The One and Only TEA Room: Everyone Welcome (bring champagne and muffins please!)

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Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 00:55:37

Wow, we're on our third thread!!!
Previous (second) incarnation of the tea room.

A warm welcome to everyone, whether you have one child, none, or ten. This is a tea-and-muffin or booze-and-sofasorcanapees sanctuary for all. But certain standards of behaviour continue to apply - anyone engaging in fisticuffs will be ejected by George Clooney, ably assisted by Mellors the Gardener.

Cheers all!

CuddlysBumLooksBigInThis Sat 17-Jan-09 01:08:56

I will bow (less than gracefully) out of the race for the final post of the last thread but can be one of the first to post on the new Tea Room thread. Have a lovely time everyone.
And thank you bella for moving me and preventing my singeing. x

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 01:13:01

oh come on cuddly, stay up a bit longer

Racingsnake Sat 17-Jan-09 08:18:44

Good morning everyone in our shiny new tea room! Everything looks the same yet subtly shifted .... I can't see what the difference is ... Ah! Jacksmama has forgotten to bring the aspidistra!

I'll just nip back to the old thread and pick it up. She's done such a great job of moving the tea room, the garden, the orchard, Earl Grey, Mellor's new potager (or rather the patch of long grass with a spade standing in it). I'm sure she woud be mortified to find that she had forgotten the aspidistra.

Earl Grey made his way back then? Phew. He got out of the back garden, and the last I saw of him he was in the fields up the hill taking the piss out of the cows.

DD has come with me today, and she has brought the muffins we made between us, double chocolate, a nice round doz ... DD?! Why are there only eight muffins?

<<DCMBDD giggles and attempts to look innocent, an effect which is undermined by the chocolate muffin crumbs round her mouth>>

Oh well. A round eight muffins, tested to destruction by a 4yo.

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 17:11:18

Gosh darn that RS, she noticed the bloody missing aspidistra!!!!!

Good morning everyone!!
Hugs all around (whether you want them or not, LOL!)

UniS Sat 17-Jan-09 19:21:15

ah, found you, thanks for the trail of crumbs.
Blowing a hoooly at home tonight, have rain coming in through one window so far.

Off to work at stupid O'clock, so I'm planning on spending the evening being a couch potato and making sure my work bag is ready to pick up on way out the door.
Nice choc muffins, I've left a nice round 4 on the plate.

Did Mellors calm down after last nights little episode?

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 19:38:10

Hmm, I don't think it was Mellors who needed calming as much as some of the more, shall we say, excitable customers.

Anyway, first night in the lovely new premises which Jacksmama found for us. Just a few finishing touches needed.

<<Hangs up fairy lights and celebratory bunting. Puts aspidistra in pride of place in the window, beside George.>>

UniS - what is the work you have to do at stupid o'clock? (Don't tell us if it would involve a breach of national security).

Gorgeous muffins, thanks DCMB and DCMBDD.

Now, I think we should have an opening night party. In honour of the occasion, the magic of the tea room brings us a special cabaret artist. Champagne, anyone?

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 20:12:19

<sneakily shifts aspidistra behind the couch in the farthest corner>

What excitement last night?
<toodles off to investigate>

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 20:59:24

<<Quickly takes advantage of jacksmama's absence to drag the aspidistra back to its rightful place.>>

cmotdibbler Sat 17-Jan-09 21:06:08

Do we have RacingPig ?

<<rattles bowl of Twiglets to check>>

How was everyones day ?

We went to the new shopping centre in Bristol. Highlights - I had my eyebrows threaded, DH got bargain shirts in TMLewin, and DS ate an enormous amount of sushi, for which, fortunatly, we had a 40% off voucher. The whole conveyor belt with infinite amount of food thing is his idea of total heaven

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:21

I'm assuming that racingpig came with the sofa.

<<Gives the bowl of twiglets another enticing shake.>>

What's eyebrow threading like? Does it hurt?

We've had a fun day. Went to see a slightly bizarre version of Sleeping Beauty, had lunch out, mooched around a trois, came home, ate spaghetti in front of the telly while watching High School Musical (it's a girl thang).

How about everyone else?

<<Passes round the champagne.>>

cmotdibbler Sat 17-Jan-09 21:19:33

It was a bit more painful than waxing, but you could feel all the tiny hairs being pulled out, so hopefully will last well. It looks great. For some reason I am very lax about everything else, but really like having nice eyebrows.

What was bizarre about Sleeping Beauty ?

UniS Sat 17-Jan-09 21:46:32

bag packed, lunch half made ( i'll do teh sandwiches last thing) history of scotland watched, washing up done, next stop QI then bed. I'm off at 8am ( which is stupid O'clock in my life) to drive to other side of the county - its a big county. I'm lighting a youth dance showcase.
I'm NOT a morning person. Thankfully neither is boy :-) only becomes a problem when we need to get to things at 9am... This morning boy woke at 10am.

That aspidasta needs wheels, your going to hurt yourself moving it about like that. here, pop a skate board under it. much better.
Twiglet, don;t mind if I do, shall I leave one down teh back of sofa for racing pig?

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 21:47:55

Well, they had <<euphemism alert>> modernised the plot, in a slightly confusing way. I like my pantos to be traditional, really. But BabyBocca described it as good (although that is quite faint praise, I guess).

Jacksmama Sun 18-Jan-09 01:04:01

<<spies the aspidistra on its convenient skate board and drags the damn thing outside and around the corner>>

Here Earl Grey, I have a treat for you!!!

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 07:47:41

UniS will be off to work in a few minutes! This is normal time to go to work for me, but not on a Sunday! It makr me remember how a year ago WS would be up every morning between 5 and 6 and then go back to sleep at 8.

Just off to find a bicycle chain for the aspidistra. Don't know what's going on, but I found it outside this morning right next to Earl Grey's stable!

Bit concerned that no one has seen RacingPig since the move.

RacingPigMonarchoftheTeaRoom Sun 18-Jan-09 13:25:30

Phew! What was all that banging and thumping over the last few days? I've never been in a furniture van before. It was very exciting.

<<Peers out from sofa.>>

Very nice, but not much has changed, has it?Twiglets down the back of the sofa? Yum yum!

Jacksmama Sun 18-Jan-09 16:38:07

Just saw Earl Grey outside and he said to say thank you to the anonymous person who left him a green plant treat yesterday, he said it was v yummy. Wants to know if it's ok that he ate it all and there's nothing but earth and roots left in the pot. I told him no problem and dug the earth and roots into the compost heap. Must be tidy, you know.
What shall I do with the (now empty) pot? It's rather pretty. Perhaps plant a peace lily so it will bloom in time for Easter?


<<holds two minutes' silence in honour of aspidistra>>

racingpigmonarchofthetearoom Sun 18-Jan-09 20:30:03

<<Consults tea room constitution to see what it says about wilful destruction of tea room property.>>

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:39:49

Hello - I had a lovely drink called Baileys last night - v good for a cold winters night - is there any hanging around that we could drink tonight?

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 20:40:22

Hi everyone! Finally got here after a long and awful weekend. Huge fight with dh over a goldfish - not as funny as it may sound - which lasted all weekend, until he had to go to London, from where he will no doubt return in a more cheerful frame of mind.

WS has just decided to potty train herself. Came shuffling up to me with her tights round her ankles, saying 'Pipi, pipi, toilette.' When helped up there nothing happened. She sat for a long time then remarked 'C'est dur.' She even asked for help, but short of wringing her out like a dishcloth ... Since then she has tried again a couple of times and enjoyed mopping the floor afterwards.

Oh, by the way, I came in past the stable and heard a lot of stamping and anguished sort of neighing and Mellors muttering darkly about colic and a vet. I think we'd better check out the honesty box, unless anyone happens to know a vet with a single offspring who could be bribed with muffins. What with the credit crunch, I think we should check out whether Mellors has thought of offering a couple of Rennies first. He say he has no idea what might have upset Earl Grey's delicate digestion.

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:50:19

aaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr - I thought there would be some Baileys around here somewhere - ooooh how nice!

RC - do you want some too???

A whole wkd arguement sounds a bit blaaaaaaaah!


Waaaaayhooo - congrats on the self potty traing - that is fab stuff!!!!!!!!!

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:50:46

training - sorry!!!

cmotdibbler Sun 18-Jan-09 20:53:27

Tea - we always have Baileys in the house. No one admits to buying it, so I think it just reproduces in the back of the spirits cupboard. I'm rather partial to a Baileys Latte tho <<passes Tea a large Baileys>>

Racing - sorry that you had a crummy weekend.

By the magic of the tea room, do you not think that Earl Grey will recover thanks to a nice peppermint tea drench ? I'm sure that we don't have vets bills here, esp not of the horse vet usual size

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 21:10:36

blush actually it was me making those noises!!!!

I was telling Mellors all about my cousin's birth story (it was very dramatic unlike my rather civil anti-climax of a story).... Mellors, on hearing someone coming, afraid my panting and groaning sounded a bit risque (I was about one fifth of the way through the epic) quickly fabricated a story about the noises actually being Earl Grey!

Earl Grey is as healthy as ever - sorry for concerning you all!!!

<<sips at Baileys rather flush!>>

boccadellaverita Sun 18-Jan-09 21:14:57

<<Wonders whether to share potty-training reminiscences, in manner of world-weary, been there, done that, got the slightly stained t-shirt veteran. Thinks naaahhh.>>

Look what I just found by the front door, ladies. A large aspidistra in a very pretty cache pot. There's a card. It says 'from the handiest man in your life'. I wonder what that means?

racing - Oh dear. Amazing that it's often the smallest stuff which provokes the biggest rows. Would you like a hug or supportive pat on the arm? Or a stiff drink?

Baileys? Eww. Dreadful stuff, but I can imagine that it might be good in coffee. What would the non-Baileys drinkers like? We have all the usual things - champagne, gin, wine, cocoa for the abstemious.

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 21:23:01

Hugs, pat on the arm, baileys and red wine, please.

So glad to hear that we are not all going to have to chip in to a massive vet's bill, but supportive pat on the arm for Tea's cousin. (Anything more might be too familiar.)

Nice to see you back, Tea. How are you feeling after the funeral?

And what a beautiful aspidistra! Now we will have two! We can have one on each side of the fireplace ... err .. can't we?

<<Looks around, with puzzled frown.>>

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 21:40:11

Thanks RS -

After all the traveling and Tonight I feel....
Short tempered

But really overall, considering, quite o.k thanks!

The funeral was just right quiet, relaxed, intimate and filled with love! He would have been pleased.

boccadellaverita Sun 18-Jan-09 21:50:00

<<Lights a rather nice scented candle for tea's grandad and places it in the window.>>

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 22:09:59

This song played in my head as milk and I crossed London on the tube.... anyone fancy hpping up and down with me?


teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 22:11:30


boccadellaverita Sun 18-Jan-09 22:20:11

Bocca throws some shapes and, since we're in the presence of the Modfather, puts this on the decks.

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 22:59:49

<<wonders if Bocca is this cool in real life...>>

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 23:17:50

Quick, everyone, Volver is on the television! I love this film. Penelope Cruz has just washed THE KNIFE in a significant manner.

<<Whips embroidered table cloth off televion set hiding in the corner, turns canape sofa around, shakes peanuts and twiglets iinto bowls and puts feet on coffee table. Remembers where she is and removes feet from table.>>

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 23:20:52

Tea, of course she is. We are all our real selves here. Maybe in RL we can't show it, but this is us, like wot we are. If only for the moment we are trying it out.

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 23:26:42

oh - I love it too!!! I have it on my amazon wish list and the note next to it says - for Mum for Mother's day!!!!

Fab fab fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rc - Brilliant statement - are you trying to get quote of the week????

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 23:44:11

I feel we may have to set up a shelf in the tea room bookcase for dvd's. Only for really quiet evenings when no-one is in, of course. 'Volver' is the first on the shelf. And The Edukators. And My Life As a Dog.

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 23:59:36

Getting quite excited by our dvd shelf. Almost tempted to start a thread like Bocca's Treasures to fill the shelf, but WS is insistant it is time to sleep in bed, not on the sofa blush, so bonne nuit, Tea, buenas noches, Penelope, and good night to anyone who may be sitting silently behind the aspidistra.

Jacksmama Mon 19-Jan-09 03:08:43

I give up. Fine. The aspidistra can stay.
I, on the other hand, believe I may have to flounce if we can't even have a peace lily instead of that ugly piece of plant hardware.
[hmmppfff emoticon]

Racingsnake Mon 19-Jan-09 08:09:46

Nooooooo!! Don't go! We can compromise. Let's have both/ Besides, haven't you noticed how much our aspidistra looks like a peace lily (apart from the flowers). I have never seen an aspidistra flower.) And we can have the peace lily in the cache pot in which the aspidistra appeared.

I'm sure that with a waste paper bin and a lot of papier mache the various dc's can have a lovely messy play time making a second cache pot.

<<Mops brow with slightly unsteady hand, as Battle of the Aspidistra is horribly resembling the Battle of the Goldfish (although with less shouting).

Leaves note for Mellors:

"Dear Mellors,
When you have finished feeding and mucking out Earl Grey, filling the tea room log basket, stoking the aga, taking out the empties, feeding the chickens, double digging the potager and sweeping the path to the door, please go and buy the biggest and most beautiful peace lily you can find.
x RS
ps Take some petty cash out of the honesty box>>

Hello all my lovley tea room friends!

How I have missed you! Just back today, and have taken DaisyBoy to nursery for the first time. He was so brave and so little

They rang up to tell me that he had been crying but was now fine, which made me feel oddly much much worse!

Am meant to be reading the 1,000 emails that have arrived in my absence until it is time to fetch my little chap, but of course all I can do is sit here on the sofa and stroke racingpig and sip coffee....

by the way, I haven't a hope of catching up on all the chatting, but I hope you are all well and lovely, have we any new people? In which case, hello, to you I am new but I am actually as old as the hills grin

DaisyBoy is home, in one piece, as am I, just! grin
he was sitting on a little chair clutching his bag containing his spare nappies ready to come home - it broke my heart! But now eating fish fingers and chatting, he'll pull through!

I suggest "Hear my Song" and "Some Like it Hot" for the DVD shelf ... have a need tonight I think!

boccadellaverita Mon 19-Jan-09 14:19:10

Hello again, Daisy! Good to see you. Yes, we do have some new customers. UniS, Kickassangel and Dontcallmebaby have all recently been pressganged enticed in by the smells of baking.

<<Apologies to any new customers I've forgotten to name check.>>

I think it's a bit orff of the nursery to ring to tell you Daisyboy's been crying but is happier now. What's the point of that? It's bound to make any first day mum feel bad. Hmmph!

I've actually been laughing out loud at the discussion of how cool we are. It is true, as racingsnake says, that in the tea room we can be whoever we want to be, even on an experimental basis, but even so I am sure that all of us are the very essence of cool. In this respect (as in so many others) I think being elderly is actually an advantage as the Modfather provided the soundtrack to my yoof. So much of my yoof is now officially retro cool.

<<Dons authentic off velvet flares and cheesecloth shirt. Fails to do up buttons. Gives outfit to Oxfam, where it will be purchased by a hip young gunslinger.>>

Am very much liking the idea of the dvd shelf and will contribute to racingsnake's thread once she starts it. <<hint, hint>>. I'm kicking myself that I missed Volver last night. Yes, yes to My Life As A Dog. I think Babette's Feast would be very apt for the tea room. And Breakfast At Tiffany's (but not The Breakfast Club as I don't much care for brat pack movies). Or Eat Drink Man Woman. Or ...?

Now, does anyone want some soup? We usually don't have music until the evening, but I think this is mellow enough for lunchtime.

<<As a gesture of goodwill to the aspidistra-averse, puts new and luxuriant peace lily plant on the windowsill, ready for the completion of the tea room infants' papier mache cache-pot.>>

mistlethrush Mon 19-Jan-09 14:40:53

<MT staggers in with a peace lilly>

Oh. I thought I would bring one of these in as I knew JM wanted one and I thought it might soothe the aspidistra in a bit. But I see you've already got one. Never mind. I'm sure that there's room in the corner of the window sill for this one.

Did anyone else have any problem with MN over the weekend - I couldn't get on - which explains unexplained absence over the w/e. Never mind. Here again now. Will catch up more this evening.

It is sleeting here. What joy! hmm

Jacksmama Mon 19-Jan-09 16:07:42

blush blush blush
Ok, I am now terriby ashamed of myself for my pretension of intention of flouncing... because I really would never!! I love the tearoom and you all too much. And RS even provided the gorgeous cache-pot for the new peace lily MT brought... blush blush blush I am very touched that you two would go to so much trouble despite your own (goldfish fights and redundancy being a lot more stressful than having to look at a plant one dislikes no matter how butt-ugly--).
<shamefaced hugs and kisses all around>

About the DVDs, I second "Breakfast at Tiffany's". But for late-night suspense, may I add "The Game" with Michael Douglas?

Daisy, welcome back!!!!! (((SMOOCH)))
And a smooch for Daisyboy too for such a stressful experience. Cannot believe the nursery ringing to say he was crying - I'd have lost the plot!!! angry

Must go have more coffee... oh, wait, I forgot about the latte machine...
<staggers over and makes triple caramel latte>
<cuddles up on couch with RS>
So... could you sum up the weekend-long goldfish fight? So we can all pick on DH for upsetting you ?

Oh and tea, welcome back, sounds like granddad's funeral was as nice as that sort of thing could be... (((HUGS))) for you too!!

mistlethrush Mon 19-Jan-09 17:02:38

JM - redundancy would be very welcome - its the lack of it that is really trying at the present time - particularly as the bank apparently pulled the plug at 10.30 am but the bosses didn't tell people until 4.30 to go away and btw they weren't going to be paid for that day or indeed any of the month so far....

boccadellaverita Mon 19-Jan-09 19:35:45

Jacksmama - I bought a peace lily too.

<<Flounce emoticon>>

cmotdibbler Mon 19-Jan-09 19:40:33

MT - DH says that management often cling onto the faint straws that something will turn up long after it is totally apparent that there is no hope for the company. Doesn't make it any better, but its more that they are trying desperate measures to keep things afloat with credit lines than trying to be w*nkers.

Daisy - I think that some people are comforted to know that their child has been upset and then recovered during the morning rather than being on tenderhooks all morning waiting to know this. Not entirely sure as DS has settled without any worries both times, and on a recent school visit refused to leave the foundation stage room and we left him with people he'd never met for an hour without him giving us a backwards glance.

I thought of you today Bocca - I have a meeting in Rome to go to, which needs me for 2 hours. And all I was thinking was whether I could go there and back in a day. Oh, and the fact that last time I was in Rome was the only time I have genuinely thought I was going to die in a taxi

UniS Mon 19-Jan-09 19:50:56

Hello Daisy. nice to meet you, I'm new here, I found teh lake at teh bottom of teh garden.

My Boy has been at nursery today as well. hes still in tears every monday ( nursery day) when dropped off but apparently has a nice enough time while hes there & gets tear full again at home time as other parents come and collect. I on teh other hand had an Ok day at work, didn;t quite manage to do all I hoped to and had major distraction from a very talkative fellow contractor working on a different project in teh same room. Oh, and all teh worthless hippy types who kept wondering in to ask if we had seen teh carrier bag full of joss sticks they left behind on saturday... short answer- NO. long answer, no it will have been thown away with all the other rubish.

CAn I please have a choc cake passed this way. would one one like some marzipan, my brother has just sent me a block in teh post as a late christmas present, perfect, I love marzipan.

DVD for the shelf - Spirited Away- from studio Ghibli. A rather odd and very beautifull Japanese animated tale. I've got another free dvd rental offer from tescos, any one successfully used two of those? my previous usage was also on a free trial.

Racingsnake Mon 19-Jan-09 20:09:38

Daisy!! Where have you been?

<<Runs over, arms outstretched, then remembers how long it is since she has seen Daisy and offers tentative supportive pat on the arm. Makes mental note that WS is not starting nursery until she is 19.>>

Jacksmama Mon 19-Jan-09 20:58:42

blush times 100
Sorry Bocca, I did see your peace lily but forgot to mention it.
<hangs head>

Tentatively offers bubbly?

teafortwo Mon 19-Jan-09 21:04:14

oh Daisy - we have missed you lots I am glad you are back!!! Nursery is cool bananas this end BUT to begin with it was also a bit rocky... don't panic it is normal!!!!!!!

<<pops Casablanca and Brief Encounter on the dvd shelf>>

I have been on a thread about an mn book about toddlers that is hitting a Waterstones near you soon - I think we should think about not only bringing out 'Tearoom the movie' but also 'tearoom the book' but which author should write it?

Racingsnake Mon 19-Jan-09 21:37:37

<<Casually holds out glass in JM's direction.>>

Acually, JM, what are you doing here at this time? Isn't it the middle of the working day for you? Not that it's not lovely to see you.

I have put up a poster to ask for suggestions for the DVD shelf. I agree about Spirited Away - I haven't seen it, but I have seen other things that he has done, including, Bocca, the film of the book I was trying to get you to read with Baby Bocca, Howl's Moving Castle.

The Tea Room book is a MUST.

<<sticks head in through crack in the door, wearing surgical mask>>

I'm not staying cos I feel poorly (hm, could I have a hot toddy to go, do'you think) but popped in to say hello.

Erm, hello.

Daisy, we had some rough patches with nursery, DD was great there until she moved to the preschool room, for a range of reasons that was REALLY unsettling, her first full day in that room she cried so much she had two black eyes by the end of the day. sad Fast forward a year and a half, she left to go to school and I had to take her back to visit nursery every other day for three weeks!

Jacksmama Mon 19-Jan-09 22:10:45

<hands DCMB a hot toddy in a take-away cup>

I don't work Mondays so am popping in whilst cleaning my pigsty tip of a house. I work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings.

<back to the laundry>

UniS Mon 19-Jan-09 22:36:05

oh yes, Howls moving castle, did you know there are a couple of follow up books to Howls.. I rather Like Diane Wyne Jones books.

I think the Tea room may be just a little like the moving castle actully, We can all use teh same door to come in from where ever we live and things appear as if by magic - tho I know its really Mellors.

mistlethrush Mon 19-Jan-09 22:43:04

CMot - Rome - the only place I have found where, if you are on a pedestrian crossing, coaches speed up as if they would score a bonus if they hit you when you were on one. I found the only way to cross the road was to have a Roman on either side....

Magic doors - abit like the CS wadrobe.... smile

boccadellaverita Tue 20-Jan-09 00:12:16

Am liking all the literary analogies here. This is such a smart thread, as well as a cool one, I think.

Cmot - I <<preen>> at the notion that anyone gave me a moment's thought. Roman traffic is, I think, sui generis. The first time I went to Rome, my friend picked me up from the station in his Morris Minor, of which there were then (and now) very few in Italy. We then proceeded to hurtle around the Vittorio Emanuele monument at high speed while the Romans (or so it seemed) vied for the privilege of writing off the quaint English car.

The idea of the Tea Room Guide to Parenting was first broached some time ago, possibly even BTR (Before Tea Room) in other words, in the dark ages. Shall we each write a chapter? I think I might start with Style Tips For The Mother Of One (unless squeaver wants to cover that one). Fascinators, fancy hats and Mary Jane shoes will be mentioned.

<<Slurps champagne and heads for bed.>>

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 09:12:12

There are also moveable doors in HP books aren't there... Unfortunately, HP still a bit too advanced (and frightening in places) for ds... He's getting quite good at spelling words out now and putting them together. Just need to make the jump to him seeing the pattern and reading it as a single entity (It took 7 pages starting with 'Dig dig dig' the other night before he guessed that the 2nd and 3rd words were dig, dig rather than having to spell them all out!!!)

MJ has offered us the money in his piggy bank. I've said he can save it and we will use it if we need it to buy food... I hope it doesn't come to that. Dh really needs to pull his finger out.

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 09:23:53

MT - is that the ORT Songbird book ? Ds loves the Bob Bug one, but the bugs in the tin in Dig, Dig,Dig seem to amuse him highly.

Your DS might like to be read some William Mayne or EE Nesbit - very unscary magic.

Bless him with the money.

I haven't been to Italy for ages, and not since the smoking ban, so am looking forward to that.
The whole country is forever coloured to me by my biggest travel nightmare ever, which was a combination of Italian truthbending (why we were late for the plane), inefficiency (taxi driver got lost on the motorway), and 9/11 - this was the 14th.

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 09:41:21

Yes, it is. We got a pack before DS started school, before being told not to get any of the 'reading schemes'. However, as he hasn't started on anything like that at school, not worrying too much - just doing lots of encouraging with the reading. He's doing quite well with the purple and green, but the blue ones are still a little advanced for him to be able to do most of the words himself.

Not sure how to get him to get d and b the right way round though hmm I do hope that it's not early evidence of a bit of my dyslexia rubbing off (mine only really came out in French at school where I was incapable of writing a sentence without a spelling mistake so always got bad marks).

William Mayne??? I have the EE Nesbit's somewhere in a box from my childhood. Oohh - and I've got a pack of Harry and the dinosaur books for ds that I've not given him yet - I think he will like those at the moment....

teafortwo Tue 20-Jan-09 09:48:53

Awwwwwwww - at offering of piggybank money mt!!! It reminds me of when I was a little girl but my sister was a very very little girl and my parents took us for a walk in the local woods.

My Dad stopped to look at the map and realised we were a little lost. My sister, at that news, immediately began to collect berries for us to eat for supper that night - thinking there was a strong possibility we would be sleeping in the woods at least for that night if not more!


Of course within five minutes we were back on the right road and she is reminded of the story more often than she can stand!!!

UniS Tue 20-Jan-09 10:16:13

William mayne- swarm in may- that william mayne? very gentle magic hardly magic at all in swarm, just an odd occurrence for a small boy who learns to tackle a responsibility he didn't want at first. Must look out for a copy for my nephew.

MT- LOL at your dyslexia in french, My french teacher was so resigned to my failure to spell in french that she started underlining the words IO had right, I had about the same number of underlinings as the rest of the class that way and she saved a lot of ink.

Nice to see mellors out there in teh winter sunshine digging away at teh pottager again, shall I take him a mug of tea in a bit. Kettles on if any one wants a a brew.

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 10:24:32

Oooh yes please, I very rarely turn down the offer of a cuppa... grin

I really enjoyed the Alan Garner Books - not sure if they count as magic, but sort of, but rather frightening too - certainly not suitable for MJ at the moment.

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 10:39:17

There are loads of William Maynes - my mum collects them. Some are very simple, and not fantastical (I remember No More School, where their tiny rural school has to be shut as the teacher is ill and the children keep going) and some a little more. Totally gorgeous and well written, but overlooked these days. Also Margaret Mahy (fab for all ages as she goes from toddler to adult) is good - The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate is a beautiful picture book for a start.

We love Harry and the Dinosaurs here, and my claim to fame (remote) is that in H+D go to School, the teacher is named for a friend of my mums who was a TA at my infants school (and who mum taught with for years)

Alan Garner fab but more a teen book - the Owl Service scared me for years.

Tip on b and d - write down bed, and draw a bed round it - then it's easy to remember which is which

I've made some almond/honey/apple muffins to go with the tea

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 10:54:10

Mmmm lovely muffins CMot. Will try the bed this evening!

<<MT decides to stop talking until she has finished the muffin as crumbs are going everywhere and it doesn't really set a very good example>>

I do like Terry Pratchet for myself... grin (dh introduced me to them)

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 10:57:18

Have you read any Jasper Ffordde ? It's my standard question to anyone that likes TP as its the same kind of humour. My brother came home with 'The Light Fantastic' when he went to his university open day. As he was 39 this month, that shows you how long I have been reading them <<old emoticon>>

Morning all!

Thank you for your kind support and hello UniS! When I got back from work yesterday I said we could do whatever he wanted most, so we made muffins
<<slides tray of banana and blueberry muffins onto wood oiled counter>> = sorry they are a bit mis-shapen DaisyBoy likes to cook by upending himself in the bowl and eating as much mixture as possible. I try to worry about salmonella but just can't be bothered...

DaisyBoy woke up this morning and said "No Nursery" but actually seemed much happier - showed me where he had his nappy changed and the train set and the garage etc...

RacingSnake - I now have a slightly bruised arm because I was running towards you for that hug, and then you ducked off at the last minute! grin not very Brief Encounter? Or perhaps very so ...

<<pops Brief Encounter on DVD shelf>>

Mistle so sorry about work woes (catching up slowly) but bless baby MJ for offers of piggy bank

I love the hidden doors of Narnia and Hogwarts but am still terrified by Owl Service - all those plates going blank, no no no! Never heard of William Maynes (hangs head in shame) but will look for him!

I used to love Willard Price - all sorts of Adventures - two boys and a zoo to fill, not magic but great

Writing - I was plagued for years, being left handed and writing totally backwards by the whole D and B thing, what I did was learn that D is for Daddy and he looks at you when you write and B is for Blanket (my conforter) and he looks away ... only works if you're lefthanded but of course you could reverse it for right IYWIM

Anyway, I managed. My Mum had one of her Bless You Mum moments when my teacher was giving me a hard time at school by saying "if mirror writing was good enough for Leonardo Da Vinci - it is good enough for Daisy" and positively flouncing. My Mum can be very scary but when its on-side its fab grin

Sorry, can't stop chatting - can you tell I have missed you all!

<<Daisy slumps on sofa and grabs muffin, large latte and flicks through interesting script of book on Tea Room Childcare>>

<<Daisy budges up due to outraged squeaks of Racing Pig>>

<<Daisy wanders to one of TeaRoom Portals and admires Mellors pecs>>

<<Daisy wanders to another TeaRoom Door and passes carrot to EarlGrey>>

<<Daisy kisses George on nose and rubs off last bit of moustache>>

Ahhh, that's better....

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 11:14:37

Ooh yes, Willard Price - DH has the whole lot waiting for DS to be old enough.

Glad I'm not the only one scared by the Owl Service !

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 11:37:55

Yes, I also read Willard Price... I read my way through the mobile library, then the large relatively local library, and my mother had to start on the main town library at that point. Which means that I don't have quite a lot of these books, although I have read them.

Yes, Alan Garner - very scary - although I think I read them relatively early on due to running out of 'standard' children's books quite early on... I read Bleak House in 3 days when on holiday when 11... I had already read all of 'my' books that we'd taken...

CMot - Will see if I can find any... I also like Tom Holt - wonderful mixing of the 'real' world and other realms...

Daisy - glad nursery seems to be a bit more positive. Ds was always keen to go in (and is keen to go into his classroom now too). I often didn't (and don't) get a second glance unless I call him back for a hug.

Ds has told dh that dh has a very important job - playing with ds and doing baking with him grin at least someone other than me values him !grin

I still remember Roger trying to burp his elephant by making a little hoist for it....

and the giant clam that caught the nasty man....
and the man eating lions...

maybe they are a bit scary grin

DCMB didn't mean to ignore you, still worried about you poor DCMBBaby's eyes ... black eyes from crying? I think I would still be sitting on the sofa wringing out a hanky!

glad she was so transformed later grin

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 12:05:18

Wasn't there one where there was a giant manta ray that jumped the boat and toppled it over....

Sam63 Tue 20-Jan-09 13:38:27

My friend bought DS a book called 'You're a Bad Man Mr Gum!' - telling me with delight that it's like Pratchett for children. (Yes I know he does children's stuff too but this is probably a bit younger). DS is 6 and absolutely loves it, looking forward to reading more, I think there are 5 in the series. Would highly recommend for any Pratchett fans, or their children!

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 13:44:03

I think someone was talking about Mr Gum in Childrens books the other day. I'll have to check it out.

Welcome to the tearoom Sam - latte or tea ?

Sam63 Tue 20-Jan-09 14:28:39

Oh thank you. Macchiato please if we can run to it! I was slightly thrown by your name to start with, wondered if I'd got my forums muddled up. Good to see a fellow Pratchett fan!

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 14:33:47

By the magic of the tearoom, all is possible. In the evenings the booze runs freely too.

<<One macchiato slides across the counter>> muffin ? Or <<scrabbles under the counter>> there may be some of the special chocolate biscuits Bocca keeps for new arrivals here somewhere.

Theres quite a few Pratchett fans here. When I joined, I wanted to be EsmeWeatherwax or NannyOgg, but they had both gone. As had the Jasper Ffordde names I wanted (humph)

What else do you like to read ? I'm always on the look out for new authors to try

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 15:26:07

<pops in briefly>
I love Terry Pratchett. Always wanted to know what that colour "octarine" really looks like. And the incompetent wizard.. ROFL!

<grabs giant mug of coffee and runs out again to get ready for work day>

<runs back in again, panting slightly>

Hi and welcome to the tearoom Sam!!!

Daisy, I did manage to make myself quite sad thinking about it, even now! She had rubbed her eyes so much that they'd bruised. Waah. She'd been at nursery two and a half years at that point, had settled in very easily, I was totallly at ease with her being there, my working pattern - day's crying and I was the worst mother EVER, should be at home, etc.

MT, your DS sounds like he's at a very similar stage with reading to DD - have been sitting thinking 'surely you're not going to sound that word out AGAIN ... oh, you are'. She also confuses b and d, and occasionally writes her name backwards. It's pretty normal I believe, though rather bizarre when a child who's been writing their name for six months or more suddenly presents a perfect mirror version of it and has no idea anything is wrong! She has some of those books as well (good old Book People), I think they're actually more accessible than some of the earlier stage ones that have come from school ('frying'? 'pancake?') and have far better little stories than farkin' Biff et al.

Any chance of another hot toddy, JM? That first one was excellent, I don't think I can be any more coherent at my school committee meeting this evening than I already am, so might as well go for another.

Hi Sam63 and welcome! <<passes another macchiato>> - good to have some caffeine support

Oh, DCMB I know that WORST mother syndome. I went back to work when DaisyBoy was 7 months, pure economic need, yet the idea of him going to nursery has put me in a tail spin along the I-have-missed-his-baby-ness-and-it's-never-coming-back-wahh sort of mode....

Needless to say, he is happy as larry today, just burst into tears when I turned up from excess of everything if you know what I mean?

mistle the flying manta ray in the boat was South Sea Adventure if I remember rightly which was Number 2
(Amazon Adventure was Number 1 if you are interested grin)

By the way, BIG HUG to JM I know you like them grin

And what are the "getting to read" series you are talking about? Last books I had that were blue/ orange/ green and purple were my school Latin course... not that I ever got to purple mind - Erat Quintus Discuc Novus springs to mind as the explanation of the Gerund, but I never knew what the gerund was, so not much help really!

<<Daisy pours a nice mug of tea from that lovely new teapot that has appeared since Christmas and settles back on the sofa again>>

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 16:59:10

Daisy - you clearly have a much better memory of them than I do (or have read them more recently I suppose grin).

Welcome Sam - nice to see you here. What enticed you in? Was it the peace lilly on the windowsill or the muffins on the counter? I see we've got even more reason to have a shelter from the angst of some of the other threads again and that another MN regular poster has been hounded and forced to namechange... sad

JM isn't Octarine actually described in 'The Colour of Magic'? <MT feels embarrassed blush as she's just re-read it for at least the 4th time and can vaguely remember a description about the colour but is not quite sure what it was>

Tom Holt has come out with a new series which is also quite good. Can't remember the titles of course.... will have to ask dh or go and try to find them later.

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 17:06:10

Octarine is sort of purple isn't it ?

The reading scheme I did started with Rainbow, and then you went from red onwards. Never got a chance to do Latin - Dh did Greek (clever clogs), but I went to a bog standard comp

Glad that Daisy boy had a good time - although DS has been at nursery since 4.5 months old, the prospect of the preschool room seems to mark the end of babyhood somehow

Are the Book People not the best company ever for childrens books ?

Will look at Tom Holt new books - I loved 'Expecting Someone Taller' and then got a bit put off a few years ago

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 18:17:08

The 'getting to read' series is the Oxford Reading Tree 'Songbirds' Phonics series.

I think Octarine is a version of purple too...

Tom Holt new books: 'You don't have to be evil to work here but it helps'; 'The Portable Door', 'Earth, Air, Fire, Custard'. grin

I was subjected to 2 yrs of Latin. Hardly remember any of it at all!

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 18:57:19

So many things to say!

<<Hug>> to Daisy for buised arm. <<Secretly likes hugs but has to pretend to be very casual about them.>>

William Mayne. So excited by subject that I can't remember who spoke about them first. Hob and the Goblins is probably the best one for dc's. Don't think it could be scarey and the language is wonderful. Lots of others, some very non-magical, some quite magical, some quite scarey. I am reading The Worm in the Well right now and it would be scarey. But again the wonderful language.

Uni - at last I meet someone else who has heard of, let alone likes, Dianna Wynne Jones. (Apart from my sister.) I was reminded of Howl's Moving Castle the first time we moved the tea room. It was exactly like that.

Hello to Sam. How lovely to see you. <<Reminds self, much to early in our acquaintance for a hug.>>

CMOT - so that's what your name is about!

Now I just need to find out about Bocca's name. I mean, it's obviously foreign, but why exactly that. (Apart from the fact that it is obviously the epitomy of cool.)

Tea, are you a primary teacher or an efl teacher? Not that it matters and a definitive answer will probably spoil the fun of trying to work it out.

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 19:41:02

William Mayne was me - my mum (mad as she is) is on a one woman mission to make the world aware of the wonder of his books and of Margaret Mahy - both have won the Carnegie medal of course, but seem to be little known these days

I've read the Portable Door - think it was one of my pretrip emergency book buying purchases (my nightmare is being somewhere with an insufficiency of printed material, and audiobooks don't cut the mustard somehow)

Lucy Boston ? Another fabulous (although for older DC's , tho maybe not BabyBocca) writer much overlooked

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 19:52:37

<pops in briefly as the tea room is much more entertaining than work RL today>

is the bar open?
Oh, whoops, wait, I have to go back to work. blush wishful thinking I guess.

I'm an avid reader (like cmot I have a horror of not having anything around to read) but compared to you all I read pure trash. grin

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 19:59:07

I'm reading one of the 'Bones' books at the moment !!! Very different from the series.

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 20:35:55

The Bones books are nothing like the TV series. I like the books (mostly), love the series.
<swoons over David Boreanaz>
<picks self up again and mixes a large gin and tonic>

Anyone else? wink

On a different note, did any of you read the "Mallory Towers" books when you were girls? I read them in German (loved them) and have always wanted to find them in English but don't know what they are all called.

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 20:38:49

Yes, I read Mallory towers. And all the others (although a long, long, long time ago!) I loved the Green Knowe books (that's another good book for onlies, had forgotten about that)

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 20:42:12

So what are they call called? I think I'm going to post the question in Fiction.

<leaves briefly for the Fiction topic, carrying G&T>

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 20:44:06

Full list of Mallory Towers here

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 20:50:18

So, JM, you must be very fluent in German. envy (Actually I don't think this smiley looks like 'envy'. I think it looks more like 'I thought that prawn smelt dodgy'. Anyway, I am very envious. You must teach Jack German, even if it is only lots of nursery rhymes, songs, etc. He will miss such a great opportunity if you don't. I'm sorry to be bossy, but you MUST. It is my total conviction (and my job) to get lots of foreign language for young children.

I also loved Willard Price. He is great for a certain age; about the same age as I liked Ivan Southall (Australian disasters such as boy marooned by plane crash, etc.) Neither of them stand much re-reading as an adult, though, not like the great William Mayne. Or, as you say, Margaret Mahy, who also does scarey stuff for older readers.

I was also very into pony books and loved the Silver Brumby books. blush Not even any very good tips there for looking after Earl Grey, since they were all wild.

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 20:57:21

<<CMOT slinks off as her language skills are limited, and has only exposed DS to Makaton>> We have identified that the only education area that we are not competent in is languages, and therefore are choosing a school that does early years languages

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 21:01:25

I'm completely fluent in German, I was born in Germ and we emigrated to Canada when I was 12. But - I think we've talked about this before - I wasn't planning on teaching Jack German. He will get French in school (we are thinking of French Immersion), and I will encourage him to take Spanish and at least one other language, but I don't see how German will be particularly useful for him in Canada. Hindi or Mandarin, given the majority of immigrants, might be, though! wink
I agree with you on teaching children other languages, definitely.

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 21:06:06

MJ is doing BBC Muzzy course in German at home and French lessons at school. grin

I liked the silver brumby books too. Although it was a book called Rosina Copper that I still have. Did you like the Black Stallion books too?

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 21:06:46

MJ is doing BBC Muzzy course in German at home and French lessons at school. grin

I liked the silver brumby books too. Although it was a book called Rosina Copper that I still have. Did you like the Black Stallion books too?

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 21:07:01


cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 21:08:12

Is Muzzy good ? I've seen it advertised, but not known if it was worth buying

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 21:15:54

Ds loves it and comes out with quite a few words here and there. When he's really 'in' to it he can count up to 20 in German. Does directions. Says hello. The really funny thing is when he's listening to the audio CD as he will laugh at the 'visual' jokes that he has seen on the DVD. We now have it on an IPod equivalent that plugs into his car seat and he can listen to his Muzzy while we listen to 'Guards guards' or 'Mort' on the MP3 player in the car blush

cmotdibbler Tue 20-Jan-09 21:20:14

Think I'll have a look then - I could certainly do with better german anyway

My current car audio book is Thud, but GG and Mort are amongst my favourites

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 21:24:54

JM, I am half German, but my father (very English upbringing) felt that children wouldn't manage two languages, so I was basically brought up monolingual, with only lullabies and a few nursery rhymes. I was always fascinated by the German part of my heritage and loved my mother's old books of fairy tales. I had to learn German at university, and, although it is probably my strongest foreign language, it will never be as it would have been had I learnt it from a child. sad I think I just feel that JackBaby could have the opportunity I wish I had had.

Anyway, it's not just the actual language children learn: children who grow up with foreign languages have access to another culture, to another way of thinking about both ideas and language (think of all those untranslatable concepts and words and think about the structure of a German sentence compared to an English one); they get a different Weltanschauung. [Extremely pretentious dropping foreign words into arguments emoticon] Research has also proved that they make more connections in the brain and think in a more flexible manner. It benefits all other school subjects in a similar way to that in which music does ...

<<RS finally notices that everyone has edged away and is busy closely examining the peace lily for greenfly, trying to avoid her eye. Falls back on the sofa, to be fanned by RacingPig with the empty twiglet packet.>>

teafortwo Tue 20-Jan-09 21:30:09

<<T42 clicks on telly - watches the crowed going wild -'Ooooohhh bbbbbbaaaaaaahhhh mmmmmaaaaaarrrr.... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Aaaaaaaah!!!!' - T42 quietly pours last of the Baileys out, sips it - mm nice - wonders to herself... is this the first ever mner first lady?>>

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 21:50:27

<MT switches off TV, finds another bottle of Baileys and passes it to T42>

Ds ought to be OK with the brain connections then: what with 'breakfast music' (radio 3), radio 3 or classic fm in car regularly, lots of singing, german on DVD/CD, French at school.... grin

I wish I had had a better opportunity for languages at school: I started French at about 6 with a French French teacher - fantastic accent, good comprehension etc. Then I moved school - restarted, non-French french teacher. less good accent, started to get tangled up with the written stuff. Went to senior school - restarted French with another non-French French teacher - more words and dyslexia problems showed up (although it took my mother taking me to a friend of hers who could diagnose this to confirm it - school just thought I wasn't very good) - the only thing that got me through reasonably was the oral/aural side - and comprehension. So, as I wasn't in the top group at French, it was recommended that I shouldn't do Italian.

When I went interrailing with a friend after degree (remember those years!) we decided to 'do' Italy quite well rather than try to go everywhere in the month: I taught myself sufficient Italian in 3 weeks from a BBC course so that I could ring ahead and book a hotel room, work out whether they had anything available, make sure it was twin beds, find out if it was ensuite etc. Oh - and have a 90mins conversation with a violin/viol maker in Florence whose English was even worse than our Italian!

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 22:00:23

Yes, it spinds as if ds should do rather well! Apparently there are links between the part of the brain ued for music and that used for mathematics.

From what I have read about dyslexia and Spanish, a dysexic should find Italian (another very phonetic language) much easier than French.

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:06:17

Hmmmm. OK. Maybe I will teach him a bit of German. You've certainly made me think about it.
<pours rest of -now rather warm- G&T down the sink, makes a new one with lime-water ice cubes which magically appeared in the tearoom freezer>

Oh, I invited the rev to stop by the tearoom in case she needs some tea and sympathy (or a rather strong drink)... let's make sure the fridge is stocked and the kettle is on, shall we? And that racingpig is feeling sociable because she sure sounds like she could use a cuddle.

Tea, how's your Bailey's? Need a top-up.
Oh, and another toddy for Don'tCallMeSanta... coming up...

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 22:07:59

spinds?? sounds*

... and anyone should find typing easier than I do!

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:08:49

I did - but then I only dealt with the spoken word, not written which makes things a lot easier! Interestingly enough, I also find speaking German words much easier than French, even though I have very little idea of what I'm talking about. I wonder whether that's due to my heritage...

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:10:31

Yes, I do hope that Rev pops in. At least there is one place that I hope that none of the antagonism ever reaches...

teafortwo Tue 20-Jan-09 22:14:31

sorry rs - x post! blush What you said was very interesting!

I was brought up in a monolingual family - for all of my family including me - milk being bilingual is really a big novelty!

Today she got her hair cut - she was chatting to the hairdresser in French and me in English. [proud emotion]

I need to work harder at my own French - I had next to nothing when I came over here and am getting more over time but because I work with English people and we speak English between us - I am not moving forward as quickly as I would like to.

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:18:29

Tea I'm sure you'll be perfectly bilingual by the time milk goes to secondary school.

And I second MT's fervent wish that no antagonism shall ever cross the doors of the tearoom.
Wasn't it nice when someone (I forget who it was) popped in and said she came to visit because "we were the only ones who didn't seem to have an axe to grind". I thought that was lovely.

I heart you all, by the way.

Oh [bragging emoticon] I have new pics of Jackbaby on my profile!!

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:25:26


Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:27:10


naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 22:28:54

not sure abotu tea but is there any booze left?

UniS Tue 20-Jan-09 22:35:23

Otarine- isn't it a sort of blackish purpleish orangey colour IIRC is a while since I read Colour of magic. I was sent that and light fantastic by a friend ( OK, a boy I had a crush on) whilst stuck in hospital with a broken pelvis at 16. Loved them and now have most of TPs disc world books on the top shelf.The TP names thing has been applied to computers in this house/ network, so I'm currently on the Feegle ( net book) Dh is on Vimes and the other lap top is Carrot.
oops, sorry I get a bit carried away. Hi all, any one else for a pint and some chocolate.
Jasper Fforde- yep like his stuff too, also Karl Hiaasen similar set in Florida- actully with KH you generally know who did it, but maybe not WHY they did it and what they are going to do next. I'm steadily working through teh Cadfael books. Yep, another dyslexic booknut, only got two on teh go at teh mo as finished the third earlier while boy was watching a video and we snuggled up on teh sofa. Will look for some more William mayne at teh library.

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:35:57

Here... what would you like and how much of it? grin
The tearoom has everything. The bar's over there, help yourself. And welcome!

naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 22:37:00

have found the bar now! is lissie still in charge of the tea shop? big hi from me if she is still around!

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:39:47

Hmmm... I don't think we ever had a lissie. Did we? MadBadAndDangerousToKnow started the tea shop... but she has since been replaced by Bocca... very ably if I may say so [suck-up emoticon]...

So, tell us all about you!

boccadellaverita Tue 20-Jan-09 22:43:09

This is for Daisy, who was enquiring as to the nature of the gerund.

I always feel very ignorant when you're talking about children's books as I've never heard of (more than) half of the authors. My thread on depictions of onlies in books brought several new names to my notice.

<<Clings to vain hope that this is because they are youthful types wot have just burst upon the litree scene but knows that it ain't really so.>>

Although I read a lot as a child, I think I read quite narrowly (all 27 little houses on the prairie and several menageries of Gerald Durrell.) But I do have an A level in Latin <<pointless preen>> and learnt Greek for a term <<cool credentials shot to pieces - I could have spent the time smoking Gitanes behind the bike sheds>>.

racingsnake - Bocca della Verita means the Mouth of Truth in Italian. I chose it because <<searches for tongue in cheek emoticon>> every word I utter on here is full of truth and deep meaning. The original Bocca Della Verita is in Rome; legend has it that, if you tell a lie, when you put your arm into the mouth, it will be bitten off. It is also the setting for one of the best scenes in Roman Holiday, which is one of my favourite films and one I have proposed for the tea room dvd shelf. And if we are contemplating cool, then I offer as evidence Gregory Peck on a Vespa.

mistlethrush - The Rev dropped into the tea room a while ago to have a cup of tea and a nice sit down. (I often hang around in the back of her church, listening to her very accessible sermons so, as I once scoffed a whole packet of church Hobnobs, thought I should reciprocate the hospitality). Earlier this afternoon I invited her to come back at any time. We will station Mellors at the door with strict instructions to keep out the riff raff.

Phew! That took me ages as the computer crashed and I had to type it twice. I think I need a medicinal glass of champagne. Would anyone else like one?

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:44:11

<whispers> {there is, of course, another tea shop, which I think Lissie might have something to do with, but I'm not sure that its under this topic....}(you're still welcome here though of course - nice to meet you!)

naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 22:44:42

lissie's tea room - that is what it was - when I was last on mn regulary (about a year ago) lissielou?

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:47:08

Hmmm.... unknown in these parts. But welcome, anyway!

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:47:28

Chuck me some bubbly please Bocca!!

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:48:20

Yes, I said hello to the rev last time... and have seen that she's been suffering elsewhere.... would be nice to see her again.

Champagne sounds great. On a bit of a dry run at home at the moment on the basis tht when the cellar runs out, its unlikely to be stocked again for a while.

Fil has lent us some money which makes things slightly less shock than they were, but it still requires dh to get something relatively soon.

naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 22:48:33

thanks jacksmama for the welcome!! seems like I gatecrahsed the wrong tearoom!!! But thanks for welcoming me! Its been ages since I was regularly on mn and I spotted the word tea anhd dived right in!

boccadellaverita Tue 20-Jan-09 22:52:59


Another tea shop? Oh crikey.

When MadBadandDangerousToKnow opened this establishment last November, she thought she was breaking new ground, as she'd only ever seen the MN Boozer Bar. Oh dear. I hope the proprietors of the original MN tea shop aren't offended. Perhaps we should find them and offer them a muffin?

naswm - However you got here, it's great to see you. What'll you have?

mistlethrush Tue 20-Jan-09 22:53:21

Naswm - I think that one is still up and trading elsewhere on mn, just not quite sure where I saw it last... Anyway, you're here now - fancy a glass of champagne?

UniS Tue 20-Jan-09 22:54:13

can only be seen by wizards and cats, who sometimes describe it as resembling a fluorescent greenish-yellow purple.

found it in teh end, appaently to us muggles it either appears black or nt visible.

o glad I found teh bar, now I can prop it up and whitter on about books to mellors - he does make a good bar man. I'm fairly sure he has a bit f blanket wrapped round a club for any trouble makers or bogiemen wh might sneak in.
Night all.

Jacksmama Tue 20-Jan-09 22:54:31

Oh hey, no problem. Drop in whenever. We also have takeaway cups for booze. Of which I am going to grab one, brim-full of bubbly, please, because I have one more person to see and then I am done.
This has been rather a stupid day.
<gulps champers>
<toddles off reluctantly>

naswm Tue 20-Jan-09 22:54:36

red wine for me please - always grin

boccadellaverita Tue 20-Jan-09 22:56:54

<<Pours drinks. Refills the twiglet bowl. Plumps up the cushions on the artfully distressed sofa.>>>>

Racingsnake Tue 20-Jan-09 22:58:04

Another tea room???

Bocca - All has become clear. I had worked out what the name means, but not why. As you inow, some of us have not been 'young things' for a long time. I did love Gerald Durrel.

teafortwo Tue 20-Jan-09 23:06:38

naswm - I love it that you kind of accidently found us and now you are on the wine already!!! grin

So how has your day been? What brings you back to mn?

<<comes in scavenging for more hot toddy>>

I have a cold and can't get back to sleep; I've already decanted to the spare room to spare DH my wrigglings and snifflings. Actually, hm, laptop and spare room ... no, bad precedent. I just hope DD is well enough to go to school (she has a cold too) so I can have a day off work and just look after myself.

I am SO poorly informed about children's books. I couldn't work out why I hadn't heard of so many of them, because I'm sure I read a lot as a child, then my mum mentioned that I read A Tale of Two Cities when I was 7 (I was trying to keep up with the television version that was on) and all became clear. I shall be dissuading DD from any such precocious reading, or at least keeping it mixed, cos I feel I missed out.

Also on the book front, I'm afraid I ... gulp, confession time ... don't get on with Terry Pratchett. I love the characters and plots and general silliness, spent many happy hours once playing a Discworld computer game, but something about his writing doesn't grab me.

Racingsnake Wed 21-Jan-09 07:04:39

I agree about Terry Pratchetblush. I love the ideas, but somehome don't get on with reading them ...

Hope that DCMB is at the moment fast asleep in the spare bed, holding onto the forgotten laptop, her cold draining away.

DCMB is currently on the sofa, thinking DD looks a hell of a lot perkier than her, and therefore should go to school and leave DCMB to wallow in misery (and a scaldingly hot bath) until 2.58pm (one of life's little blessings - really short school run). [red eyes and nose emoticon]

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 08:57:35

DCMB - if you stay in hot bath until 2.58, I'm not sure that she'll recognise you for the wrinkles! Hope you manage to pack her off and look after yourself today.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 09:26:22

I've put the kettle on.

Honey and lemon for you, DCMB?

Heh. I haven't made it into the bath yet, so I should be safe. She HAS gone to school though.

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 09:51:34

DCMB I think I probably read a tale of two cities before I read Bleak House - I know I read it a long, long time ago. BUt I'm sure taht I was reading PG Woodhouse soon after. Ooh and Dorothy Sayers.

What a lot of nice books MJ has got to look forward to!

I find it quite interesting: dh reads faster than me (although I do read fairly fast) but he is always able to reread a good book before I am - I can probably reread it when he is going through the 2nd time. I think I probably take a lot more in so don't want to reread as I can still remember too much. ALthough if you're reading something like Jane Austin it doesn't really matter as you see lots of new things each time anyway...

justabout Wed 21-Jan-09 10:04:56

Hiya bocca. Sneaking on here quietly (I have promised DH that I will take time off Mnet) and getting a quick cup of tea.
Good to know that the sanctuary is still, er, sanctuary-like!

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 10:18:53

Hiya to you too, justa.

<<Plumps up the cushions and ushers justa to the comfortable end of the sofa - the one where the tea room guinea pig hasn't eaten the stuffing. Serves justa a cup of tea in the best antique cup and saucer.>>

It's good to see you here. Now for the first philosophical debate of the day - apricot muffin or toasted tea cake?

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 11:06:55

I've got some apple and sunflower seed scones if you prefer...

Nice to see you here. Come and join the intellectual and deeply critical debate on whether Mellors looks better in his gardening gear (aka Lady Windermere's *) or riding gear (aka Mr Darcy)...? grin

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 11:13:00

Did someone mention Mr Darcy?


mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 11:20:02

Its the diving into the lake having been galloping around on his (rather beautiful) horse that gets me gringrinshock

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 11:25:00

Is there room for a little one on here? Can provide cakes...? smile

naswm Wed 21-Jan-09 11:31:17

Oops I fell asleep last night!

How are we all today? I am tired (remnants of a viraly thing) and could really do with going back to bed. But, DS2 is still of school (with the virus thing) so I am 'entertaining' him. Although he is playing with the lego atm so I think he has turned a corner.

Could do with a nice strong black Americano though if there is one going?

<<mimes 'room for everyone' to amber through transparent walls of isolation chamber>>

Well, wouldn't want anyone to catch anything off me.


Bocca, toasted teacakes always make me think of Bill Bryson, presumably Notes From A Small Island, he talks about how the British get terribly excited about small pleasures like a currant bun or suchlike.

I quite fancy a teacake now. Toasted, lots of butter. Mm. I might have to buy some when I eventually leave the house in search of lemons (to go with honey).

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 11:53:28

Naswm - One Americano cocming up!

Amber - Lovely to see you. I think you've sometimes been in the Reluctant Worshippers church/synagogue/mosque/temple/meeting room while I've been loitering in the back. What brings you here today? Would you like a cup of tea?

<<Peeps in amber's paper bag>>

Mmm, those cakes look delicious. Shall I get some plates?

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 12:11:46

How does sweet potato and rosemary soup sound? And ds has been doing some more cooking (with dh at home (grin)) so I have some more interestingly shaped rolls to offer...

Hi Amber, Hi Naswm (I see that you've not yet deserted us in search of 'the other' establishment!). What brings you here apart from a liking of cakes, coffe and red wine? (sorry Amber, coffee and red wine for Naswm - we only know that you've come bearing cakes so far (which means that you're very welcome of course))

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 12:27:31

Well, coffee and red wine sound good too, but never in the same mug grin.

What brings me here? Invitation from the Rev threads that says it's a safe argument-free place to be.

After all the excitement of the Rev situation and the Super Race thread, could definitely do with a cuppa/cake/hiding in a cupboard for a while. blush

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 12:28:48

Fancy some soup and a lewd roll?

We've done quite a bit about books recently... any favourites that you're looking forward to introducing to your child(ren)?

justabout Wed 21-Jan-09 12:28:54

am eating restorative soup (am not advocating soup to anyone else BTW, each to their own, a sandwich for lunch is also fine)

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 12:30:48

Justabout - am joining you for some soup too - favoured lunch here in the tearoom. Often served with one of ds's contributions - he likes making rolls in the shape of things like rockets, or sometimes carrots or parsnips... (perhaps I shouldn't offer you that one, though... you might get the wrong idea of the teashop blush)

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 12:33:27

Justabout, lol! I'd like to say that as I work for the same church, I'm not advocating cakes either, and people are free to have a lewd roll any time they like shock

For me, a plate of salad awaits for lunch.

Books...hmm...teenage son tends to read various sci-fi or fantasy-genre offerings. I've been trying to recommend "Improve your French" to him since he's doing his GCSEs but to no avail grin.

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 12:58:39

hmm I wonder whether you can get appropriate fantasy stories but in French? Might need to get a slightly less advanced storyline but still one that is suitable for his agegroup (and a good dictionary)... <<Wonders whether any other tea-shop customer has ever encountered such a thing....>>

Racingsnake Wed 21-Jan-09 13:04:54

Amber, lovely to see you! You can definitely put your name on the cake rota. I am at present debating whether these are real recipes or an elaborate spoof. They seem to be combining more and more exotic ingredients. In which case I shall quickly knock up a batch of prawn and chocolate chip drop scones to contribute to the tea room lunch menu, and dash off to count the force meters for the forthcoming lesson on friction.

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 13:11:52

shock Apple and sunflower scones are delicious... the sunflower seeds go more nutty when they are cooked and the apple keeps them nice and moist...

Sweet potato and rosemary - well, the potato was skulking at the back of the fridge (although I didn't really want to announce that) and we have to keep on picking the rosemary otherwise it takes over....

Glory be, you lot take some catching!
Sorry to miss the chats and stuff last night, but have a few things to add:

Mallory Towers- love love love and one of the best things about pregnancy was a friend gave me the set on tape and I used to lie awake and listen...heaven.

Racing I too was horse mad. Silver Brumby, Black Stallion (and all the others, did you know you cure a horse biting by holding out a hot potato - watch out Earl Grey!)

My favourite was "A Pony For Jean" old book of my mums, she's an only Bocca (been reading your only book thread too)...

but so many books I haven't heard of!

Bocca was initially scared of your Gerund tag, remembering you are an academic and all, plucked up courage and laughed a lot thank you grin

JM you must talk German to baby jack, I second Racing (although of course whatever you do will be right grin) we have just come back from 3 weeks in France and DaisyBoy is saying bonjour, merci, voila, lots of bits and pieces without even thinking about it - and it's your culture!

By the way, do you do Christmas on Christmas Eve in that proper MittelEuropan way, come to think of it you tried to but got snowed in didn't you? You see, you can't help your German-ness IYSWIM - it's so much more than just a language

And I am deeply impressed by Racing's whole brain influence kinda thing, I clearly don't think about parenting enough....

Mistle I am keen for soup and have missed those lewd rolls!

Oh, and Bocca as you probably know, Audrey Hepburn didn't know they were going to grab her hand in Roman Holiday - the screams are real! wink

<<Ahh, it is so good to be back>>

<<Daisy shares a twiglet with RacingPig>>

Have Dastardly and Muttley been around lately?

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 13:20:41

Prawn and choc chip scones? shock

The mind boggles. My cake-making skills aren't going to stretch much beyond a slightly lopsided Vanilla Sponge or a fruit cake with all the fruit at the bottom, but they taste good blush.

My cups of tea are legendary, though...

Racing thank you for the prawn and chocolate chip drop scones, such an interesting flavour!

oh, sorry to hear there have been shinanigans elsewhere in MN, I am such a wimp I rarely get off the distressed Tea Shop sofa these days (except to extract RacingPig or goose Mellors of course wink)

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 13:33:23

Yes, poor Rev had a really bad session which was totally uncalled for. <<puts a 'reserved' label on the wingchair and pats up the cushion so that there is somewhere for Rev to come to if she wants to, now that Daisy has pinched the corner of the sofa again>>

You might have gathered that I'm not very inspired by work today.... hmm

ah, but the soup is definitely inspired grin

<<daisy pushes empty bowl over for refill>>

<<daisy pops on kettle in case Rev fancies a cuppa - or anyone else for that matter>>

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 14:47:46

I'll have one thanks Daisy

Here you go Mistle!

<<pushes over mug with HMP and Stripes on side>>

you can have the one that Tea swiped from the nick left behind!

And thanks for lopsided sponge Amber!

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 15:05:45

Oh, have I missed the last of the prawn and chocolate chip drop scones?

<<Feigns disappointment. Whips latest baking offering out of the aga.>>

Voila! A Victoria sponge with pilchard and banana filling. Enjoy!

I am a firm believer in the restorative power of food and, particularly, of eating together. It is no coincidence, I think, that both international diplomacy and major world religions often use the communal meal and rituals around food as a means of cementing relationships.

I am not even going to ask what the super race thread was all about. I tend to avoid all the In The News threads, for example, because although I have opinions on almost every matter under the sun, I have no more appetite for big MN punch-ups. I am still rather non-plussed by (I thought) a very mild thread in which someone said, quite light-heartedly, that they were disappointed when their husband poured scorn on their plan to take lessons in burlesque dancing, and the MN Millie Tants and their Radical Consciences then piled in to say that she was a traitor to womankind (I paraphrase slightly). OK, that's a point of view <<disclaimer: other points of view are available>> but it was hardly the theme of the thread.

I'm off to think about happy, fluffy things. Speaking of which, has anyone fed or exercised Earl Grey the tea room horse today? And has Mellors done anything productive at all in the potager?

Nice Sponge Bocca <<boak as they say on MN>> wink

I can just vouch for the extreme, umm, athleticism of Mellors in the potager today

<<Daisy hastily tucks blouse back into skirt and swats bits of grass from her chignon>>

I have been, umm, supervising his umm, activities grin

As for EarlGrey? Well, DaisyBoy is just giving him a quick run for his money before puddle plashing time!

Gawd, I had better go and hide my belly dancing gear from the keener eyed MNetters!

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 15:26:20

There's a tea room horse?! This is the most intriguing virtual tea room I've ever been in. grin. Well, now, if it's virtual horse-looking-after skills you want, that's something I can provide...pass me that Happy Hoof mix and a couple of carrots, will you?

pagwatch Wed 21-Jan-09 15:30:31

I think someone needs to excercise Earl Grey.
I have tried to tuck into what I thought was a frgrant muffin.

This place looks nice since christmas. It looks different? Where is the aspidistra?

I have brought some beautiful chocolate and praline cupcakes which i nicked bought from a cafe near home.But they don't sell gin so I thought I would bring them here.

Seriously. Will someone take Early Grey out for some fresh air

<<pag wafts hands around trying not to look like she has farted and blamed the horse>>

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 15:54:29

A stable girl's job is never done...aye aye boss, will take Earl Grey out for a bit of a walk as long as he behaves nicely...

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 16:25:20

Amber - Earl Grey always behaves nicely (and he knows that 'nicely' is different for each of us - in fact, he seems to change size/shape/colour too remarkably hmm) its Mellors that you've got to watch out for! grin

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 16:33:58

As a dyed in the wool townie I know nothing about matters equine. Earl Grey arrived here on the day that My Little Pony (now, alas, renamed the Tack Room) opened for business and we lost our title as newest topic. We already have Racingpig the guinea pig and Dastardly and Muttley (species forgotten but I'm sure one of the animal wranglers here will remind us).

Earl Grey has his own stables (Mellors the gardener converted one of the outbuildings for him) but you're quite right, Pagwatch, it is a breach of health and safety regulations to allow him actually into the tea room.

<<opens doors and windows>>

The aspidistra? Oh no. Jacksmama has hidden it again behind the shrine to cardboard cutout of George Clooney.

<<Drags aspidistra back to its rightful place.>>

Daisy - I have told you before that Mellors is employed to work here as gardener and repairman. He is a handyman, not a hanky panky man. Please comport yourself with dignity around him. You still have grass and twigs poking out of your chignon.

<<Looks sternly at daisy through her lorgnette.>>

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 16:38:54

Bocca - have you seen Mellors though - he's looking decidely crumpled!

Pag don't worry about Early (as DaisyBoy is calling him) he and Daisy have been having a wonderful time together - they went as far as the haha before I called them back in....

I think that DaisyBoy is currently plaiting his mane and mixing him a bran mash ... oh and eating those lovely carrots, thanks Amber!

Sorry Bocca darling, promise to do better for a little while

Dastardly and Muttley were, I belive, racing pigeons...

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 16:54:48

Racinghound and Mistledog do make an appearance sometimes of course....

oh, great lovely dogs!! DaisyMutt may have been in here too, judging by those large hairy, muddy footprints...

Gotta dash upstairs for that bath now!

<<tra la la>>
<<Daisy lights the tea lights>>

<<daisy runs the taps>>

<<daisy pours in the bubble bath and the rose petals>>

<<daisy grabs a muffin, a cup cake, an angel cake, a cup of tea and a glass of sherry...>>

<<disappears upstairs trailing grass and twigs...>>

Bye bye ladies!


Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:01:32

Gosh, so this is what I miss when I innocently go to bed at a decent time (for this part of the world) - everybody shows up!!

Hi pag!!! <waves wildly> It's so nice to see you!!

<grabs Daisy in an enormous (((((HUG)))))>

And, ahem Bocca, for once I have not touched that ugly piece of plant hardware the aspidistra. I don't know (but suspect certain pranksters) how it got behind the George Clooney altar cutout. I'm happy to leave the aspidistra alone now that we have no less than three peace lilies. smile

Hi Justa, we're so happy to see you!

<smooches all around especially for RS and MT - [no more goldfish fights] and [may MT's DH find another job soon] emoticons>

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 17:09:12

A bran mash? After Happy Hoof mix and carrots? Oh my! You'll be needing those windows open for longer, I'd say....shock grin

Hi jm just off for a bath, but so glad to be here again!

Those Pease Lillies are lovely aren't they and the lovely pots - Earl Grey was very interested in them.... (not of course that we would allow a pony into the tea room, of course not, ahem)

Is the Happy Hoof mix like a sort of pedicure for ponies? hmm

Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:14:28

Maybe it's like a nail treatment... if so, hand some over!! Because of the butt-freezing cold here, my nails are splitting and my hands are raw.

by the way, what colour is Earl Grey, I had assumed he was pony colour but am now thinking perhaps he is octarine or something more exotic like that? hmm

ok,ok I'm off to my bath....

Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:17:01

I thought he was... errrmmm... well, grey? Isn't that why we named him so?
[confused emoticon]

BTW, a belated welcome to Amber! Here, have another lewd roll.

<JM snags several for herself>

oh, I missed the drum roll and arrival of Octarine Grey to the Tea Room... or perhaps Earl Octarine, so I have missed the story,,, where did he come from?

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 17:24:01

Happy Hoof mix is what you feed horses for their tea if they have problematic nails. smile It strengthens their hooves. Ours has it (bless him, elderly hairy old chap that he is these days - we rescued him from dire straits elsewhere).

Oh yes please for a lewd roll. Might put a fresh pot of tea on, too...anyone want one?

love a cuppa, thanks!

there you go, JM, happy hoof mix is what you need - strengthen those nails!

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 17:29:02

Amber - does he get cider vinegar in with his feed for arthritus too? Friends pony was still happily galloping around her field at 35...

Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:30:36

<tries a bite of Happy Hoof Mix>


<runs to the loo>

Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:32:25

So now I have two new names:
JacksmamaTriedHaggisAndThrewUp in honour of Burns Night

Don't know if that makes me adventurous or just stupid grin

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 17:34:29

Mistlethrush, he does indeed.

<rushes off to the loo to check that Jacksmama is alright, and makes mental note to put a notice on the bag of Happy Hoof to say For Horse Use Only - Humans Should Not Eat This" >

<rushes back...goodness me, I've had some exercise here this afternoon...! >


Jacksmama Wed 21-Jan-09 17:38:40

I'm ok, really.

<gulps tea to get nasty taste out of mouth>

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 17:39:24

I see Earl Grey as about 16 hands, grey (ie white for those non-horsey people around) or lightly dappled, with a nice crest (big neck), a bit of feathering around his hooves (but not too much)(would mean too much washing, what with the rides along the beach etc) and sort of a cobby build (ie fairly solid - not a skinny thoroughbred sort of shape)... So, what does he look like when you go out and see him in the stables round the back of the teashop?

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 17:50:08

What does he look like? Right now, rather cross as someone's been helping themselves to his supper hmm grin

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 18:54:27

I've never been entirely sure what Earl Grey looks like (I tend to keep my distance) but I do have this Polaroid of him and Daisyboy going out for a canter.

So, the sun is truly over the yard arm. Anyone for a sherry (I think Daisy has left us a drop)? Glass of champagne?

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 19:45:01

Yes please! A glass of bubbly'd be lovely, whilst I contemplate the many mysteries of the tea room smile

racingpig Wed 21-Jan-09 19:48:52

No pictures of the guinea-pig then???

<<roles eyes>>

Urm... thanks bocca - I prefer champagne!!!!

<<sips champagne and pops on the new ab fab dvd>>

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 19:56:01

Is this a good likeness of racingpig?]]

Well, if we're watching Ab Fab it has to be Bollinger doesn't it? I hope we are all wearing our best Christian Lacroix gowns!


<<Mwah! mwah! air kisses.>>

UniS Wed 21-Jan-09 20:37:22

<<air kisses all round>>
Unis slips on her dressing gown and thus brings teh tone right down as ist towelling and a bit grubby- what fool gave me a white dressing gown, oh yes my youngest SiL who has no kid-

Earl grey- that pen picture seemed about right to me. And yes I'm sure racingpig bore a passing resemblance to that one. Mellors... now that would be a challenge. and one I'm happy not to accept.

Hi Amber, nice to see you over here. I think earl grey will welcome your input, he was a wee bit forgoten about. None of us had even noticed his need for happy hoof mix. oops. Pony mad but ponyless childhoods that we had.

Its getting busy in here, I'm going to need to write in a txt editor and paste in soon, can;t remeber what I wanted to say to people by teh time I've read teh rest of teh posts.

Racingsnake Wed 21-Jan-09 20:41:52

Mistle - I oriinally saw him as a sort of dull bay, but yesterday was driving to work in the lanes near the racing stables (honestly) and saw Earl Grey out being exercised. You're quite right; he is dappled grey.

The turn the catering is taking is reminding me of my favourite character in The Vicar of Dibley, Mrs Cropley. Pilchard and sultana vol-au-vent, anyone?

Daisy - so you have been in France! Where? Have you thought who is going to play you in The Tea Room, The Movie? I wonder if Bocca, as Head Girl, has got the cast list anywhere.

Dastardly and Muttley are the tea room white doves/pigeons (although D does have a black feather in his tail). I am firmly shooing them back to the tea room, as they just escaped into RL and flew round the sitting room, frightening WS into hysterics. She has finall falen asleep on my lap, still giving the odd gasp and shudder, and I still have wet hair from my shower, from whence I ran to rescue her, which will now have to dry slowly and itchily overnight. She loves holding them firmly under one arm with the other hand grasping a neck, but gets scared when they fly about.

amber32002 Wed 21-Jan-09 20:51:34

<<hides behind chintz tearoom curtains in a slightly nervous way whilst the air-kissing is going on, being an Aspie of wary disposition on person-to-person contact. Waves shyly at UniS>>

cmotdibbler Wed 21-Jan-09 21:14:39

This is how I imagine Earl Grey

<<Waves at Amber>>

I think Happy Hoof would probably do me a lot of good. I used to pinch the goats show shampoo when feeling daring as it cost a lot more than my shampoo has ever done, and it made your hair look fantastic

DH is away (tis his turn this week) and Cat1 brought a mouse in. I shut the kitchen door whilst she was killing it, and DS asked straightaway 'what cat1 brought in'. He decided to find out, and opened the door to see cat2 with a tail hanging out of her mouth

<<pours champagne, investigates the twiglet bowl, and is forced to remove some from RacingPigs nest>>

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 21:32:30

Oh bother. Had done a scintillatingly witty post and just lorst it.

Will just concentrate on the movie, then. For newer customers - the screenplay of Tea Room: the Movie has been in development (as we Hollywood moguls say) for some time. I think we need to update it, so that our new customers can appear in it too.

<<Rummages in tea room filing cabinet>>

Well, here it is but it stops after the infamous jail break. We need to write several new scenes. And it looks as if Mellors used the cast list to light the aga (or did racingpig break into the filing cabinet and scoff it?) So we'll have to redo the cast list:

Bocca - Judi Dench

Now who else?

Mellors, by the way, has asked whether he can play himself. He has given me some photos of himself in formal and less formal attire, showing - he says - that Mellors scrubs up rather well.

Amber - The air-kissing isn't compulsory. We sometimes do supportive pats on the arm for people who don't like hugs. Or would you prefer a friendly wave which doesn't invade your personal space?

And who'd like more champagne?

Racingsnake Wed 21-Jan-09 21:46:25

Mane and Tail Detangler is very good at getting the dreadlocks out of the back of WS's hair. grin

Racingsnake Wed 21-Jan-09 21:51:15

Racingsnake to be played by Emma Tompson (Thompson?)

cmotdibbler Wed 21-Jan-09 21:58:02

CMOT to be played by Elle McPherson (don't fall over laughing at the back there)

<<Puts mane and tail detangler on the shopping list>>

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 22:04:47

If you have anything to add to this thread please do! It is something that has started to bother me a bit - IYKWIM?...

I do believe T42 was to be played by Debbie Harris in the 80s.

Who have we got signed up to play daisy, as well as new comer amber, and ol' regulars uni and baby though?

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 22:14:36

Mwahhh, Mwahhh, Mwahhh <MT air kisses all round> I'll have some bolli dahrling....!!! gringringrin

<Ponders who might play MT in a film and wanders away, still without any good ideas... part of the problem is having a bad memory for films and who has been in them, the orest of the problem is having an extremely bad memory for names...blush>

I told you that Earl Grey could change mysteriously depending upon who is looking at him - CMot my version is similar, just on a larger scale (probably something to do with being realistic about the size of horse required for me!!!)

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 22:20:18

I'm just posting this so I don't lose it ...

Bocca - Judi Dench
Cmot - Elle McPherson
Racingsnake - Emma Thompson
Tea - Debbie Harry
Mellors - Himself

I was thinking about detangler this evening as I doused BabyBocca's hair. Why does it work? What's in it? <<Has noticed that none of the organic ranges seem to include detangler and draws the worst conclusion.>>

I can now spot an interesting three-way overlap between us, the tack room (nee my little pony) and style and beauty. Actually, let's make that a four-way overlap and include AIBU too. My new thread will be called AIBU to enhance my only child's style and beauty by detangling her hair with horse main detangler?

Tea - have posted on your thread. Are you feeling under pressure? Have some of Dr Bocca's magic champagne medicine.

cmotdibbler Wed 21-Jan-09 22:23:07

I think the main ingredient is silicone - so the hairs get coated and the outer surface stops being scaly (can't remember the right word, but you know what I mean), and the hairs can slide past each other. Pure jojoba oil works well as an alternative though

womblingfree Wed 21-Jan-09 22:25:55

Can I join in guys? I;m new to this thread but have been MN'ing for a while. I'm an only DD and have an only DD.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 22:29:26

Wombling - Yes, yes, yes! You're doubly qualified to be here.

Please sit down. Oh. Better to avoid that end of the sofa as that's where racingpig, the tea room guinea pig, lives and he's eaten most of the stuffing.

Would you like a drink? By this time in the evening we're normally quaffing champagne. And tonight we've been watching the Ab Fab box set.

How's your day been?

cmotdibbler Wed 21-Jan-09 22:33:57

<<waves at Wombling>> lovely to see you here smile

Extra bubbly all round btw - my lovely GMIL who is 95 has come through her hip re replacement with flying colours, and is doing great.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 22:35:29

Very envy at anyone who still has a grandparent or grandparentinlaw. Three cheers for Cmotgranny!

<<sound of champagne corks popping>>

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 22:35:56

Wombling - nice to meet you! Most people here have onlies - I am an only too!

Bocca - dh suggests Andi McDowell for me. So I'm grin (gringringrin)

I don't tend to need detangler any more - but I use the Aussie 3 min miracle conditioner which sorts all of the tangles out. I'm not sure what it would be like for Earl Grey though...

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 22:37:30

Thanks for the bolly daaaaahhhhrlin'! xxx

I read a thread organised by morningpaper saying hun, giving hugs, bumping, being called mummysomething and putting xxx in posts is really not on. Feel free to not read the xxx if it is too much for you!!!!

<<goes to find jm for a hug just to be rebelious!!!!!grin>>

womblingfree Wed 21-Jan-09 22:39:18

Hi cmot - glad GMIL is OK.
Bubbly sounds great although I have just polished off a large Baileys grin

If we're still casting - can I suggest Reece Witherspoon for me (in my dreams!) and Hugh Jackman for my love interest please!

cmotdibbler Wed 21-Jan-09 22:40:03

All my grandparents are long gone, although I have a great Aunt (who I have only met 3 times as she wasn't in contact for 30 odd years and then turned up), so GMIL is special. As well as being a special lady - when she had a skin cancer last year (not a scary sort, just needed removing) under her eye, she tried to get the surgeon to do her an eye lift. And was going on about the youngsters (80 somethings) on her ward letting themselves go as no makeup.

MT - bonus points for your DH then !

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 22:40:42

The only one of those that we do is the occasional hug though....

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 22:41:56

CMot - clearly in dh's good books at the moment grin

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 22:45:47

she sounds great cmot - what a smasher!

x x x - right I am going to really try and stop that, hun!

I have a friend who often huns me in e-mails... "nmer for sure!" I smile at myself everytime she does it!!!!

womblingfree Wed 21-Jan-09 22:46:52

cmot - your GMIL sounds fab and is reminding me v. much of mine who sadly passed away last March at 89. She was without a doubt my fave in-law, and having lost my grans as kid (and never had grandads) she was really special to me, so I know where you're coming from.

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 22:52:43

My last grandparent (gm) died about 2 yrs ago aged 103.... she'd been nursing in a nursing home until she was 80!!!

I'm not sure your ga would think much of me as I'm normally a no-make-up person.... blush

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 22:53:28


Bocca - Judi Dench
Cmot - Elle McPherson
Racingsnake - Emma Thompson
Tea - Debbie Harry
Mistlethrush - Andie McDowell
Womblingfree - Reece Witherspoon
Mellors - Himself
Unspecified love interest - Hugh Jackman

Aagh! You're all obviously such babes.

<<Reaches for hair dye and eye gel.>>

Wombling - This is the movie of tea room life, so we will need to write a part for your love interest. At the moment, the only man regualrly seen here is Mellors but I am sure it would be beneficial for him to have a rival male buddy for moral support.

When I had my c-section, I asked the anaesthetist whether I could have a bit of lipsuction at the same time. The poor lamb took me seriously and started waffling on about ethics and consent.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 22:55:22

Let's raise a glass to Mistlethrush's grandma.

<<chinks glasses>>

womblingfree Wed 21-Jan-09 22:56:42

Mr Jackman has 2 kids - perhaps I should find his website and send him a link to Dadsnet?!

I am soooo not a babe just dreaming (maybe 14 years ago there would have been a passing resemblance) - these days would be more like Kathy Burke!

UniS Wed 21-Jan-09 23:00:58

erm, can I just be in teh background in this movie. i'll lug some lights about or somthing , maybe i could be best boy or grip.
Hi amber, you Ok behind there? cool, Ill pass over some twiglets then, you can keep that bowl, theres another on the table.

Looking at that picture I think prefer mellors with his clothes on. each to their own tho. I had thought he was a bit younger and had curly hair...I'm pants on actrs names tho so can;t think of who should lay him. sorry, play him in teh movie.

Chocfudge cake on table. I need to make one in RL tomorow . Do you think my dad will like a double layer of fudge brownie sandwiched and iced with fudge frosting decorated with chocolate stars? Boy seems to think he will. mind you boy is also telling grandad that he ( boy) will blow out teh candles.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 23:01:20

Hmmm. I've just prodded SignorBocca about which actress should play me. He suggested Celia Imrie or Cherie Lunghi. I protested that, although good-looking women, they are not babes. He then said that it was about their great acting ability.

I wanted him to say Juliet Stevenson. Or Melissa Thingummy from CSI New York.


teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 23:02:57

Is it just me unable to get past an image of Kathy Burke dressed up as a womble mumsnetting at an internet cafe?

womblingfree Wed 21-Jan-09 23:06:38

Ohh - will have to get Photoshopping on that one teafortwo.

UniS Wed 21-Jan-09 23:06:51

So after teh jailbreak.... what happened, was there mild peril and a soaked to teh skin mellors while you made your way over teh snow covered moors on earl grey to the safe haven of teh tea room?

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 23:06:53

But unis - too late I have already booked this actress to play you...

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 23:08:03


Bocca - Judi Dench
Cmot - Elle McPherson
Racingsnake - Emma Thompson
Tea - Debbie Harry
Mistlethrush - Andie McDowell
Womblingfree - Reece Witherspoon
Mellors - Himself
Unspecified love interest - Hugh Jackman

Best boy/girl and grip - UniS

UniS - The choc fudge cake is gorgeous. Cake and twiglets is my idea of a varied diet. Can you explain what a best boy actually does?

The magic of the tea room is that we are all as beautiful, cool, confident and generally lovely as we choose to be. And, likewise, Mellors looks different to different people. Those photos show what I see when I look at him, but others may see him differently. Like this, perhaps.

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 23:10:45

She promises to look like she did in La Strada and has been in two months intensive unicycle training!!!!!

Look at how lovely she is....

Oh do let her stay!

UniS Wed 21-Jan-09 23:16:39

in my dreams T42.... Rufus sewell for mellors tho, I could buy that, he loks cute.

I neeed to depart teh tea room for eth night, so night all. Play nicely. see you tomorrow.

boccadellaverita Wed 21-Jan-09 23:16:56

UniS - You know, I can't work out the chronology. Mellors has been here almost from the start of the tea room. The garden was very overgrown and the children wanted to go out to play, so we had to hire a gardener. Earl Grey came very recently. Until the tack room (which started life as My Little Pony) opened, we were the newest thread. Somehow in all the equestrian excitement of that night, we acquired a horse and now Mellors has made a lovely stable for him.

Can someone help me out with the history of the jailbreak?

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 23:28:46

I've found this picture of Mellors... Mellors

mistlethrush Wed 21-Jan-09 23:28:53

I've found this picture of Mellors... Mellors

teafortwo Wed 21-Jan-09 23:40:04

oh yeah - I forgot about that jailbreak! grin

Well, unis what happened was - daisy went to jail for something to do with Bocca's sportscar and I with Mellors help had to climb up to the window of the jailhouse to free her!

She brought Mr Bojangles back from jail with her but when Mellors started dancing the ladies swoooned and Mr Bojangles seemed to slip sadly away to the same place the wonderful nannies went to! sad I am not entirely sure where to but suppose, like on Eastenders when people leave, it was probably somewhere exotic and afar like Manchester!

Oh, T42, you do so make me laugh darling... it was YOU who went to jail for driving Bocca's car when under the influence and we had to bust you out... I love the way you seek to hide your, ahem, form under my respectable and blue stockinged skirts grin

Earl Grey came to the Tea Room while I was on hols (skiing, Racing, so lots of fun grin) I can't help on his background, therefore

but we have Mellor, who Bocca keeps trying to pretend is Danial Craig. we have a cardboard cut out of George Clooney who someone [stern glance at Mellors] tried to deface with pencil.

We have non-checked shirt wearing Canadians - and we did find JM a lovely actress, but I can't remember who she was...

I was going to be Renne Russo, but then wondered if I should be Kristen Scott Thomas, but over the past few weeks, I feel that she is a little cold for me... I would prefer to be Renne....

We have a RacingPig and two pigeons and some plants (aspidestra and peace lillies) and a craft fair, twinkly lights, an aga, a haha, a fire, oh, this is wonderful

<<Daisy slumps on the betwood rocker and wonders if she should in fact be played by Joanna-Lumley-as-Patsy...>>

Pass the Bolly!

By the way, Wombling, welcome, don't you sometimes chip in as a 10/10er too? grin

Very envy about grandparents (in an envy way not an "I don't like the smell of that prawn" way)

Go CMOT Granny!

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 02:12:24

I do believe Rene Russo would suit Daisy perfectly. I was going to be played by Sandrine Kiberlain but on reflection, I believe Kim Raver suits me better. (DH agrees, for what that's worth.)

I took Jackbaby swimming for the first time today and he loved it!! When we first got in the pool his teeth were chattering, poor little man (he likes his bath rather warm), so we sat in the (warm only) hot tub and played, and then went back in the pool and this time he was ok. He was so tired out by playing that he fell asleep on the walk home and slept in his stroller (pushchair?) for almost an hour when we got home.

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 06:22:28

Sorry 'bout that - must've dozed off behind those curtains yesterday. The pictures of Mellors have certainly woken me up, though...grin, especially the ones where he looks a bit like Daniel Craig (remarkable resemblance...!) though those shorts'll never keep him warm in winter if you ask me.

Friendly waves are just fine from me, if that's alright with people. Saves people finding me hiding in the outhouse in the yard.

If I'm first up, shall I put the kettle on and help start the breakfast, and if so, anyone know where the eggs are kept? smile

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 08:51:40

The eggs are under the chickens smile I think that we have Marans, so lovely coloured eggs

My DH has rather a lot of aspie traits, and is horrified by random hugging (and even me hugging at times), so I only hug if requested

Sam63 Thu 22-Jan-09 08:55:07

Hi CMOT! Sorry for rushing off the other day, had to go and pick up DS. Thanks to all for the warm welcome, your coffee is the best.

Racingsnake Thu 22-Jan-09 08:55:45

Eggs in the charming tea room kitchen, complete with scrubbed wooden table covered with oil cloth, butler's sink, larder with slate shelves etc. We could make eggy bread. BTW, they are eggs from our own chickens looked after by Mellors.

Don't worry about dozing off, Amber; the tea room is frequently inhabited at night by various combinations of customers/offspring/livestock etc. All are welcome and comforting plaid woollen blankets are stored in the aged blanket chest (where else?).

Hugs are not compulsory, and, due to the magic of the tea room,automatically convert to friendly waves if they inadvertantly encounter an unwilling recipient.

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 08:59:14

Morning all. Cups of tea all round?

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 09:08:02

Aaah - lovely cup of tea. Eggy bread would be great - I haven't had it in years.

Sam- nice to see you back. The tea room is often chaotic with popping in and out - my speciality is random posts from airports

HSMM Thu 22-Jan-09 09:15:40

Took my little spoilt brat only child DD to ballet yesterday evening and was slightly smug when the other Mums were tearing their hair out over how to collect their DS (or other DD) from assorted sporting events all over the county at the same time as being back in time to collect their DD from dancing. It's at times like these when I remember why I only had one. I have great admiration for anyone who can juggle more than one child. The only draw back for me so far has been a lonely DD on holiday (but she makes friends quickly).

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 09:23:20

HSMM - its nice if you can find somewhere where they can make friends isn't it. We've booked a holiday close to where we were last year where there is a lovely beach with a stream coming down (good for dams) - last year ds had a wonderful time playing with another boy (a little older) whose sister was not quite crawling so not very interesting. Provided dh has got a job by then, we'll hope we'll be going back....

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 09:29:23

BTW - HSMM - nice to see you - would you like a cup of tea or coffee in a charmingly mismatched bone china cup and saucer - and I think that there is some eggy bread around somewhere... Someone will probably bring some muffins or cakes in later in the morning in time for 11sies... smile

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 09:36:29

<<busying herself with the washing up and wiping-down as it's easier to do a task than do the social talking thingy in case I say something terribly undiplomatic blush>>

Hope it's ok if I use a mug as I'm no good at balancing the cups and saucers without it all becoming a bit of a storm in a teacup? Have brought my own - a nice duck egg blue one with a big handle.

Thanks for the tip re where the eggs were first thing, too. Me and the chickens survived each other quite admirably. smile

Morning all!! Particularly Amber and Sam and welcome HSMM!!

You will soon find your way around the tea room. Don't worry, Amber, just as hugs turn into pats if that is what the recipient requires there are no rules, rights or wrongs in the tea room so you can't be undiplomatic.

We all know we have different lives and views, and nobody tries to be rude. If they should actually mean to be rude, well the magic of the tea room means that Mellors escorts them to the door, firmly but fairly, while Racing Pig nips their ankles and Earl Grey gives them a good kick and they fall into a trunk to go to Timbucktu (as in Edgar and The Aristocats!)

Thanks for the wonderful eggy bread. And I always have tea in a mug!

<<Daisy pops some chocolate chip muffins into the warming oven so they will be just right in about an hour>>

Mistle - I have missed the story of your DH work - has he lost his job? Clearly things are tough in Mistle Towers, just sorry not to have caught up earlier....

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 10:18:06

Amber, I like using a mug too - except I either like having an entire teapot to myself blush with one mug or make 1 teabag do two mugs (at work). Cups are generally not comfortable enough, or large enough - and they do rattle about a bit don't they.

So far I've managed to be in 3 different versions of the tearoom without upsetting anyone (I think) (although I did rescue the aspidistra several times and I do hope that that didn't put anyone out shock). So, as long as you're not going to say something unfriendly (like 'there's a troll' or 'two children are better/more hard work' etc) I think you'll be fine. Since Mellors isn't doing any gardening this morning as its raining, perhaps he can help with the cleaning of the counters? You'll have to ensure that he behaves himself though - don't let him get too cheeky!

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 10:20:30

Daisy - the co. he worked for went into administration on Friday. No pay for January, no redundancy, no notice. Apparently the bank went in and effectively pulled the plug at 10.30 on Friday morning but the bosses (who had ensured that they were OK) didn't tell the staff to s*d off until 4.30. (Sorry, not best pleased with them, dh went for voluntary redundancy 3 months ago and they refused...)

teafortwo Thu 22-Jan-09 10:20:38

<<Gives Amber an award for being the first person to ever wash up in the tearoom!>>

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 10:22:53

I have a nice pint mug of tea. In a nod to the tea room, it is from a delightfull local pottery though. Tis black with a blue salt glaze overlay

I have to go test drive cars later - the terms of my company car mean that it has to change every three years, and I hate having to make a decision. DH loves it as it means getting all the magazines and doing research and then negotiating. I can only think that if I make a mistake I'll be stuck with it for 3 years.

Feel bad about moaning about this, but it's the last thing I need to do at the moment

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 10:26:18

Cmot - we were in the same position nearly 2 years ago when, when I asked if I could now have a co. car, my co. said yes. Down to 3 different types/makes. But we found that its amazing how quickly you get seen in a new car showroom if you have your toddler with you running around the showroom grin

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 11:05:13

Goodness me, I've only the one child and have had plenty of experience of people being, er, undiplomatic about it so definitely won't be doing anything like that. And I wouldn't know a troll if I fell over one, so you're safe there blush.

Mellors can help me with the counter cleaning?! smile This may take a long time winkblush <<hides behind curtain until she's composed herself a bit>>

As for being the first person to wash up, that does explain the teetering pile of dishes. It's kept me busy for hours... smile

Cmot (I think you must be a Pratchett fan?), I love cars. Wonderful things. What choices do you have??

Oh Mistle, that is truly terrible, poor you and DH and all <<Sends supportive hug/ pat on arm as you will>>

Cmot LOL at DH research - I got a camera for my birthday. It's lovely. It takes photos. NO says DH and whisks out 4 magazines and about 20 pages of research on the thing grin

I've never had a new car..[wistful emoticon]

<<daisy whips the muffins out of the aga, and as predicted the chocolate chips have melted to that just so point of ooobliness>>

Muffin anyone?


cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 11:16:45

Yes, def a Pratchett fan here...

So, I need something with room for me (5'10) DH (6'3), DS, plus room to actually seat an adult of reasonable size. Luggage space to accomodate a couple of desktop PCs and monitors (in boxes). Not huge though, as the mileage rate won't cover a bad mpg. I like speed and handling, but not something I have to rev the nuts off to enjoy driving. Currently I have a Merc B Class 200CDI Sport and love it, but it looks a bit mumsy iykwim.

Current shortlist: Merc C Class, Audi A6, Mazda 6. The Mazda would seem to be the sensible choice, esp with their deals at the moment. But I like the C class

Muffin and a latte please Daisy smile. I also got a camera for christmas. DH showed me all the reviews and everything - they are obviously of a mind

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 11:16:49

I think Mistle better have first pick of the muffins, and an extra-strong latte too. Goodness me sad

But yes please, if there's one spare?

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 11:29:41

Yes, I'll have one of both please - I mean, I can't do it in RL (lactose intollerant, allergic to chocolate!) but if I can't indulge here... grin

We've got a Skoda Octavia estate (so not so up-market as you CMot) - but can fit in 6' dh, 6'4" df, 5'8" me, 5'6" dm and ds in his seat (hopefully the last we'll have to buy of those) with room for the dog. In fact, so much room in the boot for the dog that she feels very unsafe and prefers the passenger side footwell with feet and legs of the passenger!

We had to get something big to cope with 2 adults, ds and doublebass - the polo just wasn't big enough as soon as ds went into a larger seat. I do love the way that when we now go on holiday, the back seat is only occupied by ds and mistledog with all the packing for a week selfcatering in the boot (inc saucepans as well normally!)

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 11:40:38

The Merc definitely has a better 'street cred' but both that and the Mazda are fine cars to own. Guess it depends which ones feels the best to drive for you, and how friendly/fiendish the dealers are? Our local Merc dealer is SO rude and always trying to charge people for work they don't need, so no-one here has a Merc.

Very nice muffins, by the way - thanks smile

<<passes round more muffins>>

<<pops a second pot of coffee on hand mosaic table>>

Hmm, we have a Subaru Legacy which is fab. Very old but goes and goes and we all fit in it, can do 2 adults and DS in back and BIG DaisyHound in boot with packing for a week (but if self catering or longer and LOTS of stuff need roof box)

It's great, and AWD so good in snow, but pants MPG....

I'd be intimidated by a Merc, so grown up
(which of couse has nothing to do with being 73)

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 11:48:17

No idea what any of the dealer are like yet - have only been in the area 16 months, and the nice little man from the Merc garage just turns up and takes the car away for it's service then brings it back.
It was a consideration last time - the BMW garage were soooo rude to me that I refused to go there again. Bit like when I was buying my motorbike, and one place totally ignored me, even when my (male) colleague pointed out that I was the one with the money.

FIL has an Octavia estate (bought so they could drive to their house in Turkey, tour France etc) and doesn't find the economy very good. This may just be the way he drives it though !

For some reason friend and I were talking the other day about what size car you needed to transport a db around - actually I remember now, it started with which instruments we would encourage the children to play, and went from there

If you get them to play the piccollo you could manage with a bike! wink

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 11:57:47

Yes - it was a huge advantage playing the flute ! My friend played the saxophone and had to walk to school, pulling it along on wheels

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 11:58:14

cmot, a friend of mine plays the harp. Now that IS a challenge to move around shock.

If you've got a lovely merc man that turns up and gets the car, that's a big bonus, I'd say. My Land Rover dealers do that too and they're great (perils of life with a horse - ordinary cars get stuck in the mud).

Better start doing a bit more washing up...

oh Amber, you actually have real life horses? Not just Early? [swoon]

There is so much rural earthiness in the tea room I am sure it is doing DaisyBoy good, poor city dweller that he is grin

Now, Amber, put Mellors down thanks for doing the washing up!

I am still ill ... woe. DD was coughing up a lung half the night, but managed to do it in her sleep, so is perfectly perky and has gone to school. She's going to her friend's for tea as well, so I'm free until gone 5. I was supposed to be seeing the teacher responsible for numeracy in my capacity as governor responsible for numeracy, but I've cancelled due to extreme germiness and inability to actually understand anything or speak coherently.

So I'll have honey and lemon in this mug please, and whatever muffins are left over after Mistle's had her pick (stinky cold rather fading into insignificance after all).

I don't know who should play me in the moving - right now, someone who's been poked in both eyes with a stick and can't stop sneezing. A friend once said I look like a young Celia Imrie <<wonders if DCMB and Bocca actually resemble each other>> but I can't really see it, and she IS 20 years older than me. I was also once told I looked like Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from SATC) but she definitely doesn't have the norks for it, and I no longer have short red hair, which I think is all the resemblance actually was. Maybe Kate Winslet, if she agreed to hang out in the teashop eating LOTS of muffins in preparation.

Rather unoriginally, I always picture Mellors as Sean Bean.

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 12:09:24

yes, daughter of friend of my mothers played the harp at school. And FOM has the slipped disc to show for it !

Daisy - I'll send my Dad over for a bit of genuine earthiness if you like. He is def earthy. And hayey. And strawy.

Actually, look out the window now, and you can see him poking things with his crook (too proud to use a walking stick, so has a shepherds crook) and muttering about the work Mellors has been doing. Yes, thats him, with his trousers held up with binder twine, an elderly fleece advertising the company I work for, and a disreputable jumper, much chewed by the goats.

Oh, CMOT, I remember your Dad, he has a role as himself in the movie, if memory serves?

DCMB you should be Kate, as long as you promise not to do that whole Titanic thing with your arms flung out and Mellors thrusting standing behind you in a supportive manner.... grin

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 12:36:19

<<straightens pinny in an effort to disguise any, er, cleaning of cupboards that's been going on from Mellors grin blush >>

Daisy, we do indeed have a real life horse, bless him, a bay TB x Welsh. He's rather partial to a Roses chocolate (tsk!), we found out when he nicked one out of someone's hand at the stables, but at his dignified age is quite happy eating, pottering, being silly and doing very occasional dressage tests if he can be bothered (feel free to supply mental images of judges rolling their eyes heavenwards...)

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 12:59:31

Phew! I can't keep up.

Latest list of cast and crew:

Bocca - Judi Dench
Cmot - Elle McPherson
Racingsnake - Emma Thompson
Tea - Debbie Harry
Mistlethrush - Andie McDowell
Womblingfree - Reece Witherspoon
Daisy - Rene Russo
Jacksmama - Kim Raver
DCMB - Celia Imrie and Kate Winslet (job-share)
Cmotdad - Himself
Mellors - Himself
Unspecified love interest - Hugh Jackman

Best boy/girl and grip - UniS

Daisy - are you a bona fide academic? This is not the first time you have referred to your blue stockings (which are tres chic, by the way).

DCMB - A fellow school governor? <<Does secret school governor sign>> I'm over-committed with all this volunteering lark and really think I should stop, but would feel like such a shirker.

Cmot - I'm trying to get my head round the idea that a Mercedes which has Sport in its name could be Mumsy. BabyBocca has just been converted to Top Gear by her cousins and I think she is a little infatuated with Jeremy Clarkson. We are now at risk of turning into a family of petrolheads.

Amber - I'm glad we didn't repel you with our unsolicited hugging and arm-patting. But it is true - the magic of the tea room means that you would experience them as friendly waves. Just as you experienced that phenomenon that left you with smudged lipstick and hair awry as Mellors helping to clean the kitchen. wink

<<Puts pan of wholesome broth on the aga>>

Right, who's for soup?

amber32002 Thu 22-Jan-09 13:09:03

Goodness, yes, that did seem an unusual way to clean the kitchen, now you mention it blush!

<<makes the secret school governor sign and swiftly busies herself with the rug cleaning schedule for Earl Grey>>

Yes please for the soup - that'd be lovely!

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 13:11:37

Yes, I complain about dh's db whenever I have to do anything with it (which I must admit is very rarely). Viola and violin (and singing) much more transportable. MJ won't be likely to be able to play cello or db like dh due to double jointed thumbs - not a problem with violin viola though.

CMot - mileage - that's strange - we're getting 55mpg in our 1.9d over a week's holiday in Devon - which I think is good for such a capacious car. I was certainly glad of this when petrol prices at their highest as I was at least coming out not too badly out-of-pocket in terms of business mileage whilst a lot of my colleagues with smaller cars were finding that the mileage rate didn't cover the petrol. Dh says we will go for the next engine size up next time as it has a bit better acceleration (not that ours is too bad anyway) and the efficiency is no worse for some reason.

Amber - my friend's mare was 1/2 arab, 1/2 welsh. She had a welsh dragon effect that she would do even at 30+, and had a wonderful crest (even though she was a mare!). One of her foals was an arab cross (a bit more dainty, still same attitude though - she's still going strong), the second, a lot later, x tb - he turned out to be quite a handful. He looked like a horse when you saw him at a distance, but when you got nearer you saw he was too small to be a horse, but the same 'horse' rather than 'pony' dimensions. I rode him a bit even though he was really too small - it was a bit like what I imagine riding a really expensive large bmw motorcyle is like - he could just surge and be sooo smooth if you got him working at it (although most of the time he really couldn't be bothered!). He got sold as he really needed more work than my friend could give him - went on to do quite a bit of eventing and competing. He was the only horse I've riden that could do a cat jump up about 1' with absolutely no preparation beforehand (when you think, as you come down, having lost a stirrup etc, if he decides to bolt now, I'm off, but then as he continues to plod along, wtf was that all about!!!)

Bocca no, I'm not an academic, more I would like to be a sort of tweed wearing, sensible shoe, glasses and bun sort of librarian of wisdom....but that is a fat chance..

I too baulked at a Merc being mumsy?!?!

Thanks for the soup - no more lewd rolls? We're up for baking biscuits, me and DaisyBoy later so I'll drop some round - last time we got 14 out of dough for 30 - so they may be a trifle, ahem, chunky grin

In awe of all the horsey stuff...<<Daisy plaits fetlocks whistfully and stares out of window at haha in distance>>

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 13:19:29

Bocca - it's a bit of a small MPV, thats what I mean by mumsy. It does have stiff suspension etc, so doesn't drive like one

MT - you are obviously a much better driver than FIL

Funny things horses - one of dads friends had a horse that would suddenly take you into the corner of the field and buck you for no apparent reason. They sold it for this reason, and then one day dad was out delivering some lucerne hay and saw this horse - and the new owners didn't know anything about this habit as he had only arrived the day before. Dad decided that silence on the subject was necessary

Ooh, secret school governor sigh! <<tries to copy Bocca but falls over>> Yes, I thought I'd give it a go at some point, then about a week after DD started school a letter came out saying they had THREE vacancies for parent governors (there are six in total) and I thought I probably wouldn't get a better chance than that. So I applied, and lo, three people applied for three vacancies. My contribution so far consists mostly of sitting in meetings looking baffled, but I have also managed to point out that the criterion for children qualifying for financial help with school trips was about ten years out of date ...

I picked up my other volunteer thing just before that - reading for a talking newsletter. I'm now about to start leading one of the teams, which entails trawling through the local newspaper for a week before, picking out suitable stories for 45-50 minutes' worth of reading. It's only every eight weeks, so should be manageable.

Interesting gender split with these things - the parent governers are mostly dads (four out of six) while the I've not met a PTA person who wasn't a mum yet; and the newsletter is very female dominated as well, which is genuinely a shame as a mix of voices comes across much better. We are trying to figure out if we will get into trouble if we advertise specifically for me, although DH says we should just advertise for baritones instead!

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 13:54:29

<<Serves up soup, together with still more lewd rolls from the tea room freezer which (magically as ever) is never empty.>>

Interesting about the gender split in school governing, DCMB. On the GB of which I'm a member (not BabyBocca's school) we only have two men. All the parent governors, and all the rest of us, are women. Then again, we did have <<gasp>> two men at the last PTA meeting.

My knowledge of equal opportunities law is a bit out of date, but I think that under the umbrella of positive action you are permitted to solicit applications from under-represented groups, so you could say something like "applications welcome from anyone with a good speaking voice .... men are under-represented in the current pool of volunteers .... applications from men therefore especially welcome".

<<Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and my opinions are not necessarily reliable.>>

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 13:57:11

And had meant to say that I too know someone who plays the harp. So, based on this non-scientific survey, I conclude that either there are far more harpists about than I had ever realised or, alternatively, we all turn out to know the same people in a six degrees of separation kind of way.

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 14:14:28

I know two people that play the harp! (at least)

Ds's violin is very easy to transport at the moment. I think that the whole thing including the case is shorter than my violin when its out of its case [ahh]

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 14:20:20

Mistlethrush - Remind me at what age Mistlejunior started to learn the violin? I hope to push encourage BabyBocca in that direction.

<<Am thwarted cello player, as BoccaMother refused to permit me to learn, on the grounds of not wanting to spend her life transporting the then InfantBocca and BoccaCello around the city.>>

<<daisy furtively peeps out from behind the well thumbed copy of our children are very gifted musicians and linguists what the hell have you been doing you lazy daisy lump and puts her finger in the page>>

DaisyBoy likes to blow the recorder and requires MrDaisy to play the guitar standing up with one leg on a chair and the guitar hitched under his chin like a Mexican singer in a restaurant while DaisyBoy runs round in circles shouting Fa La La La La!

Does that count?

<<daisy reckons probably not and slumps back on the sofa to read some more>>

<<daisy remembers she hasn't volunteered for anything and slumps further down the sofa, pulling cushions over her head>>

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 15:35:32

daisy - babyBocca is currently doing a project on Frida Kahlo. Would DaisyBoy and MrDaisy be available as cabaret a musical learning resource?

Do remember that BabyBocca is much older than DaisyBoy and so has had far longer in which to hone her talents (which may only be detectable to her doting mama in any event). And volunteering is very enjoyable (OK, then, enjoyable up to a point) but it does take over one's life and eat into one's tea room time.

Ah, dear Bocc! <<daisy tosses book to one side and stretches>>

my boys would love to volunteer! I love Frida Kahlo. Her paintings are wonderful. Sad to think she was in such pain for so long. my favourite is the deer with arrows and Frida's head - Margaret Atwood used it as the cover for Wilderness Tips <<daisy pops book on tea room shelf>>

what would the boys have to do for BabyBocca? I see that Mellors is already posing nude.... is that Amber behind the curtains?!

<<daisy makes a pot of tea and feels better>

All this talk of musical talent has reminded me to upload a video of DD dancing to Flickr - she has quite some moves for a 4yo. No sign of any musical talent as yet, which is a shame as my music-teacher friend has just resigned from her job and is looking for tutoring and suchlike.

My take on volunteering, at least as far as the school is concerned, is that I was going to get lumbered with SOMETHING eventually, so I might as well volunteer early for something that would suit my talents (ha) and situation. It's also a method of helping the school which doesn't involve much interaction with other people's brats darling children.

And then AFTER I volunteered I discovered that work will give me six days off (pro-rated, so actually just under five) to do governor things! Result!

I have just had the horrible realisation that because I didn't get out of bed this morning DH has managed to send DD to school with no packed lunch.

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 16:57:21

DCMB – My reasons for becoming a governor were similar. Because I am a busybody in Hyacinth Bucket stylee good citizen, I was invited to become a governor and I thought it would match pretty well with my background and experience. Won't the school have allowed DCMBBaby an emergency lunch? Ours would, complete with invoice in the book bag.

Daisy – I think DaisyBoy and DaisyDad would just have to give a repeat of the Mexican guitar performance with accompanying whoops and fa la la la las. For costumes, I am thinking large hats and shirts with frilly sleeves.

Thank you so much for the Margaret Atwood. She is my favourite author (see my national treasure thread - I tweaked the rules so that she would be eligible).

<<Hastily tacks up posters advertising life drawing classes in the tea room, in a desperate attempt to explain why Mellors is now naked.>>

Or did he fall in the lake while heroically clearing the duck weed? Are his checked shirt and corduroy trousers now steaming on the rail of the Aga? Would someone please give that man a blanket?

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 17:14:47

Its hopeless isn't it. You would think that the world would stop if all mums were ill one day. No school would operate efficiently as they would all be suffering from lack of lunch / snacks/ wrong clothes/ no gloves/ no PE kit / no homework....

It is a very good thing that we've got the peacelilly where it is - it makes Mellors' pose uncensorable grin

MJ got his violin at 2.5 although we've not done much - just been concentrating on school for a bit! I don't want to be pushy and put him off it. However, he did get to the stage where he was making a nice sound on open strings which, given the violin, was quite an achievement (well, OK, a not nasty sound then blush)

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 17:15:31

BTW, MJ was headbanging to the Rite of Spring (Stravinsky) yesterday in the car on the way home from school. grin

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 18:34:07

Latte and a hanky please, DH dropped me off at work and I could hear Jackbaby howling through the truck windows as he was pulling out of the parking lot... sob...

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 19:03:27


Here's the box...

<<goes to hand JM tissues but mistle has got in there already>>

Good job really, I'm running a bit short myself (tissue mountain in all available bins at the moment). achoo

Bocca, DD did inteed have a school dinner, not even an emergency one as such. The dinners are really flexible, we've paid up for two dinners a week for the term (or maybe half-term, can't remember) and no one really seems to care when she has the dinners. Tomorrow is a day when she'd normally have a school dinner, so I can either send a packed lunch or the cash for another school dinner. Mind you, the caterer is changing on 1st April and I just bet they won't be as flexible.

I'm enjoying imagining the DaisyBoy/DaisyDad Mexican recital. grin

UniS Thu 22-Jan-09 19:51:35

Musical bunch.
<pops head round door , takes a LOOONG look catching up on teh days news>
Oh, mellors! you really should put SOME clothing on man, you'll catch your death in just those swim trunks. Well, go and get a blanket then, yes, from the charming old blanket box.

Boy occasionally has pretensions of musicality. He has according to UniP ( dh) managed a C and som other note on teh trumpet, but it was fluke. Hes only 2 for goodness sake. I take him to ballet and all he wants to do is watch untill they do jumping... then at home and at childrens centre he wants to show off his " ballet" doings some boogietastic dance moves and throwing shapes on teh floor, finishing off with a bow. Go figure.

My parents coming tomorrow, so I need to frisk teh house and remove all evedance of trying to sell it. sale board is in cellar, now to get all est agent letters filed. ditto bank statements and other incriminating stuff.
Can I borrow mellors to help me? I "think" Amber has finished with him.

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 20:25:11

Could I have another latte please? Or maybe a mocha...

<plops self down disconsolately on the sofa>

<grabs a protesting racingpig and cuddles him>

Sorry bud, I have to cuddle something, I'm taking a brief break from work after talking to DH on the phone. He said Jackbaby is having one of those "I want Mama" days. Apparently he's no really unhappy but he's not all that happy either, he's a bit whiny and cranky which is not really like him.
Sigh. And I can't cancel any of my patients today and just go home.

Maybe I need a hot toddy or something.

Oh, by the way, for those beloved members of the tearoom who've expressed chagrin at the fact that I don't own any plaid, I'm thinking of buying this.
What do you think?

Racingsnake Thu 22-Jan-09 20:39:58

JM, I'm so sorry. Actually, he might have been cranky and whingey with you, mightn't he? And it proably wouldn't have bothered you as much. I'm sure JackChap is very good at whiney babies, too. Do you think he might be cutting a tooth?

<<Packages up homeopathic calming baby toothpowders for JacKBaby, then adds a second packet for JM herself.>>

Perfect shirt for you! grin

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 20:52:26

Thanks... I needed that!
You're right, he could have been just as cranky with me. Don't know about the tooth, will check when I get home. And it does make me feel better that Jackspapa is a pretty great dad.

I do like that shirt, am seriously contemplating it. If only to make you happy and fulfill your mental image of a true Canadian grin

Racingsnake Thu 22-Jan-09 21:14:13

As long as it doesn't mean that all we English have to dress up in bowler hats or Morris dancers' clogs. Strange, there doesn't seem to be a female English costume.

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 21:19:38

I always thought bowler hats looked a bit silly. But what is a Morris dancer? blush

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 21:34:59

They go round in groups, wearing white trousers and white tops with bells and ribbons on their legs (and possibly arms), sometimes black trilbies with flowers etc, often with sticks (or staffs/staves) in their hands. One of them has an accordian and starts up at which point all the others start dancing, hitting sticks and potentialy balloons on sticks. Oh, yes, they quite often have beards as well.

They are normally seen at village fetes and similar occasions....

There are some female morris dancers, but they are few and far between.

UniS Thu 22-Jan-09 21:37:24

help, not waving but drowning under the pile of filing I've just tuffed off the desk in spare room....

womens morris- quite popular in Devon, waiting lists to join groups etc.

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 21:48:24

And here we have border Morris, and they dress all in black.

Morris is a particular form of folk dance JM. More info here

If we have to wear english costume, I'll make some proper smocks. I love smocking, and it is my only regret that DS is, well, an S, in that I can't sew lovely dresses for him

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 21:57:31

UniS - why don't you want them to know about the house being for sale? Why is the house for sale... etc etc.

Dh is at least managing to do a bit of tidying up (and filing) at the same time as applying for jobs.

Oh - I like Neil Gaimon's books too.

UniS Thu 22-Jan-09 22:05:55

re house sale- not telling family till we have a contract signed and exchanged, they would only worry. have lost a buyer already. NOt a good time to sell. howver not urgent as boy has 2 years before he starts school. Just want to live in a nicer bit of Devon, no more to it than that.

Ohhhh border morris- thats serious morris that is, swords and all IIRC.

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 22:10:29

UniS - approximately whereabouts are you? we've had a couple of holidays in South Hams recently and loved it - we're going to come back provided that we can afford it when it comes to it (ie dh has found anouther job before long)

cmotdibbler Thu 22-Jan-09 22:16:09

Yes, they made me think of the dark morris when we first encountered them (me being brought up with Oxford morris, and then the welsh lot) - I rather like them as its a bit more rock than usual

I like Neil Gaiman too. You might like The Painted Man, which DH bought recently and we ended up squabbling over as I felt he was reading too slowly

mistlethrush Thu 22-Jan-09 22:45:46

I bought 2 holiday books which dh and I were both lol at on holiday (in Spain) - if you like Terry Pratchet, Neil Gaimon etc, you might also like these: Matthew Thomas: Before and After, Terror FIrma.

UniS Thu 22-Jan-09 22:50:16

CMOT I'm in Exeter, one of the more deprived areas of Exeter, with a local school in special measures and local teens who like to throw stones at cyclists. Looking to move to edge of dartmoor.

Neil Gainman- I've a major soft spot for the sandman version of A Midsummer nights dream. BUt the I have a soft spot for dream any way it comes almost. Its SUCH a good story its hard to ruin. EVEN a Rap version I worked on in Sept with a constant gansta rap backing track didn't annoy me too much - The backing track did, but the cast lost all concentration if it was stopped. Cast members all had Mod to Sev Learning difficulties. The boy playing Lysander had such a cute smile, he looked like an older version of my son.

<<Ta i've downed a hot choc as a reward for all that filing and tidying. Made Dad a birthday cake, will ice it tomorrow. NO picking at it please while its cooling on teh counter top overnight. I'll be back in to chat tomoz if I can find 5 mins. >>
<<waves good night to Amber and CMOT and MT, sleep tight denizens of teh late night tea room.>>

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 22:54:14

jacksmama - Ok, buy the shirt if you must but surely it ought to be red! wink

As a smog-ridden townie, I am just wondering enviously, UniS, what counts as a less nice part of Devon? Insufficient supply of cream teas? Less than perfect shade of grass? wink

And I'm having wistful thoughts about smocked dresses. BabyBocca had some beauties when she was tiny (mainly from NCT sales where we bought some very la-di-dah stuff) but I am quite sure she would run in horror from any such garment now. She is quite a girlie girl now but her current style icons are the girls from High School Musical. Left to her own devices, she would dress in the style my friend calls Junior Trollop. What will it be like when she's a teenager, I wonder? shock

Aaargh! I think I need a drink to calm my nerves.

<<Sound of corks popping>>

Would anyone like to share some champagne?

boccadellaverita Thu 22-Jan-09 23:00:51

Oops. Cross-post. Now I understand. blush

Jacksmama Thu 22-Jan-09 23:46:08

The only choices are blue and a sort of oatmeal. At least on this site.

Right <rolls up sleeves>, will continue looking for red checked shirt!

Could I have some bubbly to help me look?
[hopeful eyelash-batting emoticon]

boccadellaverita Fri 23-Jan-09 00:02:08

Here's the champagne.

Pay no notice to my stereotyped ideas of what a Canadian ought to be wearing. That shirt looks very nice and I'm sure that all lumberjacks don't wear red anyway!


amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 08:51:57

<<stretches and yawns after a night under the table in the corner, tucked up under Earl Grey's spare winter rug. Busies herself with clearing and kettle-putting-on. Heads outside for the morning chicken-wrestling egg-finding contest, and to find the animal food...oh drat, bit wet and windy today, too. Tries to ignore Mellors' current state of unclothedness whilst he leafs through a copy of 'The Naturist Way' in the far corner blush>>

amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 10:51:17

Cor, it's very quiet in here today. <<makes anolther pot of tea>>

justabout Fri 23-Jan-09 11:00:34

justabout stops by to point out that she cannot make head or tail of this thread, and is meant to be taking a break from MN anyway, but that it IS very nice and relaxing

amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 11:19:18

Wel, it's quite simple, they tell me. It's a magic tearoom in which anything can change. There's various animals/birds including chickens and a horse, and a man called Mellors who may or may not be wearing clothes and might look like any numbr of well-known actors. Oh, and people are setting up a play of some sort. Me, I'm the cleaner and horse exerciser for the moment, I think...

Cuppa? smile

boccadellaverita Fri 23-Jan-09 11:32:33

<<Drinks large mug of tea. Feels refreshed.>>

Morning, Amber. Are you sure you’re comfortable sleeping on the floor under the table? We have a lovely sofa and even the wing chair would be cosier.

Good to see you again, justa. Trouble is, this thread seems to move so fast that by the time any summary is published, it’s out of date. But I think the key points are

<<Wishes MN had the facility for bullet points or maybe even Powerpoint presentations>>

* Opened as safe haven when the battle of the One Child Topic was raging
* The tea room is magic and therefore we can all be as witty/clever/drop dead gorgeous as we wish to be
* Everyone is welcome here (but see next two rules)
* No argy-bargy allowed within the precincts of the tea room
* Mellors the gardener/handyman will eject anyone being deliberately rude or provocative
* Mellors’ gardening is sporadic – he got off to a very good start with the potager, for example, but there has been no digging action for days. (Other types of action, possibly).
* Tea room has an aga – invaluable for boiling kettles, heating soup, making muffins and drying tights and socks when the children fall in puddles
* Tea room has a menagerie – racingpig (guinea pig) Dastardly and Muttley (pigeons). Customers may bring well-behaved dogs (we sometimes have racingdog, mistlehound and daisydog in here)
* On the night that My Little Pony/The Tack Room opened, we somehow acquired our own horse, Early Grey.
* As of yesterday, Mellors has shed his clothing and is now (it seems) subscribing to The Naturist Way
* Conversation ranges from the serious (how to react when people evangelise (I chose the word deliberately) about having a second child, especially if you can’t) to the frivolous (fascinators, Mary Jane shoes).
* Drinking is a constant theme – everything from tea to champagne (and we went through a gin phase a week or so ago)

That’s all I can think of but I’m sure others will contribute more to the list.

Please feel free, everyone, to snuggle down on the sofa and warm your toes by the aga.

<<Proffers apricot and coconut muffins, as the recipe for pilchard and banana Victoria sponge seems mysteriously to have been torn out of the tea room recipe book.>>

amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 11:36:40

I think Mellors was using that page to hide his modesty when the Rev turned up for a cuppa blush grin

Yes please for a sit down by the aga and a muffin. smile

justabout Fri 23-Jan-09 11:39:55

LOL LOL LOL, especially at Amber explaining to me about metaphors!

I am NOT MEANT TO BE HERE, I have promised Justine and my spiritual director that I am taking a break from Mumsnet, can we class this all as a delirious dream that I am having due to the stress of the last few days?

amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 11:42:34

In the magic of the tea room, you and I are not here at all. So it doesn't count smile

teafortwo Fri 23-Jan-09 12:02:50

Awwwwwwwwww - justabout!!!

<<the tearoom ladies forget about mn rulea and all pounce on justabout and kiss and hug her until someone realises she has actually stopped breathing - one last kiss the kiss of life from Mellors (lucky lady), and everything is back to normal again!>>

Anyone for a latte? - I am in a latte mood!

<<sips latte and rushes off to work the hairdressers!>>


ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 12:08:02

<peers around door>
Hello! Am coming to see what it's all about then as I was so kindly invited by teafortwo!
It looks like I picked a good time to join in as amber and Bocca have just summarised what it's all about!

ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 12:08:51

oooh, can we get hot chocolate in here by the way? That's my normal tipple.

justabout Fri 23-Jan-09 12:27:28

well I am literally having hot chocolate RIGHT NOW in my real life, the one where I am not delirious and being snogged by half of Mumsnet

You can have anything you want Thumb, but I'll leave someone else to serve you as I am currently the resident Plague-Ridden Pariah, hence the isolation tent. You can hear me through it, can't you?

I have provided double chocolate muffins this morning - don't worry, I wore a surgical mask and rubber gloves whilst preparing them.

ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 12:31:29

Ta! I had a lovely lovely hot chocolate yesterday at our local Italian deli - lovely whipped cream on top, really rich thick Italian chocolate...
my DH makes fabulous chocolate muffins - I have wheat ishoos so he makes them with spelt flour and if we have blueberries as well, he makes chocolate and blueberry muffins - YUM!

mistlethrush Fri 23-Jan-09 12:54:34

ThumbB - I have ishoos with chocolate in RL - so, I'll definitely join you for one of those mugs of hc and chocolate muffins. YUM grin

Hi Justabout - definitely imagination here, and if anyone asks, we haven't seen you. I hope you have recovered from the kisses - although you do still look a little rumpled - mind you, that's fairly normal if Mellors has been anywhere nearby... grin

I'm just recovering back at work after a morning with MJ, his friend and his older sister - went to soft play to try to tire them out a bit, have abandoned them with Mrmistle at home now and retreated to work!

Racingsnake Fri 23-Jan-09 12:54:47

Lovely to see you, ThumbBurns! Due to the magic of the tea room, none of the ingredients have ever been known to cause any kind of ishoo or allergy, so help yourself to anything. Sadly the same cannot be said for the interesting food combining in the recipes, vis banana and pichard Victoria sponge.

Justabout, due to the magic of the tea room, if you shouldn't be here, you are not here, so sit down and relax. Mellors is just about (!) to put on his leather leggings and boots at the very least and get another basket of logs for the tea room fire and I have studied the Mrs Croptley cookbook and found a recipe for marmite --and raspberry quiche decided not to cook today, so anything can be eaten in perfect safety.

Welcome Thumb!

Daisy knockes her over in inelegant rush to grab one of those spelt and choccy muffins that have magically arrive!

we certainly do chocolate of all sorts in the Tea Room and one of the magic things is that allergies don't work here, giving MistleThrush (for example) unusual culinary freedom!

Right, I am adding Northern Exposure to the DVD shelf because all the talk about morris men reminds me of the great episode about Christmas which is really all about the Black Raven -capisco? (of you don't understand ask your 2 year old to explain! grin)

By the way JM you will look lovely in blue plaid and the thing about JackBaby is that he would have been having a cranky day if you were at home, but you just wouldn't have noticed it as much and/or would have known you were with him...

happened to me a lot when I first started work and DaisyBoy was still little- I would have to remind myself after a ruddy awful weekend holding a whinging baby that the reason he was whinging on Monday morning was not because I was going to work and was the worst mummy in the world IYSWIM?

((((hugs)))) cos I know you like them!

by the way, welcome Justabout I never know what is happening in the rest of MN so if your story of woe is well known, sorry for not knowing it but welcome anyway

<<<<daisy moves racingpig (resident guinea pig) to another corner of the sofa so there is plenty of room>>

ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 13:03:22

oooh, Northern Exposure - loved that series! especially the moose.

Racingsnake - are you the bringer of Racingpig? What type of guineapig is he/she?

<greedily stuffs down chocolate muffins>

mistlethrush Fri 23-Jan-09 13:16:48

Another NE fan here too. Isn't it interesting how many likes we have in common!

boccadellaverita Fri 23-Jan-09 13:32:22

<<Scoffs muffin and puts soup on the aga.>>

Another wonder of the tea room is that it is possible to eat your meals in reverse order and still not end up feeling queasy.

Potato and apple soup and a lewd roll, anyone?

mistlethrush Fri 23-Jan-09 13:35:16

Yes please, that sounds nice. I didn't realise you had any rolls left - I'll have to get MJ on the case over the weekend to replenish stocks.

ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 13:54:09

why lewd roll? are they of an interesting shape and length?

boccadellaverita Fri 23-Jan-09 14:02:11

Thumbburns - Mistlethrush can explain better than I can, but the tea room's rolls are baked for us by her son, Mistlejunior. He likes to make them in the shape of rockets, parsnips and carrots and so the overall effect can be a bit rude. Thanks to the magic of the tea room freezer, we never actually run out of these lewd rolls, but every so often MJ bakes a fresh batch for us.

What's the origin of your name, Thumb? I'm imagining a painful encounter with the aga!

mistlethrush Fri 23-Jan-09 14:04:16

ThumbB - he's not yet 4, so I think that we really should excuse him (and he is mystified at the sniggering on occasions, although happy to join in)

ThumbBurns Fri 23-Jan-09 14:22:35

normally Thumbwitch - wearing my Burns Night name at the mo!

amber32002 Fri 23-Jan-09 14:23:17

<<nearly sits down on corner of sofa in shock at sudden breakout of hugging and kissing...stands up again rather sharpish, having discovered racingpig is already sitting there, ...moves across to sit by the aga whilst remembering that the hugging and kissing doesn't really happen in a magic tea room >>

I'd love a lewd roll and soup, please. smile. Might I ask if there's room for Mrs C, the small assistance dog, to be here too? Or would the animals mind?

More tea/coffee/hot choc, anyone?

Just as no ingredients are allergenic in the tea room, no animals are antagonistic to each other (or allergenic for that matter). Actually, why the hell do I have this cold in the tea room? <<is restored to glowing health>> That's better.

<<pets Mrs C the small assistance dog>>