Anyone know anything about very large Log Cabins?

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Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:05:01

About 180 sqm or 1900 sq ft?

As in how much & where from


SherlockLGJ Mon 28-Aug-06 18:06:51

You spoilt with that last line, I was going to say, they are very large and made of logs.

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:09:28

no but I did once sing with an Apalacian family Yodelling group who also worked together building log cabins. I don't get the chance to tell people very often!

anteater Mon 28-Aug-06 18:10:47

if UK built will probably come in 4 sections of 12ft x 40ft bolted together.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:11:05

You are mean (unless you still have the Apalacian family Yodelling group's phone number)

Aww come on chaps I need real help here

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:12:01

OK Ant eater - so I would need about 4 of them (why that size?)

Where do I get them from?

anteater Mon 28-Aug-06 18:13:16

Most are built in Hull.
That size cos its the industry standard and as large as can be transported on wagon!

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:14:47

I thought they came in pieces

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:18:37

link\{\here you go!}

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:19:08

wooo - weird!

try again!

Californifrau Mon 28-Aug-06 18:19:51

Peter Gott is the Daddy of the band!

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 18:20:23
SaintGeorgeMarple Mon 28-Aug-06 18:20:40

Hull - the caravan (and associated trades ) capital of England.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:22:00

Lovely - however I think I'll use JCB's and powertools

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:24:30

JackieNo - they are nice but not big enough

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 18:28:23

How about these (bottom left - Twyford commercial range)?

SaintGeorgeMarple Mon 28-Aug-06 18:28:24
Blossomhill Mon 28-Aug-06 18:31:29

Can I be nosey and ask what you need them for, as intrigued!

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:35:38

I will contact Twyford and cosalt tomorrow

Neither has any prices - but thanks guys it gives me somwhere to start

I want a building level with the ground rather than a portacabin

Any more ideas?

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 18:37:20

I am trying to open a nursery (maybe) - but portacabins are so high of the ground it makes outdoor access really hard for under 3's

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:30:18

Why do the portacabins have to be so high, I have been in loads of temporary ones that are quite low. I take it the more permanant ones have to be set higher due to the construction.

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:31:00

What about long wide ramps from the doors you will probably need this for disabled access anyway.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:32:30

It's just I'm gonna need about 4 at nearly £3k each

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:48:19

How the hell can a ramp cost 3k, get a local joiner to do them for you. In fact I will send my FIL , he is a joiner for the NHS.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:52:07

It is apparently to do with insurance and british standards (ffs & I don't swear often)

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 21:53:06

What if it's a permanent concretey sort of ramp?

Skribble Mon 28-Aug-06 21:55:04

A professional joiner that does commercial work should be well aware of what is required to comply with regulations.

I think most the temporary type log buildings will have similar air gaps.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:55:46

Haven't looked at that - why ....can you get me a cheap one?

I just thought a log cabin would be nicer and lower

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 21:56:22

They seem to be on a concrete base....quite level

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 21:58:00

Sorry - no - afraid I don't have a source of cheap concrete ramps.

Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 22:00:37

How unreasonable of you Jackie....

JackieNo Mon 28-Aug-06 22:01:55


Katymac Mon 28-Aug-06 22:06:02

Hopefully someone else will know about Cabins???

Pretty Please??

anteater Tue 29-Aug-06 12:40:45

External wooden structures need upkeep and have a life of maybe 10 years..

Would go for a concrete ramp with a textured surface. Probably cheaper to build, no upkeep and will last longer than the porta-cabin.

Katymac Tue 29-Aug-06 12:42:51

Don't know if I would get planning for that - as a portacabin is a temporary structure & concrete is fairly permanent

scotlou Tue 29-Aug-06 12:55:38

My dd's nursery has a portacabin at the moment - and it is not raised off the ground! They have the babies i there so they are constantly accessing with buggies etc. - no problems.

Katymac Tue 29-Aug-06 14:11:40

Oh wow - that's great news

Katymac Tue 29-Aug-06 20:44:56

I contacted both of the companies Jackieno & Saintgeorgemarple suggested and They "will be in touch" the Cosalt people didn't have a clue what I was talking about

Skribble Tue 29-Aug-06 21:07:03

I think you can have them fairly low, you are best to have a slight slope up to the doors anyway or you will have water flooding in every time it rains ( had that at a few nurseries I worked at that had level access, always had towels accross the doors).

Katymac Tue 29-Aug-06 21:09:25

I don't mind 6-8 inches worth of slope (how do you spell that?)
Cos I won't need handrails as they can't fall off

One of the govenors at the school runs "plant" so could get it excavated quite cheaply (tho' what to do with the soil??)

Flipo Thu 08-Nov-12 08:07:01

I thought you are talking about residential log cabins

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