When do you ask people to be god parents?

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Lawabidingmama Thu 02-Aug-12 01:40:17

We asked ours once we had the christening booked which incidently we had on Sunday for dd2! I would wait

BikeRunSki Fri 27-Jul-12 22:47:20

We are planning DD's humanist naming ceremony for october, and I asked 'godmother' yesterday.

hippieshake Fri 27-Jul-12 22:12:28

We had decided straight away when I got pregnant but we waited until they came to visit in the hospital to ask them. It seemed so much nicer with the baby there too.


suedpantsoffem Mon 16-Jul-12 17:53:31

I think I'd wait until the baby is actually born. It's some time away yet, and anything could happen between now and the christening.


I was wondering when is a normal time to ask people to be god parents? im 19 weeks pregnant and we have decided who we would like to ask.. should we ask them now or should we wait till the baby is actually here?

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