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Rhubarbgarden Sun 21-Aug-11 11:01:55

Dd has been accepted by this agency, and a bit of googling seems to suggest they are good. However, a friend who regularly works on film sets says it's strange that they don't want professional shots and that casting agents won't look at home snaps, so she thinks it's a bit dodgy. I don't know what to think. Does anyone have any experience of Kids London?

altin Fri 26-Aug-11 19:10:50

I'm biased because my kids are with KL but I've nothing but praise for this agency.

They're generally considered one of the top 3 agencies in UK, so if they've accepted DD then take that as a compliment and go for it! My kids have done Vogue, Pepe Jeans, Junior, John Richmond etc through KL - all great jobs that mean great souvenirs for the future when they're older and giving me grief smile The woman who runs the company has a great eye for the right kids and keeps the numbers low so you're not competing with stupid numbers for the same job (unlike some agencies I could mention who charge a fortune for the privilege)

Good Luck!


Rhubarbgarden Sat 10-Sep-11 23:08:08

Thanks! That's good to hear. I've sent off the form so now we just sit and wait I guess.

epeems Fri 23-Sep-11 00:20:14

So what do Kids London show to casting agents then? I'm confused.

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