Guess what I am getting on Friday!!!

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Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 17:57:37

Go on...!

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:02

a dog! (sorry)

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:03

A new car?

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:17


MoreTeaAnyone Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:47

a mooncup?

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 17:59:10

a holiday in Germany?

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:02:43

you're not trying! COME ON...GUESS!!!

(oh and Lili!)

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 18:04:03

A baby?

rosebea Wed 13-Sep-06 18:04:04

a night alone with no children/partner/washing
a giant tub of cookie dough icecream, a selection of great chick flicks and a naked man servant?

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:00

a diamond tiara?
breast implants?
a wig?

brimfull Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:27

a big american car ..a hummer

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:32

Oh come ON!...It's ME...what am I getting???????

youknowyouloveitCOD Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:51

is his hula?
a new car?

brimfull Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:00

a visit from inlaws

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:18

your furniture ? (or do you have it)

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:22

(altho I am liking Rosebea's suggestions )

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:37

a choir singing under your bedroom windows?

MoreTeaAnyone Wed 13-Sep-06 18:09:58

a nanny?

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:10:23

A PRIZE FOR Southeastastra!
<need a larger font>

MY STUFF IS COMING!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! [GRIN]GRIN][GRIN]

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:11:06

<walks away disappointed>

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:12:24

I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 18:13:21

Where's it been?

rosebea Wed 13-Sep-06 18:13:32 can't eat or make love to furniture!!!!!!
Although I totally get it, I had new chocolate leather sofas last week and they are my babys now, the kids have to sit on the floor

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:17:49

on a bloody boat since Aug 6th...and I havent seen it since MAY! We moved over here (USA) in May, left our stuff, DH went and oversaw the packing in Aug - I kept well clear) and it was on teh boat til the Sept 3rd then clearing customs. It was signed off yesterday and is coming on FRIDAY! HOO-BLIMMIN-RAH. I am getting rid of the world's itchiest hottest rented couch and the world's nastiest lumpiest rented beds on Thursday and we're borrowing airbeds and using our garden chairs til I GET MY STUFFFFFFFFF

Albert Wed 13-Sep-06 18:36:32

Weh hey, finally!!!

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:37:30


Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:40:13


Gingerbear Wed 13-Sep-06 18:42:57

You do know that all your worldly goods don't mean a thing don't you?
Tis the lurve of a Good Man and your darling children that is most important.
Stop being so shallow and materialistic this instant.

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:56:34

PAH! i want my sofa!!!

I've been doing the love aof a good man and kids crap for momnths and it's not all it;'s cracked up to be.... Give me FURNITURE

Gingerbear Wed 13-Sep-06 18:59:08

Are you going to lol around on your sofa like a 50's hollywood starlet hugging the upholstery fondly?

SoupDragon Wed 13-Sep-06 19:12:51

You're about to find out just how cr*p at overseeing the packing your DH was...

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 19:16:37


mustrunmore Wed 13-Sep-06 19:29:42

That's great When I divorced ex dh, i lived in a derelict house for 7 or 8 months while I bought a flat, so everything was permanently boxed up. It was like xmas when I finally got to unpack

SoupDragon Wed 13-Sep-06 19:41:03

Californifrau after opening her first crate.

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 19:49:20

do you think I'm stooopid?

SoupDragon Wed 13-Sep-06 19:51:41

<<bites tongue and sits on hands>>

PandaG Wed 13-Sep-06 19:55:29

Really glad to hear it Californifrau. Enjoy having your furniture back.

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 23:38:16

need to sing the stuff song again


SoupDragon Thu 14-Sep-06 11:26:31

But will it be your stuff or the stuff belonging to a family with "Trailer Trash" taste and poor hygiene skills?

Californifrau Thu 14-Sep-06 17:22:45

I feel th eneed to ignore you AGAIN soupy!

stu huhuhuhuhuhuh huhuhuh huhuh uhuhuhuFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

My stuff is coming tomorrow. Tralalallaaaaaallalalaaaalallalalalallaaaaa

The itchy rented sofa is going back today
The lumpy bed with "sanitized" written on it is going back today

sunchowder Thu 14-Sep-06 17:39:35

YEA (Marching Band in Background)

Hygienitech Fri 08-Nov-13 11:28:26

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Hygienitech Sat 09-Nov-13 13:14:35

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