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MadameWeb Mon 19-Mar-07 13:15:17

i got one to pay for a birth certificate from the council & lost it, ive just found it but its from feb 3rd, can i still use it?

if not its £7 down the drain

zephyrcat Mon 19-Mar-07 13:20:14

I would say yes. I think they last quite a long time.

AnAngelWithin Mon 19-Mar-07 13:20:48

i think its 6 months

MadameWeb Mon 19-Mar-07 13:21:36

yey, thanks

amynnixmum Mon 19-Mar-07 13:22:43

From the Post Office Website:

Postal Orders can be cashed at any Post Office™ branch for 6 months after the date of purchase. An attempt to cash a Postal Order after this 6 month expiry date will be at the Post Office™ Ltd's discretion.

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