So at what age do children stop playing with toys?

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EmkanaCookTurkeyLikeICan Tue 12-Dec-06 22:21:42

Dd1 is five and a half and dd2 is three and a half. Atm they enjoy playing with all sorts of toys, and they're both getting bits and pieces for Xmas, but I'm wondering when do they reach the age that they stop playing with dolls/Barbie/train track/playmobil? Will it be soon or do we have a few more years to go?

mummymic Tue 12-Dec-06 22:24:56

i still played with my toys well into my teens - maybe i am a sad muppet with no friends - lol x
i think my ds1 (now 18) played until he was early teens too
you have still got years left of having tat all over the house!!

brimfull Tue 12-Dec-06 22:34:50

about 10-11 I think but varies enormously and whether you'd classify a gameboy or nintendo as a toy.

pablopatito Wed 13-Dec-06 10:06:43

For boys I'd say its often well into their seventies.

LIZS Wed 13-Dec-06 10:09:07

Think around secondary school age although they may cease to play them with friends earlier in case they are deemed "uncool". Younger siblings seem to prolong the interest of older ones.

Spicedfennelwine Wed 13-Dec-06 10:18:20

My neices, aged 13 and 14, still play with toys if they think noone is looking or if they are playing with my girls.

MerryMegandSnowySoph Wed 13-Dec-06 10:26:00

Yep still played with my dolls until around the age of 13/14 (always wanted a real baby) and barbies then got to interested in make up and boys.

dueat44 Wed 13-Dec-06 18:48:10

When they start playing with themselves.

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