4ft bed, mattress protector and fitted sheets, where can I find them?

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Rhiannon Wed 05-Sep-01 20:19:55

With the arrival of our wonderful new 4ft bunk bed, it's just dawned on me that 4ft is not a popular size. Anyone know where I can buy 4ft fitted sheets and a mattress protector? I refuse to go to Ikea (due to hassle, stress and queues).

Suew Wed 05-Sep-01 20:32:43

Have you tried John Lewis? If they don't have them, they will make them up for you. Not sure how expensive this is though.

Tigermoth Thu 06-Sep-01 14:45:28

Rhainnon, you could also try phoning the manufacturer of the bunk beds for any info on this.

If that fails, could you buy the smallest single bed size of sheet and mattress protector, and tuck them in a little?

Mima Thu 06-Sep-01 20:10:59

My son's bed is a 4ft sleigh bed. Had to get bedding specially made. I got them from "Keys of Clacton Ltd", telephone 01255 432518 - Fax 01255 436255. Ask them for a catalogue they do beds up to 10ft wide and a wide range of quality of different cottons, flanalette, towelling sheets. My fitted sheets were made in 100% cotton percale and are 4ft wide by 6ft 3 long and they were around £35 each. Takes about 3 weeks to make.

Rhiannon Thu 06-Sep-01 21:02:06

Mima, thank you, I'll ring them tomorrow. R.

Batters Fri 07-Sep-01 09:31:48

Rhiannon, my daughter's bed is 4 feet. I use single sheets, and duvets, etc. They just need tucking in, but I am not sure if it would work for a top bunk, although I think it would be fine for the bottom.

Rhiannon Fri 07-Sep-01 11:27:35

Batters, how can you use single sheets on a 4ft bed when it's a foot bigger? Do you mean doubles?

Mima I've contacted Clacton and they've quoted £19.95 for a fitted flanelette sheet and they're sending a catalogue.

Batters Fri 07-Sep-01 13:23:30

Rhiannon, they are not double sheets of that I am sure....loads of them were given to me by a friend who got them from a sale of university campus stuff, I just assumed they were single sheets. Maybe the campus had strange bed measurements?!

Jacko100 Mon 05-Sep-11 17:11:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

I just got some on eBay, Tonys textiles they were called.

Beamur Mon 05-Sep-11 17:24:33

I know this company, they are reputable (my Mums works in a branch) they seem to have 4 ft bedding.

samb1 Fri 21-Oct-11 14:50:45

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samb1 Thu 03-May-12 12:33:24

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Jackal100 Thu 08-Aug-13 11:31:31

These sheets are so hard to get hold of. We got some from a website based in Manchester, the link as follows: www.bedlinendirect.co.uk/bedding/4FT_Fitted_Egyptian_Cotton_Sheet.html

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