The One and Only TEA Room: Everyone Welcome (bring champagne and muffins please!)

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Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 00:55:37

Wow, we're on our third thread!!!
Previous (second) incarnation of the tea room.

A warm welcome to everyone, whether you have one child, none, or ten. This is a tea-and-muffin or booze-and-sofasorcanapees sanctuary for all. But certain standards of behaviour continue to apply - anyone engaging in fisticuffs will be ejected by George Clooney, ably assisted by Mellors the Gardener.

Cheers all!

CuddlysBumLooksBigInThis Sat 17-Jan-09 01:08:56

I will bow (less than gracefully) out of the race for the final post of the last thread but can be one of the first to post on the new Tea Room thread. Have a lovely time everyone.
And thank you bella for moving me and preventing my singeing. x

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 01:13:01

oh come on cuddly, stay up a bit longer

Racingsnake Sat 17-Jan-09 08:18:44

Good morning everyone in our shiny new tea room! Everything looks the same yet subtly shifted .... I can't see what the difference is ... Ah! Jacksmama has forgotten to bring the aspidistra!

I'll just nip back to the old thread and pick it up. She's done such a great job of moving the tea room, the garden, the orchard, Earl Grey, Mellor's new potager (or rather the patch of long grass with a spade standing in it). I'm sure she woud be mortified to find that she had forgotten the aspidistra.

Earl Grey made his way back then? Phew. He got out of the back garden, and the last I saw of him he was in the fields up the hill taking the piss out of the cows.

DD has come with me today, and she has brought the muffins we made between us, double chocolate, a nice round doz ... DD?! Why are there only eight muffins?

<<DCMBDD giggles and attempts to look innocent, an effect which is undermined by the chocolate muffin crumbs round her mouth>>

Oh well. A round eight muffins, tested to destruction by a 4yo.

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 17:11:18

Gosh darn that RS, she noticed the bloody missing aspidistra!!!!!

Good morning everyone!!
Hugs all around (whether you want them or not, LOL!)

UniS Sat 17-Jan-09 19:21:15

ah, found you, thanks for the trail of crumbs.
Blowing a hoooly at home tonight, have rain coming in through one window so far.

Off to work at stupid O'clock, so I'm planning on spending the evening being a couch potato and making sure my work bag is ready to pick up on way out the door.
Nice choc muffins, I've left a nice round 4 on the plate.

Did Mellors calm down after last nights little episode?

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 19:38:10

Hmm, I don't think it was Mellors who needed calming as much as some of the more, shall we say, excitable customers.

Anyway, first night in the lovely new premises which Jacksmama found for us. Just a few finishing touches needed.

<<Hangs up fairy lights and celebratory bunting. Puts aspidistra in pride of place in the window, beside George.>>

UniS - what is the work you have to do at stupid o'clock? (Don't tell us if it would involve a breach of national security).

Gorgeous muffins, thanks DCMB and DCMBDD.

Now, I think we should have an opening night party. In honour of the occasion, the magic of the tea room brings us a special cabaret artist. Champagne, anyone?

Jacksmama Sat 17-Jan-09 20:12:19

<sneakily shifts aspidistra behind the couch in the farthest corner>

What excitement last night?
<toodles off to investigate>

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 20:59:24

<<Quickly takes advantage of jacksmama's absence to drag the aspidistra back to its rightful place.>>

cmotdibbler Sat 17-Jan-09 21:06:08

Do we have RacingPig ?

<<rattles bowl of Twiglets to check>>

How was everyones day ?

We went to the new shopping centre in Bristol. Highlights - I had my eyebrows threaded, DH got bargain shirts in TMLewin, and DS ate an enormous amount of sushi, for which, fortunatly, we had a 40% off voucher. The whole conveyor belt with infinite amount of food thing is his idea of total heaven

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 21:15:21

I'm assuming that racingpig came with the sofa.

<<Gives the bowl of twiglets another enticing shake.>>

What's eyebrow threading like? Does it hurt?

We've had a fun day. Went to see a slightly bizarre version of Sleeping Beauty, had lunch out, mooched around a trois, came home, ate spaghetti in front of the telly while watching High School Musical (it's a girl thang).

How about everyone else?

<<Passes round the champagne.>>

cmotdibbler Sat 17-Jan-09 21:19:33

It was a bit more painful than waxing, but you could feel all the tiny hairs being pulled out, so hopefully will last well. It looks great. For some reason I am very lax about everything else, but really like having nice eyebrows.

What was bizarre about Sleeping Beauty ?

UniS Sat 17-Jan-09 21:46:32

bag packed, lunch half made ( i'll do teh sandwiches last thing) history of scotland watched, washing up done, next stop QI then bed. I'm off at 8am ( which is stupid O'clock in my life) to drive to other side of the county - its a big county. I'm lighting a youth dance showcase.
I'm NOT a morning person. Thankfully neither is boy :-) only becomes a problem when we need to get to things at 9am... This morning boy woke at 10am.

That aspidasta needs wheels, your going to hurt yourself moving it about like that. here, pop a skate board under it. much better.
Twiglet, don;t mind if I do, shall I leave one down teh back of sofa for racing pig?

boccadellaverita Sat 17-Jan-09 21:47:55

Well, they had <<euphemism alert>> modernised the plot, in a slightly confusing way. I like my pantos to be traditional, really. But BabyBocca described it as good (although that is quite faint praise, I guess).

Jacksmama Sun 18-Jan-09 01:04:01

<<spies the aspidistra on its convenient skate board and drags the damn thing outside and around the corner>>

Here Earl Grey, I have a treat for you!!!

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 07:47:41

UniS will be off to work in a few minutes! This is normal time to go to work for me, but not on a Sunday! It makr me remember how a year ago WS would be up every morning between 5 and 6 and then go back to sleep at 8.

Just off to find a bicycle chain for the aspidistra. Don't know what's going on, but I found it outside this morning right next to Earl Grey's stable!

Bit concerned that no one has seen RacingPig since the move.

RacingPigMonarchoftheTeaRoom Sun 18-Jan-09 13:25:30

Phew! What was all that banging and thumping over the last few days? I've never been in a furniture van before. It was very exciting.

<<Peers out from sofa.>>

Very nice, but not much has changed, has it?Twiglets down the back of the sofa? Yum yum!

Jacksmama Sun 18-Jan-09 16:38:07

Just saw Earl Grey outside and he said to say thank you to the anonymous person who left him a green plant treat yesterday, he said it was v yummy. Wants to know if it's ok that he ate it all and there's nothing but earth and roots left in the pot. I told him no problem and dug the earth and roots into the compost heap. Must be tidy, you know.
What shall I do with the (now empty) pot? It's rather pretty. Perhaps plant a peace lily so it will bloom in time for Easter?


<<holds two minutes' silence in honour of aspidistra>>

racingpigmonarchofthetearoom Sun 18-Jan-09 20:30:03

<<Consults tea room constitution to see what it says about wilful destruction of tea room property.>>

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:39:49

Hello - I had a lovely drink called Baileys last night - v good for a cold winters night - is there any hanging around that we could drink tonight?

Racingsnake Sun 18-Jan-09 20:40:22

Hi everyone! Finally got here after a long and awful weekend. Huge fight with dh over a goldfish - not as funny as it may sound - which lasted all weekend, until he had to go to London, from where he will no doubt return in a more cheerful frame of mind.

WS has just decided to potty train herself. Came shuffling up to me with her tights round her ankles, saying 'Pipi, pipi, toilette.' When helped up there nothing happened. She sat for a long time then remarked 'C'est dur.' She even asked for help, but short of wringing her out like a dishcloth ... Since then she has tried again a couple of times and enjoyed mopping the floor afterwards.

Oh, by the way, I came in past the stable and heard a lot of stamping and anguished sort of neighing and Mellors muttering darkly about colic and a vet. I think we'd better check out the honesty box, unless anyone happens to know a vet with a single offspring who could be bribed with muffins. What with the credit crunch, I think we should check out whether Mellors has thought of offering a couple of Rennies first. He say he has no idea what might have upset Earl Grey's delicate digestion.

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:50:19

aaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr - I thought there would be some Baileys around here somewhere - ooooh how nice!

RC - do you want some too???

A whole wkd arguement sounds a bit blaaaaaaaah!


Waaaaayhooo - congrats on the self potty traing - that is fab stuff!!!!!!!!!

teafortwo Sun 18-Jan-09 20:50:46

training - sorry!!!

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