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100years Mon 16-Apr-12 16:17:11

Well what happens now? grin

Old thread

minipie Mon 16-Apr-12 16:38:29

Marking my place! thanks for starting the new thread

Quodlibet Mon 16-Apr-12 17:12:31

Haha, well done 100.

Let's see if we can get the 3 remaining updiffs sorted on this thread (and of course 100 started on Round 2!)

bebejones Mon 16-Apr-12 18:30:37

Oooooooooooooooooooh Shiney!! grin

<Finds comfy corner, gets settled for the duration>

Oh please let this by my thread - at least to start TTC if not to succeed!

minipie Mon 16-Apr-12 20:04:32

damn right harpie this IS going to be your TTC thread whether your DH knows it or not

sorry, I seem to be morphing into your MIL grin

Careful Minipie it's not all just crazy TTC talk, you'd also have to clean my flat every week after I've cleaned it first obviously!

How is everyone this morning? I had such a weird night I kept waking up - I had such a convincing dream that I was pg that I kept thinking I should test! (completely wrong time of month, so didn't!) The whole business is really pressing on my mind since the conversation with MIL.

bebejones Tue 17-Apr-12 09:59:20

Harpie - any chance your MIL can put some gentle pressure on your DH? I know my mum is way too chicken to pressure my DH, wish she would though! How on earth did you explain to her why you couldn't trick him?!

I'd like to think that this would be my TTC thread too, somehow I seriously doubt it! sad

minipie Tue 17-Apr-12 11:59:47

Ah, ok well in that case I am definitely not your MIL - cleaning is not my strong suit!

but... seriously? Your MIL cleans your flat for you? I can't decide whether that is amazing, or slightly stalkery. What do you think?

bebe I am hoping for a MURCOM from your DH's direction too! get DD to pester him grin

Quodlibet Tue 17-Apr-12 13:41:01

<thinks how clean flat would be if anyone MIL cleaned it once a week>

Harpie I find it pretty mindboggling too I've got to say...why does she do it?

Bebe I didn't, I just kept saying it wasn't possible, she kept assuring me it was! You could tell she was not impressed by my defeatist attitude! Well you see MIL, it would involve me having to fake and hide periods to disguise where I am in my cycle, persuade your son to DTD for no apparent reason on random weekday nights, quite out of character - and let me tell you now he would not be up for that - and keep at the whole mad charade for as long as it took to get a BFP, hopefully without me losing my mind in the process. And then deal with the fallout.

MIL does not know the meaning of the word subtle she has been blatantly nagging him for ages, which just makes him furious.

She cleans the flat by arrangement with DH, who sees it as a win win solution as the flat is clean and he is able to put some extra cash her way. I hate the arrangement and feel I have to pre-clean before she gets here, and also hide anything I don't want her to see. It's nice having a clean flat and it's good that MIL gets some extra money but I'd rather have someone I don't know.

Quodlibet Tue 17-Apr-12 15:40:56

Oh OK that makes more sense than her cleaning it just for the crack. My cousin has a Greek MIL who will come round and do passive-aggressive cleaning just to show her up as slovenly. Cleaning in Greece is like a competitive sport though it seems to me.

How strange my (male) Greek housemate at Uni almost never did any housework. None of us did! blush

Quodlibet Tue 17-Apr-12 22:03:07

No the Greek men don't do ANY housework! Don't be ridiculous! Their mums/wives do it all for them.

bebejones Tue 17-Apr-12 22:40:19

I'm fairly certain my MIL would like to come and clean my house just to show me up! I'm sure she thinks I'm a crap wife (to be fair I am pretty rubbish at housework) but in my opinion if she had bothered to teach her son to clean up and do the washing or hoover, the house would be a whole lot tidier! DH is such a slob!!! angry wink

And she isn't even Greek!!! grin

No excuse then! Just don't mention his lack of domestic skills anywhere else on MN Bebe, or they'll send round someone from Women's Aid! grin

16 days till TBT - can you believe it??!!

bebejones Wed 18-Apr-12 10:54:57

grin I make him sound awful....he's not, but I do wish he would pick up after himself! (God, that makes it sound like I'm his mother!!)

Cannot believe TBT is SO close! That has come around so fast, are you excited?! It'll be amazing!

There's more - we can start TTC from 8 May*. That's 20 days from now!

*FOF permitting of course!

Correction - from date of first AF after 8 May.

minipie Wed 18-Apr-12 16:22:52

Oooer! So you might, conceivably*, come back from TBT with a BFP...?

<sends elephants off to California, armed with pg tests>

*pun intended

Well we are back on 21 May which would be CD14 if CD1 was on 8 May - but it won't be.

minipie Wed 18-Apr-12 17:17:05

Ah ok, thought you were away for a month or something. though even then that would mean end of trip was too early for a BFP ... you'd think after 11 months TTCing I'd have worked out this cycle thing wouldn't you <slaps forehead>

<packs Gruffalo off to California instead, just in case>

Hmm wonder if I can hock the Gruffalo to Paris Hilton in LA... <imagines Gruffalo in holdall with diamanté collar>

How's mini bean?

Can you get your OH to sign some kind of legally binding baby making contract LWH, while he is in this positive mood?

Also could you sit him down and tell him that every other time he has agreed to TTC from a date in the future he has changed his mind causing untold grief so he had better mean it this time?

(Or a group of women you know from the Internet may form a picket line around the flat chanting "Up the Duff! Up the Duff! Get LWH Up the Duff!)

bebejones Wed 18-Apr-12 20:29:14

Reckon the Gruffalo would look fab with some bling on! grin

How exciting that TTC is also so close Harpie! Fingers firmly crossed that the FOF doesn't rear it's ugly head again!

Mini, how are you doing? Hope everything is going ok!

I have food remorse sad Just scoffed a load of Thorntons mini caramel shortcakes, they are sooooooooooooooo good, but I'm trying really hard not to think how many calories I just consumed. I really need to lose some weight again sad Have been off the exercise coz of the back problem & been a bit 'laid back' with my eating habits! Bit angry with myself, but finding it hard to get my head back in the game IYKWIM? Time to start getting in 'baby shape' in case DH has his long overdue MURCOM!

Quodlibet Wed 18-Apr-12 21:44:07

Harpie, that's really exciting! When will CD 1 be do you think? Does it mean that you get to have a low-pressure first cycle, getting used to the no-contraception headspin while youre on a great holiday? Starting to TTC on holiday would be a really nice way to ease in to it in my opinion.

minipie Thu 19-Apr-12 11:08:32

yes, when will CD1 be (and therefore when will POAS time be) harpie? <opens diary, licks pencil>

I agree that starting on holiday is a Good Thing. Perfect time to be having lots of sex without it being so obviously for baby making purposes, iyswim. And therefore less likely to scare off DH.

bebe I think eating what you want every now and then is good for the soul...

thanks for the enquiries about the bean. I am a bit worried tbh because I have very few symptoms (sore boobs seem to be going, no nausea, just tired). Also I had another tiny bleed a couple of days ago. Going for (another blush) early scan next Tuesday so hopefully will see a heartbeat then <crosses everything> and get reassured.

Quod how are you doing? how are you finding the ttcing... ?

100years Thu 19-Apr-12 12:33:02

Oh crap, I started the thread and haven't contributed anything to it since!

Woohoo for TBT coming very soon, I agree we need to know when CD1 is so we can cheer on at the appropriate (mid cycle) points smile

Mini, I hope all is ok, I know of people who only knew they were pg because of the lack of period, some people just get no symptoms at all (lucky beggars)

Bebe, just relax about the food thing, eating what you fancy every so often is good for you.

Another BFN for me this morning, still no AF, but grumpiness is winning over all else, so it could possibly be PMT I'm suffering from. Bums sad We'll see what happens

E is still not sleeping well, must have been co-incidence that I had a few good nights, just going to accept this is how it is, instead of hoping she will sleep, at least the. I won't be quite as disappointed if I'm up 4 or 5 times.

bebejones Thu 19-Apr-12 13:27:40

Mini - try not to fret (easier said than done), I had several friends who had no nausea at all! envy Also, other than a missed period I had no other symptoms at all (until the morning noon & night sickness hit at around 6-7 weeks) I never got sore boobs, and until I got sick I wasn't even that tired. <hugs> hope the scan is ok x

100 - sorry to hear you have had a crappy night sad But looking at your gorgeous girly smiling (seen the FB pics) must make up for it, a little bit!

I'd like to think it's just 'eating what I fancy' but unfortunately I'm not one of those people that can do that, sad if I even sniff chocolate or cake it seems to go straight on my thighs & belly!!! hmm

minipie Thu 19-Apr-12 13:49:54

aw thanks for the reassurance bebe and 100, much appreciated. <weeps a little> <notes "weepiness" as potential pg symptom> I am an olympic gold medallist when it comes to worrying, I know I should really just be patient and calm down!

100 sorry E is not a miracle sleeper (on the other hand, my mum always said it's the most interesting babies which don't sleep as well smile)

Quodlibet Fri 20-Apr-12 09:34:47

Minipie my sis had no nausea until about 8 weeks. I've also got several friends who had early bleeds and all fine, from what I understand it's really common. Hope you can stop worrying (easier said than done I know) and that the scan on Tues is reassuring.

We've put a hold on TTC for a couple of months until my mammoth work mountain is over. No TTC this cycle or next, and then I think we'll start back at it in June. TBH I'm quite liking having a break looking forward to NOT having a 2WW! I find it uses so much of my mental energy.

RIGHT I've got to get off MN - have to finish my chapter today, it's already overdue. I'll feel so much relief once it's done so time to knuckle down.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 09:45:04

Bebe and mini, she more than makes up for the lack of sleep, I'm just a teeny bit frazzled with the need for a big chunk of sleep and not getting it. But it's all worth it. grin

Mini, the first 12 weeks are tough waiting and not knowing. Don't worry about worrying.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 09:47:18

Yep 2ww sucks Quod! I'm still in mine!!! Only it's lasting a lot longer than 2 weeks. Good luck and get cracking on that work now. Oh and June will be here before you know it. Mores the pity for me(closer to the end of mat leave)

Strawberry I love the idea of a contract! It will have many appendices and very punitive breach provisions! I don't think DH accepts that he has ever reneged on a TTC commitment or made one for that matter, so the sitting him down plan won't work. The chanting might! grin

*Bebe I think we all know it definitely will. DH won't go willingly I just know it! Even after we agree in principle to TTC actually getting him to do it will be another matter. You could still pip me to the post if your DH has his MURCOM. I can't believe how long you and I have been having this conversation for now! We are like two lovely old stuck records!

DH and I have got the Myfitnesspal app and we've been tracking our calorie intake and exercise. It's really working for DH who's using it to lose weight. I'm sticking to a sensible number of calories but just aiming to eat healthy really. What with impending TTC and all...

Quod we almost never use contraception these days. If I were a bit younger and getting of wasn't so hit and miss we would probably have an accident eventually. Unfortunately I don't think we're good accident candidates. Not sure when CD1 will be, about 16 May maybe. Which is actually perfect timing from my POV. If you are taking a break until June we can be TTC buddies.

Quodlibet Fri 20-Apr-12 19:22:13

Hurrah for TTC buddies!
Surely the Shag Dictator will not be going on holiday though?
I have a feeling that June TTC will be no mean feat - DP is away such a lot over the next months. He's currently going to 7 different countries in the next 2 months (on top of near continuous traipsing all over the UK)! My borrowed whippet went home yesterday and the house feels really empty as a result sad

Mini I can well understand why you are so worried but you must have read as many threads as I have saying worried about spotting, light bleeding etc and it is almost always absolutely fine in fact I would go as far as to say it is a normal sign of early pg. Can't wait to see your scan photos after Tuesday - are you having dildo cam seeing as it is so early? grin

That's quite good timing in terms of your own commitments I suppose. Who is the shag dictator?!

100years sorry to hear about BFN. Still everything to play for though. How hopeful are you? Surely the only thing worse than 2ww is indefinitew. Maybe frazzled is a sign? grin

bebejones Fri 20-Apr-12 21:41:28

Well, today started well (DD got offered our 1st choice of school) but it steadily went downhill! She has been such hardwork today. I am feeling mentally & physically exhausted sad Toddlers are no walk in the park! (Or at least mine isn't!!) <sigh> It's no wonder our neighbours don't speak to us anymore! Going by the screaming & hysterical wailing at bedtime anyone would have thought I'd beat her senseless! In reality, she wanted DH to take her to the toilet & I took her instead = TOTAL MELTDOWN!! hmm

Harpie/Quod - Is the Shag dictator the persona monitor? Or have I misunderstood?

100 - Are you planning a retest at some point if AF doesn't show up?

I know I ought to do better 'personals' but my brain is feeling completely mushy! Shall try & be a better WIIT over the weekend. smile

Bebe I am just as puzzled as you re shag dictator. I guess must be Persona monitor as you say. Indeed it will not be vacationing with us!

Sounds like you had a hard day. Actually makes my day from hell sound easy! <rethinks breeding plans>

Quodlibet Fri 20-Apr-12 22:52:58

Yes sorry that is what I meant!

Oh dear Bebe, that does sound testing. I don't know where I am going to summon all the necessary patience from for that kind of parenting shenanigans...

bebejones Fri 20-Apr-12 23:07:07

Quod I have no patience when it comes to that kind of thing either! This might sound a bit gloaty but DD is very clever and it's very easy to forget that she's only 3! She can argue back in a semi rational fashion and you can mostly hold a very decent conversation with her. But unfortunately she is quite highly strung and...artistic hmm in temperament so when she gets it about her sometimes it's best to stand back and watch the fireworks from a safe distance until the 'display' is over! Tis none the less exhausting! And it's days like today when it's easy to understand why DH doesn't want another one!!

That all said, it's still a very rewarding experience!! grin

Do NOT let my drama queen put you off procreating! That goes for you too Harpie!! winkgrin

Morning Everyone! We're having a nice relaxing weekend here. Just been looking at houses on Rightmove. There's a house for sale near DH's soon-to-be-a-father mate which DH is keen to look at.

Only one more cycle of preventing to go, in order to get the mat pay. Must hold out till then. I should probably explain this to DH...

bebejones Sun 22-Apr-12 11:15:09

Very nice, I want that kitchen!!!! envy

We just had a drive by. It looks quite small but about what you'd expect for the price. Going for a look round next week.

12 days to go to TBT!!! Sorry shameless I know but I'm so excited grin. Right off to work!

Quodlibet Mon 23-Apr-12 11:24:26

It is DP's release day today! Hurrah! It feels a bit like a birthday - well, we have been waiting over 2 years for this thing to be born. I am very very proud of him.

Harpie 12 days?! Whoohoo! PS I am well jels that £220k gets you detached 4 bedrooms - we'd be lucky to get 2 bed ex council high rise for that here in London. It's insane.

bebejones Mon 23-Apr-12 11:47:12

£220k wouldn't get a detached 4 bed round here either! sad envy

local 4 bed detached £375k!

I would however like this one which is slightly cheaper at £365k! grin (I love a bit of property porn wink)

The only ones below £225k are semi-detached, and mostly nearer the town centre & with little or no garden! <sigh>

I'd love a bigger house but we are 'Mortgage Prisoners' & unfortunately can't see us being able to move unless we win the lottery! (Sucks!!)

Anyways....12 days til TBT!!! Eeeeeek, I'm excited for you, it's gonna be amazing!

Quod - Yay for MrQuod! <whoops!> Are you doing anything to celebrate?

Desperately trying to find my acrylic paints to paint something I've made for my best friends birthday....think they are buried in the understairs cupboard but the lightbulb has gone & I can't reach to change it! I can't see a bloomin' thing in there & ironically I think our only working torch is buried in there too!! hmm

<worries about becoming mortgage prisoners>

It was ok but very small.

Quodlibet Mon 23-Apr-12 23:12:31

Bebe I love the sunken terrace with the outdoor oven in the one you linked to.

We are rent prisoners anyway- if we were mortgage prisoners at least we'd be able to paint the walls/have a pet!

Been out for a lovely dinner with DP - marred only myme slipping up and going arse over tit in my high shoes on the steps down o the lower floor of the restaurant. Some nice wine helped me over the ungainly humiliation but have a ginormous bruise brewing on my hip!

bebejones Tue 24-Apr-12 10:14:25

Oh no Quod!! Ouchy!! sad Although expect the embarassment was just as painful at the time! <hugs>

Harpie - try not to panic, much less chance of people being 'Mortgage Prisoners' now.

We had a high LTV on a self-cert mortgage, neither of which you can get now! With both of us being self-employed we wouldn't be able to get a mortgage without some serious savings as a deposit, and a near guarnateeable income. Neither of which are likely!

I do really love the 2nd house I linked to. If only we could afford it! <dreams>

minipie Tue 24-Apr-12 15:11:41

ooh, harpie I love vicarious house shopping. Timble Drive, Eldwick, Bingley sounds like a lovely address - very story book if you know what I mean? but was it too small then?

if you are looking at 4 bed houses it definitely sounds like your DH is picturing DCs... <whistles innocently>...

we are very much mortgage prisoners... DH has pointed out we will be remortgaging whilst I am <touch wood> on maternity leave, hope that doesn't mean the lenders will refuse to take my salary into account as I have heard can happen angry. It'll be a bit tight if they do!

bebe that house with the sunken terrace is really lovely! Did you find your paints? I'm so impressed with all your crafty-ness.

Quod ow ow! I can sympathise, I have done exactly the same thing, twice. The first time we'd only been together 6 months and DH took me out for Valentine's Day - I slipped over on shiny floor right in the middle of the restaurant. The second was with DH's entire family for his uncle's birthday - shoe came off and I fell down the stairs from the restaurant mezzanine. Hope that makes you feel better in some way grin

Quodlibet Tue 24-Apr-12 16:28:02

Oh ow ow Minipie, though it does sound quite funny too.... To be fair, my slip-up was probably hilarious for the other restaurant eaters,it was a proper slapstick fall, at least some laughs came from my pain! Can't sleep on that side now though as it hurts to buggery and I have a massive multi-coloured bruise.

DP's launch tonight which I'm really looking forward to as loads of our friends are coming out to help celebrate... wearing flat shoes tonight though! I have awful form for getting tipsy at his important shows as I get so nervous, will have to try really hard not to get too drunk confused I'm not painting myself in a very good light today am I?!

minipie Tue 24-Apr-12 17:04:04

Ooh, congratulations to your DH! I must admit that when I saw your previous post about "DH's release is today" for some reason my mind jumped to release from prison grin

I vaguely remember someone on the original Waiting thread talking about a Career Zenith that had to be got past before TTC could commence - was that you, and is this the Zenith?

Congratulations on your Zenith, Mr Quodlibet!

minipie Tue 24-Apr-12 19:02:09

<tangent alert>

It's funny but to me the word Zenith always sounds like a negative or low thing rather than the pinnacle. I wonder if it's because it begins with Z confused

<wanders off, crinkling brow>

You lot are Hillarious! Sorry to hear about the slapstick fall Quod, sounds like the kind of thing I would do too! I hope you got up, lifted your chin, swooshed your hair and stalked to the table as if it was all part of your dramatic entrance! smile

LWH if the house felt small then why not consider a semi or fewer bedrooms? IMHO being detached is overrated and only a consideration if all your other criteria can be met within the budget. I love looking at houses too but am another mortgage prisoner- negative equity-the lot, ho hum smile

100years Tue 24-Apr-12 21:12:29

Hi all.

House hunting sounds fun. I like vicariously buying houses smile

Yay for TBT getting closer. Will you send me a postcard whilst on your travels please? Another vicarious thing.

Quod, hope you bruise isn't too bad, I'll hunt out a pic of a bruise I got the weekend before my 30th, I fell halfway down a flight of stairs. Eep

Bebe, I'm glad you got first choice of school, must be very weird it getting closer.

Mini, how was the scan?

Hey strawberry, how are you, you've been busy.

Well I'm still awaiting either AF or a BFP, neither of which are happening yet! I reckon I've got duff tests wink or at least that's what I'm hoping is the case.

Had a few good nights with LO and a few bad ones, it's not consistent yet, but I think we are heading there, fingers crossed. Don't let me put you off, all you yet to get diffed, and the diffed one, I'd do it all again tomorrow, so it can't be that bad..... grin I'd still love a solid 6 hours sleep though.

Hmm what else, I can't flipping remember.

minipie Wed 25-Apr-12 08:39:15

Scan was good thanks 100! I was so pessimistic as I'd had yet more bleeding (3 times now) and boobs seem to be deflating. But there was the bean, heartbeat and all. It's a little bit smaller than I think it should be for the dates but only a couple of days' worth and sonographer said it was the right size. Sooo relieved.

confused about your no AF and no BFP. let's hope it's the latter! are your cycles usually regular or not gone back to regular yet after E? Hope you get a full night's sleep soon smile

Quod how did the launch go? Was your DH pleased with it? Was it Zenith like?

Strawberry I think that particular house was just overpriced, we've seen others in the same/next street that are much bigger for the same price. We're seeing some more on Saturday. DH keeps emailing me details of ones he likes but not actually making appts to view them. Lazy bugger!

Glad to hear mini mini is still kicking away in there nicely minipie. A couple of days surely doesn't matter? Was it lovely to see him/her?

100years yes I will pack my address book. Anyone else want a postcard from the infamous Big Trip?!! Hope you can read it 100years with your poor sleep deprived eyes! Wait till you get that BFP, the fun will really start then!

Quodlibet Thu 26-Apr-12 13:19:35

Minipie I'm really pleased your scan went so well. Yes this was the Career Zenith. It did go well in lots of respects and I had a really good time, as did most other people there I think - loads of enthusiasm, excitement, buzz and love for what they are doing. They had some pretty terrible technical problems though which were quite hair-raising and took some of the wind out of their sails, DP was quite down about this yesterday as he's been anticipating it for so long and because of the tech hitch it didn't live up to his plans/expectations. It's hard work supporting him at the moment - so much emotionally invested!

Harpie I would love a postcard too if you have time - I'll pm you my address.

I'll pm you mine as well. When I was doing Christmas cards I realised I didn't have hardly anyone's address.

minipie Thu 26-Apr-12 16:56:44

aw thanks Quod. I am still not quite allowing myself to believe that it will all be ok but I am getting there...

Had a quick peek at your DH's Zenith but can't listen on my work computer! looks fab though. I am so uncreative, I am in awe of people who can make beautiful things.

harpie yes it was lovely - albeit minimini basically looks like a smudge on the screen at the moment! hoping a couple of days doesn't matter. Remind me, how long till TBT?

A week tomorrow!!!

minipie Thu 26-Apr-12 17:18:22


<refines stowing-away plan grin>

Quodlibet Fri 27-Apr-12 17:11:55


100years Fri 27-Apr-12 20:45:34

Mini, glad the scan went well. Yay for minibeanpie. No my cycles haven't become regular yet unfortunately, but they weren't spot on pre Edith so I'm not too worried just yet.

Yay harpie, one week to gosmile that's fab stuff. And very nearly at that point where there should be no excuses for TTC smile fingers crossed.

Quod, I'm glad all went better than expected even though there were a few hitches.

So I went and bought expensive tests as I thought maybe the poundshop cheapies were dud, turns out its not the tests that are duds, it was me this month... AF arrived in the middle of the night last night, catching me totally unaware, had a bit of a leak, fortunately not on bedding or anything that could be ruined, but it wasn't pleasant at 6am this morning. Am actually ok about it. Even if I have belly ache.

Went out last night with some mummy friends, yay, first night out to the pub since Edith. Was lovely to be out, had 2 halves of beer too smile and Edith slept well, and although she woke briefly just after I went out it was for winding so went back down quickly, so I'm told. Must do it again some time.

Weekend of chilling ahead smile farmers market, church Sunday and I think SIL(to be) will pop round some time.

Oh I'm thinking of getting confirmed smile was baptised, spent most of my life not going to church, but something changed in me when I was pregnant and it feels quite important to me now. My local church is starting classes soon, so I am thinking of going along.

100years Sat 28-Apr-12 09:03:07

Well considering last month the dreaded AF was weirdly light and too a week to get to normal flow and the only lasted a day, I'm having the polar opposite this month. Gah. TMI I'm flooding terribly, the mooncup runneth over!

But it's the weekend and it's raining so it's all good yes?

Quodlibet Sat 28-Apr-12 11:04:36

Oh dear 100, that's no fun. Glad you got out to the pub, and your weekend sounds nice, despite the rain. Make sure you get some looking-after too.

Oh 100years ha ha that is a lot of information!! Your weekend does sound lovely and I hope it's going to plan. Sorry to hear you're not celebrating a BFP though. Join the disappointed club!

We've been to see three houses today. One that was really nice, which DH and MIL absolutely loved, one that none of us really liked and one that isn't exactly what we want but would be ok if they came down in price. MIL is really pressuring for the first one and kept going on about it all day, even ringing us up to pressure us some more. Sigh.

I'll link to the houses, in case you care to look...

Ok this is the first house which MIL is madly pushing (possibly because DH likes it). I'm put off mainly because of the price and knock on effect for maternity leave and return to work - but also because what would be the DC bedrooms are not very nice they are small and quite dark. The house bathroom is also small and not ideal for bathing small DC. It doesn't have much of a garden, but it does have a big garage for DH's projects storage.

This is the second house which would probably be much cheaper because it's been on the market ages. First house has only been for sale for 13 days. It's a really gorgeous character property with a lovely kitchen and big master bedroom but there's only one good size DC bedroom and DH wants it for his office. Not much outside space and no garage.

I vote for the second one, gorgeous and once LO is here he will change his mind about having the big bedroom as an office smile

That's a good point Strawberry. He just can't imagine how he will feel about his DC. He was going round working out where all the cat's little things would go and what view he would sit and look out over, and whether we could fence in the garden. But when it came to the small dark bedrooms upstairs he wasn't bothered about whether they were nice for hypothetical DC. But I know for a fact that when actual DC comes along, he will want to give it our room!

bebejones Sun 29-Apr-12 10:14:58

100 - You poor thing sad <hugs> Hope you feel a bit better today x

Harpie - I vote for the 2nd one too & agree with Strawberry, once LO is on way he will feel differently! The bathroom in the 1st one would be a nightmare bathing a small child in. Not because of the size but tiles get very slippery, DD fell over in a bathroom with a tiled floor when she was about 18months & smacked her head, t'was awful!

Had a very odd MN dream last night where we were all at a BBQ & I checked in on MN and Quod was updiffed! (Quod wasn't with us, don't know why) Was very real though, always find those sort of dreams a bit weird!

Going to a friends LOs birthday party later...don't really want to leave the house!

Bebe that sounds like a brilliant dream except shame it wasnt my BFP lol. grin How come you don't fancy the party?

Hmm I'm completely torn with this house business. DH loves the first house and I have to admit its the more practical of the two - but it's really expensive! I guess we'll have to see what they want for them. Hopefully they would do a deal on the cottage as it's been on the market so long... but then I worry it will be hard to resell, and we would definitely outgrow it.

What I don't want is to overstretch ourselves as it will impact on how long I can stay at home when they are babies. I'm starting to think perhaps we should wait another nine months or so and then go house hunting with actual DC in DH's mind!

bebejones Sun 29-Apr-12 11:24:41

Just don't want to go outside in the totally minging weather!!

If you are that torn, then maybe neither are right?

Quodlibet Sun 29-Apr-12 13:44:51

Harpie I think that second house is really really lovely - I would LOVE to live somewhere that nice....Maybe I am a bit mean but I really don't see the problem with little children having little bedrooms!! And in the early years at least you want them to be quite dark and cosy so they will go to sleep, no?!

I follow quite a lot of interiors blogs on pinterest etc (like apartment therapy and think there are lots of ways to make a lovely room out of one that initially seems to have shortcomings. Because we're so limited for housing choices here in London I think I've already resigned myself on having to compromise on ideal houses/flats and having to channel energy into creative ways to make not-ideal spaces lovely instead...

Bebe what an odd dream - no updiffings here I'm afraid. Should we try another attempt at a WIIT meetup and have a real BBQ?

Good idea Quod - although in line with the dream you must not be able to attend!!

Quodlibet Sun 29-Apr-12 14:22:13


You will have a BFP though! grin Assuming of course Bebe's dreams are prophetic and not just normal dreams!

100years Sun 29-Apr-12 20:24:05

Hey ladies.

Well I felt like shite most of yesterday sad boo sad but not as bad today. I'm sorry for the TMI I just needed to vent my periodical frustration.

Harpie, you don't sound convinced about either house. I think you need to be A'OK with the one you are going to move to.

Bebe how was the party?

Quod yeah to trying to arrange a WIIT meet. I know we generally chatted about it last year, but nothing came of it. Birmingham is in the middle of everyone (oh and not far for me to travel wink)

Well we went to church this morning. It's the first time I've been to this church, there were loads of small people there, and there are 4 groups for the littleys during the service, a 'crèche' for the baby ones, so ended up going to that and chatting with other mums while the main part of the service was on. Edith is the loudest baby known to man, she's taken to screeching and pterodactyl noise making! But they were all surprised by how active and how much she can do! Standing crawling cruising etc! Seems I get that a lot at the moment, my child is an early mover.

I think I'm just trying to stay objective and not get too emotionally attached to either of them. They're both really lovely.

Wow 100years it sounds like you have found a really nice church. It must be a lovely way to meet other families. A lot of friends of mine have said they started to feel more spiritual when they had their children.

In other news DH is determined to diff me, despite my mild protestations! If I get the maternity pay package it will only be through sheer dumb luck! Who'd have thought it?

Am up for a Birmingham meet when we get back from TBT.

100years Sun 29-Apr-12 21:49:04

Yeah, it was when I was pregnant that I changed how I feel about it all, I can't quite articulate it, but it feels quite important to me now. It is a nice church, quite different to my OH's home church, but it was nice, and yes lovely to meet other families.

Objective is much different to being non-plussed, so that is a good thing.

Oooh is it a total MURCOM?

I think we are actually TTC - but only on the condition that we both pretend we're not!

What is your OH's home church like?

Quodlibet Sun 29-Apr-12 22:17:22

<sounds Klaxon> MURCOM! •••MURCOM! ••• MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••MURCOM! •••

Quodlibet Sun 29-Apr-12 22:17:57

(sorry, x-posted!)

I feel like I should put my gas mask on and run for cover!

100years Mon 30-Apr-12 16:01:15

Lol to pretending you aren't TTC. Just seeing what happens is the way to put that smile

Its hard to know exactly, because I spent a lot of the service in the crèche tbh, but the vicar at the home church is excellent, just the one, here there are three who cover a few churches, and the service is different. The home church is quite high church, so slightly more traditional, however I've only been to the local one once so far, and it was OH who said about it being different, not bad different, just different. But it will be a regular thing now smile

Been to bumps and babies this morning and some of them we're 'doing lunch' after so I went along smile yay, lovely stuff. Making the most of my time on maternity leave and new mummy friends. Mind you when I go back I'll still be able to do things like this because of only working a couple of eveningssmile yay

Hi 100, good to hear you are enjoying yourselves! I love going to
groups with Emma and it's true-you do meet so many new people when you have a baby. It's a good job really because there's only so much poo/weaning/sleeping talk childless friends can take after a while ;)

I like the way you are operating LWH...slowely, slowely catchy monkey. If it's not OFFICIAL, you've less chance of frightening off the FANTOM (formerly against, now teasingly openminded male) smile

100years Mon 30-Apr-12 21:12:16

I don't really have many friends at all round here, so it's nice to have a few people to organise things with smile

Ah, so we're onto FANTOMs now!!!!

bebejones Thu 03-May-12 16:24:39

I have been lurking with no real time to post at all this week! Cannot believe how quiet it's been in here!

100 - Can I be your friend?! smile I can bring cake?!! grin

So Harpie, how's it going with all the not thinking about actually TTCing? Cannot believe the MURCOM! Fingers crossed he means it!! How many days now to TBT? How do I get on the postcard list? grin Any developments on the house front?

I have been busy doing cake stuff all week & dashing about like a mad thing! Had to pick tiny human up from preschool early yesterday. She has a raging temperature again. Was 40.3 Tues night & dips down to 38.?? when she's had calpol then rockets back up again. Every time she gets a bug with a high temp it makes her eczema flare up. sad

Cannot believe it's Friday tomorrow the days/weeks/months are flying past!

Morning all! Bebe I'm glad you asked! The Big Trip is today!!!!!!! shock

Suitcases are all packed, just got a few things to do at work and then as soon as I get them out the way, we're off! LA here I come!

Bebe PM me your address and you're on the list!

bebejones Fri 04-May-12 09:44:39

Bon Voyage Harpie!! grin

Hope you have an amazing time x

Quodlibet Fri 04-May-12 10:20:52

Whoohoooo! Trip time! Have an amazing holiday.

Poor little minibebe, hope she is on the mend now.

minipie Fri 04-May-12 15:06:22

Have a fab trip harpie! Can't believe it's finally here!

Have a supermega-fresh time LWH! Have a drink at the airport for me!

Hope Phoebe is feeling better Bebe sad

Hooray we are on our way! DH is blubbing cause he has to leave the cat. Staying tonight at Jury's Inn at Heathrow.

100years Fri 04-May-12 20:19:10

Yay for TBT gringringrin have a fabulous time. Drink lots, do lots of sightseeing, plenty of DTD and just generally living it large. grin

Bebe of course you can be my friend smile I like cake. I'm not bad at making them either but yours are far prettier than mine ever could be.

I'm getting confirmed in 3 weeks smile at the same church E was baptised and the church we plan to get married at. It's not our local church, it's OH's home church but that's very cool grin

Oh and the little one has started letting go of things, 5 seconds is the non holding on record so far. We've also got her a push along walker and she's doing fab with it. shock

100years you sound really happy. smile

Bebe how is tiny human?

100years Sat 05-May-12 09:00:08

I am harpie. Just mega tired grin but that's par for the course and the tiredness is the only small downside to having an awesome daughter who is smilier and cuter by the day. grin

Oh yes bebe sorry tiny human has been so poorly. Hope it's over now for her.

bebejones Sat 05-May-12 17:19:32

Tiny human is better, her fever broke on Thursday night & the poor thing looked like she had been in the bath with her PJs on, she was drenched sad Apart from hacking chesty cough she is more than back to her normal self hmm and had saved up 3 days worth of bad behaviour for Friday morning! If it was a job I would have quit! sad And when I came out of the bathroom to find the cat pooing over the edge of the tray it topped off the day & I lost the plot a bit & burst into tears! Was a low day yesterday!! She is very 'testing' at the moment & seems to have little or no regard or respect for anything I ask/tell her to do. But by all accounts is angelic & polite & lovely at preschool etc. <sigh>

WOW 100, letting go? Already?? What a clever little E!! grin And yay for getting confirmed!

Hope you are having (or have had) a fab-u-lous time Harpie!

Has eveyone got lovely bank holiday plans?

Quodlibet Sun 06-May-12 15:26:21

Oh no Bebe that sounds horrendously testing...poor you!
I am a bit worn down/sore throaty today, and AF arrived earlier than anticipated (I have 28 day cycles about once a year) so I'm wondering whether it's to do with the supermooooooooon, woooooo.
Today I am staying in and trying to read through my whole PhD as it stands, before I have to put it down for a few months. DP has a London show tonight so I think I'm going to go to that - last couple of fairly relaxed days for me before I get thrown into the summer madness of back-to-back rehearsals and working every weekend. The good news is we got our funding, which is a massive relief. And I have started to look forward to our holiday (company member getting married abroad) in 3 weeks - have just ordered myself a new swimsuit online.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

100years Sun 06-May-12 18:51:57

Aw bebe, sorry you had a rubbish day,, some days are like that aren't they.

I know, she's coming along really well with her moving etc, it's quite cool to watch the progression.

Great news about the funding Quod smile

We were in Cardiff until about an hour ago, saw some friends and family, travelling back up the M5 I thought of you bebe, I might do a day trip to see you one day know I know how long it'll take.

Had a migraine yesterday which made part of the visit not so much fun, I would do anything (legally permitting) to not get another one sad they are horrid horrid horrid. And I can't go for the magic drugs still as I'm breast feeding and TTC, just have to hope I get diffed soon as I was practically migraine free in pregnancy, lets hope it's the same next time if I get pg again.

Quodlibet Mon 07-May-12 15:55:33

Oooh poor you 100 - my DP gets migraines sometimes (not so often now but quite a lot when we met) and I know how crippling they can be.

Bebe I have made your banana muffin recipe today but as a loaf with some crunchy oat cereal on the top - it's sitting on my desk waiting for my friends to come over and help us dig in. Mmmmm.

DP and I have reinstated the 'when shall we TTC' chat again today. The idea of it basically seems to go out of his mind when we are not actually TTC right now this minute! So he needs a bit of time to reacquaint with it, apparently. From my POV, as of next month there's nothing standing in the way and I'd just like to crack on - it would be nice to get one child out before I hit 34!

bebejones Mon 07-May-12 22:59:35

100- you poor thing sad migraines are horrid! Hope things have improved for you since x

Quod - brain is addled, can't remember what you said? blush but hope you had a lovely BH weekend x

Crappy weather today has resulted in yet another flooding incident in DDs bedroom! Wall is soaked and paper is peeling off, is looking like being a complete nightmare situation! Not least because we now have to move DD out of her room. This is going to require alot of work to tidy and clear the 'spare' room (currently housing the computers and ten tonne of crap) and make it fit for her to have as her room! <sigh> Never rains but it pours...pardon the pun! wink

Oh well at least I got the part of my current cake project done that I needed to!

Quod- just remembered you mentioning TTC talks'd that go?

Hi everyone! Just checking in from Lake Havasu in Arizona! TBT is amazing so far, we are really enjoying ourselves. Already caned all our life savings at Universal Studios yesterday, what an incredible place! We're just chilling out after a walk round the lakeside before we go out for tea. It's red hot sunshine everywhere. Hope you're all well. Bebe hope the room move went ok in the end and tiny human is dry. How did TTC talks go Quod? x

Gosh it's quiet on here where is everybody?! Posting now from our hotel at the Grand Canyon. Very disillusioned to find they have a McDonalds here, a Pizza Hut, a Wendy's and an IMAX cinema! Thought it would be all zen like!

Happy 8 monthday to E! She looks such a happy little thing.

minipie Wed 09-May-12 12:07:40

We're all waiting for you to get back harpie and give us cycle updates wink

TBT sounds fantastic! It's grey and wet here, v jealous of your sunshine!

bebejones Wed 09-May-12 18:22:59

TBT sounds amazing! envy Lol @ Grand Canyon being 'zen like', isn't McDonalds like a temple to the Yanks a large proportion of our transatlantic cousins?

It's still grey and horrid here! Is it too much to ask for just a little tiny bit of sunshine?! hmm Doesn't even have to be hot, just not overcast & dismal all the bloomin' time!

Bebe I'm only surprised they haven't put golden arches at the top of each peak!

100years Fri 11-May-12 18:38:28

Ah I hope you restart TTC next month Quod, there will be 3 of us at it then.

Bebe, that's awful about the bedroom. I hope it's not too costly to sort out.

Harpie cannot believe you've been away for a week now!

E is out of sorts, bum. Hope it's teeth and nothing else, but she's a bit limpety

Poor little E! Aren't they in the wars a lot in those first few months! I hope she's a bit better today.

Finally made it down to the pool as DH is taking a nap in the room. Just lovely lying here in the sunshine. I wonder if there is a little harpie brewing inside me, it would be funny to get diffed in Vegas - the ultimate gamble! Turns out DH has been under the misapprehension that my fertile days are always 10 to 14 of every calendar month. It's a good approximation but I have explained its not very scientific, given I don't have 31 day cycles!

Going to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant tonight, which opened its doors on Friday. Amazed to get a table on opening weekend but Gordon seems to be less well known over here - certainly the prices are more sensible, it's about the same as everywhere else on the trip. Need to feed up possible little harpie! He/she would probably like a few cocktails later as well, don't you think?!

Oh Bebe I nearly forgot to say, DH LOVED your cake you did for your grandma and then looked through your portfolio and was really impressed, he wanted to commission one but I explained you are quite far away from us. Did you ever work out your pricing structure?

bebejones Tue 15-May-12 22:30:53

Thank you Harpie (and Mr Harpie) it was alot of work but definitely worth the blood, sweat and tears!!

Hope TBT is going well, sounds like you are having an amazing time! smile

Nothing new to report here. Might be doing some cupcakes for a friend (DDs music group teacher) next week. Other than that it's the same ol' shit of being skint and not updiffed and having a MOG (miserable old git) for a husband!! <sigh>

<long distance hug for Bebe> I hope you're ok, that doesn't sound like much fun. If only your DH would have a brief MURCOM!

I wish I could have one of your cupcakes - DH and I are still doing MyFitnessPal which is a bit of a battle when you're in a country where even a small garden salad comes with deep friend battered chicken, gravy and double cream! I keep eyeing the cakes and pretzels hungrily!

We're now in San Francisco. We had to cut the national park part of the trip short after all, so we only managed a ten minute walk in the grounds of the hotel. DH has got a really swollen big toe joint, so we're pretty much confined to the hotel room here. So I've been to the hotel gym and in the pool. Could do with flying home really if we can't go out! At least we're not spending (much) money!

No early signs of diffedness but I think I'm only 2, or possibly 3 DPO.

Hope you all - and your DC - are well, don't forget to say a quick hello in between the sleepless nights and the endless laundry! grin

Oh no! I hope Mr Harpie's big toe improves soon! What bad timing-has he seen a doctor? I can't believe you are dieting whilst on TBT- hats off to you both! You must have wills of iron!

I was talking to someone recently who was in a slightly similar position to you Bebe- there was a reason she couldn't have a DC and she was extremely down about the situation. The advice the doctor gave was try to get yourself and your situation right before having the child rather than hoping that his/her arrival will make everything else better. I know this probably is way off the Mark for you as your circumstances are pretty unique but it made me wonder if there would be anything you could take from that? X

100years Thu 17-May-12 13:00:01

Aw Harpie, sorry to hear about DH big toe sad other than that it sounds like a lovely holiday so far.

Bebe again I say it. Your cakes are flipping amazingsmile wow to grandma's cake.

Hey strawberry smile how are you? Are you free next week for an hour on wednesday morning? 23rd? I'm in the area without OH...

Well I think E is either teething, has a cold or both. She's a snot monster, but in really really good spirits except in the middle of the night but I think I can see a tooth lurking under the skin, but I'm also not really sure what I'm looking for!

minipie Thu 17-May-12 15:08:04

hello all! just popping in to say hi. I am at 10+6 and had a scan today, little bean is fit and well! nearly at that magic 13 week mark <keeps fingers tightly crossed> and it's beginning to dawn that I might have an actual baby.

harpie poor DH's toe. There must be something you can do while confined to hotel room, though... wink IIRC San Francisco has some great vintage shops down in the hippy area (can't remember its name), maybe you could go rummage there if DH has to stay hotel bound?

bebe just looked on your profile, is that a new picture of DD (in the brown outfit), gosh she's got tall!

waves to strawberry, 100 (how is the TTCing going?) and Quod !

A doctor? Strawberry my dear he's a man! grin I did suggest it, but got a very grumpy reply! We are looking at doing a Sedgeway tour of the sights, seeing as he can't walk anywhere. I'm going stir crazy cooped up in the hotel, even though it's a perfectly nice one.

Minipie hooray for 11 weeks! Do you think you'll feel a lot better once you get to 13? How are you feeling generally?

San Fran is pretty scary tbh, I don't fancy venturing out without DH. There's a lot of poverty here and everywhere we go beggars come up to us muttering incoherently or shouting. There are gangs of pretty tough looking people hanging about. We are keeping all our valuables in the hotel safe ANC just carrying the travel money card.

100years Thu 17-May-12 19:04:24

Yay mini smile ace stuff for scan and nearly 11 weeks grin TTC is still a go go, on about CD 20 now, just doing it as and when, I'm trying not to think about the point of cycle we are at, but it's so hard.

Harpie, when are you home, not that I want to shorten your holiday?

Well LO just clapped to 'if you're happy and you know it' I've tried really hard to teach her to clap her handsgrin she also just stood for an age not holding on smile yay clever baby gringringrin

She's feeling better then? Wow she's coming on in leaps and bounds!

We get back to uk on Sunday morning, by which time I will be 6DPO.

100years Thu 17-May-12 19:48:43

Well she's still a massive snot monster, but she's in good spirits smile

Woohoo to properly saying DPO cool.

minipie Thu 17-May-12 20:04:33

I was about to say LO sounds awesomely cute with the clapping 100 but then you mentioned the snot and slightly spoiled the picture grin I am sure she is delightful though

Hmm the scariness sounds a bit unfortunate harpie, there must be some posh bits of town without all that surely? maybe you could just get taxis to and from there...

I'm feeling ok, not really nauseous apart from the occasional evening when I can only face very bland food, but that is rare. I am veeery tired though and my skin is dreadful, even compared with its usual low standard. On the plus side I have discovered Garnier BB Cream which I am really impressed with (and I am never impressed with makeup!)

Ooh, 6DPO on Sunday morning <marks calendar> so you could POAS on, say, the 25th? Unless you're going to be one of those incomprehensible sensible people who waits till 14DPO.

100years Thu 17-May-12 20:11:23

She's still cute, even with the snot mini smile but I'm slightly biased here smile glad you aren't feeling too too bad there.

bebejones Thu 17-May-12 22:59:10

Oh no! Poor mr Harpie! sad Hope he/it is better soon and that it doesn't spoil TBT too much, can't believe it's nearly home time!!

100 - poor E sad have a feel ( if you can) along her gums you may well be able to feel teeth before you can see them! Stock up on teething powders and gel now!! We found the bonjela one not so good but there is one in green packaging (can't remember brand) which was good! (it'll cone to me in the middle of the night!!!)

Mini - yay for scans and heartbeats! smile

Our situation is a tricky one to fix. Relationship wise it could be better at the moment but if our economic situation improved then it would follow. I often wonder if stress would exist if we all still traded chickens and goats instead of money?!! hmm money just screws everything up! Sensible bebe brain knows we need to wait but my heart is about to explode it aches so much sad

By 25 May AF will be late, so I'll definitely be thinking of testing if we get that far! I'm not particularly hopeful, but I'm not too bothered either way, given the maternity pay position.

100years Fri 18-May-12 15:54:42

Yeah bebe, I can kind of feel a ridge there, but like I say I don't really know what I'm looking for! Lol. I meant to pick up some stuff in town today, but I forgot! Have a hug for your troubles. I don't know if trading I. Animals is any less stressful, what if your chickens get chicken disease?

Ooh harpie, I think we might both be in that post ov part of our cycle, unless mine is still to come confused

I don't know where we would put the chickens and goats to be honest, it's not a big flat!

100years Fri 18-May-12 19:42:42

We manage wink

God I can't wait to come home it is so boring sitting in this hotel room. There's not even anything decent on TV. Went out to get water and sandwiches earlier but now stuck here till teatime.

100years Fri 18-May-12 20:43:36

sad Oh Harpie, sorry it's crap for you being holed in.

We've got a whole bottle of vodka here. I might drink it to pass the time. Five hours till dinner. DH is watching car programmes on Sky.

bebejones Fri 18-May-12 21:42:14

Oh no Harpie! sad Can he not go out at all?! He really ought to see a doctor if it's that bad! You'll have to stick him on one of those golf buggies with the flashing light at the airport! sad

Shall have to rethink the chicken plan then hmm Maybe crafts can be traded with too? Fine needlework or crocheting?! I could pay in cake perhaps?

Cake! I would take that in leiu of Stirling!

100, yes we could do Wed, we go to a group on Wednesday morning so you would be very welcome to join us there or we could meet wherever is easier smile

LWH I can't believe OH is happy to sit in and waste your hols rather than see a doctor!!!!!

Mini I know exactly how you feel with the 'I'm so happy but can this really be real'?' stage. Tbh I think it only really sinks in when you look at your LO for the first time! For me anyway smile

We are in a tent this weekend, hope the rain stops soon!

No he's in bed with his foot elevated. He has gout but won't see a doctor (probably more cost and effort than it's worth tbf) and he definitely won't go on a cart with flashing lights so he'll just have to hobble tomorrow. He's now asleep. I'm so tempted to sneak out and barter things for cake!

Strawberry I love camping, even in the rain! I'm jealous - even from
San Fran! grin

bebejones Fri 18-May-12 23:06:56

<hatches cunning 'cake as cash' plan> grin All my problems solved!! wink

Harpie how long have you been stuck in the hotel? Seems like such a waste of TBT sad Is this a pre TBT problem for DH? Poor guy, must be rubbish (and painful) for him too! Why are men so bloody weird about going to the doctors?!

Since yesterday afternoon. It's now 3.35pm. Yes he's had flare ups before. It's been going on for a few days now so hopefully it will start to ease off soon. Apparently we're getting room service for dinner sad. Still I can't complain really we've had an incredible time!

Quodlibet Sat 19-May-12 00:10:34

Hello all!

Harpie what a pain (and poor DH obviously...). If he's not better tomorrow could you book yourself in for an escorted tour if you're not up for going solo? There's got to be so much to see in San Fran apart from the inside of a hotel room? How do you feel about being properly TTC now?

100 glad to hear E has improved a bit, it must be hard when they are clingy. How are you feeling about this cycle?

Mini that's great news about 11 weeks and another good scan. Have you not had morning sickness at all? One of my big fears is being wiped out by MS like poor Nannyl was - being freelance I'd not get sick pay either. Fingers crossed.

Strawberry I am also jealous of your tent, I love camping! Looking forward hugely to our holiday next week and a week on the beach not doing much. DP is away about 5 days out of 7 at the moment, which will continue for a while. I seem to have developed some coping strategies though and don't feel as down/lonely clattering around the flat by myself as I have done previously, thank god. Being busy helps I think.

Bebe I agree about the trading animals thing. Far easier.

We fly home tomorrow, so at least it's not for much longer. It's gone 5pm now, so not long till we can eat again!

I hope we are TTC now. Well no - what I actually hope is that I'm pg already, because even if he agrees to TTC, DH is not going to be the most enthusiastic partner! I suppose ideally though I'd wait till I'm a year in post - that way I'd know I had some job security.

I share your concerns about MS. I keep wondering what it would be like to have constant nausea or SPD or terrible piles, or repulsive flatulence!

Can't be any worse than DH's gouty foot though - from the dramatic agonised groaning anyway!

There's a link to my chart here for those who like TMI!

100years Sat 19-May-12 20:51:15

I can pay in crochet, but it would probably take me more time and money to make the crochet that money would be better option. My cakes are quite nice too smile

Strawberry, hope you have a good weekend smile pm sent about Wednesday.

Harpie I wondered if I was gout when you said he had pain in his toe. Sorry you have cut short the holiday. And I wouldn't really know a good chart if I saw one.

Quod, I'm not sure about the cycle, we've been a bit more frequent with the dtd, but I still don't know if I'm ovulating or not, and I'm not getting OPKs just yet to find out. I'm also worried I'll be sick like I was the first time, but I'm not letting it stop me, I might be much better. I might be much worse, but I'll(we'll) get through it even if I'm poorly poorly again.

Well those pesky teeth are still not out yet, but they are definitely under the surfaces there are defo two little ridges there and OH has seen them too, so it's not just me thinking it. I hope they are out very very soon for her. She's had some random bursts of crying today, and lots of chomping on her hands and toys.

We are about to board the plane home to England! What a fantastic trip!

Ah slight change of plan - we are delayed by three hours!

bebejones Sun 20-May-12 08:08:20

Boooooo to delayed flights!!! Hope u have a safe journey. smile

Just driving back up north now. Good to be back on home soil!

minipie Sun 20-May-12 19:08:30

hello all! sorry to hear about delayed flights and gout harpie - slightly rubbish end to TBT but maybe it will make DH keener on TTC as he won't have visions of further BTs. Does he really get gout shock? is that in the family or does he have a very rich diet/lots of booze? and when is POAS day....?

I can't really offer anything in place of cash (legal advice maybe?) due to total non craftiness but will definitely accept cake!

strawberry we had a bit of a "ohmygod it's really happening" moment the other day, DH looked at the tiny newborn nappy in the Bounty pack and almost had a heart attack, apparently it made it much real-er. Also told DH's bro (the one whose wife is having a baby 6 weeks ahead of us) and my grandma and aunt this weekend, so it does all start to feel a bit more "official". Just hope nothing goes wrong as there will be rather more people to tell now...

100 hope E's teeth come through soon, poor her. My friend's baby is teething and seems to like chomping on adult fingers as teething aids, it's surprisingly painful!

Quod I've been lucky with the morning sickness, had a few bouts of queasiness (in the evening oddly not the morning) where I could only face very plain food, but nothing worse than that. I have been really tired in the afternoons sometimes though. Ok when I am just at my desk but dreadful when I have a meeting and am trying not to fall asleep! My mum was similar apparently so maybe your mum's experience could be a guide for you?

Quodlibet Sun 20-May-12 19:37:11

Mini yes my mum and my sister both had pretty grim MS which went on for several weeks, which is what I'm worried about!

Saying that, I'm OVing in the next couple of days, and now idly eyeing the calendar and working out if I got updiffed this cycle, actually how many of my full-on days/weeks any MS would that daft? I was going to lay off the TTC this month but actually looking at it now I'm in the thick of it all I don't think it would really be the end of the world.

Has anyone had a relaxing weekend? I've been working both days with a hen do in the middle so am SHATTERED! (though probably not as shattered as you 100, poor E.)

Hi everyone! I think AF's here. I'm a bit worried as it's not been a week since EWCM. Back on the Persona sticks next this cycle I think.

Mini I wouldn't say he has a very rich diet. I suppose he does eat quite a bit of steak. He's a bit of a binge drinker with the boys at the weekend and never drinks in the week, whereas I'm the opposite. Apparently arthritis is in the family. Anyway MIL has bravely made him a doctors appointment for next week, so we'll see.

Love the tiny nappy story! Must be weird telling people. Are they all pure joy and enthusiasm to your joy with a good dose of bloody hell?! grin

Quod get stuck in! Ha ha - easy for me to say! How was the hen do?

100years Sun 20-May-12 21:27:15

Harpie, glad you had a good holiday. Sorry you think AF is here, is it full or or--clutching at straws for you-- could it be implantation bleeding? What was the best thing about your holiday overall?

Mini, yep, and those newborn nappies don't last long wink they are tiny though. Mind you E is still only in size 3s yet, but then she's around 16lbs now. Not yet put on 10lb, I was over 10lb when I was born! So she's not yet reached the weight of both of us at birth! Well they appear to be getting closer to the surface, but still to through yet.

Ooh quod. Yay for possibly TTC this cycle. smile it's been a fairly nice weekend here, even with E's outbursts of crying occasionally. Went to church this morning, there was a 2 1/2 week old there, my OH said oh he's smaller than when E was born, I disagreed, I was right, said baby was 2 1/2 lbs heavier than E was at that age! And also weighed 1 1/2 lb more than E when she was born! It's funny how you just know. Although I'm sure given time I'll say oh she was never that small!

Holiday for us this week smile yay. Off to the lakes smile got confirmation rehearsal on Tuesday. Then confirmation on Wednesday, hoping to see a friend and her newborn on Thursday, although OH is now coming down with a cold, so we might have to push it back. Then holiday smile whoop. Just got to try and work out how we will fit everything we need in the boot of the car!

Ha ha it's not full it was just spotting, but I'm sure she'll be making herself at home by this time tomorrow. Possible implantation bleed is the last bastion of 2ww madness isn't it!

Hope you have a lovely time in the lakes and the weather picks up a bit - we heard it's been horrid. Is confirmation this Wednesday? I had thought it would be next weekend for some reason I equate church with weekends! <amends diary>

Ooh forgot to say - driving through Yosemite was the best part of TBT! Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Just wish we could have seen more of it.

Ok well "this time tomorrow" has now been and gone and no sign of the witch. Goodnight all x

Hope the rehearsal goes well, 100years.

Quodlibet Tue 22-May-12 13:56:52

Harpie I don't think 'possible implantation spotting' is the last bastion of TTC madness - its more like the first port of call on the loonie journey! Sounds very positive to me though.... Spotting but no AF you say? When is POAS day again? grin

Friday but I think AF is on her way. My stomach's churning.

Oh what do you know - she's here! Good job really. We are now in maternity pay territory as planned.

100years Tue 22-May-12 22:48:09

Oh bums harpie, that sucks sad boo, and tbf if you can't have a bit of 2ww madness here, then where can you? Yes, they have services in the week too, and at this church the confirmations are a wednesday evening. smile

Well if I'm not pg by now, I very much doubt I will be this month, we've not dtd since last Wednesday, I doubt it will be happening before the weekend sad I know I'm currently on about cd23 or something like that, but the last 2proper cycles were 6 weeks, the one in the middle was light at about 4 weeks. I have some ewcm. I just don't know where I am. OH wants to let nature take its course, I'm struggling a little with that concept! Anyway moving on.

Mini WIIT meet tomorrow smile meeting strawberrypie for lunch smile will have to sort out some day trips to see some of you others smile if anyone fancies a day out to Birmingham one day, then I'd love to do lunch etc smile

Oh and E's teeth are still not through! Get a move on, or rather don't, I love her gummy smile and will be a bit sad when it's a toothy smile, although I'll still love it, and possibly even more, but it's a step up from little baby I'm ignoring the fact she's standing without holding on as a step up from little baby :-=) that's a toothy smile!

Oh she stood at baby group on Monday, in front of other mummies smile and she also stood 4 times for grannie today smile not for long, but she's doing it smile

Woo hoo it's mini WIIT meet up day today! <does the mini WIIT meet up day dance> Am ver envious - just have work all day followed by housework! And then confirmation tonight as well! What are you planning to wear?

Not bothered about AF, am quite relieved we "held out" until this month the start trying. It would have been so annoying when money got tight just for the sake of waiting a few more days. Couldn't sleep last night though for thinking about it.

bebejones Wed 23-May-12 09:46:44

Boo to AF sad But I s'pose it's for the best!! wink

100 - Hope you have a lovely day! Good luck for confirmation! smile

Taking DD to see 'The Torch' this afternoon! Very exciting! (Will probably be a masssive let down!)

I know I ov'd yesterday sad and then to add insult to injury had the filthiest (positively pornographic) dream last night blush and woke up to a snoring and farting DH! Nice!!! hmm We are about as close to TTC as we are to living on the moon! <sigh> Oh & DH's PA quit last week, it's her last day today. Great!! The only silver lining in that dark cloud is at least he can pay us next month as he won't have her wages to pay! <double sigh>

Ha ha Bebe you poor thing what a disappointment! grin What was the dream about exactly? <not above perving over Bebe's sechs dreams>

Right tonight is splendid Wine Night to celebrate half the week being done with, and seeing as not diffed. Who's with me? <opens plonk>

bebejones Wed 23-May-12 20:46:24

I could do with some plonk, feeling frazzled after waiting hours for Olympic Torch!! (Was exciting though!!)

I could not possibly divulge the details of the dream! Far too filthy!! grin (Although worryingly it didn't invole DH, but a WWE wrestler!! blush grin wink)

<pours very large glass for Bebe>

bebejones Thu 24-May-12 09:07:17

<squeeeeel> Harpie, your postcard just arrived!!! Thank u! smile

grin <awaits kudos from grandparents when theirs arrive>

Just waiting for my train at Shipley two mums on the platform are discussing their DD's brattish behaviour. One has just told the other "I had to throw a cup of water over her the other day, cause she was going so mad."

Is that normal?

minipie Thu 24-May-12 10:30:46

Actually that sounds like a pretty good solution to some of the toddler tantrums I've seen grin

Only thing is they are bound to do it back to you someday

shock at WWF porno dreams! Why don't I get those envy?

bebejones Thu 24-May-12 13:11:49

<Preens> My Olympic Torch thread is a discussion of the day!!!!! grin My first DotD!!!!!!! grin grin grin

Minipie - The pregnancy porno dreams tend to kick in in the 2nd trimester!! wink

Harpie - I'd not say it was normal, but it's a great idea!! grin wink Many a time I've left DD screaming in a heap somewhere & thought 'what the hell can I do to stop that?!!!' Althought like Mini said, DD would probably think that she could throw drinks at me if I did it to her!

Yes true, and she probably wouldn't limit it to water!

100years Fri 25-May-12 21:28:13

I want to do the thing that that lady does on the advert where she just throws herself down on the floor and throws a pretend tantrum. In fact I think I might just do it one day!

We're on our holiday. Fab view from the front window. I have put a pic up on FB. smile OH is watching HIGNFY and stroking my shoulder smile its lovely.

And E has a tooth and another one just about to come through. It was a lady in Yo Sushi who said it was out while I was lunching with our very own Strawberypie and her little E smile I felt it and yep, for sure it was through the surface. Bless smile Strawberry and LO are both very beautiful smile and I've met my first WIIT

Well done on the DofD bebe.

Go ahead! <wields glass of water>

100years Sat 26-May-12 09:49:23

Aaaaaarrrrrrfggghhhhbuecibiusdcbihsdbciub throws self on floor like a tantruming toddler.

I've not got anything to tantrum about though smile

bebejones Sat 26-May-12 20:59:14

Neither do most toddlers! wink

Just imagine you asked for a cutted up pear and got a cutted up pear, that's reason enough for anyone!

Congratulations to E on her first tooth! I'm so looking forward to seeing all these stages of development in my own child. It must be wonderful.

Glad the first WIIT meeting went well.

100years Sat 26-May-12 21:08:38

Oh well her second one is just coming through now, it's broke the surface in one very tiny bit, so I expect to see more of it in the next few days smile

Oh it's nice to have a few of us online at the same time. Have we all had a lovely day?

100years Sat 26-May-12 22:20:33

Yeah, we'll we're away at the moment. So chilled out for a bit before going for a walk to a local pub for a drink. Just half for me though smile

E is letting go more and more now, I think it's changed from her being shocked and realising that she's let go, to actually letting go on purpose eek.

How has your day been?

Lovely morning looking at houses with DH and my mum and dad. Then went out for lunch with them. Think we're going to make an offer on the one with all the stairs. My mum thinks it will be fine.

100years Sat 26-May-12 22:40:28

Ooh, good luck with the offer. Are the stairs putting you off for future LOs? I know a friend who don't have a stair gate with 3 kids, apparently she taught them how to get down the stairs as soon as they could climb them.

I'm currently trying to teach LO to turn around on the settee and get down safely as opposed to trying to launch off the side!

My mum thinks a few stairs here and there are better than one long steep flight as a DC would only ever fall down four or five steps. They have no fear at that age do they?! My friend's LO was a climber, she would get up on top of the stereo and all sorts before she could hardly walk!

bebejones Tue 29-May-12 13:01:30

Goodness, it's quiet in here!

Harpie - I agree that a few stairs is better than a long flight! We have one very steep flight of stairs & my heart is in my mouth everytime DD walks down it! At my mums house the stairs are split into smaller flights and it's loads better!

No news here, well, nothing new anyway! grin

Hope all the WIITs are ok? Guess you have all been enjoying the sunshine!! grin

100years Tue 29-May-12 22:35:10

My mum seems to think its great we live in an apartment because 'we were so worried with sis's house and all her stairs' when my nieces were little. The thing is E will have little experience of stairs, so when we go somewhere with stairs she won't have had the learning experience on them, so I am a bit hmm because I'd like her to learn, but I obviously think its great that I don't have to worry at the moment. Does that make sense?

Aw bebe, I was hoping your DH would have MURCOMed by now!

Holiday is just fabulous smile although me and OH had a dodgy tum yesterday, think it was something we ate as we both felt 'well' other than belly ache and a need for the loo a lot! Usually with a bug you feel rubbish too. But we'll never know.

E had her first proper with blood injury today sad she was playing/standing with a chair, it toppled, she fell backwards, it landed on top of her and bumped her, she ended up with a nose bleed sad poor thing. She took a bit of time to settle, but she seemed ok after a while. I'm not sure if she toppled before the chair and it came down because she was holding it or if the chair toppled first, happened so fast really. I'm sure it won't be the last blood injury sad

Oh dear I guess we have been a little lax over the past few days - I can't believe I've gone this long without posting! I'm on CD9 today, so still waiting to TTC. But typical ditherer that I am I'm getting the jitters! Hopefully when I get a bit closer to OV my hormones will kick in and I won't chicken out.

Sorry to hear E had a spill 100years but glad she's ok!

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 18:19:34

Oh no 100 sad Poor you! Hope you are feeling better now?

Harpie - stop dithering woman!! wink

Quick question for you all coz I'm too chicken to post in AIBU!! grin

Is it rude to ask people to come out for a posh Birthday meal but ask that they pay for themselves?

DH & I disagree with my mum!!

Bebe I would say yes it is a bit. But what do I Know? If it were me and I wanted a posh meal then would have just OH and I there with a secondary do somewhere we could afford to pay for everyone (if it were family perhaps) or where people could come and pay for themselves without breaking the bank (if it was for a wider circle of friends).

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 19:19:06

The problem is that I live 120+miles away from all my closest friends, so party is out really. There would be about 12 of us in total. It's really tricky.

100years Wed 30-May-12 19:25:56

Silly sausage harpie, it's always weird that first TTC bit, but it's fine to have the jitters, but at the end of the day you know what you want in the end, I'm sure that will get you over your jitters.

Bebe, not unreasonable to get people to pay themselves, I think it's how you word the invite. I wouldn't ever expect to have my meal paid for, unless I was invited to a party, and even then I'd probably take money just in case. Does that makes sense. btw what does your mum say?

Edith is fine today. She has a bruise on her nose, but then she's also banged her head twice heavily today, so I'm not sure whether it was from that or one of today's bangs. I sound like a terrible mother, we were visiting friends, one of whom is a GP and the other one an ex paediatric nurse, its just that accidents happen, and Edith is a bouncy child, which is how she bumped today, bouncing up and down near a table/on the back of a settee!

But our tummies are back to normal now smile yay

Oh and she's just climbed a stair in our holiday cottage!

100years Wed 30-May-12 19:27:11

Cross posts and two differences of opinions! smile but then that's what happens. smile

Sorry to hear Edith hurt herself 100 sad

LWH you are allowed to feel jittery! It is the biggest decision you (or anyone) will make IMO. But you will be glad you did it! Countdown to first, officially sanctioned SWI with subsequent POAS cliff-hanger begins!!! Quod can you contact the circus Elephants' Agent? They may have a bit more work smile

I don't think it's unreasonable as long as you make it clear that's what you are proposing, so people understand what they're letting themselves in for. They don't have to come, they can say um we have other plans. Probably a good idea not to just assume you'll all split the bill, if some people have less cash than others. Take loads of change!

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 19:37:33

DH & I say the same as you 100. I honestly cannot remember the last group meal out where we didn't pay for ourselves, like you I only wouldn't expect to pay if it's a party!

My mum says you can't ask people to come for a meal and NOT pay for them!

The people I want to invite are family and close FAMILY friends and my best friend. Mostly they are all my mums age, but they are people mean alot to us/me!

(this is for MY birthday btw...which isn't til November, just trying to plot and plan...I will be 30!)

Strawberry xposted. Thanks for the reassurance. I keep worrying about work and how they will react, given that I'm not really home and dry there yet. I don't know when to actually DTD either, I will need to ration it as DH will not be up for on demand baby making! I'm hoping my Persona monitor will pinpoint OV so I don't have to!

God I remember 30... Sort of!

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 19:46:09

Cross posts! grin

Restaurant is quite expensive. I'd estimate about £40-50/head not including wine/drinks. <sigh> My mum is now talking bout footing the bill hmm tis a tricky one.

100- my P is a 'bumpy' sort of child, she is covered in bruises. I am of the opinion that you need to let kids fall and hurt themselves (within reason obviously) so that they can learn not to and also not to be hysterical every time they have a minor bump! A teacher friend told me that when Ps reception teacher comes to the house for a preliminary visit she will click whether P has any bumps so she knows if she's wrapped in cotton wool or not!!
Glad E is ok though, you are a fabby mummy! smile

Following on from what 100 said- if you are sending invitations then I would class that as a party even if it's not at your house and might be a bit surprised to have to pay. If it's more of an informal "we are going to x, would love it if you could join us" type of thing then it would be fine I think.

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 20:12:33

Strawberry - hadn't really thought bout how I was going to ask! Was intending to just ask face to face if they wanted to come I think! Although would need RSVPs to book the table! At least I have a few months to sort it all out!! wink

Harpie - My DH didn't mind the crazy let's make a baby sex and were only half heatedly TTC! (or at least that's what he thought!! wink) FX the persona narrows down the window for you. Reeeeeelaaaax, it'll be fine!

Your DH wasn't a recovering FOF sufferer though Bebe!

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 20:40:01

Aaah, true! wink 2nd time round is gonna be tough!!

OV is going to be midweek as well. I don't like my chances if I try and engineer it covertly, but if I come out and ask him it might all get put back another 6 months. He's already said maybe we should wait until after we've bought a house.

100years Wed 30-May-12 22:03:45

I think the same, she's got to learn how to do these things within reason! OH tried to stop her using her jumperoo to pull herself up when she did it the first time, I said it was really good as it's unstable and she will learn better balance, plus it is a toy really, she fell once using it, the rest of the time she's ace.

She's not only climbed one stair, she has now climbed several!!!! Oh well. None at home to practice on!

Yeah I remember 30 too. This year I'll be 35!

Hope you get it sorted, and well if you mum wants to pay then can I come too wink tee hee

Harpie, my OH much as he's not an infrequent kinda guy, he's not up for demand SWI, I think it's a bloke thing!

I'm 35 this year too 100years. Shocked how fast 5 years has gone past. Too much fun being married to DH!

What is a jumparoo?

100years Wed 30-May-12 22:46:28

jumperoo they are bloody fab though.

Well I know for a fact I won't cry on my 35th like I did on my 30th and it wasn't because I was turning 30, it was because I was with a tit of a bloke who upset me! But never mind, I've been so much happier in my 30s smile and am with a much nicer male specimengrin

I cried too but it was because I was so very, very drunk!

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 22:56:04

I had a real freak out moment a few weeks back when it really hit me that turning 20 was 10 years ago, basic maths I know! DH and I have been together 10 years in August, really freaked me out when this all just 'clicked' in my head!! I wanted 2 children by the time I was 30, so that'll upset me come November too!

So thankful DD wasn't really a climber, she's a runner though! Have to watch her like a hawk even now, and she is surprisingly quick for such a small child!!

Harpie did you make an offer on that house?

Not yet!

I like the jumperoo - I might get one! I'll tell DH it's for the cat.

bebejones Wed 30-May-12 23:08:40

Actually LOL at thought of cat and jumperoo combo!! grin

100years Thu 31-May-12 15:23:44

Well I wanted a child by the time I was 35 or at least be TTC by 35, I feel very lucky to have my wish. I hope you get your MURCOM before your birthday bebe, maybe a drunken shag around ov time for your birthday wink

Well it seems we have missed out on DH's dream house with all the stairs - it has sold. Have made an offer on the other two we have seen.

bebejones Thu 31-May-12 22:46:49

Harpie sad about house but fx for the other 2!

100, DD was actually conceived on my 25th Birthday! grin Best birthday present ever!!

100years Thu 31-May-12 22:56:24

Harpie, it obviously wasn't the one for you. It's still a bit sad though.

Well Edith was most likely conceived on my 33rd birthday! If it wasn't that day it was definitely that weekend. But I really think it was that day given my due date and when I got symptoms and a +ve test. smile

Last sleep at the holiday cottage sad

Bloody hell I hope it doesn't take till my birthday, it's only June! I'm hoping for a jubilee conception!

Good morning! It's CD11 today and the Persona monitor's holding its nerve - it hasn't asked me to test yet. I slipped a pack of Asda own brand OV tests into the trolley at the supermarket last night, just in case, and DH didn't say anything he just did a small sigh. The most enthusiasm he has ever shown! grin

The waiting to see whether he'll go through with it this time or back out again is terrible.

100years Fri 01-Jun-12 08:08:27

Well at least he didn't ask why you had picked them up grin

CD36 here, any comments smile

bebejones Fri 01-Jun-12 11:19:04

POAS!!!!!!!!!!! grin


100years Fri 01-Jun-12 14:03:05

I'm quite mean really to you lot grin last proper cycle was 6 weeks, so working on that theory I shouldn't even think about poas until next Friday. Do you think I'll wait that long????

Sorry what was that 100years? I can't hear a thing over all the trumpeting, gospel music and fireworks.

minipie Fri 01-Jun-12 17:29:12



<writes "POAS 100years" in sky writing>

harpie best of luck for shag week! small sigh sounds like a good reaction. It's not ignoring the implications nor making negative comments... pretty good by our reduced standards.

100years Fri 01-Jun-12 20:31:13

Dum de de. I can't hear you, or read, or whatever......

We are home now. Thanks for the postcard Harpie smile yay smile

<Hollers into a megaphone> P.O.A.S.!!!!!

Went out last night and drank a huge quantity of Pimms (very British drink for the jubilee don't you know) full of lush strawberries, oranges - it was yummy. DH is snoozing it off but I couldn't take any more of the cat's plaintive mewing, so I'm up! I did just have a yummy bacon bagel though so not all bad!

bebejones Sat 02-Jun-12 10:35:14


Mmmmmm Pimms! I'm hoping to tempt the parents of DDs Birthday party guests to stay at the party by providing Pimms for the grown ups! I DO NOT want to be responsible for other peoples children!! Just over 2 months until my baby is 4!!!!! shock

100years Sat 02-Jun-12 10:36:30


I didn't expect anything else yet, other than the fact I had a BFP dream!

E sprouted her third tooth through the night, she woke a load in the night, my nipples (although they actually aren't) feel shredded. She had none 10 days ago! It's not a middle top, it's the second one along at the top!

Ouch! Are you still expressing all the milk for the milk bank as well?

100years Sat 02-Jun-12 12:14:05

No, I stopped that in January I think it was. They don't take passed 6 months either.

Is that because your milk changes as your baby gets older? Are you producing something different now that's not suitable for preemies?

Don't look now but we're on bleeding active convos, I am clearly the only MNetter in the world with nothing better to do on the bank holiday weekend but hang out online on my own talking about breast milk!

bebejones Sat 02-Jun-12 17:03:38

I have no bank holiday/jubilee plans either! [saddo emoticon] No parties going on here, and no other events that won't be outside (and therefore ruined by the predicted shite weather!!).

Poor E, teething is so rotten sad Can't remember what order DDs teeth came through in, must try & look in the red book. I know the bottom front ones came first though, but that's the norm I think! hmm

bebejones Sat 02-Jun-12 17:16:48

Just checked the red book DD got her first bottom tooth at 8months, the next one at 9months followed shortly after by the top front 2. Then within a month got the ones either side of the front ones top 7 bottom then about a month later she got some of her first molars. Looking at the chart she had all her first ones (except the ones they get after they are 2) within about 6months. Poor little E seems to have got alot very quickly sad Hope she is ok xx

Sorry about the BFN 100years but as you said, you've got another week to go really. I've told the elephant handlers to stand by, just in case grin.

100years Sat 02-Jun-12 20:23:10

If you look at this chart it shows you letters for teeth. E has lower left A, lower right A and upper left B. B teeth usually appear after A teeth! So she's bypassed those just now. Yes bebe. Bottom middle first, then top middle, then top B then bottom B then the others! Like this it's funny because D teeth usually appear before C teeth, if you follow my tooth letter pic from above. smile anyway I'll shut up about teeth order now! smile The tooth chart is no longer in the red book sad I've taken to writing it down myself and will do a little drawing myself smile

Yes harpie, apparently milk does change a bit at 6 months, or at least they used to think so, so I don't think they think the changes are that much, but the still don't use it, I think it gets very very creamy passed 12 months, but it's still a much better match for a prem baby than formula milk is, but that's by the by.

I don't think we are doing much jubilee stuff here. I think there is a big lunch on at the church tomorrow, but I didn't look into it as I wasn't (and still aren't) sure if I'm going with OH to a race he's doing or going to church, it's possibly ticket only.

Went to Yo Sushi for lunch with OH for his birthday , which is Tuesday, LO seemed to like the prawns, the omelette thing and the rice. She also enjoyed it when we had our little WIIT meet recently. I think daddy will be pleased as he loves it.

Harpie keep those elephants firmly tied up for now. There was a 10 day break from any action remember and it was possibly ov time.

bebejones Sat 02-Jun-12 22:53:46

100, yes DDs teeth appeared in the order on the chart, D's before Cs!! grin E is so special, she's bucking the trend already and she's not even one yet!!! wink

Feeling mega depressed and upset that another school friend has just announced that she is PG...with twins!! She has a DS similar age to DD and she is my 'cake friend' as she has a cake business that she has just started. Need to snap out of the envy mode and be happy for her but it's really hard when I just want it to be me!!!! sad

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 10:33:48

LOL at E being special @ bucking the trend!

Oh bebe, sad have an un MN hug.

Oh Bebe it's so hard. You do an amazing job of grinning and bearing it, but it's bound to get you down sometimes, particularly as you can't help but constantly bump into people who are pregnant or have tiny babies, because it's all your mummy friends. "Mega depressed" is bad. Have you talked to your mum about it any more? xxx

bebejones Sun 03-Jun-12 14:48:59

My mum is resigned to being a granny just the once. DH is complete oblivious to the whole thing! hmm Have horrific PMT as well which is not helping with the mood swings! Having a large Pimms, eating 'party food', watching the Jubilee boats on telly & sticking two fingers up to the diet today! grin

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 21:12:23

Pmt sucks at the best of times.

Well LO has been in her cot an hour or just over, I've been in once, OH is now in there. I'm not expecting a good night sad boo. And OH thinks I'm joking about bringing the cot back through to our room. Aibu to wake him up properly every time I have to get up tonight?

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 21:39:31

Oh great, I've now been in, and oh is back in there, she appears to be asleep, then is awake and crying within 10 mins. sad bums, poor sausage

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 22:17:09

Hmm, I've been back in, however she's now had calpol and I've tried teething gel, I may have felt the lurkings of another tooth.

100years Sun 03-Jun-12 22:17:30

Oh it's all me me me nowadays wink

No yanbu! What do you usually do, do you both get up sometimes? These teeth are coming thick and fast it all seems rather relentless.

Bebe I just saw your "how I told him" story on the chat thread - I read it and thought I'm sure that's what Bebe's DH said - and when I looked it was you!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG - little egg symbol!!!!

DH came in from a boys night out at half four, his swimmers must all be collapsed in the toilet, or squaring up to one another going "what you looking at?", or eating kebabs!

Is it too crazy to dash out and buy preseed? I was all calm about the whole thing (relatively!) and now I'm panicking!

Perhaps I should douche with alka seltzer - or tomato juice and a raw egg...

bebejones Mon 04-Jun-12 08:48:25

No egg whites again!! wink Deep breaths now, vitamin packed breakfast for MrHarpie & pounce on him later?

Re: The PG story, it's heart warming isn't it?! hmm

100 - Poor Little E! sad How was your night in the end? If they are coming through this fast maybe she'll get the whole thing over with in a matter of weeks?

I've just been googling bank holiday opening times for Boots! DH is awake I can hear disgusting man-noises!

Not sure heartwarming is the word I'd choose! I'll probably get something quite similar - if I ever get a BFP!

Got my godson and his baby sister coming for a visit tomorrow so I'm off to Asda to stock up on goodies. I can't wait to see them - and their mum too!

Well no surprise really. DH has been asleep all day and now he's lying on the sofa in his pants, watching the Simpsons. I have tried prancing around in lingerie but he's not interested. Another egg wasted.

minipie Mon 04-Jun-12 20:52:19

Not wasted yet harpie your egg symbol was only this morning right? go feed him water and tell him to man up.

Problem is I can't actually tell him. If he gets wind that I'm ovulating there'll be no chance!

minipie Mon 04-Jun-12 22:24:24

Ah yes I see... hmm... tricky. I was never very good at the subtle approach when ov'ing as you can probably tell grin

early night and refreshed morning SWI tomorrow?

Let's hope so! I hate those 2ww where you know there's pretty much no hope but you still wonder, though.

Well that's it he won't do it. He knows why I want to do it but he says his foot hurts. So that's it I can just fuck off and wait another month. At the moment I don't even want to have a baby with him, I just want to leave. sad

Apparently he's not avoiding it for that reason at all and we are TTC, he's just not been in the mood to do it yesterday or today, that's all and I mustn't worry or be upset.

bebejones Tue 05-Jun-12 12:06:12

Well if you are TTC then he needs to 'hop on the good foot and do the bad thing'! wink

<Gives MrHarpie virtual slap & shake!! Pull yourself together man!!>

bebejones Tue 05-Jun-12 12:07:57

He does know how it all works with timings etc, and that you can't just DTD willy nilly & expect it to work doesn't he?!

Well you would think he would know by now but when he realised I was upset and I explained that this is a peak day, he pleaded complete ignorance of the whole process. He's been at his mum's all day while my friend's been round with her DC. Probably for the best - think all the pots and pans out of the cupboards being bashed away at by a three year old with spoons, all the cat's toys strewn across the floor, nappy bags by the door in the hall, sticky tomato sauce fingerprints everywhere, baby being breastfed, cat cowering in terror under the sofa...

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 14:47:47

Oh flipping heck Harpie. It's hard when you know how exact the timing has to be and the opposite number doesn't seem to understand that. Do you really feel that strongly about not being with him? What can you do about that.

Well LO didn't get or rather hasn't yet got another tooth. she had a couple of rough nights, but last night was slightly better, thankfully. I'm hoping she's OK tonight.

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 14:49:15

Cross posted. Maybe seeing baby and toddler would have made the massive MURCOM and he would have swept you up to the bedroom ok I know I'm mad

I think seeing baby and toddler running amok with beloved cat cowering would have been nail in the coffin time! grin I suppose I always knew he was going to take baby steps towards TTC, so it's no surprise. Just a bit disappointing and needed to vent. Not leaving really! smile

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 15:27:55

It's perfectly fine to vent smile It would be nice if you didn't have to, but that's the shit thing about it.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and I might get lucky. It was so nice having the LO here I had such a fun day!

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 18:32:56

Glad you had a nice day. smile

Got my work stuff sorted smile woohoo.

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:04:07

Waits for a good time.

You know nothing we post in here would ever get discussed elsewhere, say on Facebook, if hypothetically one were to say something had happened. Is there like a MN hypocratic oath?

Quodlibet Tue 05-Jun-12 20:08:25

Hello all! Just swinging by to say I haven't forgotten you all, but that things are so hectic I haven't had a chance to catch up properly. Got back from lovely holiday and straight back into full on work madness. Sending you all a wave (and a fish slap for Harpie's DH) until I can come back and catch up with all the news.

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:10:43

Hey Quod, glad you had a lovely holiday smile we'll still be here when you come back fully smile

Ooooh what's happened??? Tell more!! shock <utters blood oath>

Hi Quod by the way!!! <waves>

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:32:18

Erm well ..... It's so faint, but there are 2 tests with 2 lines, and another one that I think only has one. But they are so very faint. But OH said he could see it. Waits impatiently for a few days ..... Please don't get your hopes too high, and keep fingers crossed they're really really there and I'm sticky. And have a hug in case it makes you feel a bit grrr.

<crushed to within an inch of death by massive stampede of jubilant elephants>

100years you have massively made my day - and a line is a line as they say! Congratulations to you both xxxxxxxx

And thanks for the hug!

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:43:02

Aw thanks Harpie,grin to be honest I don't believe it yet, I think I'd have come on shouting earlier, yes I know a line is a line, but, well let's wait a day or two, but there is a better chance this month of a proper BFP than before. Eep. No more blinking tests in the house and can't go out to buy one dozen tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

You can POA OV stick instead apparently? Why can't you go out tomorrow? <intrigued>

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 20:55:48

I don't have OV sticks. And have family coming over at a non specific time. So I'd be rushing round. And well if I am I shouldn't rush round wink plus an extra day or two would give a clearer result. sits on hands

Gaaaargh!! So we have to wait till Thursday?? How rude! grin

I have a slight confession to make actually. I may have (ahem!) hysterically exaggerated how uncooperative DH has been this month. In fairness to him although he turned me down last night and today, we did get a few deeds done - including the morning of the LH peak. So you never know.

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 21:08:08

Ah, the morning of LH peak is good smile ready and waiting hopefully smile

Erm well if things change I'll be sure to let you know I've POAS smile tbh I'm nervous about testing tomorrow as it was so faint, I'd be a bit glum if the texts I bought was not sensitive. We'll see hey.

You must be so excited! Is OH getting giddy about being a daddy of two?

100years Tue 05-Jun-12 22:01:18

Not yet, he's very chilled and is waiting a bit longer before he gets excited. He is V happy though, esp if it sticks. But then he doesn't show excitement too much anyway. I wanna test again NOW but I'm being quite good at chilling out so far.

Ha ha there must be some old wives tales we can try! What symptoms have you got?

minipie Tue 05-Jun-12 22:09:33

oooh oooh oooh!

<giddy with excitement>

two lines! I won't say congratulations till it's confirmed "properly" 100 but two lines two lines two lines....

and LH surge SWI harpie that's practically a BFP y'know wink glad he hasn't been totally uncooperative. LH surge SWI is in some ways better than ov SWI as I've read in my far too thorough googling that the spermies are at their best after a bit of time inside anyway. fingers crossed!

I'm not sure they'll be at their best after a stint in my arid and decrepit environment - but we can but hope!

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 07:58:16

Well symptoms, hmm I suppose I could say I felt a bit sick after eating flan on Monday night (but I could have just been very full - although I didn't fancy it last night) I had slightly tender boobs, but only slightly. I feel a bit giddy. I nearly passed out yesterday while say down.

But I'd be clutching at straws to call them proper symptoms.

I couldn't sleep last night. sad took me ages to get off, then e woke loads and I then spent an hr lying there after getting back to bed wide awake. She's never going to sleep through and when she does I might have another sleepless thing! Lol

Thanks mini. I know and I'd be saying two lines to anyone else who asked, but it's me and well it's just a bit unbelievable.

bebejones Wed 06-Jun-12 09:37:20

OMG! shock I always miss everything exciting!!!

Yay for 2 lines 100!! Can't believe you are going to keep us all waiting til Thursday before you test again! wink

Crosses fingers for Harpie & her LH surge morning SWI!

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 10:14:38

Well I've been out and am in possession of 10 tests so I'll not run out. To be fair first response early tests were BOGOF in superdrug and I also got some poundland ones. So I'll test when I get home in ten mins grin but I'm only doing it for you lot grin

Woo hoo four minutes to go!!!

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 10:27:21

Well February could be a painful month for me........

Yippeeee!!!! <waltzes joyfully about the office arm in arm with the elephant handler>

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 10:34:17



Sticky thoughts and no HG this time please


bebejones Wed 06-Jun-12 12:34:16

<sticky & not sicky vibes coming your way> grin

minipie Wed 06-Jun-12 12:43:22

yay 100! can I say congratulations yet?

<thinking sticky thoughts about sticky the stick insect stuck in a sticky situation>

what's HG [dumb emoticon]

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 14:17:15

Thanks for the sticky vibes.

Yeah congratulations are happily accepted. grin

My sister bloody guessed. I mean how is that possible. My littlest niece walked in and said 'auntie 100 looks like she's got another baby in her belly' ????? Can she see like X-ray vision? Ok I still have a bit of a pot belly from E, but she's never said that before. Anyway we were chatting (in the other room) and my sis just asked, I tried to deny it, but she was relentless, when's next period, yadda yadda yadda. Lol. Shrugs. I wanted to keep it quiet for a leeeetle while, but never mind, I'd prob have told her next week anyway and would say if owt happened. Plus she'll prob be there for the birth again. grin

minipie Wed 06-Jun-12 14:21:58

That's amazing 100! Your niece could be very popular with the ladies over on the Conception boards grin I found it's nice to have one or two close people knowing, otherwise I'd drive myself crazy not being able to talk about it with anyone except DH!

Quodlibet Wed 06-Jun-12 18:48:44

Wow 100 congratulations, what amazing news! Sending sticky not sickly vibes your way!

Wow could your niece start up a web consultation service where she looks at us on webcam and tells us whether we are diffed? I am first in the queue (a bit of a challenge at 1DPO admittedly)!

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 19:53:25

Mr isn't quite as chuffed that sis knows, before we really know if there is anything to know. But it's done now. I did try and change the subject, but she just quizzed me in the 'right' way. I perhaps should have been more prepared, but she's never asked before! I don't think he properly believes it yet. I think he needs stronger proof than 'the worlds faintest line' I've not shown him today's. I'll do one in a few days for him smile He's not angry or anything, just wanted it to be quiet for longer, as did I, but hey.

Gosh I'm dead nervous that it won't stick or something will happen. I'm hoping for a smooth ride this time. But eep these first few weeks are horrible waiting and not knowing. I don't even know if I'm 4,5 or 6 weeks. Or even if I'm not even 4 weeks!

bebejones Wed 06-Jun-12 22:17:46

Ooooh 100, if you aren't sure how PG you are will you get an early scan? x

100years Wed 06-Jun-12 22:41:04

Well I'd love to have an early scan, but I don't know if irregular cycles due to bf would constitute reason for an early scan. I am hoping to see the very lovely doc I've seen before and I'll ask her what she thinks. But I'm not getting an app till next week.

bebejones Wed 06-Jun-12 23:02:57

Aaah but how will they know when to give you a 12week scan if you can't tell them where you are in your cycle?!

100years Thu 07-Jun-12 05:43:56

I know bebe. They might just say well we'll go with you period as there is only two weeks in it, can't they do dating scan at 10 weeks as well? And if it's too early they'd have to do another one anyway hopefully I'd get two

Slight nausea at the mo, but that could be normal for waking at 5 to feed the small thing.

At least it gives you an early start with MNetting! It must be knackering being pg and keeping baby hours! You are like an endurance athlete!

DH and I went back to take another look at our that house yesterday and we had a chat with the vendors. Very hopeful we might get it!

link here if you're interested.

100years Thu 07-Jun-12 09:28:24

No offence but I'd rather sleep than post on mn at 5 something in the morning!

Ooh looks lovely, will have a proper squizz in a bit on my iPad as the pics were too small on here. Good luck. grin

minipie Thu 07-Jun-12 10:26:44

Oh that house looks really lovely harpie good luck!

100 I know someone who wasn't sure how pg she was, to within a few weeks - she didn't get an early scan but when she went for her "12 week scan" (based on last period) she was only 10 weeks so had to go back for another one 2 weeks later. Still thinking sticky thoughts for you. Do you know when AF would be due or not?

100years Thu 07-Jun-12 10:49:47

Well it's 6 weeks tonight since me last period, and boy was it heavy. My cycles have been 3, 4 and 6 weeks, so not regular yet at all. 2 scans would be good, smile but we'll see what happens. I reckon though I'm only about 4 weeks, but I don't know for sure. Another +ve test this morning. 7 tests left! LOL might leave it a few days now, do one at the weekend for OH smile

minipie Thu 07-Jun-12 11:54:52

Maybe a CB digital one for the weekend, as that should give you an idea how many weeks since conception? They have to be done with first morning wee though and are notoriously unreliable!

100years Thu 07-Jun-12 12:46:03

I'm a cheap skate and won't pay for one, especially as I know they are unreliable. Lines on tests are fine for me smile and will be for OH. But I know what you mean about having an idea of how long since conception. smile

This is such an exciting thread at the moment! grin When is next week's doctors appointment?


100years Thu 07-Jun-12 18:45:48

Friday smile over a whole week away sorry smile

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 19:04:46

Had a little temp name change. smile

Please please please no mention of any of what has been discussed on here on FB I know you won't, but just saying it again to reiterate how quiet we want to be for now smile ta michly.

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 19:04:59


Ha ha I like the new name actually.

I will have to get used to the lack of highlighting though perhaps you should start the next thread now!

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 21:02:32

Well I could do, but wouldn't that be kind of a bit me me me, given I know I'd be highlighted?

bebejones Thu 07-Jun-12 21:40:41

Wrote a really long post and bloody MN went offline for an upgrade and I lost it! angry can't remember what I wrote now! Had a crap day, DD been a pain in the backside. I'll never have another one if she keeps up this behaviour! Where has my charming, polite little girl gone? I lost her about 2 years ago!! She was the loveliest baby sad

LookAtHerGo Thu 07-Jun-12 21:50:00

Oh bebe sad sorry to hear that sad have a hug, I'm quite happy to dish them out smile

Oh no! What has she been getting up to?

bebejones Thu 07-Jun-12 23:08:19

Just general misbehaving really. But she can be so rude, and just doesn't listen, constantly constantly pushing boundaries! Hitting out (usually at the poor cat sad) and tantrums and temper when she doesn't get her own way! Oh and a general lack of manners eg. shouting 'hungry!!!' 20 times over instead of asking nicely for a snack or shouting at me for not putting a DVD on quick enough! And also pulling faces and growling/huffing at me when I tell her off!

She's had 2 'time outs' in her room today but the trouble is there are so many toys/books in there that when she's calmed down its not a punishment! (there is nowhere that the stuff can go out of the way!) favourite toys have been confiscated, stickers have been given (for good behaviour) and nothing seems to be having a long term effect!

Hoping things improve tomorrow! sad

Well I have no parenting experience obviously, but the cat gets time outs which are designed (according to the behaviourists) to remove him from the situation and alter his mood, rather than punish him. He goes in the other room f

for three minutes with his toys with the door shut, away from whatever was over stimulating him - and he does always calm down. Maybe that applies to children to some extent as well? I have to say it doesn't teach him any manners!

My friends hate it when I compare the cat to their DC btw grin

Morning! I am 3DPO today - and can confirm that the wait is long and boring! Not even at the symptom spotting stage yet. It seems very improbable that I would be pg iykwim?

bebejones Fri 08-Jun-12 08:00:45

Give it til 10 days before you start symptom spotting!! Isn't that when little beans tend to implant?! hmm

DD gets put in her room to calm down & it does work, but then she mostly doesn't want to leave her room when the time is up because she wants to play with her toys upstairs which sort of defeats the object!

Think I'm getting a cold, feel like crap this morning! sad

Oh and the bloody weather is making my TV unwatchable! The strong wind is blowing the tree in the front garden in front of the sky dish & the picture on the telly jumps/freezes every 30 seconds! This also didn't help DDs behaviour yesterday as it meant that she couldn't watch 'Woolly and Tig' on cBeebies = meltdown!!! <sigh> Weather is so crappy we can't even go out really! We have someone lined up to come and sort tree/garden out, but we need some dry weather & it's going to rain all next week too apparently! sad

Congratulations 100!!! How exciting! I think it must be even better being pregnant for a second time, knowing what to expect and maybe being able to just enjoy it (HE allowing)!

Blooming heck LWH! 2WW for you! Why does time pass soooooo slowly just when you want it to fly? I'm going to predict that you are having a girl if you are pregnant this month (jumping the gun a bit, I know!) as apparently the X chromosome sperms last longer.......

Hope you are feeling better Bebe! LO sounds very testing ATM. I'm sure you are doing all the right things, hopefully it will stop soon as suddenly as it started smile

We are caravanning with some friends and their two LO's this week. Awful weather (again!) but we are having a good time smile Going making some rock (seaside variety) this afternoon. Need to decide what I want mine to say in the middle.....

LookAtHerGo Fri 08-Jun-12 15:21:17

Oh bebe sad that's rubbish for you sad I do hope today is better for you.

Harpie, chill your boots missus smile

Thanks Strawberry smile Double edged sword to having been pg before, knowing what happens and so that mystery is out of it, but also knowing all things that could happen and so hopefully be more chilled? Who knows. All I know is that I'm in no mans land between finding out and the scan which I don't think will ever be a stress free relaxed time for anyone. But we're smile

We've picked a name for the poppy seed while it's inside me, and OH is a bit more believing of it now. I'm still a bit shock but in a good way. smile

A girl???? I'm not having an actual real life baby you know ha ha ha... <suddenly realises that it would be an actual real life baby and panics> shock

Making rock sounds interesting Strawberry! What did yours say in the middle in the end? How on earth do they make it? Caravanning sounds like fun. Hope the weather picks up!

100years let's hope you get whisked in for an early scan so you don't have to wait too long. I guess 10 days is probably doable by comparison! smile

LookAtHerGo Fri 08-Jun-12 16:20:52

Ok so I used my boots advantage points to buy a ridiculously overpriced even with £2 off clearblue digital test! Shit. What if it doesn't show? There are 2 tests in the box but meh. What if the 5 tests I've got are fakes? What if, what of? Feck I've bought 12 bloody tests altogether. I swear if CBD is positive I'll not use all 12. Nervous here. Oh and don't expect it tomorrow, I've got a ridiculous start in the morning and don't want to test pre the thing I'm doing, though I might do a pound shop cheapie!

Do one now and one tomorrow!!

By the way, the elephant handler asked me to ask you whether you need a parade of elephants every time you test, or just, say, every tenth or fifteenth test?


LookAtHerGo Fri 08-Jun-12 16:34:24

I'll let the elephants parade one last time next week grin I know how much they love it.

I'm NOT testing today!

If I test positive next weekend they will get to do the mother of all parades. Some of them will even be jetted off to the moon to parade around up there while it orbits the earth and then be parachuted back down in a shower of ticker tape to join the rest of the triumphant parade, which will go on and on without a break until all the elephants collapse from exhaustion.

LookAtHerGo Fri 08-Jun-12 16:40:47


4DPO.... they are wheeling the elephant shuttle out to the launch pad.

Well it's 10.30am and DH is still snoring away like a good 'un. He didn't even go out boozing last night so I guess his body must just be in its default Saturday morning snooze mode!

I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can force him to come with me to the Trafford Centre to watch me try on twenty dresses and then buy the first one! grin DH is best man at a wedding in three weeks time and I have absolutely nothing (new) to wear.

How is everyone? Strawberry how was your night in the caravan full of children?! Lookathergo hope the mysterious thing you are doing that you don't want to test before goes well!

LookAtHerGo Sat 09-Jun-12 12:37:23

Hope your shopping trip goes well Harpie smile wasn't really a mysterious thing, just seeing friends after a race and the looking at car seats, but I didn't want a CBD to mess up my head by doing one of its unreliable things and not working. Which would have probably made me feel a bit sad

We've been to mk today and checked out rear facing next stage car seats and we can get one grin so E will be extended rear facing grin

Hi, I'm just waiting for OH to pay before we get the caravan packed up and we can 'get gone'. It's been good-LWH we only had our own LO in the 'van with us and that was enough! Sharp little toenails digging into your bum in the middle of the night is not the most restful thing ever smile

6 days to go before the next POAS elephant extravaganza! Can't wait! Next time you are at the TC give me a shout if you fancy a coffee LWH smile

bebejones Sat 09-Jun-12 18:26:19

I am cream crackered! DDs social life is taking it's toll! wink

Lookathergo I'm dreading the next stage car seat shopping for DD & hoping that she stays below 15kg a leeeeetle bit longer!! I find it really stressful! sad (Dunno why, think I get a bit overwhelmed) DD has been forward facing since 12months (even though she wasn't quite big enough) blush she used to scream and scream and scream facing backwards & it was so distracting that in the end I figured it was safer for her to face forwards & not have me crash the car!

Harpie did you find anything lovely to wear? <pats elephants lovingly, feeds them currant buns> grin

Strawberry glad you had a lovely time away, ouch to sharp toenails!!

Have come home this afternnon to find that the garden has been hacked away at & now the TV works again! Amazing how motivating the lack of Sky Sports is!! hmm

Lookathergo you have spoilt all the intrigue! grin Are you POAS again today then, now you have got car seat research out of the way?!

Bebe lol you will have to put her on a strict diet so that you can avoid the stress! No more cupcakes for you, mini person! grin

Strawberry my trip to the TC with DH turned into a trip to Meadowhall with my mum, but I did find a rather lovely dress. Just got to sort out accessories now - but there's plenty of time so I thought it could wait until after payday!

Well I'm 5dpo today, so still a couple of days short of implantation if it's going to happen. It seems completely crazy that you can have a fertilised egg dividing inside you that will grow into a baby - and yet feel no symptoms whatsoever! I'm now so glad I did all the pre-TTC charting, even though even I thought it was a bit mad at the time. I woke up this morning to a massive second temp rise - but was soon able to ascertain that it was completely normal for me at this dpo. Bother!

LookAtHerGo Sun 10-Jun-12 08:47:53

CBD states "pregnant 2-3" grin I think that's what I expected grin so a very possible holiday baby grin lol grin

I'm really pleased to hear it it is absolutely lovely news for all of you. E will love having a little sister or brother and it will be so much fun to see them together. Have you told anyone else in RL?

Quodlibet Sun 10-Jun-12 10:10:21

That's fantastic news Lookathergo. So you'll have 18 months between them, roughly? That's a nice gap I think.

Harpie watching the DsPO ticking by is like slow water torture, no? Glad the elephants are well primed.

My body is playing silly buggers over here - CD37 and no sign of AF - I normally get achy boobs s few days before. My normal is between 29-33 days so I've begun to get quite distracted by it! We werent TTC this cylce but did go back to UPS on about CD25 after OV should have been and gone. But POAS this a.m and bfn, so probs just an anovulatory cycle?!

LookAtHerGo Sun 10-Jun-12 11:51:39

No not yet Harpie, but I have a friend I will probably tell tomorrow, she's a new friend who goes to the baby group I go to, but it will be nice to tell someone. And I'm going out for drinks with the other mums in 2 weeks and so I either have to have a great not drinking excuse or I'll end up letting slip. I've not decided. Having said that, if I get sick again,it'll be bloody obvious!

Yeah roughly, though might be more like 17 months, but that's by the by really. smile oh gosh no AF at cd37 that must he torture not knowing what's going on. Maybe just maybe this month will be really lucky for the three of us, and bebe will get a MURCOM smile

bebejones Sun 10-Jun-12 12:30:38

No signs of MURCOM for me. Although DD did burst into tears on Friday when she asked DH if she can have a baby sister & he said 'No, they are too expensive!' sad #breakingmyheart

Quod - day 37!! I'd be going loopy by now!

Harpie, tell us more about this dress?! grin

Quodlibet Sun 10-Jun-12 16:59:53

Well having tested now in normal ironic fashion AF looks imminent as the normal spotting has finally started! A Bfp right now would be the worst possible timing tbh, I'm working flat out for the next 6 weeks and DP is away most of that time too so not at all ideal.

I want to see the dress please?

Hi All!!
Trying to catch up on the news whilst feeding. I can't believe how long it's been since I was last on here. It looks as though there is a lot I've missed!!!

Would you believe that Sassi is almost 15 weeks old now?!? The last 3.5 months have flown by and I'm not entirely sure where the weeks have gone!!

It's been an eventful start! She was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks and then Developmental Hip Dysplasia at 6 weeks. After 8 weeks in a harness she came out of it last Friday and her hips are now normal. A huge relief as if it didn't work we were looking at surgery and a fixed cast for 3/6 months. 

I think that the harness was pretty uncomfortable for her as since she's been out if it she's been a much happier baby (that and the fact we had a dreadful 12 week growth spurt!!!) she's VERY active and doesn't really do daytime naps if she can avoid them!! She loves beating the crap out of the toys on her play gym and has learn to roll front to back and back to front (although the latter requires a bit of practice!!)

Sorry for the self indulgent post. Can I have a summary of everybody's WIIT updates please as, thanks to sleep deprivation, my brain can't digest all the posts I've missed!!

Quod it goes SO slowly!!! And how on earth could I be pg but feel nothing?? That's completely crazy - I'm obviously not pg! All I can say is thank god I'm not on cd37 with a bfn wondering what on earth is going on! Poor old you! How sure are you about when you OV? All things considered lets hope AF gets herself settled in soon.

Lookathergo are you the first in your mums group to have DC2, or are there others? I can imagine you must feel desperate to tell people. It's a really long wait to 13 weeks. I was dying to tell my mum yesterday that we are finally TTC but I managed to bite my tongue and we just chatted about everyone else who's recently popped out babies or just about to!

Bebe we've all got all our fingers and toes crossed for a MURCOM. Do you think it's a positive sign that he's seeing it as a financial issue, as in there might be a possibility that he will change his stance if business starts to pick up? Poor DD she must be confused about how it all works.

SPR fancy seeing you here! How is it all going? Are you run off your feet? Am I going to rue the day we DTD?! Can you believe we are on round two of the babies?! Unbelievable!

Have tried to find a pic of the dress online but couldn't. It's black with white flowers, strapless with a big full skirt to the knee. I've got my eye on some red LK Bennett shoes to wear with it.

Oops xposted there. Sounds like you have been kept very busy! Sorry to hear it hasn't all been plain sailing but good that everything is sorted out!

My WIIT update: DTD this month and now climbing the walls at 5DPO.

Oooh LWH!! That is very exciting!! How was TBT? You won't regret it at all, it's hard work but the rewards are amazing!!! Her little grin makes up for all the vomcanoes, sleepless nights and meltdowns!!
Some days I still can't believe that she's ours!!!

Oh, I'm pretty sure that Sassi was conceived around this time last year.... Spring babies are fab!!!

LookAtHerGo Sun 10-Jun-12 19:07:19

Oh bebe sad that's sad sad it just doesn't look like you're going to get it if he keeps saying things like this.

Oh quod sad but as you say probably best not at this point in time.

SPR yay great to see you smile I can and can't believe how old she is now. I saw a pic you posted the other day and thought whoa she's in a seat already, wow. Glad the harness worked for her, sorry to hear about the reflux, busy and tough start. Yay to rolling, that's early, E was the same, although a little bit later going front to back I think 17 weeks. She's almost walking, but still prefers to drop to her knees and do a weird crawl. She's 9 months now. I've had a name change because I'm diffed smile yay, I think you'll work it out, if not its only a few posts ago that you'll see smile and lol at vomcanoes.

Harpie, there are a couple of others who go because they are their second babies, so already have an older one, but I'll be the first of the ones on their first! But then most of the others have younger LOs.

LookAtHerGo - Yay for the diffment!!! She's very early with all the physical stuff and is incredibly strong. I think that maybe it's related to her having the cord around her neck several times from 20 weeks (ish) and her fighting to get free. I guess I should have known she'd be an active little baby from the amount of moving she did before she joined us!!

She isn't a fan of napping though and still wakes for a feed at night unlike some of her less active friends!!!

I can;t believe that E is 9 months already and walking. How exciting for you!!
I've put a few piccies of Sassi on my profile for those not on FB <proud mummy!!>

Those pictures are marvellous! She is a gorgeous baby. And look at you in the hospital pic post birth you glamorous woman you!

I am now 6dpo, in case any of you can't count (hmm) and no symptoms.

Oh god I need a TTC thread to hang out on so I don't bore you all to death for however many months this takes. But they're all so big and established and I don't know anybody! [first day at big school emoticon]

Never managed to speak to the useless mortgage broker last night, so we couldn't make our offer on the house. Very disappointing. I know he's there cause he's changed his voicemail from "away until 11 June" to "away from my desk". Any recommendations?

bebejones Tue 12-Jun-12 09:45:43

Bug him every hour on the hour until he answers your call?! (Although I know DH hates it when his clients do that!! grin)

Bug us every hour on the hour with TTC developments & symptom spotting! I for one need to be 'bored' by it....that way I get to bore y'all to death if when my turn comes! wink

DD is utterly convinced that she is 'getting a baby' for her Birthday! She told me this morning that the baby can share her room so she can look after them! <sobs> Hoping she won't be too disappointed come August! sad

SPR - So glad you are back!! grin Sassi is completely scrummy! smile So sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it, but pleased to hear that Sassi is doing well now. DD only had mild reflux but oh. my. word. the projectile vomitting was seriously impressive! Hope that Sassi's reflux starts to improve soon. smile

bebejones Tue 12-Jun-12 11:35:54

Crying laughing reading this on classics! MN classics always guaranteed to cheer me up! grin

Oh Bebe my heart does go out to you, it must be so hard to hear that from her you must want to say "it's not me it's daddy" but of course you can't. Is she happy with her new room now you've got it sorted? It's sweet of her to want to share.

The thread about the bikini bottoms and the swimming pool is one of my favourites, I never get tired of it! Perhaps it is safer to be not pg and still have my dignity!

We've made our offer now so fingers crossed they accept it!

bebejones Tue 12-Jun-12 18:38:16

We didn't move her in the end as the wall has dried out! Despite all the heavy rain lately! confused It's still the plan, but it's not urgent now IYSWIM. Which is good as the 'spare' room needs alot of work to make it fit for her.

When she says things to me I tell her she has to ask Daddy but he just keeps perpetuating (sp?) the myth that we are going to 'get one from Tesco'! hmm Things financially are pretty crap & I just don't think he can see past it right now, even though he keeps telling me that money is coming next month it feels like plans for everything are on hold until it actually hits our account! (Even plans that are potentially 9 months down the line!!)

Fingers crossed for the offer! When do you expect to hear back?

Hopefully tomorrow although I am going to the spa for the day with my mum, so will be out of contact. Hopefully I won't cook my baby, assuming there is one to cook! I still have no symptoms.

bebejones Tue 12-Jun-12 19:46:26

If there is one in there it's so far tucked in it'll be fine! Do you think you will tell your mum that you are TTC? Symptoms aren't everything, you read all the time about women who didn't know they were pregnant until 6/7/8/9months...or until baby was coming out!!

Not sure. Probably not. It will be interesting to see if my temperature drops tomorrow. I always stopped temping a few days after OV, once I knew the danger had passed, so I only have two charts that go beyond 7dpo. On both of those my bbt dropped on day 8.

LookAtHerGo Tue 12-Jun-12 21:00:15

Thanks SPR, smile its v cool. E isn't walking on her own yet, but she's getting there, sorry if I misled you. Who knows it could still be months! E was a real wriggler inside me too, so I wasn't surprised when she was at it so much on the outside smile and yes E still wakes too.

Hey Harpie, easy for me to say, but try to think of other things as well as how many DPO you are, otherwise you'll go mad smile and fwiw so far I'm not really having many symptoms, I could quite easily attribute the vague nausea I felt a little bit to being hungry, the sore boobs to being bitten, the tiredness to the 6 or 7 times I was up to E last night. Good luck with the offer

Aw bebe, it sucks for you. You are so patient and I really hope you get some luck soon.

E is out of sorts, not sure it it's teeth again, she's been snotty, a bit more pooey than normal, and just burst into tears earlier. She has a couple of tiny spots on her back and one on her nose, so I'll be checking in the morning to see she's not got worse in case it's the pox sad probably nothing though.

I do not want to feel poorly, but it's weird feeling fairly normal so far. I hope everything is ok, and I stay feeling just as I am.

Lookathergo don't worry I am spending most of my time obsessing about whether we'll have our offer accepted on the house and if we will have any difficulties with the mortgage!

There must be a lot of difference between a first pg and subsequent pg in terms of time spent naval gazing, symptom spotting, and stuff! It sounds like E is keeping mummy's mind busy with more important things like E! smile I hope she's not poorly.

Where are you all?? We have bought a house!! grin

Fantastic news on the house!!! Time to pick nursery furniture?!?!

minipie Wed 13-Jun-12 19:09:40


linky? is it that nice one you linked to last thursday...

SPR hello! can't believe you have a 3.5 month old... when was it you started ttcing again? my ttcing has finally paid off, I am 14+5 with DC1.

more elephants for Lookathergo grin

tcha to bebe's DH. hope things improve financially soon.

Minipie I am guessing about 12.5 months ago! grin 14.5? Do you have a photo??

Bebe I was so tempted to tell my DM we are trying but I managed not to!

bebejones Wed 13-Jun-12 21:28:13

Yay Harpie!! grin Exciting stuff!

Been to DDs (future) school tonight to meet the teachers & get her start dates! All starting to feel very 'real'! My baby girl is actually going to be starting school in 3 months time!!!! shock

That's exciting Bebe! What's the school like? How big is it? Did you like the teachers?! Will she need a uniform?

Massive temp dip today. sad

Congratulations on the house LWH! It looks lovely and ready to move straight into-perfect for the newly pregnant ladies needs!

sad about the temp dip. I charted when I was WTTC and during the month I got pregnant and you could see a triphasic temp pattern which was different to the previous months. However the temp differences are so small anything could give you a duff reading so you never know. It's not over until....etc!


bebejones Thu 14-Jun-12 08:59:54

Bum about temp dip Harpie, but like strawberry said, could be a duff reading or something, you never know until you know! IYKWIM!! grin
What's the schedule then for house moving?! grin Bet you can't wait!! Do you have plans to redecorate or are you going to leave it as it is?

School is lovely, it's not huge but it's not a 10-in-a-class village school either. One class of 30 in each year, Church of England school linked to our church, really caring & vibrant. Was an offsted outstanding a year ago, but as with everything they have been 'downgraded' even though nothing has really changed!! hmm (Offsted being their usually bastards and finding fault where there is none) Children are very polite and seem happy & DD really seems to be excited to go! smile And yes, she has to have a uniform!! Eeeeek, got some bits already, we have to practise putting it on and taking it off apparently so she can do it by herself! confused hmm

minipie Thu 14-Jun-12 11:51:32

no photo sorry harpie! We have some at home but being the tech phobe that I am I haven't figured out how to get them onto a computer.

lovely house! yup that's the pretty one I meant smile not being a charter I know nothing about temp dip but hope strawb is right and it means nothing.

hope E doesn't have the pox Look and is right as rain soon.

Ooh that school sounds lovely bebe, I am envy. We are in london and will be outside the tiny catchment for the good state primaries near us (have to live within 400m to get in shock) - so basically it's either accept a less good school, go private, or move confused

Ha ha yes I hope there won't be other newly pg ladies moving in with us! Nah I'm writing this month off there's no point hanging on for a miracle!

LookAtHerGo Thu 14-Jun-12 14:07:26

Hi, sorry this will be a short post. Congratulations on the house Harpie grin that's great. I can't remember the other posts. E doesn't have the pox grin she is snotty though. I feel like I am coming down with a heavy cold or something fluey so I'm currently feeling quite sorry for myself as I'm home alone and just want to go to bed to sleep but E is requiring a lot of supervision. Roll on Saturday, if I feel like this I'll be spending the day in bed!

Docs tomorrow for getting pg registered. And CBD this morning came up 3+ very very quickly grin

<Elephants perform halfheartedly, disappointed not to be launching into outer space after all>

Right elephants look sharp, back to the launch pad! Quick march!

My BBT has rocketed right back up again so I guess the madness must continue for another day.

LookAtHerGo Fri 15-Jun-12 08:33:34

Ooh ooh ooh to raised bbt grin keeps fingers crossed and fireworks on standby.

I'm not quite as rough as yesterday, but still feel a bit poo. E has a cough do I've managed to get app for her as well this morning. I'd have waited a day if it wasn't the weekend tomorrow.

How did you get on at the doctors?

minipie Fri 15-Jun-12 12:56:29

So by my calculations harpie you are now 10dpo... too early to test??

I'm off on hols tomorrow, could I persuade you to POAS tomorrow for me? <wheedles>

<elephants look wistful>

Minipie DH is away all weekend and as I've got to nip round and feed MIL's sick cat twice a day and have a huge pile of disclosure documents to wade through for work, I'm going to be home alone the whole time.

Although having been home alone for all of five minutes, I am tempted!

LookAtHerGo Fri 15-Jun-12 19:31:16

I have a slight ear infection and E probably has something viral. The doc gave me ear spray and very quickly said it was fine for pg and bf, but the leaflet says consult GP, and the internet says no for bf and only if benefits outweigh risks pg. I'm going to give it a few days before I think about whether to use it or not, as it's only a slight inf, and it might clear up on its own.

She said congrats, told me to ring mw and gave me a script for folic acid. It's pretty boring really when you see the doc!

Oooh, get POAS! We'll be around to cheer you on if you get a BFP smile

Where are you off to mini? Anywhere nice?

Honestly I haven't had a single symptom. I feel more normal than usual!

LookAtHerGo Fri 15-Jun-12 20:02:49

I'm fairly symptomless, the dizziness could be attributed to the ear inf. being symptomless when I was so full on with them last time is very weird, and if I'm truthful I am a finding that in itself a bit worrying, but I have to think every pg is different and I just have to wait and see at the scan.

Well I've just been to Asda and bought myself a bottle of sparkling wine, a curry, a bag of Haribo, some tiramisu, some Danish pastries for breakfast, and... some own brand test sticks!

After I put the wine in my basket alongside the test sticks I thought shit how shameful buying both together. And then I thought "I'll make out its either or". Obviously it's wine, then test! blush

Bebe not sure of the schedule for moving. We have had our mortgage application approved subject to proof of income so I guess the next step is the surveys. I guess we'll decorate at some point but it's perfectly liveable for now.

The school sounds nice I'm glad you got the one you wanted.

LookAtHerGo Fri 15-Jun-12 21:39:00

Oooh Asda test was the one I got a v v v faint line on.......

LookAtHerGo Fri 15-Jun-12 21:40:04

Oh and I bought tests, knowing full well I was diffed with E on me in the sling, having a conversation with the lady behind me in the queue saying she was only 9 months old! Lol grin

Oh don't say that, I was telling myself if I didn't get a bfp on the Asda ones it was just because they are cheap! Yes that is probably more blush than wine!

Are you going to wait until morning LWH or do a sneaky test tonight?

<looks innocent>

I like the fact that there's no option not to test, only a choice between tonight or tomorrow morning! I can't bring myself to do it, I feel like it will jinx it and at the same time I think the idea that I could possibly be pregant is ridiculous. Did you feel like that?

<groan> Well talk about broken sleep. I've woken constantly through the night. It must be on my mind. My temp is still high. Feel knackered from no sleep.

Quod how did you get on with the show?

Have tested. BFN. Stand down the elephants.

LookAtHerGo Sat 16-Jun-12 08:51:21

Not over yet harpie. smile well with E I just knew I was pg before I tested, knew it, and thought I either test today (Christmas day) and find out now if there is chance to find out, or leave it a few days and wonder if I could have found out on Christmas day! So there was no option for me not being pg last time. This time I'm still in the whoa, the test was +ve, I'm kind of not quite believing it, but it doesn't feel ridiculous. I think we all feel very very different about pg when it happens. And yes there was only the when option for you really smile glad temp is still up.

In other news I nearly passed out just now! I've never done that with an ear infection, and it's not even my inner ear that's wrong, so I think that's a pg symptom right there. We had just had some 'fun' and I felt wonky, left it a minute or two, went to the loo and it was either get down to the floor or fall down! Feely weird right now. And do you like my TMI for a sat morning

Ha ha tmi fest! Are you worried? It sounds a bit scary, although its supposed to be quite a common early symptom it's never nice to feel out of control.

I know it's not over till it's over, but there's nothing to suggest we were lucky this cycle and everything (bar my bbt) to suggest not.

LookAtHerGo Sat 16-Jun-12 10:29:13

No not worried about why I nearly fainted, just don't want to be a wonky fainty pg lady, though I'd take feeling a bit wonky over puking!

Mw just rang me back as I left her a message yesterday smile same one as last time, she's coming Tuesday to do the paperwork, and said yep scan at where my period suggests 12 weeks and go from there. So hopefully only 4wks and 6 days to scan...

That's ages!

LookAtHerGo Sat 16-Jun-12 11:20:22

It's not as long as 6 wks 6 days smile which is when I reckon I possibly would be 12 weeks. I'm still thinking I conceived on holiday due to EWCM before and on the first day of holiday, but who knows. Maybe it was before we went. Then I would be a bit further along. Time will tell.

LWH it did seem ridiculous to be pregnant, like pregnancy only really happens to other people (grown-ups!). You would think at 30 I would have felt old enough but no! As long as the temp is up the elephants need to stay on standby- I didn't get a BFP on 10 DPO so keep the faith. When will your temp have been raised for 18 days? That is the benchmark for Pg isn't it according to TCOYF?

Hope you are less wonky this afternoon LAHG.

Welcome back SPR- the photos are lovely! What a peach! And like LWH I don't think I've ever seen such a glamerous post c-section picture!

How is P Bebe? Is she still testing your limits? She sounds like a very bright little girl. You'll be able to remind her about all this when she has grown up to be PM or won an Oscar!

Next Saturday. If my BBT dip at 9dpo was an implantation dip (grasps pathetically at straws) I would only be 2 days past implantation by now, so you'd expect hcg levels to be low this morning...

Yes only other people can get pg, not me surely!

Quodlibet Sat 16-Jun-12 15:02:55

Hello all

I have been AWOL rather due to work, so just catching up on everyone's news. Harpie congratulations on the house, it looks lovely! I agree that 11dpo is too early to be a definite BFN so elephants should definitely remain primed.
Show went well thanks - was threatening to rain all day but it didn't to our relief. One performance down and 25 to go before the middle of July! So I might not be around very much in the next month or two.

SPR lovely to have you back and your photos of Sassi are lovely - can't believe how glamorous you look in the one where you've just given birth!

100 sorry to hear you and E are both ill - get well soon.

My AF turned up a whole week late in the end - I am pretty sure it was an anovulatory cycle as I normally get achy boobs and I didn't at all this time around. Looking back at the month I realised the day I was supposed to ovulate coincided with the day my dog died in the middle of an otherwise very stressful week, so probably the egg decided not to bother and I don't blame it.

DP and I have hardly seen each other recently as we're both super busy, but we have started to have some long-overdue conversations about what next for us. Because of our respective workloads it has felt like we've been stuck in the same place for quite a while as a couple and we are both feeling like things need to move on. He seems pretty keen on TTC now - if anything it's me who is concerned, as I am worried about how we will support ourselves on one unreliable income. How things change eh?

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog Quod sad

Good to hear you are both thinking about the future! I think it's a good idea to save up enough money to cover all your normal outgoings whilst you are on Mat leave but apart from that, anything could happen so there's little point worrying IMHO.

Yes it was awful about your dog Quod I'm so sorry you lost him. They are one of the family, aren't they. I'm hoping that when we get our new house my dog will come from my parents' house to live with me whenever my parents are at their holiday home - but I'm not sure what DH will have to say about that!

Glad the weather held for you and you were happy with how it all went. When this run is over will you have a bit of time when you're not so busy when you could feasibly fit in a bout of ms?! smile

I'm so happy to hear you and DP are having these conversations and both seem to be coming from the same place. I think even though it can be heartbreaking to be the one pushing against a shut door, you can build up a bit of bravado about the whole thing that evaporates as soon as the door is opened and you're faced with actually TTC now! I've been worrying about how we're going to make ends meet when we get the house because the mortgage payments are going to be about £500 a month more than we're paying now.

BBT is still elevated - 36.56 degrees when I woke in the night at 3.30am and a whopping 36.93 degrees at 8.30am when I woke up for the second time. My normal temping time is around 5am, so neither is particularly accurate but the important thing is both are above the cover line.

Right I'm getting up to crack on with some more work. No rest for the wicked just delicious coffee and croissants!

I POA Persona test stick just now and got a pretty strong second line. Not sure that means anything though! So have POA pg test and... well it's very easy for your eyes to play tricks on you isn't it....

Shall I try a post a photo?

Um I'm going to dash out and stock up on peanuts.

bebejones Sun 17-Jun-12 13:31:24

So is that a sort of BFP?

Yes I'm pregnant! Confirmed with a First Response, which gave a pretty strong second line. Noone was around for the elephant launch! sad grin

LookAtHerGo Sun 17-Jun-12 14:23:36

sets off fireworks

brass band plays celebrations



Oh how fab. BFP BFP BFP.

Lucky month gringringringrin

Yay we are pg buddies! DH is thrilled. Just got to try not to get too excited now till we get a bit further on. <worries>

<gets too excited>

LookAtHerGo Sun 17-Jun-12 15:06:45

Harpie, come and join me here it's the antenatal February thread. grin

Pg buddy smile I'm so chuffed for you, and I'm glad your DH is chuffed, all you needed was a BFP smile

LookAtHerGo Sun 17-Jun-12 15:11:17

Right a quick catch up.

Srawberry, thank you smile

Quod, sorry a to hear about AF, although I know you weren't trying this month. And really sorry to hear about your dog. sad I am glad you have been talking about stuff. It's perfectly normal to have worries about things like money.

Still a bit wonky today, DP said maybe it's my version of sickness this time! Feel a bit wiped out. Have told my Mum and grandparents. And this week we are seeing the ILs so we will tell them then smile

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 15:55:57

HOOOOORRAAYY! leftwingharpe it's me pipoca from way back! So pleased to hear you finally persuaded DH and have got your (very) long awaited BFP! So thrilled for you! Enjoy! Lovely that DH is sthrilled too, I know it took him a while to get his head round to the idea of ttc!

Hello Pipoca! Fancy seeing you here! grin grin grin How are you and DD? She must be getting pretty big now?

<Calls for George and Jake to bring champagne>

LAHG I think I need to let it sink in before I make a bold statement like joining an antenatal thread. I'm so scared tomorrow I might get a bfn. Have I been reading too many mc threads?

bebejones Sun 17-Jun-12 17:37:54

I go away for a couple of hours and come back to a proper BFP announcement!!! I always miss the 'good stuff'! wink

Woohoo for Harpie!! And grin that DH is chuffed too!!

Not too late Bebe, have some champagne! Can't really believe it. Might go peer at my test sticks again!

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 19:25:39

We're all well. DS is 4 and a bit and DD is now 13 months and all fat and roly poly and squidgy and gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely pregnancy and all goes smoothly, will stalk you a bit watch out for any updates, but just to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Oh she must be gorgeous! You must be busy then, my friend's babies are 3yrs and 8mths and they are a real handful. A lot of fun though!

Have you been lurking on here the whole time, or were we on active convos or something? You're very welcome of course! grin

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 20:28:05

I lurk from time to time to see what's going on. I'll stick a photo on my profile...hang on.

Quodlibet Sun 17-Jun-12 20:34:52


Harpie that is incredible news!
<Hoists George and Jake up on the elephants to lead a choreographed synchonised elephant parade into space set to the brass band's rendition of 'Whoomp! There it is' whilst spraying champagne in all directions>

I am fucking overjoyed for you. Hurrah!!!!!

Hello Lagartija, great to see you again too.

grin It was a bit of a surprise! Can't really believe it yet - particularly as I still feel normal, my boobs feel a bit heavy and tender but that's normal at the end of the month. Thanks for the elephant parade into space with champagne fountains - very theatrical!

<dances to 'Whoomp! There it is'>

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 20:46:54

So was that the first month of ttc then harpie? Talk about mrs fertile!

We'd had a few months of not being all that careful, but this was the first month of actively trying. Please, please, please let it stick.

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 20:55:06

fingers crossed and photo of my fatbaby on profile. Will cross fingers and toes. How pg do you think you are?

I don't seem to be able to view your profile.

Not very pg! OV was CD15, I'm 12dpo today and I reckon implantation was at 9dpo.

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 21:23:36

was your period late or due when you tested? A line is a line!

OK profile fixed.

Do you get good mat leave with your job?

¡Ah que linda! What adorable chubby cheeks! grin

Not sure about AF, she's a little unreliable, despite what they say about your luteal phase always being the same. I think it's all the supplements I've been stuffing down my neck! She was probably due today.

Hopefully get good maternity benefits - as long as the doctors don't play silly beggars with my due date and mess it all up for me!

lagartija Sun 17-Jun-12 21:44:24

I always had very long cycles (35 days ish) but the last 3 have been weird, 49, 29 and 44 I think. Good thing I'm not ttc -no siree, that ship has sailed, the factory has shut. grin
Whe do you think you're due? March ish? DS was an end of March baby, v nice time of year.

Fertility friend says 26 February. I should catch the beginning of the nice spring weather. Not as nice as where you are though I'm sure!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh! Fantastic news!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it you fertile goddess of fertility! I'm soooooo happy for you LWH!

I can't stop smiling, I really can't. Great stuff smile smile smile

Still grinning!

Holy shit I just woke up (2am) desperate for the world's biggest pee, with hugely tender boobs and a bit of nausea. I'm really pg, aren't I???!!! shock

Thanks Strawberry! Now quit all the fertility goddess nonsense and pass me a bucket! envy grin

Gaaargh! I still felt a bit nauseous when I first woke up but I feel fine now - where did all my symptoms go?? This is so nerve racking!

Gaaargh #2 just realised it's 7.30am! I thought it was 8.30am! Oh well early start then I suppose! blush

lagartija Mon 18-Jun-12 08:34:59

I had something similar with DS in that I woke up in v early pg and felt really really sick and like I was going to have the runs. It passed after about 20 mins and I was ok the next morning. I think it was a massive hormone surge or something. Don't worry about having no symptoms or sickness, it means nothing. Pg sickness (and HG for those few unlucky enough to get it, like me, twice dammit) is better avoided and doesn't mean anything about how well your pg is doing.

Thanks lagartija that's reassuring. I'm just in the queue in a shop in Bradford to buy another test. It's the longest queue I've ever seen!

You'll all be pleased to hear that I'm still diffed. It was a very faint line though, I'm clearly going to panic all the way to the labour ward and then no doubt panic even more! Thank god for Mumsnet and all you lovely, lovely lot!

bebejones Tue 19-Jun-12 13:48:49

How goes it today Harpie?

And Lookathergo?

Still no movent towards MURCOM here....think we might have actually gone backwards!!

My prescription for you LWH-

No watching obem
No reading birth stories
No reading any kind of negative threads
Book yourself onto a hypnobirthing course
Do pregnancy yoga when you get to 12 weeks
Read "The food of Love" about BFing

Feel free to completely ignore this obviously!

lagartija Tue 19-Jun-12 14:35:37

Yes indeed, no obem or childbirth threads
hypnobirthing is great, even just to help you relax during pg
didn't do it but I'm sure pg yoga great as well
I read the food of love this time, very helpful.
I also really liked watching that DVD in the womb or something, watched it loads at diff stages, found it fascinating.

Hi everyone! Ooh I love the fact that I've got my own team of old hands to advise me. Do you all fancy coming to the birth?! grin

Strawberry thanks for the tip I have found a pregnancy yoga class nearby and hopefully I start in August. Heading to the gym now to stay in some semblance of shape - but all the time yawning my head off!

Bebe I'm sorry to hear that you still think you are a long way off a MURCOM. You and I have been waiting together for so long. I can't help feeling a bit bad, particularly as it all happened so fast. I hope he changes his mind soon.

Lagartija I've already been watching some conception videos!

Minipie how is your pg going? What are you now, about 14/15 weeks?


Amazing news Harpie!! I'm so so thrilled for you!! February is a very good month smile

I'm going to have to try and keep coming on here now to get updates on the little Harpie aren't I?!?


Where have you been? You've missed all the fun! I'm not sure yet whether it will be the back end of February or the beginning of March. Different calculators give different results. Still it's a turn up for the books, isn't it! grin

How is your LO? She was looking mightily cute in her little baby chair in your fb picture!

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 06:47:41

Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!! DD has been awake before 7 the last 3 days! So unlike her. She's even been coming out of her room....she has NEVER done this before...^EVER^!!! Why?? WHY????!! <yawn>

Send her to stay with me, Bebe. I get up at five these days. Presumably she would be ok with bed by 8pm?

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 08:01:30

She goes to bed at 7, but most of the time she isn't asleep til 8.30. She doesn't usually come downstairs (although lately she's been asking to go to the toilet, it's become an unfortunate routine but I can't deny her access to the loo...which is downstairs!!) and last night she was so exhausted (obviously from being up at 6.30) she was asleep before 8. I just don't know why she has suddenly started doing this?! hmm It's become a game and it has to stop!! I'm not the strictest mummy (which maybe isn't a good thing) but I do expect her to go to bed & stay in bed! I need sleep! And that's not me being a prima donna, I genuinely need sleep. If I get overtired my MS flares up and I do not want a relapse. Fatigue can be debilitating!

Could she be pregnant?! grin

I have exactly the same routine - including the trips to the loo!

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 08:57:30

Ahh but mostly she doesn't actually need to go!

Feeling massively crabby today anyway, my hayfever is horrendous! sad

So have you booked to see a GP yet?!

Bebe. Sorry to hear that The tiny human is disturbing your sleep. I can sympathise with you on that one!! Unlike most of her baby friends Sassi isn't sleeping through yet and it's really frustrating!!! She's so active!!

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 11:31:54

SPR how old is Sassi now? Up until 4months DD would do 12-6am as a block but during the rest of the day she seemed to sleep in 10-15min snippets and needed to be entertained constantly!! The 6hour night time chunk was a God send as she was alert all day!! Her night sleep pattern got much better (ie longer) when she moved into her own room, I think maybe we were disturbing her!

Bebe I'm seeing the GP on Monday but I gather nothing much happens at that appointment. I can't decide whether to opt for Bradford Teaching Hospitals, which I've heard hadn't got the best reputation in terms of care, or Airedale which is supposed to be better but is further away.

lagartija Fri 22-Jun-12 14:46:03

not a home-birther then LWH? Me neither.

Oh heck you've confused me now! I thought this was the election for which health trust I want to get my maternity care. I've heard that I have to elect place of birth, but that it's not fixed at this stage. Am I wrong? I haven't really decided what to do about the birth!

She will be 4 months next Friday. Crazy!!
We put her in her own room at 5 weeks as she has reflux and was a terribly noisy sleeper. It sounds like she's very similar to P during the day but the nighttimes arent that consistent yet!!

LWH. From what I remember you don't have to decide where to give birth until later on.

lagartija Fri 22-Jun-12 17:49:59

no no no...just meant are you having a hospital birth. I know nothing of all that as am in Spain remember. sorry didn't mean to freak you out. xx

LWH your place of birth isn't fixed until you give birth there! You could change your mind about hospitals on the way there if you wanted-totally up to you. If you wanted a home birth then I think it's a good idea to inform them by 37 weeks or so just so you can get the stuff you need delivered in good time. You don't have to decide anything at this stage so don't worry smile

What are your thoughts about the birth? <being nosy>

SPR my LO doesn't sleep through at 8 months but I think that it can be quite normal in that it helps with milk supply. I'm hoping she might start sleeping fir a bit longer now that she us crawling and pulling up. Ha! I'll be saying that when she starts walking......going to school.......

Could it be the light mornings Bebe? Is her room pretty dark already or would a blackout blind make any difference?

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 21:18:07

Harpie - Like everyone said, you state a preference early on with MW but it's not set in stone! I changed my mind about hospitals at about 36 weeks but as it happened I ended up giving birth in my orginal choice as had to be induced/monitored. It's a long way off, you have plenty of time to freak out work out what you want! wink

Strawberry, DD already has a blackout blind, not sure what it is really. I don't think she's very well. Have been thinking it was hayfever, but she is rocking a fever this evening poor thing. sad

I think I'd like to try for a home birth if possible, but I know DH will be dead against it. We're not that close to Airedale Hospital, so it's not like its just round the corner when I need an emergency transfer, or when I realise I've totally overestimated my tolerance of pain.

bebejones Fri 22-Jun-12 21:57:45

When you say not that close, how long do you reckon it'd take if you were blue-lighted by ambulance?

When I had DD I ummed and aaahhed for ages about whether to go to the big main hospital or the lovely little MLU. I thought I'd go for the big hospital as I was scared about stuff going wrong & being somehwere without serious pain relief/doctors etc. But my MW told me that if I needed a section or even forceps it'd take them at least half an hour to prep a theatre even if I was already at the hospital & it'd take that long by ambulance, so they would prep it while I was in transit so I could go straight in!

Don't write it off just yet, you have months to come up with a plan!

Well apparently it's not on the main roads, so it's awkward to get to. I might have to take a drive out and see what kind of distance we're talking about.

Yay! I think A homebirth is fab! If you do the hypnobirthing I think it will really help your oh be ok with the idea when he hears about all the benefits etc and the increased chance of interventions and stuff in hospital. Also if he likes doing research and trading around a topic get him to look on for information smile

Ps I honestly didn't feel as if I was in lots of pain, the contractions felt strong but it was totally managable and the best experience I've ever had. There's no reason why it would be any different for you!

It's a long way off yet anyway! Gauge the response of the midwife when you mention homebirths- mine were very supportive but if they are not you can always change. You can get a free, independent midwife now too- I'll find the link....

*reading not trading!

lagartija Sat 23-Jun-12 10:14:56

Sorry again about freaking you out about home births! I found in both labours (and I didn't do the book with ds and managed to listen to the CD once before he arrived 4 wks early grin) absolutely manageable in terms of pain. I'd even go as far as to say I enjoyed it with DD. It's not always terrible, unbearable pain, which is good as there ain't no pain relief except epidural in Spain and labour was too fast for me to have time for one in both cases!

Don't worry, I am prone to irrationally panicking at the slightest provocation at the moment unfortunately! Lovely DH drove me up to Airedale hospital this morning to see what it would be like to get to. It's clearly much more accessible than Bradford Royal Infirmary, which is closer but through the thick of town.

Am definitely going to do hypnobirthing thanks for the recommendations. I'm honestly so glad I've got you lot with me for this.

LookAtHerGo Sat 23-Jun-12 12:31:32

Vomit started this morning. I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come. My mw said the other day to her student that I was the worst case of HG she had seen in a long time. sad

Sorry for being quite, I've been quite dizzy so far, almost passed out a few times. And running around after a 9 1/2 month old!

Hope everything else is ok. I'll check in after the weekend as we are away t the moment.

LWH - I recommend the hypnobirthing. As you know, I was determined to have a HB in water but ended up with an elective section. The moral of the story is to aim for the birth you want but be prepared for things to be the complete opposite of what you have in your head as your dream birth experience!! Despite mine being very different to what I'd wanted and prepared for it was fantastic.

I think that the hypnobirthing kept me calm in pregnancy so even though I never went into labour it was still worth doing the course to ensure that I was positive in my approach to the birthing experience I was given.

It's such an exciting time smile

Bebe. Sorry to hear that the tiny human is poorly sad bless her. I loved her self chosen outfit the other day (I particularly loved the addition of a fleece lined hat in June!!)

bebejones Sat 23-Jun-12 16:32:58

Oh no LAHG sad Hope it's not a sign of things to come...FX xxx

Ever so quickly popping on to say [excited] a friend has commissioned a cake from me this morning for her DS (for 9th July) AND another friend has enquired about me making her some wedding cake toppers (for 4th) August!! Yay!!!!! grin

minipie Sat 23-Jun-12 20:55:10

Just got back from hols

Oh My God! harpie congratulations! very very very exciting!

How is Mr Harpie? grin

LAHG how is the sickness now? I hope it doesn't come back like last time. I never realised you were so bad with it. Are you away somewhere nice?

SPR when did you start doing the hypnotherapy? Does it help to do it for longer do you think? I'm much more worried about suffering psychological trauma than physical damage, so anything that helps me keep calm has to be a good thing.

Bebe that's fantastic news about the cake orders - well done! You were up early this morning. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to early mornings with a demanding toddler. Relaxing with a cup of tea and doing some scrap booking isn't too bad!

Minipie I know! It happened a bit quicker than either DH or I expected, so we're both still reeling from the shock! DH seems really happy about it and has been indulging his favourite hobby online shopping! So me, you and LAHG are pg pals. How was your trip? And how have you been feeling?

bebejones Sun 24-Jun-12 11:22:22

Harpie - frustrating thing is I was the only one awake!! Grrrrr! DD didn't get up til 7.45! (I was awake at 5.30!!) sad

LookAtHerGo Sun 24-Jun-12 21:12:13

Right, I'm only catching up from where I posted last I'm sorry.

Thanks bebe, and excellent stuff about the cake things smile that's brilliant smile

Harpie, well it turns out I wasn't told it was HG until the very end whilst discussing it with my mw, so all the time I was ill I just thought it was morning sickness, it wasn't until I put the stuff together, loss of 2 stone, unable to function, nothing helping, dehydrated etc etc that I asked if it was, the reason it wasn't noted as such was because I wasn't hospitalised, I think had I gone to the docs more I would have been, but I never wanted to make a fuss there, felt I was a burden, yadda yadda yadda. But the mw confirmed it was and said so when I had my notes done this time. I need to look if it was noted in them actually. We were at the in laws, had a BBQ at a friends house, spent last night mopping up E's vomit, she's currently sleeping in the travel cot at the foot of our bed, as I'm not leaving her in the other room alone tonight, just in case, and I'm not sleeping on the floor! Only felt sick today, no actual vomit, so that's good. I'm hopeful that it stays this way, although I am realistic that I probably aren't that lucky.

Still trying to make my booking appointment.

The Airedale website says women should book direct, so I called the number to make an appointment only to be told they have discontinued that approach and I have to see my GP for a referral.

Dutifully trotted along to the GP, only to be told to phone the midwives directly.

Phoned the midwives, who suggested I make an appointment with my GP to be referred to the community midwives attached to the surgery.

Phoned the surgery and was told by the receptionist that I need to call the community midwife directly. Called and got an answer phone message.

Next thing, I get a call from the GP's receptionist. The GP's made a mistake. Don't call the community midwives directly - you need to be referred by the GP. Wait for a letter. Fine.

Then another call - the community midwife replying to my message. No you don't have to be referred by your GP, you need to call Bradford community midwives, book in with them and then transfer to Airedale.

Now I don't know whether to wait for the letter, or carry on calling!

I hope they're not planning to pass me around like this when I ring up in labour. It's been like that scene from the 12 Tasks of Asterix where they have to obtain a permit in The Place That Drives You Mad!

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 20:27:16

Oh heck harpie sad don't worry about being passed around when you are in labour, you will be ringing the delivery suite or whatever yours is called then, so direct to them at that point smile

Got my scan for the 19th shock 3 weeks to wait......

Currently living in the sick house with LO and DP both having some stomach trouble or another. I hope I steer clear.

So you're pregnant, and everyone in the household is puking except you?! That's no good! Sending you MNetty fortifying hugs to get you through it!

3 weeks. It goes slowly doesn't it!

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 21:50:41

Yep, the pukatron (DD) and the pukashitatron (DP) and me the diffed one! I'm knackered, DP is quite ill and LO is quite clingy. It's all good fun.

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 21:51:30

And to be fair, 3 weeks will fly by chasing E around!

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 21:51:38

I hope

DH had a message tonight from one of his best childhood friends saying his wife is 12 weeks pregnant! DH seems very pleased.

LookAtHerGo Tue 26-Jun-12 23:43:59

Ah lovely. You'll be sharing your news soon grin

We've actually told a few people IRL now, which is good but you kind of feel you need to explicitly say how it's very early days.

E has just woke, been slightly sick sad I settled her then promptly went and heaved over the loo. I really hope I'm not getting it. Think I need to take e to the docs tomorrow to check over this sicky stuff. Can't do that if I'm bad. But I think DP is feeling a teeny tiny bit better.

I know - just seven more weeks! Is it just me, or is everyone I speak to completely dismissive of my pg because it's such early days. Everyone I spoke to on the booking appointment trail seemed to lose interest completely when I said I was only five weeks. It's as if I'm not really properly pregnant yet.

Sorry to hear you've succumbed to the vomming. Hopefully it's just your overdeveloped sense of smell provoking a normal reaction, and not the resurgence of ms.

minipie Wed 27-Jun-12 11:49:40

Catching up!

harpie I'm feeling fine thanks! and the holiday was fab. second trimester rocks, I'm basically feeling totally normal other than a bit hungrier and a bit fatter! got a doppler off amazon so have been listening to the bean jump around - can't feel anything yet though.

that's good that your DH's friend is also on the baby track - they can have manly fatherhood chats, or something! We are in a similar position, as my BIL (DH's brother) and SIL are due in October, so about 7 weeks ahead of us - it's nice for DH to have someone to talk pregnancy with.

Look sorry about the vomming! how miserable - really hope it doesn't set you off too much. And poor little E. What is HG? Is that the same as hyperemesis? Ouch.

There are three of us now in DH's friendship group, one baby due November, one December and ours in February/March. It will be lovely for us - and you and SIL - to get together and swap stories when they're small. I'm bursting to tell our news!

Glad the second trimester is treating you well. It must be reassuring to be able to listen in and check the LO is ok.

bebejones Thu 28-Jun-12 07:54:31

Harpie - did you manage to sort out the MWs in the end? I'm sure they won't pass you around in labour, once you're booked in here's hoping it's plain sailing all the way to the finish line!! grin (You'll just have to scream at everyone if they do it when you're in labour!!) Nice for you & DH to have so many people going through it all with you.

LAHG - Sorry you have had a sicky house sad How are you feeling now? 19th July will come around SO fast. Time goes so quickly when you have a little person to tend to!!

Had a lovely evening at DDs last ever pre-school parents' evening last night. Her key worker has put some lovely things in her 'learning journey' folder which will be such a special keepsake when we finally get to keep it. She told me that DD has exceptional vocabulary & conversational skills (she recently told her teacher not to eat the plastic play food because it was 'putrid'!! ROFL) and that her number/maths ability is what they would expect from a Year1 child (5-6...DD is still 3)!!! grin SO proud of her, she's such a little star even when she's driving me bonkers!!

I have no other news really, I've been manically busy decorating a cake for pre-school's 10th anniversary fair on Saturday. Got so many cakes to do over the next couple of months!! Looks like it will actually be a viable 'business' when I start doing it properly. DH registered a domain name for me last week & when DD is full time at school (probably after Christmas) I'll be able to sort things out! smile

Still no signs of MURCOM in hope...just about!

Wow Bebe what a brilliant report from pre-school be careful your head doesn't explode with pride! If that's not a shining endorsement for the second baby plan I don't know what is! You practically owe it to the country!

No luck with the booking appointment. I've had conflicting advice, so I'm not too sure what to do. I don't want to try to book with Bradford and then change as suggested, because I'm not convinced it will go that smoothly, going on past experience. The doctor's receptionist told me to wait for a call from the Rose (sp?) team. I don't even know which the Rose team is. It might even be the Wrose team as there's a place nearby called Wrose, but I'm not sure where it is.

I hope it's not a team led by this woman!

LookAtHerGo Thu 28-Jun-12 11:27:36

E has puked again sad got emergency app at the docs. Just waiting to go in now. sadsad this is not good. I hope they say just a bug and let it run it's course.

LookAtHerGo Thu 28-Jun-12 11:42:15

More than likely just a bug, wait it out. Keep trying solids and try fluids as an when and keep breast feeding. Got a bit of temp so give calpol as that can make them sick too sad I'm bloody beat sad

bebejones Thu 28-Jun-12 12:55:19

<hugs> xxx

<hugs> x x

LookAtHerGo Thu 28-Jun-12 13:45:52

Thanks both. I think it's just making me so tired and it's hard when I just want to rest and E is clingy. It'll be ok soon. Plus it's the weekend soon, I get to rest then [hopeful emoticon]

Quodlibet Thu 28-Jun-12 16:04:24

Hello all!

Got a 5 minute break from all the madness and thought I'd check in with you all.
LAHG really sorry you are all so ill, how horrid. Did you explain what HG is? I don't know either (doesn't sound nice!)

Harpie that sounds like a ridiculous run-around. Maybe sit tight for a bit and see if one or other of them gets in touch with you?

I've had my own fun fun fun with councils this morning as our first performance was cancelled due to them suddenly deciding that they weren't happy for performances to be happening where they have been happening for 3 weeks (and past years) so we had to derig and re-rig and change our set-up so missed a show. Honestly you wouldn't believe the levels of bureaucratic nonsense.

Bebe that is a fantastic report! She is probably driving you bonkers because she is so bright. Is she looking forward to proper school?

Well, we are TTC again over here, quietly and with little fuss! I think DP is better if we don't actually mention anything about fertile days! Only hitch is that the end of this cycle in 2 weeks coincides with a music festival I'll be at with all my friends and colleagues, where me not drinking would be impossible to miss. However I think for the sake of sanity my approach is going to be 'act as if not pg until evidence proves otherwise'. I'm not really expecting to conceive this go around if truth be told - it now feels like ages we've been either TTC or NPP very effectively, and nothing so far!