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Hpbp Wed 10-Oct-12 19:57:03

Mum of 2, DS1 nearly 4yo and DD2 almost 11 weeks. I hope to find here advices from experienced mums so that I can avoid mistakes... I made some with DS1 and my life sometimes is hell, it is hard to unlearn wrong behaviour, so hard.
At the time being, DD2 is a very sweet baby, she is easy to decipher, cries are always related to some kind of discomfort and I managed to learn what they mean, or almost. Only one issue with her ATM is that she rejects bottle feeding even with expressed milk. I'd like to be able to escape a bit from the house to get a haircut or a facial. And I am sure DH would like to feed her sometimes too.
I struggle a bit more with DS1, who is usually a good boy, energetic, happy and loving. But after school, getting him to take his bath is a battle and falling and staying asleep all night are big issues. The problems did exist before but now with the recent arrival of his sister, the intensity has increased. Or maybe they are the same but to me they seem bigger and need to be addressed quickly so that I can look after both without raising my voice.
All advice are welcome. I need help here.

Also I'd like to invite all the graduates from the Fantastic 40+ Mums to be thread to join. You have been truly fantastic and so supportive during my pg. I hope to be able to keep on sharing with you this wonderful parenting adventure.

MrsWooster Wed 10-Oct-12 20:33:43

Thanks for starting this - I'm marking for the arrival of DD in March 2013 and will be perusing for gems on DS (June 2010 vintage)! It is indeed a wonderful adventure - why on EARTH did I wait so long?!

Hpbp Wed 10-Oct-12 20:52:51

You tell me ! I had my first kid at almost 38. A little voice in my head was telling me that I wasn't meant to be a mum... Stupid little voice !

knottyhair Wed 10-Oct-12 21:31:12

Thanks for starting this Hbpb! Have DD due in December, and already have DS (although I was 35 when I had him). Am now 44. Looking forward to chatting!

FjordMor Wed 10-Oct-12 22:39:55

Hi Hpbp, knottyhair, MrsWooster - marking my place. Baby Fjord is one week old today and her 41 year old mummy is knackered but besotted. Not finding much time to read/post anywhere at the moment but hoping that changes as my feeding problems calm down. Looking forward to comparing notes with you guys - so much experience to share!

catdoctor Wed 10-Oct-12 22:52:23

Evening! Be interested to talk to you all. Me 44, DS born July 2010, I am obsessed! Trying for another but obviously not holding my breath. All my 'mummy friends' are 15 years youngr than me - we have nothing in common except a baby - I need some friends who remember when Scott married Charlene and enjoyed getting mellow to Soul2soul. TTFN

lucylookout Thu 11-Oct-12 01:39:01

Me too! I'm 41. DS1 just turned 5 and started school. DS2 is 12 weeks old (and still learning how to sleep. Yawn!)

ZombTEE Thu 11-Oct-12 01:49:21

We already have a thread, but it's a bit quite.

Come liven it up!

It's in chat and called Forty Towers,

ZombTEE Thu 11-Oct-12 01:49:33

Quiet, rather.

Hello, marking place - have been in and out of the pre-baby thread, more out unfortunately after the early and unexpected arrival of Kid but have lurked industriously! Looking forward to more updates on everyone.

ZombTEE Thu 11-Oct-12 06:14:26

here is the thread of those of us who have been there, done that, if you're interetsted in joining us

Like I said, it's been fairly quiet over there, but we love new people and would love you to join us. Most of us have pre-schoolers at this point.

Hpbp Thu 11-Oct-12 08:52:06

Catdoctor, I chose cycle monitoring to get all the chances on my side and it worked straight away. In short, it is going every week to have a scan and check if the ovaries are in good health, where in the cycle you are, the sonographer would advise when to have a big cuddle with your partner to get all chances on your side (my cycle was short one month and very long the following month, all over the place, really). I had 4 scans over a month and a positive pg test 2 weeks later. That was 11 months ago. It is a bit expensive but was not keen on taking drugs, feared too much of getting multiple babies ! Good luck.

And yes, I see what you mean re age. DH is younger and sometimes I listen to music and he has never heard of the band. Come on, Eurythmics, Duran Duran or Boy George are not that old, are they ? hmm

bytheseaside Thu 11-Oct-12 13:03:12

I'm here!
thanks zomb will check out both threads. we talked about this new one on our fantastic 40s pg thread as a way of staying in touch with the old ladies we met on there and meeting new ones too, so we mainly have / will have newborns, perhaps there's a place for both? need all the advice I can get!!

ZombTEE Thu 11-Oct-12 14:04:11

Plenty of room for as many threads as we want! grin

We are mostly old hands at this point. Emphasis on the old. grin

Hpbp Thu 11-Oct-12 20:37:13

Zombtee, just looked at the link you sent earlier, OMG part 21 ! when did you start ? you guys are so experienced compared to us. We are new mums in our 40s. I hope this new thread will last as long as yours.

Using Riverside's list on the pg thread, the recent graduates are

10000Fireflies, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Hpbp, 41, DS1 almost 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, DD1, 25th/26th September 2012 name TBC, EMCS
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3rd October 2012, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October 2012, EMCS

and we are expecting great news from Firstbubba, Midget, Exexe, VQ for this month of October... This is a very busy month, I can't recall if last February was that cold !!!!!!! smile

Knotty, MrsWooster, adding your details here for new joiners

Knottyhair 44 #DC2 due for ELCS around 17/12 Girl
MrsWooster, 45, DC2 due 31/3/13 (a palindrome!)

Lucylookout, Catdoctor, Goatbongos, nice to meet you.

Fjord, hope BF is getting better.

Seaside, which pram/pushchair did you go for in the end ? I am still in Paris and using a Bebe Confort pram which is brilliant but too big for my London flat. I have not seen the BJ Versa yet.

riversidelibrary Thu 11-Oct-12 22:08:58

Marking my place on the new thread. Looking forward to hearing all about the newborns and tips on surviving. Feels ages until DS1's due date of 29 Jan but I have feeling it will start speeding past after the wedding.

...Can I add Kid to the list, born 18 July by emcs?

Anyone feeding in the middle of the night, come on over and join us on the feeding thread and help keep us all awake and sane!

ZombTEE Fri 12-Oct-12 05:22:28

Forty Towers was started in 2008! Our first baby's are starting primary school this year.

We are all Facebook and real life friends at this point and meet up at least once a year for a night of cake! and wine!

Next meet up is in December.

I had my son at 40 and he's now 3, BTW.

Hpbp Fri 12-Oct-12 09:18:17

Zombtee, 43, DS 3yo
Catdoctor, 44, DS 2yo
10000Fireflies, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Goatbongosanonymous, Kid, 18 July 2012, EMCS
Lucylookout, 41, DS1 5yo, DS2 12 weeks
Hpbp, 41, DS1 almost 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, DD1, 25th/26th September 2012 name TBC, EMCS
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3rd October 2012, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October 2012, EMCS

bytheseaside Fri 12-Oct-12 10:05:41

oh, its so nice to have a whole bunch of us! goat thanks for thread tip, i expect I'll be there ... zombtee that's so good to know about your thread friends. i really feel my 40s pg thread kept me going through parts of pregnancy, would be so nice to meet the oldies one day!
hpbp i ordered a baby jogger versa gt, possibly not the best plan in the light of her being so early (6 half weeks) as it won't arrive for a couple of weeks still ... hopefully its brilliance will make up for that. I'll let you know. in mean time planning to get a stretchy sling

10000Fireflies Fri 12-Oct-12 10:35:44

Morning all! Just marking my place. Balancing baby firefly on knee while typing and singing along to nursery rhymes. Lovely to have other 'old' new mums to chat to. Be back soon.

ff xx

Hpbp Fri 12-Oct-12 10:54:52

Seaside, have you bought a carry cot as well then ? if I remember well, the Versa is suitable from 6 months only, right ? I am tempted by the BJ city mini which really lies flat and can be used without carry cot from birth but it does not do Parent Facing sad

ZombTEE Fri 12-Oct-12 14:52:35

Loved my Quinny Buzz, all those looking for prams.

I did buy the carry cot but on reflection if I was to do it again I wouldn't. The regular seat lays nearly flat when parent facing. My son lived in his as we have no car!

Hpbp Fri 12-Oct-12 15:09:54

I shall look, thanks ZombTEE

Hello to all the other elderlies on here! grin

hpbp in my sleep deprived state I forgot to say that Kid is a DS and I am 43...

Fireflies typing one thing and singing another is seriously impressive multitasking!

10000Fireflies Fri 12-Oct-12 18:16:13

Hello again. This time feeding and typing <show off>. Whingey knickers moaning a lot so am hopeful he has a long, deep sleep soon!!

I have a Joolz Day - good for rough-ish terrain, and cot biggest avail, plus they can sleep in overnight. Plus have McLaren Quest - perfect for first-floor-flat-lugging post CS and for shopping/public transport, ok from birth, and so lovely and foldy-uppy.

I walked three miles the other day, some with DS in Bjorn. Ached so much afterwards - my poor bones - hip joints and knees. Feel so old! (Am 43 btw). Feel pram = part baby carrier, part mummy zimmer frame.

Have a nice Friday eve all. FF

bytheseaside Fri 12-Oct-12 18:42:16

I was a 1st time mum sucker I think! I ordered a baby jogger versa with gt wheels, which doesnt get delivered for 2 more weeks - in retrospect perhaps not the best plan when your baby arrives very early ... the pushchair is 6 months plus, so I got a carrycot, which sits in the chassis instead of the chair, different from other baby joggers i think? I'm hoping it will be fabulous, and have ordered a sling to keep us going . In view of us not having had a bed for baby seaside to come home to, I was grateful for the carrycot...

Fireflies I've been singing a lot today too - seems to be slightly effective for wind / crying (her I mean) I had no idea it was friday - my days have all blurred into one

... so how else do you ladies deal with wind? Its our major issue!

ps I am 40

amck5700 Fri 12-Oct-12 18:57:24

A tip for the bottle feeding given to me by an elderly midwife after trying unsuccessfully to get my son to take a bottle for 4 months so I could get back to the cheap latex (the old brown ones) teats from the chemist rather than the harder clear type. Worked a dream smile This was after I'd tried all the fancy bottles and teats, using expressed milk, being out and leaving my husband to feed, having my husband wear my t shirt (!!) ....Good luck with that!!

Hpbp Fri 12-Oct-12 21:09:02


Zombtee, 43, DS 3yo
Catdoctor, 44, DS 2yo
10000Fireflies, 43, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Goatbongosanonymous, 43, DS Kid, 18 July 2012, EMCS
Lucylookout, 41, DS1 5yo, DS2 12 weeks
Hpbp, 41, DS1 almost 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, 40, DD1, 25th/26th September 2012 name TBC, EMCS
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3rd October 2012, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October 2012, EMCS

AMCK, thanks for the tip, will try that. I also tried what you mentioned, expressed milk, leaving the room... none of that worked. I resigned myself, the haircut, facial and window shopping will have to wait !

Seaside, re Wind, I guess you have tried holding your daughter on your shoulder and patting the back gently, you can also massage the left side, her stomach while you hold her upright on your shoulder. You can also sit her on your left lap, with her chin resting on your right forearm. Or lay her on a flat surface, make her cycle, pushing gently on her legs, or circling and then lift her up to your shoulder. Or hold her face down on your right forearm, your right hand can massage her tummy, your left arm holds her neck, her head can be without support, hanging down a bit. Finally, I recommend osteopathy, it worked really well for Anastasia.
How come you can't decide on a cot ? or is it just timing because she was early ? I had DS1 in a carrycot suitable for overnight sleep for 3 days while waiting for the cot to be delivered. I sold it when DS1 was 22 months due to lack of space. This time, I was given an Ikea cot and bought a brand new mattress from Ikea too.
Still can't decide on the pushchair. I have a Baby Bjorn carrier and a McLaren. But I would like something very comfy for her naps and a big basket.

jollster Sat 13-Oct-12 09:37:32

hello... <waves>

I was a regular on the 40+ttc for feckin' ages, as it took 2.5 years and 5MCs along the way to get DS2 who is now 3 weeks old and snoozing next to me, whilst DS1 (4y4m) watches the info disc of Finding Nemo for what must be the 100th time.

I'm 44 though after a tough night last night I feel 74...

So heartening to see so many 40+ success stories.

Zombtee, 43, DS 3yo
Catdoctor, 44, DS 2yo
10000Fireflies, 43, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Goatbongosanonymous, 43, DS Kid, 18 July 2012, EMCS
Lucylookout, 41, DS1 5yo, DS2 12 weeks
Hpbp, 41, DS1 almost 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, 40, DD1, 25th/26th September 2012 name TBC, EMCS
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3rd October 2012, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October 2012, EMCS
Jollster 44, DS1 4 (EMCS at 37w), DS2 3 weeks (ELCS - though 2 weeks earlier than planned)

Hello jollster
I sympathise with the 74 yr old feeling! There is nothing like a little sleep deprivation to cheer us up. smile what did we do before the Internet?...

Had a lovely lazy afternoon with a walk in the park and enough coffee walnut cake to sink a small battalion. Kid has become fascinated with people eating -it is like having a cat watch you!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

GemmaCatherine Sat 13-Oct-12 23:39:58

Oh hello ... single, pregnant 41 year old due in March 2013 here smile

10000Fireflies Sun 14-Oct-12 04:57:49

Morning all. Suffering uncharacteristic insomnia here. Going to feel horrible all day Sunday. sad DS happily and snuggly sleeping away with DH. I am hoping that industrial quantities of Dairy Milk and water will send me on my way back to sleep again. Quite funny being up at same time as cat doing his night wanderings. Security lights keep going off all over the place in the garden.

I know BF babies with teeth are not supposed to bite, but found the razor sharp tooth edge scraping my nip just enough to wake me up!

At parents house, cat and Dad sitting. 'Delighted' to note that back door left unlocked again... There's no lock on the side gate either...

Hi GemmaC. See you have found the 40+ preggos list. Congrats and good luck. You are very brave doing it alone, however, I would recommend anyone our age who wants children to get on with it, even if single. To a certain extent doing it solo has massive advantages. My DH only had one day at home with me before going back to work - I had an EMCS - and I was petrified, but a gorgeous and wise MW told me while I was in hospital recovering that I'd probably find it easier being on my own. And OMG, she was so right.... Well, took DH quite a while to adjust to parenthood and he had some bizarre ishoos regarding surgery and CS. (ie argued with consultant that I hadn't had major abdominal surgery... shock!!)

Catdoctor I know what you mean about needing people who remember Scott and Charlene. I try very hard not to refer to things which give my age away when I'm with my new baby friends, but find it difficult. My pet hate is hearing the youngsters complaining about all the lovely rellies they have that are mucking in and helping them with their PFB (not that mine isn't precious!!) I would do anything to have an interfering, well and able 50 year old MIL to give me a hand. Their grandparents are younger than my folks. I think some of their parents are younger than DH...!!!!

While I am at my parents, in the semi-rural area where I grew up, while I am here for the next couple of weeks, I have decided to brave attending a local mother-and-baby class. Was v apprehensive as I am quite sure I am mixing with the kids of people I was at school with.

Hi Jolls. Nice to see you on here. Our paths kept crossing on the TTC and preggo threads.

Nice to see what ZombTee said about becoming friends and meeting up. I think i droppped in and looked at Forty Towers from time to time and looked on in wonderment at the thought of becoming Mum in my 40s.

Funnily enough have heard one way or another about two school friends who've only recently become Mums too. Makes me feel a bit less special! Been enjoying all the attention from parent's friends since LO arrived - they've all been getting so excited that their friends' DD has managed to produce a healthy child at the grand old age of 42, when so many of them have grown up grandchildren. They've been lovely and supportive actually which is great.

Oh gawd. Now DFather is up along with me and cat!! Just DH and DS to go and we'll all be gathered round the kitchen table! Enough of my stream of consciousness. Off to bed before I wake up even more. Been semi-awake since 2:30am and I am crap with no sleep. I could only stay out raving until 2am when I went clubbing as was so rubbish the next day if I didn't get enough sleep.

Enough!! Catch you all soon. FF xx

bytheseaside Sun 14-Oct-12 08:12:41

hi jollster and gemma smile
well we've all just had a mammoth nappy change in which we got through 4 nappies , a ton of cotton wool, tissues, etc after some cunning projectile weeing from baby seaside ( who knew girls were so good at that?) me and dp completely incompetent in face of such skill!
dp just made me tea, and as soon as this feed is over im going to munch through packet of biscuits and go back to sleep...

TheNoodles Sun 14-Oct-12 13:05:41

Quick name update from GemmaCatherine folks, sorry for any confusion.

Thanks 10000Fireflies, that makes me feel better. Hey seaside how old is your little one?

Hpbp Sun 14-Oct-12 15:18:51

Welcome Jollster and Noodles.
FF, sleepless nights are our lot for a few months, I guess. I can't nap during daytime. So I don't know how but I manage to cope with broken nights.
I can't believe your LO has his frst tooth already. DS1 had his first when he reached 13 months ! How does it feel to be in contact with old acquaintances again ?
Seaside, massive poo, hey ! Yeah ! Anastasia used to keep on releasing her intestinal content while I was changing her, so sometimes I would used 2 or 3 nappes for one change.... Now I just let her finish instead of rushing, even if it means she woud stay 10 minutes more in her poo. Yuk !
Meeting a shrink tomorrow. Is it PND or just guilt and guilt and guilt ? I find it very difficult to look after 2 kids on my own, although DH is around on week ends and Mum helps a lot cooking.... But still crying over my incompetence, bouh !

bytheseaside Sun 14-Oct-12 17:00:37

noodles baby is 3 weeks today! although as she arrived so early still minus 3 weeks in gestation time

fireflies your 'dadsitting' made me laugh, we'd never say that about our mums, would we? I used to be an insomniac, but since this little one arrived I sleep so deeply when I get half a chance, the sign of a bad mum I think. DP hears her wake before I do every time. I feel relieved that several of my old friends have had kids around my age.but i felt like the oldest mum in hospital by far, though - loads of annoying teenagers on the ward playing their music too loudly, with me telling them off ...

hpbp you are absolutely not incompetent!!! What we are doing is hard, if amazing, and sleep deprivation is a form of torture, so you are also coping with that. I should take my own advice as I also spend a lot of time crying with guilt, about her coming early, about me not being able to be with her all the time in nicu, about failing to have enough clean vests or a tidy house etc etc etc - hope shrink helps. What kind?

Ive just sent dp out for a MacDs, hate them usually, but really need the carbs today. I'm soooo hungry

bytheseaside Sun 14-Oct-12 18:24:13

ps hpbp thanks for winding tips, will give some of those new ones a go

firstbubba Sun 14-Oct-12 21:11:43

Marking my place DS born 2/10

Hello everyone, lots to read here! Sorry if my overtired sleep deprived brain can't let me reply to everyone's lovely posts. Kid currently feeding and shortly I will have to finish the marking that is due tomorrow... Yes, I am on maternity leave!

ff that's really not fair for you is it, insomnia AND feeding?! And yes to feeling like the granny of any mother/baby group. One I went to everyone seemed half my age (oh dear that's probably literal!) but I went along to the neighbouring borough where there is a nice range of ages. It seems so odd in a way that my line manager at work, who is three years older than I am, has two children at university!

hpbp you're not incompetent... I so admire anyone with two LOs. It's so relentless. I hope the dr helps.

There seem to be a few prems on this thread... How is everyone going? Kid was born at 31+4 and spent 4 weeks in the neonatal unit. He is doing pretty well, although feeding is up and down a bit, and he won't be put down - I wear a sling during the day and he sleeps on me at night. And of course has a well-developed cuteness reflex! Our paed checkup is on Tuesday.

Ah, Scott and Charlene... Neighbours has never been the same!

bytheseaside Mon 15-Oct-12 20:02:45

Hi hows everyone doing today? Had my daily meltdown earlier, ate bag of maltesers, now tucked up in bed snuggling with baby seaside and the world seems better.

goat 4 weeks in neonatal sounds tough - we had 2 and half weeks and it almost finished me! how did you manage? and please tell me how you do the baby sleeping on you at night thing - can you sleep too? good luck with appointment. another question - how soon did you feel ready to take kid out? I feel I want to keep the baby wrapped up in the warm, but I'm going to go stir crazy if I don't go out soon!! But she's still so tiny and has no fat reserves to keep her warm now its getting chilly.

seaside sorry to hear about the meltdown , I guess we all know what those are like. Mine are more middle of the night now, but getting fewer and further between!

The time in NNU wasn't too bad until discharge, which was absolutely horrendous, when I roomed in for the 48 hours. Until then the nurses were so brilliant with Kid. I think him wanting to be on me all the time is probably making up for those lost weeks ( when he should have been with me 24/7 anyway) - I am thinking of renaming him Koala! Yes I can sleep with him on me. I just use his shawl as a kind of sling.
Re getting out of the huse, we kind of had the opposite problem as it was very very hot when he came home as well as very bright. We waited a couple of weeks but then started taking him for short walks in the local park. Put him off to sleep every time! Didn't take him into central London until after his first lot of jabs. Now I use the sling a lot (a moby, he loves it), which keeps him beautifully toasty - Kid too is a skinny malinki, being 91st percentile for length and 0.4 for weight! Most clothes just look silly on him...

Hpbp Tue 16-Oct-12 20:14:37

Oh Seaside, I am so sorry you feel sad. I cry 2 or 3 times a day. At silly things. Sleep deprivation, exhaustion are the major pb. Well, I hope so. But I decided to see someone to help me find out. I had my first appointment yesterday and left with 2 questions I need to think about before the next meeting: where is home, Paris or London ? And why am I so unconfident ? She also suggested that I try to stop wanting to be the perfect mum. This seems to be a common "disease" among new mums, especially when the second child arrives, because then guilt shows up in the complex equation !

Goat, let us know how the paed appointment on Tue goes. For my first child, born at 39+2, not considered as a prem, I was over anxious, weighing him every week for the first 3 months ! Silly me as he was a healthy 3.3kg tonic newborn who had combined feeding. Strangely enough, for this second baby, I find myself much more relax, EBF but she has been weighed only twice, at 1 month and at 2 months, I can tell that she is putting on weight and enjoying breast milk ! Weighing 3.02 kg at birth, she reached 5.22 kg at 2 months and weight or length wise she is on the 75th percentile. I am almost certain she has gone over 6kg by now as she has been dropping her 11pm and 3am feeds for a week or so.

Hope you get some rest Fireflies.

happydotcom Tue 16-Oct-12 22:46:07

Hello! May I join please!? I'm 38 and ds is 16 mo.
All my mummy mates are at least a decade younger.

So happy I found this thread smile

hpbp I am with you in the weight obsession. Had to give myself a stern talking-to and now we weight every three weeks or so! Also yes to crying at the silly things... As you say, sleep deprivation is a cow and it doesn't take much to arrive at the last straw.

A rather disturbed evening today - Kid just wouldn't settle for hours. DH had him, I had him, we fed/didn't feed, Sang/didn't sing, rocked, sang, patted, ignored... Why are we shattered and he isn't?! Now is asleep on my chest. Looking really quite cute, dammit!

We had the paed appointment today, everything looking okay. We will just be going back every so often to keep an eye on Kid's lungs, because of the pneumothorax he had on his second day of life which reaccumulated a couple of days later. Although the paed was impressed with the volume and dedication of his cry! Mentioned the feeding difficulties, and he seemed to think this is just immaturity and we have to wait. Tested the suck and said it isn't the best he's ever come across! Oh well, slow feeds it is then...

Welcome, happy

Hpbp Wed 17-Oct-12 08:00:16

Happy, welcome ! Of course you can join, you will be one of the youngest !
Goat, do you also have insomnia like FF ? It sounds tough to have a prem but you seem very relaxed. My sister's first child was premature too but he is now a very lively and energetic 10 year old boy. Take your time and keep on using the sling, I was told this is the best thing to do for babies to be confident later in life.

FjordMor Wed 17-Oct-12 22:44:32

Hi everyone,

Zombtee, 43, DS 3yo
Catdoctor, 44, DS 2yo
10000Fireflies, 43, DS, 21 June 2012, EMCS
Goatbongosanonymous, 43, DS Kid, 18 July 2012, EMCS
Lucylookout, 41, DS1 5yo, DS2 12 weeks
Hpbp, 41, DS1 almost 4yo, DD2 Anastasia, 29 July 2012, VB
bytheseaside, 40, DD1, 25th/26th September 2012 name TBC, EMCS
Firstbubba, DS1, 2nd October 2012
Fjordmor 41, DD1, 3rd October 2012, EMCS
Littleredmonkey 43, DS1 Dylan, 4th October 2012, EMCS
Jollster 44, DS1 4 (EMCS at 37w), DS2 3 weeks (ELCS - though 2 weeks earlier than planned)

Finding it very hard to get on and contribute but DD in a rare post-feed sleep and DP has her so I'm speed-reading/typing! Currently we're doing 2 hour long feeds (interspersed with sleeping periods) with around 1 hour in between. A couple of times a day she sleeps for nearly 3 hours but then we pay with a very hungry, tantrumy baby when she wakes up. After lots of help from a LC and the health visitors, I'm just letting her spend a lot of time on the breast/being held by me and hoping she'll find her way. She's only 2 weeks old. We do have some colic issues, although if we religiously take simethicone drops before feeding and she remains calm she's fine. Also my milk supply was erratic but I'm now on syntocin nasal spray (anyone heard of that? I hadn't) which works like a dream (according to the large leaky wet patch in my bed after an hour long post-feed nap shock).

Hpbp, Seaside - with you on the sleep deprivation and crying. I'm having a very hard time coping when DP is at work as I find bf hard to logistically manage alone (huge boobs, c-section scar, inverted nipples and using a breast-shield for all feeds as the only way). Getting her into the right position without 3rd party help is very challenging. I hope that will get easier when she is a little bigger and can control her head. Everyone says it will. Hpbp - I too have questioned PND but I think sleep deprivation is very stressful, and hormones are all over the place. I feel 'normal' when I've managed adequate-ish rest and have help, and super-tearful and despairing when here on my own and I don't know what to do. It's great to have people give one confidence - that often lies at the route of belief in one's coping abilities I think. My LC did that for me - I wish I could have her round several times a week! Thinking of you anyway. I'm there now and for the first time, I kind of get it. x

ff - quite envious at your ability to have baby on your knee AND type! smile. Sorry about the insomnia though!

On the subject of being 40+, for those of you who don't know me from the 40+ mums to be thread, I live in Norway. The average age of baby-having in Norway is somewhere between 20 - 26 and to have your first at my age is almost unheard of. I come from London where we're two-a-penny so this was a bit of a shock as I didn't feel 'too old' for it all (my mum had me at 40...). Luckily for me, there is a big expat community in the city I live in, and most of the expat mums who are just having/have just had babies are in the 35+ age range so I am able to get together with other mums without feeling like grandma.

goatbongos - can you post the link to the late night feeding thread? I'm there most nights and just learning to master one-handed iPhone MN-ing while feeding! I'll also check out the other 40+ thread! Sounds like a great community has grown up out of it! Right, LO has just starting crying on DP's lap and the DSDs (I have 2 - tween/teen) are trying to sleep before school in the next room so that's my 'your MN time is now up' alarm call. Talk later all! smile x

Fjordmor lovely long post! smile
You put me to shame as I am just going to post that link then stagger off to post-feed unconsciousness... I hope.
So feeding link and I look forward to seeing you all over there!

More later when have some brain function back.
Hope that link works...

It worked!!

Hpbp Thu 18-Oct-12 08:14:06

Fjord, nice to hear from you and sorry you are feeling overwhelmed sometimes. You are right, 2 weeks is still very early and keeping her close to you is all she needs. I was told by the shrink I saw on Monday that until 6 months, the more you hold your baby the more confident it becomes later in life. So don't feel guilty if nothing gets done at home, hold her and chores can wait. I know, easier said than done, especially when you have to take care of the 2 eldest... But try to get some rest too.
BF is challenging. It may be natural, it is still a skill new Mums have to learn. I believe that supply can be erratic in the first weeks, so don't focus on it too much, it will be fine as long as your DD goes on the breast. Give it and yourself time. Very glad you have external support on BF. I found the breast pads from Tigex very good, they are comfy, don't leak, and good value for money compared to Avent or Lansinoh, which are good too but twice as expensive. I still can't sleep on the side or on my tummy, too much pressure on breast, it is very uncomfortable. Anastasia has been sleeping through for a week, 7 to 7, but my breasts are still very full in the morning and can leak if I am not careful when taking my shower. I sometimes have to dream feed her otherwise she can sleep until 8.30/9 ish.
Don't worry if you can't post. We will be thinking of you.

Goat, thanks for the link, your brain is not so sleepy in the middle of thenight !

How is everyone doing? I had a lovely sleep last night thanks to DH taking Kid for a few hours. (Not insomniac, hpbp just blessed with a very very slow feeder!) I feel newly rejuvenated and ready to go spend lots of money in the nearly new sale...

Nothing interesting to report really... I found a prem group this week which I went along to, only one other mum there, as the NNUs don't tell parents it exists! Such a shame, it was so great to talk to someone else and realise that the good the bad and the ugly really weren't your doing! There were also lots of ideas for the kind of stimulation a prem needs. Kid is certainly getting to that stage now.

littleredmonkey Sat 20-Oct-12 14:51:17

hi ladies,
hpbp - found the thread, thanks honey

I can hardly keep my eyes open today, liitle wee and poo machine kept us on our toes lst night, so could sleep for a week, hope i can get a second wind later. baby red monkey is sleeping on me after providing him with late lunch.
ps - decided I am crap at putting a nappy on today, leaked three times on him and outfit and all over his moses basket bedding. my washing machine has never been so busy. we bought a dryer the other week an so glad we did,

off for some zzzz

Hpbp Mon 22-Oct-12 11:31:48

wink LRM, ahhhhh nappy change ! Soon he will use his hose on you too, especially when you are super smartly dressed to go out ! Welcome tomotherhood ! But you will love it, I am sure.

lrm I feel your nappy pain... Kid has such skinny legs that you have to be really careful how the nappy goes on! We have also had the fountainous arc across the nice new carpet... and I don't mean he weed!

littleredmonkey Mon 22-Oct-12 18:36:34

Hpbp- You made me smile with the smart clothes, I am such as casual girl I only own 1 dress and a skirt which I have worn only once this year. I really enjoy slummin it in my jim jams!!!

Goat - Dylan is a slow and reluctant feeder any tips that you have used to getting more into gear.

Tips required ladies. Baby Dylan is not keen on going to sleep during the day. I have it down to a fine art in the evening ( should not have said that !!). I feed him during the day and he has no of it. When we put him in his basket his little legs go like mad and he is wide awake. Do I assume he knows night and day now? I will have my first day on my own on Thursday looking forward to it and scared at the same time.
I had a dream we all met up last night for coffee and we all had badges on saying our names. The badges were huge.

Hpbp Mon 22-Oct-12 21:29:35

Goat, oh no, did you manage to clean the carpet ? I chose to put bamboo flooring in the flat and we have no rug atm, anticipating pukes and potty training, hum hum...
LRM, allright, forget smart cloth, lets say work cloth, when you are ready to leave the house and Dylan needs a last minute nappy change, this is when these things happen, you are in a hurry and less cautious about keeping the nappy over his willy, you turn your head one sec to grab a cotton wool and pshiiiiit, wee all over the place if not on you !!! I don't know how many times I got caught... Keep a mop next to the changing table. You can always clean quickly the floor with the mop under your foot.
On a more serious note, do you close the curtains during the day when you put Dylan down ? Have you tried swaddling him ? Does he nap in the same place he sleeps at night ? I found ot Anastasia naps better/longer in her night cot. I also have a cot in the living room but she would not sleep for more than one cycle whereas upstairs, she could go for 2 cycles sometimes. I have not been able to find out whether it s the light or th noise that wakes her up. I was told that the Moro reflex can be very strong and would wake them up so swaddling could be helpful.
You will be allright on Thursday, make sure DH prepares your lunch/meals before he leaves, have water and snacks handy and books or remote control as well. If you can, have a shower too before Dylan wakes up for the day.
Meeting up for a coffee would be lovely. Indeed.

catdoctor Mon 22-Oct-12 22:02:44

Evening ladies, have been away having a chemical pregnancy so strange mix of glum plus hopeful - at least I can conceive.

Had a teenager in my cons room tonight staring at me blankly when I suggested her cat needed to escape from Colditz - aarrgghh.

I have really got to think about potty training DS but he still does 3,4 even 5 poos a day - so the healthy diet backfires, literally! Not sure I've got the nerve for this yet!

Catch up soon

catdoctor really sorry to hear about the chemical pregnancy, they are difficult to deal with despite being short lived - I had one last October so my sympathies.

hpbp DH got up and attacked the carpet with cleaner there and then, saving the day.
As for clothes, I was in work clothes today for the first time in ages, and DH looked at me and said 'Gosh, I remember when you used to wear normal clothes!' blush Well, I guess it's a while since I was in anything but accessible tunic and leggings!

lrm no tips on the slow feeds, unfortunately. I just wait him out and eventually he saunters up to the finish line. Oh, and kid too doesn't like daytime naps, mainly because he is a nosy baby and hates to miss anything. But exhaustion catches up with him eventually...

Hpbp Tue 23-Oct-12 09:23:10

Catdoctor, take it easy. Don't give up hope !
I waited until DS1 was 3 yo to start potty training, I did wait until he was ready and willing to do it. No rush ! But he had a potty since he was 2 on which he would sit, completely dressed just to get used to it. For once, I agreed with Gina Ford's method !

Hpbp Fri 26-Oct-12 08:00:12

Oh oh, I treated myself with a very girly changing bag from Lilliputiens, a nice red, pink ish one ! Anastasia is using most of her brother clothing atm sso I thought I would buy something nice for her, or me rather ! She is 13 weeks and I have started using small 6 months sleeping suits ! She does not seem so big/long though.
Celebrating since Wed DS1 4th birthday, at home, at school and over the week end as well as DH is only with us on week ends. 2 other cakes to bake. But DS1 is more interested by his pressents than eating my cakes... Oh well ! It is my fault, I never got him used to eat sweet things anyway.
Mid term next week. I am a bit scared to have both of them all day, my Mum had surgery and a bit of a cold so I am looking after 3 people. Wish me luck...

10000Fireflies Sun 28-Oct-12 20:14:12

Just dropping in for a quick hi. wink DS not settling so will be back with more when hands free. Hope you are all having a cosy night in, out of the cold and rain.

Hpbp Mon 29-Oct-12 19:32:56

FF what's happening with DS ? Is he teething ?
Anastasia is 3 months today. But I almost forgot it, busy driving my Mum back and forth to doctors' appointments. What a forgetful Mum I am ! Got some good news today, I should have ID card for her within 10 days. So we shall be home soon. DH is delighted. I am scared. And a bit sad too, DS1 really enjoys his school, he is now well settled and we will change again, one small consolation, he is going back to his nursery, at least, he will not be in a totally new environment.

Midgetm Mon 29-Oct-12 20:16:15

I found you all ok only because of the link

Marks place, scuttles off again grin

Velo Wed 31-Oct-12 16:11:32

Just marking my place in the thread although not feeling all that fantastic! I have about 5 items of clothing that I can actually wear at the moment and with all the biscuits I seem to be consuming.... oh dear.

Hpbp Wed 31-Oct-12 16:34:22

Midget, Velo, welcome. Very glad to see you again !
How is Master Midge ? How about you ?
Velo, it has been a long time. How far are you in th pg ? Sorry I can't remember right now. Don't worry about weight, I put on 16kgs and within 11 weeks looking after 2 kids and BF, I am back to pre pg weight already...
FF is Jamie feeling better ?
Hope every one else is well.

Midgetm Wed 31-Oct-12 21:38:04

Evening all. Oh my goodness the biscuits Velo I can't stop eating. Breast feeding making me hungry like a wolf. I just keep eating sweet things constantly. The weight was dropping off but not sure it will be for much longer If I keep this up.

hey HP do you still have sunshine in Paris? It's horrible here. Wind is really wild and so cold. WInter is taking hold.

I feel awful. I think dehydrated but have a cracking headache. Master midge still not knowing about night and day and sleeps far too much in the day. Still he is only small so I am sure He will get the hang of it soon. How are you? How is the lovely Anastasia? It is so much harder balancing 2 kids needs isnt it? It's exhausting!

Right best go get some sleep before the feeding frenzy starts... Big waves to all.

10000Fireflies Wed 31-Oct-12 22:41:46

Hey there! Yes, hpbp, DS teething. He's 19 weeks tomorrow. (BTW he's not called Jamie- is known as baby FF on here). First tooth appeared week 16, second the following week. He was grizzly as hell this am and ramming Sophie The Giraffe into his upper gums, so assuming tooth 3 not far behind. I hope so anyway, as he's normally lovely and giggly most of the time and am not enjoying him so much when he's like this.

Also still plagued by colic. Really tiresome. Seem to have more success with Boots Colic Drops more than anything else, but every so often he has another 3-hour long screaming fit and it's really hard work.

I have been stuffing my face since having DS. V enjoyable! Have never consumed such disgustingly huge quantities of chocolate, cake, biscuits and icecream before. Haven't lost much weight as a result. BF makes me ravenous, like you Midget, for sweet things. I am trying to wean myself off them now though before I stop BF as I'm worried about what a total fatty I'll become if I don't lose the habit.

Please don't tell me it's a total nightmare looking after two kids midget. I need to maintain that sense of denial as hoping to TTC and pop out #2 asap.

Been back a week from parents, where I was Dad and cat sitting for 3 weeks. Just about managed not to go completely mad!! OMG was hard work! Had a few visits from some v old family friends and neighbours while I was there. Really lovely to catch up with them. Is funny some of the crap they come out with though. They are horrified about the concept of feeding on demand. And they keep coming out with phrases like 'oh, you've waited so long for him' and getting v excited about how old I am. But actually there are two others from my year who've had babies in the past 18 months so I'm not so much of a novelty!

Trekked to Victoria today (no frigging lifts there), lugging baby in buggy (thank god for Maclaren) plus nappy bag etc etc, about 6 flights of stairs in all. Frigging passport application rejected as neighbour 'I do these all the time since I became a teacher this year' bodged up signature. So back to square one. Waited 2 weeks for appt. Have to wait 2 weeks for another and need to travel then. Grump! V tired now. But baby fast asleep, now, so I am relaxing.

Hope you are all well. Love n stuff. FF xx

littleredmonkey Thu 01-Nov-12 05:48:35

Hi guys
Hey midget. Hope u r ok honey ? I am the same as u and velo. Biscuits and more biscuits. Need em to breastfeed it says so on the packet! !!! Will post later as baby Dylan woke up

bytheseaside Thu 01-Nov-12 14:04:52

Have just spent 20 mins catching up on last couple of weeks of posts, its been a time of crazy feeding, long wakeful nights and days where baby seaside will only sleep on me, im still barely having time to get dressed or go to the loo... I really love her, but am so tired and housebound!! and computer broke temporarily which was my lifeline
goat you are so lucky having a prem group, there's none here and i could really do with one, now I've slowed down and the reality of the early scary birth and weeks in hospital have started to hit me like a brick. How are you feeling about it? You sound so much more level than me!
baby seaside is eating like a (windy) gannet and putting weight on nicely, im so proud of her. my poor boobs though! And i have to keep Changing our clothes so we don't permanently smell of milk ... is this just us? Perhaps we are just spectacularly messy at bf
So nice to see ladies from 40s thread and new ones. wanted to congratulate you all personally, but sounds like feeding time again... with a major nappy episode 1st. sorry about your news catdoctor

catdoctor Thu 01-Nov-12 18:37:08

It's so interesting reading all your posts - I can't believe how fast the last 2 years have gone. Someone said to me when I had DS - just give in to it - and I think that's helped - no point fighting it all, just go with the flow and when you have to, endure.

I reckon being older made me better at this - I didn't feel I was missing out and life experience told me that however hard things are, time passes.

Now I have a real live toddler with attitude. I'm more bothered in a way now as I think I could get things wrong in how I handle stuff, whereas when he was tiny it was hard buit the choices seemed simper or non existant. Anyone know what I'm blabbing on about?!

We finally stopped breatsfeeding about 6 weeks ago - so glad it just peetered out, no hysterics. Last night the little bleeder grabbed me though and latched on - quickly stopped and said 'there's nothing coming out, try the other one' . Shall I put that on his 2 year assessment form where it asks for examples of forming sentances?!


littleredmonkey Thu 01-Nov-12 19:14:34

Bythesea. I know what u mean no time for the loo. Even thought of taping a load of his nappies together so I can use them. Also spend more time in Jim jams with seriously scarey hair even the positive looked at me gone out the other day. It's new baby. Knackered chic look. My poor guy has a cold bless him and only 8 weeks old.

Hpbp Sat 03-Nov-12 18:41:41

Good evening Ladies.

DH is on hols for a week, the first week since Anastasia arrived. We are planning to do nothing, just staying home and being together. Hope his presence will allow me to sit down and eat properly with civilized manners, I have been swallowing food for the past 3 months !

So this morning we brought Anastasia to the pediatrician for her 3month check up, 5.9kg and 61.5cm, very tonic, holding head quite well, big chubby cheeks, still lots of hair, started smiling, sucking her fingers, following me as I cross the room with her big black eyes, all good, nothing to report !
Then we went to order catering for her christening next week end, it is going to be a Japanese meal followed by a piece montee for 35 of us. I have no idea how I will store the food if there s any leftovers, hope I did not order too much.... And I had a lovely 30minutes of body scrub. It was heaven !
Tomorrow, I am not going anywhere, DH and DS1 will go swimming, I will try to catch up on sleep...

I almost made up my mind on the pushchair, it will be a Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Has anyone used a Summer Infant Snuzzler even if baby lies flat in the pram so that its head does not go all over the place ? Would love to hear your feedback.

Midgetm Sat 03-Nov-12 23:01:00

Evening all. HP so glad you have some time with your DP, it must be lively after all the coping on your own you have done recently. I hope you have a lovely time. I beat go get to bed. Stinking cold here too and master midge is coming down with it. Such a pain in the bum.

ValiumQueen Sun 04-Nov-12 09:05:48

Greetings. Only took me 11 days to find you! I have not read the thread yet.

Baby Jacob was born via ELCS on 25/10 weighing 9lb 1/2 oz. He is the youngest of 3, with sisters of 6 and 2. I am 43 and had my tubes tied during the section as my family is now complete.

I am exclusively breast feeding and have had hastle from MWs about his weight. This has had a really bad effect on my mood as we were sent to the hospital and told to either give formula or express, measure, then give in a bottle. I have refused to do this as he is feeding really well, is bright and alert, and is peeing and pooing for scotland.

My BP went dangerously high on friday so again back to hospital. I am now on bed rest which is impossible with three kids.

I will catch up on thread, then bring biscuits x

Midgetm Sun 04-Nov-12 09:31:48

Vq your experience with weight is the same as mine. I've also ignored them as it effected his latch. He is now fine and I could have totally messed up by breast feeding if I'd have done what they said. And they all contradicted each other! Makes me mad that a first time mum would have probably done what they said and really struggled to bf exclusively angry

bytheseaside Sun 04-Nov-12 10:49:23

Lrm yep, im getting really good at knackered chic look haha, rarely brush hair these days and often find myself walking round house bleery eyed with a boob out .. only a matter of time before i answer the door like that...

cat you've done amazingly with bf, im inspired! Excellent sentences too smile midget take good care of that cold how very annoying. just waiting for our first one to strikes. family descending en masse today sad and i bet some silly person will come with a cold

Hpbp you are so organised with christening plans. And good pushchair choice, my sister has that one and loves it. its back to the drawing board for me, my versa gt order has been cancelled at last minute as they are being recalled- aargh!! 6 weeks old and still no pushchair! Can't face doing all the research again. tempted to throw budget overboard and get lovely icandy strawberry just so we can leave house. so expensive, but one of few that does tick our boxes, and im reluctant to get a compromise pushchair now and have to replace it in 6 months/year... strawberry would cost more than our old banger car is worth, so clearly not a sensible plan! A yummy mummy chair may mitigate some of the 'looking an old fright' though

Vq hello!! Congratulations on arrival of baby Jacob, sounds like you have had a rough time. how is bp now? Mines been rubbish too. Well done to you and midget too for sticking to guns re bf, thank goodness you were experienced enough to go with instinct that if baby is clearly fine, then why not. All that faff with expressing and bottles would surely have made bp worse.

Hi to all other old biddies. Im going back to finishing off whole pack of dairy milk biscuits now , mmmm. Think bf isn't quite keeping up with my enormous calorie consumption

ValiumQueen Sun 04-Nov-12 12:26:28

Well, I am not sure I should bring biscuits as most of you seem to be over indulging. I bring fruit, and lots of it.

I am sorry people have been struggling with poor advice about feeding, and low mood.

I am finding it easier with three than two in these early weeks, as the older two have each other, the PFB has already had her nose put out of joint, and middle child has always had to share me.

Sodding midwives who discharged me yesterday want to visit tomorrow to weigh the little prince. I told them politely but firmly to fuck off. I said that weighing him 4 times in 7 days was taking the piss, I am an experienced feeder, and my son is fine, plus they have made me ill with stress. DH is in agreement thankfully. I am guessing the MW yesterday had a bollocking for discharging us. Yesterday she had no worries, today there are concerns. No doubt I will have uncooperative on my file now and be flagged up to MH services. Grr! He is the best feeder of the lot!

ValiumQueen Sun 04-Nov-12 12:27:27

Oh, and BP was stabilising but has no doubt shot up again after that phone call.

bytheseaside Sun 04-Nov-12 13:31:39

VQ I am in awe of your confident handling of the mw! I often felt like I was at boarding school in hospital, constantly told off by bossy mw and nurses - completely disempowering. They wouldnt discharge me until bp kind of stabilised, but I didnt care as baby seaside was in nicu then anyway, so I didnt exactly want to be sent home. anyway, try to put your feet up, deep breaths (slow yoga breathing very effective for bp), enjoy bf little jacob (cuddles also very effective, I found) and shut out theworld. Are you on bp meds? i tried all sorts of things!

ValiumQueen Sun 04-Nov-12 14:03:31

No meds thankfully just rest. I swear it was brought on by the midwives and the trip to hospital for assessment. It was not easy saying no, and no doubt I will feel guilty about it, but they should look at the child more, and the scales less.

Hpbp Sun 04-Nov-12 18:44:25

VQ, totally agree with you, sometimes medical staff forget the big picture to focus on details, if baby Jacob latches well, is alert, peeing and pooing, there s no need for him to be weighed every day, this only brings additional stress, you are right to follow your instincts. Stick in there, I love your style !

Seaside, sorry to hear about the cancelled order of the Versa, how annoying. I won't be able to wait for it as I am back in London early Dec and need a pram straight away to deal with my ID paperwork and school visits. So we chose to go for the City Mini GT. But you should get a sling and go out for short trips, I have a garden here so I take Anastasia out twice a day, weather permitting. I have the school run, fortunately, otherwise I would be in my pyjamas all day. It is important for me to look good, in DH's eyes, and in my eyes too. Is it being French ?!

Must run, Anastasia just woke up.... Be back soon

I lost you all for a while there! Just found you again tonight.

Greetings to everyone from the midst of feeding flurries, sleep deprivation and lack of hairbrushing... I have long given up looking in the mirror, and thank goodness for our cleaner who is an angel in disguise and does the ironing, so that the only wrinkles are on me rather than my clothes, otherwise DH might scream in terror when he sees me! Fortunately Kid does not seem to mind as yet.

I too am having bp problems after the HELLP syndrome. Not helped at all by trying to express every few hours and getting even less sleep. So I have had to make the decision to stop, reluctantly (to coin an understatement). Bf never got off the ground properly thanks to horrendous advice, and I have now spoken to several mums from the same NNU who had exactly the same experience that we did. seaside I have plenty of meltdowns, usually in the middle of the night!

So many posts since my last - I will try to keep up now!

ValiumQueen Mon 05-Nov-12 03:11:58

Five hours. 9.30 to 2.30. Yay. Must be a fluke, but not complaining.

bytheseaside Mon 05-Nov-12 10:14:59

vq do you mean you / he slept for 5 hours?? Can't imagine what that's like!

goat sorry its been so hard. what did nicu do? Several nurses in.mine tried to persuade me that bf would be too tiring for baby to try too often, whereas i wanted to try each feeding time before tube feeds, even if for a couple of mins. luckily there was an expert bf adviser on hand who agreed with me, otherwise no way I'd have been confident or even allowed to do what i wanted. But, you've already made the biggest difference getting some breast milk into kid when tiny and prem, please don't feel bad (although feeling cross with hospital sounds healthy and reasonable)

hpbp you sound so glamorous! Today im in regular outfit of black top and preg leggings, step up from pjs, but dp calls this my mime artist look, do clearly not that hot. must get my pre- preg clothes out of storage.... getting showered and dressed at all requires enormous effort to get up before dp leaves for work instead of grabbing extra hour sleep .

ValiumQueen Mon 05-Nov-12 10:33:25

DH says it was 10.30 to 2.30, so 4 hours (my head is a bit f****d). Still bloody good. He was feeding from 5, so I was hoping he was working up to a sleep. We both slept.

I am living in pjs. I don't care how I look, so long as I do not smell bad. I am not French, clearly.

vq four hours is amazing! Could you get your LO to have a chat with mine?...

seaside if I start on nicu and bf advice I may never stop... I could mention the three witches who descended on me with a pump 48 hours after the emcs and stood at the end of my bed screaming 'don't stress! You won't get any milk if you stress!'; or the comments I got when my milk didn't come in, then when it finally did three weeks later, being told not to express despite my LO being so tiny he couldn't possibly empty a breast; or not being allowed to bf him before 34 weeks and never during a tube feed; or being told the latch was right when a withdrawal from the stomach showed no milk content at all... angry oops, I had better stop now, though I could go on! midget had it right, a first time mum just can't stand up to it, I thought I knew nothing.

But my LO is gorgeous and funny and can make me laugh at 4:30 in the morning even when I am at my most sleep deprived! I am enjoying being a mum finally!

ValiumQueen Mon 05-Nov-12 20:59:08

It may be a fluke, if not I will ask him. If only the four hours were in his basket.

10000Fireflies Tue 06-Nov-12 00:12:23

Evening all
This post is a bit out of date as I started writing it before I’d read all your latest posts, but not going to edit it now I’ve written it!
Congrats Valium on the arrival of baby valium. Sorry to hear about the hospital being arses about his feeding. Stupid idiots telling you to express and measure. Doesn’t work like that, does it. Also, v sorry to hear about your BP. Mine was a prob and I was readmitted too. Hope they find you some meds and it goes down soon. (I bet the stress re his feeding is not helping – I see Midget is thinking along the same lines as me on this).
The conflicting advice from MWs is very frustrating. I can see now how much of it was plain rubbish. Glad I ignored most of it!!
I am sorry to hear about all the bad experiences people have been having generally. Hope that all improves soon.
Bytheseaside I found myself in the early weeks leaving house with vest pulled down over bra… surprised I didn’t have boobs out as I was also wondering around the house with them out most the time too!! I did answer the door while BF once or twice. Postman v sweet and discreet!! How is your BP now?
Could you all stop the choc/cake/biscuit scoffing comments to a minimum please??!! blush. I am trying to cut them out of my diet now in preparation for weaning. I have been enjoying stuffing my face up until recently, but want to benefit from last few weeks BF to lose a bit of weight. Started going to ex class. Hope to go twice a week. Ah VQ, fruit! What is that strange stuff??!!
Tried dressing up a bit last Friday – wore a smartish outfit, long, flat boots, a-line skirt etc. Total pain in the butt –couldn’t pick up DS off the floor without flashing gusset of tights… Skirt waaaaaaay to tight too. Back in civvies after that – nothing like a pair of well worn jeans and converse to run around in.
DS slept through night with no feed last Friday. Amazeballs. Haven’t managed a repeat of that, but have transitioned him from his baby bay to a cot without too much fuss, so I will forgive him a few night feeds while he gets used to cot!! Actually, poor poppet is suffering quite a bit with teething. He’s been desperately ramming things into his upper gums. Two or 3 more teeth have popped through.
Gotta go. He’s fussing for more food. Love to all. FF xx

ValiumQueen Tue 06-Nov-12 02:57:42

Hello FF lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your kind words.

DS again slept 10.30 to 2.30 so very happy. Can cope with that. Completely saturated nappy though. Awaiting some more absorbent night nappies. Did not dream I might need them so soon.

goat I am so glad you are enjoying being a mummy now. I am so lucky all three of mine have been full term. I expected better treatment on the NICU. I am quite horrified that they were not kinder to you.

DH being an arse. I wish I had got a night nanny. Not that we can afford it. My SIL was going to come and stay to help, but as she and DB separated, it was no longer appropriate. She would have been ace.

My parents have helped as much as they can, but in their 70s it has worn them out. DH has no such excuse. He is tired apparently. And sore. And wants a bit of time to himself occasionally.

He is upset he cannot get his daily paper and read it in peace, and resents doing stuff for the elder girls. As for me making noise in the night.... I suggested he piss off downstairs, but wants to be here to help. Wake me whenever he says, but he is so bloody grumpy and slow, it is easier not to.

ValiumQueen Tue 06-Nov-12 12:25:34

DS has put on 6oz since Saturday, thank fuck!!! No more weighing until 6 weeks. Such a relief.

littleredmonkey Tue 06-Nov-12 19:30:47

Hi ladies
Need some support please. Getting quite stressed with lack of sleep. Dylan is sleeping a couple of hours in the evening and wakes us every 2 hours. I am breastfeeding and worried he is not getting enough and wakes up hungry. I am feeding for about 30+ mins and on both boobs. He is gaining weight as he should said the health visitor Monday. I would kill for a three or four hour sleep session. Am I being a butter thinking he will sleep that long at 5 weeks. Must admit I have a cold and feel like shit which doesn't helped feel great. Just wonderif there is anyway to encourage longer sleep patterns. I dont have a routine just feed when he asks or at least every two three hours. I keep thinking should I feed him more. Worried I may not be doing this right. ;:

ValiumQueen Tue 06-Nov-12 19:45:17

LRM you are doing everything right, but maybe as you are not feeling well, it would be worth your hubby giving him a bottle feed as a one off so you can try to get your head down? Are you expressing? Would expressing be an option so that he could have your milk instead of formula? It would take a couple of days probably to get enough milk off for a feed. You are feeding him enough as he is settling, be it only for a couple of hours at a time, and he is gaining weight. Could you try to give him just one breast at a time so he is getting more hind milk and therefore likely to stay fuller longer? Are you napping in the day when he naps? Are you co-sleeping? Maybe asking on the feeding threads would be an idea. They go through a growth spurt around six weeks too. Hope you get some rest soon x

bytheseaside Tue 06-Nov-12 21:23:18

lrm i'm feeling just like you - my sympathies. I have a cold / sore throat / mouth ulcers and last night was a shocker, only a couple hours sleep for me - baby seaside feeds every couple of hours eve / night, and feeding / changing / winding / settling can take at least an hour and half, longer if we cant fix the wind, and she WILL NOT (usually) sleep in her cot! we are trying co-sleeping in desperation. You aren't meant to with prem babies - but the alternative is all night yelling, or her sleeping on one of us, and being so tired we drop her ... She was only due this week, so I think way too soon for stern sleep training, but maybe this is our 6 week spurt?
Like vq says I'm trying to nap in the day with baby in cot - but this means short nap, and therefore feed cycle reducing to hour-and-a-halfly. Swaddling with mixed results - if we get the swaddle on while she is asleep she sleeps in cot like a dream for 2 hours, otherwise she fights it with a passion, grunting with the effort, and punching herself out of it! Can't help but be impressed by her strength for a teeny prem baby, though. what keeps me going is the fact that she is feeding and growing really well, and chocolate cake and biscuits (sorry fireflies), and the feeling that this will pass and we will soon be sharing the experience of fireflies and VQ. I should try the expressing thing, I did buy a medela swing pump, but haven't been able to face it after the grim early days on nicu. aargh ... sorry, long offload, but makes me feel better to get that off my chest, (haha) let me know if you find something that helps
goat what a hideous nicu experience - how can they think that helped?? Makes me feel lucky by comparison. we had some great support on the whole although had a shockingly bad bf lesson from an old guard neonatal nurse in first couple of days - she was panicky and patronising. luckily dp was with me, so we smirked at eachother, until it got so bad I told her to 'back off' and leave us to it.
fireflies if occurs to me that my pre-preg wardrobe just wont work with bf, too many dresses. need to shop, but am spending all our money on baby stuff.

littleredmonkey Tue 06-Nov-12 23:43:20

Thanks lovely ladies for the advice. I think I will start expressing from tomorrow and build up a supply ready. I know this is a dumb question but how long till he gets to the hind milk? Also could I do boob one then do bottle then boob two or is that too much. Or would u just give him the bottle as a whole feed and also how many ounces would u do?
Bythesea. Hope u feel better too bloody shocking sleep deprevation as it is never mind coughing and sneezing eh! Thinking of u honey.
Valium thanks for your words of wisdom. Dont know what I would do with out u. So pleased baby has gained weight and no more midwife drama for u xxx.
Breastfeeding is hard work but so worth it so I will keep chipping away.

littleredmonkey Tue 06-Nov-12 23:51:19

Ff none of my pre baby clothes fit. My jeans were a size 12. I bought a pair last week size 22. Ahhhhhhh! That was my pre diet weight two years ago. Can't get my head into the thought of exercise but I need to. Got my 6 week check up next week if all ok may have start something.
I am having to smile ladies as dp is sleeping next to me mouth wide open catching flies with baby sock stuck to his face must have fallen off Dylan at some stage.

lrm hope you are feeling more positive about the bf. It sounds as though you are doing a fantastic job, lucky Dylan! I think the 2 hour wakings are par for the course - Babygoat went from having to be woken for feeds to waking all the time demanding input. We seem to have settled a bit now, though he likes to ensure that I don't get complacent by throwing a 90 min spanner in the works at times!

And argh about pre-preg clothes. Those midnight raids on the cupboards have not exactly helped the weight melt off blush and I caved last week and bought jeans in the new (but temporary!) size. At least they weren't maternity jeans! I am determined to have lost it by the time we take Babygoat home to visit everyone next August. Svelteness here we come!

Good news vq I hope you waved that gain under their noses!

seaside Hope you are feeling a bit better! We co-sleep, despite my swearing black and blue pre birth that I never would, and despite not being supposed to with a prem. We just would never have slept at all, otherwise. And already he is beginning to retreat out of his own choice (except in the last couple of nights when he has been under the weather) so hopefully will be back in his cot permanently before long. We tried the Moses basket but he hated it - perhaps a legacy of the transparent NNU cots?

littleredmonkey Wed 07-Nov-12 02:39:38

Hey goat. Thanks for support it means alot honey thanks. Baby monkey will lucky go in his basket but he has to be virtually a sleep first. He does put himself back to sleep if he wakes sometimes.
The only way to get him to sleep at night is after a feed he falls a sleep on his pillow next to me then after a few mins I move him very carefully then fingers crossed he sleeps and does not wee all over if /mummy gets the nappy on right.

ValiumQueen Wed 07-Nov-12 06:53:27

I am a co-sleeping convert too. Never did it with the girls, but after a very interesting talk with the HV yesterday, I have given myself permission to go with it. I got out of bed once last night to change his nappy. We went to sleep around 9.30, he woke at 1, fed until 2, nappy changed half way through, slept until almost 6.

All babies are different, and each mum needs to find their way. Also, the babies change so frequently, I am certainly not going to get complacent. Growth spurts, increased mobility and awareness, all these things will require adaptation. But for now, I am co-sleeping, and enjoying it. Did not wake grumpy DH either, so why is he still grumpy? Default position probably.

littleredmonkey Wed 07-Nov-12 07:31:45

Valium. I envy your sleep last night. I would love to co sleep but I am a terrible sleeper. I move and roll over constantly. Dp is use to it now. Drove him nuts at first but twenty years of me he takes no notice. So to risk for us. Maybe I should strap myself down. Ha ha :-D
Well managed the night coughing up all over. Good job I stopped smoking years ago. Going to have a super bed rest day today. Fed him change him and hoping for lots and lots of sleep for both of us '

vq we have a magnet on our fridge that says 'sometimes I wake up grumpy, sometimes I let him sleep'...

ValiumQueen Wed 07-Nov-12 08:26:27

Very good goat I like it!

LRM bed rest day sounds perfect. Everything else can wait. Just rest and baby snuggles.

Midgetm Wed 07-Nov-12 08:49:45

Howdy old ladies. Me and master midge checking in. We are also co sleeping because I am lazy I do put him in his basket about 10-1 and then about 6 am but in between he is with me. I did the same with DD who was tiny and I was advised against it but I just was too exhausted to do anything else and it worked really well.

LRM hope a day of rest sorts you out. Me and master midge are also fill of cold. His sleeping bag has been drenched in baby olbas oil and seems to be doing the trick as he can still feed.

Wanted to pick your brains. Do you have and kind of routine and do you Breastfed them to sleep? I had good intentions to not do that this time but already seem to have fallen into the habit. DD used me as a human dummy and I am keen to avoid that this time but feel I am already heading that way. Be interested to know what you all do.

Had a pooh drama yesterday. Was late for parents evening as got totally covered in shit blush.

10000Fireflies Wed 07-Nov-12 17:08:43

Avo ladies

LRM Are you still having feeding nightmares? Basically the more you let them suckle initially, as long as latch is ok, the more milk you will produce. Can be a bit tedious at times, but your idea of staying in bed for a day or two is just perfect for it. The 6 week growth spurt is a valid point - with baby FF it seemed to last from week 4-7. I supplemented with x 2 little bottles of formula a day for the first 8 weeks or so. Just followed the instructions on the packet for what was recommended for his age/weight. At around 8 weeks I started to get lazy / forget to make formula, and also felt more comfy feeding in public (finally got the outfits sorted - don't know why I couldn't get to grips with concept of one up, one down tops!!). So basically, you can combine feed -ignore those who say is not possible. It might help a bit to do so. Re the hind milk. Good point. I was (am) never really sure. I just kept going in the early days once I knew about it until I was sure there wasn't a drop left. I usually only do one boob at a time. But I am not rigid in what I do - I go for what seems right at the time.

YY to co-sleeping!! I transitioned DS from BabyBay to East Coast dropside cot (£80 from Asda BTW) at weekend. Have taken dropside bit off and push it up to bed at night - mattresses almost same height. DS seems to like extra space. Defo recommend for not having to wake up much in night. Suits lazy individuals like myself, also those who do not like being woken by crying, hungry babies.

VQ sorry to hear your DH is being such a total and utter arse. I hope he gets over himself soon. Have to say my DH went a bit weirdo when DS due to arrive and in early weeks, but he seems to be ok now. In any case, I am able to do so much more now too, thank goodness. I have to ignore fairly constant grumps too.

Bytheseaside sorry to hear you're feeling crap. Hope you're on the road to recovery soon. How early was DD? I think I would be the same as you if mine was prem - would feel that even if they had been outside for 6 weeks, if still only just at due date then they really are a newborn. She sounds like she is going to be fun and spirited!!

Midget like you, I am allowing DS to get into bad habits!!! No, really, I don't know what is wrong with feeding them to sleep? At night time, anyway? I read a thread on here not so long ago and someone said it works, feeding baby to sleep at night, they both like it, so where's the harm? Seems DS is falling into a daily pattern anyway.

OK, I think I have my chocolate/cake/biccie obsession under control, so feel free to talk at will about it!! Have added more fruit into diet. And have started buggyfit classes. I don't know if the enthusiam will last when the weather changes, but first two times out in glorious autumn sunshine were wonderful. I was on a bit of an unbearable high when I came out. I can't wait to have a waist again, but don't know if I ever will!! My pre-preg wardrobe was kind of drapey anyway, so lucky with that. But is a PITA that you have to dress in separates if you want to BF. Look at lovely xmas dresses and then try to forget them!!

DS asleep on knee. Naughty Mummy not sticking to a routine. :-) Making a rod for my back etc etc. Better wake him up or 7pm bedtime won't work!!Have tried my best to catch up with you all. Please don't take it personally if I have missed you or anything out. Is me not you!!

Love to you all! FF

10000Fireflies Wed 07-Nov-12 17:15:44

BTW- should be illegal for new mummies to be made to feel under pressure to lose weight / start exercising before LO is 5 months old. Up till last week I was just walking.

littleredmonkey Wed 07-Nov-12 17:20:21

Evening ladies
Midget I am letting Dylan fall asleep after he has fed on me. He then goes in his basket. If I put him in awake lord he cry and does not settle. He wakes up and settles but cold turkey no chance. Am making harder work for myself as he gets older do u think?
I am finding the last two days a challenge with breastfeeding. He won't open his mouth very far so latching on can be painful also the hardest bit is when becomes off himself /goes back on he is either to lazy to latch properly or the milk flow has slowed and he prefers the initial latch on rush. Shit be moans and arms and legs all over be starts screaming. I help back on and releases again and the same happens. I wind him and change boobs and the same again. If he stays latched on no problem. I have an nct breastfeeding lady coming to help me Thursday to see what I can do better.

10000Fireflies Wed 07-Nov-12 20:06:16

LRM sounds like you are having real probs. I hope the NCT counsellor helps.

Re the feeding to sleep business - is what I have tended to do. How old is he? Prob too early for sleep training. Get the feeding sorted first. I feed baby FF to sleep in the evenings. Lunchtime now he has found his own nap time.

10000Fireflies Wed 07-Nov-12 20:59:10

You know, it's been a long time since I had the misfortune to speak to anyone so ..... what's the word.... I was out today with DS, changing him alongside another mother/baby. Just passing the time with general niceties etc etc. Then she hits me with it. 'So is he your first? Really....' Picks jaw up off floor. Thank goodness I was too busy to retaliate! I guess I should dye those grey hairs and leave the zimmer frame at home... She was hardly a spring chicken herself!

At least she didn't tell me off for taking DS out in the cold with no socks on. I'd just been out buying the damn things. Still, just required a two word response. Wasn't too preoccupied then!!

Night all!! Better get on with some chores!! FF xx

littleredmonkey Wed 07-Nov-12 21:53:09

Ff. Baby monkey is 5 weeks today. I have changed my feeding position thanks to dp and a soft toy monkey :-D seems to be going ok. Now as for the oh really lady cheeky cow. You are very nice I would have so said something to her. But u never know she may have been impressed. Ha ha bollocks to em.
Shame we dont have a photo gallery would love to see baby valium hpbp goat bythesea sea ff and midget. Bet they r all cute as bugs. I am still amazed that I have a little baby. Still seems strange

midget I think we had a routine for all of about 5 minutes. Then just as I thought I had anroughmideamwhatnwas going to happen when, t all went entirely pear-shaped. grin and Babygoat feeds to sleep, we are all happy and relaxed that way - surely an important factor? ( though there are things I don't tell the hv, such as that BG likes to sleep on me rather than beside me... blush

ff I love your five month rule! Can I have it age adjusted like you do for prems? grin
And shock at lady's surprise at your 'geriatric' standing. Reminds me of announcing my pregnancy and being asked 'oh, so didn't you realise you could get pregnant at your age?' that was by my sister

lrm so sory about your bf problems. Really hope the nct counsellor is useful.

Oh dear. There is now a distinctive odour wafting from BG's rear end. Damn, a nappy change will wake him properly.

Sorry, that's terrible for typos, hope it is at least comprehensible! One fingered typing on an iPad while feeding!

bytheseaside Wed 07-Nov-12 23:39:51

hello! I had a 2 whole hour cosleeping nap this afternoon, and feel so much better - going to try and do that every day. I think it was such a good relaxing sleep because you had all made me feel much better about cosleeping.

midget we have utterly no routine, doing on demand feeding for now, so baby seaside is in charge. I'd quite like a teeny bit more structure but going to wait for a few weeks I think. I generally feed to sleep too, no way she would sleep otherwise I don't think. Is it a bad idea then? I've been reading the Baby Whisperer (finding it patronising, but with good tips), who suggests you can fix bad habits with a couple of days of reinforcing new good habits in baby's first few months, so I'm going to chill out about my current wealth of bad habits for now!

lrm good luck with nct bf lady. babyseaside is doing a lot of fussing, moaning and shaking her head when latched before getting cracking, not sure what it means, but it is very funny to watch. I like the idea of our bugs in a row! I dont believe I have one either - dp and I keep looking at eachother and saying 'we actually have a baby!'

vq sorry about your dh. Its me thats being grumpy in our house, when Im so tired Im utterly intolerant of how dp does nappy changes, winding etc etc. what an idiot, Ill end up getting stuck with all the work if Im not careful ...

ff fuming on your behalf! mind you dp was mistsken for my father by a neighbour the other day, which I think is worse smile

Anyone have thoughts on swaddling? feel like Im putting her in a straightjacket

seaside Babygoat has very strong views on swaddling! grin he is a Houdini. I felt very smug when an experienced nurse said 'oh, leave him to me, no baby has ever escaped my swaddling'. And guess what?...
But then this is the baby who removed the mittens they sellotaped to his hands in NNU to stop him pulling his lines out...

bytheseaside Thu 08-Nov-12 01:11:08

goat that's so funny! grin baby seaside managed to get one of her swaddled hands free by pulling it out of her babygro sleeve and escaping through the neck, we did laugh! If she wakes up swaddled she makes a massive effort to escape, with lots of determined grunting. I don't like the thought of her being so frustrated but when the swaddling works the sleep is delicious...

littleredmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 03:26:23

Mine is the MIT monster. He wont keep them on. They are all over the house. Swaddling wise he likes it and is great when feeding sometimes to help with windmill arms :-D
Lucky to have dp. When he came home today he knew I had shit day. I think the give away was I had not brushed my hair and still in Jim jam. He took baby monkey off me and let me get a couple hours kip. Woke up with boobs desperate to be emptied. Dp does the get up and change while I wriggle around the bed and get the milking machine ready. So good tag team ;

littleredmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 03:30:25

Ps. Thank god for this new phone I can go on line while feeding. Seems random going on line to have a look at handbags at 3 in the morning. I like the Vivienne Westwood ones. Can't afford em. Nice to look. Plus been following the usa elections like a soap opera last three weeks. X

Hpbp Thu 08-Nov-12 04:24:20

Had a massive argument with DH tonight, can't sleep since 3.30 and it is now 5.25, today will be a nightmare for me and everyone around me, I am very bad tempered when I lack sleep. DS1 is going to EuroDisney later for the first time with DH. Hope I will get a chance to nap.
Sorry for the moan. You are the only ones I can turn to sad

bytheseaside Thu 08-Nov-12 05:35:42

hpbp im sorry you've had such a bad night, sleep deprivation is the worst thing isn't it? we are rowing more than.normal too even tho dp mainly being very supportive, i think it must be common with a newborn and being knackered, but its hard when its really the last thing you need. can you sleep when baby sleeps today? Perhaps you can let yourself have a slobby day like your mn friends in pjs today?
lrm your dh sounds lovely. i just spent a happy bf checking out vivienne westward on my phone inspired by u, its the suits and dresses i love. will wear one maybe if we ever get married ...

littleredmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 07:30:04

Hpb. Morning honey. U sound like u need a lazy Jim jam day in bed with liittle Anastasia. Lack of sleep sucks. Before baby monkey I would get no less then 8 hours or I was not able to function or wanted to. I would so fed up. I must admit that was one of my major concerns about myself having baby lack of sleep. I get about 5 hours a day at the moment. I remember when I was in hospital and had to feed express feed express as he woke every hour I did not sleep for 48.hours oh that sucked.
Ladies we all need to spoil ourself today. Be it long bath. Choccy treat or buy something for yourself on line. I know we all deserve it big time. I think I will take little man to the shops today and buy a double decker bar sod the bloody weight till after Christmas. Your right ff to much pressure to loose weight. I look forward to hearing from each of u want u have done today.
Oh how long till I can have a bath after c section? I have showered by the way dont smell like a tramp just yet! !!! :

Midgetm Thu 08-Nov-12 10:31:36

Posting from phone so will probably mix messages up as relying on baby brain.

Big virtual hug for HP - rowing am when you are low and tired is horrible, last thing you need. Hope you and DP kiss and make up this morning.

LRM hope the bed rest is sorting you and monkey out. Poor master nudge is sneezing and snuffling - we should probably do the same.

FF hmm rudeness! I honestly forget that I am old. I would wonder who they were talking to and look for the old bird blush.

Goat baby goat sounds like he lives up to his name. Mug kudos to mini Houdini.. I haven't swaddled this time. I did swaddled dd as she was too tiny for grobags but midge has gone straight into them or he is in with me.

bytheseaside that's also what I am doing so far. I did everything by instinct last time which worked well for us short term but ended up with some bad sleep habits. I am keen to avoid those again but wasn't sure when to start. When they are so lite seems right to follow their lead. I just got lazy and tried to change too late. Sure I will do the same again despite my good intentions. Not that it matters too much Dd turned out well but I am too old for all that loss of sleep malarkey confused. Also loath to change much now as master midge pretty angelic already. -- no smug face as I know this could change over night!--

Right have to go prise this little fellow off my boob and go get nappies living the dream. Big waves to all.

Yesterday I managed to walk the dog with both dc's. This seemed like a major achievement. Hoping I have turned a corner as have become less fearful of coping with my new family.

Midgetm Thu 08-Nov-12 10:32:24

Fecking auto correct...

seaside I think swaddling works best when they are mostly asleep. But do you have the prem sleep pattern of being very light most of the time? BG wakes so easily.
lrm I would not survive without nighttime Internet! And a spoily day would be lovely...
So sorry about the argument hpbp makes things feel so much worse with the sleep deprivation. Hope things are looking up for you. A friend just brought me the most chocolatey rocky road EVER so I send you some virtually!

littleredmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 13:50:34

Poor baby monkey. His cold is going but he has had green diarrhea for 24 hours been to gp and have given my dehydration sachets to give him some fluid to replace what has been lost. Have to take him back in the morning. My poor little guy is having a rough ride. They think he has a tummy bug but also if he has too much fore milk and not enough hind the sugars make him shifty. This breastfeeding is very stressful. ;/

Hpbp Thu 08-Nov-12 15:03:12

Just a quick one to say thank you to every one. I stayed on my own with little Anastasia all day. That is the best for every one. The 2 men are out at EuroDisney anyway.
LRM, hope little man recovers soon from diarrhea, I know how stressful it is to have the first born not feeling well, I am sending hugs to you and baby. Don't give up BF if you enjoy it and combined feeding is a good solution if it can help a bit. As FF mentioned, you can do it for a few weeks and come back to EBF.
Will catch up properly with everyone later.

bytheseaside Thu 08-Nov-12 15:07:54

goat yes very light sleep! Unless kangaroo sleeping, in which case very deep ... Does the light sleeping last, do you know?

lrm poor baby monkey, we had weird green poo for 24 hours for no obvious reason a couple of weeks ago. freaks you out a bit doesn't it? Hopefully he will be fine v. soon. we tend to bf on one boob till bitter end to make sure of hind milk, but does take ages ...

I managed lrms treat challenge! Am sitting in cafe With baby seaside, coffee and cake, our first ever trip that isn't to hospital or gp poor little thing! I feel very proud. nearly left house with skirt and cardigan both inside out, but on the upside i was in proper clothes!! Wow

littleredmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 16:31:11

Bythesea. Wow cake love it. So glad u had a nice day. Made me laugh with your clothes inside out proper clothes wow u amaze me today. I noticed when I got home from docs I had tucked my top into my knickers and they showed over my jeans. Yes ladies I am wearing monster knickers. So I win the sexy bitch award

I ended up at the docs so no treat for me. However had a nice walk. Took an hour. Breastfeeding specialist due this evening. Hope it pays off. Dont think he is getting much hind milk

Midgetm Thu 08-Nov-12 20:54:51

I have had 3 cupcakes. I blame you lot. blush

littleredmonkey Fri 09-Nov-12 01:15:26

Midget brillant. Love a good cupcakes. Happy days.
Bf lady was fab. I had been doing it wrong she showed me whole new technique and he was not keen at first but did ok. It took a while but happy when he came off the boob milk all running down his chops :-D. He fell asleep on me at 730 took him to bed and woke at 12. So that was amazing. He is on again and lets see what happens this time. New technique is making my back ache but will work on that. C

lrm hooray on bf front! So glad it is working out.

midget what kind of cupcakes? I need some middle-of-the-night-feed food porn! grin

seaside I don't know when the light sleep goes. I must ask at the next prem group I go to! There is a mum with a 7 month old. Hope it's jut around the corner, though!
Did you know 17 November is World Prematurity Day?

seaside sorry, can't remember how old babyseaside is? blush

bytheseaside Fri 09-Nov-12 03:28:02

Goat 7 weeks already! How old is kid?

bytheseaside Fri 09-Nov-12 03:30:23

I guess we are both up with our light sleeping bundles... Mines looking impossibly cute

16 weeks... And attempting an aerobic circuit of the bed. While feeding. hmm

littleredmonkey Fri 09-Nov-12 05:27:15

Haha cupcake porn. I must admit got me thinking what they were like. I ended up with a cornetto as my treat. Shite compared to midget so will try harder today. Babymonkey managed neArly three hours more kip. was quite amazed. Will have to work on this new position Friday as he is one wriggle monkey
Just noticing how random some baby gros Are. This one has an elephant and a goat on a train waving.

grin to randomness - my local children's centre has a play hut outside with a sign that says 'baggage claim'.

ValiumQueen Fri 09-Nov-12 09:01:03

DD2 has vomiting bug. Just what I need with a newborn sad

bytheseaside Fri 09-Nov-12 10:31:25

Morning oldies smile

Oh poor poor you vq not sure i would cope well with that ...

lrm greatnews on bf! What did she advise?

midget good work on cupcakes

Re randomness , what is it with baby girls clothes and 'cute' (pink) ) rabbits? Im a bit suspicious of cartoon motifs at the best of times but some of these are truly dreadful, and all over the clothes we've had as presents! Wondering if i can unpick some of these appliqued cutesters. and don't get me started on the ubiquity of pink ... a mean a little bit is fine , but every card, gro, sock ..... I feel babyseaside's options in later life diminishing with every new frill and flounce ... and ironically she looks lovely in pink. But im on the look out for navy and red logo-and-rabbit-free clothes everywhere i go.

As you can see, a bit grumpy today. Finally put up new babybay cosleeper crib yesterday, and it turns out we have yet another bed baby seaside won't sleep in ...

I wonder how fjord and exexe are getting on? Have there been more babies on our old thread? Im so behind

bytheseaside Fri 09-Nov-12 10:34:41

Ps goat expect we will be marking international prem day with a display of light sleeping (obvious not in a cot) and lots of cake for me

bytheseaside Fri 09-Nov-12 10:50:48

fireflies did you have a sidebar for your babybay? Cant figure out how to put together the screw/spring/peg fixing.rubbish instructions, i expected better from the Germans. Lovely cot though, now just need to convince baby that its lovely.

ValiumQueen Fri 09-Nov-12 15:46:13

Thankfully DD2 seems to be on the mend. DS has been feeding non stop. I am shattered!

I hope the little ones soon appreciate their fancy bed nests!

seaside grin about the display of light sleeping - I am sure it will be gold medal standard!
I have noticed how much PINK there is for girls! Beside the mud-coloured clothes for boys is the pink explosion. A doctor in the NNU assured me solemnly that they would dress Kid in 'gender appropriate clothing' - it made me want to put him in the pink sleep suit I found in their cupboards that had an attached tutu.
vq glad dd is feeling better!

littleredmonkey Fri 09-Nov-12 21:35:51

Hey ladies.
Re ; breastfeeding advice was to change the position I was told to use from the side to the front also his head alignment was not helping him latch on properly. The lady wAs lovely but a bit taken back I had so many drugs during labour. I dont think she liked the idea of drugs. I however found lovely compared to the shocking pain I was in.
Poor baby monkey has tummy bug so lots of green crap. Giving him drops of rehydration power mixed with water. Gave them a sample. He is feeding. Just violent green poo. so VQ think of u and your little on. Also agree with the pink over kill

10000Fireflies Sat 10-Nov-12 22:09:09

Evening all

Oh, poor you LRM, and poor baby Monkey. I hope he’s feeling better soon. A cold, diahorrea… Poor poppet. Glad the BF counsellor helped. And as for you, LRM. You sexy mother! Digging those big pants!!!

I must be a bit stoopid. Didn’t pay too much attention to baby FF having green poos. Will do from now on!

Well done seaside for getting out and treating yourself. You must feel a bit of freedom now you’ve managed it.

Ah midget. Three cupcakes!! Well done! I remember those heady days, back in early July when I troughed delicately snacked on 4 humungous Bakin Boys muffins. Oh joy…..!! I am fooling myself into thinking I am eating more healthily by only having naughtiness as part of meal. I have just enjoyed a large bowl of vanilla icecream and two large, soft choc cookies. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. How’s that for food porn, Goatbongosanonymous ?

Valium how is DD2? Sorry to hear about the bug. Nasty.

Seaside navy is a great colour for disguising poo! smile Have you sorted the Babybay ishoos? We didn’t get the side bar. Meant to so I could move it away from the bed, but baby FF decided to go through a stage of not sleeping in the daytime and I now have the cot instead anyway. Find having BB near door now v handy to pop baby on and wrestle him into coat on these colder days.

Do you think the prob with getting baby to settle in the BB is because it’s cold? I get BFF off to sleep usually BFing on our bed. He often wakes when moved to cot (or previously bay or moses basket). Think is the temperature change. So have just started warming his mattress when I do the bedtime feed. I prop it against the radiator. Seems to help. Am stuck in the middle of the night though if he’s been in for a feed and cuddle.

We should keep an eye on the preggo thread and invite grads over to join us. I just don’t have so much time for playing on the computer any more though.

Hope you are ok HPBP?

BFF has been a whingey knickers all day. I am knackered. Don’t know what happened to his lunchtime nap. And he has bitten me twice, but I didn't have the heart to tell him off as he seemed so poppety today. Still, he is asleep now. I have a large bottle of formula ready for his next feed. I hope I can get him to sleep through until morning like the magical two nights he did that last week. Also, have started weaning. He loves it, though I think he scoffed too much and it contributed a bit to todays whingeyness.

Going to a parent and baby screening of Skyfall tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all. FF xx

Midgetm Sat 10-Nov-12 22:55:45

FF think you are on to something with the warming of the mattress. I sometimes take his mattress into bed with me and lay him on it when I feed him, the transfer him sleeping and it works a treat.

Bugger he's just waking. Arse. Best go. Hope mini VQ and LRM on the mend.

littleredmonkey Sun 11-Nov-12 00:04:48

VQ hope little one on the mend honey. Hop e u r ok also.
Operation green shit still here. Such a worry. Eating well. Sleeping fine. Extra water and rehydration powder being given. So strange. hoping for yellow shit soon.

When I start feeding baby monkey. I put a hot water bottle in his bed and when he drops off to sleep on me se rremove it hey Presto one toasty baby basket. Works every time. I thought I hate a cold bed so does he.
Ff. I need the sexy big draws to cover my giant ass. Dp got me some 99 calorie areo bars. I found out why they had few calories. They were the smallest choccy bar ever. Looked like one chip! !!
Friends also bought us a ewan the sheep sleep aid. Fluffy sheep that has sounds of the womb and also nice tunes. It works as well. Look on line ladies.
How's r u hpbp?
Let me know what the film experience is like. Silly dp has painted a picture of changing mats in the aisles. Women asleep in a dark room with their boobs out! !

Thanks for the food porn ff my addiction is momentarily sated! smile hope you are getting some sleep after your knackering day. Enjoy Skyfall tomorrow! Wold love to know what you think of it! (haven't seen it yet though)

lrm I hope baby monkey is feeling better. We had that this last week too, and it is horrible, isn't it? Watching them feel miserable and not being able to do much to alleviate it instantly. Ewan is wonderful! Over on the other middle-of-the-night-feeding thread I think almost everyone has bought one; in fact, amazon nearly ran out at one point!

midget good luck with the settling. Babygoat is currently asleep beside me with his legs stuck straight up in the air. Thus no blankets. I am going to try a wadded sleeper to try and keep some bedding on him! Try getting out of one of those, baby evil-genius-Houdini!

littleredmonkey Sun 11-Nov-12 07:45:31

Just thought I would share how fab that breastfeeding consultant was. After changing position baby monkey slept fours then two lots of two hours. Last night he did it agAin. So over the weekend have gain an extra couple of hours sleep which is fecking amazing. He even put himself to sleep a few times. Give it till neatest and he may do four hour sessions /

littleredmonkey Sun 11-Nov-12 07:47:24

Ff. Dont drop popcorn all over bff today! !! :

Midgetm Sun 11-Nov-12 10:49:15

Midget baby making noises like a wilderbeast - farting and squeaking snuffling, snorting. Snot all over him. his not mine

What is this sleeper you talk about goat? Will anything contain the kid?

grin at lrm hoping for yellow shit, how our lives have changed eh?

Best go clean the boy. He is currently leaking from every orifice hmm

Hpbp Sun 11-Nov-12 21:32:51

It has been busy on the thread. I am just popping in to say Hi to everyone and will drop everything in a sec, I need some sleep. Anasasia has runny nose and wakes up 3 times a night, I was so used to have her sleep from 7pm to 8am that I forgot how tiring it is. Will be back as soon as I can.
Hugs to every one for now and to all babies.

littleredmonkey Sun 11-Nov-12 23:37:21

Hpbp. How's Anastasia. Hope she feels better soon. Especially your envious sleep times. How are you managing her to sleep that long? We are amazed at 4 hours here at the moment.
Shit watch is still green but not as Runny also like cottage cheese. Sorry gross I know but I know you ladies understand the poo situation.
Baby monkey is having his usual thrash grumble around when feeding. Does any one else have to wrestle to keep baby onthe boob. Legs kicking arms like windmills. He is wearing a Halloween baby gro from Disneyworld. It has pumpkins all over and pumpkin feet. Cute as hell. ;
Hugs to all xx

lrm thwt's great to hear about the bf counsellor helping you get some more sleep! That is medal worthy! And I struggle to keep Kid still at any time, not jut feeding. I definitely have a little ninja on my hands.

ff how was Skyfall? Any changing mats in the aisle?!

midget the sleeper is just a wadded sleepsuit that is 2.5 tog - so a quilt in wearable form. So far it is working brilliantly! fingers crossed for the rest of the night.

Good to see you again hpbp - envy on the sleeping and I hope Anastasia returns to those patterns soon!

bytheseaside Mon 12-Nov-12 04:22:15

I wrote a long one handed post and lost it ... luckily i have plenty more time! Im utterly knackered but have 2 good bits of sleep news : last night baby seaside slept for 3 and half hour stretch, in our bed obviously, and tonight, having so far treated new expensive fresh-from-germany babybay as yet another cot to avoid sleeping in, she just slept a whole hour in it! Granted i had my head in there too at a weird angle, but progress i think.
Read your posts at a particularly sleepless moment last night and immediately ordered a ewen without even reading usual reviews. arrives tomorrow (ie today! Will use immediately and let you know how our joint nap goes!
God im so grumpy with dp atm, poor man can't do anything right. i need to be nicer.

littleredmonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 08:01:10

Hey team mummys.
What a night we have had. Baby monkey had the most violent diarrhoea after midnight a couple of time and we thought fuck waiting for gp getting back to me Tuesday with stool sample results.Took him to a&e where he was taken to the pedestrian. They did loads of tests gp doesn't. Told he has gastric flu. So no diary products for me for a few days. Lots of time on my boob and in his bed with wonder sheep ewan
Also will take leaf out of bythesea and less of an old troll to dp. Lack of sleep makes the troll with ginger hair much worse. Will try harder

Hpbp Mon 12-Nov-12 08:44:33

oh dear LRM, hope you will get a bit of rest today and baby Monkey feels better soon.
I am often very angry with GP because they do not seem to check properly. As Mums we just want to know what is wrong, we feel very sad when our LO are sick, if not in our flesh and those stupid GP just go, it will pass... arrgh angry
I reckon we are all overreacting a bit on our DP. Poor them, but if only they could listen and observe to get things right, the way we want !!!! I don't know how many times I apologised for being a little cross. After a whole week with me and the 2 kids, my DP understands more why I am so grumpy all the time: I am not getting enough rest ! hence my patience is not what it used to be... I never stop. But I would not change a thing, life is hectic and will remain so for a few years, there are wonderful moments and less fantastic ones but the joy kids bring is so incredible. And time flies far too fast. Lets try to enjoy as much as we can.

Seaside, I am amazed too Anastasia sleeps so well when she is not ill as opposed to her big brother who is still a bad sleeper at 4yo. I can't recall what I am doing differently though. I feed her 5 times a day, put her down around 7pm after burping her, changing her nappy, cleaning her nose and she would just sleeps until 6,7 sometimes 8am when she was around 10 weeks. I was told that when babies reach 5.5kg, they have enough stock to sleep through. VQ has some tips too, I am sure.

We celebrated her christening yesterday. It was very emotional. Everything went well. Except that I had too much cake. And ordered way too much food. so will be living on leftovers for 2 days or so.

Will be back later, Anastasia just woke up from her nap.

Hpbp Mon 12-Nov-12 09:10:25

Midget, Goat, I swear by sleeping bags, I find them very handy, babies are kept warm and no risks of being tangled or suffocation as long as baby's head is big enough. I like those which have the zip on the side instaed of in the middle.

bytheseaside Mon 12-Nov-12 11:36:53

fireflies meant to say I love your word 'poppety' and have been using it with baby s, she's been a complete poppet today, despite the very frequent pooing she seems to be doing squeaky baby taichi at the moment - utterly poppety!

lrm poor little monkey sad hope it clears up and you get a break

hpbp glad you had lovely christening, and party leftovers are brilliant - my favourite food!

goat do you mean like grobags?

bytheseaside Mon 12-Nov-12 11:59:22

ps treat of the morning: lemon pancakes, toasted, sandwiched together with butter and my mums blackcurrent jam mmmmm

celebrating as new pushchair finally arrives today! there's always a reason to over-indulge in sugar and carbs round here ...

littleredmonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 14:27:37

Bythesea. Love carbs best thing ever.
Baby monkey has not settled all day bless him so on super cuddle duty with my poppet. Yeh new pushchair. Get that strutting outfit on and enjoying.
Ps. I want some pancakes n jam.

littleredmonkey Mon 12-Nov-12 14:36:50

Is it just me I cant get anything done. Day goes so quick with little one. House is a tip. I know I cant do it all. Sorry moaning.

Midgetm Mon 12-Nov-12 14:42:02

Also no settling here. Time to pick up from school and done nothing. Hope green pooh is going

bytheseaside Mon 12-Nov-12 15:01:58

i cant get anything done either ... baby seaside wont go down. ever. so it took the most enormous effort to get dressed, put overflowing nappy bin in dustbin, load dishwasher and wipe yesterdays food spills off table before health visitor arrived - am still trying to carry on pretence of coping haha. still waiting for pushchair delivery. perhaps if she likes it it can be an inside pushchair to wheel around downstairs too, sling is ruining my back. im sure the shopping basket would take a load of washing ... who am i kidding? she will never sleep in the carrycot!!

Hpbp Mon 12-Nov-12 15:48:31

I have been told by shrink today to try to be a not perfect Mum, it does not matter if house is a bit of a warzone and DS1 does not have a bath everyday ! Trying hard but just can't put him to bed without a shower.
Anastasia's runny nose still here, hope she sleeps better tonight and can still feed. Had a 1 hour nap with her this afternoon, really needed it ! BTW she had green poo for 2 weeks but pediatrician said it is just her transit, nothing to worry and it stopped. Back to yellow mustardy ones now.
Working on DS1 sleep pattern again this week. So tiring. But will get there.

ValiumQueen Mon 12-Nov-12 16:59:58

Gosh, missed lots! Read but forgot, sorry. Love 'n' hugs to all, big and small.

DD2 well enough for nursery tomorrow thank The Lord!

DS has a cold poor little thing, so sleep last night was sparse.

DH is a twat. It is not me, it is him! grin

I get very little done, but am keeping on top of washing, including nappies for two which is no mean feat! And the kids get fed. Chicken nuggets tonight, but it is still food!

midget I love you! I fed DS on his mattress in bed and he slept in his Moses basket. For about three hours. Progress.

Off to google Ewan the sheep. I have no idea what you is talking about grin. No doubt I will buy one before I return.

Midgetm Mon 12-Nov-12 22:37:16

All DH's are a little twatish an it is ALWAYS them not us.

HP listen to the shrink - they are wise.

just looking at master midge and my heart totally melted. Just wanted to share that really. Shall I have another one?

ValiumQueen Mon 12-Nov-12 22:46:41

midget yes, but leave it a couple of cycles grin

bytheseaside Mon 12-Nov-12 23:49:06

ah, midget - how lovely! I feel the same, but also wonder whether I've now had all my life's worth of good luck with baby seaside
Off to bed with the sheep - I feel hopeful.
Pushchair arrived - it is massive! also needs a stand for the carrycot if I want to use it for daytime snoozing - hadn't realised that (benefit of internet shopping ...) but it is smart, lovely and has bigger shopping basket than I dreamed. Think of all the shopping I can do once I leave the house!
VQ I'm amazed you are managing to do all that, in addition to cleaning up sick.
VQ also - if you want to get lots of presents and cards, you need to have a prem baby! We've had tons of things from kind people we barely know. Lots of knitting especially. Its probably (definitely) not worth having a prem baby just for that though ...

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 02:20:15 is having his two o'clock session. All cute with his mittens on. Baby gro look this morning is blue stars. Drink of choice is mummys boob cocktail. Served with smile. Sir may dribble his milk at the end if he wishes!. Conversation is about Santa and his current good boy status :-D

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 02:29:52

Bythesea. How did bd get on with ewan was it a match made in fleece sheep heaven. ? Internet shopping is quite lovely. Cant wait to hear all your pram adventures. I went out last weekend with mine. Bloody pavements r shite I blame ntl and bT.
Midget. Men r weird. Dp just said as he got into bed as I dont have acid reflux my breath does not smell. Well no sex for u for. A week u big bag of bollocks

Hello everyone, it's been busy here!

seaside grin at your head being in the bedside crib! That's quite an image! I hope Aegean does his job for you. My Ewan is diurnal. I am trying to figure out how to make him take a night shift. promise juicier grass, perhaps?

hpbp hope you had a wonderful christening. There is no such thing as too much cake.

A wadded sleeper is I guess halfway between a sleepsuit and a pramsuit. A wearable quilt. Kid won't even do grobags <fussy>. wadded sleeper please note this is for boys - apparently girls dissolve if they wear red stripes hmm

vq you are amazing dealing with three of them! I can barely cope with one.

I am very very lucky with my DH blush

bytheseaside Tue 13-Nov-12 04:47:19

goat well ewan has let me down ... seemed to freak baby seaside out! Maybe you are right, will try in daytime if i can raise some hope. worst night yet , crying, her and, pathetically, me. i must teach my baby to sleep! Ate entire bar of green and blacks to stave off hunger and crying during mega 2 hour feeding frenzy and baby now covered in choc marks. terrible mummy...
Hohum tomorrows another day

seaside sad for your awful night. I too have before now ended up with a baby in a chocolate-covered sleepsuit when morning dawns! This is not bad mummyness - think of it as a combination of two things that you love grin

Just saw my last post. Who on earth is Aegean?... Well done for decoding!

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 05:15:22

Bythesea. Naughty ewan. I would have some strong words with him. We tried ours during the day so he got use to him and the noise. Putting a lot of confidence in his purple paws. When does baby b sleep mainly? And yes vq is amazing one is hard work enough I could not imagine three. My little guy is all consuming u know it won't last forever but with lack of sleep it feels that way. I thanked my mum the other day for all her effort looking after me. I am one of twins so can't imagine two of em at the same time. Holy shit. My friends friend has given up breastfeeding all together so her mum and partner can give bottles so she can sleep. She thinks I am mad breastfeeding mine and getting very little sleep. Good job she is not my friend I would tell her to go f#&@ herself:

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 05:45:26

Morning goat. How's baby g? We should pick a topic of discussion each evening or a moan marathon I am up for it. I seem to have three hours spare during the wee hours to kill. I am sat with no nightie on as I did not get nappy on quick enough and a little dude pissed on me
Anyone have a tips on a baby who after two mins of feeding lets go and when he re latches can seem to make the effort to suck and gets very very upset. I keep re adjusting him help

Midgetm Tue 13-Nov-12 09:35:59

Do many people love Ewan, I have not let him into my life.

goat thanks for the link, not seen those before. I need something as realised my grobag is 1 tog. Poor master midge must have been freezing.

Been getting a little bored or newborn land but have two things to make me very happy.

1. Proper smiles - no mistaking big grins <heart melts a bit more>

2. Skyfall - off to baby cinema - a trip out the house, for me, one month past birth. Go me!

Hope pooh watch is bringing back a healthier colour. Right. I best prepare to go out even though I don't have to leave for bloody hours nothing is stopping me

Midgetm Tue 13-Nov-12 09:36:29

So many... Not do I fecking hate autocorrect...

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 11:00:12

Midget enjoy Daniel craig. Let me know how u get on. I have a couple of sleep bags I have yet to try em. Do u put any blankets on top. Bag is 2.5 tog?
We have yellow good poo! !!! Happy days ;

Hpbp Tue 13-Nov-12 12:10:06

So envious Midget, wish I could go with you too to the movies...
VQ, glad DD2 is feeling better.
LRM, well done baby M for the yellow poo ! Your Mum must be so proud ! I use 2.5 tog sleeping bag and long sleeve sleepsuit and a vest in a room at 19C, don't need to add blanket on top.
Trying to get a nap now.
Hugs to every one

knottyhair Tue 13-Nov-12 15:51:40

Just wanted to pop on and say hi to everyone, and I love reading all about your gorgeous babies! Oh and to say I have my ELCS booked in for 17th Dec, so all being well, should be joining you all before long x

littleredmonkey Tue 13-Nov-12 15:57:16

Hey knotty. Looking forward to see u grad x

bytheseaside Tue 13-Nov-12 16:38:39

Hi knotty - good luck!! elcs is a great choice, you will be up and about in no time, and also able to sit down! smile

Well folks, we slept away the morning, and I have stumbled around bleary-eyed this pm while baby seaside has a massive sling-sleep, the little tinker. Off to supermarket for emergency supplies of cotton wool balls and biscuits. Also picking up a baby nightie and popper-less short vests in an attempt to make night-time changes less wakey-uppy. My claustrophobic indoor past-natal life has led to a serious baby-related internet shopping habit. Also just bought some buggy lights - what a great idea.

Anyone else going to be watching the Killing 3? They are selling baby sarah lund lookalike jumpers at POP, and there's 20% off at the weekend,no way I'll be able to resist that in my current susceptible state, although way too expensive. Fjord you probably already have a baby wardrobe like this!

ValiumQueen Tue 13-Nov-12 17:22:32

Buggy lights? Whatever next! I need to find the lock for mine. Apparently they get stolen. Never had a nice one before.

10000Fireflies Tue 13-Nov-12 21:05:50

Lights like this? grin

littleredmonkey Wed 14-Nov-12 01:56:44

Oh the killing 3 brillant did not know it was on excellent. The first lot I watched while up the duff did afternoon power session of em.
Also buggy lights where r the from?
I am sat with baby monkey feeding with ewan looking on! !! He seems quite calm feeding this evening after today's constant grumble screaming session while on and off the boob.
My friend is bringing me her stepper exercise machine this week. Should make for. An interesting few mins which is about how long I think I will last before I collapse in an exhausted heap. Yes my expectations are quite low. Now looking onind shopping eating. Biscuits and or cake now we r talking ladies
I need to start some Christmas shopping this weekend really. Got baby some stuff already ;

littleredmonkey Wed 14-Nov-12 01:59:14

Midget. How did your day go at the flicks? Did baby midget get a popcorn head! !

seaside Babygoat always sleeps in the sling. Cries when first put in, then is out like a light. Even slept all the way through Skyfall! Yes, I too went to a parent/baby showing yesterday. Whose DH was it that said the place would be full of sleeping mums with their boobs hanging out? Well I fell asleep and my friend had to feed most of the way through so not far off! We really enjoyed it though and the LOs were impeccably behaved. Better than the elderly ladies behind us in the ticket queue muttering loudly about how babies should not be allowed in cinemas and we better not be in their screening! hmm

lrm I admire your exercising! I am doing mother and baby yoga, not enjoying it much (mainly because BG isn't) but st least it's something, I guess!

I'm liking the pimp-my-pram thoughts... grin

Midgetm Wed 14-Nov-12 08:39:21

Goat I struggled to stay awake too, The dim lighting was so alluring. There were 2 old ladies in our screening - why the hell would you choose to watch a film with a load of babies and boobs?

LRM I took my own picnic tight arse so master midge has cupcake and houmous head.

Bad night for us, too much sleeping in the day for the boy meant he was wide awake and wanting to play at 3am. Will hopefully get to nap today. Oh to have a nanny so I could have stayed in bed rather than getting dd ready for sodding school.

Thinking of investing in a sleep suit thing but buggy lights to just one step too far...grin

Midgetm Wed 14-Nov-12 08:53:04

goat don't know about you but I've never heard as much burping, farting and puking as I did yesterday at the cinema. Think some if it may be from the mothers using the babies as cover. blush

littleredmonkey Wed 14-Nov-12 20:04:21

Midget. Pissed myself at the thought of all the baby body sounds at the picture's.

Had breastfeeding consultant come again as I have grumblimg non latching baby monkey. Seems I did not have him quite I'm the right position. All good again. Silly worry brain switched off. Hard work using these boobs. May start to express nearer Christmas. Does anyone else use expressed milk during the evenings ?
Spent the day cleaning house and looking at eBay. Used a baby sling so was domestic godess.
Put on 80s radio station for a bit shit made me feel old as hell. Wham played I rembemer when I saw them play a gig. Ah happy days! !!! '

Hpbp Wed 14-Nov-12 21:07:04

LRM, I have been staying at my Mum's for the past 5 months and left the place about 15 years ago, have sorted old stuff that took me back in time to year 1995... tell me about feeling old !!!
Don't worry about BF, you will get there because you have help and advice. I have expressed a little bit, milk was fatter in the morning so I stored it in the fridge to give it in the evening, I expressed both sides, maybe this combination of fatter milk and big quantity helped Anastasia to sleep through (I could get about 350ml in total from both sides - that's a can of liquid ! - she would get whatever she wanted, and I could not tell how much as she spat part of it, she did not want the bottle, cheeky princess)

FF, those buggy lights are funny ! Quite certain Seaside did not buy those. I used light reflective tape for bikes on my previous buggy. It worked wonders. I will do the same with the BJ City Mini GT I have ordered today, it is cheap, easy and efficient.

Anastasia is feeling better. She sleeps better at last. And DS has been given a magic spoon to keep bad dreams at bay during the night, he too slept through last night. But I couldn't: stupidly ate 2 kiwis at 6pm, was still wide awake at 1.30am. See Midget, I could have babysat Master Midge !

VQ, I am impressed you can manage reusable nappies with 3 DC. I gave up with only 2 kids. So, ladies, where do I get cheap but reliable disposable nappies ? Anastasia uses about 150 a month, I am planning to buy big quantities. Should I order online or just buy from supermarket ?

I know, it is a weird question but I have to be sensible money-wise now that I am a SAHM. I am looking at every single cost I can cut back on. And nappies are a real budget.

Well the only bit of the movie I seem to have missed properly was Javier Bardem saying how BAAAAD he was. And saying it some more. I woke up and he was still going... (BAAAADAAAAS...)
Not a lot of extracurricular soundage in our showing, midget !!

lrm you are indeed a domestic goddess. Especially if you danced around the house wielding the hoover, singing Wham word perfect at the top of your voice.

hpbp old is when you meet primary school children you used to teach and they have children of their own... blush
How does a magic spoon work?!

We had jabs today. Babygoat slept like a log until 12:30 and we have been awake since. Major puke and all. Right on the bed where I sleep!

littleredmonkey Thu 15-Nov-12 03:52:24

Poor baby goat being sick. How many jabs do they have? Baby monkey is due his in two weeks. Hope he sleeps.
The domestic godess has a bit of backache from carrying around the little guy in his sling. Oh well need to build up my strength for Christmas and all those lovely treats. Saw that Morrison's have large tins of quality treats for a fiver! good breastfeeding fuel I reckon.

Hpbp glad Anastasia is feeling better. And I will start expressing during the weekend. Do u think it gets more of the fatten milk out. Wishing for a four a 4 plus hour sleepimg session

Bythesea. How's ewan doing? Mine has been busy this evening. He is a good boy

Hpbp Thu 15-Nov-12 09:31:00

LRM, I don't know if expressing gets more fatten milk, maybe you can as the BF consultant, the only advice I can give is to make sure you empty completely your breast, so depending on the pump you have it takes more time if you do it manually. At the beginning I used a double electric pump from Medela and now from time to time I use a single manual pump from Avent. The fatten milk comes at the end, it is a bit like dessert after main meal, it is this milk that allows them to put on weight, I reckon this is why we are advised to wait until LO push back the breast instead of watching our clock and take it out from him/her.
Goat, my Mum used to teach reception children, when my younger sister was in primary school, now those kids have families and the youngest of my younger sister's children is 7. I do feel old sometimes ! But even more when I see papers I wrote when I was taking my baccalaureat (1988...), which is roughly the British A Levels. On top of that, DH was born when my family left South East Asia, I arrived in France when DH was only 1 month old ! I was then already 7!!! But still, apart from a few wrinkles on my forehead due to lack of care and hydratation of my skin and white hair, i don't feel old everyday nor look as old !

bytheseaside Thu 15-Nov-12 14:23:28

Hello! Its official- we no longer sleep at night. At all. but baby seaside and me have just had two and half hour nap with her in cot, so i don't know whether to be depressed or delighted!
Fireflies haha yes i would like to light up my pram like that around my precious baby grin actually got some buglights from provis , seemed like a good plan with my v. black pushchair. Which I've yet to take out yet. need to practice putting it up and down first! maybe this pm, but it does look a bit rainy out there, and im convinced that baby seaside will scream in the pram bit.
so jealous of you cinema goers! Must find nearest place for us to go. is the cinema noise not too loud for babies? midget grin to mum farting in the dark
Yes goat which jabs are they? Baby s coming up to 8 weeks and we haven't been contacted about them. i should prob make an appointment myself? are these the controversial ones that some parents get done separately, and drs get cross about it? Must do some research
hpbp thanks for milk info, I've been waiting for baby to decide when she's full, so prob getting the good stuff, and explains why she's finally looking lovely and round!
lrm i need a tin of chocolates today, can't wait for Christmas! feel like ill never get to do housework again. on one hand. great. But the house us a tip ... i have sling-related backache too, and baby s is still only teeny. not sure sling will work for me ...
Hi all other ladies. vq fjord fireflies are you doing ok?

littleredmonkey Thu 15-Nov-12 19:52:34

Bythesea. Bless ya honey. Must admire your positivity with regards to sleep. Do u get any help during the day? I also have sling backache. Baby monkey won't settle in the day very well. So have marathon sleep on my chest after 6 feed for a couple f hours goes in the sling so I can brush my teeth and do my hair snd when I say do my hair I mean run a brush through it. My hair straighteners have not seen the light of day since august. We went for a power walk today for an hour. Visited gp six week check all ok.

littleredmonkey Thu 15-Nov-12 20:17:56

I am suffering major exhaustion now. Could fall asleep on a pile of rusty nail hammered into a board next to a smelly tramp :'( sometimes u get a second wind I fear not this evening and we all know when we r going to have a challenging night.
How is everyone coping with the lack of sleep What do u do to get some? top tips so very very welcome. When can I expect four or more hours sleep ? :

eagleray Thu 15-Nov-12 20:38:32

Hello everyone-on-the-other-side!

I have been keeping up with this thread, but have a tendency to read, get tired just thinking about what you are all doing, then leave without saying hello...

Great to see how well you are all getting on, but shock at the sleep deprivation!

I am 31 weeks now and just trying to get on with bits of shopping, clearing out the house and booking in builders so that I can get the baby's room ready (all with the help of trusty friend Mr Spreadsheet)

Seaside I have been watching your babybay exploits with interest, giggling at the thought of you having to stick your head in it! Did you get a proper German one in the end? God, babies are just so ungrateful at times eh! I am half expecting baby Eagle to shriek in horror at the sight of the hammock I expect her to sleep in during the day - let's see how that one goes... I will of course get round to ordering a babybay myself soon..

I saw the Ewen on line a few weeks ago and made a mental note - is the general concensus yes or no? There does seem to be mixed responses from the babies here so far!

Anyway, I will slope off now and try and lift my angry, swollen sausage feet onto a footstool. Meanwhile, I am thinking of you all lots and hope you all get some quality sleep soon x

Hpbp Thu 15-Nov-12 21:47:55

LRM, try to sleep when baby monkey sleeps, forget house chores, just close your eyes when he does, be it 2 or 3 times a day and as short as 10 or 20 minutes, it will help your body to cope with broken nights.
As to when you will get 4 hours, it is hardto tell, ittook my DS up to 6 months, and until 22 months he used to wake up 3 or 4 times a night, but Anastasia is the opposite, she has been sleeping 7/7 when she was only 9 weeks. Now at 15, it seems that she has entered the 4 month sleep regression, or is it her runny nose ? Hope it won't last too long. Trying to manage so that she does not get bad sleep associations. And my only solution is to get enough sleep myself by napping with her, she is in her cot and I am in my bed, no co napping even if I'd love it !!!
Knotty, glad to see you ve marked your place. Countdown has started for you. Let us know as soon as you can about the precious bundle.
Eagleray, looking forward to seeing you on here too, 31 weeks, well done, 2 months to go, it will fly away in a blink, get some sleep now. Hope the consultant will find a solution for your elephant foot. But your first reflex of putting it up is a good one. Don't wantto scare you but with DS, I had elephant feet for a week and the little man made his entrance at 39 weeks.

Good night every one

Evening all.
Came up to bed early thanks to DH taking a shift. Poor Babygoat still a bit unsettled from jabs, I think - had a fever today, though that is gone thanks goodness - so ultra grizzly. seaside those were the 16 week jabs, three of them, two in one leg sad Babygoat was not impressed! The jabs that some parents still get separately is the MMR that babies get at one year old. This was stuff like diphtheria, tetanus, polio and whooping cough.
seaside and lrm I really sympathise on the non-sleeping. BG was like this until a couple of nights ago when he decided to sleep a bit between -(painfully slow-) feeds. As hpbp says, sleep during the day, and you have to coerce DP to take an early or late shift so that you can catch up a little. Unfortunately with a prem it takes much longer to settle sleeping habits, so I know I have at least another 6 weeks of newborn sleep routine - haven't had four hours straight yet. sorry!...
lrm funny, I was just thinking about my hair straighteners today too, and wondering where they are!! Also that I have not coloured my hair for ages and thus look my extremely advanced age. sad
Hello knotty and eagleray the last few weeks will fly by! Looking forward to seeing you on here. Hope you are spoiling yourselves in late pregnancy!
hpbp my DH is younger than I am too grin I like to remind him that I am older and wiser than he is... He never seems suitably impressed! realises that great wisdom is currently masked by baby brain

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 10:09:50

<<shuffles on, waves feebly, shuffles off>>

bytheseaside Fri 16-Nov-12 11:26:03

vq what's wrong lovely?

eagleray hello!! You will be here before you know it! Yes, have had some interesting chats with very polite helpful German amazon and babybay staff as we had a dud, then struggled with minimalist instructions - give me a shout as all sorted now bar the actual sleeping ...
lrm was thinking same re straighteners, also not used hairdryer for 2 months! Hairbrush used , but shall we sparingly ... haven't dyed for a year so also grey and elderly looking. what a catch i am smile
goat fingers in ears about the sleep stuff lalala ... really?? Didn't sleep till 6 am last night ... aaargh. barely know what my own name is today
hpbp im trying to follow your nap advice, we cuddled up for couple of hours this morning thank goodness. i usually feel desperate to get stuff done when she sleeps tho, not housework or anything mad, just eating, shower, loo, dressing ...

Hey everyone else x

bytheseaside Fri 16-Nov-12 11:30:34

Ps babyseaside utterly scrumptious this morning

Midgetm Fri 16-Nov-12 11:55:00

Shuffles with Vq I think I have a prolapse sad angryblush

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 12:11:35

What a ni&#269;e morning i have nad. Woken up by baby monkey at six. We both had breakfast. Had a good bed time play with phone and rattle. Change of poo pants. Grabbed some nuts and have laid here cuddling for three hours. His little face looking up at me. Fabulous :-D. Hair not brushed. Still in Jim jams. House a tip. Priceless. Got two items on eBay as well couple of tops. So happy Friday. Bloody starving now. Could murder a big mac and fries

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 12:12:07

Valium queen. Shuffle back very soon. We miss u

bytheseaside Fri 16-Nov-12 13:13:33

Midget that doesn't sound nice, although im not quite sure what one is?

lrm lovely! We've just had relaxing tummytub bath, put her best clothes on (im still in baggy bottomed leggings. its the scruffy mine artist look again sad ) and waiting for visitors! God im tired, but baby seasides munchiness does help a lot

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 14:12:09

Just tired. Very tired. Very tired indeed.

He is 3 weeks old now, so hopefully the fog will lift soon.

It is hard with three from a logistical point of view. DD2 wakes at 5.30, which is usually just after DS has decided it is sleep time.

I need to wake him now (been settled since 1pm) to attempt a feed before the school run. Gonna try the sling today. Wish me luck!

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 14:13:55

DH finds it very hard to get out of bed in the morning he says this morning. He is being a lazy twat. His mother and sister are visiting tomorrow apparently, and staying for two sodding nights. Fuckballs!

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 14:14:35

I am however, very happy with my lovely boy, and know that this too shall pass grin

Hpbp Fri 16-Nov-12 15:14:38

I hear you VQ, 2 is hard enough for me, I can't imagine what it would be with number 3. But you are right, it shall pass. Hang on. Sending you big hugs.

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 19:09:15

Vq. Sending u massive hugs and admiration for doing it with a three week old and your other two. Hope your visitors chip in and help u. If not pot noodles for all for tea. U get yourselves nice Chinese sit in bed with your Jim jams on and enjoy. Oh and some choccy biscuits.
I feel knackered today but have no place saying so as u must work very hard at being a mum.
I have decided not to google any more baby stuff as it had made me mental with the green poo. Oh he has yellow poo and seems much better. I eliminated diary and eggs for the week. Dont know if it helped but I like to think so especially as I miss my cup of brew and choccy oh and cereal.
Dp off the weekend so nice for a break as he can do some poo duty.
Whats everyone else up to. Christmas shopping. Sounds crap but everyone Is getting vouchers this year as I dont fancy hours around the shops. Winsome bits online. But would rather rest at home. Plus first year off in retail at christmas so last thing I want to see is shops and more shops. My go nuts and do some baking snd homemade cards :

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 19:18:57

Midget. R u ok twinkle?

bytheseaside Fri 16-Nov-12 19:21:26

oh vq, I'd be fed up too if dps family came to stay. Well just hand them a list of jobs to do (or the baby to hold), including making up their own beds and getting dinner (or have fish and chips for every meal). this doesn't seem to bring out the best in some DHs does it? should realise they can't seriously complain about being tired when you are bf all night! luckily my dp wouldnt dare right now - he can see I'm one tactless comment away from crying / shouting at any time! I'm in awe of you managing 3. how was the sling? baby seaside is so teeny I worry she will slip out.
certainly fish and chips for us tonight - I'm really ready for bed now, and the evening cluster feeding hasn't even begun ...

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 19:22:56

Midget. U ok honey?

littleredmonkey Fri 16-Nov-12 19:33:02

I must be a real dumb ass. Cluster feeding. How does that work and how do u know to do it. Sorry to appear thick.
Vq how did the sling go. Baby monkey in his today holy crap back aches. I am six foot tall and quite large framed sorry very large framed and lord it is hard work.

Hpbp Fri 16-Nov-12 19:57:02

Men should nt be allowed to say they are tired. They may be tired after a day's work. But Mum's day does never stop so they should not complain.
After a week sent with the 2 children, DH realised why I Was so grumpy some evenings, it is non stop with several kids, when I have finished with baby then I have to deal with her brother and when it is done, baby wakes up again...
Some nights, I hardly get some sleep. Anastasia's runny nose seems much better even if I still need to clean it but it seems now that she entered the 4 months sleep regression... Really hope it passes quickly. I have to restrain myself when I hear her waking up and calling gently for us. And she goes back to sleep on her own. But I am then wide awake. As soon as I fall asleep, her brother calls saying that he is scared, I then spend 5 minutes with him, fall asleep again and Anastasia wakes up again... And the cycle starts again.
I can only hope that both of them settle back.
Off to pick up DH from Eurostar. His weekly commute !
Wish every one a good night sleep.
Love to you VQ

ValiumQueen Fri 16-Nov-12 21:48:29

Thank you ladies.

LRM I imagine you being 4'11 and 8 stone wet through grin cluster feeding is when the baby feeds non stop in the early weeks to stimulate supply, usually in the evening and overnight too at first. Milk flows slower in the evening and the milk producing hormones are higher overnight. You are allowed to be tired with 'just' one baby. The first has extra stresses as it is your first and you are both learning. It is only when you have subsequent babies that the thought of having 'just' one seems easier. I know if I did not have DD2 things would be easier as she is a little thug at times, but without her I would not know it was easier, and would have a 6yo PFB to contend with, so it may well seem harder. I guess what I am trying to say is that having kids is hard, whether you have one or more.

I thought green poo was due to too much foremilk, and if you limit them to one boobie per feed, or three hour period of cluster feeding, the baby will get more hind milk.

littleredmonkey Sat 17-Nov-12 00:20:12

Brillant vq wish I was 8 stone. Well I am if u cut me in half. Put on 4 stone and that was with baby out. Heho my own fault. So worried when pregnant about everything the biscuit barrel was my best mate. Sorry to blow your vision of me. Plus I am desperate for a hair colour. I will have to get dp to do it cant afford 90 quid for hairdresser to do it Plus dp does an amazing job and is funny as hell as he does the whole weather holiday chat with cups of tea
Thanks for explanation re cluster feeds. I asked pediatrician about fore milk and yeh keep em on the same boo as long as they feed. Babymonkey sometimes only feeds five mins on one and won't take any more move to boob two and a lot longer. Then cross my fingers for sleepy baby. I have set ewan off next to me to help with some les open eyes. Good old ewan in the evenings he works a treat. He is shit during the day. Had a small panic last night his battery ran out. Dp was all over house and found some. God help me needing a puffy sheep

bytheseaside Sat 17-Nov-12 03:28:32

Lrm your dp sounds lovely and highly skilled. Mine would panic if he even had to do the trainee hairdresser stuff like washing and combing my hair! I love cutting his hair though, so satisfying.

Hpbp blessyou for your optimism wishing us all a good night sleep! No chance here tonight, but i did have an hour evening nap which helps.

i feel surprisingly awake somehow. Ewan still not working, but the harp-with-heartbeat sooths me and dp.

Caved in and got out some dummies tonight, maybe they will help. right now she's fed, eyelids drooping, but bet you anything they will ping open when i put her in her cot ...

We have slightly green poo here today. how green does it have to be to be a problem? Tmi alert: base colour still yellow but with spinach like bits. how lovely. she's not dehydrated,and should be getting lots of hind milk. not sure what
Else it might be?

ValiumQueen Sat 17-Nov-12 09:24:45

The odd bit of spinach is ok so long as main colour is yellow. I find with washables if left the yellow goes green so perhaos it is just if poo is there for a while? Not implying neglect obviously but they sometimes sneak one out, although ours are usually enough to wake the dead.

Had a better night. Slept in cot from 1 to 3 then in bed from 4.30 to 8. I slept a bit but was woken by the girls at regular intervals.

Tell me about the sheep. DD1 loved her mobile. DD2 had a light show with music. Not tried either with DS yet.

Main issue with DS is wind. Determined not to use infacol but need to research how to get his wind out. May be latch. Feel I can actually tackle this now rather than having to remember to breathe in and out.

Hpbp Sun 18-Nov-12 11:13:29

Had haircut, hairdresser suggested black with deep blue coloration.... Is she trying to tell me I have tons of white hair ? A bit sad, now...

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 12:35:15

Hp how did you come up with that thought? I would take it as a compliment as to carry off black hair with deep blue you would need to look both young and good. She would not suggest that if you had too much white hair. Now if she suggested a blue rinse...

I would love black and blue hair, but am willing to settle with clean at the moment, with the faintest hint of baby sick.

littleredmonkey Sun 18-Nov-12 18:21:18

Hpbp. I would love black blue hair go for it sounds fab. Really glam. Mine looks like a ginger scarecrow. Mine needs a cut but can't be arsed at the moment.
Dylan has decoded that day time is for looking about feeding andi cuddles and sleeping on me it is not for being put down. Two weeks ago he would sleep duribf the day for a little bit but now only an hour all day unless on me. Nights he does do his first slot for three hours then two lots of two hours then the five o clock hebie jebie.
Should not complain he is lovely bitch would like to brush my hair with out him screaming as I have put him down.
Did loads of christmas shopping over the weekend which is good. Mostly vouchers to make life easier all round. What did everyone else get up to? Dp asked what I would like. I have put in a request for christmas week an iou for some sleep

littleredmonkey Sun 18-Nov-12 18:23:53

Feck. I put bitch sorry typo. Silly me not checking before posting. Child is not a bitch. Lord I need some sleep. Need to win the lottery hire nanny for evenings

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 18:28:08

midget what makes you think you have a prolapse? Hopefully those thoughts are passed now. Not nice thinking that.

LRM had a smile at Dylan being a lovely bitch grin

I went to Tesco today, driving for the first time. Felt good. Easily pleased clearly. I am also trying to get on top of Christmas at the moment. It will be a frugal one.

Midgetm Sun 18-Nov-12 19:08:47

Meant to come back after my shuffle but too busy scouring the Internet.... Dr google is a bitch.

GP thinks I have one, so do I. Fuck. My worst fear and why a wanted ELCS. Trying to think positive as so soon after birth but currently not looking good. Can't walk anywhere much, lift anything. I am broken!

Master Midge is still an angel thank god or I would be full on mental by now. sadblush

ValiumQueen Sun 18-Nov-12 23:49:02

Oh midget sorry to hear that. They can be fixed but it is not nice. I am assuming you have a vaginal prolapse? Bugger. Fingers crossed it decides to pop back all on its own. Not sure if that is possible though.

bytheseaside Mon 19-Nov-12 01:04:46

midget sad that sounds not nice - still not sure what one is but guessing not great.
vq thanks for poo advice, all back to normal now, if a little more explosive. well done for drive - freedom!
I have scarecrow hair like lrm, can't imagine ever getting chance to visit hairdresser ever again ... may have to trim it myself. Oh, the glamour! hpbp i like the sound of the blue-black hair too, go for it!
lrm im going through similar. baby seaside is permanently in my arms, although she did submit to 20 mins in cot and 1 hour in carseat today - yay! i only had 1 hrs sleep last night, its getting worse and feel pretty shattered and overwhelmed today. maybe its not too soon to try baby whisperer method? And also thinking of bouncy chair of somekind for daytime, really need some means of getting to look etc
Planning 1st solo pram trip this week. have picked up free boots changing bag so am finally semi- prepared. wish me luck! Who would have thought i used to have a career and responsability ... and used to go out

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 01:09:55

seaside having a baby is hard work. Do not be down on yourself. When you were working I bed you got more than 1 hour sleep!

I an reading Gina Ford again, then will read baby whisperer. Not too soon I am sure.

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 03:09:07

Midget, so sorry to hear about prolapse. What's the next step ? Can it get better if you have perineum exercises ? Or is surgery the only cure ? After my first pg, MW mentioned my perineum was weak, it took me a long time to figure out where it was first and then how to train these muscles. Obstetrician mentioned a low womb right after Anastasia's birth as we were waiting for the placenta to come out. So as soon as I had my 6 week check up, I started perineum exercices with MW, 3 times a week, for 3 weeks. I still haven't got a lot of strength down there but I now know what to do. These exercices are to be performed 3 times a week at least during a year after giving birth and then throughout life whenever you think about it. The good thing is you do not need any equipment, and can do it anywhere, sitting, standing or lying. i will see if I can find some books in English for you.
VQ, re wind, have you tried sitting baby J on your lap, with his chin resting on your right arm and patting his back with the left one ? Or lying him on your left arm, his chin near your left elbow, face down, while massaging his tummy with your right hand ? Or putting him on your bed and making him cycle or holding his 2 legs together and making circles from left to right and gently lift him up ? I also found osteopathy worked well for Anastasia.
LRM, Seaside, I know, I know, these babies are so demanding, aren't they ? Our arms, back, neck and breast are aching... We would like just 3 minutes to sit down on our own to sip a hot drink, wash our face, comb our hair, get a (not too long) proper shower (forget about bath!), go to the loo, do all that without haste for once. I remember VQ's wise words (as usual): a little bit of crying won't do bavies any harm. And of course she s right. And it is allowed to put them down in a safe place ! Even if the protest. smile I had Anastasia all the time in my arms for the first 8 weeks or so, feeding and sleeping. It took me sometimes 2 hours to put her down in her cot for the night. I was desperate.
I read Gina Ford, dr Sears and I discovered Tracy Hogg AKA the baby whisperer, I felt in tune with Tracy H although Gina Ford has some good points too but she sounds too harsh to my liking. I tried a combination of advices, those that I agreed with and they do work. It is not to early to read these books. The baby whisperer gives this tip : EASY meaning Eat, feed your baby, A for activity, put him down to play after feed, or change, bathe, cuddle him... S for sleep and then Y for time to take care of yourself. This cycle should fit in 3 hours roughly at 3 months. The length of Activity increases as baby grows whereas the length of feeding shortens. Unfortunately, Sleep length does change that much, I get 45/50 minutes max with Anastasia, meaning that I have a max of 30 minutes nap when I am lucky. I found out that if I put Anastasia to play in her cot after feeding, burping and changing, she does not protest and can fall asleep on her own without crying. But if I keep her too long in my arms until she shows signs of tiredness, I am stuck and have to rock her to sleep.

Time to go back to sleep. Hope you are all having some rest too. Xxxx

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 03:10:36

Oh BTW thanks for your opinion on the black blue coloration ! Will give it a thought smile not ure I can findtime though.... smile

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 03:11:59

Not sure I find the time to sit and wait for coloring to penetrate. Typo, arggghhhh

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 04:04:11

Morning ladies
Midget. Hope u get sorted really soon. Sounds shit and thinking of u
Bythesea. Looking forward to hearing how your buggy outing goes. I know what u mean about job and career. I am finding this more of a physical and mental challenge then anything work can throw at me. Plus glad not at work for a year. Return 16th September. Shame we dont all live near each other we could meet up laugh at each others hair does except your hpbp. Eat cake and laugh like mad women about how little sleep we get. Arms like orangutans infact I look like an orangutan now large female one have that vision in your minds ladies wearing bloody Elmo Jim jams in bed with baby monkey feeding and not wanting to sleep ahhhhhhh! Ewan on with his red belly glowing and a mad look in his eyes. ;

Hello all, it has been a while since I posted...
midget so sorry to hear about the possible prolapse. Hope it is easily fixable so you can start feeling much, much better.
hpbp the hair colouring sounds fab, Go for it! I have my lovely red dye waiting for that fabled couple of hours when I have the time to do it. I will also paint my toenails again... <sigh>
seaside and lrm Babygoat slept on me for a couple of months. Last week he chose not to. Occasionally we have a bad night (like tonight) when he won't settle but usually he goes down now without completely waking. Or stays awake but merely talkative, and I'm afraid I am a bad mummy and I fall asleep and leave him to his monologue! Anyway I just wanted to say that even now at four months I can see that things are better and I am getting a little bit more sleep.
vq hooray to the drive, normality is on the (very slow!) way!
I have to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow as a friend is leaving for NZ on Tuesday and has promised to take them with her. Last minute merchant, me, never!!
lrm your typo made me grin

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 07:27:37

We will look back on this thread in months to come and be in teething worry mode then crawling talking and crying when we hand em overu to a stranger for childcare. At present is grumblimg like mad while he is feeding.
Goat good to hear from u
Bythesea. Get that pram out love unless it is raining

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 08:25:22

Childcare sounds fab at the moment! Thankfully I love my nursery as both girls have been there too. Younger one still is.

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 09:14:42

LRM, I really like the description of yourself as an orangutan ! So funny ! I won't die my hair if it prevents me from joining all of you for a tea party, no no no, I'd rather be with white hair than miss a gathering with Fantastic 40+ Mums and their babies... It would be so lovely if we could arrange something like that. Any one up for it ? I am back in London from Dec 1st, NW and glad to open the living room for you ladies, shame I have not got a winter garden, or a garden ! In another life maybe, or if I win the lottery ! Honestly if any of you is coming from out of London for XMas, we could try to agree on a day and meet up.
Goat, I have bought Xmas presents for friend's kids so far, have ideas for DS but have not thought about my DH's present yet. You are so organised !
Anastasia is awake. Will be back later. Xxx to all

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 09:44:40

How about a summer holiday in France with your mum next year? Like an aged hippy commune. grin

I am in Scotland. I used to live in Brixton. I miss London.

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 09:45:39

DH is getting shag and BJ tokens. Just a couple mind you, do not want to spoil him.

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 09:48:57

Oh would love to meet up with u all. The best day would be a fab spa day. Need that lottery win. Thanks for the invite hpbp. I do think we will all meet at some stage. It would be lovely to see all our babies. I would love to visit London. I am about 1.5hrs away by train in the middle of the country small city Lincoln. I know vq is in Scotland where do the rest of u ladies dont sleep, ?!

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 11:32:22

:-D VQ the thought of a hippy community of us old birds. It would make a wacky reality show.
What does everyone's day go like. I let baby monkey sleep on me for a couple of hours as he will only sleep in his basket at night. He use to sleep in his basket during the day. Got him there for ten mins earlier Or should not worry And enjoy the cuddles as he will grow so fast and be back at work wishing I was here. I think I struggle not doing anything. I have managed to clean my house this morning. After lunch off for a walk.

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 11:44:53

Lucky really thinking about it. Go to bed at 7 feed little man. Sleep for 8 -11ish. Feed again sleep 2 hours. Feed sleep 1 hour then wakes and goes and sleep on daddy. I have found I have to go to bed at eight. So I shall not moan as I get six hours kip an evening and I know some of u get soooo much less. So if I moan tell me to shout up :'( bythesea. I think of u every day especially as u said u only got an hour last night. Sending your little one sleep sheep's to jump over her so she sleeps for you. I think you are doing an amazing job honey and I take my hat off to you. Vq and hpbp hats off to u two for having to cope with a baby and other little ones.

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 11:50:22

Oh sorry midget. U also r doing fab especially as u r poorly.

bytheseaside Mon 19-Nov-12 14:12:28

I'm out the house!! Made it to a baby group, which was cancelled, but so proud of myself for getting here, and of baby seaside for sleeping in pram all the way, so stayed for cup of tea and bf anyway, and met a mum so this counts as social life smile
Id also love to have an old ladies meet up. am in sw, - sounds like we are really scattered... vq i also used to live brixton way in heady single days. Love your dh xmas present... No way dps getting that ;)
thanks all for encouraging me re sleep, it really helped. you are all so kind and supportive

ValiumQueen Mon 19-Nov-12 14:49:47

I lived in the prison accommodation on brixton hill. I was there when the IRA broke out. I worked as a district nurse in brixton and surrounding area. I was young free and single. Wild times! Good memories. When I moved away I could not sleep as it was so quiet.

Hooray to seaside for making it out of the house! More than we have today... Shame the group was cancelled, but I am with you, any conversation with another adult is definitely social life grin <wonders if the courier counts for today>
lrm I am grin at your description of us at a meet up! But also wondering if you have a hidden camera here... No Elmo PJs tho, just knickers and one of DH's T-shirts. And a slight waddle still. And peeling toenail polish, and roots that are becoming rhizomes. I just unpacked a box of clothes I grew out of in mid-pregnancy and am hoping I might fit them again. Will have to try later. Cross your fingers, ladies!
I am NW London too, hpbp although one breath away from Bucks. And I have a garden! We actually moved while I was still in hospital after having Babygoat. Poor DH, he deserved a medal for that! We will either have to tempt all you non-Londoners to come for a day in the big smoke, or we will have to get string, attach to a map and find the hub of our little coven and meet there.
vq grin at your presents for your DH! (and kudos for having the time... Babygoat seems to have a sixth sense for such matters and raises a protesting voice from two rooms away just as things get interesting hmm )

littleredmonkey Mon 19-Nov-12 18:45:07

Vq. A shag for present. Good idea. Made me smile like hell
Bythesea. Yeh fot getting out honey. I was going to venture out but it pissed it down. Will see what it is like Tuesday. If not put baby on my chest and watch the killings I have saved.
Goat. Glad we look the same can't beat the morning look all day. As I also spoke to a courier then yes we have a social life. Thank god I have my phone to text and go on line wAs going to attempt to paint my nails but time has gone by and feeding again. My boobs feel like they have been run over by a truck.
Got the health visitor due in the morning. So weigh in for the little Guy. Feels like he weighs loads more so as the day goes on. Fecking house with fecking stairs makes my fecking back ache.

eagleray Mon 19-Nov-12 18:47:51

Ooh a potential meetup? How exciting (she says, butting in even though she doesn't have a baby yet...)

I am about 1.5 hours from London, in the SW (like Seaside). By the way, Seaside I think we may be baby equipment twins as see you mentioned a tummy tub recently? I bought one off ebay as it sounded like the sort of thing I would like to have a bath in if I was small enough. You didn't buy a Baby Jogger in the end did you? (am planning to order one soon...). Well done on getting out of the house by the way!

LRM - I am still in shock at you being 6ft tall - I thought you were a little person (but not a monkey obviously) I wonder if Midget is a giant in real life too? Funny you mentioned the spa thing - my big extravagance the last couple of years has been membership of a local spa and I have a few guest tickets - of course any/all of you are totally welcome to come along and be my guest (although clearly the practicalities/logistics make this nigh-on impossible!) Sadly I will have to end my membership early Jan but hope to get a reasonable amount of use in the few weeks I have off before the baby appears.

I see lots of conversations about hair - I normally have terrible thin greasy hair, but while being PG it has been amazing - rarely wash it and it is tons thicker. This all ends once the baby is here, right? Am thinking about a crew cut in January sad as it is bound to fall out in heaps.

Really sorry to hear about your probable prolapse Midget - that sounds awful. I really hope you get sorted out soon - do you have to wait to be referred somewhere?

HPBP/Goat - I am more than happy to come to London for a visit (if I am allowed to turn up without a babby to show off)

Valium - awesome Christmas presents!! (Feel guilty now for considering buying DP a cookbook as an xmas present...)

Off to find some dinner now - hope you all have a nice evening - you are all an education and an inspiration!

Midgetm Mon 19-Nov-12 19:09:38

Thanks for the love people. spoke to a lovely doctor today at my local surgery who says it is very early days and I could heal properly. My birth was pretty traumatic so hardly surprising my poor fanjo is suffering. Trying to be positive but also know sometimes this is misplaced. Can hardly walk without making things worse so doing lots of PFE's and hoping for the best. Have a physio referral so fingers crossed it will all mend itself. This is normal postpartum so I am told but doesn't feel very fecking normal. wink

I have Elmo pyjamas too, they are also covered in puke, we have that is common LRM. Alas I am not 6 foot wish I bloody was

I am also in north London so would be well up for meeting up. Best go bath the baby as he stinks of puke grin

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 20:11:10

Midget, this is good news. Regularity and reasonnable frequence of exercise will help you heal. Oh, I also was told to still roll over to get out of bed or from any horizontal position, even if there is no bump in the way anymore, this prevents from pushing internal organs down, my womb is pretty low and perineum weak so if I want to avoid prolapse later on, I have to do my exercise and think about rolling over when sitting up.
Puke and its smell, at least BF babies smell less than formula fed babies !!! Another advantage of BF !
Anastasia was staring at me today hile feeding, I smiled at her while stroking her hair and she smiled back with my boob in her mouth, so cute ! I can easily eat her cheeks.... And her fat hands and feet too !
Eagle, come for a visit even without the baby ! You might think then OMG what did I sign for ? And run home when you realise how old I look, incompetent and overstressed I can be smile I am just kidding, it is wonderful to be a parent but there is no user guide on how to care for a baby, raise a toddler and we just can't bring it back to maternity clinic ! So we are stuck for at least 18 years... Yes, there will be depressing moments but lots of fabulous instants, a lot more.
Can't believe DS is up again, 5th time in less than an hour, arghhhh. Will be back soon

Hpbp Mon 19-Nov-12 20:32:34

VQ, I plan to be back in France for the summer next year. Lets keep the hippie meeting in mind, under the cherry tree, with kids crawling on the grass and us having icecreams, I like it ! smile in the meantime, we can try to find a date in Jan or Feb to meet in London if it is doable for some of us, if not all of us. I am free most days ! No job to return to !

Seaside, do you find the tummy tub easy to use, i.e put baby in with soapy hands and take out ? Can you use it now even if baby seaside cannot sit on its own yet ? Which pram did yoy go for BTW ? Same question to VQ.

Eagle, yes, hair was amazing during pg, shiny, thick, strong... 16 weeks later, I am horrified by the quantity I lose when I was them, I keep telling myself that in autumn, hair falls a lot more than usual anyway. Reassurance needed !

Goat, waouh, your DH does deserve his medal, moving house when you were having baby goat, that is impressive. And you deserve one too. If it was me, I woud have had a nervous breakdown. Well done to both of you.

I am going to sleep now. Need to follow the advice I gave to LRM !!!

bytheseaside Mon 19-Nov-12 23:56:42

vq prison accommodation and riots? i am intrigued by your early life! I hung out at the ritzy and the health food cafe at weekends - with lots of market and charity shop shopping. great market

goat we moved a few days before babys arrival so i didnt escape the moving hell ... any connection do you think with our prem babies? its been on my mind making me feel guilty most days ... oh the joy of mummy guilt

eagle do come to the meet up - bumps count and yes you are my twin! so nearly got a babyjogger versa. you must get a ewan the sheep and a non-sleeping baby to complete the snap lives. actually, talk of spas makes me feel very un-snap indeed - sounds lovely, enjoy while you can! sending u pm

hpbp I have uppababy vista. its a bit of a juggonaut of a pram, but i think lot of travel sytems are - massive shopping basket, easy to push, tiny turning circle, big carrycot suitable for overnights with washable lining (hemp! how middle class!) and pushchair is quite high up, reversible and folds all in one - i like it on the basis of one short outing, not a bad price, esp as I got 20% off. oh and tummy tub is lovely, but is a bit tricky for actual washing, and we arent even using soap yet. I'm thinking of it more as spa / therapy - I need to hold baby seaside under shoulders / chin, but she loves it - she goes instantly very very still in the water after kicking up a massive shouty fuss getting undressed, its very funny.

midget fingers crossed for physio - can work wonders, although i guess requires discipline and good memory to do the exercises everyday - I would struggle with both. makes you wonder, if its so common, how come no-one tells us this stuff? I feel for you

lrm i'm storing up the killings to watch too - with lots of choc, and baby seaside in new nordic jumper I bought specially to surprise dp - hehe

Well I can gt into those pre-pregnancy jeans! If I hold my breath, suck in my stomach, hop madly around the room while doing up the zip, then do not ever sit down/walk/turn around for fear of being cut in half...
lrm good luck with hv, do you have a nice one? I have a lovely one, bar the fact that she was worse than useless about feeding a prem hmm
eagleray lovely to see you again, not long to go now, yes? It would be great to meet your bump!
midget how are you feeling now? Are you getting some sleep?
hpbp no user guide for baby, but I was thinking it wiould be much more helpful if they cam with little signs theybcouldnhold up at appropriate moments - 'i am cold' 'I am hungry' 'the light is too bright' 'I just feel like being grumpy'
seaside no relation between moving and premness, I think - think of it as making sure that baby had a lovely new home to come back to smile

hpbp the Spanish have a saying that when babies are little, they are so sweet you wish you could eat them. Then they get bigger and you wish you had... grin
I was a drama queen child, hope Babygoat has not inherited this!!

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 02:15:52

Midget. Hope physio appointment goes well. Hope u feel better soon.
You need to treat yourself to something on the way home. Drive thru and a mcflurry
Goat. Soooo jealous of u getting back into pre Presto gear. I was a bit to stressy when I was carbs found me and went from a size 12 jean to a 20. Ahhhhhhh. My own fault but to be fair to myself I was putting in 10 hours plus extreme weight training and cardio all I ate was meat and veg. I was getting pissed off with the diet but loved the work out. I was big before lost nearly 5 stone so I could it again but won't have time to train the same for a while yet. Need sleep first and be able to let little guy amuse himself in a chair for more then two mins. I am disappointed I let myself go. But it is what it is.
New flash ladies. ,,,,,,, I actually had time to paint my nails. Yes u heard correctly. Wonders will never cease
Do the rest of u go to bed early in the evenings @ 7ish. I give baby to dp and get a couple of hours. Miss dp and our gossip time but need some zzzzz. /
Goat. Health visitor is nice except when she first come she had a wicked cold I blame her for ours. I have banned any one else who has one. Dp dad had one last week banned him. We went to see them on Sunday and he was still coughing. Dp let him hold baby monkey and he coughed putting his hand up but then putting his finger in baby's mouth as he needed feeding. He was a bit shocked I said u just coughed into that hand now it's in his mouth. Hello! !!! Fuck me plus he has had the shits for two weeks. Mean mummy. But good lord
Goat. Love the idea of baby signs. I have not got a clue what he wants sometimes. I would laugh at the one saying. I have shit my pants and yes just u wait till u take off my nappy it is a car crash in there. Oh and by the way I will attempt to piss on u myself and the wall when u let your guard down. Haha. Love baby monkey

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 02:20:40

Vq. Tell us more about London life very interested in hearing about it. I lived in Hong Kong for 16 years loved it

bytheseaside Tue 20-Nov-12 03:21:21

grin baby signs. baby seaside prob saying 'you will never sleep. ever again. no point putting your pjs on really'
think she's starting to smile - heart melting ...

Hpbp Tue 20-Nov-12 07:47:43

LRM, yes I do go to sleep early too. With DS, I had to stay with him until he fell asleep, I must say I usually fell sound asleep before he did ! And until he was 2 yo. Bad sleep association, no adult time, our fault really. With Anastasia, I trained her to fall asleep on her own, she does now, except that she has this cold that makes her breathe very loudly. I have no choice but feed her at 6, put her down around 7 to look after her brother and get him to sleep by 8pm.
Wish I had told off DH when he kissed her a few weeks ago, he had runny nose, now she has it and I am the one who suffers from it !!! You are right, just ban anyone with a cold from coming closer to your baby.
Just drop DS at school, little Anastasia still sleeping so I will go back to bed too !

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 08:06:26

Hpbp. Love to hear your tips on getting little one to sleep. Night time he falls asleep after a feed day time no chance.

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 08:10:44

Ladies is any one just breastfeeding only? Everyone I know seems to have dropped it for bottles with formula. Just wondering what everyone else is up to

Hpbp Tue 20-Nov-12 09:11:57

Seaside, great choice on pram, the Vista was on my list too, can't believe how close we are, the Versa first and now the Vista ! I ruled it out because it was too bulky for my flat and I am too short to open it sad but I loved the raised seat and huge basket, and very good price. I still have not tested the Versa but you mentioned it was called back and I need a pushchair in 2 weeks time. DH ordered today the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. My only regret on this one is it is forward facing only. Well, it is life, compromise and priorities !
LRM, I am still EBF at 16 weeks. Plan to keep on until Anastasia has teeth. (DS had hs first tooth at 12 months !) But thinking about introducing bottle around 6 months so that I can enroll her to nursery, part time, before the separation anxiety kicks in, money permitting ! I would then do combined feeding with one bottle at lunch time. Struggling to get Anastasia to take the bottle though even with expressed milk.
If my memory is good, VQ is EBF too. Midget ? FF ? Goat ?

Hpbp Tue 20-Nov-12 09:16:03

LRM, feel free to switch to bottle, don't let anyone put pressure on you to BF, do whatever is best for you and family. A happy bottle is far better than a reluctant breast feed. Baby feels your emotions, all of them. If you are at peace, baby will relax. And this is what we all want, happy baby, happy mum, happy dad. Xxxxx

bytheseaside Tue 20-Nov-12 10:41:17

lrm Im ebf too, naive plan to carry on for a year / end of mat leave, but may cave in view of sore boobs and basic practicality at 6 months ... hope to carry on though as sounds like the immunity stuff is particularly helpful for prem babies until their tiny immune systems catch up. but from what goat says they are also hellish sleepers so im in for a rough ride ... guilt about her prematurity will no doubt win the day! Can't bear the thought of all those hospital admissions prem babies seem to get sad going to try and face the pump again soon so dp can help with sleep. wise words from hpbp, im going to try and listen to voice of sanity if bf gets too tough
Ps shock at your fil! Id have been furious and left!

bytheseaside Tue 20-Nov-12 10:42:53

Hpbp that's a great pram, and there has to be a compromise with ever

bytheseaside Tue 20-Nov-12 10:43:14

...y one

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 10:55:27

Still exclusively breastfeeding but it is bloody hard work. I totally understand why most women give up so quickly but I am a firm believer that baby humans need human milk. I fed DD1 until 8 months but had to work shifts so stopped sadly. Fed DD2 until 18 months when she self weaned. Plan to feed boy until he is fending me off with a stick. Teeth are not a problem. If baby bites, a pat on the nose and removal of boobage will soon stop it. DD used to bite me to tell me she had finished, like a game. She would wrinkle up her nose first so I could see it coming and whip it out. Mostly.

Have been thinking fond thoughts of london. Not so keen on my patch covering stockwell park estate, and there were murders on my patch too. I loved the multicultural aspect and also worked mainly with HIV clients, so saw some interesting things. It was right back when HIV was very new. I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted at any time day or night, and loved going to harrods and the big country club and brick lane for bagels at 2am. Had some wild parties too as my brother worked at the prison. Like a different world to my life now. Both wonderful, but would not swap for anything now.

Well so much for the Christmas shopping today. Still, a little but accomplished so I guess better than nothing...
We are now on formula, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I think. For lots of reasons, not least that even on a bottle Babygoat has latching and suck problems, even now. And thus keeping my supply up was dependent on a bf/bottle top up/express cycle that took nearly two hours - ooh, about the length of a feeding cycle then. I am still angry that no one could help with that. But am coming to terms with it as I watch my increasingly happy, smiley baby!
seaside no hospital admissions here yet, fingers crossed!

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 17:37:08

I am looking forward to smiles. And sleep. Yawn.

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 17:40:23

I have two double prams. A PnT sport, and a mountain buggy terrain, new but old version so much better. Using the PnT all the time as one of the wheels on the buggy keeps popping off. Problem with the inner tube I think as it bulges like a balloon in one spot. Cannot wait to take my monster side by side out. The PnT is ok but very flimsy and baby is just swinging underneath. Not ideal, but fits in the car and I can lift it. The buggy is for trips from home as I can load it up and bounce them down the stairs (when the bloody wheel is on anyway).

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 17:41:32

When I go back to work and DD2 will walk nicely without playing with the traffic, I will get a Maclarens.

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 22:33:13

Why is it when you're feeding do you start to cough. Baby monkey unlanches and is grumpy man or what. I have my sports bottle next to me in bed with a large jug of water. Never drunk so much water as I have the last two months and in hospital gallons and gallons. Hardly surprising NHS is skint heating on full blast. Felt like sleeping in my underwear some nights.
Health visitor all good. He is 10lbs 5 oz. Length long maybe like his ma. Discussed given him expressed milk in bottle. Will start during dp christmas holidays. He is off two weeks. Blows my mind I will get a possible 6 hour sleep window some evenings. Just woke from a two hour sleep feel like crap all of a sudden hope not coming down with anything.
Midget. How ya doing today? Moving that pelvic floor?
VQ. London sounded a blast. Ah to be young eh. Put the radio on earlier found 80's radio station oh lord good to listen to but makes me feel a right old bird
Breastfeeding and teeth oh crap sounds nice. I have visions of fangs chomping down. Thanks for the nose taps tip

Sorry ladies I am going to have to do it............... Buying him a Santa outfit !!!! Also a nice elf number. anyone else doing the same?

littleredmonkey Tue 20-Nov-12 22:37:36

Bythesea. If I start bottles will you let me know how it goes honey. Hv gave me some good tips.

ValiumQueen Tue 20-Nov-12 23:00:09

I have seen a nice little snowman and reindeer outfit in Tesco. 5 quid each. Could be tempted.

We have one of those vq DH was a bit hmm but he'll come round! grin

littleredmonkey Wed 21-Nov-12 02:16:38

I need an outfit for the weekend for him. I sm I am making christmas cards. Last years effort was my soft toy red monkey wearing a Santa hat in the garden sat on cotton wool for snow. They looked shite which everyone expects now. dp is so up fot it but may change his mind when he sees the card and I make him sign it
Bythesea. How's ewan doing this morning. Mine is staring at me on a pillow purple legs purple legs ready for action. I must admit I use him every night. It relaxes me. This evening my young man is wearing a very fetching all in one number covered in cats and dogs teamed with lime green socks for toasty toes.
Sorry silly mummy at 2:13. Baby on boob now a sleep. Ewan I could kiss your battery filled belly xx. Night night ladies and our lovely babies.

bytheseaside Wed 21-Nov-12 02:58:19

Lrm i no longer have high hopes for ewan and baby seaside but as you say relaxes me! Dp left hint downstairs tonight. May wake him to fetch the sheep as i could do with some harp right now ...
Thinking of Christmas card making too, which might be combined with birth announcements and thankyou letters unless that's a bit crap? i have Christmas gro ready smile
oh and please pass on hv bottle tips
goat sorry that was insensitive of me re bf, im very aware that we are only still doing it because we can, thankfully its been one thing that has actually gone right so far, and this is pure luck. im a classic prem baby mum worrier about hospital etc, ignore me!
Vq am in awe of your varied buggy experience. i can already see i was a fool to think one model would work for everything until baby seaside is 17 and can drive...
Thoughts on self- rocking bouncy chairs anyone? Seem like the key to actually being able to go to the loo before dp comes home from work

seaside it's hard work as well as luck, don't undersell yourself! smile. And bouncy chairs ROCK. I can't recommend highly enough. As you say, I actually get to go to the loo/have lunch/prepare bottles/tidy house... All these in small bursts, but still!
lrm love the sound of your Christmas cards... Mine were similar as they were one of my sheep skiing down snow (really pathetic emoticon needed for serial sheep collector). There were a few follow up pictures too, of her with a broken leg, then being comforted by a large glass of wine and her sheep friend Baaanaby. (I did warn you about the pathetic aspect!)
vq our pram is a Graco travel system juggernaut that makes little prem Babygoat look microscopic. It is ridiculously large.

Oh and seaside I was just trying to offer reassurance re hospital admissions, that they are not necessArily a given! You might be fine!

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 04:26:30

Baby bjorn bouncers are the best. Very pricy. Got mine off ebay and on fourth child. Had to wait ages to get one I could afford. It is ace but not all babies like them.

About going to the loo etc. It will not harm a baby to be put down and cry for a few minutes.

I am having an awful night tonight. I thought at nearly 4 weeks we had turned a corner.

littleredmonkey Wed 21-Nov-12 07:52:20

Bythesea. Hv said only let dp do express bottles only at first. Introduced one at the evening. Use a cheap latex feeder from Tesco. Stand and feed dont sit for first few times. If not settled after bottle offer the boob. I am going to give it a go nearer Christmas. Good idea for combination christmas card and thank u.

Goat. I have the same buggy as u. Bought carry cot not used it yet as use car sit the most. Love the sheep addition. Mine is monkey's well orangutan are my favourite. Would love a trip to Borneo to see them in the wild. I have a WWF adopted one Gordon in Borneo. So cute.
I want a bouncer but not too expensive. Agree with vq about leaving em for a moment to nip to the loo etc. I tried Moses baskets the kitchen yesterday while I made tea. He was ok for five mins then kicked off. I turned the radio on ok again for a song then again bless him. I kept singing to him. Actually no wonder he screamed my voice in song is not great. Put in his crib with plane mobile whizzing around got my hair brushed and bed made before he said loudly you have left me and I want a cuddle please. The bouncy chair I have is a bit big is there newborn ones that are any good.

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 07:56:23

The one I mentioned is suitable from birth. I have a chair in the kitchen that is a feeding chair but reclines so ok from fairly small. Not put him in yet.

littleredmonkey Wed 21-Nov-12 08:00:53

Vq. Sorry u had a shit night. Wishing you a better day and evening
Midget. How r u today?
Bythesea. Send sheep back for refund as he is not up to par!
I need a snickers bar today a very large on infact I would sit at the end of the assembly line taste tester em
Baby monkey a sleep on my arm which has gone dead. Shall leave him as been a long morning already.

littleredmonkey Wed 21-Nov-12 08:08:22

Thanks vq. I may try him in the one I have. It's a mamas n papas one. I love giving him cuddles but can't hold him all day. Sling is ok for a bit but kills my back. Mum coming this morning so will give cuddles.

Hpbp Wed 21-Nov-12 08:26:26

VQ, hope you can find some time to rest today, between school runs and nursery and baby J. Thinking of you.
LRM thanks for sharing the bottle feeding tip, I was told to use the brown teat too (3 for euro 1,90) but why feed baby standing ? Any reason for that ? Will give it a try this week end. I have asked my Mum and DH to bottle feed Anastasia but she would not take it at all. I shall persevere. I can't bear the thought of sending her to nursery for 2 days and knowing she would not eat properly at lunch, but hey, I still have 2 months to work on it....
Baby bouncers ? How long would it last ? Can it be used once baby can roll over ? I have not got one neither for DS nor Anastasia, I use a travel cot downstairs in the living room where I put her down to cook, shower, go to the loo, answer the door... Usually after the morning feed, I put her down in it, she plays a bit and falls asleep among the usual house noises.

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 09:29:02

I used the bouncer until about seven months at which point babies were wanting to sit up themselves. The one I have can allegedly be used up to age 3 which I think is daft.

That was the worst night so far. Had to wake DH as I had had enough. I said to him either that or I was gonna chuck him down the stairs. I would never hurt him but can understand how people can lose it and accidentally shake a baby to hard. Feel sad.

Hpbp Wed 21-Nov-12 10:38:12

Don't feel sad VQ, you did the right thing, hand over when you know you might lose control, you are exhausted, try to have a nap, even 10 minutes. Xxxxx

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 11:28:47

Thank you Hp I know you understand x it is so hard this feeding lark, especially with older kids. I know it will get easier, and soon. The darkest hour is before the dawn. It will be so worth it.

I have gripe water now so knowing it is there will help. It is easier in the day. DH was told exactly what I was feeling this morning and that helped too.

Midgetm Wed 21-Nov-12 14:57:17

Big hug for VQ. This parenting lark can push us all to our limits. I have never smacked DD but I was bloody close to it yesterday. Challenging behaviour is one name for it or being a little shit to get my attention is another. Always best to walk away and take time when it gets like that. Anyone who says they haven't been there either doesn't have children or is a liar.

Left Master nudge with DH and got my hair cut (no black and blue bits) and it has made me feel much more human. Also
Feeling much more positive about my pelvic floor. Exercising like crazy but in a gentle way. HP I was also told about Siting up gently and totally ignored it as I thought my stomach muscles were strong blush. Feel stupid now. 2 days of physio type exercises and I already feel like I could recover a bit and I can walk without feeling I may loose my insides. hopefully the proper physio app when I get it will sort me out. Also going to join WW to shift this last stone of baby weight - makes a difference to he pressure on your organs and I miss my old clothes! We can't wear Elmo pyjamas all the time eh LRM? Also going to book a holiday, motivation to get out of the leggings if ever there was one.

Right have to go get DD from school and to gymnastics. A woman's work is never done.....

Midgetm Wed 21-Nov-12 14:57:50

Master nudge? Fecking autocorrect....

littleredmonkey Wed 21-Nov-12 15:38:23

VQ. Sorry to hear u had a shit evening. Sending massive hugs. Good u can talk to hubby. Have u got anyone who can come and help u for an hour so u can catch ten winks. Have hubby on early evening duty so u can get some zzzzz. Your right about how it makes u feel. It really freaked me out after a week of having him home and no sleep I did think about popping him in the shed! It is so much harder for u and hpbp having other kids. But u r fab mums. Positive souls and it gets to all of us at times. Thinking of u tonight xxx

Midget. I am crap with my weight at the moment. Dead jealous of u all getting into pre clothes. Need to try harder. Oh and by the way hAve u got a camera in my house? Still got Elmo Jim jams on. Hahaha. Glad your exercises are coming on. I did 50 squats today feck so out of shape. Dp has seen a cross trainer on line for me. May get it so I can hop on and off during the day in small chunks. Going to the gym at the moment feels a bit to much plus really embarrassed to go back this fat to be honest. I am so weak when it comes to food! !!!

Hpbp. Hv told partner to stand with bottle? I have no idea why did not ask. She was a pediatrician before hv. Random now I think about it.

I did think today after my mum said it I wonder what Dylan's voice will sound like. Wow that is going to be amazing to hear him speak. Hope he doesn't do it at nursery. How old was yours when they spoke vq & hp? What was their first word?

bytheseaside Wed 21-Nov-12 16:32:29

vq feeling cross with your baby and actually losing control are worlds apart! You are just very very tired. hope you have more help/sleep today

so, the bouncy chair thing, im thinking i need a vibrating one, no? On basis that only place apart from me that baby s settles is moving transport of some kind. i know you are all right about braving the crying for the odd 5 mins, but i feel sooo dreadful when i do. i really must toughen up!

i slept for 4 hours last night thank f***! don't usually swear, but blimy i needed to. Feel like new woman so have been out to two separate baby groups, shopping and lunch out! Gave health food a miss in favour of macd. now in cafe cuddling baby s and eating flapjack she has been model baby all day

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 17:34:37

Thank you all for your kind words. I have arranged a couple of times for my mum to have J in the day, but I have not been able to sleep or he has needed feeding. Today he slept on the school run and then when I took DH to work and went to Halfords to get tyre fixed, then slept at school run again. Other people have been taking DD1 to school, but I want to do that now as I do not see much of her. When DD2 is home, I want to see her too, and if she is around there is no chance of resting. If she is at nursery, there is a nursery run am and pm too.

I am going to bed when J does if after 7pm when the girls are in bed, but recently he has been waking at 7 so I have stayed downstairs. The other night he want to bed at 7 and I got the best night, with three two hour sleeps. That is what I am aiming for and fits in with (whispers) Gina Ford programme, which I think will suit him. Once the sodding wind is sorted.

Wind tends to go naturally at 3 months anyway, so the end is in sight, but a long way away.

At the weekend DH got the girls up and I stayed in bed until J woke at about 9am. That was good too.

It all seems a blur at the moment, so sorry for the long ramble post.

ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 17:38:12

seaside I feel awful for feeling angry at him, but encouraged by what you say. Poor little scrap has only just learned how to breathe and eat and poo etc. he is not doing it on purpose.

LRM your comment about the shed made me smile. I was thinking drawer personally. We would die for these little creatures, but they can feel as if they are 10ft tall monsters in the middle of the night.

Midgetm Wed 21-Nov-12 18:25:45


ValiumQueen Wed 21-Nov-12 18:37:12

Something bothering you midget ?

bytheseaside Wed 21-Nov-12 20:00:24

midget if it makes you feel better I'm more than my giving-birth-weight, thanks to massive early hours hunger for chocolate biscuits.

Hpbp Wed 21-Nov-12 20:11:33

Midget, you are very upset, what s the rush ? Xmas ? Well, it is the only occasion of the year when we can eat like ogres, no ? I have kept 3 kilos from 1st pg, don't think I will ever loose them !
VQ, I managed to fit the GF routine in at around 8 weeks, but if it works for sleeping around 7pm, the rest is rubbish, Anastasia could not stay awake for 1.5 hours and would not nap for 2 cycles at lunch time, I overstressed myself and then I discovered the Baby Whisperer. I am now doing a combination of both. And it works wonder. Anastasia sleeps through the night since she was 10 weeks with the odd waking, I would then feed her and she goes back to sleep. Some mornings she would sleep until I come back from school run, 9am, 9.15am. Thank you, Mummy, for looking after her when I am out for 30 min.
Any chance you can see an osteopath for the wind issue ? It worked straight away for Anastasia. I still do the shoulder andthe lap and the circles/cycling and her burps are very loud and come quite quickly.
You are lucky to be able to speak with DH about how you feel. And I like the idea of staying in bed on week ends while DH looks after the older siblings.
Seaside, you are amazing, you spent the whole day out with baby ! I am too scared still. Well done. I hope to be able to go out once a day !
LRM you know already the sound of Dylan's voice ! Please don't tell me he never cries ! Strangely enough, I can't remember what DS first said. I think he has been babbling so much since he was 4 months that I wasn't not surprised when he pronounced his first undertandable word. Bad mum. I do know though that he called himself Titilas instead of Nicolas for a long long long time. That was so cute. He made his first step unaided at 13 months and had his first tooth at 12. Anastasia spends lots of time talking to herself or to me when I change, bathe, play with her, she also managed to find her thumb, hey hey ! She can now settle by herself. I hated controlled crying. And still do.
Time for me to meet Morpheus. Hope you all do and for a long 4 hours at least.

Midgetm Wed 21-Nov-12 20:38:20

Strangely I am not bothered about it, it's only 5 weeks and I'm not Kate Moss grin. Just know it will make me feel better but not in a hurry.

I'm also doing a bit of baby whisperer this time round which seems to work well. Could just be a phase. grin

Are you feeling better VQ?

Hello, lots going on yesterday! vq hope you are feeling better, as midget says, anyone wh says they have never felt this way at all is a very bad liar. You are amazing, having three of them, I really don't know how you do it!

Our bouncy chair is a Fisher Price that cost a fiver at a Nearly New Sale...

seaside fab news abut getting more sleep, just think what you will feel like with even more! Hope that is just around the corner! (Having scared yu with my doom laden prophecies wboutnorem sleep, BG is actually doing quite well at the mo. fingers crossed.)

Wow, lrm fifty squats! Just walking up stairs makes me need a half hour rest! Especially carrying the great lump that BG now is.

midget when the doctor TUTTED at me at the six week check about not regaining pre-pregnancy weight I nearly threw my urine sample at him -(sorry, is that too graphic?...) You can talk about such things when you've been through it, mate... (at least I do evil stares rather well <proud emoticon>) Anyway, I did just fit into a pair of jeans I wore before, heaven know how as still need to lose to stone, but losing it is rather taking a back seat to sheer survival at present!

hpbp interesting abut the combination of routines. I am not sure what Kid is doing, but we seem to b settling into a routine that works. Except today, when he just would not wake up... Even for baby massage which he usually loves... I think he is just recuperating from his tummy bug and needs sleep as we all do when getting over something.

We have been through three changes of sleep suit tonight due to flooding issues. Maybe BG got too many ideas from watching me sort through the mountains of clothing donated by DH's cousin who has twins about 9 months older than BG.

ValiumQueen Thu 22-Nov-12 01:19:03

Had three hours sleep so feeling better. My BP is up again. Need to see DR I think. I could not settle baby in his cot so took him into bed. Not the most peaceful of sleeps for me, but sleep it was. Had good feed so will try in cot again shortly. If not, back to my bed for us.

bytheseaside Thu 22-Nov-12 07:59:16

Back to limited sleep for me so going to sleep the morning away with any luck. dp working at home so will even be able to have a shower later touch wood. feel a bit back to square one with sleep

Hpbp Thu 22-Nov-12 09:38:18

It seems that Nothing is definite with babies ! Anastasia woke up twice last night as well, feed and back to sleep ! But I was alert ! I am now going back to sleep too.
VQ, hope BP will go down quickly. I love cosleeping but it is true that we Mums don't sleep really well with baby in bed with us.
Seaside, enjoy the shower ! How amazing that small and trivial thing like sleep, loo, shower... makes us happy !!!

Midgetm Thu 22-Nov-12 12:26:47

Bugger to BP and waking babies. Midge also woke a lot last night - something in the air. I am shattered.

Goat your GP is a nobber. Mine said it was too soon to worry about it and I needed the extra padding for BF. he actually told me to wait. Nice man!

bytheseaside Thu 22-Nov-12 12:50:02

Yes goat, poo to your gp. ignore that nonsense

littleredmonkey Thu 22-Nov-12 19:30:36

Goat. It's official your gp is a non. Honestly what a dumb aas thing to say. So annoying some people's lack of tact

Hope we all get a ok nights sleep. I have had a monster headache all day. Paracetomols have been as useful as licking my cats head to relief the pain.
I have the longest day ever. Little guy has been grumpy all day. Went for an hour walk so he settled. Got him a swing seat yesterday and loved it for five mins then looked a bit sick so turned it off. Will give it another go Friday.
Ladies feeling the strain today and so tired. Baby monkey is plAying me up feeding he keeps kicking and grumbling. Sorry having a moan. Good for the soul sometimes.

Midget. How did your day go? Hope u get some sleep this evening. Hows the exercises going? I just managed to put the Hoover about.
Valium. Hope your bp is ok today and no return trips to doctors.

littleredmonkey Thu 22-Nov-12 19:35:11

Sorry goat gp is a nob not a non. Silly typo

Midgetm Thu 22-Nov-12 19:57:13

LRM you always make me laugh,icing your cats head grin

Day lovely as DH off work so lazing around eating and watching the box. Happy days grin

In bed already with master midge, he's bit asleep yet but I nearly am....

Midgetm Thu 22-Nov-12 19:57:43

Icing your cats head? Damn you autocorrect

Hpbp Thu 22-Nov-12 20:33:06

Ladies, I am really struggling sometimes to understand, especially when autocorrect takes part in the conversation ! I am having some good time, nonetheless reading you all.
Midget, glad you had a lazy day !
LRM, maybe baby Monkey was not hungry ! Or trying to colour and fill his nappy in yellow while on the breast. Anastasia does that, in the morning usually, I try to feed her, she starts sucking and just when let down begins, she withdraws and gets milk all over her face, so she wriggles, gets upset and farts between kickings and bitings, if not doing number 2 !!!
Re headache, BF makes me feel very thirsty, I drink at least 3l of water a day, when I have not had enough water or/and sleep, I get headaches.
Anastasia impressed me today. She behaves so well, I can't believe it. Today, she must have been a little tiny bit upset when I put her down for her naps and night. She did not scream, just protesting and explaining that she was not tired. But after 2 minutes, she fell asleep. At almost 17 weeks, she stays awake for 1h15, 1h30 max. She cried only a bit at 5.30pm because she was hungry and I was giving her brother his bath. The rest of the day, she was happily chatting on her own, with me or my Mum. Touch wood, it won't last forever, but one day like that gives enough hope for the dark hours !
Off to bed now. oh, BJCM GT arrived today but I won't see it before 1st Dec. If anyone saw a man in a dark suit pushing an brand new empty black BJCM GT in the tube at 7pm, that was my DH !!!

bytheseaside Thu 22-Nov-12 21:14:10

Autocorrects making me laugh today -iced cats! grin
hpbp poor you not being able to play with new pushchair! tell me what its like when you see it
Weve been inbed all day today and i have had some glorious naps, feel groggy but better. house is an utter tip though. wanted to do 10 loads of laundry so i don't have to start wearing emergency clothes ... and hv coming, don't like to look like the domestic slob that i am. at least house smells clean, too clean. walked dog poo in to hall on pushchair wheels so we mopped everywhere with dettol. ugh. does this happen to everyone? Surely not! Do parents just check wheels all the time? we have no porch and loads of annoying dog owners on our street who clearly don't pick up- wtf?
Sorry to keep using you all as my personal which report, but what do you think about vibrating bouncy chair thing? More likely to settle baby seaside or a gimmick?

eagleray Thu 22-Nov-12 22:01:50

Evening everyone - your exploits continue to amuse and scare me in equal measures! Hope you are all having a restful evening.

HPBP - < pram coincidence alert > I bought a BJCM GT tonight too!!! Had to go and view a car for sale and on the way popped into John Lewis and ordered one. It gets delivered to the shop tomorrow apparently, so I can go and collect it then. I got the Bamboo shade, which I suspect after reading everyone's posts, is the colour of baby poo. That can only be a good thing, I guess??

I bought the car too, so it's been quite a shopping day smile

Hpbp Fri 23-Nov-12 09:21:36

Eagle, what a shopping day indeed, a pram and a car ! Yes, you are right indeed, bamboo is the color of Anastasia's poo atm, it can be green or yellow as well. Pediatrician said not to bother unless it becomes white. But some of us experienced stomach bug with green poo. DS chose black for his sister between bamboo and red, we have colourful footmuffs and a very red, pink ish changing bag. So it should look good.
VQ, PnT are so massive ! And very trendy.
Seaside, I do check buggy wheels, not all the time but living in London and Paris before, I tend to be cautious. I have not got vibrating bouncy chair so I can't comment. A friend of mine had a massive one but her 2 sons hated it, I guess it depends a lot on the kids. Can/Have you tried carrying baby seaside on your back in the sling ? I don't know if there is a minimum age to do so but alternating front and back could help with back ache, I believe. I suppose when Anastasia gets older I will probably carry her on my side although she holds her neck very well already.

I searched in my notes and DS' first word was "banana". 3 syllable words were easier from him than 1 syllable, he said "aubergine" "brocolis" before he could say "egg" or "dog" !!!
Last night, he kissed me and whispered "Mummy, you are beautiful" out of nowhere. my heart melted and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Midgetm Fri 23-Nov-12 09:25:08

Bloody hell eagle you come into money? grin

<goes a bit soppy and melts a bit about HP's DS and goes to check the buggy for pooh>

eagleray Fri 23-Nov-12 10:33:44

What lovely things your DS says hpbp - so sweet!

Car is a slightly crazy purchase - current car is v high mileage and quite old - 'new' car is 4 yrs old, low mileage and more geared up for family life and I liked the look of it most importantly

Just had John Lewis text to say pram arrived in shop! Quite exciting, although obviously have no use for it yet...

But eagle you have forgotten the most important thing - what colour is the car?! grin
hpbp that's so lovely from your DS!
seaside glad you caught up on some sleep yesterday, long may it continue.
lrm are you feeling better (without licking the cat's head?...)
midget your lazy day sounds wonderful. Babygoat has already got to the wired stage where doing nothing is as awful to contemplate as being hungry. He is catching up on his real age fast - we went to our prem group yesterday and he is already the second biggest there, despite being one of the youngest. Has just started sitting (with support) is commando crawling and thinks that rolling over means head over heels rather than side to side. All this of course preferably at 2 in the morning. Is also good at the running commentary. At least currently he doesn't particularly care if I listen or not!
How old is everyone's LOs again? BG is 18 weeks, 10 adjusted.

How old ARE... Sorry, babybrain!

bytheseaside Fri 23-Nov-12 21:50:00

baby seaside is 9 weeks, 2 adjusted and nearly a normal baby weight now. guzzling away as i type, which is probably why ... sore boobs today - I let her latch badly in the night as was sooo tired, regretting it now.

goat babygoat has done amazingly! I'm so envious of your prem baby group. nothing like that round here, which is such a shame. maybe I should set one up? cant imagine being organised enough for that, though.

eagleray excellent shopping! I'm spending so much money we dont quite have at the mo. was so tempted by the idea of a crying-free trip to the loo that I caved and bought a babybjorn bouncy chair today on vq and others' recommendation. that has to be it now- I will be knitting snowsuits myself and making nappies out of old newspaper from now on. and we're sticking with the free boots changing bag. I will not pay £50 for a bit of bright pvc (although its clearly a bit late to be sanctimonious about gullible postnatal shopping)

hpbp aah, what a lovely boy! can you lend him out to cheer up other tired mummies?

ValiumQueen Sat 24-Nov-12 03:08:57

DS is 4 weeks.

Had him weighed today, and after a difficult start weight gain wise he is now 10lb 7. Hard to believe DD2 was only 4oz lighter at birth as he is such a lump now.

I hope baby likes the bouncer seaside With my first two I was given or lent a variety of bouncers and swings and jumpy things. All were shite compared to that bouncer. Even the fancy jungle sounds vibrating fisher price chair. They sell well too.

bytheseaside Sat 24-Nov-12 03:40:43

vq great stuff! Testament to your hard work and good instincts

ValiumQueen Sat 24-Nov-12 08:44:31

Thank you seaside I knew he would be ok, but was beginning to wonder if me being so tired was affecting the quality of milk.

bytheseaside Sat 24-Nov-12 16:56:25

Well the three of us have slept for much of the night and day too (with odd feed here and there) feels miraculous smile
We also went out last night to a Christmas event and baby s heard her first live music - we officially have a life

Midgetm Sat 24-Nov-12 19:20:03

DD1 'mummy, I am so glad you chose Me as your baby. '

DH ruined it by saying 'we don't get any choice love' grin

I still melted a bit though.

Hpbp Sat 24-Nov-12 19:27:54

VQ, it seems that your milk is still as good as gold ! Very glad baby J is doing well. You can now relax and look after yourself a bit. smile
Seaside, bravo ! I shall try to follow your path and have a life soon too.

I am on my own again tonight. DH is out with my brother and my nephew, in the company of Daniel Craig and Skyfall. I am baby sitting ! At least, the 2 kids are sleeping, I can read your posts, it is not too bad !

I have to start packing, it is time I go back to my flat/life in London, after 5 months spent at my Mum's and DH commuting every week end. One week left in Paris and next week, I will be home. I have mixed feelings, glad to go home and scared that I won't cope but hey, if I don't try, I won't know ! It is the lonelyness I am afraid of. DH is not a very talkative nature, I will be home all day alone, I might drown him in the evenings with endless baby talk...

Hpbp Sat 24-Nov-12 19:31:31

Goat, Seaside, what does adjusted age mean ? I know your babies arrived early so the adjustment must be sonething to do with prem, can you explain ?
Goat, Anastasia is 17 weeks tomorrow.

Hpbp Sat 24-Nov-12 19:34:32

Midget, has your DD1 got the same sense of humour as your DH ? His reply is quite good, very true indeed but also funny. Typically British, to me.

Midgetm Sat 24-Nov-12 20:35:39

HP both DH and dd so fancy themselves as comedians, you are spot on there.

Oh and goat my DS is 6 weeks on Tuesday.

10000Fireflies Sat 24-Nov-12 20:36:21

Evening all. midget just 'awwwww' your DD is too cute. I hope DS manages to be half as cute.

Been hoping DS will drop off to sleep soon. I've fed him to sleep twice already tonight...Bless him. He was gripey as hell yesterday, as he has been over much of the past couple of weeks. Of course, when I spotted the tops of his top incisors this morning, I felt a bit guilty! So proud of little poppet - 22 weeks and has 6 teeth!

I'm sorry, this is a bit of a self-indulgent post. Been busy as recently, plus brother has had an accident last week and still in hosp. Am knackered.

Oh, DS up... Give up on bed time tonight. I'll take him with me when I go, which won't be long.

Hugs to you all. Oh, and loving the iced cat head idea!!
ff xx

ValiumQueen Sat 24-Nov-12 20:39:40

Hp hopefully MN helps a bit with the loneliness. I can relate to that. I live about 20 miles away from work, and all my colleagues are local to work. My colleagues are the people I feel closest to as we have moved around a lot over the years. My best friend is in Canada, and my other friends are down south. I have tried to make friends with other mums but as soon as they know you are going back to work they do not seem to want to bother as I will not be available to play date etc. MN has kept me sane, and I do feel I have a few 'friends' on here. Is that sad?

Driving myself silly worrying about co-sleeping tonight. Hope the little cherub sleeps in his cot.

ValiumQueen Sat 24-Nov-12 20:42:04

FF sorry about your brother. Is he getting better?

Hpbp Sat 24-Nov-12 20:57:56

Ff, hope your brother recovers soon
VQ yes you do have friends on here. You have given me so much support and made me laugh so many times. Hope to meet you if you ever leave Scotland for a qick visit to London. Hope to meet every one else too. I keep in mind the idea of meeting up. Just need a bit of time to get used again to London life.
Was wondering if anyone knows if Fjord and Exexe are fine ?

Midgetm Sat 24-Nov-12 21:53:57

HP not heard from either of them in ages. Been a bit worried about them, fjord has been MIA since Not long after her rather epic birth. May PM her. London is here waiting to welcome you with open arms!

FF that sucks about your brother. Hope he is on the mend soon.

So tired I can't even watch the Killing what a looser!

ValiumQueen Sat 24-Nov-12 22:00:53

Ditto Hp thanks

Yes, we need to gather exexe and fjord back into the fold.

After a horrible day and truly vile evening, Babygoat has slept angelically for four straight hours and is now smile cutely at me. Maybe I won't send him back yet!

hpbp prems have two ages - their real age, and the age they would be if they had turned up on their due date. This second one is often their developmental age. So BG is 18 weeks old, but was due 15 September and often acts like a 10!week old ( and often doesn't as well, but hcps like to ignore that!)
Welcome back to London, and good luck with the move! It would indeed be lovely to meet up when you feel settled.

vq this thread is indeed a great circle of friends,and I certainly say more about some things here than I do to anyone in RL. I have wonderful friends but oddly enough I am the only mum amongst us. (also might have to do a rant soon about certain members of the family making me feel like a crap mum but that is another story..) And this thread keeps me sane at night, too! Great news about the weight gain, btw.

Hello ff lovely to see you again. Wow, six teeth! So that is the next stage to look forward to...

midget your DD is obviously more romantic at heart than your DH!! grin

seaside wonderful news about the sleep and getting out socially. I am hoping - WAIT FOR IT - To dye my hair tomorrow.

Yoohoo lrm hope you are ok.

Oh bugger. This post has taken an age to write as am running to the loo... sad DH has had to take BG. Think I have tummy bug now, noooooooo!!

bytheseaside Sun 25-Nov-12 02:06:20

vq yes you have friends here! I certainly feel like i do. my rl friends all live far away like you, which makes this even more of a lifeline some days. Why are you worrying about cosleeping particularly? I am too as we have to do it, and it is lovely, but risks with prem baby scare the pants off me in light of day.

Hpbp sorry you feel lonely. maybe some nice baby groups are order?

goat hope u r wrong about the bug... You need to be well enough to dye hair tomorrow. mine still looks rubbish.and your family know nothing , you are not a crap mum

midget ah, very sweet dd!

ate curry out tonight! On downside it was only waitrose cafe ... and baby seaside demonstrated she didnt really know how to behave in waitrose yet, doing some loud yelling and farting, plus some particularly frenzied feeding which made discretion impossible... Ah well, we got out the house ...
I've been wondering about exexe and fjord too. hopefully they are just too busy,

Feels like it might be a long night for us. hope someone else might be awake for chatting

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 02:25:41

Mmorning bythesea I am up bm is not sleeping so good. We had partner brother and wife show up then his mum and dad. It was a bit like pass the baby. I fed him a bit rushed and not his usual two places. He took ages to settle. Ended up dp doing skin to skin to calm him. He keeps waking up up every hour this evening. I am feeding him think he got mega stressed with everyone. he keeps getting his feet out his bbaby gros and socks in his basket then kicks his blankets off. Have changed him to better fitting suit. Stupid 0-3 months dont always fit right. Socks on feet. He is on thr boob so hopefully he will settle.

Goat. Hope your tum is ok! I am going to buy a hair dye on town Sunday when it goes on will be a different story

bytheseaside Sun 25-Nov-12 02:31:42

LRM I've just put baby s in new pea green swaddle. looks so cute but she's on to me and has started grunting and punching her arms ... all quiet now ignore you don't hear from me again its worked! She went to bed b chilled after 2 hours of watching the killing haha

bytheseaside Sun 25-Nov-12 03:49:58

... well it worked for an hour

seaside going out twice in two days is imprssive! Doubtless baby s was simoy celebrating!

lrm the difference in sizings is stupid sometimes. Tonight Kid is in a tiny baby sleep suit for babies up to 7.5lb. He is 11lb. It fits fine. Then there are 0-3 month suits that no longer fit. He has mega long legs and not such a long body so It is hard to find all-in-ones that really fit properly. Oh and he hates socks, they come off pronto by rubbing his feet together. Almost as much as he hates hats (definitely related to me, no swapped babies in the hospital here)

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 05:26:19

Omg I feel like crap soooo tired may go lick cats head !!!!!!
Baby monkey is on a mission. Operation hourly wake involved is pissing his nappy kicking off his covers off and alerting everyone to his presents :-D. May apply for role in a zombie film as I look stunning

Baby on boob ! Nature should have ensured breastmilk contains a sedative
Plus farting on me now is just rude. He will produce his little hand soon stating " pull mu finger mummy "

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 05:29:03

Ps voodoo hungry. McDonalds pancakes and a pile of hash browns

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 05:31:25

Pps baby monkey is cute as a button

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 05:32:19

Can't stop thinking about hash browns?

bytheseaside Sun 25-Nov-12 05:51:58

Baby seaside joining baby monkey in nocturnal awakeness ... 3 nappy changes in last hour, i mean really! I've just sent dp down for tea and choc biscuits but now i want mcd breakfast too, darn it.
Baby s is so cross with the green swaddle have filched pink one out of laundry instead to try
goat our sizing is all over the place too. still in micro nappies but green out of several newborn babygros ... and has a big head in most brands smile

And what does the cat think of his role in this?... grin

Kid has been polite and let me sleep off this tummy thing. I feel a bit better, if still alarmingly seasick if I stand up. Pleeeeeze fates let me dye my hair today...

Also is doing cute. Ha! Don't think I am going to fall for it... Ooh,look at his big eyes and little dimples!

Midgetm Sun 25-Nov-12 07:57:56

HP I am in north London. Don't be lonely - lets meet for a coffee.

littleredmonkey Sun 25-Nov-12 08:36:12

Bythesea. Very impressive on your outings. Off out for lunch so excited as not McDonalds in the car!
Hp. U have friends here

10000Fireflies Sun 25-Nov-12 19:59:20

Hey, thanks all for asking about my bro. Am a bit worried about him. Think he is on the mend, but he's had a nasty head injury.

I'm sorry, not taking much in today so sorry for not keeping up v well with you all. Had meant to say Hpbp - please don't feel lonely. There should be lots of mum and baby groups in London. I guess it will be difficult for you though leaving your Mum and coming back to London. Have a look at the NCT website. I've been doing lots of mum and baby groups. Have found people to be really friendly - not what I expected at all. Plus, whenever DS and I are out we always end up chatting to someone new which is nice. Am in West London. Am a bit miz at the moment, but could be up for meet too if anyone wants and they can put up with my long face!! ;-)

Soooooo tired. Love to you all, and will try to catch up properly soon. FF xx

Hpbp Sun 25-Nov-12 20:00:47

Thank you every one. You all rock. I do have friends on here. And we shall definitively meet. Give me another 2 weeks or so. Midget, I'll be back in London in a week, coffee with you is a happy thought.
Fjord, Exexe, drop us a quick line to let us know you are allright but super busy. We are all thinking of you.
Goat, are you feeling better ? Was it tummy bug ? Hope it is not too bad. Did you dye your hair in the end ?
LRM could you sleep a bit today ? Have never seen an orangutan in a zombie movie yet ! This is an idea you should think of, might bring you lots of money to share with all of us of course, for nappies, prams, bouncy chairs, cars...
Seaside, Goat, for what it is worth, I have been using 6 month vests for Anastasia since she was 13 weeks, with some brands she would fit perfectly in 6 month sleepsuits, vertbaudet and petit bateau, both French but available in the UK, with others, length wise they are a bit big on the legs but arms are good as well as waist, john lewis' are too wide. So regularly I try bigger size on her to make sure I am not missing anything. She has received so much girly cloth as presents, family and friends knew that I'd reuse some of her brother's stuff so they bought mainly dresses, tights, hair accessories !!! My pediatrician also measure and weigh her every month, at 3 months, she was 5.880 kg and 62cm, that also helps what size to choose.
DH realised this morning he forgot to buy a return ticket to London for tonight. So last minute ticket cost is 4 times what he usually pays, ouch ouch ouch ! I wonder who's got baby brain in my couple smile

Hope you all get a good night sleep. xxxxx

Hpbp Sun 25-Nov-12 20:09:03

Ff, I'll be glad to put up with your long face smile
When taking DS to nursery, I met a few nice Mums. You are right, I have to kick myself and go out to meet the outside world. I am still in the primary maternal preoccupation as Donald Winnicott described and hence a bit fearful, moody and sad. But I am so blessed to have your supports, Ladies.

bytheseaside Mon 26-Nov-12 00:14:39

Hpbp fearful moody and sad pretty much covers it! So how long does it last ...? Baby seaside way too thin for john Lewis really, but i love the feel of the cotton and she looks so cute in the baggy plain white gros i have for night time. she's an old fashioned baby, logos and patterns don't feel right to sleep in some how

ff sending hugs, it sounds frightening but things will pick up and you will feel better able to cope with everything

night all. May be back to chat if tonight pans out as usual ...

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 00:25:42

Bythesea. Morning hope u do get some sleep. I am desperate this evening can hardly focus on the key pad.

ff Hope you are all ok and getting much needed rest and recuperation.

To those for whom sleep is a castle in the air... Babygoat has just started sleeping better (touch wood, have probably jinxed it now). So it is possible. Hang in there...

hpbp I have some vertbaudet stuff, I find the sizing a little smaller than next and Mothercare. So BG fitted 0-3 months earlier. Still fit him though, and I love his little purple top. (BG same length as yours! I think he is trying for daddy's 6'5" as soon as possible. I shall be going for the toga soon.)

Feeling much better but didn't dye hair sad I still look a wreck.

bytheseaside Mon 26-Nov-12 02:52:55

We're up! As I've slept a lot today,im trying to encourage sleeping-in-our-own-bed tonight, which means lots of very mini sleeps and much feeding ... oh well, i can nap tomorrow pm.

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 03:16:48

We are up as well! Set the scene for u. Baby in gro bag. Ewan on playing harp tune during feeding. Cat laid on dp sleeping. Dp sleeping. Second night in grow bag going ok so far. Why do they make em so bloody long! '!

Goat. Same as u re hair dye bought it but did not get the box open! ! Also look a wreck ' love the sleeps will get better. What sort of sleeps does baby goat do I'm the evenings now!

Bythesea. Glad u got some rest. I went Christmas shopping and came home AMD let the little fella fall asleep on me for a couple of hours. So nervous about sleeping with bm on the bed anything top tip wise u suggest?

Ladies is it only me or do u all have a routine when u feed at night. I get up while dp changes him. Put on kettle make hot water bottle but back in Moses basket. Top up water jug as consume that much water I piss like a race horse. Sorry only reference I could think of. Moisture my face with nivea. And brush hair. Baby is presented to me clean and I am ready boob ready! !!

Hp & midget looked over pram on return home in case of poo! !!! Dp says we talk about some random things! Haha

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 03:17:35

Ff. Hope your brother is on the mend. Sending u a hug

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 09:53:29

Sleep seems to have gone back six weeks waking every two hours or less. Just done two hours skin on skin then feeding. Going to try adding in an additional feed early evening. Any thoughts ladies or am I being a mental mum. Skin on skin is lovely with him. Toasty little monkey. Desperate for a wee! !

ValiumQueen Mon 26-Nov-12 10:14:31

LRM you moisturise and brush hair prior to feed at night? Impressed. Also impressed your DH gets up. Mine does not even wake. They make the gro bags so long as they grow so quickly!

blueblackdye Mon 26-Nov-12 10:44:48

Agree with VQ, LRM, you are very lucky to have DH helping so much. Mine is like VQ's DH, pretends he does not hear her ! and we sleep in the same bedroom !
Impressed too that you do all that prior to feed, I just go to the loo, half asleep, check on DS and feed and sleep again, if I can !

Oh I just changed my nick name. DH said I should go for the hair dye so I will give it a try on Friday !

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 12:17:06

Go for it hp. Love the new name! I am lucky with dp. He is knackered at work but won't let me do it all. He even had him on his chest at five this morning so I got an extra hours sleep. He has a manual job so I try to make sure the house is done. Tea is made when he comes in. It is hard work at the moment as little fella is not wanting to be put down. Loves mummy cuddles. '

Midgetm Mon 26-Nov-12 14:32:24

LRM your DH sounds a gem, mine doesn't stir and has the cheek to say master midge only cries when I don't get to him in time at night hmm. You are a lucky lady.

blueblackdye Mon 26-Nov-12 15:08:32

Midget, mine does that too, he moans that baby needs feeding and turns on the other side and keeps sleeping !!!!

Great new name, hp, and fantastic that you are going to go with the colour scheme! You are an inspiration to those of us who have unopened packs of hair dye calling pathetically down the stairs at us...

lrm your routine is shock I now have visions of a regal figure leaning back against satin pillows, smoothing the silk sheet down over her knees... grin my routine consists of staggering out of bed in my fetchingly baggy t-shirt, trying not to trip on the way downstairs, fixing bottle and standing in front of fridge while waiting forint toward up, then staggering back to bed where I feed the eager BG while reading MN posts. Last night it also entailed trying to transfer BG countless times back this sleeping nest and finally giving up and letting him sleep on me. In between his bright-eyed chatty moments. Or half hours, that should be.
During all this DH is on spare room trying to get some sleep. I don't actually begrudge him, considering he then has to go do a day's teaching in a tough school, and he gets up at 5 to prepare his day confused And he is very good at giving me a break during weekends.

bytheseaside Mon 26-Nov-12 17:57:26

blueblackdye glam new name! ... and on the other end of the spectrum, I've bought myself a fantastically ugly new coat today, the kind of irredeemably awful waterproof thing i swore id never wear ... it occurred to me that my usual wool coat and umbrella approach is never going to work pushing a pram, and i couldnt justify spending money on something nice given all my recent baby shopping. the mummy wardrobe begins ...

lrm routine? perhaps thats where ive been gong wrong! we kind of wing it. try to change nappy half way through feed so she isnt too cross, and it doesnt wake her up too much, although this often means 2 changes per feed. i send dp downstairs for food/drink when im starving, and get him to wind her when im too tired to stand up, and cuddle her when i need the loo. otherwise i try and cope myself as im worried about him driving to work when so tired.

baby s will probably have newborn-style restless nights for a good few weeks more according to hv (and goat) , but it wont last forever i know. and shes at her cutest at night lying next to me with wide awake eyes, showing ewan contempt ...

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 19:28:56

Goat. Made me smile silk sheets brillant. I am afraid not good old m&s bedding. Nothing fancy. I have to moisture my skin as it would look like an elephants ass so dry. I brush my hair to wake myself up. Dp looked at me gone out when I first did it. He came back with bm and got into bed rolled over then rolled back and said have just brushed your hair at three in the morning and put nivea on your face? Yes yes I have been doing it for four weeks now. So random.
Had lovely skin to skin this morning for a couple of hours and then he slept on me this after noon while I watched s film
I have pm exexe and fnuked but not heard from them hope they r ok
Hope to go for a walk in the morning I have a killer hill outside my house will help reduce my giant ass. Also getting cross trainer. Decided to cancel gym and do it from home. It takes over 2 hours out my day drive train drive so would rather do it at home. I dont have the energy to do the 10 hours training I did before

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 19:30:52

Sorry should say fjord not.

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 19:38:25

Ladies need your wisdom with sleeping. Any thoughts or ideas I could try to get baby monkey to sleep longer. I was hoping by 8 weeks we would have moved onto longer times? am I being silly as still little and need to wait for him to be three months plus + he won't sleep much in the day and I cant settle I have tried. I rest with my feet up but can't sleep.
Sorry rambling on this evening but value your guys thoughts and ideas xx

blueblackdye Mon 26-Nov-12 19:53:44

LRM, have you tried leTting him cry for 2 or 3 minutes during nap times ? Anastasia sometimes wakes up after one sleep cycle, approx 45 min, she does not really cry, it is more like a statement, Mum I am awake and I want to see you, I'd wait for a few minutes and see if she calms down by herself, if not I'd rub her head/hair and whispering ssshhhh, most of the time she would fall back asleep for another cycle. That works for the after lunch nap, not for the morning one nor early evening. I also learnt to put her down in her cot before she is asleep.
Good luck with the training. I should follow your route but I have never been keen on sport... Any excuse is good for me not to go to the gym. Very naughty mum.
Off to do some online grocery shopping for delivery when I return home !

bytheseaside Mon 26-Nov-12 20:34:33

can't help you there lrm we are in same position! teeny baby s too little for much sleep training yet. my only plan is to do lots of feeding in the evening so she is full enough to go a little longer at night. depends on her being up for it, though ... our plan b is sleep shifts for me and dp; 6-12, 12-6, with me expressing. seems dismal though - id rather be tired on balance.
not keen on sport either - plan to get mildly fit pushing buggy piled up with shopping bags up hills home from town

blueblackdye Mon 26-Nov-12 21:25:16

Oh btw Anastasia started only by 10/11 weeks to sleep through, 7/7. But now at 17 weeks she wakes up randomly between 10.30pm and 6am to feed one more time. Last night, she fed at 6pm, then 10.30pm and again 6.30am to wake up at 10.30 this morning !!! Today, she fed at 11am, slept from 12.30 for 30 minutes and from 2 to 3.30pm she fed while asleep, played with my Mum in her cot from 4 to 6pm, had her bath, then another 30 minutes nap, fed from 6.30 to 7pm, and has been sleeping since ! Hopefully she won't wake up tonight. It is more or less the routine Gina Ford refers to, one nap in the morning, another one after lunch, a short one late afternoon, you can see that I am giving lots of flexibility though !
The only thing I cannot compromise on is Anastasia's night sleep time, 7 or 7.30 at the latest so that I can perform the bedtime routine with her brother, he must be asleep by 8, 8.30pm at the latest in order to be up at 7.30 the next morning.
I am not complaining, She is an angel. Her brother at the same age was feeding twice a night and waking up 2 or 3 times on top. No wonder why we did leave a 4 year gap...!

10000Fireflies Mon 26-Nov-12 21:39:04

Awww. YOu lot are lovely. Thanks for your kind comments about my bro. He is on road to recovery, though I guess it will be a lot slower than either him or SIL realise.

LRM we had the refusal to sleep in the day issue. Drove me crazy as he was a good night sleeper. Now getting daytime sleep but night time not so good. I feel so utterly brain dead at mo. I will have a think back to what I did to break the cycle. Lack of daytime sleep is a total pain in the arse, and not everyone is sympathetic to it.

I'll be back when I coherently explain what I did. Little lovely is stirring a little too much for my liking right now.... grrrr!!!

blueblackdye Mon 26-Nov-12 21:45:57

I forgot to say that Anastasia sucks her fingers, she does not always find her thumb only smile I am sure this helps. I also lay under her head a TShirt I have put on for 2 days (!), I often notice she has it close to her nose, coincidence or not ? I don't know

littleredmonkey Mon 26-Nov-12 23:00:03

Thanks ladies. Will try the sleep cycle. Hp sorry bbb. I think when he falls a sleep on me I will move him to his basket. I have tried putting him down when tired but screams like mad. Maybe I give I'm too quick easy to let him sleep on me need to try a different approach. Dp tells me not to worry he will find his path he is still young at 8 weeks. I also think the length of time he sleeps at night was three hours mow less then two is me letting him drop to sleep to soon on the boob and not feeding enough so only half full. Probably obsessed with him sleeping he drops off but still not full.

Oh you all are going to love this. Went to the dentist Saturday and all ok. Today my capped tooth fell out. It is my front one. I have a replacement one that goes in which annoys the hell out of me as I need denture cream to keep it in place the other is glued in. Shit glue! So picture if u will moisturized skin. Hair brush. Front tooth missed I am going for white trailer trash look! Jeremy Kyle would love my look. Right bm is a sleep at 10:50.

bytheseaside Tue 27-Nov-12 02:49:56

We're up again!! Oh dear

littleredmonkey Tue 27-Nov-12 04:52:06

We r up as well. Just thought while going to sleep as we are all friends I would do a mini bio on myself
Born in new Zealand. A twin the other a boy moved to Hong Kong when I was two and stayed there till 17. Moved to UK and went to college hated it. Bummed around for three months got job manufacturing for m&s. Left years later to work in store worked my way up to management. Been with dp 22 years poor bastare. We love to travel been all over USA and middle east and some of Asia. Adopted a rescue kitty jasper who bless him is s bit dim. Love orangutans Japanese animation and graphic novels. Love planes nothing is more exciting then Heathrow. I know lame. Stopped smoking 15 years ago same time adept drinking can't stand the stuff. Have a red monkey soft toy that goes everywhere with me and came to the hospital when baby monkey was born. My biggest achievement.

littleredmonkey Tue 27-Nov-12 06:56:45

Midget. How r u feeling lately. Are the exercises paying off ?
I think I am going to have a long day. Terrible sleep last night and I use the word sleep loosely.

Midgetm Tue 27-Nov-12 07:27:52

Love the bio LRM. Hope you abd seaside got back to sleep. I just had the best night so far.. Think it was the wine I drank blush. I think the trick to putting them down still awake is to get them down before they are over tired. It's all in the timing.

master nudge only woke twice which is a result. The PFE's seem to be doing some good but things still not right. Have my 6 week check tomorrow. Bit scared. Trying to be positive but I know it could be bad....
Best get up and get dd ready for school <yawn>

blueblackdye Tue 27-Nov-12 13:57:25

Midget, hope you have good news tomorrow, I'll think of you when I do my exercise and send you good vibes to remind you to do yours !
seaside, I was up around 2.35 too, fed Anastasia and was asleep by 2.50am
LRM, I read your bio too at 5, DS came to me, asking to cosleep... He moves a lot so I could not sleep.
It is 3pm, I am going for a nap, now, before picking up DS at 4.15....

littleredmonkey Tue 27-Nov-12 18:57:56

Midget hope all goes well Wednesday for ya. Did some nap training today. He was not a happy camper but got 45 mins at lunch and the same at 5. Feeding now hope he drops off again then back to bed. Dp is very poorly with bad throat and flu like achy legs. Fuck me I hope I dont get itor Dylan just got over the last one which was bad enough. Dp is banning himself from touching either of us. Germ stuff squirted on his hands. Aunty is coming Wednesday to see the little fella not seen her in twenTy years

blueblackdye Tue 27-Nov-12 20:04:51

LRM, hope your DP will get over his flu quickly, for himself of course and for you and Baby Monkey too. Your life is so full of fun and steady. Impressed that you and DP have been together for 22 years, almost half of your life and the sparkle is still present, this is just wonderful. Where is your twin now ? Are you close ? Do you miss life in HKG ? My younger sister moved a year ago with her family, her DH has a job in Project Mgt for a famous French fashion company, she quit her job, looks after 2 kids, 7 and 10 yo, has a helper and a small flat. She loves it over there.

littleredmonkey Tue 27-Nov-12 23:02:10

Bbd. Dont see twin. Not spoken in years. He is a naughty boy and is in prison so I dont have anything to do with him.
Oh how exciting she lives there. It is fab. Took dp there twice and he loved it. I miss thr culture and sunshine. Have fond memories of festivals. Swimming in the sea. School was ok good friends. Where does she live? Dp does not look great bless him. He is good when ill never complains. I am a nightmare if I get a cold so o hope I dont pick it up for baby's sake. How u finding London on your return? Bet u miss your mum? Is your ds enjoying school. Clever boy to speak both languages. I wish when in Hong Kong I did learn Chinese but English school never taught it. Big shame. Also impressed u can speak both I assume. You're a clever sausage xxx.
Hope everyone else is groovy. Hugs to ff. Valium midget bythesea and goat and all your little ones. Xx

bytheseaside Wed 28-Nov-12 00:16:37

hello! lrm is great to know about your life and fill out the picture i had of you. I'm an internet scaredycat and dont like posting info about myself in case of i dont know what, but will happily pm you all my much less interesting biog - i've never lived anywhere faintly out of the ordinary! even better if we can all meet in person and regale tales.
we've had an up and down day - baby seaside's jabs this morning, she was very brave, and I cried buckets and nearly bit the nurses head off for coughing all over her, then coughing on her hand before stroking baby s's head - has she never met a baby before?? let alone a little prem. i was very cross, but I then sabotaged it by crying about the injections, going soppy and apologising for being cross. thought we'd be in for a stressful pm of crying (baby not me), and I got chocolate in ready, but babys been sleeping it off, with a little help from calpol so i'vesettled down with bbciplayer.
midget I'm envious of the wine, its been too long ...
hpbp am in awe of how far you and anastasia have come with the routine - that sounds great! we are still going hour to hour really, making it up as we go

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 02:46:55

Bythesea sounds like a stressful day for u. Baby bts sounds dandy bless her. I hope u had the chocolate u deserve it honey. U did very not telling off the nurse I would have been mean and said something. Hearse ago I won't be after an incident at work a few years back I sometimes think sod this and say what I think now. I have tact but he. Ho. How many jabs did she havr to brave? Babymonkey is next Tuesday? Hope he is a brave boy. Did the doc see u ad well? What did that involve as wellbeing? And did they give u the meds or did u get them yourself. Not used stuff before is it for fevers

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 02:49:22

Omg sorry about endless typing spelling errors in that last bits. I am a tad sleepy. Dp sick so on full baby patrol.

Hello all, lots going on here.
Hope everyne having some sleep right now. We just had second feed of night. I don't think Kid has gone that long since the night he came home from NNU. So e en with prems, seaside it does improve!
Hurrah for NZ lrm that's where I am from. Born in Oz, family actually Irish and have lived here 18 years so no pedigree pure breed here.
seaside glad the aftermath of the jabs is ok. As lrm says, have the choc anyway, you deserve it.
bbd you sound very organised! Guess you have to be with two of them. I aspire to be organised one day but at the moment my dictionary skips the word.
Today we have baby massage and I plan to start Christmas cooking and make use of my lovely freezer. I want to get in early as I don't actually like traditional Christmas fare [weird person emoticon] so plan on making what I like... Am hoping BG will sit in his bouncy chair and watch. Am pretty sure teeth are already on the move as is dribbling and chewing so he enjoys being given an old rubber spatula which he attacks with gusto while I get on.
midget good luck with the checkup.
ff BG will usually only sleep on me during the day. Except for the nap after his bath in the morning. Do you have any great ideas on how I can escape the young koala?!

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 07:23:08

Hey goat good morning. Born in Auckland nz. Glad u got some good sleep. I never thought of teeth coming yet. I am so dim sometimes. He has been sucking his hand last couple of days. As for baby koala I started yesterday as he was not letting me put him in his basket only sleeping on me. Had two sleeps for 45 Mims. Had to listen to him crying for ten mins on and off while I tapped his tummy lightly and ewan did his bit. I cried as upset he was but it was more talk cry then go nuts cry

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 07:33:45

Midget. Hope u get on today ok. Xx

I like the difference between talk cry and go nuts cry! There is a definite mummy-this-is-outrageous-behaviour-on-your-part-and-I-shall-tell-you-so-at-length type of cry. A friend of mine also says hers has a 'we need to talk about Kevin' look.

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 09:56:35

Hahaha. Kevin cry brillant. Today's cry so far has been " turn the bloody heating on woman its a tad nippy! "
Got his christmas. Card outfit. Just need to dress and position the little fElla. Then comes the cutting and sticking.

blueblackdye Wed 28-Nov-12 10:09:31

It is always difficult for Mums to see our babies cry, when they don't want to sleep, when they have their jabs.... It is weird that the needle actually does not hurt, it is the injection itself that makes them cry. Anastasia has her 2 4 months jabs tomorrow. Yep, 4 months already ! Pediatrician here always advise paracetamol after jabs, just in case they are very miserable, but most babies don't react. It is harder for Mums ! Just like childcare, when leaving LO for the first times to strangers, I remember crying myself after leaving the room and struggling to put a smiley face when waving good bye....

I am still packing. So much stuff. Leaving Paris on Sat. My Mum has been cooking, stuffing me as much as she can, bless her, I will go back to London with my pg weight if she goes on !

As for me, I was born in South Vietnam, family moved to France after the end of the war, have spent most of my life in Paris and its suburbs, met DH who is Bulgarian 11 years ago, moved to London 6 months after wedding, have lived 2 years in Marylebone, wonderful area, so green with Regents Park, zoo, playgrounds, farmer's market and of course great high street ! Moved to NW London 9 months after DS arrived in our lives and have been living there since Summer 2009. 2 kids were born in Paris though. Very lucky to be able to speak Vietnamese still, French of course, a bit of Spanish and only survival Mandarin Chinese. Never thought I would be such a dedicated Mum, anyone threatening my kids and I am a tigress within half of a sec. Mother and Mummy, the hardest job in the world, but I would not change anything.

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 12:48:45

Bbd. Soooo impressive your language range. I learnt French at school but was rubbish. Limited Chinese wish they had taught it at school. Forgotten nearly all Chinese except some swear words. Terrible mummy. Very pleased today got baby monkey to sleep for 45 mins. So got my lunch with my aunty who I have not seen for twenty years. So nice day. Taking for a walk, in a bit getting daddy some ice cream.

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 12:49:18

I want the ice cream really

bytheseaside Wed 28-Nov-12 14:43:40

We are out in cafe again! Getting the hang of this bf in public lark, although leaving the house in.less than 3 hours is i think impossible. Not a great night, but passable, baby s wouldn't countenance sleeping without cuddle-hold.
baby s slept in her crib for long enough for me to have an actual crying-free shower with HAIR WASH this morning and im wearing clothes that both allow discreet bf and constitute an outfit so i feel well groomed and capable today smile

goat thanks, you always make me feel hopeful about things getting easier soon smile (even if experience sometimes makes hope misplaced haha) so ... What are you cooking for Christmas?

LRM jab in each thigh sad i let her such ny little finger during jabs and kept her legs warm before after - i learned from all the blood tests in hospital that this makes it hurt much less. we just saw the nurse, no other checks this time for us, although part 2 jabs are in 4 weeks. we got calpol ( baby paracetamol) from supermarket on nurses suggestion, for post jab fever/pain, wasn't sure which she had if either, but she seemed unsettled between big sleeps so we did 3 doses. We were told wrong dose though- as baby s is much smaller than a normal 9 weeker, just as well i checked with neonatal nurses before dosing her up! goat do you find this ever with age 9related dose?

blueblack wow at languages! I have standard issue UK school system French and German but would love to speak something more interesting. have very briefly tried learning Russian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and (with
spectacularly weak results) Swedish in the past, usually for brief work trips, as i hate that British thing of speaking English wherever you go, so i clearly have the enthusiasm and a bookshelf full of mini dictionaries and but lack sticking power or natural brilliance

Re crying, yes def different cries. A wailing 'noooo, noooo' protest about getting dressed and a heartbreaking, devastated cry when being washed, and a really cross cry for nappy changes when baby s won't look me in the eye and makes me feel dreadful ...

We are also nearly ready to make xmas cards , just need to order baby photos and unpack glue. actually, as we still have 2 rooms choc full of boxes (hilariously phone just autocorrected that to 2 rooms of bisexuals grin ) im going to ditch that idea and go out in search of new glue!

Hope I've not missed commenting on pressing issues of the day. how is the physio midget?

blueblackdye Wed 28-Nov-12 14:53:04

Seaside, calpol doses depend on the baby's weight, doesn't it ? It should be written on the package. It is appalling that you have not been told how much to give. People, these days.... angry
Midget, how did your 6 week check go ?
LRM, which flavor the icecream ? You are so Chinese !!! Eating iecream in this

blueblackdye Wed 28-Nov-12 14:57:09

Seaside, I just checked the French equivalent of Calpol, the dose depends on the baby's actual weight, not on the age.

bytheseaside Wed 28-Nov-12 16:26:15

blueblack yes, thats much more sensible. And me too with the 'Chinese' approach to icecream - not heard that one before!

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 19:07:02

Hehe. Chinese do ice cream well but for the rest of desserts they suck! Everything had to have fruit on every cake pie. Think it was for colour.
Bythesea. Wow besides bbb languages u r the star of the day in my eyes. Washing your hair. Wad going to do mine Monday and decided sleep was needed yesterday's so tired and today just lazy. I have dp mum and dad Thursday so will pass on and then dive into hair washing. Feels horrible now.

littleredmonkey Wed 28-Nov-12 19:13:41

Having a downer day today. Bit fed up and finding everything all consuming. I love baby monkey but emotional and physically drained. With breastfeeding I dont get a break. Sorry to moan by finding it all very hard work this evening. Back is still painful and baby monkey feels extra heavy today. Keep snapping at dp as well. I need some chocolate or a large big mac meal with a chocolate milk shake. Followed by winning the lottery hiring a nanny for evening duty I have lovely sleeps and days r for baby play times

bytheseaside Wed 28-Nov-12 19:28:10

LRM i know how you feel, some days are like this for me too. it will get better, i promise. thank goodness our babies are so lovely, i don't know how i'd keep going otherwise. treating yourself kindly in small ways helps i think. as does getting out, even on days when you are knackered

lrm sorry for your crap feeling day. We all know what those are like. my worst is always when I know that DH can't take BG off my hands at all in the evening so I have another 24 hours before I get s break. But you know we get through it... And hooray for MN which helps keep us sane. And it gets better! Finally this week we are starting to get a routine that works and BG is happier thus so am I. He is 19 weeks.
seaside we couldn't use calpol for the first set of jabs as BG was only 4 1/2 lbs. fortunately he didn't need it. Cried for all of about 10 seconds then obviously thought oh well, been there done that, now i am going to sleep. We didn't get told anything about dosage either, so the next time I took it and breastfed him (no idea if that worked, but he was ok!) and at 16 weeks we could do a proper dose which he def needed, although that was also partly because it was Diwali and the fireworks were really distressing him. I am such a party pooper now If it disturbs BG!
bbd that is so cool that you know so many languages. My only other language is German, but I am trying to learn Spanish. Was better when I was going to south America every year! Have you been back to Vietnam?
midget how are you?
Christmas cooking starts with white chocolate and baileys fudge...

blueblackdye Wed 28-Nov-12 20:51:49

Goat, it is not allowed to make me feel hungry with fudge ! smile you are impressive, I am not in the mood of preparing a proper meal for myself, let alone a Xmas feast !
I went back to Vietnam, once every decade ! First time in the 90's, as a student, I managed to find an intership for a French company which sent me to Saigon, it was very hard emotionally speaking, I kind of lost my identity. Second time was a few months before wedding in 2006, wanted to show the country to future DH, had a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress tailor made, bought all sort of things for wedding over there. Waiting for DCs to grow up a bit and will take them this decade too !
LRM, I Know, days and nights seem painfully long and unproductive, hormones are still messed up and the lightest thing gets on your nerves, you feel you have no control over anything, even to go to the loo, all you want is to be able to sit down and enjoy idle time and sleep. You will get there. And in a few weeks, you won't remember how hard the first 2,3 months were.
Tonight was hard work for me too. DS threw up his dinner, had to bathe him again. And his sister took almost 2 hours to fall asleep with on and off crying, the crying that says "Iam not happy, thereis something bothering me, Mummy, why can't you keep holding me ?" Hope they both sleep without waking up tonight.
Packing almost done. I find it hard to leave my Mum alone after 5 months. She keeps saying that in 4,3,2 days, the house will be so quiet without the kids. I feel much closer to her since I had my own children.

Midgetm Wed 28-Nov-12 21:47:31

Thanks for all your well wishes today. I caught up with your posts whilst in the waiting room. I feel a bit dim as I barely speak English properly and you a lot all seem right cosmopolitan like <thick person emoticon>.

6 week check all good. Master Midge has put on over a kilo and everything seems fine except this bastard cold. Dr examined me and said she thought prolapse already on the mend and everything seemed in the right place. Excellent news but not quite sure I am convinced. Because of the strange sensations I have and the unexplained bleeding I am getting referred back to my obstetrician so hopefully my magical pelvic floor exercises will mean I carry On improving. feel a bit more positive on the whole which is good. Had lunch in Camden and managed all on my own with sling so I must be getting better.

Must be something in the air as MM unsettled tonight and he never is. Think it is the combo of cold and growth spurt. He can't stop eating but then chucks it up. Could be a long night for a lot of us by the sounds of it. grin

PS where's VQ?

blueblackdye Wed 28-Nov-12 22:13:12

Midget, very glad you are on the mend ! This s very good news. Hope the cold will go away soon, Anastasia still has issue feeding sometimes unil I clean her nose....
VQ, hope you are feeling less tired. And your absence on MN means lots of sleeping smile

My language skills are just a gift from fate. Mum is Vietnamese, Dad was Cantonese Chinese, grew up in France, learnt English and Spanish at school, 2 languages are compulsory in the curriculum, happened to follow business studies, thus English is compulsory ! In the end, the only idiom I master perfectly is French. Although my spelling gets worse and worse as I don't read as much in French anymore. DS speaks French and English perfectly, hope his sister will follow. Aiming to get them to learn Mandarin in the very near future. Maria Montessori's studies show that before 6, they truly are sponges. And I confirm, DS repeats words the way he hears them, with the tone he heard in the first place, he reproduces the sound exactly.

Time to sleep now. Bye bye !

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 00:46:02

Hey thanks for supporting me sorry to moan but I think it's health to vent and bbb you are right I do fancy some idle time and sleep. I am not bothered to much on going out like being at home with him but it can be 24 hours then again and again Baby monkey must have heard my plea and slept for 4,5 hours I woke at three hours and checked him after a massive farting spree. I think he blow himself back to sleep.
Midget. Glad u r on the mend and bravo on operation sling. Dont worry u r far from dim I was shite at school.
Bbh your words hit a note this evening I have never been close to my mum but so different I have this little fella.
Goat cant believe baby goat is 19 weeks already. Baby monkey is 8 today.

Appreciate all your kind words this evening ladies. You are all fabulous friends. Wish u fab sleep for baby and u.
Ps I want fudge now !'!'!'!

Sorry, I seem to have inadvertently tortured everyone with my mention of fudge! grin
midget glad things are (hopefully) on the mend. I hope that makes things easier all round!
BG went to baby massage today and had an absolute ball. It was back, arms and face, and he loved it all, especially the face, which he giggled ecstatically through. Then promptly fell into a deep, deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon,from which I could not awaken him (BG does determined very well when he wants to). So guess what?! Been awake most of the night. I knew I had jinxed it...
I manage to do my Christmas shopping for NZ so my friend is coming to pick the stuff up today. She will of course have to wrap it for me. NZ customs is pretty draconian! It's good to have that side of the world taken care of.
I shall write you a little bio soon. I am pretty boring though...

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 06:24:49

Bio of ewan the sheep told by baby monkey ; arrived in a box by man at the door. Lots of noise from mummy and then a word she should use around me. A fluffy blob was presented to me. Large white eyes and red belly. Oh what a noise he made thump thump thump thump then swish swish swish. Mummy was oh ah. When I am going to bed Mr fluffy is red and in my bed mummy rubs his legs then he starts his story I never get to the end I usually fall asleep. Except the time Mr fluffy did not go red and mummy made lots of noise and looked in Mr fluffy belly took stuff out and put stuff in. Mummy loves Mr fluffy.

lrm grin
I definitely can't compete in the interesting bio stakes now!

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 06:56:20

Bio of baby monkey by ewan. Good lord what is that loud screaming this was not in my job description when I left the factory. They said work with little people sleeping. He is little but loud. Well off to work. Holy crap he goes on and on and on but I do my best work and he drops off to sleep. Though I wish the lady would leave. My ears alone. I live in a big bed with baby monkey who is my best friend. I speak four languages one is swish then thump then thud and melody. My legs r purple and so is my head. Mummy loves me especially when I do my best work.

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 07:05:33

Ps. Baby monkey farts too much!

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 07:12:35

I think I may have drunk to much lucazade this morning. Baby monkey was good last night got 4,5 hrs then 3 then 1. Sleep which was his best yet. I do have to follow him to bed early as that is his best sleep slot starting at 7:30. now on me having a snooze

blueblackdye Thu 29-Nov-12 07:44:45

LRM, good idea, 7.30pm is a good time, I think I recover best when I sleep before 11pm. In the meantime, nap, nap and nap ! I will do the same...

ValiumQueen Thu 29-Nov-12 13:30:41

Am still here. Both girls poorley now. Tired. Pissed off with not-so-DH.

bytheseaside Thu 29-Nov-12 13:42:06

LRM grin

vq sad

goat ah baby goat! We are going to do massage too

midget good news!

Bbd Re going to bed, im wasting baby seaside prime evening sleep time, but otherwise i wouldn't get to have dinner, do laundry and all the stuff I've been waiting for dp to get home so i can do . ah well

Baby all out of sorts today in delayed response to jabs. new very pathetic cry that breaks my heart ...

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 14:37:34

VQ sorry to hear your girls r unwell. Speedy recovery to them both. Feel for u with dh. Have u spoke to him and tell him how u feel. U have friends here any time xx

vq sorry to hear about DH. Hope is getting sorted. Newborn time is fraught.

seaside hope baby s is feeling better. It doesn't last, promise!

Ok, bio time. I should be used to writing these but they are usually po-faced ones for concert programmes, not interesting ones,so feel free to fall asleep halfway through (not difficult for any of us at any given time anyway!).
Born is Oz but brought up in NZ. Came to UK after university. Worked as freelance musician (pianist). Have always lived in London here. About ten years ago got really tired of all the schlepping around one needs to do to earn a living as a pianist, plus was teaching in a truly horrible school, so jacked lots of it in and went and did a PhD. Now teach in university and only play if I am interested in the project. So no more ballet classes or histrionic sopranos. I love my job. Haven't played much for the past year thanks to carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy. I am hoping BG lets me get back to it soon - he gave me 25 minutes yesterday. Met my DH on a plane to Peru, where we walked the Inca Trail together. That was three years ago. We got married in Feb after dh left his home, job and friends to move in with me. After bg's arrival he says the only life change he has left is a sex change operation. I've requested not. who says holiday romances don't last?

blueblackdye Thu 29-Nov-12 16:12:34

Goat, what a lovely love story ! So romantic ! I met DH at work, so common....

VQ, sorry to hear that, hope the girls will recover soon. re DH I find it hard sometimes too communicatiing with him, actually I moan and he does not react at all, I ask him to do things and he does not do what I want, then protests that I have not been accurate enough, but when I explain what I want, he says he is not stupid and I don't need to give him orders... My recent visits to the shrink were partly because of him. Come and moan if it can help.

Seaside, I don't think I have had a proper civilized dinner for the past 4 months, I usually swallow my tea around 5.30 because Anastasia feeds at 6/6.30 and after I spend a bit of time with DS so I would not eat before 8/8.30pm, I would be starving bya then. I take care of laundry in the morning, program the machine the night before to finish at 10am, so that I can put cloth to dry during Anastasia's morning nap. As you said, well, this is life. I hope I will be able to keep my cleaner, she irons as well, otherwise I and the kids would look like boat people ! I hate wearing not ironed cloth, tbh, I do not buy anything that needs ironing anymore.

Anastasia had her jabs, she seems fine, 64cm and 6.535kg, all good. I love her fat, fat, fat feet ! Hair dye tomorrow morning !

Hope you have good night sleep, babies and Mums. Xxxxx

bbd I have built a shrine to my cleaner! grin I would be lost in a dust mountain without her.

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 18:33:40

Goat. That was lovely. How very romantic honey Peru how exciting . So impressive playing piano u lot r very talented bunch. And extremely intelligent. Degrees and languages. I can barely manage English. I can sew and create soft toys. Mind blowing I know ha ha oh and I make a beautiful baby if I do say so myself.

Bbh operation hair colour. Look forward to hearing how it looks. I managed like by the sea to wash mine today amazing no time to straighten it. I have been a bit of a witch to dp last few days just so tired got extra crabby. So will walk around with my witch hat on. He is very helpful and I moan sometimes. I will try to do better and be less fussy about silly things like cleaning thr house

Midgetm Thu 29-Nov-12 18:57:27

I always post from my phone so operation memory.

VQ Sorry DH is being a nobber. I hate giving them the D when they are being idiots.

Lovely story of the Peru romance and the talent. I also was like BHB and met my DH at work. A little romantic but very ordinary. I can only make gorgeous babies and I do that quite badly, and I mix a mean cocktail.

FF hope your brother is a bit better. I best go and feed midge, poor boy been dragged about today and is tired and hungry and still has a cold. I am getting out a lot now, maternity leave is like having long weekends. Except with baby vomit all over me grin

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 19:48:21

Midget I am trying to get every day mainly to my local shop and bakery where all the ladies love my little guy and I love their flap jacks.
Goat meet my other half pissed in a pub rambling on to his brother how they dont look anything a like blah blah it he said we have different dads. I am a tit. Dont drink any more! Got together next weekend again a tad pissed but been together 22 years. He is my world love him to bits. Now also have a mini version.
Ladies I pm fjord and she is well had loads on and I told her we missed her and she is keeping up to date with us and will post soon so that's great to hear she n baby are well

littleredmonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 19:51:43

Ff hows your brother doing honey?

Midget. Hope little midget is ok and speedy recovery from his cold x

FjordMor Thu 29-Nov-12 21:44:22

Hi everyone and thanks for the jolt LRM

I'm nodding off at my desk but determined to at least say hi and get back on the thread.

Where to start? It's been a ride so far but is hopefully starting to settle down now. I've had masses of feeding problems. To not go into too much detail, largely because I have huge boobs, apparently almost non-existent nipples and huge aereola. As a result DD can only feed with the help of a breast shield. After 2 hospital admissions for the pair of us after she was found to be losing weight, despite me having her on the breast almost non-stop all day and most of the night, the upshot is:-

1. Breastshield is covering up a lot of the milk glands on the aereola
2. DD has to work harder in the time and gets less milk. However, she can't even recognise anything to suck on without the shield so we are stuck with it.
3. DD falls asleep on the breast frequently and is hard to rouse
4. As a result of her taking less than it seemed, my production has not kept up with her needs.
5. Although I am pumping, I decided against doing so with my every other available minute so will probably never catch up with her needs hence...
6. 'Mixed feeding' - about half/half breast milk/formula at the mo but I hope to tip the balance a bit in favour of breast milk. Have come to terms I won't be able to return to EBF now. We use Medela Calma bottles though and DD has no nipple confusion. And she still prefers the nipple which is nice.
7. Paediatrician wanted me to weigh, stick to only 10 minutes each side, weigh again then make up the rest with formula but I very often exceed this a lot as I have more milk and DD wants to stay on longer. I know I would have more life if I did what he says but I have a sneaking feeling my breastfeeding days would be short-lived.

Why am I telling you all this? Well we've been so bloody focused on setting up the feeding (and in and out of hospital) I've done little else, especially since we came out of hospital. We have started to manage trips out and have been going to a baby massage class and doing a bit of shopping. Also my DP has been in hospital with a recurrence of a problem he had last year, which required a small op so life has been rather busy. We've always had to take DP to and from work in the car from day one and pop into shops at least. Tomorrow I'm meeting with all my lovely ante-natal class friends and their babies after baby massage. Some serious expressing and feed planning will need to be involved as we can't really breastfeed out (logistically). Looking forward to it a lot though smile.

Despite all the problems, DD is now 8 weeks and (mostly) a delight. She is smiling and 'laughing' all the time; discovering and developing at a rapid rate. She sleeps 2am - 9am straight through and on and off/inconsistently between 7.30pm and 2am, broken up by 2 feeds. She self settles after her last feed, in her basket, with the help of the magic Ewan smile and his lovely harp (same every night - like a 'sleep signal') and although she still does suffer with wind, the long screaming sessions seem to be becoming a thing of the past. We use infacol and now also malt extract (in her bottle) every feed to good effect.

I manage a shower roughly every other day and feel quite scuzzy and I haven't even got around to booking my 6 week checks yet (bad me - need a repeat GT test too which I'm dreading - getting very drowsy after sweet stuff and terrified I'm stuck with the dreaded diabetes, despite my sugars in the first couple of weeks being 'back to normal'). Trying to slowly mould a bit of a routine and claim back time from 'velcro-baby' now she is better at napping alone and sitting in her baby bjorn bouncer.

Right, that's my news - now I'm going to catch up with all your posts during the next feed (if DD wakes up - she's not good at waking up to feed. Sometimes I think I should just express instead as she takes the bottle easier when drowsy and she'd get more breast milk? We'll see...) and see if I can comment while they're still all in my head!

Missed you all and do want to make a big effort not to be MIA smile (still haven't had a post-natal wine. Perhaps I should express more?).

FjordMor Thu 29-Nov-12 23:18:42

Gosh! So much going on & to comment on.

Good news VQ. I haven't gone back that far in the thread but seems you've been having weight problems too? My DD has only just reached 10lb 4 or 5 (4.6kg) at 8 else old. She seems to be following the 29th percentile. I'm not worrying now as she is chubby enough & the health station say she's fine. I think you are amazing btw...juggling 3 DCs. I had my 2 DSDs here today & let's say I'm relieved they're 11 & 13 and not my direct responsibility!

FF sorry to hear about your brother. Hope he is on the road to recovery.

LRM - another Ewan fan! He's been miraculous for baby Fjord. I'm an evangelical fan. We've also got DD in sleeping bags now. We're using Baby Boum ones for 0-3 months. They're not so long and have long sleeves. Glad to hear that Mr Monkey is so good. Mr Fjord had a slow start but is very good now as I needed so much help 'cos of v painful CS scar. When he's been off work after his op I barely get a look in with the baby except to feed her! He does ALL nappy duty when he's here smile. He does get very short of patience when she cries though & objects to doing anything for her that is 'boring' (like 'walk-bouncing' her around the flat to calm her down). I must say though, the more he falls in love with her, the better he's getting. I think it takes men a lot more time to 'bond'. Loving the bios grin. Had no idea you were a Kiwi. So interesting to hear everyone's stories.

Midget - sorry to hear about DS's cold & your prolapse. I seem to remember you mentioning Baby Whisperer. How's that going for you? Baby Fjord seems to be falling into E.A.S.Y all on her own (except the dream feed - she tries to do that during the day :-/).

BBD - good luck with the move back to London. Loved reading your bio as well smile. I also get super thirsty when breastfeeding. And very hungry. I'm on 4 meals a day so no chance of losing the baby weight any time soon.

bytheseaside - ooh is that the Killing season 3? It's aired already over here but I was waiting to find out when it had aired in UK so I can find it with English subtitles! Glad you're getting out & about. I'm quite envious of you being able to breastfeed in public. It's rather logistically impossible for us.

Goatsbongos white chocolate & Bailey's fudge... OMG...envy

Oh and what is BJCM GT? <makes embarrassed ignorant face>

Right pumping duty requires both hands. It's nice to be back smile.

FjordMor Thu 29-Nov-12 23:19:34

8 weeks not 8 'else' old. Another victim of iPhone autocorrect. Doh!

Hello fjord what epic posts! Lovely to see you. Sorry to hear about all the angst round feeding. Sounds very similar to what we had,but you are doing so much better than we did - congratulations! this feeding malarkey is so complicated... Still, Kid is now growing apace,in fact everyone has been a bit shock at how much he has sprouted in just the last week. At this rate all the beautiful clothes we inherited off DH's cousin will fit him for about two minutes. He is a very long baby, particularly in the legs.
Also congrats on getting to the shower every second day - we are finally there now, at 19 weeks!
Oh, it is amazing how widespread the Ewan invasion is. I have not used him for a while, I must do so again, especially as I am going to try and get BG off our bed and into his own cot. I will let him recover from his cold though. The poor thing can hardly breathe, especially lying down sad and wakes himself up almost hysterical with gasping and flailing. It's horrible to watch, and I am convinced that in part it is made worse because he is reminded of not being able to breathe with the pneumothorax he had after birth - who knows how their little memories work?
The fudge has not yet materialised, but DH went and bought the ingredients for me and is watching developments with a hopeful puppy-dog expression...

littleredmonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 04:07:24

Welcome back fj. Glad to see u. Sorry to hear the time u have had but sounds like u have a firm grip on things. Our little fella r the same ages. So looking forward to seeing how tubby baby fj gets. I can so relate to Velcro baby. Just this w
Week started a nap plan baby monkey is not keen on the plan especially if I leave themnap too long. Oh he did scream for a minute folded and picked him up gave cuddle till calm and did it again the process took longer then the nap. Will keep chipping away.
Damn bloody nappies tonite twice they have leaked waking him. Dont leak on the day.
Oh forgot to say double excitement today washed hair and painted nail! !!

littleredmonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 04:09:27

Lordy my grammar and spelling is appalling today.

Ooh lrm what colour are your nails?

I have booked a loooong pamper session for myself this weekend. Have told DH he gets BG and I am going to do nails/hair/legs (these last two are almost the same come to think of it) and remain in the shower until wrinkly. Am looking forward to it SO MUCH.

littleredmonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 07:22:34

Goat. Sounds bliss. Chill out and enjoy. Nails are jade green. Amazing how good little things make us feel. I am going out today to have lunch with a friend after the dentist. So excited cant decide what to eat but will defo have pudding.

bytheseaside Fri 30-Nov-12 07:42:58

Fjord ! Great to have you back, you were missed.

More later folks , seems baby s fancies some fire sleep smile

littleredmonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 07:46:49

Ladies I have a few questions that you all can help me with. Sorry one is gross. Sorry if you are having breakfast.
1, what does good yellow poo smell like? It smells of wheat to me?

2. When u put your baby on your chest do the cry and go nuts for two mins even if they are tired yawning not over tired?

3. When you put baby on the boob and they latch on and drink fast then slow down they come off the nipple then fuss like mad as they cant latch on sucking the nipple in and fussing. Seems like he can't latch back on so well as nipple is softer any tips?

bytheseaside Fri 30-Nov-12 07:53:30

More, not fire, obviously

blueblackdye Fri 30-Nov-12 07:53:48

Just a really quick one to say Welcome back Fjord ! Very glad to hear from you and little girl.
I m running to the hair dresser now, will try to catch up later, final countdown for packing !!! Wish me luck, Ladies !

littleredmonkey Fri 30-Nov-12 08:10:54

Good luck packing and hope u like your new hair do! !!

bbd good luck with packing, and I look forward to hearing how the hair is!

lrm BG does tend to go a bit nuts on my chest, then will suddenly cut out mid-wail. I look down and he is blotto!
re latch - I got told to stick hand under the boob right against the ribs, thumb poitning up and fingers flag, hoik it up and sort of squish it by making my hand into a c-shape. Then guiding nipple into bg's mouth.

Have a nice day all!

Fingers flat, not flag...

Midgetm Fri 30-Nov-12 09:28:13

Yay fjord is back and ok, amazing how you can worry about people you haven't met In RL. Sorry about all the weight shite. I had a lot of that with DD who was always in the red zone and she is now the tallest in her class. Also had lots of BF problems but ended up exclusive in the end with the help of drugs to stimulate my milk supply which make your tits even bigger so maybe not for you! anyway lovely to have you back.

Hp good luck with the packing, London is calling.

LRM not sure I have the order of your questions right.

Midge normally likes being over the shoulder and doesn't always cry.

I find tweaking my nipple a bit helps him relatch but now I don't give any bottles his latch is pretty good anyway.

Oh shit forgot the last question. Going to hit the shops today beat go be productive.

Midgetm Fri 30-Nov-12 09:29:06

And yes pooh smells a bit like wheat. It is gross.

midget I didn't know the drugs make your boobs bigger! [Shock] explains a lot...

bbd which bit of northwest London do you live in?

blueblackdye Fri 30-Nov-12 11:03:51

Fjord, if BF is a nightmare for you and your baby, don't feel guilty to switch to bottle, in the end, if you are less tired and happy, baby will too.
Goat, I am in West Hampstead, are you nearby ?

Hair dye is beautiful, very black, which is my natural colour, with navy blue reflection under the light, my first dye actually, 35 minutes, no strong smell, and about £15. Plus my hairdresser knows how to cut. When it grows, I don't look like I need urgently a haircut. So I can afford to wait a few months befre going back !!! Which is brilliant, otherwise a Eurostar return on top of the cut cost, it would be a very expensive haircut....

Feeding time, will be back later

bbd I am in Uxbridge so not too far away!
Had a nice day today. In the music class the teacher gave us silly duck hats to put on. BG took one look at me and actually laughed! We then went for lunch with a friend, then came home and made the first step of arancello for Xmas pressies. BG is currently lying on his play mat doing a lying down disco.
Hope you all had ok days too...

10000Fireflies Fri 30-Nov-12 18:49:30

Just dropping in for a quick hi. Thanks all for asking after my bro. He is at home now, and getting back to his usual, very naughty self which is good. He never ceases to amaze me - 10% of people with that particular haemorrage die immediately. Twenty years ago he made a miraculous recovery from a brain tumour.

Still, this thread is about our babies!! I have been pretty quiet as poppet has been really poorly requiring a trip to A&E in ambulance. He is fine now, so no need to worry. He was having probs breathing on Weds, so I phoned NHS Direct and ended up with a Paramedic and then Amulance crew... It took them a while to diagnose prob. When they did eventually they decided it was a severe case of tonsilitis. This was constricting his airways. I am so cross with my surgery as I tried to get an appointment on Tues so they gave me a phone consultation with an appt today if things didn't improve. sad I wish I had pushed more as he was really poorly then and I feel I was fobbed off, prob as I was pretty poorly myself. Feel doc was pretty dismissive today.

Gosh, I am being v self-centred on thread at mo. I hope I can find some more time to catch up with you all properly. Didn't mean this post to be as long. Guess I needed a bit of a purge.

Love and hugs to all. grinFF xx (had to use St Andrew's emoticons as DH Scottish and DS has a Scottish name. Och eye the noo, and all that.)

Midgetm Sat 01-Dec-12 04:58:09

Bloody hell FF what a shit time you have been having. I want to bear hug you.

Master midge having 2 hour feeds and just did a babygro soaking pooh. The little swine I am knackered....

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 12:20:31

ff that's dwreadful. hope baby

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 13:07:44

Sorry damn left handed typing skills . hope baby ff doing better x

fjord you have really been through the mill too. bf is wonderful, exhausting, magic, impossible etc. how can something so natural be so difficult for most of us?

midget i feel your pain. after a miraculous Thursday night of 8 hours sleep (in 3 goes) last evening and night back to 1-2 hourly feeds. nooooo! Am barely functioning so hoping we might nap in a minute. Not sure if still a reaction to jabs, or yet anothergrowth spurt

goat i want to live in your creative house of cooking and music smile loved your getting together story, lovely.

LRM 1. Smells not nice but not awful, i think smells beer, dp thinks like mustard and ham sandwiches, but i think he is doing on visual cues.
2. Don't have that that one often
3. Yes, i posted about this in bf section and asked around in rl. might be wind, or i think more likely, either baby not getting milk fast enough and encouraging milk production, or sometimes theres a second let down. does it feel like any of these?

blueblack hair sounds lovely!

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 13:10:13

Ps what's everyone playing to their babies this week? I've just setup ipod speakers and we are rocking to john prine fair and square, think she likes it!

ff how scary for you. Hope things are settling down for both you and baby ff.

midget are you managing to catch up on some sleep today? And you, seaside ?

This week's music of mum's choice is Michael McGoldrick. Fabulous Irish trad flautist. John Joe Kelly plays bodhran and he is GOD...

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 17:04:57

Ooh goat i googled and we both like that!

Fjord i too am suffering from permanent velcro baby. driving me a bit nuts. i love being with her, but i can't get anything done ever. sling of some help but only for some things, can't really bend with her in it and kills my back. please grow to like your bouncy chair, baby seaside!

Oh yes to Velcro baby, especially at the mo when he is not well. Didn't get anything done this afternoon. Except sit on the sofa and sort emails etc and watch Superman

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 18:11:57

yes, i have a mournful velcro baby wimpering in my sling - madly just tried to make myself a sandwich ... now retreating to sofa

littleredmonkey Sat 01-Dec-12 18:31:41

Evening Velcro ladies. Babymonkey is the same. Cant bend down with him in the sling. Crys like mad when he does go in. I think he would happily live on my chest!

Music for the week has been a Japanese animation sound track to the film howls moving castle. Classical.

Well today we got the christmas tree up and house decorated. Wrapped dylan's presents and under the tree. Start cards next week. Nearly done all the shopping.
Went into the village for a walk and had lunch. So good day and got a lay in for two hours as dp had babymonkey on his chest so extra sleep

bytheseaside Sat 01-Dec-12 20:34:40

lrm cant believe how much you have got done today shock making sandwich and having shower remain my only achievements. baby s just nodded off on my lap after nearly 5 hours solid feeding, interspersed with crying!! bloody injections, i really think they are to blame after googling. its getting me down today - I feel like we will never get our house in any kind of order.

littleredmonkey Sat 01-Dec-12 22:11:51

Bythesea. Did not do it all on my own Dp helped plus after we went for lunch he slept in his car seat for an hour and a half. I may swap out his basket for it. His sleep has been hit and miss this week since I introduced naps it's gone tits up. He yawns and yawns try to put him down and he goes nuts. Night time after a feed he drops to sleep on me and goes in his basket fine. Need for him to nap so will continue. Does anyone else feel naps are tits up any ideas to improve my situation. He sleeps in thr sling sometimes but it hurts my back and he does get pissed when I first put him in it.

lrm that is indeed an impressive list of achievements! We still don't have naps particularly sorted, but BG has started going down on my bed for his morning nap. I make a little nest and he sleeps there for a it half an hour. The afternoon nap, however, must still be on me, and woe betide any idea of nighttime sleep if he doesn't have it. Bah. Sling, he creates something amazing for about one minute when first put in, then is asleep by the time we reach the corner of the street. Nighttime we are still in the car seat to help keep him a bit more upright. Currently we are snot central (sorry tmi).
seaside hang in there. Remember the newborn stage with prems just goes on forever. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. We are four and a half months actual and there is definite improvement, especially when I look back. There is a little bit of regression at the moment because he is ill and just wants mummy, but I can see the difference. I too thought we would never get here! I am sure it will not be plain sailing but just the realisation for example see above, that he will nap on the bed for a bit, that some nights we are now feeding only twice, means I can stick it out! Also we went to our music class n Friday and for the first time he was really aware of everything going on, didn't cry for a feed, kept his eyes open. Laughed at my silly hat, actually laughed. It was lovely. Also loves it when I blow on his feet and tickle them. Silly things like this make it worthwhile... <soppy mummy emoticon>

littleredmonkey Sun 02-Dec-12 04:31:12

Ahhhhhhh. Leaking nappies
disturbing his sleep driving me nuts this week and they are psmpers.
I need a toblelrone or a twix not fussy which oh and a big mug of tea. Ewan is on over time this evening bless his red belly

Goat. How is snooty goat. Bless. Sending hugs x
Car seat is a goof idea when they have a cold. Every bugger is banned from my house who has a cold so dont want him to get it again. Everyone I know seems to have it.

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sun 02-Dec-12 17:01:28

News flash! News flash! Read all about it!

I am red haired again... And red toe nailed... And dehaired...

I feel much much more human.

littleredmonkey Sun 02-Dec-12 18:43:22

Goat. Sounds fab! Honey so pleased for ya. My red hair is flecked with grey hair dye still in the box.
Have had a very stressful baby last few days trying to put in place with nap routine. All gone tits up. He was happy last week a sleep on me now he is miserable me trying to get him to nap when he yawns. Stupid fucking books making me go nuts. So will go with happy baby sleeping on me in the morning try for a nap at lunch and then if not he can rest on me. Walk at 3 for nap in the pram. I need to chill out keep worrying about him only feeding for 20 mins. How long he sleeps naps colour of his shits! Mental mummy stops and relax mummy needs to happen. He will sleep if I put him down if not on me or a air filled walk. Stressy baby stressy mum! -

littleredmonkey Sun 02-Dec-12 18:45:31

Vq how u feeling. ?

Goatbongohohoandjinglejingle Sun 02-Dec-12 19:41:48

lrm baby books are great for toasting marshmallows over as they burn gently on the bonfire... Not much else though!

littleredmonkey Mon 03-Dec-12 03:24:11

Welcome to mammoth feeding sessions. Nearly feeding every hour and half since 6. My boobs feel like a hard worked hooker.
Plus side skin has never been so soft. Extra moisturized this evening. Couldn't be arsed to brush my hair each time shocking I know.
Little fella has found his thumb and is going to be right handed we think. Must be a lot going on in that developing brain of his at eight weeks.

Midgetm Mon 03-Dec-12 11:00:05

goat get you being all gorgeous, you have died my hair as too vain to admit grey but toe nails not been done in 7 weeks (slummy mummy).

lrm goat is right, burn the books. Only time I was out of control with dd1 was when I was using a book. Second time I don't mind picking and choosing what I want from books but first time round it just did my head in.

I have mastitis. Feel like death. Arse.