Was Hitler really born with teeth?

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Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:40:49

Anyone know? I've been told it quite a few times, but don't know if its true.

There is always someone on MN who knows

FioFio Wed 09-Aug-06 20:41:14

he only had one ball
I know that

OwainGlyndwr Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:15

THE most random question ever asked on MN


walt disney had no gums

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:49

who tells you this
what kind of conversations are you having!

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:42:56

I've heard the one ball too... snopes was cr*p for this question

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:43:22

did his teeth just stick out of the bone then CountessDrac??

<genuinely fascinated now>

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:44:48

Do I have odd conversations then?

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:45:22

well it was 'been told it quite a few times' that got me

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:00

how can you not have gums?

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:01

I think that might be an old tale about boogie men. Richard III was also reputed to be born with teeth, and also hair down to his shoulders.

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:46:44

oh what a baby i'm picturing now!

he did have gums really I made it up

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:48:19

ah bollocks
gullible, moi?

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:50:22

Found something to back up that it is possible:

Apparantly one 1 in 2000 babies are born with teeth. The tooth buds develop whilsty baby is still in the womb. Most get their first teeth between 4 and 7 months.

FioFio Wed 09-Aug-06 20:51:31

I know someone who was born with teeth and the hospital took them all out have no idea why, but it was the 'done' thing at the time (she is about 55)

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:53:49

I have had 3 people in the last 2 months say it to me (DS teething), and had heard it before then too! I need different company....

at taking them out though!!!!

My brother had a schoolfriend who had two rows of teeth. He had 3 to start with but they had taken one out.

v odd

(i am not making this one up)

LemonTart Wed 09-Aug-06 20:54:50

this has to be one of the funniest most random thread titles on mumsnet EVER.
I think we need a competition to find the most random title ever award

southeastastra Wed 09-Aug-06 20:55:42

everyone's born with teeth but you can't see them (i think)

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:56:19

I had 2 rows of teeth. My adult teeth came threw before some of my milk teeth fell out. Had about 8 teeth removed and fixed braces for 18 months or so to sort it!

Angeliz Wed 09-Aug-06 20:56:27

I amm giving Birth shortly and KNOW i'm going to have a nightmare tonight about a baby with hair down to it's bottom with two rows of teeth sticking out of it's jaw!

SimonBolivarCusack Wed 09-Aug-06 20:57:11

DH still has a baby tooth at the front
it was so strong the new one grew out of his gum so they took it out

I think someone at my school had 2 rows on her top jaw

I knew some babies could are born with one or more teeth

All these teeth facts coming out of the woodwork...

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 20:57:29

I nearly put it in "news" but then realised it probably wasn't

But... NO-ONE has actually answered my question!!! Surely SOMEONE knows stuff like this?!?! And how come I can't find it on google or anything??? Do random people say it to me, but no-one online???

The bloody "The its gonna taste great frosties kid has killed himself" rumour has loads of pages with it discussed! Hitler's teeth is dull though?!?!

3 rows of teeth sounds frightening.

hulababy Wed 09-Aug-06 20:58:40

3 rows of teeth???

southeastastra Wed 09-Aug-06 20:59:50

why do you need to know!

ok I was googling for this and I have found a strange scene. Not, I think, one that the Mumsnet Players would choose to perform but all the same I thought I should share it with you


warning it is a bit horrid about a dog eating a baby

but so odd I had to post it

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 21:05:22

Right - sod all about him being born with teeth... but his teeth seem to be the only part of his body that they found...

Suspiciously similar but very different to the original point?!?!?


(Oh, and I have no idea why I need to know )

Kathlean Wed 09-Aug-06 21:10:11

One of DPs friends still has his baby teeth. He is never going to grow a second (adult) set.

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 21:11:37

So are his teeth oddly small, kathlean?

OwainGlyndwr Wed 09-Aug-06 21:12:18

CD you are FUCKED UP

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 21:12:37

How bizarre... teeny tiny teeth?

Kathlean Wed 09-Aug-06 21:14:07

To be honest I have never noticed.

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:01:00

How can you never have noticed? If a friend of mine told me s/he had only milk teeth and no adult ones, I would immediately have to stare at them to find out!

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:02:14

Can you come back with a full report on this please, Kathlean.

SaintGeorge Wed 09-Aug-06 22:07:49

Well I either had 2 sets of baby teeth - or 2 sets of adult, not really sure which it is.

Anyhow, when my baby teeth started falling out what my mum assumed were my adults came in. Then they started to fall out but rather than getting stuck with just gums another set of teeth followed. In fact I had to have quiet a few removed to make space.

So obviously it is possible to have more/less than the regular milk followed by adult sets.

Jackstini Wed 09-Aug-06 22:12:09

CD that is awful - you will give people nightmares.....

Miaou Wed 09-Aug-06 22:21:32

Napolean was born with teeth. And my mum's next-door-neighbours' granddaughter. So there

It is supposed to be a sign of greatness. Apparently.

Please don't ask how I know that though

geekgrrl Wed 09-Aug-06 22:22:49

wouldn't you just feel so cheated if your baby teeth were permanent - all the other children getting their lucrative tooth fairy visits, whilst you sit there with baby teeth firmly in place....

bubble99 Wed 09-Aug-06 22:24:07

I'm sure Mel Gibson would know the answer.

Kathlean Wed 09-Aug-06 22:24:44

Unfortunately we only see them once or twice a year since we became parents and they stayed firmly young carefree and childless.

I'll spend the entire time when we next see them looking.

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:25:45


Excellent. That's where Mumsnet really comes up trumps - answers all the important questions.

SaintGeorge Wed 09-Aug-06 22:26:14

geekgrrl - I must admit the extra cash I received from the Tooth Fairy was very welcome <-- see, lots of teeth.

futurity Wed 09-Aug-06 22:29:15

my brother was born with two teeth...gave my mum and the hospital quite a shock!

waterfalls Wed 09-Aug-06 22:30:37

Hitler is apparently one of my ancestors

bubble99 Wed 09-Aug-06 22:32:04

I hope you haven't inherited the 'tache.

waterfalls Wed 09-Aug-06 22:32:37

Just dont double cross me

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:32:40

Ancestors? I didn't know he'd had any children.

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:34:03

You don't get the urge to invade small countries every now and then do you? (Obviously, it doesn't count if you're a bride, as it's "their day" and therefore entirely reasonable.)

waterfalls Wed 09-Aug-06 22:34:29

My great grandad was german and apparently related to him somehow.

waterfalls Wed 09-Aug-06 22:34:58

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:35:55

Does that count as an ancestor? a great great great great uncle as opposed to direct ancestor? (another boring pedantic question to which I know another mumsnetter will know the answer.)

waterfalls Wed 09-Aug-06 22:36:48

Funnily enough, all of us on my dads side have weird teeth, I had a third tooth st the front come through, and have to have an op to take the second out and pull the 3rd one down a bit.

bubble99 Wed 09-Aug-06 22:37:15

You do make me larf, caligula.

So, an invasion in Pronuptia is valid?

SaintGeorge Wed 09-Aug-06 22:39:28

Mr H wasn't German though.

CaligulaCorday Wed 09-Aug-06 22:41:42

Ooh, more than valid bubble!

nuckingfutjob Wed 09-Aug-06 22:41:49

PMSL Caligula.

My dad was born with teeth. He wasn't and isn't Hitler though. (Feel I ought to draw a Venn diagram to explain this fully...!)

TinyGang Wed 09-Aug-06 22:51:05

I keep seeing this thread and so wish the title said 'Was Hitler born with his moustache?'

QueenPeaHead Wed 09-Aug-06 22:54:49

I still have one baby tooth left.

I am not hitler

But I am the same star sign.


WorldFamousAuthorMolotov Wed 09-Aug-06 22:55:34

was Hitler really born!

jam3 Fri 25-Aug-06 20:38:03

hi just thought i'd add....got 2 kids, one 2.8mths and the other 6weeks.....BOTH born with two bottom teeth!! First time got bit freaked, second time thought it was cool!

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