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child modelling any advice

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michellehemple Sun 19-Sep-04 21:08:03

I sent some pics to a few model agencies and have been offered assesments for my son and daughter to have assesments with the following agencies, one called childsplay, one called models direct, one called juliet adams, and another called BMA models does anyon0e know if these agencies are any good. Any adv0ic0e would be very much appreciated. Thankyou Michelle

SADIELONDON Wed 27-Oct-04 13:01:03

Apologies, I didn't mean to offend. It is just that there is so much conflicting advice out there and most of which is wrong, which I am sure you will agree. What I was merely trying to do was set the record straight about agencies that charge yearly fees and also speak out for the agency that I am with as they have been so good to me and my children.

JBMUM Mon 27-Dec-04 22:17:55

Nice to see someone speak some sense for a change. I am sick of reading messages from so called know it alls, that really know nothing. WILLOW2 did actually say that elisabeth smith didn't charge. I've seen that so many times in chat rooms, but OH YES THEY DO! And they are one of the dearest. Maybe Willow2 works for them and is worried about bizzykidz being such high competition? who knows aye?

KARENP77 Tue 28-Dec-04 18:49:41

hey, I am with Bizzykidz too and they are great! Too much gossip goes on in these chatrooms that can be damaging, and by people that clearly don't know what they are talking about. I don't know how the companies that own these websites are legally allowed to get away with publishing things like this. I know if a newspaper did it they would be taken to court. I hope whoever monitors these sites takes care because they are such good sources of information for parents and I would hate to see them closed for something silly like this.

lockets Tue 28-Dec-04 18:56:07

Well freedom of speech is often excercised here and mn do state that things said have not been checked etc. if a person experiences bad service or has a bad experience they tell ten people on average its just the way of things I am afraid.

JudgeFlounce Tue 28-Dec-04 19:04:40

Message deleted

lockets Tue 28-Dec-04 19:06:46

Glad you turned up your honour wanted you to post here... Hope your christmas was enjoyable.

JudgeFlounce Tue 28-Dec-04 19:08:34

Message deleted

lockets Tue 28-Dec-04 19:10:27

But in the parellel world of mumsnet you are and that is all that counts.

JudgeFlounce Tue 28-Dec-04 19:13:31

Message deleted

lockets Tue 28-Dec-04 19:15:40

He was generous with the heartburn definately...............roll on april.

JudgeFlounce Tue 28-Dec-04 19:20:11

Message deleted

lockets Tue 28-Dec-04 19:22:31

April is due date so heartburn will cease to be hopefully. Pickled onions are the best invention in the land.............with a great big lump of cheddar.

JudgeFlounce Tue 28-Dec-04 19:25:07

Message deleted

aquashiv Wed 05-Dec-07 20:42:46

H there I used to run an agency not modelling and the law clearly states that you can not charge candidates any upfront fees only the client. No matter how much work goes on behind the scens and I am sure its alot. Ethically I feel it is ver wrong to charge esp as the client is charged. Does anyone know the legal position?

how lovely to see judge flounce!!!!!

aquashiv Wed 05-Dec-07 22:19:58

how lovely to see judge flounce!!!!! Eh???

Avalanche72 Thu 28-Jan-10 15:26:14

Hi All, just have an consultation with 'Truly Scrumptious' this w-end. Has anyone any info on this agency? Legit or not?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 28-Jan-10 15:32:59

This is a 6 year old thread!

jhphotography Mon 24-Jan-11 21:35:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

WikiSpeaks Mon 24-Jan-11 22:02:40

This whole thread is a bit bonkers.

pecklepops Wed 14-Sep-11 22:56:52

I have a sneaking suspicion that SADIELONDON actually works for Bizzykidz and so has a vested interest in how she comments. All parents should be aware that Agencies have a policy of monitoring these forums; should they suspect parents of children on their books are posting negative comments about them, they will remove that child from their books.

WoofToYouTooLady Wed 14-Sep-11 23:04:21

pecklepops I'm not sure why you are bothering to comment on posts made in 2004, nearly 7 years ago


lilyruby Fri 16-Sep-11 17:04:33

hi, my 2 girls have been accepted at kids london, and urban angels, i dont no what one to choose. any advice out there !!!

lilyruby Fri 16-Sep-11 17:06:17

hi, my 2 girls have been accepted at kids london, and urban angels, i dont no what one to choose. any advice out there !!!

epeems Fri 23-Sep-11 00:27:15

lilyruby - they're lucky girls, both top agencies. I'd tip towards Kids London.

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