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waxing disaster

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Nuttyrachael I'm not totally certain if an epilator would have the same effect, but considering that it basically does the same as waxing - pulls the hair out by the roots, I'd say that there's a good probability that it does.

I stopped doing the full hollywood waxing a couple of years ago - still have 'moth-eaten' patches yet.

nuttyrachael Sat 13-Jul-13 23:12:20

I haven't heard of that happening before! I use an epillator regularly, can this have a similar effect?

ojojoj1 Sun 07-Jul-13 09:32:24

oh thats terrible thanks for the answers

I'm sorry to say I've got a bald patch a little bigger than that now. I had hollywoods for several months and then quit in February. Still nothing growing there sad

Getting bald patches when waxing normally means that the roots of the hair have stopped working, and are not producing hair as they normally would.

As far as I know it's permanent, sorry.

ojojoj1 Sat 06-Jul-13 19:26:42

Can anyone help . I had a hollywood wax done 3 weeks ago in a salon and as i decided to experiment as i usually have brazilian done anyway i hated it and hoped for it to grow back and forget about the whole thing but unfortunately as my hair started to grow back i have 2 bald patches id say size of 10 p each with no hair whatsoever. I have no idea why and it just looks stupid anyone came across that before? What can I do ? Is it permanent?

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