16 months old growth spurt?

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lobsters Fri 07-May-10 14:20:23

Sorry, not sure where to put this. Is 16 months a normal time for a growth spurt? DD has started sleeping a lot in the last week or so, other than the sleeping she seems very happy and healty, and doesn't stop moving (might be the reason why she sleeps, but it has increased).

I'm just being PFB I'm sure, but I'm just starting to worry a bit about how much she sleeps. Just as an example, she went to bed at about 6.45 last night, woke up this morning at 8, was then desperate for a nap by 9.45 and didn't wake up again until gone 11.30. She'll probably also want an afternoon nap and be ready for bed again by 6.30, it's been like this for the last few days.

boudchou Fri 07-May-10 18:05:22

Same with mine! I haven't heard of a particular growth spur at this age, but really they kind of stop talking about it after the first 12 months I find. Baba was off his morning sleep until a couple of weeks ago. 2-3 hours after waking up in the morning he's deperate for a nap. So he has 2 naps a day and sleep on average 3 hours during the day. He's running about a lot of more pre-molars are coming through too whch also might explain the tiredness.

So I wouldn't worry if I'd be you. But as everything else, best to look out for any other symptoms. If she's happy and full of energy the rest of the time, she's probably just needing that sleep and giving you a break :-)


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