If mumsnetters were all Enid Blyton characters....

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nikkie Wed 07-Mar-07 12:37:56

DarrelRivers that was me too!
I used to do those chalenges at the library , how many books can you read this holidays and used to have to keep going back for more sheets

Whizzz Tue 06-Mar-07 22:09:33

had to Google to find out the name of the country bloke !! Tammylan !?

six cousins at mistletoe farm was the book with smelisande and then six cousins again.

the mother was a bad sort because she only thought of her own needs and disregarded her husband and family.

aunt linny however was a real mother with red work worn hands and ruddy cheeks, who never had time to put powder on her nose or wear a pretty dress, but she did have a good high tea on the table when her husband came home from shearing the sheep.
and she ran the dairy, and looked after the chickens and did all the things a good wife should.

and susan had an icelandic pony called boody who was very frisky and hard to handle.

Ohh yes Lone pine 5, i read a few of those too, but still loved EB the most
We did a sponsored read at school when I was 10 and everyone else read 5 or 6 book and I read 40 or so I think
I don't think i spoke or had any friends but I was allowed to get 9 books out of the library a week , as it was the only way to keep me quiet

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 21:51:39

oh yes Cherry Tree Farm, had forgotten that one too!
<sigh> I so wish we hadn't got rid of them all! I think I need to take a trip to the library soon...

idlemum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:50:17

Remember enjoying EB in the 1960's but then discovered the wonderful Malcolm Saville's 'Lone-Pine 5' adventures. Way better ! Mind you I would probably discover if I read them again with my dd that they are very un-pc too.

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:40:12

Message withdrawn

nikkie Tue 06-Mar-07 21:39:53

Isn't it Rick not Dick in the Faraway tree now?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:36:49

Special Needs: What is the wittiest thing your children have said to a SN child recently?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:32:04

PMSL at MB - the Queen of MN "alternative universe" threads.

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:15:03

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:13:09


I'm very happy living with big ears, but I think he keeps going to Goblin parties. What should I do?

Everytime that Kirrin Island is mentioned I think of xenia, maybe her children all disappear on a rowing boat in the school hols and have jolly adventures

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:08:33

Message withdrawn

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:08:01

Message withdrawn

RubyRioja Tue 06-Mar-07 21:07:44


I have gifted a small island to my daughter George to avoid inheritance tax liability. Does anyone know if this means she can stop her father working there outside term time. Do we need some kind of liability insurance?

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:07:21

Message withdrawn

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:05:36

Dio, the five findouters and dog series. Had a comic policeman call PC Goon

Whizzz Tue 06-Mar-07 21:05:26

And the Children of Cherry Tree farm - where the kids made friends with a strange country bumpkin who told them all about nature!
I can still remember how to identify a stoat thanks to that book !

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 21:05:14

That was the Five-Find-Outers

I loved those books until I read the one where Mr Goon has his dim nephew Ern to stay and ends up caning him and making him cry. It was quite frightening really

I say again, she had a problem.

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:04:56

Shit greesleeves, I can't belive that I remembered that. To think there is a part of my brain that can't do bloody useful things like remember where I put my car keys, because it is busy remembering that some one was cruelly called Smellisande in and E blyton book. FFS!

DrMarthaMcMoo Tue 06-Mar-07 21:04:00

MIL dug out some of dh's old Famous Five books for ds1 a couple of years ago and I had to do some swift improvisation in places when I was reading them to him. One I remember was about the children hiding in a railway tunnel and getting covered in soot - they were "black as n......" I was quite shocked - this was a copy from the mid 70s, so not that old really.

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:03:48

Message withdrawn

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 21:03:01

LOL yes, it was awful wasn't it

I can think of a few MNers who are just like her

Ah yes Smellisande

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 21:02:24

that review fails to mention Kiki the parrot

Yes I remember the mother was ideologically opposed to high tea, (lord knows what she would make of a turkey twizzler now) but on this day she had to make food for all the workers at the farm
And she tried to have a party with the few remaining funds that they had, and the DH sent the caterers van back

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 21:01:42

It was her little brother who did that - Smellisande! and she burst into tears and ran upstairs

Whizzz Tue 06-Mar-07 21:01:34
Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 21:00:40

and didn't some of the kids tease her and call her Smellysande....or am I making that up out of wishful thinking?

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 21:00:27

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Tue 06-Mar-07 21:00:20

Yes Roddy and Melisande who was also a bit flowery and used hand cream and when the boy who her girl cousin fancied came( who could ride horses jolly well) , he fancied Melisande more because she was pretty rahter than girl cousin who could ride any horse, so she became more feminine.
Another harsh lesson I thought

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 20:59:25

No, I have an unusual memory

In fact I abridged it a bit because I was embarassed - I can actually remember chunks of text too

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 20:58:35

Message withdrawn

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 20:57:20

Mistletoe Farm, was it? Was the mother a prissy type who liked nice dresses and sitting on committees? I remember how sad it was at the end when she got up and put her apron on and cooked bacon for her husband with a wan smile. I remember thinking how sad it was that thy ahd finally broken her spirit

Was the little boy called Roddy, and the girl called Melisande - can't remember the name of the other boy. Roddy wanted a puppy and wasn't alowed one so he ran away to his uncle's farm (Holly Farm) where he had high tea and was cosseted by Dorcas the cook
Is that the one?

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 20:57:08

was the first one the family at red roofs?

Feeling depressed: my DH has lost all our money and we are no longer able to afford living in our swanky house in the town and so my family is going to have to go to live on a farm in the middle of no-where and I will have to muck out the cows and make hearty teas for the farm workers, when all i want is to waft around in floaty dresses and wear make up.
Relationships/What is worse I will have to be living on the next farm to my dreadful BIL adn SIL who I have nothing in common with.
Education/and my DCs will have to go to the local comp rather than a private school
Do you think they will ever pass their exams and go to uni?

Can't remember the name of these books, anyone remember please

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 20:53:48

Whoa!!!! That is BAD!!!!!!!!!!

I remember one story about a little boy called Willie who had his leg broken and a gaping peck wound from a swan, the story was all about how it was his own silly fault for teasing animals

And another story (even further back in the niffy bowels of my mind) about a whole village wich was dominated by this fearsome character called the "Spanking Man" who lived in a little house on the edge of the village, whenever anyone did anything wrong they had to pay him a visit

That woman was disturbed, wasn't she, really. But the Faraway Tree books are great, with a bit of parental editing

Dior Tue 06-Mar-07 20:51:42

Message withdrawn

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 06-Mar-07 20:50:09

I read an Enid Blyton book as a child called "The Three Golliwogs". As far as I can remember, they were called Golly, Nigger and Wog (I had a very old copy of the book as it had come from one of my cousins), but now they appear to be called Wiggie, Waggie and Wollie (according to a review on Amazon). But I don't think it is actually in print any more. I stand to be corrected on the names, but remember being shocked when I read it in the 70s, and it is something that has stuck in the dark recesses of my mind.

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 20:47:06

AuldAlliance you are a STAR, you are making me snort coffee

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 06-Mar-07 20:44:31

My name is Mrs Kirrin. I strongly suspect that my husband has Aspergers, my daughter dresses like a bull dyke and my sister treats me like an unpaid childminder. I find the stress of all this is affecting the taste of my home made ginger beer. A friend of mine has suggested relief from "Those Dreadful Children" might be forthcoming in the form of "The Put Em Rights", a band of ghastly smug middle class children who go round putting everyone's life to rights.

What do you think?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 20:35:39

So do modern Enid Blytons feature golliwogs????

I come from a very pinko liberal family so I was quite aware of racism from a young age, but it never ever occurred to me that golliwogs had anything to do with black people. I was when this was pointed out to me (I think I was a teenager).

AuldAlliance Tue 06-Mar-07 15:41:16

All this is making me feel sad and nostalgic.

We used to have a hysterical record of Five on Kirrin Island (or some such title), where the jolly bunch chanted 'we're going to find the ingots, we're going to find the ingots'. It was hilariously camp. Someone 'borrowed' it to sample it for some record he was going to storm the world with (yeah, right).

Don't suppose anyone has a copy they could record for me? It had a lovely picture of the Five and their dog to colour in on the back.

stleger Tue 06-Mar-07 15:27:54

Tammylan is a queer fish, bit of an odd fellow don't you think? Frightfully good with animals though.

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 15:12:40

Cannot advise re French mam'zelles but there is a weird man in a cave called Tammylan who may be able to help with DDs horse.

AuldAlliance Tue 06-Mar-07 15:06:56

Education: there are two Mam'zelles at my daughter's school, a fat, jolly one and a thin, pinched-lipped one whose hairpins deserve to be pulled out with a big magnet and who needs a bucket of water to be put on her classroom door so it drenches her when she comes in. How can I ensure that my daughter gets to have classes with the fat, jolly one? The thin one never laughs when the impish but lovable pupils play tricks on her. She seems to think they should be learning French or some such nonsense.

Pets: my daughter's darling horse has colic. Is there a handy gypsy encampment or travelling circus nearby so that a swarthy, earringed foreigner to whom I would otherwise never condescend to speak can give advice on keeping the horse walking around all night, thus saving its life? Getting free veterinary advice from the oppressed is so much simpler than asking a professional.

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 14:56:33

Malory Towers has rather short terms but I think owner could probably arranged extra coaching with some mad old loser in the hols. Probably on small island with high crime rate and perilous coast so she would need a trusty dog, rowing boat and friendly fisher boy.
Possibly a more simple soln. would be to keep new baby in cupboard under stairs. I have heard Enid B did this with her children and they came to no harm. Hope this helps.

i've just had a baby and my daughter is abit jealous. which boarding school would you recommend? am considering malory towers?

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 12:14:21

to be honest mb I think your son's main problem is that he spends too much time in a shed.

RosaLuxembourg Tue 06-Mar-07 11:44:32

My 10-year-old daughter is very naughty and we can't seem to keep a governess longer than a week because of all the silly tricks she plays on them. Naturally I don't punish her, these governesses ought to be able to stand up for themselves.
However, my husband has been asked to go to America for a year and I want to go with him but I can't possibly take Elizabeth - my nerves wouldn't stand it - can anyone recommend a very laid back boarding schools where the children run the show and there is no possibility of them actually expelling her and us being stuck with her again.

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 11:40:44

Chat How big is your mysterious island?

Behaviour/development All the children call my son Fatty, should I reduce his intake of hard bioled eggs and lashings of ginger beer?

Education Where can you buy a trunk for school these days?

Food Tuck boxes, I want to put in one chocolate biscuit but that bloody school says they have to be fruit bars!

stleger Tue 06-Mar-07 11:33:40

I'd be a middle class mother who has a housekeeper, a gardener and a lady from the village to help with heavy work. And I'd look after the dinner gong.

yellowvan Tue 06-Mar-07 10:58:55

ohh, dame washalot, must try and get hold of the other w ch book, i love a bit of intertextuality!

How's mrs saucepan btw? still baking those pies???

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 10:53:55

Wishing Chair also features Mr Grim's School for Bad Brownies

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 10:48:22

i don't really remember, prob only managed to read it once before my mum took it away ! But i think there were probably black children in it who were very naughty/savage like or something.

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:48:19

me too, must do house work

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:47:23

Dame slap is in wishing chair and faraway tree and the wishing chair goes to the farawy tree at some point,)I don't remember this but was told so by a very excited ds1 " The wishing chair is at the faraway tree and I've read that haven't I!!!!!"

oh somebody tell me the turn the bloody computer off and do something with my day!

in what way racist?

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 10:44:09

oh yeah i remember Dame Slap! But I'm sure there was one in the Wishing Chair as well.

My mum actually banned one of her books (she didn't like any of them but there was nothing she could do about it, we were Enid Blyton fans through-and-through - it was the River of Adventure I think here . It was blatantly racist.

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:43:38

They do have lots more exciting adventure secret of spiggy holes etc.

and they were always being sent postal orders.

that is very familaiar! yes sure i've read that one!

misdee Tue 06-Mar-07 10:42:23

oh you are right, it is £5 note

oh five pounds in my copy!

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 10:41:16

sorry damewashalot you beat me to it.

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 10:40:44

Secret Island:
3 middle class children, (2 girls + boy) one working class (Jack I think).
MCC's parents lost in plane crash- live with awful aunt made to work like slaves etc. Friends with wcb (the beaten one- lives with wicked farmer).
Runaway to blissful Island in the middle of a lake. Take with them boat, chickens, swim cow across. Build a willow house out of living willow twigs for summer, cave for winter (of course) trade wild strawberries etc for necessities of life + books, Christmas presents etc on mainland. Various adventures, parents reappear, Jack adopted into family. Back to boarding school for everyone I presume and nothing ever quite as good again.

misdee Tue 06-Mar-07 10:39:51

TMMJ thats first form at malory towers. oh i have been laughing at it. didnt read propelryu without the slapping of gwen though.

and having £10 for a term. wasnt it 10 shillings?

yellowvan Tue 06-Mar-07 10:38:40

Floating, are you thinking of Dame Slap, (now renamed dame Snap) in the Faraway Tree?
"If yellow Van ate 23 biscuits, what colour socks does her ds wear on a tuesday? " Try and get that one past an Ofsted inspector....

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:37:30

There is a bit of hiding from people looking for them and they have chickens and a cow.

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:36:28

Secret island, children living with horrible aunt and uncle parents missing asumed dead, run away to island with Jack(?) and live there build a house out of sticks and grow food.
In the end they find out parents not dead and they all go to live with them.

in one of the malory towers towers books the teacher says to her new class' i don't think i have any brainless girls this year. if you are brainless and come last then that is fine but you have brains and come last i will be very cross...' paraphrasing but you get the gist.

can you imagine?

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 10:33:08

There was also that awful school in the Wishing Chair, I can't remember the name of it or the mistress. I think the children rescued them or something?

batters Tue 06-Mar-07 10:31:15

MMJanitor - yes I am sure you are right. Reading St Claire's - where all the characters are girls is hardly going to be sexist!

I was shocked though at the bullying which is deemed okay. One poor girl Marjorie (who is also looked down open for not being very clever academically) has just won a lacrosse match for the school and no-one cheered her or anything .

(Perhaps I need to get out more?)

oh my god-secret island sound familiar-somebody give me a brief synopsis please!

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:21:22

LOved the secret island, don't remember beatings used to love the idea of living on an island and living on wild berries

NotanOtter Tue 06-Mar-07 10:19:17

how old are those gilrs supposed to be?

jura Tue 06-Mar-07 10:18:01

Misdee, Darrell definitely did slap Gwen in the pool, Gwen then went around showing off the finger marks to all and sundry... "and went off to put some cold cream on it"...

Oh yes, happy memories. Reading an updated version just wouldn't be the same...

NotanOtter Tue 06-Mar-07 10:15:26

G Baverstock lives in my town dontcha know!

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 10:13:17

Beatings in The Secret Island MMJ, I seem to remember. Hence children ran away (prudently taking with them six chickens and a swimming cow).

ghosty Tue 06-Mar-07 10:11:29

Greeny, so far, no beating going on - AT ALL ...
I tried to read the 'old' version to DS a year ago and ended up giving up as I found it hard to edit as I went along.
Now though, really easy and DS is loving it. Quite well done I think, still with that charm but without the 'datedness' ...

yellowvan Tue 06-Mar-07 10:10:36

My ds said to my sis the other day "Nic (cousin) is being naughty because you didn't smack him enough when he was little"
Gawd knows what his teacher thinks of me if he comes out with stuff like that in school....wonder if she's read EB's "Book of Naughty Children"......

JanH Tue 06-Mar-07 10:06:51

Gillian Baverstock (EB's daughter) will be speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival on March 25 if anyone's interested.

I think Imogen might be more interesting though


i read a story recently in a book of bedtime storys about a kid getting in trouble for not having a clean hanky. and the day he does have one he falls over and uses it to mop up the blood-so he gets in trouble cos it's dirty!

no comforting him/plasters etc.

misdee Tue 06-Mar-07 10:04:38

I am currently reading first form at malory towers. i am certain that qwhen i read it when i was young Darrel slapped Gwen in the pool, now it says she shook her.

please tell me they havent toned down the slapping of gwen

damewashalot Tue 06-Mar-07 10:03:09

PMSL at this thread. You can guess where I stand on Enid Blyton books When we go on holiday ds1 wants to find caves to explore in the hope of finding secret tunnels

kittylette Tue 06-Mar-07 10:01:56

My son Dick is an awfully happy lad, and claims daily to be gay.

We are awfully proud to have raised such a jolly chap but have become slightly concerned when we found the 'toytown clothes catalogue' under his bed with pictures of PC Plods head glued to the male swimsuit models.

What should we do??

greensleeves-which one are you reading?
don't remember anyone actually being beaten?

Greensleeves Tue 06-Mar-07 10:00:37

ghosty, have they taken out all the scary child-beating bits too? I am reading the old version to my kids and I have had to do some serious off-the-cuff editing


how did the famous five never get murdered?

tortoiseSHELL Tue 06-Mar-07 09:57:52

Education; I'm really annoyed with my dd's school - thinking of complaining to Ofsted - they recently had a fire, and instead of calling the Fire Brigade, it was left to my dd to climb the drainpipe to rescue the ill girl in the SAN who everyone had forgotten about. She's now in hospital with a broken leg - should I write and complain to her form teacher or will she think I'm being an interfering parent?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 09:56:15

Oh, I loved them to bits and I started my own secret society and everything.

Then I got a bit older and started being uncomfortable when the Famous Five were laughing at the accent of a working class child. I remember that moment very clearly - it was the first time I realised that the author wanted me to be laughing and I didn't think it was right to laugh.

Trez educational.

Am very against anyone who tries to stop children reading them.

gobshite Tue 06-Mar-07 09:54:02

Behaviour and Development

My son and his little friends have formed some sort of club they call the five findouters, and spend their time wandering through the countryside looking for criminals, sneaking out of their rooms at night, being threatended by international smuggling rings and getting trapped in abandoned houses.

Am I right to be concerned that he's acquired the nickname "Fatty"?

yellowvan Tue 06-Mar-07 09:54:00

Mrs Twiddle writes:
AIBU to be annoyed with dh being so blardy forgetful all the time, you know, the other day he put the fish from the fishmonger in my hat box AGAIN, and I found my sou'wester in the fridge.......

And he SCOWLS at my cat

And I have to darn his socks

Aloveheart Tue 06-Mar-07 09:52:56

i think i would be mr wobbly!

chopchopbusybusy Tue 06-Mar-07 09:50:52

Am I being unreasonable? Our cook is - plump - well actually very overweight. She seems to spend all day feeding my children and their cousins lashings of ginger beer and jam sandwiches and I'm worried that they too will become...plump.

gobshite Tue 06-Mar-07 09:50:34

pmsl at welliemum

because that's what we thought sn't it welliemum?
we really thought'god these are awful-how wrong is she?'

nnnaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! we thought 'this is bloody fantastic!!!' and we tried to have secret socieies in the garden sheds, and took picnics to the rec pretending it was kirrin island and we wanted to be just like them!

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 09:49:11

Pets: We have a lovely dog who has helped uncover several smuggling rings, but he is awfully licky.

Is this a valid reason to have him put down?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 09:46:53

I haven't read one for 30-odd years so no doubt they're heavily updated, but certainly when I was reading them in the late 70s, they were racist, sexist, xenophobic and horribly snobbish.

Great stories though, and I think it's good for children to read that sort of thing and figure out that they shouldn't automatically accept an author's world view.

gobshite Tue 06-Mar-07 09:45:00

My nephews and neice are coming to stay with my dd for the summer. Again! DH is down in his lab, as usual, inventing things, and says he really can't help out. AIBU to send them off hiking alone through the moorland rather than feeding the overprivileged little blighters all summer?

And exactly how much ginger beer is "lashings and lashings"?

tortoiseSHELL Tue 06-Mar-07 09:41:24

Am I being unreasonable;
Dh spends all his time in his study with his stupid inventions that have never benefited anyone since before time began, he is grumpy, he can't even remember to come out for breakfast, even when cook has prepared his favourite sausages. To make matters worse I'm expected to entertain his lunatic scientist friends for him. Now he's decided, just because he forgot to chop down the tree outside our house and it fell through the window nearly killing our children that we all have to go to one of these so called friends houses. You know how it will be, all science and no sex.

Am I unreasonable?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 09:40:23

Wow, awesome crosspost MMJanitor!

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 09:39:17

I've just seen a stranger in the lane outside our house. He is unshaven and very swarthy so obviously he is a criminal, or at the very least a foreigner.

Should I just call the police straightaway?

batters-i think the sexism is most obvious in the famous five books-george is nearly as good as a boy, ann like washing the dishes while the boys go exploring etc. and the racism-'there is a foreign cigarette end, that must belong to the villains' 'there are two swarthy looking men speaking in foreign accents-they'll be up to no good i'll be bound'

have just reread the malory towers bbooks and the bullying is unreal in them isn't it?

slowreader Tue 06-Mar-07 09:23:14

My children have come home with gold ingots in their rucksacks AGAIN. Also despite four or five enormous meals a day they neither grow nor age. All Julian's friends have turned 21 this year and yet he remains bloody 13 and a 1/2, has teenage strops with the cook and has just fed dog 30 homemade macaroons.

Cannot even begin on my concerns for Georgina.

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 09:23:13

lol my last post referred to the redroofs book not the sat nav wishing chair!

batters Tue 06-Mar-07 09:22:35

Might have been in another series Mildmanneredjanitor.

But am currently reading with dd the second of the St Claire's books and am fairly certain that Redroofs was their previous school.

I love Enid Blyton books, loved them as a child and love reading them now with dd . Yes it is old fashioned and middle class but haven't so far come across racism or sexism. However the girls are awful to each other, lots of calling each other "idiots" and bullying behaviour such as a whole class sending someone to Coventry. Every evening after we read it dd and I discuss how this is not the way to behave in real life.

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 09:22:32
wotsits Tue 06-Mar-07 09:20:31

Products: Where can I get a wishing chair with built-in sat nav?

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 09:20:02

Oh yeah!!! "The Family At RedRoofs" or something? I'd completley forgotten that story!

wasn't red rooves the house the family had to buy when they became poor? and they all had to leave school and get jobs?

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 09:12:40

i am so unhappy -my kids stay away at boarding school during term time but in the holidays all they want to do is go & stay on islands or go camping on their own. i hardly get to see them and feel like i don't even know them. i know they are very responsible independent kids and that's great but i feel like i'm not needed any more.

zippitippitoes Tue 06-Mar-07 09:12:38


I feel as though I don't exist..I haven't seen my children for years and my husband spends all his time doing i don't know what in a foreign country..we communicate entirely by telegram

is this normal?

batters Tue 06-Mar-07 09:08:44

My girl twins are such snobs, I am thinking of taking them away from Redroof's. But if they go to St Claire's they will have to mend their own sheets and stockings. To be perfectly honest I don't know if they will cope or not.

I have tried to talk to my husband about it but he just snorts and shakes his head behind the newspaper.

I don't know what to do - choosing a boarding school is really, really difficult.

ear warmers?

UnquietDad Tue 06-Mar-07 09:07:40

You know what they say - Big Ears, Big.....

FloatingInSpace Tue 06-Mar-07 09:06:44

tell us what u think expat- i can't imagine what it'd be like reading them for the first time if you didn't grow up with them!

expat-yes enid blyton wrote the malory towers books.

she wrote books in the 1930's/40'/50's and they were an absolute must when we were all kids.

very jolly and of their time-lots of sexism/racism/classism-just what kids like!

have a go at reading a few-even just so you know what we are al going on about!

fryalot Tue 06-Mar-07 09:02:13

how do I get my children to come down from the magic faraway tree?

they spend so much time up there they think moonface is their father.

expatinscotland Tue 06-Mar-07 09:02:10

Who's Enid Blyton? Is this the same as Malory Towers?

cod - i have just reread all the malory towers books!

how do i tell my sister that i don't think it's fair that i have her children to stay EVERY bloody school holiday?

they are at boarding school and as soon as the holidays come, they end up at my house! ther are 4 of them too, and she never gives me any money to help out with all the fruit cake and ginger beer they eat.

am i being unreasonable?

ghosty Tue 06-Mar-07 08:58:17

Cod, DS and I are reading The Enchanted Wood atm ... the new edition. Was very disappointed to see that Fanny is now Franny and people feel peculiar and strange, not queer.
Also I notice that 'Father' comes back from the shops most of the time, not from work ...

i think jo the cook has been at the cooking sherry again-her face looks red and jolly all the time.

dh driving me mad. stays in his study all the time and only comes out to shout at the kids, and he keeps refusing to eat the meals i cook. Says he's in there inventing but i'm sure it's an addiction to internet porn.

FluffyMummy123 Tue 06-Mar-07 08:55:31

Message withdrawn

ghosty Tue 06-Mar-07 08:53:35

Health: My Fanny is feeling all queer. Should I take her to the Doctor?

redshoes Tue 06-Mar-07 08:51:34

Anyone seen any promo codes for Lacrosse sticks?

redshoes Tue 06-Mar-07 08:50:39


WideWebWitch Tue 06-Mar-07 07:57:23

Help! My children are stuck up little prigs! What can I do?

WideWebWitch Tue 06-Mar-07 07:56:43

I am sick of making home made lemonade and providing sodding ginger biscuits.

Twiglett Tue 06-Mar-07 07:41:24

<admission: I have never ever read Enid Blyton in my whole gosh-darned life>

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:39:47

secret sevens!


Twiglett Tue 06-Mar-07 07:38:19

That Enid Blyton .. gawd she's sixist .. I can't believe this thread even exists , I am ashamed to be a Mumsnetter ... her with her famous fives and super sevens .. sixes have feelings too you know and it would behove you all to remember that

(what like that? )

Blandmum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:35:23

Chat Do you think Quentin in a poncetastic name?

In the news Group of children foils espionage ring again

AIBU To let my young children to go on hoilday in horse drawn caravans with no adult supervisation?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 07:19:10

I overheard a mother saying "drat" to her toddler in the supermarket - should I have intervened?

FillyjonkDOEStellherkidsoff Tue 06-Mar-07 06:27:37


Steppy1 Tue 06-Mar-07 05:36:01

PMSL at this little lot...pelvic floor nearly gave way

AitchTwoOh Tue 06-Mar-07 02:50:36

Multiples: Am expecting twins. i want to call them Dick and Fanny but DH says no.

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:41:20

Parenting: What do you think of the name Dick?

welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 02:35:44

Fanny is a lovely name. You could shorten it to "Fanjo" as well.

Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:35:10

Parenting: daughter going through a phase - should I let her shorten her name to George?

AitchTwoOh Tue 06-Mar-07 02:31:58

Is Fanny a suitable name for a young lady?

Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:14:44

EDUCATION - boarding school - will I regret it?

Ivor Tue 06-Mar-07 02:14:02

Don't forget the lashings of ginger ale

Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:11:51

days oout recommendations: the beach is SMASHING especially if you take some lemonade and sandwiches!

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:11:30


Califrau Tue 06-Mar-07 02:10:26

Big Ears - should I have them pinned back??

mamama Tue 06-Mar-07 02:04:00


welliemum Tue 06-Mar-07 01:55:15

.... what would we post about?

Chat: My children have just been kidnapped again by international jewellery thieves. I do hope they are rescued in time for tea.

Behaviour/development: My daughter is athletic, assertive and extremely capable at everything she sets her hand to. I am so worried about her. How can I get her to wear a dress and simper like her darling cousin Anne?

Style: I have a super hat. It's blue with a bell on top. I'm thinking of teaming this with a red jumper and a yellow scarf, any thoughts?

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