Gummy eye - how to clean?

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duvetheaven Sun 29-Mar-09 17:35:57

Apart from cooled boiled water on cotton wool is there anything else I could use that would make it easier to clear the sleep away?? My dd is in danger from getting a red eye if I continue to wipe her eye! shock

scienceteacher Sun 29-Mar-09 17:43:47


wingandprayer Sun 29-Mar-09 17:48:09

If there is so much sleep that you are wiping often enough to risk red eye are you sure it's not eye infection rather than just sleep?

Breast milk is v good if its possible for you

2bayumimum Sun 29-Mar-09 17:53:46

My 7 mth DS has this a couple of week's ago. I tried cooled boiled water for 5 days, but it wouldnt clear up, so in the end I had to get drops for the doctor's. His eye was clear by the second lot of drops.

duvetheaven Sun 29-Mar-09 18:13:03

Been to doctor - said eye drops wouldn't help. Am still BFing so will give that a go. Thanks

babyinbelly Sun 29-Mar-09 18:39:58

i'm confused. do you wipe the eye with breastmilk?

babyphat Sun 29-Mar-09 19:39:02

you just squirt it in! no wiping required!

Devendra Sun 29-Mar-09 21:05:39

I used to just squirt it in..

duvetheaven Wed 01-Apr-09 21:32:20

I put it on cotton wool. All clear now! smile

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