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Macdog Sat 20-Sep-08 17:14:42

Get your buns over here....NOW!!!

Macdog Sat 20-Sep-08 17:16:47

...and plonk yourselves down!

Get your feet up....and ....relax smile

Macdog Sat 20-Sep-08 21:34:46

just sent dh out for curry....

dd staying at PIL....

got wine in the fridge.....

MD is a happy puppy

Macdog Sat 20-Sep-08 21:35:03


worley Mon 22-Sep-08 11:58:11

i heard of the clubcard plus thing through money saving site, will find a link. see if tesco brought back the exchange fir mfi vouchers i would do thsnt instead of a holiday as would have emnoiugh for a new bathroom, but alas they stopped it for the moment so its looking like a free holidaygrin

worley Mon 22-Sep-08 12:03:13 go to the tesco clubcard points boosting boosting bits further down in blue writing.

not gone to work this morning as had a vomit bug all last night, not fun when ds2 is crying as he has been sick and im standing with my head over the sink too!! he wouldnt make do with dp he wanted me so screamed and screamed!! i have a bad headache now, but he seems fine, having watched 2 hours of nick jr while i just collapsed on the setee all morning with the blanket all warm and snuggly. BUT i know im going to have to get dressed and go out as there is only half a toilet roll left and it aint going to last, i brough 12 rolls this month and i dont know where they have gone???? i think ds1 may have something to do with it but i cant be bothered to go search his room

worley Mon 22-Sep-08 12:56:37

went into lidl yesterday morning and ds2 slipped over on the floor (dont really know how he managed to do it, one minute he was walking the next there was a huge bang as he landed face down) and smacked his face on the tiled floor, blood was dripping every where from his nose and mouth, and typically i hadnt gone in with my babybag so had no tissues. anyway, as i was in the middle of an aisle we were blocking the way and people were moaning as they were trying to get past us, as i had dropped my shopping on the floor and using my tshirt to mop up the blood and tears. only one old lady stopped to offer me a tissue all the others just literally stepped over us!! or moaned they couldnt get past!!

just wanted to moan that people were moaning about us as we were covered in blood and in their way!! fecking people!!angry

worley Mon 22-Sep-08 12:57:35

went into lidl yesterday morning and ds2 slipped over on the floor (dont really know how he managed to do it, one minute he was walking the next there was a huge bang as he landed face down) and smacked his face on the tiled floor, blood was dripping every where from his nose and mouth, and typically i hadnt gone in with my babybag so had no tissues. anyway, as i was in the middle of an aisle we were blocking the way and people were moaning as they were trying to get past us, as i had dropped my shopping on the floor and using my tshirt to mop up the blood and tears. only one old lady stopped to offer me a tissue all the others just literally stepped over us!! or moaned they couldnt get past!!

just wanted to moan that people were moaning about us as we were covered in blood and in their way!! fecking people!!angry

EyesWideShut Mon 22-Sep-08 14:42:11

so cross she ranted twice!!!

worley Mon 22-Sep-08 18:01:40

oh i know it wouldnt post and then before i knew it , it was there twice!!grin
i have no patience.

is jenn away on hols?

Macdog Mon 22-Sep-08 20:04:17

Jenn flew out early Sat morning envy

dd back from an overnight stay at PIL demanding Frooooot Shooooots, then having HUGE strops when I say 'NO'. Typical! I give her them too, but only as a rare treat. MIL fed her them constantly

worley Tue 23-Sep-08 11:27:58

i hate fruit shoots but ds1 nd 2 love them, but dont get them very often either.
the are sleeping at my parents on friday, as im at work for the night and dp is also working till late.

but its pay day friday, thankgod as i am skint!!!

Macdog Tue 23-Sep-08 16:50:44

Am feeling very sorry for myself. Had a lump taken off my eyelid at hospital today.
Hopefully it's just a wart, but the biopsy results will be availabe in 6 weeks.

dd was a wee angel throughout it all, munching away on a bag of apricots.

Starting to hurt a bit now the anaesthetic is wearing off, cauterised so no stitches to come out smile.

I'll catch up soon

worley Tue 23-Sep-08 19:32:52

oooh, big hugs to md. god that must be sore!!
how on earth did you sit still for them to do that? i have to go get an eye test again as over due and cant bear that!!

EyesWideShut Tue 23-Sep-08 20:59:53

Ive had lumps removed from my eyelids a few times in my late teens, its rotten. Big HUgs

Been on NSPCC/childline site. am going to do some charity work for them when ds a little older/can last more than 2 hours between feeds. sick of all child killing in news/papers

Macdog Wed 24-Sep-08 09:46:51

Had my eyes shut through the whole thing - I'm such a wuss!!

Feels as if I've been punched in the face this morning sad

The lump was right in the outer corner of my eye, so can't even blink without going 'ow'

I'll be fine though <brave face emoticon>

EyesWideShut Wed 24-Sep-08 14:03:31

just loved the burning scraping on my eyeball feeling!!

worley Wed 24-Sep-08 17:08:19

ergh dont!
did kids at your school used to do the thing where they flipped their eye lids up and kind of fold them over?
oh god i feel sick just remembering it blush[barf]

worley Wed 24-Sep-08 17:09:05

what sort of thing can yuo do for nspcc/childline

Macdog Wed 24-Sep-08 19:31:05

Stopped being sore, now it's just itchy.....sadsadsad

no swimming tomorrow dd going to be hyper!!

Macdog Thu 25-Sep-08 09:41:11


worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:29:48


its my parnets 33rd wedding anniversry today too

EyesWideShut Thu 25-Sep-08 14:31:39

thank q

4 years today, blimey it seems like only yesterdayyyyyyy all my troubles seemed so faaaaar awayyyyy

worley - - re. nspcc, I dont really know. They do a christmas card thing where you dont send cards but donate them £10 instead, for example, I may train to do childline/ do some admin/ just collect charity envelopes, have no idea ( obv. when ds doing a lot less bf, jesus he ate every hour and half last night between 7-11pm I fed him 4 times, for 25 mins a time!!!!!)
got him weighed today, 12lb 10oz. he is 10 weeks today!

EyesWideShut Thu 25-Sep-08 14:32:43

is any one elses fb full of friends they dont really consider as friends!!!!! and never talk to/ contact in any way!!!!

worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:33:35

i dont know how my mum has put up with my dad for that long though!!

apparently she left him when my brother and i were little, dont know what they had fell out over, anyway, she bundled us both in the car and drove off, got about 10 miles away, sat in a layby somehwere while we all had chips, then she decided she would go back, and when we got hime my dad was asleep on the settee and didnt know we had been gone!!!!lol

it was probably over my dads boxer dog who was a little bugger, he used to open the fridge and eat everything and mess everything up, or clear off, and when my dad was offshore and it was just us, my mum had enough of the dog then!!she would write to my dad offshore and tell him she was getting rid of the dog unless he came home. and he did.

but we still got another boxer after puggy died!

EyesWideShut Thu 25-Sep-08 14:33:50

oooh my inlaws have bought a 2 bed static caravan in Aberdovey free holidays coming our way!!

EyesWideShut Thu 25-Sep-08 14:34:48

boxers are the best dogs ever. Harry was fabulous. god rest his soul. sad

EyesWideShut Thu 25-Sep-08 14:35:47

do you think working for childline would be dreadfully awfully traumatic?

worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:37:23

soem are friends form school, some from work places, some mums from school and lots of my cousins and 2 aunties!!. i did actually speak to someone (via the chat thing on there) who i havnt spoken to for over 15 years as he moved away. i quite like nosing through their photos to see what they look like now though and what they are doing

but i think these people who have like 400+ friends just collect them!

god i have toothache, im gonna have to give and pay to get this rootcanal sorted out,

worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:38:34

im not sure, it depends what you end up doing. we do the xmas card collection thing at work, we dont buy cards we donate the money to our special care baby unit

worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:40:35

i get upset when we have children at work who we have to do surveys on as they have suspected non-accidental injuries. we have to remain calm and non judgemental, but i hate it. i want to throttle the parent (and it may not even be them who done anything)

LetMeEatCake Thu 25-Sep-08 14:41:47

namechanged myself. always think of loads of good ones late at night then forget them

I ate a whole tiramisu to myself yesterday (piggy emoticon) I am eating so much crapola, cant stop myself!

LetMeEatCake Thu 25-Sep-08 14:43:50

I saw Maire Antoinette on dvd last nite. not what I expected but quite good. Sophia Coppola directed and I quite like her stuff, its quite slow and dreamy with funky music. the costumes and hair and make up were amazing.

god, I suppose you do see a lot of child injuries. yuck. the one in the news at the moment is dreadful.

worley Thu 25-Sep-08 14:48:43

havnt seen that film yet, am getting through loads as joined the dvd club thing, i saw flicka yesterday, about a girl who rode a mustang !! dp thinks im sad, he came in from work and i sat watching it while ds1 at school and ds2 asleep. i liked it though, am waiting for the devil wears prada to arrive tomorrow and have about 60 in my que of things to watch.

i havnt seen the news today, but was sad/angry about that bloke who killed his 2 daughters and then himself.

Macdog Fri 26-Sep-08 09:09:03

dh on a works night out last night, so I had ice cream with Wispa and watched Sex and the City movie (I realise I'm probably the last person who hadn't seen it!)

I don't have a lot of 'extra' people on FB, I have actual friends, a sleb, an American and some people from the 'My Stable' app (cos you get extra points if you have staff - worley you train my horses BTW grin)
I have regular culls of people who piss me off/spam me too much.

eye much improved, scab fell off last night so no more itchy grin

worley Fri 26-Sep-08 15:23:33

i havnt seen sex city yet eitherblush
actually i didnt even watch the series when on tv, or ally mcbeal.

just spent a fortune on tesco direct for ds's xmas presents, may as well start getting them now so it doesnt cost as much in nov/dec. so i got ds1 2 starwars lego sets that he wants, (just one of them was £79.95!!!ffs!!! for bloody lego) and got ds2 the peppa pig space rocket and helicopter)(yes i know its for 3years+ but he will be 2and a half then and loves peppa pig but they dont do things for smaller kids)

i have ds1's 10th birthdy in nov, he wants a climbing wall party at the local sports center, so that will be £100+ so the deal is if he has a party he doesnt get a big present, although he doesnt know yet that he may be getting a puppy for his bday as i have just about given in to the pressure now.

worley Fri 26-Sep-08 15:27:14

whats a sleb? or am i being silly?
i dont mind training your horses md!!

dp went riding on weds with the kids from his work. i was VERY VERY VERY jealous. this sounds a bit disgusting but when i walk to meet ds1 from school, we walk past the livery yard on our road and i can smell horses and i miss them soooo much!! i want one now

worley Fri 26-Sep-08 15:28:16

i removed my bil from my facebook friends. asshole that he is

Macdog Fri 26-Sep-08 18:59:11

Sleb = celebrity
(Lee Pearson - paralympic dressage rider)

I love stabley smell too - people think I'm a bit bonkers too blush

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:04:48 do you remove friends then?

do they get told youve removed them??

How do you know if 'slebs' are really that sleb, IYSWIM? and not just a random sltalker type?

worley I really admire your xmas shop!! I have no spare money though, am really going to make an effort and save up this month and thru october but lots of family birthdays in sept and oct. now me and my sisters have kids we may just do a £10 pres for the kids thing..

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:05:35

may get a scooter/trike for dd any recommendations? want a neutral colour so ds can use it too in a few years

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:18:32

aha just bought the potty training toilet seat thing for kids from boots online.

lets see if she prefers that to the dreaded potty.

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:27:38

ha ha ha just pruned a load of so called friends...

people I have emailed but who have not replied, people from school I dont care to know better and some people I didnt even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feels like a spring clean, but in september

LetMeEatCake Sat 27-Sep-08 14:42:13

one of the lads from school is on pics with guns, in full camo...I emailed him to see if he was in the army/just a gun freak and he didnt reply! I am better off not knowing...

Macdog Sat 27-Sep-08 18:08:02

dd got this trike ages ago, has stood up to a lot of abuse + mileage. Got handle too for when the wee man is starting out

Macdog Sat 27-Sep-08 18:10:18

As for slebs, I got to the Lee Pearson one through his website + supporters group on FB.
A good way of noseying is to look at their friends....try it!!
You can play six degrees of sepatartion with sleb profiles...good game for a rainy day!!

Macdog Sat 27-Sep-08 18:13:26



....or a better game is to play six degrees of separation grin


worley Sat 27-Sep-08 20:53:41

we hae almost the same trike for ds2, it was ds1's 2nd birthday pressie and is still going strong, although in them days they didnt have safety belts on them!!
ds2 also has a lazytown scooter which he can do, its bright yellow. its not meant until age 3 but he can scoot up and down the path on it.

had a really busy night at work 4 car crashes, 1 caused by a pissed up teenager racing his matesangry hit a dad and his son on their way to go night fishing.

and a 2 weeks old baby with a dislocated hip!!!
had dominos pizza for tea, i ordered it online and was shocked to see it was going to cost £27, so quickly googled for discount codes and got one that was for 25% off, which worked and got tea for £21 instead, so a bit better. plus the pizza were bigger than i though so dp and i could have done with one big one between us, not the 2 mediums we had [greedy pigs face]blush

worley Sat 27-Sep-08 20:55:03

whats six degrees of seperation??

i thought thats what slebs was but not quite syre!!

LetMeEatCake Sun 28-Sep-08 13:51:56

eye...'syre' Worley, be you fram Breestol?

LetMeEatCake Sun 28-Sep-08 13:52:41

night fishing sounds dangerous? big gody of water in the dark? let alone the drunken drivers

LetMeEatCake Sun 28-Sep-08 13:53:03

and by 'gody' I am clearly meaning 'body' har serveth me right

worley Sun 28-Sep-08 16:38:35


im from looowerstufft !!!lol
dp takes the piss out of my accent and he's a brummie!!! anyway, im often told i dont have an accent, and at work last week i called this bloke in and he stood looking at me with his head on the side (as im thinking, ok i've got a right one here) he then asked if i was from new zealand or australia??? so i disapointed him by saying lowestoft!!! 10 miles away from the hospital. i dont knnow why he though i sounded like a kiwi or an aussie.

ds1 gone to my parents so he can play on the train set without ds2 pushing it over or pressing buttons. he secretly still loves thomas the tank engine.

oh well off to see what i can find to cook for tea as havnt done the shopping yet, well we did go to tescos but brought crap and not enough to last 2 whole days!!

worley Sun 28-Sep-08 17:47:07

dp said theres going to be a goonie 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macdog Mon 29-Sep-08 08:59:32

the game i play is to find a 'sleb' - big brother contestants are always a good start. Then you look at their friends. when yiou find another sleb you click on them and look at their friends...and so it goes on

keeps me occupied anyway smile

Jennster Mon 29-Sep-08 09:14:28

You meanies. You could have linked!

Fab holiday.

Just had first bout of morning sickness, swiftly abated by a toasted mackerel sandwich. Then another. Am eyeing up the apple crumble in the fridge.

Lots to do today. Dryer going to be fixed, need to sort out a load of light bulbs that have gone, finish washing and drying clothes from holiday, decide colours for dc new bedrooms, (got ds's massive room divided into 2 little rooms while we were away) get off mumsnet and get arse in gear, water greenhouse, plant up some seedlings that are about to die, tidy my hovel.

Macdog Mon 29-Sep-08 12:34:06

Yay!! Jenn's home grin

Jennster Mon 29-Sep-08 15:17:53

MMMmmm onion bhajis for lunch. Recipe from mumsnet. Soup and bread all home made.

Macdog Mon 29-Sep-08 19:05:00

<<<waves at jenn after dragging herself away from the fridge magnet game grin>>

worley Mon 29-Sep-08 21:22:11

jenn are you some kind of superwoman, how do you have timw to do everything?

i have only just sat down after finishing the ironing and tomorrows packed lunches and swimming kit etc etc, let alone making hime made tea from scratch

Jennster Tue 30-Sep-08 12:43:23

Ha! One thing I always do is cook from scratch. My house is a pit, but I enjoy eating and cooking. Made a bolognaise, curry and fish pie for the rest of the week. Then I went to bed with a migraine that just got worse and worse. I ended up ringing NHS direct for the pain, and they wanted to call an ambulance. I went off my own back, and ended up crying like a loon. The lights and the headache pain were horrible. My head still hurts, but I'm going to go to bed now.

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 14:53:16

my house is a pit so i feel better now, i make shepards pies and currys etc from scratch, but tonight we have a jar of jamie oliver sauce for the pasta so not quite from scratch, i have been making my own tom and basil sauce but thought i would try his jar and see whats the difference.

i have now been referred to occ health at work as i have had 11 days off sick this year!! i was on my limit but then when i got ds's stomach bug last week i had to have 2 days off then (their rules that you have to have 48hours free of bug before coming back)

my boss said she cant understand why i always pick the bugs up? er, 'cause i have 2 children and work in a hospital full of sick people??? so great have to go be checked over now to check i am capable(?) of working.
then this morning my other boss said i can do my seniors work now and that give me a pay rise so they must think i can work.

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 14:53:43

sorry for wingeing

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 14:53:46

sorry for wingeing

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 15:05:05

i want a wii fit and everywhere is sold out of them. 'snot fair sad

Jennster Tue 30-Sep-08 17:27:13

grin great news Worley about the pay rise. I'm sitting on the sofa choosing colours for dds bedroom eith her. Those horrid shocking pinks are her favourites. Lord knows where she gets it from. She is so girly. I am sooooo not.

I fcking hate Mr Tumble by the way

I'm definitely back at work tomorrow. It's Eid so there are no locums. Feeling much better though. I've lost my headache at least.

LetMeEatCake Tue 30-Sep-08 19:41:14

gawd that headache sounded a tad violent!

my dd is very girly too, dont know where she got it from...

been watching the news with interest, cant believe congress didnt pass that vote etc etc, I reckon quite a few retailers are going to hit the fan before long <<musing that I work for a luxury goods company>>

LetMeEatCake Tue 30-Sep-08 19:42:31

spent £100 in tesco, and for some reason I checked the receipt...they'd charged me twice for a £3 steak pie, so I rang up and they took all details inc,uding pie's barcode to check it, I will get double the mistake I have made £3 yay!!

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 20:32:12

once i was in tescos and brought ds1 a train, i only had about £15 on me and added all the shopping up as i went, got to the till and it came to more than i had so had to put some shopping back, but kept the train. when i sat in the car and looked at reciept they had charged me full price for the train when on the shelf ticket it was half price, so went to customer services and they let me keep the train and gave me the money back, so i got more shopping and ds1 got a free train!!bargain

blushhaving to put my shopping back though till it got to a price i could afford!!it was terrible being a student with a little ds to pay for too, and dp had a crap paid job.

it was worth it though nowgrin

worley Tue 30-Sep-08 20:36:12

i spent £120 in tescos yesterday, i still get to the checkout and think "shit" i havnt got enough money for all this and start thinking about what i will put back. except i got quite a lot yesterday for all that i kept going on about it all night how cheap it all was.

i have been round town this afternoon and nowich this afternoon just looking for a pair of navy trousers for work, and can i find them???? no. the work trousers they provide are hidious

Jennster Tue 30-Sep-08 21:55:26

oH SHIT what am I going to wear to work tomorrow? Bet my trousers don't fit.

worley Wed 01-Oct-08 20:41:43

looking ar going to the london dungeons in half term, but it says not suitable for very young children, so not sure if we can go 'cause of ds2. so ds1 is upset. going to start a thread asking opinions, any of you been?

Jennster Wed 01-Oct-08 22:16:13

I went when I was about 8 or 9 or older? My sister was nearly 2 years younger, we had gone to London to stay with my much younger than my mum aunt. I loved it but thought it very scary. Lots of torture instuments.

worley Thu 02-Oct-08 14:26:18

well the general consencous is that its a no no in taking them according to other mners. ds1 wont be happy although i think he would actually quite enjoy it.
dp showed us this last night[ and i nearly threw the laptop off my lap and on the floor] b***d!!!

worley Thu 02-Oct-08 14:29:41

catching up on old ER episodes

worley Thu 02-Oct-08 15:25:46

just cashed in some tesco vouchers to get ds1 a years subscription to his transformers comic for a year, was only £8 in vouchers. so he can have that for his birthday from his brother!!
im tempted to pick my self the idealhomes one grin or gardeners world!!

LetMeEatCake Thu 02-Oct-08 16:04:29

well! drama central.
my little sis stayed last night as weather too bad to drive back to midlands

she had to leave for work at 9am, when we found to our horror dh had taken my keys and his own to work!.....only he hadnt gone to work, but on the train to meetings in York.....

she is 18 wks pg, but that didnt stop her trying to climb out of my kitchen window!! which didnt work as it wouldnt open wide enough..
so we ended up breaking a pane of internal glass to scoot her through into the garage where the door opens from the inside.

I told everyone on the phone, as Ive been bored locked in with kids all day, and all they can ask is why havent I got a spare key or two hanging on little hooks round the house?
I dont know!! I havent needed them for the last 6 years!!
I tell you what though...that is my project for the weekend! Hooks a plenty.

Macdog Thu 02-Oct-08 19:07:52

shock at that clip, W grin

Put the keys on HIGH UP hooks, or the little darlings will make off with them (voice of experience)
I've got some on picture hooks on a level with the top of the doors

Macdog Thu 02-Oct-08 19:57:34

i got adopted by a stray dog again today.
Got the dog warden out to collect it, and then had to try and prove that the ruddy dog WASN'T mine.
Not the easiest thing to do

Jennster Fri 03-Oct-08 07:31:38

OMG just watched the last episode of The Tudors and remembered a very good reason not to go to The London Dungeon. Why not Madame Tussauds? There is a chamber of horrors. Think you can go with Tesco vouchers too? I got a load of days out vouchers recently, and The Good Food Magazine for myself. They do a children's National Geographic too I'd be interested in if I could see a copy of it first.

worley Fri 03-Oct-08 17:15:16

just had a big clean up, i cant believe how much crap ends up underneath the arm chair and setee. i cant wait to move the setee and tv round ready for the winter. we have to move it round as the setee is too close to the fire place and will get scorched(?sp)if we leave it there, and then we have more room for the xmas tree.

so, i went with my friend to a localpub last night after we dropped our boys off at cubs. we think it is the first time we have been out together with out any children in over 10 years shock weve been friends scince we started middle school at 9, so a long long time!!

havent spoke to him about the dungeons yet, will see what else we can spend some vouchers on.

worley Fri 03-Oct-08 17:19:29

have britains best dish on tv, making me really hungry, dont know what to cook for tea yet, only the boys and i so maybe spag and meatballs?? i have fish but not fancying it this afternoon, maybe a curry but ds1 wont eat it only the rice.


Jennster Fri 03-Oct-08 17:23:16

We're having guineafowl with chestnuts. Feel very sick right now. Eating a pear to try and turn it around.

Had my first midwife appointment today. She was lovely. I promised her it would be the last time and she just said yeah yeah. She didn't feel my belly so I can only go off the all day nausea and migraine there is something actually in there.

DD with grandma today and I took the whole day off work. Blugh. At least I managed to get an afternoon nap.

worley Fri 03-Oct-08 17:47:17

will it be the last one? i have a feeling you'll have 4 in total??

dp would love another, he keeps going on about it, but i dont. we can barely afford the 2 we've got!! and i like work/my own time to muchblush maybe in 5 years time i told him, i'll be 36, still okay age i thinks

Jennster Fri 03-Oct-08 18:16:27

Well that's the reason we went for it now. Get all the sleepless nights over and done with now. I figured we would probably change our minds in 5 years time any way.....4?? [feints] I don't know this one isn't twins!

worley Fri 03-Oct-08 21:03:08

i made sausage meatballs with pasta spirals (and a little bit of spagetti as it had almost run out)in tomato and basil sauce ala jamie oliver. mmmmmmmmmm
can always gaurantee everyone will eat it.

off to watch ugly betty

worley Sun 05-Oct-08 12:23:40

carrying on with the foodieness,
we all had cheese on toast for lunch, after ds2 watched big cook little cook and insisted on having chee toe for dinner. mmmmmm

its absolutley pouring down here so not going to get a lot done outside today. thinking about going to get a few bits and bons from asda then watching some dvds as dp at work so just me and the boys.

dp and ds1's xbox has got the red ring of death light thing and wont work, so have to take it back tomorrow, they only got it in feb so 9 months old.

LetMeEatCake Sun 05-Oct-08 14:25:17

lol at singing animals and singing horses

ho hum. hung out a load of washing as very sunny,,,,,,,,,,,,
am awaiting results from docs of some swabs as have got sore bits and need to rule out a post-c-s infection..

still 14 and half stone cant budge it. doctor had an excellent theory some women like dairy cows and cannot shift weight whilst bfeeding I fully agree, weight doesnt reduce even after a few days sensible eating/running madly round garden with dd. whichj exhausted me, had to retire to bed.

he slept thru the other night, then reverts back to 3 feeds a night. ah well. he is definately my LAST ONE. the next baby in this house will be a puppy ,,in about 5yrs..

LetMeEatCake Sun 05-Oct-08 14:26:15

ooooh Im really into 'without a trace' the fbi drama, watching it on virgin demand when dd napping. brilliant drama, am loving the love interest stroy between Denny and elena

Jennster Sun 05-Oct-08 17:00:08

OH yes. I couldn't even think of loosing milk until I'd dropped a couple of feeds, and I went back to work.

Jennster Sun 05-Oct-08 17:00:42

Durrr losing weight until I dropped some feeds

worley Sun 05-Oct-08 18:49:59

i've put weight ON scince stopping feedingsad doesnt help eating nonstop!!
i've started to write down everything i eat which makes me a bit more aware of what crap i was eating as well as main meals.

i love BONES on sky 1, and whats the name of the new thing on sky1 at 9 tonight. fringe or something similar

off to help ds1 with his homework.

Macdog Sun 05-Oct-08 19:24:59

We went up to Greenock today to wave a final goodbye to the QE2.
Gorgeous day, lovely ship
Pics on FB (be warned there are a LOT) grin

Macdog Mon 06-Oct-08 09:13:30

dd is convinced that she was taken to see the Balamory boat yesterday hmm

worley Mon 06-Oct-08 12:58:03

is there a boat in balamory? i was subjected to watching that earlier, what tripe!! ds1 used to like ot also.

went to the dr about my knee again today as still no better after having physio and seen surgeon, anyway, have to be referred again, and he told me i had to lose weight as that wasnt helping it, and he went in to alot of detail about its very easy to lose weight, its a simple equasion, i need to eat less!! ffs, i know that but when i do stick to it for a month nothing goes so i give up again. its not as simple as he says, i hate men. they think they know it all. (and even when i went to the gym, my heart rate and bp went down but i didnt lose any weight.sad im well pissed off now and i just ate 3 mini gingerbread men as ds1+2 didnt like them.)
so when i got home and told dp what the dr had said he laughed and said he must have been having a bad day.

worley Mon 06-Oct-08 12:59:44

right off to get the car to the mot place now, asit ran out in aug and i didnt realise till ive just sorted out my insurance policy.

then at work tonight 5 till 10 the on call at home till 7am

LetMeEatCake Mon 06-Oct-08 14:06:02

took dd and ds into Trafford to get her shoes, from startrite as she has long narrow feet - after trying on 20 pairs they had none to fit!
NONE TO FIT! what the hell do I do now???

cant believe this global financial meltdown thingie.

Macdog Mon 06-Oct-08 18:35:28

The Balamory boat is the one at the very start of the opening title.

I'm waiting till winter really kicks in to get new shoes for dd, she's running around in trainers/baseball boots.

Can they order you a pair in, or is it that they just don't make them narrow enough??

worley Tue 07-Oct-08 14:09:34

i remember the boat now! bless her thikning it was the balamory boat!!

what sizr is dd vood? ds2's last pair were startright but this pair are geox trainers. i used to be so against going anywhere other than clarkes with ds1 but now i've got down from my high horse. we have a new shoe shop opened and they are really good with the fitting and every thing. i wanted him to have these hush puppie boots with crocodile teeth on the sides but they didnt have them in his size so dp got his way with the spiderman lookylikey trainers, with flashing blue lights, so ds2 calls them his "neenah miman" shoes - police lights / spiderman shoes

i love the lellikelly shoes for little girls but they are way expensive.

LetMeEatCake Tue 07-Oct-08 14:57:38

lelli kellies are for fat feeted girls!! dd would never keep them on.
she is 2.4 now, size 7 and half, width c or d

on my shoebuying panic thread theyve recommmended loads to me, mn can be so helpful with stuff like that.

John Lewis is my next port of call, prob. next week, tho, now,

the shop had lots in the right size, but none of them fit round her skinny little ankles, inherited from dh. typical.

LetMeEatCake Tue 07-Oct-08 14:58:15

feeted! fgs footed surely!!!!!!!

Macdog Tue 07-Oct-08 15:05:19

saw you had a good result thread
hope you get some

worley Tue 07-Oct-08 17:10:05
worley Tue 07-Oct-08 17:12:19

my car failed its mot sad i have to have some new brake pads fitted and a rod thing on one of the wheels. not a lot really, at least it wasnt really bad.

god ds2 stinks have to go change his bum NOW beofre i pass out, toxic bum i think

Macdog Wed 08-Oct-08 09:04:10

Cbeebies Live today!!! grin

Jennster Wed 08-Oct-08 09:29:26

What horrid twisted mind thougt up the confection of Lelli Kelly? I am strong. I can and will say no to them.

Jennster Wed 08-Oct-08 09:30:07

DD is size 5.5, ds 4!

worley Wed 08-Oct-08 14:06:34

noo lelli kelies are lovely , but then i dont have a little girl to dress all pink and sparkly.
whats cbeebies live?
ds1 is a massive size 2, and ds2 is a 6
it took a year for ds1 to go up each shoe size but ds2 has gone up 3 sizes in a year, so goona cost a fortune in shoes

Jennster Wed 08-Oct-08 14:34:38

I go to an independent shoe shop. She is lovely and really good at fitting the shoes. Lelli Kellie Yuk. Just up Dd's street I think. If it';s pink or sparkly or has ballerinas or princesses on it then she will love it. [rolls eyeballs]

LetMeEatCake Wed 08-Oct-08 15:29:32

I dont mind lellijellies from being size 9 myself I know the time for her to get pretty girlie shoes is NOW!!!!! before they get too big!

Jennster Wed 08-Oct-08 17:39:11

Size 9? Bloody hell. I used to have to get 9s in ladies until about 15 years ago the suddenly started making shoes wider and I could get away if 8 or even 7.5!

Macdog Wed 08-Oct-08 18:43:32

Cbeebies live

Was BRILLIANT dd loved it!!
All her faves were there, loads of singing along and 'booing' Polluto.

was nice to do something as a family for a change smile

<<whispers>> ...and she got new shoes, in a sale (ducks as LMEC throws stuff from a far distance) smile

Macdog Wed 08-Oct-08 19:46:03

Got a pair of these for myself too grin

Macdog Thu 09-Oct-08 03:52:53

dd's new shoes, but hers are navy blue

Macdog Thu 09-Oct-08 05:43:58
worley Thu 09-Oct-08 19:16:41

love the phyllis fish ones!!!!
cbeebies isnt on round here, so if it was missed that one, but we dont normally get things come to east anglia for some reason, they always miss us off their tours.
ds2 has a thing about fireman sam this week, we have watched his brothers old dvd every day this week, how can they keep watching the same bloody thing every bloody day!!!!

macdog, have you considered moving or would you? although not fair to move if you like it where you are. we dont have any neighbours on one side at the moment as the house is empty, its LOVELY!!!! no more queen til 11pm or shouting or hysterical crying. the other side is never there, she seems to work nonstop.

on the eve shift tomorrow so get a bit of a lay in till 7.30. off to pick ds1 up form cubs soon, hes going on a moonlight/ torch lit hike down the seafront. its not too cold luckily but its always really windy down there.

worley Thu 09-Oct-08 19:18:25

we took dp's xbox back to the shop today and they happily swapped it, dps was brought as a pre-owned but today they gave us a brand new one as they didnt have non to replace it with!!! dp and ds1 are very pleased as it has a bigger meg/mig or something ???


Macdog Thu 09-Oct-08 19:26:53

I've lived here for 12 years and it's really handy for everything.
Not letting one toerag chase me out of my house <thumbs nose at said arsehole neighbour>
Council waiting list is long as well, not really the right time to take plunge with first mortgage anyway

worley Thu 09-Oct-08 19:36:24

my best friend is in a council home and has non stop trouble with her neighbours, they swear and shout all the time, he beats his wife up, my bf has called the police before now. she has been on the waitng list to move for a good couple of years. its a shame as its a really nice little house, the the estate has a bad rep now.

worley Thu 09-Oct-08 21:12:21

im regretting the new xbox now, he wont get off the stupid thing angry im missing bones, it started at 9pm

fecking computer games

Macdog Fri 10-Oct-08 09:24:08


Macdog Fri 10-Oct-08 09:25:16



That'll be BEER, then


...and that's before I've had any


worley Fri 10-Oct-08 15:34:59

got our final elecric bill from powergen today, £508 !!! just cause they miss calculated the bill and read the meter wrong,
so i persuaded them to let us pay it off in instalments, i was expecting to pay about £150 a month to clear it off (as we just dont have a spare £500 at the moment!) but they said we could pay it £50 a month. yay, hopefully i will pay it off quicker but its better than half a grand in one go!!

on a good note, i booked tickets to go to the london dungeons (on halloween) (im hoping ds2 wont be too traumatiesd by it all!) and then made reservations to go to planet hollywood for dinner in the late afternoon, cashed £20 tesco vouchers and got £80 planet hollywood vouchers in return. so should be a great day out, plus we have free train tickets to london grin

worley Fri 10-Oct-08 15:35:55

and my car passed it's mot as well today now, just ds1's birthday and then christmas to get out of the way befotre i start saving for the summer holiday now, when do you go away md?

Macdog Fri 10-Oct-08 19:20:39

Off on Monday!
With any luck it'll have stopped raining!
Our Weather

Macdog Sat 11-Oct-08 08:32:02


MIL phoned, dd up most of night with temp + harsh breathing. They taking her to GP on Call.
<Worried mum emoticon>

worley Sat 11-Oct-08 15:12:41

ds2 has a cold/fever too, its going around a lot at the moment. ds2 woke me up saying "mummy nose" when i looked at him he had a big green slug running down his face!!! totally gross!!
off to work for the whole night tonight again. dp is going out with his work so ds's are going to my mum and dads. i have my essentials ready, bottle of diet coke and some marshmallow mushrooms to keep me going through the night.

AND my mum brought me a wii fit yesterday,i was up till 12.45am last night playing it and i have done an hour and a half already on it today, my legs were like jelly, but i LOVED the step aerobics game, its very addictive

Macdog Sat 11-Oct-08 17:54:33

Home from beer fest.

dd coming home tonight, she been to dr on call with PIL. Just want her home now to cuddle her

Macdog Sat 11-Oct-08 18:01:45

she's home and sounds like Donald Duck!!

LetMeEatCake Sat 11-Oct-08 20:52:23

I want a wii fit and I love donald ducks voice!!

spent whole day driving to midlands to attend goddaughters party then driving home.

lucky I had glass of rose and 2x glasses cava to help me along! babies quite good. Nice time had by all. Why am I typing like Hugh Grant?.

LetMeEatCake Sat 11-Oct-08 20:53:09

hmmm. bf with 3 glasses wine. hope he sleeps! fnar.

LetMeEatCake Sat 11-Oct-08 20:54:05

MD. we are trying for shoes again on monday. she did her first poo on potty on fri nite. Yay!
she is going into big girl's bed on sun nite!. yay she'll be a teenager soon.

LetMeEatCake Sat 11-Oct-08 20:54:30

bye all. off to munch round kitchen.

Macdog Sun 12-Oct-08 12:46:22

had to take dd to gp again today. she's got prednisilone to try and reduce the swelling in her throat. Gave her a jar of baby food for lunch, so at least she's got calories in her now

did the wined up bub sleep then??

worley Sun 12-Oct-08 13:09:05

i wouldnt be wishing for teenage years just yet!! i have a tweenager!! he thinks he 9 going on 19, argumentative little bugger at the moment. he has an answer for everything.

ds2 has just sorted through the dvd shelf and decided he wants to watch the incredibles! he has an obsession with superheroes at the moment, batman and spiderman are big faves.

i have had 1 hours slepp so im hoping now i have stuffed him full with lunch he will lay down with me on the setee and nod off while watching tv so i can get a little shut eye too.

worley Sun 12-Oct-08 13:10:15

p.s my stomach muscles are sooooo aching today from all the hulahooping on the wii

Macdog Sun 12-Oct-08 13:28:49

PIL brought dd over last night. we came back from beer fest early.
at least she got to sleep in her own bed

LetMeEatCake Sun 12-Oct-08 18:29:23


being pissed helped ds sleep through the night! 11pm till 0600 nice 7 hour which I had nightmares...about BEING PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! har the irony.

I have a rotten stiff neck today too.

dd is loving peppa pig, dora the explorer and diego, and the wiggles, a dreadful australian cheap house of men

Macdog Sun 12-Oct-08 18:45:59

did you see this thread re Wiggles???

dd quite a fan of them grin

Macdog Sun 12-Oct-08 18:47:11
worley Mon 13-Oct-08 14:14:18

ds2 loves peppa pig too, he has a jumper and hat/glove/scarf set with george on them,

i've got last nights chicken for my dinner, in sandwiches with cranbery sauce, its lovely mmmmm.ds1 enjoyed his roast so much last he said he cant wait for his xmas dinner!! i thnk it was cause i gave him some stuffing with tea that would have been out of date soon. and ds2 sat there and ate all his brussells before anything else!

worley Mon 13-Oct-08 14:17:01

i cant stand the wiggles, i cant belive how much money they have made just from that program!! im in the wrong buisness obviously!!!envy

LetMeEatCake Tue 14-Oct-08 14:20:58 john lewis at trafford less than useless...
had nothing to fit except one pair of lellikelli boots pink sparkly...£70-worth!!!

so wondered down the mall till I got to Barratts. what the hell, Ithought. They had a new range of Italian shoes for kids in, and a pair fit her!! great staff too.

hooray the quest for shoes has ended. for approx 3months anyway.

LetMeEatCake Tue 14-Oct-08 14:23:05

rain rain go away! i will get all wet walking to the shop later. boo!

lol worley at the sprout-scoffer.

worley Tue 14-Oct-08 17:01:25

yay for the shoes!!!!
ds1 has his district cub quiz tonight, im going to go watch but have to take crap with me to keep ds2 quiet, milkyway magic stars, crisps and a massive bag of grapes will keep him quiet for an hour

one of the questions last year was, how many months of the year have 28 days?

LetMeEatCake Wed 15-Oct-08 14:36:43

erm? just Feb, in a leap yesr?

I am so proud of this bit of xmas shopping - 2 igglepiggle trikes from tesco, down to £17 each from £30 each!
thought Id get ds one too as they go up to 4yrs so they can trike round together!!!

hooray! Ill try and get you a pic link

LetMeEatCake Wed 15-Oct-08 14:38:26
LetMeEatCake Wed 15-Oct-08 14:39:36

have started Second Chance now Worley...

we can discuss when Ive finished it.

Just read Margaret Attwood's Blind Assassin. Fantastic book.

Jennster Wed 15-Oct-08 21:57:06

Just February NOT in a leap year.

LetMeEatCake Thu 16-Oct-08 14:41:57

oh yeah!!!

I have to think really hard to remember how many days are in a year!!!

how are you feeling Jenn? How about a charity tarot reading!!!
(see your FB email))

<<swishing her gypsy earrings mysteriously>>

Jennster Thu 16-Oct-08 22:21:07

No fb messages for me. Would love a Tarot Card read. What do I do?

I'm ok.........

Jennster Thu 16-Oct-08 22:21:53

I only know how many days are in a month by counting my knuckles and spaces between them.

worley Fri 17-Oct-08 16:20:25

they all have 28 days in them, some have more!!
it threw them all at the cub thing last year. this year 2 of the team members didnt turn up so there was only 4 on their team the rest of the tems had 6, so they were at a disadvantage, sadly they didnt get throughsad ds1 isnt bothered though, he still enjoyed it.

yay according to the wii fit i've lost 3lbs this week,
(could be due to the fact i've been ill for 3 days and not eaten apart from lunch time today)

worley Fri 17-Oct-08 16:21:55

i want to go to a real tarot reading, a friend used to do them years ago and she was brilliant, i havent seen her for about 6 years though, i'd feel a bit cheecky emailing her to ask to do me a reading!!

worley Fri 17-Oct-08 16:25:58

i liked second chance, i have a book to read but havnt started it as yet, i brought it 3 weeks ago too.
ds2 has to make do with ds1's old little trike, and his first bike! just to get use out of them. he loves it though.
i dont really know what to get him as his main pressie, he may just get lots of little things, he has the peppa pig space rocket and helicopter but nothing else as yet. he is more happy with ds1's things so will have to get his duplo things so it tlooks like he has lego the same as ds1.

Macdog Fri 17-Oct-08 17:51:43

Home again!

worley Fri 17-Oct-08 18:01:17

yay md's back!!

yummu yummy want the giant ones

worley Fri 17-Oct-08 18:01:47

did you have a good time? did dd get better??

Macdog Fri 17-Oct-08 18:13:33

want that too grin

dd fine now, still got a bit of a dry cough.
we avoided the swimming pool, but did loads of other stuff.
i'll bung pics on fb soon

...nice to be missed smile

LetMeEatCake Fri 17-Oct-08 21:17:45

I will do you a free tarot reading via fb email if you first buy a green charity bangle from nspcc website

if you want a specific question answering type it to me thru fb

otherwise itll be a general reading

remember *it is for charity and meant to be fun!!!!!! also it may take me a few days as i have thetwo monkeys to look after ;-)

LetMeEatCake Fri 17-Oct-08 21:19:47

hello macdoodledoodledoo

worley Sat 18-Oct-08 09:57:35

am fuming,
ds1 has now got his own email address, he sent out a general email to everyone, (nanny, grandad, me, dp, my brother, dp's brother and sil [ds'1+2's auntie and uncle]) got up this morning to find email from bil checking that the email sent to sil ( i dont think he has got his yet from what i gather, i dont have mine either yet, dont know why as they sent out all in one go)) he doesnt think its a good idear that ds1 emails them because "their not on healthy ground at the moment"
now im wondering if its because he means that him and dp are not on healthy ground after falling out over mil etc or him and his wife (sil) are not on healthyground at the moment. [wishfull thinkingblush]
have emailed him back to say if he wants me to take them off ds1's contacts i will, but dont think he will be emailing him very often to be honest, he just wanted to let them know he has an email.

im just angry about it and had to get it off my chest, i hope they dont just cut him off when ds1 thinks a lot of him, they lived with us for so long when he was younger and he talks about them a lot.

sorry for rant.!!

worley Sat 18-Oct-08 12:52:49

gorgeous picture macdog, looks a beautiful place.
ds1 was impressed with the wolves.
dd looks quite grown up in her bedroom.

so it turns out that ds1 has also sent an instant message to sil from his computer via yahoo messaging, which i didnt even know he knew how to do or it could be done from his computer. And she doesnt want him sending her messages. so still angry
so i had a talk with him about not sending messages without tellin me or dp. but i thought, well its not as if he is on a chat room or anything, he can only send them to people on his email list who also has yahoo instant messanger.
and he can talk to my brother offshore which would be good as he doesnt see him that often now.
so two fingers to the miserable old bint.

LetMeEatCake Sat 18-Oct-08 14:31:46

pooter wars!!!
Go Worley. Some people are really petty!

eating my way round today, such a fatty

Macdog Sat 18-Oct-08 19:12:09

can't believe how petty they are being...maybe trouble brewing in their house hmm????

Jennster Sat 18-Oct-08 23:27:23

Oh lordy. You have to feel sorry for them though don't you? I know it impacts on you but hopefully you can rise above it.

Had some seriously early morning starts recently. Been out in Southport with my friends from School tonight, which is why I'm still awake. Off to bed now. Tummy full of delicious Pizza Express.

LetMeEatCake Sun 19-Oct-08 11:35:11

ds slept 9 hours woohoo!!!! except my bobs are now exploding!

Macdog Mon 20-Oct-08 09:42:13

Ah that football feeling!

Macdog Mon 20-Oct-08 12:39:03

dd got really nasty UTI - off to GP later

LetMeEatCake Mon 20-Oct-08 21:43:53

poor macpup.


trying to halfheartedly potty train dd. she pooed once on pot, but now will go nowhere near, wants nappies on like ds. asks to be changed every time I change him.

she also bared her teeth at me in temper tonight...

and said 'I suppose so' when I asked her to come for her bath!!!! shock

Macdog Tue 21-Oct-08 08:40:29

LOL at 'suppose so'!!

when we were giving dd her antibiotics for chest thing, her favourite phrase was 'no no no....take it away' accompanied by a wave of the hand! grin

Trying to get urine sample from dd. Not keen to give her trimethoprim until it's confirmed. Gp not sure if it's UTI or thrush

LetMeEatCake Tue 21-Oct-08 14:34:19

we tried a new shake rattle and rhyme playgroup today, ds entranced by it all...he is still asleep in the pram!!!
dd shy at first but soon super confident, running round and round me sitting on floor and pushing everyone else out the way to do the giant pop up book har har.

quite impressed actually, even after an initial sinking feeling when the speech woman introduced herself as a 'ferapist'!!! was trying not to ROFL at the sheer irony it starts with a t h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LetMeEatCake Tue 21-Oct-08 14:37:40

poor macpuppy..shes had that a few times hasnt she? is it from swimming? My mum has impressed into me they pick up more stuff like that whilst swimming so Ive only taken dd once, while at centreparcs

LetMeEatCake Tue 21-Oct-08 14:38:17

dd gets nappy rash at the drop of a hat, whereas ds has never had any

worley Tue 21-Oct-08 15:37:17

nearly everyone dc's are ill! ds2 is still on antibiotics for his ear infection.

he keeps saying " yeah yeah yeah" when i tell him to get down, or if i ask him to do something he says "oh ok then". hes so funny.
ds1 going round his friends after school, dp at work all eve so only ds2 and me for tea so were going to have sweet and sour chicken as we are the only ones that like it! mmmm

have lost 3lb this week, im attributing it to the wii fit as i've done nowt else.
ds1 now watching go diego go, he talks back to the tv which is quite funny as ds1 never used to do that.

worley Tue 21-Oct-08 16:10:47

anyone seen lazytown extra?
what have they done to stingy and stephanie looks a bit too grown up now, way to much makeup and is now taller than the mayor, i think they need to find a new stephanie now,

ds1 just came running in, dumper his bags down, informed me is is deperate for the loo then when done ran out to be with his friends, he didnt even stop to say hello or bye sad hes getting to grown up

Macdog Tue 21-Oct-08 17:16:22

dd not been swimming for a couple of weeks, she's generally hale and hearty

managed to get a sample off her today - not much but hopefullly enough to see what's going on. GP says if it is UTI dd'll need to go for a scan - sounds a bit scary

worley Tue 21-Oct-08 20:39:25

macpup will more than likely have an ultrasound, my friends dd is 3 nearly 4 and she has had quite a few uti's. she had had a few ultrasounds but they got to the bottom of it in the end and she has been fine scince.

we had to try to get a sample off ds2 when he was little in hospital, trying to catch wee, when we didnt know when he was going to go or where his aim would go, was a bit of a challenge!!

anybody watch holby? what happened to chrissy, not watched it for a while and then watched it today to see her having flashbacks, whats that all about?

Macdog Wed 22-Oct-08 12:49:53

Gave macpup her trimethoprim today. she was in agony this morning trying to pee sadsadsad
she had actually been ok yesterday - no problems

another manky day here sad

<<can you tell Macdog wishes she was still on holiday in nice part of the world???>>

Macdog Wed 22-Oct-08 12:52:57

Don't watch Holby, but she was slashed in face by a nutter
episode guide here

worley Wed 22-Oct-08 14:33:46

thankyou md. i didnt think of looking it up!!

so as im working the eve tonight, thought i would still take ds2 to nursery get some work done on the front garden as it is like a jungle. i have now filled the garden waste wheelie bin full so the lid doesnt quite shut. (fingers crossed they still take it)
im sick of brambles, i keep cutting them back and spraying what i cant dig up spraying them with weedkiller and they still keep fecking coming back.

ds2 told the nursery nurse that mummy cries!!! then i twigged that i did have a little cry this morning as they were talking about that family that died in the m6 crash and the baby was only 10 weeks old, and the other children. so maybe thats what he was talking about! i dont know why im so emotional at the moment!!

LetMeEatCake Wed 22-Oct-08 20:25:08

I cried at that crash too, at least the family are all together in heaven and there is not one odd child left over, I sometimes think that is worse tragedy, IYSWIM, (hope that doesnt sound very dreadful)

a scan, oh poor MPup. I have cystitis on and off after c-section, Im sure the catheter has buggered up my bits in some way.

lots of family drama happening with us, as sister takes on MIL about childcare, as MIL has started having her boy while she goes back to work for 1 day a week, I told my sis to stop being a cow and suck it up, as free childcare is saving her a fortune!

LetMeEatCake Wed 22-Oct-08 20:26:12

erm, Is Jenn on hols again?

Jennster Wed 22-Oct-08 21:24:25

No I'm slowly eating myself into oblivion. Just eaten 2 Ryvitas with cheddar cheese and tomato, and just about to make an Ovaltine.

Macdog Thu 23-Oct-08 10:20:07

Property porn time to cheer up a wet + windy day!

Macdog Thu 23-Oct-08 10:23:34
Macdog Thu 23-Oct-08 10:25:13

stuck with here

worley Thu 23-Oct-08 17:03:16

voodz, is your sis also your sil? or am i getting confused?

ds2 takes the tv controllers from dp tells his he is " a naughty daddy and is mummy's turn" and gives me the controllers!!! bargin!!! but only as he thinks i will put pig on (peppa pig) or go go (lazytown)

i just fell asleep on setee for an hour so had to wake myself up and get tea cooking as ds1 has to be at cubs for 6.30,its only fish and chips but i had better get my skates on..

worley Thu 23-Oct-08 17:04:09

jennyou'll end up looking like fern if you eat too many ryvita!!

worley Thu 23-Oct-08 17:04:09

jennyou'll end up looking like fern if you eat too many ryvita!!

worley Thu 23-Oct-08 17:04:33


Macdog Thu 23-Oct-08 19:47:06

Got dd a 'Next' fairy outfit for Hallowe'en party in Charity shop for £4 today smile

ALMOST made it worthwhile battling through horizontal rain

worley Fri 24-Oct-08 14:52:38

ds1 has a hallowwen fancy dress at cubs next week, and a pumpkind carving competion, which is more for the parents as who in their rightmind is going to let a 8-9 yr old loose with a big knife!!!!!

worley Fri 24-Oct-08 14:53:25

tried to get oasis tickets but none available at the moment sad

MacdogOnElmStreet Fri 24-Oct-08 19:08:37

neighbour thing has kicked off again sad
he's objecting to us parking our car in the runway (despite giving us permission to do that when he moved in)
Between last night and this morning a mysterious scratch has appeared .....fairies presumably hmm

Neighbours next door are letting us use their runway until we can get something sorted

Spent most of afternoon in tears over it all.
Happier now the car is somewhere safer

Council officer has let me know on the QT that there are concerns being raised by several agencies about neighbour being fit to hold a tenancy.

I don't wish harm to the guy, but I need to live my life without worrying what's going to happen next.

Euromillions on as well as lotto grin

Jennster Sat 25-Oct-08 04:25:40

Remember this? We will be moving by Christmas if all goes to plan! I hasten to add we didn't pay the full asking price.

MacdogOnElmStreet Sat 25-Oct-08 08:38:06

And the Macdogs can move in......when????


worley Sat 25-Oct-08 10:50:29

have you sold yours as well then jenn? you move quick!! you could build at little annex for us all !! its gorgeous, you can have a big xmas tree in the window and i can be like the little match girl peering in!!!

dp has the whole weekend of with us to, so will be going to the heath for a walk with the boys later, woke up to a frost this morning, think i might have to put the bedroom heaters on now! i didnt want to get out of bed it was sooo cold, but ds2 kept saying ",nate up nate up"!! so i got up and its dp's turn tomorrow woohoo!

anyluck on the lotto macdog? im now off to check my euro lotto numbers online.

Jennster Sat 25-Oct-08 14:50:09

We haven't sold ours. We got the house at a bargain price because we won't be in a chain. Unheard of right now, and the woman really wants to sell quickly. Anyway our house was valued much lower than we thought, so we looked at releasing the equity and paying interest only on it and we can easily rent it. I know we are in a very fortunate situation. We can sell our house when the market picks up then.

There are 3 outhouses you know?

MacdogOnElmStreet Sat 25-Oct-08 17:16:31

<macdog starts packing>


MacdogOnElmStreet Sat 25-Oct-08 17:17:06

No luck on the Euromillions....fingers crossed for tonight


worley Sun 26-Oct-08 08:41:06

summer holidays at jenns then!!!
we had no luck on either lottery either. i have phases of buying a ticket, i can go months without bothering but then decided to have a go, so my numbers have probably come up at one time and i didnt buy a ticket!! how unlucky would that be!!!!

worley Sun 26-Oct-08 08:41:54

oooooo i inly just twigged about the halooween smileys grin
it will be the festive ones soon!!!

LetMeEatCake Sun 26-Oct-08 14:30:53

luvverly hoose Jenn

I am jealous you're potentially moovin already. we will never sell ours now theyve announced property will hit all time price low in for killing off the market again

glad everyone is ok
it has now rained 3 times in little bursts on my ***** washing. dunno whether to leave it out, as windy or get it in...

ds sleeping 8hrs a night now, just moved the cot into our room as he's outgrown moses basket. he is in 6-9 mth clothes now, he's only 4 mths on 17 Nov!! big boy.

dd and me have streaming colds bah humbug. another excuse to eat eat eat!!

worley Sun 26-Oct-08 14:41:54

i really want a roast chicken dinner, but have to have what weve got left till my shopping arrives on tuesday from tescos. co we have french fries, baked beans and burgers.
i could go use some of my overdaft but i shall have to restrain myself. i have been pouring over my nigella books looking at thing to cook, am thinking of trying that sweetpotato thing with marshmallows on top. (cant remember its name at the moment and to lazy to walk across the room to pick the book up)

am going to buy the christmas book on tues to look at the xmas gifts ideas to make. mmmmmmmmmmmm grin

MacdogOnElmStreet Sun 26-Oct-08 19:24:22

Nigella recipe here

I got M&S meal deal - chicken, veg, chocolate bread + butter pud and a bottle of plonk for £10 grin

Up in Glasgow today. While doing the Toddler group Christmas list ELC were posting up a lot of things as out-of-stock, but managed to get them today smile
Each registered child gets a gift up to £10 from ELC. Order will be sent tomorrow - hopefully I don't have to panic about it

MacdogOnElmStreet Sun 26-Oct-08 19:34:13

That is I am sending order out, not them

Jennster Mon 27-Oct-08 04:00:24

I think I am turning nocturnal

MacdogOnElmStreet Mon 27-Oct-08 07:56:11

sad for Jenn

Hallowe'en party No1 at Toddler group today, only another 2 to go!
dd going as fairy today, cat tomorrow and witch Friday.
Cat/witch basically same t-shirt/leggings combo with tail for cat and long black t-shirt for dress for witch.
Will post pics

Jennster Mon 27-Oct-08 08:17:44

Macdog you are a glutton for punishment. What an acheivement? How big is your toddler group? You realise if you ever wanted a second, it would be a doddle for you?

worley Mon 27-Oct-08 09:39:48

thanks macdog, i can even add it to my tesco order from there!!!

ds1 has his haloween party at cubs on thursday, i think he wants to go as a crazy wood chopper!!! what ever one of those looks like i dont know!!

finished reading Goodnight, Beautiful last night, i sat and cried for about half an hour after finishing it!! i had been reading at work on my nights, btut thankgod i finished it at home, my assistant would have been wondering what on earth was wrong with me!! its a really good book though, worth a read, but not if your very emotional at the moment like i must be!! bloody hormones

worley Mon 27-Oct-08 09:42:22

have to go to the dentist today for our checkup, they said that ds2 isn't old enough for a check, so he will have to sit on the chair while i have a turn then ds1 has his check up. will be fun!!!

you still thinking of dentistry jenn?

WitchWorley Mon 27-Oct-08 09:46:33

halloween name change grin

WitchWorley Mon 27-Oct-08 11:14:46

dp's work made him pose for some pictures for their new website. dp is the one sitting in the arm chair pretending to play the guitar. if only he could play the guitar!!!!
ok i have to get up and do something now have been sitting here on the net for about 2 hours blush

MacdogOnElmStreet Mon 27-Oct-08 12:31:15

65 registered children spread over 3 days - works out at about 20ish kids per day.
Standing down at Christmas, it's getting a bit on top of me.
Pics on FB

Jennster Mon 27-Oct-08 14:11:05

Worley that would be jeans tucked into boots, with braces and a lumberjack shirt, a wooly hat and a chainsaw?

WitchWorley Tue 28-Oct-08 10:55:39

oh dear, sitting here waiting for my shopping to be delivered to get a call from the dot com manager to say my card has failed!!! so me, knowing its payday today and thinking my direct debit should have gone through, ring them up all guns blazing to suddenly remember i had actually set the direct debit up the 29th and not the 28th.
oh dear !! how embarrassed was i. blushblushblush
so now i have to go up to tescos and put some cash clubcard plus card to then pay for my shopping and pick it up from there.

heasked me just to pay for it on a different card but i wouldnt as i get double points on the plus card!! and points make prizes!!!!!!!! so much for my relaxing day at home again.

oh well, at least my avon order is fue today i have that to look forward to, never brought from avaon before so im hoping its going to be worth it!

WitchWorley Tue 28-Oct-08 10:59:04

god my typing is crap this morning, it's cause i was all stressed out hmm
now going to order a fireman sam toy set for ds2 for xmas, as he loves fireman sam, and police cars and ambulances, anything that goes niii naaah!!!

i guess im going to have to go down to qd and buy a lumberjack shirt for ds1 halloween, he doesnt have any boots only his wellies, maybe he tuck jeans in to that?

Jennster Tue 28-Oct-08 11:13:33

Yes wellies would be good. You could draw a beard on too.

WitchWorley Tue 28-Oct-08 11:41:10

didnt think of that!!adding a beard

3 for 2 online at woolworths, so go a lego starwars thing for ds1 and a lazytown doodle'etchscetch' thing for ds2 and the fireman sam set. so got the fireman sam set free. bargin.

not much more to get them really, then have to start on my parents, brother,grandparents, my friends dp's friends etc, but thinking about making some home made food goodies if i like the nigella recipies.
im not at work the week before xmas so im not in the secret santa this year so dont have to bother with that!!
i'll stop talking about xmas now, sorry!!

MacdogOnElmStreet Tue 28-Oct-08 13:42:37

yay! 2nd party over (pics on FB)

Just one to go on friday!!

Jennster Tue 28-Oct-08 17:05:28

No I've sent email requests to people about Christmas, and bought some cards today. Am planning on writing them this week and chucking them in a cupboard until December.

WitchWorley Tue 28-Oct-08 22:25:19

its soooo cold, just had to put the bedroom heater on. ds1 has had a heater on all eve but its only a little portable heater, as im waiting for dad to come and wire up the storage heater again (he took it down last year so we could put new floor down in ds1's room and still waiting for it to go back up) good job he has a duvet and 2 blankets on his bed. so im now all snuggled up in bed with the duvet all round.

WitchWorley Tue 28-Oct-08 22:26:14

ds1 had now decided to be a "mummy" for cubs halloween party, so brought lots of tesco value bandages to wrap him up in!!

Jennster Wed 29-Oct-08 05:50:17

It sleeted for ages today 'ere up North.

I had images of your ds wearing a dress with a cushion stuffed up the front!

Jennster Wed 29-Oct-08 05:51:07

Oh and Dentistry is on hold. I went to an open day an found I was unlikely to get on the course, and if we move then there is no way we can do without my wage for 4 years so that is that really.

MacdogOnElmStreet Wed 29-Oct-08 08:48:01

So sorry to hear that Jenn. Such a shame

WitchWorley Wed 29-Oct-08 13:11:04

lol at the image of him with a cushion and a dress!!!!
is it on hold for 4 years or indeff? dp wants to retrain but as he said we cant do without his wages at the moment, not while were still paying for childcare. its horrible to think im counting the months down till ds2 is 3 then he gets 12.5 free hours of childcare a week!! whoo hoo! hopefully that will be about £200 of my bill a month, and schoool will be freeeeeee!!!! and i can work more hours

WitchWorley Wed 29-Oct-08 13:12:51

half term holiday is driving me mad, they both wind each other up and argue constantly (as much as ds2 can in his own words, he gets frustrated then tries to punch ds1!!!) dp is due home any mo and he can have them for half hour while i go sit in a darkened room in peace!!!lol

Jennster Wed 29-Oct-08 14:50:15

Due date 9th May. They were kind and pushed it over a few days because I was adamant I didn't want to be induced and want another home birth. Does it sound strange to say that it looked familiar?

Putting it off for indefinitely for now. Never say never but then I would be 34.

MacdogOnElmStreet Wed 29-Oct-08 14:57:32

just back from CPN appt - had meds changed to citalopram.
Fingers crossed. Mind you a lottery win would probably sort me right out

MacdogOnElmStreet Wed 29-Oct-08 14:59:17
Jennster Wed 29-Oct-08 15:35:06

citalopram has a good profile. What were you on?

MacdogOnElmStreet Wed 29-Oct-08 17:34:34

Prozac - never been any faffing use for me sad

LetMeEatCake Wed 29-Oct-08 20:40:58

brrrrr its cold. heating keeps clanking on.

cleaned (!) an area of the kitchen today, on the veg rack found a bag of potatoes which had liquified and were covered with tiny little fruit fly things!!! blush dh been saying for ages he could vaguely smell something rotting...

I was throwing bleach round like a goodun. and have chucked loads of tripe away, like the wine rack we havent used for about 3 yrs, dh saw it in the binbag and needed some persuading..but he left it in in the end. I love throwing stuff away, and we need to with moving house ...

macdog I think you have done amazingly, I wish my 2 went to a well run playgroup like yours. I bet they are desperate for you to do christmas too!!!
How you feeling Jenn? any sickness? how is it comparing to the other 2 pregnancies?
Well done worley witch with all this chrimbo organisation, I got a 20% off ELC voucher through post today so I am going to choose a load of their stuff for the kids, my goddaughter and my nephew and niece-to-be. the adults arent really getting each other gifts this year, just spending it on the kids.

WitchWorley Wed 29-Oct-08 20:51:00

ditto the cleanig the kitchen!! the clean worktops wont last for long though, it will soon be a dumping ground.
i've been watching the teenage embarrassing bodies, i think its really good!! ds1 saw a bit of one where the men hadnt cleaned their willys and the look of disgust on his face was sooo funny, hopefully that will have hit home why i make him have a bath when he says but i had one the other day as well!! boys hate cleaning!

LetMeEatCake Wed 29-Oct-08 21:28:50

lol I saw a bit of that the other night about an unfortunate girl with a beard. Like puberty isnt hard enough.

Jennster Thu 30-Oct-08 08:56:06

Not feeling too bad nausea wise now. As long as I keep eating. I have a cheese and onion toastie and flapjack problem.

I think this one is a girl. I was horrid last time and suspect it was all the testosterone slushing round my body. Obviously it's tiring when you are running round after 2, but hey.

LetMeEatCake Thu 30-Oct-08 09:17:44

I def. carried ds with more sickness than dd. ds put me on a drip in hospital for 4 days with hyperemesis!! dd just made me sick 5 times a day ha ha ha

waht a dreadful night with ds. he has a slight cold, but the central heating makes it worse so he cant breathe, wakes up, cries, wants a feed, eats till he has belly ache, snoozes, cant breathe, wakes up......weve been up since 3.30am on and off, I am knackered. Him? he is asleep in the kitchen. dd watching night garden dvd. I should be taking him to be weighed today but I really. cannot. be .bothered.

this cold weather makes me want to stay indoors all day, esp. as my two and I have colds. brrrr I hate the cold. hate it

MacdogOnElmStreet Thu 30-Oct-08 09:21:33

Lovely frosty morning here!

dd's urine test came back with no concerns from GP smile
Swimming pm, then a walk to Saltcoats for a mooch round the shops

Jennster Thu 30-Oct-08 09:54:59

I have had blood in my urine for the last month. No infection, no bleeding so who knows? They keep sending cultures off and they come back clear.

Damn I wish my boxes and Isabella Oliver order would arrive. Decided to splash out as all my mat clothes are either knackered or not warm enough. Dh is off today and tomorrow with me. Hopefully we will get some things sorted. I need some new slippers and we desparately need to clear out the wardrobes.

MacdogOnElmStreet Thu 30-Oct-08 10:22:11

I had that when i was pg, jenn
Apparently I had a pregnant kidney?? hmm

Jennster Fri 31-Oct-08 06:41:13

That's not a technical medical term. I've googled it. I know what you mean though. My mw said as much.

MacdogOnElmStreet Fri 31-Oct-08 07:39:49

You know, I suspected it wasn't a medical term grin

WitchWorley Fri 31-Oct-08 13:32:27

good news on wee test! i've never heard of a pregnant kidney? how do you get that! i've seen lots of different kidneys, my fave being the horsehoe kidney!! (only cause i remember it easily)

well we went to london yesterday, had lunch at planet hollywood, which was ok, wasnt fantastic, they were mega mega busy so we had really slow service and i have to say we have had better and cheaper meals at our local burger place [[ srg peppers]] based on the beatles, (i used to live next door (above the vets)and we regularly had takeout mmmmmm)
so then we went to the dungeons to find there was a 2 hour wait in the que (was also peeing it down) just to get in. so we went home then after an hour wait and stillnot getting anycloser. or we would have missed the train home,
dp and i are off again together on the 23rd nov so will go then as ds1 was dissapointed.

now going to carve the pumpkin and planning on either pumpkin spoup or pumpkin pie..grin

WitchWorley Fri 31-Oct-08 13:39:26
MacdogOnElmStreet Fri 31-Oct-08 18:19:43

That looks a fabby restaurant, WW smile

I won a prize at Toddlers today for being the only best dressed mum grin

In fact I was the only best dressed mum at each party, so I got 3 prizes!!!

(..and before I get a comment, I didn't award them to myself)

WitchWorley Fri 31-Oct-08 21:22:59

yay!!! go md. what did you dress as? not something different to each one? that would take some work!!

WitchWorley Fri 31-Oct-08 21:26:00

yay!!! go md. what did you dress as? not something different to each one? that would take some work!!
ds1 dressed as a mummy and ds2 decided he wanted to be "hurt" too and wanted bandages on his head also. so he had his head wrapped up.
pictures will be on facebook, i have to admit to copying the pumkind design from someone on the pumpkin comp threadblush

now going to eat whats left of the treats mmmmm mini fudges!!

MacdogOnElmStreet Sat 01-Nov-08 10:31:35

I was a witch on Mon/Tues (black trousers, top + hat) then pushed the boat out on Friday and was a pirate!!

no-one else so much as put a witches hat on, bunch of lazy T##TS smile

Your pics are FABBY, loving the pumpkin!

Macdog Sat 01-Nov-08 12:26:28
LetMeEatCake Sat 01-Nov-08 14:23:14

wow just did that envirophone thing for my old knackered mobile...getting £26 for it!! really really need the cash too. what a good idea...

LetMeEatCake Sat 01-Nov-08 14:25:08

arrrrrrrrrrrr macdog you salty seadog

Macdog Sat 01-Nov-08 17:18:30

Just checked envirophone....they'll give me 47p for mine grin

WitchWorley Sun 02-Nov-08 20:51:52

my kitchen smells lurverly grin i've made 10 jars of chutney this afternoon, the nigella christmas chutney and the apple and cranberry chutney. planning on making more this week also and the winter warmer vodka. when its christmas im going to put a jar of eachchutney and the vodka in a xmassey bag as pressies.

and i made apple and pumpkin crumble for tea to take to my parents for after our roast beef.

WitchWorley Sun 02-Nov-08 20:52:51

thankgod it's back to school next week, they have drove me insane this week........
7 weeks to the next school holidayshmm

Jennster Sun 02-Nov-08 21:20:03

Which means 7 weeks 'til Christmas shock and 6 weeks to moving day shock shock.

We are very very slowly packing stuff up. It's going to take forever with us only being able to do it at night, or me on a Monday.

WitchWorley Mon 03-Nov-08 14:32:25

time will fly for you now jenn!

we moved into this place on the 21st dec 99. didnt unpack most stuff till after new year, we had hardly any decorations, no tree , nadder. but then ds was only just 1 so he didnt know what was going on anyway.

Macdog Mon 03-Nov-08 16:45:35

45 days left as Chair of the Toddlers.....and counting! grin

WitchWorley Tue 04-Nov-08 15:03:19

woohoo!! bet you'll end up missing it when your not doing it anymorewink

i had to xray a fireman last night, all in his uniform grin except he was moody one, and he hadnt broke anything so dont know what all his fuss was about the big baby!! he was walking backwards unraveling the hose and fell in a pot hole and wrung his ankle over! no need for such moodiness,
he had been here last night holiday camp on fire just down the road from the hospital

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 15:36:46

h a ha ah ahahahahahahahahahhahaha

laughing at the clumsy fireman. they were so patronising to me when they came round to fit me free smoke alarms, the sods.

ok ok so I was a dumbass, but really!

they asked if the garage adjoined the house, I said No.
Then one said 'so where does this door go?'
'erm...the garage....' I says.
but I was a bit flustered by having 4 in my house all at once (but only 1 was good looking)

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 15:37:52

guess what..............

we have a viewing!!!

(small hurrah)

but now I should be tidying not on MN...
gotta go.

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 15:38:34

...when ds farts he smells awful, like a little deer, all weird and musky. Is this a boy thing? dont remember dd stinking like that....

Macdog Tue 04-Nov-08 18:15:16

How do you know what a small deer smells like??? hmm

....and <snurk> at garage door

Big decisions in the Macdog housing form for a move....and looking into mortgage/new house shockshock

Am fed up being terrified living here

Fuckwit neighbour was setting fireworks off inthe garden tonight....right beside my WOODEN hut (filled with straw as well)


LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 20:48:18

o.m.g macdoggie

get a fireman on standby and know the answer to any property-related quizzzing to avoid embarrassment...

woooooo 3 of us moving house in one go!

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 20:49:47

mortgages are wondrous. I recommend Nationwide. Barclays laughed at us. avoid the banks and stick to les societees buildings.

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 20:50:59

am laughing at dh talking to ds in other room, dh all sensible, ds squealing like a small piglet.#

His trumps just remind me strongly of what I think a deer would smell like? cant really explain myself...

LetMeEatCake Tue 04-Nov-08 20:52:06

on reflection, I -have- smelled a deer at the safari park.......................
many moons ago. For some reason it must have stuck. (blush)

worley Tue 04-Nov-08 22:23:38

what do dd's smell like then?? i only have ds's to go on, and my god ds2 stinks
were with the nationwide, they have been good not had any troubles with them at all, we had payment holidays while i was on mat leave and all sorts, have a fixed rate for 14 years now at 4.5%, we had to increase the term when i went back to work pt or we would have had only 8yrs left on the mortgage now. when i was ft and didnt have ds2 we made lots of extra payments which brought the term down a lot. ...... 3 years till ds2 at school and we have more money again smile

have you been looking at house porn macdoggie?

worley Tue 04-Nov-08 22:27:59

we keep having powercuts all eve, i drove through the estate near us earlier and wondered why there was no street lamps! no i know why.

when it first when off i sat for a while in the dark as didnt know where my phone was (the torch is broke after ds2 threw it in a tantrum a couple of weeks ago and i havnt replaced it, but know what im going to be doing tomorrow now) then when i realised it was on the fireplace i used it as a torch to look at the meter to see nothing had tripped out and rang my dad to get him to help me (as he is a sparky and dp is at work) then i looked outside to see there were no street lights outside ours either.

i only have 2 candles as i burnt my others on friday in the pumpkin... typical. we have leccy on now but im keeping the candle burning in case it goes off again..

worley Tue 04-Nov-08 22:31:58

dont know why i have it on in the background but i have that kerry katona thing on, her hubby really is an arse.

Macdog Wed 05-Nov-08 10:11:30

dd farts are roses and violet scented wink

Not seriously into house porn yet, but am looking into some local schemes where they are so desperate to offload already built houses that they are doing all sorts of mad stuff.

hut survived the night smile

Macdog Wed 05-Nov-08 13:23:11

this and this are the sort of thing in our range

Got appointment with anti-social team tomorrow to discuss horrible henry upstairs

Macdog Wed 05-Nov-08 17:54:10

have spent a happy afternoon stripping horrible wallpaper off the kitchen.
Took dd on the bus to B&Q and bought paint

the whole neighbour thing has given me a HUGE kick up the ass that i've been in this house for 12 years, and the kitchen BADLY needs attention. Always seemed to be a reason not to do windows etc so I AM GOING TO PAINT IT!!!! (pale terracotta - lovely)

Macdog Wed 05-Nov-08 17:59:11

in case you're wondering what the jiggins pale terracotta may be!!

be a lovely change from the naff 60's stuff that's up there just now <blargh>

Macdog Wed 05-Nov-08 18:04:20

oooh and I took dd out into the garden with sparklers!!

Her face was a picture!

Jennster Wed 05-Nov-08 22:51:42

Pale terracotta is pink.

I like the toblerone house. Lived in Whitworth Park when at Uni in Manchester. will link later coz computer sez noooo right now.

Off to bed.....Oh my god I sound like the 'friend' on facebook who today has updated her statement 8 times and ALWAYS effing puts at least 3 exclamation marks after each status update. Blah Blah is off to bed!!!! No kidding? Blah blah is going to the zoo with blah blah!!!!!!! Really? That warrants 7 exclamation marks Jane?

Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 18:05:13

Hi there!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all well!!!!!!!!!!

(is it annoying yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 18:05:39




Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 18:08:06

been to see Anti-social team today.
got diary to fill in.

been round neighbours to ask them to report incidents too, they are all willing to do so.

Feeling more positive today, think it's realising that a mortgage is realistic and we can move away. been council tenant for 15 years and got into a rut of thinking.

Am also being referred for relaxation (on the council) so that'll be niiiiice


Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 18:09:12

....and I've got a bottle of this in the fridge for tonight grin

Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 19:30:07

<<waves to Worley>>

worley Thu 06-Nov-08 19:34:35

is that nice ? i've not seen it beofre before it looks nice and sweet.

lol at the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!md, i only just seen it, so didnt know about it on fb chat!!!lol!!!
jenn youve made me paranoid now about my use of punctuation wink
i have tommorow off, who hoo. then 4 hours on sat morning for theatre work then sunday off.

worley Thu 06-Nov-08 19:35:09

<<waves back to macdog>> grin

Macdog Thu 06-Nov-08 19:40:06

It's very yummy.

Bit posher than cider and blackcurrant, tis fruits of the forest dontcha know!! wink

worley Thu 06-Nov-08 19:40:25

we've been having trouble with work, they owe us all lots of back pay, (me 3 years, some people up to 6 years) and all though they keep saying they will pay it, they will pay it next month, etc etc it never turns up. so the union have got involved and had a big meeting with the hospital and they have now said they arent going to pay us our backpay as they cant afford it and havnt included it in their budget. so after another meeting we have told them they have 14 days to agree to pay us asap or we strike in 2 weeks time!!!! so we will be withdrawing all night emergency cover, and its not just radiographers it will be theatre staff and the physiotherapists that they owe us all back pay. so they will be in deep doo doo with no emergency cover.

worley Thu 06-Nov-08 19:42:44

im going to have to get me some of that me thinks

Jennster Thu 06-Nov-08 22:37:08

Ohh dear Worley. Nice thought to get your pay soon though. I imagine you've given it up for lost almost.

It's not the punctuation, more the !!!!!!!!!!! Why? Will one not do? I am positive I've been guilty of it myself, but I only ever used them where an ! was warranted. I'm off to bed!!!!!!!!! F off it's midnight. Why is that an exclamation. Thing is she is a lovely girl who wouldn't harm a fly. I on the other hand am a miserable old whinge bag. Must be my hormones. I've just slapped sudocrem on my face. The pimples are horrendous at the moment.

MD looks like you had fun with the sparklers.

Worley, that photo of your dp and ds1 in Planet Hollywood is brilliant. They don't half look alike.

When my dd farts on the loo before a poo she calls it a poo fart.

Jennster Thu 06-Nov-08 22:40:46

Oh and this morning, dd recited most of the first verse of Subterranean Homesick Blues. wink At least she has a little taste. That one isn't too bad a song. I'm pretty sure she will be starting on Half Man Half Biscuit ones soon. Allan Sherman is another favourite.
She bought dh the book for his birthday

Jennster Thu 06-Nov-08 22:42:52
Jennster Thu 06-Nov-08 22:43:58

LOL my of to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macdog Fri 07-Nov-08 09:14:12

a dd with taste!


LetMeEatCake Fri 07-Nov-08 13:42:12

I love exclaiming as I type!!!!!!!!!!

well..........the viewing went well, they <as per usual> pretended they loved it, then we didnt hear anything. Why can't people be more upfront?
dd next to me doing fuzzy felts...remember them!?
oh MD sparklers was an ace idea, but my dd a little too young, we did have indoor xmas sparklers 2 yrs ago blimey I hated them, I was the 'fire marshal' had visions of my mother spontaneously combusting she'd drunk so much.

worley I can't believe they owe you lot a load of pay!
that is so shady. As least my company are upfront with overtime you dont get any!

LetMeEatCake Fri 07-Nov-08 13:43:52

btw I think pale terracotta is far more peach then pink, jenn

well done you, Macdog. a change is as good as a rest.wink
actually I prefer a rest. ds fed so heavily this morning I keep going all shaky, then eating crap, which then makes me worse..Ive had a plate of pasta for lunch with pesto on (yum) so that should get better.

LetMeEatCake Fri 07-Nov-08 13:45:22

ive been looking at the samaritan purse website here to see if I have the energy to do a charity xmas shoebox.
cant decide which age group though

LetMeEatCake Fri 07-Nov-08 13:47:19

macdog I wasnt ignoring you on instant messenger on FB.. I have FB set up as my homepage so it thinks Im on it when in fact I am not! I just missed you.

Macdog Fri 07-Nov-08 18:02:23

Luckily I don't take offence then smile

dd loves fuzzy felt too. We've got her this set for Christmas.

Got other sets in TKMaxx for £3-£4

keeps her 'mused for AAAAAAGES

Macdog Fri 07-Nov-08 18:04:03

Once I get the paint on the walls I'll let you know whether peach/pink or another colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Getting fed up with the !!!!!!!!!! yet??)


worley Fri 07-Nov-08 19:54:18

thats the nhs for you, our hospital keeps priding itself on its spending and saying how they keep coming in within their budget, and were saying yeah its because they dont pay us our on call money. i hoping by the time i get it, it will make a big dent in our credit card bill. we think it works out to about £1500+/-

we have new neighbours from tomorrow, the lady came to the door earlier and introduced herself, shes called wendy,in her late 30's i think, has no children and a cat called tango. cant remember what she said her husbands name was, all i was thinking was "oh shes got no children.. shes gonna hate the noise the boys make!" was hoping to get someone with children so ds1 had a new friend maybe to play with. and she has an essex accent. not thats bad shes just not a yocal. (my mum came from romford 35 years ago)

worley Fri 07-Nov-08 19:56:17

!!!! wink no more now i promise

i picked up my woolworths online shopping today, got the fireman sam set, a lazytown doodler and a lego set. and also got while i was there a go diego go thing in the sale. i think im all done for ds2 nowgrin

worley Fri 07-Nov-08 20:20:11

i made the chilli jam this afternoon, its lush i did wipe my lip and forgot i still had chilli on them after putting them in the processor though! wasnt too bad though, just a bit warm for a while. and made more christmas chutney and cranberry and apple chutney. have enough for lots of xmas pressies to aunts/uncles now, just another batch of chilly jam and then have enough of that to. im planning to get ds1 to make some christmassy labes for them and put them in a xmas bag as the gift wrap. i stilll have to make some of the winter bodka for some of my friends though, just couldnt get any cumin seeds, tescos only had ground so will go to the health food shop tomorrow. i might have to sample it forst before giving it away to "check its drinkable" winkwink

worley Fri 07-Nov-08 20:21:55

what can i make with a big bag of green tomatoes i was given by the lady opposite me. do they still ripen even when they've been picked?

Macdog Fri 07-Nov-08 20:22:06

You've been busy

Putting me to shame blush

Macdog Fri 07-Nov-08 20:25:24

Don't know if putting them in a paper bag with a banana would help?

or on a sunny windowsill??

Jennster Sat 08-Nov-08 05:25:20

Yes they ripen when after they've been picked as suggested below, but my Grandpa used to make the most fantastic chutney with green tomatoes. The recipe went to the grave with him I'm afraid but I'm sure there will be recipes about.

envy at getting Christmas shopping done. I'm still waiting for my sil to get back to me. I asked her weeks ago saying that with us moving she would have to get a move on, and so she promptly asked for our list...which she got. angry

worley Sat 08-Nov-08 22:43:27

found a few recipies for for green tom chutney so will try it tomorrow,
just been to bonfire party, boths ds's had great time, ds2 had his first sparkler and loved all the "bangs" and "crackles" do took him home at 8 so i could have a few bevvys while ds1 played with his cousins for while. will put piccies on tomorrow.

Macdog Mon 10-Nov-08 09:28:59

Bit blowy up 'ere. Just had to retrieve dd's trampoline and tie it on to dog run. need new roofing felt for kennel as well

Bought dd the wee Pudsey bear from Boots yesterday. She loves him to bits - he is her new constant companion smile

Booked tickets to go see the Cbeebies Christmas show at SECC - bit pricey, but figure it's a big treat. Next year she'll be big enough to go Pantos

Hope you all had good weekends

Jennster Mon 10-Nov-08 10:54:30

Samaritan's purse; I've done 2 for the oldest girl category this year, but then I saw a thread on here about how dodgy some of them can be....

Not too blowy here, but I'm stuck in cleaning and packing. Just managed to complete 3 jigsaws and bag them up, mopped properly under the sofas and now just need to roll the rug and mop under there. When that room is clear, then I have to movce to the dining room and kitchen. Nearly finished Christmas shopping, just done a massive Amazon order.

LetMeEatCake Mon 10-Nov-08 14:13:09

locked dd in car with my keys today....I was just starting to cry when a burly gardener from next door came and jimmied my car. what an angel! grabbed him and gave kiss and hug! then bought him posh choc biscuits from Tesco he said 'oooh that'll be my lunch ' when I gave them to him when we got back....
rang dh to tell him, he made me explain how Id done it (knocked door lock down with my massive arse then wind blew it shut) and said that the driver's door would've been open all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Typical LMEC-esque drama mayhem. Awesome.

LetMeEatCake Mon 10-Nov-08 14:16:19

jenn-------how is the box thing dodgy?????
I will try and find link........

LetMeEatCake Mon 10-Nov-08 14:21:36

oh that they add christianity leaflets/dont give boxes to non christians?

surely they go into catholic countires in eastern europe? ????? I didnt get this vibe at all from website <naive>?

LetMeEatCake Mon 10-Nov-08 14:22:18

yacky cold grey day here brrrrrr!

LetMeEatCake Mon 10-Nov-08 14:23:34

think Ive done all dd/ds xmas presents, as cant be spending too much.
getting dh a coat from the Jeff banks range in matalan, I want sleeping beauty dvd and some pink slipper boots form matalan too.
then a few bits and bats for the parents...

Jennster Mon 10-Nov-08 15:34:39

Hadn't read about the Catholic thing but that doesn't bother me because I am Catholic. Somebody on here mentioned that their dd came home from a private nursery in Croatia with one! Don't think it was Samaritan's purse though.

Macdog Mon 10-Nov-08 18:17:31

farkin' Early Learning Centre are really hacking me off!

Having faxed the order for Toddler Christmas, I phoned them today cos I hadn't heard anything....THEY HAVEN'T GOT ANY RECORD OF THE ORDER!

WTF am I suppose to do now????
Blardy Christmas parties are first week in December!

Just feel like sitting down and howling sadsadsadsadsad

worley Mon 10-Nov-08 18:28:10

oh dear macdog, where did you fax it from, do they ger a rcieved note or anything?

i read that thread as well jenn, which made me weary of them, some at work are doing the samaritans ones.
hows the packing going jenn?
off to check on my potatoes now... probably mush now

Macdog Mon 10-Nov-08 18:29:45

faxed it from Library, kept receipts/comfirmations of fax 'sent'

Macdog Mon 10-Nov-08 19:23:27

...and to add to it all dd not very well at all, got a bit of a non-specific bug.

Most of the Toddler group was off colour today, just took one to start then the rest joined in with the screaming.

She's had a medised and is off for bath/bed

Jennster Tue 11-Nov-08 08:12:59

Packing going ok actually. I spent all day yesterday pulling out the sofas, hoovering and matching up jigsaws. I did it too! Not one bit missing. Front room is immaculate. Shame about the rest of the house.

I managed to save £210 on my home insurance, made a roast lamb dinner with enough spare to make a curry later in the week, a fish pie for tonight, and meatballs in tomato sauce for tomorrow night. I am mighty impressed with myself. Just off to work.

Macdog Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:07

LMEC,Whass Orange done to ya??

('puter froze before I could reply on FB)

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:14:11

well done supermum

and supertoddlerleadermum

and superchristmaspreparationsmum

and me. smile

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:15:24

Dd has started to get quite bratty, picking badass things up off peppa pig, etc,
she says 'that MINE' really slowly and threateningly little pain.

singing group today was funny, dd obviously felt really at home as she was a nightmare, running in circles, grabbing for everything, diving up to the pop up books etc,,,the women were having to fend her off. I left them to it after trying in vain to catch her whilst balancing ds on my knee. Its what they're paid for.

here comes the bloody rain again. wanted to go for a windy walk this pm. dont think I want to get my sniffly pair wet though.

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:16:30

orange. rip off monkeys.
totally misled me, different staff told me differing things, the usual.

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:17:14

macdog, surely elc will rush to complete your (presumably big?) order?

Macdog Tue 11-Nov-08 14:21:58

<<swirls supertoddlerleadermum cape>>

Phoned ELC this morrning and the order has now been received.
It's for £500 worth of toys - bloody HUGE order

So frustrating that I didn't realise earlier and chase it up sooner.
Just presumed that it was received/processed

Only a few weeks left till I pack it in anyway grin

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:36:26

Jenn is Superhousemanagercookgardeningmum with the triplestrengthuterous

LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:36:52

I am the superscofferspendthriftmum

Macdog Tue 11-Nov-08 14:37:16


LetMeEatCake Tue 11-Nov-08 14:38:07

going to watch some tv and scoff some flapjacks (homemade!)

worley Tue 11-Nov-08 18:24:20

ds2 is very bratty too, i didnt think of it being peppa pig influence though, he will say "its mine" to everything wether it's his or ds1's and as soon as i say no he says "why" or "ooooww". and he has eagle eyes and can spot coins a mile off and will claim then as "mine"

Macdog Tue 11-Nov-08 19:01:41

Oh well, dd got runny tummy - no swimming for us this week

Firing loads of fluids in to her, she's not up for food sad

worley Tue 11-Nov-08 19:06:14

i thought ds2 was ill this morning, he was really hot and couldnt sit up so he stayed at home with dp, however after he slept till 9.30 he has been right as rain!! and is now running around like a looney.

i have been stressing for a few days that i might be pregnant, and after even making dp go out and buy a test last night (which was negative) i suddenly realised today that when counting days between 9to work out when i was dueblush i twigged i miss counted and am in fact a week out!!!! ha ha ha , got dp worried!!! now i feel really stupid as there is no way i could be pregnant anyway!!

Macdog Wed 12-Nov-08 09:50:43

dd much better today

worley, I hate it when the maths goes wrong too blush

worley Wed 12-Nov-08 15:24:21

if you ask ds2 what he wants father christmas to bring, he says..... "a phone"hmm i think he is listening to his brother too much. ds1's lego batman for the ps2 arrived today, £14.99 from is £29.99 in our local game and £39.99 in woolies so got a bargin i think.

dp off for 2 weeks with stress, his boss even noticed his not himself and made him have tome off work. i think hes rreally deprerssed about his mum and brother etc etc, and its nearly the year aniversary of her death too which is a reminder. sad he refuses to go to councelling though

Macdog Wed 12-Nov-08 19:53:31

well.....ELC phoned today and the invoice is in the post.
Now all I need to do is to get another signatory on the cheque and we are in business!!
(mind you they didn't say if it was all in stock.....hmm)

Jennster Wed 12-Nov-08 21:56:54

Oh my god it wasn't positive was it? Worley???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

worley Wed 12-Nov-08 22:00:05

we might be getting a a puppy tomorrow, a little border terrier sweetie will see when we get there after school tomorrow, i dont thinkni can put it off any more, its been nearly 5 years in january and ds1 misses the dog sooo much. if we get it , the pup will be part of his birthday present for 2 weeks time.

off to look at my nice intact furniture now for maybe the last time.....

worley Wed 12-Nov-08 22:02:01

its going to be puppy!!!!!!

worley Wed 12-Nov-08 22:02:51

definatley not a human baby!!

Jennster Wed 12-Nov-08 22:06:20

PHew. Thought I had a scoop then.

Macdog Thu 13-Nov-08 10:22:16

you are norty lady Worley.

am sooooenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvyenvy of new addition

worley Thu 13-Nov-08 15:16:54


worley Thu 13-Nov-08 15:19:56

just been searching for prices on dog insurance, cant believe how much it's gone up, i used to pay £7 a month for the old girl now its around £12 a month shock

i have been thinking of all the things we are going to miss doing agai, like just taking off and going away for the weekend or something, a long day out etc etc. but then i grew up with dogs and ds1 misses milly a lot so i guess i cant be too selfish and keep saying no to him. but if it so much as looks at my setee and new furniture i will not be impressed! have brought chewy toy ready for little teeth

Macdog Thu 13-Nov-08 16:38:36

put a rubber ball in a sock. stops it getting stuck and causing choking and also lets the little darling 'kill' something

Macdog Thu 13-Nov-08 19:38:03

Ok...big night in the Macdog casa.
Taken the side off dd's cotbed shock

Have however taken precaution of fitting safety gate to her room door, so she can't wreak too much havoc <fingers crossed emoticon>

Will keep you informed......

Jennster Thu 13-Nov-08 20:46:58

Good luck Macdog. Dd only been in a cotbed for a week, because she was in the attic before now. She hated the bed we bought her, so we just put her back in the cot for peace. She loves her new room, and she wouldn't dare leave her room. That said last night she was bouncing around until 9.30 because I gave her a night time cough mixture with an antihistamine. The one that has a rare side effect of paradoxical hyperactivity in children...and guess what. Dd is affected by it. hmm

Macdog Fri 14-Nov-08 04:22:57

Well so far she's only fallen out once <touch wood>. Wee soul didn't even cry - so I just plonked her sraight back in there!

I doubled a quilt over a few times and put it on the floor, so she's cushioned if it happens again

Suffering insommnia - too many things rattling round the Macdog noggin

worley Fri 14-Nov-08 06:41:20

if i knew you were up at that time md i would have got up and talked to ya, i've been up scince 4.30 to, pup cried most of the night, i felt really bad for him. but when ds2 woke up at 5.45 i decided to get up in then end and it literally minutes before ds1 was downstairs with us.
he has been caleed roman for some reasosn, i dont know where that name came from, but its better than his first one ds1 came up with which was quaver. hes quite good so far, runs off to the paper to do his buisness.
ds2 is scared of him, but likes to throw the ball for him.

worley Fri 14-Nov-08 06:42:45

ds2 has a go to nursery in your pyjamas today for children in need, so i dont even have to get him dressed.

Macdog Fri 14-Nov-08 10:29:57

Bless {{{hugs}}} for Roman

dd ended up curled up on the quilt when I went in this morning - none the worse. Quite cute, autually grin

worley Fri 14-Nov-08 17:11:25

dd was on the quilt on the floor?!! lol
with ds1 when we put him into the big bed, we used his cot mattress on the floor next to the bed, we used it qas a floor cushion for ages, obv you cant do that with yours md.

hope shes good tonight too

going to watch children in need tonight, with pizza and mint matchmakers (on offer in morrisonssmile).

Macdog Fri 14-Nov-08 17:21:09

She was just soo sweet all curled up on the quilt, at least she was warm

Was at hospital for the results on the eye lump - an hour and a half waiting for a two minute appointment angry

Macdog Fri 14-Nov-08 17:22:11

It was just a cyst, BTW smile

worley Fri 14-Nov-08 17:38:52

thats good news then md.
whats wrong with facebook, i cant get into it, and the one time i did it came up with errors.

just took the pup for his first inj. he didnt even notice, he was too busy hoovering up the biscuits the vet gave him to occupy him! next jab in two weeks,going to get him id chipped then as well.

Macdog Fri 14-Nov-08 17:57:31

FB driving me nuts....managed to get on earlier, but it won't let me in now sad

Macdog Sat 15-Nov-08 07:07:50

Well, dd in her bed this morning - out of her sleeping bag, but in her bed.
Progress is being made smile

Macdog Sat 15-Nov-08 18:10:26

In reply to email Worley - AAAAWWWWWW!!!!

Want one!! grin

worley Sun 16-Nov-08 16:21:30

i'll no where to send him when he starts to be a bit too naughty then grin
im too old to be doing night dutys now i think. the only thing keeping me going is thinking of all the extra monety for crimbo.

the hospital still trying to get out of paying us our backpay, they have 7 more days till we take further action now, we have all sent in grievience letters, so they have been inubdated with over 150 of them!! from theatre staff, physios and us radiographers. but oh well, if they had paid us to start with they wouldnt be getting all this extra work.

have beef stew and dumplimgs for tea tonight mmmmmmmmmmmm

Macdog Sun 16-Nov-08 16:52:55

hope it all works out Worley.

been down at Culzean again today, weather lovely and sunny. dd running about kicking leaves around.

Order/cheque sent to ELC, bought a lot of out-of-stock items in ELC shop yesterday - only 3 things missing now. Will ask those parents to buy their own present and we'll reimburse them. I've done enough

worley Mon 17-Nov-08 14:47:28

just had to order some dried chillies online, i need some for a xmas pressie and cant get them anywhere, been in 2 tescos, asda and morrissons, so had to resort to the www.
off to make some fairy cakes now as they have eaten everything else and i'm refusing to buy more biscuits as there was enough to last them the month, but they're all greedy piglets....

Jennster Mon 17-Nov-08 15:39:29

Just been here. I'm exhausted though. It was cold and wet and I dragged dd out even though she wasn't well, because I arranged to go with my friend ages ago. She is exhausted but happy at least. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are keeping her temperature down.

I fell asleep while she was watching ITNG and then the door went and my Tchibo order arrived.

I just need more sleep! Ds up at 5.30 every morning and it's not enough. Any ideas?

Macdog Mon 17-Nov-08 17:22:38

martin-mere always looks gorgeous any time I've seen it on tv envy

Jennster Mon 17-Nov-08 17:54:04

It was gorgeous, but for the driving rain and cold. We missed the beavers though.

Jennster Mon 17-Nov-08 18:54:38

My son eats like Mr Creosote He is truely a little glutton. He ate his dinner, dd's and started on mine! shock

Macdog Mon 17-Nov-08 19:23:58

dd's fave tonight - macaroni cheese
shovels it away

worley Tue 18-Nov-08 14:24:40

i have the problem with ds2 of getting him to sleep, he will sleep in till 7.30 maybe 8 on the weekend if im lucky. even last week he had no naps and still wouldnt go to sleep at night,
saying that he has a cold at the moment and with the help of some calpol night he was asleep by 7.30 last nightgrin

LetMeEatCake Tue 18-Nov-08 15:12:39

am vaguely worried my dd sleeps too much..
she asked three times to go up for her pm nap at 1pm, and she's still asleep now.
she goes to bed like an angel at 7pm and wakes about 630am, then dozes till I get her up about 8ish.

I feel like poo. can a cold give you nausea? I have had weird morning sickness the last two days, wonder if its because I am bf ds so much. cannot be pg, using a condom really really carefully.

worley Tue 18-Nov-08 15:49:52

i wish ds2 slept like your dd! i dont get anythign done while he is awake, (even though im on here!maybe if i turned it off i would get more done!) am going to try him in his own bed again as soon as my dad has put the heater back on the wall in their bedroom, only been waiting a year... typical sparky.

worley Tue 18-Nov-08 15:51:37

just ordered a digital photo key ring thing for xmas pressies for mum dad dp and brother, they store up to 47 pictures each and £9.99 from should be a nice pressiem will load them with pictures of ds1&2 grin

Jennster Tue 18-Nov-08 16:01:25

DD not well today, so I've stayed off with her. She has hardly eaten anything for 2 days now, and when she isn't calpol/nurofened to the hilt she has a temperature. Do you know she hasn't had a wee all day! She has drunk loads of milk and water though.

I have a horrid cough and might have to go for some Tena soon. It feels very slightly wheezy to, and I have a sore throat. Bummer when I'm pregnant and can't take much. Will be 16 weeks on Saturday, yet had my first vomiting session this morning. Think it was actually only because I'd drunk tea with no food, but even so, it was yukky.

Macdog Tue 18-Nov-08 18:08:10

Sorry to hear about all the poorly people sad {{{HUGS}}} to all who need them!

Took dd for her first haircut today, just a trim to get rid of the scraggy ends. She wasn't convinced about sitting on the high up chair, but soon stopped fidgeting and started chatting grin

Cottage pie for dinner smile

worley Wed 19-Nov-08 14:46:49

ds2 had his first cut a few weeks ago, he was good as gold and played with the car they gave him to hold and fill up with hair. but it helped i think that he has been going with us when we take ds1 for his trims and knows what was going to happen.

the dog has now decided he doesnt like his paper that we are using for toilet training and prefers a spot under the table angry and he was doing soo well, bless! more time out in the garden after dinner i think now.

LetMeEatCake Wed 19-Nov-08 16:00:25

ah bless the wee weeing pupster

bless the trimmed little wee scottish gal

bless the poor puking momma

bless my sleepy little dd

LetMeEatCake Wed 19-Nov-08 16:01:06

and bless the trimmed little southern boy

and bless the xmas shopping xpert

LetMeEatCake Wed 19-Nov-08 16:03:01

wtf am I on about!!

playgroup was alarming today as the czech boy (also called JJ...what weird coincidence...even tho his real name is Nicholas...)
picked up the ladybug buggy thing and smashed it off a little girls head...
cue lots of recriminating looks and every one else unsure of whether to smile or frown................

Macdog Wed 19-Nov-08 16:20:02

Ah, the joys of Toddler groups.
Those incidents usually happen during mums tea time at our group - unless there is actually blood and gore it is universally ignored blushwink

LetMeEatCake Thu 20-Nov-08 16:12:50

ds weighed today, 18wks old 14lb 11oz. he is doing ok. HV advised me to forget potty training till Feb!!!! and to wait till being wet bugs dd enough to tell me about it.

ah the differing advice HV vs mum round 1

Macdog Thu 20-Nov-08 17:31:11

I'm hanging off on the potty training till the New Year when I'm no longer commandant of the toddler group

Any flapjacks left....?hmm