Bodily oddities. What are yours? I have two eyebrow hairs that are at least half an inch long. They look like antennae.

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Jacksmama Tue 01-Dec-09 00:44:33

Seriously, I have one in each eyebrow. I have to clip them or rip them out entirely, or they grow so long they sort of bow outwards and you can see them when you look at me sideways.

And then there's the single, translucent eyebrow hair that grows beside my left eyebrow. It's not white, it's whitish-clear. And it looks like nylon thread. Extremely bizarre.

Also, I have a single dark brown freckle on the tip of my left big toe. Highly visible in sandals (if anyone wants to bother looking at my toes, that is.) I've often been tempted to tattoo another one beside it, and a smiley mouth beneath.

Anyone else want to share bodily oddities?

VFemme Tue 01-Dec-09 01:58:28

I have a mole below my knee that looks like a chocolate button. Ds likes to pretend to eat it "num num num, mmmm chocolate" hmm

CheerfulYank Tue 01-Dec-09 02:54:24

I have an odd dent on the top of both hands, near the wrist. I am apparently either missing a bone in each or the bones that I have are unusually spaced.

SofaQueen Tue 01-Dec-09 06:27:42

My feet are hideous. I am a short delicate and petite person in general, but have stumpy misshapen toes. I always have them covered up and dread summer.

borderslass Tue 01-Dec-09 09:30:02

my second toes are a lot longer than my big toes

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 01-Dec-09 09:41:55

DP has random hairs. he has two eyebrow hairs which grow to frightening lengths, and also one eyelash on his right eye which is white and doesn't stop growing. He is always discomfited when me and DD point and laugh.

I have funny shaped ears - each of them has a notch missing at the top, like it has been snipped with a stanley knife.

I also still have 4 milk teeth, been x-rayed by the dentist and there are no adult teeth above it.

DD has a mole right inside her belly button.

<Freaks of nature emoticon>

Santacentric Tue 01-Dec-09 09:45:31

I have a freak rougue hair that grows on my thigh - if left unplucked it'll grow about 5 or 6 inches.

nickschick Tue 01-Dec-09 09:47:14

I have a elf ear grin it has an extra bit of skin and points out .....

LastTrainToNowhere Tue 01-Dec-09 10:02:37

I have one single chin hair that has nothing to do with age/hormones as it was first noticed when I was eight years old blush I still remember the mum picked it off my chin thinking it was a strand that had fallen off my head. I don't know who was more shocked when we realised it was rooted to my skin! Mum actually gave a little shriek and wiped her hand vigorously on her skirt! It was just a reflex action, I know, but I haven't ever let her forget her supportive bedside manner grin
It still grows to frightening lengths if I let it. DH has no clue as I snip it off the minute it becomes an inch-ish long

LastTrainToNowhere Tue 01-Dec-09 10:04:17

Oh, and I have one white hair on my head that sticks out perpendicular to my head hmm. I do have other white hairs, but this one is such an exhibitionist. it stands out proud like an antenna and will not be flattened angry

Poledra Tue 01-Dec-09 10:06:29

I have a mole on my arm out which grow two hairs - they can get quite long; if there was a third, I could plait them grin. However, I generally clip them to avoid scaring people.

I have broad palms and thin fingers. Consequently, my little fingers on both hands bend over sideways at an alarming degree in order that they meet with my ring fingers, IYSWIM. A friend once asked me if I'd broken my little fingers as they are so misshapen.

Jacksmama Tue 01-Dec-09 15:49:57

Borderlass, that's called Morton's Syndrome - I have it too, my second toes are slightly longer than my first. Apparently lots of people have it [we're all freaks together emoticon].

nickytwotimes Tue 01-Dec-09 15:52:27

I have witchy chin hairs.
Used to be only one, but since having ds, they have multiplied.
I'll have a bloody beard by the time no.2 appears. hmm

<quite glad this is all I have to worry about tbh>

Oh, and I have a 'spider' according to ds. Hairy mole on my arm.

badietbuddy Tue 01-Dec-09 15:53:28

I quite possibly have a third nipple shock

Bumblelion Tue 01-Dec-09 15:54:57

On my left hand I have the knuckle at the base of my little finger completely missing and on my right hand I am missing the same knuckle and the one next to it. Because of this it means that the fingers effected appear shorter although they are in fact the right length. I was 10 when it was first noticed by my mum.

I also have a mole on the underside of the toe that is second in from the big one on my left hand foot.

EdgarAleNPie Tue 01-Dec-09 15:59:19

ooh my sister and DD have additional nipplage.

i can put my tongue up my nose.

theminniebauble Tue 01-Dec-09 16:00:01

All of my bodily hair is very fair- I have sparse eyebrows don't have anything on my top lip. However, on either side of my mouth I have a couple of white, shortish hairs that stick out.

It's like the start of the sort of beard that a west highland terrier might have. I keep on checking to see if there are any more growing- there aren't and these little devils aren't getting any longer. Hardly noticable but very odd nonetheless.

LastTrainToNowhere Tue 01-Dec-09 17:11:43

EdgarAleNPie.... up your nose???

Like your name, by the way.

hohoholepew Tue 01-Dec-09 17:24:11

I have a freakishly large womb according to Dr that examined me once.

I was so proud.

And the long toe thingy.

The best oddity would be to have webbed feet. I went out with a bloke who had this and it was completely wasted on him, he couldn't even swim.

Bucharest Tue 01-Dec-09 17:28:27

My big toes are not only about 4 inches longer than my second toes, there is also space for about another 3 toes between them. (swear to God, if you chopped my big toes off I'd be a size 2 instead of a 7) They are also both double jointed. When my classes get boring I take my socks off and show my students my party trick.
Beats a ping pong ball any day.

Bucharest Tue 01-Dec-09 17:31:49

PS My Aunty Denise had webbed feet, and fingers. Her husband used to annoy the bejaysus out of her by parading her at parties and quacking at her.

Jacksmama Tue 01-Dec-09 17:42:01

Cool, we're all weird grin

mamasmissionimpossible Tue 01-Dec-09 17:53:23

I have double jointed thumbs. I used to freak my friends out at school with them, and make them run screaming grin

rumpleteaser Tue 01-Dec-09 19:08:51

oooh I also have a milk tooth, I think when I was younger and dentist removed a tooth they all moved up one notch so baby tooth is still here and I'm 24.

Jacksmama Wed 02-Dec-09 19:57:05

I still have all four wisdom teeth, perfectly aligned with all my other adult teeth. The first one broke through when I was barely 15.

mankymummymoo Wed 02-Dec-09 20:05:33

there are two carriages.

5inthesleighbed Wed 02-Dec-09 20:12:08

I have a square mole, quick peculiar. I also have a blue freckle, which is the result of a friend stabbing me in the arm with a lead pencil at school.

My eyebrows are really horrible and bushy, and meet in the middle. I look like one of the Gallagher brothers if I don't wax them. When I was pregnant with each of my three kids, I had to get them waxed weekly shock. DH likes to call me Una Brow after the character in Austin Powers hmm

i have an odd birth mark on my tongue

ChilloSTOPFOLLOWINGMEhippi Mon 11-Jan-10 00:22:52

On your tongue, really? Put a picture on your profile!

Eyebrows... well... I think I win.

BOTH f mine grow UP at the ends... so they have to be trimmed and plucked out and then the correct line pencilled in!

In effect, I have half eyebrows!

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 00:54:18

Or elf eyebrows Kitty!

giraffesCantCeilidhDance Mon 25-Jan-10 00:58:01

I can blow air out my eyes

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 01:04:19

WTF??? How???

giraffesCantCeilidhDance Mon 25-Jan-10 01:10:19

I found out as a child - was told to pop my ears and always said to my Mum I had to screw my eyes up or the air would just come out my eyes. She thought I was talking pish.

Anyway a few years ago I read/heard someone say they could do it too and I googled and found others able to do it.

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 01:12:44

Eeeeewww!! Weird!


BooHooMonkey Mon 25-Jan-10 01:15:06

I have a pixie ear, and my hands are freakishly small [hmmm]

crabsticks Mon 25-Jan-10 01:17:23

I can click my ears, i don't think its normal but I've never dared ask! Can anyone else do this?

I can understand the eyes even though it is freaky - but clicking ears?!!!

Flower3554 Mon 25-Jan-10 08:43:42

Dh has a brown birthmark on one of his bum cheeks that looks like he's had an "accident", I used to try and rub it off when we first got togetherblush

I tripped jumping over a chair at school and ended up with an inch long scar above my eyebrow. I have to remove hairs from it or it looks like I have a double eyebrow.

DD2 was born with what looks like a bite mark just above her knee, it looks like individual teeth, like when you bite an apple, really freaked me out when she was bornhmm

I have extra bones

piratecat Mon 25-Jan-10 09:34:37

where my stretch marks are, on sides of tum, two fine hairs now grow out of each follicle instead of one, and if i pull, the 'spare' one comes out easily almost as tho it's not attached. v weird.

I have what me and my mum call 'pink' palms. On the fleshy part below the little finger towards wrist! Mum has it too, it's like a dark pink splodge, quite different from the rest of my palm.

mawbroon Mon 25-Jan-10 09:39:52

I have a heart shaped uterus.

And an enormous bladder. I almost overflowed the grey paper hat thing in the commode when I was in hospital last week.

And after being in hospital last week, I now have a 73mm plate, 4 short screws and 2 long screws holding my broken ankle together.

Jacksmama Mon 25-Jan-10 16:07:58

Where are your extra bones Pfft? (Fascinated.)

In my neck, Jack. Sounds freaky but I didn't know about it until I was 15.

One of them is split. I will probably topple over when I turn 50, no good to anyone. grin

MavisEnderby Mon 25-Jan-10 21:01:18

I have weird multicoloured eyes.the irises are green in the centre but going toward the edge they become hazel.To cap it all around the outer part of iris I have a black line.I also have brown speckles like freckles in my eyes.


trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 21:04:19

Message withdrawn

trefusis Mon 25-Jan-10 21:05:36

Message withdrawn

mawbroon Mon 25-Jan-10 21:36:56

LOL trefusis - I have a freckle inside my belly button too! I had no idea until it popped out with ds. smile

SixtyFootDoll Mon 25-Jan-10 21:41:06

I have a white 'square' on my front tooth
I have a mole on my neck that loks like a coco pop stuck there

Beauregard Mon 25-Jan-10 21:50:06

I have very thin ears .Dp likes to affectionately refer to them as paper ears.

ToccataAndFudge Mon 25-Jan-10 21:52:33

I have crooked little fingers.

The left one is really obvious when I stretch my hand with my other fingers straight it looks like I'm still deliberately bending it, the right one not quite so obvious - but certainly doesn't straighten.

I still remember the agony when my piano teacher told me to "straighten my finger and grabbed it and tried to force it straight".............she was absolutely mortified when she realised I couldn't straighten it

Beauregard Mon 25-Jan-10 21:55:24

Also my index fingers are both so crooked that they turn outwards

ToccataAndFudge Mon 25-Jan-10 21:59:13

Pelvic - mine are crooked "inwards" - so when I "cup" my hands I don't need to move (and indeed they don't move lol) my little fingers (well I do my right one a little bit) I can bend them inwards just can't straight them

moonshine Mon 25-Jan-10 22:04:54

The top of my left ear is 'uncurled'.

I have a bone growth about the size and shape of a tennis ball above my left knee - have had it since I was about 7/8.

I daren't even start cataloguing my weird hairs....

drloves8 Mon 25-Jan-10 22:24:34

toccata , i have crooked little fingers too. they are much shorter than my other fingers (out of proportion )its the bones that are curved . (clynodactyl).
my ears are little - 5 cm top to bottom of the lobe. -they are different shapes too , and sort of folded over at the top. dd2 says im mr spock and tinkerbell the fairys love child grin .and i have a massive freckle on my bum , its dark brown and the size of a ten pence.- apparently when i was a baby my granny was scrubbing away at my butt like a mental-case because she couldnt get the sh*t off - except it was my wierd freckle! shockgrin lol x

Beauregard Mon 25-Jan-10 22:26:47

Toccataandfudge-Yes thats what i meant mine are bent towards the other fingers.Inwards doh!

wuglet Mon 25-Jan-10 22:31:02

Oooh MavisEnderby we have the same eyes!!
Have never seen anyone with same weird combination before.

I also have a "shitstain" birthmark on my r bumcheek (niiice)

drloves8 Mon 25-Jan-10 22:39:37

lol wuglet - i feel less of a wierdo oddity now. i thought i was the only one .grin .

FishInMyHair Mon 25-Jan-10 22:40:25

SixtyFootDoll - Snap, except my mole is not a 3D cocopop.
I also have a mole on the sole of my foot that has faded as I have got older.

drloves8 Mon 25-Jan-10 22:42:20

DH has a good freckle on his butt as well - its not a shitstain one though .... its sort of golden colour - and in the shape of the map of UK.

Fantastic thread.

My toenails grow in thickness and not in length (not fungal said the doctor)

One of my arm bones stopped growing way before it should have resulting in my hands sticking out and being tiny.

I have multicoloured fanjo skin from a lovely skin thing called lichen sclerosus.

Oh, in addition to the eyebrow thing, I also have different shaped and sized eyes and I have a pigmentation loss on my back that looks like some sort of country map. People always ask me about it!


More more!!!

I can wiggle alternate eyebrows, am very proud DS has inherited this too grin

I also occasionally get one random, pure white hair or eyebrow hair; but if I pull them out they don't grow back. (Though give it a few more years/children and they probably will...)

bronze Mon 25-Jan-10 23:21:10

I have a rogue pube that got caught in my section scar (no idea how its about a metre above my pubes. But it wont grow properly so I can pluck it I can just see it

bronze Mon 25-Jan-10 23:21:44

oh and I have bent second fingers, this also means the nails grow oddly on those fingers

drloves8 Mon 25-Jan-10 23:31:28

MyNameIsInigoMontoya - you can wiggle your eyebrows alternitively...? like the chocolate add? grin
i can wiggle my nostrels (didnt realise wiggling bits was included).... only do it when very drunk though wink tis a party-piece!

I get a white hair growing out of my neck hmm

DD1 has a large mole on the inside of her leg

DD2 has moles on the palm of her hand, have been told its unusual to have moles on the palm.

Jacksmama Tue 26-Jan-10 00:31:23


<runs from own thread>


drloves8 Tue 26-Jan-10 00:33:57

ds4 has two bumholes grin
(well not really , one is just a strategicly placed dimple)

PoppityPing Tue 26-Jan-10 00:43:32

I can wiggle my ears and do Dr Spock eyebrows.

I have a hole <whispers> down there, but have never been pierced, it just appearedshock

I have an extra bone in each foot, which makes wearing shoes (as apposed to trainers) very difficult.

DP has a birth mark on his back which is a patch of hairs.

DS2 has a birth mark on his ankle which is heart shaped.

I am also double jointed and can get both legs behind my neck blush

SixtyFootDoll Tue 26-Jan-10 07:41:48

Dr Love i met a woman once who told her life had been ruined by having two bumholes. shock

LedodgyChristmasjumper Tue 26-Jan-10 08:27:19

I have a dimple at the back of each of my shoulders.

SaltireOShanter Tue 26-Jan-10 08:35:26

I have a dimple at the base of my spine, which has some hairs in ithmm.

Shodan Tue 26-Jan-10 08:47:29

I have a visible scar on my right eyeball.

And a small circular lump on my right ear.

Both left over from childhood operations- a lazy eye/squint and bat ears.

I was such an attractive child......

Jacksmama Tue 26-Jan-10 18:08:13

Sounds like it grin

But you're in good company, I had buck teeth, coke-bottle glasses, and a huge cowlick in my hairline. A child only a mother could love...

bran Tue 26-Jan-10 18:51:28

I have very soft cartilage in my nose, so I can bend my nose right over to touch my cheek without it breaking.

I have a little cartilage bump at the top of where my ear joins my head, this means that sunglasses are always at a slight, but noticable, slant across my face.

I had to have 11 baby teeth removed because they refused to fall out and the adult teeth started growing horizontally outwards from my gums, into my cheek. I then had to have 4 molars removed because there just isn't enough room in my mouth for all my adult teeth.

PoppityPing Tue 26-Jan-10 23:25:26

Bran, my nose does that too, sometimes the dcs (and dhhmm) will squish it for ages, laughing the whole while.....hmmgrin

CantucciniVS Tue 26-Jan-10 23:44:48

Message withdrawn

Mermaidspam Wed 27-Jan-10 00:05:32

Mavis and wuglet - I have the same eyes as you both too!

I have weird eyelashes and eyebrows, they grow in dark then when they get to the right length, about 2-3 mm at the root is blond (makes my eyebrows look as if they stand out from my head like a cartoon character!)

Hence, I always wear mascara and eyebrow pencil!

My toes click when I walk, and have done since I was a child. It tends to freak people out a bit, especially when I try to play tunes with them.
DH and DS both have third nipples, and DS has a brown stripe in his otherwise green pupil of one eye.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 28-Jan-10 18:16:41

I have a scar like line across the bottom of my ankles that looks like I have had my feet removed and stitched back on - Even though this has never happened hmm

Jacksmama Thu 28-Jan-10 23:02:37

Are you sure?


TidyBush Thu 28-Jan-10 23:14:44

DH can click his ears.

I have very small ears and two wierd birthmarks - one on my arm looks like a duck and one on my calf looks like a victorian lady wearing a bustle (sp?).

TidyBush Thu 28-Jan-10 23:15:45

wierd weird

MayorNaze Fri 29-Jan-10 12:43:15

i have the smallest adult teeth that my orthodontist had ever fitted braces on [proud]

cyteen Fri 29-Jan-10 12:58:48

I have a fifth wisdom tooth. The dentist took one out as it was growing funny, and another one grew in its place.

Also get the random overnight-appearing white nylon hair...but on my chin blush

Rubyrubyruby Fri 29-Jan-10 13:01:02

Greyskull - your socks are too tight grin

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 29-Jan-10 13:07:44

I have strange fang teeth which 6 years of orthodontics corrected, but have come back with a vengeance since my wisdom teeth came through (waste of time, grumble grumble)

I also bruise and scar incredibly easily

Emilywomble Fri 29-Jan-10 13:19:21

I can wiggle my ears too and an so happy not to be the only one. grin

elk4baby Fri 29-Jan-10 18:13:29

my ears are different, one is a bit larger than the other and a different shape. my dad's are the same, only a mirror image . weird how such oddities are hereditary.

also, the skin on the soles of my feet is like the skin on my palms - quite thin and sensitive, not rough at all (not even after walking barefoot a lot). my feet are generally overly sensitive, makes wearing shoes and sandals a challenge because most rub me the wrong way that I get a blister after 5 minutes ... and my feet have been like this for as long as I remember... I would love to wear all the pretty strappy sandals

AlisonOrdnung Sat 30-Jan-10 19:54:01

My ears don't curl over at the top. They look like satellite dishes. DH laughs at my 'big flappy ears'. But then I laugh at his beak like nose.

Drmelons Thu 04-Feb-10 19:27:16

See name!!! I have huge melons- 32H!! I kid you not!

I also only work part time- I need the rest of my week to pluck my facial hair!

i have a patch of hair inherited from my dad and grandad at the base of my spine , also a gorgeous Cindy Crawford type mole/ beauty spot just above my top lip. I love it, people actually tattoo these on, mine is inherited from my nan and my 2 aunties also have the spot.

Emmielu Wed 25-Jan-12 07:10:44

I have a mole on the inside of my left boob that looks like a raisin up close. & me & DD have the same mole in the same place on the same arm. Everything else of her is her dad!

frownieface Fri 27-Jan-12 19:01:26

I have a 3rd nipple!

FriskyMare Fri 27-Jan-12 19:13:36

My second toes are twisted (makes appling nail varnish v. difficult), also have practically no nails on little toes. I actually quite like my feet, DH on the other hand hates them, but he has that weirdy big second toe thing grin

travellingwilbury Fri 27-Jan-12 19:16:57

I only realised very recently I am a bit oddly formed , my fingers bend back so they are a right angles to my hands (make any sense at all ?)

I thought this was normal but apparently not , my dad noticed and of course didn't take the piss out of his freakish daughter at all grin

CaroleService Fri 27-Jan-12 19:18:18

shock at Moonshine! You are me!

DeeDee1977 Sat 04-Feb-12 13:43:06

I have something called geographic tongue, my mum had it too. I'm painfully embarrassed of it. I have white patches and quite deep fissures all over, and down the sides of, my tongue. It sometimes stings with particular foods, eg baked beans. I have to explain it every time I see a new dentist as they're always shocked, the last one thought the fissures were caused by me biting my own tongue?! I was so happy to discover my DD has a beautiful smooth, 'normal' tongue.

RoRob Fri 17-Feb-12 17:20:09

I always grow a single long hair from the top of my right shoulder...I pluck it but it always returns.

ginmakesitallok Fri 17-Feb-12 17:24:17

DD1 has a tiny hole at the top of her ear (don't know if she's ever even noticed it). Problem is it looks just like a huge blackhead and every so often I have to control myself and stop myself from trying to squeeze it....

I've got freckles in all sorts of places where I never knew freckles could exist

Gabeesh Sat 26-May-12 23:45:38

I once sneezed whilst eating egg fried rice and rice shot out of my ear. Once sneezed while drinking cola too and it came out of my nose.

Started developing a hairy chest (shame!) and have a permanently sore chin from plucking it every day - about 30 eyelash length hairs sprout overnight! Also have a patch of hair on my throat about an inch long - bit scared to trim them tbh.

Also used to have a third nip!

How much should I charge for admission?

lynseyclark Sun 23-Jun-13 11:48:32

my middle fingers bends outwards but only the top bit from second knuckle and upwards

i have a extra bone on the side of each foot

when i clean my ears i sneeze

also had 2 baby teeth where i had no adult ones to push them out but ive had them removed to make space for some freakishly large wisdom teeth

i can fold my tongue

and a few years back my mum started growing a horn lol well an extra bone sticking out of her forehead thou its been removed

there probably more im forgetting

im a freak i know

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