Can anyone help me ... i need advice on housing ......

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Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:26:35

Yes i am in the crapiest of situation & have spent the whole morning crying whats new hey!

Well we are in private rented & have been for the past 2 years in this house, we have a assured shorthold tenancy which ends on the 1st september 2006 the lanlord had served us with a "section 21" notice for eviction on the 18th september we are on the council housing list & i have been speaking to them on & off now since about april, i only have 25 points & we need 95 they have said.

I get on really well with the landlord & he has been very nice & understanding but he does want to move back into his property & is hoping to on the 18th BUT i have phoned the council again today & they have told me come the 18th i do not have to leave & he will have to take me to court la la la la i do NOT want to go to court, i am extremley down & really struggling with this how situation i dont know where to turn but i honestly have sat here today & thought i can not go through this anymore...

My HV still visits me at home because i have PND & i see my docotr about twice a month i can not take this stress its wearing me down & i feel like running away, it has put trmedous amount of stress on mine & dp's relationship.

I have tried everything i have even written to the MP he was very nice & he did try but the council just fobbed him off.

So what the hell can i do now? i just can't go on like this.....

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:26:55

i was going to change my name but what the heck....

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:35:07

I am afraid without going to court most councils and Housing Associations will not house you. You need to be made unintentionally homeless and your landlord must take you to court to do that.
It is a very scary thing to go through and I have been there.

When you go to court the court will give a date you have to be out, the council should sort out some kind of housing by that date. They will fob you off until then though I am afraid.
It could be temporary housing, half way house, b&b it depemds on the area etc....
How many children do you have and is it just you or you and a partner?
If your H.V or doctor will write a letter saying your situation is having a severe effect on your ond you may be entitled to medical points (40 points in my area) and when homeless you will get more points.
At the moment the council will not commit to anything.
The other alternative is they help you with a deposit on another house? Again that depends on the council etc .....

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:43:40

It is for me & dp, we have 2 children one who is 4 & 1 who is 7 months.

How long do the courts give you after the landlord has gone to them?

I already have medical points but only 15 my hv feels i should be in the middle bracket & have 40 but they put me in the low bracket.

I am very very down & struggling but i am also one of these people who will not speak about my feelinsg & ALWAYS have a brave face on, i am that bad at the moment that i don't even want to see anyone because i know i will break down crying. I saw my Hv this morning but i managed to hold it together by not talking about my situation much.

I was ment to see my doctor about 10 days ago but never went...

I just feel like hiding, does that make sense? i HATE people seeing me giving in it's just who i am so people don't even know the extent of the way i feel.

I know i should speak out because i am torturing myself but i just can't, i find it easier writing letters & talking through email or maybe sometimes on the phone but i still break down..

Oh my life is in such a bad way i dont know what to do

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:50:49

I was exactly the same and it took me ages to go to the G.P. Both my gp and hv wrote letters but this was beacuse I neede a transfer from a flat on a hell hole estate and after 2 years finally got moved.

Its a bit differenet for you and at the moment just being evicted should be enogh for the council to act. When we went to court we were give 6 weeks but I think it really depends on different courts etc...
It wasn't like a big court it was a side room with landlord, me and 2 other people. Very quick but obviously you get charged court costs Its not an ideal situation but it is the only way the council will house you now rather than in years when your points have very slowly built up.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:55:01

Oh there is no way i will go & sit in a court i just can not do it

to make things worse they are bringing a new scheme out & not using the points system now, they are bringing a thing out called choice based letting which they will put properts up for let form the council every fortnight & people have to bid for them, you will be in either band "a" which is priority going down to band "F" it makes it worse for us because we have only been on the list since april & apparently the longer you have been on the list the higher up for priority you will be.

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:57:31

But being made homeless puts you at the top of the list for temporary housing although you may have to wait a long time for permanent housing.

There is no need for you both to go so would your dp go to court?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:58:33

The MP has written back to me again for the 2nd time saying that he can understand i am in a terrible situation & that his post bag is mostly full of people waiting for housing, he said if i feel i need his help i can right back again, but what can he actually do? does he have any power? i dont know what sort of things he can help with? what should i write to him?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:59:26

Well he will have too because i just cant do it but it's an awful thing to have to do because we get on wiht our landlord he is gonna hate us ins't he?

fussymummy Wed 23-Aug-06 14:00:35

scoobydooooo I just wish i could give you a great big hug.
Where do you live?
All councils are run in a different way.
Do not bottle up how you feel, that's the worst thing to do.
Let it all out as it'll help you.
Keep sending letters to the council, as they have to acknowledge each and every one of them.
Do you see a psychiatrist for your PND? If you do then they can also write you a letter.
Keep all GP apt and tell them exactly how you feel and get letters to say how its causing your health to get worse.
Call your HV and tell her how you really feel.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:05:35

fussymummy - You made me cry

I try to tell people how i feel but then once i start i sort of think i can't do this i muct stop....i am scraed but i don't what off.

My life has come to a stand still & the stress & pressure i am feeling is really making me ill.

Do you think i should write a letter to my doctor because i really don't want to go & see her because i just feel like a fool for crying

I have spoken to dp today after phoning the council & i burst into to tears he said he was going to speak to someone because he sees me getting worse & worse... i even picked up & pair of his shoes & throw them at him the other day... i dont ever do things like that

I live in surrey...

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 14:06:40

Scoobydooo, what a scary situation. Get in touch with Shelter. They have housing aid centres and a phoneline now, I believe.

Shelter is for people with any sort of housing problem - not just homelessness - whether you own your home, rent privately, rent from the council etc.

They will tell you exactly what your options are, will do some things on your behalf and, if necessary, represent you at court hearings.

Look up their website, get a number and phone!

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:07:06

Your landlord will not hate you, explain to him that this is the only way you will have somewhere else to live and he will understand.

I really do think you should talk to your HV. Are you on ad's? It took me ages to admit my pnd was bad but I felt so much better when it ws all out xxxx

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:08:37

Scooby hun I am in Surrey. I am near Epsom if you want any support I will happily offer it. I can come to the doctors with you or just meet up for Coffee? If you want to email me its

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:08:43

Hi pointydog i have been on there website & found out some info, i did try to phone them about 4 weeks ago but they were busy 7 then i just left it.... like everything.

I would phone them now but i know i can not talk i will just burst out crying ... i will call them though when i feel more stable.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:12:40

Thanks everyone for the advice by the way, it's good to talk about it even if it is just typing, i find this a lot easier.

I was on Ad's but never went back to the doctors to get some more when they ran out, i believe i was ok & that i could do it without but i dont think this is true anymore, my hv did say to me today that i should really be taking my ad's & the nearer my eviction date comes the worse i will probably feel, i know she is right but i just don't want to see anyone, i have not even seen my friends for weeks...

I know epson i live in Woking... so not far, i will take you email & thank you very much for your offer it's very kind of you, but my confidence is very low at the moment & i find it hard seeing people.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:13:02

* Epsom i mean lol

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 14:15:33

Please keep trying, Scooby, and get some of the pressure taken off you.

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:21:11

Ok hun xxxx

tortoise Wed 23-Aug-06 14:21:35

Awww scoobydooooo.
I can't really advise you as havn't been in the same situation.But just wanted to say i hope all gets sorted soon and please get some help for your self.Im sure a gp has had many people cry!
Im always around in the evening on msn if you ever want to chat.(((hugs)))xxxx

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:28:28

Hiya Tortoise Thanks for that, sorry i never chatted last night after i signed of mn i went to bed, i have a stinking cold at the minute & was feeling quite poorly last night, feeling even worse today lol

I know it's a hard situation & i will be so glad to get out the other side but at the moment i can just see no way out & i new this was going to be one of the hardest things i had to do but i need to do this for myself & my kids

Thanks for letting me let some of whats on my mind out it has helped me in a way even through the tears..

I have emailed CAB so will wait & see what they say.

I want to write a letter to the council but what sort of thing should i put in it? should i wirte abuot the way i am feeling & how the pressure is starting to takes its toll etc etc? or should i sit back & wait?

tortoise Wed 23-Aug-06 14:31:25

Thats ok.I didn't know you had this to cope with and feeling poorly too.Realised earlier you did give me your address to post to! Hope to get them posted tomorrow.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:37:32

No i know as i said i am no good at talking about things i always put on a brave face

No hurry with the parcel i will let you know whne it turns up though

fussymummy Wed 23-Aug-06 14:50:54

OH scoobydooooo i never meant to make you cry. Sorry.
Don't sit back and wait for the council, thats what they like people to do.
Keep on at them, don't scream and shout though.
Cry if you need to as you can't stop the tears.
Try to get a named person at the council rather than speaking to anyone who answers the phone.
Keep copies of all letters that you send them.
In the letter explain clearly that you're being evicted and enclose copies of anything you have from your landlord.

Tell the council that your health and mental state are getting worse and that you're worried about the effect on your children.

How hard would it be to get another place to rent in your area??

Have you asked the council if they'd be prepared to pay towards housing costs if you did this?

Please write to your GP and then make an appt to see them and take the letter with you.
You will get upset, but it'll all be out in the open with them.

You must get yourself some anti-deppresants to deal with your PND.

Believe me they do help.

I've been on them for about 6 years!!

You will get side effects with most of them, but they usually go within a couple of days.

There are people out there who can help you, but you need to let them in.

girrafey Wed 23-Aug-06 14:53:32

ok, im sorry i may have missed a post about this or everyone else know more about your situation but is there no family you can move in with? hopefully with a bedroom for all 4 of you, or could you even rent a really small bedsit? that way you will be out of your land lords way, still togther but in accomadation that is far too small so therefore giving you extra points etc. you say your land lord is great well he will hopefully give you a reference to help etc. im sorry if i missed why you cant do this, just seems obvious short term solution to me.

sorry to hear you are having a bad time with it all x

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