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ILOVEUPEANUT Fri 15-Nov-13 18:29:07

I am posting on this old thread since I have not seen anything recent and Poppits Day Nursery and surely it deserves it. I removed my child since I felt that it was inadequate to mind children at all levels and ages. A few things in particular I have noted below, but mainly it was the not great vibe I had each time I went in there. They are the cheapest in Putney and I feel they using this fact to not make an effort….at all. Which is wrong.  I chose this nursery because it was “affordable” and Putney prices are out of control. My daughter is able to speak this made me feel more comfortable too. I would never have sent my child any younger as I had doubts from day 1.
The staff is unprofessional and “unpresentable” (not sure what I can post because I haven’t read the T&C’s). I would mention qualities you would expect from staff at a nursery: to be clean, polite, gentle, patient, dressed appropriately, speak enough English to be able to communicate or speak to children, must like children, and would hold a crying child. I feel that the staff lacked these qualities with the exception of one, maybe 2. There is a strange man there always hanging about, who turns out to be the husband of one of employees/owner, I heard. I’m not sure if he is “staff” or perhaps there to meet ratio requirements, but he opens the door and has never greeted me in a year. In fact, I have never heard him speak at all! 
In the last month I began “observing” after I saw higher turnover of children in my child’s group.  The staff cleans the toilet and does all the “little jobs” while children are still there. I find this disturbing, especially if you are cleaning toilets in same clothes you will serve my child tea in a few minutes. I never found Poppits Day Nursery place clean at all, and I can understand why.  At my observations I noticed that the staff didn’t all wash their hands! Some used the antibacterial pump and some did not clean them at all, even after having just come back from the garden.
On one occasion I saw a little boy crying. Poor thing must have been one year old. He cried the whole 30 minutes I was there. I wanted to see if someone would acknowledge him. He went up to 4 workers and each one of them was “annoyed” by him. He was given his blanket, which he chewed on vigorously, so was obviously teething and not feeling well that day. He was bright red in the face and would hold up his hands at each of these workers and no one acknowledged him. Obvious, to anyone with common sense or a child, he wanted to be held/comforted. One person took his hand and dragged him around while my child handed out lunch. He was still crying when I left.
Poppits Day Nursery is very disorganized and poorly structured, in my opinion. On the first day no one knew my child’s key worker or that my child was starting. No one greeted us or even introduced my child. I asked what my child ate/slept/ and each time they had to ask someone else, because the key worker “cleans at that time.” If I asked specific questions about my child NO ONE could answer them. Its like they rotate staff duties every 30 minutes. I was only given artwork/project when I asked for it and I only received on average 1 piece of work per week for a 15 hour week. I always found this odd too. In the entire time there never received feedback on my child and the parents evening, which I found out from someone in the toilet, was changed last minute so we didn’t know. I have such a lack of trust and I hope others will post their experience so that they can shape up or allow for a proper nursery in Putney. I have so many mums now telling me their bad experiences, but I guess they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. It is not good value for money if the children are not well looked after. I would suggest parents to drop-in at Poppits Day Nursery if your child attends. The only thing I’ve seen this bad in Putney was Asquith….which I have seen is being remodeled, but hopefully by new owners!!

hastybear Thu 27-Mar-14 10:05:08

I don't recognise the nursery that you are talking about. Dirty? No. Worn? Yes. Depending on what time of the day you turn up I can promise you that they can often be caught cleaning. Of course a lot of their equipment is worn. they are cheap and find it difficult to replace their equipment, so instead of carping why don't you do what a lot of parents do and donate?

Not presentable? I'm not sure what you mean. They all wear nursery tops, don't wear inappropriate clothes, jewellery etc and have always been clean and neat when I have turned up. As for the rest, they have always been polite, patient, gentle etc with all my family.

All right, I'll give you the 'strange man'. An introduction, a smile, a word would help here. He is the husband of the owner and helps out, often at the end of the day. You will be pleased to know he doesn't make up the numbers to make the legal ratio, but does wear a nursery top to differentiate him from a random person just hanging around. And I grant you that doesn't help a huge amount.

You make very specific allegations regarding cleanliness while cleaning toilets and returning from the garden. They don't have a toilet and use the Leisure Centre toilet not 10 metres from the Nursery door. They do do nappy changing however and I have never seen them not wash their hands in the very few occasions I have had to be near the restricted area (I have an eCRB and as stated earlier make sure that I put something back into the nursery that takes care of my precious ones) that you don't have access to, so how you'd know they don't do something when you can't see what they are doing is a mystery.

They don't wash their hands when returning from the garden. But then they don't hose the children down either who have been playing out their putting their grubby hands etc in their mouths all outside play time. By the time the little ones get back in the cross contamination has already occurred and is more healthy for them than not letting them get on with it in the first place. There is a huge mound of research on how outside dirty play at a young age helps build the immune system for later in life. I can't be bothered to list all the research papers but maybe this will suffice: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/66838.php http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article1596735.ece They do wipe down surfaces and wash their hands prior to serving food on every occasion I have been there.

Disorganised and poorly organised. OFSTED would disagree as would the queue of parents lining up to talk to the OFSTED inspectors this time round. Shame that all these parents with negative experiences that you mentioned couldn't find the time to talk to them isn't it?

I am sorry to hear of your experiences regarding contact with your key worker. That really isn't good enough. It's not the same experience I have had, but their have been occasions when my key worker has been unavailable but someone has always been able to give me all the information that I need.

I am confused about the starting day of your child as they have a strict transition policy that would have required you to attend with your child and be introduced to your key worker. The "key worker cleans at that time" comment. I don't understand it. It's a small nursery, walk in the door and walk up to your key worker, look on the key worker notice that lists all the key workers and the children they look after if you don't know who it is, because if you had asked that's what they would have done.

Never received feedback on my child. Really!? Ok, now your pushing the limits of my credulity. The daily A4 feedback form that is handed to every parent who walks in the door when they come into the nursery and the fact that they talk through it with the parent who picks them up? Did you just never notice them? I can only assume you aren't the one who picks up your child and therefore you cannot have been there to spot all these negative points you raise!

Your weren't told about the parents evening, which changed.
You don't say how it was changed, but the last two parents evenings have been on fixed nights and locations. Even if they missed telling you in person about the parents evenings the giant great big notices around the nursery on both occasions were a bit of a give away. Considering you obviously don't seem to pay attention to what's going on in the nursery you certainly seem to have noticed a lot of negative? Are you sure you don't work for an opposition nursery?

The lack of art work unless you ask. The nursery sticks very closely to the EFYS as laid out by the Dfes and inspected on by OFSTED. I clearly expect to see progress and results based on that, and reported on in the A4 daily briefing sheet provided to me by the staff. Not fancy bits of art work produced as a panacea to my ego as some other, more expensive nurseries do.

Some things you report, I cannot answer, the little boy crying for example, their inability to be able to answer your question for example and I agree with you about the 'strange man'. But you paint a picture of a nursery that I don't recognise and I have highlighted what I can only call inaccuracies in your observations and also inaccuracies in your comments. Does someone else sometimes/usually pick up your child and never bother giving you the information? Its the only thing I can think of to explain them.

lewisoz Mon 07-Apr-14 19:21:44

So.My child has been here for 3 years and I can just tell,he lovit.Poppits is happy place to be and Im sure he will miss them when he will leave.He always been clean and staff knows what they do very well.

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