is this not the most stupid invention ever invented?

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nappyaddict Mon 28-Jan-08 09:30:27

i have to add this to the list.

AlwaysTheMummy Sun 04-Feb-07 23:25:39

i've just calmed myself down after reading putting the funpod into the pool, pmsl, these inventions are just hilarious.

rachelhill Sun 04-Feb-07 21:54:20

I have a new one...

nappyaddict Sun 04-Feb-07 02:00:50

can you imagine trying to go up hill? and how would going downhill work with no brakes!

nappyaddict Sun 04-Feb-07 02:00:24

what would you think if you saw someone on a mama board?! that seems like much harder work than walking if you ask me!

rachelhill Sat 03-Feb-07 21:39:09

The really scary thing is, there are several people out there buying these things and thinking they are doing A GOOD THING.

I'd quite like a Mummy board big enough for me to hide in so I can get a break from looking after my LO

hollyhobbie Sat 03-Feb-07 19:39:19

By PrettyCandles on Fri 26-Jan-07 22:30:35
I'll tell you what I want someone to invent: a Mummyboard. THat's a Kiddyboard for me to stand on, so that I can scoot the buggy along with one leg, and then ride. you go!

UniSarah Fri 02-Feb-07 21:02:30

Baby bath spa ! my boy creates his own by farting.

Kif Fri 02-Feb-07 16:44:22

madmarchie! It's like a cafe, but at home, and the baby is too small for choosing!

Toothyboy Fri 02-Feb-07 15:42:39

I know it's way back on the thread, but I'm crying with laughter at the poor little boy hanging over the toilet door!! Who would do that and !!

madmarchhare Fri 02-Feb-07 15:07:55

I vote this the most useless thing ever.

nappyaddict Fri 02-Feb-07 15:02:36

i duno i guess it depends on the baby. my ds hates being cuddled and handled. ifhe is very tired or grumpy he wont let me feed him holding him so i have to prop his bottle up with him in a chair. only problem is he is forever dropping it. am quite seriously thinkig about one of these bottles

Kiff Fri 02-Feb-07 03:42:34

Not'horrible' on a baby who needs it - but quite unsettling on one who doesn't. It'd feel to me like i was 'wishing' a feeding tube on him.

think this degree oh 'hands free parent is a slipery slope - perhaps in the interests of the parent, but not at all in the intrests of the baby

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 23:32:37

i tend to lay a towel on the floor and lie ds on that and then give him a cuddle.

mmm i do agree it does look like a hospital tube but they don't necessarily look horrible. my friends baby was fed through a tube like that for months and i think it would really upset her if she thought people thought it looked horrible! and i think its better than having the baby scream in the back of the car or in the pushcair because they are hungry but obviously you can't feed them cos you're not an octopus!

luckily ds is now old enough to shove some fruit in his hand and that will pacify him til i can feed him.

Kiff Thu 01-Feb-07 23:19:43

the feeder is horrible because it looks like a hospital feeding tube

Kiff Thu 01-Feb-07 23:18:52

errr... the towel thing is fab,nappy addict.

Am I the only one that instinctively brings ds straight up to my chest when i get him out the bath, so ending up soaking wet?

He's too slithery to juggle into a towel first.

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 23:05:43

oh no i wouldnt use it with a newborn unless i had multiples.

JoPG Thu 01-Feb-07 18:16:21

Guess it's not too bad for older babies, but not too nice for a newborn.

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 14:59:42

i must be a horrible mum then! i am forever sticking ds in his chair with a bottle so i can get on and do stuff.

does no one think they would even be a good idea for when baby needs feeding in the car or his pushchair?

i know mums with twins who found them a godsend.

JoPG Wed 31-Jan-07 18:27:02

Eidsvold - That baby feeder thing is horrid! Breastfeed or bottle feed? A personal question, but at least we all want to cuddle our baby when he/she is feeding.

Skribble Tue 30-Jan-07 12:37:23

Goodness you need never touch your baby again with all these inventions.

nappyaddict Tue 30-Jan-07 09:05:04

actually i was wondering the other day if there was something out there that would hold ds' bottle for me so i could get on with things.

eidsvold Tue 30-Jan-07 05:58:24

here is one..



Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 22:16:41

Oh I love the towel apron, just think you could wear it all day in case you come across stray just out of the bath babies that need drying. You never know when and emergency drying situation may arise so best to be prepared. Means you don't have to litter up the towel rail with a towel either.

MerlinsBeard Mon 29-Jan-07 20:20:35

that coocoose is a great idea!

the poo in the link down th epage (for the potty mitts) is Mr Hanky the christmas poo from south park (so says DP)

Can't believe some of those patents skribble!!

Flumpytina Mon 29-Jan-07 20:08:17

One of the testamonials from the Coocoose web page:

Mrs. Austin, London
Love it! I thought perhaps I might be buying another extraneous product (as happens when being a new parent) but this really is lovely and makes bathtime more relaxed and cuddlesome!
Thank you.

Oh Mrs Austin, I believe you have indeed fallen foul of extraneous baby purchasing psychosis.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Jan-07 19:39:55

what about this?

what's wrong with an ordinary towel?

must admit my 7 month old enjoys a spa bath, but our big bath is a spa bath. would never bother buying him one especially!

Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 16:52:23

Just to put the thread back on track , yes honestly baby toupees, thy even claim they are safe for 0-9mths.

Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 16:47:12

Sorry the page turner was funny in the context of baby feeding, not for the use which this one is intended for .

That bath spa is crazy, is that for when mummy can't be arsed shaking her hand about in the water to make bubbles.

SoupDragon Mon 29-Jan-07 15:47:18

Have you read the comments for the potty mitts? Hilarious!! And why does the turd in the picture have mitts on when he is the cvause of the problem??

Flumpytina Mon 29-Jan-07 15:00:06

Oh God Schnizel you are right...I don't believe it. I weep for the future.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Jan-07 13:17:07

baby toupees why?

baby teepees ... good idea but personally i just stick a muslin on!

oh yes and lets just put lo in a bag while he has his lunch!! a sling is much more practical!

that trolley cover is hideous aswell. although i must admit to wiping highchairs in cafes with antibacterial gel! i work in a restaurant i know where those cloths have been thats my excuse.

hmmm potty mitts why can't they just wash los hands after going to the toilet?

waterproof gloves yes .... gloves which attatch to your pram? again why!

and those fake mummy hands might be a good idea if they weren't the size of giant hands!

i must admit to wanting the baby rocker though but they were too expensive when ds was born.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Mon 29-Jan-07 11:11:35

just come across this . Decline of western civilisation, anyone?

<<crossing legs and wincing>>

SoupDragon Mon 29-Jan-07 10:24:22

Generally speaking, a vaginal birth doesn't involve a surgeon sticking his hands inside for a good rummage though, lady007pink

NAB3 Sun 28-Jan-07 18:33:48

Great for your back.........

3andnomore Sun 28-Jan-07 18:32:35

Bagpuss, lol at those ummy mits...what is the point in those? I don't get it!

Pretty Candles...when I was pg with ms I actually saw A "Mummy skateborad" looked so was in a german Buggy Brochure, but have been unable to find them anywhere

Asur, the watertot is not all that new an invention, you can get otehr slings also in material that dries quickly etc...I can actually see teh appeal of such a sling (not the Watertot, though, as I hate thaose kind of Slings and especially in that outward position)

Catbert...rofpmsl at teh Diaper alarm thing, lol!

Skribble, just must have a Babycage, lol! And that baby Burper....pmsl And those huge hands things...lovely...wouldn't freak any Baby out at all, lololol!
The Snot attachement thing just looksd plain evil though! Surely there is a danger you suck up more then just snot...maybe some brain mass, lol!
But the Page turner is obviously a more serious invention for people with special needs!

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 16:54:36

Crazylazydaisy, you're right. I've never been through that trauma, but I wonder why my Caesarean scar is 20cm across. Women are expected to push their baby through a small hole, but a surgeon (usually a man) needs a bigger one to take out a baby!

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 16:49:09

Sorry, dueat44, I didn't realise this - it's definitely an invention that makes sense now you've pointed it out.

gingermonkey Sun 28-Jan-07 16:44:45

crazylazydaisy, that was just Eve's punishment for eating that f-ing apple and getting flirty with a snake. That woman has a lot to answer for.....!!!!

dueat44 Sun 28-Jan-07 13:23:36

The electronic page turner is surely for quadraplegics - hence the 'sip and puff' straw operated mechanism? Not funny then.

crazylazydaisy Sun 28-Jan-07 12:33:32

FWIW i think the most cazy invention is a hole that widens to 10cm MAX - that you have to push a small human being out of - weighing anything up to 11lbs

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 12:01:13

I was in bed last night trying to think of more weird or wacky inventions, and see if Skribble could find them. How about a machine that can lift baby and walk around when it cries?

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 11:59:02

Skribble, you're a scream!

Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 22:56:04
lady007pink Sat 27-Jan-07 22:42:15

And thanks, Skribble, for the belly and hands! Now can you find me a stand with a metal frame on top in which I can place a book, and use a remote control to turn the pages while I breastfeed my baby???

lady007pink Sat 27-Jan-07 22:36:23

Thank you, Skribble, for the automatic baby burper!

wotzsaname Sat 27-Jan-07 22:11:39

LOL oh my tis all gone marketing mad. save your money this is all crazy stuff, as you all well know. use your arms and put mobile phone down and talk to baby!

gingermonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 21:54:19


Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:53:42

Boring husband and lots of time on the net.

gingermonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 21:50:32

Skribble, I am worried that you actually own these products - how else would you know where to find them??????

Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:29:21
Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:24:54

Who suggested a belly and hands to reasure baby , sorry but this is just scary .

Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:23:16

One for the campers!

Sorry got carried away

Flumpytina Sat 27-Jan-07 21:22:52

Love that the Johhny Light is recommended as a Mothers day present! Will drop some hints to DH tomorrow at breakfast.

Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:20:22
Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:19:23
Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:17:54
CatBert Sat 27-Jan-07 21:12:20
Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:10:56

Right so with the water tot, you can't swim, you can't float baby back and forward, you can't splash baby in and out of water without risk of knocking it on the head with your norks, so what is the point, you would be freezing and have to control how deep you went very carefully.

Handy if you wanted to shower and wash your hair afterwards perhaps but then still risk drowning baby and stinging its eyes with your shampoo.

mrsnoah Sat 27-Jan-07 20:40:09


alibag Sat 27-Jan-07 20:27:41

oh this has really brightened my day! Am in danger of waking the DSs with my reaction (ROFL, PMSL, LOL), especially love everyone's product analysis of the funpod!

Flumpytina Sat 27-Jan-07 20:25:32

But don't most public pools have a rule about one adult to one child under 6 or is it 4?

I thinks it's so you can stand next to the pool bar with strapped on kid, plus sip a coctail plus tell your friends back home what a wonderful holiday you are having on your mobile.

Kiff Sat 27-Jan-07 20:18:07

perhaps the swimming thing is for twins?

Flumpytina Sat 27-Jan-07 20:07:34

How about a funpod for the pool?
Stick your children in a waterproof box (head above water level of first), and then you can head off and have a nice swim by yourself.

tribpot Sat 27-Jan-07 19:44:02

True, I could do with a baby swimming backpack to enable me to do breast stroke without drowning the infant!

Flumpytina Sat 27-Jan-07 19:39:39

Aha tribpot, maybe it is for ladies who like to do backstroke!!
Oh the time I have been in the pool with my baby and wished I could do a spot of backstroke. Problem solved.

tribpot Sat 27-Jan-07 19:35:07

I think I'd forget I had the baby strapped on to my front and just set off at a gentle breast stroke, with baby entirely immersed underneath me

morningpaper Sat 27-Jan-07 19:32:31

WATERTOT ??? WHY? Are you COOKING as well? Do you need to make a phone call? WTF are you going to do with your HANDS that you can't HOLD THE BABY?


MerlinsBeard Sat 27-Jan-07 19:32:01

i like those mummy mitts. normal gloves just do not work, they get very wet very quickly

asur Sat 27-Jan-07 19:27:20

I've just seen a watertot which made me laugh... What's wrong with holding a baby? And surely it would mean you couldn't go in the water - well you could but only up to your hips! Not much fun...

Oh the things people could buy...

LOVING the mummymits - am tempted to get myself a pair! PSML

exbury Sat 27-Jan-07 19:00:09

Does it have any suggestions as to how you regain control of your out-of-control Funpod - put it on the naughty step, maybe?

Flumpytina Sat 27-Jan-07 18:20:46

From the fun pod web page:

Safety First!
Always remember to check your worktop first for any danger signs such as kettles, knives or scissors for fear of wandering hands. As long as you’re in control of the FunPod™, you’re in control of your toddler. NEVER leave your child unattended.

Am currently imagining an out of control fun pod rampaging around the kitchen.

LittleWonder Sat 27-Jan-07 17:56:26

another FunPod testimonial:

"Dad's don't often get the chance to spend quality time with our kids in the kitchen so the FunPod is the perfect way to make the most of the time together."

What is that? Quality time means put your child in a box?

LittleWonder Sat 27-Jan-07 17:53:34

*The child must be able to stand unaided in order to use the FunPod™ safely.

Am still working my way up this thread and spraying wine out of my nose. the above phrase is from the FunPod - imagine if the child could not stand unaided, the whole thing would just flop over......oh ROFL

moondog Sat 27-Jan-07 17:39:24

piss myself laughing Lady.

lady007pink Sat 27-Jan-07 10:57:47

Pardon my ignorance, but what does PSML stand for? I wonder have the inventors of these gadgets made their millions yet? I'm here trying to think of wacky inventions, like a cushion that imitates mummy's arms and tummy that baby will nestle in while asleep so mummy can get housework done (DD wakes up the minute I move from seated position); something you can place baby in that will rub it's back and get it's wind up effectively; I could think of loads more...

kiskidee Sat 27-Jan-07 10:49:57

oooh, congratulations eidsvold. didn't know you were pg!! when are you due?

eidsvold Sat 27-Jan-07 09:45:24

due to being very pregnant visited a no of public toilets whilst out shopping today and every time I turned around to hang my bag up - all I could see was that child hanging over the toilet door - had to stop myself from giggling.

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 22:33:09

Oh yes a Mummy scooter

I'll tell you what I want someone to invent: a Mummyboard. THat's a Kiddyboard for me to stand on, so that I can scoot the buggy along with one leg, and then ride.

hatwoman Fri 26-Jan-07 22:20:01

i think they're brilliant bagpuss. I'm contemplating a baby just so that I can have some.

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 22:18:39
Bagpuss30 Fri 26-Jan-07 22:14:16

Has anyone linked to these yet? What about just using umm.... gloves?

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 22:14:14
Twiglett Fri 26-Jan-07 21:32:31

Harpsi .. I have tears streaming down my face at

"I think banana guards are marvellous things
am allergic to bananas
they need guards
and to be kept in a cage, locked away from civilised society
evil fkn Fruit of Death"

DH doesn't get it

Flumpytina Fri 26-Jan-07 21:26:55

Oh this thread, absolutely wonderful, haven't laughed so much since I watched the Borat Movie,
Thankyou so much to all the posters for finding out all these crazy contraptions.
Oh the box to put your children in....utterly hilarious. Will wake up at 3am laughing about that one.

asur Fri 26-Jan-07 21:24:30

I've been laughing all these wonderful inventions

Anyway, after laughing a lot, I then found a shopping trolley cover on eBay... DH thought it was really worthwhile so I've just bought it! Had a bidding war with someone too - only just got it at the last second! Can't decide if I should feel proud or really stupid... Sure DS will love it!

Oh - did you notice there was a Christmas version of the pee pee teepee? Very tempting... ROFL

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 21:15:50

i got it, but i love david seaman. i saw him once, in the street. i was dead cool.


Kiff Fri 26-Jan-07 20:02:37

that's david seaman.

Obscure analogy made impenetrable by typo!

Kiff Fri 26-Jan-07 20:01:47

Oh, I have a shopping trolley cover - from php I think.

It is actually quite fab because it had toys on ribbons sewn onto it (whoozit stylee). Kept Dd happy - kept me from doing my david deaman inmpression to catch thrown toys before they hit the ground/scrabble ungracefully for them under the freezer chests.

SoupDragon Fri 26-Jan-07 18:13:08

You can make your own shopping trolley seat cover.

I've seen loads of those shopping trolley covers here in NZ - but ours are more tasteful (naturally), but they have all been for the plastic baby seats (which are usually disgustingly full of a mysterious sticky substance that will not come off onto a tissue but is magnetically attracted to clothing in less than a size 1). It really is overkill once they can sit in the normal trolley bit - as there are thousands of them and you can chose a clean one.

Pee Pee Tee Pee - have people not worked out that you can use a face cloth?

dueat44 Fri 26-Jan-07 16:13:29

Nip - did DS actually shoot them off?

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 16:00:40

i would so have bought the bebeaulait things... but then, i do have more (of dps)money than sense surely it would mean you could wear any top you like and not have squidgy bits of floppy belly on show as well as hiding the norks (which actually seems a shame really, as bf'ing breasts are lovely looking things, unlike the fried eggs ive got now!)

Nip Fri 26-Jan-07 15:52:49

my friend bought me some pee pee teepee's - what a waste of time!!!!

moondog Fri 26-Jan-07 15:51:43

Oh Lord!
What are these people on and more to the point why do so many of them come from Canada including the nutter who has fashioned the outsize shower hat to put in the shopping trouble?

She calls herself 'Mom!'

'Nuff said.

Greensleeves Fri 26-Jan-07 15:23:46

have just sent dh the link for the peepee teepee, he can't believe it either

hatwoman Fri 26-Jan-07 15:22:28
hatwoman Fri 26-Jan-07 15:19:10

rofl at the teepees. they are just incredible! at the trolley thing. bloody germ paranoia! that pic of the baby bag.cover up thing - there's something very bizarre going on with the legs. I remember the other thread about those - they looked like you were keeping your baby in a very fetching flowery bag.

dueat44 Fri 26-Jan-07 14:48:48

If only I had had the pee-pee tee-pees! Now I need one to cover the entire loo when DS1 and his badly-aimed todger are using it

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 14:34:21
JoPG Fri 26-Jan-07 14:30:29

For those people that can't be bothered to take their baby out for a walk in the pram, get this great gadget to do it for you
baby rocker

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 14:27:37

Pee pee Teepees No really.

moondog Fri 26-Jan-07 14:25:34


(Am also stunned at the egg thing.How slothful is that??)

Skribble Fri 26-Jan-07 14:24:05

Baby Toupees , yes honestly!!!! .

hatwoman Fri 26-Jan-07 14:06:00

is it just me or would you only ever need to/want to carry a seat a distance sufficiently short that it would take you less time to just do it than to stand around strapping that bizarre thing on? If the distance is long enough to make it a pain to carry then use something else (buggie perhaps? sling?) utterly bizarre

mammaduck Fri 26-Jan-07 14:01:07

Returning to the funpod, I am alarmed by their claim that in purchasing one there is:

"No need for a playpen or travel cot with the new and funky FunPod™."

What? You'd put a child to SLEEP in that thing?

Greensleeves Fri 26-Jan-07 13:45:06

thank you minipluffmum!

I would LOVE to be a writer and inflict my rabid ramblings on the general populace (it's my pet pipedream ), but no, I have never written anything to publish.

Plenty of professional journos on here with a quicker turn of phrase than me tho

UniSarah Fri 26-Jan-07 13:42:12

Bananana gaurd - handy for moutain biking etc to avoid squishy banananana gooo over every thing when you fall off and land on your camel back. The smallest size camel back is pretty good for kids , gets them carrying their own water.
Ski set on pushchair I assume is similar to these . V handy if you live in northern canada ( its a canadian compnay) like my in laws did and teh ground is covered in snow for 2 or 3 months of teh year. People use XCskis or spiked boots, the side walks are left snow covered and you have chains or studs on your car wheels. we have a chariot but opted for teh bike trailer and jogger kits as not much snow in Devon.

Gemmitygem Fri 26-Jan-07 02:31:25

I reckon that 'Readyegg' is worse, you know the liquid egg in a bottle you can buy? it's just 4 eggs broken into a plastic bottle. has to be the most unenvironmentally friendly product ever!

moondog Thu 25-Jan-07 22:21:06

psml 3and more.
No that wasn't precisely the one I had in mind but rofl,there is obviously a burgeoing market.
Looks as if someone threw a dead old woman's curtain at that poor kid sleeping eh?

minipluffmum Thu 25-Jan-07 22:17:49

Greensleeves - just had to applaud your Wed post.Far from being long, it was very much to the point.
Have you ever written for any publications? If not, you should consider it, I think new mums to be need to hear more of this kind of straight talking from somebody who can write decent prose!

3andnomore Thu 25-Jan-07 20:45:14

To the op...OUch, springs to mind....surely that must be heavy and painful????Yikes!

JackieNo.rofl, at that contraption....although, I suppose the idea is similar to the doorbouncer things, if not quite like it of course!

Moondog, couldn't resist and had to google the Banana guard all bananas fit...rofl...
oh and you mean something like this secretive, right...although have seen worse ones than that.

greensleeves, must say we had a Baby safe feeder, I assume that is what you mean...and found them great

that funpod thing....what exactly is it's the additional that so you cna lock them in!

those legwarmers might be a good idea when having a child in a sling, with my boys teh darn trouserlegs would always ride up, saying that, if it was cold, I never hesitated putting my boys into tights...being a german mum and all, lol! the effers? I used a safetyharness for my ms, as he was lethal for running off, and having a younger child well, it was just easier to hold on to him, and he would not wear those normal harness/reigns things, but was fine with one of these which I assume is similar to the thing you linked at...or am I

FluffyMummy123 Thu 25-Jan-07 20:04:01

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Thu 25-Jan-07 20:01:55

Message withdrawn

Califrau Thu 25-Jan-07 20:01:11

when we were in Germany DS1 went to kindergarten by sled with DS2 on the back for a long time cos there was no way to get down there with the buggy.
Oh and in germany booys do wear tights. DS1 refused and was prob trhe only kid in kiga without but ds2 had unky ones with fire engines on the arse. they were FAB!

exbury Thu 25-Jan-07 19:53:50

Pushchair skis - THAT is what I needed when faced with the choice of tugging pushchair through deep snow or finding enough things to wrap DS in to put him in the sling. Would need to hire them, though, as you would only need it once or twice for each DC.

noonar Thu 25-Jan-07 19:44:07

hmm, almost as good as the baby wipe warmer (heated box thingy).

Kiff Thu 25-Jan-07 19:41:07

Legwarmers are so cool!

I've been wondering what boys wear in place of the 'tights under trousers' combo I frequently used with Dd.

And there's a definite fashion angle in jazzing up my ubiquitous ASDA white babygros.

I want, I want, I want!

nappyaddict Thu 25-Jan-07 15:50:56

i like the leg warmers. ideal for when its really cold. i find tights are hard to pull up over nappy and often make them leak, and toddlers probably find them hard to when potty training. could also imagine them useful for summer crawlers.

MrsBadger Thu 25-Jan-07 13:43:07

MoM I can almost see the point of those for tinies - no struggling with trousers at nappy change time...

(mind you I'd just stick'em in a babygrow with poppers right down the leg rather than trousers)

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Jan-07 13:38:58

surely if its cold enough to need these then they should be wearing trousers??

I do like the idea though

MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Jan-07 13:37:16
MerlinsBeard Thu 25-Jan-07 13:35:48

saw a parent on discovery with one of those straps from OP. She did have triplets tho so am assuming she failed at growing a 3rd arm

saw soe odd things the other day, am of to find them to see if u agree!

Sheraz Thu 25-Jan-07 13:30:54

I have never seen so many bizarre items - a lot has changed since my two were babies. How did we manage before??

Lazycow Thu 25-Jan-07 13:18:35

ahh we agree than - some gadgets are good - OP one very odd though!!

MrsBadger Thu 25-Jan-07 13:15:25

lazycow, I wasn't kidding - I really think that thing is brilliant. Don't fly enough to warrant one though.

gingermonkey Thu 25-Jan-07 13:08:32

changing the subject but keeping with lazycow's post - I hired a car seat in the US and it was PLASTIC COVERED!!!!! Not just leatherette but changing mat type plastic vinyl. DD got a rash all up her legs from sweating in it! YUK!!!!

Lazycow Thu 25-Jan-07 13:02:24

Actually Mrs Badger I think that is an incredibly useful invention to solve the car seat on holiday problem. Check in the pushchair with no serious worries about damage in transit and use the car seat at the airport and leave at the door to the plane but as I say I am a weirdy gadget freak and I have also experienced some awful death trap type car seats when hiring cars on holiday (some of the worst in the USA).

gingermonkey Thu 25-Jan-07 13:01:44

now that is genius....

MrsBadger Thu 25-Jan-07 12:22:08

now what you really need are wheels for the carseat...

Lazycow Thu 25-Jan-07 12:12:48

Well I have no idea what banana trees/guards are but my bananas do go black very quickly if stored with other fruit - so I may be interested .... (but then I am the queen of useless gadgets)

The car seat carrier is pretty weird and I would never buy it now (looks too uncomfortable). However as the mother of a baby who cried inconsoloably 90% of the time he was disturbed when asleep I probably would have used it in desperation then.

Slings which I used a lot were great but ds just cried as I moved him to the sling and continued to cry until he fell asleep again which was often half an hour or more - by which time I usually had to put him back in the car. I was living in Atlanta in the U.S at the time and I truly hated that all shopping pretty much had to be done by car.

A typical shopping expedition involved visiting at least 3 different shops in locations just too far apart to walk (especially in the Summer heat of Atlanta)

So I was forced to move ds to and from a car seat each time I got in or out or to leave him in the car seat and carry the seat which got damn heavy. Not sure this would have solved things but I might have bought it in desperation. God I am even crying now (18 months later) remembering the absolute misery of that time.

CocoLoco Thu 25-Jan-07 11:54:20

Another banana tree owner here . We have a small fruit bowl, that's my excuse.

NappiesGalore Thu 25-Jan-07 11:45:39

i bought a chewbag thing! seemed like a good idea at the time since ds3 was always grabbing at food and as he was the youngest of 3 babies, could hardly be watched every minute to make sure he wasnt choking... he used it for a bit w varying success depending on contents...

ive got one going spare now if anyone wants it!! (FFP, like)

nappyaddict Thu 25-Jan-07 11:43:58

oh and don't have a banana tree but my nana does. something about if you put bananas in the fruit bowl they send the rest of the fruit off. our bananas just get left lying next to the fruit bowl.

£150 for that coffin thing

wonder how the pushchair skis work? i doubt we have enough snow for them to be cost effective, but maybe in austria they could be all the rage?

nappyaddict Thu 25-Jan-07 11:33:24

i don't really get how those chew bag things work?

nappyaddict Thu 25-Jan-07 11:33:02

that back of the toilet door thing is weird, but i don't agree with them saying it is psychologically damaging taking your dc to the toilet with you. i'm sure that's what everyone does, but why they can't just stand and wait for you to do it or why you can't just take the pushchair into the baby changing room i've no idea!

MegaLegs Thu 25-Jan-07 10:58:53

The net chew bag thing always gets slated and I inadvertantly stumbled in on a previous mn hoohaa about them.
My ds4 used one for a few months to help him learn to chew without gagging, he has sn and the SALT recommended it, like Capp says though I'd never have considered using it with my older three, it was pretty soggy by the end of tea time.

Cappuccino Thu 25-Jan-07 10:54:13

if you have pushchair skis do you need skis too?

or are they to strap to the back of the husky dogs?

Cappuccino Thu 25-Jan-07 10:53:25

martha we did use little gauze pads for dd1 to chew through as she has cerebral palsy, but why NT kids would need one I don't know

either a) their parents wander off into the garden and leave them eating their lumpy food unsupervised

or b) they haven't got enough damn teeth and they should puree more

(btw we did read a very old book about parenting cerebral palsied children which suggested giving them strips of raw steak to chew on in order to stimulate their chewing action )

gingermonkey Thu 25-Jan-07 10:47:56

All this talk of banana guards, I had to buy one (actually I just bought 2, for the bargain price of £3.99, thank you ebay!). PMSL at the pushchair skis and box thing. If I put ds in that he'd have a screaming fit, far too much resemblence to a coffin, methinks.

aviatrix Thu 25-Jan-07 10:43:16

this is the funniest thread in ages. pmsl greensleeves, aloha, moondog!

Marne Thu 25-Jan-07 10:36:49

lol at the carseat thing and the ski's (at the bottom of the page) to go on your pushchair.

giraffeski Thu 25-Jan-07 10:32:51

Message withdrawn

uugghhhh-that net thing is foul. how to set your kid up to have problems with food from day one!

giraffeski Thu 25-Jan-07 10:31:17

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Thu 25-Jan-07 10:30:29

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Thu 25-Jan-07 10:28:35

I saw this in the Urchin catalogue the other day. Now, putting aside if your child has problems with lumps/choking for medical reasons...would you want to eat food in a net? It actually makes me feel vaguely nauseous - like eating a sandwich through one of those little net bags you put washing powder tablets in...<<<shudder>>>

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 25-Jan-07 10:26:31

They are daft. Plus it encourages people to leave their baby in a carseat for extended periods, which is now a big no-no for health and lung/spine development reasons.

the funpod!!!!!! that's it!!!!!

it's a box to put your kids in¬!!!!! now what astupid bit of kit that is!!!

Nip Thu 25-Jan-07 10:21:53

Moondog - I have a Banana Tree! and i'm so ashamed to admit it! LOL

Anchovy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:13:08

The thing I find so astonishing is the increase in the number of "things" available since even DS was born 5 years ago. Even I, Queen of sleek looking gadgets/sucker with more money than sense, am turning into my mum (eeek in itself) as I shake my head sorrowfully and say "in my day, we only had a chair to stand on/arms to carry a car seat/ etc". I think pretty much everything "necessary" has been invented, TBH. The rest is all round the margins. It all takes up so much space, as well as being spurious unecessary crap.

The banana guard, however, I will defend to the death. DS and DD cut quite some dash with their on the 3-5 year old snack circuit

fuzzywuzzy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:02:13

Wasn't there a competition to win a funpod not so long ago on MN??? Wonder who won that, we could ask them if the pod came with a lid....


SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 25-Jan-07 09:56:23

You mean the FunPod . DH said he'd buy one if it came with a lid.

dejags Thu 25-Jan-07 09:54:54

that''s really funny nappyaddict.

can't find this box thing-have no idea how to search for it-box for kids? it was a tall box that you put your kid when they were in the kitchen-totally weird.

Bozza Thu 25-Jan-07 09:49:48

I used my pushchair strap when I had to get on a crowded train (no seats or even space for an assembled pushchair) with a 5yo and a 2yo. I then managed as we stood in a small space outside the toilet to pass it overhead to someone who put it on the rack. But, yes, I wouldn't carry it, if I could push it. And it lives in my car.

no jackie that wasn't it.

it was literally a box to put the kids in. it was supposed to make kitchens safer-if they were in their box they couldn't pull pans over or something! but love the door hanger thing!!

bloss Thu 25-Jan-07 05:33:14

Message withdrawn

Children come out of car seats. I highly recommend it between journeys as they are soft and warm and lovely.

eidsvold Thu 25-Jan-07 05:07:11

stupid car seat thing....

strap on buggy - fab.

hanging your baby/toddler over the toilet door like you would a handbag?!?! what is with that?!?!

ghosty Thu 25-Jan-07 04:12:39

OMG ... that carseat strap

I couldn't carry my babies in a front pack even .... they were so huge ....

What is wrong with picking your baby out of the car seat and putting it in the pram or carrying it?


Kiff Thu 25-Jan-07 04:02:25

Totally pmsl at OP though.

Kiff Thu 25-Jan-07 03:59:10

Aloha, leaving it in the car was the original plan - and I do sometimes. Ruddy Maclarens are deceptively big though - so quite the battle royal to shove it in there, amongst my car boot's regular residents.

Thanks for sympathy y'all
<flicks brave tear away with a hankie>

Aloha Wed 24-Jan-07 23:51:06

I want to shout 'I know the truth! She does SO not have a baby! Where is her overhang?!'

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:50:13

lol at "bouncy young women". I know just the type. So kickable.

hunkermunker Wed 24-Jan-07 23:49:56

Harpsi, PMSL at satanic slime.

Greeny, PMSL at exoskeleton.

Aloha Wed 24-Jan-07 23:47:50

Well, yes that does sound difficult. The ads only ever show bouncy young women carrying the blooming pushchair over their shoulder while strolling down a boulevard somewhere. Now that I cannot see the point of. Would it be easier to keep your buggy in the car (if you have one)?

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:47:43

Kiff,I can't believe that.
I would die of depression if I had to live like that (which I did for a short while in Russia)
Nothing beats lugging a pushchair and small child up and down stairs for briniging on the blues.It is unbelievably horrid.

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:46:26

I love Lakeland.
Also ludicrous House of Bath type mini catalogues from the paper.
Crap like capacious commodes that are cunnigly disguised as vanity stools and upholstered in peach polyester.
Bring it on!

Kiff Wed 24-Jan-07 23:45:24

aloha, i cry for want of a strap on my buggy. i live up three flights of stairs with two kids. Each morning (down) and evening (up) I contemplate choice of a 'bump it down the staris hyperextending my ligaments as it gets away from me' or 'lift it and carry it - leaving gouges in the walls.

god, the thought of them just knocking around in a bag, getting all squishy and spurting their satanic slime all over everything.
lock them up and throw away the key

kiskidee Wed 24-Jan-07 23:44:43

and bananas also need protection from fruitflies.

(i didn't know what a banana guard was till just now when i think i thought people meant a banana tree) is it a plasticy container to put a banana in?

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:42:34

PMSL at Fruit Of Death

It's certainly the first fruit to develop a fucking armoured exoskeleton...

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:41:51

Do you have a.......banana tree though?
If so there is NO Hope.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:41:47

Oh, go swivel on your nana

I think banana guards are marvellous things
am allergic to bananas
they need guards
and to be kept in a cage, locked away from civilised society
evil fkn Fruit of Death

hunkermunker Wed 24-Jan-07 23:41:11


Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:40:24

I have a mugtree . I wasn't going to admit it, but since you've gone first....

hunkermunker Wed 24-Jan-07 23:40:07

Oh crikey, I don't have a burkah or a car seat strap - norks oot and a sling all the way here

The BG was just because I was sick of putting a banana in my bag for either boy and it getting battered because I forgot it was there. It's happened loads to me I'm useless with bananas!

kiskidee Wed 24-Jan-07 23:39:04

and i stand up for my mugtree! I don't have space in the cabinets for mugs.

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:36:59

Ther must be at least one nutter who has the burkah and the strap thingy.Poss. also banana guard.

Aloha Wed 24-Jan-07 23:36:57

I love those pushchairs that come with a carrying strap. Yeah, like it is so much more convenient to fold it up and carry the bloody heavy thing on your poor shoulder than it is to put your handbag in it and push it

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:36:17

Those banana guards are huge Hunker.
And positively phallic.
I have never suffered squashed banana syndrome in my life.

kiskidee Wed 24-Jan-07 23:35:30

i bet you she doesn't have a baby in that carseat. only way she is talking on a mobile and walking upright.

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:35:12

Ah....y'see was temporarily dazzled by the masticator thing.Thought it seemed like a damned good idea.
Too much time spent on my own flicking through catalogues I'll wager....

Aloha Wed 24-Jan-07 23:34:33

I loved the breastfeeding floral burkah. That was excellent.

hunkermunker Wed 24-Jan-07 23:34:26

This is a ridiculous contraption.

However, I have a banana guard. It is infinitely preferable to "squashed, brown banana in the bottom of the bag" which was the alternative.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:31:41

Oh, and the little net things for babies to masticate lumps through? I got into trouble for saying they were bollocks.

Linnet Wed 24-Jan-07 23:31:04

oh that baby door hanging contraption is so cute, lol Personally I wouldn't use one though.

Although I did find the blurb beside it quite interesting in that they seem to think that you shouldn't go to the toilet with a small child in tow.
It seems to be normal to pay an honest looking stranger to babysit them while you nip to the loo?

"The $60 Babykeeper may be the perfect solution for some, but we'll stick to the tried-and-true methods of either holding it in or paying an honest-looking stranger to act as temporary babysitter every once in awhile"

Is it just me or is that an odd thing to do?

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:30:42

Ah,remeber those mad breastfeeding aprons someone linked to?
With a sort of visor to check on the baby.Fucking hilarious.

gingermonkey Wed 24-Jan-07 23:29:00

ok, don't we have ARMS to carry the car seat? Or just to carry the baby in without the car seat?
And when you are desperate for a pee, would you really be able to assemble the over the toilet door toddler dangling device before pissing yourself??? (I wouldn't). Very silly gadgets, very very silly (but someone somewhere has invented these and is presumably making some money from them - that's even stranger)
Thank you for brightening my (otherwise dull) evening

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:28:41

Have googled.

There is no God

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:24:40

A lakeland favourite apparently.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:23:32

banana guard?!?!?

<<soft "plup" noise as head implodes>>

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:22:05

Ah Greeny,couldn't have put it more eloquently myself.
Yes,it's unbelievably ridiculous,poss. even more so than a banana guard or a mug tree.

JackieNo Wed 24-Jan-07 23:19:16

This , mildmanneredjanitor?

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:18:41

This is the epitome of what pisses me off.

What really depresses me is that in this stunted, bourgeois sterile hell of a society, the only way new parents can find to express these toweringly powerful unfamiliar emotions of love, protectiveness and joy is to SPEND more and more and more on superfluous equipment and gadgetry for their baby.

A friend of mine was so choked with pride and delight when they were expecting their first child that it was a joy to see, I had never seen him stand up really straight before! So they went out and bought a moses basket, a carrycot, a travel cot, a swing crib, two pushchairs, a baby swing, a vibrating bloody baby seat - it's the sheer naked cynicism of these profiteering capitalist monsters who have identified a bottomless source of revenue in the insecurity and heightened emotional state of new parents. They prey upon our most precious human experiences to line their filthy pockets.

Bit long, sorry.

my favourite was the box to put your kids in..let me see if i can find it..

UniSarah Wed 24-Jan-07 22:56:53

Right up there with the wipes warmer, belt clip bottle holder( for the cowboy mom whos quick on the draw?) and the thud guard (for NT kids).

CocoLoco Wed 24-Jan-07 19:59:46

That is REALLY funny

NappiesGalore Wed 24-Jan-07 18:48:08

well its right up there in the stupid invention olympic finals, thats for sure.

NannyL Wed 24-Jan-07 18:44:08

OMG... agree it would be much eaiser not to use one!

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 18:21:49

ive got back ache just looking at it.

fannyannie Wed 24-Jan-07 18:20:39

I always had to try and carry the DS's car seats infront of me like that - as I simply couldn't hold it by my side - ended up with bruises all over my legs carrying down on the side.

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 24-Jan-07 18:17:04

if i hung ds2 round my neck in his car seat, i would be crawling on my hands and knees. the seat alone weighs a ton!
also would have thought you would tons of bruises with this contraption on, muchmore than when you carry it normally, the way it is intended to be carried, like a basket?

fannyannie Wed 24-Jan-07 18:13:42

you've obivously never had a child that would instantly wake and SCREAM if you tried to take them out of the car seat to move them into the house/whereever you're going if they were asleep.........

I had one of those children and it was hell - though not sure I'd buy one of these.

Ceolas Wed 24-Jan-07 18:12:10

All that weight round your neck.


WTF is that!!!!!????? imagine it bashing into you stomach...

Have they not heard of a sling???????

hana Wed 24-Jan-07 18:09:39


nappyaddict Wed 24-Jan-07 18:08:22


its a lot easier to do this without the carseat you know!

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