Oh crap, just found mouse poo... in dining room!

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burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 18:52:55

Just found mouse poo in the dinning room. Food is never left in there as our dog hoovers it up but we do have a cockatiel in there so the mice I guess are after the seed.
Any suggestions whats the best way to oust these unwelcome creatures?

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 19:25:57

Should I use poison, traps or a sonic repeller thing?

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore Tue 24-Oct-06 19:28:51

We found a mouse last week. Have got a sonic thing in each room now, and caught 5 in traps laden with mars bar. no sightings or captures for 3 days now, touchwood.

2mum Tue 24-Oct-06 19:32:41

Personally i would use all three as im so scared of mice! Put some poison down and get a few traps down and you will catch them. I wouldnt use just poison or just traps, a combination of both is best as some mice are sneaky! Ive got one of the plug in mouse repellents also which i keep on all the time just to be sure if there are any they`ll come out.

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 19:49:40

which plug in repellent do you both use? I need to get rid of them sharpish as ds1 is 20mths and ds2 is only 9 weeks. I don't want to find mice or their poo in the toy box!

2mum Tue 24-Oct-06 20:08:31

Hi i unplugged mine and its called Lentek model#PR40. Ive got one plugged in the kitchen and one upstairs in the landing. The guy in the shop said one is enough for the entire house but we got 2 anyway!

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore Tue 24-Oct-06 20:15:51

We've got a big thing called Pest-Stop, which does electromagnetic and ultrasonic, so stops bugs etc too.The smaller plug ins dont seem to have a brand name on, but the back says STV718 Mouse and Rat Repeller, customer services is on 01953 881580. If thats any help to you!!

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 20:16:02

cool, thanks 2mum. how long did it take to work?

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 20:17:42

thanks mustcackle, will look into that one too, again how long did it take?

2mum Tue 24-Oct-06 20:21:52

the mouse repellent drives the mice or rats out of their nests in walls, or where ever they are. I was worried in case i seen loads but i did see one in the living room and 2 in the kitchen at different times. But have traps down to catch them and poison in places you can put it away from pets and kids.

mustcackleorsuckbloodmore Tue 24-Oct-06 20:35:40

Well, I dont know how much was due to the repellers and how much to traps! Once we put a trap down,we'd caught one in 20 mins (the royal 'we', meaning dh had to deal with the bodies!!) We then got one a night. One looked big enough to be a mummy one, the others babies After that, no more sightings or poo or trappings.

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 20:50:18

Thanks. Will get some of everything when I get paid next week, we can't afford anything til then. So for the moment they're safe.

sparkly1 Tue 24-Oct-06 21:29:59

Where can you buy the sonic ones? Is it a B&Q thing? I found droppings in the kitchen cupboards tonight. Grossed me out. And dp is away so I have to deal with it.

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 21:32:09

Glad I'm not the only one with this problem this evening! Little furry buggers!

sparkly1 Tue 24-Oct-06 21:33:22

It squicks me out. Cannot deal with this. have just cleaned everything out. Thankfully seem to be limiting themselves to the lower shelves. It's just gross. Traps freak me out but I'll try the poison and the sonic thing.

beckybraAAARGHstraps Tue 24-Oct-06 21:36:22

No! If you poison them, they don't die on the spot. You have to locate their bodies by the smell...
Little nipper traps, peanut butter. Works a treat.

But I do get dh to check them

burstingbug Tue 24-Oct-06 21:47:08

eew. dh wants a humane trap and wants to set them free 2 minutes away on the cliff. he hates things being killed

southeastastra Tue 24-Oct-06 21:49:55

we found the humane trap fine, the mouse was in it in the morning and we just let it go

sallystrawberry Tue 24-Oct-06 21:54:13

when we had mice I moved out (with dd) and went and stayed with my mother for 5 days.
Ds wsnt bothered by them so he and dh stayed home, they were only upstairs in our house, in our bedrooms <<ss freaks out once again at the thought>>

we used wooden traps with peanut butter (works better than choc they cant knock it off, we also got the council blokey out to put poison in the attic, he also put it under the cooker in the kitchen just incase.

We had no weird smells and they dissapeared within 5 days, he put enough poison down so that if there were anymore that came along afterwards it would finish them off to.

I still have nightmares about them btw.

BadHair Tue 24-Oct-06 22:00:00

Yes, poison method is horrid. They just keep conking out all over the house - don't believe the pest control people who tell you they only die outside! It really is quite horrible unless you don't mind finding decomposing mice tucked under the most immobile items of your furniture.

We thought we'd solved our mouse problem by getting a cat, but ds1 swore blind he saw a mouse run across his bedroom only last week. As our feline deterrent was actually fast asleep in ds1's bedroom at the time of the alleged rodent visit, it appears that he is actually quite a useless addition to the family.

Flum Tue 24-Oct-06 22:03:50

Why do mice always seem to come this time of year. We have some too. Caught one last night and one the night before in traps.

They have been in our toy box and destroyed loads of cuddly toys and chewed off Baby Annabels nose

I think they are sweet but it is war now. am fed up of disinfecting everything.

How much do council charge?

2mum Tue 24-Oct-06 22:05:54

I know the poison method is gross. The cupboard upstairs where we keep the towels in was where dh found a decomposed mouse the other week. He put the hoover in to make sure all the poison was gone and a mouse stuck to the metal bit on the hoover! I hate going in to that cupboard now but there was loads of poison ate and that means a good few must be dead so that cant be a bad thing. Theres a lot of stuff in that cupboard so i really should de junk it but im scared in case i find any dead mice or mouse skeletons!

sallystrawberry Tue 24-Oct-06 22:07:37

charged us £40, well worth it imo.
I was told the sonic things are useless, and the sonic whatsits dont travel through walls so unless there is a supersonic version, I dont see how one would work for a whole house tbh but I am no expert, just mouseaphbic and not willing to take a chance..I want them dead I tell you!!!!D E A D!!

Flum Tue 24-Oct-06 22:09:38

where do the mice live in the summer? outside???

2mum Tue 24-Oct-06 22:10:04

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