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which MAM bottles to get?

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bradleybecky Mon 28-Nov-16 22:48:55

Want to get a couple for expressed milk. any recommendations? (first baby)

on amazon - can either get three bottles (260ml)

or ..

a whole starter kit... which includes:

Complete 15-piece bottle starter set
Includes small, medium and large bottles, teats, soft spout, sealing discs, handle and soother

Lorann86 Sat 03-Dec-16 08:41:18

Ive just ordered the large starter set from toys r us. For £26 it has alot of variety and even if baby doesnt take to the bottles its doesnt feel like a huge outlay for us. If baby does take to it then the bottles will last right up until 1 which seems like a great deal! First time mum like you and second guessing every purchase i make so far!

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