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Rosa Wed 13-Mar-13 12:11:17

Siamo qui ... Ciao a tutti !

BananaGio Wed 13-Mar-13 12:21:17

marking place. Ciao

NotTreadingGrapes Thu 14-Mar-13 07:00:52

Spotting Rosa this morning on pasta thread and Gio t'other day has prompted me to pop in and say hello.

S'me Buch. Won't be around for long/much. Came back to MN last week after a 3 mth break and tbh, didn't care for the angst and negativity you find yourself getting all involved in straightaway. Wanted to say ciao to you guys though and hope you are all well!

Rosa Thu 14-Mar-13 07:52:18

Waves madly... Well come in and see us when you want. I just avoid the negative stuff but Franca can't resist wink smile. hows things going in your neck of the woods?
so chaps new pope then.... New government next or is that hoping too much?

NotTreadingGrapes Thu 14-Mar-13 08:14:36

I think we'll probably be better off without a government at all....we seem to be ticking along no? grin

I did get Handsome Swain to vote Grillo though. <preens> And this is a man who <whispers> has been known to vote Tricolore thingy in the past shock My work here is done. grin

Oh I do apologise for the negativity, unfortunately I do live in Italy and can't help it grin.

Rosa, Filmon is back on showing some channels but only a few!!!

MerlinScot Thu 14-Mar-13 12:36:21

Hello everybody, I backread the last posts on thread #25, yes it is unnerving the government situation!! sad
New Pope and.. yes I hope new government soon.
Wish they could stop throwing their toys out of their prams and start to work for Italians wellbeing straightaway!!

Rosa, yes it is still snowing here and yes I'll have the huge fun that I'll be the one packing up!! Fortunately I will be for one week in Italy (first one of April), and I hope to show Bella Toscana to DH, so I also hope to have a break from all the madness study-work-move!

@Franca, I would have said "I was born in Italy and we are permeated with negativity since our birth" LOL I think positivity died in the 1960s in Italy :D

Rosa Thu 14-Mar-13 13:34:34

I have just put the heating on ...And bad mamma I diddn't put hats on the dds this morning so will take them with me when I go to get them....DOn't think we will get snow - not showing it on the forecast but there were right about the temp drop ! Oh packing for a move how I love it ...NOT... Just seen a friends house its one of those ones that they get to rent for life , not commune / council something else - they won an apalto. Its huge and light and airy and I want it...Her hall is the size of my sala!!
HAve to go out now and I think I had better find the gloves !...
On a non PDL/ 5 Stelle Berlusca note .. I have bought moulds for cake pops and domani I am going to make some !!!

BananaGio Fri 15-Mar-13 08:25:33

How were the cakes Rosa? Thoughts on new papa anyone? Was quite something to hear the bells. Took a cab into the centre as had a night out and all the way round to piazza risorgimento near the vatican the roads were empty and people were running towards san pietro. I debated stopping off but the thoughts of vino overuled that.

BananaGio Fri 15-Mar-13 09:13:38

Oh and meant to say NGT welcome back and stay! Ignore the negative threads. Easy to say I know. I remember a few months ago DP found me on the balcony drawing deeply on multiple cigs and downing wine while muttering darkly at the Ipad due to some godawful thread and He Had A Word With Me regarding the effect of MN on my sanity.

spaghettina Fri 15-Mar-13 20:05:24

hi, just marking my place. Been really busy recently

Please stay, former-Buch! I am moving to the "arse end of Italy" permanently this summer and will need some hand-holding, I swear!

spaghettina Fri 15-Mar-13 20:06:42

Sorry, that meant to read, Been really busy recently and was wondering about your reactions to the new papa etc but no time to post...

Rosa Sat 16-Mar-13 06:47:52

Have to say it was an interesting evening when the new pope was elected but to be honest he is going to have to do some MASSIVE changes before I get impressed with the Catholic distrubuting some of the wealth in the right places... However I wonder if he will actually be allowed to make changes .
The cake pops its all in getting the right amount of batter in the thingy and knowing when they are cooked... Think I have it sorted but the actual machine would be easier I think...
Last weekend the dds woke at 8 on sat - bliss today 6:30 what have I done differently?????

ValentinaVestitaDiNuovo Mon 18-Mar-13 13:38:55

Hello Everybody first post here. Is this the current tread?
I hope it is allowed I wanted to link to my post in the Lone parents. Looks like is not getting mych response and I thought that you may help me to spread ...the love :-)
Here is the text of my message:
carissime, sto cercando mamme single italiane e spagnole che vivono a Londra per scambi, amicizia, incontri ed anche per illustrare un progetto al quale sto lavorando. Get in touch! Dear italian or spanish single mums I would like to hear from you, in particular if you live in London, for sharing experiences, friendship, play-dates. I will also like to talk about a project I am working on. Do get in touch.Besos
And the link

Rosa Mon 18-Mar-13 14:03:09

No problem however most of us on here right now are in Italy... However hope you find some more mums, sounds a lovely idea.

Madonna ma quanto pioggia? It hasn't stopped all day . i left minirosa with a neighbour this morning when I took dd to school then came back and took her. Rain I can cope with, wind I can cope with but insieme.., Blimey. Minirosa has to walk about 200m with 1 bridge. She had , boots long coat, mantella and brolly. Walking behind me as the wind was frontal she still managed to get a wet leg!!! Other mums were having to change the kids on arrival. I am going to get her with long waterproof trousers for her..
Was thinking about the costa Romagnola for Pasqua anybody been??? Thinking San Marino, then mirabilandia / italia in minatura. However, weather permitting. Pleased that that there will be neve in the mountains and we had been asked to go but I will need to buy everything for the girls and a few things for me / dh ..its too much of a spesa I think hmm

ValentinaVestitaDiNuovo Mon 18-Mar-13 17:46:32

thank you Rosa. I see you are more a community based in Italy than the other way around.
Ok... but if you do have friend in the uk pls give them a shout
It has been a truly horrible winter all over... sad!

Hi Valentina, like Rosa said we are now all in Italy, hope you find some more people to your group, sounds like a great idea!

Yes, miserable, miserable weather. I wonder if it'll ever stop.

Rosa, the riviera romagnola is lovely, go for it! The countryside around San Marino is stunning and the food is great. Also, it is very nice to visit the castello di gradara, which is said to be the castle where Paolo and Francesca fell in love. If I remember grin

if i remember well... sorry lots of mistakes, but I am cooking dinner grin

Rosa Mon 18-Mar-13 21:00:21

I worked down the southern end below Pesaro.. Pensa my colleagues who were in Cattolica / Riccione/ and Rimini were complete cows - they were out clubbing etc never invited me I did every sodding transfer on Sunday as they were probably too tired.... Thing is I was too new to say anything plus the only straniera amongst Italians... bad season that one!!!! I went to Gradara and San Marino but can't remember much. I think if we go it will be a last minute thing weather permitting. i reckon we will find a hotel . Well vediamo.
Its stopped rainingthank heavens but the wind is cold.....

Che antipatici!!
Yes I reckon it won't be a problem finding a room, there seem to be lots of vacancies this year, in fact I have been playing with expedia a bit for the 25 april ponte and found some great offers!

BananaGio Tue 19-Mar-13 08:34:18

another one in Italy Valentina sorry. Good luck though.
Rosa - nasty people! Hope you get something booked. Never been to that area but would love to visit.

MerlinScot Tue 19-Mar-13 11:42:28

Ciao Valentina,

I live in UK but first I am not a mum, second I'm not single, third I am living in Scotland at the moment and even though I'll move south I am not going to live close to London anyway. If someone is interested I'll post your link somewhere else....

Hello my dear ladies, so DH is moving first... he received the news yesterday, he starts his new job on March 25th... while I'll be stuck here until mid-May ;(

It is strange because despite I always lived on my own abroad, I am sure it will feel strange to live alone again ;(

Rosa, my family used to go to the costa romagnola on holiday when I was a toddler, so my mum kept telling me things about it... and we booked a holiday in Bellaria when I was 23, just me and her... It was a while ago though.. Beaches were horrible but better in the Riccione area.. Sea.. LOL a guest from Rome used to say every morning "abbiamo fatto colazione, siamo pronti, adesso annamo a farce un bagno in quella monnezza che qui chiamavano mare!!". I didn't want to translate that :D

I didn't find anything exceptional in the Italia in miniatura... But I liked San Marino a lot, it is just a problem you have to park down and then you have to walk up the hill... How old are your children?

Mirabilandia is a lot of fun but again.. it depends how old your children are... If they are in the range 6+, the place will be brilliant for them!

MerlinScot Tue 19-Mar-13 22:07:23

I came back to post something that will anger you all... The MS5 is "imbrattando" the FB pages of the Italian expats in UK with their ads!! 'aderisci al movimento 5 stelle in Inghilterra'.
But are these people for real?? How can they think people will adhere to their cr@$#<%?????!!!?!?
Someone has to stop them!!

We should make them understand that many Italians in Uk couldn't care less about Italian politics!! Grrrrr very verrraa angry!!

Rosa Wed 20-Mar-13 06:31:06

March to May- Merlin thats a long time , will you be able to go down at weekends or is it too far?.( the few times I went to Scotland the roads go on and on and on and I recall you said you are on the coast)
Thanks for the feedback on costa Romagnola I think we will really wait and possibly do a last minute simply as the forecast is not that hot in rain not that we expect sunbathing weather!!!
I get lots of expat in Italy , adverts on my mumsnet pages they are really putting a spoke in the works the M5S lot and its getting nobody anywhere. DH is a follower but even he made mutterings of quicker to get a pope than sort out the which I replied well you vote helped grin can't put his reply on here it referred to the last 2 premiers and the things they have done!!!,

BananaGio Wed 20-Mar-13 07:42:51

Think that makes me angrier than ever with the rest of the politicians, that they have been so poor that we have found ourselves with 5 stelle as an option. Lol at the Roman guest Merlin. must have been bad if someone who's local sea is Ostia can say that! Keep checking in here when dh is away, we will help you cross the weeks off.
Papa? So far like him. Obviously we were never going to get someone who would come in and start handing out condoms and conducting gay weddings as this is the catholic church but seems to be some encouraging messages coming from him. Early days though.

Merlin, I agree, I lived alone for a quite a while before meeting dh and moving to the UK, but now it feels very weird to be alone when dh is travelling. But we'll keep you entertained in these long months! smile!

Well, the trend of the votes coming from Italians who live abroad is quite different from the national one. The PD and Monti did very well among Italian expats, Berlusconi and M5S not that well. Possibly because people living abroad are more used to serious politicians and not buffoons (sp?) like those 2. Therefore the m5s might be trying to recruit new voters from expats, now.

The Pope. I am an atheist, but he seems likeable and he has chosen the right name, Francesco is a great saint. And I agree with GIo, we can't actually expect him to be too liberal, after all grin. Speriamo!

We are going to Puglia for the easter holidays!

MerlinScot Wed 20-Mar-13 13:35:14

@Franca, che bello, Puglia!!! smile

Papa ok for me too and we can't pretend liberalism from the Catholic church cough cough

Franca, Gio and Rosa, thanks for your lovely words!!

re: italian expats, I guess that staying abroad gives you a different perspective and we're not 'polluted' 24/7 by Italian Tgs etc etc. Media are the balance for success nowadays and what we receive from Italy..well it is unfiltered news hehe smile So agree that we see the Buffoon of Genoa as he is (Maybe he can inform us if he wants to be allied with the Buffoon of Brigadoon, i.e. Salmond.. nice couple they would be! smile )

Rosa Wed 20-Mar-13 14:16:17

Don't think I would get dh to puglia somehow...are you driving/ train/ flying? Had to get minirosa from materna as she had a febbre ..she has had a doze and seems ok ..warm and with a leggera sore throat...will see what happens she wants toplay indovina chi so she is not that ill...

We are flying. I am now hoping the weather is decent. Do you know what? It has been raining all day here, and the weekend is expected to be super wet. A shame, as dh wanted to take ds to the maratonina di milano.

Rosa, dd also has a bad cold, sore throat and tosse, but no febbre. Fingers crossed!

Yes, that's it Merlin. But also can you imagine British politicians insulting eac others or making maschilisti comments like Italian ones do???

giveitago Wed 20-Mar-13 21:37:16

Franca - UK politicians do insult each other - horribly. UK is more corrupt that people think but just done less openly.

BTW - my dh expat voted grillo from the UK. I think he sort of regrets it now as Grillo, in trying to get the country's political class over a barrel, has got the entire country over a barrel. Not so good.

Hope you ladies all doing good.

LakeDistrictBabe Wed 20-Mar-13 22:29:41

giveitago, I do think UK politicians insult each other but have you seen anyone beating the others up or using shoes as in the Italian Parliament? I doubt it...... ;)

Pssst it is Merlin changing the nick.... ouch still having issues with that nick. People should get a life. Anyway, it is still me....

BananaGio Thu 21-Mar-13 08:19:03

was watching the budget yesterday and the combination of the "yah boo sucks" braying from both sides and the oft repeated "for people who work hard and want to get on" left me ready to do someone some damage. Am in despair with politics on both sides. Soundbite bollocks and no substance in the UK and utter madness in Italy. And it's too early for me to be getting so wound up!
Hi Giveitago- hows things?
Franca I want to go to Puglia! Its been years since I went and love it there so much. Whereabouts are you going there?

Ya boo sucks is nothing compared to the froci, sfigati, cesso, terroni etc etc I have heard in the last 15 yrs!!! Not to mention the recently acquired "vaffanculo", it makes mi miss andreotti! (joking of course re andreotti!)

Gio we are going nr Martina Franca, in fact Spaghettina I will go and check it out grin

Ds is going through yet another phase of being oppositive (does this word exist?) with sudden changes of moods. I am exhausted, sorry to be venting, but I am a bit depressed by everything.

Anyway, buona primavera a tutti, the sun is shining, which always makes everything better for me!

BananaGio Thu 21-Mar-13 10:40:28

poor you Franca, is everything else ok or is it just the joy of children? Sun is shining here too and yes it makes everything seem better. Just had a 5 min break on my balcony and can even feel some spring warmth in it. meno bloody male! And yes you are right re the politici of course. DP has been heard to say he misses the old days of the DC on occasions then he quickly has a word with himself! But still, it is hard to think they were worse than what we have at times. Get thee to the spiaggia in Puglia at Easter and all will seem better anyway.

Rosa Thu 21-Mar-13 11:45:36

Ds = Hormones ???? Tough time I guess. How is your back btw? Yes spring is here today without a doubt. I keep looking at the previsione x pasqua and thinking will we go or not . I guess we will decide MOnday / Tuesday time. Mind you Puglia and a beach sounds very appealing .

Minirosas febbre seems to have vanised but she is talking as if she has a sore throat but she hasn't---- Hang on I posted about dd1 with this a few weeks ago to check the tonsils !!

Rosa Thu 21-Mar-13 16:38:33

Scarlattina ....... At lunch she started itching on her arm had a look big red patch and another on her leg . Diddn't go after 2 hrs. Took her and doc did a tampone ( am never going to be able to get her in there again after that.) 10 days of antibiotics ( f***k) since coming home her febbre has come back.. She doesn't seem to have it badly though . Oh well see what happens with dd1.

Scarlattina shock! I keep hearing children ill with scarlattina, poor minirosa!

Gio, it's a mix of angst re the dc (mainly ds), the doom and gloom of the italian situation, and bad weather. But it was gorgeous today, so feeling a bit more up.

Rosa, yes, certinly hormones and growing up, but deffo ds has quite a complex personality grin

Rosa Fri 22-Mar-13 10:19:43

The Italian situation there is nothing you can do until you are asked.. e.g voting again or whatever . They just have to get on with it stupid as they all are . Avoid any political program / debate etc , don't read the newspapers and watch crap daytime tv ! DS you seem to be giving him lots of support and help , which is all you can do . I dread that phase as I do not have lots of paitence and I know that without a doubt 1 or probably 2 will push all the buttons ! Lets hope that it is a brief spell with ds and he opens up about his concerns.
MInirosa seems fine today but she had febbre last night. God keeping her in domani as well is going to be hard . I also have 2 cakes to do . The cooking bit I am not worried about as any bugs will get killed in baking. But when it gets to the decorating stage .... I think I will leave it until sat pm when she will almost not be contagious (sp) anymore.... That is as long as she doesn't have febbre in which case its longer. I do think its mild though as she has only a few red patches and have found that aloe vera gel put on them takes the itch out.

LakeDistrictBabe Fri 22-Mar-13 14:54:16

Hey ladies, will go down with DH for one week, first week of his new job, let's cross fingers, won't be around for a while.

Tired of reporting MS5 on Facebook, they're spamming every single page of any group with their stuff. It is just depressing. Weren't they complaining about Mr. B. spamming the media, what are they doing now?
I guess to stick to their beliefs was to ask them to walk the moon....

Rosa, scarlattina? Ouch sad Hope miniRosa will soon get better smile

Franca, hope weather could cheer you up smile

BananaGio Fri 22-Mar-13 20:43:49

Franca watch Crozza. He's on fire! Will put a smile on your face watching him doing a Battisti song with Napolitano and Bersani smile. Rosa is right, there is nothing you can do until the time comes very shortly to vote again! Re ds also dread the hormonal phase but agree that you always sound like you are giving him loads of support so again my useless advice is all you can do is hang on in there!
Hope the scarlettina doesnt come to febbre Rosa. Good luck in the Lakes LDB!

Yes, you are absolutely right, but honestly, how can I stay calm when we are on the brink of a default? grin

I will deffo catch up with Crozza, I missed it this Friday because we had friends for dinner. I bought meat directly from a producer and I made a marvellous arrosto.

You know who I miss? Corrado Guzzanti, he's missed in times like these!

Ds is doing the maratonina with some school friends (under the rain...) and dd has gone to a theatre matinee with my parents. I am still in my pj, it is wonderful to be able to take it slowly on sunday morning once in a while!

Rosa, how is minirosa? Have you decided what to do with the cakes?

Btw, ds run 5 km today and he is now pretend playing football jumping on and off the couch. Help grin

Rosa Sun 24-Mar-13 18:44:16

Probably adralin rush..well done for the run. Its rained all day here but we had a festa just round the corner and even took minirosa for an hour. pasqua looks a complete wash out for going now looking for ponte di 25 maggio!!!! Girls are happy as they want an Easter egg hunt ( in a 80m2 flat yeah right!!!,)

BananaGio Mon 25-Mar-13 07:34:10

Your ds sounds like my ds Franca! We have whole football programmes played out in our flat "è sempre lui! Il capitano Francesco TOTTI segna contra Parma...... Adesso andiamo a San Siro per il derby di Milano" etc etc all in v high pitched squeaks and we go through all the serie A fixtures.... All acted out with sliding tackles, dramatic saves and badge kissing and fingers to heaven etc etc. and then on saturday the vecchia maledetta from 2 floors down came to complain re the noise. Hurrah!
Which long range forecast do you guys use? My parents are out from next weekend and am trying to work out weather but I get a different outlook on each site i look at.

Rosa Mon 25-Mar-13 07:59:51

Gio every one I look at is bad... Eurometeo, il meteo, 3b meteo weather channel... Its chucking it down and I have wimped out of goingto the butchers as it looks like aqua alta ...with rain and wind...minestrone for supper then!!!!
I don't think I could cope with ongoing calcio I am not a fan in the first place!

Yes, pretty much the same Gio, only ds is Buffon or any other Juve player hmm grin

Our fav meteo has to be 3bmeteo. It is freezing here today.

Rosa Mon 25-Mar-13 14:59:26

Its been bloody snowing and hailing as well as rain and wind. i crossed 3 bridges and they were skating rinks and I had timberlands on!!!!! it seems to be only raining now so hopefully it will all wash out... It was dangerous ..Cold, foul, yuck yuck .

I know, it is a pain!

Gio will you vote for the primarie of the mayor of rome?

So, what are you all planning to do at easter? What will you eat?

BananaGio Tue 26-Mar-13 20:24:59

can I vote?? I didnt think I could??
Re Easter parents out on Sunday hurrah and re eating - a rather nice cake I got from our deli, lasagne and lamb I think. You guys?
Commento sul Knox retrial? Ho visto che ci sono i soliti commenti contra la sistema italiana sul sito qua..
Hows the tempo your way?

Ooooh, I thought you could, I remember voting in the local elections in the Uk!

The tempo is grey and super cold. Forecast in puglia not too revolting at the moment.

Ah, the trial! That poor family.

Rosa Tue 26-Mar-13 21:53:36

Yes Gio you can I think as I voted for the sindaco. i was sent the scheda I think. We are staying here for Easter .. Having crespelle fatto da SIL. Beef wellington as SIL liked it and then a chocolate fondue so I can eat fruit!!!! ( yeah right) . Bugger the diet and opening a bottle of amarone that I hid very well. Not been following the trial is it that bad?

Sputnik Tue 26-Mar-13 22:21:18

I got a letter a while back about voting for the comunali, wonder if it's too late? I hate going and doing paperwork of any kind tbh.
We have a bit of a last minute surprise Easter on our hands, DH has been working in Dubai and found cheap(ish) flights for us to go there at Easter, so we are headed to Dubai. Probably not my no1 destination of choice but it'll be nice to have a holiday at all!
As far as I know anyone can advertise on Facebook, you can target your ad by nationality, location, age, whatever. If they want to chuck their money away on FB ads to expatriates that's their problem, no?

Rosa Wed 27-Mar-13 06:17:18

Wow Sputnik hope you make it to that huge waterpark ..have heard is wow ... But everything is there ... Friends said its all so artificial and it hasn't got a character yet!!! But they had a ball ... And spent a fair bit of money.

BananaGio Wed 27-Mar-13 06:53:02

Nice Sput! Who cares where it is, there will be sun and water and warmth. Have a wonderful time!
Must do some digging re voting.

Oooooh that's great Sputnik! Yes, Dubai probably not my number 1 destination too... But it's going to be FUN, and sunny and hot! A proper holiday!! I want pics of all those bizarre skyscrapers! It is so grey and cold here, I'd go to Dubai in a nanosecond.

Gio I am sure you can vote. And with a tessera elettorale you can probably vote for the primarie of the candidato sindaco.

Right, I should be packing... I wanted to just bring the bagaglio a mano, but I think that we'll have the children's backlacks full of compiti grin

Ah, and smile thinking of Rosa hiding her best bottles... Don't do like me and forget where you hid them!!!

Sputnik Wed 27-Mar-13 09:51:29

Enjoy Puglia Franca.
We'll definitely go to the waterpark, actually there are 2, I have to work out which would be better for DS as he doesn't do rides with tunnels or extreme splashiness, which sort of limits us.

I am pretty sure you'll find a suitable one, plus, I think there must be nice beaches too!

Report back!

Rosa Fri 29-Mar-13 15:07:22

Merlin in the LD, Franca in Puglia, Sput in Dubai... Gio ci sei???? Buona Pasqua tutti tom I am going to attempt to make a colomba !!!!!!!!!

A colomba? Wow rosa, you always impress me! It was lovely here today, the sun shone and it was so light after the grey up north.

Ave a lovely Easter x

LakeDistrictBabe Fri 29-Mar-13 21:58:54

Hello ladies!! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!! We are up here for Easter Day and back down south on april 1st. Then.... trip to Italy!! smile

BananaGio Sat 30-Mar-13 07:58:05

Buona Pasqua all! Franca your pic of Puglia has increased my need to go back. There is something about the sud that gets me emotionally! Couldnt live back there but love it. Sput enjoy your shopping, skyscrapers, bling and warmth! Rosa pics of Colomba please. I am debating attempting hot cross buns. Ldb saluta the north west for me. We are in rome for pasqua and have nonni here for 10 days from tomorrow. Hurrah! Anyone else around on LI have a lovely few days whatever you are up to

Rosa Sat 30-Mar-13 16:38:03

Have made them and I can't load a pic from the I Pad.. God they took ages..not hard but ages. It has been throwing it down hard all day.Really foul feel sorry for the tourists and also the ground floor shops as tonight acqua alta is forecast ...have fun with the nonni!!!!!!

Ciao a tutte, hope all is well and you had a lovely pasqua and Pasquetta.
Gio, it really is a wonderful part of yhe country... And Spaghettina, we visited Artina Franca on Saturdy, and the city centre is certainy beautiful!

Rosa Tue 02-Apr-13 12:45:20

Glad you had a good time... We wished we had gone to teh mountains now as friends had 2 great days of skiing ...Lots of snow as well. Pazienza we stayed here and the dds had a good time anyway. My wellington was great apart from I put it in teh roasting tray on the rack rather than the tin so it stuck ..but it all tasted ok so that was the most important thing! Back to school domani.. Its too short as a holiday IMO....

I agree, it is too short a holiday. I'd rather they had longer breaks during the winter/spring than such long holidays in the summer, but I seem to be the only Italian who believe this grin

It is sunny here today, so being back is not so depressing.

Rosa Thu 04-Apr-13 15:57:21

I am with you for a weeks break at Easter.
i am now booking flights for the summer and am stunned that British Airways actually beats Easy Jet and Monarch... i usually pay a bit more with them so the luggage goes straight through but actually this time I might be onto a bargain.... However they are doing anew price hand luggage only. I tend to take 2 hold bags for 3 but I can't book 1 hand luggage pax and 2 of us with luggage. I can't do 2 bookings as it is me and the dds so when it goes to load passport info they will click its a minor... Am a bit hmm as surely I'm not the only one.... Btw its €66 hand luggage and €81 with hold so thats at least a disney jnr mag and some sweets at the airport!!!!

Rosa Fri 05-Apr-13 09:45:20

Well it will be raining again then !!!!

It is bloody raining grin!

Oh, I will look into BA then, we want to go to London to see friends at the end of July. What a casino with the rules of bags etc.

Rosa Fri 05-Apr-13 14:13:28

We are flying back on 30th willbe in LGW late afternoon......

we could meet there grin!!!!!

Margaret Thatcher's dead!

Rosa Tue 09-Apr-13 09:32:33

I am avoiding all Margaret Thatcher threads as some people are being vile . I know she was controversial , and many people suffered /hated her during her time in power ( bit like Berlucpsca really) however she was elected 3 times which says something plus she did actually do some good along the way. Also many posters I feel are just jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it.
We will be in LGW sth from about 3.30 then moving to the North for an 18:45 take off..but its bound to be late that flight always is!!!!!
I have washed hats scarves and long pumini.. I have decided enough is enough.

I am washing the piumini right now too grin, but at the same time I am making a nice brodo di carne, as it's too cold!

I have avoided the threads too.

Rosa Wed 10-Apr-13 14:07:08

Due to rain end of the week so washing sheets, mattress covers just as much as I can !!!
It is certainly warmer in the day now but cold in the evening.
Vado a fare la pizza ( brava mamma ) all by hand as well.
Gio certainly looks as if she is having a fantastic time with her parents!

Yes, she does, doesn't she smile

Lol, I have washed bed linens etc too, making te most of today's sunshine, tomorrow is supposed to be crap again.

I am having lots of people on saturday for an aperitivo, any ideas of quick stuzzichini you want to share?

Rosa Wed 10-Apr-13 19:23:32

Where do I start?
Get a pack of pasta di sfoglia. Cut into strips , place strips of pancetta / crudo / egg wash and sprikle with parmigiano. Then twist and bake hot for about 5 minutes.
Mince , curry paste and finely chopped onion, cook . Get circles of sfoglia like the size of a small glass. Put some of the curry mixture in the middle , seal and baste with egg. Serve with sour cream.
Mini sausage rolls - make your own using good sausgemeat
Gamberi grande ( sugelati then de frosted) make an easy batter with a bit of chinese 5 spice dip in batter and fry . Serve with chilli sweet sauce .

Need any more ..I do dips as well!!!!

I love you rosa grin

Rosa Thu 11-Apr-13 10:18:27

I have my uses....... Wonder when Merlin is back she is the chef!!!
My kids love the mini quiches as well but it depends on how much you want to do !!!

I am obviously trying to cut corners grin and desperately missing Sainsbo's hummus!
I bought 2 polpettoni at esselunga today, they are usually quite nice...

She is in Itly, isn't she?

I love the idea of the gamberi... I might do those for the whole family, dc love them.

Rosa Thu 11-Apr-13 14:40:53

Cutting corners= packet puff pastry is your friend !
I know its times like this that M&S and Sainsbos need to be round the corner.
I am taking the girls to zumba for kids this pm ...Have no idea if they will like it . I think dd1 will but minirosa likes to do the more sedate dances!! ( or watch study and then amaze everbody when she comes out with it !!)
Think I need a t shirt as I have this funny feeling I will be getting involved in it !!

BananaGio Thu 11-Apr-13 17:32:39

hi from me. parents gone back now. had lovely time.
Reading about your food ideas is making me peckish Rosa!
Despite having rather strong opinions about MT I have avoided posting on the threads as well as so many of them seem to be of the Dance on her Grave vs she was the Sainted Margaret both of which viewpoints seem to be stifling any debate re Thatcherism.
Lovely sunny day today and have booked Aug at our usual haunt today so am happy.

Ciao Gio! Yes, I know you have strong opinions re MT, which I share, in a milder way, possibly, as I wasn't living in the UK then, and I can't imagine how it was before and during her PM years.

How did it go at Zumba Rosa? Tomorrow afternoon me and dd with other mums and dd's friends are going to a mother and daughter yoga session, I am very curious!

Yes, this is exactly when you wish there was an M&S round the corner. Their tuna patéééééééééé... mmmm
And today I went to a caramellaio near us, who sells wonderful caramelle and I was looking forward to also buying some Bendicks (which I love) and they were sold out. I don't think there are other places who stock them. Uffa!

embles76 Thu 11-Apr-13 19:23:49

Hello everyone! I'm sorry to butt in. Is it ok if I ask, are any of you living in or near Torino? Can anyone give advice re schooling there? Thanks!

Hi Embles, none of us lives near or in Turin, unfortunately. I have no idea re schools there, but if you are thinking primaries, I'd say that in general state primaries are good in Northern/central Italy. I also know that in Turing there is anumber of international schools (private), but I don't have a clue!!

Sorry about typos. Are you in Torino or near?

BananaGio Thu 11-Apr-13 20:01:56

Hi embles I dont think any of us are who are regulars here. I'm sure there was a poster from Torino at one point with us though so may be worth doing a post in the living overseas topic incase she is still around.

Oh yes, you are right Gio! I think she was somewhere nr Turin.

embles76 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:46:39

Thanks guys I posted in there as well. We are possibly moving there and I wanted some advice about schools, more specifically the international school. We have lived there before but the children weren't school age then. Thanks!

Rosa Fri 12-Apr-13 09:55:02

The loved zumba .dd1 did really well. minirosa is a bit small as some of the moves were fast. Another free practice next week.... Then we will see if they do a short course ( and how much).
I don't know Turin very well apart from a fantastic restaurant but it was ov 20 yrs ago. Come back and let us know how you get on.
Lots to do ...rain is hanging around . Had an idea to go to disneyland Paris for a few days over the ponte, well the day they have off. Between yesterday and todaythe flight prices have guess its back to possibly emiglia romagna but it all depends on dh lavoro.

embles76 Fri 12-Apr-13 10:52:23

thanks, will let you know. It's raining here (UK) too but going to be 18 degrees on Sunday apparently! Positively tropical!

Embles, same here (milan), we have had an awfully long winter. I fer that we'll jump from freezing temps to 32 degrees and humid. Let us know if you move to T.!

Wow I am impressed by your zumba abilities the rosas!!

Rosa Fri 12-Apr-13 16:10:06

This afternoon its hots are right right Franca Its gone from winter to summer in a day!!!!!!

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 14-Apr-13 12:13:27

Hello everybody!! I'm finally back!!
Weather was crap in Italy all time but for me and DH was like being in Africa, tropical weather!
We had just one sunny day (Sunday) and we spent it touring Siena and its province, wonderful! But 5 days were mostly spent seeing relatives of mine and my friends, they had never met my DH either so they were all excited. He wasn't that excited though because despite a few Italian lessons he could only say 'piacere' LOL So he spent five days asking me stuff and me translating....
What can I say... it is a pleasure to visit Italy as a tourist! People were overly nice in shops (given that I was always speaking English so they presumed I was British too) and all the rudeness and impoliteness was gone :D
I had a bit of trouble driving though, because I can't cope with cars and scooters jumping in front of your car anymore!! sad

When I was back, I went to Scotland and it took me a total of 26 hours to get home since the moment I landed... just a fekkin' nightmare!! DH was already home after three...
So I came here and weather was miserable, thought it was going to change and my hopes were up yesterday morning when the sun was shining... then the usual, unbearable wind started to blow at lunchtime and goodbye nice weather sad

How are you all? xx

Hi Merlin! Glad to hear you had a nice time in Italy, despite the weather. Weather has changed btw, and it's now sunny and warm. I hope spring's on its way in Scotland too!

I am ok, we had lots of friends around on Saturday, and it's been so good to see people we rarely manage to see. Plus it's sunny and my mood is lifted!

Rosa Tue 16-Apr-13 11:44:33

Gald you had fun (maybe you can persuade your dh to take Italian classes whilst you are apart )
Yes sun here today as well . Forecast changes over he weekend so making the most of it now . Can't do anymore washing as can't get anymore out. Still have the copri mattress things to do ..DOmani !
DId a sports day on Sunday took dd1 who did kids things and went off in a dragon boat and also a big gondola. She had a ball. I did too many exercise classes and am now paying for it . I also went as I usually do on a monday and had to take it slowly ..I had aching muscles that I diddn't even know existed. Still haven't lost much weight though !

Wow Rosa you are sporty! How are you feeling today?

I am off to make spezzatino now...

spaghettina Wed 17-Apr-13 11:56:11


very impressed at your aperitivi ideas Rosa!

Franca - glad you enjoyed your trip to Martina Franca. We just spent a couple of weeks in Puglia too, still nothing finalised about where we'll actually be living though. It all seems to be taking a very long time! It was good to escape the grim weather here.

I miss Sainsbury's hummus too. And hummus in general...must get round to making some soon (it's not actually that hard if you can source the tahini!).

Agree about MT - I am no fan, far from it, but I didn't like the street parties etc. very bad taste. A lot of those people can't even have been old enough to remember what it was like when she was in power.

Finding it a bit hard to cope with the sudden heat in Milan - ok it's not that hot but I'm unprepared in terms of wardrobe cambio di stagione (still haven't done it as we've been away). But there are people still going around in woollens, tights and padded jackets, I honestly don't know how they do it! Would be nice if the temperature could stay this way all summer instead of the dreaded "afa"...

Mitchy1nge Wed 17-Apr-13 12:02:40

oh hello little Italians, am adjusting to the greyness of home after Easter hols in palermo - once or twice towards the end of our stay it was lovely and warm (25 ish) but the children opposite us were in woolly tights and jumpers and gilets shock I think they would die if they went to northen Italy!

Rosa Wed 17-Apr-13 13:03:09

I am going to have to take minirosa a cap in domani if it stays like this as she has such fine hair her head burns!! HAve seen shorts and sandals here so far and yes next to wool coats and tights.
I am aching a bit less today thankfully but it was fun ! Trying to organise a money raiser for school selling cakes ..We did it at the materna and raised money now we need lost more for a school theatre production but there are the solito negativi .DRives me mad !

Hello everyone!
Re socks, jumpers and gilets... I always say that we need to take it slow here, if we start wearing shorts and tshirts in April, what do we do in July grin??? (the dc wore shorts today btw!)

Mitchy, oh Palermo, how lovely.

Oh, i have to dash as ds has arrived and we need to eat, be back later!

LakeDistrictBabe Wed 17-Apr-13 22:03:23

Here weather keeps being awful and heavy rain and wind gusts....

I remember that spring 2010 was warm and sunny in Scotland, so the arrival of spring in Scotland is possible... What happened to that season?
Fortunately, at least this year I won't have to bomb the house twice because of the midges, I have no idea why nobody, and I mean nobody, install 'zanzariere' up here!!
Apart from the ones they sell and you have to wear them, which seems pointless when you have a barbecue and you're dressed like someone who's going to be rocketed on the moon and you're trying to drink beer and eat grilled sausages!!!
Maybe I'm too much of a fashionista for the Scots....

Didn't follow any thread, anywhere, about MT... I was good and kept myself out of trouble! ;)

Rosa, unfortunately the soliti negativi are always, always around.
It was very hot here today, but rain is expected from tomorrow with sever drop of temp. No!!!

How are you all? I am in a good mood, inexplicably.

LakeDistrictBabe Thu 18-Apr-13 19:35:02

Ancora brutto tempo? In Italy too?
Glad you're in a good mood Franca smile

Here wind has broken in two all the daffodils I had planted and I hope it won't destroy all the tulips too.
Bl**dy weather!! GRRR

BananaGio Sat 20-Apr-13 13:43:00

just checking in to say WTF!! Now Napolitano is back in the ring.

Oh Gio don't make me start grin. WTF indeed.

And it's raining.

Rosa Sat 20-Apr-13 22:19:11

O FGS whatever next. Only positive thing is that Bindi has gone... Never liked her .

I am speechless.

But this morning I took dd to see a concerto di primavera performed by an orchestra of young teens (actually, at least 3 musicians seemed to be under 10), it was brilliant and has left my mood immensely.


giveitago Sun 21-Apr-13 19:55:36

Rosa - curry paste on pasta? Goodness. What is curry paste?

Hope you all well. Yup seems a new election. To my absolute surpise my dfather was following elections and he's no radical but says that had he been able to vote in the Italian elections he'd had voted grillo. Goodness. But having said that, he'd never do it the UK (if there ever was such a party that wasn't the monster raving loony....).

Hope some good comes out of it.

Franca - I love my ds watching tv (following your other post). I won't have him in my tiny weeny kitchen when cooking as he's likely to be injured, just because I have a tiny weeny kitchen. So, with that in mind, he's more than welcome to watch tv when I can't watch him.

Rare sunnny day in London. Blimey. I 'played' football in the park with ds. Not easy at my age.

Rosa Mon 22-Apr-13 11:03:07

noo pasta sfoglia is ready made puff pastry !!!

Bloody raining again here , had a hectic weekend and really pissed off at the forecast for the 25-28 - Oh RAIN , thought might try a sneaky 2 day break 27/1 May - Oh RAIN then May1-4 RAIN . Ok it might change but I doubt it . So guess we will be here again !! EVen a day trip to Gardaland but not on the 25th as it will be too busy . Grrrrr

Concert for teens sounds very civilised don't think we have anything here.
Re Napolitano he will be 94 when his mandato is over ... Honestly why not reinstate Berlusconi and they can share zimmer frames? I cannot believe how ignorant what remains of Italian parliament is . He has done his bit now stop , he is old and needs to be retired off. They all are behaving like children and should get out and get jobs...Oh I forgot there aren't any ...

Hi Giveitago, how are things?

As I said in the other thread, I think it largely depends on what children (and adults) are watching. I was perfectly happy for them to watch cbeebies or Nick jr when we were in the UK.
And I am totally fine nowadays to let them watch movies or the bbc iplayer (dd loves junior masterchef), but I wouldn't be equally happy if they spent hrs watching those hideous disney telefilms with all those american teens over gesticulating grin or watching the De Filippi programs or striscia la notizia.

Yes, rain rain and more rain. Cold again <<bangs head on the table>>...

spaghettina Tue 23-Apr-13 12:01:38

I am also gutted about the weather forecast - had booked a rare couple of nights away by the sea but what's the point if it's going to rain all the time??

As for Napolitano, WTF indeed. just looking at him makes me feel tired! Let the guy retire in peace. That lot couldn't organise the proverbial p*ss up in a brewery...

Franca, that children's concert sounds lovely, where was it? I haven't been to a classical concert (or any kind of concert) for ages! DD is probably too young to take to anything (just 3) but I want to start introducing her to more music and hopefully she can take up the piano next year.

Rosa Tue 23-Apr-13 12:09:25

I am still hoping its going to change....lovely day here btw...

Spaghettina, at the Teatro dal Verme in via san giovanni sul muro, it's called Piccoli pomeriggi musicali, and there are some shows that are actually aimed at very little ones.
here the last one will be in May and I think would be ok for your dd.

Also the auditorium in corso san gottardo does similar things, but I can't load the website.

Rosa Thu 25-Apr-13 08:27:04

Well we are still at home ...dd1 had earache yesterday , no febbre took her to doc its inflamed a bit and has given her drops. When its bad give her nurofen and she is fine .. So I said lets go anyway found a hotel and dh said its too much hassle going yest pm.. Bung kids in car and drive hmm. its a lovely day here great for a walk on the beach..anything am seriously not impressed to be stuck here ...dh has gone running !!!!!

Oh no Rosa, that's disappointing! Can you tke them to the Lido or is it too busy?
We are at the inlaws, and it's not as sunny as expected, but we are having a grigliata.

Buona festa della liberazione a tutti (thanks to the partisans, and the Allies!!!)

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 28-Apr-13 10:11:12

Hello ladies, hope you're all well ane enjoying the Ponte... wine

Here weather forecasts are awful again (sleet and even snow) and I'm so looking forward to moving out... but that won't happen for another month at least. Missing my husband a lot too sad

Sorry to hear you are sad Lake. I hope this month goes quickly.

Not sure it helps, but here it's raining again and cold.

Rosa Mon 29-Apr-13 14:44:32

you need a rewards calendar to cross off the days so it come faster !!!
We had rain this am - so minirosa is in wellies and now it is blazing sunshine ! Yesterday forecast was crap ( on about 10 sites!!) so we stayed at home and the sun shone all blasted day!!
Its also humid ish.... DOne DH and my change of armadio ...I now have 2 big bags of stuff to go and the lady who takes them is on holiday for 2 weeks so I am going to have to fall over them. Next I need to tackle the dds toys , something I am really not looking forward to !

I admire your courage rosa, I find it so difficult to throw away stuff, even if it's bored me senseless.

But yes, I also need to cull the dc toys.

Rosa Wed 01-May-13 06:30:27

We escaped Cattolica we decided traffic might be bad today so arrived last night. Made mental note to pack panini x noi as I only had stuff for the dds and the autogrill stuff was baaaad!!! Tom rain is forecast so thinking acquarium and cinema and then friday a park just not sure which one. Dd1 has yet to connect that we are in zona mirabilandia !
Buon1 maggio with our new governo ...... Still don't know whether to laugh or cry about it all!

Cattolica is v. nice, have a fab time Rosa!

Today me and dh managed to go an see an exhibition at the padiglione d'arte cntemporanea, but it is raining again and the children will be back in ten minutes.

LakeDistrictBabe Wed 01-May-13 19:21:02

Hello ladies and Buon Primo Maggio!!

Rosa, I followed your advice but I am using Hawaii calendar not a reward one LOL So 2 days to go before I can hug my husband again and 18 before moving out... YAY!!

This morning, just to remind Scottish residents that the weather is unpredictable and likes to surprise us.. well sleet and snow showers! I don't know if I should laugh or cry, I guess it feels like thinking about the new governo :D

Franca, was the exhibition any good?

Hi Lake, glad to hear you'll be seeing your dh soon!
Yes, the exhibition was good, it's Jeff Wall.

The nuovo governo sad...

Rosa Thu 02-May-13 16:57:15

Well today the forecast was right.. Rained all day but we still managed to get out and about. In the huge downpour we were in a shopping centre and dh spent a fortune in North Sails shop.. He won't have the courage to say a thing if I spend a bit much......
only 18 days that will fly past as I presume you have to pack up etc.
Seeing an exhibition ...sounds like bliss.

Did you get to go to the acquario, Rosa?
It was dry here, but more rain tomorrow. Fingers crossed for nicer weather so that you can go n the beach!

spaghettina Fri 03-May-13 10:32:30

Thanks for the info about the concerts Franca, I'll check it out - looks like the site is down at the mo but I know the Teatro del Verme. Used to go to the Milanesiana there a few years back, which was fantastic.

I need to do a toy cull as well, especially as we're moving, but it's going to be impossible as DD keeps digging out baby toys and "reclaiming" them, all three of us are impossible hoarders I fear...we'll end up sepolti in casa under a pile of babyclothes and Chicco plastic

Not sure what to make of the new governo and of Letta himself, he seems slightly android-like!

Hi spaghettina, I am pretty sure there is a last concert at the end of May. I have to say there is plenty of stuff to do with children in tow nowadays here in Milan, it is such a shame mine are getting older!
The only thing I like about Letta is his voice, he has the perfect accent, his vowels are excellent grin! Other than that, I don't know what to think either.

Rosa Sun 05-May-13 10:55:10

We are back and the washing is out ...before it rains ! Had a too short a break as I was just starting to relax ! Yesterday the girls were in the sea !! Infatti DD1 has a cough but I think its the sea air shifting things ! Can so recommend the hotel for small children and families it was great . As for the beach crikey the spiaggia have so much to learn here in Veneto they have everything you can think of. We are lucky if we get a toilet !!! ( and we pay the same price !)

Welcome back Rosa, glad to hear you had a lovely time. The riviera romagnola is very well organised and very family friendly, and not expensive. Lovely countryside nearby too and great food!

It rained here this morning, again. I have lots of little rotture di scatole burocratiche which I can't find the strength to face, uff!

spaghettina Tue 07-May-13 09:34:32

Letta's vowels...well I'll have to listen to him speaking more carefully! Suspect my Italian pronunciation is all over the place smile

Rosa Tue 07-May-13 12:04:53

I have yet to listen to him speak - as to be honest I don't have any faith ..I wait in anticipation to see what he comes up with.
I would like to go back again and see more as we only touched on the edge of things to do and see. The prices I agree are excellent , mind you we did eat at the parks so the dds have had the quota of patatine and hot dogs for May!!! I have just eaten a piadina that I brought back...yummy.

I don't have much hope either, we'll see I suppose.
Spagh, you should listen to me speaking english grin... and my italian has that awful milanese accent!

You make me want to go to Emilia Romagna now, I'd like to do the countryside, the's beautiful. So many places, so little time.

Rosa Thu 09-May-13 16:09:18

Hot today had to iron in a t shirt !!! Mind you forecast is terrible for domani is it raining in Milan yet ??
May seems to be getting very busy with lots of things , end of term events saggio here and there and dh work is also getting busy - shouldn't complain though.

It's raining here, in fact: boring.
Oh yes, once one of your children starts primary, May and the beginning of June become busier than Christmas: end of year's parties, gite, saggi, organising activities for the month of July (for instance I have to remember to go and pay for a corso di acquarello for dd end of June), birthday parties (dd's on the 26th), etc etc etc. My calendar is filled. Plus all the scadenze to pay taxes, etc (the other day I got a letter from the Agenzie delle Entrate that I owed them 800 euros shock, but luckily they made a mistake)

the month of June, not July

Rosa Tue 14-May-13 06:11:52

Just to think that Dd1 is on summer holidays in less than a month ....we have a bake sale domani to raise money for the progetto del plesso so am at the fornelli most of the day... Its very quiet on this thread we seem to have lost everybody sad

We do, don't we? sad <<hugs Rosa>>

Rosa Tue 14-May-13 14:12:22

Will find Gio on FB and tell her to come back !!!

BananaGio Wed 15-May-13 04:49:54

Am here smile. Sorry girls will never leave you, just been a bit hectic. FIl is hospital waiting for an op and work been crazy. Been awake since 5 with a sore throat, fun.
How are things anyway. Rosa i dont know that part of italy at all, you have inspired me to google some images and looks lovely. Lake how are things? Must be nearly move day??

Ciao Gio smile!
Best wishes for fil operation, I hope all goes well.
I can't believe it's nearly the end of the school year, dd is in gita today, they are visiting the Archeopark nr Brescia.

BananaGio Wed 15-May-13 14:02:13

Hope dd has fun Franca. What is she doing there? DS went on one to the Villa Borghese yesterday where he got very excited about bees and nectar and proceeded to leave his zaino on the pullman... They are meant to be going to see the Papa as well but not sure in what capacity- whether they pop down on a weds morn to see him on his balcony or something more. Boh!
Have a cold today- bloody weather, one day is 26 degrees and the next its fresh like today. Viruses and mozzies both seem to be thriving,, it's like an active museum on preistoria (which is what they do in 3 elementare) and is near the caves paintings of the Camuni. Ds went when he was in 3 and loved it.

Oh, villa borghese... splendid! Can a state school take children to see the papa? I mean what about those children who aren't catholics? (if there are any, of course!). I wouldn't mind going to see this papa, though.

Yes, crap weather, and lots of people with febbre and bronchite here too.

Ah, and yesterday ds went to see the Milano romana, I guess it'll be much more exciting for master Gio when they'll study the romans grin!

BananaGio Thu 16-May-13 13:44:13

ah looks fab Franca, did she enjoy it? Not sure what the situation is re state schools going to see the Papa? boh! I would happily see this one as well. In fact I might volunteer as a helper...

Yes, she really had a great time and the teacher was all proud as the guida complimented the children for their knowledge grin

Yes, I'd go and see the new Pope. Actually, I really need to plan a trip to Rome, I haven't been for decades, and it's time the children saw it. ANd hopefully it will have a new mayor grin

Rosa Thu 16-May-13 18:10:31

Rain ( heavy) winds ( strong) and bloody aqua alta FGS its May ! I had to do an arrivo and coming back even getting off the vaporetto it was ankle deep. NO duck boards as the don't have them after 1 May as its so unusual... Of course the commune sent the alert after I was out of the house but thankfully I had my timberland kind of boots - waterproof so I hopped through and have rinsed them off and hope they are still ok and not ruined.
Mad Mad Mad... Bimbi were in long sleeves and felpe !
Pope possibly but not going to Rome just to see him - seems like a nice chap though.
Off to the gym now despite being shattered ( work off my anger at the commune useless idiots)
Oh and in the cake sale yesterday we made €1000.. ... Despite not having full support of all the parenti as they expect everything for nothing and have yet to understand that Italia is like this now and the schools have no bloody money !

BananaGio Thu 16-May-13 18:34:07

Rosa 1k is amazing!! well done you lot. I bet the teachers were appreciative werent they?
Franca if you come to Rome let me know. Weather miserable here as well. Not happy as want to start going to beach at weekends

Of course I would Gio, it'd be great to meet you at last!
Rosa well done with the cake sell, wow! We have the same problems with many parents, who moan about everything, want this and that, but can't accept that schools now need financial and practical help!

No comments re the weather, I mean,wtf? Still wearing wooly jumpers!

Rosa Fri 17-May-13 09:26:22

The teachers were over the moon and many came up to me just to say thanks... It must be tough on them as well.
I still say we should say meet in Florence or something ..for the day to drink coffee have a lunch another coffee and then go home again !!
I don't think I could get dh to wander round Rome ...I was amazed when he came to and enjoyed Siena but we diddn't do much - he is not a real museum chap unless its London hmm he loves the British Museum !!
Thunder and rain this am , its black , grey . Yes my bimbi had felpe but the both had ginnastica today so had short sleeves underneath.
How is you FIL doing Gio as I recall he had a sometimes difficult character??

Rosa Fri 17-May-13 09:32:46

Internet is amazing( I think) so I type British museum on my post and I get a advertisement on the right of mumsnet page showing me the latest exhibition at the British museum ....... I wonder if they also know my bra / knicker size as I ordered some from M+S the other day hmm

BananaGio Fri 17-May-13 10:20:38

lol at FIL difficult character (understatement of the century). He is ok, op went ok. They tried to give him AB's he is badly allergic to (despite him telling everyone the fact as it nearly saw him off last time he was there) but apart from that so far so good....
Yes Florence would be good. It is crazy we havent all met up before. Me and Sput must have said about it 100 times and still not managed it. Sput if you are lurking,let's bloody sort it!

Oh yes, Florence is only 2 hrs from here with the Freccia Rossa. Lets do it!
Glad to hear Fil is recovering.
I have just collected ds from school, he is feeling nauseous and has a headache. And a temp of 34.8! I think he is just very tired, we'll see.

Rosa Wed 22-May-13 09:37:36

Franca ow is ds?' Miniorsa had a febbre last night she seems ok in herself today but right now its 37.7 ..She doesn't seem to have anything else wrong and just looks pale ( but that is probably lack of sleep yesterday !)
ell sunny today maybe spring is here ..But they are forecasting 13 degrees on saturday . DD1 has her saggio di ginnastica ..postopned from 4 May and I am not letting her rollerskate in a leotard in 13 degrees. Mind you it is due to rain so maybe it will be cancelled again as it is outside !
Well best think about doing something with minirosa as she is not behaving as if she is ill !!!

Rosa, he was totally fine come the late afternoon! Boh! Other children from his class had similar symptoms, headache, a bit of nausea, tiredness, very cold... !

Today is dd's birthday, she would like a bicycle, we need a trip to Decathlon!

Rosa Thu 23-May-13 20:46:00

Infatti today she seems fine.... Happy birthday mini Franca...( its also my fathers birthday smile A bike is a great present we will not be getting any bigger bikes for here for obvious reasons.... Well the sirens went off and we have aqua alta ... I needed boots to get home from the gym..FGS its May!.....

Thanks and happy birthday to your father! Today is dh's birthday, we are busy in May.
5 degrees. This morning at 8 am we had 5 effing degrees.

Rosa Sun 26-May-13 21:49:16

Warmer today thankfully.. Yesterday the saggio was moved i doors thankfully and also nearer ...minirosa was exhausted and slept 8-8. Mind you it looks bad again after wed...Heavens. Busy week ahead again then another week and holidays......

I have 2 saggi tomorrow shock, plus ds has rehearsal for another choir saggio next week and a football match. And it will rain again, the forecast is appalling.

Rosa Mon 27-May-13 14:45:18

Ae have minirosas school mini gita Friday but as you say forecast terrible. We do have an indoor alternative but it needs a massive clean...its a patronato that needs a scrub!!!!M

I hope the forecast changes for friday.
Today we had 2 saggi, both singing (choir) and in ds they also did different folk dances and it was really, really good.
I am knackered though, and we have nothing for dinner.

LakeDistrictBabe Tue 28-May-13 20:58:14

Hello everybody, sorry for having been MIA of late, but I am still going through mountains of stuff (although we got rid of all the boxes in one week, quite an achievement!). We don't have any broadband connection yet so it is a pain in the backside to even check our emails, let alone posting online.

I hope you're all well smile BananaGio, glad to know your FIL's op went well. Hope he is recovering well.

Also reading that you're going to meet near my home town (Florence!!), it is a pity I won't be there to meet you, only going back probably in September, while mum coming up in June if I can get cheap flight tickets.

Here weather is better than up in the Highlands, of course and last weekend was sunny and warm, we even got sunburnt, which is quite hilarious LOL

Hi Lake! Glad to hear from you! How are you liking the South of England?

Not sure when we'll all be free to meet in Florence grin, but it'd be great to meet you all.

I am off to the supermarket, now that the rain has stopped.

LakeDistrictBabe Thu 30-May-13 15:24:29

Ciao Franca, liking it a lot!! Maybe it is wetter but it is also greener, scenery is absolutely marvellous!!

Yes, it'd be great to have a mumsnet-little-italy reunion!! Hope we will meet one day smile

I hope you're all well, here it is warming up a wee bit smile

I read that it'll be a sunny weekend in the uk. Grey here.

Today dd as her gym saggio. Outdoors hmm

Rosa Sun 02-Jun-13 17:22:15

what a week ...I am so happy its over .. It was chaotic the biennale was great work wise but dh never stopped. I had lots of work as well and then there were feste, end of school parties and everything else. Now its dds last week of school we have the theatre production on tuesday and thats it. I am taking her to teh paed domani ( he doesn't know it yet) she is on week 4 of a very runny snotty nose. Its yucky thick stuff and she is blowing almost constantly . Bisolvon shifted the cough but not the rest. Via phone doc suggested a antihistamine that hasn't worked neither has aerosol . NO febbre but I think enough is enough !!!
I say October in Florence .... Lake district babe you need to vivit family and come along as well !!!

Can it be an allergy do you think rosa? (though cough really isn't an allergy thing).

Yes, busy week. Today we had big party of ds's class. Tomorrow ds is going to see bruce spingsteen with fil and sil shock! And we have dinner with dd's class. This week will be a gran casino...

Rosa Mon 03-Jun-13 21:44:45

Its a nasal infection ...antibios for 3 days a break and another 3. No swimming course next week . He checked her over and then she had to blow her nose whilst we were there and he heard the 'volume'. We have the saggio from the school domani and now some bright spark suggested that the class goes out for a pizza...arrggghhh
Hope ds likes springstein ..I like a few songs and thn his voice grates on me!!!

Nasal infection, poor dd. I hope the antibiotics work asap.

Ds was over the moon. Knackered, but very happy.

LakeDistrictBabe Wed 05-Jun-13 21:33:59

Woah, what a busy schedule you all have!!

Hope everything went well with parties and various cene!!

Rosa, hope your dd will get better soon. As regards the mumsnet reunion, I already had to visit family in autumn on my own, dh has not many holidays left so it would be great to arrange and meet all of you too!!

Franca, was your ds' first time at a live concert?

Here weather is wonderful and during the day it is scorching hot.. well not very cold during the night either, there are 21 degrees into the main bedroom now and it is already 9.30 pm shock

On a less lighter note, we are having huge problems with our ex landlord... I hate to take legal action against people but the guy was bullying us heavily into leaving him alone and he is withholding the deposit.. ugh! So I see no quick solution to the issue sad

Rosa Thu 06-Jun-13 09:05:06

well that seems to have made the decision for us ... Florence in the autumn it is then.... We need to PM / tell Sputnik as well !!!
Sorry to hear you have problems with your landlord maybe speak to the CAB as well and get some external advice .
DD1 seems a bit better but we have to have a break of 4 days from antibiotics and then another 3 days on. ( swimming course cancelled) IT is sunny here and I was going to the Lido today for a day of relax with SIL but minirosa has a runny nose so keeping her at home as really don't want it to develop... Mind you her nose is running clear so I think this could be an allergy as she is sneezing as well.....
Domani we have dd recita as it was cancelled on Wed due to a short circuit in the theatre ! It is now at 8.15 pm this is the time she normally goes to bed !... So we start the holidays with an exhausted dd for sure !!!
I am being sent work left right and centre for June so much for spending days on the beach with the dds..Dh is going to have to take them alone !!! This is the first time that we are going a few weeks to the Venice Lido as the vaporetti are manic and when they were smaller there was no way I could face it. I am still a bit hmm about it all but we will see ..Plus the 'big' heat has not arrived so it all seems feasible give me another 10 degrees and 90% plus humidity and I might re think it all....

Bearcrumble Fri 07-Jun-13 13:46:34

Hi - sorry to gatecrash your thread but I am looking for a bit of help please.

I've just got back from Italy where I was visiting my dad. He's recently been treated for cancer (in remission now) but he can't seem to get himself back together mentally. My Italian isn't good enough to do a google search for therapists but I really think he could benefit from CBT or Mindfulness Based Therapy to help him deal with his anxiety and hypochondria (he thinks every little twinge is the cancer coming back). He's also closed his restaurant so he has nothing to do all day, and he is a Southerner in a Northern town so his childhood friends aren't nearby.

If any of you could see if you could find something like I described in driving distance from Vallegio Sul Mincio I would be so grateful for PM. I can email his wife and hopefully he could get the help he needs. Failing that if there are any good books in Italian around the topic of Mindfulness or dealing with intrusive thoughts/depression perhaps you could recommend some to me.

My dad used to be so confident and happy go lucky - I hate seeing him like this and I hate knowing how much he's suffering.


Rosa Fri 07-Jun-13 14:07:10

Bearcrumble I bet Franca will be able to tell you the kind of people you need to look for or possibly a start. I haven't a clue I am afraid and I know that things are rather different than in the Uk but I am sure that there will be some kind of therapy treatment available. Probably best to start with his medico di base ( like the Gp) and possibly ask to be referred.. Then if you can permit it might be best to go private many of the docs to offer this service as well as taking the state patients.
If its any consolation my father was very much like this and he needed medication as every twinge was another illness. His was and is more related to old age but he is now on permanent anti depressants that really do help. Franca will likely pop in in the next few days...As will the others who might have some more ideas.

Hi Bearcrumble, I agree with Rosa that your father's first port of call should be his medico di base (like a gp), if he has a good one, he/she should be able to refer him to an adequate structure that can help him.

If you bear with me, I'll ask advice to a friend of mine who is a social worker, dealing with old people. We are in Milan, but I am pretty sure she will have helpful advice, at least give me some ideas of where to start.

I am vert sorry for your father, will he attend places like Centro anziani or maybe places like a circolo arci where people meet up, play cards together etc?

Lakedistrict, sorry about landlord, what a pain.

Rosa, last day of school at last! And envythat you are so close to the lido! I agree it might be not so convenient once the heat gets worse, but it is such a great resource!

Today is ds's last day at elementari sad

Bearcrumble Fri 07-Jun-13 14:32:46

Thanks Rosa - I think he has been to the GP but he's not keen on anti-depressants (the GP, not my dad) and has scared him into thinking that they will make his liver play up!

He had a psychologist who did give him anti-depressants and seemed to help him but unfortunately she died suddenly (I know, it's almost funny in a dark way). I know I said 'recently' but it actually has been 4 years, it just seems very recent - I guess because I only see him once or twice a year.

I've spelled the town wrongly in my first post - It's Valeggio Sul Mincio.

I was expecting it to be private, so that's not a surprise.

Bearcrumble Fri 07-Jun-13 14:35:25

Franca - thank you - Papa is 67, I don't think he thinks of himself as 'elderly' - but I guess he is getting on...

Rosa Fri 07-Jun-13 14:41:38

67 is young ... he needs to go back to the gp maybe with his wife and get hassling them!!

Yes Franca last day and now dd1 is no longer in prima ...As for your ds going to le medie ..that is scary .Along with my nipotina zia was in tears today at the end of school. Dh says he wants to go to the beach tom but early so we don't get on cramped buses. Arrggghhh towels, crema, shower stuff, food ( dare I bring panini instead of the pasta fredda and frutta and everything else they produce') bucket and spade etc and all the other crap thats needed...

Oh gosh, no, he is def not ready for a centro anziani at 67!

Also I have googled centro anziani and assistenza sociale valeggio sul mincio and there's nothing much!

My dad is 71 one, and I have noticed that he is getting more depressed as well (not cancer), he is still working, but he'll probably have to retire next year and he is struggling with the idea of jnot being useful anymore. Plus he doesn't have hobbies etc, I think he is scared of the unknown. This is just to say that your dad's age is a tricky stage, even without the cancer to deal with. I really feel for your dad and for you being worried about him.

I have to go now, but I will think about what he could do. What about the hospital he received medication for his cancer, have they got a sportello psicologico there, maybe? (I would be on the ball for Milan, I am sorry I can't help much)

of feeling not too useful I meant. Sorry I am in a hurry, I hope you didn't find me post insensitive.

my post. Grrr. Will be back later.

Bearcrumble Fri 07-Jun-13 15:31:45

Not at all! I'm grateful for any advice.

I guess I just feel that he has been to the GP repeatedly and nothing seems to happen.

If there were a way to circumvent the referral process and just contact a private therapist (doesn't have to be a doctor, could be a counsellor) then there are less steps and he's more likely to do it.

I agree that it is a difficult time in life as you're dealing with a new stage and becoming less obviously 'useful' to society. I'm his only child and we have a chequered history - eg. he remarried and left the UK without telling me when I was 12, I've not lived with him since I was 7. Anyway my 3 year old is asking to see pictures of wombats - I must go but thanks again.

WallinoMio Sun 09-Jun-13 22:16:28

Ciao tutti!!

Sorry to gatecrash but have recently discovered the existence of this thread and thought I'd pop in and say hi... I live in Emilia Romagna, have been here for 8 years. Am also a longtime mumsnet lurker but since having DS 7 months ago have had more time to actually continue lurking post grin

Having said that I haven't caught up on your mammoth thread so hope you don't mind me joining you.

bear sorry to be of no use to you. Recent problems with my FIL have made me realize that despite having lived here for so long the whole healthcare system is still very alien to me having a baby was a bit of an eye opener too

Hi Wallinomio, welcome! I am Italian, and we live in Milan. We moved back here 5 yrs ago, after 8 yrs in Devon. Dd was born there, in fact!

Bearcrumble, yes, it is possible to go down the private route without any referral from your gp. Counsellors are still quite a new thing here in Italy, it's probably easier to look for a psychotherapist.
I know that in many hospitals here in Milan they offer counselling for patients who are being treated for cancer, is that a route your father can look into?

Sadly, the national health system has suffered more and more cuts here, therefore less services are guaranteed. have you checked this website already Bear?

Bearcrumble Mon 10-Jun-13 12:47:19

I didn't and there's one very near to him who looks perfect. I have emailed him and his wife the details - fingers crossed he takes this step.

Many thanks x

I hope it works out Bear.

Bananagio Mon 10-Jun-13 17:19:30

Grandeeeeeeeee Marino! grin
Off to catch up on thread but had to get that out first!

grin grin grin!

Bananagio Mon 10-Jun-13 17:35:54

Hi Bear, another one here with a dad who has suffered with depression. The ads and therapy worked marvels for him so I hope your Dad gets someone sorted. Hopefully the one you have emailed will come up trumps but if not agree to hassle the GP. Can he just ask for a ticket from the reception there to see a specialist so he doesnt even have to see the GP and book through the local ASL?
Hi Wallinomio, welcome. I'm a Brit in Rome with Italian DP and ds and we are very happy today as we wave goodbye to that bastard Alemanno and have our new mayor smile.finally some elctoral results that make me happy!
Rosa how is dds nasal infection? Franca how cool for ds, his first gig! He must have been so proud. Lake glad you are settling in your new home. Must have been gorgeous this last week with the nice weather.

And lol the lega has lost treviso. unthinkable!

Bananagio Mon 10-Jun-13 17:46:39

I know Franca!! Cannot get my head around that!!

OK, you wise women, what do I do with the tons of notebooks, books, drawings, tests, that ds has accumulated in 5 yrs of primary school? (and also sad)

Bananagio Tue 11-Jun-13 11:03:41

Why don't you make a scrapbook out of certain bits so you have a record of each stage and bin the rest? I love scrapbooking smile
Or scan them on ipad and keep digital record?
Or both- scan them and use digital apps to create scrapbook pages?
Or if you arent an overley sentimental hoarder like myself you can just bin them smile

I am binning loads, but also keeping loads. I like the idea of a scrapbook. I think I will need a book as big as the yellow papers though, there is simply too much stuff grin

Ah, we gave the teachers a book with a picture of the children when they started prima and a recent one, plus pictures from their gite etc. I have also ordered one, I'll get it next week, when we go to collect the pagelle.

I am a hoarder, I had to force myself to throw away old sussidiari etc. I find it very difficult to throw away stuff. Still keeping most of their clothes shock (and mine too)

LakeDistrictBabe Thu 13-Jun-13 13:36:20

Welcome to the newbies!
Although I don't consider myself as an Italian and always lived my nationality as being plagued, my passport still says I am sad. DH is a Brit though.

Sorry ladies, I have been AWOL for a while, DH got really depressed (this became depression thread) after all the grief ex landlord gave us but it seems this bad story is drawing to an end.

Yes Rosa, we went to a local CAB and phoned Shelter too, although everything seemed a bit complicated by the fact we live in England and house is in Scotland. Yet, it seems there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel... but we won't know until next week sad

Franca, I was like that too but forced myself to change after nearly one million moves in the last 5 years LOL :D

Rosa Sun 16-Jun-13 15:26:31

Lake District hope its sorted out soon and your Dh gets back to himself again . Franca I was saying the same to dh and thats only after 1 year of books .. I tend to keep a few pics and things that they have made but soon I am going to have to start binning or something as I can't and haven't got the space for any more.
Its hot here now ..see I said we would be complaining within a week of it starting !!! Well I am as its gone to like 30 degrees in a week. Last week was lovely on the beach fresh and nice now its almost too hot well certainly the journey to the Lido . I honestly can't understand how people do it daily for 3 months 2 weeks is my limit. Next week I have lots of arrivals so not actually sure how I will get down there in fact dh and I have to sort it / plan it . Then we leave for the Uk ...Back on with the thick jumpers and jeans then !!! Have only just got the dds lovely summer dresses out and friday was the first day without vests!!!

Hello! Lake, I too hope you sort it out, and that all is well.

Yes, getting hot, but still pleasant. Give it another 2 days and it'll be unbearable grin

Yesterday we picked dd from her first summer camp away from home... she went for 5 days to an agriturismo where they do horseriding with a friend of hers. She was knackered, but all in all she seems very happy, and ... 3 yrs older than she was when we left her grin. Bless her, I missed her so much.

We are going to London on the 20th of July! I can't wait!

Bananagio Tue 18-Jun-13 07:43:53

Hope things are ok Lake.
Bless dd Franca, 5 days horseriding away from home must have been such fun. Hot here now. Been at the lake over the weekend. Saturday was nice but sunday was bit packed! Ds had a ball anyway, there are a load of inflatables on the water so child heaven. Off to the uk for a month at the end of june.

Ok, it's officially hot here, even early in the morning.
Gio, I saw your pic of the lake, such a lovely lace. And master Gio is not only gorgeous, but he looks like such a simpatico child!
Have a great time in the Uk.

Yesterday I went to see La grande bellezza, and cried for 10 minutes after it ended.

Rosa Tue 18-Jun-13 09:43:36

20 July wahheeeyy where are you going to?
We also go up to the Uk next week I just hope the weather gets a bit better in the uk ... Crikey humid and hot here almost on the unbearable level.
The lake looks really fun. The water off the Lido doesn't look that clean to be honest ..the dds want to be in it obviously all day but I am a bit (hmm) about it all.
No beach today so I am in theory being domestic so I better get off my bum and do something.
Not heard of the grande bellezza...will have a look mind you I amstill trying to see skyfall and I keep missing it off sky.

We are just staying in London for 9 days. The children are attending a sports campus in the mornings, and in the afternoon we'll do sightseeing and see friends.
I also want to take them to see Matilda the musical, and basically I want to enjoy london!

I know it's too hot to do anything today.

Bananagio Tue 18-Jun-13 13:07:44

lovely Franca. We are taking ds to london when we are over but just for the day unfortunately. His first visit and he has made his list of what to see which includes a ride on the top of a london bus, a boat trip, see soldiers in big black hats and see Big Ben. So that's the itinerary.
Just had the most gorgeous lunch of prosciutto and fresh figs. I adore figs, love this time of year for that alone

Oooh prosciutto and figs is one of my fav! Yes, this is the best time of the year in terms of fruit and veg.

Aaaw, master gio will be delighted to visit London (and I agree a trip on the boat is great!), I am sure.

Personally, I will need a trip to Topshop grin

Rosa Tue 18-Jun-13 18:11:56

We were going to that with the dds on the return but the flight prices soared as its the Uk school holidays !!
I had thought London zoo and the natural history museum !!
Franca top shop is on line no???

I am not a huge Fig fan but living off melons .... Strawberries that should be in full swing seem to have dropped off - Boh . We normally pig on strawberries before the cherries but the cherries have arrived!!
I thought my shoes were going to stick to the pavement earlier!
tee hee dh has just got back and walked in the shower and minirosa has said why do you have that thing hanging off you ???- His answer was quite good. "As I am a maschio and you are a girl so you are different you are not to touch one until you are 30 !!!!

Lol at dh grin!

I don't think Topshop delivers to Italy, but I really want to spend some time browsing, there and in sainsbos and m&s, for old times sake iyswim... (and boots, whsmith, etc etc).

Today i went to get the pagelle, and it was sad to say goodbyes to ds teachers, as he'll be in scuola media in sept.

Rosa Wed 19-Jun-13 06:44:06

We have pagelle today and dd is already up!! She can't wait to see her teachers and to get lots of 10s ....I have said that whatever she gets is fine ( as for not getting a 10 in inglese I would be most annoyed wink
I am dreading saying goodbye to minirosas materna staff next year as they are so lovely...
Heading to the beach later am hoping the water is cleaner but its hotter so I have my doubts...

As for wandering round I know what you mean I enjoy it as well. Plus the choice !!!!

Awww, in bocca al lupo then, I am sure she'll have a wonderful pagella!

I too was shattered when I had to say goodbye to dd's teachers of the materna, they were lovely and it was such a happy environment! Plus, it is hard to accept that your youngest has finished the materna, already!

Rosa Wed 19-Jun-13 19:17:59

Tutto 10......... and a wonderful comment at the end !!!! very very pleased also they obviously know her !

So very very hot today in spiaggia almost too hot in the morning. But we had to go from the riva at 4.30 so they could have merenda and then showers and we got teh boat at 18.20. Sabato if we go we are staying and having dinner and aperitivo al mare....

Bravissima! smile She must be so proud!

Oooh aperitivo and dinner at the lido sound uber cool to my milanese ears...

Bananagio Wed 19-Jun-13 20:00:59

Bravaaaa!! Is she super pleased?
Good idea to stay at the lido.we are off to Ostia i think on sat, too hot for the lake,need a bit of sea breeze

Rosa Wed 19-Jun-13 20:09:56

We will probably have pizza delivered to the capanna!!!! However what will be swish is that dh will join us after work so we will have a lift home !!!!
Going today it was so hot everything ( cotton shorts and light thing cotton top) was soaked almost to dripping. Going back was better as a breeze came up ...but blimey - its been a while since I remember it as hot as this !!! Last week I took the pumini off the beds ( the light weight ikea ones) . am unsure if will send minirosa to materna tom as they put the a/c on in the classrooms to cool but they turn it off when the children are in there as they are only penguini. It might be toooo hot but as there are so few bimbi I might ask if I can take in ghiaccioli x tutti!!!!
ostia .enjoy hope its not too packed!

Rosa Wed 19-Jun-13 20:10:36

I think she is pleased but I don't think she understands really why we are all super happy with her!!!!

Oh how cool is that, going home on your own boat grin!!!!

Bananagio Thu 20-Jun-13 07:48:57

So cool! What an exotic, Venice thing to do!

Rosa Thu 20-Jun-13 11:30:44

Feeling hot hot hot was out if the house at 7 am and once again came home a sweat bag!!!!!had a cold shower and want to fall asleep but the neighbours are drilling !!!!! Think they are installing something poor workmen!
Franca are you not going to Puglia or montagna or anything before London.
Gio after the Uk are you heading to the coast again... just like to keep tabs on you all!!!!!

Here the sky is grey and there is lots of wind. Hot wind.

Rosa, we are going to Paris the first week of July, as dh has been invited to a conference, then we are probably staying at the inlaws in the countryside before going to London (while dh works here). We'll go to Greece, but at the end of August.

What are you doing after the uk?

Rosa Thu 20-Jun-13 13:08:25

Good stuff .. Thought it was strange that you would be staying in Milan we are heading to Cavallino in August and dh will be working on and off. We have 10 days at the start of Sept which we are looking to do something and actually we had thought of Greece but maybe after a week of beach they will have had enough might go to the mountains but will be so unfit after the beach it might not be a good idea....

CJCregg Thu 20-Jun-13 14:02:37

Good afternoon, lovely ladies.

I hope you don't mind my crashing your thread. You may recognise me from a few years' back - I am the nutter who went to Follonica and wanted to know what the washing powder I used in the launderette there was called hmm.

I just wanted to ask some advice - we're going on holiday to Italy again this year - yay! - but I know next to nothing about the place we're going to and I wondered if you had any suggestions or recommendations. We're going to roughly the same area, but this time will be staying in Castiglione della Pescaia. I literally can't wait. (And I will be seeking out that washing powder again grin)

Thanks once again for your patience and tolerance of an interloper, and I remain, as ever, deeply envious of you all ...

Grazie tante xx

Hi CJ, I hope you'll find the washing powder grin

I've never actually ever been to Castiglion della Pescaia, despite knowing that it's one of the most beautiful places on the Tuscan coast.

Will you rent a car too, or will you just be based in Castiglione? If you can try to visit the Parco dell'Uccellina (we spent a week there 2 yrs ago), it's amazing. here. There is a visiting centre in Alberese, where they organise trips inside the park (you will need a guide to do so). Think acres of trees and unspoiled beaches.
Lovely places around there are: Ansedonia, Capabio, Orbetello and Monte Argentario.

Also near Castiglione there is this place which is said to be great: Roccamare.

Rosa, I think that Greece must be wonderful at the beg of Sept. But so would be the mountains, especially with the good weather we've had in the last few yrs at that time of the year.

Ah, decisions!

LakeDistrictBabe Thu 20-Jun-13 15:39:12

Stupid browser deleted my post twice!!

CJ, I was posting info about Castiglion' della Pescaia, I'm originally from Tuscany and spent a few holidays in Maremma.

Yes, follow Franca's advice for Alberese, Parco Uccellina e Monte Argentario. You'll have plenty of places to visit, don't worry! Area is gorgeous, although traffic is quite bad from May to September.
Public transport in the area is pretty awful (it is RAMA from Grosseto), so hiring a car is a must.

Anyway, if you have any other questions, please feel free to post them! smile did you already book accommodation there?

Never heard of special Tuscan washing powder though LOL

LakeDistrictBabe Thu 20-Jun-13 15:47:13

@Franca, Roccamare is a hotel/resort on the beach. And I was told it is quite expensive, it is between Le Rocchette and Riva del Sole, near the SS322.

@CJ, one of my favorite places in the area is a village up a hill (Tirli), it is like going back in time... and there's a lovely place there, lovely Tuscan cooking and not overpriced (at least it wasn't in 2008...)

Il Cacciatore

Lake, yes, I know that about Roccamare, but I was told there is nice beach with the pineta... is it not open to anyone? (the beach I mean) or does it all belong to the Hotel (isnt it called the Villaggio svizzero? grin)

I now feel the need to go ot Tuscany!

Bananagio Thu 20-Jun-13 17:58:27

Yes Rosa, aug in Follonica again and cannot wait! Will wave down the coast to you CJ if you're there at the same time. Friends of ours go to Castiglione every year and it sounds amazing. We are incredibly knackered lazy and do nothing bar lounge around in Follonica every year so not much good re what to do but Monte Argentario area is gorgeous and there are so many lovely hilltop towns around to visit. Our one trip out last year was to Massa Marittima and thats gorgeous.
How long are you off to Greece for Franca?
Uffa its bloody hot hot hot today!

CJCregg Thu 20-Jun-13 18:54:00

Oh, thank you all so, so much for your lovely replies. I really can't wait now grin

I'm actually a bit sad that we're not going to Follonica again, especially hearing you all talking about it. I'm sure Castiglione will be just as good, though.

Definitely going to investigate the park, and the little village up the hill. When I'm not tracking down the world's most magical-smelling washing powder grin

Rosa Fri 21-Jun-13 11:17:49

Its a lovely area I am sure you will have a great time...anywhere down the coast is great. I would like to try further down the Adriatic one year Sirolo/ Numana I recall was beautiful when I went through in the past. Mind you its all throughts we wanted to head to Caorle this year and we are still in Cavallino!!!!
Gio how is ds now ? Has your BP gone back to normal ?? Thank heavens its a bit more fresh here today I had another early start today and now I have to start sorting and thinking about packing for a month in cold/ sunny/ warm / hot hmm wet England

Rosa Fri 21-Jun-13 11:18:28

CJ I don't remember the washing powder did you find it what make is it??

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 11:49:01

I don't know - I'm a bit obsessed with it grin

It was powder that we bought from a vending machine in the local launderette, and it made the washing smell just divine. Honestly, as if angels had lovingly washed and dried it ... I forgot to get the name of it before we left and have been obsessing wondering what it was ever since (four years ago - I really need to get a life, I know).

I know it's bonkers, but I'm determined to find it again grin

LakeDistrictBabe Fri 21-Jun-13 12:30:34

Ciao Franca, I knew there was some kind of stabilimento balneare in front of Roccamare and I doubt it is open to everyone... of course, you can walk on the battigia, you can leave your stuff at the Rocchette beach and then you walk down along the coast (so it was a few years ago anyway)...
When are you off to Greece?

BananaGio, off to that area too? I love Follonica!! Massa Marittima was one of my favorite places smile

CJ, now I am curious to find out the name of that washing powder too.... Do you remember the name of the launderette?

Rosa, I don't know where you used to live in England but for us it is hot as hell now... maybe because we're coming from the end of the world on the North Sea... We're continuously sleeping with our windows open at night... My husband would die if he was living in Italy during the summer LOL

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 12:33:15

grin at the spreading laundry obsession ...

I know literally nothing about it - can't remember the name of the street we were on, let alone the name of the launderette.

Shall I try to find out?! I will be seriously on the trail once we hit Castiglione in July ...

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 12:40:44
Rosa Fri 21-Jun-13 13:33:00

The West country ... Mum says its one day warm one day damp and cold.
Clegg in my old lavanderia many years ago when I took duvets in to dry and then they closed the laundry I think is a Chinese clothes shop now - it was a make of laundry powder like Dash or Something. You could always go and try sniffing soap powder in supermarkets !!!!

Bananagio Fri 21-Jun-13 13:33:24

CJ describe whereabouts you were in Follonica and I will go on the hunt for you. I am too intrigued not to! Plus its the least I could do for the best Press Secretary to the best President ever!
Yes Lake we have gone for Aug for the last few years. Rent an apartment there, days on the beach and in the pineta-bliss!
DS fine now thanks Rosa and I have calmed down with him now..... Nothing better than an evening in Pronto Soccorso after a broiling hot day

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 14:13:14

Rosa I fully intend to!! I will be just another English eccentric, I'm sure I'll get away with it grin. I wish I could remember what it was called.

Bananagio, I have linked to an actual map in my last post. This is now beyond obsession. I have actually tracked down the lavanderia, and there are photos and everything - I remember it really clearly! It was right behind our apartment block and had a nice coffee shop/bar next to it where I sat and read the paper while my washing was being done ... happy days. I miss Follonica grin

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 14:15:23

And can I just say how much I love you all for joining in so heartily with my bizarre quest. And how deeply, deeply envious I am of your Italian lives ... thanks thanks

Rosa Fri 21-Jun-13 14:55:51

I imagine Gio getting out magnifying glass in investigating soap powder in a laundry in Follonica ..especially after a prosecco or 2 !!

My soap powder is boring but I do wiff the conditioners to be honest as I hate anything to pooffy am happy with a a bit of marsiglia ..Now that might be something to look for as they don't use it in the Uk ... None of the teddy bears bouncing in lavender fields for me !!

God I have to think about packing and I am so NOT on the wavelength in fact I am on the Boden and M&S and John Lewis sites looking at sales stuff!

Lol lol lol at the link to the lavanderia! And btw, I always sniff fabric conditioners before buying them in the supermarket hmm... I do love lavander, and I once splashed on a posh thingy you add to the washing machine to make the laundry extra scented.

Gio I hope ds is ok today and not too tired after the stint at the pronto soccorso, how long did you have to wait?

Lake we are off after Ferragosto.

Today was a perfect summer day here, hot but dry with fresh wind, there must have been some storms in the Alps. Luckily, I didn't feel the earthquake, as I was on the tram then.

CJCregg Fri 21-Jun-13 22:26:26

I wonder, if I recommended it on Trip Advisor as the best launderette in Tuscany, would they send me some washing powder?!

Loooooool! You def should!

Rosa Sat 22-Jun-13 06:40:33

You could do a blog on 'hunting the powder' .... Ask for sponsorship !!!
Warm again but off to the beach we go....

Bananagio Sat 22-Jun-13 07:25:13

lol at a blog. Right CJ I can visualise the area. We stay further down the beach but go into the centre round the Via Roma in the evening so I will make my excuses to DP and DS and slip off one evening and report back wink.
We had a 2 hr wait in Pronto Soccorso Franca so could have been a lot worse. It filled up pretty quickly after we got there so we arrived at the right time. We started off at what I thought was a PS near us but turns out was only for eye issues. They very kindly said they would call Bambinu Jesu and book us in and they would send an ambulance (WTF) but there was no way Master Gio was getting a what he would see as exciting experience out of his escapade quite aside from the fact that there was no way I could justify an ambulance from a childrens hospital being used for a child who stuffs things in his ears! They are a wonderful hospital at Bambino Jesu. I was looking at the nurses who were there set for a night shift in a&e full of sick and injured children and who were still so cheerful and capable and then think of the money wasted just on Auto Blu and I feel myself brewing for a revolution!

That would be one of the coolest blog ever! Maybe a tumblir?

Happy to hear it wasn't the nightmare it can sometimes be, and smile at the lovely nurses. I thought the same the other day, thinking about teachers.

Rosa Sun 23-Jun-13 09:46:01

God I hate packing and the sorting of the house that goes with it. would much rather be sniffing soap powder..If I knew what I was sniffing for !!!!

I hate packing too. Actually, i hate unpacking even more.

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 23-Jun-13 13:09:10

Please don't get me started on the absolute disgust I have for packing and unpacking... I've moved 11 times in 4 years and the next time my husband is going to utter the word 'move' I think I will throw up...

CJ, don't be envious of my Italian life... I wouldn't go back to Italy even though threatened with a gun.. it is nice when you're a tourist and you have money to spend... I've been both so I can tell you that my life is very different now, me and my husband go into shops and buy... my life spent in front of the shop windows where only tourist could go and buy is over....

Yet I don't forget that I was once paid 850 euros a month and that was enough to pay for car and clothes, and still living with parents... in many cases life is hell in Italy...
If you could speak a bit of Italian, you would hear that locals in the provinces of Grosseto and Siena really dislike German, American and British tourists... because they made the house market prices skyrocket and now houses are out of reach for locals... I spoke a few years ago with a young couple from Massa Marittima and they were cursing foreigners buying holiday homes there, because now they can't afford to buy a house... in comparison to Italian wages, prices are 3-4 times what you could earn in one life in two people...

So, no.. don't envy Italian lives but cherish your British one who allows you to have a holiday there ;) flowers

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 23-Jun-13 13:17:06

Re: lavanderia

If you go on their Facebook page, they give you the name of their products!! You can also have a Xmas hamper if you would like one... Although not sure it could be feasible, given the delivery costs.....

CJCregg Sun 23-Jun-13 15:02:44

I can't believe they have a Facebook page shock grin

Lake, do you like in the UK now? I think it's difficult for anyone who lives in a touristy area - we used to go to North Wales when I was a child, when the tourist cottages were being burned down! (We had friends there - we weren't deliberately putting ourselves in the firing line for the fun of it hmm.) It's a very difficult balance between bringing money and industry into an area, and pricing things out of the market for the locals.

I have loved Italy ever since I went on a school trip to Lucca when I was doing my O' Level Italian. Unfortunately my Italian hasn't improved much since then ... but every time I go, I fall in love with it again. I love the people, the language, the climate ... I know it must be different living there, compared to a brief holiday, but it's still a dream that one day I might actually be there for longer than two weeks.

Yes, locals being priced out by second homes market is pretty common everywhere (think Cornwall!)

Also, at least Tuscany has attracted rich tourism, from the UK, Germany etc... Think of how some bits of coast in Spain have been devastated by mass tourism.

But yes, Italy has a problem of low salaries, depressingly so.

On the other hand, despite the crisis, the impotence of our politicians, the malaise, the rudeness etc, there are still sparks of enthusiasm and need to be together, which is not to be underestimated.

And today we have perfect weather, even here in Milan grin

Bananagio Mon 24-Jun-13 18:19:31

So 7 years for our orange friend..... or not as the case may be. Poor Berlusca those commie judges are at him again grin, couldnt be happening to a nicer chap. So no doubt we will have to suffer the odious Santanche doing the rounds on the TV shows protesting his innocence (again) as that seems to be her full time job at the moment.
Agree re local houses but does seem to be an issue anywhere that is picturesque! So much of the South West now just seems to be London-at -the-weekends from what I can gather. Not an issue I will ever have to face however as unless my lottery comes in the chances of ever buying in Rome are below zero for us!

Rosa Mon 24-Jun-13 19:12:38

I was wondering who would be first .. Dh says heprobably won't go down because of his age.... But does that mean he will be confined to his villa? Poor chap. Love the fact he cannot toy in politics anymore. However I guess we now expect tears , woe is me and all the other crap. So Alfano how does it feel to have a best mate as a criminal...or is this not enough proof for you????

Yes, poor chap. He's been living in poverty and marginalization for so many years.... Boooooohoooo

grin grin grin

Bananagio Mon 24-Jun-13 19:48:48

As well as being the most persecuted man in history grin.

Rosa Mon 24-Jun-13 21:19:39

I wonder if it will be on Canale 5 domani mattina I might even watch just to see what they say.......

Oh lol, they said pretty much EVERYTHING!

LakeDistrictBabe Tue 25-Jun-13 16:09:22

Franca, some bits of Tuscany have been destroyed by mass tourism unfortunately... when I was very little we used to go in places that have now disappeared... so yes, Tuscany is down the same road... But it is not tourists' fault though, it is the locals'... they enjoyed exploiting the tourism until it became too much... And now whole generations from Siena and Grosseto have to settle even 50 miles far from where they work...

CJ, well I live in England now... used to live on the North Sea, in front of Orkney... didn't like it much there, for many reasons...
And I hope you can realise your dream, although I just went the other way around, my dream was to live very far from Tuscany... but alas, I have no time machine so it was useless to stay in a place I didn't like anymore. Trust me that Tuscany really changed in the last 40 years and Tuscans can't bring it back. So I guess better to live elsewhere. At least here I don't have to buy a new car every 2 years because of some insane environmental regulation or with the springs gone after one year because of 'buche'.

Mmm.. ladies, is anyone here believing that Mr. B. will go to jail? hmm When is there the appeal?

Yes, but you haven't seen Benidorm!

I am trying to buy tickets for Matilda the musical with no success, and I am getting frustrated... grrrrrr

Hi everyone. I sometimes lurk on this thread because I have days where I wish we lived in Italy. Very interesting points made about mass tourism and the reality of living in Italy. We have a holiday home in Abruzzo, which is still unspoilt as a region and properties are cheap. Some of the locals are perfectly happy with a slow life with less money, but others are desperate for tourism to pick up. I can see both sides. Another point our Italian friends make is they don't mind people like us who spend and mix locally, but they clearly don't like one or two British families with big villas a few miles from ours, who have money, but are rude, patronising and condescending to locals.

Hello Abruzzen (love your name grin), where do you have your home, seaside or mountains? Abruzzo is lovely, though I haven't been in years (and I mean around 25!).

I agree that developing a strong tourist sector has its pro and cons. Certainly, there are many areas in Italy where tourism could flourish if they were more organised, but I am not 100% that tourism is the only answer to recover our economic system.

At the end I had to ring the box office to book our tickets. We are going to see Matilda in London, I am so excited!

Hi Franca. smile It's in Chieti province in the mountains, just before you enter the village of Roccamontepiano. Certainly just our little village spends a fortune of fireworks for the Festa di Madonna so I can see where some money disappears! Abruzzo does have so much to offer, but people just want Tuscany sadly.

Oh, when little village stop spending money for the fireworks, it'll be a sad day! I love feste di paese!

I know, it is a beautiful region. Actually, I've been wanting to visit that part of Italy for yrs now.


It was DS1's introduction to fireworks and they're so good that the local displays in England don't cut the mustard on Bonfire Night!

We absolutely adore Como, but after a year looking we couldn't afford a holiday home there and ended up in Abruzzo. However, the Abbruzese are such warm, generous people we feel very lucky and things happen for a reason.

I notice you live in Milan. I went in 2002 and loved it. We ate in some fabulous places, thankfully where locals eat so we didn't end up in touristy places. Our fav was called La Risacca. A lot of Milanese visit our part of Abruzzo in the Summer and rave about the ricotta! I don't blame them, I could almost eat a whole one!

Yes, the area around lake Come is stunning but very expensive. I like the lakes, my fav is Lago Maggiore, where I used to go when I was v. young.

La risacca is a famous restaurant, but I don't think I've ever been. It's quite expensive to eat out in Milan, but there are some hidden gems.

LakeDistrictBabe Wed 26-Jun-13 17:59:01

@Franca, LOL of all places in Spain I've been, Benidorm is one... I have a Spanish friend living nearby and I didn't find it so horrible, mind was a few years ago so I don't know what's happened in the last 11-12 years...

Hello LittleAbruzzer, you're perfectly right!! I would love to visit Abruzzo, it is so underestimated... and in my opinion (from the pictures, at least), in some parts it is even better than Tuscany... unfortunately there are touristic trends everywhere (like people travelling half of the planet to get to the Highlands of Scotland... hmm) and the tourism flourishes in another areas.
One of my favorite regions in Italy is Umbria and also Emilia-Romagna near the Appennines... It is even laughable that foreigners kept buying houses at higher prices on the Tuscan side of the Appenines while it was cheaper on the other side and it is the same landscape :D

Franca, pardon my ignorance... but I've never heard of Matilda... glad you got the tickets though! flowers

It's a book by R. Dahl, which has been made into a movie and then into a musical which is said to be fab.

I agree. I love the countryside in le Marche, though i think it's been discovered now by foreign tourists.

Hi LakeDistrict. Le Marche has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Italy has so much to offer. Many people only think of Sorrento, Siena and Lake Garda after the cities. They don't realise there are other towns and lakes. Has anyone been to Puglia or further South? The farthest south I have been is Vasto in Abruzzo.

Yes, I have Abruzzen. I love the South of Italy. I have been to Puglia twice, Campania, and Sicily, which I know quite well, and where we holiday regularly (in the Aeolian islands).

I know le marche well because my paternal grandmother was machigiana and I used to spend part of the long summer holidays at hers.

Bananagio Wed 26-Jun-13 21:01:10

Love Puglia, lived there for a year many years ago pre dp and loved it so much. Also love le marche. There are so many magical places here.
Went to Benidorm for a day as part of a girls holiday many moons ago and never again. The volume of concrete highrises next to the beach was horrendous. And we were there out of season as well so didnt see it at its worse. Do love Spain though and there is so much beauty there, just seems to be so many places my fellow Brits have touched there that have been ruined. Dont think there is a Benidorm or Torremelinos (sp?) equivalent here in italy yet?
Jealous re Matilda Franca. Do love a bit of R Dahl.
England on friday for me and can already taste the chinese food am planning to get this weekend as takeaway.

I left my heart in Northern Spain, what a wonderful place!

Oh so you're off Gio! Have a lovely time and enjoy the take away! (mind you, I discovered a chinese restaurant here in milan that is delicious)

I can't wait to go to the Uk, I miss it quite a lot!

Buone vacanze Gio (have you seen Marino's giunta? It looks good, I hope he makes some changes)

Rosa Thu 27-Jun-13 18:12:50

Its not warm IMO about 16/17 here and I have a huge cold ..I hope it goes before the weekend as I want to party!!!! Flight (s) up were fine , both full- strange for a Tuesday but dds behaved and fell asleep on the second leg !!!!
I have never been to Benidorm , managed Nerja and then the Canaries and some areas there are concrete and not my cuppa.
Love Abruzzo , not seen as much as I would like to but what I have seen I liked. Am a fan of Le Marche though lived on the coast for a season and liked the small hill tops inland. All round fave for me is Southern Tuscany on the Umbrian border but I am biased as have people there I adore and would go at a drop of a hat.
Going for a bracing walk on the beach domani to try and clear this cold aerosols here!!!!
Chinese next week when the cold has gone and I get my taste buds back!!!!

I think because there isn't an abundance of ex-pats, english-speakers, food etc this has kept Italy safe from being Benidormed!

Yes, I think you are right Abruzzen grin! are you spending August in Itly?

Rosa, glad to hear you arrived smoothly. It is not warm here either. We had a big storm (think monsoons) and now it must be around 18 degrees. We went out for pizza with friends and I wore a wool jumper!

Enjoy yourself in good old England!

I used to get these amazing medicines when I had one of my 1.000 colds in the Uk, contact 400 I think it was called, not sure if it's still available

Rosa Thu 27-Jun-13 21:37:49

I have some Boots decongestant tablets but am contemplating using Dds doricum drops in my nose right now!!!!!
There are some eyesors or is it eyesores in some beach resorts in italy. jesolo have thankfully knocked a few down and making the place more presentable.Some Rivieras need to do the same !!
Yes DH said it was a bit cooler today as well and apparently its been snowing in the alps!!!!

Rosa Thu 27-Jun-13 21:42:47

Abb bear. When I worked in Chianti donkeys years ago ( like about 22) when Greve was Greve in Chianti and not Greve in Berkshire I recall seeing a solitary box of british tea bags in the deli in the square ... I grabbed it and when I paid the man apologised for the cost he had got them as some British people had joked that Italan tea was naff ...this I have to agree. However it had cost him a fortune to buy and he had to by 5 minimum. It was only about 4 or 5,000 lire . I returned 10 years later and he had tea, kellogs , digestives etc etc...his proscuitto was still pretty good though!!!!

Oh gosh yes, some bits of the Italian coast have been totally ruined by the speculazione edilizia, sadly. italians are perfectly capable of ruining their own landscapes sad without no one else's intervention. Depressing.

Yes, it has snowed! Friends of ours wanted to go to the mountains but they were told it was 8 degrees!

I can't stand italian tea, what's its name, te' infre'

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 30-Jun-13 16:20:00

LittleAbruzzen, province of Siena is full of so many British expats that it is easier to hear someone speaking Italian in UK than there LOL

The fact that much of the landscape is not ruined yet is that many buildings and landscapes are protected, many buildings are listed, and you can't build 'eyesores' on the Tuscan coast.
One of the few reasons why the skyscraper in Follonica is constantly under the fire because they wanted to bring it down....

I never tasted the Italian tea... thank God! smile My mum always bought the earl grey all her life so I've been brought up with that and never changed it

Rosa, where are you going in UK? Which area?

Only 13 days and then I will say bye bye... I'll come back at the end of August ladies brew

LakeDistrictBabe Sun 30-Jun-13 16:22:21

@Rosa, you already arrived!! And it is quite cold now too sad
So sorry!
Last week we had two wonderful days, hope you could enjoy a bit of sunshine when you arrived!

Bananagio Sun 30-Jun-13 19:35:11

Italy is to tea what England is to coffee - ie should just leave alone. I take a stock of PG tips back every time I go and visitors are expected to add to my stock. Weak, dishwater tea is my idea of hell, needs to be a builders brew - strong, sugar and milk.
In the UK, overcast but so far dry. Where are you off to Lake? Hate that skyscraper in Follonica- is such an eyesore. Lucky that isnt the norm.

We're going over at the end of July for two and a half weeks Franca. Cannot wait!

I can only find that Lipton's tea in Italy. Hideous stuff. We do love coffee, but sometimes only tea will do and like banana, I like my tea strong!

We arrived in Paris this afternoon and it was hotter than Milan!
Yesterday we had a lovely day in Milan going for a long walk and we saw the gay pride which was fun and the new skyscrapers, which are quite cool.

I hink Lake is going to Germany, no?

Abruzzen, not long now! I always ask people to bring me pg tips from the uk or i buy twinings Breakfast tea.

Tomorrow, I will take the dc to see la tour eiffel

Enjoy Paris Franca. I love Paris, sigh.....

LakeDistrictBabe Mon 01-Jul-13 11:41:14

Yeah off to Germany in 14 days... It is for a training, not a holiday so ugh... sightseeing time will be very limited... Hope to visit Berlin and Hannover though... never been to Germany before...

I love Paris!! I lived there for a while, such a magic place... but it was years ago, so who knows now...

Rosa Mon 01-Jul-13 11:46:33

Its not hot in the west country FGS..... Blazing in London. have a wonderful time in Paris.. Haven't been since my youth. DH is not that keen on the French he isn't keen on Southern Italy ..but he has never been!!! ( Arrggghhh)well at least its not raining .....yet. Had a great party at the weekend and I loved my dress even though a friend on Fb asked me if it was for Carnevale.... Now we have to concentrate on the GPs and I am doing a deep clean of the house to help. The oven scares me and they don't like the Lakeland cleaner so think it will be elbow grease and steamer. i should have brought my Marsiglia Chant eclair stuff!!!!
Germany - have fun and drink lots of beer!!!

Perfect temperature here in Paris, but rain is forecasted for tomorrow and drop of temp.

grin, I always take the chante claire with me!

Rosa, wow a big party! I bet you had a grat time!

Rosa Wed 03-Jul-13 17:56:57

Party was great ...Made me realise how much I miss dancing ...But it was a family atmposphere so music was all fun stuff.
Took the girls to a bird/ animal park today been every year since they were small ...really had a lovely day , fed animals, stroked penguins, watched bird flying shows and then there was a huge indoor play area . They both went down a death drop slide even minirosa age4!!!!! Weather is due to get better next week so planning beach,beach, and beach I guess.

That's my kind of party!
I hope the weather improves and you can have lovely dys t the beach!

Can the dc travel o the uk with just the carta d'identita'?
I cant rmember!

Rosa Thu 04-Jul-13 12:22:51

Yes but you need the birth certificate in lungo that you get from the comune to go with it it is in several languages - mine are always checked going out of Italy and on arrival in the UK.

Hi to all! I am envious/sad as DH is off to our house for three days tomorrow. He is strimming the land, gardening and doing some maintenance to get it ready for our arrival in a two and a half week's time. At least the weather is reasonable here so will be slightly less painful.

I will take the passports then!

Buon viaggio to your dh, Abruzzen. I've just read good weather is expected in the Uk for next week, I am sure it will be lovely.
I saw a Marks and Spencer today in Paris, but i will wait until we are in the uk!

Hope you're enjoying Paris Franca?

Rosa Fri 05-Jul-13 20:25:11

Beach today ,domani and Sunday then we might have to shop for more picnic stuff..... Finalmente is all I can say!!! Rather your dh than me ..Mind you I did cut the grass this afternoon.

That's great Rosa! There is nothing like a sunny beach day on the south west coast!

Abruzzen, we are having a great time, such a beautiful city, especially at this time of the year. We are going to Versailles tomorrow.

I haven't been to Versailles since I was fourteen, on a French exchange. I'm jealous, again! Let us know how you get on, have a super day. smile

Rosa Sat 06-Jul-13 20:44:22

I was about 14 when I went as well... Beautiful outside but I can't remember inside for the life of me!!!!
Dds exhausted today but it was a lovely day!!!

The outside is just wonderful, we rented bycicles and we cycled far from the crowd... We loved it!
The indide (which dd really wanted to see because she saw the japanese cartoon/manga Lady Oscar) is obviously grand, but a nightmare as there are millions of people (and we rescued a little child who had lost his mother).
Dd was a bit disappointed because she hoped to see furniture and bits and pieces from Marie Antoinette era, but even if they were there we wouldn't have enjoyed them because of the amount of people.
Tomorow is our last day. Hope all is well with you and that you are making the most of lovely weather.

Rosa Sun 07-Jul-13 09:18:16

You k ow I have this feeling we never went in...... Yes another lovely day I hope it lasts beach then home for the Wimbledon final - plus the dds want to play with the water slide... seeing as after a week of sun the Uk goes on a hosepipe ban best do it now!!!!
Enjoy your last day in gay Paris..

That sounds lovely. Well done for rescueing the child, how terrifying for them with all those people. I do remember the hall of mirrors and Marie Antoinette's bed-chamber (tiddly bed!), but I also remember escaping the masses of people in the beautiful grounds too!

It was a very hot day here too (i read it's really warm inthe uk too, i hope it won't rain when we get there :-D) and we spent it at the Parc de la villette and then we had a beer with a friend. Tonight we found a great indian restaurant, so it went well grin

Congrats for winning Wimbledon!

Also, what's the gossip on the royal baby? Any day now!

Quiet at the moment on royal baby front, but yes, anytime soon....

Sounds like you're having a lovely time. grin

Yes, we did have a lovely time, what a great city!

Oh I hope she/he arives when we are in the uk, i am going to buy every magazine and newspaper grin.

Rosa Fri 12-Jul-13 20:17:43

Another lovely beach day.. it really is wonderful and I hope it lasts for DH..staying away from the news re baby etc as honestly really don't give a monkeys..wish her well obviously ma dopo basta!!!!!

Awwww how lovely! Have a great time Rosa!
We spent the week vegetating at home, as ds was poorly with a bit of temp and diarrea. But it was all right. Plus, it's hot but reasonable.
I am looking forward to going to London.

Bananagio Mon 15-Jul-13 18:09:27

how hot in the UK! It's a miracle! Are you still over Rosa? What about you Franca - in London yet?

Just hold it until we arrive!
We are coming on Saturday Gio!

Rosa Thu 18-Jul-13 08:25:46

Yes still here loving it. DH arriving today for the last week/ 10 days and to be honest I would happily give up my month at the spiaggia at home for another month of this its just lovely. Also managed to spend some quality time with an old friend and we went to see Priscilla queen of the dessert atthe theatre it might be touring Italy and I would love to see it again. Mind you whether the quips/ one liners would work I don't know. I have not laughed so much in a long time !!!! Well sunny again the dds are saying 'not the beach again' !!!!!!!

I agree Rosa, few things beat England when it's sunny and warm! Have a great time with dh.

I think that Priscilla the Musical has been going on for a while here in Milan. I am not usually a great fan of Musicals, but I can't wait to go see Matilda in London, I saw bits on youtube and it's wonderful.

I will go and check the weather forecast in London. I hope the heatwave lasts for another few days grin

Rosa Thu 18-Jul-13 15:32:43

Friends went to Matildia and said it was really good.....enjoy !!!

Ah, good to hear this, we are really looking forward to it.

I remember I loved Priscilla the first time I saw it, great movie.

CJCregg Tue 23-Jul-13 12:09:51

Buon giorno, ladies - I'm back grin.

Washing powder update:

I made a pilgrimage to Follonica (it was as lovely as ever) and dragged my bewildered children to the lavanderia. Spoke to the owner in my very dreadful Italian and I think established that the washing powder/liquid is called Biosan 100. It's the stuff that's automatically in the machines. I'm hoping I got away with being An Eccentric Brit.

I haven't been able to find it anywhere, not even on the internet. I even asked a nice woman in a toy shop (child bribes to make up for launderette visits) if there was somewhere I could buy washing products and it had just closed. We had to get the bus back, so I gave up.

There are now at least three people in Follonica who must think I'm bonkers, and I still haven't found the stuff I'm looking for. sad

But we had an amazing holiday and Castiglione was wonderful. No washing powder, but the best gelateria I've ever been too ...

Rosa Sun 28-Jul-13 08:18:56

Clegg - yep I reckon they will think you are bonkers!!!!!! I have not heard of that make I wonder if its industrial or something.. However I will inspect further on my return next week. I really really do not want to back next week in the heat I am dreading it.....actually its the getting the stuff to the car for saturday .Envisage just getting hot , sticky and grumpy- and thats just the dds...

CJCregg Mon 29-Jul-13 22:47:35

Hi Rosa grin

I think it might be industrial sad. I forgot that the machines in Italy have the washing powder/liquid pre-loaded, so you can't buy a packet. I don't even know a) if Biosan 100 is the one that's in the machines (very bad Italian) or b) if that's what was being used in that particular lavanderia four years ago.

I am, officially, getting way too involved in this quest.

Bananagio Sun 04-Aug-13 19:17:10

Glad you posted you had been cj. I am in follonica now and was planning a trip to the centre to the launderette. Can you imagine what they would think if another Brit went there enquiring re their soap in a matter of weeks from the first!
Are you back now Rosa? Where are you Franca? Is anyone around to hear my cry of - civil war! What the actual fuck! Did you see that lunatic on the balcony earlier as if he were the Pope!

alexpolismum Tue 13-Aug-13 15:06:26

Can anyone from this thread help me out re driving in Italy??

Ciao tutti!

I have just returned from two and a half weeks in Abruzzo and missing the Festa San Rocca this week so feeling a bit sad

How is everyone?

Rosa Thu 15-Aug-13 14:16:32

Dds asked if the man waving like the pope was MrTwat ( oppps) we are in Cavallino ...Buon Ferragosto . Dh working so I am not sunning myself and reading ( lovely breeze just perfect) but am in the flat whilst the dds snooze ...some fireworks tonight but massive ones next week ' beach on fire' . Have family invasion tom arrggghhh and dh got his tax bill so I think our few days in the moutains start if sept might be an idea of the past!!!

Ciao tutti! Hope you'll all be back on here again soon. I've been home for a fortnight and miss Italy like crazy so have to live through you all! sad

chiara32mutandone Tue 27-Aug-13 21:38:05

Hiya there,

I'm Chiara, (Italian!), 32 and live in Guildford with DP and 3 year old DD. 10 weeks pregnant with DC No. 2 and getting married very soon too!

We're 'trying' to raise DD bilingual as DP is British.

Hope to speak to you all soon!


LakeDistrictBabe Wed 28-Aug-13 12:31:01

I'm back from Germany after nearly 2 months and I'll never set foot there again... Aaaaaahhhhhh I'll come back when I calm down......
Hope you're all well x

Hello everybody,
I hope all is well with you all. We came back from Greece 2 days ago and now I am fighting with the laundry... If only I had cJ's washing powder :-D...


Bananagio Thu 05-Sep-13 19:33:14

Buon rientro! How is everyone? Welcome Chiara and congrats on wedding and pregnancy. Lake what was wong with Germany? Did everyone have good summers? We had a lovely time in Follonica, ds had a ball and this week am trying desperately to get back in the swing of real life...

Bananagio Thu 05-Sep-13 19:34:56

Ps Chiara where are you from in Italy (nosey)? I am a brit with italian DP and ds living in Rome.

Rosa Fri 06-Sep-13 15:57:09

Ciaoooo. france when you have surfaced from the washing come and tell us about greece as so want to go. Came back from Cavallino did 9 loads of washing and ironing apart from the sheets then blow me I packed another bag and I am now sitting on the balcony of an apartment looking at the mountains !!!!! Back on Sunday and then thats it - basta I feel very lucky as its been a wonderful summer....
Ciao Chiara come back and tell us more.
lake district babe how bad was Germany ????

Ciao Rosa!
We went to a little island in the small cyclades (see pics on my fb profile). We flew into Mykonos and took a speedy ferry, on our way back we had to spend a night in Mykonos because the ferry was too late in the afternoon to allow us to get our flight.
The island is called koufonissi, it is really small, just one (very nice) village and a handful of beaches. The most popular ones are sandy, but there are also lovely little coves with pebbles. There aren't many cars as tourists are discouraged to take theirs (and there is no benzianio, no idea where they get gas).
The island has become very popular with italians now, but it never really gets too busy, as there aren't many hotels etc.
It's hot, but always windy and the sea is just gorgeous, but a bit on the cold side for me grin. It's been a lovely holiday, we went with friends.

Have to say that after 2 weeks of peace and quiet, Mykonos was a big shock. Lots of traffic and the beach near our hotel wastoo packed with ombrelloni etc.

Off to stendere!!!

Annunziata Sat 07-Sep-13 23:25:07

Ciao a tutti, do you mind if I lurk a little? Watching il giovane Montalbano and missing Italy so badly!

Bananagio Sun 08-Sep-13 08:37:25

Ciao Annunziata and welcome. Where are you from?
Rosa your summer sounds lovely. Franca your pics look like heaven! Hows the washing and ironing coming on? I have been sooo lazy this weekend.loads to do in house and done nothing! Yesterday for lunch we had take out pomodori con riso and take out pizza in evening! And i spent most of yesterday watching crap tv on netflix. Have to pull finger out but first another caffè beckons.....

OK, first thing first: How did you get Netflix here in Italy???

Ciao Annunziata how are things? Nice to see you!

Gio, well done for being lazy... we have to gather our strengths before the beginning of school, don't we? aaaaah brew!

I am almost done with the washing and I am also enjoying a few hrs of freedom, having sent the rest of the family to the inlaws... which gave me the time to tidy up but mostly lazying around and enjoying the silence!
A storm is brewing here, I feel nostalgic of England, and I think I will roast some aubergines. So that's my Sunday.

What are you all doing today?

Bananagio Sun 08-Sep-13 11:50:03

Hi Franca remember ages we chatted on fb re VPNs - same principle basically. have a free trial at the moment and there is no way on God's earth I will ever let it go now I have it smile
Hope the storm holds off. I have convinced DP it would be a fab idea to go for lunch at Nonno's with DS and then take him to the cinema later as a final treat before school and he agreed hurrah. So my day consists of eating cereal and not moving from sofa while watching netflix yay! Next weekend I willl start doing stuff again but sometimes you just need to strike I think.
Enjoy the silence your end.

Oh yes, of course! I should really give it a try, shouldn't I!

Well, you've been amazingly clever with the nonno and cinema trick grin, have a lovely day!

Annunziata Sun 08-Sep-13 21:28:58

Buonasera a tutti.

Banana my parents are Sicilian but I was born and brought up in Scotland smile

Things are alright, thank you Franca. My sister had her baby but decided she couldn't look after her, so we are adopting her now. I am so happy being a mamma again, but it's hard. How are your lot? Your holiday sounds lovely!


Oh how lovely Annunziata, a brand new baby! I love babies! Congratulations!

Rosa Mon 09-Sep-13 09:29:16

Hi all, hi annuziata and congrats on the adoption hope it all goes well. lake district babe was in Scotland for a while ...I think she must still be suffering from germanitis as she hasn't come back yet.
Fantastic few days up in the mountains dds discovrered those adventure playgrounds that you need helmets and harness and you do this percorso in the woods really good idea it was only €5 and you could stay all day if you liked.
Needless to say surrounded by washing / ironing and caos totale.
Franca Greece sounds / looks beautiful really magical.
I am soooooo angry . just been on dds school site and saw a letter ( dated 9/9 ....) not sent by email btw just posted on the web saying that the mensa will start on 23/9 . We have a new system for the buoni all electronic and we had to fill in forms etc in June ..they have had 3 effin months to sort it all - communicate more in full with genitori etc but no,they need longer I feel so sorry for all the working parents who haven't got nonni/ babysitters who can step in.
I have yet to see if minirosa is the same ..seeing as she has the same system and the food comes from the same kitchen.
They have an incontro on Friday in the afternoon explaining the new system its the other side of the city and they have asked if we can avoid bringing children ( space reasons) wtf??????
I have suggested we send 1 genitore and the others babysit - however many should be working as its durante working hours.

Bananagio Mon 09-Sep-13 12:03:18

that is shocking Rosa. I know my friend in Follonica has the same issue - no mensa til end of Sept. She works fulltime so has had a nightmare sorting out what to do with her ds. Ridiculous! Those adventure playgrounds are fab arent they. We went a couple of times to one in the woods near Rome and ds absolutely loved it.
Annunziata what lovely news re the baby. Congratulations!

shock! That is very late! Here the mensa starts back next monday (school starts on wednesday)..., I still wonder why they can't offer the service when school starts? Boh.
Btw, ds is starting medie and he'll come back every day for lunch, at 2 o'clock. Uffa!

Parchi avventura are wonderful, mine have been a few times now, every time I want to try and then I chicken out!

Annunziata Mon 09-Sep-13 20:38:24

Grazie mille, she is blowing you all a raspberry kiss each grin

That sounds awful with the lunches, I hope it all gets sorted soon! My lot have been back at school for nearly a month now, you are so lucky to have such long holidays.

Awww, bless her! Annu, don't make me broody grin

Rosa Tue 10-Sep-13 15:46:02

noooo sloppy kisses . I can't get broody I don't have the space !
Well minirosa has lunch as normal on Monday and dd1 a week later - I am not questioning the logic.
My Gap order arrived for dd and the sweatshirt I ordered is a fleece one damm. Ok it won't go unused but she really needed a cotton tracksuit one and she really wanted GAP - my fault but I might just have to get another when they do another offer! Also her tummy is a bit tight in a shirt so thats a next size one as well!!
My ironing pile is bigger than dd1 its scary but it is going to have to wait until Thursday or Friday !

Rosa Thu 12-Sep-13 07:59:16

They have gone to school - thought I would be happy but its sooooo quiet. Might have to put Disney jnr on !!!! Also need to sort out this huge mess of a house . Maybe have a coffee then .........

Rosa, you have reminded me that I should by new winter trousers and jumpers for both my dc... everything looks small!

Yesterday it was ds first day at scuola media, I was emotionally drained at the end of the day. He is happy that he is in the same sezione as some of his friends, and it looks like he has some decent professori. Fingers crossed!
Now, I only have to get used to waking up at 6.45...

Annunziata Fri 13-Sep-13 21:00:42

Buona sera tutti! If you want to stop feeling broody, she has not slept all week....

I laughed at putting Disney jr on when you are in by yourself grin

6.45, that is an early start! Hope you got through the week okay, I think it is worse for us than it is for them, they suddenly look so young (and wait until they go to uni!)

Rosa Fri 13-Sep-13 21:45:24

Lackof sleep and 6.45 ... i can joinin. Dh went to the loo at 5 am and at 5.30 he was called to work. So the phone went off big time woke me the dds and probably the neighbours,
The other night his snoring was an all time high. Then mini rosa ( who by the way is well into being a mediarosa as she has grown so much this summer) woke and took ages to settle .
How old is she ???
If it makes you feel better minirosa started sleeping through regularly at 4.... From when I was 6 mths pg with her I diddn't know what a full nights sleep was any more..
I forgot medie start at 8 does ds have to go far ?? Does he go alone or do you have to take him?
palestra starts monday - will be hell...

Annunziata Fri 13-Sep-13 22:29:26

At least we are all sleep deprived together! She is only 6 months... I will pretend you mean 4 months and not years!

Bocca al lupo for palestra!

6 months is such a lovely age...! They usually have fractious nights when they start weaning, don't they? Fingers crossed that she soon starts to sleep a bit better!

No, school is only 10 minutes walk, but I want to have 10 mnutes for myself (drink a cup of coffee in peace) before waking him up, plus he is extremely slow in getting ready.
He walks to school with 4 other children, the plan is to let them go on their own soon, but we've been "shadowing" them these first days (first time they walked incredibly slow and were almost late, because they were too busy chatting to each other).

Argh palestra, good luck. I also have to go back into my routine.

alexpolistigers Sun 15-Sep-13 19:06:44

Ciao a tutti!

I hope you don't mind me popping in, despite not being in Italy! Think of me as an honorary Italian, as I am in Greece, and tutto il mondo e' paese, as they say!

Ciao Franca - I hope you had a good holiday on Koufonissi! I thought of you as I crossed the Adriatic!

Ciao Annunziata! How are things?

Annunziata Sun 15-Sep-13 21:53:39

Alex! Ciao lovely smile We're good, thank you! Did you enjoy your holiday?

She's at such a great age. I think she needs another few weeks before weaning though. But we were having dinner today, I was handing out plates and she just looked at me as if to say 'where's mine?!' grin

Buonasera tutti!

Hello Alex, i thought of you many times while we were in greece, we had a lovely time, Koufonissi is such a special place!
Iwas also impressed by the quality of food, the kindness, clean toilets and wifi everywhere!
What about you, how did you find Tuscany? I hope you had a great time!

Awww, Annunziata, they are so adorable when they make that face!

alexpolistigers Mon 16-Sep-13 13:02:21

I had a fabulous holiday, thankyou! It's the first time I've been to Arezzo, and I loved it! Such a green town, trees everywhere, beautiful park, the centro istorico... Sigh!

I had some lovely food, too, especially the pesce spada al vesuvio, simply delicious! And I've managed to come home with a few kilos of pasta artigianale, schiacciata con l'uva, Tuscan wine and other bits and pieces!

So glad you enjoyed Koufonissi, Franca. It seems funny to think of it having wifi everywhere, you tend to think of places like that as being off the beaten track and somehow behind the times, so it just goes to show!

Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday and yes, food can be amazing in Tuscany!

Yes, Koufonissi is perfectly 21st century: wifi and very little cars. What's not to like?

Rosa Mon 16-Sep-13 21:38:19

Hi Alex... I love thatpart of Tuscany only been inArezzo citta in the winter though.
back from the gym . i thought in the 1st 15 mins I was going to die though!!! back on Thursday for round 2 hope it gets better!!!

I am going to my first yoga class tomorrow, really looking forward to it.

Alex, I am already missing our little island... it is starting to cool down here, and I want more summer!