Can anyone help me ... i need advice on housing ......

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Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:26:35

Yes i am in the crapiest of situation & have spent the whole morning crying whats new hey!

Well we are in private rented & have been for the past 2 years in this house, we have a assured shorthold tenancy which ends on the 1st september 2006 the lanlord had served us with a "section 21" notice for eviction on the 18th september we are on the council housing list & i have been speaking to them on & off now since about april, i only have 25 points & we need 95 they have said.

I get on really well with the landlord & he has been very nice & understanding but he does want to move back into his property & is hoping to on the 18th BUT i have phoned the council again today & they have told me come the 18th i do not have to leave & he will have to take me to court la la la la i do NOT want to go to court, i am extremley down & really struggling with this how situation i dont know where to turn but i honestly have sat here today & thought i can not go through this anymore...

My HV still visits me at home because i have PND & i see my docotr about twice a month i can not take this stress its wearing me down & i feel like running away, it has put trmedous amount of stress on mine & dp's relationship.

I have tried everything i have even written to the MP he was very nice & he did try but the council just fobbed him off.

So what the hell can i do now? i just can't go on like this.....

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:26:55

i was going to change my name but what the heck....

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:35:07

I am afraid without going to court most councils and Housing Associations will not house you. You need to be made unintentionally homeless and your landlord must take you to court to do that.
It is a very scary thing to go through and I have been there.

When you go to court the court will give a date you have to be out, the council should sort out some kind of housing by that date. They will fob you off until then though I am afraid.
It could be temporary housing, half way house, b&b it depemds on the area etc....
How many children do you have and is it just you or you and a partner?
If your H.V or doctor will write a letter saying your situation is having a severe effect on your ond you may be entitled to medical points (40 points in my area) and when homeless you will get more points.
At the moment the council will not commit to anything.
The other alternative is they help you with a deposit on another house? Again that depends on the council etc .....

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:43:40

It is for me & dp, we have 2 children one who is 4 & 1 who is 7 months.

How long do the courts give you after the landlord has gone to them?

I already have medical points but only 15 my hv feels i should be in the middle bracket & have 40 but they put me in the low bracket.

I am very very down & struggling but i am also one of these people who will not speak about my feelinsg & ALWAYS have a brave face on, i am that bad at the moment that i don't even want to see anyone because i know i will break down crying. I saw my Hv this morning but i managed to hold it together by not talking about my situation much.

I was ment to see my doctor about 10 days ago but never went...

I just feel like hiding, does that make sense? i HATE people seeing me giving in it's just who i am so people don't even know the extent of the way i feel.

I know i should speak out because i am torturing myself but i just can't, i find it easier writing letters & talking through email or maybe sometimes on the phone but i still break down..

Oh my life is in such a bad way i dont know what to do

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:50:49

I was exactly the same and it took me ages to go to the G.P. Both my gp and hv wrote letters but this was beacuse I neede a transfer from a flat on a hell hole estate and after 2 years finally got moved.

Its a bit differenet for you and at the moment just being evicted should be enogh for the council to act. When we went to court we were give 6 weeks but I think it really depends on different courts etc...
It wasn't like a big court it was a side room with landlord, me and 2 other people. Very quick but obviously you get charged court costs Its not an ideal situation but it is the only way the council will house you now rather than in years when your points have very slowly built up.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:55:01

Oh there is no way i will go & sit in a court i just can not do it

to make things worse they are bringing a new scheme out & not using the points system now, they are bringing a thing out called choice based letting which they will put properts up for let form the council every fortnight & people have to bid for them, you will be in either band "a" which is priority going down to band "F" it makes it worse for us because we have only been on the list since april & apparently the longer you have been on the list the higher up for priority you will be.

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 13:57:31

But being made homeless puts you at the top of the list for temporary housing although you may have to wait a long time for permanent housing.

There is no need for you both to go so would your dp go to court?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:58:33

The MP has written back to me again for the 2nd time saying that he can understand i am in a terrible situation & that his post bag is mostly full of people waiting for housing, he said if i feel i need his help i can right back again, but what can he actually do? does he have any power? i dont know what sort of things he can help with? what should i write to him?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 13:59:26

Well he will have too because i just cant do it but it's an awful thing to have to do because we get on wiht our landlord he is gonna hate us ins't he?

fussymummy Wed 23-Aug-06 14:00:35

scoobydooooo I just wish i could give you a great big hug.
Where do you live?
All councils are run in a different way.
Do not bottle up how you feel, that's the worst thing to do.
Let it all out as it'll help you.
Keep sending letters to the council, as they have to acknowledge each and every one of them.
Do you see a psychiatrist for your PND? If you do then they can also write you a letter.
Keep all GP apt and tell them exactly how you feel and get letters to say how its causing your health to get worse.
Call your HV and tell her how you really feel.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:05:35

fussymummy - You made me cry

I try to tell people how i feel but then once i start i sort of think i can't do this i muct stop....i am scraed but i don't what off.

My life has come to a stand still & the stress & pressure i am feeling is really making me ill.

Do you think i should write a letter to my doctor because i really don't want to go & see her because i just feel like a fool for crying

I have spoken to dp today after phoning the council & i burst into to tears he said he was going to speak to someone because he sees me getting worse & worse... i even picked up & pair of his shoes & throw them at him the other day... i dont ever do things like that

I live in surrey...

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 14:06:40

Scoobydooo, what a scary situation. Get in touch with Shelter. They have housing aid centres and a phoneline now, I believe.

Shelter is for people with any sort of housing problem - not just homelessness - whether you own your home, rent privately, rent from the council etc.

They will tell you exactly what your options are, will do some things on your behalf and, if necessary, represent you at court hearings.

Look up their website, get a number and phone!

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:07:06

Your landlord will not hate you, explain to him that this is the only way you will have somewhere else to live and he will understand.

I really do think you should talk to your HV. Are you on ad's? It took me ages to admit my pnd was bad but I felt so much better when it ws all out xxxx

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:08:37

Scooby hun I am in Surrey. I am near Epsom if you want any support I will happily offer it. I can come to the doctors with you or just meet up for Coffee? If you want to email me its

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:08:43

Hi pointydog i have been on there website & found out some info, i did try to phone them about 4 weeks ago but they were busy 7 then i just left it.... like everything.

I would phone them now but i know i can not talk i will just burst out crying ... i will call them though when i feel more stable.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:12:40

Thanks everyone for the advice by the way, it's good to talk about it even if it is just typing, i find this a lot easier.

I was on Ad's but never went back to the doctors to get some more when they ran out, i believe i was ok & that i could do it without but i dont think this is true anymore, my hv did say to me today that i should really be taking my ad's & the nearer my eviction date comes the worse i will probably feel, i know she is right but i just don't want to see anyone, i have not even seen my friends for weeks...

I know epson i live in Woking... so not far, i will take you email & thank you very much for your offer it's very kind of you, but my confidence is very low at the moment & i find it hard seeing people.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:13:02

* Epsom i mean lol

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 14:15:33

Please keep trying, Scooby, and get some of the pressure taken off you.

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 14:21:11

Ok hun xxxx

tortoise Wed 23-Aug-06 14:21:35

Awww scoobydooooo.
I can't really advise you as havn't been in the same situation.But just wanted to say i hope all gets sorted soon and please get some help for your self.Im sure a gp has had many people cry!
Im always around in the evening on msn if you ever want to chat.(((hugs)))xxxx

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:28:28

Hiya Tortoise Thanks for that, sorry i never chatted last night after i signed of mn i went to bed, i have a stinking cold at the minute & was feeling quite poorly last night, feeling even worse today lol

I know it's a hard situation & i will be so glad to get out the other side but at the moment i can just see no way out & i new this was going to be one of the hardest things i had to do but i need to do this for myself & my kids

Thanks for letting me let some of whats on my mind out it has helped me in a way even through the tears..

I have emailed CAB so will wait & see what they say.

I want to write a letter to the council but what sort of thing should i put in it? should i wirte abuot the way i am feeling & how the pressure is starting to takes its toll etc etc? or should i sit back & wait?

tortoise Wed 23-Aug-06 14:31:25

Thats ok.I didn't know you had this to cope with and feeling poorly too.Realised earlier you did give me your address to post to! Hope to get them posted tomorrow.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 14:37:32

No i know as i said i am no good at talking about things i always put on a brave face

No hurry with the parcel i will let you know whne it turns up though

fussymummy Wed 23-Aug-06 14:50:54

OH scoobydooooo i never meant to make you cry. Sorry.
Don't sit back and wait for the council, thats what they like people to do.
Keep on at them, don't scream and shout though.
Cry if you need to as you can't stop the tears.
Try to get a named person at the council rather than speaking to anyone who answers the phone.
Keep copies of all letters that you send them.
In the letter explain clearly that you're being evicted and enclose copies of anything you have from your landlord.

Tell the council that your health and mental state are getting worse and that you're worried about the effect on your children.

How hard would it be to get another place to rent in your area??

Have you asked the council if they'd be prepared to pay towards housing costs if you did this?

Please write to your GP and then make an appt to see them and take the letter with you.
You will get upset, but it'll all be out in the open with them.

You must get yourself some anti-deppresants to deal with your PND.

Believe me they do help.

I've been on them for about 6 years!!

You will get side effects with most of them, but they usually go within a couple of days.

There are people out there who can help you, but you need to let them in.

girrafey Wed 23-Aug-06 14:53:32

ok, im sorry i may have missed a post about this or everyone else know more about your situation but is there no family you can move in with? hopefully with a bedroom for all 4 of you, or could you even rent a really small bedsit? that way you will be out of your land lords way, still togther but in accomadation that is far too small so therefore giving you extra points etc. you say your land lord is great well he will hopefully give you a reference to help etc. im sorry if i missed why you cant do this, just seems obvious short term solution to me.

sorry to hear you are having a bad time with it all x

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 15:07:23

Don't worry about making me cry it was in a good way

amyjo - i dont think your allowed to do that because i think if you move into an accomadation that is to small you have down that purposly & the council dont agree with this, i dont have anyone i can live with, all i have is my mum but she has no spare rooms & would not have us all living there anyway.

I have written a letter to my doctor so will see what happens..

i now have a headache & 2 very bored children so i should really go....

Thanks again & i am sure i will be back when i am feeling the pressure again, today is one of those days.

ONEOF3 Wed 23-Aug-06 15:16:45

I read your message and as an ex housing officer can I offer you some advice ?? Firstly this situation is far too big for you to handle on your own.
You need to get someone who is familiar with housing the advice to seek help from Shelter was excellent - YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW!!
If not Shelter then another houisng advice organisation.
Also you are being far too nice - I am afraid that you need to be more assertive which I know is not easy when you are feeking this bad. As apalling and distressing as your situation is I am afraid that you need to fight for the help which you need - AND WHICH IS OUT THERE!!
Please dont keep putting this off I have seen this situation so many times before and it doesnt go away! Let me know how you get on and if I can be of any more help let me know. Finally it will get better - you will get rehoused. Trust an old Housing Officer who has seen this situation mre times that she can care to remember

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 15:29:12

Thanks for the advice, i know i need to not be so nice but i am just struggling because i try to be more assertive & then break down, can you give me any tips on the way to go & anything else i could be saying/writing to the council at this point?

If i phone shelter will they represent me what sort of thing do they do?

sorry for all the questions i am new to this & obviously failing at what i am doing so maybe its time to get tuff & be strong...

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:05:25

I have just tried to phone shelter again but it says all there operators are busy so i will try this evening & see if thats any better, i also tried to email from there sit but the emial is down at the moment...

ONEOF3 Wed 23-Aug-06 16:15:08

What you need to do is to gather together all the information which you have ie have you been served with a Notice To Quit or similar ( sorry I am only familiar with Scots Law ).
Any info which supports your claim that you will be made homeless and by which date. Get the phone book out and look up the number of Shelter they do tend to be the best - but if you cant find their number look for other agencies which specialise in housing advice or contact CAB.
They will absoutely take up the case on your behalf and you will be able to at least get some sensible advice on how to work your way through this calmly.
You also need to talk to your Health Visitor and or GP and please tell them of the strain which you are under and get them on board too. Ask for a letter outling the health problems which this situation is causing.
If your hv thinks that you should have greater medical priority - and it seems to me that you should - then I am afraid that you are going to have to speak up and demand it - it will not be awarded unless you provide the evidence and DEMAND that your case is reviewed.
Once you get the ball rolling with this and stop trying to muddle through on your own then I promise you that it will get better. One of the reasons why you are being getting fobbed off by the Council is that unfortunately your situation is all to familiar and you are one of many.
What you must do is to get your case known to the Council and to get as many people on board to help as you can.
I am afraid that in a situation like this you cannot afford the luxury of keeping this to yourself and appearing strong - you MUST now tell it like it is. No one will judge you for asking for help.
Keep in touch

albatros Wed 23-Aug-06 16:18:20

Shameless bump for myself

albatros Wed 23-Aug-06 16:20:18

whoops sorry wrong thread . I was trying to attract ONEOF3 attention on my other thread which I will now bump.
sorry for the interuption Scoobydooo and I hope you get your situation sorted out

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:28:35

albatros - no problem you could have joined my thread i dont have a problem

ONEOF3 - Thank you again, i know exactly what your saying & i have had a form from the doctor which was sent to the council i have also had my hv phone up & speak to them about it & she was saying how bad i was.
I have had a letter from the MP to the council housing manager & they have all my relevant documents & also have my section 21 eviction notice but still nothing.

should i write a letter from myself again saying about how bad i am feeling etc etc i have also written to my doctor & asked if she can contact them again stating about my mental state now.

My HV is visiting me again on the 12th september, & i have also written to the CAB to see what advice they will give me.

My next move is getting through to shelter i have been to there website which does state i will have to go to court & get an official moving out date...

expatinscotland Wed 23-Aug-06 16:30:31

This bloody Right to Buy business sure has come back to bite councils back in the arse!

Hope you get things sorted soon, Scooby.

loopylou0612 Wed 23-Aug-06 16:30:50

Hi Scoobydooooo.

I was in a similar situation to you when I fell pregnant. My dp and I were living with my parents and my brother in a small flat, 2 bedrooms. We applied to the council, telling them that my parents were making us homeless, there wasn't thr room for all of us, let alone the baby.

After 2 years of fighting with the council, writing to MPS etc, we finallt got a woman from a local housing association that came round to do an assessment of our circumstances. She was horrified that at almost a year old, dd didn't have her own room, let alone a cot to sleep in. Luckily she was a small child and could still fit in the Moses basket. She organised us accomodation straight away and complained to the council on our behalf.

I too had PND and was on Ad's. I have had other friends who have packed their belongings and camped out at the housing office with their children until they have been housed, but it tends to be on dodgy housing estates or hostels.

You just have to keep on at them, I'm afraid. Going to your HV and GP may hurry things along, especially if they are willing to write letters on your behalf.

I really hope your situation is resolved soon.

Sneding virtual hugs.

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 16:31:42

Agh - it's frustrating when lines are busy! Are you trying the national phoneline?

If so contact your local housing aid centre direct as well (surrey did you say?). I've had a quick look and it seems like the next time you can phone direct is Fri 9.20am-1pm on 01293 419255 and/or email them NOW on crawley at shelter dot org dot uk.

I'm not trying to pressurise you, honest! But I think you need someone to really work on your behalf. As oneof3 said, the council isn't going to bust a gut to sort out this problem.

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:32:44

Thanks expat, i think council need tp get the whole housing situation sorted its a right mess.

I know of 2 people who were not emergency cases who have been housed in this area, 1 of them which was still in a rented property & not even being evicted but she was given a 3 bedroom house straight away no b&b nothing, then theres people who are homeless or about to loss there home & we get nothing typical huh?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:36:21

Thanks for sharing that loopylou0612 can not believe you had to live like that that is discusting, glad you have somewhere now.

pointydog - I will email them now to let them know my situation & also try phoning on friday, it's good i need people to push me because i will never do it, as i said i feel like hiding & i have no one else helping me or pushing me to do this so i actually appiciate the fact your doing this for me

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:36:21

Thanks for sharing that loopylou0612 can not believe you had to live like that that is discusting, glad you have somewhere now.

pointydog - I will email them now to let them know my situation & also try phoning on friday, it's good i need people to push me because i will never do it, as i said i feel like hiding & i have no one else helping me or pushing me to do this so i actually appiciate the fact your doing this for me

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:37:26

By the way i did say surrey its woking in surrey...

pointydog Wed 23-Aug-06 16:38:24

Re an earlier post of yours, Scooby, Shelter should take you on as a 'case' which means they will do lots of phone calls to the council, landlord, whoever, on your behalf and they are experts at the legal ins and outs so they should get on much better than you!

I worked for Shelter (ooh, about 7 years+ ago but not the housing aid side of things) and they regularly represented people in court.

I do hope they (or CAB) can help you.

ONEOF3 Wed 23-Aug-06 16:44:59

Cant stop thinking about you now that I have started this! Once a housing officer always one i spose!!
I too have been on to the Sheler web site and I have a couple of nos do you have them?

emergency no - 0808 8004444

Slough ( is that near you?) 01753 691844
I thought that you did have a date to be out of the flat - 18th Sept??
If you have a letter from your landlord then you cant get much more official than that.

Speak to your HV before the 12th Sept it is too long to wait until then and stop pretending to her everything is fine and yes ask her to write and phone on your behalf.
If I was in your position I would not be putting myself thro any more stress by contacting Council myself - get others to do it for you - to lobby on your behalf.
You must just concentrate on keeping things together at home for now and let others help.
Try Shelter again - now

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:49:56

Thanks ONEOF3, i have tried them again & still no one avaliable that is the number i am calling.

I have seen my hv today but obviously did not want to go into full detail.

I have been served with a "section 21" which is an official eviction notice i had 2 months from when this was served 7 the date to leave the property was the 18th september BUT i phoned the coucil today & spoke with a housing manager who told me that i DO NOT have to leave on this date & that i can stay in my property until the landlord takes me to court...

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:51:28

Thanks for that advice pointydog it's the council i want them to talk to but i know exactly what the council are going to say to whoever contacts them "she only has 25 points though & she needs 95 before we can house her" exactly what they told my MP

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:53:44

Just tried slough but they are closed due to staff shortage & will not be open till tuesday the 29th august so guess thats that one out the window...

I seem to be getting the message no one wants me to get through to them lol

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 16:55:00

I am on hold waiting for an advisor on the emergency number..... eeek i am scared.

ONEOF3 Wed 23-Aug-06 18:08:40

Did you manage to get through?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 18:17:57

No i stayed on hold for about 15 mins then it said i am sorry are lines are now closed??? very confusing because they dont close till midnight then it transfered me & just rang & rang & rang, so in the end i hung up i have tried called back but it says all there advisors are busy & to call again, i will keep trying & will keep you updated...

By the way if i don't agree with the medical points i have been given by the council can i make them look at it again?

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 18:23:54

I am on hold again now..... not confident though as there phone lines are strange..

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 18:29:24

Hi Hun,

If you can possibly manage it you need to go to the doctors in person. Writing and saying how crap you feel will not get you the medical advice and help you could probably use right now. Please try to go to the gp, it doesn't matter if you cry or if you don't. If you want take a print out of this conversation and let them read it or pop it all in writing and take it in person to the gp. They will understand if you can't physically speak about whats going on but the gp needs to say in his/her letter to the council that he saw you on such and such a date etc....
You need to keep pushing and if you can't then your Dh can. He can speak to your doctor or the hv and he can go on at the housing officer on a regular basis.
I would reccomend you try to go back on the ad's and by the time this goes to court you will hopefully be feeling a bit stronger xxx
From personal experience I would say don't worry, the council will not leave you ad your kids on the street if you are made unitentionally homeless!!
Take care xxxx

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 18:40:19

Hi Magnolia,
I know exactly what your saying & i will still post my letter to her but i will also go & see her because i am sure she will either phone me or send me a letter asking me to come & see her, i then will have all my feelings & how bad i am feeling in my said letter so she will already know. I am just not ready to do this week but i will make an appointment for next week as soon as i can.

Thanks for coming back here

magnolia1 Wed 23-Aug-06 18:43:53

No probs hun, keep us posted and email me anytime you want xxx

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 18:59:05

Thank you i will do i have many up & down days but today has been a bad one, hope i feel a bit better tomorrow

ONEOF3 Wed 23-Aug-06 19:49:23

Of course you can ask for your medical points to be reassessed at any time but you will get a better response if you can produce more or different medical proof and not the same stuff you provided before.
Speak to your hv she must have done this a million times before.
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you xx

Scoobydooooo Wed 23-Aug-06 21:08:17

Thanks ONEOF3 i will be sorting alot more out, have just spoken to FIL who is very helpful & is 100% behind me, he has given me some things to think about & suggests i write a letter regarding some points he has pointed out to me with regards to what they are asking me to do.

Thanks again i hope tomorrow is better too, will shall see

fussymummy Thu 24-Aug-06 00:57:55

Hi scoobydooooo are you feeling any better???

I know the problem won't have gone away, but you must feel better now that you've shared it with MN.
Everyone here will give you advice and support.

Make your GP appt. and call your HV for a much earlier appt.

You urgently need their support and their letters.

Take care and keep in touch and please try AD's they will help you so much, at least you'll be able to think straight.

Scoobydooooo Thu 24-Aug-06 08:29:26

Hi fussymummy i do feel better for sharing it with people & being able to speak but had a bad night last night, woke up in the middle of the night & cried i was also sick, i am feeling sort of ok this morning still emotional & still feel sick, but life most go on i have 2 little kiddies & i need to pull myself together for them, thanks for asking after me

fussymummy Thu 24-Aug-06 12:47:43

Have you made your apt with GP and HV.
Make that one of your jobs today, it'll only take 5-10mins.
You said you need to be told what to do, so i'm trying to give you a kick up the bum to get you moving!! (in a nice way of course)

Also, phone CAB and see if you can get through to them.
Try SHELTER as well.

If you only get answe machines, then leave messages, don't just leave one message, but keep calling back and say how you previously left a message with your phone number and that you want to check that they got it okay as no-one has called you back.
Tell them how urgent your problem is.

ONEOF3 Thu 24-Aug-06 13:12:20

Agree totally with fussymummy - are you feeling any better since this morning?

Scoobydooooo Thu 24-Aug-06 16:10:16

Hi again thanks for the kick up the arse your be pleased to know i have listened & i phoned the doctors & the earliest appointment they have with my doc is friday 1st @ 9.30am so i have that booked & written on my calendar too.

I have been trying shelter on & off all day but the lines just say there operators are busy & to please call back, i will not give up though.

I have had an email from the CAB which i will add here in a min.

I have also written a letter to the council & posted it today with regards to whats going on & the amount of pressure they are putting on me & my mental state etc etc, i also copied this letter & sent it to the MP, & again i have posted my letter to my doctor so she should read this b4 i come to see her on the 1st which i feel more better about.

I am feeling a tad better because i have been out this morning, have taken the kids to the country park & out for lunch & then went to my sisters house & have just got home so my mind has been occupied, which i feel i needed to happen.

I know i need to start to relax & not worry as much because i know i am making myself ill but i am one of these people that worries about everything, i have to have all bills paid etc before i can even sleep, its just the way i am.

Thanks again for asking & i will let you know the outcome of everything i have posted out today.

Off to find the email & will post it here......

Scoobydooooo Thu 24-Aug-06 16:12:41

Dear ***,
Thank you for your Email received yesterday. I do the housing casework here
at the Bureau. In answer to your questions :

1. It is correct that once your Notice of Seeking Possession expires your
landlord will then need to issue a claim for possession of your property
through the county court if you have not left the property. This is an
accelerated procedure, using Sec 21, and you will be sent a defence form to
complete but usually there is no hearing and possession is given. You will
be sent a possession order with a date you must leave, and yes the tenant
pays the costs of the claim.

2. Once you have this order you can present it to Woking Borough Council. At
this point you are statutorily entitled to make a Homelessness Application
under Part V11 of the Housing Act 1996 ( as amended by the Homelessness Act
2002 ).

3. It has been common practise for the council to expect a possession order,
altho' the Code of Guidance does state that local authorities should work
with notices so as not to involve the tenant with additional court costs.

4. You have a housing application with 25 points. Once you are facing
homelessness these points will automatically increase. You could also
complete a Medical Information Form now with details of your PND which could
increase your medical points to either low 15 or medium 40 points.

5. The Housing Register is changing in September from a points based system
to a banding system - Woking Hometrak. All those on the housing register
will be given a band, and you will be able to bid for properties that are
available. Within the band you will be placed in date order so if you have
been on the Housing Register for a long time you will be higher up the band.
You will be sent information from the council about this scheme.

6. I am away now for 2 weeks but will be back on Tuesday Sept 12th if you
need further assistance.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes
Janet Murphy

ONEOF3 Thu 24-Aug-06 16:22:26

So pleased that you are feeling better and by the looks of things you are moving in the right direction.
This horrible phase will pass I promise and then you get your bright and shiny new house .

Scoobydooooo Thu 24-Aug-06 16:27:54

I new from the beginning this was going to be a journey & i also new this was going to be one of the hardest times of my life, unfortunatly though because of where we live we really can not afford it, the rent on a 3 bed house is £800+ it's just ridiculous prices, we also can not afford to buy because the prices just keep on rising, i never intended my life to go this way but at this point in life this is the only thing we can do, i don't think i expected as much pressure & to of reacted this way but i think partly the way i am feeling is because of my PND is well.

I just have to keep thinking i need to keep fighting for the sake of my children, they are my life & they deserve stabilty more than anyone

pointydog Thu 24-Aug-06 16:34:25

Good for you. Keep at it, scooby.

albatros Thu 24-Aug-06 19:18:03

I'm glad you've come back fighting.
Good luck

fussymummy Thu 24-Aug-06 21:54:52

scoobydooooo well done girl, you've come out doing the right things today.
Whole load off your mind, i should think.
Would it make a difference to your points to get your GP letter and medical form into the council before the banding system begins?

How long have you been waiting on the council list?

Don't worry too much that your life might not be going the way you expected.

That happens to lots of people.

Just make the best of the life that you have.

Could you try to get an urgent appt with your doc?
I think that once she has read your letter, then she'll want to see you a.s.a.p. to try to help and to give you a prescription for AD's.

You need to start these as soon as you can.

Do either you or your partner work?

Are you claiming housing benefit and tax credits?

You must now look into making sure you have all that you're entitled to.

Also is there a seperate form from your council that you need to fill in once you're made homeless?

If so, get the form now and fill in as much as you can in preperation for when it happens.

As you say, you can't sleep til the bills are paid, so be prepared for what is going to happen.

Scoobydooooo Fri 25-Aug-06 09:01:53

Morning Fussymummy,

Only been on the list since april because never thought about it before this & to be honest never thought we would be in this situation.

I am sure the doctor will write or phone me or will probably even get my hv to ring me as they are also in contact with each other about me alot. I will wait till this happens & then will bring my appt forward.

I don't think the medical points going up will make a difference to what band i get put in because when i spoke to the lady at the council she told me that the new system works on "how long" people have been on the list for & the longer the better so this is not in my favour, but obviously when someone is homeless i am sure they will have to be in a top band somewhere.

Yes my dp works & we get working family tax credit.

I thought from th email off CAB that there was a seperate form to be filling in when homeless but when i phoned the council to ask for the form they told me it is exactly the same as the form i have already filled that puzzled me.

I have still been trying shelter but it must be the most difficult place to get through toothe lines are constantly busy or if you go on hold it never gets answered....its strange.

Scoobydooooo Fri 25-Aug-06 11:52:25

Ok i have spoken to a nice man at shelter.... ahh i am crying again now, i think i cry because i block it out of my head then when i have to speak about it, it gets me really down & emotional

Anyway he has told me many interesting things & also given me some useful numbers to call..

He is also passing my info & writing what we disgust on his system for the crawley branch to read & i will contatc them as they can fight on my behalf.

He has told me the council are doing things wrong with me he has also said that i should be allowed to fill in another form for homelessness & has ready out the 3 or 4 things that result in this & i answer "yes to all of them" so they have a duty now to look at me as homeless because i have been served with my "section 21"
He said if they do not allow this i should get in touch with the community legal service who will fight on my behalf because the law states i am now classed as homeless & they have to look for emergency accomadation.

So back on the phone for me to get another form from the council & to stop being fobbed off, i now feel the fob off is because they know the new rules & how the housing thing is going to chnage very soon & think they want me to be in this situation.

another day worrying & crying !

ishouldbedoingtheironing Fri 25-Aug-06 12:33:36

Well done you!!! Fantastic achievement -I am so pleased for you. It will help now that you have someone fighting in your corner.
I didnt think that it was being handled right but as I only know Scotts legislation wasnt sure.
Keep at it girl - youll get there.

Sorry should have said changed my name I used to be ONEOF3

magnolia1 Fri 25-Aug-06 12:53:41

Oh Hun, well done for being strong enough to keep going!!
You are right in what you said you need to do this for you and your children and that is what will give you the energy and determibation to keep going. Please keep appt with docs I am sure you will feel better once you have been.
Thinking of you and email if you want anything

pointydog Fri 25-Aug-06 13:17:51

Fantastic. The crawley branch people will be able to do quite a lot of stuff for you so keep going.

fussymummy Fri 25-Aug-06 18:29:02

Oh scoobydooooo i'm so pleased that someone at shelter was able to help you a bit.
Could you get an appointment at the council to see the head of housing and throw some of the 'shelter man's' words at them.
Let them see that you now have some more helpful information and that you know what you're talking about.
I don't know about you, but obviously i cry when i get upset, but when i get angry it also sets me off.
I do keep going though and make sure i get my point across.
Write down the points that you need to make, so that you don't forget everything if you get upset.
Also, take the kids with you, let them see what you have to deal with and how it affects you.
Go when they're hungry so they whinge a bit more.
Don't forget to take their food with you, we wouldn't want them to starve!!!!!!
Wish i could come with you and help.
Have a great weekend if you can.
Why don't you get some boxes and start packing up some of the things that you won't be using for a while.
You don't want to leave it all to the last minute.

Scoobydooooo Sat 26-Aug-06 21:30:39

I will be back to answer & speak some more...but lets just say i have had one of the wrost days today & i am feeling the pressure more than ever

pointydog Sat 26-Aug-06 22:40:45

Aw, I'm sorry to hear it, scooby.

I'm impressed you've managed to slog away with all the phone calls and everything because it's pretty soul-destroying when you're feeling miserable. Don't be hard on yourself - and I hope no else is being hard on you either.

fussymummy Sat 26-Aug-06 23:27:43

Poor scoobydooooo, we're all still here for you if you want to chat and get it out of your system!!!
You won't be judged for what you say, people on here just want to help.
Keep going girl and don't give up. xx

Scoobydooooo Tue 29-Aug-06 09:52:08

I am back,thanks for asking after me, i have been on mn but just felt i did not want to write what has been happening.

I had a very very bad day on Saturday, i had a massive row with dp & i totally flipped, i rold him i was running away (which i really felt like doing) & told him i could not take anymore of this situation, i spent alot of time crying, sleeping & just feeling crap.

I just can not seem to accept the fact this is what is happening to me, i just can not take the pressure of what this is puttting on me. I feel like life has come to a stand steal & i am just here waiting to see what the next person is going to say, i am a very routine person anyway & i have had stabilitly all my life so i think the feeling that i have no stabilty at the moment is probably the main factor & i am also feeling very bad on my kids & dd changes with my own mood so it's hard.

I actually can't wait to see the doctor on friday now, yes i am scared but i just feel i need someone else to help me, i need her to know the extent of this & the way it's actually effecting me. I never thought it would effect me in this way, i always thought i was stronger than this but for some reason it is hitting me hard & i am struggling to fight back.

I must also add i am exhausted & waking in the night also god i dont wanna say this but i will my hair is falling out & i am not sure if it is due to this or something else.

Anyway not feeling great today but feeling ok not as bad as saturday if that makes sense?

Thanks again for all these lovely messages it makes it great to be able to write it down

pointydog Tue 29-Aug-06 10:24:48

Everyone likes stability about where they're living when they have two small kids, scooby, so I can see how this must be horrible for you. I would want to run away too! And I know it'd make me an emotional wreck.

You need to be firm with others, not yourself. Get your doctor on the case to help you feel better and get Shelter on the case to sort out your housing. Your dp might not be the best person to help you just now if he's really stressed too.

Try and think of that day in the future when it's all sorted - you can get there.

fussymummy Tue 29-Aug-06 12:57:14

Come on scooby, don't give up!!!!
You've had a bad time, but you will get there, i promise.
If you have depression, you're going to feel like CRAP, it'll make you feel like you can't be bothered and that getting away from it all will make it better. It won't!!!

You need AD's to help you through this stressful time.
Your partner will be feeling as stressed as you.

You do need to talk to each other and get through this together as it involves both of you.

Have you called the council again?
Keep at them, they won't bother if you don't.

What about CAB or Shelter, call them as you need this sorting fast.

Keep in touch though.

Have you spoken to your HV again?

She may have some advice for you.

Be as strong as you can. You will get through this and it'll be like a bad dream when it's all over.

Scoobydooooo Fri 01-Sep-06 18:42:13

Well i went to the doctors this morning she said to me she had recieved my letter which i was glad of because that ment i did not have to sit there telling her all that was wrong in front of my ds.

She has told me she is very cross with the council from all angles, 1) because the council said to me i needed to get another letter from her with regards to my mental state etc, she says they know that this is not the policy & that they should not be asking me to do this, she said they have all my medical history & that if they want more information they are suppost to contact her & pay for the service.
2) she is also cross because she says there are 2 very young children involved in all of this & i need to get ds's name down for his schooling & also need him settled in his pre-school, i am unable to do this because we will not know what area we are living in.

She said she knows full well that the council have just had some brand new homes built & that it seems they are just putting extreme pressure on somebody who is down already & doing her best with her kids etc

Outcome is she is going to write to the council explaining everything with regards to the policy etc etc & she said she knows the councils "doctor" because she worked with her for 30 years before she started as a doctor for the council so she is writing to her to explain everything about me & advising i need to speak to theere doctor about everything.

So far i have heard not a word from the council, no reply to my letter to the "housing manager" no reply to my "housing update form" & i have phoned there offices 9 times in the last 2 days & had an answerphone everytime.

So when it comes to mondays post if there is still nothing i will be phoning again & pushing & pushing them.

I also have some ad's again now & she has given me some sleeping pills because i am not sleeping very well at night & am shattered in the day from looking after my 2 babies

el123456 Fri 01-Sep-06 19:36:03

havnt read whole thread but just to give you some hope....we were in private rented and noticed v severe cracks in walls and damp.landlord uninterested we contacted the council only for them to condemn it.they said i had no chance of ever gettin council and were not officially homeless,plus couldnt get mortgage cause husband just started own buisness.had two young kids and one wage so bit scared to say least but fought and fought(and fought)and eventally they housed in in a fab house in really nice village which we were then able to bye at a discount price and we have never been more settled.keep chin up and keep fighting,sometimes things happen for a reason and you may even end up happier in the long run.good luck.

Scoobydooooo Fri 01-Sep-06 19:48:15

el123456 - Thanks for that it's great to hear positive stories

when you say you fought & fought what sort of things did you do?

el123456 Fri 01-Sep-06 20:06:40

went to council every other day with as many kids in tow as possible(they agree to anything just to get rid of you)wrote letter after letter appealing my case,took in proof we had no other options available to us,letters from my gp to prove the serious stress i was under,the fight was gettin on the homeless register,after that they housed us fairly quickly.i felt i had a very genuine case and basically refused to be fobbed off.they are so used to blaggers they kind of addopt a"ok,heard it all before attitude"
it was very stressful for all of us but i really had no other choice than to keep fighting.

el123456 Fri 01-Sep-06 20:35:46

oh and havin read a bit more i was also suffering from pnd which def makes it harder to keep WILL be ok.i went to see a phsychotherapist instead of ad which worked really well and was a great way to vent some frustration about the whole situation.(had to pay privately though)and cab were brill to for good advice on dealing with the council.

ishouldbedoingtheironing Fri 01-Sep-06 20:45:47

oh scooby I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing.
Just reading your most up to date stuff makes me ashamed to be a housing officer ( ex)
I would like to think that even altho I was not able to help everyone that I at least treated them well and that they felt better - not worse!! - after speaking to me.
I know that it has been a slog for you but believe it or not you are in a strong position ie your situation is urgent .
Hang on in there sometimes the worst times are just are as you are about to turn the corner.
Wish I was your housing officer and could sort you out.

magnolia1 Fri 01-Sep-06 20:52:37

Scooby hun so pleased you went to the docs. I really hope her letter helps and you must not give up!! I promise it will get better and things will get sorted. The ad's should kick in within a couple of weeks and hoepfully give you the extra push to keep going.

Thoughts with you xxxxx

Scoobydooooo Fri 01-Sep-06 21:47:51

Thanks everyone, i feel better for speaking to the doctor & also for getting my tablets which i will stick to now

I still have many moments feeling down & wanting to run away but then relaity kicks in & i think i have to fight to get to where i want to be, i know we will get there in the end.

el123456 - When you went to the offices what sort of things were you saying to them? & were you fighting with everything they said? I know if i went in there & said look this is my situation & this is what needs doing, they would just say yes miss XX but you are not top priority & there are people a lot worse off than you la la la.... they just like fobbing people off thats what bothers me...

I am going to start going into the offices soon with my kids & questioning what the hell they are intending to do because i am sick & tired of all the conflicting advice & wrong advie they are giving me, i thought these people are suppost to help & support you not push you to the bloody edge.

It's like my sister said to me today do they really want to push people so far that they actually do something stupid? it's very true because some people can be very vulnerable & not know how to deal with things like this.

ishouldbedoingtheironing Fri 01-Sep-06 21:50:20

Can you make an appointment with the housing manager??

Scoobydooooo Fri 01-Sep-06 21:52:52

Probably i now have his name because it is who the MP wrote to & he forwarded me the letter

I have just written to him & am waiting for him to reply but like everything with that place it all takes weeks....

I will be calling again on monday & i will ask to make an appointment with him as i am fed up with them now, no one is talking to me, no one is ansering me & i have an evicition date in 17 days

ishouldbedoingtheironing Fri 01-Sep-06 21:57:16

Go to the office on Mon morning - say that you would like to speak to the housing manager. If they say he is not available at the moment ask if u can wait - if they say no then ask for an appointment If they know that u are not going to go away they will deal with u.

el123456 Fri 01-Sep-06 22:32:56

think that hits the nail on the head.if they see how determined you are they will deal with you.when i say i went every other day i really wasnt exaggerating,i tried to take someone with me for moral support.there is a genuine shortage of council houses in many areas now(thanks to idiots like me buying them)and this was part of the problem in my area,it is so hard to prove your need is greater than somebody elses.with a genuine case though(and yours certainly is)you will eventually get the help you need.trying to think back is proving quite emotional as it was such an awful time and i really do feel for you.sit in the office and refuse to move until someone sees you and then demand to know how much worse things have to get before they will help you.dont worry about repeating yourself,or seeming demanding and remember the screaming kids!

Scoobydooooo Sat 02-Sep-06 09:22:16

Thanks for the advice every little thing does help towards what i should or could be doing.

Another massive blow is that Dp's mum phoned yesterday to say that his Grandad is in a coma & is brain dead,he has been having loads of heart problems & he collapsed, it's now a matter of time for that awful phone call

Feeling very down today & dd is driving up the wall because she is just not sleeping think she can feel my mood.

el123456 Sat 02-Sep-06 10:39:25

your bound to feel down with all the stress you are under.the ad should help,i would have taken them but i didnt want to stop dad had died just before my son was born(hence the pnd)you will get through it.i found it good to get out of the house as much as poss,the four walls always made things seem worse and you need to chat to people as much as you can.have you got many friends that you can have a good moan to?

el123456 Sun 03-Sep-06 20:46:32

sorry by way,wasn't suggesting mn not great for support,just meant face to face.hope you are feeling ok today and have had a good weekend,get down that office in the morning and demand the help you are entitled to."go kick some ass"as they say!!!

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 15:18:03

Hello everyone,

I have been unable to go to the offices today because i have had alot to do, dp's grandad passed away on saturday so have been trying to sort flowers to send & also arrange things as we live over 2oo miles away from them

I did however phone crawley shelter this morning & spoke to a lovely lady who has given me advice & also given me some quotes from the housing law which i need to give to the council.

I also phoned the council again & spoke with someone she said i am on the homeless list & it has a note next to it saying "under investigation" what ever that bloody means.
I explained all my mental helth side of things & also how it's affecting my son & how i can not put his name down for a school because i have no idea where we are going to live.

I asked to make an appointment with the housing manager to which she said i dont really see the point because there is not alot else we can do at this time.

They have an update form i sent in & she said they will be writing to me this week so i will be waiting to hear then all systems go, i am ready for the fight i think they know i am not going to give up because she was reading all the system about all my phone calls & letters & my vistits (2) that i have done to the council.

She did however explain that they will most definatly not put me in b&b because the goverment have set new rules saying that they can only use b&b if it is an absolute emergency & in the case of having small children it is a no go so this was quite reassuring but god knows where we are going to end up.

They are still trying to push me into another rented property but i am totally refusing to do it because in the end i am going to have to go back to the council to house us anyway because we really can not afford rented & dp said if thats the case we will have to live seperate because he can not afford it on his one wage.

expatinscotland Mon 04-Sep-06 15:20:42

Also, rented means you have to come up w/deposit and fees to letting agent. Then if hte landlord decides to sell up, move in or that he no longer wants you as a tenant, in 6 months, you're back to where you started.

But they don't have to know that at the council.

When they try to push you into that, just say you've been trying, but haven't found anyone willing to let to you, or htat you have no money for deposit or fees.

F*ckers. Just trying to fob you off, I'm afraid.

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 15:34:04

Expat - I know what your saying they have said to me they are also looking, i am not actually lieing there is nothing to let, i told them i can not go thrugh an agent because we have bad credit ( a lie i don't by dp does from 5 yrs ago)they told me to keep looking in the paper & they are looking to & will let me know.
They said they will pay 1 months rent & 1 months deposit but no fees & no more than 1 months deposit i have to find that money.

I am totally point blank refusing i will be using every excuse i can as there is no way i am going through this living hell again, i am near the end now & i will not give in till they help me, i am prepared for the totally grotty hole they will probably put me in but then i thought if i think like that then anything better will be a bonus

expatinscotland Mon 04-Sep-06 15:41:19

It's not an assured tenancy when you let privately, so there's always the chance you can be turfed out.

So use every excuse in the book. I mean, lay it on thick, including saying your psychic and the place in haunted, you don't have the money for deposit, you sprained your ankle and can't manage the stairs, etc.

You have to play hard ball w/these people b/c for the most part they can't be arsed b/c there is such a huge shortage of affordable housing to rent.

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 15:46:02

I will be using all excuses, they know there is an area restriction because i point blank refuse to move ds to another pre-school because he is now settled & escaped from the last one, also i have said i need to be by my mother because she helps me out alot. I will also say that if they want to put me into rented then my childrens father will not be living with us because we can not afford it, so i will move in it on my own & they can pay my rent.

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 15:47:07

I will play on the fact we have had to move house 3 times in the past 5 yrs & my kids are unsettled & i am fed up of not having any stability which is actually true.

sheepgomeep Mon 04-Sep-06 17:22:40

I fought and fought for my council house too. I sold my house with my ex and because I couldn't rent (dp and I didn't earn enough between us)and loads of debt which all the house proceeds went towards. I had no other choice but to declare us homeless. The council said they were under legal obligation to temporarily rehouse ie b and b me, apparantly thats the law (but then we are in wales so it might be different)they turned round and said that because I agreed to sell (din't have much choice in the matter, shitty ex stopped paying the mortgage) I was intentionally homeless.

Well I wasn't happy at that and was fortunate enough to meet a senior housing officer at homestart which my local organisor arranged. I explained everything and was able to prove our income etc. I had a letter two days later, over riding the homeless officer saying we had been accepted and the council would permanetly rehouse us. I don't think I would have had this decision if it hadn't been for the fact I had homestart behind me and our local homstart do work with the council at times.

After I had this decision I fully expected to wait my turn and go into B and B whilst they found us a house. It still didn't stop me from going into the offices and making myself known to them, I also phoned everyday and hounded them.

In the end we got a 3 bed house not where our first choice was but not far.
we only got it because 3 people in front of us had turned it down and also because we put down a wide area to live in which they saidhelped a great deal because a lot of people are fussy.

oh yes and also before I got the decision, I got support letters written from everyone I could think off. HV, doctor ( Iwas also depressed and on anti d's), my homestart organisor, even the school nurse! This all helped.

I really hope you get somewhere but you have to fight for it. The council don't care less at groundlevel you have to make yourself heard.

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 17:40:29

Thanks for sharing that sheepgomeep.

I have just recieved an email back because i have been annoying them from all angles & i just want to give up

I read it & all i can see is barrier after barrier....

oh ........

Scoobydooooo Mon 04-Sep-06 18:10:22

There is 2 things she has stated in the email that have baffled me & i dont know what the hell to make of it, also my options are just crap & when they bring the new scheme into the picture at the end of september..well i have no bloody chance.

Is anyone around to help me?

Scoobydooooo Tue 05-Sep-06 10:11:16

Phoned that women this morning who wrote to me & all i can say is it the most ridiculous sytem i have ever heard of, i have only slept about 2 hrs & have been being sick, i just can't go on anymore.

When i said to her this is really affecting me & my kids she told me to phone social services WTF? is she mad.

I have just phoned Dp & totally broken down in tears, he is going to phone them up & tell them exactly how it is & what he thinks of the situation.

I may as well go & live in a bloody dustbin because i think this is where you have to be living to even get noticed.

I think they talk utter bullshit & i have lost all faith in these people.

I give up

sheepgomeep Tue 05-Sep-06 19:38:12

Jeez i thought my council was bad but yours is ridiculous

you must feel like shit and big cyber hug to you

This woman is fobbing you off. You should be able to see a homeless officer. You are being made homeless and have no viable options.

I know what you've been through at the moment but you really really need to get yourself and your kids down to the office and make a scene.

Have you got all your support letters yet?

Try your local branch of homestart.. do you have kids under 5? If you have they will help you . They are fantastic although I do appreciate that it may differ from area to area. I never would have got my situation sorted if it hadn't been for homestart.

CAT me if you need to. I just hope you get somewhere. Please please don't give up

emma187 Wed 06-Sep-06 01:27:21

to Scoobydooooo

i am 2 registered with woking council who aree useless i hav lived in about 20 places in the last 5 years which they are aware of they forced me into private renting saying that it was my only option and that i would be on the top of the list wen hometrak comes into place which ive know be told was untrue am i am still likely to stay in private rented.... dont let them force you into this it makes thing alot harder landlords are not willing to let you change anything ive been on the register for 4 years havent been offered a thing but i see a lot of young girls moving from there parents home straight into council property. listen to me i probally sound reallly old im just 21 but have been living alone sice 15 and no offers of property to those who need it and have been waiting the longest time. One idea for you is to keep going into the offices and speaking to the housing advice all the time n stress to them that what i do....... good luck
i thought hometrak would be running by now start of sept they said

Scoobydooooo Wed 06-Sep-06 07:13:16


Thanks for your replys, i am feeling slightly better today.

Dp phoned up yesterday & made it clear i am struggling & he told her how it is. he said he was ok on the phone but wanted answers.

Emma can't believe you have been pushed into rented, dp has told her rented is no good because we just can not afford it, he has said if we have to go into rented we will have to live apart.

Homtrak crap is coming into place at the end of september & at the moment we are inn band E but next week i have to go to the council offices & have an interview which will be taped to say i am homeless she said although i am on the homelessness list i have not actually had my interview or my written desion but once i have had this we will be in band D so i did have an appointment booked for the 14th but we are away from the 13th in the evening because it's dp'd grandads funeral on the 14th, so i will have to phone today & rebook it.

I know exactly what your saying about people moving from there parents home straight into houses, all they are doing is getting there parents to write a letter saying they are unable to live at there house anymore & hey presto they have a house

I may have to look into this homestart, i have never heard of it & don't know what it is or what they are all about, can you shed some light sheepgomeep?

It's my sleeping that is really getting me down the pills are not even working now.

By the way Emma she did say to me that if the council put you into private rented like they have you then when the new system comes into place you will be in band D if they did not help you into private rented you will be in band E or F depending on circumstances. I think we are all due to get our packs & info in the post very soon.

I must go because Dd is awake now will pop back later & also CAT you sheepgomeep if thats ok?

sheepgomeep Wed 06-Sep-06 10:43:19

course you can CAT me scoobie

type homestart into your search engine and it will come up with the homestart website. I'm not that good with links! Also if you speak to your hv she may be able to refer you (if there is a homestart in your area) but you can also refer yourself.

Homestart differs from area to area, I got a volunteer who comes to the house for a couple of hours every week, to help me out and I went to the family group too, not sure if thats in every area though.

sheepgomeep Wed 06-Sep-06 10:47:43

I've just looked on thier website and it looks like there is a homestart branch in your area .

Scoobydooooo Wed 06-Sep-06 11:38:16

Thanks sheepgomeep i am just off to the park with my kids because they are very bored but i will be back on in about 2 hrs and will have a chance to have a look then

Scoobydooooo Thu 07-Sep-06 12:50:47

Sorry i did not pop back on here, i did look at the website though & also discussed things with dp, i have decided i am not so sure i want someone coming in my house at this time. It's very hard to explain but since being depressed & having PND i have shut myself off from everyone apart from immediate family, i think with the pressure of knowing someone was coming to my house i would panic every time they were due. I may call in the future but just don't feel i can at the moment

I have had to cancel my homlessness appointment for the 14th because of dp'd grandads funeral but i have it on the 15th now.

I am feeling "ok" today not great but not to bad, i slept better last night i was shattered though, i think i woke at 4am till about 6am then dd was up at 8am so not to bad.

I have got to go to the shops at some point today & i just have such low confidence i am finding it hard, just waiting for dd to wake from her nap then we are off.

fussymummy Fri 08-Sep-06 00:55:18

Hi scoobydooooo how are things with you now???
I understand what you say about not wanting someone in your hose on a regular basis.
I was just the same.
My HV referred me to homestart and when they finally phoned me i started to get panicky at the thought of them coming round.
I couldn't go through with it.

Sorry to hear about your partners grandad, thats added more upset to all your other problems.

If you don't receive your letter by today, then call the council and ask if they've posted it? Tell them you were worried as you'd not received it.
If they've not yet sent it, tell them you'll go in and pick it up so you don't have to wait any longer.

Also, next time you go to the council and they start talking about other people on th waiting list, politely tell them that you're really not concerned about other people. Especially ones that you don't know!!!

Tell them that you're only concerned for your family.

Say that other people are not your problem.

If they try to force you into rented again, i know you already told them that they'll have to pay the rent as your partner will live elsewhere,
tell them that most landlords will not accept DSS payments and that this will make it even harder for you to find somewhere to live!!!!

Keep at them and do not let them win.

emma187 Fri 08-Sep-06 01:58:16

hi yes they first told me that i should go into private rented and when hometrak comes in place i would be high band due to time on the housing register and being in private rented but that aload of crap the last person said that i have just 10 points and that that was to be reflected when im in the band im given so finally after all this time im just waiting to see what happens spoken to so many of there adviser and managers i wrote a letter saying everything that im not happy and the serious of my move i recieved a letter 7 days ago saying they were reviewing my case so i dont know they make me mad sometimes playing aroung home2 get pack soon im alway trying to search for the website but i cant find it so its not working yet

Scoobydooooo Wed 13-Sep-06 12:22:29

Hello all just a quick update, i have my interview for homelessness on friday & my health visitor has said she will come with me, she said she never does this & it's a one off but she can see how desperate i am so wants to come & give me a helping hand which is very nice because it would have been daunting going on my own.

Also remember i said i had written a letter to the housing manager, well it's been about 2 weeks & i thought he had just ignored me but today out of the blue comes a letter to which he apoligised about the conflicting advice i had been given, explained all the law to me & what the council like me to do. He then said because of my circumstances he would give me another 50 points so now i have 75 instead of 25 & will automatically be in band D when the new scheme comes in, i need 100 points for a 3 bedroom place so i am 25 off, i am still pursuing my medical points because i was only given 15 but my docotr feels i should be in the middle bracket with 40, my doctor has written to the councils doctor so i have to wait to hear from her is well.

It's all looking up a tiny bit at last.

I now how to deal with the fact i have zero confidence & don't even like leaving the house, tonight we are off to dp's parents 200+ miles away which is going to be a big thing for me but i have to do it because it's dp's grandads funeral tomorrow

I have a nice chilled bottle of rose to drink before hand though
Hopefully this will help on the confidence front & dp can drive us there, with me hiccuping along the way

emma187 Wed 13-Sep-06 23:42:41

hi hope all is going better for you was the guy who helped you called mike.. keliher.. i was told i need 100 points for a 2 bed i now have 65 extra 50 too coz all that gone on and the amount of times ive moved plus them forcing me into p rent i guess still not enuf hopefully if i get band d i will have a little chance of my bis wining a house but i doubt it. i was told i was in f but spoke to manager again who looked at my file and how long on the hosing reg plus i had to send in all accomadation list for past 10 year was suprised it was 86 places

emma187 Thu 14-Sep-06 00:09:01

ive havent even had anything back 4m them to say im in d band i also told them that they had told me familys in private rented would be high priority in the banding stystem......................we shuld get packs soon website will be working on 25th septembber .fingers crossed and bidding cycle should end 2 weeks after this date hope all goes well for u

Scoobydooooo Fri 15-Sep-06 16:19:07

Hi Emma, i have been in today to do my homeless application, she said the hometrak thing starts on the 26th & that all propertys will be there for 2 weeks, she said Band D is nto the best to be in & probably wont get us far in the first few weeks but hey ho we got to try, I told her that mike had written to me & given me an extra 50 points which she said is NOT allowed & that it is not the councils policy la la la la I said well he is the housing manager & i now have it in writing so it's been done

I actually only need 95 points for 3 bed so i am still 20 short but points mean nothing anyway come 26th, she also said only bid on propertys that you are prepared to live in because once in them it is higly unlikly you will be able to move after that.

I now have to wait for my written decsion for my homless application & go from there, i know the decsion will be yes because she has already told me by what i have said i am classed as homeless, they just have to investigate for themselves but i know everything thats been said is right so....

The only crap thing about the banding is that say 10 people from Band D bid on a property & no one from Band C or above does then they have to look at each one of those 10's circumstances & see who situation is the worst. I suppose because i am classed as homeless i have to be somewhere nr the top unless like she said there is someone living in a 3 bed top floor flat & has had to have there legs amputated & there is no lift then they would win over me obviously.

I am going to pack some more stuff up & what for my information pack which she said will be sent out next week at some point.

Goodluck & keep in contact let me know how you get on

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 01:27:39

hi scooby doo
hope that works out okay for you ...i dont know why they tell everyone different things..hope ometrak sorts it out got loads of problems here in my private rent cant afford it anymore being one behind on everything!!! never mind see what happens with that new scheme i guess. have u heard anything about like changing areas completly just moving to another county council wondering what avalible and that best luck emma

Scoobydooooo Sat 16-Sep-06 08:10:41

Hi Emma,

Yes i have asked about moving countys there answer was there is housing problems in the whole of the south east, the only place you can move is north like wales & further as they don't have shortage of houses.
We can't go there because of dp'd job otherwise believe me would move to where dp's parents are.

Tell them you are struggling with the rent i think you really will have to kick up a fuss, we are still going to keep complaining & keep pushing it's all you can do.

Apparetly there are 3000 people on the list at the moment all wanting a house, so we are up against alot on the hometrak scheme, from what she was telling me though it looked like there was no much hope for me getting a house through that so looks like we will be going into temporary accomadation first.

Going to get onto the housing manager again & keep on & on as it's our evicition on monday.

CAT me if you want & we can keep in contact or if you have Msn we can chat there.

Take Care x

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 13:55:49

i dont understand the council mayb they have more propertys if ther system didnt give it to those that dont really need it.. i think people that have been waiting a long time deserve priority. they said to me the complete oposite that i should not care what i bid on as lond as its 2 bed not care wat it looks like and where it is ect. in other word i should bid or what no one else will then mayb ill have a chance ... yeah right,,,, they told me it was 25th of september now its 26th hope it does actually start working this month o at least will no what it like,,,
my msn is

Scoobydooooo Sat 16-Sep-06 14:01:27

Me & dp were having a discussion about the council & some of the things this women has thrown at me, we have come to the conclusion that they are not being proffessional at all this is why dp is going to phone the housing manager & explain all things we have been told which in our eyes some of it we should not even know & also it's nothing to do with us & our housing.
I thought that having people in these serious situations with housing they would be very proffessional but it does seem that they make the rules up as they go along & that they give alot of conflickting advice, i did write this in my letter to the housing manager stating that all this confickting advice was really confusing me, he has out lined the law to me with regards to my eviction but this is because i asked him to do this.

I have added you to msn your not on at the mo.

Scoobydooooo Sat 16-Sep-06 14:09:20

It is hard though to give priority to people who have been waiting a long time unless they are homeless at risk or have a life threatening conition because there is always going to be the people who are all those 3 things above & homeless & obviously people in more servere situation will get priority.

She did say to me that they do not even know if the scheme will work well but they have to try, she said london have done it & it has worked for them, surrey heath have & it worked for them & so have guildford but it was not working to well for them, she said they way woking are working it is different to all 3 of those places so we have to wait & see...

There is already 1 loop hole in the system though which has been missed which is if people are in temp accomadation like b&b or half way houses there is no time limit for them, she says some people actually like living in these places & choose to stay there for like 2 years + which at this time the council can do nothing about so this is taking up all there temp accomadation, which is not good. They are going to sort it though & she said it should be sorted by march 07.

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 14:40:12

oh i do hope it works i was in temp accom for 5 years bfore they forced me into private bnb hostels bedsits all that crap the last place was so bad rite b4 i went into private place got closed down after i moved out coz a woman was attacted there with a sword.. temp accomadation is mostly bad frpm what ive experienced im fed up of not havin my own place and being stable. cant do anything in my private rent ... elec comp is gonna fit me with prepay meter coz i owe so much but this will break my tenancy agreement.i just am on the last sting if u no wat i mean been goin on so long now its good we can acces the internet though so we can keep checking for wen the website is on, been on woking council website not much about it only what weve already been sent out. emma

Scoobydooooo Sat 16-Sep-06 15:10:36

Blimey sounds really bad i really do hope you get somwhere sounds like you much deserve it now, if you have children'child & are in temp accomadation they are not allowed to keep you any longer than 6 weeks so not sure why you were kept for 5 years that is terrible.

Where abouts have you stayed in temp accomadation? Dp is going to fight all the way now, he is at the end of his tether, he is going to be throwing human rights & everything to them so we will see...

It's a real crap siutation to be in though isn't it? all you want is a home for yourselves & your kids & to be able to live a stable life.

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 15:38:02

i have a son 14months was in temp accom b4 i had him as well all over the place was in bnb and hostel for a long time have never been offered anything was in a temp flat but i was more bedsit then flat and mine was gettin broken in to all the time lots of bad stuff happening there that wen they told me about private rented and that this was my only choice to get housed thjey didnt really care that the place was so bad ive tooken in information of all trhe places ive lived since 16 and info about the place i was in before private rent and that i had no choice but to get out of there bcoz it was unsafe for myself and son and debt info coz of deposit for here and bills and that but dont no what will happen.. i hate my private rent everything way too expensive.....
buy the way rent on a 3bed council house is 300.00roughly plus council tax maybe 100 more a month..
so for a 2 bed that i need both should be like 350.00 a month that would give me the chance to pay off everything i no and work.. but housing asscoiation rent is higher than the council... i think im just goin to bid on "UGLY" property that look like no 1 would want mayb ill have a chance then but would have to do loads of work i eveb told them i dont mind what u give me i will make it my own .i just wanna settle in lofe if u no wat i mean, feel like ive been on hold a long time....
i used to go down to the council all the tine and pester them i was there just a few days ago and i said i do not understand y i have not been housed and that they have all my info,, more has happened in life but cant really say on here.and try dropping names of people u no have been housed and u feel u should of before them like what i was sayin before people just moving out of family homes and gettin a place. i didnt have this option as i was in care all over the place/

another thing to stress to them is that yoyu need affordable housing take in all paper proof of this anything from cab..
just stay on there case i guess..
i said lots and lots i no council get me a bit aggregated some times wen i think back on it all...
i even tryed applying to housing asscoiations on my own no luck 4 me but it could be worth a try i just typed in housing ascoiations surrey in google then emailed some but most was either council had to nominate me or didnt have the sort of prop i needed but this could ll be different because of hometrak mayb u dont need to be nominated anymore

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 15:45:26

oh i forgot went to the doc to write me a letter told them everything said it was stressing me out
all they gave me was sleeping pills havent changed in kept the perscription in case anything comes of it
still waiting for the med form u have to fill out your self and c what happens with that

Scoobydooooo Sat 16-Sep-06 18:24:27

Do you actually have any medical points? they base the seriousness of your mental health on your medication (which ever you are on & dose) & they also base it on if you see a counciller or any other proffessional.

We should get our information packs this week coming so i will let you know when my turns up or vice versa, it will tell us all about it, what band we are in & what size propertys we can bid on & how it will all work.

I still have this strong feeling it is going to be a very long process, i dont have time on my hands now, my landlord has said he really does want his property back by the end of the month & that he is going to see a soli then too, i really did not want to go down this route but looks like i have been pushed into.

Blimey i don't wish this up on anyone i have been fighting now for 5 months flat out its very tiring & emotional don't you think?

emma187 Sat 16-Sep-06 20:46:26

i no it is, im so fed up of it worrying about it all the time, i dont have aany medical points went to my doc told them about the stress hoping they might right me a letter but she gave me sleeping pills i kept the priscription incase anything comes of it.... but they can send u a form for you to write all medical stuff your self then doc has a look at it but they havent sent me one yet..i wouldnt no what to write but i think il just right everything in there. i said to the women at the council advise... you know when they take you in to that small room, that ive had enough of this i just dont understand how we can not be a priority and that i have been all the way through the housing system already and that i have given in docunments of this, she seemed like she listened and agreed with me on the last bit but still not much been down.yes hopefully wen we get packs wil no more about it hopefully a majic fairy comes our way and gives us some luck before than..emma

fussymummy Sat 16-Sep-06 21:43:07

Hi girls, have just been through some of this thread and i really feel for you.

Keep on at the council, don't let up, even when you feel like you've had enough.

You will reap the rewards in the end.

Scooby, do you have all your belongings packed yet???

Be ready to go on monday, as council are able to house families on eviction day.

Our local council to;d me that they have to keep so many properties available for emergencies, so don't feel deflated.

There will be a house with your name on it.

You too Emma, please keep on fighting.

kattykins Mon 18-Sep-06 11:25:14

hi i am currently in a battle with our council we are in a first fllor flat with no lifts i have a 2 yr old and 6 month old i suffer from high blood pressure and severe depression and anxiety and am on meds for both am hoping that letters from gp hv and social worker may get some points its a horrible situation and i hope you get the home u deserve scooby x

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 15:04:39

Hello all,

Emma if you have no medical points it is worth trying that route now even if the points go out the window it can help with your priority need etc, to get medical points you have to fill in a form yourself & also you should be sent a form for your doctor to fill in, they fill it in & bill the council for it £10. I done this back in april when i started & was given my low priority points of 15 she said they look at your medication & go by what you are on & what help you are getting etc etc.

I still don't have a pack through yet, my friend who lives in a cancel house already has had a pack though on friday which has put her in band F obviously because she has already been housed.

Fussymummy thanks for coming back on & asking after me, i seem to have picked up a bit from my new antidepressants i have been on for about 3 weeks now, i don't have many bad days, just feel scared because of the situation but don't feel as emotional so i believe i was in need of some pills to make me feel half sain
I have packed probably half the house, it's very hard to pack but i have packed all the small bits & sorted out ds & dd's room, just not done anything to the big stuff but i did think about dismatling beds & ds could sleep on his matress he would be more than happy, i have packed most toys away (ds's birthday tomorrow so more toys we be arriving) & also packed all bedroom stuff like teddies & clothes that are not really needed, have removed all pictures from the walls & also packed half the kitchen, just boxes & mess everywhere but something we have to live with right now.

Kattykins what council are you abttling with> your situation does not sound good at all, i would have a nightmare in a top high up flat because i have sciatica in my back & ds loves to run away
Any letters from anyone are good but not great anybody higher than a gp/hv like a counciller or social worker does put you in the middle bracket for points i was told by our council for the medical points.
It is very stressful but keep pushing for what you believe is right & don't give up, i have found it good to keep them reminded of your name because now when i see them they know my whole situation & everything

Well dp spoke to the housing manager today & he said we are a priority need & he will do anything in his power to help us & make it as less stressful for our family as possible, the landlord phoned today & said he really wants us out by the end of the month so i am pushing & pushing, i will have to bid as soon as the first places go on & then if i dont win first time round i am going to have to push to be put into temp accomadation & bid from there. The good thing i know that the law is once in temp because we have 2 young kids you are not allowed to be kept there longer than 6 weeks, 6 weeks is fine as long as i know things will happen.

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 15:27:24

hi did u get a pack today i did but was listed as being in band f ... called them up said im actually in d.. dont no what all that was about.cant wait for it 2 start so i actually know coz i am holding on to yhis working. dnt no wat will happen otherwise hope u got urs and all is good

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 16:44:45

Hi emma, no pack for me today may come tomorrow, have they now changed the band for you, they better have me in the right band otherwise i will be straight on the phone

Does it say in your pack what date it is starting? when dp spoke to the housing manager he said at the end of this week? huh? why do they keep changing it?

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 17:13:35

im not sue i was suposed to be in band d but letter said band f called them right up she said she would send me a new letter. i have updated my registration form 3 times since the last time i moved and they still quote my old adress to me. the lady i spoke to said basicly the longer the date you have been registered withy the council the higher you will be in that band.
they sent a sheet of propertys out but it says this is a sample.. from 26th september it says on form. and they will receive a pin soon
bit confused it does say that band and priority date should be included all i could see was band info mayb wen i get the right one il no better. hope i get it soon .
then ther is a little booklet that says guide im gonna give that a good read u can probs ead in on line
type in google hometrak woking your step by step guide..
and see what comes up i reas the first newsletter they sent out like this online too its worth a try ill read a bit more and get back

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 17:16:53

Oh i see what your saying i really hope you are in band D because the other bands are just not even worth it, no matter what band i am in they have said i am priority my situation is totally different because we are actually homeless with no where to live
I will let you know what mine says when i get it i am just going to google what you said thanks

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 17:25:55

i think that they will put you in a or b as c
a emergency
b premium
c priority

i think we will all be sent a priority date for you that should be the day your tenancy ends..
il soon be in ur position landlord wants me out owe lots in bills..hope you foung it on gogle

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 17:30:39

I think i am in D thats what it said in my letter from the housing manager & when dp spoke to him today thats what he said, although he said we are quite top priority in band D because we are classed as homeless, i personally am not pinning all my hopes on this because i also know there are another 3000 & god knows what situations they are in, i think we will end up in temporary accomadation & then have to bid from there, it's a long old process but i suppose nothing is easy in life

I did find the news letter i actually had that in the post a while ago, it's all very interesting, wonder if the scheme even works!

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 17:31:36

3000 people

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 17:58:04

i hope so too. im going to call them back up again 2moro and ask them for priority date that should give an idea of how high up in the band u are. i stilld ont totally get it but hope it works.
hope they dont put you in temp accom as its really bad some of the places iv lived in would make u sick.. how many of u are there coz i think it wuld be harder to find temp accom for ie mum dad 2kids, than one parent one child. coz most the t accom they have is like one room..
if you know woking the 2 houses next to the big vets are temp acom thats not bad but not for a family u never know who ur next door neighbour is and u have to share kitchen bathroom etc...
The last one i was in was getting raiding by the police,all the time, weridos all over the place i moved in to private was so fed up of being in temp accom 5 (5years all over the place though in different places) 1 week later the lady that looked after the place got attacked with a sword durring the day.. right before i left had a really bad feeling something would happen even told her. council thought i was talkin crap pushed me into private.. so i hope that you can get housed properly before that happens.. what i really want is affordable rent so i can get into a routine if u no what i mean...
do u ever go down there, i no thst if you are there all the time they kind of listen to you more(no promises) i used to go down there all the time but cany keep spend the 3.50 bus fare all the time for the same crap..
als say to them that u have looked for other private rent and u cant find any

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 18:10:29

Yes i haev been there a few times last time was friday, we also phone alot & email i also used to write letters because things in writing is good but now time is running out so phone calls & visits is the way to go now.

I know the temp accom next to the vets my friend stayed there with her husband & dd she was in the bottom one of the left, she had 2 big rooms & a kitchen but had to share the bathroom yuuukkkk.

It all sounds awful, if we do go into temp i will stay at my mums in the days & literally just sleep there, i also have my sisters house i can go to, it will be hard enough having to sleep there but hey thats life.

There are 4 of us myself, dp, ds who is 4 tomorrow & dd who is 8 months.

How many in your family?

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 18:34:29

3 of us...was in temp by my self as wel,its good that you have people that u could stay with even tho its not ideal,then if they do put u in temp u can find problems ther that culd make u even more priorty.. like thing in the property unsafe etc

you would think that they would give priortys to familys but they dnt seem to be.there a girl lives near me 18 with a council property..
i think alot of people were point chasers,,,, i dont even no how to do that.
i just dnt understand there system those that are oviusly in nedd of housing and there not at the top of the list..
i wrote to jan chapman head of housing she just passed it on to the manager below her..
my mum has a council prop so i no how much difference there is in bills and its huge,,, afordable housing should be given to those who need it mayb instead of thrm building all them fancy flats in woking center
i feel that its more that just one problem that could be solved with just one thing,,, fed uop of thinking were will i live next year, were wil i be dnt really feel like i have my own home.. here i cant even put a pic up my living room is half kitchen half living room no way to divide it at all, my son is so noisy he wants to explore evrywhere as they do but its not really safe. if i have to do a propper cook i wai till hes aslepp coz hed be opening cuboards and all sorts,, just there are so many factors that make up one problem....
i wonder if ther is a way that u can complain ..proberly when i complained to jan chapman didnt reaaly get much luck.. housing advier even told me that if you have been on reg for 3 years you should of been housed,, so i hope this banding thing works dont reallt get it
if your in a certain band do u bid on houses in that band ?
or is it like so many people bid and is a bid they get it first
that the bit i dont understand coz if it is like that other bands would never get a chance
i think that we just have to be high up in the band u in ???????

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 18:34:31

3 of us...was in temp by my self as wel,its good that you have people that u could stay with even tho its not ideal,then if they do put u in temp u can find problems ther that culd make u even more priorty.. like thing in the property unsafe etc

you would think that they would give priortys to familys but they dnt seem to be.there a girl lives near me 18 with a council property..
i think alot of people were point chasers,,,, i dont even no how to do that.
i just dnt understand there system those that are oviusly in nedd of housing and there not at the top of the list..
i wrote to jan chapman head of housing she just passed it on to the manager below her..
my mum has a council prop so i no how much difference there is in bills and its huge,,, afordable housing should be given to those who need it mayb instead of thrm building all them fancy flats in woking center
i feel that its more that just one problem that could be solved with just one thing,,, fed uop of thinking were will i live next year, were wil i be dnt really feel like i have my own home.. here i cant even put a pic up my living room is half kitchen half living room no way to divide it at all, my son is so noisy he wants to explore evrywhere as they do but its not really safe. if i have to do a propper cook i wai till hes aslepp coz hed be opening cuboards and all sorts,, just there are so many factors that make up one problem....
i wonder if ther is a way that u can complain ..proberly when i complained to jan chapman didnt reaaly get much luck.. housing advier even told me that if you have been on reg for 3 years you should of been housed,, so i hope this banding thing works dont reallt get it
if your in a certain band do u bid on houses in that band ?
or is it like so many people bid and is a bid they get it first
that the bit i dont understand coz if it is like that other bands would never get a chance
i think that we just have to be high up in the band u in ???????

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 19:08:43

How it actually works is like this..

You are in a Band, band A is obviously top priority, you should have been told what size property you are allowed like 2 bed 3 bed etc i think we are on 3 bedroom lst but will find out when i get my pack i hope.

Then the council will put houses, flats all sorts of property & you are allowed to bid on the size prperty you have been told, like i can bid on all 3 bedroom propertys if thats what i am.

then after the 2 weeks have been & all who wants to bid has bid they will look at who is in the highest band so if you bid on a property & you are in Band D if someone comes along & also bids on that property but they are in Band C they get the property not you!

Then if there is say 5 people who are in Band D & thats the highest band that bid they will probably show all 5 people the property & then the ones who actually like it & want it will be looked at & the one who is in the most desperate need will get the house, i:e if someone bids against you & you are both in Band D & thats the highest bid on the property, say you are in a house but the other person is living on someones sofa they will get the property.

Hope that makes sense....

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 19:09:56

I don't have anyones house to sleep at i only have places to go in the day time, my mums house has her my bro & my sister in & my other sister has her hubby & her dd, but i have places to go in the day if i want to.

emma187 Mon 18-Sep-06 19:14:06

thanks that great get it now,,, i hope u get pack 2moro i prob wont get my proper one till wed or thurs as they messed it up.. at least the 26th isnt that long away... i hope im in a good proirty, you toooo
ill let you know what happens or if i found anything else out, im gonna have a nossy at council website

Scoobydooooo Mon 18-Sep-06 19:23:55

Yeah same here i will keep you posted & also let you know how we get on & any tricks of the trade i find on the way

kattykins Mon 18-Sep-06 22:25:19

it is ellesmere port and neston borough council we have also been speaking to the head of lettings etc its such a nightmare just feel so sorry for the kids involved i never imagined it would be such a struggle just to get a house!! keep on pushing though eh!!

Scoobydooooo Wed 20-Sep-06 16:07:00

Recieved my pack today, said i was in Band E so straight on the phone to the housing manager who said the system had not been updated & that i was in Band D & would get a new pack in the post.

I spoke to him about the situation & said my health is just getting worse & the kids are suffering etc etc, he said he was going to write to the women i haev been dealing with & also said he spoke to her on monday with regards to us & our situation.

I am just bored, tired & fed up today, starting to feel down again, have bcome addicted to my sleeping tablets & can not go to sleep without them which is just not good because they are making me feel really tired & groggy in the day time. I have been going to bed at 8-9pm & sleeping through till 7am but i am shattered, hoping i am not pg cause that would just be the worst thing that could ever happen right now.

Anyway trying to keep my chin up but finding it hard today, hows everyone else feeling?

emma187 Wed 20-Sep-06 16:58:37

Me 2 my pack says band f but i should be in d, they sayd il receive new pack soon. need to know what my priorty date is though wont know till monday, i think that the most important bit, gonna ahave to call them monday again, starts on tues, im so fed up of this situation.hope ur feeling beteer im trying not to think bout it but i cant help it..

fussymummy Thu 21-Sep-06 00:02:58

You poor girls going through this.
I keep reading your new posts and sometimes feel like an imposter, but i'm just waiting for the happy endings when you eventually get your places to live.

Scooby, hows your landlord being with you????

I know you said quite early on, that you get on with him, has this all changed now???

Or does he understand how long the council take???

Pregnant!!!!!!! (just what you need)!!!!

Have you done a test, just in case?

Might speed council up a bit if you were!!!!!

Scoobydooooo Thu 21-Sep-06 09:56:31

Hi fussymummy don't feel like an imposter you come & join in as much as you like, it's great to have people tp talk to about the situation, in fact it has really helped me to be on here & share what hell i am going through.

The landlord is still be ok with me, we speak a couple of times a week & i keep him updated, he has said that he really wants his house back at the end of this month & if the council don't pull there finger out he is off to see a soliciter, i have told the housing manager this yesterday when i spoke to him & said trhat i really do not have the strength to be dragged through court.

I am probably not pg, i really hope not anyway, i think it may be my sleeping tablets making me feel funny, i am very paronoid about becoming pg again because i can only just cope with the 2 i have so 3 would be a complete no no. I am not even going to think down those lines i am just going to wait for my af.

I got my pin number through today to register for this silly new scheme so will do that at some point.

Dp is now feeling the strain he is normally calm & chilled but he was awake all last night worrying what is going to happen to us all & now he feels he needs to see the doctor, nothing is good this end, just trying to keep things as normal as i possibly can for the kids because i know ds will suffer if i don't.

We have even thought about moving away to buy a house because dp has good wages but it's just this area we can not afford to live in, if we moved about 40 mins away we could afford to buy a house, dp would just have to commute to work, this is our fall back idea if the house we get is just a complete shit tip.

Been feeling down the last couple of days can not quite put my finger on it but not feeling right. I went to bed at 7.30pm last night & was alseep by 8.30pm after taking my sleeping pills, i did not wake till 8am when ds came in & woke me up but i am still shattered.

Oh well another day, hows you emma? & how are you getting on Katykins?

emma187 Thu 21-Sep-06 15:46:36

hiya everyone
i got my pin today too, still dont no priority date though and ive been told thats the most important bit,, bit stressed out today went to see cab bout all the debt ive encurred living here said not much they can do till i move as ive been paying it off already but keeps rising,, got bit arrrrrrrrgghhh for a while,
have to call monday to get priorty date at least we can bid on tuesday hope it goes well for you scobbydoooo... the h manager told me if u want to get housed bid for anything dnt matter location and ect, i already told her i dont care as long as i can afford it and get stable not have to move again and again i dnt care ill do it up my self... not taking the sleeping pills so hardly sleeping,,, all kind of gettin to me now... just had enuff of it,,, im gonna be in rent arrears soon and then i cant leave her till ive paid that off as well so what to do what to do,,,,this probally all sounds jumbled but its been a very long day, best luck emma

Scoobydooooo Thu 21-Sep-06 16:08:15

Hi emma sorry your feeling a bit crap too, it's seems days come & you feel ok one day & a bit down the next i am always like this but i suppose it is what to expect in this situation.

I thought the priority date is the date to which you went on the housing register, not sure it has anything to do with the bidding process because everytime you move to another band that is the date which will be on your form?

emma187 Thu 21-Sep-06 16:30:19

yes i know one min im not thinkin about it and okay then nxt mimuite im right at the bottom,,,
i think that if your priority date date u joined the register is quite long ,in your band ud be one of the first to get housed, hope that trhey do mine date i joined the reg 2003 and they dont mess around.. yes everytime u jump higher band they put ur date the date u joined that band,,, think thats a bit crap them doing it that way.but never know what do i know,,,,
today i just stressed to them again that ive already been through the whole housing ststem and im on knifes edge right now,,just hoping,,,, still cant wait till tues though just to see what theyve got... i no it will be really hard to get a place in knaphill were i live now..
i have too thought of moving away because i lived in birmingham manchester and london before and liked it but i only just came back to surrey 4years ago and wouldnt really know about doing it
ive heard of something at the council(forgive me cant remember what its called, but they can help you buy a house help u out with up to 35thousand deposit,,, ive seen a poster in not in the position to do this but mayb it would help u.....but i guess that is a long process which would take time u dont have,, they suld pull there finger out and do something//

my little sister bit upset with them too they gave her place to stay shes a young mum u see. and while she was in hospital having her baby her new pram steriliser, was stolen so she went home and had nothing for the was the people that lived there too, crappy temp accomadation thats what ya get,,,, im ranting again i no..think its just one of those daYZ...........

Scoobydooooo Thu 21-Sep-06 19:56:18

My sister is just in the middle of doing the cash thing with the coucil they actually can give you upto 60,000 towards a morgage, she has her final interview tomorrow & has been house hunting for the past week, i have been going with her

It is a scheme you can only do if you are in a council house & if you can afford to get a morgage for about 160,000 then they will add upto 60,000 for you. They are doing this to free up council houses from people who could with a bit of help afford to buy like my sister & her husband.

I think you have to actually be in a council house for 2 years at least & also they choose who they think it will help from a list, my sister has been offered it before last yr but never got to the final interview, this yr it's looking like it's set in stone so all good.

You never know you may end up in her house she lives in a 2 bedroom

Have you registered with your pin yet? i can't see anywhere to do it on the site do we have to wait till tuesday?

emma187 Fri 22-Sep-06 07:52:14

yes i think it will be tuwesday but its worth keep checking, i think it will be up the woking header...your woking..
hope theres not any delays and it does atcually work on tues.. council said on monday the sytstem starts working then tues we can bid.
i wondering how many houses r gonna be on offer,5,10,20.100, coz if its like 5 theres not much chance coz band a and b are gonna snap them all up..oh well wel c i guess keeping my fingers crossed for you,,

Scoobydooooo Fri 22-Sep-06 12:49:32

Help help help

josephjaidensmum Sun 24-Sep-06 00:20:55

hurry up monday

josephjaidensmum Mon 25-Sep-06 21:06:36

Hiya scobbydoo its emma (ive changees my name
still dont know my prioroty date, adviser said bid though as they dont look at the bids for a week and it will be sorted by then,makes me mad
ive found some more hometrak stuf on their website that wasnt there before but still no where to enter pin for registration. cant see where its gonne be maybe it will be erly in the morning it happens, hope u feeling ok, cant wait to see what this hometraks like

josephjaidensmum Tue 26-Sep-06 01:09:11

hiya scoobydooooo
the enter woking registration link is now working,, cant sleep me im worried about what gonna happen. there are 6 3bed propertys to bid on. few nice ones
there are 6 2 beds (what i need) as well im a bit disapointed only 25 property in all and thousand to bid yet,
even on the website still says im in f, very angry hope it gets fixed before bidding cycle ends gonne have to keep calling them to make sure its done.

you have to click on the enter my woking banner
then enter your name address and make a nickname and a password for, yourself then at the end u enter housing reg number and the pin they gave you ,,,after that you cna view the propertys and bid on the ones you like, let me know how you got on best of luck, emma

Scoobydooooo Tue 26-Sep-06 06:36:49

Hiya Emma,

OMG have now registered, have not bid on anything because they also have not changed my banding from E to D so will be phoning again today to srt that out before i bid on anything otherwise i will have no chance....

Going to go to have a look at the roads these places are on today & probably bid later at some point, we are moving this weekend anyway, we are putting our stuff in sotrage & staying at a friends on there sofa.

We were offered a 3 bed private rented flat for £700 a month, but we told them to stuff it for many reasons, i wont lose my place in the banding but they wont have house me in temp now.

I will let you know how i get on today, have been awake since 4am have also lost 1 stone in weight in 2 weeks

Speak to you later .... go get bidding

fussymummy Tue 26-Sep-06 12:33:57

Hi scooby, how long can you stay at your friends house???
If it's more than a few weeks get them to write a letter to evict you giving you a definate date to leave by.
You'll definately be classed as homeless then!!!
Anythings worth a try to get you housed quicker.

josephjaidensmum Tue 26-Sep-06 17:32:00

hiya scoobydoo thats a good idea to check the road s ther on as u never know what u culd be gettin. some of the 2beds are in quite rough areas ive just got be bid on the best of a bad bunch, me too still down as in band f. but its wrong
cant wait to the day when i dont have to chase the council up all the time, spoke to the housing advice manager today coz my landlord wants me out immedietly will go into rent arrears next month cant afford to pay it and they all are aware, plus electriciy up 400 now owed omg.
can pay it of on some scheme though if im not here wont help me here coz debt will keep increasing and landlord will not let me get prepay meter in to pay it of like that either. trying to not worry about all of that told the adviser this is my last hope or im at rock bottom, dont even want to think about what might happen,

if you go down to the council now tell them thsat you are now homeless and ask your friend to write a letter say giving you 2 weeks to stay there,and stating that they have family coming to stay and you cannot stay there after that date, as your circumstances have changed they may bump u up a band. hopefully before the bidding process end and u would have a much betta chance, ive been told that d is a good band to be in and people who are in d have a chance,
the hometrak site is so so busy though that you cant get through to it so theyr must be alot of people also needing housing
wish u the best of luck hope they do help you must be awful not knowing were u will be next wk next month tc ive been in that situation so many times and i couldnt stand it, poor lil ones dont let it get u down hun

Scoobydooooo Tue 26-Sep-06 18:39:06

Hiya Emma & fussymummy,

Well i phoned the housing manager today told him my reason for not taking the temp accomadation said it would be to much of a risk to my sons life as he is an escapy & has no sense of safety, he said it is a valid reason but i have to put it in in writing to him (which i have now done) i am now actually moving into my mums already over crowded house ayt the weekend, she has 3 bedrooms but my mum, my sis & my brother live there so there will be those 3 plus me, dp & our 2 kids how ridiculous is that? we will be literally sleeping where ever!!!

I am totally not looking forward to it, there is 3 houses i am going to put bids in for when i can actually enter the site its to busy will try late tonight or early morning.

We are officially homeless from sunday, saturday we are doing the big move & putting all our furniture into storage until god knows....
Sunday i will be cleaing this house & sorting it out i am so exhausted i can hardly walk having to do all this along with running a house day to day & look after 2 kids is totally killing me..

I will hopefully have the net at my mums she said i could bring compute & get the internet so thats cool, i should be online sometime next week after saturday, i need to come & talk on here it really does help.

When i can get back on the site i will have a look at the 2 bed places for you if you like? you don' drive do you emma? i know a couple of the places anyway so once i can see them again i will let you know if that can help you.

Crap situation to be & i can not wait for us both to come out the other side, we can look back on this thread & see what we went through

I will pop back on tomorrow, let me know anything else you find out & same here.

Oh one thing i did find out from manager was your priority date is the date you went into the bacd you are in so say you have been on the list for 2 yrs & you would have been in band F & still are you have more priority than someone who has been on the list for 1 yr in band F, but say in august 2006 you moved to band D then your priority date will start from august which is not so good, so evertime you move up a band your priority date changes to the date you moved up, if you see what i mean?

I am in band D but i only moved into it about 3 weeks ago so if someone comes along who has been in band D for 2 months & they bid on the same house as me they will get the property, crap don't you think?

Anyway must sort the kids out & carry on packing, got the carpet cleaners into tomorrow morning...

Take care & wishing you all the luck in the world xx

josephjaidensmum Tue 26-Sep-06 19:00:03

i bidded for house in byfleet cant get back on though to check the rest, i still dont know my priority date either but guess it will be like your the date i moved into the band.
i know its crap i dont really undersatand how it will atually work when we have bands a b c as well to compete with.
that would be great if you could have a look at the 2beds as well or just let me know if u know what the area is like.
cant beleive there is only 25 propertys they must have more than that. the hometrak sight is so busy there must be so many people looking as well, yes definetly put everything in writing to them it could boost ur band give u more priorty. the council are so not doing there job right should of housed you brfore homecrap. i know they gave a few people council places before homecrap started.
try and fill another medical form now saying that you are homless, effect on children ect all you can put it in .
i will let you know what happens too. have to keep checking hometrak to see if my band is right on line,,,,,,,, think il be there for a while trying to get through
speak to you soon emma

Scoobydooooo Tue 26-Sep-06 19:46:21

He said my Band would be changed in the next couple of days, did you phone & tell them your band is wrong too? Next to your band is your priority date so when it is changed we will know.

Let's not call it "hometrak" lets call it "crap"

CRAP is still not working i still can not get on, let me know if you manage too its driving me nuts now, been set up for a day & already not been working all afternoon, good start hey!

I will let you know about the 2 bed areas etc, there is also a house in byfleet i may bid on too, i am going to probably bid on the one in knaphill, the one in byfleet & the one on the barnsbury estate all 3 bed houses, don't like where the other 3 areas are they are a pitt!

josephjaidensmum Tue 26-Sep-06 20:55:32

knaphills nice there no 2beds there for me , all in sheerwater or horsell
wouldnt mind byfleet though , be a change, never know we culd both end up with a house in byfleet,
ive had a page on my screen since the morning and that CRAP still not working. il put a post here as soon as its working. it was working midnight yesterday. it says its busy but i havent been able to access it once
called council todays as band still saying in f (noticed on the website) spoke to manager said i was suposed to be in this band from 20th of this month and she said would call the woman at registration to change again, so im not sure wen it will be done ill just keep checking on website i guess, if it ever works.
2weeks weve got to wait but i noticed on website u can see what band the person who bidded was,,,,
if it ever ever works....

fussymummy Tue 26-Sep-06 23:59:26

Sounds to me like the council are being really clever with all these bands they're putting you all in.

Seems like you've all got the wrong banding!!!

How many more people are in the same situation????

Wonder if any of this was deliberate, on their part????

Each time they change the band, your time starts again.

How unfair is that????

Your time should really be how long you've been signed up with them, and also your personal circumstances.

Next thing you know, all their computers will crash!!!!

If i were you i'd be on at them every day and just keep writing letters to them.

When i got a council place years ago, i'd been on the list for 8.5 years!!!!!

I only got a place because my parents evicted me.
(they only did it to help me)

My application was only speeded up because of this and because i had a child.

Had i remained single, with no children, i'd have been waiting at least 12 years.

I know how frustrating it can be.

I used to be on the phone to them all the time.

In the end all i had to say was Hello, and they'd say my name and address.

I called them all the time and it paid off eventually.

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 01:54:10

if your still on its working shshhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anybody else lol

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 04:57:17

Been on will be back later...

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 14:22:30

Hi emma,

God i was awake again at silly'0 clock i keep waking at 4am i even left the pc on so i could pop on & have a look at the houses

I have written down a list about the 2 beds & where they are but it is in the car, i will get it in a bit.

I would however stay clear of Albert drive sheerwater becauses it's ruff to say the least.

There was a place in cobetts close horsell which sounds ok because horsell is a lovely little village, i lived there before & i really liked it, it also has schools & a nursery for your little one. When picking where you go just rememeber you will probably be there for a long time....

Also byfleet is a good choice you said you had already bid on one was it the house? it looks nice there not quite sure where it is though bubt if i get time & am over that way i will check it out for you.

Fussymummy I fully understand what your saying about getting kicked out of my mums but because i am turning down there temp accomadation & if they decide my reason is not good enough then they do not have to houe me in temp accomadation, but as far as the housing manager was talking i think my reason is going to be accepted so am not sure what will happen then.

At the moment i can not even get on the website again sigh

Has your banding changed yet emma? i am trying to see if they have sorted mine out but the website is crap & keeps crashing

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 14:45:55

hi scoobydoo the website only seem s to work at late hours for some reason. was working at midnight but not now just cant get through.
wanyed to see if theyv changed my band yet,???
yes i bidded on the house in byfleet think il bid on the flat in byfleet and the cobbetts close as there the best ones there.
on the site you can see how many bids a propertys got and wat band there in, but mine is still showing as a f bid.
i think it must be only the internet bids bcoz the house i want only had 6 bids when i checked yesterday, thought theyd be alot more, as we cant even get through to the website.
its good thougfh as u can check what band the other people who bidded r in.
but not much point in us bidding till they get our bands right, so we can see the system sees our bands right.

i just got through to homecrap clicked on the continue link a few times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 15:04:11

oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

lots of bids now -lots of d band bids as well

oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

still my band says f


loads of time to wait yet

all gettin a bit much for me, im really pinning everything on this, must try not not think about it so much,

did one of them online form about band still not showing up right
maybe that will speed them up

what about you any luck? try not to let it get u down 2.
im trying to ...honest

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 15:05:29

I am on the site but it is running really really slow i can not manage to look into the pages which shows the bids etc.

I have not bid on anything yet i am waiting till they get my banding changed, it's actually driving me mad now....

I don't think the phone bids are counted on the internet, these are just the bids where people have done it online, i am sure there will be many more over the phone, i have not seen anyone bidding on a property higher than band D so thats quite good so far.

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 15:07:02

Crossed posts then

What do you mean lots of bids noooooooo don't tell me that, i am trying not to pin hopes on this in fact i have acceoted that we will get nothing for a few months so i am prepared.

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 15:18:43

hiya i checked on a couple i no its running so slow, runs fast late at night?
and i saw quite a few d bands, do u know ur date yet? i dont? i guess that is what it comes to finally then,whos got the furthest date

me 2 not seen anyother higher bands like a,b,c but i heard council housed quite a few people in council propertys in the last days of the old system.. maybe that why

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 15:21:09

Your date will be on the same page as your band, you should already have a date where it says you are in band F now, but the date will be changed when they finally decide to sort our banding out, it's actually driving me nuts now...

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 15:27:23

no no date even when i call them and received first pack no date?? i dont understand . manager said it should of been sorted from 23rd but still nothing, just my luck

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 15:29:07

im just popping out to sainsburys
cant get use that site at all so so slow, il check back when i get home byeee

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 16:11:16

Hmm i have a date next to my banding in the eligable bit...

I have managed to look at one housen which has 3 bids from band D & 1 from band F blimmin thing has crashed again now...

Scoobydooooo Wed 27-Sep-06 16:12:18

The house in knaphill has 18 bids !!!

1 of them is band C so thats a no go...

josephjaidensmum Wed 27-Sep-06 18:17:43

i8bids nooooooooo

one of the ones im looking at 20bids lots of d band bids
bit worried oh well

wonder when wel see right band on the site, im not bidding again til its right im gonna call back up 2moro if i check in morning and its still f

i think the main thing is the date, but telephone bids arnt shown i think alot would be done by telephone

fussymummy Wed 27-Sep-06 22:00:51

Have any of you asked the council what your position is in the band you've been allocated????

If you knew that you were in the top 10, then you'd stand a better chance than those in the bottom 10!!!!

If you get what i mean.

It's worth asking, they should be able to tell you.

Also, make sure your rent is always paid on time, because council won't move you if you have any arrears.

GOOD LUCK to you all.

nannyme Thu 28-Sep-06 00:00:01


I didn't read this the other day when I saw it. So sorry you are suffering like this. We were in a very similar situation a few months ago before we made the move to France.

We couldn't afford another private rental as we didn't have the deposit for one and secondly, with me needing to be in LOndon for work, I couldn't at the same time afford LOndon prices!

Anyhow, that's what brought us to France where we are now living very cheaply but it isn't for everybody,of course.

We were told the exact same thing by Bromley Housing Advice - that we had to sit and wait to be evicted before they would home us as being on the verge of homelessness. However, I contacted Shelter's helpline (if I recall correctly - I made about 10 000 phonecalls) who said that the council depts really shouldn't be spouting such rubbish and forcing people into legal situations and potentially debt if rent is to go unpaid during the eviction process, etc. etc. It might be worth ringing their number or another similar organisation.

I completely understand how you don't want to have to go through eviction. Who would? We particularly didn't want to do this to our landlord - who had been great with us and we didn't want to live under that kind of stress, waiting to be formally evicted.

Another similarity in your case and mine is that my OH has a mental health illness and was receiving treatment frim the CMHT at the time. That scored us many more points and virtually guaranteed a home for us should we be evicted - I am sure it would be the same for you, although you may need medical evidence by the truckload knowing the council.

Gosh, I wish I could say something helpful. Shall be thinking of you. Hope it works out for you guys. I can recommend France!!

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 10:34:56

Hi Nannyme - thanks for your post, not sure if you have read the whole thread but i have now been through eviction my eviction date was actually 18the sept, we were offered accomadation in a 3 bed flat on the 2nd floor on one of the busiest roads in the area so i have turned it down due to my son's safety issues the council actually know about these but obviously care to take no notice even when the doctor & health visitor have explained & written about this too, myself as a mother will not put my son in a place where he would probably end up dead within weeks.

We are now moving into my mothers this weekend & sleeping in the dining room because she all ready has a house full but we have no other option. (the council now know this)

It is an awful situation & i can see us having to live like this for months yet because the council are soo crap, they make the rules up as they go along & do what they like half the time.

Emma - Hows things going with you, i was up again at 4am & came & looked online again it's the only time that crap works, it is hardly working today, whats the point in all this?

I phoned up & spoke to a lady in the hometrak bit & said i was still in the wrong band, she was very short & rude & said what makes you think your in the wrong band i explained well i am homeless? & having to live on my mothers dining room floor if this is classed as band E low priority when your homeless then what is the point!
She said they could not change it today because the man who deals with the registrations & banding was not in today so old crap as usual.

She said before the banding gets changed she will have to look into it & speak with my case advisor from housing options & see what they say, i am just so cross & so upset how do we have any chance when they have not even got us in the right band, everything is about waiting, what they don't understand is i don't have time to wait, i have 2 young children who's lives are a mess & all they keep doing is messing me around.

I refuse to bid on anything until it is changed, i am sick of it & if it is not changed by monday i will be phoning the housing manager again.

Having a down day today & fed up & tired have so much to do & just can't be bothered

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 11:05:58

Hmm just logged in & my banding has now been changed, probably because they know they are in the wrong.....

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 11:06:50

See how they make it up as they go along though, she said to me the man who can change the bandings was not in today so it would not be changed today & then all of a sudden it's changed, makes you laugh...

Philomena Thu 28-Sep-06 12:12:15

I've read the whole thread and I'm horrified. I actually work for the council (not Woking) and can't believe how you are being treated.

My advice would be to contact your local councillor - details should be on the website. Better still, find out which of the councillors is the portfolio holder for housing and get complaining. Copy all letters, emails etc to the councillor - it's one way of guaranteeing a response from a council officer.

Good luck - I'm thinking of you.

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 12:30:17

Hi Philomena thanks for taking the time to read the thread, i am quite horrified myself to be honest. I don't worry about myself but the fact i have a 4 yr old who is a very challenging child & also have an 8 month old can not believe the way they are treating me, i have now come to accept it because i have been going at this since april.

When you say your local counciller i don't understand who you mean, where will i find them?

I have now dealt with everyone within the council & gone as high as i can go & i still am getting fobbed off

I actually have come to realise i don't have a hope in hell on the new scheme so we are actually officially homeless! I know exactly why they will not put us into B&B or a half way house because they know that because the fact i have 2 young children they would have to house me within 6 weeks & they don't want to do that, thats why they offered me a 3 bed flat through a private landlord because they could have kept me there for months & months even a year.

Now they have changed me into Band D on there system but they have put my priority date as 22nd septmeber which is wrong because i have a letter dated the 11th september from the housing manager saying i am in band D so i think i am going to write another letter explaining everything & all about the way i have eebn treated & all the lies they have throw at me & let them know i am going to take this further & further, i think the fact that me & my kids have to sleep on a dining room floor is discusting.

So where should i start any advice who to contact now? i have been to the doctors had docs letters health visitor letters/phoned/come with me to the offices I have written to the mp who has written to them twice, i have written & spoken to the housing manager 2-3 times a week so where now any ideas?

Oh i feel crap today, i think the fact my kids are having to go through this & the effect it is having on my son is getting me down alot, the strain on mine & dp's relationship is beginning to show & we are struggling because of the pressure

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 12:35:31


My advice would be to contact your local councillor - details should be on the website. Better still, find out which of the councillors is the portfolio holder for housing and get complaining

How do i find this person? I have copoes of all letters from all people & letter i have sent from day 1 & emails..

Philomena Thu 28-Sep-06 12:46:09


I've had a quick look at Woking District Council and this person would appear to be your best bet:

Not done a link before so not sure if it will work.

Bascially, councillors are responsible for making decisions for everything relating to the council - they are the people to whom officers are accountable. If you wanted a comparison then they are a bit like MPs but on a smaller scale obviously!

The person I have linked you to is the Leader of the Council and it states she has a special interest in housing. If things aren't happening efficiently then she will want to know! Her home number and email address is on there. Why not direct her to this thread?

If you don't want to contact her then you could try your local councillor - there is one for every "ward" or area. Some are better than others and my advice would be to go directly to the leader ie the person I've linked you to.

Philomena Thu 28-Sep-06 12:47:43

Forgot to say - good luck. If I can help in any way please let me know.

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 12:49:19

Philomena thank you so muc for the help, i am going to have a look now & contact her do you really think i should link her to this thread? not sure if that would be a good idea or bad because i have vented alot on here but then i suppose it could show had bad things have really been?

fussymummy Thu 28-Sep-06 12:50:59

Scooby, when you're at your mums place, give the council a call and tell them that you want someone to come and visit you and to do a report on the conditions that your family have been forced to live in.

You should get a higher banding due to over crowding.

How big is your mums house???

How many adults will be living there??

How many children???

I remember when we moved and the council had to check our place was left in good condition.

The housing officer that came round said she didn't realise we had 3 children in a two bed property!!!!!

Said we should have been out ages before we were.

I asked her why she thought i'd been writing and phoning for so long?????

Obviously-no reply!!!

You've come this far, which has been so hard for you.

You need to be strong, as it'll get tough while you're staying with your family.

Hope you don't have too many arguements.

I remember when my sister and her husband had to stay with his parents.

They had two young children and she hated every single day of it.

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 12:59:48

Thanks fussymummy, well at the moment my mum lives there with my bro who is 22 & my sister who is 29, it is a 3 bedroom house. My brother stays at his girlfriends 3-4 times a week my mum works 3 nigths a week & my sister is looking at buying in spain but obviously not for a few more months yet. Then there is myself, dp, ds 4 years & dd who is 8.5 months. There will be 2 kids & 5 adults if we are all there & when they are not there we will be bed hoping, crap i know but better than the street huh?

I have just looked on the website & i am going to email sue when dd is in bed having a nap (soon)

I really appriciate all this help & advice at this very hard time

It's annoying me that my kids are suffering & no one cares

Philomena Thu 28-Sep-06 13:04:39

I suggested directing her to the thread because you mentioned earlier about preferring to express your feelings in writing to your GP than in person.

It's up to you - personally I think you have been remarkably restrained in your postings - you haven't used offensive languague about people, but have expressed the shortcomings in the system.

But if you have copies of letters, emails etc then maybe take those with you to a meeting with her. My father is a local councillor and he meets people all the time to help with situations like yours (again, he isn't in Woking) and he is always , always, happy to help in anyway.

Some councillors run drop in centres in places like libraries. Best thing is to contact her and give a brief history but outline all of the cock-ups, like conflicting advice, wrong banding etc and the fact that no-one really seems to care.

People become councillors for all sorts of reasons but most are motivated by a desire to change the way that things are done and to improve services in their area. There are some exceptions so please do not be put off if you end up talking to a councillor who does not seem interested - just contact a different one.

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 13:43:36

Ok have now emailed her & briefly explained the situation & have pointed out all the mistakes & crap woking borough council have put me through.

I will let you know my outcome from this.

thanks again x

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 16:19:36

Just packed & aorted all the clothes & now starting to feel very that this is what life has come too!

Have packed & sorted through so much but still feel there is just soooo much to do & only have tomorrow as our things are off into storage on saturday can not actually believe it.

Do you think dd will be ok sleeping in a travel cot & my mums? i will put a duvet on the bottom to make it more comfy or do you think i should take her cot & set it up? i can't decide what is best!

Last thing to pack will be the computer because i can not do without it, it is coming to my mums anyway as she said i can set it up there not sure when i will be back online after tomorrow though but sooner rather than later i hope because i need the support.

Hows things with you today Emma?

josephjaidensmum Thu 28-Sep-06 17:09:33

hiya scoobydoo
just checked the tread, sorry to haer you been having such a bad time but its so understandable when its all youv got to worry about, plus its the answer to all your problems,
i can see my band d on the website now Finally, called them up this morning as well,
told manager that if this doesnt work i dont know what im gonna do, that im betting all my hopes on this, she just said well wel see what happens with this and dicuss after, what is that suppose to mean they never give a straight answer,
still dont know my date very annoying,
asked ok can u tell me whereabout i am in priority in the band, wouldnt tell me eithet,
like you i am so fed up of this its been going on now for 5years and just feel like they dont give a damn,
next month i will start going into rent arrears cant afford it anymore was lucky because i had got a loan and paid alot up front so that was paying it of everymonth, but there is no way i can pay , not with everything else ive got to pay off as well, kind of scary when i think of all the bills, which are basically all on hold, hopping ill move?/
i dont know why i went into private, but when i think about it i had no other choice, the place i was living was way too dangerous. i couldnt handle living in places like that anymore, im a bit stressed but try to keep on top of it.
as least our bands are right now!!!!!!!!

i wonder who is the bands a, b, c then
being homeless should be a top priorty dont u think ESPECIALLY WITH A FAMILY
and there no way they can put you in tamp accomadation with a family of 4, theres no places for it.
try going down there again now your circumstances have changed
would your mum write you a letter saying you have until this date to be out/
that its is to cramped and she cant handle it etc any excuse really
i think you might be able to push for a higher band take everything you have down there and blast them again with it all
i think that they can still house people otside this scheme still, like they did before, for emergency situations etc.
i dont know why they fob us off all the time, i had such differebt variety of advice and info from them sometimes contradicting what they have said previusly.

oh i wonder why ur band got changed today?
because they realised they should of done it a while ago,

i think writing to a counciller would be agood idea,

at the moment i looking into making a complaint against social services into the way i was treated, looked after, and housed in care, because this is where all my housing problems sten from, the day i turned 15 i was put in a horrible bed and breakfast( that what they called it but was far from that)
and since then ive been everywhere in really bad accomadation and i so dont want my lil one to experiance anything like what ive been through

well well i guess wel see but i would definetly advice to go down there again and stay on there case tell them that your ciercumstances have changed
hope to hear from u soon bye emma

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 20:03:26

Hi Emma, Glad your Band has been changed is well funny how we had to call back today again to get it sorted out though, they just don't do anything they say they are going to do you always have to push & push.

If you go where it says your Band it will have a date next to it that is your priority date.

It is defo crap being in band D when your actually homeless i thought homelessness would be more important than moving people out of a 2 bed to a 1 bed they are in band B i know its to free up bigger houses but at least they have a house to live in....

This is band D

Applicants will be placed in this band if:-

The Council has accepted a duty to rehouse them and they are currently living in temporary accommodation facilitated by the Housing Needs and Enabling team, or are homeless at home or sleeping rough.

The household is at least one bedroom deficient and includes dependent children (for whom child benefit is being received).

They are living in accommodation which is in poor condition, which is prejudicial to their health and cannot be rectified at reasonable cost.

They, or a member of their household, needs to move for medical reasons which are aggravated by their housing conditions but are not likely to affect life expectancy

They do not have dependent children, are at least one bedroom deficient and are sharing facilities with others

It says that you can be in Band C if you are all of what is in band D i am all of those things when i move to my mums apart from one this one i am not "They are living in accommodation which is in poor condition, which is prejudicial to their health and cannot be rectified at reasonable cost" if i was i could be placed in band C

I have a major headache tonight & have been doing all my washing like a mad women ready to pack the rest of the clothes for moving saturday.

I have a totally packed day tomorrow & i really can not be bothered. I have just spoken to my brother who is heling us move our stuff to storage & he said he will be here 8am sat so thats sorted & my sister is ment to be having ds otherwise it would be a nightmare.

I will pop on tomorrow night & say goodbye till i can get back online hopefully a few days time. Do you have a mobile Emma? if so i will email you my number & we can text each other.

Take care & i hope it all works out i have my fingers crossed for you because i really feel sorry for you with your money troubles. Try not to panic it will be ok in the end

Scoobydooooo Thu 28-Sep-06 20:13:11

By the way forgot to add my mum lives in knaphill too so i will be where you are, if you wanna meet for coffee let me know

josephjaidensmum Thu 28-Sep-06 20:37:54


i think that they is no way you can be in band d anymore it doesnt say anything about homeless i think you will have to down there again with everything, kick up a fuss, they are so useless,take all the letters,that you have taken before, that the only way that they seem to do anything, you really have to work for it your self, i really dont get it
why they opperate like that

a letter from your mum stating what the situation is in the home
how many people live there,
that she has done it as an emergency
and it canot go on say more then 2weeks.
but maybe they will see now that your situation has changed i will have a look at the band again and see what i find and put it here.

i live right by sainsburys, and my mum lives on the broadway, there is a new place in knaphill just opened
have a look here
(better than i can describe it)

i havent been yet but was planning ongoing we could meet there if you want give looks great

the days its on is there if you want let me know what day you want to go

fingers crossed for you tooo


josephjaidensmum Thu 28-Sep-06 20:43:20

my email is

ps i think that place is £1.50 or £2.00 for 2 hours of play for children

josephjaidensmum Thu 28-Sep-06 20:45:14

Rainbow Tots - Knaphill near Woking, Surrey
Rainbow Tots is an exciting new venture offering soft play and fun, for under fives, opening on Tuesday 5th September 2006 at the Knaphill Scout Hall. Children are encouraged to come in fancy dress for the launch day as there will be a competition for the best outfit, plus there will be a magician supporting the launch with a magic show in the morning (Amazing Richard Special).

The idea is to provide toys and fun in friendly and safe surroundings, with a bouncy castle, ball pool and sit & rides, as well as a separate baby area. Snacks and refreshments will be available in the café area and an enclosed grassy garden can be used on sunny days. There is ample free parking and children can play in a safe, fun and friendly environment.
got this it the info

Opening Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am – 4pm Fridays 10am – 3pm
Location: Knaphill Scout Hall, Waterers Rise. Map: Waterers Rise, Knaphill

Features: Bouncy Castle - Ball Pool - Baby Area - Ample Free Parking - Snacks & Refreshments - Fun, Friendly & Safe
Pricing: non walkers £2, walkers £3 for up to 2 hours of play

josephjaidensmum Thu 28-Sep-06 20:52:35

had a look at band yes yes definetly you should be in band c at your mums go down there asap,

josephjaidensmum Fri 29-Sep-06 01:23:54

update in case its not working Again
when you check, its working perfect now,,,its late
im looking to see how many higher bands have bidded
on the2 im bidding on so far only lots of d bands
so its who got the best date

after they decide whos won all the first lot of houses thrn they publish what band they were in and their priorty date

some of the C bids could be the same bidder they cant have 2 houses if u know what i mean,

Cornwall Avenue Byfleet has 1 C bid on it
Sparvell Road Knaphill has 1 C bid on it
Ash Road Barnsbury has 10 D bids
St Fillans Maybury Hill 8 D bids

Walton Court Woking has only 3 bids because is horrible !1 lived on walton rd for a while

Theres not at lot ther at all really in way of houses
ive been looking around for advice hommilness
advice or organasations i noticed theres loads there for one parent family, single, mental health etc but nothing says for family

theres shelter says it covers woking

Shelter West Sussex & Surrey Housing Aid Centre

Service offered
Telephone service offering advice, information and advocacy on any housing problem including homelessness, eviction, rent/mortgage arrears and repairs. Appointments by arrangement, please phone on Public number beforehand. Drop - In service at Barton House on Tuesday and Thursday, and at Crawley BC on Thursday.

Target group
Anyone with a housing problem.

How to contact

1st Floor
Barton House
Broadfield Barton
RH11 9BA

01293 419255
01293 418950

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 08:42:10

Hey Emma, Thanks for all the info, i will email you later & we can sort out meeting up at that knaphill tots thing it sounds great, i will email you my mobile number as i will not have email after tonight.

Have to run got to take ds to nursery & go to the tip, great fun

speak to you in a bit x

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 11:10:53

Can anyone help me with a question i have with regards to a letter i have recieved this morning?

It is with regards to the property they have offered me that i have turned down due to the safety issues with my son & this property being on the cornor of one of the busiest roads in the area...

In the letter it says if i refuse the offer under local policy a further off will be made.

What is local policy does anyone know what this means please?

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 12:36:30


nutcracker Fri 29-Sep-06 12:38:42

Hmmm sorry scooby don't know.

I refused the offer of a masionette because it only had one gas fire to heat the whole house, and Dd2 was badly asthmatic and they removed me from the list as they said it wasn't a good enough reason.

ishouldbedoingtheironing Fri 29-Sep-06 12:44:34

I would take it to mean that it is a policy which is particular to your housing assoc ie they have agreed that you will be due a further offer even although you have refused 1st offer.
I think that it means that other housing assocs may not operate the same policy.
Does that make sense??

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 12:51:03

Yes that does make sense thanks for the help i am just waiting for the woman to call me back, i just wanted to know what i was talking about before she starts firing questions at me left right & centre & make sure i make the best of a truly awful situation, all i care about is my kids so i need to do the best for them.

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 12:53:44

Nutcracker - I am very surprized they turned you down on that account especially when it is a childs health not goos in my opinion, the goverment are now very strict with the way they can act now because of children.

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 17:10:31

Well the women never phoned me back so i called them again, she answered the phone this time & i said i had been awaiting her call to which she said in a rude & abrupt voice, well you have turned the accomodation down so i have told your case manager, she then said she is on leave so will not be back till tuesday

In the meantime my family is flippin homeless but do they give a shit? NO

So thats my case manager & the housing manager away, no one else to deal with, good job i have my mother otherwise we would truly be on the street with no where to go!!

I am now so discusted with the way myself & children have been treated that i am quite speechless, my battle has begun & i am going to write a stinking letter to them next week once i get my pc all plugged in again after the move, i am going to state the way we have been treated & made to feel is unacceptable & all the conflicting advice & non helpful staff is just discusting. My family are not a piece of shit on there show we are human beings

Sorry for my rant i am just soo angry now.

Scoobydooooo Fri 29-Sep-06 19:41:47

Have emailed you emma

josephjaidensmum Sun 08-Oct-06 19:35:06

Hiya havent heard anything from u .
hope u ok , ill keep this thread bumped,
bidding closing tommorow

fussymummy Mon 09-Oct-06 01:02:47

Hi Emma, have you had any housin luck yet????

Any news from scooby????

Wondered how she was getting on with the family!!!!

Scoobydooooo Tue 10-Oct-06 14:01:48

Hi everyone just a quickie as on my sisters pc will be getting internet on thursday.

We are having the most terrible time ever, all been ill with sickness & diherrea, dd is so ill & upset, ds has gone totally down hill his behaviourer is beyond belief, me & dp are falling out now & we are all living in utter chaos.

I have phoned & phoned the council they have totally ignored me they do not give a shit about us at all it is utterly discusting. I cried & cried last tuesday cause ds is wetting the bed & dd is not sleeping at all.

I have phoned again today but told they will call me back, won't hold my breath for that.

I have doctors tomorrow & health visitor is visting soon, she is phoning today.

I heard back from the counciller sue & she has said she has written to the relevant people & will be in touch soon.

I hope your ok emma & thanks for asking after me both of you, i will be back on thursday i hope as i am struggling to cope.

Dd is crying so must go now.

Take care xx

peegeeweegeeWITCH Tue 10-Oct-06 18:16:09

Have just followed this entire thread and am horrified at the way you have both been treated.
If bidding finished yesterday, when will you know if you have 'won' a property??

I really hope it works out for your both.

Scoobydooooo Fri 13-Oct-06 15:05:08

Hello everyone,

Now back online thank god!

No news here, no offers & no phone calls still. I have written a letter of complaint outline how discusting i think it is that myself & my family have been treated, i have sent this to the Chief Executive of the council so now i will await his response!

Any luck with you Emma?

I had not even thought for one minute that i would win on the bidding last time round as i am sure there are hundreds in front of me, this next 2 weeks i am not bidding on anything because they are utter horrible & in the worst areas i refuse to live there, i know once we get somewhere it is for good so i need to make sure it is somewhere we can live & will be happy.

Just taking everyday slowly, feeling a bit fedup but trying to get on with it.

Went back to doctors on wed & have some more sleeping tablets which are working a treat so at least one thing is good. Also still on my antidepressants which have been helping me alot over the past 4 weeks & really working thank god because without them i would have crumbled by now & be in a nut house

peegeeweegeeWITCH Fri 13-Oct-06 18:15:25

Oh Scooby, sorry to hear there is still no news for you!
Are you still living with your parents? Has your ds started school/nursery locally? Would houses be available near his school/nursery or would you have to move him? I really feel for you, all you want is to settle down and get on with life, I cannot believe it is such a struggle.
I hope things start to look up soon!

fussymummy Sat 14-Oct-06 01:55:04

Hi scooby, glad your back online, at least you'll have a bit of sanity!!!
Hope your council aren't waiting for one of the crappy houses that no one wants.
They might use these as the ones to give to people like yourself.
Hope not.
Keep calling your council, and follow each call with an email or letter just to make them keep looking at your file.
So glad you got help for your depression.
No way could you have carried on as you were.
Keep in touch.

Scoobydooooo Wed 18-Oct-06 14:25:25

Well another few days later & everything still the same.

Dp came home from work yesterday & said he felt more depressed than he had in years, we had a chat but also ended up having a bit of a row because of all the stress & pressure.

It's sort of ok trying to deal with the fact we don't have our own space & everything is just a nightmare but our biggest problem is ds this has effected him more than anyone else & it litterally brings me to tears to even sit & think about it.

Ds is only 4 & so so confused, he has always been a challenging child but as long as we had strict routine & total stability for him most of the time is was fine but obviously now it is just beyond belief, his behaviourer is so hard to control, he has started hitting me, shouting at me & having complete screaming fits, he also does not listen to a single word i say to him. To say it has been hard is just a tad of what has been going on.

Unfortuantly though we have to carry on there is no other way we can do this, i have kept his bedtime routine, his lunch, dinner & bath routine & also he goes to nursery everyday so that is still the same the bedtime was the tuffest & it has taken all these last 2 weeks, with screaming, shouting & just point blank refusing to go to bed, but i think we are finally here just about

I have written to the chief executive of the council just explaining my families journey with the council & how discusting i think it is the way we have been treated etc etc & have recieved a letter back today saying thank you for your letter dated blah blah we have started an investigation & will be in contact shortly. So who knows, i know we will get nothing from it but i feel for mine & my families sanity that i wanted them to know how wrong it is that they treat people like this & that i am not going to back down like they have wanted me to right from the start.

I will let you all know how i get on anyway, we may go away to mils & pils next week for a little break we are just deciding but they have offered to have ds for the whole week on his own if i would like a break so i am thinking about it but they are 200 miles away & i have never spent a night without ds so am finding it hard to let him go.

I hope that no news from Emma is good news, it would make me feel alot better to know one of us is on the right track


fussymummy Fri 20-Oct-06 00:26:47

Hi scooby, good to hear from you.

Sorry things are so bad for you all.

Won't your son get even more confused if he goes to stay somewhere without you????

I couldn't imagine having any of mine away from me at night.

The thought makes me feel sick.

Have you explained everything to your HV?

Maybe if she sees how your son is, then she could write a letter on your behalf.

Could you see your GP ?

It might be that he has behaviour problems (due to everything that you've all been through).

Please don't take that the wrong way, as i'm not meaning to be nasty in any way at all.

You may be able to use it to your advantage with the council.

He'll probably settle down, once you get your own place again, but in the meantime tell your GP and HV how he's got loads worse.

It's worth a try and you have nothing to lose.

Keep updating, as i'm still waiting for the happy ending!!!

Take care.

peegeeweegeeWITCH Fri 20-Oct-06 16:36:37

Oh Scooby, I really feel for you...

My dd is nearly 4 and I have had to put the form in for school - how do you do that when you don't know where you will be living?
The uncertainty must be so awful...

I am sorry your dp is depressed, I hope things will begin to look up for you soon!!

fussymummy Fri 03-Nov-06 20:09:30

Where are you scooby, its been a while since you've updated as to how things are going!!!

Any news of a house yet????

ScoobyDooooo Sun 05-Nov-06 17:36:36

Hi fussymummy,

Well all still the same, i recived a letter back from the chief executive but by his letter it just sounds like he is sticking up for his workers, the only thing he was concerned about was the fact people have not been calling me back & also the fact that he accepted my priority date was wrong but he said only by 2 days i believe it's by about 2 weeks.

My priority date has been changed & i have been in daily contact with the housing manager he is now the only person i will deal with as i feel our family have been treated wrong by our case manager & said i would not be dealing with her anymore, he said this is fine.

I have been contacting him through email & bombarding him with questions, he has now said they will make us one more offer of temp accomodation & if we take it or not our banding & priority date will still be the same.

They will only offer us private rented temp accom as if they put us anywhere else because we have children we can only stay there for 6 weeks max & this is obviously going to go on for a while yet!

I am in 2 minds about moving into temp accom as it just means more work cleaning & sorting when we have to leave again, i also have to take our ds into consideration because this has effected him enough already so i need to try & keep things as stable as possible for him so staying her at my mums might be the better option, not sure yet but we will have to see.

We are ok here & just getting on with things my ad's have helped me alot & i am so glad i toke the advice from my HV about going back on them. My HV is coming to see me on wednesday she is so lovely & said she will be here till the end when we hopefully eventually get housed.

Things have been ok we went away to dp's parents up north last weekend & that was a really nice break even know it is a long journey it was worth it, i let my hair down & got very very drunk but it was a good laugh.
We are off there again for a long weekend on the 17th so it will be nice to get another break, they are great with the kids.

Just trying to keep myself busy, been visiting friends & doing lots of things with ds, also we have decided to save money like mad people so that when we do move we have some money behind us to buy things we want like furniture & house stuff, this gives me something to work towards & makes me think this is all worth while.

I have been bidding again this week & the list ends tomorrow evening then if you do not hear within a week it means you were not the winner, new houses go on again on tuesday so i will just keep bidding.

I heard from emma by email, she is still stuck in the same place, feeling very sorry for her struggling & am hoping she gets something from this weeks propertys only time will tell.

fussymummy Tue 07-Nov-06 22:53:57

Good to hear that you're all okay scooby.

It wiould be so lovely to hear that you have somewhere, especially before christmas.

Surely, if they put you in temp home for 6 weeks, they have to give you somewhere permanant afterwards!!!!

Have you asked what happens after the six weeks??

It must be awful not having your own space!!

That would drive me even more insane!!!!

Keep on at them and they'll soon get fed up of you and rehouse you.

Just remember that what they offer you is just a property, it's what you do to it that makes it a home!!!

crushersmum Tue 05-Dec-06 01:02:42

I'm not too sure about the hometrak system - but I live in Woking & so far the few people I have come across using it have been very pleased at how well it worked. (though one of them registered to move 10 years ago under the old system & it made no difference - then on hometrack she was given the first place she applied to...)
Anyhow - I know there are two houses in my street, Gloster Road on hometrak right now. The houses are 3 bed - but because they are not that large inside, they are in a lower banding - so worth a try if you have only been allocated a 2 bed house.
The street has an undeserved bad reputation, but has huge advantages for mums with small children with excellent local schools and a newly opened Sainsbury's Local at the end of the road.
The house at No 19 is better than the one further up as that has noisy neighbours - not the type to add to all your other problems.
Check out the website...

Gloster Road Residents Association

Crushersmum ( called after my son who is always crusher...)

fortyplus Tue 05-Dec-06 01:20:49

Scooby - I work in Housing for my local council - I've only been there a year and I'm not in allocations - but wanted to say that where I work everyone seems to be a lot more caring than you have experienced. In a town of over 100,000 people there were only just over 30 families in temporary accommodation at any time for the whole of last year. Can't tell you where I work, obviously, but not all councils subject people to what you've experienced. lol xxx

ScoobyDooTheyKnowItsChristmas Tue 05-Dec-06 15:47:35

Hi, thanks for all the advice, i am feeling very very low today, christmas is near & everything is rubbish can't believe we are homeless at christmas!

I have been bidding religously every week on at least 1 house most weeks 3 but still nothing.

Fussymummy- The council will not offer us temp accomodation to stay in for only 6 weeks because they know that after that 6 weeks they will have to house us permanently & obviously want us to bid for months & bloody months

My friend has written a letter for me to send to the MP which i have done & he has said he will wirte to the council again & help in anyway he can but he does not have the power to move me up a band or even house me. He is lovely & full understands.

Things are just getting on top of me, the small room we were sleeping in, in my mums house is damp & mouldy because there has been an overflow in the gutter, so we don't even have a bedroom how or even a bed. We are having to sleep in my mums room on a mon,tues,wed because she works nights then on sofas or floor other nights, it is just rediculous.

Trying to keep up the smile but struggling now, just feel like leaving my kids here & going because i am struggling alot to even look after them at the moment. i know bt true.

carnation Tue 05-Dec-06 16:45:00

Hi Scoobydoo sorry only just glanced through you thread. So if you already know this then apologies. We have housing support workers here who are funded by the supporting people fund. They are absolutely fantastic and will take some of your worries and sort them out for you. Not alot of people know about them, you do need to ask for them specifically. I hope this helps I have been given so much help recently that I hope I can give some of it back.

ScoobyDooTheyKnowItsChristmas Tue 05-Dec-06 16:48:05

Hi carnation, i have never heard of them what are they there for? what sort of things do they help with?

I actually have just realised i am an emotional wreck i have just had a massive row with my brother because he is such an immature PIG & i honestly can not take anymore, i am on the edge.

ScoobyDooTheyKnowItsChristmas Wed 06-Dec-06 15:48:02

Well i emailed the housing manager again yesterday & got a reply today, he said he had recieved a letter from the MP & has replied to him. He has given us one more offer of temp accomodation not sure what or where yet but i should hear in the next couple of days.

I have also argued the fact that i am in Band D on the system & that i think it is unfair that someone like us who are homeless with no bedroom at all now is in the same band as someone who has a house & is just one bedroom short, i said i felt this is wrong because at least they have a home we have nothing!

I have also said about the fact the 3rd bedroom here is damp & mouldy due to an overflow & that the room can no longer be used because dd who is 11 months has now be poorly for 4 weeks, i have been taking her to the doctors but they keep saying it is a virus but she has very laboured breathing, someone has told me that this could be because of the fact mould has something called sporn in it i think which effects breathing & is worse in children than adults, this will explain why dd is so ill with bad breathing.

I have not been able to tell the doctor yet but i am going to call her tomorrow & explain this because i am worried about dd & just hope it is nothing more serious.

The housing manager is sending us another medical form so we can update our position & we may be moved to the next Band because it says if you have a medical condition which is aggrevated but your current housing & could effect life expectancy, do you think this will cover this? i also said that my depression is that bad i think this should also come under this, i think it is about time they take the serious now because if anything happens to my kids i will go mad!

What do you all think?

santasdoingtheironing Wed 06-Dec-06 15:56:17

So sorry that things are not any better for you.
I think you are absolutely on the right track.
Your housing situation sounds awful and I can understand that this will bring you down however the only way you will get through this is to try and find some strength to keep going.
What does the offer of temporary accommodation mean? Will you get rehoused quicker if you accept this?
I have my fingers and toes crossed that you get a house soon

ScoobyDooTheyKnowItsChristmas Wed 06-Dec-06 16:00:16

Thanks santasdoingtheironing the offer of temp means nothing at all i will still be in exactly the same position it's all because of this new system. This is why i am pushing to go up a band because i know once in Band C i will no doubt be housed in a couple of weeks, it is just getting there but i think due to all the health issues especially with Dd then they have to help.

Actually it has just crossed my mind that maybe the reason they are offering me another temp is because they know if i stay here i will have to move up a band because of all the issues? so maybe it is not such a good idea to move into it!

santasdoingtheironing Wed 06-Dec-06 16:11:44

I do think that you are right pushing the medical issues.
Your housing manager seems to be trying to help too - I wouldnt try to read too much into the offer of temp accomm - would it not be better than where you are living at the moment?
How long can you remain there if you take it - is it likely to be long term?
If you dont know these are the questions to ask the housing manager
Best of luck

carnation Wed 06-Dec-06 17:45:22

Hi Sorry I don't get much time to chat. The housing support workers basically do all the chasing up for you. They will help you fill in the forms and know exactly what information to put on the forms. They will also sort out your medical issues in the fact that they will be able to do referrals with you. They usually work with the allocations and homeless section and if you are receiving housing support this would usually prioritise your application a bit more. They know what benefits you should claim for and will also help you to budget when you get your own place. I hope that you have them in your area because they are definately worth their weight in gold. I wish you well try not to despair easy for me to say that I suppose, but you will get somewhere. Be careful because once you bid on an offer and find it not suitable you may lose your banding.

ScoobyDooTheyKnowItsChristmas Tue 12-Dec-06 12:27:13

Well the story gets worse.

My friend has also been waiting for a house & bidding, she is already in a council house but is one bedroom short, anyway i get a call yesterday & she has won a house ok i am over the moon for her but hell where does the line get drawn so all people who are in temp accomodation, sleeping ruff or homeless with no bedrooms are in the same band as someone who has 1 bedroom less but is already living in a council house, how the hell can this be right?

I feel utterly gutted, treated bad & that it is all unfair, all i have heard from the council is "we have to be fair, there are lots of people waiting" where is the fairness in that? you tell me?

I honestly am staring to feel picked on by them now, i think it is because i have stood up to them & have been fighting my corner & they are annoyed with me.

What can i do now, is there anyone i can write to above all these people & explain how i am feeling.

I am seriously getting badly depressed to the point where i am thinking what is the bloody point now

Sorry for the rant.

josephjaidensmum Sat 27-Jan-07 21:11:25

hi, its emma did u get anywere in the end im still having no luck hope it went better for you.

josephjaidensmum Mon 29-Jan-07 01:43:53

bumping incase so u/ i can find it b4 it dissapears again

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