Swagger Inn late night lock in. This could get messy. Thread 17.

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MalcolmTuckersMistress Sat 10-May-14 22:23:39



MalcolmTuckersMistress Sat 10-May-14 22:26:30

<wipes eye>

FolknNorah Sat 10-May-14 22:27:17

Baby wipe malc?

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 10-May-14 22:28:15

Splat wot? Your dh bollocks against each other?

MadamedeChevreuse Sat 10-May-14 22:29:15
Cinnamoncookie Sat 10-May-14 22:30:48

<Tit parps Graham Norton>

MalcolmTuckersMistress Sat 10-May-14 22:32:27

Drink wants a teabagging by Austria.

Cinnamoncookie Sat 10-May-14 22:34:37

Come on, wenches, it's too early for fighting. I will set set Vinnie on you

MalcolmTuckersMistress Sat 10-May-14 22:39:02

Is Oblomov still looking for her glasses?

Flopsy28 Sat 10-May-14 23:07:50

Oh for the love of God...how have we started another new thread. Stop wittering for one minute!

Cinnamoncookie Sat 10-May-14 23:15:00

It was Eurovision stream of consciousness, Flopsy

Flopsy28 Sat 10-May-14 23:18:31

<pulls up a stool>
<orders a randy goat herder>

Shall I wait here for you all?

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 10-May-14 23:52:05

Oi, malc. It wasn't offensive! Are they like those stress balls fir mamager's office? Splat, splat.

You was just nasty. sad

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 10-May-14 23:52:46

<kicks malc in the fanny for goodnight>

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sun 11-May-14 00:13:00

Unfaithfully Yours,

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sun 11-May-14 00:13:10

Drink. Xx

MrsBurketeer Sun 11-May-14 00:16:40

Oooft I fucking love Eurovision. It's a massive two fingers up at all the Daily Mail UKIP voting bigoted shits and their ilk across Europe.

Plus you can get pissed and have a laugh watching it.

Pleased Austria won, was a fab Shirley Bassey-esque performance and the girl had presence. But I did live the Netherlands. I blame my mum cos she made me listen to Kenny & Dolly when I was wee.

Hope all wenches had a fab night. Bed time zzzz

Flopsy28 Sun 11-May-14 00:30:10

Really really need to go to sleep now. Night wenches.

Haha MrsB - we is on same page. Netherlands was robbed though.

It took me fackin ages to to find you. I'm going to attempt contact to other wenches for new threa. Not sure how far I'll get before sleep zzzxxx

AnotherHelenB Sun 11-May-14 07:34:37

Really, I'm first in?

AnotherHelenB Sun 11-May-14 07:38:44

<tucks duvet back around Hannah, tipitoes away from chaise>
<tidies up quietly>
<redecorates random upstairs room room as nursery/creche for BabyElk - installs MuskeMobile (pauldron/swords/muskets/fleur-de-lys/wine bottles/cutlery/big hats) and sets it gently spinning round>

LaComtessdelafere Sun 11-May-14 08:00:47

Morning HelenB, lovely decorating.

Well....I'm afraid I couldn't keep up with EuroMuskeChat but I did watch the voting and thought Kasper (Borgen) is rather delish. No comment on the rest suffice to say like MrsB I like the general anti Mail sentiments.

Hope Florence has had a good night and none of you blundered into the nursery by mistake...

No Muskedreams sadly, just a work dream where the pharmacy was burgled and all the methadone was nicked. Who was burgled as well? Was it you LetUs? Not impressed.

AnotherHelenB Sun 11-May-14 08:05:18

Morning Comtesse smile

I can't even remember my dream, but I've never had one involving a musketeer, so who's be interested anyway?!

Miserable weather today. I'm hoping to climb a windmill and go pond dipping. Hope the weather clears up a bit...

MavisGrind Sun 11-May-14 08:12:54

There you are.....

Glad you all enjoyed Eurovision. Love film gave up halfway through Sherlock Holmes so I'll have to save the other half of RDJ for another time.

Awful weather here today, I predict very little will be done.

AnotherHelenB Sun 11-May-14 08:13:07

The internet doesn't like the weather either (on a go slow here). Have just had FB splurge, in case anyone gets random friend requests!

DH has appeared. Lovely DH - I can go back to bed and slob for a bit!

The Inn's dishwasher been run - it may need emptying if you need clean glasses! I've lined a few up on the bar in the meantime...


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