Planet Tiny nursery in Crouch End

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mrsh77 Thu 30-Jul-09 13:22:47


Is anybody using this nursery? If so, what are your thoughts? If you went to see it but decided against it, could I ask why?

Many thanks

Banz Sun 27-Dec-09 15:51:28


I realise this thread was a while ago but thought I would share my opinion anyway.

My husband and I went to view this nursery wen my ds was one and was apalled wen we entered. It was filthy, kids and carers were walking in and out the garden in their shoes and baby's were crawling around in the filth. I saw two kids pushing another child who got upset right in front of us but the carer just kept talking to us and ignored what was going on. Kids of all ages were all kept in the same room.

TBH this was the worst nursery I had viewed.

mybobo Fri 11-May-12 17:52:40

My son went to planet tiny and would come home with bites and bruises all the time, his clothes and face were filthy. One time he had red marks around his neck, planet tiny said he had been playing unsupervised with a piece of rope.

When I went to pick my son up I would see the nursery nurses sitting around chatting together without paying any attention to the children. The owner/manager was never there and in my opinion this nursery is run for profit and they don't care about the little children. Its a horrible place thank fully we took our son out.

SuperLala Tue 06-Nov-12 10:24:17

Just had to give my opinion when I noticed this thread...

Both of my children attended Planet Tiny (Babies and their Main Nursery), and my youngest is still at the main one.

It is the best thing that could have happened to my children, especially my youngest, who has been there since age 9 mths. They have especially grown in confidence since being there and I put this down to the loving, caring and very attentive staff at both of the nurseries. The managers are all very nice too. We always feel very well informed from the staff there.

As for the comments from MyBobo, well children do get dirty when they are playing, exploring and having fun!... Especially in that fab garden. And some children do bite (my eldest was a biter) but they do grow out of it and these things can happen. But there is great interaction between the children, and my son has "best friends" of various ages too, which is really nice as I find they learn a lot from each other.

Overall, from my personal experience of Planet Tiny, for my children at least, it was a great place for them to be, and more importantly for me, a place that they enjoyed going to every morning.

If you are half considering this place, check it out and have a look for yourself. I'm glad so we did smile Some friends children are at other nurseries in the area, and some wish that they had looked at Planet Tiny first, they have added themselves on the waiting list!

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