Someone just threw half a roast over my fence

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dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 11:18:20

Message withdrawn

RockSteady Tue 27-Apr-10 11:19:18

i'd be very tempted! who on earth would waste good beef?!!

rubyrubyruby Tue 27-Apr-10 11:20:12


My woofer would love your neighbours

BigBadMummy Tue 27-Apr-10 11:20:18

Not the mad evil ex of your DP is it?

That is just odd.

Did you see it thrown? Or it could be a nearby animal has grabbed it off somebody's table and dragged it there?

treedelivery Tue 27-Apr-10 11:20:56

Ask for the Yorkshire pud too.

Have you a dog? Maybe they thought doggie would like some?

rastababi Tue 27-Apr-10 11:22:03

What the....?!

Maybe it's an outcome of some sort of domestic incident of a local couple? grin

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 11:22:25

Message withdrawn

FabIsGoingToGetFit Tue 27-Apr-10 11:23:22

You have got to go around with it and ask what is going on. Maybe the dog got it????

Pikelit Tue 27-Apr-10 11:23:27

Go careful in case the gravy is about to follow though. Take an umbrella.

LadyBiscuit Tue 27-Apr-10 11:24:21

This is going to be as good as pagwatch's mystery green car I can tell

I'm all for sharing but that's a bit odd hmm grin

toccatanfudge Tue 27-Apr-10 11:32:36

how odd <<<<<<<marking place to see what happens next>>>>>>>>

Poledra Tue 27-Apr-10 11:36:12

Do you have any eagles near by that might have stolen it, then dropped it from the sky?? Or a dog with a good throwing arm, hiding it to conceal its guilt? He'll be back for it later....

LetThereBeRock Tue 27-Apr-10 11:36:12

You don't live next to the Osbournes do you?

Ozzy threw a whole ham into his neighbours' garden once when they were making too much noise.

PinkoLiberal Tue 27-Apr-10 11:43:33


awaiting further news

Poledra Tue 27-Apr-10 11:45:27

P'raps a vegetarian has come home unexpectedly and found that their spouse (who swore they'd become veggie too) has been cheating with a nice side of beef?

Pepsiginn Tue 27-Apr-10 11:50:02

Maybe i'm a bit old-fashioned - but who's cooks a bloody roast that's ready at 11:00am on a tuesday?

ProfYaffle Tue 27-Apr-10 11:50:42

What's on the other side of the fence? Road/neighbour/Toby Carvery?

JustMooching Tue 27-Apr-10 11:52:45

Oooh, you have to go round and find out!

We have an ashtray full of fag ends thrown over ours when the neighbours were fighting one night.

PlumBumMum Tue 27-Apr-10 11:58:50

Do you have a dog?

NorkyButNice Tue 27-Apr-10 12:04:01

Is someone trying to poison your dog (if you have one?).

I'd be worried!

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 12:05:13

Are they forrin? Spaniards lob tomatoes, who do we know that chucks beef on a national holiday?

rubyrubyruby Tue 27-Apr-10 12:07:24

Poison dog shock

.... mine would already be dead as she would have caught it before it hit the ground. Never misses an opportunity.

Pepsi I wondered that - they must have been up at, what, 5am to put it in?? And why waste it by throwing it over the fence?
<settles back to await further news>

Alicetheinvisible Tue 27-Apr-10 12:10:41

This is very funny!

Pepsiginn Tue 27-Apr-10 12:11:07

Oh i love the spelling of foreign. I am going to use that from now on. Brilliant!
I can't stop laughing..

Have you scanned the skys for a large bird of prey flying away?

Alicetheinvisible Tue 27-Apr-10 12:12:09

Ooh, are you sure it is beef? Could you be living next door to a Hannibal Lector enthusiast that perhaps has been caught red handed?

FabIsGoingToGetFit Tue 27-Apr-10 12:13:06

<wonders if this is a fun troll thread>

KurriKurri Tue 27-Apr-10 12:14:41

Have you just moved in? is it a 'welcome to the neighbourhood' present?

Pepsiginn Tue 27-Apr-10 12:14:57

Well Alice - how do you think she is going to find out. *Would you* cut off a slice of meat that's been biffed over your fence to see what it is?

omnishambles Tue 27-Apr-10 12:15:31

Is it an [whispers] invitation?

Alicetheinvisible Tue 27-Apr-10 12:15:40

I would be torn i must admit......grin

The great roast beef mystery
<<<pulls up a chair and passes around the roast beef sandwiches>>

Pepsiginn Tue 27-Apr-10 12:18:43

Invitation? For what?

Alice - grin

LeninGrad Tue 27-Apr-10 12:19:40

<pulls up a pew>

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 12:19:56

Dilemma's disappeared. Probably peeling the spuds...

Can you hear cello music whafting across the fence? Maybe a little Wagner?

IMoveTheStars Tue 27-Apr-10 12:20:18

what on earth?? grin

erm, what is pagwatch's mystery green car?

Or maniacal laughter?

Like this?

Pagwatch came home to find a mystery green car parked on her drive - that is clearly a drive as it is a walled garden, with gates across it. Obviously her first action was to block it in, and her second was to come here and ask whether she was being unreasonable to block it in.

Cue many theories on provenance of said green car, and a long thread awaiting the final denoument.

I have no theories on ballistic roast beef, but cannot wait to hear further details! grin

Hassled Tue 27-Apr-10 12:27:56

It's a present. I'm sure of it. Go round and ask where the horseradish is.

OhFuck Tue 27-Apr-10 12:35:39

I'm still snurking at Poledra's suggestion that a "nearby eagle" has snatched said roast from someone's kitchen.

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 12:36:32

OYBK. Obviously changed her mind...


<ponders randomly chucking food over fence and seeing if a thread appears>

IMoveTheStars Tue 27-Apr-10 12:42:44

SDTG - thank you! arf, that thread was funny.

OYBBK - you made me spit tea on my laptop! Do it! grin

Kaloki Tue 27-Apr-10 12:49:05

How odd!

GentleOtter Tue 27-Apr-10 12:50:10

Demand the other half.

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 12:55:00


skandi1 Tue 27-Apr-10 12:57:41

I once had a full unopened bag of frozen scampi thown into my front garden only to be followed a few hours later by a fresh uneaten kebab.....

At least your dumpers bothered to cook you up a classy beef roast.... grin

omnishambles Tue 27-Apr-10 12:58:52

So we're just holding out for some tiramisu to do a full MN chucked-over-the-fence dinner party?

xkaylax Tue 27-Apr-10 13:02:14

grin odd

xkaylax Tue 27-Apr-10 13:02:14

grin odd

Shodan Tue 27-Apr-10 13:24:29

Throw it back with a note attached saying you prefer yours en croute.

DaftApeth Tue 27-Apr-10 13:54:37

grin oybk

Hope it is organic

LadyBiscuit Tue 27-Apr-10 14:26:29

Was it rare or well done? Where is dilemma??

OhFuck Tue 27-Apr-10 14:55:04

I hope the OP is ok ... maybe she went out to check for Yorkshire puds and has been injured by a low-flying gravy boat shock

Perhaps someone nuked a cow? grin

Poledra Tue 27-Apr-10 15:33:56

LOL, wmmc - 'it's like that urban myth of the exploding whale innit?

Dilemma - willya get back here and give us some more info?

cariboo Tue 27-Apr-10 15:34:59

nuked a cow - lol, lol, lol grin

BitOfFun Tue 27-Apr-10 15:41:16

There were far too many mentions of "chucking it" on that other thread yesterday for it to be a coincidence, surely? shock

LetThereBeRock Tue 27-Apr-10 15:41:55

The exploding whale really happened. It isn't just an urban myth.

I don't suppose the OP has an update?

ruddynorah Tue 27-Apr-10 15:46:35

please be careful it may start hailing roast potatoes shock

LadyBiscuit Tue 27-Apr-10 15:48:12

I'm worried she went to investigate and it was indeed a Hannibal Lecter type scenario

QOD Tue 27-Apr-10 15:50:59

I have been thinking, and I am ashamed to say that..... I think I'd clean it, cook it a bit more and then remove the outer layers



dilemmaaaaa whats happened then grin

LilRedWG Tue 27-Apr-10 15:52:25

Marks spot.

ShinyAndNew Tue 27-Apr-10 15:54:56

I think she is in the kitchen whipping up an accompanying gravy and yorkshires.

Can I have some?

<yum yum yum>

ruddynorah Tue 27-Apr-10 15:55:44

<drums fingers>

where does the OP live? who's going to pop round to check the beef she is ok?

ahedgehogis Tue 27-Apr-10 15:56:59

You're not my mum are you? Their next door neighbour regularly throws veggies over the fence for mums guinea pigs and sisters rabbit!1

fearnelinen Tue 27-Apr-10 15:58:19

QOD That is unforgiveable! Who else would consider eating it?

shock QOD really?? i mean would you actually?

grin at sitting there thinking about the roast beef and then coming to that conclusion though!

JackBauer Tue 27-Apr-10 16:04:24

<<marks place in curious but nonchalant manner>>

Seriously though, who cooks a roast in spring at 7am? Weirdo's

AvrilHeytch Tue 27-Apr-10 16:07:01

Message withdrawn

CalmCalmCalm Tue 27-Apr-10 16:14:02

Didn't catch up with Pagwatch's mystery car until it was all done and dusted. This time I'm pulling up my chair.

I vote for domestic - DH has invited people for lunch and forgot to mention they were veggies until the roast was cooked. Doesn't explain the missing half though confused

TheBossofMe Tue 27-Apr-10 16:18:56

I have GOT to hang around to see what this is about!

WorzselMummage Tue 27-Apr-10 16:25:59

Maybe it fell out of a plane ?

AvrilHeytch Tue 27-Apr-10 16:45:07

Message withdrawn

NorbertDentressangle Tue 27-Apr-10 16:47:08

Maybe it was still attached to the cow which she is now chasing round the garden wink

SoMuchToBits Tue 27-Apr-10 16:53:33

Was it just thrown from the road? Or from someone else's garden? Who walks down the road carrying half a joint of roast beef? hmm

I might clean it up and cook it a bit more, then trim and eat it - always supposing that I got to it before the dog did - if she got there first it would vanish in about three bites.

dilemma just has to come back and give an update! i need to cook dinner

omnishambles Tue 27-Apr-10 17:06:38

JackBauer, loved this, 'Seriously though, who cooks a roast in spring at 7am?'

Yeah cos the rest of the year - summer for example we're all up at the crack of dawn roasting meat grin

The head of the Homeland Security in the US announced that an outbreak of BSE in the Northern US was 'not the result of terrorist action'. I guess some people were worried that mad cows were being dropped from planes onto California. Maybe it was after all and the terrorist have moved on to a new approach.

A lady up my street keeps having nappies full of poo lobbed into her back yard and someone else was presented with a dead deer that was laid out on her car.

PMSL, I used to have a neighbour that threw whole raw cabbages(and other random food stuff) out of her window into her garden, but never into my garden! I thought she was just a lazy composter - maybe dilemma's neighbours are the same and just a bad aimgrin
I need to know!!!!

Marking my place.

Dilemma, come back and update us!

I'd probably clean it, cook it and eat it too, assuming it hadn't landed in anything nasty (dog poo etc).

midnightexpress Tue 27-Apr-10 17:33:15

OP have you ever read Nicholas Nickleby? Nicholas' mum is a widow and the man next door throws vegetables over the garden fence as a means of winning her heart.

BuzzingNoise Tue 27-Apr-10 17:33:21

Marking my place. Now I just have to know!

I missed the green car thread. Why was it parked there?

JackBauer Tue 27-Apr-10 17:59:49

omni, you know what i meant! Down here it's HOT. I wouldn't cook roast dinner in this.grin
I would in winter though so [sticks out tongue]

LadyGaggia Tue 27-Apr-10 18:07:06

Your neighbours are trying to spell out that they have a bit of a beef with you?

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 18:14:30

Message withdrawn

MaMight Tue 27-Apr-10 18:14:55

Do you live next to Wile E Coyote? Has he been dynamiting cows? If Wile E Coyote blew up a cow there would almost certainly be a brief shower of beautifully cooked sides of beef, burgers and hotdogs.

I can think of no other logical explanation.

KurriKurri Tue 27-Apr-10 18:15:22

I've been out all afternoon, - was hoping the mystery of the flying roast had been solved[famous five emoticon] where is Dilemma?

KurriKurri Tue 27-Apr-10 18:17:09

Oh she's backgrin cross posted!

LadyGaggia Tue 27-Apr-10 18:19:11

Oh from the road...Drive by roasting?

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 18:21:05

Message withdrawn

Do you think it could be a travelling carvery or summat then?

Dilemma I may need you to make an elaborate story up about some people turning up on your doorstep to ask for their beef back...

differentID Tue 27-Apr-10 18:22:15

Sorry, but I am nominating this for Classics! It's too funny to lose in the mists of time!grin

fustyarse Tue 27-Apr-10 18:24:55

arf at 'nearby eagle'!

oh, how I love these threads of mystery

dilemma - pleeeeeeeeease go and ask your neighbour what was going on!

JackBauer Tue 27-Apr-10 18:26:11

'drive by roasting'

Maybe someone got their lunchbox mixed up with the leftover box + reached for a cheese+ marmite buttyand got a chunk of beef instead.

differentID Tue 27-Apr-10 18:27:22

dilemma, you need to get a photo taken of you holding the offending article and looking surprised and go to the local rag- "can anyone solve this mystery?"

Cloudy With A Chance Of Roast Beef?

A very hefty cat's obviously lugged that into your garden. I knew one who removed a whole roast chicken from someone's dinner table once, and took it back through the cat flap.

omnishambles Tue 27-Apr-10 18:29:35

'A travelling carvery'? [splutters] someone call the daily mail quick...

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 18:31:26

Message withdrawn

omnishambles Tue 27-Apr-10 18:33:56

Does the aforementioned carvery mean someone might turn up at my front door and ask me if I've ever been to a Harvester before and then push past me with a salad buffet?

LilRedWG Tue 27-Apr-10 18:40:35


kickassangel Tue 27-Apr-10 18:49:30

Are you sure you're not the MIL from this thread and that you don't have a small viscious dog 'who wouldn't hurt a fly'?
(see BoF's post of 17.15)

am amzaed at how many threads have recently mentioned flying roast beef! grin only on mn

BuzzingNoise Tue 27-Apr-10 19:23:55

Diff's idea is great. Please contact the local paper!

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 19:29:31

Message withdrawn

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 19:29:33

No sorry, I'm not having that. Half a roast dinner comes flying into your garden and you're not going to investigate further?? Get yer mug shot in the paper and get it solved, I insist!

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 19:30:45

Message withdrawn

LeninGrad Tue 27-Apr-10 19:31:23

It's FAB's.

Rockbird Tue 27-Apr-10 19:31:43

So take a picture of your dinner the joint.

LeninGrad Tue 27-Apr-10 19:33:32

dilemma, can you chuck it back over, FAB's been looking for it.

PinkoLiberal Tue 27-Apr-10 19:34:28

yep, you have FAB's dinner

RustyBear Tue 27-Apr-10 19:52:34

Vital question - was it torn (eagle), chewed (human) or cut (mad butcher, presumably) in half?

LadyBiscuit Tue 27-Apr-10 20:57:52

I think it's a love token. You might get a shoulder of lamb tomorrow if you're lucky wink

dilemma456 Tue 27-Apr-10 21:59:30

Message withdrawn

LadyBiscuit Tue 27-Apr-10 22:40:34

Heh - I await the next instalment!

OhFuck Wed 28-Apr-10 07:53:35

I think you should hand it in to your local police station. They have procedures for this sort of thing. Maybe it's already been reported missing?

rubyrubyruby Wed 28-Apr-10 09:51:57

........... has she not come back yet hmm

I expect she was knocked out by the roast potatoes.

<knocks on Dilemmas door>

<shuffles feet about and stares at the floor>

<mumbles> Can I have my roast beef back please? I'll promise to be more careful next time.


dilemma456 Wed 28-Apr-10 10:23:33

Message withdrawn

rubyrubyruby Wed 28-Apr-10 10:28:44

Ah grin I understand. It has taken a lot less than that to drive me to drink ........

Rockbird Wed 28-Apr-10 10:42:45

Lol @ police station. So she leaves her name and if no one claims it in four weeks it's hers!

Rafi Wed 28-Apr-10 17:20:18

But if dilemma has half of fab's roast, who's got the other half????

Poledra Thu 29-Apr-10 00:23:18
differentID Thu 29-Apr-10 21:40:12

Anyone else notice where this has been put?

<points to MN Classics>

KCMC Fri 30-Apr-10 17:21:06

we once had 2 platefuls of spag bol thrown over our fence!! needless to say the teenage son next door and his 'freind' had something to do with it!!shock
Mum was informed and the 2 boys were sent round to clean it up!!!

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