Urgen help..I have trapped a live rat under a bucket, what shall I do now??

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Blu Thu 03-Jul-08 08:53:26

I have called the council...nrecorded message. DP is yelling impractical instructions at me (ME^!) as to how I should kill it, and it's right outside the rabbits door so I can't get in to feedthem. It's under an upturnd bucket which is weighted down by rocks.

What shall do??

CaliFrauthOfJuly Fri 04-Jul-08 22:04:30

I was ill when we moved into our 1st home. (I was suffering the tale end of the evil camylobacter food poisoning that DH had given me on our 1st wedding anniversary when he tried to kill me with a chicken). It was a very stressful time. We engaged the help of DS2's flakey godfather to help with the unloading of the truck as I was weak and baaad. DH was snippy and snipey and a general grot bag and I sat pale and wan on an arm chair in the middle of an empty living room weeping with exhaustion and stress.
<there is a relevant point to this story - bear with me!>
Once the truck was empty and DH had eaten he held my hand and took me into the garden to see one of our empty flowerpots. Therein sat a beautiful frog. He apologised and said he had been a git and that he though the fwog would cheer me up a bit. It did in an odd sort of way. 3 days later when I was feeling a leetle more chipper, I ventured back into the garden and the frog was still there - in exactly the same position - just starting to decay. My dearest darling had taken me from my convalescing chair to coo over a dead frog hmm

1dilemma Sat 05-Jul-08 00:06:13

Thanks for that Cali grin

pourmeabigone Sun 06-Jul-08 23:24:18

This is my first hit on this website...what a scream!! I thought it would be more along the lines of "would it be wrong to sew velcro into my little ones PJS so she will stay in bed?" or "why isnt NASA interested in the adhesive properties of dried on wheatabix" Instead I now know how to murder kangaroos, hedgehogs, mice, fish and rats!!

BibiThree Sun 06-Jul-08 23:32:32

Welcome to Mumsnet! grin]

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