Has Katie Price had her baby yet??

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Biglips Thu 31-May-07 22:24:52


misdee Thu 31-May-07 22:28:40

she isnt very pregnant is she?

Lilliput Thu 31-May-07 22:29:14

Believe me, we would know about it if she had, the press would be notified before anyone else!

im sure not 100% sure but i know it wasnt due until june

hatrick Thu 31-May-07 22:29:33

Message withdrawn

wannaBe Thu 31-May-07 22:30:11

who cares?

SlightlyMadSlug Thu 31-May-07 22:30:27

HOw is Peter Andre. What happened with his meningitis (scare?)?

poppy34 Thu 31-May-07 22:30:59

he appears to be better following the riveting viewing that is peter and jordan the next chapter

wannaBe Thu 31-May-07 22:37:42

do people actually watch that?

Gobbledigook Thu 31-May-07 22:38:44

On that programme it was end April/start May and she said she was 8 months - so must be due soon.

I watch it. I like them.

poppy34 Thu 31-May-07 22:39:51

Afraid so .. slinks away hanging head

Biglips Thu 31-May-07 22:40:22

and i like them too. P andre is made up for losing the weight he wanted to lose for ages but is looking so fragile atm and katie is VERY pregnant looking as she is massive!!

2shoes Thu 31-May-07 22:40:29

oh how nice another thread slagging of jordan..........she has had such a good year so far. so would it hurt to be nice?

SlightlyMadSlug Thu 31-May-07 22:41:33

So was it confirmed as meningitis then?

Biglips Thu 31-May-07 22:42:15

bacterial Meng

hatrick Thu 31-May-07 22:42:39

Message withdrawn

poppy34 Thu 31-May-07 22:42:54

2shoes - I like her - felt quite moved when I saw her with harvey on programme tonight and really hope it goes well for her with new baby (and I'm not someone who gives more than a passing interest on celeb/babies etc)

expatinscotland Thu 31-May-07 22:43:04

He had viral meningitis, IIRC.

I got that when I was 20 and it did so suck.

Sobernow Thu 31-May-07 22:43:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wannaBe Thu 31-May-07 22:43:56

no not slagging her off, I just could care less whether she's had a baby (didn't even know she was pregnant) and why would anyone want to watch a programme about her life? maybe if I made a programme about mine I could be elevated to the status of "britain's favourite ..."?

btw I hold the same view of all so-called celebrities, it's not personal to this particular one.

2shoes Thu 31-May-07 22:44:11

i just hope things get better for them cos love them or hate them they have had a heap load of bad luck of late.

thelittleElf Thu 31-May-07 22:46:14

I think they are such a lovely couple, and really well matched! I know she seems to come across as a total tart, but tbh it's all a front for the cameras! I love watching them - when i remember it's on!

Gobbledigook Thu 31-May-07 22:47:50

wannabe - I guess it's just the same as watching a soap though really. It's just interesting, how people live, how they interact with other people etc. I dunno, I just like them because they are very down to earth, very open and I just find it nice to watch.

I'm not big into celebs at all - I don't buy any of the celeb mags or anything. I just quite like these too - maybe cos I watched them in the jungle when it all started off! Ha ha!

Gobbledigook Thu 31-May-07 22:48:26

these 'two' even!

IT beats watching the crap that is Big Brother though. Gawd.

Biglips Thu 31-May-07 22:51:51

aawww poor harvey xx

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