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Rosa Wed 13-Mar-13 12:11:17

Siamo qui ... Ciao a tutti !

spaghettina Tue 12-May-15 09:51:12

Well it seems this is now a zombie thread but I was dropping in to say hello and apologise for disappearing for the best part of two years since Our move down to Puglia ... Anyone still around? I've thought of this group often but not had the mental energy to post. It's been a busy couple of years!

alexpolistigers Fri 12-Dec-14 16:09:03

I know this thread has died and practically gone to heaven, but I was thinking of you all recently. I hope everyone is well and not hit too badly by the recession!

Rosa Thu 24-Jul-14 07:47:23

Popping in just to say hi.... Been in the Uk - wonderful but very very hard . Df is worse mentally and dm having a hard time generally with it all and everything else that is going on. I wanted to stay more to do more but as it is I came back exhausted!
Now in spiaggia with sun, then rain, sun , temporale very mixed up. Uk was better. We will be here for rest of the summer so trying to spread out treats etc and not condense into the usual month.
Rowing was fantastic think my Fb pages showed that and i really want to try and get into it more in the autumn.. Now I am slobbing and all my muscle has vanished!
Bacioni to you all for the summer and annu hope the little one is doing well

Hope all is well, Gio. Have a good summer!

Bananagio Fri 13-Jun-14 07:13:31

hi all just popping in to say I haven't abandoned you, am just taking a MN break due to various RL issues. Hope you all have lovely summers and that you are all well.

Yes, and one thing I will never do again is to buy rice and quinoa pasta. Never again!!!

Awwwww, my dc had a lovely time at nursery. I volunteered in a nursery for 3 yrs and I think they really benefit from interacting with other babies, well, most of them do grin!

I know wedding venues are OTT. Very expensive here too.

It's scorching hot, but we are all in a good mood because school's out until september!

Have a great summer

Annunziata Sat 07-Jun-14 21:28:19

I hate when that happens Franca sad But I think you always make better meals after a disaster because you try harder?

The nursery was lovely, with a wee garden and they set the table for their snack time smile Hopefully she'll start 1 or 2 days a week after the summer, I think playing with other babies would be good for her.

Wedding venues were so expensive. They don't know what to do, what they could spend on a wedding could help them get a mortgage!

Ciao a tutte, it's been very busy for me lately, sorry I disappeared!

Wow annu, wedding venues! How exciting! And smile at nurseries. Mine went to a lovely one in the UK, they really enjoyed it.

I have just made myself one of the worst pasta dishes ever. I had some pasta di riso and quinoa left from god know which occasion and it is not nice at all. Imo, of course.

So disappointed.

Rosa how's the training going?

Annunziata Thu 29-May-14 20:45:48

So quiet on here, I hope everyone is okay?

We have a busy weekend planned! Tomorrow DH and I are going to see nurseries for the baby, and then on Saturday DS, la fidanzata, her mum and I are all going to see a wedding venue. And then it is prom night on Monday!

Rosa Tue 20-May-14 16:18:23

Annu mainly birthday cakes but pretty much turn my hand to most cakes... thing is I just don't have the time right now but I need to find time ...That is the problem !
Well done for 123 clever baby !!

ikiboo - it is pretty reasonable in Jesolo and most places display prices outside in order to get you in . You can eat snack style or juts a plate of pasta again for pretty reasonable . ( I don't really drink beer and wine when out so not sure of the exact prices !!!) The Black Cat not far from Piazza Mazzini is a bit of a Brit abroad but the food is good !!
Also Tempini which is further up is good and reasonable if you fancy a bit more than a snack !
Hope you get good weather ! Its nice here now but due to change soon !

Annunziata Sat 17-May-14 21:11:43


Gnocchi is easy! I am even teaching my boys grin I'm not a baker though, what sort of cakes do you make?

You think the exams are bad and then you are waiting on the results, eeek. 3 out of 6 dc have finished up now, thank goodness. And baby can say 1, 2, 3! We are all very proud grin

I am sorry, I haven't been to Jesolo ikiboo, but I hope you have a lovely holiday.

iklboo Sat 17-May-14 15:18:09

Mini hijack if I can please? We're going to Jesolo next month on a half board basis wondered if anyone could give me an idea of prices for pint / bottle of beer, glass / bottle of wine and price for a decentish lunch (not McLunch or Brits Abroad n chips) for me, DH & DS - who will eat pretty much everything.

Thanks v much.

Minirosa already in prima!!!!! Oh my goodness, Rosa, seems like yesterday we met and you were still pregnant!

We want to see pics of your cakes rosa, you know that. I have dc's birthday party in 2 weeks time and will have to think about cakes. I make good cakes, though not very good at decorating them. I was also thinking of making sweets kebabs.

Very impressed by your 32 km, I have been lazy recently and haven't hit the gym for weeks.

Lots of thoughts to those supporting their children during exam time, I wonder whether I'll be able to handle it!

Rosa Tue 13-May-14 12:16:51

I can't make Gnocchi but I can make cake !!! Its all go and everybody is asking me for cakes for those with birthdays in the summer. I haven't got enough time so have said yes to 3 and thats it !!! however 2 are in one week which is a bugger . One is this weekend and hopefully on Friday I should be able to do it !
June 6th is just round the corner can't believe it to be honest . Minirosa is going into prima in September !!!! Oh well must get the hair coloured to cover the grey.
Am doing 32 km in under a month and expect to not be able to sit down afterwards for a good few days as well as being unable to lift anything so I will just have to lie in the sun and be waited on ( yeah right).
Annu good luck with the exam hell my sister has 1 doing GCSE and one doing finals but at Uni .....

So envious of you ladies who are good enough to make gnocchi! yummie!

Good luck with exams etc, school breaks on the 6th of june here!

Annunziata Sat 10-May-14 21:12:19

We are in the middle of studying hell... they are all about to kill one another shock Only a few weeks left, thank god!

Made a gorgeous batch of gnocchi this week!

Annunziata, welcome back! Oh not cooking for a whole week is fabulous! Glad to hear you had a lovely time.

And very impressed by Rosa's rowing, wow, 12 km! I haven't hit the gym in weeks blush

We have had a lovely weekend, we've seen friends, the children saw spiderman, and we rested a lot, so we are now ready to face the last intense month of school. Just a month!!!

Rosa Mon 05-May-14 12:37:33

Can't see us affording to go for a while but yes please do share as you never know when our numbers will come up in the lottery !!
Annu a whole week without cooking wow am impressed . Glad that you had a good time . Weather is certainly very varied. Friday was terrible lost count of the number of storms and the so very heavy rain . Yesterday rowed 12 km and my bum hurts but rest of me is ok which is good. Not sure about the 32 km in months time though....

Annunziata Thu 01-May-14 20:13:17

Ciaaaooooo! Yes, we are back, it was wonderful! I didn't make dinner for a week, a whole week! Can you imagine?!!! And the weather was great, even although the forecast was shocking confused

Franca I have just googled the Maldives and wow envy

Are you feeling better Rosa? No wonder you are poorly with the rain!

still raining here. uff

Yes, Rosa, I must admit it has been magical... small resort, nice buffet food (all sorts from curries to noodles, grilled fish and pasta), snorkelling, warm sea etc.

It is a long trip, we flew Emirates. So, it's a 6 hrs Milan Dubai, then 3,5 Dubai Male and then 20 minutes small plane from male darhavandoo (sp???) then a 5 minutes boat trip to the resort.

If you manage to take a direct flight it's around 9 hrs (but then you'd miss Dubai airport which is a big window on a totally different world, fascinating!)

We went with another family, they were the ones who organised the whole thing and asked us to go along. It's not cheap of course, but not as expensive as I was expecting it to be and it was all inclusive!
I can PM you with cost and name of the place if you like x

Rosa Tue 29-Apr-14 13:55:49

WOW WOW WOW I am so envy was it just magical - sun lounger , toes in the sea good book , snorkeling and scuba diving , yummy food and no noisy Aliptour guests ???. How long did it take to get there as thats what puts me off ( and the cost) ?
Minirosa seems fine now thanks - still has this cough which won't go. I seem to be moving onto another cold but maybe its an allergy . Just got rid of the last one on Sunday !! Torrential rain here last night now sun is out !!
ANother day off then on Thursday ... yipee!

Hello my dears, I hope you all had relaxing Easter holidays and that this wet Monday is treating you well.
Yes, the weather is crap and it's freezing. Grrrrr...

Rosa grin, we had indeed a fantastic holiday and yes, I kept it secret because I was feeling superstitious and quite anxious about it for the long flying (and we had to get one of those small planes) etc. Sooooo, we went to a little island in the Maldives, and OMG I wasn't expecting it to be so 100% amazing. It's just amazing, I can't find a single tiny flaw in the whole experience.

And now, it's back to reality, rain and home works etc, but we feel rejuvenated.
Hope minirosa is well now?

And is Annu back from her Italain holiday?

Rosa Mon 28-Apr-14 08:57:15

So silly these stop / start ponte non ponte days off and now todays strike ....Don't know whether I am coming or going so heaven knows what dd must be feeling ( tired actually !!) Pasqua was ok but then minirosa threw up in the pm - not through too much chocolate either !!! Viral but it knocked her for 6 so she had a few days off and half a day on thurs !
Venice was heaving over this weekend so we stayed hidden in our area and now its raining / stormy/ humid so having a coffee before facing the world !!

Franca come hither and tell all about your what I presume was a fantastic holiday ( you kept that a secret!!!)

Gio hope DP has managed to recover a bit and has riposato !!!

Annu how was Italy ????

Bananagio Mon 21-Apr-14 08:03:45

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and are about to have an equally lovely pasquetta. We have done nothing bar lunch with fil but has been nice. I have a very stressed dp with work worries at the moment so good for him to do nothing for a few days I think. What have you been up to? Annu glad your day went well (and the dc washed up!). Hope the flight goes ok and that the weather here in Lazio stays as it is for you. Lovely sunny spring weather.

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