Mysteries that intrigue you?

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maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:00:46

I love reading about unsolved mysteries, they fascinate me!

Here are a few of my faves ...

sommerton man

number stations - this one has noise!

the Beaumont children - imagine 3 of your children going mising

What are yours? Stonhenge, UFOs, The Kennedeys ...?

sheepgowooohooo Mon 18-Oct-10 13:03:44

unexplained lights in the sky that our local paper report frequently.

that fella from the manic street preachers that dissapeared. I often wonder what happened to him

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:07:27

Richey Edwards? It's been a long time now, about 15 years I think

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 13:17:33

omg they're all chilling! wtf is that number station

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:19:02

Wiki have them down as espionage, sending out coded messages to spies in other countries. I find them creepy!

CaptainNancy Mon 18-Oct-10 13:19:41

Jux's werewolf! Can't get it out of my mind...

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 13:20:36

they are creepy!

i quite like this photo

LongTallJosie's girl guide story

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:23:19

Ohhh thats a good one! Has there been any theories put forward for it?

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 13:23:47

Message withdrawn

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:24:07

Was that the girl who was older then younger, SPBB?

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 13:24:27

where do all the other socks go after washing?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:25:14

Just reading about that Solway Firth photo - and the visit to the photgrapher from the MIB shock

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 13:26:16

Message withdrawn

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 13:26:58

I remember Genette Tate's disappearance....wasn't that crime cleared up recently?

sheepgowooohooo Mon 18-Oct-10 13:27:08

maduggar richey edwards thats it!

Those number stations are weird

yes that's the one - same name, looked the same but didn't age confused

I still wonder whether we'll ever find out what happened to Madeleine McCann. The hysteria and media interest has died down now but the heartbreak of living without knowing what has happened to your 3 year old must be horrific.

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Mon 18-Oct-10 13:27:35
JaxTellersOldLady Mon 18-Oct-10 13:28:02

pmsl @ ruby. I think I might have them all, because I have a basket of 'single socks' that dont seem to belong to anyone in this house!


Where is Shergar?

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:28:23

This my ds based a story on it last year and got top marks. <brag>

Really creepy stuff.

nobodyisasomebody Mon 18-Oct-10 13:28:28

What happened to:

Lord Lucan

Ginette Tate

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 13:29:51

Message withdrawn

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:29:51

Wasnt Shergar taken by the IRA? Or am I getting that completely wrong?

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Mon 18-Oct-10 13:30:06

SPB, I think about Madeleine McCann a lot too. She disappeared before I had children and I'm ashamed to say that my opinions were rather more heartless than they are these days, because I had no clue how it felt to have a child. These days I find the whole thing terrifying

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 13:30:45

What actually happened with David Kelly.

Did Jeremy Bamber kill his family?

Generally what makes people kill other people, no definitive answer, but interesting trying to work it out.

Aliens visiting us from another planet aren't a mystery, they're a fact <<nervous smile>>

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:31:11

Im sure Ive read a reasonable explanation for the Dyatlov Pass incident (avalanche i think?) but cant remember where I read it!

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:31:25


maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:32:17

That washed-up foot thing is creepy!

SolidButShamblingUndeadBrass Mon 18-Oct-10 13:32:24

Oh FFS that 'Spaceman' is a double-exposure taken with a kid's Action Man doll in a spacesuit, or somesuch. Remember, when there's no natural explanation for something, the truth is fakery not woo.

stillbobbysgirl Mon 18-Oct-10 13:33:10

I love the number stations. There was a documentary in R4 recently about them. They are broadcast all over the world and no one knows (or will tell!) what they are for. Creepy.

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 13:34:05

maybe he stuck it to her head grin

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:34:12

That story about the couple kidnapped out in Australia is also a little fishy, wonder what really happened out there!

ragged Mon 18-Oct-10 13:34:25

Why there are so many birds in our garden this year, and at the feeders. Many many more than previous years, we are doing nothing different.

DS was only a few days old when MM went missing so the start of the story completely passed me by, I have to admit. But I now have a 3 year old - cute, cheeky, trusting

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:35:43

This really interests me the photos are very creepy and I would love to know why they abandoned all the stock and cars, it looks as though they locked up one night and never went back confused. 1&highlight=hearse

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 13:36:16

Without dredging up anything, and I hope it's not a morbid interest, but I do wonder what became of Madeleine Mccann.

can someon explain the number stations thing? Can't do youtube?

stillbobbysgirl Mon 18-Oct-10 13:37:01

\talking of double exposure films, when we moved into our new house when I was a kid, my Dad took a roll of film of pictures of all the rooms, garden etc to show rellies in Ireland. He forgot to develop film, wound it back at took camera to Ireland on our holidays and used it again. We have 24 photos of cows on our sofa and sheep on the kitchen worktop.

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 13:37:07

I missed that she'd been mentioned already.

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:37:26

I also want to know why all those people "Just got out and walked" REM did a music video on it to raise awareness wink.

witlesssarah Mon 18-Oct-10 13:37:28

The mystery that intrigues me is why people consider Stonehenge to be a mystery. What is mysterious about it?

Yeap maduggar I have wondered what really happened to him, it was all abit strange (the couple in the outback)

the ones where she claimed to have been tied up? And they tried to prove she could have contorted herself and got out?

MortBlacksand Mon 18-Oct-10 13:39:39

Oooh my kind of thread - as a child i was fascinated by Casper Hauser

Yeap thats the one SPB

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:40:18

Louise Woodward interests me I was heavily Pg and remember watching the court case on TV.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:40:51

comescarewithme Now that is very bizarre! Those pics gave me the shudders!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:41:47

Argh I cant keep with all the links grin I hope my DS sleeps all afternoon & that the house tidies itself!!

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:42:11

I know Maduggar, I go on that site now and again it has lots of creepy photos but that set is the best.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 13:42:16

the bermuda triangle

I'd forgotten all about her CWWM

Or that poor girl that got killed in Italy by the students, suppose thats not really a mystery though

stillbobbysgirl Mon 18-Oct-10 13:45:05

One day the facts of the Dr David Kelly "suicide" will become clear - I am sure of it.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 13:45:05

I watched a programme about the bermuda triangle recently, they managed to explain most of it, something to do with dodgy localised weather systems and an extremely strong current moving planes and boats hundreds of miles away from where they went off radar.

That number station thing is very weird. Are the numbers broadcast on the radio or something?

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:45:11

Hello PBM .

I did too but I was reminded of her recently when DS turned 13 and I couldn't believe it was all so long ago.

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 13:46:17

I have to get sorted for the school run but this is a brilliant thread hope I come back later to loads of links and strange stories .

MortBlacksand Mon 18-Oct-10 13:46:36

Those number stations are creepy - mostly because it sounds like something from the Jackanory-from-Hell with the music and the twee woman's voice....

cestlavie Mon 18-Oct-10 13:46:45

My iPhone headphones

I leave them neatly coiled up in my bag overnight and literally the next morning they've uncoiled themselves and snaked their weird little forms through my keys, pens and even each other forming a tangled, semi-alien structure.

Everyone else is asleep overnight in the house. The doors are all locked. No one has had access to my bag. This happens night after night after night.

Quite frankly, the obvious possibility (that they're some how sentient) is so troubling that I don't like to think about it. I'm planning to throw them in the bin but I've got this horrific image that I'll find them crawling their wiry way back up the garden path.

I know it's a long shot, but has anyone else ever had this happen to them?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:47:17

stillbobbysgirl havent they been sealed for 70 years or soemthing silly?

WTDDT Yes, they are shortwave radio signals that no-one admits to sending out!

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 13:47:41

I read in Alison Weir's book "The Six wives of Henry VIII" that someone had had the theory that Anne Boleyn was Rhesus negative, and that was why she had had one child with ease but was never able to have another and kept miscarrying. I'd love to know if that was true sad

stillbobbysgirl Mon 18-Oct-10 13:47:43

The number stations are short broadcasts on shortwave radio to pass information to spies (or so it is widely recognised). They are broadcast from all countries and have increased at lot in the last 20 years. There is lots of online info on them, but no country has ever admitted to thier existance.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 13:47:59

OMG, cestlavie grin what a creepy image!

MortBlacksand Mon 18-Oct-10 13:49:32

Balloon slayer - you've reminded me that as a child i also had an unhealthy obsession with the Romanovs - not that i thought Anastasia survived but just the darkness of it all. i was quite a dark child....i'm normal now though grin

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 13:50:30

something weird just to me (probably)

i googled my son's name and got a picture of a boy scout who was (is) the complete double of my son. but picture was taken thirty years ago.

freaked me out so much, i've tried to contact him but no luck. i emailed the bloke whose website it was to tell him too, but after a few emails i think he just thinks i'm a bit loopy.

molemesses Mon 18-Oct-10 13:51:19

SoutheastAstra - It's THE STIG!

ooh yes I read about Kaspar Hauser as a child, scared me stupid!
What is the number stations thing? Or do i have to wait until tonight and see it??

ah thank you sbg

southeast, that is really spooky.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 13:52:38

A friend of mine had a boyfriend a few years back who was terrified of me for some strange reason. This went on for a couple of years until one day he showed me a picture of his ex wife. She was absolutely my double shock I did a double take and if I didn't know better I would have said that it was me.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:52:53

Johnny Gosch I was reading about this one, very strange, mistakenly clicked on some of the links to pictures, Id suggest you dont do that

was she dead?

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 13:53:35

The number station is lots of random countryside images with a woman repeating a chain of about five numbers over and over. Presumably these numbers change when a spy has to do something specific, like kill Princess Di.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:54:55

Who was the MNer who could see herself in her bedroom, from the garden? Was there ever an explanation for it?

I have goosebumps now, reading all this!

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 13:55:33

She posted pics from her garden, I couldn't see anything!

Was it not PortBlack? Who is on this thread

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 13:56:27

Balloonslayer - I love historical mysteries too! The Princes in the tower and the man in the iron mask, would love to know who they really were.

nobodyisasomebody Mon 18-Oct-10 13:56:54

copy cat

No.... I had thought I'd posted, but got distracted looking at the links. Reallygrin

Great minds think alike and all that.

MortBlacksand Mon 18-Oct-10 13:57:44

That was me grin....i wasn't going to mention it as it fell flat on it's arse - you just couldn't see anything in the photos. It was my hair i could see either side of my laptop - the next day it wasn't there and i have nothing to report since sad

Unless i AM the doppleganger Mwahahahahahaha

that was my theory - after all the doppelganger would want it all to be forgotten as quickly as possible to take her place

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 13:59:48

for me its crop circles.....i know they are supposed to be pranks,but they are just SO perfect i refuse to believe they are man made!!!

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:00:42

They are man made, sprinkle! I've met some people who make them. It's like a sport to them. They use lengths of rope and planks of wood.

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 14:00:57

Where did an entire lake vanish to overnight?

MrsChemist Mon 18-Oct-10 14:01:58

I'd read an article explaining the Dylatov pass thing. I believe you're right, they think it was an avalanche. It explains the ruined tent and the injuries. The orange skin and the missing Tongue is probably because they'd been dead about two weeks before they were found. Them being unclothed is something to do with people stripping off when in the final throes of hypothermia.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:02:07

I have spent far too long wondering about Jeremy Bamber, mainly because it was local to me growing up - it was our GP that certified the deaths sad

having read around it there do seem to be some very dodgy things in the police investigation. I think they are going to decide soon whether he is allowed to appeal.

(but then I always have trouble believing that people have committed murder, which is daft of me because it happens.)

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:02:10

the gable film - bear attack? stray gorilla? or soemthing else? There is a link to the video but nto sure I am brave enough to watch it!

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 14:02:16

Big Wild Cats - I worry about them when walking my dog.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:03:47

Have bookmarked a lot of these links to read ... they are all interesting!

DeadlyNightShadeofViolet Mon 18-Oct-10 14:04:18

The JonBenet Ramsey always intruged me.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:05:46

They've just reopened the jonbenet ramsey case. They're interviewing her brother now.

Birdistheword Mon 18-Oct-10 14:06:02

Oh jeeeesus, that number station link has freaked me out, never heard of them before. shock

PortBlacksandsDoppleganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:06:36

<whistles innocently>

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 14:07:19

Came back for a sneaky 5 minutes and I am freaking out now -the dog just barked and I almost screamed.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:07:26


maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:07:54

Oh I wasnt griing at you screaming that was at the doppleganger!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:08:20

^ there's a mystery - who stole my n's? hmm

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:08:33

<adjusts spelling>

<whistles again>

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:09:27

the jonbenet case was so sad - i think in the middle of the hype and the pageant pictures they forgot a little girl had died...

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:10:08

Some really interesting links.

WTF happened to Suzy Lamplugh when she went to meet 'Mr Kipper'?

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 14:10:15

whatsthatduckdoingthere.....they are NOT manmade...too pretty!!!


SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:10:50

sethstarkadder it was local to me too, I lived in D, very close by

Could someone please tell me about LongTallJosie's girlguide thing?

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:11:36

And of course the mystery that'll never be solved of who was Jack the Ripper.

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 14:11:54

Is the electric Brae not an optical illusion?

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:12:07

Longtalljosie went to a guides group and there was a girl there who was slightly older than her (I think). She then moved and went to another local guide group and the very same girl was there, only she was now younger than her.

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 14:13:07

And what has happened to Claudia Lawrence?

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 14:13:12

LTJ was a brownie, there was this girl in her pack older than her, then LTJ moved to a new area

when she joined the new brownie pack, there was a girl there identical to the girl in her previous pack, with the same name, only this time younger than her!

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 14:14:13

Ben Needham too he went missing when he was about 2 should be about 20 now I think.
He was from the same town as me aswell.

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 14:14:38

Oh that happens all the time in Norfolk, Perpetually grin

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:14:46

my favourite ever mystery was the Cottingley fairies one where experts looked at the photos and declared they couldn't possibly be faked, and then some old ladies turned up years later and said they had done it - with blooming cardboard cutouts FGS! Brilliant!

FluffyDonkey Mon 18-Oct-10 14:15:06

Where do all the calculators go?

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:15:32

I remember that one - that was seriously weird....

Anyone who like a bit of history this is a great book. It talks about Queen Victoria's haemophilia gene and how she was either an incredibly rare mutation or illegitimate. It then goes on to explain how it contributed towards WW1 as all her children were infighting etc.

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 14:16:49

sugarlake....i dont know. has anyone here been?

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 14:17:24

Steve Wright - the Suffolk serial killer worked on the QE2 in 1982 at the same time as Suzy Lamplugh.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:17:34

what's electric brae?

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:17:51

Oh how weird about the girl guide thing. Did the girl recognise LTJ or deny knowing her?

I wonder about something I saw Christmas Eve 1997 in Billericay, Essex. I'd been to Midnight Mass and as I got home there was this weird swirling thing in the sky. Lots of us saw it, it was almost like a giant ferris wheel on its side but like it was made up from Northern Lights swirls. It moved around the sky randomly then just went.

We scoured the local papers for reports for weeks after but never saw anything. My parents saw it 5 miles away towards Chelmsford and our neighbours and friends too.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:18:29

calculators??? confused

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 14:18:50

really ruby?? oo-er

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:18:54

Ruby, is that true?!! Blimey. There's one mystery solved then sad

Electric brae is a hill where things apparently roll uphill. I think it's an optical illusion too, there's another one in NY state.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:19:25

I would like to know the whereabouts of Steve Wright in 1985, how would I find that out?

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 14:19:39

Electric Brae

I have never been there but know people who freewheeled their car up the brae.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:20:15

Sarah, do you know someone that went missing?

SS, IIRC the girl claimed never to have met her before

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:20:52

Ive never heard of that electric brae thingy before!

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:21:04

No, it's something that happened to me.

iLikeDots Mon 18-Oct-10 14:21:16

What an interesting thread......... creepy !

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:21:19
GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 14:21:58

lol....i want to go to electric brae so i can work it out!! i'd be there hours,i know i would!

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:22:04

<curious now> but I understand if it was traumatic and you don't want to talk about it.

I want a go on electric brae

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 14:23:21

Re Suzy L - why does that clear up the mystery. There is such a thing as coincidence.

And if he knew her - perhaps he might have taken more than a usual interest in what might have happened to her and ended up obsessed with that sort of grisy thing, which could have contributed to his later behaviour.

It'd be odd indeed for someone to murder someone then do nothing for 20 years, then go on a spree.

The Moors Murderers and Harold Shipman all came from Hyde. Does that mean that there is a connection between them?

ZombieChickensHaveNoMercy Mon 18-Oct-10 14:23:31

The number station thing has just brought back really strong memories for me. I grew up over the back from the Essex estuary marshlands, and we used to get many of those stations. Also ones just playing 'nature' sounds (bird song etc). My Dad always said they were radio bands which had been bought but weren't being used, so the owners had a loop playing so no-one else could use them. Never heard the spy theory <interested>

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 14:24:21

Sarah...reports say he was engaged to his first wife then, after meeting her on the ship....they married in Braintree in 1987.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 14:24:22

i was just reading the wiki link about Suzy L. the estate agent who disappeared after going to meet a Mr Kipper

and it says there was a similar incident with another estate agent who went to meet a Mr Herring, was attacked but escaped!

they dont think there is a link but i think theres something fishy going on.....

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:24:23

I suppose you're right Balloonslayer. But it's a possible explanation.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:26:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:26:38

a girl from my school disappeared and for a long time that was a mystery.
then they found her in Peter Tobin's backyard. angry The real mystery now is why men who have a history of violence against women go on getting away with it again and again and again and it is allowed to escalate until they become killers angry angry angry

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:27:17

Braintree would mean he was in Essex 2 years after, not far from where I was. This was in Chelmsford shortly before Christmas.

ooh yes I've heard bird song on the radio

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:27:44

Sarah, sorry to hear that sad

I expect there must be a transcript from the courst case somewhere, if you really wanted to find out details? It wouldn't make very pleasant reading though.

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 14:27:51

Have you reported this since, Sarah?....the Police are still interested in what he was doing in the early years of his offending.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:28:04

Oh SS Im sorry if this thread has upset you or caused bad memories to resurface

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 14:28:12

It'd be a comforting explanation, as it'd mean there was one less nutter out there IYSWIM.

Wasn,t the Genette Tate case re-opened because of the recent convictions of that awful man who killed several women, he was Scottish but one of his houses was in Margate. Don't want to google it, sorry. They thought the area/circumstances fitted with the sort of things he did.

sorry Sarah, x post, that's awful

ZombieChickensHaveNoMercy Mon 18-Oct-10 14:28:27

Good Lord, Sarah That is awful for you. You could contact the police now, and maybe they could help you?

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:28:48

oh Sarah sad

my post looks very bad in relation to yours. My anger was not directed against people who don't report things, obviously, but at a legal system that puts women who report stuff through the mill and even then frequently doesn't convict, punish or protect them properly from reprisals.

PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 14:28:59

Crikey Sarah sad i hope there is someone in RL you can confide in who will support you

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:29:03

portsand that is a very mature looking 2 month premature Prince Albert hmm

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 14:29:21

Oh x-post. I meant Peter Tobin

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:29:59

boom tish Perpetual! grin

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:30:48

Did they ever find out why Paul Burrells trial was stopped?

He was going to give some evidence and then the Queen weirdly 'remembered' that she'd given him permission to take some of Dianas stuff, but hadn't mentioned it before.

What was he going to reveal do you recon?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:30:51

Isnt there rumours that Bible John & Tobin could be one & teh same?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:31:16

I do love a Royal mystery WhoAte!

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 14:31:23

Sarah sad.

I expect the police would be very interested.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:31:30

No it's ok, honestly. I've talked about it since and sethstarkadder I would feel the same way too. I just couldn't talk about some of the stuff and I have come to terms with what happened. Like I said I was young and in shock at the time. I also felt then that a lot of it was my fault for not stopping him. As if I could have ffs.

I'm a glass half full person. I am just very lucky that if it was him I actually got off very lightly IMO.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:32:21

Paul Burrell was going to reveal that the queen is one of the lizard people.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:33:16
PerpetuallyAnnoyedByHeadlice Mon 18-Oct-10 14:33:18

my fishy joke looks pretty poor in the light of sarahs ordeal, sorry

but it did make the hairs on my neck stand up - the 2 fish names MUST be related surely, if not the same culprit then the second one a copy cat who had read about the first? no? too much of a coincidence for me!

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:33:19

I knew there was something in that rumour Duck grin

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:34:32

if you did report it now I would imagine the police would be very supportive and it might help put it to rest.
it does sound more than likely that it was him. so glad it wasn't worse than it was. xxx

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:35:01

maduggar - it doesn't take into account they all look alike due to inbreeding wink

Helenastar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:37:00

If people on here are really interested in mysteries and intrigue and just strange stuff in general may I suggest the publication "Fortean Times" out every month, and its associtated books in particular "it happened to me" volumes 1 to 3.
they publish all sorts of weirdness and also tend to research and debunk a lot of so called mysteries, they were the magazine who found an explanation for the Dylatov mystery.

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:37:55

Helen - i too am a subscriber grin

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:39:07

Ive bought a copy a couple of times, that may have been where I read that avalanche theory then!

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:39:30

I used to get the Fortean Times years ago. I stopped when I got fed up of all the 'christ's face on a piece of toast' pictures grin

Helenastar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:40:17

Portblacks, I love it!! I have every copy going back to 1998 grin, which is rather disturbing in itself.

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:40:32

The Rev Fanshaw who used to do the Fortean TV program is brilliant, creepy but in a nice way.

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 14:42:17

maduggar - shock shock shock

LetThereBeRock Mon 18-Oct-10 14:43:58

What was their explanation,Helenastar?

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:44:05

Thanks sethstark, I'm going to pop across to the local station I think and see what they think.

How do I get the post removed - there isn't a delete button?

TitsalinaBumPumpkin Mon 18-Oct-10 14:44:05

Its not a mystery as such but i wish Keith Bennett's body was found so his poor mother could bury him and have some sort of peace then Ian Brady could rot in his cell without any 'power' over anyone.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:44:11

Have read that Ben Needhams uncle admitted he accidently killed teh toddler on his bike and hid the body, while under hypnosis! Not sure if there is any truth in that though ...

Jonbenet Ramsey - did someone on here say the brother is being re-interviewed? Wonder what they are looking for!

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 14:44:53

i also get FT every month for years! great isn't it.

i love the sidelines. here is one from this months:

Police were looking for the owner of a pair of giant inflatable breasts found bouncing along a road in gloucestershire in august.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:45:21

fortean times is now online grin

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:45:28

SS - report it to MN, I am very sure they will delete it for you. You are doing a very brave thing

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 14:45:46

Sarah, just report your own post and ask for it to be deleted.

southeastastralbeing Mon 18-Oct-10 14:45:56

mine go back to about 1991! you can get back issues on cd now.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:10

Fantastuc find Duck!

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:10

princess diana wasnt all she seemed!! i used to work (kind of for her) but there was something i couldnt put my finger on!! i didnt know her as a person tho. just an observation.

i was rather close to one of her bodyguards for a while too. it was odd how all the men around her turned....odd!!

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:24

The blue bit with your name in above your message has a 'report' button Sarah. you can let MNHQ know what you want to do with all or one of your posts.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:29

Sarah - click on the 'report' button for the post you want deleted and that will open a box where you can type in the reason and MN Towers will do it, usually quite fast. (Not that the reason will take much explaining in this case!)

Good luck.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:42

I said the jonbenet case has been re-opened. I can't remember where I heard/read it now, but they definitely said that the brother was being interviewed. I don't think they said whether or not he was a suspect or if they were hoping for new information.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:46:44

ohhh Sprinkledust, you have to tell us more!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:47:22

Think he was too young to be a suspect, how old was he at the time?

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:47:29

Sprinkle, she was a lizard person too wink

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 14:47:40

Good Luck Sarah x

bigstripeytiger Mon 18-Oct-10 14:49:35

According to Wikipedia the brother was 9 at the time.

ledodgy Mon 18-Oct-10 14:50:19
WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 14:52:54

Dh says that the number stations are just like something out of 'Lost'. He's right! are we all actually dead and waiting to get into either heaven or hell?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:54:10

A number station was mentioned in Lost, but that was a longwave, not shortwave and nothing to do with spies grin

nobodyisasomebody Mon 18-Oct-10 14:54:16

What really happened on 31st August 1997. Princess Di..

Interesting link Madugger. Especially since Prince phillip hates Fergie so much.


Helenastar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:54:36

letthereberock, I really cant remember smile, but I think it was very mundane.
the article was a while ago, and I keep all my back issues at my DDs dads!!! save me having to dust round them grin

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 14:55:02

I've always felt so sorry for Keith Bennett's mum Titsa, she's never been able to lay him to rest.

How much pain there must be in knowing your child is somewhere on those cold bleak moors sad

Brady knows I'm sure of it.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:55:19

I think at 9 he would have been too young to carry out such a thing by himself, unless the parenst helped? More likely that he may know soemthing that implicates someone else! I have read a analysis of the ransom note, very weird.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 14:55:29

Have done, thank you have also emailed a friend who works for the police in another county and asked his opinion. He knows what happened, he was the only person I've ever told. I'm glad I told him, at least he can vouch that I told him years ago.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:55:56

Ohh the marie celeste! Wasnt there a l similar story about a lighthouse? where all the men disappeared and left everything perfect behind them?

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:57:16
DeadlyNightShadeofViolet Mon 18-Oct-10 14:59:12

Are you thinking of Eilean More Maduggar

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 14:59:51

Is Brady still alive?

Ive often wondered if Myra really did die, or was it a hoax to allow her to be released? I used to babysit for a woman who was her prison guard, and even she thought it was iffy.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 15:00:45

I saw a documentary about the Marie Celeste which suggested it was to do with the fact that there was a cargo of alcohol and they had reason to think it was going to explode, so they all got into a boat trailed on a rope at a safe distance and the rope somehow became undone and the ship sailed off without them and they were left alone in the ocean to die of thirst sad
the passengers included captain's wife and small child so I find this thought particularly haunting. Would almost rather be eaten by giant squid/abducted by aliens....

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:00:50

Possibly Deadly, I read it in a book of unsolved mysteries I had years ago, will have to google and see if thats what I am thinking of.

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 15:01:22

if the number stations mean we are all living 'lost' then where the hell is Sawyer is what i want to know!!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:01:26

nobody Im still reading that Royal link myself - its all news to me! some of it is shocking shock

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:01:47

Sorry Sprinkle, Sawyer is mine

NoMoreChocBiscuits Mon 18-Oct-10 15:02:10

WhatsTheDuck I was reading about the Jon Benet thing a couple of days ago. Apparently they want to put her brother under hypnosis to see if he can remember anything from that morning that can lead the police to the killers.

He was only 9 and isn't a suspect, but they think he may have repressed memories as there is some evidence he was awake (that bit wasn't clearly explained) either when she was killed or when she was found.

However because he's not a suspect they can't force him to do the hypnosis, it's up to him whether he does it or not.

DeadlyNightShadeofViolet Mon 18-Oct-10 15:02:14
SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 15:02:54

Oh I remember doing a poem about the Lighthouse Keeper, very odd. And they've pulled my post already and sent nice message, I'm impressed.

OkayGrrl Mon 18-Oct-10 15:03:10

I wrote a long post about someone who's been missing since the early 70's in my family, then my internet went off, so I'm writing a short version.

Basically she "ran away" leaving her six kids. She never spoke to them or anyone else in her family again including her parents. It bugs people in my family but no one talks about it, her youngest daughter was trying to find her in the 90's and was offered a chance to post a notice in a national newspaper but pulled out at the last minute so she didn't upset her dad.

I don't think anyone in the 70's said anything to the police because she was an alcoholic who had a spell in a mental institution. I've tried to find her in marriage and death records, but found nothing.

I know many women do leave their children and lose contact with them and sometimes do the same with the rest of their families, but still it would be nice to know what happened to her.

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 15:04:30

i saw the fake jack the ripper letters once....they are in the 'black museum' at new scotland yard. a very,very scary museum!

i was perched on the side of a bathtub listening to the curators talk,only to be told it was the very bath where Neilson cut up his victims!!

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 15:06:04

the trawler Gaul

an ex bf of mine was a journalist who was investigating it. One day he got burgled and all his stuff taken - all his stuff, tapes etc.
He never seemed that suspicious about it but I think it was bloody dodgy.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 15:06:46

The black museum sounds like the sort of thing I might make a special trip to London to see grin

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:13:35

That is indeed the one Deadly!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:14:28

Thats good SS

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:15:16

How sad Okay grrl

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:15:56

I like the sound of this black mueseum too!

MommyMoo Mon 18-Oct-10 15:16:56

whatsthatduck its not open to the public i think. sorry about poor typing, am bf.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 15:18:32

That's a shame MommyMoo. How do others get to go, do they have to be in the force?

scurryfunge Mon 18-Oct-10 15:20:59

You can go by special arrangement to the Black Museum (now the Crime Museum).

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 15:21:26

Thanks Scurry smile

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 15:21:40

Why was the entire crew AND passengers of the Marie Celeste in the rowing boat? Surely they would have put the dodgy booze in the rowing boat and sent some poor sap out on his own to tip it overboard? Not all pile in and leave the ship.

Or am I missing something?

AbsofCroissant Mon 18-Oct-10 15:30:59

Reminds me of an advert that I saw. A rescue crew boards a ship, and walk around. Everything's fine, they go into the galley, there's tons of food and they're all "what happened here? It's so bizarre". They then get into the fridge and find an empty bottle of [advertised brand] tomato sauce. The leader turns around and says "poor buggers didn't have a chance".

Very funny (can't find on youtube as youtube's blocked at work).

GypsyMoth Mon 18-Oct-10 15:36:33

ah yes,sorry. i was in the MET police at the time. ridiculosly difficult to get a trip to,even for officers. i remember when i eventually got through,i was told i could take 3 other serving officers in with me.....i was popular for a while as everyone wanted to go

ots and lots of eye opening stuuf in there,they should make it for public viewing!

Krays suitcase,very,very graphic pics of hyde park bombings (ok,not for the public viewing) but many other items of interest

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 15:39:42

Or just chucked it out of a porthole? <being bugged by this now>

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:40:39

Im so spooked reading all these, and just now a big fat candle just leapt off my mantlepice and made me yelp. Im shivering now Easily spooked, me!

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 15:41:22

lol SS, the Marie Celeste has baffled people for years. Im going to read that link now, to refresh my memory.

Housemum Mon 18-Oct-10 15:41:53

OK, got it sussed - someone earlier was concerned about dodgy people from Hyde, another person mentioned the caught between heaven and hell - that's it, we're all in Ashes to Ashes and waiting for Gene to fire up the Quattro

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 15:42:05

Today my biggest mystery is why my temperamental teenager with pmt is shouting the odds because I'm refusing to drive her 15 miles to see a friend that she saw just three days ago.

I suspect there's more to this than meets the eye hmm

OkayGrrl Mon 18-Oct-10 15:42:47

With the Marie Celeste maybe they thought they didn't have enough time to dump the booze.

Housemum Mon 18-Oct-10 15:43:36

I am v sceptical about all conspiracy theories and close encounters but would like to know about REAL unsolved mysteries like why does all the chocolate disappear in my house but not the lettuce?

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 15:57:02

it was an entire cargo of booze with vapours that had leaked out and filled the hold, not just a couple of barrels you could put in the rowing boat.
I can't remember all the details but it might have been something like, there had already been one explosion which frightened them but didn't leave burn marks - hang on.

wiki link - read the bit under 'explosion'.
1701 barrels, so more than you could quickly unload, 9 found empty.

they did an experiment reproducing the explosion, using paper cubes for barrels, which didn't get scorch marks.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 15:59:02

Housemum, yeah that is really weird, maybe you have mutant slugs which have had their guts replaced with the gut of a human being, hence they slime in and steal your chocolate to satisfy their ungodly cravings.

it just goes to show that you should never tamper with nature.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 16:00:01

Just reading about Prince Albert/Jack the Ripper connection - interesting stuff!

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 16:00:29

Oh that is a lot of booze I understand now.

Bloody fools not taking oars with them ffs. Why didn't they all paddle simultaneously, or lassoo a passing flock of birds a la James and the Giant Peach?


TitsalinaBumPumpkin Mon 18-Oct-10 16:01:51

I would give anything to visit that museum....

Do you reckon if i joined the force i could go or do you have to be high up?

<dons police uniform>

TitsalinaBumPumpkin Mon 18-Oct-10 16:03:39

Brady is still alive unfortunately.

AnakisT Mon 18-Oct-10 16:05:11

I found the lighthouse story the freakiest

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 16:05:53

they probably did have oars, just couldn't row fast enough to keep up with a ship in sail. There may have been a storm that frayed the rope.

If you think that's stupid, some friends of my dh's were sailing the Atlantic and decided to go for a swim in a calm. They trailed a rope and jumped in then discovered that the boat was, in fact, moving at 2 knots.

fortunately one of them managed to grab the rope as the boat went past them....

<cold sweat>

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 16:10:27

Jesus confused

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 16:13:05

Thats liek that film, where they went for a swim but didnt put the ladder down so couldnt get back onto the boat, an dthere was a baby onboard crying? Has anyoen else seen that? Think it was based on a true story.

DooinMeCleanin Mon 18-Oct-10 16:15:46

I have seen that film. There was a baby on board. I can't remember the name of it or if it was true. All but one of the adults (babys mum) died iirc?

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 16:18:56

Not an unsolved mystery as such but King's Close in Edinburgh is terrifying. (Mary King's Close)

The City Fathers decided to seal all the people in to stop the plague spreading and everybody died slowly.
Sadly, it has been turned into a tourist attraction.

sugarlake Mon 18-Oct-10 16:20:17
WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 16:20:33

I've been there, sugar! It's pretty good as tourist attractions go, not tacky at all.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 16:24:15

I don't think I could watch that film!

Another unexplained mystery - a Caribbean politician, William Herbert from St Kitts, disappeared on a boat in the Bermuda Triangle and Bermuda Triangle geeks thinks this is more proof of triangle weirdness. (He was my mum's boyfriend back in the 60s, before she met my dad, which is why I know.) However the fact that he was a politician and had allegedly been involved with drug barons or fighting against them depending on who you believe, may suggest a non-supernatural explanation....

NoMoreChocBiscuits Mon 18-Oct-10 16:31:05

Oh Mary King's Close! I was hugged by a ghost there! Was blimmin freaky, esp as I don't think I believe in ghosts.

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 16:33:42

Why the shower in my house is sometimes running full pelt when I come home. You can't open the door with it running, or the floor would get wet. Which it never is...

Or the tiny handprints that appeared on the wall of the hallway one day. I told dd off for putting her sticky hands on there, she said 'mummy, I didn't do it' and proceeded to show me that they were not the same size as her hands anyway....

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 16:36:22

The film's Open Water 2 I didn't think much to it, possibly because of the playing on the baby being on their own and crying, and what expensive boat wouldn't have an easily accessible ladder? hmm

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 16:45:43

You have a haunted shower? shock

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 16:51:53

Sarahstratton, I honestly don't know what makes it come on, it's fine when I leave the house!

Didn't they do a second autopsy on JonBenet, that showed taser marks?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Oct-10 16:53:25

The Kremlin UFO was spooky

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Oct-10 16:55:37

The shower could be an electrical fault, worth getting it checked over?

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 16:56:33

I know a few prison guards, and they are very sceptical about Myra Hindley's death. They think she was released with a new identity.
A bit like Mary Bell. Wonder where she is?

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 16:58:30

The shower has a tap-like handle, so it has to be turned to stop/start the water. I get a wet arm every time it happens (and a wet floor!) when I have to open the shower door to turn it off.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 16:59:14

You obviously have a very dirty ghost wink

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 17:02:56

Message withdrawn

MrsGhoulOfGhostbourne Mon 18-Oct-10 17:03:17

twirlymum, you are very calm - sounds very scary to me grin (sorry - just wanted th excuse to do hallowe'en emoticoon grin

TitsalinaBumPumpkin Mon 18-Oct-10 17:08:15

My Mum had something really scary happen to her when i was a new born baby..

She was cooking dinner and i was in my cot upstairs asleep, she thought she could smell burning coming from the front of the house so she went to investigate.

She got to the bottom of the stairs and she said the smell of burning was really intense and she could see an orange glow from upstairs and the pattern of flames reflecting on the stairwell, she said it was also boiling hot on the bottom landing and she could hear a crackling coming from upstairs...

She legged it upstairs screaming and shouting because she thought i was in danger and there was a fire but there was literally nothing there when she got upstairs, i was still asleep in my cot and everything was as normal.

It freaked her out for years.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 17:09:32

Maybe your ghost is trying to wash their small, sticky hands? hmm

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 17:10:11

What'sthatduck, yes, if only it would do the housework too...
It doesn't scare me really, dd used to say all sorts of odd things when she was younger though.This scared me:

I was driving to the coast one day with dd, my sister, and my parents. As we apssed under a bridge, dd (3 at the time) said 'watch out for the lorry mummy, it's crashed, all the windows are broken'. There was no lorry there.

But many hours later, on the way home, there was. In that exact same place. It was a huge artic on it's side.
We were all silent for the rest of the journey....

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 17:12:11

{shock] Shiney that is scary.

ComeScareWithMe Mon 18-Oct-10 17:12:53

Shrine sorry blush.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 17:14:35

I did something very similar twirly . I was driving up to Scotland with my (then) DH and was asleep in the passenger seat. I woke up and said 'Move out into the fast lane' . He did, and as we went round the bend there was a car broken down in the inside lane. We would have smashed straight into it otherwise confused

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 17:15:44

Message withdrawn

megapixels Mon 18-Oct-10 17:18:21

I love this thread. I'm going to read all the links tonight.

JonBenet's brother is being interviewed because he definitely (allegedly) knew something about what happened. The parents said that he was asleep throughout everything but on the 911 call his voice can be heard clearly in the background. Also, when the police went in there he was supposedly still in bed but when he woke up to all the commotion he never asked a single question and didn't seem at all curious to know what had gone on.

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 17:19:38

He sounds like a maniac, shriney! The girl guides were probably out potholing hence why they vanished.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 17:20:02

twirlymum - any of the guards work at Highpoint?

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 17:21:55

Message withdrawn

NoMoreChocBiscuits - i want to hear more about your affectionate ghost!

megapixels Mon 18-Oct-10 17:23:33

I recently read a book, The Cruel Mother: A Family Ghost Laid to Rest, by Sian Busby about her great-grandmother who drowned her newborn twins in the bath. It was morbid and heartbreaking at the same time, the author did try to piece together what would have gone through her mind but I wish it was possible to know for sure.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 17:24:17

Oh Shiney! I like the real-life spooky stories! Have you ever asked yoru mum what she meant?

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 17:29:11

Message withdrawn

Oh Shiney you just reminded me of a sleepover at my friends when I was younger, I think it was her 11th birthday, we saw a bonfire in the field behind her house and people dancing round it was very scary, but the next day when we went into the feild there was no sign of a fire at all.

It was one of those things I thought I imagined so I asked her about it a few years ago and she can remember it clearly too, very strange

BalloonSlayer Mon 18-Oct-10 17:51:55

A lot of "mysteries" aren't mysteries at all but people want them to be. Princess Diana was glamourous and beautiful and people can't accept that she died the same awful death as quite a lot of young women every year - on the way home from a Saturday night out with her boyfriend, driven by someone she didn't really know who turned out to be pissed and driving like a lunatic. As I think Paul Merton pointed out - if she had really feared she was going to die in a contrived car accident she'd have worn her seat belt.

I was astounded that recent news reports about David Kelly cited his saying that he'd be "found dead in a wood somewhere" as evidence that he didn't actually kill himself. Surely if the victim actually predicts where their dead body is going to be found it makes it more likely that they were responsible for their own death, not less likely?

TorcherQueenie Mon 18-Oct-10 17:53:46

I went to the Gallerys of Justice here in Nottingham a few weeks back. Its an old prison and quite sad and scary.
While we were left to wander the womens prison I felt a strange tickling on my uncovered shoulders when I turned round there was nothing there.
Later after we left my DH asked if I had been scratching my shoulders, When I replied No he got his mum to look at it too.
Across the top of my uncovered shoulders were 9 marks which looked a lot like lashes from a whip (The women in the prison were regularly whipped) where given to me.
They stayed on my back for about 12 hours before disapeering completely. I have a photo of them and a lot of people do agree it looks especially like whip marks.

scallopsrgreat Mon 18-Oct-10 18:02:04

Oak Island. Lots of myths of Knights Templar and Spanish Pirates. Good old boys own stuff.

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 18:02:37

I would love to see Mary Kings Close

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 18:05:25

Oh Oak Island, I think Lincoln Preston's book 'Riptide' is based on that.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 18:05:45

I was just reading about Oak Island! Not sure if I think its a sinkhole or proper buried treasure.

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 18:07:23

Not Highpoint, maduggar, The Bracton Centre, in Kent. ian Huntley was there for a while. Some work at Belmarsh too, but they move around a bit.

NoMoreChocBiscuits Mon 18-Oct-10 18:13:34

Katya there is a room in Mary King's Close which is apparently haunted by an 8 year old girl. When I was in this room I got a chill from my chest down. It felt like someone coming in to give me a hug, pull away slightly then give me a full hug again.
There was no one near enough to touch me and I would have noticed them anyway as the 'hug' came from the front.

I say I don't think I believe in ghosts because that wasn't my first encounter.

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Mon 18-Oct-10 18:25:22

Shriney I would have liked to take a look around this place before it got torn down and turned into apartments. If I wasn't such a wuss, that is.

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 18:46:29

Message withdrawn

Marjee Mon 18-Oct-10 18:56:05

I read an article about JonBenet Ramsay's murder which said that her mother had reported an intruder in her bedroom one night 2 weeks before JonBenet died. It was really critical of the police and claimed that they had tried to frame her parents to cover up their own negligence in the investigation. I can't remember where I read it now, sorry!

I'm very intrigued by Claudia Lawrence's disappearance, I don't understand how someone can just disappear without trace, how awful for her family sad. The same goes for Suzy Lamplugh and Madeleine Mcann sad

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Mon 18-Oct-10 18:57:59

Shrine there's a film called Session 9 that was shot in the Danvers Asylum. Worth seeing if you want a real time look around the place (the film is pretty decent too).

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 19:01:42

This thread has been fascinating reading today. When DP gets home the house will be a tip but I shall be scintillating company grin

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 19:06:48

The Claudia Lawrence case is bizarre isn't.

fustyarse Mon 18-Oct-10 19:07:39

want to see something creepy?


SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 19:14:50


"Anonymous said...
Just someone shouting 'get out of moi orchard!"
August 27, 2010 8:05 AM

GetOrf what have you got to say for yourself?

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:15:13

What was that film about Ayers Rock, where the young girls disappeared? That was creepy, wasn't that based on a true story?

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 19:17:50

Is it 'Wolf Creek'?

<<checks DVD case>> 'based on chilling true events'

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Mon 18-Oct-10 19:18:54

Picnic At Hanging Rock.

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:19:38

I don't know. This event took place a long time ago (judging by the dresses the girls were wearing)

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 19:20:54

Picnic is a piece of fcition though, isnt it?

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:21:53

Not sure, I just Googled it, there are conflicting reports?

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 19:22:54

Message withdrawn

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 19:23:37

Message withdrawn

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:24:28

The nasca (sp?) lines are interesting.
Aren't there reports recently of sheep and cattle being drained of blood and organs missing in remote areas? I'll try and find it.

rubyrubyruby Mon 18-Oct-10 19:26:24

You don't want to be watching Wolf Creek btw - nasty.

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:27:34

Here [ w/article647307.ece]]

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 19:27:53

Shiney - I love stories like that!! Isnt here a stroy liek that about Anthony Hopkins & a book? I forget the details!

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:28:13
maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 19:29:53

Ive heard of the nazcar lines but have no idea what they are blush

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 19:30:40

Picnic at Hanging Rock is fiction. I've got the book and there is a disclaimer at the front and an article at the back explaining this.

ShrineOfCrazyDemon Mon 18-Oct-10 19:32:26

Message withdrawn

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:35:04
hocuspontas Mon 18-Oct-10 19:35:21

The Nasca desert in Peru contains ancient versions of crop circles -amazing 'drawings' that can only be seen from the sky. I loved this mystery as a child. I'm blown away by being able to 'see' them myself on Google Earth!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Oct-10 19:35:38 64

Theres a long running thread on this on Digital Spy, It's all making facsinating reading.

DirtyMartiniOfDoom Mon 18-Oct-10 19:36:26

Picnic at Hanging Rock is definitely fiction. Deliberately presented in such a way as to make you wonder, though.

I find this really interesting, about Amelia Earhart. I always thought she just disappeared and that was it, but apparently there is a strong possibility she may have been camping on a desert island post-crash for some time, sending out distress signals. Remains were found in the 1940s but dismissed as unrelated and then lost hmm.

Anyway, it seems that the expedition last year did find some stuff, not sure if they are still testing it or what ... would be fascinating if they solved the mystery after 73 years shock

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:38:03

Quite glad it's fiction actually, it would have been really scary otherwise!

SarahStratton Mon 18-Oct-10 19:39:45

The film is really spooky, even the music gives me the creeps.

nameymcnamechange Mon 18-Oct-10 19:40:42

Not long ago, on Danny Baker's Saturday morning show on Five Live, they were discussing how Britain is due a fairly significant earthquake (it goes in fairly long cycles of several hundred years). And apparently, a portent of an earthquake, is increased appearances of fungi, like fairy rings in the grass, toadstools, and fungi on trees.

Anyway, so that day after hearing the show, I went out to the garden to put the guinea pigs out in their run and there, slap-bang in the middle of the lawn in my London town garden, was a fairy ring of toadstools or mushrooms. I have never seen one in my own or anyone else's garden before and I am well over 40 years old.

So thats a bit spooky.

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 19:40:43

Shiney - no, it wasnt quite the same, sorry

hopkins book coincedence

maduggar Mon 18-Oct-10 19:43:02

TDWP - I read that DS thread awhile ago, its where I boomarked a good few sites from. Has taken me weeks to read through them all!

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 19:43:24

Namey - it is a bumper year for fungi apparently, because of the weather. It's true, they're everywhere.
But I have also heard we're due another big earthquake in the south-east. Hope it doesn't trash my parents' big, old house - they're not far from Colchester where there was one that knocked down a church in 1881 IIRC.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Oct-10 19:46:24

Spring Heeled Jack reminded me of Jux and the werewolf

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 19:48:02

how interesting re Amelia Earhart!

My db and SIL were working for a Japanese balloonist who disappeared over the Pacific a few years ago. (She did his publicity and DB taught him English so he would be able to communicate with air-traffic controllers when he arrived in the US.) He had a family waiting for him at home sad.
He completely disappeared, no distress signals, and he had an automatic EPIRB which should have activated when he hit the water and an escape pod he could have floated around in for several months. But no sign, just possible sighting of wreckage but never confirmed.

would be lovely if he was on an island somewhere....

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:54:14

I recall reading about hoofed prints being found in the snow many years ago, the trail went over rooftops, it was really odd!

twirlymum Mon 18-Oct-10 19:56:01
BarbaraSeville Mon 18-Oct-10 19:56:29

Shiney's story reminds me of the poet Simon Armitage finding one of his own signed editions for sale in a charity shop. Inside the cover was his handwriting: "With love to Mum and Dad" grin

WhatsThatDuckDoingThere Mon 18-Oct-10 20:00:45

Hoof prints on rooftops could be santa's reindeer.

But seeing as how goats can scale practically vertical walls it's not beyond the realms of possibility that they simply climbed up there grin

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 20:01:50

missing Japanese balloonist

I rather love the way there are adverts for hot air balloon gift experiences on the same page confused

Dylthan Mon 18-Oct-10 20:02:44

Renee MacRae and her son Andrew although this mystery looks like it's getting close to being solved.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 20:05:16

I thought the hoofprints were a little mousey thing that jumped with its feet together making it look like a hoof-shape? Hence the going up walls.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Mon 18-Oct-10 20:06:03

that Come Back Lucy story is great. The fact it's a spooky book makes it even better.

mrstimlovejoy Mon 18-Oct-10 20:07:59

ben needham
madeline mccann [i live near the mccanns so its something i think about alot]
bermuda triangle

WhoAteAgentZigzagsBrain Mon 18-Oct-10 20:19:22

I saw that unsolved prog about Renee Macrae dylthan, didn't they think the dad of her son kill them both?

The prog makers confronted him, but he wasn't having any of it.

Has something come to light recently?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Mon 18-Oct-10 21:43:52
PurpleOne Tue 19-Oct-10 04:08:04

absolutely fascinating thread

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 07:53:22


More, more.....

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 07:58:41

Sad story here

Maura Murray

SarahStratton Tue 19-Oct-10 08:02:34

Woah that is really strange! Not helped by the fact that I only understood words like 'radar', 'and', 'the' etc in the emails published.

Would love a translation into non-tech speak if anyone knows what they are talking about.

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 08:04:40

and also

lizzie borden

m0nkeynuts Tue 19-Oct-10 08:15:23

This is my favourite thread ever!

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 08:25:06

This one is just odd ...

Max Headroom Hijack

twirlymum Tue 19-Oct-10 08:25:21

Lizzie Borden, with an axe
Gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty one

We used to sing this when we were kids!

lottiejenkins Tue 19-Oct-10 09:26:06

The weddding photos scared me half to death, Re Suzy Lamplugh they think this guy is responsible!!

TheMittzressOfMystery Tue 19-Oct-10 09:45:55

What did happen to my mobile phone that I lost on Friday.. it just vanished?

AbsofCroissant Tue 19-Oct-10 10:13:54

Nomorebiscuits: I had a similar thing in Mary Kings Close, in that room (the house was owned by a wealthy merchant or something, and no one else wanted to live in that are because of the whole dead plague victims thing, IIRC). Anyway, I was on a ghost tour and they took us into that room, told us about the girl and then said walk around, see if you feel anything. I was standing next to the fire place on my own, but felt like there was someone standing next to me. Didn't say anything to anyone. Afterwards, the tour guide said that the little girl's presence is often felt next to the fire place - it's where she likes to hang out. I was quite spooked.

bandgeek Tue 19-Oct-10 11:16:47

Just marking my place so I can sit and read all of these tonight!

nobodyisasomebody Tue 19-Oct-10 13:07:48

This one has always bothered me

The baby dingo case

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 13:10:11

Ive only ever heard of that becauseof Buffy (the band called "dingoes ate my baby") but have never read the actual story ... off for a gander now!

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 13:22:55
Helenastar Tue 19-Oct-10 13:40:41

Some of theese mysteries can sometimes be debunked as Urban myths, which is a fascinating topic in itself. try for more of these.

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 13:41:42

Which ones have been debunked on Snopes?

BalloonSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 13:46:25

I didn't think the baby taken by a dingo was a mystery - just a terrible miscarriage of justice which was finally put right.

The family were Seventh Day Adventists - a deeply religious Christian sect, and Lindy Chamberlain was always grumpy and co-operative with the media. The press soon had people believing that they were complete nutters who had sacrificed their baby because, well, they were a bit odd, they didn't drink alcohol, or tea or coffee, and they were really religious, I mean how weird is that?. (It was reported that Azaria means "sacrifice in the bloody wilderness." It doesn't.) People thought Lindy MUST have done it because she wouldn't give interviews weeping and wailing. She was basically punished for not behaving in the way a bereaved mother was "supposed to behave" according to a patriarchal society.

Lindy Chamberlain had to give birth to her fourth child in prison then have her taken away - luckily her husband was "allowed" to bring her up.

The "blood traces" found in their car were copper dust. The family came from Mt Isa, basically a big copper mine.

I could go on but won't . . .

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 13:48:24

Id just read that the blood traces were fetus blood or some such - it was just copper then? I do think, after reading just a small bit about them, that I believe the dingo thery more than the parent murder!

iLikeDots Tue 19-Oct-10 13:48:33

This thread is so interesting....... its a pity its in Chat as it will disappear ! If only it was any of the others, it will be on MN for ever more.

Pity as this kind of thread never gets boring and I think it would be a point of great intrest for posters who haven't yet seen it, present and future, there would always be someone to add to it.

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 14:08:32

Thats very true iLike, I didnt think it would get much interest either! Goes to show we all love a good mystery! Im still reading further on soem of teh subjects mentioned here, as they have intrigued me so much.

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Tue 19-Oct-10 14:19:05

Maybe we should ask for it to be moved to Classics or Other Stuff.

BalloonSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 14:21:22

According to Lindy's book IIRC copper dust could give the same results using the forensic techniques of the day; perhaps this is another reason why they want the case re-opened.

It's a good case for feminist analysis. It can certainly be argued that if Lindy Chamberlain had been more attractive, less frumpy, less intelligent; had she smiled a bit, co-operated with the press, not been so silly as to get so unreasonably offended that she was accused of cutting her own baby's head off with nail scissors for some evil ritualistic purpose still unspecified - despite being a devout Christian - she probably wouldn't have been convicted. As it was, the public took a dislike to her and . . . you know the rest.

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 14:29:30

Quite sad, isnt it BS. If youy dont fit the shape the media want, then you are guilty Was the father ever accused of the actual murder?

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 14:30:16

Shame that book is so expensive.

sethstarkaddersmummyreturns Tue 19-Oct-10 14:31:11

I wonder how the lawyers involved in concocting that ridiculous case against Lindy Chamberlain sleep at night.

BalloonSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 14:40:10

He was convicted of being an accessory. He was supposed to have driven the car so she could get rid of the body. sad He was allowed not to go to prison so that he could look after the children.

I was in Australia during the final trial, when an 8 months pregnant Lindy was convicted. I remember thinking how stroppy and disagreeable she always looked (I was nineteen and childless, I had no real understanding of how she must have been feeling) but what got to me was: Why would she have done that? What for? The only reason given seemed to be that she was plain evil. And the photos in the papers made that seem plausible. But I still couldn't believe it. sad

BalloonSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 14:42:22

If you google it there are loads of sites including her own one.

The pictures of the baby's jumpsuit make me want to cry.

Saltire Tue 19-Oct-10 14:43:01

The Arlene fraser case. We lived in Elgin when she disappeared.


Also Suzanne Pilley, she disappeared from outside her work entrance

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 14:43:35

Thanks BS, Im going to have a proper read of it all.

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 14:44:33

I live in NE Scotland, so have heard a lot about Arlene Fraser in the media too - sad for her children

dichotomy Tue 19-Oct-10 14:53:40

These are weird

black forest orbs

and, I've tried everywhere to find the footage of the next one by itself but cant.

so you'll have to skip forward to 31.36 on if you want to see it.

I've never forgotten it since I saw it on telly a few years ago, I think because it's also reflected in the mirror it makes it extra eerie and believeable.

The tape has since been the subject of a lawsuit in hollywood.

skip to 31.36ish,may have to sit through some adverts first

IrmaGhostSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 15:10:36

I like religious mysteries like the arc of the convenant and the holy grail


Also that creepy murder case Zodiac killer, which that made afilm about which is strange as its unsolved, but then they made so many documentaries on JFK.

HowsTheSerenity Tue 19-Oct-10 15:20:22

What happened to Harold Holt? Was it the Chinese??

My mum thinks that Lindy Chamberlain killed her baby. Sanatarium had a lot of 7th Day adventists share holders back in the day. Lindy was a SDA. Therefore we were never allowed sanatarium products!!

maduggar Tue 19-Oct-10 15:23:37

dichotomy - whats yoru second link about? Im not able to watch it right now

dichotomy Tue 19-Oct-10 15:29:38

The whole link is a TV programme "best ghosts caught on film" or something like that.

But the segment that I'm talking about is a film of a black, billowy, smokey mass emanating from the corner of a room.

as the guy filming turns the camera around to leave you can see it reflected in a mirror, so wasnt done post-processing.

I'd say it could have been faked or staged, but I don't see how. Plus it's eerie!!

I'm going to show it to the kids on halloween grin

lottiejenkins Tue 19-Oct-10 15:50:45
twirlymum Tue 19-Oct-10 15:51:00

The Knights Templar fascinate me too.

hocuspontas Tue 19-Oct-10 16:22:51

I think my all time favourite is the grassy knoll but when I was attempting to discover my family history the story of the Edwards' millions had me hooked. Briefly a couple of hundred years ago a man named Edwards rented out some prime real estate in New York City for 99 years and never got it back. It's now worth over 500 billion pounds and apparently people called Edwards pay lots of money to have their family tree traced in the hope of a share of this if it is ever proven to be true!

lottiejenkins Tue 19-Oct-10 16:30:41
fudgecat Tue 19-Oct-10 16:34:38

Humpty Dumpty.

Did he fall or was he pushed?

twirlymum Tue 19-Oct-10 17:03:02

Who is the winner of £113million on the Euromillions????

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 17:07:54

Ooh good one twirly...

<how could you not check....>

LetThereBeRock Tue 19-Oct-10 17:10:16

Hasn't the Chamberlain case been reopened? I'm sure that I read that the other week on the BBC text pages.

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 17:12:05

Yes LTBR they want cause of death to be 'by Dingo' officially rather than some wishy washy explanation. I suppose they want closure and total exoneration.

twirlymum Tue 19-Oct-10 17:19:11

PortBlack, my MIL came back from a two week holiday last week, we were talking about it, and she said 'oh, I haven't checked mine yet'.
I swear my heart rate doubled.
Unfortunately, it wasn't her.

NoMoreChocBiscuits Tue 19-Oct-10 18:16:57

A few years back when I lived in Australia some old guy came forward and said that he and two mates had found the babies body and buried it somewhere in Melbourne.
He came forward because one of the other guys had died and he didn't want to die with the secret of her where abouts going unknown.
The police dug up a couple of back yards, but I guess they never found anything. Don't know what happened to the old man.

NoMoreChocBiscuits Tue 19-Oct-10 18:18:00

I obviously meant the Chamberlain baby!

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 19:14:14

Weird NMCB! Is there a link to read about it?

<marks place>

MuGGGhoulWump Tue 19-Oct-10 20:19:15

I lived in Australia for a couple of years and visited Ayers Rock. The tour guide we had there was convinced she did it. I can't remember his reasons for it now and he was a bit of a tosser, but he was utterly convinced of it.

scurryfunge Tue 19-Oct-10 20:23:38

I clicked on the Black Forest Orbs link thinking it was something Nigella would do grin

mrstimlovejoy Tue 19-Oct-10 20:33:25

just watching unsolved mysteries on cbs reality.

sheepgowooohooo Tue 19-Oct-10 21:26:04

This thread has drawn me in like no other thread on mumsnet. Even dp has shown an interest which is unheard of for him as he normally rolls his eyes at anything MN related.

I agree.It would be great if this could be moved to mumsnet classics or something. This thread even kept me awake last night!

BalloonSlayer Tue 19-Oct-10 21:42:57

How the hell would they get a baby's body from Ayers Rock to Melbourne without being detected? And why not just bury it at Ayers Rock? hmm

A lot of people were utterly convinced that Lindy Chamberlain did it. With the most ridiculous evidence. Basically because they didn't like her. They wanted her to be guilty because they thought she was a sour faced bitch. She had a sour face because her beloved baby girl had gone missing and she was being accused of killing her. She was in a no-win situation.

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 21:44:46

BS, would you say people over there are evenly split or do more believe she actually did it? It totally fascinates me.

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 21:45:32

sheep - I have freaked myself out with a lot of the links on here!

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 21:51:07

Love the name Mad grin

Sadly i think this was also true of MM. People found her parents 'unlikeable' and therefore must be a bit on the dodgy side. I don't mean the judginess over leaving her and her siblings (which one could argue was more understandable). I mean the way they came across in's a strange phenomena.

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 21:56:12

Did you read the link about the Beaumont children? They were aged 9, 7 and 4 I think, and sent on a bus to the beach on their own, yet the public and media did not bash an eyelid (this was the 50s though). Would get a very different reaction if they went missing today!

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 21:57:28

bash an eyelid? lol bat

BleedyGonzalez Tue 19-Oct-10 22:03:52

Why DH cannot EVER put dishes in the sink instead of all over our teeny kitchen?

Oh, sorry, wrong sort of mystery...

sheepgowooohooo Tue 19-Oct-10 22:18:48

That American girl Maura that was linked too earlier in the thread freaked me out a bit. I think the people who lived close to the car crash site knew far more than they let on... It was just so odd the way she just vanished

poorbuthappy Tue 19-Oct-10 22:20:31

How do save this thread? Or can we have it moved so it doesn't disappear? PLease?

This 1 has always intrigued me...

even though it is explained.

Also a few years ago I had a book about this sort of thing, which had a story in it about the building of a by-pass which was plagued by weird events which made it seem that a force was trying to stop them building it. However I have lost the book and can't really remember enough to search for it. (which of course is what I am going to do now!)

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 22:24:30

Ah yes poorbut.....amazing to think it landed in such a remote region. Anywhere densely populated and it would have been absolutely disastrous.

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 22:25:20

Have we really got to 387 posts without mentioning this or did i miss it?

SarahStratton Tue 19-Oct-10 22:28:20

shock no we forgot Nessie! And the Yeti, havewe mentioned Yetis yet?

madugherowngrave Tue 19-Oct-10 22:30:46

No Yetis either! I did post a link to a weird bear/gorilla type thing, but no-one commented on it.

The Maura Murray thing - I think the guy who was sat in a bus in his driveway nearby? knows more than he lets on.

PortBlacksandsDoppelganger Tue 19-Oct-10 22:34:42

Madugh - the link to youtube didn't work but i managed to google a few seconds of the footage. Looked like a gorilla to me...

faverghoulles Tue 19-Oct-10 22:40:34

I'm loving this!
Will it have to be reported to ask mnhq to move it to classics, or might that backfire and get the whole lot deleted?

SarahStratton Tue 19-Oct-10 22:45:49

I emailed them the other day, to ask them to get Jilly Cooper on webchat. Try that, it's under the contact us bit smile

iLikeDots Wed 20-Oct-10 08:44:26

This has to be one of my favorite MN threads ever..... keep em coming please! All the ones I found really interesting have already been mentioned!