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squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:14:53

anyone done baby modelling and used BizzyKidz? Any idea what they are like?

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:18:14

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squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:29:29

nope none at all.....Have read the threads on modelling and been a bit put off by some of the comments - particularly about little acorns and models direct. But did loads of research on it myself and THINK I have come up with a short list of reputable agencies in London. Just wanted to see if anyone had actually worked with this one.

Here's where I am coming from...
1) all babies are cute
2) everyone thinks their baby is extra cute
3) I am so embarrassed even to admit we're considering this because I can imagine people thinking I'm some kind of weird pushy mum who is going to dress ds up in lederhosen and lipstick and expect him to tapdance by the time he is 3
4) I'm off back to work in april and since we live near London where most of the work is and since dh (now work at home dad) is prepared to give it a shot, we thought we'd chuck ds's photo around a few agencies to see if anyone was interested. Really not bothered if nothing comes out of it but if it does it might be something fun to do and a way of putting a few quid aside. If we do get work and ds looks at all like he's not having fun we'll bin the idea straight away.

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:41:37

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squirmyworm Tue 10-Feb-04 10:43:01

will do - happy to send you my notes on which companies seem to be the reputable ones too if you like....

Galaxy Tue 10-Feb-04 10:44:30

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Galaxy Fri 13-Feb-04 22:07:17

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misdee Fri 13-Feb-04 22:52:00

i think thats the agency is registered with. think my sister paid a fee for 'website design' but that set alarm bells ringing in my head. i thought about putting my dd2 forward for modelling, i'd like to post a pic up of her somewhere and get all of your's opinions on whether or not she would get any work, but i dont know where to put one.

misdee Fri 13-Feb-04 23:11:17

will this work photos the one with a wallaby on the front.

Bellsaz Thu 18-Mar-04 20:04:51

Hello everyone. Misdee - did your sister's daughter get any work through bizzykidz? We're considering our daughter but are also curious about the web design payment. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has children regsietered and their experiences with the whole thing. Thanks.

Darcey11 Wed 07-Apr-04 15:57:53

My little girl has just been aceppted - but i`m also not sure about these webfees - Can anyone help?

Galaxy Wed 07-Apr-04 21:34:21

message withdrawn

mummylaura Mon 16-Aug-04 14:34:03

I have my son registerred with Bizzykidz and he has had loads of TV work and some photographic. They are the only agency I could find that doesnt charge a yearly fee and they are really friendly whenever I speak to them. I paid £80 to get him up and running, but that is the only thing I need to pay now until he is 17, so I am more than happy with that. My son and another little boy that is with them is going to be featured in a channel 4 documentary, which is following a model and features the agency too, so that shows how good they must be. A casting director recommended them as the best agency for TV work and said they are really good, so that is why I applied to join them in the first place.

KELLYBELLIE Mon 17-Jan-05 00:58:37

Hi mummylaura. I read your posting last year after being accepted by 3 agencies for my little mimi and then made my mind up to go with bizzykidz. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice cos tehy are good! Thanks - kelly

rachel022 Fri 17-Aug-07 17:55:01

my 2 sons have been accepted but they want £120 if i pay this are they likely to get work? or am i bein taken for a fool. as my dad told me if an agency want u enough u shouldnt have to pay a penny.

nicolei Thu 06-Sep-07 11:48:20

Hi Rachel022,
My 3yo daughter has been registered with them for almost a year now and we did not get any calls for any castings or anything else.... since it is a one-off fee I will just keep her profile updated - but not much hope. We are looking at other agencies and have been discussing directly with some of the clients as well....

citylover Thu 06-Sep-07 22:50:56

My DS2 now 6 has been registered with Bizzykidz since he was two or three. He has taken part in one photo shoot and been to various castings.

Sometimes he has been asked to go to castings and I haven't been able to take him as it has been too short notice. So he hasn't gone.

I think they are quite legit to be honest. I don't take it all very seriously though so maybe I am not the best person to ask.

By that I mean I am not a particularly pushy parent. If someone wants to see him and he can attend then well good but if not then fine too. He also is not too aware of it all!

He is not registered with any other agencies.

Sophos Mon 17-Sep-07 16:35:52

My daughter has been provissionally accepted by Bizzykidz but they want £120 before signing her up. Can anybody advise?

Tinkerbel5 Tue 18-Sep-07 09:25:19

BK is like marmite you either like them or hate them, they work for some but not for others, you would be better to apply to the low fee agencies first before you decide, try Bruce & Brown, Kids London, Urban Angel, MOT, they all have websites.

honeyapple Mon 06-Oct-08 14:12:51

hi sophos what did you decide? I am also a bit shock at the 120 quid- i submitted photos of my dd1 and ds2 and both have been 'provisionally accepted'- so that would be £240 which is a bit eye watering at the moment!

goingfor3 Mon 06-Oct-08 14:16:50

Honeyapple, go on to the october modelling thread for advice about agencies. Have you tried any where else as there are some other agencies with very low start up costs.

CarlyLouG Wed 20-Oct-10 12:27:28

I'm completely new to mumsnet but I'm hoping somebody on here can help me!
My son has just been accepted by both Bizzykidz & Elisabeth Smith modelling agencies.
Does anyone have any experience of either of these? I just don't know where to start on how to choose!
I know both are reputable agencies as they are on the Alba list but I'd really like to know if anyone's child is with any of them and how much work they get?
I'd be grateful for any advice or thoughts!
Many thanks.

holidayfreak Wed 10-Nov-10 09:34:34

my 10 year old child has been on elisabeth smith books for 8 months now.she has had one modelling job and that is it.she hasnt been sent to one casting.she has now been accepted at bizzykids and has been with them a few weeks.Both seem reputable agennies but i dont think es has a lot of work coming in

Firawla Wed 10-Nov-10 19:30:50

out of the 2 i would go with bk, have heard a lot of comments about es lately that they are not getting that much work and they are quite expensive start up fee, charge extra for the photos etc
i have one dc with bk, only joined v recently so no work yet but to me they seem good. although you will find people with positive and negative things to say about all the agencies, came across one lady who was bad mouthing them due to they expected her to keep her dc height information up to date - well obviously! so as you see sometimes people will just badmouth for no reason?
also go on netmums there is a thread with a lot of helpful mums on doing modelling
have you applied anywhere else or just those 2?

holidayfreak Thu 11-Nov-10 10:54:53

thanks daughter was also acccepted at junior model management but we had just paid the fees for old is your child.a few weeks after she started es she got a great modelling job and has a big photo on a page in a magazine.we were thrilled and hoped this was the start of many jobs.but we heard nothing else and wasnt offered one other casting even though the clients were thrilled with the result of the photo.would be intrested to know if anyone else on the es agancy of around my daughters age if having the same problem because i really dont think they have much work to offer.hoping for better things with bk although i have heard good and bad.keep me informed if your child gets any work

Firawla Thu 11-Nov-10 17:29:15

my ds thats with bk is 10 months, other one is 2 yrs old with kk so both quite a bit younger than yours
hope they all get some good jobs

truthwins Sat 27-Nov-10 00:37:44

Have been registered with BK for nearly 3 years now, have 3 kids registered, 1 job for 1 of my kids, the other 2 none,the doctors fees are a joke, BK says that if you want a better chance at being selected by a client then u shud have professional fotos done, now u can only have fotos done with their own photograpers as they claim its better resoulution, and for more publicity u shud opt for being included in their look book- this offcourse does not come cheap, its very well saying there is only 1 setup fee until they reach 17 years old but you shud take into consideration all the other fees that will pop up, i.e; doctors fees, lookbook inclusion, and their studio sittings, when you dont get any jobs, well u wonder if they accept loads of kids on their books for better publication- so that the client has more kids to choose from and they offcourse have nothing to loose but more financially better off and can state that they are the UK's biggest child modelling agency because they probably have a BILLION kids on their books!!
I hope it works out for anyone wishing to sign up, but please be aware of the downfalls, If u get work then ur happy as larry and if u dont well Bk say its all down to the client not them!!! cheeky!! and i myself havnt found them too pleasant on the fone, like they are in a rush and cant spend another second on the fone, i have only ever made 2 fonecalls since being registered as im not one of those pushy mums, yet i did register all 3 of my kids yet am accepting the fact that they most likely will NEVER get any work. I hope this has shed some light to ur questions, I wish i had read some threads b4 joining. Good lUck all.

holidayfreak Tue 30-Nov-10 12:26:01

i totally agree with u.when i took my child to her photo session they said that what puts them apart from other model agencies in their friendlliness and that they are allways welcoming on the phone yet i have phoned them twice and both times they were rude.they were also saying how rude es were when her daughter was a model there yet they are rude themselves and the photographer was quite rude to my child.been on their books a couple of months now and as yet no work

fattycatty Mon 24-Jan-11 22:05:28

I think its a matter of what clients look for and not up to the agency. My ds and her friend at schools been with them a while and had some lovely jobs. We had photos done at their studios too and had an academy day and they are always really really nice so quite suprised to read your post to be honest, doesnt sound like the agency im with.

annatomix Wed 26-Jan-11 11:38:57

My 3 months old son has been accepted by BK and Baby Models UK.
BK sound good in my opinion, from what they've said and from other parents reviews. We are currently arranging to visit their studios in Kent for a photoshoot and to get him set up.
The fact that their initial fee covers the child til 18 seems good. No other agency that I've looked at appears to offer this.

As for Baby Models UK, I've studied their website. There's nothing to suggest how long they've been running and their T&C's are nothing but a long string of contradictions. After getting an offer from them I replied telling them that I didn't think they sounded reputable after doing some research and that I'd appreciate some evidence of their expertise. They responded quite fiercly yet still didn't offer me any real information, just a yarn about why they need an annual fee.
I chose not to respond. Today they've e-mailed me again saying that they'll reduce our fees for the first 2 years.
This seems like a desperate move. Either they want my son on their books really badly or they'll do anything to get some money out of me.
Either way I won't be signing up with them. I've told them to review their T&C's before contacting me again.

Has anyone else had this experience with them? More to the point, has anyone actually signed with them and managed to get their child work?

I'd like to think I signing my son up for the right reasons. I'm not pinning everything on this. If he gets work, excellent! If he doesn't, fair enough! I think all us hopeful parents need to understand that modelling is an extremely tough industry and if your child isn't what the client is looking for, they won't get the job. It's exactly the same for adult models.

Firawla Wed 26-Jan-11 20:57:44

i think babymodelsuk are said to be dodgy, would stick with bizzykids out of those 2

holidayfreak Mon 31-Jan-11 21:48:14

my daughter has had two lovely jobs with es in 8 months and one casting with bk after 4 months.bk said they recently sent 300 of their kids out to castings on one day and another day they sent out over many do they have on their books!!i cant believe out of 300 they couldnt phone my only have 400 altogether on their books

lisaz Wed 09-Feb-11 23:44:09

bizzykid is just waste of time the way the send message to parent we have make payment of 160pound to them course for everyone are not proud of our company or staff.message withdrawn

lisaz Wed 09-Feb-11 23:45:09

bizzykid is just waste of time the way the send message to parent we have make payment of 160pound to them course for everyone are not proud of our company or staff. message should not be withdrawn

lisaz Wed 09-Feb-11 23:49:17


You will have noticed that despite mid Dec-late Jan being the quietest period for our industry, Bizzy Agencies is busier than it's ever been. This is fantastic news of course for everyone and we could not be more proud of our company, staff and of course our amazing children! Most of you are on our VIP facebook page and keep up to speed with the assignment notices we post throughout the day so will appreciate how busy we are right now.

Unfortunately, a few parents have been using the assignment posts as reasons to email the agency staff with a whole array of ridiculous questions that we really do not have the time to answer eg: what ages was it for, why wasnt i submitted, am i being submitted, what height was it for etc etc


Our agency earns money from children working. Clients will request a particular age, or height, or hair colour, or ability etc. The bookers will input the criteria into their database and ALL those suitable and up to date with height, shots and licencing will appear and are then able to be submitted. It is automatic so EVERY child that is suitable will be submitted. It is not in our interest to not submit anyone that is suitable and likewise it would be unprofessional to submit any that the client was not asking for.

When we post any information on Facebook, or when you receive a lightbox, all the information that we have, or are contractually permitted to release we will.

We therefore ask that due to our having to prioritise, which I am sure you will understand, I am now directing all staff to no longer respond to questions which they should, in our opinion, not be receiving in the first place. So please do not email bookers asking if you were submitted for a particular job, if they are being submitted at all, or anything else about a job unless the bookers call you to confirm for audition or shoots.

We would also ask that you please take note of your gp letter date and when it needs to be updated (6-monthly) AND date of your last height and photo updates. It is very time consuming to have to keep looking up children's details to check these things for parents when they should be doing it themselves. We do make things very easy with the self updating facility and the UPDATES form and gp letter downloads on our websites.

If you could please keep your queries to important matters then our staff will be able to help keep this Agency at the top and keep moving further ahead of our competition.

Your co-operation would be most appreciated

thank you


Ticklehead Wed 02-Mar-11 23:16:48

Does anyone know how much this doctors letters is and how often its needed. My daughter is with Scallywags where I need to make a payment for £200.00 one of fee but no mention of a doctors letter, im confused. This was only sopose to be a bit of fun and confidence booster for my child but its all beginning to sound a bit dodgy. Has anyone out there heard of a child modelling agency who doesnt ask for any money and takes it on commisssion when the child actually gets a job?????

Ticklehead Wed 02-Mar-11 23:18:47

Sorry have just seen that its 6 monthly but how much does it cost?

allyfe Thu 03-Mar-11 21:29:27

Scallywags is one of the more expensive agencies. If you are near London, then try Kids London, Bruce and Brown, Urban Angels, Bonnie & Betty or Grace and Galor. All have relatively low start up costs. I think of those, the max £60 up front, others take a small charge out of first pay - so all a lot cheaper than Scallywags.

Ticklehead Tue 08-Mar-11 13:14:40

Yes Scallywags does seem like its one of the most expensive ones, its £200.00 yearly. I was going to go with them as I know someones whos child got quite a bit of work but then I know others whos kids havnt had anything. I think its just a case of if you childs face fits at the time then the jobs theirs. Im still investigating other agencies at the moment and Bizzykids is next on the list.

Still would like to know how much these doctors letters cost, does anyone know or have had to pay for them?

truthwins Mon 18-Apr-11 23:41:23

Every doctor's rates are different, my doctors initial charge was £59 per child and after I paid that initial fee for all 3 kids they were happy to reduce it to £10 per child as they said it would be rediculous me having to pay over £300 per year for the kids, I didn't realise my doctors fees until I had already paid Bizzykidz upfront once being accepted onto their books, when I told them about the fees they did say that that has nothing to do with them, pretty honest!!! so its worth contacting your doctor before hand and really measuring up whether or not this is going to be cost effective for you in the long run. all the best to all the mums and beautiful kids everywhere!!! xx

truthwins Tue 19-Apr-11 02:34:54

Let me re-itterate that - All Kids are BEAUTIFUL!!!! XX

Bougie Sat 28-May-11 14:33:52

My grandchild got taken on by Bizzykids but hasn't had even an audition in the 3 months with them although has been put up for I think it's 3 auditions and didn't get called for any. We are central London and grandchild is quite good looking and sparky & looks like the average kid on adverts... anyway that is not Bizzykids fault there are no auditions, but makes me wonder how bizzy they really are!

The other thing you should consider when spending money on registering them, is that if you get called for an audition, you have to say you'll be free to take the child on the audition date and also the shoot date. So you fix it (if you can) that you will be free on those days. And then don't get called, so you've wasted the effort in clearing your time for it.

It's not fair to just accept everything and then say you CAN'T do the shoot, though.So it means you really don't need to have not much else to do with your life except schlep your kid around. Again, not Bizzykids fault and it means the successful kids are probably self selected because their carers can devote themselves to this.

I think there are some companies where you can do the bookings directly yourself - don't know if these are any better. I'll find out and post back about it. My suspicion is that generally speaking it's not a good idea to do this unless you don't mind not making any money on it. My daughter got quite a lot of film work when she was little (not with Bizzykids) but she spoke another language fluently as well as English, and I think everything she got was because of this.

Maybe the thing is to get the kids an extra skill, it can only help, like dancing, singing, whatever.

Sarah707 Thu 02-Jun-11 13:51:47

I modelled my son very briefly a few years ago and anyone thinking of doing this needs to be aware that the children are simply a commodity and are subsequently treated so. My son got two jobs. God knows how because the agency insisted I use them for his portfolio shots which I had to pay them for and they were so bad he looked like he had special needs! To try and get him to produce a natural smile, he was told to "think of something funny!" Unsurprisingly, that wasn't very helpful. Anyway, the second job he did was stills work in a disgustingly filthy and cold warehouse! We were there for 3 hours with nothing to sit on and nothing to drink. It was December and freezing. One of the girls was crying it was so cold and for some reason the photographer couldn't understand why all six of the children just wanted to go home. It get's worse. The agency then decided not to pay my son. They were aggressive and verbally abusive even though his payment was months overdue and I had to threaten them with a claim in the small claims court to eventually get them to cough up. Model Child based in Macclesfield. Remember, to them, your child is simply a commodity!

nottakinitanymore Fri 10-Jun-11 11:56:22

bougie:my daughter was with bizzykidz for 8 months and had one audition which she was too tall for.she has an extra skill of being a very good dancer and in a dance troupe.she also has had previousl modelling experience with another agency who she had quite a bit of work with.put her with b kidz in the hope she would get more commercial work instead of photographic but got nothing with them.they use the same models over again.took her out of bk in the end and back with her old agency

betsy67 Sun 12-Jun-11 08:16:31

Well I can speak from experience that the WORST agent is Kreative Talent in Ingleby Barwick - they charge £50 to join, the website is appalling and the woman who runs it cannot spell, gets her auditions off website like starnow etc then tries to pass them off as Spotlight jobs! There will ALWAYS be mums who part with their cash in the hope their beautiful offsping get a job but not all agents are reputable. There is a very good list on another forum which lists all the reputable agencies.

befuzzled Mon 01-Aug-11 20:46:35

Ime Urban Angels are pretty good - not perfect by any means but amongst the most professional (or least unprofessional maybe)

momztheword Thu 20-Oct-11 19:23:29

My eldest daughter was on Bizzy Kidz books for 5 years and got no work from them. You should be wary of any agency asking for fees up front (these ask for £120). Bizzy Kidz try to extract more money throguh their Child Model Academy workshops which my daughter attended. Cost £100 and was rubbish! Also, they insist on using their photographer in Bexley Heath at £75 for your child's profile pictures or if you use your own photographer they charge a fee! They have so many different ways of extracting money from you along the way, probably becasue they aren't making enough from finding their models any work! They do find some of their clients work, but it's they same few models.

I recommend avoiding this company when there are plenty of other more reputable ones out there!

nottakinitanymore Fri 04-Nov-11 02:00:48

bizzykidz always use the same few models and they make their money from the workshops etc.also the ones that paid extra for showreels etc will always be at an advantage.the staff are so rude especially the director.when my child went back to elisabeth smith she started getting work again and they are so friendly there.bizzykidz have far too many kids on their books and the same kids are put forward for waste of money.they just seem money making

philmassive Fri 04-Nov-11 02:12:50

Just curious as to why you pay doctors fees if your child models. What are they checking them for?

lazydaisy11 Wed 16-Nov-11 16:36:06

I have been reading posts on here about Bizzykidz, prices, staff, jobs, etc, and don't understand the hostility? I have found them dd has been with them for 4 months now and had 1 casting and a couple of lightboxes and I am more than happy with that. The prices quoted by a couple of people are totally wrong and really misleading for a new mummy looking for a model agency and looking on here for advice. You are welcome to your opinions but I think it is wrong to state totally incorrect facts. I don't know the company director at all, only met her at a photoshoot we had with the agency and I found her quite pleasant, funny and really professional. Each to their own I guess!!!!

Same as I have read about other agencies (before I decided on going with BK) if you are reading these, and haven't decided yet, please do research with the AGENCIES rather than idle chit chat on a chat forum, wish I didn't , would have been with an agency long before I made my decision otherwise!

One word of advice .....a lot of the legitimate agencies are on either facebook or twitter now, so well worth following/adding as friends as a few seem to add work on there quite often, very helpful to see just how busy they are.

Have a lovely day!

lazydaisy11 Wed 16-Nov-11 16:42:07

Doctors charge fees for the GP letter that is needed every 6 months if your child is under 16 years old....its called a child licence I think or a modelling licence? Not sure the correct term, but the agency normally apply for it for you. My Doctor charged £15 for my dd's and didn't even check her over! So not justified, but gotta be done! lol.

Another thing on the 'using same kids'....I don't get that as I swear an agency is only there to put children FORWARD for work. Not actually pick who the client should use on their photo shoots or advert filmings or whatever....again....misleading info.

Feel like this website isn't so good for advice on modelling for our kids....I was looking on here again for a possible second agency NOT BECAUSE IM NOT HAPPY WITH BK by the way but because I feel 'why not'?

Any LEGITIMATE ideas on others, or best to stick to just one, which will DEFINATELY be Bizzykidz for me as I find them fabulous.

poppycockandfudge Mon 12-Dec-11 20:28:00

I'm new to the world of baby modelling and have applied to 4 agencies for my DS. Several people have said he would be a good model and while I'm not working I have time to do this - hopefully it will be fun for us and he can have a little boost to his savings. Also I really don't think I will do this pst baby-hood. I haven't yet heard back from 2 of the agencies but he has had a 'yes' from Elisabeth Smith and Scallywags - which should we go for? Or should we try one with no fees upfront?

I would really appreciate any opinions on this....

RainbowsandDaisies Thu 12-Jan-12 22:15:04

did you decide as we are in same situation - daughter been accepted by Scallywags and ES so just wondered which you went with???

RainbowsandDaisies Thu 12-Jan-12 22:15:55

which are the top 3 agencies to put your child forward to???? dont mind fee but want work for her if we going to pay

Bougie Mon 23-Jan-12 10:14:46

Someone posted a short while ago that Bizzykids have far too many kids on their books and make their money by giving courses to wannabees. I think this is true, but it doesn't have to be bad as long as you understand what they're selling you

I thought I'd pay for my grandson to join Bizzy because he was a bit overshadowed by his brother. He's done a couple of workshops at Bizzy and enjoyed it. they are VERY good courses. . He even got a day's work on an ad, and a couple of auditions. Bizzy aren't fakes, they do get work, but most of it was about selling their courses and photo sessions and showreels.(My youngest daughter actually did work professionally when she was about his age and it was entirely different.)

Plain fact is that most kids can't sing or act or dance properly, so they won't get well paid film work because many clients would try the proper stage schools where kids are really trained, and not somewhere like Bizzy. It's easier with modelling, but the agency can't force the client to take particular kids. My guess is that Bizzy only push the kids who have recently done their courses so I shouldn't think most clients even see most of their kids.

My grandson is really happy with what he did and he loved the classes, but he won't care if he doesn't get more work. Bizzy hasn't paid for the one job he actually did get, and that was months ago, will have to chase them on that, but I guess they will.

As far as I can tell, the SE London agency that actually gets the modelling work is Alphabet Kidz in SE15 but there is an awful lot of hassle in getting that work, endless schlepping around and it is hard on both parents and children. Decide if you want your life to be turned upside down or whether you'd be happy just to have your kid get a taste of it, a few auditions and a little job or two.

If your kid is really desperate to act or perform, you should probably try them at one of the proper stage schools. But it's hard, hard work, not as easy as getting taken on by Bizzy!

reluctantmodelmum Tue 24-Jan-12 16:46:10

Thank you for that post Bougie. I was really happy when my teenage DD was recently invited to one of these sessions but I am wondering if they take pretty much anyone it is worth it? I don't mind paying if it is more likely to get her work, but if there are thousands on their books it might not be likely. To be honest I thought the photos and voiceovers on the website are pretty poor. Are there any Mumsnetters out there with teenagers who have tried this agency? Do they get much work in for this age group and is it photographic or TV or what. DD wants to be an actress eventually. She is tall enough to be an adult model but I don't want to go down that path until she is at least 16. She has experience but not enough to be taken on by Sylvia Young etc.

LuciaCandia Thu 01-Mar-12 19:25:50

My son has done one job for Bizzy Kidz - that was last September and we still haven't had the money. They stopped allowing pics to be uploaded to the children's profile that weren't from their own studios (£40 per session) and on top of the £15 doctors note fees every 6 months expenses add up. They never answer their phones and constantly send rude and patronising emails - often grammatically incorrect. If I ever get the money from my sons job I will take it and put this whole thing down to a bad decision. It's all a bit of a con.

LuciaCandia Thu 01-Mar-12 21:28:43

Hi Bougle,
Just wondering if you managed to sort the payment out for the job your grandson did for Bizzy Kidz? I have waited 7 months for payment for the job my little one did... I have found it very frustrating!

Bougie Thu 22-Mar-12 08:43:05

Nope, they haven't paid. they've used the excuse that they haven't been paid by their client. Welll, our contract is with THEM not their client. Maybe they haven't billed their client properly or something. Anyhow that's their problem not yours. They had a contract with us to do the work.

You'd win if you took them to the small claims court and win if you could be bothered. Depends how much it is. Further experience of them makes me think that they are just there for wannabe parents and kids, not a serious agency at all, although their training is pretty good, but they don't seem to really be able to deal with the professional work side of it.

Bougie Thu 22-Mar-12 09:19:55

Sorry Lucia, I accidentally sent that before I'd checked it over but despite the grammatical errors I hope you see what I am saying. smile

Also wanted to say to Reluctantmodelmum that hard though it is, I think Sylvia Young etc route is the best way if your daughter is serious. if she doesn't have experience she has somehow to get it. In professional acting and modelling (or any creative work) the problems of being noticed can seem insurmountable ...but getting your foot in the door of a good agent really, really helps and it is the first step in weeding out the ones who will make it, Another way to increase your daughter's chances is to make sure she develops a skill at a reasonably high level, music, dancing, horseriding, sword fighting, you name it!

One of my daughters was with Elizabeth Smith in SW London between the ages of 8 and 10. She has the skill of speaking a second language fluently. She got a part in a BBC childrens serial set abroad, a part in an Italian film and she was shortlisted for a named role in a Disney movie. She also got catalogue and other modelling. What with repeat fees all over the world, over many years, she amassed a surprisingly large sum of money which we put in children's bonds for her till she was 18. . That was years ago I don't know what Elizabeth Smith are like now but it gave me the experience of working with an agent that is really serious about placing children. It also made me realise the importance of having a skill that sets your child apart.

As soon as I walked into Bizzy I saw it was quite different, it is about having a bit of fun, not serious. You can tell because they have so many ways to get money off you and they keep banging on about how professional they are. Real professionals just get on with the job, and they NEVER tell you they are professional!

You could also tell Bizzy weren't serious because they had too many kids and didn't stand to gain when the kids got work - they make their money by getting kids on their books and didn't need the kids to work in order to make money..

We didn't mind because my grandson just needed something like this for his confidence, and he really loved it. He doesn't realise he hasn't been paid.

Oh, did I say, I was talking to other mums and grandparents and seems that Alphabet Kidz of London SE15 actually do get the kids proper work. They are quite selective, though , people said. Or you could try Elizabeth SMith it is still going. Good luck.

Coniger Wed 28-Mar-12 11:53:26

anyone have their children signed up with ann koska and sally king and if so did they get any acting jobs or was it all extra work? thanks

elsiegall Tue 13-May-14 14:47:04

A bit of a late reply but maybe useful to anyone else considering Bizzykidz. I would avoid them at all costs. The up front fees once you have paid various deposits, website fees, photo fees etc are more than £200. They say you can use your own pics, but strongly recommended we didn't. We then never heard a thing at all and I did chase several time. Our account was then "deactivated!" I would not waste your time or more importantly money money as they accept anyone and I suspect very few get work....

JustGiveMeTwoMinutes Thu 12-Jun-14 16:49:36

I wondered if anyone could recommend a serious child model agency, and are there any outside London. We are in Chester.

jelboy1 Fri 01-Aug-14 11:50:44

My son has just been accepted onto their books. I have just come off of the phone to them. The £180 pound fee is payable in three instalments . You pay £30 now , £60 on the day of your interview and the remaining £90 within thirty days of the interview. I'm now considering Bruce & Brown as there are no fees whatsoever with them . Hope this helps.

LeeLeeMe Sat 08-Nov-14 00:55:46

my daughter was with bruce and brown, she done well but mostly model work and she's really confident so i wanted to try other stuff. I moved to bizzykidz last year because of seeing lots of their kids at auditions and speaking to mums. Really glad i did. Had some lovely jobs and i find them very nice to be with so far. I payed a joining fee but no more money since and earnt it back and more so i am very happy. They do seem to get a lot more work than a lot of the other ones i follow online and where i work shift work they always reply to emails and Facebook messages outside normal hours and its never a bother to them. They only ever been nice to me and never horrible. Other parents are always posting audition photos and work to them on their wall so it looks like they are very busy with work and I've not found anything like the things others have said on here. Maybe it was ages ago or people with a grudge about them i don't know but it doesnt sound like the agency i am with at all? . Hope that helps too

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