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Rosa Thu 29-Mar-12 11:23:07

Greetings, Ciao , Welcome , Benvenuto


BananaGio Thu 29-Mar-12 17:39:19

ciao! Franca am glad the travel agent was quite positive.

Rosa Thu 29-Mar-12 18:09:28

CAn I just say it was 23 + deg oggi and there were still kid in hats, bandane, and felpe grosse and jackets kid was still in his pumino FGS......

BananaGio Thu 29-Mar-12 18:34:37

grin Rosa I dont doubt it. DS was the only kid in the playground running around in the sun after school (at 1) in a T shirt. I made sure I placated the armies of mamme shooting me daggers by wiping his neck etc of sweat after playing and putting on his jacket and talking loudly of the dangers of sweat....

Lol at talking loudly of the dangers of sweat grin

I sent mine in a tshirt, grembiule and felpa this morning...

Really hot here too, mind you, this is my ideal weather.

BananaGio Thu 29-Mar-12 19:27:29

me too Franca. Love it.
So the Emilio Fede and Berlusca love affair is no more...

Oh yes. "Mi mancherete. Soprattutto dopo 23 anni di direzione svolta nel massimo dell'obiettività e della libertà"... this is what he's just said in his last tg.
grin at massimo dell'obiettività!!! Mitico!

Sputnik Thu 29-Mar-12 21:24:16

Ho ho shame I missed that.
Today we saw a car being winched out of a fountain, god knows how they ended up in there.

grin @ car in the fountain. Were they throwing coins? Or cooling up?

Ok: it seems that dh's interview is on the 13th. Our tickets are on the 10th. Travel agent thinks he can try to change dh's ticket, but he is adamant he won't be able to change ours (me and the children)

So, I can go with the children on the 10th and wait for dh to arrive (on the 14th) at the hotel in Key West we are booked in. Fine, it is a lovely hotel, I am sure we'll be fine. Please reassure me grin!!!

Rosa Fri 30-Mar-12 10:51:37

You will be fine , Key West is great are you driving there from Miami ? The worst bit IMO is getting out of the airport and onto the highway then its straight down. Once in Key West hire bikes and pedal round we hardly used the car when we were there but our hotel wasn't right in the main streets it was just before but it was about a 15/20 min walk. Its lovely and relaxed round there and OMG the KeyLime ice cream sort of a small shop not on the main drag but before POssibly South street or adjacent . It only sold Key Lime things I bought cold tea mix, pie mix, we ate a bit of pie and went back for the ice creams it was all yummy. We did go about 8 years ago so things might have changed but we found eating pretty reasonable - the places on the main street were higher in price and more 'trendy' with lots of Hemmingway lookalikes and things. We did have a drink in Sloppy Joes but preferred the bars near the harbour.
Sanibel I have never been to but my sis said it was lovely. Orlando don't just do parks the outlets as well you can fill a case from Gap , Hillfinger, Ralph Lauren etc - forget the shopping mals unless there are sales and go to the outlets !!! ( far cheaper then New York as well !). Where are you staying in Orlando ? I am green with envy already you will have a ball....

Rosa Fri 30-Mar-12 10:52:14

Spy LOL at a cra in a fountain was it a flat one or did it have raised edges so the car 'jumped in '?

grin at Hemingway's lookalikes grin

We are flying into Key West via Miami, so no probs there (unless we loose the connecting flight hmm, I am already stressing about it and have visions of me and the children forever trapped in Miami's airport grin)l

Ok, you are really reassuring me that it is possible to get around the town by bike or walking, as you know, I haven't driven for yrs. Our hotel is by the seaside and seems to have all sorts of amenities, but I am glad to know that we can easily escape into town and that there is lovely ice cream to cheer us up!!!

We are staying only 2 full days in Orlando, as theme parks and malls aren't really dh's scene, so we had to compromise there!

Dining, hotels and renting cars seem way cheaper in the US than here. At least in Florida.

Oh in Orlando we are staying in the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Seaworld, it has good reviews on tripadvisor and very convenient price.

Rosa, since you are officially my florida expert, do you know where to buy tickets for the parks from??? smile

Rosa Fri 30-Mar-12 12:45:12

Decide what parks you are going to do and then go on the Dismney site and see if there are any park combinations that are right for you . We had Universal and Islands of Adventure. Then one for Disneyworld, Seaworld, Epcot and Busch Gardens I think it was. We ended up with repeat entry for Islands and Universal as we liked it so much and queues were few and far between. We actually purchased from Disney as all the special offers etc diddn't give any savings at all and we never found any queues . However we went in NOvember . Get yourself on the Disney mailing list as often they send out special offers.
For the parks if there are rides that have fast track it is worth on arrival going and getting your timings so you have reduced waiting times or avoid disapointment if they are full or queues are hours long. Get to the parks early as they open and if you go to Epcot make it a day and stay to watch the fireworks. Epcot I love as it is sooo big and often people don't bother going in all the places . It is also interesting I find ! In the Italy podium they sell Murano Glass and LOL one of our friends actuially made the items they were selling !
We only once stayed in the area that you are in and as for eating out we ended up trying to see how much we could eat for as little money as possible .... DO look out for the vouchers /coupons as often you BOGOF. There are lts of buffet places say on I Drive where you on entry say what meat you want which they bring to you and then there is this huge buffet . Breakfast was about $4 and you were stuffed... OK the last time I was there was 6 years ago when I was pg with dd! But yes you can eat for so much less in the USa and portions are huge.
Our hotel was the Banana beach resort in Key West so you can see where we were in relation to where you will be. Its a small place/ resort with boat trips , trips to see the mantees, the islands etc. The beaches I don't think were fab in fact manmade but the sea was clean ! We basically pootled here and there and relaxed. If I recall there is as small shopping centre with a great Ikea kind of shop more for small items sort of before or as the area of Key West starts.
I had conch fritters and found them hard and rubbery and horrible !!!!
Oh happy memories I am sure you will have a great time.

Thanks rosa!!!
We certainly want to do the Universal Island of Adventures, because that is where the Harry Potter Wizarding World is. For the second day, I've no idea. Traditional Disney? I am lost grin

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 13:14:55

sorry to gatecrash (especially when you are talking about Florida) but are any of you in Rome and can you confirm that it is NOT going to cost me £10 for a coffee, as some annoying person warned me yesterday?

BananaGio Fri 30-Mar-12 13:38:02

Hi MightyNice am in Rome and rarely pay more than €1 for a coffee so dont worry smile. It is possible to pay huge amounts but as long as you avoid sitting down at the main piazzas where they inflate prices for tourists you'll be fine. Italians normally drink their coffee standing up at the bar and this is the cheapest way. If you get waiter service sitting down outside then you are charged more however still shouldnt be anything like a tenner. If you want to sit down then choose the small non flashy bars on the streets with just a few seats outside cluttering up the pavement as this is where the Romans will go rather than the prettier ones which again are often tourist rip offs.
Franca I have holiday envy. Trip sounds amazing. Good news re DH being able to change. I will want every little detail of Harry Potter

I am not in Rome, you need BananaGio or Sputnik smile.

Of course it's not going to cost you 10 euros for a coffee, but you might run the risk to get ripped off, yes. Probably, if you sit outside in a very touristy area, they'll try to charge you lots of money for a coffee.
I am sure Gio and Sput will tell you were to avoid going.

I am in Milan, btw, and in some upmarket or touristy bars sitting down for a coffee is remarkably expensive, but not in the other 97% of bars, iyswm.

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 13:40:22

thanks banana

I thought it couldn't be true, most have ever paid was 2euros in Naples although am gifted in the art of paying more than necessary for everyday things

Oh x post! grin

Gio, can you perhaps advise MightyNice on which areas to avoid? Like sitting in a bar in PIazza Navona is going to be quite expensive, no?

Gio, of course, I will let you know everything. There is a wonderful website if you feel inclined... they even sell wands grin

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 13:42:28

oh and thanks franca too

you lot are friendly, I wish I liked Italy enough to actually live there (not that do not love it, just not enough)

Oooh me too mightynice. Have you got a lonely planet? They may have lists of good bars where they won't try to rob you!

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 13:45:39

good thinking, will get one, am bit worried that have opted to stay nr via veneto for sort of easy access to 'things' but that is far away from where I can probably afford to actually eat confused

I am Italian Mighty, so I had no choice really grin. I did live in England for years though.

I am sure there are still some lovely trattorie in Rome where you can eat well without having to pay £££.

You need Gio, I am ashamed to say I know Rome very little blush

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 13:50:48

I bet I end up moving to the much maligned south at some point, when my youngest leaves home and my horse dies (argh) but not sure how I would support myself really, just live off the equity from my house here?

it's not as if England isn't racist, sexist and homophobic without even the benefit of sunshine and nice food!

Mighty, I'd love to move to Southern Italy too, preferably in Sicily.

BananaGio Fri 30-Mar-12 14:03:00

avoid every bar on Via Veneto! Is totally geared towards international tourists and business people with expense accounts. If you want to sit and watch the world go by on piazzas like Navona, della Rotonda (where Pantheon is) etc then get a take out coffee in a bar and sit on the fountain steps. As a guide re food prices in restaurants look at the prices for the Primi on a restaurant. Pasta al pomodoro is usually the cheapest. In a typical trattoria where the locals go expect to pay €6-7 for that, in the historical centre €8-10, anything over that is either very posh or for tourists. Dont know the Veneto area too well am afraid as am over the other side near the Vatican so cant help with local recs.

Rosa Fri 30-Mar-12 14:06:27

AM crap on Rome to be honest Gio and Sput are the ones you need.... Have a good time and do some window shopping in the fabbo shops down there for me !
Franca Disneyland is great if they are still into it all there are some good rides but after Islands / Universal I think that they win hands down. Have a look at Epcot DH might actually enjoy some of it its not all rides ( but there are some good ones) . I wouldn't bother with Seaworld as you are there for such a short time ! We did Islands and Universal on one day one time as Islands had just opened but again we were there in low season so would be interested to hear what the queues etc are like in June. Gotta go get the monster Ciaooo

Rosa, thanks. Yes, mine aren't into Cinderella and the likes anymore, but I am sure they would like Disney nevertheless.
Ummmm what to do, what to do... perhaps a 2 days pass for Islands of adventure? I think it might be a good option. I'll have a look at Epcot too!

Do you think I am turning into one of those adults who holiday in Orlando for 2 weeks every year?

Re queues. A friend of mine went to Disneyland in LA in July and told me they weren't huge. Boh!

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 14:18:25

thank you smile I had 8euros in mind as a sort of guide, I suppose whatever I budget should probably be doubled - holidays always cost more than you think don't they?

(might have a couple of days in Sicily in July/August, not sure, we are going to some festival in Sardinia anyway but unless I get over my seafood phobia those islands are not habitable for me grin)

Oh don't worry Mighty, Sicily is not just seafood! There are lots of fantastic dishes with vegetables (like caponata) and the splendid parmigiana or the amazing arancini di riso <<salivates>>

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 14:51:04

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm parmigiana! didn't know either of those were sicilian, sometimes forget how highly regionalised the food is (but everything else is isn't it, so why not the food) when it comes to Italian cuisine - I get so depressed when I come home and things don't taste the same sad

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 14:54:16

(should probably hide thread before it fuels desire to move to Italy, went through this with France many years ago)

don't get depressed. My parmigiana is certainly not comparable to the parmigiana made by a local. They have it in their dna, imho grin

Nah, no need to hide thread:

Berlusconi, recession, the northern league, women with exposed decolletes everywhere, pollution, corruption, debts, debts, debts, unemployment, women exposing tattoos on their vagina, vaginas, short men with fake tan, debts, mafia, Berlusconi.

See? grin

MightyNice Fri 30-Mar-12 15:02:04

that is an excellent list and let's add my inability to say anything much in Italian to it!

northern league = scary alpini people? think we had run in with some in Turino last year, they seemed very angry anyway

The northern league: scary racist party, convinced that the north of Italy should be independent. here

Right, I am going to pick up my children... ciao!

Sputnik Fri 30-Mar-12 17:51:45

Wow in 20+ years of living here how have I managed to avoid women with tattooed vaginas?
Perhaps because I unplugged the TV 7 years ago.

Re Rome, really the centre of Rome may as well be another planet, I so rarely go there (when I do I always think I should do it more often) So I'm no help really.

The car in the fountain, it was a raised fountain in the middle of a suburban roundabout. I can't figure out how they managed it, it must've been fairly spectacular. Hope the occupants were ok.

Lol Sput, grin. I haven't seen the tattooed vagina too, as I don't have a tv as well, but it was Belen's in Sanremo...

Rosa Fri 30-Mar-12 20:05:32

Lol Franca your list is excellent in a nutshell! Sput how the heck did the car get in has the local paper not written about it?
We have a Tv it is mainly on sky I cannot say the last time we watched any rai . Dh watches zelig and thats about it for mediaset as well!

Sputnik Fri 30-Mar-12 22:13:13


I like the website btw. I was very tempted to sign to get news from Casal Palocco!

Ah Rosa, I managed to download the bbc iplayer for the ipad. It is for the foreign market, so not too many things, but still quite entertaining. Dd loves watching Junior masterchef, shame there is always one season and she now knows it by heart.

Sputnik Fri 30-Mar-12 22:27:29

Ah Franca if only you knew, this is the leafy suburb of Rome where all the footballers live. And certain kind of women who drive fuoristrada with a sign that says "bitch on board". I could go on... (possibly they all have tattooed vaginas, certainly they might deem a rubber mini dress appropriate attire for the school run).
It's where my kid's school is.

Rosa Sat 31-Mar-12 13:07:52

Thanks for that I will look out for it I saw the junior masterchef Australia on sky the 8 yr olds were amazing !!
Loved the article on the car and how the heck he managed to get in the fountain will be a talking point in the bars for ages! Its a bit cloudy here today so unlike all of my neighbours I have not washed the curtains... I have only been here a year so they can collect dust a bit longer thank you!

Ciao a tutte, I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.
Dd went to her first sleep over party, and yesterday she was knackered (but happy).
The temp has dropped down a bit, which is fair enough, I suppose...

Sputnik Mon 02-Apr-12 11:15:34

Thanks Franca, you distracted me into watching Caro Diaro, I'd never seen it.
Just before the Casalpallocco bit he goes round Spinaceto, which I live on the edge of.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 11:18:42

We had a nice Sunday we went with friends to a kind of agritursimo and teh dds had a ball. It was certainly colder yesterday and grey DH and I are in the middle of a mega dispute about his future however we have got to the not talking to each other part of the argument.....

Ah Spinaceto, yes, I remember that bit. To be hinest, to me Rome looks entirely gorgeous and green!

Oh dear Rosa, what do you mean his future? Are you still discussing whether to move back to the Uk or not? (nosey)

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:36:50

(gatecrashing yet again to squeal express excitement at being in Rome this time next week!)

but also to ask stupid question about how often onions and garlic are cooked and eaten together - did I dream up the notion that this is rare if ever? thank you for tolerating me . . . blush

lol! To be honest, I do often cook onion and garlic shock, especially in pasta sauces.

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:40:18

yikes! is there some authority we could turn to? will I have an opportunity to ask after papal mass - would he even know?! grin

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 13:42:39

No he wants to basically hand over the reins of the business to other people and sit back on his a**se and just take a salary ( which will be fixed). I say we can enlarge / improve on what we have and now is not the taime to hand over security. Today he has cleaned, tidied, hoovered and even washed the pan up from lunch wtf? All to prove he is capable of staying at home ..which is is not as he doesn't even know which drawer the dd's pants are in ! I don't mind going back to work but only if I know he could cope 100% - he can't! And I am bugge++ed of I am going to do both ...If we both worked then the situation would be different . I still want to go to the Uk for 6th form college and uni for the dds and we would need to invest in a flat or something in the Uk but again now is not the right time ! He is a bit of a 'hide my head under a stone person and hope a solution to the problem comes to the forefront' ....Oh well time will tell.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 13:43:26

I use a bit of garlic in sauces but dh doesn't like the taste that much so its subtle .. BUt I know loads who mix the 2 should we not ????

MightyNice Mon 02-Apr-12 13:46:23

thanks rosa, just wondering where I got this idea from

maybe it is a restaurant thing, have definitely never eaten something that had both in

grin at the Pope. I bet he doesn't know. Plus, he is German grin!!!

Oh wow, Rosa. Why does he want to give up his activity? Is he overstressed? ANd would it be easy for you to get a full time job?

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 14:12:04

MIghty I bet you have but have never realised...

Franca yes he is a bit stressed but he fails to see the whole picture and only sees what he wants to see on some things. He will get bored in a matter of weeks only he thinks not , he will not be able to do anything else unless it is in nero and we all know how impossible that is now .
My job doesn't even exist anymore I could possibly apply for stagionale but its 6 years since I left the comp and so I doubt they would take me just like that. I could do a couple of other things ( accompagnatrice con patentino) I know of a few places that would take me on or I could go down the teaching route as I know I could get work easily ....However I don't know if I really want to. We could expand together with what we have or maybe link in with another company a larger one but he is just being so ( scusa) uomo del sud and wanting an easy life !

I totally see your point Rosa, and I agree. Seems such a pity to give up an activity that is already established.
I know that it is not easy to be self employed in such difficult times, but it is worth to carry on.
Can he take a holiday, maybe?

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 17:25:24

He will be rafting in a month and leaving me to run the ship ...I don't mind. A holiday for him is not really the solution as its just postponing the decision longer and things need to be decided now ....small factors influence the final decision. What bugs me is that he seems to have made up his mind but I just don' t agree with his reasoning and lack of ' the whole picture'. I told him before we got married that if he wanted to train as a rocket scientist or whatever that now was the time to do it not when we had kids etc as at that stage in time I could support the both of us. He chose not to! Arrgghh I can't put all the ins and outs on here ......

I totally understand where you are coming from Rosa, and I totally agree with you.

Rosa Mon 02-Apr-12 18:14:27

Bless you Thank you.he has washed up the dinner plates and put the dds to bed they are now all reading stories ...( they have had a busy dopo scuola and are shattered)... Almost unhead of last 2 times I went to the gym I came back to a filthy kitchen. Mind you I have a cold coming and really don't want to go to they gym but I am going on principal.....

Oh wow, looks like he is really trying to impress grin!

Buona gym, I am planning to go swimming first thing tomorrow morning, after school run.

Sputnik Mon 02-Apr-12 21:07:20

That sounds very frustrating Rosa, can he not work part time instead?

Rosa Tue 03-Apr-12 14:22:50

If he works less we have to pay the employee more so we get less money . However he said last night he has not decided but he will wait until fino anno. I see an opening in the market but he is just so negative won't even consider it. Basically in our piccolo we have a reputation for being , reliable, decent, helpful ( truist me in dh area of business its the opposite). All the guides we work with say they have never had such a service . Why could we not get together a few others in dh business who think the same as us and really promote this . I know the agenicies will come to us as this is what they want. he has just said his colleagues cannot do this, they are not reliable ( all 180 of them then ???)its too much work - promting , staying behind it ...erm excuse me what the 'F' do you think I can do ?
ANyway I have not given up yet as I know its something that really could be done its getting the right squad behind you .

You are totally right Rosa. Also, I believe, tourists are becoming more and more aware and the demand for prompt, kind, reliable services will, imo, always be on the up.

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 09:18:28

If this is the start of the Easter holidays lord help me in the summer they are both driving me mad and its only 10 am....... Buona Pasqua

Ooooh Rosa... I hope they've calmed down a bit.
I left mine this morning with dh so they did their homework while I went to the mercato...
Luckily a friend of ds is coming this afternoon, this means they mostly play and keep vaguely quiet and ds doesn't get to annoy dd. Well, hopefully.

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 15:06:39

We went out for lunch with friends so they were better . Now I need to go to supermarket just not sure if I can be bothered to take both only 1 means saying no once in the chocolate aisle.....dh was at home domani now he is working . I might try a friend round tom pm as well but I should tidy up so they can mess up IYKWIM.....

I've already tidied up and hoovered a thousand times... they create mess out of nowhere, even when they watch tv, iyswim...

Bossi has resigned!!!

Rosa Thu 05-Apr-12 17:53:26

Really off to read the was about time as he really had lost the plot a bit too extreme. Who is going to replace him not the chap fromTreviso I hope ? I like Zaia he seems from what I can gather not super extreme but has some decent ideas.
Went to do shopping I can't tell you what the place looks like now.. I need more Ikea storage.....

Ah, Ikea storage... I love it!
spreading some IKEA love...

Sputnik Thu 05-Apr-12 22:17:58

Oh good riddance Bossi.
Did someone mention Ikea? grin
We just transformed our super grotty box room into a tiny studio and storeroom for my business, with the help of Pax numero 3 and one of their desk combos, I am so so pleased.

Rosa Fri 06-Apr-12 10:25:26

Me thinks more is going to come out or be nascosto in the Bossi thing maybe the sh*t really has hit the fan.
I just need time to go and buy in Ikea I have 3 places where I need better bookshelves/ storage and also the crafty box seems to be getting bigger as they are doing more.
Franca have you decided what to do about the hols yet?
DD's are at an Easter thing so more tack coming home I am doing a whirlwind clean and have mopped myself to the computer so it has to dry !

Rosa Sun 08-Apr-12 11:42:41

Happy Easter - qui non piove but the wind is cold. I am at MIL dh is in lavoro and so far SIL etc have not arrived ....

Ciao, I hope you all had a lovely Pasqua with nice weather and good food! smile

Oh Sputnik, have you now got one of those super organised hobby rooms you cansee on pinterest?? envy

MightyNice Wed 11-Apr-12 17:20:31

hello, just cartwheeling through to say hello and to see if anyone has any ideas for things to do/see in Rome that a grumpy and tired 12yo might enjoy? sad that she is not as impressed by it all as me

Hi Mighty, I am sorry that dd is not enjoying her trip to Rome sad.
i haven't been in Rome for ages, and I have no idea wat 12 yrs old might like...
I would have thought that rome met the tastes of people of different ages!!!

BananaGio Wed 11-Apr-12 20:23:43

ciao tutte - quick hello from me as got parents over so been super busy. Hope you all had lovely pasqua. MightNice what kind of things would interest dd?

MightyNice Wed 11-Apr-12 21:55:05

thanks, never mind, posted in moment of ARRRGGHH after a trying day of queuing for things

have tried to take her to places and things that she seemed interested in but think she has just found it all very tiring, and I suppose I assumed she would be as fascinated by it all as I was at her age - not a complete disaster, eg if she had a nutella deficiency before we arrived she is definitely cured now.

she seemed happiest in the Borghese gardens and at the zoo and when shopping, and watching tv in our room so maybe will try to resist the urge to drag her to any more churches/museums/piazzas and let her chill instead confused it is actually quite hard work being 12!

Rosa Thu 12-Apr-12 12:09:01

Mighty hard one ...Hope you find a happy balance as its tough when you want to go see and they don't ....Especially when you know they will regret it when they are older!!!
Gio how great having parents over ..I am honestly thinking of a quick trip back but it is a case of fitting it in and finding decent flights.
Easter was wilth MIL ...passable but we had a lovley Easter monday in an agritursimo it was cold but thankfully it diddn't rain .....

Mighty I hope you manage to find a good compromise for the rest of the holidays.
Gio how lovely your parents are here!

We are having a glorious day, but more rain ismexpected tomorrow.
I will also be working this month in the children's clothes shop I used to work at 2 yrs ago. It will be a hectic month, with work, volunteering and all the children's activities... Not sure whether to feel anxious or happy!

Rosa Fri 13-Apr-12 13:48:26

Franca you loved the shop - I remember , hope you enjoy it just as much and they give you discount !!!
Well I am going to the Uk next week as despite the fact that my father is doing ok there have been a few more ups and downs and I think that they could both do with a bit of nipotine so bit the bullet and booked. Dh is in agreement thank heavens but the prices were not as good as they could have been !!!! Plus the following week we have gym club in Piazza San Marco ..... Yes in the piazza!!! So if you go on the webcam on May6th there will be Rosa in the middle of 100 women doing 100steps ....along with minirosa and dd1 doing whatever they will be doing. Then its fine anno etc so it was now or wait til summer!
Thing is I have an order for 60 cupcakes and a big cake for Sunday so its going to be manic right up to we go......

thanks rosa smile.

Happy to hear you are visiting your parents, they will be so happy to see the girls, and the girls will be happy to spend time with their grandparents.

Have a lovely time! I am impressed by your baking business, how often do you get orders like this?

Rosa Sun 15-Apr-12 08:41:28

When I get them it is always together !!!! We also have teh festa della torte a scuola friday so more baking for that. The 60 cupcakes are mini ones and so shouldn't take that long the bigger cake will I expect take 2-3 hrs but its soldi !!!
Today we have the communione and its raining hard .. I am on here loooking at the pictures of DD1 at a wedding when she was minirosas age to go and hunt out the clothes!!!! Dh has gonte to the church we are going later ....when I find everything.. I should have done it yesterday but time took over !!
VAdo Buona domenica !

Rosa Mon 16-Apr-12 06:27:31

Well it wasn't a wash out and it was ok. However I can't get my head round it all it just seemed very over the top like another battesimo pranzo, torta bonboniere etc which I suppose it is really. However a 9 yr old getting, a cellulare, laptop, digital camera, nice watch all in one go just seemed troppo I mean she has the lot now ...... Well rain forecast today again ....

wow, that is a lot of present for a 9 yrs old. I don't approve btw!!

It stopped raining a bit here, quite depressing, really. This afternoon I am working and this morning I started a knitting course! I hope this time I learn something (and most of all remember what I learnt!)

Sputnik Tue 17-Apr-12 11:32:19

That's crazy Rosa, but it seems pretty standard these days.
I am back from Easter, we stayed with my parents then drove to Cambridge and did a day in London, it was manic!

Rosa Tue 17-Apr-12 12:03:47

Glad you had a good time Sput - Only been to cambirdge once but it was a lovely place. I am flying MOnarch on Saturday haven't used them in years worked out cheaper than Easy Jet !

Hello! I am a bit envy of you all with those trips to the Uk, I miss it! And Cambridge is lovely, I spent a whole month there in 1987!

I've had a very hectic day, and I also had my first mammography, all is well, but you can't help feeling a bit tense while you wait for your turn. Apparently I have very "young" boobs hmm... grin.
Took the children to a friend's party and ds got one of those farting cushions as a regalino from the host, which has become his fav thing. Help!!!

BananaGio Wed 18-Apr-12 07:40:50

grin at farting cushion Franca. DS finds nothing funnier than farts. My brother bought him a fart machine and it was favourite toy for a long time...
envy at your day in London Sput, really fancy a long weekend there. Hope your trip goes well Rosa

Banana, you can send mastergio here, ds can teach him how to make farting noises with the help of 1 hand and 1 armpit grin

Looks like it will rain again soon. Aren't you all knackered by this primavera? We are all struggling in the mornings.

spaghettina Wed 18-Apr-12 10:00:12

ciao everyone, just marking my place, hoping to "drop in" more often.. although with work, daily life and what seem like constant trips to Puglia/UK and/or house guests from both sides of the family, time is not on my side!
Still in deadlock with DP about our future and the pressure is still on to move south but I'm waiting to see how our couples counselling goes...meanwhile we'll be down there for the whole summer, even longer than last year it seems.

Anyone got good ideas for where to find a short-term apartment let in Puglia (not holiday homes, just an affordable flat)?

just read back over the thread, Franca's list beginning and ending in Berlusconi made me smile (bitterly..) as did the impressive list of hi tech comunione presents your daughter got, Rosa! Am sure we will go through the same (if DD chooses to go through the prima comunione..) - I'm still recovering from the OTT christening "banquet"!

MightyNice, hope your DD ended up enjoying Rome at least a bit. My mum used to drag us round museums and churches and it did get a bit much but I thank her for it now :D

Hello spaghettina, good to hear from you.

I've no idea re the flats in Puglia, where exactly are you looking? I think you should probably contact local agencies?

I am off to pick up the dc, as they are at friends'. Predictably, it rained massively at 4.30 when they got out of school...

Rosa Wed 18-Apr-12 19:10:47

Hi - Its just rained here as well not massive but it seems to be pretty damp outside. Well done on your boobs Franca I think I am due a check soon as its every 18mths - 2 years I believe at my age.
Uk I am hoping for a good time but the weather forecast isn't that good and parents are having a tough time so I think I am going to be overloaded on but seeing as I am over here its only right I get my share !
Spaghettina hi, re flats in Puglia I would start wth say and maybe take it from there. It was my nipotina who got all the gifts if t had been my dd then they would have been sequested !!! Far to much for a 9 yr old even if it is par for the course. DH has already said when its dds turn it will be a small celebration with the 4 of us , pizza and gelato !!!!
Been baking ....domani its a big day have so much to do its a worry .. Thankfully dh is at home so he can run round after the dds.....

Rosa, the doctor told me to alternate mammography and scan until I am 50... boh!

Good luck with all the baking my dear, and I really hope the minirosas will light up your parents days when you are there.

Rosa Thu 19-Apr-12 11:52:48

When I go they do both together anyway will see when I go to gynae next month ..I must remember to book . !!!!
Cake done ....2 sets of cupcakes in oven wish I had another cake tin...getting a boit overloaded with it at the mo...Will be better once I get the booked ones out the way, then just have to do some for dd cake day at school..... Oh and Pack !!!!

Oh brava rosa!

Rosa Fri 20-Apr-12 19:26:03

Scuola made Eu800 not bad eh ????? Finished packing off in the morning its going to be a hard week I think just helping to take the strain a bit ... Ci sentiamo....Have fun and buon 25 APrile if we don't speak beforehand!

Oh well done!

Have a nice trip Rosa, and try to make the most of it smile. Buon 25 aprile!

Rosa Sat 21-Apr-12 14:49:07

At gatwick now we were early so now sitting in a lounge best money ever spent when you have connecting flights - sat next to Peter Andre at cafe .... Diddn't even know it was him until somebody told me !!!!!!! I love my IPAD as i can log in wherever. Mind you not sure the GPs have wifi.......

Awww impressed rosa, you do travel in style! And lol at Peter Andre grin!

We are off to the countryside, going to a bbq at a friend of ds. The sun is shining, at last.

Rosa buon resto del viaggio

Rosa Mon 23-Apr-12 14:27:28

Oh no Franca low cost airlines for us but we are BA going back as it was cheaper.... Also its£10 a child. In this 3 hr duration both have had a poo at different times, a wee, dd1 has eaten, cheese and crackers, juice, fresh fruit salad and a bit of cake. Minirosa, banana, grapes, crackers and juice. If i was on my own in the main lounge I would have had to take both all to the loo 3 or 4 times with all the hand luggage and would have probably spent more on crap food. When we have connecting flights it is brill......

lol at having a poo at different times grin

Have a lovely time Rosa. Meanwhile here the weather is shite again. The dc are tired, but very excited, have I told you the inlaws have a new puppy?

Rosa Wed 25-Apr-12 14:06:59

Crappio here as well today yesterday they were playing in the garden in wellington boots however!!! Bought the dds 3 pairs of shoes ( between them)from Clarks for £80 thought thats lots but if it was Naturino I would have got
How lovely a puppy no wonder they would be happy. Its festa today 1st year dh will not be getting me a bocolo ........

BananaGio Wed 25-Apr-12 19:27:58

nice here today and 29 degrees friday and saturday smile. Lake here I come!!
Hows your Dad Rosa? What kind of puppy Franca?

Hi rosa, shock, I've just read of the floods alert in the SW, I hope you aren't involved in that.
Looks like the dds are having fun and well done with the shoes! How are your parents?

Gio, they have a rescue dog (alias the best dog in the world) and have recently got a golden retriever, she is nearly 4 months old and absolutely adorable!

Yes, the weather forecast is good, at last! Yesterday we got heavy grandine here, dh and ds got totally soaked!

BananaGio Tue 01-May-12 19:17:22

hi ladies hows things? such a nice sunny weekend. now its cooled down again and the tiger mozzies have arrived in force angry. Are you still in UK Rosa?

Ciao, we had a lovely long weekend, as we headed south towards le Marche, escaping the rain. Great food, lovely little towns, the usual, really.

Rosa are you back from the UK?
Gio, have you made a decision re school for mastergio?

Rosa Wed 02-May-12 14:25:37

Yes we are back. Thankfully we were not flooded out but on Sunday it was windy and wet and I thought we would be stuck again but we got off ok Just a very bumpy ride to Gatwick. Girls were fine and the week went very fast ! Back its frantic with school , sports practicies, and dh work . ( Serves me right for going away !)
Rather too humid for my liking here , Franca so glad you had a good few days away. Friends are in Puglia and they say it is summer down there.

oh yes, May will be very hectic here too. to top it all we‘ve just discovered the children have pidocchi again. aaaaah!

Rosa Mon 07-May-12 13:17:21

How are the nits have you managed to get rid of them ???? I am dreading it .
Very busy weekend with the gym display it was fantastic on the lagoon front with all sports that you can do in Venice, great participation pity it rained on and off in the morning then got better and we did infact do our display in the sun ..God it was hot leaping round on steps in the sun . Now onto this week 2 school trips, catch up on all I diddn't manage to do last week , with a battesimo / commuione next Sunday and I must get the cambio stagione done.... for dh and I as the dds are ok ...Just !

Oh wow rosa, it must have been great, such good fun! Post some pics on fb!!!!
Nits... not sure we got rid of. Usually you do 1 shampoo, and then another one 1 week later. I keep plucking/combing little eggs out. grrrr it is never ending.

Weather was crap here over the weekend, we even had grandine on sat afternoon.

As I said, this month is going to be hectic... ah, have you heard from the school?

BananaGio Tue 08-May-12 07:59:22

yes get some photos on Rosa. Franca I feel your pain, bloody nits, we have had them on numerous occasions and they are so bloody resistant to treatment.
Re school have gone for tempo pieno, just waiting for the lists to be released to see if he has got in.

Rosa Tue 08-May-12 16:48:45

We just called as the lists never ame out!!!!! We had an invite for an open day so we must be in!!!!!
Pictures will see what I can do, I need some of my group as well but I do have a couple of the dds. The smallest of which has just had nuroflex for 38.9 febbre........she had a tosse and I thought a bit of allergia as the pollen has been flying round here but obviously not.....

Oh noooooooooo febbre! I hope she recovers asap. Ds had mild temp and sore throat last week, but is now ok.

I'll keep fingers crossed for you both to get into the school of your choice, with the number of hrs you need. I seem to recall that at our school they contact you only if you are not in. And then we discovered which classe they were in September.

Nits... grrrr. Dd is having her 2nd treatment right now. Che palle!

Rosa Fri 11-May-12 13:07:02

She is ceratinly better now just a nasty chesty cough which is hanging round - kept her off and we went and did spese for another comune that we have this weekend and yes rain is forecast for that as well........

brrrrrr, it was freezing yesterday!
I now have a bloody cold. Bleah.

I am all excited about my knitting classes, have I told you? I have been to 4 classes so far and had a lovely time. I now want to start a project.... so far I've just lost time on pinterest...

Rosa Mon 14-May-12 14:16:02

I am snotty as well , the cold is there but not coming out and its driving me mad. agree it was cold yesterday but I dressed the dds up anyway and layered them in sweatshirts and boots !!! The communione was ok , the girls had a good time and despite the wind it wasn't too bad.
I would love to be able to knit properly I can manage basics but my mother is super fast and can do all kinds of wonderful things - I just need time to learn.
My latest SIL rabbia. For MIl birthday SIl decided to do a photo painted / printed onto canvas , fine great idea. She picked aphoto of MIl with the 4 nipotine fine , Then when I see it her 2 look fab minirosa is ok and dd1 has her mouth open and is looking stupid.... I am soo cross as there was a decent pic of all 4 that dh had and SIL saw it as well.... PLus it cost us €40 as well - not amused. Live and learn. DH conveniently forgot festa della Mamma. DD1 did a picture for me and said some lovely things so I am hoping that somewhere along the line it will be made up along wth my birthday and anniversary... Men !!!

shock, wow rosa! I would be disappointed too!
No worries, my dh totally ignored the whole mother's day too, but it is fine, we really don't do this kind of feste. Ds wrote a lovely letter for me t school, telling me that i sing like a mermaid and that i am simpatica like a comico on tv!

Hope you feel better soon, I am feeling better today

BananaGio Tue 15-May-12 19:00:32

would be angryas well Rosa. grin at your mermaid singing and bless your DS Franca. That is lovely. I had a day of peace for festa della mamma. DP took DS out and I lay on the sofa watching Homeland (my new obsession) and then they bought me back a large tub of gelato (all dp's fave flavours but cant have everything I guess) - was still v nice.
Hope colds have passed. Just got allergia here.

Awww, a day of peace, how lovely!
What is Homeland like? What is it about? I need to find a new series to follow.
Last week me and dh watched (bought from itunes) Episodes, which is a sit comedy with Matt le Blanc, Tamsin Grieg and another English actor. Quite amusing, I have to say. I adore Matt Le Blanc.

Rosa Thu 17-May-12 12:45:39

My cold is on going but I only have a blocked nose now not really any other symptoms. We have dd1 recita this weekend with cena at school and being a rappresante the organising is sooo much...Infatti my grandi can't manage red riding hood its too hard for them so I have to invent something else for them to say as we have been trying now for 3 days and its too hard !!!
How I would love a day on the sofa doing nothing can't see it happening though.... Homeland will look that one up . I still have series 1 of Glee to watch it was a presnt 2 years ago ...Is it worth it ????
DH downloaded me Pan Am - load of rubbish gret if you are ill and can't think but not what he or I thought it would be .
Vado ciaoooooo
HAd crappio weather yesterday with high winds and rain , today is about 10 degrees colder but sunny its getting more and more like the Uk every day !

Gosh yes, the weather has been englishized grin. Yesterday we had a freezing wind here, but today is a bit milder. On the plus size the sky is blue p, the air feels cleaner and the mountains seem so close, we can see the Monte Rosa and all its neighbouring mountains!

Yesterday we watched Attack the block, a british film about aliens attacking atower block in london and being faught by hoodies! Great fun.

Have no idea re glee rosa, never watched it. I am looking forward to mad men.

Rosa Thu 17-May-12 16:27:11

YEs we have fab views of the mountains as well mi fa proprio voglia.....

BananaGio Fri 18-May-12 08:09:33

envy of your mountain views. love Matt le Blanc as well Franca and am thinking of getting Episodes. Homeland fab - spy / who's the mole type drama without the excesses of 24 say. Agree with Pan Am Rosa. I had high hopes and watched it on Sky. Watched it all the way through but it was a purely an easy evening watch with lovely period outfits rather than the classy American drama I was expecting. And Christina Ricci was v annoying I thought and I usually like her. Glee is ridiculous but watchable in small doses if you can get past the whole random breaking into song and dance routines thing. Havent watched it for ages though,got very samey.
And there is my TV review of the morning grin
So excited girls, I was sucked in by the vodafone ad on every 2 mins at the moment and have got myself an Ipad on contract. Love love love it already and havent worked out how to use it yet! Any other Ipad users out there who want to tell me which apps I must get etc please speak out.

Rosa Fri 18-May-12 12:57:11

I Lurrrve my Ipad with a passion ! I have the independant , telegraph and guardian on rotation , not the same time, my fitness pal ( too easy to cheat), Angry Birds, Kindle, weather, just about any free app that there is ......I don't like magazines though I prefer the real thing.....
Just been to a new dietician I will be starting next week ...eeek looks good though lots of food but no chocolate ..Bugger !

I have an ipad as well, and as much as I love it as a beautiful object, I am not 100% convinced, but mainly because I don't use it at its full potential.
My fav app is the bbc iplayer, we have subscribed for 1 yr. I hope that in time it will get more and more programs.
I like The Guardian eyewitness.
Dd likes the Harry Potter trivia app, Math Bingo, Puzzle planet and Mahjong.

I also have the kindle app, but haven't bought a full book yet. I'd love to subscribe to elle decor UK, but somehow it doesn't let me. boh.

There is also a lovely ikea app!

Rosa Fri 18-May-12 19:05:31

Franca if you put Film plus I think it is called you can get Uk channels for free and its legal. I get BBC1, 2 ITV 1,2 Channle 4 and some others.. and cbeebies!


Thanks a million rosa x

Rosa Sun 20-May-12 06:22:38

Now that was scary.. no bang but house shaking, glasses rattling , grabbed the dds and debated what to do. we stood next to maestro wall that had been steel renforced . But then thought the steel would be worse if it fell on us . ( for the next one we have aplan!)DD1 was terrified and we just managed to get them cuddled up an hour later when the second one happened...more like wave though. Think is when looking at the terremoto sites there have been increasing ones in the Bassa Padana for the last few days ...un piccolo avvertimento in caso che??? Or maybe they don't want to scaremonger.... However that for me was scary.........

BananaGio Sun 20-May-12 08:05:19

all ok Rosa? Just watching TG re quakes.

Very scary. We felt the one at 4, it felt it lasted forever. Both me and dh were just paralized in bed, not even able to talk to each other. I could hear the sliding doors in the kitchen rattling.
Luckily the dc didn't wake up.
So now, bombs in schools, terremoti, economic crisis, social unrest, wtf?

BananaGio Sun 20-May-12 11:20:24

wtf indeed Franca! scary times. was there any damage in Milano?

No, no damage thankfully, just very scarey. I have seen the pics of all those beautiful places in Emilia, cavolo sad.
Any news about the bomb? I am not sure about the mafia being behind it. That poor girl, just no words.

BananaGio Sun 20-May-12 11:42:05

the more i think the more i just cant see it being the mafia. apart from the chances some of their kids being in the school it just seems such a shift for them. are there still tremors?

Rosa Sun 20-May-12 12:11:25

LAst tremor I felt was round 5 ish , like a wave there have been little ones, It was a co incindence but minirosa was in my bed as she came in at 1. I went into her bed so I was in with dd1 - so when she woke I was there mid you at that time Dh had shouted teremoto and had minirosa in braccio. I feel very sorry for those nearer the epicentre .
As for Brindisi if it is the mafia then as the investigations go on , prove will get lost, witnesses will withdraw statements etc ..... I hope not as it is just terrible why why why kids FGS... Unless the kids have parents who are involved but I diddn't think the mafia went for kids..... Whoever whatever they deserve the death peanalty for what they have done....

Another bloody tremor, 5 mins ago, while i was having a bath! Bastaaaaaa!

Rosa Sun 20-May-12 20:04:25

Dh felt the one at 3-15 I was at dd 1 school and didd't feel a thing ... I hope thats it now as Every vibration in the house scares me.... Just the fridge starting off sent me in a tizz..... Bloody hell and agree BASTAAAAAAAAA

I have just (re) watched Deep Impact hmm

Ok, the crappio weather is def doing my head in. I should have been outside shopping for dd's birthday/party and dh's birthday plus a good number of other errands, but no way. It is worse than in England!

Rosa Mon 21-May-12 11:30:32

Forecast is rubbish as well... its wet and damp , dreary , windy yuck ... I should be changing sheets today or even this week sometime but teh foreacst look srubbish .. and next week as well FGS !

The sun is shining here right now... Boh!
Rosa, when you make cupcakes beforehand, where do you store them?

Rosa Mon 21-May-12 21:03:43

In the freezer if anything more than 4 days ...iced of course . Or in an airtight tin. One made of tin is better than plastic... No idea why but they keep better. Mind you in my house they never last more than 2 or 3 days....!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. So, if I am making them on sat to be had on sun, should I also ice them?

Rosa Tue 22-May-12 09:45:26

I would then the icing has time to set . If you need a foolproof receipe let me know.... FUnny grey sunny day boh no sure what it is going to do really....

Oh yes please grin!
i have agood one for vanilla fairy cakes, but not sure about the icing...

Rosa Tue 22-May-12 13:30:49

80g unslated butter, 250 g icing sugar then 25ml milk, but in mixer and beat for agens until it is soft and fluffy , I add vaniulla ess with the milk... Its a hummingbird one ( who I love adore and worship ...none of their stuff has ever let me down. The other day I forgot the baking powder in the cupcakes I shoved the mixture back in the bowl and added then .. they still worked!

Thanks my lovely!

BananaGio Thu 24-May-12 08:12:07

has the ground stopped moving yet? all this talk of cupcakes has made me want one. think will try out your icing recipe later rosa.

Apparently not shock, though I didn't feel the last one yesterday night.

Oh yes, I can't wait to make the cupcakes on satruday, hopefully dd will lend a hand.

Rosa Thu 24-May-12 16:59:13

I diddn't feel it either apparently it was much shorter. SO humid here today its horrible after yesterday in jackets and shoes!!!
I have to hide the hummingbird book as I just want to make and eat everything in there..... Think its they have another even bigger out and I am so scared that it will fall into my Amazon basket one day !
FInished english now for the summer did the last recita today and it started to rain mid way through so we had to go inside!
MAd weather.....

I should be going out doing things and instead I am being all "domestic", I have tidied the bookshelves in ds's bedroom, took me ages!

I now have to go out to get party bags and olives... boh!

Have a good weekend and lets hope it won't rain as ds has the picnic with his class mates tomorrow.

Rosa Sat 26-May-12 19:44:38

Hope DD has a wonderful birthday and your cakes are a success......

Thanks rosa. The cupcakes look amazing, I just hope they survive the night!

Rosa Mon 28-May-12 12:35:30

How did it go ????
We went to a great agritursimo yesterday in the veneto campagna. Basically the whole place was ours ( there were 30 of us) and the dds had a ball lots of places to run round in animali etc and such good food.... NOt diet friendly but not excessive either !
DD1 thought she was going to be sick this morning but is fine now ( boh) I am making teh last 2 cakes of the season as after this I go on strike as its too hot to work with the icing........

Happy to hear you had a lovely sunday rosa, agriturismi can be wonderful, and the food is great!

It went very well, thanks. The party was at my inaws, so the kids played in the garden and picked up cherries etc. the cupcakes turned out wonderfully, I also made a ciambella allo yogurt and choc cake with choc ganache.
We also got lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm and then it rained after the guests had gone!

Rosa Tue 29-May-12 09:13:48

All ok ?
I Was in teh asilo with DD and the kids were making so much noise that I don' think they even felt it ..I diddn't ... Meglio , but it is worrying ....

BananaGio Tue 29-May-12 09:51:37

Checking in as well- all OK up North? Just been watching the boato that came with the nuova scossa on TG. Scary stuff. Stay safe!

Hello girls.
I didn't feel the one at 9, because I was swimming.
But I have just felt a big one 10 minutes ago, it is fucking scary, and I feel sea sick. Head still spinning. We are at the 6th floor, dh was home at 9 and told me it was even worse shock

Those poor people in Emilia, I feel like crying a bit.

SuiGeneris Tue 29-May-12 12:34:19

Back after a long time- with two DS this time.
Franca- very worrying to read it was that strong in Milan. Hope you are feeling better and that it was the last one.
London is gloriously warm and sunny these days- would be outside were it not for reading the news about Italy while cuddling DS2 to sleep...

Hi SG, congratulations, I've seen the pics on fb, you have 2 gorgeous boys smile

I am happy to hear it is nice and warm in London, imo it does make things easier with 2 little ones (unless obviously it is 40 degrees and humid, which I suppose isn't that likely in London).

I was bloody scary. My head is still spinning and my knees feel all fluffy. I hope the dc are fine, I know they evacuated the school until the pompieri told them it was ok to go back. Thank goodness they have a big garden (you probably know where my dc go to school grin


Rosa Tue 29-May-12 13:27:44

Second one at 12.55 was agree horrible everyting was swimming almost ..then another 5 mins later whilst talking to dh ... I don't like this at all . Thankfully we are 1st floor I feel for you on the 6th . Hi Suig nice to see you again !!!!

BananaGio Tue 29-May-12 13:49:39

that must be horrible being so high up Franca. The L'Aquila one was bad enough on the first floor, FIL is on the 5th and said was terrifying. Poor people nearby. And poor you guys who are feeling it. Basta adesso! Hi SG,nice to see you. DS2 is gorgeous and ds1 looking so big now!

I have to say that I am still shaking a bit, I feel tutta molle. Those poor people nearer to the epicentro, this is just awful.

Changing subject, Gio, I have seen pics of master gio diving in a swimming pool on fb, che grande!!! Where does the time go? (and what a great pool too).

I have collected my plane ticket for florida this morning, getting excited and mildly apprehensive grin

BananaGio Tue 29-May-12 19:41:55

the picture of master Gio is a bit deceptive... he looks the part and then jumps feet first in! they are just doing diving from sitting on the side now though so piano piano. Oh how exciting re Florida Franca. When is it you go?
How were all your dcs at school with the quake?

smile awwww, he does look the part!

Kids were fine. They have been evacuated, probably a good chance for them for a chat with their mates. They told me they didn't feel scared...

We are off on sunday 10th.

Rosa Tue 29-May-12 20:28:16

Franca how exciting for you . DD1 wasn't evacuated but they apparently diddn't feel anything. The piccoli that normally sleep in the old part of the building they put them in one of the new classrooms ( only one storey high) so the grandi hand to play quietley next door!
IN minirosas the teachers had to control the school before the kids were allowed back in , as they say the crepi are there from past years so who can tell!
I am watching that sisma site and they have been 3 x over 3 in the last couple of hours I am worried that we will get more.... And of course down in EMilia I wonder how many are sleeping outside...... ?

I must admit that it took me ages to fall asleep yesterday night.

Rosa Wed 30-May-12 20:04:47

I am so sad that 2 people have bothered to even post on the thread about the quake maybe I got the title wrong but I am seriously sad about the lack of support.. After watching the news tonight- all those people homeless, workless, it is terrible and I want to do more but can't find out who to send a box to was thinking nappies, latte in polvere, anything I can put in a box.....May the tremors end doon and peole can get their lives back...
And Stop the 2 June stuff out of respect IMO.....

Oh bless you rosa, I hadn't realized you had started a thread. Sadly, I don't think other countries are that interested. Not big enough to be sensational, iyswim. The media too busy talking about the fall of the euro (which many people on MN seem to be happy about, but that's another matter hmm)

Feeling very sad too. I will make a bonifico directly to the comune of San Felice, will post a link on your thread. xxx

Rosa Thu 31-May-12 14:12:34

THanks we did a donation a general one. I have a box of things her that dh picked up whilst on the mainland think I will send it to the CRoce Rossa in Modena - not sure where else to send. They are bimbi things bit on the San Felice site the address is a bit vague...Might try it though....
Its not even been mentioned in the Uk news today or really in the papers . Far more important things like the Queens jubilee and Assange.
I am disgusted that they are even celebrating June 2nd.. There should be a ceremony with 1 of each force and no parade IMO....

Yes, it is all very upsetting, I agree with you, totally.

Sputnik Thu 31-May-12 22:48:27

Sorry I haven't checked in for a while, the earthquakes sound terrifying, I have only experienced small ones, but terrifying nonetheless. You feel like you can't trust anything anymore.
Not long til Florida then, how exciting Franca. I actually booked our ferry to Croatia just now, and we'll probably be getting a tent at the weekend, so hopefully our first proper family holiday will go smoothly. We'll drive back so if it's a disaster we can go home early!

BananaGio Fri 01-Jun-12 08:36:36

agree as well Rosa. And yes the UK is too busy being distracted from the real issues within its own borders by the jubilee etc so they certainly wont be focusing on anything from across the channel...apart from the evil EU issues of course. Celebrate the jubilee if you will - no strong feelings particularly either way but cant help but compare the fact that there seems to be no talk about the damage an extra bank holiday will do to the economy blah bloody blah whereas when there was one public sector strike a few months ago you would have thought the unions were out to destroy the country the way it was reported. Or is the economy to be saved by sales of bunting and flags, is that the difference?
What a grumpy old socialist I am this morning grin. Hi Sput and when are you off to Croatia?

Banana, totally agree with you, as usual (it might be the old socialist who lives in some corner of our minds grin)

Sputnik hello! Croatia is wonderful and the camping sites are very well organised, so I am sure it won't be a disaster! Where are you heading to? I went to Hvar ages ago (1988, I think, camping with friends), it was gorgeous. And then 3 yrs ago we went for a week in Istria/Slovenia.

Also a bit envy of your tent buying... I love tents!

Gio, master gio recita was lovely, I saw it on fb.

Sputnik Fri 01-Jun-12 22:38:12

We are getting a ferry to Split and then possibly some islands further up and ending up in Istria, I still have to plan the itinerary. We went the year before having DD, and were impressed with the campsites, I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow we are hitting Decathlon in a big way, we have to get ALL the gear.

DS had Pirate Day at school today, he's been having a lot of fun recently, last friday they all brought their bikes and scooters into school.

Ahhhh envy at the Decathlon galore!!!!

Let me know if you need any tips re Istria, I remember we went to a delightful village on the hills, but need to look up the name grin

Happy to hear ds is having fun at school, and has a good time. We have the school fete on thursday and have had all sorts of social happenings, in fact it's been rather busy!

Rosa Sat 02-Jun-12 16:11:13

We have been manic this week with school gite, gym club end of season parties, festa cugini and lord knows what else so today I am on strike. Next fri we have Dd1 gita to a castle in the veneto hills then that is really it !!!
Plus MR threw a huge tantrum in the supermarket had to be half dragged half put under arm to get home ..I don't think I can ever shop in there again.
Croatia is lovely I loved Hvar and Brac especially Brac as it was quieter .. Mind you this was a good few years ago now. Hope you had fun in Decathlon I always see such good ideas in there ..apart from a knee support totally rubbish it doesn't stay up !
Loved the recita video , minirosas school disspointed me in that side of things they did about 5 songs but no 'actions' and as we were in a park place the teachers were singing but they were not in time with each other. There was a stereo no idea why they diddn't use it ! DD1s was great costumes, songs poesie etc and of course the English bit was just fantastic !!!!!!
Spaiggia countdown , the new diet is not working pity as I had great hopes and the dietician is not cheap. Am also trying zumba on Monday not sure if its right for my dodgy knee we will see!
Buona domenica it should be raining here now its not so heaven only knows what the weather will be domani !

Sputnik Sat 02-Jun-12 22:03:36

Any tips are more than welcome, last time we were mostly in those islands under Istria, but I'm buggered if I can remember names without looking on a map.
Anyway 600 euros to Decathlon later we are good to go! I'm hoping it's an investment we'll be using in the next few years.
We just watched the Borrowers, I can recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.

Sputnik Sat 02-Jun-12 22:10:42

Oh and you have my sympathies for the supermarket tantrum Rosa, I will never forget DS's all time biggest tantrum, it took me a long time to go back to that supermarket, and I still can't go there without thinking of it...
Anyway, this too shall pass etc.

Rosa Sun 03-Jun-12 20:56:35

Bloody hell another .....and they were getting less in EMilia..I daren't put the news on to see what other damage has been done......

I didn't feel this one at all. Will check the news.

wow, 5.1. I didn't feel it at all. Bloody hell.

Sput, in Istria we loved Rovigno and the peninsula of Premantura. There is a park (Kamenjak, I think it is called), you can enter with the car (paying a fee, can't remember how much), there are wonderful beaches etc.

Rosa Sun 03-Jun-12 21:26:02

I wonder if it was a different falda or whatever its called. The other night on Santoros show it said that there are 2 zone within the big zone that are rumbling. He said that it is possible that the small tremors in the other one could mean a big one ..if Milan is not on that line of the tremor then you won't feel it. There were places in the mainland that diddn't feel the first 2 at all.
I love Croatia and will go back one day....

Boh, I don't understand much about falde, but it's been felt in Milan, I've read it on the corriere website! We didn't feel it, which is strange, but we were putting the children to bed!

Rosa Mon 04-Jun-12 11:11:57

now rain on them ... I just feel so bad for them and hope that they do get sorted out ...Poor people and I do so admire all the people that are there helping..
I don't have any enthusiasm for anything at all today just feel flat like the weather!!!

Sputnik Mon 04-Jun-12 22:14:17

Those poor people, hope this ends soon.
My family is all sick, DS aparently has scarlet fever, though he's not actually got much fever, DD has to stay at home til she's done the test and been cleared, DH has fever and sore throat so looking dodgy for him too, and I have a stinking cold. Bah.
DS was great with the doctor but is already having probs with the ABs, he's really got issues with food and it made him retch. Finger's crossed we'll find something to hide it in tomorrow.

Yes, it is tragic, there have been scosse during the night, still.

Sputnik, noooo! I hope you all recover soon, poor ds. I wonder why antibiotics always taste so awful.
There seem to be all sorts of bugs doing the rounds, lots of friends of the dc vomiting or with high fever.... eeeek!

Rosa Tue 05-Jun-12 09:44:02

Well sent my parcels hope they make it ok... YOU just wonder when it is going to stop....
Franca keep your dc off for a couple of days before you go... mind you they finish this week no? then you are off. You better pop in when you can just to make us all jealous !
Sput how bad, hope that you all come out of the woods ok. ANother idea I was suggested once is to melt at room temp some stong flavour icecream say strawberry or banana ( if the Abs have 'that flavour') mix in the abs and then refreeze or say make a milkshake with that bit of icecream as a 'floater' Apparently a bit does get lost in the mixing etc but if most of it goes in esp if he has a problem with food. poor chap. I still remember dd1 trying to get her first pill down in Tenerife think it has probably scarred her for life !

I can't keep them off, they'd kill me grin... Thelast days of school are the best. They have the festa della scuola on thurs, and ds has a party on Friday. Dd is going to a merenda with friends on wednesday and after me and her are going for an aperitivo with her class. And today it is ds's class saggio di coro. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP grin

But I have booked an appointment with their pediatra on thursday afternoon (after the festa della scuola), after all, they haven't seen her for months. At least she can check the throat etc and perhaps give me a list of must have medicines... I am feeling so bloody apprehensive right now. But excited.

Of course I will keep in touch my dears, I will have the ipad with me, so whenever I hit a wireless location I will check in grin.

Rosa that is a good tip re the ice cream and antibiotics. When are you off for the seaside?

Sputnik, hope everyone feels better asap and that you survive having all these malati at home wine smile

Sputnik Tue 05-Jun-12 17:22:51

Luckily DS didn't notice the ABS in with yogurt and lots of pear and apple spread, what a relief! Unfortunately he doesn't eat ice cream but it sounds like a good idea. DD was positive for streptococco too so they'll both be off til Friday, glad we did the test because she has no symptoms, just a sore throat for a few days 2 weeks ago and a bit of fever that cleared up. Apparently streptococcus untreated can lead to heart problems.
Meanwhile I have a really heavy cold and DH started ABs too. Anyway we are lucky this is not happening next week as it's DS's birthday and my sister is coming over, hope we'll all be sorted by then.

Rosa Tue 05-Jun-12 17:30:13

Diddn't know that about strep... Yes get it all sorted out and clear !

I tried zumba last night , I think I liked it but will go again next week just to see !
Thanks for the reminder I booked Dd1 and minirosa for the yearly checks with the paed next week....

So, is the streptococcus the cause also of scarlet fever? Bloody strep!!!
Hope you all feel better soon.

The saggio di coro was amazing, they even sang Giorgia's "Di sole e di azzurro".

Then I met ds's teachers. Ds is doing well at school, but they are worried as he appears to be anxious and always in need to be reassured. I feel a bit worried. They are lovely and trying to help. I didn't really know what to say sad

Rosa Wed 06-Jun-12 09:53:39

Franca , were you aware or did it come as a surprise? What does ds say ? When he is with his amici etc does he seem normale?
However you say the teachers are being lovely about it , that must be reassuring.
Re meds for the US. Things like basic painkilers etc you can buy almost anywhere, i love wargrains farmacy they have everything there including milk!!!
If it was me I would take sachets of tacchip for the plane just incase, i also in my little plastic bag of 100ml things have , busta di nurofen x me! Arnica, those disenfectant wound sachets, small bottle of sanitising hand gel, lipsalve,ear drops for dd1 , plasters and a disenfectant cream, . In my rucksack I have a packet of wetwipes and wetwipes with disenfectant in them for airplane toilet seats ( it is phsically impossible to hold a toddler /3 yr over an aircraft loo!!)
When I go on hols I take a few of the most essentials like anti vomit stuff and rehydrating salts just a couple, basic painkillers, and thats about it as if needed you can get everything there.
Must go and do some cleaning.......
Sput how are the bugs in your house doing???

Rosa, it came a bit as a surprise. I mean, ds is a child who needs lots of interaction at home, but I've never felt he needed that much reassuring iyswim. He has lots of friends, not just in his classroom, but at football club too, where he usually tries to lift up the morale of the team. Therefore, yes, I wasn't expecting him to be so needy at school.
Perhaps it is just a phase, but the teachers would like to find ways to respond better to him and find strategies especially in view of the fact that he'll go to medie in sept 2013 shock

Anyway, I will speak to the school's psychologist and she'll speak to the teachers. We'll see. Che palle!!!! grin

Yes, that's more or less what I was thinking to bring with me on the plane. What are the anti vominting meds, never heard of them.

Rosa Wed 06-Jun-12 14:38:42

Peridom......supposte easier to carry....Mind you I haven't used one on dd1 for a while...

I will ask the pediatra then!

Rosa Wed 06-Jun-12 16:03:28

They are for if you can't stop vomiting and everything you take down comes up again ..... NOt as anti nausea for flying IYKWIM. WHen minirosa has had the last 2 vomit bugs she was in risk of going into dehydration so we had to use them. WIth dd1 she is older and better at riding out the bugs....
There are anti nausea like travel sickness stuff.....but touch wood mine have never needed them !

Sputnik Wed 06-Jun-12 19:19:43

Franca, did they tell you more precisely what your DS needs reassurance about? Was it school work or more general social stuff? Maybe it is kind of performance anxiety and perfectionism if it's for the academic stuff, hence why it wouldn't show much at home.
Coro sounds lovely :-)

I'm feeling a bit better today but I'm getting a sore throat so a bit worried that I have the strep too, I have to wait til Friday for my test results. Kids are OK, DH was a wreck earlier but looking better.We were well enough to go for a walk on the beach, first of the year :-)

I'm really glad my DCs inherited DHs iron stomach, they practically never vomit.

Yes, it seems to be related to school stuff. He seems to be over eager to show them he has understood all the time, or he wants reassurance for basic stuff, like "turn to page x". We have decided we will contact the "sportello psicopedagogico" that works at their school at the beginning of september, as they seem eager to want advise on finding better strategies to help him/reassure him.
Bizarre, as he is indeed quite quick and very good at things like maths for instance. I am happy to have a word with the psicologo as I think this might be related to his on and off anxieties about falling asleep.

Glad to hear you are all feeling a bit better. There are 4 children from dd's class with febbre. I am glad I have booked an apt with the pediatra.

Rosa, no they don't usually suffer from travel nausea. They had (well we all had apart from dh) an awful bug last year in January.

BananaGio Thu 07-Jun-12 07:57:11

bless ds Franca, is he a bit of a perfectionist all round? good that you have the support of the teachers etc at school though. How is his sleep anxiety these days?
Sput hope your throat is better.

Thanks gio smile. In many ways he is not a perfectionist at all. Very disordinato, very loud etc. But it appears that he really cares about school (even if at home he is not one of those people who are eager to study, iyswim).

He is fine at falling asleep at the moment. But he went to a pj party on Saturday (we were away for a big party with friends) and at 11 he rang me in tears and so my dad went to pick him up! He gets very anxious when he is with other children, as most children usually fall asleep before he does, and this makes him feel different and he starts feeling he won't fall asleep ever again. Argh!

Hope all is well in Rome. Has master gio finished school yet or will he go until end of June?

BananaGio Thu 07-Jun-12 10:33:44

until the end of June! until the last second!! Then we are in the UK for most of July and then mare in August. Are you doing mare this year or is the US your main holiday?
I suppose re ds Franca at least he cares about school. The anxiety isnt ideal but listening to 2 of my friends in despair re their ds's being bocciato from media this year mainly because they couldnt care less about school makes me wish materna could last forever!

Uk and mare best of both worlds I suppose!

We will spend July at the inlaws, in the countryside (save money grin!!!), it is only 1 hr from Milan. Dh will be working. Then 2 weeks of mare in August!

I have signed dd up for a laboratorio artistico first week of Sept.

Rosa Thu 07-Jun-12 13:20:42

Mine are going up to 23/6 but with this weather I am half wishing we had delayed the mare until later.... BOh . Next year we will be doing inverso 1st the Uk then mare as my sister has a big birthday and she is planning a big party ! Mind you the way the crisi is going we might not ...I think I will be doing more English somehow..
DH dentist gave him some fresh peas...I have now 5 bags of fresh peas in the freezer, my thumbnails have turned green and the rest I have given to neighbours and SIL...
DOmani gita for dd1 I hope its fun ..It is to a castle somewhere.....

I have one word: pidocchi. Again. Ffs.

Sputnik Thu 07-Jun-12 22:53:57

Aargh Franca!
Gio has a point about your DS Franca, perfectionism can be a positive trait as long the anxiety is controlled, hopefully they can help you with it.
We did a trial run putting up the tent in Dsil's garden, seemed pretty easy. DS cried when we took it down again, I think he thought we would sleep there.

BananaGio Fri 08-Jun-12 07:18:31

smile at ds Sput, he is going to have so much fun! when do you go?
Oh Franca I feel your pain. We havent had so many cases this year which makes me think one of the kids who went into prima wasnt treated mai because it was ridiculous how often it happened. Does dd have long hair?

Sputnik Fri 08-Jun-12 09:56:09

We leave on the third, I am ridiculously excited as this is the first proper holiday we've ever had, not counting visiting our family etc.
DCs back at school today, I'm still a bit wobbly so taking it easy. Our house is a tip as you can imagine after 4 people at home for 5 days and minimal tidying up.

Yes, he does care about school, he says so himself smile

Kids adore sleeping in tents, Sputnik you are going to have a a lovely time I am sure. How exciting! (I am still trying to remember the name of a little village on the hills in Istria, really lovely place, but my memory is blank)

Gio, yes, dd has long hair. Just need to find a moment when she is nits free to take her to the hairdresser!!!

Sputnik Fri 08-Jun-12 17:50:28

I have great memories of camping as a kid, luckily DH does too!
So my strep test was positive too, I'm glad I started ABS anyway yesterday without waiting, I knew something was up. I left my tip of a house and did some light retail therapy, did me alot of good, though I went probably a bit too crazy in DPAM blush

It is easy to loose one's mind in Dpam...
How are you feeling sputnik?

SuiGeneris Sat 09-Jun-12 05:37:21

Sput: sorry to read re scarlet fever. We had it ( or were told we were likely to have it) in November and it was miserable, the sore throat being particularly bad. What antibiotics are you on? Some of the huger pills can be crushed and melted in water or also exist in liquid form...

Franca: I would also pack some antibiotics and see if your GP and paediatrician are happy to consult over the telephone for minor things. Some doctor friends found they needed a prescription painkiller while in the US and had to pay 300 USD to be seen, despite knowing perfectly well what was wrong and what was needed to fix it.

Back to bed for me now. DS2 woke up at 4.30 and then needed a nappy change, followed by throwing up in our bed, full change, dirty nappy, showering of mummy and bathroom while on the changing table, further full change, then a feed. And now that I have held him up for 20 mins post-feed and he is happily asleep on me I can try and sleep too. wink

Rosa Sat 09-Jun-12 06:53:52

Well thats all of you now all you have to do is get better!!! Sue g sounds as if you have had a busy night, hope you get some rest..mind you with 2 you tend to survive on little or no sleep.
Very grey morning here, yesterday I had dd1 gita it went well and dd enjoyed it , fun and educational . Some parents wanted a water park or similar but IMO a castle with a percorso fairy tale and then the children making an afresco in the afternoon Was far better.
Franca have you packed yet...not long long do you have on your own before dh joins you ?

Hello Suigeneris! I remember those kind of nights pretty vividly still grin.

I have just bought a bottle of Augmentin for the children, but now I am a bit hmm about the doses, if needs be. My paediatrician never answer the phone, she has a segreteria telefonica and you have to leave a message... not really doable from the US, my mobile doesn't work there.
I do have an assicurazione. Boh. Aiuto!

Rosa, I am more or less packed and ready to go. I am sure I must have forgot something essential. Dh will arrive on the 14th, at night.

Rosa Sat 09-Jun-12 16:34:40

Bambini di eta' superiore a 2 a nni. 2 anni-6 anni, peso: 13-21 kg, dose: 5 ml ogni 12 ore; 7 anni-9 a nni, peso: 22-29 kg, dose: 7,5 ml ogni 12 ore; 10 anni-12 anni, peso: 30-40 kg, dose: 10 ml ogni 12 ore. Bustine bambini (400 mg + 57 mg / b ustina). 2 anni-6 anni, peso: 13-21 kg, dose: 1 bustina ogni 12 ore; 7 anni-12 anni, peso: 22-40 kg, dose: 2 bustine ogni 12 ore. Insufficie nza renale: adulti: gli aggiustamenti posologici sono calcolati sulla base del livello massimo raccomandato di amoxicillina. -clearance dell a creatinina: 30-10 ml/min 1 dose da 500 mg + 125 mg,

There you go .......... I am excited for you and wish we were going as well .....well maybe one year , possibly ! I have 2 english students lined up for 2012/2013 and more requests so think this is going to be the way I am going ! I think teh materne will be taking me back as well probably well 1 for sure the 2nd they have to decide if the genitori want to pay extra o no !

Thanks rosa smile

I am pleased to know you have more students, I def think that is the way to go.
Of course now your daughters are still little, but there is a huge market (at least here in Milan) for english teachers who are specialised in teaching to children (and who are willing to come to your house). We pay ours £££! And she is totally worth it.

BananaGio Sat 09-Jun-12 17:12:10

Good news re your students Rosa. Agree with Franca re demand. A few of my friends teach English privately here and they have far more requests than they can manage. Oooh Franca you are going to have such an amazing time. You must get some photos on fb. Are your dc besides themselves with excitement?

Yes, they are very happy, but a bit worried about the long flight grin. At the moment they are relaxing in front of a Bud Spencer and terence Hill movie grin.
Dd claims she is already missing her friends at school.

I will, I will post on fb. I am taking the ipad. Not sure my mobile will work there. Boh!

Sputnik Sat 09-Jun-12 18:57:01

Rosa if the English falls through you'd make a good pharmacist wink
Franca is it Monday you leave? We are all vicariously excited for you!

Rosa Sat 09-Jun-12 19:20:19

They will be fine and the flight will pass in no time, I hope you get a nice crew, decent films, and no hope for the food whoever you fly, but think of the fantastic breakfast you have in the USA. We always have a cracker of a breakfast on Day 1, OJ,pancakes, bacon, eggs and tons of crap coffee..then from day 2 we search out decent coffee and go from there... Well that should all be we used to...and we will againjust not sure when !!!!
Franca can I ask how much you pay an hour? As I don't think I charge enough, the materne I can't put the price up as I am too fond of the children but the private students we haven't discussed price yet!

BananaGio Sat 09-Jun-12 19:41:26

Mmmm american breakfasts.
I have let myself get dragged onto a politics thread where the statement if you dont like it go live in north korea is being bandied about. I despair!
Rosa my friends in rome charge 40 an hr with reductions for small groups per person.

BananaGio Sun 10-Jun-12 08:14:09

Madonna mia, ma certe persone mi fanno proprio arrabbiare sul MN. angry Ma quante cazzate dicono!

Rosa Sun 10-Jun-12 08:44:14

Io evito certain threads perche parlano da loro sederino.........

Ciao ragazze, we have arrived in key west! The trip went very smoothly. The milan-miami was alitalia, me and the children had 4 seats for ourselves, I watched 4 movies (i should fly more often to catch up with the movies i miss during the year grin. the food was crap, but never mind. The dc behaved perfectly, I am very smug, but at this age they are eay to entertain with movies and there were also games to play on the plane screens, so, I didn't do much.
The plane to key west is very small, on an eareo a elica!!!!

We are now relaxing a bit before hitting the pool, and as soon as we feel more energetic we'll explore the sourrindings.

Thanks for the support you gave me re the trip, now i need to concentrate/stress re dh's journey.

Gio, I saw you on the thread, you go girl!!! Cant believe all those right wingers!

Ah rosa, i pay loads, as it is through a school, that charges a bit less than the British council. How much do you charge?

I pay 40 euros for the 2 of them

Sputnik Mon 11-Jun-12 16:54:01

Yay Franca, glad the trip went well :-)

BananaGio Mon 11-Jun-12 17:03:19

Yay good news Franca.not remotely jealous of you being in key west...have a fabulous time and let us live it vicariously through you

Rosa Mon 11-Jun-12 21:52:57

envy envy not at all...per niente!!! Franca so glad it all went well and the dc were well behaved you proud mamma you!!! Have a total ball and if the key lime bakery is still there do stop... Its sort of on its own in a street leading down to the main area. The ice creams were to die for ...and we bought some cold tea mix which was yummy.....
I have just done zumba..loved it.....

Well, the children just had a lovely time in the pool, I wanted to and explore in the late afternoon, but dd is knackered and she burnt her cheeks, despite sun cream (50). Bad mother emoticon for me then.

So impressed by your energy rosa, zumba sounds super hard!

Rosa Tue 12-Jun-12 21:09:11

They do a great total barrier cream it is like warpaint and it works......
We had a tornado today...... I diddn't see it but by god the winds were stronga nd we had hail and torrenial rain as well.... A few islands were hit pretty bad roofs taken off and things and 100 trees uprooted on an island......
Basta adesso no?
Franca enjoy the good weather for us.....

shock, even tornadoes now? What the hell? Earthquakes, economic crisis, torrential rain... Enough!
I think it is turning hotter here, rain is expected in the next few days.
Today we hit the city centre and the dc loved the acquarium, even petted an alligator ( a small one). I am still jet legged, i am tired!

Sputnik Wed 13-Jun-12 09:35:47

Wow that sounds dramatic Rosa. It's been warm and very muggy here, due to heat up dramatically next week, can't wait (not).
Argh I have to tidy up here, my sister's coming tonight for DS's birthday on friday.
What are you up to today Franca?

Rosa Wed 13-Jun-12 10:45:04

SOunds fun Franca and teh jet lag will soon go .... ITs beautiful and fresh here today but yes temps due to rise this weekend as well here, maybe summer has arrived ??? Certainly fewer bimbi in the materna today I wonder why ?????
Have fun cleaning , I have bags of stuff to take to second , hand, to friends etc it is just a case of doing it !

Hello girls, this morning meband ds were up 20 mins later than yesterda, dd is still asleep, but she is a dormigliona, she doesn't count!
I did my back in yesterday locking the bikes hmm, so it is Aulin for me afyr breakfast. We still have the bikes today, so we are going to see the butterflies sanctuary and i also want to taste the key lime pie! ( the hotel we are staying at is fab, but the food is a bit lame imo).

Happy to hear the weather is better, hope it doesn't get too hot and humid. Gio what are you doing for ds birthday? He is 6 already!

Sputnik Wed 13-Jun-12 12:11:53

You are definitely jet-lagged Franca, it's my DS, and yes he's 5, already! We are going to Zoomarine on friday, it was only a 1/2 day at school anyway so thought we'd take them out.
Tomorrow he will go in with a cake fashioned from mini cornetti, as he doesn't eat actual cake, that should be fun.

Oh my goodness, sorry Sputnik, I was totally convinced I read "bananagio"shock!
Oh desr, sono veramente rimbambita!
The cake sound yummie, are you making it? Where is the zoomarine?

Sputnik Wed 13-Jun-12 16:05:07

No worries Franca!
I have 2 packets of mini cornetti, some toothpicks, and hoping to use half a loaf of bread as a base in the middle and to stick the candles into. I suppose I'd better try it out in case it doesn't work and I have to find a plan B.
Zoomarine is really close to our house, in Torrvaianica where we always go to the beach, they have dolphins and various other marine stuff, not sure as we've not been before.
Speaking of dolphins, have your kids seen Dolphin Tale? It's set in Florida, a bit shmaltzy but a good (true) story.

BananaGio Wed 13-Jun-12 16:32:38

ooh Sput we went to Zoomarine beginning of May. The shows are great! We saw the seals, dolphins and diving pirates shows and ds and his mate loved them all. They also loved the dinosaur exhibition. The pools werent open when we went but we went on the log flume and a few of the rollercoasters. DS has not shut up since re wanting to go again for his birthday. Happy Birthday to your DS!! And good luck with the cake.
Hows the jet lag and back Franca?
Rosa I saw the pic of the tornado-when I read your post I imagined a little one - it looked like something off CNN News!!

Zoomarine sounds like great fun! Have a great time, master sputnik!

Gio I like the pic of ds, so proud in front of his school.

No we haven't seen a dolphin tale yet, but we have just seen the ad on tv, here at the hotel, so it is on our list of films to watch.

All is well, really hot, dh is hopefully on his way, and i think i have already gained 10 kilos...
I have seen an ad in a magazine by the dept of health that now women will have free mammograms etc, and i went all warm inside. Bravo obama!

The poc on fb, i meant

Rosa Thu 14-Jun-12 18:03:09

FrAnca sounds good hope your dh gets over jet lag fast as you guys wil be up and running.....i went to St Erasmo today and many places they have all just got on and re built walls and put tiles back on, apparently there is a missing sheep however and many of the agricultrual campi also at Cavallino are ruined....
Happy birthday Master Sputnik have a great day....

Hello, dh arrived at last, his flight from atlanta was 4 hrs late... At one point i doubted he'd arrive!
How are you all?
Yesterday we went on the trolley tour, i must admit i want on of those tiny wooden houses with the porch...

giveitago Fri 15-Jun-12 21:29:03

Hi little italy - hope you are all doing well. Using my internet connection for work overtime (unpaid of course).

Ds turned 6 a few weeks ago and we were graced by my dsil and her new partner (they flew over) and can I just say, he's the most fantastic guy and a big up to my sil's choice in guys.

We over in Italy over the summer and I'm very much hoping he'll come down to mil's place. She'd love him.

I'm trying to negotiate more hours with work. They want me full time but I want four days max as ds would have zero social life (talking play dates here for an only child). Will know in the next month. Yikes.

Hope your summer plans are sorted and all is good.

Rosa Sat 16-Jun-12 06:41:46

Hi giveitago, nice to see you again, good that in this day and age they want to offer you more work, generally they seem to be laying pesole off. Have a great summer and hope MIL is ok she was a bit pesante if I recall.

Franca great that Dh arrived ok, bet he is tired though. Hope you have a wonderful family holiday...
We have escaped to San Candido for 2 nights before the heat hits as its due to be horrible next week but we have too much on to be away....

Hi giveitagi, nice to see you again! I agree with rosa, it is good that you have been offered more hrs, but totally understandable that you want more time with ds. Have a lovely summer!!

Oh san candido is beautiful rosa, have a great time! We are in naples, tomorrow we are visiting sanibel.

Rosa Mon 18-Jun-12 19:45:48

Cycled 45 km with minirosa in tow... Was great loved every minute and was only a bit sore the day after, much less than expected, trying to get head round packing for mare but can't probably the fact its 33 degrees and every time I walk 10m I feel as if I have wet myknickers and no part of me doesn't sweat.. Well shouldn't complain its been late coming this year. Plus I love my A/C!
Franca we were at the Temple again, they are still so nice.
So where are you now??????
Gio great video of DS he looks as if he had a ball....
Sput how did the birthday go? All over the bugs now?

BananaGio Mon 18-Jun-12 20:13:51

Very impressed cycling in the heat Rosa. I am totally fed up as have broken my
ankle on the bastard rome uneven pavements, have a massive cast on and it hit 36 degrees here today! Feeling very sorry for myself.

Sputnik Mon 18-Jun-12 20:37:22

Oh no Gio you poor thing sad What a total pain.
Thanks for the birthday wishes for DS everyone, Zoomarine was great, a couple of things I think were sensory overload for him and we'll avoid next time but the rest was great. He loved the dolphins especially and saw them twice.
Very impressed with the cycling Rosa.

Rosa Mon 18-Jun-12 21:21:14

Oh no Gio....sue the commune, my MIL did when she broke her hip on the uneven pavement and got €8000 compensation..... If she had been an actvive working / mum apparently they dish out more... Send dp out to take pic of uneven bit and find a lawyer. You poor thing how long do you have the cast on as you were/ are going to the Uk soon no?
Good about zoomarine , must give it a go sometime. We did sealife and dd1 loved it.
The cycle ride was a fair bit downhill with the odd little uphill bits , but tra montagne and streams it was very Julie Andrews.... I have a clip of video with dh coasting and dd1pedaling like mad so I wonder who did the majority of it?????

Oh no Gio, that is just horrible, and even more so at this time of the yr, when it is so hot. You poor thing, hope you get all the help you need.

Sput, happy to hear you all had a good time at zoomarine, accidentally my dc mentioned it yesterday, they want to go too!

Rosa, san candido is wonderful, i would love to back to the piccolo hotel.

We are in orlando (has to be one of the weirdest place i have ever been). Today we went to universal island of adventures, the harry potter bit is amazing!

Rosa Wed 20-Jun-12 06:24:41

Franca go to the outlets in Orlando you can clothe the dc for poco o niente for the next year. ( and you!!!!!)
Madonna che caldo - gio I feel for you will you be able to weight bare at all or is it crutches for 6 weeks?

BananaGio Wed 20-Jun-12 09:40:13

Not sure yet Rosa. Go back on friday to have this medieval cast removed so will know more then. If they have to put one back on they will have to give me half an hour just to scratch!
Whats hp bit like franca, are the dcs loving it?

Rosa, I am afraid I won't be able to do the outlets as no one in my family likes shopping other than me, I am hoping to manage to negotiate to be left for 2 hrs and then picked up again...

Ok, so yesterday we arrived to the island of advenures at 9, when it opened and we went straight to the HP area, where we queued for the Forbidden Journey, basically you go into hogwarts, see a few rooms and then there is this ride, a simulation of riding the broom which is AMAZING. We all loved it.
Then we queued to get into Olivander's (mistake), but the children love their (overpriced) wands. We queued to go on the flight of the hippogriph, and after 40 bloody minutes the ride stopped. So we went to jurassic park. Then we queued again for another ride in the water, but again it stopped. I was pissed off.
We went back to HP and managed the hippogriff. We did spiderman (good), and then, as there was just a ten mins queue, I was brave enough to do the dragon challenge, a proper ride. It was just great.

So, the harry potter area is truly wonderful, but busy. The morale della storia is go in november or don't be tirchio and buy the bloody express pass.

Children loved it.

Gio how are you today? Thinking of you!

Rosa Wed 20-Jun-12 15:27:04

Hee did you do teh red dragon blue dragon ride at the far corner? I loved them !!!!
Yes Franca you MUST get dropped off or you will regret it ! Go to the ones that you can walk between , carry on dring up I Drive North there are 4 or 5 together Hillfinger and Reebok are to the right then you cross over and there are 2 small ish malls .
Don't go to the big shopping mall as its expensive and not outlet prices.
WHat happened in Starbucks???
I am glad you manged a few of the rides though and it sounds as if the dds enjyed it all...
You are not missing the heat here though its horrible.... I feel for you Gio I am sweating just walking as normal imagine if you had a plaster on as well......
Is there still the back to the future ride as that is brill? MInd you it sounds as if the queues were bad and think you are right NOvember is the time to go but now we have elementary school not sure how we wangle it ....Or pay for it to be honest ..!!!!!

Sputnik Wed 20-Jun-12 20:08:52

Franca your DH definitely owes you some childcare while you do some shopping!
Gio I broke my ankle when I was a kid and I remember using a knitting needle (not the sharp end) for scratching.

Yes, I went on that one rosa, it was the first time on a big ride for me, I went on my own!
I didn't manage to go to the outlest, as yesterday we went to cape canaveral and it was pouring when we drove back.
Never mind, we are in nyc now... Hehehe this is where i will get my revenge (evil cackle)...
Nothing happened in starbucks, it is just evil!

Gio how are you doing today? It is bloody hot and humid here

Rosa Mon 25-Jun-12 19:38:21

Gio how did you get on with the plaster change, are you more mobile now?
Franca how hot is new york? We are at the beach since sat and dh has gone back home to work ( bugger) and will be back on rhrs, we were going to go for a walk this pm and its started raining ...better now than during the day!!!!!

BananaGio Tue 26-Jun-12 17:46:02

got a brace thing now Rosa, much better as can remove it! and lighter, cooler etc. Leg is going in right direction but going to be a few weeks still on crutches...
How are you getting on Franca?

Sputnik Tue 26-Jun-12 21:13:11

That's good news Gio.
It is too hot here, can't wait to escape.

Rosa Tue 26-Jun-12 21:54:32

Sput when are you heading to Croatia? Have you an itin decided? Gio has it stuffed uo your UK trip as you were going in July no? Just been to the hell hole of Luna park eaten alive by mozzies every year I say never again... But this time have promised they can come back with dh who will spoil them more than I do......

BananaGio Wed 27-Jun-12 08:36:17

Still going rosa, next week and cant wait. Got a wheelchair and lift onto plane booked. Nothing is keeping me away from the prospect of 16 degrees and drizzle for a few weeks! Am very angry that mid july weather has arrived early this year!
When are you back from the beach Rosa?

Rosa Wed 27-Jun-12 13:02:38

Have another 3 weeks.. Then we are off to drizzle land as well..... Dd1 seems to have a slight tum upset...boh doesn't seem bad maybe she drank too much pool water!!!

Hello my dears, I am back to Italy, we arrived yesterday afternoon, our plane had a 5 hrs delay.

New York was great, as usual. The afternoon we arrived and the next was incredibly hot and humid, but there was a big storm in the evening that refreshed the weather and the next 2 days were sunny, but not stifling hot, just normal warm summer days.

So the trip went well andwe had lots of fun, but I have to say that I didn't get to do as much shopping as I wanted. Actually, I didn't mean to shop that much, but I was looking forward to spending 2 hrs in Barneys, dreaming I had the famous portafoglio di Onassis... but I didn't have the time. grrrr.

Gio glad to hear you will be able to go to the UK, I am sure it will be more bearable in the fresher weather!

Hope you are all well. x

Rosa Wed 27-Jun-12 14:35:14

Welcome back, glad you had a great time. What are the dc best moments? I think that sometimes what they pick up is different to what we think they enjoyed!
Good for dh wallet that you diddn't get to shop that much you might have done serious damage!!!!

Dd's favourite has been Universal Island of pleasure...
They both loved:
Key West little aquarium
Key west butterflies conservatory
Shelving on Naples' beach
Balto's statue in Central Park
A playground in Tribeca
The view from The Empire state building.

Ds also loved Nasa, knowing everything about the Statue of Liberty and immigration to the US (he wanted to go to a little museum nr chinatown where they show you how early xx century immigrants used to lived but we didn't find the time), the Natural History Museum.

Rosa Thu 28-Jun-12 07:17:00

That is great, (made mental notes for the future!!!!!) so are you off to the beach or in laws now? Its humid glad we are out of the city now,
Gio enjoy your priority boarding!!! Seriously hope it all goes well and the weather does improve it is pretty crap in the Uk now. Mum says she hasn't worn a t shirt since March!!!

We are still in milan, as I still have at least 3 loads of washing to do, plus have to take them to the dentist and ds is watching the football with a friend today... But yes, we will go to the countryside asap.
How are you enjoying the beach rosa? Not sure why, but the trip to the us made me nostalgic of britain! Boh!

Rosa Thu 28-Jun-12 21:14:36

Beach is good thanks, dh is workingon and off so it hasn't got to the relaxing stage as yet, plus niopte is here as well until sat so its extra pleased to be out of Venice right now and feel for the people in EM, I know most have A\C in the tents but it must be terrible.....

Rosa Thu 28-Jun-12 21:15:10

And love the new look you were quiet about that change!!!!!!

Sputnik Thu 28-Jun-12 21:16:47

Welcome back Franca! Sounds like you had a great time, I'd love to take my lot in a few years time.
It was the DCs last day of school today, yes they have been continuing in this heat and it's been a bit of a sofferenza. It was quite sad as 2 of DD's close friends are leaving for good, including the mum I got on best with in her class, the ones she always went home with if I had to take DS to speech therapy or whatever. I am hoping we will stay in touch though.
Also sad saying goodbye to DS's teachers, they have been fantastic and he has made huge progress this year.

Sputnik Thu 28-Jun-12 21:22:39

Ragazze it is 10.20 at night and 30 degrees in our apt, I really hate to but I might cave in and get AC installed next year.

Thank you! I went blonde to fight the white!

Sputnik, sorry to hear your dd's friends are leaving, that is so sad at this age, but I am sure you'll be able to stay in touch. And happy to hear master sputnik has had a great year!

Rosa, that is lovely of you to also have your dn smile.

Sput you'll be soon heading towards croatia, vero?

Oh no Sput, I feel your pain. A/C makes a huge difference if you have to spend summer in the city (or at least a part of it). God, 30 degrees is a nightmare. Would an ice cold beer help? (momentarily)... <<passes a birra moretti, it's all I have I am afraid>>

Rosa Thu 28-Jun-12 21:35:26

Sput I feel for you I recall our old place which was high ish and well ventilated was just an oven... Even with a portable machine it couldn't cope but It was better than nothing. I adore my A\C at home just taking out the humidity makes a massive difference, and it means I can do things without just wanting to lie on the floor or stick my head in the fridge.... Nipote is nice but is at the stage where he asks things 10 times and never seems to absorb the answer...
What a shame re the children leaving especially as they were a help, we are loosing 1 good friend as she goes to an elementary on the other side of the canal and its a shame as dd1 and her met at 6 mths in the pool.....

sounds like my ds grin (the nipote, I mean)

fuck the rigore, btw


Sputnik Thu 28-Jun-12 21:56:21

Franca I saw the fb pic, you look fab! Maybe I should consider that, I'm getting very grey!
So far we've avoided AC on the grounds we're not here all summer anyway, and I have an aesthetic objection to a huge unit in our living room (which is also kitchen and study). But really these last 2 weeks have been awful, it's very humid where we live too.
Anyway, we're off to Croatia tuesday, after which we're in the mountains as we're finally redoing our bathroom down here. It can get hot up there too but at least in the evening there's some relief.
Yes sad about school friends, and at some point it'll be us leaving, as DH will be forced to transfer at some point by his employers. I try not to think about it!

Thank you sputnik! I am very grey, I'd say that 85% of my hair is grey, and I am not yet ready to go grey... I think that by turning blonde I need less trips to the hairdresser... plus I am actually enjoying being a blond grin

I agree re a/c being aesthetically challenged... Thank goodness you are going in just a few days, nights aren't that hot in Croatia, if I remember well.

Oh gosh yes, saying goodbye is just awful, but I agree, don't think about it... where would he be transferred, UK or somewhere else, do you think?

Sputnik Thu 28-Jun-12 22:39:34

It would never be UK, if he stays with his current employers it would be maybe somewhere in Africa, or possibly Thailand or Egypt. He might have a chance of a job with some other UN agency so you never know, New York could be a possibility. We are ambivalent about it tbh as if we moved the kid's school would be mostly paid for, as it's not right now and it's a struggle. On the other hand DH's family are here, and we'd like at least a year or 2 more here for DS to see how things pan out for him, and we'd need to go somewhere with good provision for him if he needs support in future.

Oh it is so difficult isn't it. I hope you manage to stay here for as long as you wish to, also, ime it might be exciting for us adults to move somewhere else, but I guess that for the children it is quite hard, when friendships and a sense of belonging become important for them.

Sputnik Thu 28-Jun-12 22:55:08

I've spoken to several adults lately who moved around as kids and loved it, so that's not necessarily the case. But it would always take a while to adjust, and probably depends on personality too. For DS who is just getting to grips with the whole social skills side of things I think he really needs stability for the moment. Anyway, we definitely have another year, so we'll just take it as it comes for now.

I agree it depends on the personality of a child and also the age. It is good that your ds has def another yr at his school. And then whatver happens, we'll support you grin (and if you move to Thailand, we'll come over wink)

Sputnik Fri 29-Jun-12 13:05:16

Thanks Franca!
When I was 10 we spent several months I Canada and I went to school there, I made friends and was even starting to talk with a Canadian accent by the time we left.
Poor DD seems to be ill again, hope we can shift it before leaving.

Hope she feels better soon, poor dd, it is horrible being ill in this heat.

BananaGio Fri 29-Jun-12 20:14:21

Gorgeous pic franca, what a good looking family you are smile. Sput hope dd is ok. Sad re friends leaving. I find i embrace change like that far less as i get older. I want the staus quo to stay exactly as it is re friends, day to day life etc. Am i becoming middle aged shock? Think kids adapt very quickly though. I moved a lot up to when i was 10 and wasnt a great issue at the time. I understand that now you are making progress with ds you not wanting to change that at the moment.
I am getting aircon next year.I cannot cope any longer without it. if i wasnt leaving on weds i would be on euronics site this minute ordering it. There is not one breath of air and it is so humid.
I want to be watching the Stone Roses in manchester (stamp feet emoticon). Have listened to their album all day in tribute and found myself getting very maudlin and nostalgic for my lost youth.....

Sputnik Fri 29-Jun-12 21:13:22

Bloody awful isn't it Gio. Domenica it's set to hit 40, yikes!
Not sure what to do about DD, she's had a cough for a while so we took her to the docs the other day, he gave some cough syrup and said if it doesn't clear after 3 days give ABs. Then today she slept all morning and woke up with fever and looking really pale but it went away again, so wondering whether to start the ABs or not. Normally I take a wait and see approach but I want her to be well when we leave.
DS is asking me to turn the crickets off!

Sputnik Fri 29-Jun-12 21:14:39

I wish I could. Skrk skrk skrk I hate the bastards.

Thanks Gio, all of us of Little Italy are fairly special grin

I know what you mean about getting nostalgic. It recently happened to me, rediscovering a song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers which I used to love when I was in my early 20s and hadn't listened to for ages. Ooooh being young again!

Sput, can you take her back to see the paed just to be on the safe side? Or tomorrow being saturday is a nono? Sorry to hear she is still unwell, there is still some viruses doing the rounds, I am told. Uffa!

Rosa Fri 29-Jun-12 22:23:05

Oh no Sput what a pain, do you have a continuita ped down there or has it been cut there as well?
Dd has earache, she was checked 2 weeks ago and said she had lots of cerume ( normale as she suffers from it) but with all the swimming it seems to have blown up , have given Auran and have been looking at guardia medicia etc. All I need is somebody to check for infection as if its red then Auran is ok but slightest infection needs to be stopped as if she has a wax block it gets messy......However had to laugh, despite the fact we are on hols and 1hrs drive from home or 1.5 hrs boat we are still in the territory off our USSL so we can't use the medica turistica open 7 days a week!!!!!! Will call them anyway and see what they say.
40deg blimey I feel for you all really. We got a good deal on our a/c as it is a low noise, low consumo, we waited until April to have the actual split and external thing fitted as the newest ones came in. If you are getting a portable get one with a small external thing or better a tube as lugging the 2 from room to room is a pain..I speak from experience , I had the external bit in the corridor once as I was pg and couldn't lift t to the window sil dh came home to a sauna in the hall.....

Rosa Fri 29-Jun-12 22:24:56

D&V doing rounds in Vce apparently lots of upset tums and bums...

Rosa Fri 29-Jun-12 22:26:30

Sorry GIO had to smile thinking if you ' stamping you foot' in a brace for the stone roses never did anything for me..... Now Duran Duran is playing in Verona and I am tempted.

BananaGio Sat 30-Jun-12 08:24:32

Ooh go and see Duran Duran Rosa. Saw them twice since they started retouring and were fab. Total nostalgia fest and filled with women in their late 30s/40s reliving their teen years and screaming for john taylor.
Hope dd's better this morn rosa and sput. Rosa that is ridiculous re medica turistica.
Those with aircon advise me. Bear in mind not the wealthiest at the moment but obviously dont want to buttare soldi by getting something useless. What do i need to look for and are these 300 euro deals in euronics worth it?
My very patriotic ds is going around the house singing l'inno at the top of his voice smile

awwww, he must be so excited for tomorrow's game smile

Wow, I am glad to hear Duran Duran are great on live shows, I have always feared they were a bit crap. I used to totally love them when I was a teen. Major crash on JT, of course, though he doesn't do anything for me now.
I wish I could have seen them when I was young (nostalgic again!!!)

No idea really re A/C. I think the best would find a specialist company for a good impianto, but that means £££. No idea re Euronics, though I find that Darty have good costumer service, boh!

Hope the little ones are both feeling better today.

We are child free today as the children have gone to the countryside with my parents, whereas we have a 40 birthday party tonight. This morning I visited my grandmother, bless her, she didn't recognize me at first, but she is still keen to look upbeat and cracks jokes in piemontese grin

Sputnik Sat 30-Jun-12 22:22:21

Franca with all these changes of look you're confusing people!
We started DD with the ABS as she had fever again this morning, but they are really strong and making her feel sick, poor thing. Hope we make it through the night. It probably doesn't help that we just watched Star Wars and she maybe got a little space sick from all that speeding over the death star.

Rosa Sun 01-Jul-12 06:50:43

Asked dh if he wil be working over the concert as its in Verona he said vediamo no lo so..". Sput hope your dd is feeling better and not suffering from the abs. Dd1 I took to the medica turistica and they never even blinked when I filled the form with residence on. Charged me €21. Maybe on the next non Uk peps using the NHS I will post about it... as its a flat cost per visit any nationality ..... They gave me antibiotic ear drops but she is still on the tacchip as well and today doesn't look much better. am going to get more wax dissolving stuff and try and soften everything up. She hated bobbing up and down in the pool rather than sinking herself but looks like today is going to be like that as well, rather warmish here still.
Gio no idea re A/C we got ours via our plumber and it was more dh department. We have 3 splits and really we only needed 1 possibly 2 as they are pretty strong.i want to say we have Aeg or Lg but I can't remember.

Indeed Sputnik grin... i have to say though that my nonna is now 97, and somedays she is more forgetful than others, but she is always in a lovely mood, bless her.
I hope your bambine are feeling better tonight.
I am hiding in a different room, as I get too apprehensive to watch the football.

Rosa Sun 01-Jul-12 21:45:54

97 wow, it is good that she has the happy side of things . I am guessing that Italia have lost as I haven't heard claxons, trombe etc etc I was at a friend and she made gelato with her 'Bimby' It seems a fantastic mixer thingy but I don't think I have the space or I could justify the cost. I think she is better overall today but not clear enough for her to start being a fish again....hard as she loves being under the water. I have had her bobbing in minirosas ciambella so she doesn't get water in her ear. The tappi we got keep coming out.....

Sputnik Sun 01-Jul-12 22:06:50

Glad your DD is better Rosa, mine is too and seeming a bit more cheerful.
97 is pretty good going, my grandma is 94 and still cheerful too, maybe that is the secret!

Yes, my grandma has always been of a cheerful disposition, I guess this helps.

I hope your dds are both feeling much better now.

Everyone who owns it, raves about bimby, but v. Expensive and I wouldn't know where to store it.

Very windy here. Buon viaggio Sputnik!

Rosa Mon 02-Jul-12 21:22:38

Yes much better I think maybe domani I will let her swim. I ghink the tappo of cerume is moving out as the drops are taking ages to absorb in....meglio as I have to take her back on thurs possibly for a lavaggio.. I am also using the softening drops to help.
Sput have a fantastic holiday am green as Croatia is really beautiful and if you make it up the Pelisiac penninusla, the hotel Koruna at the start does yummy food and the right at the end literally the tip there is a small restaurant over the harbour that does the most fantastic lobster.... Mind you you could be going to Istria in which case that is totally useless grin
I have the same problem with a Bimby, my Kenwood which I do use lots needs replacing ( people keep telling me my 40 year old one is a relic ..) but I need a new one now. I have space for 1 itemonly unless I clear out the storage cupboard but I can't justify both.... It looked as if we were having a storm earlier but it passed....

I soooo would love one of those kenwood mixer thingies, I think they are around 300 euros on amazon.

Buon viaggio sputnik!
And rosa hope dd is fine now. Def less hot here, ds desperately waiting for his cousin to come and play...

Rosa Tue 03-Jul-12 14:31:37

I love my Kenwood, I really only use the K beater, whisk and rarelythe dough hook but I need a big bowl for a 10 egg mix sometimes and the Kitchen Aid are not big enough. I have a whizzer thing with loads of attachments and I have hardly used them...
Its still hot here but we are ventilated. Dh came back from work in citta he did sun, mon and he is physically exhausted from the heat....

Breezy here, luckily.
I am a bit bored, though.

Today ds turns 10! 10 already, I can't believe it. Such a shame his friends are already away, but we'll have a party en famille on sunday.

Rosa Thu 05-Jul-12 07:54:12

Crikey 10 hope he had a nice day and sunday the party is fun. Yesterday was also slightly breezy so a lovely day on the beach. Dh was here and we managed lots of swims all together. Dd lost another tooth so the fatina brought her a mask and snorkel....great success. Today feels a bit steamy no wind at all so best get moving so we get the cooler part of the day.
Gio hope the flight went ok and its not too wet and horrible in the UK. I so hope it improves for you and also for us when we go, I can't cope with a month of wet I will go nuts!!!!!

Yes, it looks rather dreadful in the uk at the moment, what a pain. I hope it gets better.

Uffa, i am getting bored here, the dc love it though. Oh well.

Rosa Sun 08-Jul-12 13:13:53

From 30 deg to 15 its going to be a shock. Doesn't seem like its going to improve in the UK either.....Dh is working in 40 deg and he says it is like a hairdryer blowing its so hot. I have said no to nipotina coming over with dh tom as he needs to switch off and relax. SIL has a bit of a hump but dh is shattered last week he came back tues and thurs he was normal only to go back fri!!!

Oh gosh, your poor dh, Venice must be unbearable in the heat!
I hope the weather will get better in the UK, it'd be nice if you could get sunny weather without it being too hot.
I have recently watched one of those property programs on SKy (the one with Jenny Falconer), a couple looking for a house in Cornwall... so nostalgic!

BananaGio Mon 16-Jul-12 08:37:44

Hi all from the UK. Lovely and cool here but rain has been pretty much daily. Are you over yet Rosa? Dp struggling in Rome, said has hit 42 a couple of times.

Rosa Wed 18-Jul-12 21:20:11

Hi, no we come over next week. It looks as if it might improve a bit but will believe it whn it happens. Just have to clear apt here take home wash and dry then repack for the uk ...easy!!!!
It seems to be fresher here a bit now but still steamy in some places. Gio I feel for yr dp as its beena scorcher.
Am doing my sainsburys order on line as its easier than asking mum to get it all, crikey the crap they sell ...I have never wandered before just keyed in what I want. Dd1 is a bit rounded ( not really but paed said her % increase in peso was a bit high) so I was looking at healthy options / snacks to take out and about as well as normal. Was a bit surprised really . Also the tortellini fillings and sauces loads more than we get here. ( I know little things, little minds etc.....)
Good spiaggia this year have had fun.....

Sputnik Wed 18-Jul-12 21:48:06

Hey I'm back everyone, Croatia was great, I would totally recommend it and the DCs loved the camping, and swimming everyday, DS has got over his fear of water and was even starting to "swim" with braccioli. We are now back in our mountain house, definitely a bit cooler than when we left, been doing a lot of cleaning as we've had various works done here recently, it's starting to look good :-) . We'll be here for 2 weeks fixed as we're having the bathroom redone in Rome so it's a no-go area.
I'm a bit sad at not going to the UK this year, then again I won't forget last august 12° and I was in sandals. Anyway, say hi from me.

Rosa Sun 22-Jul-12 14:06:20

Glad you have a wonderful time which part were you in ? Well done to DS and the swimming.
Hope you don't get too drowned out by the bad weather that is heading downwards. We only have had strong winds which has been great for me as have managed to get 8 loads of washing dry. Am only ironing what we need for the UK ( not much as taking winter stuff!!!!) the rest is being done for me ! But my beach towels are no longer filled with sand and salt and I all the dds summer dresses are away not taking them to the Uk ! Mind you my mum has said she has been in the garden twice this week so thats an improvement.
Minirosa has just put her shoes on and decided they are too tight - she is right actually , so am hoping to find a cheap pair next week that will get us to the Uk - even I refuse to do socks and sandals which are her only shoes that fit her right now !

Sputnik Mon 23-Jul-12 21:26:22

Rosa I think you've guaranteed now there will me a major heatwave when you get to the UK grin
We took a ferry from Ancona to Split, then went to a camping an hour or so's drive north of Split, it was lovely, super clean and shady, we had the sea about 15m from our tent. Rocky beach but the sea was really clear, great for snorkelling. We were there 3 days, one of which we went to a national park inland - Krka - with lakes and waterfalls, lovely but it was really hot and quite crowded. Then we drove 4 hours north to Krk island, we didn't like the campsite there so much, our place had no shade at all so we left after 2 nights.
Then Istria, we went to a huge campsite, like a small town, but it was really great, there was a pool for kids, kid's club with activities, bars, playgrounds, restaurants and shops all over the place, I would definitely go back. Also good value, we spent about €50 a night, food and restaurants were cheaper than here. In general everything was cheaper relative to here compared to when we went in 2003, when it was about the same.
After that we drove back to Rome, it would've been 8 hours or so had we not got stuck at the border into Slovenia for over 2 hours, as it was Saturday.

Today more excitement, it was DD's birthday and we went to Rainbow Magicland, the new theme park near Rome, it's great, we all want to go back. No queues at all as it was supposed to rain today, it was cloudy but didn't actually rain so a definite win win :-)

Ciao ragazze, happy to hear you both had a lovely time. My kids want to go to Magicland too, Sput!

It looks like the uk is now basking in the sun, hope you get some of it Rosa!

We are going to salina on saturday, I cant wait. Sending you all a big hug!

Sputnik Mon 23-Jul-12 22:44:38

You should come Franca, you could do Magicland, Zoomarine, then if you can handle the excitement, meet up with me and Gio :-)
Have a good time on Salina :-)

Oh, I would love to, and I would love to meet you and Gio.
Actually, I think the dc should really see the capital...

Rosa Tue 24-Jul-12 06:40:02

Sput it sounds great, I know some areas of Croatia and had been to Krk once, and agree with eating out its so much cheaper. We went to a snack kind of place in Venice 2 night s ago. 1 large toast so the dds divided it, 1 patatine. I had a burrito ( have cravings for spicy food...must be building up for UK!!) dh and MIL had a version of fajitas ( ok they were €15 each) but with 1 bibita each it was €75 FGS. We had a fish meal for 4 in a restaurant in vacanza for less......
Oh Magicland , dd1 knows the song and so wants to go!!!! Thanks to Cartonito and there was an advert on a cereal packet or something as well.
Weather in Uk due to break on friday..typical with 13deg temps!!! Also border control strikes on thurs but so far nobody is sayimg how bad things are expected to be. Today I amtaking dd1 to choose her cartella...... She is finding it hard to choose things at the mo so it might take a while!

Ooooh choosing the cartella, that is soooo sweet smile!

Rosa Tue 24-Jul-12 17:38:58

I am so proud she chose a multicoloured 'Seven' one pink, purple etc over Barbie, Winx,Cinderella etc and thak god Hello Kitty!,,,, no persuasion needed either all her choice .... It swamps her but she is happy it cost me a Macdonalds as well!!!!I am still recovering as hate the place!

Sputnik Tue 24-Jul-12 20:32:13

Yay! You are seeing the light at the end of the pink tunnel. I think they grow out of these things sooner than we think.

Well done dd1 smile... What about the astuccio? Have you got it?
Start saving for Friction erasable pens grin!

Rosa Wed 25-Jul-12 13:46:27

Oh yes we got a matching one !!! And 5 sticks of glue and extra 3 rubbers, 5 pencils and I saw those pens but diddn't think she needed them ...Wrong !!! However we did get 2 Hello Kitty quaderni but I can cope with that !
Grr hate packing as can't seem to get the kick to get going properly normally I lay it out and then do it in about 20 mins.....Oh well prima o poi devo !

Aha well done! The erasable pens you will need them at the end of prima elementare, but depends on the maestra. Start saving! Also keep vast amounts of glue sticks.

I have unpacked (just got back from inlaws) and will pack tomorrow, we are going sat morning, very early.

Rosa Sun 29-Jul-12 18:45:31

Here and have been on the beach once and the girls have been playing in the garden in pants .... MIL would not be is due to change however .......

spaghettina Thu 09-Aug-12 11:54:46

Hello from steamy Puglia! Just wanted to check in after however many months.. hope you are all having a good summer.

We've been down in Taranto since late June staying with ILs, and likely to stay here until end of September.
I am still sane (just), alternating beach and work, being spoilt and cooked for with free childcare, which is all good although same old ishoos keep rearing their heads, including the increasing pressure to move down here for DP to take over family business. Anyone know of any expats in Martina Franca? Am worried about making like-minded friends down here (or any friends at all), among other things... but for financial reasons it appears I have little choice but to seriously consider moving down here in the next year or so.

Re. the Bimby, it seems to be one of the favourite topics of conversation among DPs female relatives, but I hear it's ridiculously expensive, as are spare parts! Can't see it would be that useful as I get along fine with a normal food mixer when I need it..

Looking forward to a cool break from the heat in the UK next week, at last - haven't been back since Easter! Rosa, how's the weather? LOL at MIL disapproving of playing in the garden in pants! I'm getting used to politely ignoring lovely FIL's concerns about DD getting a colpo d'aria in 40 degrees heat on the beach ;)

Hello everyone, hope you've all had/are still having a lovely time.
We came back from the Eolie on Monday and I am already missing the sea and the gorgeous views. We had a great time.

Hi Spaghettina, you really have a big choice to make. I have no idea what Martina Franca is like, other than that it is a beautiful town... I suppose that like any other small town it will be a bit difficult to break the ice at first, but i really hope you will find like minded people!
I wish you the best of luck!

spaghettina Mon 27-Aug-12 10:04:15

Thanks Franca, I need it! I am coming round to the idea a bit more... di necessità virtù smile

I bet you're missing the Eolie, it must be beautiful there.

We had a pretty hot week in the UK, got there just in time for the long-awaited summer which was good, although we'd packed rather pessimistically, expecting autumnal temperatures. There was a real post-Olympic buzz in London too, everyone in a good mood for once!
It was also a well-timed trip because DD is picking up more English now, repeating things that I say - up until only 3 weeks ago she never did that and seemed only to be speaking new words in Italian, so I'm very happy she's finally ready to "embrace" my language too.

Sputnik Mon 03-Sep-12 11:13:12

Good to hear that Spag smile
OK guys, it's September, can we officially reopen the thread now? grin
We were here all of august, bloody hell it was hot. I'm enjoying a bit of cool and rain, finally.
DCs back at school Thursday, not before time!

BananaGio Mon 03-Sep-12 13:40:58

hi everyone! Yes let's reopen grin. Sput I cant begin to imagine how hot it must have been with that bastard Lucifer heatwave in Rome. For a week even by the sea we were dripping with sweat in the evening and the sea breeze was non existent. Was lovely though, had such a nice time. Met up with friends and DS had the time of his life. How was everyone elses summer?

BananaGio Mon 03-Sep-12 13:43:17

Oh and Spag glad DD is speaking more English. DS's English is now definitely inferior to his Italian and it does upset me a bit. Just need to keep persevering I guess. Good to hear that you are coming round to the idea of moving a bit more

Hurrah!!! smile

Glad to hear you are all well... Lucifer has been a bloody nightmare here in northern Italy too. But it is now cold, windy and very wet, so, tbh... I kind of preferred it shock blush grin

Spaghettina, how old is your little one?

BananaGio Mon 03-Sep-12 14:06:04

How long were you in the Eoile for Franca. Saw your pics - sea looks amazing!

For roughly 20 days, then stayed in the country, as our dear friends from the uk visited us smile. We got to the mainland/northern italy just in time to embrace Lucifer!

Yes, the sea is amazing, I am so in love with those islands.

Did you have a good time in tuscany? That is another area I love. Is mastergio excited about starting school?

Sputnik Mon 03-Sep-12 20:06:42

Sounds lovely France, would love to go there sometime.
We stayed outside Rome the whole summer, normally we'd have gone back and forth a bit but it was just too hot. It was boiling there too but we have the swimming pool up, it's a godsend. Anyway, back to Rome today, the house seems tiny and dirty having not been cleaned properly for 2 months, we cleaned after the works in the bathroom but some escaped. Plus we're overhauling the DC's room, putting a bunk bed and desk for DD, everything is upside down.
The DCs have been driving me crazy the last couple of weeks, can't wait to get them back in school!
Gio how is your ankle?

Sputnik Mon 03-Sep-12 20:09:16

Aargh sorry, Franca. This stupid tablet keeps auto-correcting. Please don't get offended if I call you France and Go.

No worries, I like France, makes me sound all sophisticated smile.

oh yes , flats tend to feel small and claustrophobic after a long holiday!

I also can't wait for the school to start, ds has been a bit overwhelming this summer hmm, to be honest I am a bit at loss at how to handle him, one minute he is charming, the other a right pain.

Sputnik Mon 03-Sep-12 21:08:41

Sounds like DD!
Tbh it can't be easy sometimes being DS's sister, he's fine most of the time but has his little fixations, upsets and can be controlling. But then she is continuously moaning at him, nagging or winding him up, then sometimes being really sweet, helping him make stuff etc. Oh well, overall we've had a good holiday, it just went on a bit too long and I regret now not going to the UK to break it up a bit.

I agree that visiting the UK in the summer is a good break from the heat and makes a nice change, I'd like to do that too.

How old is dd now, is she 7? We have a case of bad siblings rivalry here, in that ds is quite jealous of dd, and she seems to have lost the patience that she's shown for yrs grin. Plus some pre teen behaviour: answers back and he'd like to be independent, but is scared of becoming so. Lots of frustration and energy.

Sputnik Tue 04-Sep-12 10:40:29

DD turned 8 in July, yes I'm already wondering how she'll be as a teen!
Absolute dilluvio here, DS had his meet the teacher morning, we got extremely wet. I only have sandals, supidly.

Teenage yrs are looming here, and I am not ready grin

8 then! Don't know why I thought she was 1 year younger than dd.

Where are you Rosa????

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 12:12:24

Kids returned to school yesterday, bliss! They both have really nice teachers this year, DS's teacher has a plan for getting him to eat at school, I wish her luck!
I just had a bath in our beautiful new bathroom, and heading off soon for some shopping smile

Oh that sounds blissful Sput!
Mine will start on Wednesday. But ds has decided to go to the oratorio where he usually plays football, as some of his friends are there attending the summer campus.
He had a lovely time yesterday. The only prob is that he now believes in the healing properties of the Madonna hmm

But hei, what did I expect grin

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 16:41:03

Ha, this is the price you pay grin

Didn't get out for long in the end, I forgot my phone wasn't charged so hung around at home a bit waiting for it. No shopping done either, but I'm scouting out towels and accessories for the new bathroom. Exciting stuff!


Oh, I love buying towels. Have I ever mentioned my towel feticism on here?

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 18:51:49

I seem to remember something about towel folding. Right, I will be back later to consult you about my towel dilema then smile

Please do smile

Oh yes, we have discussed towel folding, haven't we?

I also would love to discuss my new obsession with "Suri's burn book"...

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 21:04:44

Thanks Franca, I've just scrolled through more pages of Suri's burn book than I care to mention. Given that I haven't a clue who most of these people are it has an odd fascination.

Anyway, towels: the new bathroom has dark kind of lapis blue tiles on the floor and 1 tile up the wall, as we'll as on the colon a between bath and toilet, then a kind of jeans blue and then white from sink level upwards. The overall effect is a bit, erm, blue, so we want to introduce a bit of colour. I saw these today that look just the thing but annoyingly there is no matching bath mat, I really want a stripy bathmat as the towels would mostly be out of sight, hanging on back of door.

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 21:20:21

Sorry I posted there as this tablet is really annoying and sometimes crashes randomly, generally when I'm about to post something it took me 10 minutes to write on its stupid keyboard. So anyway, johnlewis does have a stripy bathmat, here of the right size (has to be under 75 cm to fit under the thing the sink is on) but not really sure if it goes? They also have a bunch of stripy bathroom accessories, here: which I'm tempted by, or would that be taking the whole'stripe'thing too far?
Just to complicate things, jl also'do'striped'towels, and, neither of which have matching bathmats either.
So what's a girl to do, please advise grin

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 21:22:59

Aargh zara link didn't convert:
There you go

Sputnik Fri 07-Sep-12 21:23:46

I very much approve of stripes. My fav are the last JL you link