. As the others have said, bloody well ignore them if you need to. Wish I had... Have learned to now! Am also with lrm nct helpline and La Leche both fab for advice and home help.

bbd what a fab sounding holiday. not jealous at all oh no what was in the cookery classes? Can you make those yummy things you list now? We'll all be round shortly! Re sheepskin, do it... I was brought up on those, literally - had one in the bed rather than a hot water bottle, snug as a bug every night. Might bring a couple back with me when we go to NZ in July.

Wow to the sleeping lrm clever baby monkey. BG has a cold at the mo so coughed and snuffled and yelled and puked his way through the night. Still semi-comatose.

We had a lovely anniversary dinner yesterday at the place we got engaged. Food was fab, they gave us free champagne, and as DH said, it was novel to have a leisurely, uninterrupted meal!

midget are you on a culinary journey around Europe's desserts? Sachertorte and now tarte au citron...

littleredmonkey Sun 10-Feb-13 10:55:28

Hey goat sorry to hear baby goat not well. Colds suck. Lucky baby monkey not been ill since November. Best keep my mouth shut dont want to tempt any germs into the house. I must admit if anyone says they have a cold massive wide berth and ya. Ain't coming over till it's gone. Mummy doesnt want poorly baby. Hugs to mummy and baby goat. So glad you had a lovely meal. My birthday Thursday so off out for lunch as dinner will packed valentines day.

blueblackdye Sun 10-Feb-13 13:21:17

Goat placed an order today for a Merino sheepskin rug, looking forward to receiving it, decided if we like it to get some more for DS and cushions for grown ups!
Hope baby Goat feels better soon. Hate it when LO are poorly.
Anastasia has decided to skip morning naps, oh dear.... She has been very good with food lately, likes bread with cumin or oregano, banana, orange, brocolis puree, watermelon ! Going to a starting solid workshop on Tuesday. She can now sit unaided for 30 seconds. And new games: arching her back to say Mum, pick me up ! Knitting with her legs when trying to push and bring toys nearer to her hands ! Pulling my hair to chew my nose ! So funny ! I love this age, 6 months, babies start to react with smiles, laugh outloud, chat, can play a bit on their own.... Oh, Elimination Communication did not work as well as I wanted, will wait now for better weather to try again.
Happy Chinese New Year to all ! Year of the Snake. Sent DH for take away at Royal China on Baker Street, he justed called: queue is 4 miles long and no take away available today but menu for 10 at GBP 800, right, I will improvise a Chinese meal then.
Talking about fod and in reply to Goat Morrocan cookery class was a joke, the cook was very elusive, did not like him at all. Bought some spices though in the souk, ginger, tagine and 4 spices. Have not tried yet but will do soon.
Performed second haircut on Anastasia, her fringe this time, 1st time was the back of her neck. Shame she won't have light curly hair as her brother. DS had haircut too, he is a proper little boy now, not a baby, not a toddler, a little master, who is having a playdate on his own atm... where have the past 4 years gone ? I miss so much the first years...

eagleray Sun 10-Feb-13 17:16:04

BBD - re sheepskins - I was very luck and was given a couple of little ones by a neighbour who had bought them for her daughter. Hadn't thought to get any before this and they have been great for lining the cot and making it extra cosy.

LRM - hope you had a lovely lunch, and that it makes up for not getting dinner out on the 14th (hate the silliness in restaurants on this date!)

Goat - sorry baby goat is ill - wishing him a speedy recovery

Thanks for all the kind advice re feeding issues - we have been getting on with the feeding regime, and I have been expressing religiously in the hope that I will start to see an increase in supply. Can now do a whole ounce at a time! It's quite disappointing to see such piddly amounts, but each time I do it, it's a tiny bit more than before. Been feeling quite rough today - bit like having flu but without the fever. Also got a slightly upset stomach which is probably from the antibiotics. Managed to take Baby Eagle out in the car into town for a visit to a cafe on my own though - bit of a dress rehearsal for surviving this week as DP off tomorrow to work until Friday. Have now proved to myself that I can cope with car seat, car, sling and walking around without dropping baby. Hadn't banked on being stopped by strangers in town though who wanted to admire the baby!

MW due any minute for another weigh-in - this is a bit like Weightwatchers in reverse...

littleredmonkey Sun 10-Feb-13 19:22:51

eagle. Sounds like u have had a fab day out and about and so they should be admiring her she is lovely. Good job with the sling and car seat. See you are a motoring mummy today you should be very chuffed with yourself. Hope you feel better in the morning. Few slices of toast and a nice cup of tea/coffee.

littleredmonkey Sun 10-Feb-13 19:27:57

Bbd. Brought back memories of when I was little and my mum and dad visited New Zealand and they brought back 5 sheepskin rugs. I thought they were massive and could not get my head around the shape of the sheep compared to the rug shape. I got into trouble once as I put my gum on one of the rugs and as you can imagine it had to be cut out. Oh dear silly me. Memories of my childhood and a rug. Haha.

bytheseaside Mon 11-Feb-13 00:49:06

reading and will catch up soon have mastitis and feel like poo sad

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Feb-13 08:10:57

I have redecorated the snug. Back to warm glowing fire. Large sofas each with a duvet and massive pillows. Sheepskin rugs on the floor so no cold toes. Nanny for each one of our bundles. Tray of food of your choice. All welcome. Good girlie gossip for ff. Valium. Bbd. Bythesea. Goat exexe. Eagle. Midget. Scarecrow.
Plus I have birthday cake ready for Thursday would love u all to have a slice with me

sad re mastitis seaside are you on antibiotics? Hope you feel better soon. lrm 's newly decorated snug should help make you feel better, come and recline on the sofa and we will give you your own personal waiter.

blueblackdye Mon 11-Feb-13 08:29:25

LRM Here is my present for your birthday: no sleep deprivation for the next 12 months and good health for baby M and you. Like the new snug. Will have hot dark tea woth your cake, please.
Seaside, mastitis ? Poor you. How did that happen ? Hope you recover soon. How s little angel ? Is she a good girl ?
Snowing a lot in London

blueblackdye Mon 11-Feb-13 08:39:38

Eagle, thinking of you today, give us a shout if you need anything

scarecrow22 Mon 11-Feb-13 09:33:56

Wow eagle - you are doing amazingly. Keep eye on those flu-like symptoms. Keep in touch if you need any moral support, or see you in snug.

LRM - thanks for including me in snug plans. Feel a fraud, what with still being pg, but 30wks today and baby scarecrow coming by ELCS at 38-39 weeks (s/he banned arr before) so v much in last stretch. Plus getting nervous about (a) health of LO and (b) bonding with him/her (logically silly as adore children, jut usual mum's worry when love Dc1 so much). So popping in for some practice will be good for me. I have a couple of good soothing tricks too wink

BBD, I thought DCs supposed drop one if three daily naps at 6mo?! Does A still do two other naps? Or just one now?

Goat, hope babyGoat better or well on mend.

Waves all

scarecrow22 Mon 11-Feb-13 09:35:36

Seaside, how rude of me hmm sorry about mastitis. Hope you got good drugs, and pple looking after you. Take v good care

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Feb-13 10:55:11

Bbd. Love my present. Best thing ever

Ladies any tips to help me with day naps. Every two hours he yawns rubs his eyes ready for a nap. I try soon as he gives me signals. I wait a bit. He naps in the same room. Nice and dim. I have to rock him to sleep. Tried leaving him goes nuts and too young to go nuts. Any tricks you guys have to not enduring a world war two air raid siren in my ear every two hours. Oh I have a headache

scarecrow22 Mon 11-Feb-13 11:30:02

LRM, it could be by the time he yawns he's OT, or in the annoying language of those busy-body-smug books you have "missed the window"! If it happens pretty regularly, maybe try putting him down ten mins before signals. You may have noticed some pre-yawn behaviour?
It might even be worth introducing a little pre nap 'routine' like a short book, a song and a little phrase. That way if it works he will later associate that with napping even if he is OT.

If that has been tried/doesn't work, some other OT ideas include white noise (I have not used but am v impressed by results; many apps available), or reassurance techniques like shush-pat etc. (that one Baby Whisperer I think, certainly Bw blog site will have lots of non-cry-it-out suggestions).

It might be worth dealing with one issue at a time. ie. if you now rock him to sleep, start by getting him to fall asleep not being rocked (even in crib) but with you there, just gently reassuring him with voice in the room, or with hand on tummy. When that is working withdraw hand. Then gradually withdraw from the room. Instinct etc will tell you the right times/etc.

Finally my view would be devise a plan that works for you and baby monkey, then stick to it for a few days, at least. Consistency is important. And you might feel (and radiate) calmer if you have committed to a system for a while. Also I used to give a time limit to myself in advance, for similar reasons, but don't then rock to sleep - do something else like sing a couple or rhymes then go for a buggy walk - even if he naps in buggy you have not rocked him to sleep

Forgive me if all too obvious or old hat. I am a veteran of napping, er, issues, but you might be a lot more experienced or talented at this than I was smile

Hope it goes well

blueblackdye Mon 11-Feb-13 13:17:20

Agree with Scarecrow. LRM, I leave Anastasia to play in her cot about 10 minutes before her nap time, she usually settles herself. First time it happened was an accident. Onemorning I fed her and put her back in her cot to have a shower, when I came back, she was sleeping soundly ! I now leave her to play in her cot while I am tidying up my bed, organising my drawers so that she is used being in her cot and does not only associate cot with sleep.
Scarecrow, Anastasia is 6 months and 2 weeks, she wakes up quite late in the morning, so I guess she does not need the morning nap anymore. I still put her down but she plays or sleeps for 20 minutes. She still naps after lunch and sleeps again in the pram around 4.30pm when I pick up herbrother at nursery.

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Feb-13 14:12:20

Thanks ladies. I have tried the patting he goes nuts and I try not to leave it too long must admit it's getting me down. I dont notice any other signals besides the yawns and eye rubbing. Should I try first yawn and ignore the clock and see what he does. First yawn draw curtains read story and put in basket?

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Feb-13 16:26:29

Just closed curtains. Read story. Walked around for a moment. Put in basket. Was ok for a moment. Then started crying. Patted. No joy. Picked up walked around back in basket. All ok. Will try again Tuesday morning. Thanks my lovelys as always. Especially taking the time to reply xxxxxxxx

scarecrow22 Mon 11-Feb-13 17:50:26

LRM I went for a walk for late pm nap. Had lost will by then!! I would time yawns and do as BBD suggests and put LM in crib before he yawns? Worth a try.
Agree shush-pat sounds tiring for LO. I just put hand on tummy (ie still) sometimes, maybe odd gentle rub.
Why am I advising?! Am no expert!!

BBD yes sounds like she just doesn't need lie in (!) plus post lunch and pm nap. What is her bed time?

My dd dropped late pm nap first but she did long morning nap an shorter afternoon/post lunch nap. She was up 6.30-7 and in bed asleep at 7.
Oh how I now dream of 6.30 starts! Though DD is vg otherwise, just an early riser and her mummy is not by nature!

blueblackdye Mon 11-Feb-13 19:37:41

LRM just keep on trying, you will find a way to make him nap, don't lose hope ! I find that if I feel mad inside, Anastasia feels it and is even more difficult to settle. So try to stay calm, yoga and deep breathing. Some days are easier than others !
Scarecrow Anastasia is in bed between 6.30 and 8pm, wakes up between 5 and 7am, feeds and usually falls back straight away asleep until 9.30/10am ! She then goes down around noon, sometimes for 45 min, sometimes 2h ! And then another short nap around 4.30pm. Forgive me but Can't remember how old your DD is. And how far are you in this second pg ?
Got rid today of her 6 months sleepsuits, they fit just too perfectly, afraid she has not enough room to move.... But if 9 months suits look so big, once on, they are actually ok.

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Feb-13 19:55:33

Hey bbd. You made me smile. Do yoga. I do actually do squats while holding on to him and leg lunges walking through the hall. Lost 20 pounds 36 more to go. Thats lots of hours x training and weight lifting.

lrm sympathies on the naps. The days that BG doesn't nap I feel frazzled. He does seem to need to cry a bit before sleeping though, a few minutes only. But I am lucky that he still naps. Now nights are a different story!! Went to his paediatrician check up today. All good but not discharged yet as some asymmetry of movement confused he had a bleed on the brain at birth, nothing major but enough to make mummy worried now. He seems to be ok, trying to walk now!
seaside how are you doing?
Aw bbd going up a size in sleep suit always brings a pang, yes?
scarecrow enjoy your last weeks!
Hello everyone else hope you are getting lots of sleep grin

scarecrow22 Mon 11-Feb-13 21:35:42

Bbd my DD now 2y 1m - I swapped her to short 20-40m or so in buggy and did some sleep training for longer lunch nap (happily only took 2-3 days) at 10ish months. Ironically she now fab napper (usu 2+hrs in day). Friends say I shd cap that nap so she sleeps longer mornings (usu awake before 6 though she's not got up til 6.10am) but I need nap at weekends too much so have knowingly made choice.

I think it's all compromise. DD sleeps amazingly in her cot: settles, resettles, whatever. But v hard, almost imposs to get to sleep out and about so quite restrictive. Again we chose that so have embraced the compromise. It's for so little time in the end.

I'm 30 wks today: due CS c 39 weeks (mid April) DH booking holiday ferry today had to fill in name sex and dob for DC2: he picked girl, 16/4, called Parsley grin (I think grin, maybe shock)

eagleray Mon 11-Feb-13 22:52:13

Hurrah - have survived first day home alone!

Since DP left this morning, I have changed 5 shitty nappies, done 7 BFs, 6 formula feeds, expressed 4 times, washed and dried 10 babygros, and taken 80 photos of Baby Eagle.

Baby E is absolutely wired this eve - she hasn't slept at all since teatime, refuses to lie down and wants to feed, feed, feed.

She was weighed yesterday and had only put on 20g in 2 days, a pretty negligible amount. On the plus side, she is full of beans, holding her head well, and seems to be trying to smile! Got another weigh-in tomorrow, so hoping that shows some gain...

Sorry for monologue - wanted to chat more but madam is shrieking again and I need to go to bed... Mum arriving Wednesday and staying for the rest of the week - getting to the point now where I will appreciate the help and will ignore the criticism

Oh, and lab results show there is no infection after all, so I have ditched the antibiotics a day early (bit naughty) and am feeling less nauseous today which is a result smile

Night night everyone

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 08:59:11

Eagle, hurray for you. What a star you are. It sounds shattering, but love idea of all those pics of BabyEagle. And your mum will be a help I'm sure (okay not sure as don't know her but also have critical mum, but have learned it is out of insecurity and love!)
I have jut thought, is DP away - ie nights as well?? By goodness you are a heroine if alone all weeks already. Special MN medal!

littleredmonkey Tue 12-Feb-13 09:05:24

Eagle. Well done honey. X.
Have we got a lovely name for baby eagle yet?

Managed to get bm to nap in his room. Sat here now. Did my routine. Shut curtains. Little story. Cuddle into basket put on light show. He required three pick ups and some patting but he is zzzzz. So mummy 1 baby well half a point but I shall chip away at it. Left him in his room all last night. He did 7:30 till 2:30. Then 3:00 till 6:00. So really a good boy. Sat in s chair and dare not move. Next time I will leave the room. Bursting for a pee. He ho. May borrow some of his nappies

blueblackdye Tue 12-Feb-13 09:28:41

Hourah Eagle and LRM ! You are doing really well. I knew you would. These babies can be very proud of their Mums.
Goat, as far as I could see, baby Goat is doing really well. Don't worry too much. He does not seem to have any thing wrong. Of course it is important to have him checked and rechecked but he seems perfectly fine. Growing gently and reaching each milestone like any other baby. Actually he is more developped than Anastasia and she was not a prem !!! Well done baby Goat.
Have registered Anastasia for nursery starting in Sept part time. Can't see myself leaving her but she will learn so much .... I will cry again I am sure everyday at least for the first month....

littleredmonkey Tue 12-Feb-13 11:50:32

Goat. Hows baby goat doing today honey. Bloody colds hate em.

ValiumQueen Tue 12-Feb-13 19:07:43

<<slopes in hoping to not be noticed. Not yet caught up but I seem to have missed a birth!>>

ValiumQueen Tue 12-Feb-13 20:46:08

Congratulations eagle and welcome eaglet

Greetings everyone, sorry I have been AWOL. Things have been very hard with illness and lack of sleep. Thank you LRM for caring x

J is nearly 16 weeks, and if I get 3 hours sleep a night I am doing well. I am hoping he has now turned a corner as his sleep has been much better over the last 24 hours. He has been snotty every day except one since he was a week old. The day he was snot free he just woke once overnight, but woke with a raging fever and the cycle began again. Also possible acid reflux just to add a bit more drama, but the GP and HV say it is colic. At 16 weeks? Colic should be going at this point not appearing.

Still EBF and I have got so bloody close to stopping it has been unreal. GP wants me to give formula as he is a hungry baby, HV wants him weaned early. I want neither! There is nothing wrong with my milk! Just got over a chest infection, so hopefully things will get a bit better now. J is wonderful, but I am so tired, and the girls are missing out as mummy is tired and grumpy. This makes me sad, but today has been better - we went to the park and even baked some cakes.

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:43:51

Blooming heck LRM, babyM is a quick learner. Or you are a secret baby whisperer. Great progress. Hope it continues, even if fitful!

scarecrow22 Tue 12-Feb-13 22:45:42

VQ sorry you've had a tough time. So hope you've turned the corner. Was feeling sorry for myself with never ending cold/cough but you shame me. Keep well

Midgetm Tue 12-Feb-13 23:06:11

Running in to rugby tackle VQ and give her a great big snog. You've had it so rough it has to turn a corner soon. By order of the midget

ValiumQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 03:12:30

Thank you midget for the lovely welcome, I think.

scarecrow I do not wish to shame anyone x

If snot was an olympic sport, there would be a lot of interest in my son.

littleredmonkey Wed 13-Feb-13 07:53:22

Haha midget love VQ welcome.
I hope baby goat feels better today. Hugs to him
Hope vq little man and a good sleep and so did mummy
I have added extra logs to the fire this morning with menthol vapours for the little ones to help them breath better and ZzZzz. For us a massive box of chocs and endless tea. Now where did I put my slippers

ValiumQueen Wed 13-Feb-13 15:34:13

I have brought half a dozen hot men to give us massages. No funny business, just massages.

littleredmonkey Wed 13-Feb-13 15:44:15

Excellent. He can get to work straight away on my bloody back. Hope he has some McDonald's fries and a coke

Quick hello. Kid finally on mend if grumpy. Probably a good sign!
eagle hurrah for disappearing infection. Hope feeding going well.
vq you have had tough time. Come and collapse in snug. Waiter will make you lovely hot drink with a selection of delicious petit fours on the side.
lrm yay for naps. Quick learner that bm.
seaside how are you?
Hello everyone else and hope you are sleeping the sleep of the just.
And lrm HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your pressie of remote control with big red mute button will be with you shortly. And you should see the enormous cake in the snug. How would you like it decorated?

Ps bbd thank you for your kind words on BG. I am sure he will catch up entirely soon and run me even more ragged

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 06:00:30

Morning goat. Thanks 44 today! !!
Oh cake lets see. Chocolate with m&ms on. Some flakes crumbled over. Mashed inside would be some nightalo tablets so I would drift off to sleep after consuming some. Oh course I will share with all my ladies in the snug
Glad BG is grumpy! ! Haha bless you both as long as he is on the mend. Bm would not nap at 4 well he went down for 5 mins woke and stayed away till 7. Wish I could sleep for 5 mins and be full of beans for 5 hours. Such a cutie!!!

lrm remember: the more candles there are on your cake, the hotter you are.

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 07:25:43

Oh I am super fine then! !!

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:05:09

LRM happy birthday ! I will take Baby Monkey with me today for 2 hours so that you can comb your hair, put cream on your face and hands, sit down and enjoy your cake and maybe nap for 20 minutes. Not more otherwise you will feel even more tired, 20 min is just what you need to recharge your batteries.

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:14:34

VQ, very very vey glad to hear from you, hang on with us, you know better than anyone it will soon get easier. Hugs to you.
Goat, I can't believe your little man is grumpy ! He has no idea how lucky he is to be in your arms and gets yor full attention. You tell him for me.
Hope you all get special attention from DP/DH today. Let me bring in the lounge some flowers and incenses to lift our spirits up !

blueblackdye Thu 14-Feb-13 08:50:01

Hum, it is going to be interesting today, water pipe burst on my street, no water no heating.... Glad weather is warmer today. Hope Anastasia won't make any mess that needs immediate cleaning ! Happy Valentine ! smile

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Feb-13 19:15:43

Thanks bbd. Looking forward to pizza and box of chocs. Not on my diet today. Lost 20 lbs so far. Bet I put on this week. But he ho
Hope they fixed your water and you have heating. I remember when I came here from Hong Kong and never seen snow till I was 17. My first winter I thought I was going to freeze soooo cold. Loved my two hot water bottles

Midgetm Fri 15-Feb-13 04:11:16

Happy belated birthday to the monkey. HP hope your heating situation hasn't lasted long. But al least London is a little milder than lately. Master nudge did a poonami so now I am awake. And very chuffed to change him in the dark so as not to disturb my lovely husband who did a good job on the valentines front yesterday. I baked his favourite lemon meringue pie and am now as stuffed as can be. I am really struggling to loose weight. Can't think why grin. Another snot monster here. Making noises like a wilder beast when feeding. Best go try and sleep catch up properly later everyone's

Midgetm Fri 15-Feb-13 04:11:47

Damn you autocorrect...

BadMissM Fri 15-Feb-13 11:31:08

Happy Birthday LRM

Waves and hugs to Eagle Seem to be doing amazingly well!

Waves to bbd Hope it's not as cold there as it is here!

Goat I shall remember that more candles/hotter you are correlation when I am 46 before LO born (gulp!)

Big waves to scarecrow and VQ and MidgetM

blueblackdye Fri 15-Feb-13 13:59:10

Water main has been repaired, yeah, we have water and heating again ! I took shelter in a pub where I had breakfast and fed solid to Anastasia, first time out with solid food ! And then at the library, there was a long queue of pushchairs so went to check, baby bounce time with a guitar player, Anastasia enjoyed it. Went back home around 12.30 for her nap and by 2pm water was back, thanks God !
Sheepskin rug arrived too, Anastasia is on her tummy, left cheek on the rug, watching TV ! I am on it too. Chose a Merino sheep as they are bigger beast, I can keep my bottom warm too ! Don't know if CSI New Yrk is an appropriate program forher though... smile

blueblackdye Fri 15-Feb-13 14:06:47

One week into proper weaning and glad to see that Anastasia does get something in, her poo has drastically changed overnight ! So amazing. We have tried seriously so far carrot, brocolis, potatoes, pear, melon, cucumber, courgette today. She seems to enjoy citrus fruits too, I know they are not recommended but she seems ok. If only I could eat the same amount, I would not have my belly anymore...

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Feb-13 14:59:10

Bbd. So exciting she is on solids. Bought bm his bowl spoons and stuff Thursday. Dp selected them. He has not shown any signs yet and still only wakes once in the evening for a feed so will wait till he wakes more. He is not a greedy baby. What signals did Anastasia give you bet you knowto be fair as an experienced mummy.

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Feb-13 15:08:42

Need to know all your weaning tips please

blueblackdye Fri 15-Feb-13 17:05:26

LRM, went to a weaning workshop this week so it is very fresh in my mind. Look for 3 signs: sit upright and hold head steadily, hand eye coordination, swallow puree food or finger food, these signs show that baby is ready. Weaning is not recommended before 17 weeks. Start with vegetable, one at a time, midmorning, a few teaspoons at thebeginning and keep all the feeds. Baby will cut back milk intake by himself. Stop feeding solid when baby shows signs ofboredom, 15 min max for Anastasia. Anastasia was not very happy with puree so I gave her some soft finger foods, she was much happier and after a few days, I offered puree again. She now takes both. I steam veggies and will do so withmeat and fish too. If she can handle mushy food without gagging too much, I won't bother pureeing everything when she is around 7.5 months.
Goat, FF, what do you think ? Have I missedanything ? Midget VQ Scarecrow BadMiss, I can't recall if it was different when we weaned our first DC...

ValiumQueen Sat 16-Feb-13 04:18:05

Remember no honey for first year and no salt at all. I started with baby rice and then added a new food every three days so if there was a reaction I could identify what it is. WHO advice remains milk only for first six months but both girls started a couple of weeks earlier.

I am so looking forward to solids with J as feeding him is wearing me out. It was never this hard with the girls.

Aren't we all getting old... Weaning already! I think the new food every three days is important, we spotted a peach intolerance that way. The thing about giving them a spoon to play with while you feed? Wouldn't bother... BG instantly figured that it wasn't the spoon with food on and lent for the other one anyway! (Yes, cue wearing half his dinner grin )

ValiumQueen Sat 16-Feb-13 12:08:37

We were old to start with grin

grin vq bloody great vintage though!

eagleray Sat 16-Feb-13 15:11:57

Hi everyone - gosh can't believe you are all on the weaning stage already and here I am still trying to get BF going...

We had a weigh-in a couple of days ago, and Baby E has put on 120g!! We've now been discharged by the MW and will be weighed next week by HV. I also survived DM's visit - she was really helpful, apart from when the MW was here she stood in the middle of the room and just kind of stared while I answered difficult questions about feeding, my emotional state etc... Also quite a few comments about the size of my post-baby belly - I was actually quite pleased with how much it had gone down, until she kept on saying 'never mind, I'm sure you will lose the weight eventually'. Even DP was unimpressed with her comments and he normally has the sensitivity of a stone.

We're currently on a 4 hour routine, with BF to start with, then 90ml of formula. Still got not idea whatsoever what contribution the BF is making, and feel really frustrated that no one seems to care! Doing the mixed feeding around the clock is a pain in the ass, and I still feel a bit pissed off that we had such a bad start. Going to try and get some advice next week and see if there's any way of getting supply up.

Meanwhile, I have found my feeding notes from when I was a baby:

Formula fed
cereal from 3 weeks
custard and chicken broth at 8 weeks
off night feeds at 4 weeks

hmm well all I can say is that they seemed to do things rather differently in the 70s and I am probably alive in spite of the above rather than because of it...

LRM - belated happy birthday! Well done on the weight loss. I am really trying to keep mine going although v hard to regulate food when appetite is up and down and v small windows of opportunity to eat!

BBD - glad you got your water/heating issues sorted out, and great you now have your lovely sheepskin to enjoy. Merino is a v special type of wool - I've got some base layer clothes made of it, and Baby E has a merino swaddle, which she likes trying to escape from...

Midget - ooh lemon meringue pie is my fave... and glad to hear you were treated well on Valentine's day

Goat - grin at the dinner wearing

VQ - thanks for ordering the hot men. Sorry you have had such a rough few months, and well done for standing up to the HCPs!

eagle I am shock at that list of your weaning as a baby! My Swiss friend said that her first drink was tea in the bottle - it was what they gave all babies directly after birth! She is occasionally surprised still to be with us...

Hooray for bbd having water and heating again. And grin at CSI for tv watching, we do too! Also spent the morning watching Great British Menu and Saturday Kitchen. BG was riveted ( can you see my cunning plan here for his future?) he really is never bothered with cartoons, they seem to bore him!

ValiumQueen Sat 16-Feb-13 18:14:12

I was given evaporated milk with whiskey in to help me sleep and also had cereal in my bottle. Apparently they gave orange juice from a few weeks as well. I was fed 4 hourly. None of this on demand shit. Mum fed me for about three months and then 'her milk dried up'. DH was FF as it was much better than bm apparently.

scarecrow22 Sat 16-Feb-13 19:31:49

LRM (I think), when my sister weaned her 6.5yo recommended weaning was 4mo, then 6mi when I weaned DD (now 2y4m) but when I was weaning her (I tried at 4.5mo and not interested, in end was couple of weeks off 6mo, and I was latest of any my NCT group) all talk was health experts were considering bringing it back to 4mo again. Personally I think there is no harm in starting after 4mo if LO is ready. Conversely read on a thread once of mum worried her LO not thriving - was EBF at 10mo, which I found, er, surprising.
Anyway, other vote is I didn't persevere with veg purées as DD so not interested, and discovered she like humous so went straight into more tasty food. It ha taken two yes and in still battling with veg, but she does seem v healthy. So I guess no system perfect, but I will persevere more with DC2 and veg purées.
Good luck to you and your little man

scarecrow22 Sat 16-Feb-13 19:33:27

Purees (think acute accent fried MN technology!)

BadMissM Sat 16-Feb-13 19:50:41

I was apparently fed on evaporated milk as well. My Mother advised not to breast feed as 'not good for baby'... My mother said she also gave me orange juice and Ribena (!), as well as tea... I'm surprised any of us are still alive.

When I had DD bf for about 6 months... (I also had to go back to work), but began starting with purees and cereals from about 4 months too...on advice from French GP... but carried on bf/ff alongside til she weaned properly.

blueblackdye Sat 16-Feb-13 19:58:14

Eagle, you and baby are doing really well. Bravo on the additional weight, baby Eagle. Re pg weight Eagle, it does take a couple of months to get rid of them. Don't worry, don't pay attention, sleep deprivation and BF don't help, these kg will go. I kept 3 kg from first pg and 6.5 months after second baby, I am back to pre pg weight and still EBF, I hope I will eventually lose all of them and be back to pre 1st pg weight.... Re milk supply, you are doing the right thing. Put baby on the breast as often as you can, drink water, eat well, nap with baby, you will get there.
Re weaning, I think I will move on to lumpier food very soon. Anastasia stole a brocolis floret from my plate tonight and ate the whole crown ! I offered her brocolis puree too, she was happy with both.

I got told that WHO guidelines have gone to six months because then early wearers start at four months, which is ok, whereas when they were saying four months, people were starting at two months which is really far too early.

We are lucky so far on the eating front in that BG seems to have decided that this is his reason for existing. He has not refused anything yet, figured the spoon out well, and gets excited at mealtimes. Unfortunately he is finding lumps really difficult because of his delayed swallow reflex, but I am trying to up the consistency really gradually. Have just started adding protein in the guise of yoghurt and will try fish and chicken soon. Probably being a bit precious, but I know so many prems who had such digestive problems over weaning that I am being über-cautious! So far so good. See, this combined with his love of cooking programmes is boding really well, I feel!

blueblackdye Sat 16-Feb-13 23:14:39

OMG, how are we alive !? Whiskey ? VQ, you must be kidding ! With my alcohol genetic intolerance, I would have passed out... BadMiss, help me on this one : d autres temps, d autres moeurs.
Had another trip to John Lewis today, exchanging duplicate XMas gifts, this time. Is that very bad ? I don't see the point of having 2 Lego fire stations.... And Petit Bateau. Friends offered 4 yo cardigan to DS but it looks like that DS now wears 5yo clothes, oh well he s just 9 months early. Very glad I did not stock up during the sales season this year. I usually do but this year I was too busy with Anastasia.
Good night Ladies


Do NOT forget to put baby in night nappy. Cue large leak at 10pm which of course woke him up as we had to change everything including sheet. He had been blissfully asleep, took two hours to settle again. And then again at 1, 1:30, and now this is the 2am feed.

Did I mention? AARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!

ValiumQueen Sun 17-Feb-13 03:26:50

Oh dear goat when you say night nappy, are you a fluff mum?

DS, yes MY DS has slept five hours ten minutes straight. He is definately mine, I have checked he has not been substituted. I now cannot sleep as this is too good to be true. Half hour to feed and settle. No screaming, no vomit, no fight for wind. Please God let this be the start of sleep!

bbd yes, whiskey, but only on nights when I just would not sleep, like if I was ill or something.

I think we should ask our older relatives what happened to them when they were babies. Makes you wonder why we worry so much about our little scraps really. I am sure cavemen did not have blenders.

No, vq I just have a BG who wees for Britain and if I don't put him on an ultra large ultra bulky ultra absorbent nappy at night fills it within a few hours... As demonstrated last night!

eagleray Sun 17-Feb-13 09:11:05

We're having similar problems here goat - baby E just done her first up-to-the-neck poonami and have to confess to hiding under the duvet with cake and coffee while DP deals with it...

eagle I like your style!! grin

eagleray Sun 17-Feb-13 09:30:59

I have the advantage - 'letting' DP go out for hours with his bike club this morning - he has to agree to anything I want!

eagleray Sun 17-Feb-13 16:58:30

So we are miles from home, baby E is saturated and we have no spare clothes! We also forgot feeding time so am crouched in back of parked car, grasping sodden baby while trying to get her to feed.

I guess you only make these mistakes the once blush

ValiumQueen Sun 17-Feb-13 17:40:00

No eagle as I have proved today. My third child and I took the wrong nappies out. Needless to say the size 6 princess pull-up did not fit the 4mo terribly well, and poonami resulted in him, me and my mothers cream carpet covered in poo. I should know better. I did have spare clothes for him though. Then DD2 walks in it. Not good.

BadMissM Sun 17-Feb-13 21:25:41

VQ right, DD once had poonami in middle of La Defense when the trains decided to be up the spout and got stuck there on a Sunday afternoon, ended up improvising nappy from small fleece!!

BadMissM Sun 17-Feb-13 21:27:30

BBD Other times, other ways? Other times, other values? Something like that!

eagleray Sun 17-Feb-13 23:06:26

Oh dear VQ esp the cream carpet bit...

We raced Baby E home, while she stinked the car out with wee (had to lie her in a spare nappy, as seemed pointless to change her and put her back into cold wet clothes). Gave her a bath when she got home and she promptly shat all over the towel afterwards!

Have to confess we are having a name crisis. Thought it was lack of time that was the problem, but it's actually that DP and I can't agree. I've had a shortlist of names for ages, but DP said let's wait until she's born and then we can decide. But he sneers at every name I suggest sad

No idea what we will do!

My friends with more than one child says it has to happen at least once per baby... grin
Mine was a supersonic puke everywhere and realising I had no spare clothes. A friend lent me a 6mo size pink babygro for my 4lb weeny one...

Ps eagle so I assume there is a super duper short list of names that your DH has made?...

eagleray Mon 18-Feb-13 11:21:08

Oh bless Baby Goat in the giant pink babygro!

Of course DP doesn't have a list of names. As always, he lets me do all the work, then criticises any efforts I've made (and says the baby's life will be ruined by my rubbish name choices). And worse still, apparently his family and friends apparently don't like my name choices either, which is making me feel really great.

The whole thing is making me feel sick - the lack of name is becoming an embarrassment and is like a repeat of the year I took to choose fabric for the blind in our bedroom (only this has slightly more dire consequences).

I think I would like to call her Eagleray officially smile

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 11:48:38

Eagle, my DH is just like yours, they must be brothers.... Eagleray would be a very uncommon name ! Why don't you choose one and DH a second or vice versa ? His friends haveno saying in your choice. In France we have 3 days to declare the baby's birth, so 3 days to make up our mind... Anastasia was our first girl choice for Baby number one, but it turned out to be a boy. I had Evangeline on my short list for baby number two but DH sticked with the original selection.

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 11:50:15

It took my 14 months to decide on the blind fabric too ! We were meant to be friends, don't you think ? smile

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 11:50:38

ME not my

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 12:08:04

Re nappy and spare cloth, don't forget to check regulerly they are the right size too, these babies grow up so fast.
We are up since 7.30am.gave Anastasia her solid at 10.45, green beans puree and banana, 11.15 changed her nappy, went to wash my hands, came back to find her sound asleep... No more morning nap !

Midgetm Mon 18-Feb-13 13:21:43

Big wave to you all from Cornish Cornwall. Having a lovely holiday. Hurrah for baby eagle putting on weight but boo to eagle papa being a nobber over names. Eagle, unless you are calling baby eagle rothmans then it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. (disclaimer if you are calling baby rothmans I apogise, it's a lovely name). Just off to get ice cream.

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Feb-13 14:33:28

Midget. I want an ice cream. Bloody diet. Hope you have a good holiday. Also baby m.
Eagle. Boo to hubby re names. Both do a list together for both names and give your self a time limit. Also bugger to anyone else liking or not liking her name. She is beautiful even covered in poo and whizz. I suggest Rachel. I like it it has served me well. Haha only joking
Bbd. Naps going better. I wait for first two yawns and a sneaky eye rub then whip him to his room quiet story. Cuddle. Draw curtains while I whisper. Night light music on cuddle. Into basket. He crys pick him up cuddle back to basket sleepy and off he pops. If he really goes nuts for a while I abort and hat and cardigan on into pram. Blankets all toasty and thirty mins or longer around the village. Gets rid of my fat ass which is getting smaller by the day.

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Feb-13 14:43:07

Haha. Poor baby goat in a pink babygro. Bless him. Did ya take a picture?

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 15:00:59

Midget, yum, keep some ice cream for us too. Enjoy the hols
LRM i m glad you cracked the nap routine, well done you. Was thiking about it earlier, how strange....
VQ hope J sleeps better and you get some rests too
Goat, how is baby G re cold?

riversidelibrary Mon 18-Feb-13 17:17:27

Hello ladies, my I have permission to enter the snug?

DC1 little Samuel was born slightly early three weeks ago. Fortunately he came naturally a few days early so I managed to avoid the consultant's intended 40 week induction.

We've had teething problems with the breast feeding but fingers crossed we're on track now, he 's finally regained his birth weight this week.

Looking forward to catching up with your news.

Greetings, riverside welcome to you and your little DS. Put in your order for your favourite snacks and they will magically appear in the snug.

Cold taking its time to go bbd but he seems a lot better in himself. Trying to crawl big time now. Knees are under him and little arms scrabbling. Shame about the face plant.

Just did a cooking class , my anniversary present and so much fun. I could get addicted. Was led by a kiwi chef too smile cue lots of hey-d'ya-know as kiwis do when they get together.

midget greetings down in Cornwall. You can probably hear BG's newly discovered squeal down there if you listen hard enough.

eagle I think eagleray is a lovely name. Should go for it. No danger of meeting another one (except you). Rothmans is nothing, a couple in NZ wanted to call their baby No 7 Bus Shelter. (No prizes for guessing what they were doing there then) Also had a few KZ7s after the first NZ yacht to win the Whitbread.

lrm you are so good with diet. I am stuck just under 12 stone no wonder what with cooking classes and making red velvet cupcakes for DH for Valentines Day. Meh. Why is cake not the same calorie content as lettuce?

blueblackdye Mon 18-Feb-13 19:03:10

Riverside, brilliant news ! Welcome on this side ! So so so happy for you. Great outcome after all you went through during pg. enjoy these first months. Waiting to hear again from you.
Goat, what cooking tips can you share ? Can't believe how fast baby goat is on his development ! He is good, ma'am. Bravo

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Feb-13 19:49:27

Hey riverside. Welcome to the snug the more the merrier. Pair of slippers ready for you and champagne to celebrate little dd arrival. Xxxxxxxx
Goat. Omg crawling holy crap batman he is moving fast. How many weeks again? I wish I was under 11 stone. When I got on the scales new years day I was shocked at 17 stone. Well not that shocked. Damn you McDonald's making everything so addictive. 21 pounds down 39 more to go. I will keep going determined to be pre pregnancy weight.

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Feb-13 19:50:30

Sorry riverside ds arrival not dd bloody phone. Actually bloody me can't read and type at the same time

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Feb-13 20:01:46

Goat. Dont forget I am a fellow nz with ya

eagleray Mon 18-Feb-13 21:31:20

Hi Riverside - great to see you here! Sounds like you have had v similar problems to me regarding BF and weight loss - it's not easy is it?

LRM - funnily enough, I have lost 20-ish lbs too so far, and have around another 40 to lose! I have been weighing myself in kgs though as it has less meaning than stones (and avoids me getting too upset). Frustratingly, my weight loss has stalled already so really need to keep an eye on food intake. I know you are meant to not worry about these things early on, but my weight is so out of control these days that I really need to get cracking with it now. Anyway, you sound very determined and committed - am full of admiration!

BBD - grin re the blind fabric! Sometimes you can think too hard about these things. I really like Evangeline, by the way!

Midget - great to hear you are having a lovely holiday. Loving the Rothmans name smile

Goat ha ha (in the nicest possible way) about the face plant! Poor little Goat. I've never done a cooking class, although it sounds like a great idea. Loving No 7 Bus Shelter. Funnily enough, eaglerays really did play a part in Baby Eagle's conception....

We went on a bit of an adventure today and visited my old work! Was quite a palaver getting out the house, but I believe you have to do these things, even if you fail miserably, and it will only be better next time. I dressed Baby E in her best vest/gro combo (vintage Petit Bateau, with a nice stripe courtesy of Ebay) and just before we were due to leave the house, there was poo leaking everywhere! Costume #2 managed to stay intact all day, which was nice although it was a dress and newborns don't seem to wear dresses very well (most of the time it was riding up around her neck). Just realised how twee the above sounds - must say it was never really part of my plans to parade the baby around like a mini clothes horse, but given that my lardy body cannot accommodate clothes with any sort of structure, I am saying what the hell and channelling all my fashion desires through the poor baby blush

I have got some good advice now from some BF advisors (initially on phone and via email) so am going to start trying to reduce the FF and hope that the BF gets a chance to flourish!

Midgetm Mon 18-Feb-13 22:52:46

I vote for Rachel too. Naming by mumsnet. Love it.

Welcome to the snug Riverside and huge congratulations. Full of risotto and ice cream, must sleep.

and bloody hell Goat.. Nearly crawling? Did baby goat not get the memo that this is too soon?

ValiumQueen Tue 19-Feb-13 04:27:11

I vote Asha. It means to hope and to wish. It is unusual, pretty, and my DD1s name.

Congratulations eagle x x x

J had a couple of ok nights but not so good tonight. Wish this too would pass, and quickly.

scarecrow22 Tue 19-Feb-13 08:54:30

Eagle - so so utterly wonderful to see you blooming over on grads thread. After all you went through your experiences will give me hope if (ok when!) I have tough days.
Re names, can you give any indication what you like? Even names you can't use (eg nieces, best friends' LOs etc?) I can't use Alice or Olivia, for example. Or Lucy (which means light, and makes me think of light beams through the water when you were swimming with the eaglerays smile ). Rachel is on my short list of two, but as only a less than 25pc chance (one baby - 51% likely girl - divided by my two names - and allowing for DH having an opinion shock) an you will know it as babyScarecrow, that should not be an issue!

Keep posting and see you properly in April smile

littleredmonkey Tue 19-Feb-13 09:32:06

VQ. Hugs to you honey. Hope j gets some long rests so you can. It is amazing how you have done especially with two dd as well. You should be immensely proud of yourself.
Eagle dont worry to much about your weight give yourself a month or two. Relax and enjoy baby. I got a bit too relaxed I went a bit carbs and sugar nuts to combat feeding issues and my shocking sleep deprevation. Still horrified I got from size 12 to 22 in 11 months. Brought a size 18 jeans Saturday so working in the right direction. Vq how you doing with your weight lose honey? I was aiming for 2 stone off by the end of Feb. Think I will be 3lbs short
Bbh. Yeh better naps still having to rock him to sleep but lasts only 5 mins now which keeps me slightly more sane. I will keep chipping away
Goat. I keep putting Dylan on his front. His neck is strong his little chubby legs shuffle. Lasts about 30 seconds then he licks the carpet and grumbles I want to be on my back mummy. When I was little I was sooooo lazy took ages to walk rather shuffle on my bum and play with my toes. My twin on the other hand got lifted up took two steps mum thought good start he must have practiced in his crib all night as the next morning he was running around like roadrunner. So I am waiting for him to be up and about in no time.
Thought last night I am half way through my mat leave. Ahhhhhhh going to quickly

ValiumQueen Tue 19-Feb-13 15:38:48

Thank you LRM

I am still as fat as ever and I couldn't care less. I just do not have the time or mental capacity to watch my weight. I need sleep first. Have bought some granules for wind to try on boy child tonight. I am also going to give him a bottle of formula early evening, or at least try to.

littleredmonkey Wed 20-Feb-13 08:01:44

Over an hour to get Dylan to nap this morning. Heating on dressing gown on sweating like a pig there was no lady glow her. Rocked him and put him down 8 times. Bless him and his cotton socks. Forgot I looked like shit went to put rubbish out and neighbour saw me. "rough night was it" he said. What I think I look stunning what with my hair all over. I have long hair so you can imagine the birds nest. No make up. Never mind my just feed off national geographic boobs. Oh he didnt see those. Just looked in the mirror. Holy crap. Good morning from me this fine Wednesday ladies xxx

scarecrow22 Wed 20-Feb-13 09:45:43

LRM - what time Dillon wake? (Wondering what gap is to nap?)

gringrin At your description. When DD started self feeding used to wear apron over work clothes for breakfast. One morning took off apron, put on coat an boots, opened front door and chill made me realise was about to head to work with no skirt on

littleredmonkey Wed 20-Feb-13 10:26:52

Heh scarecrow. Two hours since he woke. Yawning but not over tired. Just super unsettled. Gone down abit earlier for this nap. Took a brisk walk. Fresh air in his lungs a nice feed and in his basket. Only needed one pick up. I have tried leaving him to grumble hoping he will drop to sleep. Doesnt work he grumbles crys then goes nutty butty. Tapping him does nothing. Dont mind rocking him only takes 5 mins or so

littleredmonkey Wed 20-Feb-13 10:27:06

Haha. No skirt

blueblackdye Wed 20-Feb-13 10:30:16

grin grin LRM and Scarecrow

BadMissM Wed 20-Feb-13 13:19:42

Oh dear...if we're calling little ones according to how and where made... Mine will be called 'Lots of Gin on Samhain Burlesque Ball Night' !

eagleray Wed 20-Feb-13 13:56:52

Morning (afternoon I mean, didn't realise it was so late) we have some good news -Baby E is finally back at her birthweight! Put on 300g in last few days, which is a relief. Also found out something a bit odd - someone on MN asked me if I had had iv fluids during the birth as this can bump the birthweight up. I thought no initially, then recalled a thing sticking out of my hand and DP has confirmed that yes I was given fluids (my memory of this time is rather poor). Everyone (HCPs included) has expressed suspicions at the original birthweight as the weight loss was so drastic, and she has grown/developed more than her weight gain suggests. So this may well explain a lot...

Thanks for all the name suggestions - Asha is lovely, VQ. Most of the names on my shortlist are short, unusual with old or foreign origins. No wonder poor DP found it so hard to take it all on board.

Loving the skirtless look, Scarecrow sorry keep meaning to post on the mum-to-be thread but then something happens and I run out of time. Will drop in and say hello soon.

littleredmonkey Wed 20-Feb-13 19:17:15

My how and where. Home and after 6 months of bugger all carbs and sugar. So sugar and pizza induced loving = one beautiful baby Dylan.

How and where - home and so sure that we had missed the boat that particular month that I drank copious champagne for the next week.

Liking the New Mum chic that is going on. No skirt could be next big thing, coupled with crow's nest hair and I offer cow slippers that moo when they get stood on. Called Eddie and Ermentrude.

I need a bad mummy badge.
Kid pinged awake at 4:20 last night so I took him into bed, boxed him in as ever (has always corraled him until now) and went to get his bottle. Came back just as he fell off the bed having crawled over the pillows. sad blush the most horrible moment when I heard the crash against the radiator and had no idea which bit of him had hit it. Thank god was his feet. No harm done except to pride, and he looked pretty bemused to see his mum crying.
We - DH is on half term - then went out for a walk and...
Left the front door wide open. shock

Fortunately nothing was gone. Except our peace of mind! The moment we realised just how tired we are.
Also having left the house without spare nappies/bottle/ tissues. Fortunately no catastrophes on that front.

Feeble waves to everyone else and I desperately hope for a better night tonight.

eagleray Wed 20-Feb-13 22:49:49

Sending you tons of sympathy goat all so easily done esp when sleep deprivation kicks in. Confess to leaving baby E in all sorts of places while I rush off to do things - really mustn't as even newborns seem to move like magic on occasions!

You've just reminded me - I tried to put diesel in my car on Monday - miles from home and with a starving, crying baby on the back seat. Wonder how that would have panned out had I succeeded!

Realised today that baby E's head is ginormous so looked it up and it is >97th percentile. Think they should have given me a f*cking medal as well as an episiostomy for squeezing her out shock

blueblackdye Wed 20-Feb-13 22:50:27

Goat, I am sending you Mr Sandman for baby Goat and for you too.

eagleray Wed 20-Feb-13 22:57:51

Seconding BBD re Mr Sandman - hope you get some restorative sleep tonight

Am lying in bed with a hot water bottle on my tummy (just cos I like it, not actually in pain) and suddenly thought oh no I'll burn the baby! No idea how I could actually have briefly forgotten the birth...

bytheseaside Wed 20-Feb-13 22:59:03

eventually caught up with all your chat! grin @ our mummy outfits - especially scarecrow! I tend to end up on the street in my slippers a lot, and have come oh-so-close to answering door with a boob out most days. Not sexy at all when paired with the scarecrow hair, baby sick and no makeup.

goat Lovely slippers smile I think every parent must do the bed thing that at some stage, dont feel bad! reinforced pillow system needed. I saw a foam wedge thing online that you put under fitted sheets to make a barrier that prevents rolling, not sure what it was called. Baby seaside perches on edge of bed, with bedside cot preventing her from falling out, but realised had not been properly attached for a week or so blush you sound very tired bless you - hope you catch up a bit tonight! Re the consultant appt, sounds like kid is doing well by any standards, let alone for a little prem - well done mum! I am avoiding baby development books mainly as I think I dont want to worry too much about whether baby seaside is catching up with herself - she seems healthy and happier by the day, so that's all I need for now.

eagle aah, I feel for your nappy disaster - I've been there. i wish i could say you will only do it once, but when you get so tired it might happen a fair bit! I think mums get to have the final say about names - a perk of childbirth. Espcecially if dp has no better suggestions. why not have a week of trying out a name each day to see what feels right? or stick with 'baby' a la dirty dancing. take the full legal 6 weeks to choose if you need it, i say. then theres always deed poll if you need it later. i like 'May' but wrong time of year.

happy hols midget! mmmm icecream

vq its not fair that youve had so rough a ride, its so tough being on so little sleep for so long - sending a great big hug. I know we have very different babies, and you are so much more experienced at this stuff than me so I hesitate to suggest this, but after 3 months of baby s being very unsettled night and day and me getting c. 3 hours sleepin dribs and drabs, we tried osteopathy, and its been pretty much like magic. Not a complete fix, but things are soooo much better now.

riverside congratulations and welcome! how are you doing?

bbd hows that beautiful Anastasia?

Thank you for giving Mr Sandman our address smile Unfortunately he could not contend with tummy problems so he was last seen trailing disconsolately off down the road, dragging his sack of dreams behind him. I hope he was not put off entirely and will be back tonight - tummy resolved itself at 6:30 with the most enormous poo ever (sorry to lower the tone!). BG is now sitting in his bouncy chair chatting happily about the rattly toucan he is bashing the floor with.
How is the mastitis, seaside ?
eagle grin for forgetting you aren't prenant any more for a moment!
Hope everyone slept better than we did!

blueblackdye Thu 21-Feb-13 08:43:59

Eagleray, so glad baby has gained weight, you must be so relieved now. Is your Mum back with you ? How are you doing ?
Goat, Anastasia really enjoys eating banana, she gets so excited when she sees me peeling one, then I thought, OMG what if she gets constipated ? I made banana and apple compote yesterday but she did not like it, spoon fed rather than finger food ? Or too much lemon juice in it ? Do you think baby goat may have had too much carb or protein causing tummy issue ?
Seaside, hope mastitis is a long gone memory. Anastasia is doing well. She sleeps all night and morning nap is out of the window.
VQ, I second Seaside on osteopathy. It worked wonders on Anastasia, she had trouble getting burps out, one session and it was over. In France, it is now offered as standard in most hospital and recommended during the first month.

bbd BG LOVES banana! But then he seems to love everything confused Added chicken stock to the veg today and he hoovered it. We do purées as he couldn't cope with lumpy stuff at first, but I am going to try a bit of finger food very soon. You could be right about too many carbs, although I also wondered about slight dehydration, as it is quite tricky to get him to drink milk. Fortunately there was more of that today, as well as water, so if that's the case it may be solved.
Hope I get more than 60 minutes sleep tonight.
Good nights ordered for all round! Delivery imminent.

blueblackdye Thu 21-Feb-13 19:56:51

Alert, big moan coming. I could have strangled DH tonight. 2 hours with DS who not only refused to listen but also cried, screamed, yelled and stomped. Of course Anastasia got scared and started crying too. I was dealing with cooking, bathing and comforting A. DH came back, late for the second week, told him that DS should not have his bedtime story reading tonight due to bad behaviour, repeated it to DS when he came to kissme good night, which he acknowledged, 2 secs later, DH read story. I really feel like less than shit. It has been the same old story for 4 years, I say white, he says black, no wonder why DS does not behave, why would he listen to me and do what I ask when his dad doesn't ? OMG, I am so angry. Arrrgggghhhhhh

bbd that would get me absolutely angry too and I would be having Words of a strong nature. That's tough to have to deal with.

eagleray Thu 21-Feb-13 21:29:53

BBD - gosh, that is so undermining - I feel really sorry for you, especially as you are so capable and clever with your childrearing skills. I have already experienced vaguely similar with DP and to me it feels like he's trying to assert some control over a situation in which he possibly feels a bit inferior (eg refusing to warm DD's formula, disagreeing on name etc). Sorry also that it's been going on so long for you sad

Loving the words 'she sleeps all night' - I will hold onto those in the hope that I will be enjoying similar in a few months' time!

I'm home alone this week, by the way (mum's visit was a one-off) and we are mostly coping, although the prospect of those wakeful nights really scare me (having said that, I don't think I have it as tough as some people as DD will sleep for 3 hours at a time)

Goat - great that Baby Goat loves all those foods! I was a big fan of bananas too when very small (and got one for dessert tonight)

You can pass the Bad Mummy badge to me to wear now - today I've taken Baby E out to her osteopathy appt totally underdressed for the weather - the poor thing was frozen by the time we got home (although I don't think I can take the blame for the lack of hat as it just kept on falling off). Then I managed to tip expressed breast milk all over the hall rug which has probably ruined it. Baby E has been in a sling all eve (in an attempt to thaw her out) and managed to cover her in nachos when I ate dinner blush

Seaside - grin at the boob out scenario - have nearly offered a boob to the poor postman... really must learn to contain myself as totally reliant on him for Ebay parcel deliveries...

ValiumQueen Fri 22-Feb-13 02:23:45

seaside I have heard good things about osteopathy. Expensive though but if it worked would be worth it. France seems so advanced in child health.

eagle I too am convinced about IV fluids and swollen thus heavier babies. LLL are hoping to get C section babies weighed 24 hours post delivery for baseline to allow for this. All three of mine have had difficulties regaining birth weight but have gone on to be chubby babies.

J seems to be getting better with his sleep, waking twice at night. After 120 nights though I am very bored of this game.

Midgetm Fri 22-Feb-13 09:23:41

BBD sorry DH is being such a nobber. Hugely inappropriate to undermine you like that and I would also be livid.

Weighing in on the IV debate. I also had them and DS also dropped over 10%. I was never that worried but did succumb to some of the guilt the HCP's were laying on me. Topped up twice then thought screw you, he's fine and ignored the scale police. Master midge now also chubby.

bytheseaside Fri 22-Feb-13 15:43:43

bbd grrrr! i would also be very cross and upset

midget iv thing makes sense of our drop from 50th to 9th centile after birth, she's been there consistently ever since, wish id known as had been feeling guilty about feeding.

vq i know not cheap. here in south costs £45 for initial long session for kids then £30 for 45 mins subsequently. one was enough to help a lot instantly, but 5 sessions so far every 2-3 weeks to get much more settled especially after jabs. does really add up. best money we've spent, but i know we were v lucky to be able to find the money. should be on nhs as so effective for babies and drug free. reflex, colic and general post-prem stressiness were making her and me miserable and exhausted before.

eaglray sling a lovely way to warm up. i think its so hard to get temp right. being too hot is worse for them, but so hard when inside/ outside in pramsuit and don't want to wake up from precious nap ...

lrm how's the napping today? naughty mummy backsliding today -baby sleeping on me for last hour as can't face the dashed hopes of a pram transfer when im so tired, andshes so lovely and cuddly ...

littleredmonkey Fri 22-Feb-13 19:52:48

Ok ladies please explain to me what this centile means. I can't get my head around it. Must be extra thick today. Ps any explanations please as if u are telling a child.
Ps knackered and need chocolate .If I haven't lost 2lbs this week after 4.5 hours of walking. X training and weights this week. No bloody treats in any shape or form I am going to be a mardy ginger lady.

littleredmonkey Fri 22-Feb-13 19:55:12

Bbh. Hubby is very naughty undermining you and I would be very pissed off too. If he asks you to do something next time do the complete opposite.

Midgetm Fri 22-Feb-13 20:30:55

LRM.. Here goes centile according to midget. If you are on the 9th centile 93% of babies are bigger. If you are on the 97th then only 3% are bigger and your baby is bigger than 97% of other babies. Or something like that. Here Endeth the lesson. I've just baked chocolate marmalade tart after seeing it at rick steins this week. I am a bad bad midget

blueblackdye Fri 22-Feb-13 21:49:41

Thank you Ladies. From your comments, I realise I was not over reacting. Eagleray, I will try to think about your interpretation when I am less upset. How is the name choice going ?
Eagle, Goat, the bad mummy episodes have cheered me up, aren't I bad ! We all do stupid things when lack of sleep and tiredness kick in. Don't feel too bad.
Midget, I have to move nearer to you, love your cooking !
Big hugs to all

bbd forget moving nearer midget I think we should move in with her!

Midgetm Fri 22-Feb-13 22:42:33

Next time we meet up I will bring a selection of baked goods...

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Feb-13 04:09:08

midget your maths is shocking! ;-)

seaside interesting about osteopathy. Will investigate.

About the foam things for in the bed to prevent rolling. Great for toddlers in beds but not for crawling babies as they would get over them easy. Got mine from amazon. Blue daisy I think. A word of warning, DD2 got hers out one night and bit little chunks off it. It now resembles a saw and the bedroom looked like it had snowed. I am just grateful she did not choke on it. Little bugger.

J has just slept 10 to 3.15 so I am hopeful things are on the up.

I need to start eating healthier and rejoin the weight loss thread.

Midgetm Sat 23-Feb-13 09:30:13

confused VQ is right about my maths, I blame a typo as normally my maths is tip top. VQ I have joined WW and normally I am very good but I just can't find the motivation. Need to get back on it and stop bloody baking.

LRM I will try again. If your baby is on 9th centile 91% of babies are bigger, the rest are smaller. I feel ashamed. And I dreamt about chocolate marmalade tart.

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Feb-13 10:55:10

Sorry midget that was very rude of me blush at the moment I feel all I have to enjoy is food, and very little time to make anything healthy. I also know while I am feeding baby my body will hold on to the blubber. When I stop it will melt away with little effort.

We have started giving J a bottle of formula each day, and at varying times. I would happily swap to ff completely, but will feed as long as I can. He is 4 months old now, so will be weaning in a few weeks so I am almost there. Things will get easier and I will encourage him to have formula from a cup when he can.

blueblackdye Sat 23-Feb-13 11:53:40

VQ is right about the foam thing. It should not be used for babies. For toddlers it is ok. I got Dreamtubes, basically it is a tube you blow for each side of the bed length way and the fitted sheet has 2 zips to keep these tubes in place. VQ, with these there is no risk of chewing nor choking on foam.
I either leave A in her cot or on the floor if I need to get out of the room, to me, it is the only way to prevent falling ! Wth these babies, one never knows when they start rolling back and forth... Now that she can roll from back to tummy, I get frustrated screams saying "Mum, help me to get back on my back, I am stuck"
Made a huge mistake yesterday: instead of taking A with me to pick up her brother at nursery, she usually falls asleep for 30 minutes, I left her at home with my cleaner, of course she did not sleep and was exhausted, she woke up at 9pm, then 10.30 then 11.15 and 4.30am.... Tired baby does not sleep well, lessn learnt !

Midgetm Sat 23-Feb-13 12:44:41

VQ no offence taken grin. I also think I need to stop feeding to stop this darn obsession with food.

BBD I also need to get midge to sleep if I am to get a good night. Glad you left A with cleaner, thought at first you just meant you left her and I was a bit hmm.

I add my plea for a good night. At the moment three hours sleep per night counts as a good amount. I thought weaning and ff was supposed to mean I have an angel baby who sleeps all night?? And doesn't spend it hurling himself around the cot (in his sleep) and making himself cry when he cannons into the bars? hmm

eagleray Sat 23-Feb-13 16:10:56

noooooo - please tell me the sleeping gets better!! Just up after spending second day in bed - am so over getting up and dressed now.

Midget - re leaving babies home alone, a few years ago when my neighbours had baby DS, they would often just give me the baby monitor to look after, then go to the pub (on the basis that the monitor would work through the wall into their house). Not something I'll be doing.. hmm

BadMissM Sat 23-Feb-13 16:53:10

In France, DD had a 'cale-bebe', literally a band with two foam cylinders that you could set to stop her rolling. Was told to do it by the hospital because her head was a bit squished on one side after the birth...

eagle um, the sleeping gets better?... I think I may just have a particularly recalcitrant sleeper. He makes up for it by being a great eater. I guess.
And did the monitor work through the wall?!!

badmissm if I restrain BG at all he goes completely nuts...

eagleray Sat 23-Feb-13 17:54:44

Well I never heard any cries on the monitor but he's a v healthy 8 yr old now...

bytheseaside Sat 23-Feb-13 20:06:22

oops sorry for misinforming about foam bumper things. I've got a lindam bed rail somewhere, but thats prob for older ones too - got it partly for toddlers coming to stay.

Eagle sleep does usually get easier for (most) babies bit by bit so you barely notice! But then there are dreadful weeks / couple of weeks every so on (optimistically known as 'wonder weeks') when all progress goes to sh**. We are having that right now. Baby s is getting stacks of sleep, but mainly in the day, or at night as long as surgically attached to milk supply and has full-scale tantrum if not, so I can't get any sleep grrrr. I think I feel some gentle sleep training coming on - I'm going to have to toughen up as I'm a pushover at the mo. Yep, getting up and dressed is a step too far for me too some days still! pjs that look a bit like clothes is the answer smile

poor goat - 3 hours is truly dreadful! Am reading harvey karp on sleep this week for some ideas to get over the bump - have you seen it? so far main tips seem to be white noise. Well, Ewan never had much effect except on me and dp, so not holding out much hope on that one. And swaddling - which caused her to showcase great escapology talent, and crossness.

midget you make such lovely food - seems a shame to diet ...

ValiumQueen Sat 23-Feb-13 22:02:07

Sleep depends on the baby. Both my girls slept through early - 6 and 7 weeks. J, however, does not do sleep particularly well. I have tried to do the same things with him, but he was having none of it.

eagleray Sat 23-Feb-13 22:34:18

Loving the pjs/clothes idea Seaside!

I think the freezing weather has driven me to my bed as much as the sleep deprivation has - roll on spring! In fact, I've been rather obsessed with warm weather these last few days and am taking the drastic step of tentatively planning a trip abroad in couple of months time - let's see how far I get with that!

VQ - you are so right about sleep depending on the baby - my mum always said that my sister was the 'bad' one and I was the 'good' one when it came to sleep and crying. Still trying to work out which one I've got - managed to get her off to sleep about 30 mins ago, but only after I let her play with my boobs for ages (she seemed to be fiddling rather than feeding, but whatever it takes...)

As for swaddling Seaside I was convinced Baby E would love it and bought a nice merino one for her before she was born but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and she has angrily wrestled her way out of that one, just like Baby S! Had better luck with the grobag this week as half the waking/crying seems to come from her kicking off blankets then sticking her feet out between the poppers of her babygros.

DP is finding the nights (when he's here) particularly hard - think he needs some sort of plan before the night starts so that he knows what's expected of him during the night, whereas I tend to just pass out as soon as Baby E is asleep, and then just work out what to do when she wakes up next!

Wishing everyone a peaceful night with at least 3 hours of sleep

bytheseaside Sun 24-Feb-13 12:21:08

eaglray going to bed in your actual clothes is also a good plan smile i used to do this in early days if hv coming early and i had noone to help me with baby s. hooray for comfy pg leggings. still wear them most days shock

eagleray Sun 24-Feb-13 13:33:20

ah yes, I recall sleeping in my clothes a couple of times in the early days - thought I was really clever!

Haven't moved out of maternity wear yet - it's all about the stretchy, comfy clothes. Mother has just been on the phone and asked if I have lost any more weight and if my tummy has got smaller confused she seems to be a bit fixated on my weight as she never stops going on about it!

Meanwhile, DP is studying a Gina Ford book he was given by a colleague to see if he can get Baby Eagle trained up in a military stylee. Oh dear.

bytheseaside Mon 25-Feb-13 01:37:51

sad i don't like gina either. maybe ostentatiously read a gentle alternative ...

up late again. baby seaside asleep in my arms. now all i have to do is transfer her without waking. have fed all evening, really can't face startng yet again, but have a feeling this may take hours

bucks fizz for breakfast in snug tomorrow please

littleredmonkey Mon 25-Feb-13 08:12:40

I have opened the bucks fizz for you all. I dont drink but pouring coordinator is my role. Dylan woke every hour last night so feel like crap. Weigh day at the clinic as well so glad to go for a walk. Raining but dont care.
Ladies I have been a good girl and lost 26lbs since new years day. Eagle I did not think weight or diet for three months I hardly had time to put my knickers on. You do it when you are ready no one else. Gina ford is depressing. Makes you think you are doing everything wrong. I threw it away. Go with your heart and soul and common sense honey xxx
Goat and bythesea. Sending the sleep fairy to both your homes. Leave the window open so she can get it in xx

eagleray Mon 25-Feb-13 12:27:04

Oh dear Seaside - I hope you managed to salvage some sleep after the feed-a-thon last night.

LRM - well done on the weight loss - that's fantastic! I weighed again today and no change from last time - at least I haven't gained anything...

We had a bit of a day yesterday with Baby E crying all day, and the only thing that would pacify her was noise and a dummy, and even that was short-lived. Then I realised that she had been getting progressively worse over a few days. Rang NHS direct, and one thing led to another and we found ourselves taking her to hospital at midnight. Strangely though, as soon as we set off in the car, she passed out like a light! The doc thought she seemed in good health apart from an inflamed ear, which might be causing her some irritation/pain, so gave me Calpol to give to her. Didn't need it in the end as she slept really well overnight (waking just for feeding then dropping off again) but at least if the problem returns I can do something this time.

DP v depressed about the Gina book - he has realised she would never be able to conform to a strict regime so has given up already. Hurrah.

Baby E is 4 weeks old today and over the last few days she's been making some attempts to smile at me. However, the only time she does this is when I'm changing her! What on earth is going on here? This morning, it was a definite grin - she was lying there, pooey nappy at her feet and her face just lit up. But the rest of the time she doesn't bother to try and smile - has anyone else had this? confused

scarecrow22 Mon 25-Feb-13 13:03:15

Be gads Eagle you are one courageous lady. Many people don't leave the house before 6 weeks, let alone worry about Gina and dieting. Please give yourself some slack. I realise it is tempting to get control back but if you set unrealistic targets you will end up getting run-down, frustrated and possibly down.
Politely tell your mother to not mention your weight - it would be awful if you tried to diet and It affected your milk supply. Tbh if I were you I would eat sensibly - ie some of everything, 3 good meals a day and mix up treats with healthy snacks, drink lots of water and in a few months you'll find you and Baby E are sleeping better, getting out more and either the weight will be coming off gently and surely, or you can think about watching what you eat and your activity if you need.
As for baby books check out a few and then pick the bits that work for you. I did 40pc Baby Whisperer, 10pc Giba and 50pc instinct/trial & error. For example i tried to get DD to go 3 hours between feeds and v slowly stretched that to 4: if she cried I checked nappy, change of scene, maybe a song or two; if she still cried I let her suck my finger in case she wanted a comfort suck (v often case), and if she still cried (not often) I fed her- sod the time police! DD was happier, i was more relaxed, she was more chilled...and so it went around the circle. We had bad days, sure, but my dominant memory was a relaxed baby because I learned to see patterns and warning signs rather than force us both into some artificial routine. One day I found we had a routine -though it always evolves - one we had found ourselves.

Sorry to sound so hideously bossy. I'm sure your mum is lovely and DP's colleague well-meaning (some pple thrive on Gina) - but her questions are v unhelpful, and actually potentially will make things worse.
Plus I feel so hideously giddy I'm barely functioning so not in usual polite mode hmm

Take such good care of you and babyE xx

blueblackdye Mon 25-Feb-13 13:19:11

Eagle, talk to her, tell her what you do, things like I am going to take your nappy off, wiping your bottom now, putting red sock on your chubby left foot.... smile at her, exagerate your facial expressions, you will see that she will soon reply back with smiles or babbling. I know, don't listen to yourself, I sometimes say silly things and would not behave like that ifthere were someone else inthe room with me, but hey I am alone with A most of the time !
Re GF there are a few tips that I use but I don't follow strictly her routine and her way of doing things, I found her potty training book interesting though, I think it is good to read a few books on parenting and try whatever sounds right, each parent has his/her own style, each baby is different, if there were one unique way of raising kids, well I have not heard yet from it !
A has been regressing lately, waking up in the middle of the night, refusing to settle by herself, I just follow her pace, getting upset does not make any differene ! Last night was awful, DS woke up at 2 with fever, A woke up at 10 pm then 11.30, then 3am, 4.30 and 6.45 ! I hope she now naps for 2 hours so that I can rest a bit too.
We have introduced fish (skate wings) yesterday and chicken today. And bread with poppy seed ! She seems to enjoy spice, cumin, oregano, poppy seed... Not a blink. I find easier to spoon feed her while she holds finger food. I can tell from her poo that there is a reasonnable amount getting in. Weighing her at the end of the week, 7 months already ! Definitiely Ditched 6 months clothing.

blueblackdye Mon 25-Feb-13 13:34:17

Eagle, I meant to say as well, don't worry too much about weight, I have not done anything specific, just eating sensibly, 2 or 3 meals a day, 1/3 protein, 1/3 carb, 1/3 veggies cooked or raw and cheese or yogurt, some days with healthy or less healthy snacks, biscuits or homemade cakes, fruits, plenty of water, a very little bit of working out, actually just walking tbh ! Going up and down the stairs 20 times a day. Almost 7 months, I am 1kg less than pre pg weight. No rush, you need energy for BF. And I am convinced BF does help lose weight. Slowly but eventually.

eagleray Mon 25-Feb-13 13:47:14

BBD - that's kind of what I do at the moment, ie a silly commentary when she's having her nappy changed (think it's almost second nature as hope to talk her out of a meltdown in response to being naked!)

Your nighttime wakenings sound worse than mine! I find I fear the night ahead as really dread being woken out of a deep sleep, but then it's generally never that bad when it actually happens. Last night we didn't get to bed til 1am (but she slept from 11pm) then was awake at 4am, 6.30am then 9.30am. But of course it seems to vary a lot each night. I don't know how you cope with 2 little ones - I can't imagine going through all this again!! Hope DS is feeling a bit better now?

Anastasia is enjoying a very sophisticated diet - I hope this means she will appreciate all sorts of foods as she grows up. There is definitely something sad about moving on from a clothing size - Baby E has outgrown her newborn things and I find myself going through them selecting which ones I'll keep as souvenirs!

Scarecrow - thanks for your kind words. DM rather cleverly manages to lace these conversations re my weight with mentions of things she's knitted for the baby so it makes it harder to challenge her over her comments (could she really be doing this on purpose??)

I really should be looking at some baby books and getting some ideas but I really feel as if my brain has been stolen right now and can't seem to take in much beyond Homes Under The Hammer on tv each morning blush

I will PM you as been thinking of you but very hard to converse on the 40+ thread these days as it moves so fast (but so nice to see so many people having fun on there!)

BadMissM Mon 25-Feb-13 20:15:59

I did ridicolous bilingual commentary of everything with DD...ex-H said people would think I was mad..but once you've got over the embarrassment is fine!!!

BadMissM Mon 25-Feb-13 20:16:15

er...ridiculous, even....

scarecrow22 Mon 25-Feb-13 21:06:09

Smiling (with a bit if hormonal tearfulness smarting!) at running commentaries. I did that and sang songs - ditties I remembered, ones I vaguely remembered and learned off google, ones I made... Like you I found it kept things calm, esp if DD was going to voice an objection. She is super chatty now - the risk you take wink another great benefit.

Also don't remember my DD smili g at all before 5 weeks, and not regularly/ on demand for ages. She ia a v cheerful soul. They are all different in timing and personality.

BBD esp like bi-lingual commentary. I sometimes talked to DD in French or Portuguese as she liked the change of tone. A Brazilian acquaintance came over one day and said "Es Una princessa, e as princessas nao choram" (*) in the lovely song-songy way brazilians talk and she was mesmerised. Worked for months !
( * "you are a princess, and princesses don't cry")

Hope you don't mind me gate-crashing so much. Is helping me get my head into baby space smile

blueblackdye Mon 25-Feb-13 22:04:23

Scarecrow, I like your stories, very cute, keep them coming.
BadMiss, with DS, I spoke VietNamese when on my own with him, now he mixes French English and/or Viet Namese, very funny to listen sometimes, esp when he invents his own words, the other day he asked me to tie a knot and said "Maman, est ce que tu peux me tailler le lacet?" It took me 20 sec to understand he combined to tie and verbe a l infinitif ER - tie-er .... Or playing with his cousins "tu dois le die-er, le mechant"
Eagle, yes I hope my culinary efforts will pay off and she won't be a fussy eater, we shall see ! wink
DS went straight to bed after nursery. 6pm, he was fast asleep, with a bit of fever. Fingers crossed it s just tiredness. Just checked, he does not seem to have temperature anymore.
Hope we all sleep well and for a long time tonight.

<crawls onto thread and waves feebly>

<goes to crawl back off then discovers floor is lovely and comfy and falls gently asleep in the middle of lots of lovely conversation>

bytheseaside Tue 26-Feb-13 11:38:01

Poor goat ! We will help you onto comfy sofa

bbd aaah your ds and cute language!

scarecrow you are welcome in here smile love the princess thing, and wish i could do a Brazilian accent

eagleray don't worry about baby books. i buy them then don't get chance to read them ... advice on here is as good

eagleray Tue 26-Feb-13 23:42:27

Poor you, Goat - hope you have the strength to come back again soon. Meanwhile, I hope you're getting lots of rest.

BBD - hope your very clever multi-lingual DS is feeling better now

Scarecrow - am reassured by what you said about your DD not smiling til 5 weeks. I had another enigmatic smile this morning during nappy changing then mostly glaring for the rest of the day nothing to do with the woollen hat I tied onto her head Lovely to see you on here by the way - I gatecrashed loads before Baby Eagle arrived as think it was an important part of the preparations for my new life!

Today I walked into town with baby in sling - overall a success as she didn't fall out and we managed to do some food shopping and also visit an art gallery! I felt vaguely like a human, but then got really hot and tired walking around so treated myself to a bus trip home and then went to bed.

Got my 6 week check coming up in a couple of weeks - feeling a bit depressed about the episiostomy as it still feels a bit funny sad I guess these things take a bit longer than a month to feel normal again?

blueblackdye Wed 27-Feb-13 12:36:35

Eagle, yes episiotomy can slow things down a bit, but 6 weeks in the scale of things is not that long smile You must be proud of getting into town with a 4 week old baby, at that age I did not go anywhere with A, except to the paediatrician !
Well done.
Goat, has baby G agreed with A to be difficult at night ? i think it is a conspiracy
against their Mums. Last night I had to hold her from 8.45pm to 1.30am, it has never been that bad, I tried to put her down several times, awake and sleepy, nothing worked. Of course this morning she woke up at 10.30 ! I don't know when she managed to make me feed her to sleep. But anyhow, I have decided that from now on, she will have to relearn to fall asleep on her own. Starting now, at nap time, at the moment I can hear her playing in her cot and calling me softly.
I have given rice today to A. As I suspected, she is ready for lumpy food, she liked it, opening her mouth wide. But I am still scared of choking.
Work-wise, something has come up, part time bookkeeper and accountant freelance position that could lead to a permanent job, hopefully part time, it is a start up, my former MD has recommended me to these people. I have to look at hourly rate and freelance. Any one has knowledge on freelance ? Advice of any kind is welcome.

blueblackdye Wed 27-Feb-13 12:44:02

Also had a long talk with DH. Managed to stay calm and keep a neutral voice. I think he got it this time that I am a Mum and also a person who deserves respect and support. We agreed on how to tackle some tantrums from DS. 3 first steps: getting dressed by himself in the morning, taking bath after nursery when Mummy says so, falling asleep by himself after book and cuddle. 3 stars a day for a week and he will have a treat on Sunday... He wants a rocket !
DS is feeling better, runny nose and coughing but no more fever... I now have to make sure he does not share his germs with his sister!

scarecrow22 Wed 27-Feb-13 14:28:30

Bbd, well done in the firm, calm chat. Trying to remember how old your DS is- 4? From language def older than my Dd... I was wondering about a star chart for her. Like you would start with positive actions (rather than 'not negatives', which I imagine children find a lot harder to understand).
My sister once read something that interested me: that children take years to understand negative instructions - they tend to hear the 'thing' rather than the "not" - so to try and make instructions 'positive', as in "stay on the pavement" rather than "don't go in the road". No idea if 'scientific', but it makes sense to me.

Eagle grin at description of a successful trip being one where LO does not fall out of sling! Am in awe at your trip. What was gallery exhibition?

Goat, poor poor you. Has it got to point where you can call in proper help - get DP to take time off work and help? Call in a relative? I imagine if you went to Gp they would send you to bed - try that if needed? Anyway, thinking of you and so hope things turn soon.

scarecrow22 Wed 27-Feb-13 14:32:14

PS BBD think Somewhere on the mums-to-be thread is freelance in writing reports etc area, so should have wise advice. Another newer member, CycleCamper, also a nanny taking on odd short jobs at mo so poss also a 'freelance'?

blueblackdye Wed 27-Feb-13 14:37:26

Scarecrow, I will talk to CycleCamper, thank you.wink

scarecrow22 Wed 27-Feb-13 15:23:35

Just realised "Somewhere" not obviously a poster, but she is. I think been freelance for a while. Good luck x

blueblackdye Thu 28-Feb-13 19:56:28

Goat, how are you doing ? Is it getting easier ?
How is every one else ? And the LOs ?
A is 7 months tomorrow, gosh, time has gone so quickly. DS cried tonight because he wanted to be 10 ! What he does not know is that he will be 10 before he realises. I want him to stay my little boy but he is already so grown up. Since Sunday we have trained him to fall asleep on his own, he has to pick a book, reads it on his own, we then come to kiss good night, switch off the light and go. Tonight DH has a work drink, I am on my own, DS has been a good boy and is now fast asleep while I feed A. I can't believe he followed the instructions without protesting. I m so proud of him. I know it seems very casual but from where we came, it is a huge massive improvement. I have to remember to tell him in the morning how proud I am.
Hope I will manage to put A down as easily as that too.
Mr Sandman, please come to all our houses and work your magic on our babies and us.

eagleray Thu 28-Feb-13 22:21:47

Bless your DS BBD - of course he will grow up so quickly. Sounds like you have a fab bedtime routine with him - you've got every right to be proud! I hope DH has improved his behaviour too now?

I'm finding the days are going so fast - very little time to do anything between the feeds and nappy changes. High points this week have been a visit from a sling consultant today who showed me how to tie a soft wrap sling confidently. Also had a visit from a friend last night who had a MMC after several rounds of ivf around the time baby eagle was born. I was devastated for her (she's 43 so you can imagine how tough things have been for her) but she's trying to be positive - it also made me appreciated Baby E that much more as often it can be hard to be positive about things when you get so tired.

This afternoon, we have both passed out on the sofa under a velvet blanket while A Place in the Sun plays on the tv - heaven!

BF seems to be improving - have cut the formula by a little bit and milk production seems to be going up quite a bit. Can certainly express a lot more in a shorter time period, which is exciting! And we've had another weight gain this week - Baby E is tracking the 50th percentile perfectly now, which gives me great confidence in the slightly haphazard feeding routine we have!

Hope you are all having a restful evening

blueblackdye Thu 28-Feb-13 22:41:37

Oh oh Eagle, I am so happy for you, you are doing so well, baby E is thriving, this is fantastic news. Poor friend of yours, she must be devastated, I can't find any word and can only imagine how hard it must be. Tell her not to lose hope. There is a 40+ ttc thread on here, I think.

blueblackdye Thu 28-Feb-13 22:42:42

Yes, DH behaves better too. I m glad that peace is back at home !

bytheseaside Thu 28-Feb-13 23:30:03

hello smile we're fine too! very sleepy day today after busy day yesterday. Also seem to be feeding at least hourly

good work baby eagle and bbd's little boy

blueblackdye Sat 02-Mar-13 21:45:49

Good evening Ladies, time flies so quickly, hardly have a sec to post. How are you all doing ? Nothing to report on my side.
Weighed A, she is 7 months and 7.74kg, slightly above the 50th centile, all normal. She is definitively happy to eat lumpy food, still enjoys chewing brocolis florets, had egg noodles with sesame oil, salmon, avocado, fusili this week. I find it hard to find menu ideas. Or is it because my brain is frozen or out of order !!! She seems to have cut down her milk intake too, of course I don't know for sure as she is still BF. but she spends less time on breast at lunch time and 3.30/4pm. This is very new for me as DS was mix-fed. Can't remember which bottle he dropped first.
Lost 1.5 kg of pre pg weight, I just don't enjoy food as much as before! What is wrong with me?
Off to bed. Good night all

eagleray Mon 04-Mar-13 20:49:26

Gosh - bit quiet in here of late?

I hope everyone is busy resting or sleeping peacefully smile

Great to hear that the adventures in food are continuing for Anastasia, BBD

Seaside - hope the hourly feeding has subsided!

We've had quite a busy day - drove to a shopping mall at lunchtime and managed a BF session sat in the car park, accompanied by a takeaway latte and cake! I forgot the changing bag though and while we were at the till in Boots Baby E managed to do an almighty fart and poo session which stunk the place out!

This afternoon we went for a nice walk in the woods with the sling (have had a lesson from a sling consultant now in tying it so Baby E wasn't in danger of falling out this time). It's funny how people respond to seeing a baby in sling - lots of smiles and a few people chatted to me in the park too - bit like having a dog I suppose..

Looks like we will have a few new joiners soon as there's rather a lot of due dates this month - looking forward to seeing the newbies on here!

blueblackdye Tue 05-Mar-13 10:54:21

It is indeed very quiet on here. Also hope it means rest and sleep for every one. On my side, A has been very difficult to settle lately. We had a better night yesterday but she did wake up a few times to feed, every 4 hours, just like a newborn ! Had DS slept, I would have had slept better!
But it is glorious today so we are out for a long walk in the Heath. Gosh, so many Mums with LO around here....
We ought to organise a meet up this month, before Goat resumes to work.
Hugs to every one

eagleray Tue 05-Mar-13 11:17:21

A meet-up would be a great idea - I like to think I might be able to come along to this one!! (not sure if that is too ambitious a plan but I am stupidly optimistic at times!)

We are off for a walk later today too - weather is lovely here so we're going to go into town and visit some tourist attractions (nice thing to do on mat leave as normally don't get the chance!)

Baby E slept from 1am til 5am last night - had made a big effort to get her well-fed in the hours before midnight and it paid off! We still don't have that much of a routine though. It must be hard to go back to 4 hourly when you're not used to it.

Baby E's smiling skills are going from strength to strength - she still grins manically at nappy-changing time, and I've started treating her to a few minutes with no clothes on as she loves it so much (thought babies were meant to hate this but there you go). This morning she treated me to a non-nappy changing smile which was lovely - there's no confusing it with wind now!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine today

BadMissM Tue 05-Mar-13 12:08:48

Hello ladies, just popping in to reassure myself there is life after pg! Ages to go for me yet!

Just need to get through stupid Tribunal before LO born..... Do not want it hanging over my head ruining everything as it has done for last 5 years...

bbd DD was really funny when we first moved back...she would say things like 'I did do it' 'I did say it' for je l'ai fait or je l'ai dit', and make infinitives from English verbs like French ones...

Still not really met any nice mums-to-be around here...it's hard work meeting people. Hoping when I go to NCT classes I will....

You all sound like you're doing amazingly...I can't wait!

Having the freakiest dreams....last night, dreamt I had a little girl (who told me she wanted to be called Maelys!)... will hopefully find out tomorrow, as I have scan!

blueblackdye Tue 05-Mar-13 12:37:00

BadMiss, my niece is called Maelys, beautiful in French but in English, can sound strange ! Good luck for the scan tomorrow

somewherebecomingrain Tue 05-Mar-13 17:36:45


C-section set for 4th April so am officially lurking. Hello bbd, Valium queen, littleredmonkey, bytheseaside - are knotty hair and fjord about? These ladies helped me through that awful first three months.

Hello to all those Ive not met.

Eagle bbd so soothed by your posts esp those small (epic) sleep triumphs. Just need to hear the voices of those on the other side as starting to get the fear!


somewherebecomingrain Tue 05-Mar-13 17:39:07

And midgetm! You used to make me laugh


Midgetm Tue 05-Mar-13 19:04:26

I lost you all confused I've found you again (thanks LRM). Will catch up properly later x

blueblackdye Tue 05-Mar-13 22:32:59

Hello Midget, what have you baked lately ? Make us hungry ! smile
Somewhere, 4th April, less than a month ! Looking forward to having you and LO.
Goat, Seaside, VQ, hope your LO started to behave sleepwise. My little A has definitively forgotten how to fall asleep by herself. I have not got the strenght to train her again.... LRM, I need your strong will on this.
Eagle, how was sightseeing this afternoon ?

littleredmonkey Wed 06-Mar-13 08:22:48

Bbd. Hey honey. Ah little Anastasia bless her. I have not be to great last week but back with a vengeance. Bloody fecking hv. When I went to weigh Dylan I said struggling with day naps and feeding before naps. Not now changed to after she was oh you shouldn't be doing that. No solution so got quite down but ok now. I feed him after now and have taken a chill pill and when he wants to nap we go at Dylan's pace if it takes ages so be it. I still cuddle do routine and put him down awake he grumbles I only pick up on crys then settle then put down takes on average one or two. He is half asleep when he goes down so he is learning slowly. Bbd she will find her way again twinkle just get a large glass of wine at the end of the day
Went to a baby group yesterday in the village very good. Got pictures and a scrap book to fill in. Thumbs up council they can do stuff well. Staff fab. So going to cut out robot shapes today to use as a theme.
Hi to all. Glad you found the way midget.
Eagle. Sounds like baby e is coming on a treat. All those stressful first few weeks have melted away.
Lost 2 stone ladies oh and a pound so quite chuffed. More still to go but super focused on my size 12 goal

littleredmonkey Wed 06-Mar-13 08:32:17

Badmiss. Oh how exciting scan day. Let us know how you get on. Waddle back and share! !! The fear I remember it but dont let it spoil things for you. I use to wake for hours at night worrying thinking back u should have chilled more. You will get looked after in your mat ward. Yes you will shit yourself but they have done it millions of times relax and get that blue /pink blanket ready. Baby m is coming very soon. Summer walk with your pram proud of your little one looking up at mummy and you can say I did that thats my little baby.

eagleray Wed 06-Mar-13 15:52:31

good luck with the scan BadmissM

welcome Somewhere - great to see you here. Won't be long til you are officially on board this thread!

BBD - sightseeing didn't happen in the end as once we had had lunch in a cafe, I felt I had done enough! We will go another day though (finding a daily outing great for fitness and sanity)

LRM - well done on the 2 stone weight loss! Sorry you felt down after speaking to HV - do whatever works for you

Midget - looking forward to hearing your updates and baking stories!

We had quite a bad night last night - lots of waking/feeding, but I did manage to sleep long enough to have a horrible dream where I boarded a bus with both my boobs out blush

We walked into town today and I met a friend for coffee, then did a bit of shopping. Got home to find the front door open - luckily hadn't been burgled... Also the cake I bought for lunch had fallen out of the pram sad - more upset about that than I am about the door being open. Maybe it was meant to be - stuffing one's self with baked goods is not condusive to weight loss apparently.

Hello all. I have been lurking for ages thanks to horrendous nights. Three hours per night has been a good night sad but two of the last three nights have not been bad at all, despite resorting to cosleeping, so vague humanness is back on the horizon.
Six weeks into weaning and Kid has finally realised that he can pick up his own food and put it in his mouth. If he can't get it there however, he just squishes it all over his hand and licks it off! He is also determined to spoon feed himself so there are some interesting moments as we co-manoeuvre various purees into his mouth via something resembling a mutant face pack. Current finger food favourites are pear and toast. Current purée favourites - well, anything, really, though mango and banana, and sweet potato mixed with chicken stock seem to disappear fairly rapidly.
So unfortunately Kid has been really unwell for a little while, hence the bad nights I guess. His eczema is driving him nuts, thiugh the Aveeno lotion the hospital pharmacy finally got in today seems to wt least soothe it, and he has had D&V pretty thoroughly. Still has the D bit actually, and we are suspecting a dairy intolerance. As formula currently seems to exit as rapidly as it enters (sorry tmi!). Also wheezy all the time and really stuffed up at night poor thing. All a bit of a worry, especially a whole week of diarrhoea. Went to see the HV today, who was just crap - lrm I am so anti at the moment that I would probably automatically suggest doing the opposite of any advice! (Don't feed to sleep? Why bloody not? We sometimes do and sometimes don't. Much less than we did. Didn't cause a reliance at all.) we have an appointment next week (though not with Kid's lovely paediatrician) so will see what happens there. I had to cancel a KIT day on Monday as couldn't leave him with childminder. It was supposed to be his trial day. Oh well. He still seems pretty happy during the day, and is full on practising rocking on all fours prior to crawling. Also loves standing up! So plenty of energy there I think!
bbd oh my, are BG and Anastasia in consultation on how to make our nights a misery? I hope things are improving for you!
bad missm hope you enjoyed your scan. Tell us all!
somehwere welcome! On the big countdown now.
eagle is young Eaglet named?
Hello to midget seaside vq scarecrow and anyone else I have forgotten in my addled state.
Oh yes and a meet up would be lovely! Somewhere that it doesn't matter that BG is incapable of sitting still for longer than two seconds would be good... hmm

I offer white chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Hope to make a cherry pie tomorrow to use up the kirsch soaked cherries currently languishing in the fridge.

BadMissM Wed 06-Mar-13 21:11:27

Just to say, scan all brilliant, somographer great and looked at EVERYTHING and explained EVERYTHING.

I'm having a little baby boy!!!

badmissm hooray! Lovely news smile now for all the exciting planning!

Might have to rethink that name though! grin

scarecrow22 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:24:12

Wow BadMiss how amazing!! Just so filled with thanks and relief for you. What an adventure. And you can always call your lovely DD your special girl now smile Enjoy the relief and joy with family. Sleep tight x

blueblackdye Wed 06-Mar-13 22:28:20

Genial BadMiss ! So happy for you ! And so happy you had a wonderful sonographer, at last one brilliant appointment for you ! Have you thought about boy's name yet ? There is no male version for Maelys as fas as I know smile
Goat, sorry to hear that you had such stressful time, I think our kids have agreed silently last time we met to make our nights difficult ! But hey, they will get bored soon, keep our fingers crossed ! Your cherry pie sounds delicious. I might move in with you too. A few days with Midget, a few days with you.
We had 2 not too bad nights, with A waking up only once around 11.30pm and sleeping then until 7/7.30am, DS has been feverish, so my nights are still quite broken but I am confident we will get there soon.
LRM don't let hv put you down, you are doing brilliantly, D looks so grown up, sitting so straight in his highchair, he and A have the same haircut smile thanks for your support re naps. I will try to get out of the house around her nap time, she does now fall asleep in the buggy, as Scarecrow said, doing so at least I won't feed nor rock her to sleep but I'd rather have her in her cot which I think is much more comfortable... And I could sleep too.
My neighbours are very noisy tonight, if one of my kids wakes up, there will be murder, I can tell you ....
Sleep tight cute LOs and wonderful Mums

littleredmonkey Thu 07-Mar-13 07:20:30

Badmiss. Lovely news honey. A little man. name ideas please? Oh the decorating the clothes. Lots of exciting mummy stuff to do. Right chuffed for ya. Thats me up North chat.
Goat. Big hug and fairy sleep dust for you all. Poor Mathew bless him but lord lady he is eating and wow trying to walk very impressed. Hope his exema clears up I have it so I know how annoying it is for me. Big hugs to him
Bbd. Hope Anastasia is ready to let you have a good night and ds is feeling better
Need midget to set up the snug with some baked goods. I am shite at cooking so will pop to Selfridges and get something for us all. Shall we redecorate the snug I am thinking a tropical beach theme. Mini tents for little ones no sun just a warm breeze.

littleredmonkey Thu 07-Mar-13 07:32:52

Baby monkey last night in his Moses basket. His head is hitting the top now. Big boys cot. He is 5 months today. Any tips ladies

Ooh yes to the tropical beach, can we have some Caribbean Sea to swim in please?
Learned to make supersonic mojitos in Cuba. Also perhaps pavlova is good warm weather material? Naturally being Antipodean I am a pavlova queen!

scarecrow22 Thu 07-Mar-13 10:51:40

LRM - will babyM be in same room? If crib not yet in cot, maybe do that for 2 or 3 nights. Then important he feels snug still - if you don't swaddle him put in sleep bag and ten maybe put a sheet or cellular blanket over him, across ways, so you can tuck in tight under mattress. I moved DD for her best nap first. And if cot is in a diff room spent some extra time in there playing etc.
ime this often easier than you fear, and if he needs resettling a couple of times in first nights don't worry, as long as he gets no "treats" like cuddles and songs (just retuck, han on tummy maybe) he'll soon get used to it.
Bless your big little boy. (And do get a pic of his first night in big cot - then when he moves into a proper bed (!) you can compare!!)
Good luck x

BadMissM Thu 07-Mar-13 11:56:06

We have no boys names at all. DH arguing for Beowulf.... I'd better get thinking :-)

Beowulf grin
How about Thor?...

blueblackdye Thu 07-Mar-13 13:49:02

Yes, warrior name for little boy, mark, darius, alexander....

somewherebecomingrain Thu 07-Mar-13 16:26:49

scarecrow what amazing parenting advice! I've been using the 'positive instructions' thing since you said it - it does work. I always wondered why when I said 'find something else to do' he always would obey! But never 'stop that'.

I have no newborn parenting advice as a) so long ago (ds now 4) and b) he was the most awful sleeper -woke 5 or six times a night till he was 9 months then a sort of two steps forward one step back controlled crying stumble towards improvement which culminated in... Cosleeping! Which was the best sleep ever.

eagle so gorgeous to hear about baby eagle's first smiles. How are you feeling now? That wrap almost sounds like a person it's such a big part of your life would you recommend it?

bbd wow 11-7.30 at seven months? Any secrets or just that's how it panned out?

goatbongos your situation actually reminds me of me. I hope you are getting support and I do think if cosleepibg works and nothing else does do it do it do it. What is the story behind your extraordinary name?

I am out tonight! Without BG!!!! shock
I feel as if I have forgotten something. grin

somewhere my name arises from me playing the bodhran... My sister calls it Irish bongos and my DH calls it goat whacking, so a mix of the two!

BG is now definitely mobile. His crawling tactic consists of legs forward - flop on tummy - arms forward - resume all fours position - repeat ad infinitum. Slow but effective! I am reminded of Dr Nefario in Despicable Me...

littleredmonkey Thu 07-Mar-13 19:57:00

Hey scarecrow. Thanks. Have washed all new bedding ready. Just put him to sleep in his basket at night for the final time. Head stuck on the top. His crib is in his room. No space in our bedroom. He has been sleeping in his basket in his crib for a few weeks so he knows the smell of the room. Dropped the basket in the crib so he can see the bars this last week. Sleeps very well. Bed at 7ish then wakes once or twice for a feed and rise and shine at 6:30 ish so not to bad for a five month old. I have been putting him in his sleeping bag for months so very use to it. I have cellular blanket ready and top blanket. Will tuck him in tight. Not swaddled since week 3.
I have everything crossed. Early night as he was shite at naps today. Had to take him out three times so thats about 3 hours of walking with him in his carry cot. Plus he has not had a poo since Saturday. Lord it is going to be a monster!!! Went to the chemist and got some drops to help things move on abit.

scarecrow22 Thu 07-Mar-13 22:19:56

LRM - what a pro! Hope it goes well - really sounds like you will not have a problem.

Somewhere - glad we are migrating here about the same time smile Happy birthday, btw (for today or yesterday, in case you are now having a wild celebration...or better still asleep).

Goat - lots of sympathy for lack of sleep. How you are staying sane I have no idea. I have half a memory that prem babies are harder to get into "good" (from mummy's pov) sleep patterns - am I right? Is that part of the problem do you think. Somewhere's son sounds lovely so I'd be inclined to listen to her. Though much as I love the idea if co- sleeping the reality with my DD is ghastly restlessness, punctuated with her trying to strike up conversation every few hours. Girls: chatter-bloomin-boxes.

Waves to you all and your amazing sounding babies (and culinary skills) x

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 08:28:51

Hey scarecrow made my day and filled me full of confidence for this evening thanks twinkle xxx

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 09:04:03

Slice of cheese cake anyone? Midget get those fab cooking skills of yours on the go honey! !!
Morning to all. VQ. Bbd. Scarecrow. Ff. Bythesea. Goat. Badmiss. Somewhere. Midget. Eagle. Knotty and fylord

scarecrow of course, you are so right about prems and sleep and I keep forgetting to factor this in. I remember it but it doesn't gel on my brain! Apparently prems can mostly do active sleep until 8 months adjusted. confused great! Only 2 1/2 months to go...
Oh, and BG is a chatterbox already too! Doesn't really do quiet and retiring grin

lrm pass that cheesecake along! What kind is it?

scarecrow22 Fri 08-Mar-13 14:00:27

Honestly, poor babyG. Good thing I'm here to stick up for him wink

LRM - let us know how it goes. And remember, if you put him down full of confidence he will be confident and relax. Also where is your name from??

Eagle - I second Somewhere: would love I know more about your wrap (and the consultant!)

Cheesecake is my favourite and my best, as Lola would say. Mmm-mm.

Waves to all. X

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 14:12:36

Heh scarecrow. Name well I have a soft spot for orangutans. I adopted one in Borneo. Dp bought me a stuffed one and over the last 12 year's goes on every holiday. He has seen Egypt. Hong Kong. America. All over UK. Even taken him for safety on works trips. Also I have ginger hair like an orangutan so thought it fitting. Well except the little bit working on that but I am 5ft 11" !!

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 14:18:28

Goat. Cheese cake is laced with sleeping power. Made it for you and Mathew has a special puree of carrot chicken stock and special sleeping dust so he will gently drop to sleep at 7 and wake at 7ish give or take 10 mins. All refreshed to see mummy.
Cheese cake for me would be anything especially lemon with a bloody massive dolp of ice cream none of this restaurant stuff where you get a moulded table spoons worth. I want half the tub maybe more not sure see how I get on. You would think I haven't any sugar lately

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 19:29:01

Baby monkey is in his crib! !! Big day for him. He looks so tiny in it. I put him in awake tucked him in nice a snuggly. In sleeping bag. Feet bottom of the bed. He sucked his thumb spread his arms out and dropped off. Very happy mummy and daddy. Fingers crossed he has a lovely sleep. Bless my little guy.

littleredmonkey Fri 08-Mar-13 19:29:34

Yes I cried buckets.

blueblackdye Fri 08-Mar-13 19:46:57

LRM, this is wonderful ! You are doing an amazing job, lady. You can be proud.
Goat, how was your outing without baby G ? Did you enjoy ?
I sometimes leave A to my cleaner to pick up DS, I feel strange though, it is like a part of me is missing ! How stupid, I m gone only for 30min !!!
Taking DS to climbing wall tomorrow and A to John Lewis for a cast of her hand and footprint.
Have a job interview on Monday.
Like the tropical setting, will bring tropical fruits, coconut juice, grilled gambas and sardines with lime and chilli dressing. To counter effect the grilled sardine smell, Cuban cigars on the beach at sunset !

Awwww lrm such a milestone! Fingers crossed indeed for a lovely night's sleep.

BG is still pingily awake. Having had shite naps all day. Fought sleep for three hours this afternoon, then when had dropped off, British Gas rang on a sales call and woke him up. angry Just as well the guy on the end of the phone wasn't in the room with me... Cue total meltdown which has been on and off now since 4 pm.

Serve me right for thinking naps are fine!

Oh, that's BG having the meltdown not me, though it was a close call!

littleredmonkey Sat 09-Mar-13 19:31:42

Baby monkey slept like a trooper last night only woke for two feeds and one grumble which daddy sorted with a few pats. Slept 7 till 6:50. So proud mummy. His hands were cold when I fed him so got him another cellular blanket today. He is asleep again no fuss.
Two questions please
1. I have a nipple blister hurts like a bitch when he latches on any tips to get rid of it if u have had one
2. Weaning. Do you think he is ready? Hands in mouth alot. Loves to watch me eat. Only waking in 12 hours for two feeds. Holds head up. On the fence. Bought all supplies today ready to go. Bought baby vitamin drops as well. Thoughts ladies would be great

scarecrow22 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:28:46

LRM: how old is BabyM? He sounds readyish - if in right zone, de over 4, poss 5mo then no harm trying. Boys esp often need weaning sooner.
No harm offering him your milk or formula mixed with baby rice, then some v simple purées. Tbh a lot to be said for going before desperate as you will be relaxed. However if, like my DD was, he really isn't interested after say 3 days maybe give it a break for a few weeks. Before we weaned we just let her suck on a few things or try textures an taste in mouth, which she did enjoy - more the experimentation, variety and attention then "feeding", but employment and interest are key.
For you too! Enjoy

(Should confess it was and is my least fave aspect of parenting, followed closely by pushing a pram... But I know I am almost alone in that last one wink)

scarecrow22 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:31:31

PS thrilled about sleeping. I had a feeling you were so in tune with it you'd be fine but didn't want to jinx you by being over confident on thread. Soon he won't need hand settle most nights. My DD still sometimes says "I love mine bed" and asks to get in it. Though confused now just as likely to announce (with increasing insistence) "I no s'eepy OR ti'ed"....

Well last two nights were so awful that have decided that BG MUST stay in cot all night. This is in part because he has turned into a right Houdini who can escape from any barriers we put up on my bed when cosleeping, and I am really afraid of sleeping too deeply and missing him trundling off down the bed and off the side (past pillows, bed guards, etc etc). Cue me not really sleeping properly if he is with me. Also doesn't help that he kicks all night in his sleep. Got my nose last night, heaven knows how!
So wish me luck... As I have already mentioned, it won't be controlled crying because he very rarely cries. More like controlled acrobatics.
If I return tomorrow and post about my imaginary friend who lives on te shelf above the tv, you'll know it was all too much for me...

Midgetm Sat 09-Mar-13 22:30:42

What's been happening while I've been AWOL?

baby Goat getting into a crib? Baby monkey the same? Anastasia not self settling (no hope for any of us there....she was the angel sleeper that has always had it nailed). Baby monkey ready for food (and I agree he probably is pretty ready - midge is staring at everything I put in his mouth but I am holding off until he is about as old as baby monkey)
Blimey these babies grow up fast.

Right will catch up properly soon - on my phone so need to catch up when I can do it properly.

On the baking news I have nailed macaroons today courtesy of mr midge sending me on a macaroon master class and I have spent the day making bleeding hundreds. So next meet up, the macaroons are on me. Must go, full of mothers day treats and food and it hasn't even started yet. Big waves to all.

Breaking shock news!
BG slept from 6:30 till 5 , waking for one feed at 1.
He loves to be unexpected!
Long may it last...

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums here. Bbd, midget, Lrm, seaside, scarecrow, badmissm, ff, seaside, eagle, knotty, fjord, anyone else I have forgotten.

scarecrow22 Sun 10-Mar-13 08:26:12

Hurrah for BabyG! And for cribs perhaps.

Happy mothers' day to you all, especially perhaps first timers for today smile

blueblackdye Sun 10-Mar-13 21:10:53

Goat, this is wonderful! Bravo baby Goat! You are a star, just like baby M!
Now that Midget has made my mouth water again, we need to agree on a day and venue for our next meeting. Goat, why don't you choose as BG is the one showing the way ? If that is ok for every one else. I know a soft play place but it is in Swiss Cottage so I don't know if it is very convenient.
Hope you all had a lovely Mother's day.

PS how s the new decor of our lounge ? We will have lots of joiners soon, yeah !

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Mar-13 09:02:16

I have shoveled the snow from the path to our snug. When you open the door a tropical paradise awaits. Large Sinclair's for us all. Umbrellas over head. The sounds of the sea lapping up the beach. A cool breeze. A baby sanctuary behind us with mini cots lined with blankets they will melt into. Each of us have a massage and followed by facial and manicures. After brunch a light nap before lunch.
Any takers? ??

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Mar-13 09:03:12

Sinclair is a chair. Bloody typo! !

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Mar-13 09:05:45

Bbh. How is Anastasia sleeping?
Baby g how's Mathew doing!
Baby m was a star did 7:30 till 4 then till 6:45. Did not stir once. Will give him 5oz bottle at 5:30 and me at 7 and see if that keeps him happier at night.

somewherebecomingrain Mon 11-Mar-13 09:12:10

Goat what lovely news. Hadn't realised he was preemie. What a little star and so happy for you. It is the shape if the future!

Also baby monkey - round of applause.

Reassuring stuff for us on the countdown.

Weaning - don't some start at 4 months? So absolutely fine to dip toe in water.

Midget . Well done on macaroons. I made them once seven years ago for my sister',s 40th - they are rather magical!


An even better night! shock When BG decides to do something he does it thoroughly... Dare I hope for further great nights?? ( somewhere he was born at 31 weeks, doing brilliantly though! We knew he would be fine when he stole the thermometer off the nurse who was trying to do the Apgar scores.)

lrm next time get one of our hot waiters to shovel the path wink And I thought a Sinclair was going to be a fab new cocktail! In which case... Perhaps mulled wine to suit the weather? Have a rather good recipe for mulled white wine, since I can't do red. (And hooray for baby monkey so good in his cot)

bbd how is Anastasia doing? Better I hope. (Oh and don't worry about moving in with midget AND me, I plan on moving in with midget myself, so all cooking will be in the same place...)

Swiss Cottage is fine for me, but maybe not so good for midget etc... A cafe or pub is fine if it is baby friendly, and has a little bit of room so BG can stand up/sit down/play with things...

littleredmonkey Mon 11-Mar-13 11:22:16

baby goat is a star xxxxxxxx

bytheseaside Mon 11-Mar-13 14:22:37

hello all! phone broke and was already behind on all your news anyway ...
we are still rubbish at all sleep except cosleeping, which is successful and very lovely, but i dont want to go to bed at 7. alright, i do sometimes, but i also want dinner, and more dinner etc.
great sleep news lrm and goat!!! lovely scan news badmiss smile mmmm midgets macaroons. i just made boozy trifle

Midgetm Mon 11-Mar-13 17:01:01

Good work baby goat. I'm just clearing the nursery do there is room for you all in move in.

eagleray Tue 12-Mar-13 11:34:37

Hello everyone

Great news Goat about BG's sleep progress! Can only stare in wonder/envy at the number of sleeping hours he clocked up!

LRM great work on the snow shovelling and sleep progress for Baby M

Seaside/Midget - Macaroons and trifle - yes please

*BBD how did your job interview go?

Somewhere/Scarecrow - hope you are both keeping well. The wrap sling is highly recommended, but having said that Baby Eagle shrieked her head off when I put her in there yesterday - think she was still a bit hungry. We are probably going to try another trip out today as I don't think she will be warm enough in the pushchair. The sling I'm currently using is a hired one - so nice to be able to try out different ones as they vary so much and it's really important to get something that's comfortable for you and the baby. Finding it quite nice to alternate days out with sling and pushchair as there are benefits to using both! By the way, the consultant session cost very little and there seems to be a huge network of resources out there - let me know if you want me to send you any info.

Yesterday was a momentous day for us - first thing we just made the deadline and finally registered Baby E and she finally has a name. Can you believe it? We also had the 6 week check yesterday so trudged off to the surgery with Baby E in a clean nappy. GP examined her and remarked on how strong she was (at this point nappy was still clean). Ten minutes later we arrived back home and noticed a strange smell. Then realised her clothes were soaked in something....

Oh dear god - a shitfest of epic proportions! Got her onto the changing table, by which point it had reached her shoulders. Got the clothes off and as soon as the nappy was open she wiped her feet in it, then managed to flick poo over her face. Bright orange too. Ended up taking a photo of her lying there bright orange from head to foot, smiling away. Wasn't sure what to do so ended up filling the sink and putting her in, but she somehow managed to drop her head down and was trying to drink the orange water!

Took two baths to get her clean, and am now quite scared about future explosions as it happened so quickly! Sorry for graphic description - am sure you are all familiar with poo disasters and don't really need a step-by-step account from me...

Last night was utterly freeeezing in the house so we went to bed skin to skin and passed out for hours and hours. She only woke to feed once and then slept for ages again so we are both quite rested today. Have cut formula down to 2 very small bottles a day which I normally administer when have run out of ideas to stop her crying so looks like the boobs have a full time job now. Am very pleased with progress as it's nice not to be so dependent on formula, bottles etc, but good that we have a little bit of flexibility there, eg can give her a bottle when my poor boobs are exhausted smile

bytheseaside Tue 12-Mar-13 16:20:48

eagle grin at poo story! two baths!! only tips i can offer are trying larger nappies, and keeping an ear out for poo gurgles then running without delay to changing mat. two adults if possible.

eagle I am sorry to say that I laughed out loud on the tube at your poo story, then when I got funny looks, I laughed some more at the thought of telling them why I was laughing!

Congrats on the arrival of the name though...

eagleray Tue 12-Mar-13 21:11:17

Honestly, she looked like she'd been tangoed (remember the tv ad?)

Am getting really worried as she hasn't pooed since - clearly this is the build-up to something even bigger confused

Seaside - you are right about the poo gurgles - have been listening out all the time today and ripping her nappy open as soon as I hear/smell anything suspicious but then it turns out to be nothing! Am still shuddering at the thought of dealing with something like that while we're out and about.

blueblackdye Tue 12-Mar-13 21:13:05

Eagle, I want to see the pics to make me laugh again ! Sorry ! Not laughing at you, it happened to all of us and might happen again...
The interview went well, waiting to hear from them now. Fingers crossed.

Midgetm Wed 13-Mar-13 08:41:00

Sounds like eaglet could give master midge a run for his money. He is a prolific pooher. No solutions here above what seaside has said - it still goes up his back sometimes no matter how quick I am. He loves a good pooh.

Best of luck On the job HP. I too seem to be loosing control of our lovely EASY routine And I dependent sleep seems to becoming rarer. All my good intentions of text book parenting are going to the dogs. He is still an angel baby but just not quite as easy to keep on EASY (oh the irony).

Anyways must go tidy the bomb site that is my house. I just can't keep on top if it (and the mess I make baking). Hope Goat hasnt been taken away by the men in white coats for laughing on public transport.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 13-Mar-13 09:10:56

Eagle amazing poo story. What we used to call an 'uncontained poo situation' and abbreviate to USP to provide a reassuring bureaucratic sheen to what is a total panic event! But such things do give the gift of laughter. My ds had very liquid poos for ages but they stopped busting out into the world fairly soon as I remember. But I used to envy people with more solid pooers.

goat what a little champ your boy sounds like.

hp good luck with the interview - is this the freelance role?

Ladies if you have any capacity to offer advice on siblings I'd be interested. Managing their stress, one's own stress, two bedtimes, etc. My ds has started having uncharactistic tantrums already and the baby isn't even here yet. Telly/ screen time? am i allowed to go over two hours? but I know you at all very weary so no worries if no time.

blueblackdye Wed 13-Mar-13 10:43:13

Looks like these babies are going through stages of not wanting to sleep... Growing up when we Mums think we have nailed things down ! Oh well, lets hope it won't last too long.
On Sun evening A finally fell asleep at 2 am, from 7pm to 2 am she was waking up every hour... Hell ! I had to leave the flat at 7.30 to have my interview at 8.30 on Mon, 3 espressos before 8.30am, I was more than awake. Actually jumping up and down as I am not really a coffee drinker ! Anyway, the interview went well. 4 days a month, I should be able to do that, and could work from home later on... There is room to grow as well within the position but would still be part time and flexible. So I am up to it. Waiting to hear from them now.
Restarted to train A to fall asleep on her own. Still think it is a matter of observing and finding out how long she can stay awake and put her down at the right moment. This morning 30 min of crying but she is now asleep. Preparing lunch. Tart with spinach and salmon.
Enjoythe lovely sunshine

blueblackdye Wed 13-Mar-13 10:55:44

Somewhere, how old is DS ? 4 if I recall correctly ? I have read books with him about having a baby, one I really liked was There is a house inside my Mummy to prepare for the arrival of sibling. He loves being the brother, all the more as his sister has brought him a big gift when she was born smile I have always tried to explain as well that I have less time because I need to cook or sleep or wash without referring too much to his sister. I get him to bring nappy or changing cloth for him to feel involved. He now reads to her, tries to feed her, is the clown to make her laugh... Tell him how much you love him, reassurance is key. Will be back soon as A just woke up

blueblackdye Wed 13-Mar-13 12:27:23

Rules are also important, I think kids are more secured with clear rules, they know what to expect. And there is less tantrum as well when there are rules in place. With DS, he knows that I pick him up after tea at nursery around 4.15pm everyday, we go home, he helps me prepare dinner, eats with me and his sister around 5.30, if he has finished he can play until I and his sister finish, then 6.15 at the latest, he has his bath, pj, in bed with a book on his own until I finish BF. 7.15 A is in bed, playing or screaming, I spend 15 min with DS with a book or a 5min cartoon on iPad, then Kiss and Cuddles, good night at 7.30/7.45. By then if A is still crying I go to her. Usually by 8pm, both are asleep. DS sleeps usually until 6.30/7 am, A is another story !!!
It took a while to get the schedule working. It is hard work but then eventually they learn and life is easier. Until they grow out of it and try something else, and it is all over again.

And yes, the interview was for the freelance role. Hope it will work out. I feel I could then have a more balanced life and feel less guilty.

Back to put A to sleep. Wish me luck.

scarecrow22 Wed 13-Mar-13 13:10:01

Ooh, liking BBD advice on handling 2. I aspire to such routine, so will attempt to be less chaotic relaxed about timings. Agree usually best - we were lucky DD was so easy we realised could bend rules...since when we have prob bent too much too often. Though I am being somewhat loyal with the "we"s! Thanks BBD - it sounds like a v good system for our household. (Remind me how old DS is?)

Somewhere, we are loving Za-Za's Baby Brother but might be a bit babyish for your DS and also sexes are reversed (I also change words to couple of pages as done think family will come to see baby and ignore DD, though she is always wanting I know why Za-Za is sad on those pages; we are practicing the word "pensive" smile)
Another brilliant one for us - that is just right for your boy/girl mix - is Waiting for Baby (illus Annie Kubler). It has no words but I preferred that as we could make it our story. Was def the break-through book for Lucy to understand what was happening.

Otherwise we are getting a pressie for her from baby ( won a wonderful pram/buggy with carrycot and change bag on eBay, but prob not one for DS!!) and am stockpiling some crafty things to stick and colour and a few treat days (Peppa Pig world!) and joined Kew Gdns as it is 5mi away and great on wet or sunny days as don't have to worry about traffic, lots o kid friendly cafes for her/LO, and so on.
Have also taken precaution ahead I CS of not picking her up much and explaining I'm sore or tired - so she doesn't blame baby when it really matters, and of sometimes similarly explaining I can't rough play, attend to every need etc.; I don't think I was that good before but web work 4/7 easy to justify spoiling for time in other 3/7.
There, you'd never guess I was at a loss of how to cope as well wink

scarecrow22 Wed 13-Mar-13 13:20:36

Link to Waiting for Baby. Might be bit young for DS, but not easy to find so if helps:


somewherebecomingrain Wed 13-Mar-13 14:35:33

bbd I don't know if I can achieve such rules - DP a big rule saboteur! But maybe he'll get it this time! The involvement is key isn't it. And also knowing that what works for a while stops working - that's a good tip - to be able to let go. I have house inside my mummy - he often says he doesn't want to read it! But we have read it a lot. Right now it actually does feel like a house sad.

Brilliant about your job - that's been my approach - work from home part time, it does make for a lovely work life balance and in fact employers take it all seriously cv-wise so it paves way to other things (if you want other things)

scarecrow have just ordered waiting for baby of Internet. Think it's a different one. sad Anyways as usual tonnes of food for thought there -I just need to get focused on this incredibly important issue.


blueblackdye Wed 13-Mar-13 15:04:17

Oh I forgot to mention my love cake. Tell Dc1 your love is a huge cake and when DC2 arrives, they don't need to share because Mummy will make a second cake just as huge as the first one.
scarecrow, my DS was 3.9 yo when A was born. I am lucky he loves his sister. He can be a terrible toddler, with massive and loud tantrums, star charts did not work at all with him, he understands though time out, or stand in the corner and think, and no iPad if not behaving... I often tell him how he was when he was a baby, that he blew on his spoon one day and his face was covered with puree, and showed him a pic I took that day, that he loved having his bath, splashing with his legs as his sister does today.... Involvement, reassurance, interconnections, they worked for my little boy.
I am sure Midget has some tips too. Once she has tidied up her kitchen !

blueblackdye Thu 14-Mar-13 07:48:39

Not saying more than we had a restful night, well done A.
We are out into town today ! Just Mum and A to the French Embassy.... Hum hum, lets see if I survive the tube with my big pushchair smile

littleredmonkey Thu 14-Mar-13 08:26:46

Baby monkey is defo weaning. Been waking twice a night. Every 4 hours. Will get some baby rice Saturday and pop some in his mouth. Also felt a little tooth yesterday. Yeh weaning and teething together. Should make for an interesting few months ahead. And just when he was only waking once. Bye bye sleep hello bags under my eyes. Good job I have no biscuits in the house! !!!
Bbh. Glad job interview went well. I am not sure about returning to work full time. But if I go part time I have to lose my manager role. Oh well. But it depends if there is a vacancy for me to slot into if not stuck full time till there is. Dont fancy retail manager at Christmas late night's extra Saturdays. Sundays. I will never see Dylan. I know September is ages away but time is flying. What is everyone else doing after mat leave finishes?

eagleray Thu 14-Mar-13 11:54:17

More nappy fun this morning - woke up to find Baby Eagle was soaked through so rushed her to the changing table and found that her nappy had been put on by DP at a rather jaunty angle and her bum was poking out the back (like a builder's bum)

I've been using some recordings of the rainforest to get her off to sleep, with amazing results. Just now she was whingey and overtired with arms flailing, so put the rainforest noise on and within 20 seconds she was out like a light! The one I normally use is this one as it lasts for 2 hours and this one has lovely bird sounds too but it's only 10 mins long (but very useful if you just want to nip off and have a shower or something)

LRM gosh weaning and teething at once! I don't envy you, but have got this coming myself so will be picking up tips from you as you progress through this phase.

BBD great to hear the interview went well.

Scarecrow sounds like you have got some lovely ideas for helping DD deal with the new arrival. And I do envy you having Kew so close by! It's a lovely sunny day so am trying to think of somewhere nice for an outing with sling today.

Somewhere loving the USP abbreviation!

Midget am googling the EASY routine as hadn't heard of it before. Sometimes I think I rely on my own instincts a little too much. However, this week for the first time I am getting a feel for some sort of routine (which will no doubt go to pieces in the next few days...)

somewherebecomingrain Thu 14-Mar-13 18:40:19

Eagle - rainforest music sounds great am gonna check that out. It's good to have ways to get them to sleep that don't involve wheeling the pram round the block in this weather.

Bbd - told the excellent cake metaphor to my antenatal refresher people today - they loved it. Re getting two to bed I am thinking I should just let us co sleep in a big pile... Bit early to admit defeat ... Lets see.


somewhere just make sure that you are not on the bottom of the pile!

scarecrow22 Thu 14-Mar-13 20:18:40

I adore cake metaphor. Am a bit worried though that I will struggle to explain to my "survivor" 2yo why she can't have both cakes.
Her appetite for life and ability to charm everybody into giving her what she wants leave us in no doubt how she came out on top in the evolutionary battle smile (In last week alone two parents have offered to give her their children's soft toys shock before I intervened to politely decline on basis she would get too expectant of taking over every child's JellyCat rabbits. She has still accumulated 8 of them!!)

bytheseaside Thu 14-Mar-13 20:49:16

aah scarecrow, I love the sound of your DD - so feisty! I want that for my daughter too smile

somewhere - love the sound of the cosleeping pile. We have a cosleeping sandwich at my house with me squeezed in between a gannety baby and snory dp. Lovely, though.

lrm we're starting weening soon too. give me tips! smile

eagle - keep those funny nappy stories coming!

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 07:40:27

Baby rice and sterilization process complete for operation weaning baby. He woke twice again last night so this evening going to give him a little taste. Baby rice and mummy milk sounds ok to start with??
He also rolled yesterday afternoon and half got himself up then hit the decks. I kept waking last night worrying he may try in the night. I have a monitor on and he is in a sleeping bag but still kept waking.

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 07:41:59

Oh forgot to say I had breakfast brought to me in bed this morning. Very nice treat. Dylan helped carry the tray

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 07:44:54

Eagle. Ace poo story. Love it! !! Now tell baby eagle to have words baby monkey last week did not poo for 8 days ended up at doc for goo to help him go and again this week not been since Sunday. May have to give goo again. I am end and doc says can block em up. He has the worst gas ever

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 07:45:39

End is ebf sorry typo

Midgetm Fri 15-Mar-13 09:53:52

Morning all, happy red nose day people.

any news to report on the Job and the weaning ( or the poohing eaglet?)?

I sent DD to school not feeling well but determined to go in as the school has a day full of treats in store. Bad mummy. Hoping master midge doesn't get it too.

In more all about me news, I went out Wednesday. To see book of mormon. I laughed so hard I did a little bit of pee. And as it was gala night for comic relief it was full of celebs. I felt really grown up and not vomit stained (although there was a small spot on my dress). Anyway mr midge was not quite so happy as BOTH children screamed for hours. Midge refused a bottle. Had loads of messages pleading me to come home. Luckily only checked phone half time and at the end but looks like nights out solo are not to be just yet. Bugger.

Scary so many are having to think a out work already. LRM - it's a tough choice re your job - seems wrong that you can't be a manager still and have a family shock. I am putting off returning as long as possible. Hopefully January if I can swing it.

Right best go clean my house whilst midge sleeps.

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 11:59:30

Midget. Hope dd is better. Work wise I could return as a manager if only put him in nursery full time. I have a place booked but now I have the little fella it would break my heart to pass him over to a stranger for 45 hours a week. My managers role is full time so if I reduce my hours I will have to step down and become a sales assistant. Less money well alot less but I would rather miss out on a few things then miss out on Dylan. I would only see him for an hour in the morning and night and every other weekend. Perils of retail. So think I may go three days a week. But that depends if they have a vacancy. They might make it ackward for me as nearer Christmas and would be an arse to fill my slot

littleredmonkey Fri 15-Mar-13 20:27:10

Moan alert! !!!
Dylan and day naps oh my god. First one was thirty mins. Not too bad. Next took me 20 mins for him to sleep 12 mins. Next one took forever to settle as knackered and lasted 11 mins. Saw he face totally shattered rubbing his eyes picked him up went into my bedroom shut the curtains and on the boob hoping he would have a little sleep. 1 HOUR 40 MIN later he woke WTF!!!! Brillant he slept so long on me. But this week has been exhausting trying to nap. What to do next

bytheseaside Sat 16-Mar-13 00:35:29

Oh lrm as you know i am in no position to give nap advice. except not so bad to feed to sleep on mummy sometimes i think if it makes you both relaxed and happy. you are doing brilliantly smile

Midget i love sound of your life: celebrity nights and good baking. are you Nigella in rl?

Bbd forgot to say loved the sound of your love cake. you are a lovely mum

well, baby seaside continues to delight me and dp every day, never known joy like it. am feeling so old fat and frumpy this week though. must stop eating biscuits for a start. and trifle.

eagleray Sat 16-Mar-13 14:45:37

Sorry you're having a nightmare with naps LRM. I'm no expert at all on baby napping but have you tried white noise? I use it all the time now with Baby Eagle as it seems to be fairly guaranteed to send her to sleep and keep her there for a reasonable amount of time (unless she's hungry!)

Midget I've heard great things about the Book of Mormon - so envious you got to see it! And glad you got a night out!

Seaside glad you are enjoying baby Seaside so much, especially after a really stressful start with her early appearance!

Having a nightmare weekend so far - DP is moody and stressed and Baby Eagle feeding like crazy last night and today. DP is being a total git - after spending so long weaning off formula he told me off for not shutting her up with a bottle in the night. I eventually relented in the early hours (think he feels a bit redundant not being on bottle duty and he also feels I worry too much about breast feeding). Then he saw me when I came out of the shower earlier and looked really horrified and then asked if stretch marks are supposed to look like that.

Sorry - that was a bit of a moan-a-thon! I sometimes feel it's easier managing on my own as he's so negative about things.

Never mind - onwards and upwards! There's been a break in the weather so we're going to go out for a while (and Baby Eagle might even fall asleep and forget about food for a while - just realised she's been awake for about 8 hours now!)

blueblackdye Sat 16-Mar-13 16:27:36

Midget, I wish I could be more like you, going out and easy going with Master Midge. I find myself house bound because I want A to sleep in her cot instead of her pram, i never managed to get her to take a bottle so can't go out etc... My own fault really.
Seaside, how are you doing ? It is nice to hear from you.
LRM I have the same issues with naps. I really need A to nap in the morning otherwise she is too tired at lunchtime, so between 9.30 and 10am I have either to let her cry or feed her. Then the afternoon nap is a struggle too, it is only when I pick up DS at 4pm that she falls asleep in her pushchair for 30/40 min. I will try what Eagle suggested white noise and rainforest sounds...
No news on the job yet, I might be too expensive but hey I am good so I will not undersell myself just to get a job !
LRM hope you will find a way to keep a good balance between job and Dylan. When we become Mums, our priorities change for most of us. But every one is different. I used to spend my life at work, I could do 7 to 11 several days a week and I did a few years back. Now I work non stop from 8 to 4 and then DC are the most important thing. My sister is differrent, only week ends are dedicated to her kids, weekdays she hardly sees them, her nanny does the school run and feeds them, my sister arrives home justin time to kiss them good night, so does herhusband but it works well for both of them. I must say her nanny is a gem though, very pro Montessori and good cook. The kids love her.
DS had his first swimming lesson this morning, he was very good, listened to the teacher... I am very proud of him !

bytheseaside Sat 16-Mar-13 18:20:44

Well done little boy bbd! I r-e-a-l-l-y don't want to go back to work. Ever. perhaps that will pass? Just can't imagine getting my brain back together, and when I do, I don't want it filled with stupid stress about stuff that doesn't really matter, if that makes sense? We need to live though, so not sure how that one will work...

Eagle - is weekend improving? Very bad form Mr Eagle on shower comment shock
Thing with bf is that it can be a bit of work for first weeks, but when it works well can make life soooo much easier after that. Its so great you have it working after your difficult start - you've done amazingly well! Common for dads to feel a bit pushed out though. Is there anything they can go off and do together that's just their thing? Baby swimming classes maybe?

Midgetm Sat 16-Mar-13 19:01:38

Laughing hysterically at the thought of my life sounding good. Well it is good because of my lovely children but the rest is about as mundane as you can get. But I shall try and retain a thin air if mystery! And I had to take Midge to the pub with me last night now he's decided the boob is king.

Eagle - stretch marks can look so angry so maybe he was worried rather than being a total knob. Look at me being all mature.

Well midge has really mastered rolling and won't bastard well stop doing it. Naps also gone to pot. Bloody developmental leaps can knob off.

Best go. dd still I'll and DH at the football so have had a TV and slippers day. Currently watching la la fecking loopsy the movie for the second time today as nudge try's to roll off my lap. He is trying to catch up with houdini baby goat.

eagleray Sat 16-Mar-13 19:55:34

Sorry me here again with more whinging sad Baby E been feeding like crazy today and this afternoon I started feeling really dizzy. Thankfully she finally fell asleep for first time today a couple of hours ago and I've had to go to bed. No idea what's causing it but I feel so bloody terrible - even moving my eyes makes the room spin and don't feel up to getting out of bed. Temp is normal and I've eaten/drunk ok today but feel achey and woozy. Strangely I don't feel that tired.

Could it be hormones? I'm dreading being ill because of coping with baby waking, feeds etc. bloody typical this happens at weekend when can't see doc

Boobs are excruciating but don't think it's mastitis but will be vigilant. Has anyone else had anything like this?

blueblackdye Sat 16-Mar-13 21:36:16

Eagle, maybe you are just overtired, even if you don't feel so because you unconsciously forbid yourself feeling tired, does that make sense ? It is like falling sick on first day of hols after very stressful time at work but now being a Mum is a job in which you are not allowed a break, not yet. It could be your body telling you it is time to give it a bit of rest, I don't know ?
Re DP and Stretch marks.... Oh dear, men should be more careful when talking, they can be so upsetting, of course your body has kept memories of the pg, 9 months working towards giving life to a human being, it is not given to every one and it is a hell of a job, don't pay attention, they will fade anyway with time, just keep on moisturising

Midget, how Is DD ? I can imagine you on the mega comfy sofa, with a bowl of chocs, red wine on one side, Master Midge on the breast in front of TV stroking DD's hair with the other hand as she curls her body to be against you.

Time to sleep for me. Love to listen to the rain hitting the skylight, reminds me of tropical rain of my childhood. Xxxxx

blueblackdye Sat 16-Mar-13 21:41:34

Seaside, I know what you mean, I'd love to stay home and look at my babies but it is also good for them to meet other people, I think. Or maybe I am just kidding myself and this thought just helps me feel less guilty....

bytheseaside Sat 16-Mar-13 23:38:16

eagle I think that mastitis can come with 'flu symptoms' - might be that? get out of hours doc if you feel bad - they should come out for a new bf mum!

Midgetm Sat 16-Mar-13 23:38:18

So many typos in my last post. Damn you autocorrect. Eagle - sorry you feel so shit. Doesn't sound like it could be hormonal - go to the Dr's.

HP you have such a lovely way with words. I am a potty mouth in comparison. DD id on the mend. Well enough to be stroppy anyway.

Oh fffffffffffs. Sorry, me me me moan alert. We had to go to Kent yesterday. Nice day (despite the unbelievably cold wind and pouring rain ) but long. We were at friends for the last bit, managed to get Kid to sleep at 6. Of course he woke when transferred to car, woke halfway round the M25 for a feed, then woke when we got home. I mean really woke. It took nearly two hours to settle him, didn't sleep until nearly midnight, then woke every 20-30 mins for the rest of the night grizzling. And was up at 4:45.
Our own fault for disturbing his sleep patterns so much, but what do you do when you have to have a day out?... Now that he is too big for the car seats we can carry him round in. Am I doomed to the life of a recluse at home while DH trots off and does stuff? <melodramatic emoticon with accompanying soundtrack>

Sorry will read posts properly later when awake. And when Kid is not hmm

eagleray Sun 17-Mar-13 11:32:43


Thanks for your kind words ladies - felt fairly rough in the night and my temperature was slightly raised this morning. Boobs feel ok (well no worse than normal!) and have a slightly sore throat now so think this is a cold virus thing with a bit of exhaustion thrown in.

Of course normally you can brush these things off a bit, but when there's a baby to be fed/changed/entertained it's quite scary. And of course it would be this week that DP has to go abroad..

Sorry you've had a shit night goat I've got no advice but surely there must be a way around this so that you're not left at home the whole time? I really hope you get this resolved.

The work thing is tough - I can see the next few months just flying by, and I will need to find a job at some point. Couldn't bear to work for more than 3 days a week, but jobs like that are pretty much unheard of in my industry. On the other hand, I could work full time for half the year...

Hmm strange smell coming from a smiling Baby Eagle who is lying in bed next to me. This can only mean one thing!

blueblackdye Sun 17-Mar-13 17:18:38

Goat, I have no idea how to deal with outings. A friend of mine used to time travelling in car or pushchair when it is nap time. I try to do that as well when I really need to go to an appointment otherwise I am home most days.... But see it that way, our babies grow up quickly and soon they will only nap after lunch.
Eagle, hope you are feeling a bit better. I don't know how I manage but if DS and DH are often ill, I am not, I guess it is due to the fact I am not allowing myself to be sick because of BF so I tend to nap when A is asleep, I take care of the house chores but keep it to a minimum and do complain to DH when he does not tidy up, DS also has to learn to put his toys away by himself. Nursery is really good for that, they even have a song for tidying up time !
Meant to remind you as well that on Pampers nappies, therre is a small image in the middle, when the nappies are too small, well the velcro can't reach the image on both sides and you know it is about time to go one size up, that is if you don't know baby's weight !

eagle I do hope you are feeling better. Tough to feel rough while on the 24/7 duty... And I would stick my Un-p&c neck out here and say that mums have to keep going much more than dads. My DH came down with my bug yesterday and went to bed for a cou

eagle I do hope you are feeling better. Tough to feel rough while on the 24/7 duty... And I would stick my Un-pc neck out here and say that mums have to keep going much more than dads. My DH came down with my bug yesterday and went to bed for a couple of hours. I couldn't when I was under the weather last week!
A much better night here last night (though that's not difficult confused ) although still quite a bit of cot-hurtling from the midnight feed until 4:30. Then he settled for an hour. So things are looking up.
Am a little behind on all the lovely posts. You wonderful ladies keep me sane... Make me laugh and give good advice! Where would I be without you?? round the twist

Ooh. Don't know what happened there...

littleredmonkey Mon 18-Mar-13 12:20:06

Goat. Glad baby g had a better night. Sounds like he is having his own personal rugby session in his cot
Baby m has had two good minimum fuss naps so far today
Got up this morning and found lovely little notes all over the house saying how proud dp is of me and how lovely I am with baby ahh very lovely dp