HELP! Baby fell off changing unit and landed on head on the floor - is there a bump developing or my imagination?

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Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:29:50

This afternoon my 7mth old son fell off his changing unit onto the floor and landed on his forehead. He cried but not as though in any severe pain. I called the surgery and they said as everything else was normal (his nap times were fine and eating has been fine, except he has a cold so he is a little off his food), just make sure he isn't drowsy. I've just gone in to check on him and I am sure I can feel a raised bump on his frontal lobe. I am sure there was nothing there this afternoon. It might be just my imagination because of the horrendous guilt and worry about him being okay . DH has just taken him to A&E to have him checked out. I hope I am just a neurotic mother but is there a chance something could be 'forming' or 'growing' or developing due to a bump/blow to the head? I am now so worried about a clot or something I don't know what to think or do. Has anyone had any experience? I am SO worried.

LedodgyCheapEasterEggsAreASin Tue 18-Mar-08 21:33:52

IIRC a bump is a good sign it's when they fall heavily/bang head hard and there isn't a bump you should worry. Also the front of their head is the best place to bump the back can be more concerning. If he's fine in all other respects I wouldn't worry. smile

LoveMyGirls Tue 18-Mar-08 21:34:53

I'm sure he will be fine, bumps are good it means any swelling is coming out rather than in iyswim.

Make yourself a cup of tea.

Could you go to A&E too so you know what's going on and can hear what they have to say?

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Tue 18-Mar-08 21:34:59

oh you poor thing. Try really hard to calm down.

I am sure that he will be absolutely fine. You are doing everything right - he is in the perfect place right now, the docs will spot any potential problems and tell you what to do.

Personally, I think that if there was a problem, it would have come up straight away rather than hours later, and am sure he will be totally all right, so try not to worry too much.


hotcrossMonkeybun Tue 18-Mar-08 21:35:13

You poor thing. Of course you are worried. But your DH is getting him checked out and you will worry until he's back so whatever we say probably won't help. Please try not to imagine too many things and wait and see what the docs say.

FWIW my 2 eldest have bumped their heads horribly many times, as have many of their friends and come to no harm. Heads - especially foreheads - are hard for just this reason!

My eldest fell onto a skirting board, had a huge dent which then became a bump, rushed to A&E. Was fine...

Your son will almost certainly be fine too. But you will worry whatever so suggest you try and distract yourself somehow until they come home? Talk shite on another thread on MN? Go for walk? Watch film? Buy chocolate?

No1ErmaBombeckfan Tue 18-Mar-08 21:36:54

My DD fell off my bed when she was about 6 months and I know the feeling...sad

Don't get stressed out about it - you have done all you can and are keeping an eye on him...

Please don't worry - babies are a lot tougher than we think... wink

Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:39:41

Ok thanks. Sob. I feel like a really crap mother. I can't go to A&E as DS5 is in the land of nod and if I went I would be sure to crash because I can't see through tears. The bump just seems to suddenly have appeared which is what's bothering me. DH seems to think he's ok. He's such a jolly, lovely, beautiful little boy I couldn't bear it if I'd ruined him.

tissy Tue 18-Mar-08 21:42:28

I a sleep deprived haze, I whacked dd's head against the corner of my bedside table when she was a few weeks old. There was a corner-shaped dent in her head for days. She was fine grin

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Tue 18-Mar-08 21:43:06

You are not a crap mother.

Let all those of us who have never dropped a child stand up and say "I am perfect"


everyone is sitting down like this: blush
You are not a crap mother.
You have not ruined him.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 18-Mar-08 21:43:11

Don't fret. My ds did exactly the same at the same age, and was fine. A lump is a good thing, as it means any bruising is coming out, not going in (IYSWIM).

LoveMyGirls Tue 18-Mar-08 21:44:29

Stop it, YOU are NOT a crap mother! It was an accident, you have been keeping an eye on him, he is in the best place, he will be fine.

Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:46:20

DH has just called from A&E to say there is a 4 hour wait! How can there be a 4 hour wait for a baby?! I'm shocked. God I hope he is ok. Thanks for all your messages, it has made me feel a little easier. 4 hours. God.

cadelaide Tue 18-Mar-08 21:46:42

At 6m dd fell off a table onto a hard tiled floor.

I still get a stifled-scream-feeling in my throat when i think about it now, 6 yrs later.

She was fine.

LoveMyGirls Tue 18-Mar-08 21:47:11

That just goes to show it isn't serious, if they thought for a moment it was serious he would have been straight in there.

AnotherFineMess Tue 18-Mar-08 21:47:26

My sympathies Victoria72. My DS is 14m and he fell off the cot-top changer at 14 weeks and then out of the car the other day...the guilt is by far the longest-lasting efect of these accidents, IME!

He'll no doubt be fine and by this time next week, you'll be able to think about it without your stomach lurching. Don't beat yourself up, the more people you talk to the more people will tell you that exactly the same, or worse, happened to their perfectly healthy offspring.

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Tue 18-Mar-08 21:47:28

There is a 4 hour wait for non-emergencies.

If you had broken him, they would see him straight away, no matter what.

see, he's going to be absolutely fine.

A bit crabby for having to wait four hours, but fine.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 18-Mar-08 21:47:50

He will be fine. If they were worried, he'd be at the top of the Q.

Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:49:03

Thanks LoveMyGirls - I hadn't thought of it like that. Now I feel bad that I've sent DH and Gabe to sit in A&E for 4 hours with all the pissheads! I suppose every day is an education, even if you're 7 months.

definitely no emergency in their opinion then!
And IME the NHS errs on the side of caution with babies to the extreme
Hope he isn't too grouchy and you are OK

padboz Tue 18-Mar-08 21:52:33

both of mine had fallen off something by 4 months . I couldn't find my first born for what felt like a long time (at the time) when she was about 2 weeks - ie TOTALLY imobile - I went to the loo having left her on a sofa and when I got back I couldnt see her. Quite how she'd got onto the floor I will never know. Wait til they try and walk - they're not more fragile when they're little - you are.

Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 21:52:51

I do have a lot of respect for the NHS so I do trust their judgement. Mostly. But you know when you hear of things going wrong, misjudgements etc. I have an overactive imagination at the best of times. Will try to watch TV and wait for The Call. Thanks again everyone. You have made a difference.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 18-Mar-08 21:53:42

Squonk your post of 21.43 was lovely. (iykwim)

We have all been there, and if there is the odd one of us that hasn't, we have had many near misses. I am short and carry dd2 at the same height as our door handles. The number of times I have nearly bashed her head. blush Squonk is right, we are all sitting down very firmly.

Thinking of you Victoria, he is in the best place and it looks like he will be fine.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 18-Mar-08 21:57:14

When I took ds in for the same reason, the consultant said "so you dropped your son?" Er no.. He fell off.. "Right, well its all the same, he hit his head and its your fault".

Yes, thanks. I know, that's why I'm weeping, but thanks for your sparklingly sensitive bedside manner (as ds beamed at him).

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Tue 18-Mar-08 21:59:49


that's awful! poor you.

He was fine though?

Tickle Tue 18-Mar-08 22:03:02

hmm at that bedside manner hoodlum!

Yup, sitting firmly on chair here....

Have a nice cuppa Victoria, hope your DH & ds are having fun in A&E. At least it's not Fri night!

Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 22:03:04

I'm going to invent the Baby Vice which will be a machine that allows you to 'clamp' your baby into position, very gently, with no fear of them falling out/over/onto etc. That might do the trick. Sigh. Bleary eyed and feeling stupid.

moodlumthehoodlum Tue 18-Mar-08 22:03:52

He was absolutely fine and dandy. He enjoyed the attention and beamed at all he came across. The whole experience was gut wrenching though.

LoveMyGirls Tue 18-Mar-08 22:12:25

V sorry but lol at you thinking of things to invent to stop this happening again which is a totally normal reaction btw, I'm wondering if you could use a changing mat on the floor instead of a clamping machine? wink

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Tue 18-Mar-08 22:18:58

there is nothing that you could invent that would be better than another pair of hands. If we all had four hands, we could cope with just about anything


Victoria72 Tue 18-Mar-08 22:31:05

LoveyMyGirls, just as I was coming downstairs this evening I thought to myself, that's it, from now on he's on the floor. He prefers it down there anyway and if his nappy's off and he pees everywhere, it only has so far to go and I don't spend the next 10 minutes wiping pee off all his furniture, toys etc. Squonk - 4 hands would be great. Onwards and upwards. A lesson has been learnt.

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Wed 19-Mar-08 07:40:32

What did the doc say, Vic72?

sweetkitty Wed 19-Mar-08 08:01:41

hi you are not a bad parent, my DD1 fell off the bed once and that was horrible, it teaches you that the floor is the best place for a baby.

Bouncingturtle Wed 19-Mar-08 08:36:50

I've never dropped my baby... but then he is only 12 weeks old so give me time grin
I've been headbutted by him several time, really hurt my chin but he never even noticed! So I guess their little foreheads are quite tough!
I have bumped him a couple of times, once on the wall going up the stairs, and another time on the side of the changer unit. Cue a few tears from him and panic from me, then all forgotton about by him and not a scratch on him.
Hope your ds is OK, Victoria.

When I change him on the floor, I have this arch thing with toys on, I find that usually distracts him while I'm changing his nappy quite nicely.

bellavita Wed 19-Mar-08 08:42:16

I remember DS2 in his car seat on the floor (we were just about to go out). The phone rang but I knocked it trying to pick it up and it fell off the microwave and on to DS2's head. God did I feel awful - but he was ok, hardly any tears (only mine).

EyeballsintheSky Wed 19-Mar-08 09:48:28

My first day as a nanny, I picked up their 20 month old dd and, being so desperate to impress and be liked, I swung her up onto my shoulders...and walked through the kitchen door. You know those pictures on the news when a bus has had the top sliced off by a bridge...?

She had a massive bump and bruise but was fine, I was inconsolable and offered to resign there and then. Her mother laughed about it, or rather, she laughed at my horrified reaction and told me it was just the latest in a long line of bumps and scrapes that kids get into. Their next dd is my god daughter so we all survived it!

cadelaide Wed 19-Mar-08 09:59:33

Eyeballs, that's impressively cringeworthy! grin

SquonkForgotHerEasterName Wed 19-Mar-08 10:02:24

eyeballs! cringe-tastic!

Habbibu Wed 19-Mar-08 10:04:57

Oh, Eyeballs, you poor thing - but I do love your description...

Victoria - dd (17 mo) was playing out in the hall the other day - heard a thud and crying. Picked her up, cuddled her, she cheered up. We went to town, had lunch, did shopping. Came home and I stroked her hair out of her eyes to discover a humungous black/purple lump on her forehead. Poor little lamb must have smacked her head on the wall/skirting board and oblivious mummy didn't notice...

TheHedgeWitch Wed 19-Mar-08 20:13:39

Best piece of advice i was ever given is that as soon as they roll... change them on the floor.

Didn't stop my DS diving off the bed, rolling off the couch or deciding the fall down the stairs... blush

MonkeybirdisboredWITHbuns Wed 19-Mar-08 20:21:07

Has Victoria checked back in yet? Do we know everyone's OK?

chankins Wed 19-Mar-08 20:25:18

Well you can't beat how fucking stupid I was yesterday,letting my 10 mo old ds fall all the way down the bloody stairs !
I stupidly put him on the toilet floor while helping a mindee onto the toilet, he crawled towards stairs but seemed like he was going up the two steps towards the dds bedroom, I was right behind him, but sat back on my knees as I thought he had crawled past the staris, he then sat back on his bum instead of goiing up the two steps, and the motion just send him down, it was horrific, I screamed and screamed and just thought he must be dead he must be
He stopped crying as soon as i pickedhim up and five mins later was crawliing around, perfectly vocal, eating, etc....didn't know whether to take him to doctor or not but decieded to watch and wait and all was fine, but I still feel so so stupid and guilty and keep waking him every time he sleeps ! Fel guilty for not taking him to doctor too but rang 3 different friendss/colleages who said he sounded fine. EEEk ! Stupid bloody woman I am!

barbamama Wed 19-Mar-08 20:38:45

heart wrenching - we've all been there. with ds2 i was determined not to let him get hurt by falling off things having learnt that lesson with his older brother. At 12 weeks I was carrying him gently and carefully down the stairs when next doors effing cat ran up the stairs, under my feet, went arse over tit, threw myself against the side of the wall to try and minimise fall and ended up whacking his head on the edge of the radiator at the bottom of my stairs (and knackering my back, incidentally). Accidents happen, he is fine. It's just a horrible part of being a parent, sigh. I still break out in cold sweats thinking about some of the bumps my ds1 has had.

Morloth Thu 03-Apr-08 16:26:19

Hah wait until you are in an emergency room in Rome at 10pm with a kid gushing blood from his forehead. THEN you know you are a bad mother.

Seriously bumps are good!

marriedtoatwunt Mon 07-Apr-08 00:32:54

my nephew also fell downstairs at a baby and my dss spent a night at hospital(it still makes her feel sick) he is eight now!

purpleflower Mon 07-Apr-08 00:59:09

Don't worry, DS fell off of our bed not once but twice blush at about 5 months old.

He was fine although he does have a thing about headbutting anything and everything at the moment, resulting in a nice permanent purple bruise!!!

Boobalina Tue 08-Apr-08 22:18:34

Poor you - to echo everyone else; it does happen. I think this is it now until we are old ladies - constantly worrying about our kids and all their accidents, scrapes, misadventures etc.

I've been in A&E before with DS when he was 1.5 and he fell down the stairs. He was totally fine but I wasnt!

The 4 hour wait thing is a positive really, they'd get him in quick smart if it was very very bad.

Have a very very easy day tomorrow - you'll all be tired from today

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