"God is actually a flying dutchman you know" The most bizarre nonsense you children have spouted

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schneebly Tue 05-May-09 13:40:23

hmmgrinhmmthat one came from DS2 (4y4m) today on the way to nursery. Am I to blame the television? Perhaps that spongebob fellow?

Lulumama Tue 05-May-09 13:41:31

haha ! was going to say they watch too much spongebob.. wink but he;s so cute ! So who cares if he is talking nonesense grin

schneebly Tue 05-May-09 13:42:11

He has been taking a fish slice to bed and calling it 'spatula' hmm

notnowbernard Tue 05-May-09 13:42:28

DD1 (5.5) spouts a lot of bizarre nonsense at me everyday over breakfast, because she insists on recounting her dreams in every minute, techicoulor detail...

Bless her, but My God it's a load of drivel grin

Lulumama Tue 05-May-09 13:43:04

he is channelling spongebob

suggest you change DS1's name to Patrick and buy yourselves a large pineapple

schneebly Tue 05-May-09 13:48:12

bernard - bless her smile DS2 always says he dreamed about whatever DS1 has dreamed about grin

Lulu I believe you may be right! Not sure about the pineapple thing though - I really went off them since trying to eat mountains of the stuff to start labour! grin Not sure I could bring myself to live in one.

Lulumama Tue 05-May-09 13:51:45

you could make burgers for dinner and call them krabby patties?

schneebly Tue 05-May-09 13:53:17

DH would die - he hates the sponge grin I quite like him but may have to curtail the viewing somewhat. We had a quiet weekend in and too much TV was watched!

NorbertDentressangle Tue 05-May-09 13:56:59

One of DS's most bizarre out of the blue ramblings was when he was about 3.5 "Mummy, did you know that foxes have wee-squirters?"

I have no idea where he got that from (but I don't think you can blame Spongebob for that one smile)

schneebly Tue 05-May-09 13:59:23

grin love it!

EyeballsisonaDietAgain Tue 05-May-09 14:07:40

Not bizarre but I had a debate with 6yo niece lasting halfway round the M25 yesterday that the junctions were actually called gunctions (hard g). She would not be convinced that it was a j hmm

Picante Tue 05-May-09 14:09:25

DS (3.0) thinks that policemen climb up ladders and get into those yellow boxes with a camera to take pictures of people driving too fast... smile

fizzyanddizzy Tue 05-May-09 14:25:59

DS (5.5) was gobsmacked to find out that girls cam out of mummies tummies too. He was (and really still is) convinced that mummies only have boys - girls come from somewhere else. Think his two younger brothers are to blame for this one...

JimmyMcNulty Tue 05-May-09 14:35:33

Ds (2.9) is convinced that he is driving the car when sat in his carseat in the back, not whoever is at the steering wheel. Hence he regularly apologises for bumping over speedbumps; tells us he is going very fast but not to worry because he is being careful; informs us he is going to stop and then, when we carry on, says he changed his mind; and mostly unnervingly cries out 'Oh! I'm crashing on the pavement!" (we haven't yet...)

Ninkynork Tue 05-May-09 14:35:41

My daughter does believe in Leprechauns but doesn't believe in the Irish.

EyeballsisonaDietAgain Tue 05-May-09 15:40:20

PMSL Jimmy

beautifulgirls Tue 05-May-09 16:46:47

DD#2 came up with a lovely suggestion for me after our old dog died earlier this year. I explained the dog had now gone to heaven and DD#2 wanted to go and visit her. When I explained that heaven was a way up above the clouds and I didn't know how to get there DD#2 suggested that we could climb onto the back of a yellow dragon and fly up there. Aww if only.

luckylady74 Tue 05-May-09 18:56:34

'We came out of your tummy Mummy and Pippy came out of Nana's (Pippy being a border terrier).'

acebaby Tue 05-May-09 19:00:29

DS1 thinks that DH assembled him from a flat pack. When he was ill, he begged DH to go to Ikea and buy him a replacement body...

I'm a pea mummy. I'm small and round and green. (Ds 2y4m)

Fair enough grin.

LouLovesAeroplaneJelly Tue 05-May-09 19:19:29

scheebly - you are not a kiwi by any chance? Perhaps your DS has been hanging around some Australians???

My youngest charge (6) announced that the Queen poos diamonds becuase she is sensible.

3yo dd: Peanut butter is called peanut butter because it's got butts in it.
5yo ds1 replies: No it's not. It's called peanut butter because it's made out of butter.

dd at 5: Mummy, let's make another cake and I can lick the spanner.

Aranea Tue 05-May-09 19:25:55

DD1 (4yrs 4months too... maybe there's something about that age?) announced that 'God is a centaur'.

Aranea Tue 05-May-09 19:26:48

.... and she told my dad that 'pottery is overrated'.

popsycal Tue 05-May-09 19:30:55

ds1 (6) had a sats test today 'it was fun but my brain got cliky and i had to feed half of it to a dragon' hmm

ds2 (4)'when will i be a million years old'
me: (mumbles something about the fat that he wont get to be a million as humans' life span if way shorter'
ds2: mam man - has someone bit ya butterup??'

popsycal Tue 05-May-09 19:31:55

buttercup even

GruffaloMama Tue 05-May-09 20:03:08

4 yr 4mth niece: Did I get chicken pox because I ate too much chicken? I'm sorry for the chickens.

HairyMuff Tue 05-May-09 20:11:39

"If you play outside a lot like me you get midgets in your hair"

Ds tonight in the bath (8).

apostrophe Tue 05-May-09 20:23:01

"Today I will have a bassoon for breakfast. And a saxophone." (3.5)

scoobi6 Tue 05-May-09 20:23:17

My 2.5 yo dd, when eating grated cheese, believes that a single bit of grated cheese is called a "chee", singular. She won't be persuaded otherwise

evansmummy Tue 05-May-09 20:27:16

I am dying of laughter at these!

DS (4.3) says after running about a lot, and whilst holding his side, "I need a rest, I've got a bone in my tummy".

quinne Tue 05-May-09 20:32:14

DS2 asked me what he wore when he was inside my tummy and is there a chair and a table in there?

snigger Tue 05-May-09 20:51:42

DD2 (6), watching a woman collapse dramatically on a bathroom floor during Poirot, muttered

"That's what happens when you ignore constipation".


epithet Tue 05-May-09 20:54:47

'Do you know that oranges are made of cinnamon?' According to dd2 (3.10). She is full of this stuff.

lollystar Tue 05-May-09 21:14:27

DD asked me to get her a suitcase so that she could pack a monkey and food for her babies. Took me ages to figure out where that one came from... thanks Higgledy sodding house!

LRB978 Tue 05-May-09 21:24:59

DS (4 or 5 at time) "When I grow up I want to be Santa Claus and fly the sleigh with Rudolph pulling it and take presents to all the girls and boys".

(Now at 7, he has grown out of that, but still takes his cuddly Rudoph to bed every night and firmly believes in everything - Santa, Rudolph (almost more important than Santa!), Easter bunny, tooth fairy...)

PinkBubblesGoApe Tue 05-May-09 21:30:08

DS (not quite 3 then) had just found out the correct name for his "boy bits". While watching Super Goofy with DH:
DH: When Goofy has peanuts he becomes Super Goofy.
DS: I have penis, I'm SUPER!!!!

Freud would love that one...

NorbertDentressangle Tue 05-May-09 21:44:07

The post about a single piece of cheese being called a "chee" reminded me of another one of DS's classics.

He was delving around in his ear with his finger. Examining the contents he exclaimed "ooh look I've found an earwhack". It seems he thought that earwax was the plural and a single piece was an earwhack grin

ILoveDolly Tue 05-May-09 21:48:42

DD (3.3yr) was walking by our local river, stood for ages thinking then announced "When I'm a duck, I'll swim on the water like that" (?)

WHEN I'm a duck? She can't be convinced that when she grows up she has to be person! If only we could choose what we turned into! Though I wouldn't choose duck TBH

ILoveDolly Tue 05-May-09 21:50:14

She is currently suffering from 'chickenpops' and won't be persuaded it's pox either/

janeite Tue 05-May-09 21:51:23

Lol at 'earwhack' - dd2 used to call it 'ear spice'!

DD1 once solemnly told the young man behind the counter in a shop 'My grandad has got purple eyes' - the poor man didn't know how to respond.

DD (who at 8 should know better) says tha tear wax is your imagination overflowing from her ears. Therefore she eats her imagination (wax) to put it back in the system so she has plenty. [boak]

ear wax not tear wax. FGS.

my nearly 5 year old says " my poo is holding a trea party" if, for whatever reason he can't/won't do a poo...no idea where he got it from though

that was tea party, btw

brazenhussy Tue 05-May-09 22:14:23

My DD4 (4 abt the time) wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up. She would tell me this every single day.
One day she came into my room in the early hours and said "Mummy do you know where I will be able to get my wedding dress from when I'm a mermaid?"
She was so concerned and I was so desperate to go back to sleep that I offered to make it for her grin

MissSunny Tue 05-May-09 22:20:43

Message withdrawn

julesrose Tue 05-May-09 22:26:15

When dd was 3 she asked why she couldn't hiccup whan she wanted to. I explained it was because they were involuntary. She then asked if she went to voluntary would she find farts and burps there as well...

citronella Tue 05-May-09 22:39:06

Ds2 (3) of 'helicopter' seeds:

"If we put a battery in it can fly".

schneebly Wed 06-May-09 08:20:57

I nearly choked reading these grin

DS1 when he had done one of those poos which burns your bum "mummy my poo is a bit spicy!"

DS2 on getting pins and needles "mummy my foot is all fizzy!"

DuffyFluckling Wed 06-May-09 09:09:22

Dd declines the verb 'to resc'

Resc me
Resc him, her or it...


sandra79 Wed 06-May-09 10:45:02

my dd believes that we are peppa pigs family, her little bro answers to george as if it was his name! she insists on shouting 'mummy pig' 'daddy pig'when you are in a shop etc!!

Goldberry Wed 06-May-09 11:11:39

Dd, age 3, said to dh the other day "Daddy you can make db's milk and do the cooking at the same time because you're so good at multi-tasking". Not as surreal as some of your hilarious posts, but definitely classed as nonsense, given that dh can't even look at anything and hear what I'm saying at the same time...grin

Mummyfor3 Wed 06-May-09 11:14:59

"First you skin the cat, and then you eat the chicken." - DS2, then 3, explaining to me how to prepare cat for dinner hmm - worrying or what?! All uncooked meat for him is chicken grin. And no, I have never served cat for dinner...

Pinkjenny Wed 06-May-09 11:15:18

sandra79 - myt dd does this as well, calls dh Daddy Pig and she is dd Pig. I'm never Mummy Pig though - think my less than calm demeanour lets me down. grin

5inthebed Wed 06-May-09 11:22:33

My DS1, when he was 3 (he's nearly 6 now) used to "hoove" with a hoover and "ham" with a hammer.

He also wanted to be there when ds3 was born last year so he could see him come out my mouth hmm. Goodness knows how he thought he got there grin

thefortbuilder Wed 06-May-09 11:31:49

ds1 when asked if he needs a poo and he doesn't "there's not enough there yet"...

evansmummy Wed 06-May-09 11:34:28

Ds also believes that when he was born, as I was so fat (he's seen photos of heavily pregnant me), I burst like a balloon to get him out. I don't know how to explain the reality...

Ayumu Wed 06-May-09 14:52:57

Mummyfor3 that is hilarious!!! I am actually crying from laughing so much at that one.

I am going to have to stop reading for a while and come back to these!

atigercametotea Wed 06-May-09 16:23:30

dd's poos are frequently having dinner and are not ready to come out. Ocassionally they have been at school too...hmm

when she wet the bed the 'wee wee just jumped out' - dd was in tears..

Soph73 Wed 06-May-09 16:38:15

"DS1 when he had done one of those poos which burns your bum "mummy my poo is a bit spicy!"

schneebly - do we have the same son? DS1 says that

Saltire Wed 06-May-09 16:40:13

DS2 "mum do you want to know how Moses parted the red sea?"
ME"not really but I have a feeling you are going to tell me"
DS2" well he blew on it with a straw"
ME " a straw?"
DS2 "yes and do you know why it was red? Cos it wasn't really a sea it was blood"
ME "blood?" <thinking what is he going to say>
DS" "yes, dinosaur blood"

Soph73 Wed 06-May-09 16:40:49

Last year DS1 informed me that "we live, we die, we go to Devon."

schneebly Wed 06-May-09 16:42:28


loving the 'hamming' with a hammer grin

chickeninabox Wed 06-May-09 17:03:43

Daughter (3) recently announced to all and sundry that Daddy had been stuck on the train with 3 elves. When told that 'no, he was stuck on the train for 3 hours' she replied 'yes, for 3 hours with 3 elves...'

snigger Wed 06-May-09 17:13:24

I have to post to say I've caught up on this thread, posted elsewhere, done some laundry - and still snorted involuntarily five minutes ago at Mummyfor3's

"First you skin the cat, and then you eat the chicken."

Junior Ray Mears, eh?

Still laughing.

midnightexpress Wed 06-May-09 17:17:58

5inthebed, my two like nothing better than a bit of light 'hosepiping' or 'screwdrivering'.

cestlavie Wed 06-May-09 17:29:41

(In the context of our usual morning debate about her not wanting to go to nursery but stay slumped on the sofa in her PJs in front of the TV)

Me: "But you'll be able to see your (many)friends when you get there."

DD: "I can't go. My friends will all bite me."

In the same vein as to why she can't go to nursery: "My eyebrow hurts too much".

She really needs some better excuses...

Flamesparrow Wed 06-May-09 18:08:33

Did you know that apparently you grow chicken like peas.

Entirely different from the birds....

Pepa Wed 06-May-09 18:15:46

pmsl over "we live, we die, we go to Devon." grin grin

Miggsie Wed 06-May-09 18:41:15

DD also wants to be a mermaid when she grows up "so I can do lots of swimming". Until then she is learning to "fly like a bird". She stands on the sofa and hurls herself off and lands in cushions on the floor, this goes on for ages. She says "one day I won't hit the floor". She is convinced she will eventually fly.

Oh, and "was daddy in the war?"
Daddy is 42.

She was obviously constipated one day and I could hear her grunting and straining so called through the bathroom door "have you got hard poo?" "No, mummy" she gasps. "So why all the grunting then?" I replied.
Long pause.
"That's my brain thinking a lot of thoughts."


grin Miggsie. When ds (2.4) was asked the other day if he was doing a poo and needed a change of pull-up, he managed to grunt out 'no, I'm thinking'.

I've often wondered if men use the same neural pathways for both activities hmm.

dippica Wed 06-May-09 20:22:06

One winter the kitchen was freezing.

DH put some tape over the kitchen door keyhole and announced "that should keep the draught out".

DS2 (5) went quiet for a minute, then asked "so will the giraffe be stuck in the garden?"

gibbberish Wed 06-May-09 21:14:39

These are hilarious grin

My sis's dd is convinced that when a baby is in the womb, the mum's boobs are where the baby rests its arms.

MissGreatBritain Wed 06-May-09 21:18:47

DD (now 12) thought that the line in "Hot Cross Buns" was "if you have no tortoise, give them to your sons".

DS when he was about 3 thought that the bronze casts of his feet that we have in a frame were his real baby feet and that he'd since grown new ones.

DS's friend thinks that his birthday will be the 12th of May next year, not the 11th as it is this year because someone told him his birthday would be on a different day next year.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 06-May-09 21:26:06

My dd did screwdrivering too!
She also insists its "savil" and we put savil on when we've hurt ourselves.
I can't even begin to list the garbage endearing stories she spouts.... verbal diarrhoea

hobnob57 Wed 06-May-09 22:27:08

When idling away 15 minutes waiting for DH outside Tescos, DD (2) and I spotted 2 helicopters.

DD - mummy, where have they gone?
me - to the airport
DD - no, aeroplanes got to the airport
me (a little surprised at her insight - it turns out she'd had this conversation before with childminder) - oh, well they've probably gone to the heliport then.

Later, we spot a crow having a bath on the roof, looking like it was playing peekaboo. It flies away.

DD - mummy, where'd it go?
me - it's flown away.
DD - did it go to the crowport?

Cue mental images of runways and congregations of crows landing and taking off in an orderly fashion.

Bees now go to the beeport to make honey too.

Numberfour Thu 07-May-09 06:13:08

driving past a house with a thatched roof, DS of 4yrs 6m asks "Mommy, why does that house have hair?"

tigerdriver Thu 07-May-09 06:47:12

Out at the park with my mate and her DCs:

Her DS (4.5): when I grow up I'm going to be chickweed

My DS (7)and knows when to be controversial: so what, when I grow up I'm going to be a drag queen.

Don't know which is more worrying.

DS1 (4.4), who has lately been reading lots of Asterix with his Dad came out with 'Nothing scares me, nothing hurts me, DB, hit me and see if I cry!'.

He's also been quite interested in death recently, so when we were discussing what happens to people in cartoons who get hit, I said well, in Asterix people who get hit get a bump on thier head and then they get up and carry on. DS1 responded 'in Lucky Luke people die, there's a take away man' eh? I thought what is he talking about? then the penny dropped, ah, the undertaker!

flippineck Thu 07-May-09 10:39:53

PMSL at some of these.

DD (2.1) is convinced that all her socks have been knitted by Grandpa for some reason, and tells us this every morning when she gets dressed.

AttillaTheHan Thu 07-May-09 10:43:29

I had a conversation with ds(5) last week about private parts. Ds said "boys have willies don't they?" Me - Yes and do you know what girls have?" Ds "Yes
they have pianos..."

DS1 (4) "Im a pirate Mummy - look Shiver my fingers!" In a feux pirate voice.


"Mummy did you get DS2 from Tesco - is he Value for money? " grin

Raggydoll Thu 07-May-09 10:52:36

when ds was about 2 he promptly burst into tears because he saw me go to open the understairs door. I cuddled him and asked him why he didn't want me to open the door and he said it was becuase I would let the lion out!!

It took all day for me to work out that he had overheard me asking dh to put the IRON in the cupboard grin.

schneebly Thu 07-May-09 10:53:56

grin at these

EachPeach - yours reeminded me of when I was little! I used to love Jimmy Saville on Jim'll Fix It and would write into the show often beginning my letters with 'Dear Jim'll...' grin It didn't matter how many times my Mum told me I was convinced that his name was actually Jim'll Fixit. blush

Mummyfor3 Thu 07-May-09 11:14:06

grinsmile at all of thses.

DS2, aged 5, recently after daddy shouted at him for making V Annoying Noice over and over and over again and not responding to being asked nicely to stop: "Mummy, daddy gave me a fright, I think my heart stopped beePing!"
Still makes me smile, his achey-breaky beeping heart wink.

BalloonSlayer Thu 07-May-09 14:41:10

grin at all of these.

The singular forms (earwhack, chee) made me think of my neice, who used to believe that "fox" was a plural word. One on its own was, of course, a Fock. Much blush for my sister.

schneebly Thu 07-May-09 14:45:20

Mummyfor3 - my DS2 says that too lol grin very cute indeed!

A ride at the fun fair was not working my 5 year old ds 'mum the man forgot to put batteries in it'

Ds1 ' my shorts are baby trousers and if they share my food they will grow bigger and I can wear them in the winter too'

oh and ds2 wants to be a mummy when he grows up not a daddy.

MeMySonAndI Thu 07-May-09 15:47:55

My friend's young DDs were pretend playing to go in a trip to Germany, washing their hands was part of the planning "as Germs come from Germany". Obviously, brilliant observation for a health motivated 4 year old but she is still has to learn a lot about other subjects grinhmm

haemomum Thu 07-May-09 16:19:08

These are hilarious! Reminded me of some of the mispronunciations my younger sisters made when they were little - they wore "trapsuits" to school and went into the "rimmer room" to watch tv!
Oh and DS at the moment is 14 months so babbling away. When asked to say mam, he says it, when asked ot say dad, he says "mam" in a slightly deeper voice!

haemomum Thu 07-May-09 16:25:19

And I just remembered something else after readng about the "hooveing" and "screwdrivering" - I had an elephant tape measure in my stocking when I was about 3, when I took it out I said "oh look, I've got a 3 inches!" (My dad renovated the downstairs of our house when I was little, and tended to talk to himself while measuring!)

shockers Thu 07-May-09 18:09:07

Took ds (8) and two friends out for pizza. We had to pass the Ann Summers shop window on the way back which had a mannequin wearing some very lacy, very tiny undies displayed. Friend 1 " Ugh! No one should have to look at that when they've just eaten!" ds " I know... it's just not appropriate for men!"
When he was about 4 he used to tell everyone that you had to be 11 to read "Hairy Potter".
Dd thinks that Dennis the Menace lives at ds's school because she spotted an Asian boy with wacky hair walking to the rugby pitch in his school rugger top (black and red)!

nightingale452 Thu 07-May-09 18:39:33

On the same lines as some of these, I have one short-sighted eye so wear only one contact lens, which DD1 (7) still insists on calling my 'len'.

She also, rather disconcertingly, asked me a couple of months ago when God died. I thought she'd got mixed up with Jesus and was going through the Easter story when she interrupted me and said she knew all that, but wanted to know when God died. Floored for a moment I tentatively explained that he hadn't died (and that's kind of the point) to which she answered 'well then how did he get to Heaven?'. I told her to ask the vicar.

Miggsie Fri 08-May-09 11:20:45

DD came over after a lesson about recyling:

"Mummy" she says "apparently we throw enough rubbish away to fill a football pitch every week! That's really bad, isn't it?"
"Yes," I replied.
"I mean," she continues, "in the end, no one will be able to play football any more."

DD also once tried to dress the lingerie model in M&S because "this lady's clothes must have fallen off."

booksgalore Fri 08-May-09 13:03:21

We have a Bob the Builder book which my DS (2y2mnths) adores. We had the following conversation last week:

DS: where Wendy? (she isn't on the picture on the 2nd page of the story)
Me: Well, let's read on a bit further and see if we can find Wendy?
DS: where Wendy?
Me: Where do you think she is?
DS: In toilet.

So, now when she isn't featured on the page DS sagely announces that Wendy is in the toilet. (Potty training at the moment so toilets top of our conversation list!).

Weegiemum Fri 08-May-09 13:28:41

WHen I last got the Ironing board out my dd2(5) asked me "whats that thin table for Mummy" (shows how often I iron) and dd1 (9) said "its to iron! it makes your clothes all stiff! its called ironioring!"

Ds(7), meantine, asks to go out on his bike as "bikering" is a lot of fun, much more so than "scootering"

Homebird8 Fri 08-May-09 14:21:29

DS1 played I Spy saying "... something beginning with CH"

Lots of guessing later it turned out to be Tree (chree).

These are all brill!! grinsmile

Great to know that the country's future is in the hands of lots of little geniuses(??pl)!!

fruitbeard Fri 08-May-09 16:43:58

Last week DD really freaked me out by sitting up in bed and saying 'Dark Forces are coming, mummy' - anyone got any idea what that's about??

She's also rather taken with the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob...

And is is convinced that we all start off as girls and she's going to turn into a boy eventually 'like Daddy did when he was a little girl' (pmsl). Apparently I 'went wrong' which is why I'm still a girl...

Last year she was a flower girl at BIL's wedding. She was great up until the last minute before the bride entered the church, then had a screaming crying fit. I was sent for as her cousins couldn't calm her down, she clung to me saying 'mummy, mummy, I don't want to go to the island, don't make me go to the island'...

Didn't have a clue what she was talking about then as I carried her up the aisle back to our seats it suddenly struck me what she meant...

Oh, and she wants to get married but not to a boy. So far 5 of her girl friends have been in the picture (I fear she's a bit fickle)...

crazycanuck Fri 08-May-09 17:54:52

ds (4yrs) calls earwax 'ear boogies' grin

crazy, grin!
I hear your "ear boogies" and raise you DS1's "fire snotters"=nose bleed.

These are FAB!

re Jim'll Fix it - I wrote to him when I was four years old and desperate for a little baby brother or sister - the letter read: "Dear Jim, please can you fix it for my mummmy to have a baby..." Needless to say she didn't send it lol!

When DS was little, we were teaching him the word yoghurt - he kept getting muddled up saying "It's not YOUR-ghurt, it's MY-ghurt" and never quite got the YOG bit. To this day (he's 15 now) he still pronounces it YOUR instead of YOG but he now understands the concept of yours and mine etc lol smile

madamelapin Sat 09-May-09 13:59:54

My DS (3) is suddenly pronouncing his words that much more clearly and, just this morning, we have

Look at the morph climbing up the wall (he loves Morph the plasticine 80s character) meaning moth

I'm not feeling not well Mummy - it is a tummy egg, can I get it out like a hen?

And my favourite - Mummy, I love you, will you marry me and turn into a princess?

he also believes in the following evolution: boy, girl, daddy, and then, tantara, a mummy. He's going to be a mummy when he grows up (after being a squirrel).

fruitbeard Sat 09-May-09 19:24:08

LL, is that you?

thirtypence Thu 14-May-09 03:41:26

Ds used to call the stalk of an apple a "grew" because in a book about an apple tree with apples on stalks it say "they grew and grew".

He also said "this duvet is not duving me very well mum."

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