Swagger Inn part 7. Keep Calm And Carry On Wenching!

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MalcolmTuckersMistress Tue 15-Apr-14 08:28:02

back back back in time

I think this must be our grand total of about 18 threads now! Take a bow Wenches. Take a Musketeer of your choice too and do what you want, but please make sure the are fully functioning after use for others to enjoy.

Newbies and LURKERS always welcome!

MavisGrind Tue 15-Apr-14 08:32:15

Leather bound place mark. Skips a bit. Orders a dirty Athos.

Oblomov Tue 15-Apr-14 08:41:47

Slippery nipple, Mother S, please.

Twit Tue 15-Apr-14 08:49:51

<kicks random cock sock under the sofa>

DrinkFeckArseGirls Tue 15-Apr-14 08:54:13

How many muske threads were there before the Inn? 11 or 12?
Since mtm clearly doesn't know...

Badvoc Tue 15-Apr-14 08:57:34

Sigh....I love tom.
I just do. I recommend watching third star for those other athos fans amongst us smile
I would have a go on all the others once he was too tired though...

MadamedeChevreuse Tue 15-Apr-14 08:57:43

drinks for the whole house!!!!!

Badvoc Tue 15-Apr-14 09:01:10

I'll have a Bucket of Bellini please.

MalcolmTuckersMistress Tue 15-Apr-14 09:15:04

<smashes bar stool over drink's head>

<sighs at the expression of complete indifference on her face as it shatters into a million splinters and she maintains her composure>

Oh FFS I can't remember perhaps 12 then. My point was there have been A LOT!

Cinnamoncookie Tue 15-Apr-14 09:18:51

Make that another bellini, please. It's got fruit in, ergo it is a healthy and nutritious breakfast

Flopsy28 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:15:42

<pops head in>

You lot are starting early...ok, <goes with it> I'll have a fighty nun please.

<downs it, heads back to cardi-gate thread>

Twit Tue 15-Apr-14 13:09:26

jess posted too soon.
It's ok now thanks, a bit stiff <fnar> it's meant to be a good all rounder! which is why I also have the abs one as they are fucked.

Well here we are then. No need to rush. Real wenches don't need to try so hard. Our back catalogue of devotion speaks for itself.

<slams down 5 shots of tequila>


<slings Athos over shoulder>

We'll be back. Just got to wear this cardi in. I'm flogging them on eBay to raise funds for Doskany trip.

JessCate Tue 15-Apr-14 13:17:36

twit the DVD i have is good but I don't feel like it's gonna help tone much, I need a crash course in sorting my abs out too, have you managed a six pack yet?!

AnneElkMiss Tue 15-Apr-14 13:23:41

panic over.....dont know what i'd do without you lot these days!

AnneElkMiss Tue 15-Apr-14 13:26:48
QueenAnneofAustriaSpain Tue 15-Apr-14 13:27:13

Right, productive fucking morning after I rolled in at 10am. Some lunch alongside some revision.

I'll have a Chilean and a sauvignon blanc. <sophisticated>

Mavis - frankly I think you should be thinking about what to wear for me on Thursday. some people have no priorities

AnneElkMiss Tue 15-Apr-14 13:29:44

Jess which DVD have you got? Any Jillian Michaels vids are pretty hard core, and will give your abs a very thorough workout indeed

<sighs wistfully at the memory of abs that used to meet in the middle>

So it's official then? A bit of real live wench on wench action on Thursday?

Are you going to go off all bwf on us?

Oblomov Tue 15-Apr-14 13:44:46

Twit. My glasses? I am slightly short sighted. So I need to them to see far away. For driving. I put them on before taking kids to school. And they stay on most of the day.
But. In the last year, (aka since 40, getting old), my eyesight has changed. I now don't need them for say , reading my phone- mn'ing on THIS thread, that I gave been doing every night, every waking minute, for the last 3 months.
So they go on, off, on , off . For mn'ing, then tv watching, then mn'ing.

Dh says I need an attractive, ageing silver spectacle necklace, aka Larry Grayson.
I think NOT.

I keep then by the chair in the lounge, under the microwave in the kitchen, by my phone charger in the dining room, up by the main computer.

They are NONE of those places.

F**k knows when I last had them.

Stinklebell Tue 15-Apr-14 13:46:54

Twit. Is the Shred much use for thighs? I'm going on holiday the end of May and I'd quite like to stop them wobbling if I can

So it's official then? A bit of real live wench on wench action on Thursday?

Are you going to go off all bwf on us?

Fucking shitephone.

Bloody hell it's quiet on here today. As if RL exists or something. Or have we all moved to Twitter now? I am waiting for flipping delivery which means I can't do anything as I never hear the bloody door if I'm not pacing, waiting. 7 mins of time slot remaining!

LaComtessdelafere Tue 15-Apr-14 14:08:21

Lovely sunny morning here mildly supervising children whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

However am put out about the cardi being out of stock. It wasn't me buying. Had no intention of doing do but now wanting one now I can't have one. FFS.

So. Where are we with Mavis's outfit?

Twit Tue 15-Apr-14 14:09:36

Right then; I have shockingly weak stomach muscles, bad enough to warrant physio. So I could perhaps help anyone with split to mace muscles with how/what i have been told to do.
I walk loads, so have decent legs, but my pelvis is still sore sometimes, so no running. I get sore upper back, shoulders and neck due to massive norks.

So.... The shred. I don't really feel it in my abs yet, as I am very slow and careful, I'm happy with slow and steady here. I have done a session of 6weeks6pack, which I felt more, but it's too much really for me right now so am sticking with shred for now.

I definitely feel it in my thighs, which is good as it means I am doing squats and stuff effectively. I also feel taller some how when I'm done.
It's also good for burning calories and all over toning. I hope it will be a good way to get into proper, regular exercising along with BIWI's bootcamp, which helps with bloat and generally feeling like shite.

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