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CD player for a 2 year old

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TabithaTwitchet Mon 07-Dec-09 14:07:31

Can anyone reccommend a simple, chunky, indestructible CD player that a 2 year old might be able to manage to use by themselves?

We want DD to learn to fall asleep without us (currently we have to stay with her until she is asleep), and we are planning on her listening to a CD in bed (fingers crossed emoticon).

I have been looking in the shops, but they all seem to have a karaoke attachment, or be Barbie or High School Musical.

I just want big, clunky buttons and cheery colours (ideally not pink) and no additional functions to confuse things. When I was young I had a lovely red and yellow tape player with 5 big buttons, each a different colour; basically I want the same product but for CDs grin

Can anyone help, or am I after something that doesn't exist?

TheTerribleSpider Mon 07-Dec-09 15:31:57

Elc one we have has done for years, although ours is pink you can get it in blue. It does has a microphone on it, but this doesn't get used at all.

TheTerribleSpider Mon 07-Dec-09 15:32:33

have not has sorry!

TheTerribleSpider Mon 07-Dec-09 15:35:01

now in red it seems

megrouthorn Tue 29-Dec-09 14:19:40

We have the blue ELC cd player and my twins love it! Fairly indestructible...most delicate part are the actual cds! I'd give it a go if I were you!

stickylittlefingers Tue 29-Dec-09 14:40:50

Hi - dd1 has had one for that reason since she was two, and it works really well. I bought the cheapest one at Argos that would play "homemade" CDs (can't think what you call those right now!!) and it's been fine (she is 5 now).

It isn't made for children, but we always said to her that it was a delicate thing she had to be careful with, and she has been. dd2 is now also careful with it (she is 2 and a half). Obviously it depends a bit on the child - I'm not sure how well it would have lasted with my nephew, who is a lot more rumbustious than the girls, but sometimes I think it's worth giving them a bit of credit for good sense.

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