Anyone got a north west facing garden? How much sun does it really get?

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Tinker Tue 05-Sep-06 09:51:58

Sounds a bit gloomy to me.

MrsBadger Tue 05-Sep-06 09:56:35

Northwest will catch a bit of afternoon sun, esp if it is large and/or not very enclosed.

Our garden is small and faces due north but we still get morning (till about 10.30) and afternoon sun in the summer as there are only lowish fences to the east and west.
Personally I'd be more worried abot how dark the rooms facing onto the garden will be - our kitchen and dining room can be very gloomy indeed, and a gloomy kitchen first thing in the morning is very depressing.

TenaLady Tue 05-Sep-06 10:02:11

Yep, got big garden NW,we get sun from sunrise and most of the day tbh we lose it from the first few metres from our back wall at around 10ish in morning (summertime) but the rest of the garden is full of sun until the last little square goes at around 7pm.

Bibliophile Tue 05-Sep-06 10:02:34

Mine is only 40feet and it gets loads and loads of sun - too much this summer! I worried about it a lot before we bought our house but there was no need, it has sun all day, though often with a sliver of shade by the north facing face which is quite useful with children - a place to put the paddling pool on hot days. The only downside is that the morning sun doesn't come into the kitchen much but my house is Victorian and their kitchens tend not to be sunny anythingbecause they are long and thin.

bundle Tue 05-Sep-06 10:03:25

ours is northeast and i've grown runner beans, tomatoes and there is enough sun for us - we still have patch of sun around 4ish in the summer..

Tinker Tue 05-Sep-06 10:37:18

Oh phew! Garden in question is 45' x 30 something' so should be big enough to get some sun.

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