What time is your 3 year olds dinner time?

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MrsTriangle Wed 17-Mar-10 18:16:54

Ours is 5ish because the younger one gets really hungry and despite 'snack management' with sticks etc, I can't seem to push it any later.

It really cuts our afternoon short because he means getting home by 4:30pm so I can cook for them.

What do you all do and how do you manage it when the ice-cream van comes round all the parks at 4???

MrsWobbleTheWaitress Wed 17-Mar-10 18:50:18

We all eat together when DH gets in at 7pm. They are allowed to eat what and when they want in the day though, and we all sit down to three meals a day which they tend to eat a reasonable amount at. They don't have to come to the table, but they choose to - it's fun and we all catch up with eachother, and that's when the best food is wink

purpleturtle Wed 17-Mar-10 18:52:52

We all tend to eat about 5.30-6. DS2 is 3.7

I don't take my purse to the park, so I can't buy ice cream.

nickytwotimes Wed 17-Mar-10 18:53:32

We eat together at 6pm.

Ds manages okay with a decent snack or two in th eafternoon - maybe some toast/biscuits and yogurt.

Ds knows that the ice cream van plays a tune so that everyone knows the ice cream has run out. wink

MrsWobbleTheWaitress Wed 17-Mar-10 18:53:55

And yes, we just say 'no' to ice-creams from the ice-cream van as they're too expensive!

thighsmadeofcheddar Wed 17-Mar-10 18:54:04

5pm. DH doesn't get in till near 8pm each night so it's too late for her. Plus she is always starving after pre-school.

thisisnotwhoyouthink Wed 17-Mar-10 18:55:06

Brekkie at around 7
Morning tea at 10.30
Lunch at 12
(ds has fruit at school at 2.30)
Afternoon tea at 3.30/4 depending what time we get in.
Dinner at 6
Then at 7 we do bath teeth stories bed.

So they are eating fairly regularly, and eat loads.

Maybe give a really filling carb loaded lunch? Then the snack should tide them over?

DC's are 3 and 4.

Re the ice cream van, my kids dont eat it, but just say no? Or yes if you want to? Or do you mean tantrums etc? Sorry, the q wasnt too clear!

MarthaFarquhar Wed 17-Mar-10 18:55:58

we eat at 5.30
DD occasionally has a snack mid-afternoon, but not often. She is more of a 3 square meals girl. If you saw the mountain of food she out away at lunchtime, you'd understand how she can last until 5.30 grin.

Marne Wed 17-Mar-10 18:56:49

We eat at 4.30-5pm (early) as dd1 is hungry when she gets home from school and they are both in bed by 7pm, both dd's take a long time to eat so if we ate at 6pm by the time they had finished it would be bed time.

MrsTriangle Wed 17-Mar-10 19:39:24

ok so we're 'within' range. My two are eating all day so it seems with constant 'healthy' snacks.

I love the idea of not taking my purse to the park wink but fear that other mums might take over the shopping!

The problem is that if their friends are having ice-creams in the park at 4ish and I absolutely don't want mine to because they won't eat anything at all for dinner (bed at 7pm too and younger one eats at snails pace) even if we have it at 6pm. How would you handle that? Really don't want to be a party pooper or make other mums I'm with feel awkward if they want to buy one for their DC.

castille Wed 17-Mar-10 19:47:18

My 3yo eats with the rest of us at between 7 and 7.30. They have a snack after school at 4.30 - 5.00.

As for the ice creams, I'd say yes once a week max and make sure the children know that..

electrofagz Wed 17-Mar-10 19:49:13

my ds (4) actually had breadsticks today after refusing them for two years (prior to this he was addicted)

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