Baby roll off the bed

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sc1182 Mon 13-Apr-09 22:57:26

I am upset and blaming myself for leaving my baby near the edge of the bed to use computer for few seconds.

frasersmummy Mon 13-Apr-09 23:02:38

sc... I dont know any new mum who doesnt tell this story

Assuming you have normal size bed and carpet baby will be fine

BexieID Mon 13-Apr-09 23:03:34

I know exactly how you feel as this happened to us with Tom. We used to leave him on the bed every morning without a nappy on for half an hour. He rolled off trying to get on his tummy we think. Gave him plenty of hugs and checked him over. Felt really guilty though. He also tried climbing out of his cot before he was walking and fell. In fact, he fell off the bed a couple of days ago when he was jumping on it!

lockets Mon 13-Apr-09 23:03:43

Message withdrawn

theDreadPirateRabbits Mon 13-Apr-09 23:11:50

Isn't this one of the standard achievement milestones for all children?

cheekster Mon 13-Apr-09 23:17:07

I totally sympathise, It happened to me a month ago and I felt like the worst mum in the world.

But wait, my excuse is so much worse - I was in the ensuite shower!

Still cant believe I left him on the bed, ok he was in the middle of the bed with pillows at either side to stop him from falling hmm
But what was I thinking???????

He went with such a bang bless him sad

Still havent forgiven myself

SadieSunshine Mon 13-Apr-09 23:17:55

It took us 13 days.

cat64 Mon 13-Apr-09 23:21:21

Message withdrawn

Niecie Mon 13-Apr-09 23:23:47

I did it with DS1 - I cried more than he did but he was fine.blush

I swore that I wouldn't let it happen again. Needless to say DS2 found himself unexpectedly lying on the carpet too.

It is a parenting Rite of Passage.

I wouldn't mind but neither of them could actually roll and to this day I don't know how they did it!

Babies are very robust little creatures you know - just as well really!smile

chegirl Mon 13-Apr-09 23:29:51

I managed this with my FOURTH baby (I put that in caps because surely I should know better by now blush}

It was off a bloody great divan too!

I felt awful. I was far too embarressed to tell anyone.

Luckily DS3 was fine and sort of bounced of the carpet.


sc1182 Mon 13-Apr-09 23:30:47

I keep telling myself it is an accident but I still think it is my fault, why did I turn away and use the computer otherwise this will not happened. She didn't climb on the bed herself. It cause by me because she know how to roll a bit but not all the times especially when she has something on her hand.

chegirl Mon 13-Apr-09 23:32:20

My friend put her baby on the floor in the living room. He was only teeny and couldnt move yet.
She went out of the room for something and when she came back he was GONE shock.

She was frantic and checked the french doors for signs of kidnappers, scrabbled around getting more and more panicky.

Little bugger had rolled under the sofa!

They do it on purpose you know wink

nappyaddict Tue 14-Apr-09 00:05:37

Am I the only one who hasn't done this? Then again DS was always a floor baby. He was never happy on a chair or sofa or anything until he could sit up. Or perhaps I've just forgotten hmm

purpleduck Tue 14-Apr-09 00:07:58

yeah,dd fell off the bed too - babies bounce

DeathbyDora Tue 14-Apr-09 00:21:17

Yup, me too. DD rolled off the bed during 'nappy free time' while I checked the bath water.

Think most of us have bashed ourselves on the head with the 'I'm the Worst Mother in the World' stick for something like this at some point.

I read Michael J Fox's new book recently and he described looking after babies/toddlers to David Letterman as...."One long suicide watch. Basically they try to find as many ways to choke/injure/kill themselves as possible and your job is to stop it before it happens".
Pretty much describes my son exactly!

Don't beat yourself up SC1182.

ja9 Tue 14-Apr-09 00:29:10

Me too. DD was 4 mths. Put her down in middle of a kingsize bed at sil house. Went back up to check if she had gone over and she was on floor crying. Felt awful.

Older ds could sleep in a double bed, without moving til he was about 11 mo so i assumed it would be fine... blush

sc1182 Tue 14-Apr-09 00:31:24

I just keep thinking I could of stop that happened if I didn't stand up to look at the computer. If I sat down I could see her and I can put my hand on her.

Keep thinking and blaming myself.

I keep saying if I didn't put her there then she will be fine or watch tv with her when we in the living room and not going to use the computer.

I have failed my job to let this happened.

beanieb Tue 14-Apr-09 00:32:54

She's fine though so really don't blame yourself.

**wonders about the computer thing, it seems so important hmm**

Tortington Tue 14-Apr-09 00:38:01

i fell asleep feeding one of mine and out and out dropped him. <ahem>

i fell asleep feeding Ds2 (who is my fourth child) on my bed, woke up and couldn't find him, he was fast asleep on the floor..... must have rolled off and gone back to sleep...

seriouscase Tue 14-Apr-09 00:45:50

SC you need to go to bed and get some sleep, you will feel better in the morning I promise. We have all been there! Please stop beating yourself up over this.

sc1182 Tue 14-Apr-09 00:54:13

It is not important only checking emails, waiting for her milk to cool down and my husband normally does that.

When she was little I mentioned to my husband not to take her to the computer room and he ignore me and keep taking her so I thought it should be fine. All the other time was fine. Should of not copy him.

It is my husband papers work on the bed that why I put her near the edge.

That why I keep blaming myself and angry when I think about it. Emails it is not important but baby is.

Tortington Tue 14-Apr-09 00:55:17

just leave the kid on the floor

iSOLOvechocolate Tue 14-Apr-09 00:58:50

My Dd fell between my bed and the bedside table upside down twice in two days.

She was fine, but of course we as mummies always hurt over it.

sc1182 Tue 14-Apr-09 01:09:33

Yep I am really hurt when this happen I cried more than my baby.

When this happened mum was there and all she does just moan at me and said what am I doing. When I asked her to looked after my baby while I making milk and she replied I am busy with writing up some forms.

Mum never really help me and she moan, tell me off anything happen to my baby.

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