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Advice about my new mattress

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Kai63 Fri 13-Apr-12 11:33:23

We recently bought a new mattress from John Lewis (the Natural Collection pocket spring mattress with 1450 springs). We use it on a new sprung divan base.

It's advertised as medium support but it doesn't feel it at all. We've had it for four weeks and turned it as required but I wake up with lower back pain every morning and it just feels too soft.

We were advised to get a medium support mattress as both my partner and I are tall but slim build and relatively young.

My question is will we get used to it over time? We have the option of returning it but I'm not sure whether we need to give it more time. We are both used to sleeping on medium support mattresses but they have been cheap rental property ones (and still felt firmer than this one does).

Is it better to go for a small independent retailer and if so, what type of pocket spring mattress should we go for?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Pacita Fri 13-Apr-12 11:52:40

I have recently changed to tempur and would never go back. It's amazingly comfortable and my back pain is miles better.

sasbo Fri 27-Apr-12 20:46:05

Hi there, I also bought the same John Lewis natural collection mattress (3000 spring version) and have the same problem! I bought the 'medium support' but it's way too soft. I wake up with pain in my lower back every morning. I've had it a week now but I really don't like it. I was about to buy the firm when the sales assistant persuaded me to buy the medium. I have the option to send it back too. Was wondering what you did and if you swapped it or got used to it? Did your back pain go? Thanks!

Jessyc Mon 21-May-12 16:26:14

Hi there, I got my mattress from John Lewis also, for some reason I just couldn't get comfortable. A friend of mine recommended a memory foam mattress, I was dubious at first but I actually slept in one when I went on holiday to Spain. After I had tried it I was quite surprised. I bought mine for less than £200 for a double. Try I was very happy with their service.

Portymum Mon 13-Aug-12 16:28:01

We got a mattress from John Lewis that was similar to those above. After 6 months of it getting worse and worse JL are taking it back and we're going for a firm one instead. Medium was rediculously soft and back pain was getting silly. JL didn't hesitate to swap over saying it must be faulty though there was a little flafing about the manufacturer having to come to check it, but on challenging this we were able to go ahead.
Reading the comments here helped give me the confidence to return it even after 6 months.

Kai63 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:20:41

An update for you. For a little while our backs did actually get better but then they got really bad! 6 months later, JL are going to take our mattress back. Their sales teams seem insistent that softer mattresses provide the support that most people need but judging by the response here, I don't think that's the case at all. The pre-sale service from JL has been fantastic but I wouldn't trust them to recommend the right bed to me again.

Isandri Mon 29-Oct-12 19:36:24

I second tempur. I have their very hard mattress and topper. Its called relaxation continental and included the bed as well. Only problem is um not sure if they sell that combination with the hard mattress in the uk,(I'm in Denmark). We bought it after my tall husband had a bad prolapse in his back and combined with physio it got him walking again. he only has back problems now if he sleeps on a different bed.

JonathanK Fri 26-Jun-15 15:11:50

Hi all,
My wife and I bought a 13,000 spring bed from the company that make John Lewis' natural collection, and we can confirm all the same problems of lack of support that everyone here is talking about. We returned the mattress after it dipped dramatically, and it was replaced, but exactly the same thing happened to the 2nd and we fought for a full refund.

The manufacturer who makes JL natural collection is Harrisons Spinks, who also use the brand names Somnus or Spinks and Edgar. I'm surprised this is the only review page where people are talking about this.

It appears that their new design to pack in as many springs as possible is achieved by using tiny flat springs about the size of a 50p piece. They layer them and pack them to give these massive spring counts they claim is more comfortable, but it appears in our model, that this design simply doesn't offer sufficient support. The reason why it takes 6 months to deteriorate is because once the springiness of the fillings has compacted, the internal springs do little to provide support.

Jeannet Sun 05-Jul-15 14:30:14

I'm about to buy a John Lewis natural collection mattress (3000 spring version) medium, but having read everyone's comments, I'm thinking I should get the firm (I'm age 59, 60kg, with aching hips and shoulders at night!).

Has anyone had experience of the 'firm' one - maybe changed from the medium to the firm? Would anyone recommend the firm?

Many thanks, Jeannet :-)

handyman44 Mon 13-Jul-15 11:49:53

Personally i favour pocket sprung mattresses, rather than memory foam ones as they are just so hot, especially this time of year. Also, as i tend to wriggle in bed, having had a major spine operation last year, memory does not adjust quickly enough and leaves me uncomfortable. After trying loads of them at various retail outlets i knocked it down to my favourite and then looked online and found this great store selling the one i liked way cheaper than anywhere else. Having now had it for 3 months, i can highly recommend the mattress and company. Here is a link, should anyone be interested?

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