Mount Carmel Nursery in Islington (off Holloway)

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RaisingMissDaisy Thu 29-Aug-13 17:26:49

does anyone have any experience with the Mount Carmel nursery in Islington? I am considering sending my 2.3 year old DD there from November and would be grateful for any information / opinions /experiences.
Thank you

Wheredidmyyouthgo Sun 01-Sep-13 11:33:29

DD is in pre-school there, I am very happy with it after previous poor nursery experiences elsewhere. It's part of Bright Horizons. Would recommend.

afussyphase Tue 03-Sep-13 20:40:23

This thread has some comments, pretty positive about it I think. Reminds me maybe I should look into it... smile

RaisingMissDaisy Tue 10-Sep-13 16:02:42

Thank you all :-)

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