Guess what I am getting on Friday!!!

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Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 17:57:37

Go on...!

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:02

a dog! (sorry)

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:03

A new car?

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:17


MoreTeaAnyone Wed 13-Sep-06 17:58:47

a mooncup?

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 17:59:10

a holiday in Germany?

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:02:43

you're not trying! COME ON...GUESS!!!

(oh and Lili!)

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 18:04:03

A baby?

rosebea Wed 13-Sep-06 18:04:04

a night alone with no children/partner/washing
a giant tub of cookie dough icecream, a selection of great chick flicks and a naked man servant?

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:00

a diamond tiara?
breast implants?
a wig?

brimfull Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:27

a big american car ..a hummer

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:32

Oh come ON!...It's ME...what am I getting???????

youknowyouloveitCOD Wed 13-Sep-06 18:06:51

is his hula?
a new car?

brimfull Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:00

a visit from inlaws

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:18

your furniture ? (or do you have it)

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:22

(altho I am liking Rosebea's suggestions )

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:07:37

a choir singing under your bedroom windows?

MoreTeaAnyone Wed 13-Sep-06 18:09:58

a nanny?

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:10:23

A PRIZE FOR Southeastastra!
<need a larger font>

MY STUFF IS COMING!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! [GRIN]GRIN][GRIN]

LiliLaTigresse Wed 13-Sep-06 18:11:06

<walks away disappointed>

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:12:24

I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!
I'm getting my stuff back!

princessmel Wed 13-Sep-06 18:13:21

Where's it been?

rosebea Wed 13-Sep-06 18:13:32 can't eat or make love to furniture!!!!!!
Although I totally get it, I had new chocolate leather sofas last week and they are my babys now, the kids have to sit on the floor

Californifrau Wed 13-Sep-06 18:17:49

on a bloody boat since Aug 6th...and I havent seen it since MAY! We moved over here (USA) in May, left our stuff, DH went and oversaw the packing in Aug - I kept well clear) and it was on teh boat til the Sept 3rd then clearing customs. It was signed off yesterday and is coming on FRIDAY! HOO-BLIMMIN-RAH. I am getting rid of the world's itchiest hottest rented couch and the world's nastiest lumpiest rented beds on Thursday and we're borrowing airbeds and using our garden chairs til I GET MY STUFFFFFFFFF

Albert Wed 13-Sep-06 18:36:32

Weh hey, finally!!!

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