Why can't I pass my driving test?

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dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 13:50:57

Failed my third driving test today. Am putting a brave face on it, but I feel a bit fed up, particularly when dh seems to think it is a big joke (he passed his third test). I am starting to lose faith and think that I may never do it. It is also costing a fortune!

First test went really well with only a few minors, up until the point near the end of the test when I pulled in, went to straighten up and hit the kerb sad

Second test, got quite a lot of faults really. 12 minor (all for different things) and 2 serious - 1 for making a car slow down when I changed lanes and for not seeing a car which had to wait when I was doing a three point turn.

Third test, had hynotherapy to help with my nerves on the day. Don't know if helped really, I was still horribly nervous. Got 8 faults in total, two serious - again for changing lanes and one for being in the wrong lane. I had changed to a different test centre to get an earlier test date and I really didn't know the routes very well. No excuse, I know - I should have been better guided by the road markings.

Just feel so rubbish - got test number 4 booked at the test centre I'm most familiar with, but I'm really starting to wonder if I'll ever do it. My instructor thinks I'm a good driver and I don't seem to make those mistakes on my lessons, but the thought of the test makes me feel sick. Ironically, I think it's actually getting harder the more attempts I take, as there is more internal pressure to pass - as I don't want to have yet another failure!

Please give me hope that it will happen one day sad I didn't tell anyone apart from dh about this test, which is good in one way, but I neeed sympathy sad

FruitShootsAndHeaves Tue 03-Apr-12 13:58:13

I'm sorry you failed.

My DD went through this last year, only minors on her first test, then on her second it was as if she was trying to hard. Her first minors were for mirrors and she actually looked in her mirrors too much on her second attempt.

I don't think it matters when you pass or how many tests you take. In fact people who take more tests before they pass are probably better drivers initially as they have taken the time to concentrate on all the faults they have made.

I also understand the expense worries but if it makes you feel better the increase in insurance when you pass is much the same as driving lessons, so not much saving

Being under pressure to pass doesn't help. When I took my test over 25 years ago, I didn't need to be able to drive, if I'd waited a few years it would have been a necessity.

Cheer up, have a brew. You'll get there in the end.

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 14:03:20

Thanks FruitShoots, a brew sounds like a good idea. I was (strangely) quite proud of myself today for doing a perfect emergency stop and reverse round a corner. I need to take off the pressure I am putting on myself.

CurlsRUs Tue 03-Apr-12 14:09:38

Don't be too hard on yourself! Driving tests are so stressful, but it sounds like you are a good driver so you will get there sooner rather than later! Plenty of people I know took a few goes to pass, but I don't know anyone who didn't manage it eventually.

What worked for me was deciding not to tell anyone the date of my retest (not even DH) - somehow, keeping it a secret made me feel much calmer. Good luck!

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 14:12:48

Thanks Curls - might see if I can keep this next test a secret from dh. Was considering going to the doctor for Beta Blockers next time - but I think I just need to keep going. My driving instructor has had one pupil take her test 7 times (she passed on the 7th attempt), so I'm not quite there yet, but I'm catching up.

mercibucket Tue 03-Apr-12 14:16:25

You'll get there! My first test was like yours! Are you a nurse or teacher? My instructor said they are the worst professions for passing because so conscientious - but all my nurse and teacher friends passed eventually. It's confidence not ability! I passed when I got stuck behind a bus and waited so long (only safe option) I'd forgotten about being nervous by the time I had to set off again

mercibucket Tue 03-Apr-12 14:16:25

You'll get there! My first test was like yours! Are you a nurse or teacher? My instructor said they are the worst professions for passing because so conscientious - but all my nurse and teacher friends passed eventually. It's confidence not ability! I passed when I got stuck behind a bus and waited so long (only safe option) I'd forgotten about being nervous by the time I had to set off again

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 14:18:43

I am a teacher!

Flightty Tue 03-Apr-12 14:19:29

Oh it is all a matter of luck if I'm honest. It really is all about luck, and confidence. If you're not feeling confident or lucky on the day it can just stuff up because you're expecting it to.

What I found helped was just driving as much as possible....with anyone who will take you out...even every day if you can manage it. Because the more you do it the more automatic it becomes.

I passed second time (2/3 minor faults on first I think) but my instructor was relentlessly positive, she was like, RIGHT we're going to do this next time, and she shouted orders at me for the next few weeks so it was drummed into me like a formula.

I felt like I knew all the rules by heart. You can let it slide afterwards, that's normal, as long as you get through the test.

on the day I went into autopilot, I just concentrated on being absolutely textbook about it, driving perfectly, knowing the routine. That's all you need. And now I drive like a hooligan, well, it's been what, 17 years blush but sometimes I switch on my 'test mode' and practise doing it like there's an examiner in the car and it's quite fun. Treat it like a bit of a game, and you might find you can do it as that way it's got a limit - there are a LOT of things you WON'T need to know or do right on the day. So just focus on the things you need to know.
And practise, practise, practise.

I failed a few times too OP and it was awful and I was so embarrassed. The last time I took it I told NO ONE apart from my DP's and it really felt like the pressure was off. Hopefully that will work for you as well.
DH to this day has no idea how many times I had to try (closely guarded secret)

Good luck!

Flightty Tue 03-Apr-12 14:20:49

Oh and make sure you have something to eat before it. That keeps your blood sugar steady, far more helpful - no caffeine that day, or for a few days before, nothing too sugary, just carbs. Steady Eddie. smile You'll be alright.

shineypenny Tue 03-Apr-12 14:23:56

You'll get there - it took me five attempts due to nerves. Get on the phone and book your next test, relax and enjoy the afternoon

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 14:28:07

Thanks all - I will keep at it. I will not let this beat me!

notcitrus Tue 03-Apr-12 14:52:16

I'd get a different instructor - yours may be fine but getting used to someone different in the car may well help. Also they may see different areas where you could improve. After failing my third test (second I had one mark on the sheet, but it was an X, third my instructor had his car written off the day before the test so I was driving a different one he'd managed to borrow, and it was a disaster), and finally getting an income for regular lessons, I phoned BSM and said I can drive, I just need to get through the test - can you provide an instructor who can do that?

The lovely chap took me round every route and most other roads anywhere near my local test centre until I could do them in my sleep.

I didn't tell anyone when my 4th test was, and I passed - and returned to work to find my colleagues panicking as I'd been away for so long and got stuck in rush-hour traffic!

5inthebed Tue 03-Apr-12 15:20:00

I passed 4th time, I didn't tell anyone that I was having my test.

I also ate two bananas an hour before my test, which my instructor said would help.

Good luck and try not to be so harsh on yourself.

RecursiveMoon Tue 03-Apr-12 15:24:03

I passed on my 4th attempt IIRC. You'll get there OP!

DH passed after far fewer lessons than me, but as a result had a lot less driving experience and admitted that I was a much better driver than him grin.

bronze Tue 03-Apr-12 15:24:11

Remember that the tests have got a lot lot harder over the last few years so most people you know will have taken a much easier test. It changed again fairly recently so when you do pass (WHEN) you will in fact have done better than they will have

btw I havent taken mine yet am shitting myself. I need to pass the theory first and I'm going to find that hard enough I'm so crap under exam pressure

sairygamp Tue 03-Apr-12 15:24:51

I also passed on my fourth - my main problem was reversing around the corner. Luckily on my fourth I didn't have to do it! It's is disheartening when you keep failing, but it will just come - honest. No point in saying 'relax' I know, but just try to do everything you've been taught and concentrate. good luck smile

dontcallme It took me 7 times to pass my test!! My nereves got the better of me each time; on test day I would feel sick with worry as I placed myself under so much pressure to pass!

Have you thought about asking your instructor to sit in the back of the car for the test? I did this for no's 4, 5 & 6 and it really helped with my nerves although not my reversing

After test 6 I gave up trying until my ds came along two years later. Having two children & a bus pass was all the incentive I needed to try again and so I practiced every single day for months, so that I already felt like a 'driver' in my head iyswim? I drove my ex-p everywhere for months so when it came to test 7 my nerves were much less of an issue.

Good luck grin you will get there in the end.

speculationisrife Tue 03-Apr-12 15:51:55

I passed on my 7th attempt, aged 26. People kept asking how I could keep at it after all those failures, but I just thought after all the time and money I'd spent I couldn't give up! Keep going, and you WILL pass in the end. I nearly hugged the examiner when he said I'd passed, and then I pointed out all the things I thought I'd done wrong and he said he wasn't going to take it back so I should just enjoy it. It was 13 years ago and I still feel thrilled that I passed.You'll appreciate it so much more than some ungrateful 18-year-old who passes first time and takes it for granted!

Agree with notcitrus about getting a different instructor - I went through 3!

JuliaScurr Tue 03-Apr-12 16:13:39

My aunt passed on number <cough> nine

Astr0naut Tue 03-Apr-12 16:19:28

Ok, you have just found the expert.

I failed more times than 10 and less than 15.

I used to get so stressed that I'd cry even booking the damn thing.

I had 4 instructors and went through 2 boyfriends.

I took rescue remedy, positive thinking and even propanol (beta blockers).

I swear hypnotherapy worked in the end. I had 2 sessions and passed. It was incredible.

JuliaScurr Tue 03-Apr-12 16:23:17

astro that's great!
Hypnotherapy is massively underrated imo

crustyonion Tue 03-Apr-12 16:35:55

I passed on my 3rd attempt. I was robbed on the 1st one - I got a serious fault for "potentially holding up traffic" when there was none behind me to hold up, my instructor was in the car with me and disagreed with him too, but once the examiner makes up their mind there is no going back. Test 2 was 2 weeks after giving birth and I was frankly shit. I definitely didn't deserve to pass that time. Test 3 was the good one. I had been practising deep breathing techniques for a while beforehand, and I had started talking out loud when driving "mirror check, clutch down, change gear, new road, full mirror check" etc. and that really drummed it in. I passed that time with two minor faults.

One thing I will say, don't put a P plate on your car after you pass. Some evil people see it as a brilliant way of blaming you for a dodgy insurance claim "inexperienced driver". back-fired on the old cow when a witness came forward and backed me up

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 17:20:03

Thanks all - glad to see I am not alone. I really like my instructor and would feel bad changing. She is good, I'm just a bit rubbish at tests. One problem is that I can't practise outside of my lessons, as dh has a company car that I can't get insured on as a learner. My instructor doesn't like sitting in the car on tests - she's said in the past - 'you don't want me there with you.'

I'm a bit odd in that my manoevres are generally very good - it's probably the stuff most people find quite easy that I stuff up on!

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 17:20:35

Already had two sessions of hypnotherapy - am a bit useless!

dontcallmehon Tue 03-Apr-12 18:08:40

Test number 4 is now booked...

newfashionedmum Tue 03-Apr-12 18:17:19

...try some breathing exercises - give you something to focus on and will steady your nerves and make your brain work better. also do some 'real' practise drives if you can, with a friend..I drove from stafford to manchester (not on the motorway!) on a weekend trip and it MASSIVELY boosted my confidence, I passed after that (3rd time) I also had a chatty examiner, they're not supposed to but it really settled my nerves. I wonder if you're allowed to have music on, maybe that would help? anything to keep your mind occupied enough without being totally distracting. good luck!

musicposy Tue 03-Apr-12 18:17:28

I took it 3 times - teacher too, but after the first two I had a break or I think it would have been a whole lot more. DH took 4 times and probably shouldn't have passed at all. My brother took so many we lost count - at least 7.

None of us are stupid people and I was used to flying through everything before my driving test, so it was a bit of a shock! I couldn't understand why I couldn't do it easily when so many people I knew passed first time.

All of us got there in the end, though. As long as you keep persevering, you will too! I found it helpful not to tell anyone (and I mean anyone) about the test. That way I was more relaxed because I wouldn't have to own up to failure to anyone.

EnolaAlone Tue 03-Apr-12 20:34:43

dontcallmehon - it could me be writing this thread! I've just failed my third test last week. I also can't seem to pass. I've been learning to drive for just over a year. Got 50 out of 50 on my theory last summer! Had two driving instructors and two types of car. All my driving lessons go really well, I'm really confident.

Get to the test and I also do something wrong! First test I didn't stop at a give way line and a car was coming, so the examiner had to brake for me. Second test I think I should have passed, the examiner gave me four minors for observation on moving off, which I really thought I was doing fine, so that made me angry and jaded with the whole system. Last week, third time, I took five attempts to do a parallel park! Apart from that I only got two minors! I also had a test cancelled five minutes before, when I was already at the test centre, due to bad weather. Every time, except the second, I've had the same examiner. I had a bit of a meltdown at him last week and said I was going to give up and he told me definitely not to! Think he must really want to pass me one day.

I've also booked my fourth test, even though the thought of it is unbearable. I've never failed anything in my life before this and I don't know how to deal with it. I can't practise in DH's car as he only passed 2 years ago. Both sets of our parents have big automatics, so I don't think it would be useful. I also feel like quitting, but I've spent a fortune on it, probably nearly £2k, and lots of hours of lessons and some of my annual leave and flexi time from work. It would feel like a waste if I give up, but then it would also be a waste if I'm still plodding along at test number 15 this time next year.

I feel your pain!!!

Good luck OP!

I have recently passed on 4th test, and I really didn't think I would - like you, my driving is generally good, but I could be easily thrown by things. I really wasn't (and still am not I guess!) good at lanes on the roundabout and changing lanes in good time - I was just lucky on the day this time that what I was asked to do didn't expose my weaknesses! So a lot of it can be a product of what happens out there on the test.

I liked manoeuvres because there is a method to it, that gave me confidence I suppose.

Try and think positive, be confident, tell yourself "I am a good driver and I deserve to pass" (you can bet your driving is a million times better than a lot of people out there on the road - especially some of the idiots in London!!!). Best advice my instructor gave me was not to rush, just take things calmly.

Have my fingers crossed for you smile

dontcallmehon Wed 04-Apr-12 09:43:51

Hope you pass soon Enola and thanks for the reassurance all. Most people seem to pass first or second time, so I feel like I'm on my own. Clearly I'm not. I just need to keep trying and not to let it get me down.

Mich19801 Fri 31-Aug-12 13:58:01

Hi, Im preparing for my practical test... Im finding the manuovers ok but this new show me tell section is killing me... I get so mixed up :-( can anyone help... I dont have much time with the little one hanging off my leg... Any mobile apps going around??

tyoo Thu 25-Apr-13 13:45:38

I'm struggle to pass my driving test, i have ready done 4th times, still cannt get it, i know many people take a few times to pass, i just wonder how many time i need to go to pass, i fed up with that, i do very well at the lesson,just cannt pass, it really cost me so much, when will be the end? i can not do the driving test for rest of my life, when my luky day will come?

Mazerano79 Wed 01-May-13 00:40:03

I feel so much better after reading these posts, this one especially! I've just failed test number 7 today and like you have tried everything except for hypnotherapy so I think this could be one the cards smile I have my own car and drive fine in it and on lessons but just fall to pieces in the test. My nerves have even made me physically sick sad I thought I was alone here as everyone I know seems to be able to do it. I'm determined not to give up but getting really disheartened by my continued fails. Definitely going to try hypnotherapy

Test Number 4 for me is booked this afternoon...

4th time lucky, today was a success! Even though I stalled, and had to adjust my seat mid-way.

lulu6867 Sun 26-May-13 23:30:01

Can I just ask if any of the posters who have taken many tests before passing have any issues with dyslexia, my daughter is severely dyslexic and has failed 5 tests and we have been told that she needs to have a special needs driving tests as it has something to do with left and right and too many instructions all at once. Has anyone else herd this?

monkeymouse1 Fri 07-Jun-13 15:50:14

I just failed my fourth test sad First on the Isle of Wight where I am living now but fourth in total. Two majors and four minors - which is exactly what I got on my third which I did 3.5 yrs ago. Decided to try again when I got preg - am now 7 months and retaking in a few weeks. It's soul destroying!! I feel so stupid to have to do it a fifth time. Gah!

Rockdown Sat 08-Jun-13 10:52:13

I passed my driving test at the 9th of asking on the 6th June 2013. Since November 2012 I have had 5 tests! The moral of the story is, don't give up eventually you will PASS. If I can do it, so can you.

MissMogwi Sun 09-Jun-13 09:01:00

I've failed mine three times now. With one serious fault and just a few minors every time. On my lessons I am a good confident driver, but I go to pieces on the test. My left leg shakes, I sweat and my heart pounds away before I've even started the car.

My nerves on the test are shocking, I've tried Kalms, Rescue Remedy, the lot. I'm fed up with it now, it's frustrating because I know I can drive but my nerves are ruining it for me!

I am very independent, and I do everything I set out to do. But this one thing is evading me and I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

Considering a days crash course with a test. I have a week between lessons now and no other access to a car so possibly intense driving then the test might help. I just don't know!

DrCoconut Tue 11-Jun-13 11:35:59

I'm glad I'm not alone. I have the dubious honour of being the only person in my family to fail a driving test. Grandparents and mum passed first time (dad never had a car or licence) and people generally found it hard to understand why "someone like you" would fail. I suppose I did well in exams etc at school and they just aren't used to me not succeeding and nor am I. I had to give up for emotional and financial reasons as it was draining me. One day I would love to do it as it is holding me back a bit job wise now. Test 4 here I come one day

WhyMeWhyNot Tue 11-Jun-13 11:53:39

Don't tell a single person when your test is, then if it goes pear-shaped you have no one to confess a failure too. Takes all the pressure off.

I used a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy in the ladies while I was waiting to be called, that works for me.

Good luck

daisydee43 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:22:22

Hi I know how you feel. My test is booked in 3 weeks and have done few mock tests and every time I fail on serious for lane discipline. My lesson tonight I actually said I'm going home now but my driving instructor calmed me down and I parked a while from my house and walked back. Feel like shit too. I desperately need to drive for dd1 as we are not in a main town.

Here's how I see it- I was in a bad mood to start as had argument with dh, I speed everywhere so don't give myself enough time to change lanes, I'm so focused on the road that I can't seem to focus on lanes as well especially since the lanes are on those monster roundabouts

Solution - I'm going to take a map of my area and draw out what lane I should be in when at big roundabouts and dual carriageway junctions - feel I need to go in there with a bit of theory behind me, don't give up!!!

Charlotte1979ask Tue 18-Jun-13 22:22:49

I failed mine today, was doing so well then right at the end he asked me pull up, me like a divvy only went and pulled up on zig zags, I had gone all thru the test with 2 minor faults then on the way back the test center I go and pull up on zig zag flipping lines, I was so angry with myself, I thought that's it I am NOT doing it again, but seems my instructer has other ideas, he just texed me telling me he's re booked my test for 8th August pay him when i get paid, argh.. now I have no choice but to take it, I hate the feeling it gives you knowing I was so close to passing then I messed up, I think I wud rather fail with loads of faults at least that way I wudnt feel so bad, I have cried since I finished at dinner time, and to top it all my daughter who's 8 broke her heart when I told her, I felt even more bad then, so now I no how u all feel, I guess we all go through it when it comes to driving, So i shud buck up and stay strong.. Good luck to you all taking and re-taking you tests, We will get there eventually..... I HOPE LOL...

Mattsmum95 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:57:51

I've just failed my driving test for the third time I feel more I've let my instructor down she's lovely she said she can't teach me no more as I can drive and she is encouraging me to do it again but as I waited in between instructors I've had to book my theory again as its ran out I'm fuming because I had 2 minors one when the examiner asked me to turn right and I went left and the 2nd leaving my handbrake on and at the very end on the way back I was going into the righthand lane and there were 2 sets of lights on red and for some stupid reason I went to go to the 2nd set and he had to put his brake on the first set was a crossing I am so disappointed in myself especially when my instructor seen the examiner later and he said it was a near perfect test and he was gutted for me ... You should have passed me then smile)

Materfacit Thu 27-Jun-13 13:38:19

So glad I found this thread, I failed my second test yesterday and took it hard. I have never failed anything before, always been a success, driving perfectly bloody competently in every lesson but nerves getting the better of me on the test. I have changed the location of my third test to a quieter and less complicated town so I will hopefully improve my chances of passing. At my first test centre they don't let you into the car park until five minutes before your test, so you sit in a line outside, staring at the centre, and then you have three minutes to reverse park en masse with the others waiting. At this second centre you park on the road at your leisure and can have a walk around etc.

Three weeks until test three, i really have to pass soon as the pressure is on, I need the car from October which isn't helping the nerves at all.

daisydee43 Mon 01-Jul-13 19:02:14

Failed my test today for first time returning to the test centre shock don't feel to bad as its my first time but that sucks really - how's everyone else going?

Materfacit Wed 03-Jul-13 12:39:05

I've been checking the DSA site everyday and got a new test date for next Tuesday, two weeks early. It's at the first centre again but couldn't turn down the opportunity.

chateauferret Sun 07-Jul-13 22:57:43

Are you taking the test in a manual car and if so do you need to? I couldn't pass for toffee in a manual and needed a licence, as soon as I took it in an automatic car after a few conversion lessons it was like night and day. Still failed once more but that was just because a Citylink 'bus cut me up on the A8. But the examiner seemed to imply that they'd pass me the next time if I didn't do anything stupid, it was actually a better drive than when I did pass.

pickledthing Sun 07-Jul-13 23:18:01

I passed on my 5th attempt last year!!! I too was extremely nervous, on the 5th test ,mydriving instructor also wouldn't go out with me on test,I made my partner go with me and sit in back,for two weeks before test I started taking Bach flower rescue remedy drop, on the day I had my 8 drops before I went, and 8 drops at test centre, plus I had the Bach flower rescue remedy gum sweets in my lap, and when we stop briefly would put one in mouth to suck!!! Also had a 9.00am test,so I didn't have to think about test to much in morn!!!!!! As found the long waits before hand really made me nervous!

kayalz Wed 21-Aug-13 15:46:56

I failed by 5th test yesterday, 1 minor for a mirror check and one major for speeding. I was on the A120 going 70mph when I came to 50mph sign. I came off the accelerator and began to break aware of the car behind me. When I got back to the test centre I thought that I might of finally passed but the examiner said I failed because I did over 50mph passing the sign. My dad and brother both said they would of done the same thing, but I really have started to give up hope now. I have had hypnosis for my nerves which were the reason for 3 of my other failures, as my legs and arms shock and I could not get the car into gear. Hypnosis has sorted this problem out. I feel like I'm paying £62 plus the extra to the driving instructor just to be told I am a failure sad I have my own car and drive everyone everywhere so I can practice. At the moment I feel like I am never going to achieve my goal and luck is never on my side. I have had some really horrible examiners which have not helped with my nerves. The examiner yesterday got angry because I was using the toilet when he called my name and also after an emergency stop, something from the back seat came under the pedals so I politely asked to pull over to sort it out and he tutted at me. I am getting really depressed over my driving because I commute to university and I would also like to change my job but I need to drive to get there! All my friends have passed first or second time, it is just me now that is having trouble!

EmeraldEyes19 Thu 14-Nov-13 23:45:52

I know exactly how you feel sad I failed my fifth test today and haven't stopped crying in hours, as soon as I calm down I get all worked up again sad I'm nineteen and have only got seven months left before my theory certificate runs out so the stress is on right now! All my friends have passed already so I feel like a loser sad completely understand what you mean about the examiner making everything feel scary, I've taken five tests and every one has been a nasty person towards me, I feel like I'm never going to pass sad but I really hope you pass soon!! God bless you smile thanks

leavesalmondoutofit Thu 14-Nov-13 23:52:40

Iam/was a nurse. Passed at the fifth attempt. I was so nervous. been driving for many years now.

Advice. Drive at every opportunity not just lessons. I think that helps with your decision making and that means you have a bit more confidence. I did not drive on my own before I had a licence I most certainly did not :0

Ummhudhayfa Sun 01-Jun-14 13:51:51

Failed my test third time yesterday . Actually started crying in front of emaniner ! One minor and one serious fault . Always the same issue stopping too closely behind large vehicles . I hope that's drummed Into my head now after nearly 600 pounds just on driving tests ! Next one booked already . This time am not ganna tell my daughter or my husband . Hope that helps !

jullmc Tue 24-Jun-14 13:45:47

The most important tips that will help you pass the test the first time is simple: practice and remain calm. Of course you know that you need to practice. Practicing with a trained experienced instructor is best but you should also practice the maneuvers that you have trouble with on your own. I hire instructor at education4drivers.com special for training ia parallel parking

magpiegin Sun 29-Jun-14 19:40:00

I passed 6th time. I could drive fine but always got a major in the test. Just stick with it and you'll get there.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 29-Jun-14 20:10:16

I passed on my 3rd go (in 1988 when tests were much easier than they are now!). Tests 1 and 2 were horrendous.

Test 3 I nearly never went to after a friend had died in a car accident the previous week and I was still too shaken by it.

A friend convinced me that since I'd paid for it I might as well go just as a practice for my next test, so I went and just went through the motions assuming I'd fail, couldn't believe it when they said I'd passed. I firmly believe I only passed 3rd time because I didn't care so wasn't nervous.

If your driving instruction thinks you are ready its likely to be your nerves holding you back. Good luck next time!

nini10 Wed 19-Nov-14 21:52:31

I can undrestand you I faild my 6th test , maybe I chang my test center or maybe find a new instructor ,I realy dont know what go to do but I cant give up cos I spend so much money and time for thathmm

basebee Wed 03-Dec-14 12:39:49

My instructor is good but just like most people on the forum, it is silly mistakes that made me fail. i had failed twice, and i seem to have enough as well, i have my 3rd one booked, nerves.... let you know how iget on

selmiller Fri 05-Dec-14 07:31:17

You need to do more practice on it and as you said you are a teacher then you will also know that failing make everyone perfect and more accurate. So don't count your failure just find your deficiency for it, success is near smile

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