Active Learning Nursery Crouch End?

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Primrose8 Wed 02-Dec-09 11:12:22

Hi there,
Does anyone send their 18 mth old to Active Learning in Crouch End. Its looks great and opening hours very flexible but maybe a bit corporate and so expensive. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

Gangle Fri 11-Dec-09 13:37:58

I have a friend who sends her 2.5 year old there and says it's great!

Annie1974 Wed 16-Dec-09 15:16:00


My son attends Active Learning in Kingston - & he absolutley loves it! The staff are very caring and professional. The nursery is very different to any others I have seen & quite unique, the rooms are well organised and beautifully designed.

I fully recommend it!

agraves Fri 15-Jan-10 11:18:03

I went to ask for information in person to the nursery here in Crouch End and when I was leaving a parent came running after me to tell me that their children use to go there but there were now giving a notice to quit, due to an inccident that happened to them. Their child and another little friend (aged 3 years old) were found on the main street wondering around, when the nursery was contacted they did not even know they were missing! The Dad thatw as telling me this said that when they questioned the nursery about this inccident they down played it as though it was nothing really. I guess the only frustrating thing is to know that they can get away with murder and suffer no consequences, given the high demand for their services... a single set of parents or two will not affect their business at all.

bidabel Fri 05-Feb-10 12:22:32

My son attends Active Learning in Crouch End and is VERY happy there. I think it is extremely unfair to say that the nursery "played down" this incident and they certainly did not "get away with murder!" Two members of staff were sacked and all of the parents were notified when this occurred. Parents were invited to attend a meeting to discuss what had happened which gave us the opportunity to voice any concerns and also enabled the nursery staff to explain what extra safety measures they would be putting in place. New alarms were immediately added to all doors.
I have to say that this is a much better nursery than the one my son previously attended. The staff are warm and friendly and the children do so many lovely activities and lessons. I think it is fabulous that a pre-school nursery is able to offer specialist teaching in music, sport, art, literacy and numeracy. I have recommended this nursery to people and will continue to do so.

shazza2 Fri 09-Apr-10 23:39:25

I agree with bidabel's comments. my daughter has been going there for 3 years. Alison and Barbara who head up the crouch end branch are exceptional. they are extremely dedicated have always responded to any of my queries and certainly to the incident described above.
My daughter loves it there and has grown into a confident, sociable and contented child which i feel is in part down to them and there staff.
The only down side is the cost which is expensive and goes up annually in sept.

Fayc1 Fri 23-Jul-10 09:28:37

The people here who are defending a nursery and their staff should consider that, some one should speak for under 2s who can not speak and need to be defended. One incident of child neglect is too many and should be taken seriously I have reported Active Learning to ofsted and they are in the process of investigating.
Just because your child is happy there that does not mean all children are happy we should look after the children's interest and safety not staff and large or small organisation's reputation.

dj12 Fri 23-Jul-10 17:22:59

I have a child at Active Learning Crouchend, who has just moved through from the nursery to the toddler room. I have always found the standard of care to be excellent and any queries are dealt with in a professional manner. I feel they provide a happy and stimulating environment. My child is confident and making excellent progress. Staff are welcoming and approachable. Speaking on behalf of myself and fellow parents, I have no concerns about leaving my child in the hands of the staff at Crouchend.

Maraki Mon 09-Aug-10 13:31:30

My 2.5yr old has been attending Active Learning since she was 8 months old. I think that they are exceptional, the staff are incredible and very caring and do amazing activities with the children. As a parent I was contacted when the incident took place and I am happy with the explanations given. Alarms have been fitted on all the doors and new safety procedures are in place.
I canot recommend the place enough, my DS loves going there and runs in every morning to cuddle her teachers. Every time she is going through a difficult phase (eg tantrums, sleeping problems, potty training, DH illness etc) the staff do their uttermost to help her and also support me. All staff have a warm manner with kids, they cuddle them a lot, which makes kids feel loved. I cannot praise the nursery enough!
(By the way, the food they serve is very good too, all kids eat really well)

mali2010 Fri 01-Oct-10 10:32:22

for those recommending the Active Learning nursery - what daily fees are you paying? they do not provide details of their fees on their website which suggests it must be higher than other nurseries in the area?

I am about to send my DS to Active Learning in Finchley, it is £388 a month for one day a week.

yummymummy3000 Wed 08-Jun-11 15:25:02

In a nutshell, my child used to attend the nursery and my sister was a worker there. The nursery staff and daily routine are excellent however the fee's are very high. With regards to the children that went wandering the staff members who were team leaders were sacked for the incident although many parents believed this was wrong as they are managed by senior staff who should have had better regulations in place. To be honest these sacked staff were used as a scapegoat. The senior staff should have had the head count procedure in place before the incident took place. The nursery very much did play down the incident, and I was upset to hear that the childrens key staff were sacked when the nursery is regulated by senior staff members. Also please note that Barbara the deputy principle is a very difficult person to deal with. This is an opinion shared by many of the parents who's children have attended Active Learning.

Re: fee's
3 years ago full time for under 2's worked out at £1500 per a month, this would have now risen to about £1700

scrummymummi Mon 27-Jun-11 22:12:46

I wish to respond to the above thread, giving true facts not fiction, I am a mummy to two children I have been with Crouch End for over three years and have always been extremely happy with the nursery, it is simply one of the best around. The fees which have been stated is incorrect as is too the comments made, yummymummy is merely speculating, and the comments do not reflect a true account of what happened, i should know i went to the meeting as did other parents, we were most reassured, and have continued to be extremely happy with the level of care given to our children, my eldest leaves for school this year, so i am deeply saddened as i would wish him to stay till he is 16! however I am at least blessed to have a toddler still in nursery. If any parents are looking for outstanding childcare this is the best nursery to place your child, children are the most important aspects of a mummy's life, and as a working mum, I am safe in the knowledge that my children are well cared for by true professionals, who go one step further in caring and nurturing our little treasures. The whole staff team are fantastic. I am writing this thread on fact not fiction, and i would highly recommend such an outstanding nursery to anyone, if you are looking for a nursery look no further, you will not be disappointed join the other happy parents who feel blessed to have their children in such a fantastic nursery, all the staff are fantastic. I need say no more

Rosebud05 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:21:08

My friend sent her then 2 year old son there a couple of years ago. Her experience was that the staff didn't do much to help him settle and seemed very inflexible. She found alternative childcare and took her ds out as soon as she could.

dotingdaddy Fri 01-Jul-11 23:19:46

Are you sure you have the right nursery?, the staff at Active Learning can never be accused of not doing much to settle a child, their pastoral care is absolutely excellent, the whole team are extremely flexible, on reading the above threads I have to say that I and I would imagine the majority of families are extremely happy with the level of care and expertise the whole team give to the children, I cannot comment on a couple of years ago as we joined 18 months ago, however it seems that the negative comments are focussed on the past, we are now in 2011 not 2009 or 2010! comments should be here and now not years ago!. I have to say the new principal Linda brings so much enthusiasm and vibrancy into the nursery, she is always cheerful, nothing is too much trouble for her, the staff team seem to respect her and the parents who I have spoken to have nothing but praise for her, it was a sad occasion when Alison left, but the long wait was well and truely worth it, as for Barbara she has always been approachable. The fees are higher than other nurseries however they are not 1700.00 the fees are less than that. To conclude Active Learning at Crouch End have wonderful staff, the nursery is both parent and child friendly, they cannot do enough for you, the meals are organic, the specialist teachers do an amazing job, this nursery is definately by far the best around, taking everything that has been said 100's of parents who have walked through those doors cannot be wrong, and if the nursery did not care for the children, then why are so many parents trying to enrol their children. As a father I never feel uncomfortable in picking my child up from nursery, its embarrassing at times though when he does not want to leave!!. If you want a nursery and want the best Crouch End wins all the way!! well done Crouch End!

Rosebud05 Sat 02-Jul-11 11:04:13

It's interesting how people feel the need to defend this nursery so profusely.

I am 100% sure that I have the right nursery as I had lengthly discussions with my friend about it, which had far greater criticisms than I've shared here. She also told me negative views of other people who had tried it, which I won't repeat here.

Anyway, 18 months after her post, Primrose8 has probably found childcare by now.

Halima17 Wed 03-Apr-13 10:45:31

Hi there,I'm a former chef at the Active Learning Nursery in Crouch End and need your help to find the Manager Allison who works with me,for reference reason).Do any one of the parents now here full name?Thanks for any help!

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:19:26

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MummyKanny Thu 19-Sep-13 16:13:16

Reviving this thread to ask for some more recent experiences of this nursery please?

MummyKanny Wed 02-Oct-13 11:21:38


Sukiri123 Wed 13-Nov-13 11:04:58

I didn't send my little daughter there after viewing it, and found out that the woman I saw smoking outside earlier was the head teacher there.

MrsMarigold Wed 13-Nov-13 11:10:20

I saw someone the other day whose son is there and she said it was brilliant.

MrsMarigold Wed 13-Nov-13 11:10:43

I saw someone the other day whose son is there and she said it was brilliant.

Bettygoesout Wed 22-Jan-14 20:52:21

Hi, reviving this thread again to find out more recent experiences please. Seems like the head and many of the staff have left? Can anyone share their recent experience? Especially from baby room.

SpeedData Wed 22-Jan-14 21:04:36

They recently had another shocking incident, where they allowed a grandparent to take the wrong child. They blamed the incident on the fact that the child was wearing face paint confused

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