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hatter Sat 09-Oct-04 18:10:31

Hello everyone,

I have just come back from a lovely time at our local museum, where they had African story-telling. They taught us a beautiful lullaby, which brough tears to my eyes. I would love to find out all the words and the full translation, have tried to do a google search but no joy really. Here's what I remember but please forgive my awful spelling of the non-English bits. The chorus went "Thula too thula twana thula sana; thul too thula twana thula baba" (Thula is pronounced just T - got the spelling from some of my searches) this bit roughtly translates as hush my baby go to sleep - then something about the father (baba). The next bit is the tear jerker - it was sung by mothers whose husbands worked away in the mines: "The rocks and stone stay the same, my love, your children grow but you're not here my love....the children change but you don't see my love...." and I can't remember the rest. I know it's a long short but anyone know it?

hatter Sat 09-Oct-04 18:11:14

a long shot even

lou33 Sat 09-Oct-04 18:21:41

Thula Thula - NtombKhona Diamini

Is that it?

It's available to buy on a cd from amazon here , if it is.

foxinsocks Sat 09-Oct-04 18:26:30

you can get a cd called 'african lullaby'. It's got thuna thuna and thuna mtwana on it. It's a beautiful cd

foxinsocks Sat 09-Oct-04 18:26:50

oops lou! way behind you!

lou33 Sat 09-Oct-04 18:27:06

That's the cd I have linked to Foxi

lou33 Sat 09-Oct-04 18:27:19

stickynote Sat 09-Oct-04 18:27:20

Tula Baba? This is on this if they haven't changed the track listing recently. It's a Zulu song.

hatter Sat 09-Oct-04 18:45:37

thanks lou and foxinsocks - not the right one unfortunately - sticky note - your link went to - did you intend that?

lou33 Sat 09-Oct-04 19:37:35

HAve you listened to the soundtracks via my amazon link to see if any of them are the one you are looking for?

stickynote Wed 13-Oct-04 09:52:47

Duh! Sorry, only just come back to this. Try this - it's the right description but the wrong picture.

WandaX Fri 29-Jun-07 11:04:56

To Hatter: The music comes from the movie Dingaka by Jamie Uys and I found the words at
Tula Tula : Songs Lyrics

Tula Tu Tula baba Tula sana
Tul'umam 'uzobuya ekuseni

Tula Tu Tula baba Tula sana
Tul'umam 'uzobuya ekuseni

Hush my baby close your eyes
Time to fly to paradise
Till the sunlight brings you home
You must dream your dreams alone

Tula Tu Tula baba Tula sana
Tul'umam 'uzobuya ekuseni

Tula Tu Tula baba Tula sana
Tul'umam 'uzobuya ekuseni

Hush my baby go to sleep
I'll be with you counting sheep
Dreams will take you far away
Sleep until the break of the day

Tula Tu Tula baba Tula sana
Tul'umam 'uzobuya ekuseni

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